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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 19, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. >> good monday morning everyone, thanks so much for joinings us i'm maria bartiromo. and it is monday april 19 st your top stories are 6 a.m. on east coast president biden calling chaos at our southern border a crisis as adversaries continue to test had new president. this as the administration flip-flops ultimately agrees to raise the u.s. cap on refugee admissions after pressure from extreme left. markets this morning are jing lower take a look futures indicating deadline of start of trading for dow industrials ahead of another batch of earnings reports from major companies today including coca-cola, ibm and united airlines. the dow industrials right now down 74, the nasdaq down 9, and
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s&p 500 weaker by 7 points this comes after record highs last week, as a major week with earnings topping at smith and strong economic data lifting major averages on the week. european markets must be higher this morning let's attack a look at the about 8 points and kax up and lower by 33. in asia overnight green across the board, take a look at the asian indices best performer in china and up 1 and a half percent. "mornings with maria" is live right now. now to top stories we are watching this morning, finally a president biden admitting the migrant surge at the border is, in fact, a crisis. this as he deftsd his administration's mixed messages
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over a refugee admission cap on friday white house announce it would maintain the current 15,000 limit and change course the very next day after pressure from the left. saying that it would, in fact, unveil an undisclosed higher cap for refugees next month all in the middle of a migrant surge crisis. 172,000 migrants tried to cross the border illegally in march alone a 15-year high. meanwhile the president is set to meet with another group of bipartisan lawmakers today to discuss his massive $2 trillion spending plan. this comes as texas senator john cornyn think senate republican would be open a much smaller 800 billion package with the focus solely on infrastructure. maxine warts facing criticism on capitol hill this morning for insiting riots while marching with protesters in minnesota over the weekend. she tells reporters that if former officer derek chauvin was not found --
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was found not guilty of killing george floyd protesters must stay on street get more active and, quote, get more confrontational she said. in response margery taylor green announces effort to expel waters from congress for inciting violence. johnson & johnson vaccine ready for a warning from u.s. health officials, but was ultimately paused over fierce that doctors would mistreat a potential blood clotting issue. the cdc says four of the six women who developed rare clotting disorder will were given a medication with potential to make it worse. a decision on unpausing the vaccine is expected some time this week. attack a look at the premarket this morning on j&j shares up a quarter of a percent at 162- 56 broader markets is lower expecting decline at the start of trading this morning worries that the economy could be overheating, worries of inflation, more of the country is opening up as one quarter of
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americans are now fully vaccinated. interest rates are low as you can see pulling back 2.2 basis points level of 1.6 it% joining me right now is security head of u.s. race greg, a little joining conversation all morning long this morning fox business is dagen mcdowell, and former wisconsin congressman fox news contributor shawn duffy thank you everybody for joining us this morning great kicking it off with you on your thoughts of the whole inflation question. what is done for interest rates, we are now back down from that high level of 1.7% which was an issue from markets just a couple of week ago. what's your stake -- what's your take on the state of inflation? great to see you again, good morning you know, look, it's an interesting story i think inflation side, we have had inflation expectations that have
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moved up for 2020 into 2021. i would think more relevant right now. if you listen to the feds speak, if you listen to richard who was the vice chair of the fed, he's a very bright guy he's done a lot of work on the inflation side what they're saying right now maria, is inflation is going to be transitory whining we all look at our anecdote lives we see prices moving up across board, and what the fed is saying is look, we're willing to get through this period of time where we think inflation will ultimately come down. so the feds view is -- this enforce is ultimately will override what we're seeing in -- right in front of us right now. and as we get to the later half of 2021, they believe inflation will start to come down. so they are headline numbers if you look at their summary of
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economic projections, they're saying we think inflation is going to go up this year and we think it is geng to come down in 2022 and in 2023. >> right. but what does that mean for rates we're at 1.563% on tenure if rates continue to creep up greg does that change language of the federal reserve? jay powell insisted several times over the past few weeks that borrowing rates will stay put through 2023 even with fears of inflation on the rise as you correctly point out but if we see a backup in rates does that force the central bank to change its tone, change its language and that, of course, could unravel markets. >> so we've got i think a tale of two different right on short end we have abundance of cash, and this cash flow has been created by the fed.
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it has in many ways taken rates on the short end into negative territory on a long end, i mean, rev really traded counterintuitive over the last week you know 175, 177 in ten years, down into 1 55 what do we expect from the fed? at some point here when you look at the economy you look at the labor market you look at all of the economic data maria, i mean at some point here the fed is going to start tapering their asset periodperiodpurchases peot will be in june and august at jackson hole summit but in general, the rate markets, the fed has done i think a very good job of keeping rates low despite the fact that economic data has clearly improved and inflation expectations is clearly gone up. >> yeah. and greg you're worried that the fiscal stimulus could be crowding out the employment
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market leading to a potential bottleneck as economy reopen. what's your take as today we're going hear lawmakers meet with president biden to discuss this additional 2.3 trillion spending plan? >> i know. it's -- it's become a little crazy. i mean, we try to talk to as many small businesses as we possibly can. and i will say you know when you look at buckets of employment, you look at the jolt report we've got 7 million plus in terms of job openings, maria. and if you look at what the government is doing right now, and the small businesses that i talked to are saying consistently the same thing that the federal government now is crowding out their ability to hire people. so you know, call it skillset you can call it covid clearly -- i think the vaccination process is going to help from that perspective but the overriding theme here is that people are getting paid more to sit on the
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sidelines. >> you know, we're just running a -- a lower third on the screen that says gamestop announcing ceo is going to be stepping down by july 3 1st, obviously, gamestop one of the companies that we've been talking about so much recently with the small investor really getting -- getting pumped up here to move stock. greg, your thoughts on allocating capitol right now as you see enflags story you see the rate story how do you want to position stocks right here in terms of your allocating of capital? >> yeah. so we still like broader market. you know we clearly think you needs to be a little bit more selective here but you and i have had privilege talking through the entire pandemic in terms of equity market, the contribution from the monetary side, you know if you look at the monetary side we're slow right, i mean clearly the dialogue is turned more toward
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downsizing when is the fed going to taper asset purchases and remove a combination on the fiscal side clearly five and a half trillion right now were talking about more in terms of taxation. our view is the health side of the equation is going to drive this markets going forward and we think that will be a two to three year endeavor. as we move forward. so in terms of capital we like cyclicals. we like the broader economy year going forward. maria: all right. so investing in those company that are tied to reopening in in economic recovery greg it is great to see you this morning thanks very much. greg joining us on fox and bonds there your morning mover gamestop i mention stock is up, on breaking news this morning, the ceo george sherman will resign he's stepping down effective july 31 or earlier if a successor has been appointed
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stock is up better than 6% this is very latest move as it works on a turnaround plan as well. we're just getting started this morning coming up north carolina congressman madison with me this morning to discuss president biden's border crisis. then united against nuclear iran joe lieberman talks about iran amid nuclear talks in china an worries over taiwan, and hong kong in the 8 a.m. hour this morning infrastructure in focus with tennessee senator marsha blackburn what she wants from democrats before agreeing to any legislation -- and former senior advisor to president george w. bush karl rove on border crisis as old boss speaks out the on immigration. plus streaming for spirits, new platform made for entertaining help you get most of your mixed drinks -- don't miss a moment of it you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business.
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maria: welcome back president biden described the situation at the border as a crisis for first time over the weekend. this as he defended his administration stance on its ref ugee policy. >> working on -- [inaudible conversations] on the border. maria: yes, the white house flip-flopped and backtracked on its decision to keep number of refugees for fiscal year capped at 15,000. then they received harsh criticism from the far left. they wanted the refugee cap up, to them the president kale out said well we will now set a new increase refugee cap next month. joining me right now the washington examiner columnist republican pollster, christian
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anderson and kristin it is great to see you thanks so much for join oughts fact that president biden and administration had to flip-flop first they wanted to keep the refugee cap in place and then the aoc crowd came and criticized them an turn around and change us with a new increase number. if they can't even ensure that their first decision is going to be the decision keeping a cap on refugees, how are we going to expect them to secure the border? and fix this crisis that is -- that it is meaning almost 200,000 migrants at the border in one month. it was 172,000 and 100,000 in february in middle of a crisis at the border. >> i think what this shows is that the -- biden administration is really driven by trying to get optics right. thing some ways rather than getting policy right. the refugee cap keeping it at
6:17 am
trump administration levels was frankly a surprise. because the biden administration has sort of run on this idea they were going to rollback a lot of trump administration immigration policy and that would be of all of the things that president trump did the refugee situation is actually it is not just far left many who would otherwise say what's happening at the border is a crisis we need to stop illegal immigration would say if you are under fear of political or religious prosecution that is a reason why the united states should welcome you with open arms. the fact that biden administration did not do this already because they were worried about on optic is troubling may suggest that administration is looking in wrong place and fact that he's calling what's happening at southern border is a crisis is disheartening it is one that requires a lot more attention than i think it is getting. and it's heartbreaking to see what's happening to some of of these children down there. >> well is it getting any attention? i mean, kamala harris was supposed to be running this -- and being the point person on
6:18 am
the border she has sell not gone down and she's continues to say that her job is to get to the root cause when sean duffy jump in here. what is the route cause. we know the route cause. people want to cool to america for freedom and independence and prosperity and opportunity. but you know, can you have open -- open borders for -- you know, forever? >> i think it is a good point maria my question is so you have this -- refugee number at 15,000 but that's people who want to come to america from their country. asylum seekers are those who are coming to southern border so if you look at the total number of number of people coming to america and the polling on this would show that 56% of americans disapprove of how biden is handling the border, how bad do those numbers have to get before actually biden will change course in address crisis at the border? >> i suspect that it will take those numbers sort of weighing down overall job approval
6:19 am
generally remained okay territory because people have become a little more bullish on the economy and they've been generally satisfy with how he's handled covid-19 so because this hasn't been an issue that's doll nateed headlines it hasn't yet pull down his overall numbers but if it worsens and gets more attention there's a chance that it can do that and suddenly this problem they're worried about in the white house about on techs really begins to pull down his numbers. >> well i mean what about foreign policy christian, let's face it you have china circling wagons on taiwan right now navy is expecting china to invade taiwan. this weekend chilling photos of the chinese police doing the goose walk on the ground in hong kong, they've laid law down in hong kong, iran is continuing to increase its uranium enrichment and circling wagon on ukraine what about foreign policy we haven't even heard joe biden
6:20 am
bring up the origin of the coronavirus and spoken to xi jinping we have a meeting in alaska that we were schooled no mention of the corona virus and how that started in that meeting either. amazingly -- >> foreign policy is one of those issues that when you are having domestic political crises tonged fall into the background and given that we still have -- a pandemic that's happening begin that we're still in the midst of our economic recovery, those tend to be the top two issues on the minds of most voters, and so as long as they're approving -- on two issues -- uh-huh. maria: glad you said it because new column in washington examiner says what republican voters want taking a look at the party and what republican volt reverse looking for in a candidate. tell us about that. >> yes. so for republican voters they're looking for someone who is focused on issues like immigration and focus on supporting politician and focus on taking it to what they believe is, you know, the liberal media and bias against conservatives, but they mostly want someone who is going to
6:21 am
fight my column is about, you know, to the extent that you have a lot of republican voters that really like former president trump and love to see him run again, you also have an even broader section of the party that says i like trump but i'm okay okay with looking at potential leaders and i write about how ron desantis home state of florida is filling that gap pursuing trump like agenda and trump like style of trying to really take it to his adversary, media democrats, but also approaching things with a different style and personality along the way. maria: it is a great point we spoke with -- governor yesterday, and governor desantis oh discussing his agenda we will hear from him later on in the show. christian great to see you this morning thank you so much. anderson joining us stay with us we'll be right back. n with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future...
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maria: well welcome back devaluing the dollar china trying to attack on the united states as the leader of the world currency reserve currency as efforts to create the digital juan coming to forefront and kevin muñiz joined me with his take listen to his assessment of where we are on a digital dollar versus china digital yuan. >> right now the united states is the world's reserve currency. the chinese would like to have that although they're manipulators too and if they want get so-so people don't trust u.s. currency they will benefit tremendously so the chinese do not take biden seriously because the chinese understand propaganda they understand that the white house and the socialist democrats get up every day. and they plant stories, 95% of
6:26 am
the content in this country is left wing. and they built these narrative and then, of course, it is filtered through social media they're laughing because they don't care what narratives are here in the united states of america when they're looking at is, how do you devalue the american dollar? and they're working on it every day, and the socialist democrats in this town are helping them every day. >> congressman devin muñiz there and shawn duffy china is trying to beat united states on a lot of levels. this is seen as among the most serious to try to devalue the dollar your thoughtings on china's efforts to overtake the u.s.. >> yeah. china doesn't have to do much you have liberal democrat policies in washington that i think are destroying the credibility of the dollar. we're 30 trillion dollars debt as you megs earlier in the show you have a 2.3 trillion stimulus bill with regard to
6:27 am
infrastructure on the horizon, this is going to be catastrophickening for the dollar. but i think china has been smart on its digitizing, and the united states was here rying to figure out where do we go what do we do we can't get our policy right whether digitizing dollar and also in all of cryptocurrency and block chain technology, the united states doesn't have a clear path forward i think if we can get that right, i think that's the wave of the future but again we have to get our spanning and borrowing in order buzz that can't continue much longer and if it does i don't think the rest of the world looks at the dollar as a reserve currency. >> well, i mean look, dagen mcdowell it is going to be hard to replace the dollar. as the reserve currency, but china is coming at us at every way, and the fact that we do have 30 trillion dollars in debt is it concern because we're just spending when i wily lily look at this infrastructure plan and how much of it has nothing 250d
6:28 am
with infrastructure. >> huge problem that no offense shawn will never get under control with congress. because again, they have no spending restraint and we've seen that for 20 more than 20 years coming out of d.c.. i want to point this out in terms of the digital currency maria so there's a report out that china may test its digital currency with foreign visitors at the beijing winter olympics in 2022. that china is going to make it possible for foreign athletes and visitors to use its digital currency during olympic games one word, don't. this is a very reason that athletes should not be going to communist china for the beijing olympics there's an editorial in new york post today that is -- very telling by cleo from the foundation for defense of
6:29 am
democracies, you send athletes to china and information is power, you're going to be, they will be victims these athletes from around globe of intellectual property theft don't be surprised and writes beijing requires participates to download an official olympic app that provides with access and tracking, it will be genetic theft. again, genetic data on, you know, the most physically gifted athletes around the globe. don't, you know, when they do covid testing on the athletes or drug testing as precautions, what is the communist party collecting? genetic information. so pascal sums up world greatest athletes are in china they can and should expect that party will steal anything it can that stolen data will be used in any way that can benefit the beijing
6:30 am
regime and sports in business or on the battle field. that's what's going to be happening that raises issue of why are these -- why is the olympics committee not stepping up and saying we should not be having the olympics in a nation that unleashed the deadly covid virus around the globe and is -- torturing people torturing muslims. >> that's absolutely right why would anyone go to beijing olympics and no accountability whatsoever for the chinese kiewnist party hurling this virus at the world allowing it to get unleashed and leave its borders down playing the virus, continuing to steal intellectual property not to mention the human rights abuses, of course, the athletes are going get their dna stolen. i'm expecting. for sure -- we're going to keep talking about this, but there should be a missouri to move the olympicses at this point we all know that truth about communist china.
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we'll take a break when we come back why are so many companies open doing business in communist china but they are attacking georgia? we'll talk about georgia gubernatorial ration and talking about gop candidate who thinks he has what the beach state voters are looking for -- he's ready to go head-to-head with brian kemp. sitting governor -- plus bringing back office chatter why some employees are daydream about getting back into the building it is making a buzz this morning. stay with us. you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you,
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maria: welcome back good monday morning everybody thanks so much as for joins us i'm maria bartiromo. and it is monday april 19th a look at market this is half an hour futures are edging down this morning. ahead of another bamp of earnings reports from major companies today, we've got the dow industrials down 68, nasdaq down 11, and the s&p 500 lower by 6. we are waiting on earnings from coca-cola ibm and united airlines this morning. check european market this is morning mostly higher in europe,
6:35 am
the up 18 and cac up 25, dax endex is lower by a fraction, 10 points lower in germany in asia green acrossed board best performer in asia was china. the shanghai composite up one and a half percent. back in the pus five freem in the hospital this morning after a drive by shooting at a louisiana liquor store. cheryl casone with the details now. cheryl. >> that is right good morning maria. a man hunt is underway right now for the gunman. officers were responding to reports of a traffic jam when they heard gunshots one victim shot in the head another suffered multiple injuries. the latest distinct follows two other mass shootings in the u.s. yesterday. three people were killed in an apartment complex in austin, texas, and kenosha in wisconsin three killed and shot in a bar. well a warning to peloton treadmill owners safety commission says that customers with young children or pets should stop using. amid investigation into a child's death involving one of
6:36 am
their machines, at least a dozen other injuries have been reported peloton says there's no reason for people to stop using treadmill. they're calling this advisory an accurate and misleading but still the stock is getting hit it is down almost 6% right now in the premarket. well, airlines are about to offer more seats on larger planes american ready to get back into air american airlines and delta planning to use wide body long haul aircraft for more domestic flight this is summer in hopes of offering more seats. these planes are normally used for international flights. but well those roots maria remain offlimits so get ready for a bigger plane to take you to chattanooga and those are your headlines in the newsroom back to you. >> all right. more room there. cheryl thank you so much. maria: the battle for the peach state is now on, former georgia state representative vernon jones announcing his plans to challenge governor brian kemp in 2020 primarily election, the republican primary, the
6:37 am
formaller democrat made headlines when he switched parties after endorsing former president trump reelection bid. here's jones addressing fellow georgia i can on why he should be their next governor. >> look, georgia i i'm one of y. i've got god in my heart i've got farming in my blood, and i have military in my family. i have small businesses on my mind -- and just incase you didn't know -- i'm a black republican. >> joining me right now is georgia gubernatorial candidate former georgia state representative vernon jones vernon congratulations thanks very much for being here. talk to us about your platform, what do you want to say to the people of georgia and how do you believe you can move needle there for them? >> well first of all maria thank you for having me in georgia there's a lack of leadership. our government has fell and integrity our government failed president of the united states president trump, our governor failed when we lost to the united states senate seat.
6:38 am
he was directly responsible for this. people in georgia want election system that's free, free and transparents and they're not seeing that right now they're so uncomfortable with voting system and thepght to see something they feel look their vote can count we're focusing on school of choice. school choice is important every child should have a right to have a great education and parents and not the government should determine that child's education. so money should follow the child. but maria we also see a rise in crime not only in area but metro atlantic area i want to use every law enforcement agency available under government juries to these officers so we can run these criminals out of town. we're very serious about georgia pulling georgia together and their big thing is, georgias are afraid of stacey abrams she's a socialist, she has communist ways, and she has those marxism tendencies and we don't want that in georgia. brian kemp cannot beat stacey
6:39 am
caved into her one time and we don't want hmm to cave in again and not her anymore. we lost major league baseball because of him i'm only one in georgia that can beat stacey abrams know it is so i've built coalition and building an army of both republicans, those democrats who embarrass the democratic party who look for someone that can look for someone they can supports and get behind but also the african-american minority groups i can bring them altogether of a solid record in government i have run a government and more executive experience than a governor has, and at the same time, it is county executive i've run major law enforcement agencies, infrastructure departments like water sewer and trrption transportation i'm not afraid of stacey abrams when you look in washington where the result of what our governor failed by not giving president elected two senates we have three in charge of them now. nancy pelosi, joe biden, and
6:40 am
chuck schumer. they remind me of the wizard of oz one has no brain one has no heart, and other has no courage opinion and they're being let known by what i should not being led by -- dorothy and toto but the wicked windchill of the south stacey abrams and we have to bring that to a stop. maria: you're making a lot of charges vernon this morning a lot of voters wants to see a fighter there we heard from christian anderson from washington times she said people republican voters want to see a fighter so that's one thing but i want to ask you about voting laws in georgia because of all of this upset from a handful of companies and the major league baseball. disney is upcoming superhero sequel black panther 2 says it will not move production from georgia despite criticism over the new voting law. director ryan says he condemning law he believes moving the production will cause more harm than good.
6:41 am
will smith's new movie emancipation is one film moved over the law. vernon tell me about the law and what these companies are seeing that others are not and last i checked having a voter id is not a bad thing it is a good thing. tell me about the voting laws of georgia what you want to say to these companies, and these -- you know the movie production not this one, but emancipation as well as the mlb moving out of georgia. >> well first of all, they have really not even read bell to read bill there's nothing in there that requires georgia voters to be depressed or suppressed leak you go to the hospital you go to doctor even when you fly on the airlines when you check out a book you have to have a photo id. isn't it embarrassing to black community they can't have a photo id? that they are that stupid they have to be led by white liberals, wait a minute, and by the way, it is a free in georgia false narrative but then it goes back to that lack of leadership
6:42 am
our governor did not call coca-cola said wait a minute let's go over this legislation. as a matter of fact, coca-cola, you telling your white employees to be white what is that about? look at our legislation our legislation is fair, you can't add, bring people through the water. they can't come and vote with an id. they should everybody should. it is about volting integrity and our election profits and i'll say major league baseball when you left atlanta it is about 51% black but you're move to them when is about 9% black. also i'll say look, those who want to pull out you're hurting african-american men and women and those young fans of your you're hurting everybody of all colors it is not helping because you're leading false narratives. >> look, georgia, georgia cam wasn't new law why? because people were questioning what happened in 20 vernon why did you need to come out with a new georgia law? >> well first of all, the legislature should have been the within who should be one to make laws in georgia election laws that's the problem. brian kemp staig city abrams and
6:43 am
secretary of state they went into back room cut a deal manipulate election laws they can't do it only members of the general assembly what legislature did this time is came back and the law and put some changes in there went in the right direction but the biggest problem maria -- that the government failed again is that on again is -- that this election system they still don't trust it they still don't feel comfortable with and government did not do anything to stand up to fight for them and went to fight i'm a fighter they know it. maria: we have only a couple of seconds left vernon but real quick low do you convince republican voters that you're their guy -- after you were a democrat? >> well, governors make the being was a democrat who became republican perdue i serve with a democrat became republican, so i'm in good company. maria: good point. all right vernon jones it is great to see you we will be following your campaign, and
6:44 am
your leadership final word real quick vernon real we can. >> go to jones and learn about this campaign and get involved. maria: good to have you this morning vernon jones, georgia -- joining new georgia we'll be right back. thank you vernon. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) nobody dreams in conventional thinking.
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maria: welcome back shoppable entertainment the spirits network features original programming focused on alcohol and spirits while viewers get a purchase the very products display on the screen some of those orders i rife in two hours joining me right now spirit network nick with thanks so much for joining us. tell us how this platform works. how viewers can access it. >> thank you so much. spirits network is a shoppable streaming entertainment platform with home delivery and monthly bottle clubs it is free to join spirit and download the app on your apple tv apple ios on android device we deliver rights to your home. maria: so you are watching what kind of programming then nick your membership has increased 500% since launch. how is the pandemic impacted the at home entertainment sector? and what's most significant in terms of the programming?
6:49 am
>> thank you, we have so many great programs. we have hours of original programming over 200 to be factual. we have cook tale history, meet the mast percent whysy we understand we have a variety of original programming new shows coming out every week, we're powered by the nbp platform a video commerce platform imagine being able to watch and buy right from your television or mobile device and have it in your hand and most major cities within the hour. >> have you seen drinking alcohol go up during this pandemic are the numbers showing that people want to drink more during -- during the lockdown period? >> we have an amazing set of data that we've been looking at since the beginning of the pandemic, and not only is the ready to drink category really exploding but also at home cocktail making. we've seen a huge increase in both consumption of premium
6:50 am
tequila and bourbon and notice that a lot of folks are actually drinking more premium spirits at home they want to drink better not more. we've also know that people are really excited about story telling and direct consumer commerce more people are ordering spirits online than ever before. mostly because of the convenience factor, i think the pandemic really explained to people that it was possible to order spirits online and have them delivered right to your door. we've seen a lot of people both novice and experts get spirted including trying new thing what is spirit nec is designed to help you do. >> really interesting, nick we'll be watching thanks very much. nick joining us -- on the spirits network. all right coming up, bring back the offices go accept why some employees are daydreaming about getting back in the water cooler that's making a buzz this morning. stay with us. we'll tell you all about it.
6:51 am
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maria: welcome back time for the morning buzz, office addition first up watch out sweat pants demanding for denim is back people looking for more comfortable and reliable office options but the days of comfort are not over they are buying loose relax item instead of pieces too tight fitting and your reaction to the move in denim. >> levi gaye guidance they're going to have sales increases anywhere from 24 to 25% because people go back to work they want that casual comfort they've had at home org did the pandemic and listen, i love this by the way, we're not wearing skinny jeans them but i'm a big fan of jeans house floor to paul ryan and i
6:55 am
want wear a pair of jeans and i love comfort and not bag in suits and ties and dresses and wear a pair of jeans back to work thank you pandemic. maria: maybe, maybe not you think people will be okay with jeans at work dagen? >> oh, sure, an how do you tell john boehner is angry because you can't tell because his face gets red. [laughter] i have considered and i'm not joking buying a pair of maternity jeans because my gut got so big during covid because maternity jeans have stretch ji it is not out of the question yet. [laughter] >> dagen -- maria: oh, no what's the -- what's the 411 office gossip has largely become a thing of the past but recent survey shows more employees are longing for the in person work place conversation. the scoop gossip gets a bad wrap
6:56 am
and relay positive news and false and provide stress relief dagen. or at least that -- that conversation of gossip. >> no. s go subpoena gossip is great until you're the focus of the gossip and somebody spreads again -- spreads a rumor about you based on their observations where it is clearly not true. like did you see dagen she's wearing maternity jeans she must be pregnant. [laughter] no. maria: but -- you're right biden board problem north carolina madison is here to talk about what president biden is now saying about the surge at the border. it all starts next hour "mornings with maria" is live on fox business.
6:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, april 19. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. on the button, right now on the east coast. president biden finally calling the chaos at our southern border a crisis as adversaries continue to test the new president and the administration flip-flops and ultimately agrees to raise the u.s. cap on refugee admissions after pressure from the extreme left. markets this morning are lower, take a look. ahead of another batch of earnings reports from major companies today, we've got dow industrials down 76, nasdaq down 38, s&p 500 down 9 and-a-half. we are waiting on earnings from coca-cola, ibm and united airlines. it comes after record highs last week, the dow and s&p 500 up about better than 1% on the
7:01 am
week. european markets are mostly higher this morning, take a look at the european indices where the ft 100 is higher by 9 and-a-half, the cac is higher by 16 and three quarters but the dax index is lower by 33. in asia overnight, green across the board, best performer in china, shanghai composite up 1 and-a-half percent overnight. "mornings with maria" is live right now. and we've got earnings from coca-cola now hitting the tape. let's get to cheryl casone with the numbers. cheryl: maria, good morning again. this is a dow component, the stock is up more than half a percent, it's a double beat. the earnings per share estimate was 50-cents they came at 55. the revenue picture, the estimate was 8.61 billion, they came in at just over 9 billion. a couple things happening. one of the big pieces of the earnings report, had they are going to do an ipo, a spinoff of the africa bottling company. it's basically coca-cola africa. they're saying they're comfortable with their guidance
7:02 am
for 2021. remember, coca-cola very dependent on entertainment, sports venues, and people going to the movies, et cetera. they're saying right now they're comfortable with the guidance for the year, seeing an uptick for march. they're also saying overall for 2021 they did see a pick-up in march and as long as the pandemic abates and things get better, more vaccines, the company expects their business to continue to recover, stock is down about 2% year-to-date. but analysts were looking for a bump on this number, in particular the forecast, maria. maria: all right. stock is up one half of a percent right now. cheryl, thank you so much. now some of the top stories we're watching this morning. president biden finally admitting the migrant surge at the border is in fact a crisis. this as he defends his administration's mixed messaging over a refugee admissions cap. on friday, the white house announced it would maintain the current 15,000 limit on refugees, only to change course the very next day, saying that it will unveil an undisclosed
7:03 am
higher cap next month after the administration caught slack and pressure from the extreme left. 172,000 migrants tried to cross the border illegally in march, a 15-year high. so we've got almost 200,000 migrants at the border, why don't we just raise the refugee cap. meanwhile, the president is set to meet with a group of bipartisan lawmakers today to discuss the massive $2 trillion spending bill, this comes aztecs as senator john cornyn signals senate republicans would be open to a smaller $800 billion package with a focus solely on infrastructure. johnson & johnson's vaccine was reportedly ready for just a warning from u.s. health officials but then it was overall paused over fears doctors would mistreat a potential blood clotting issue. the cdc says four of the six women who developed the rare clotting disorder were given a medication that has potential to make it worse. a decision on unpausing the vaccine is expected sometime
7:04 am
this week. take a look at j&j in the he premarket, it is up 26-cents at 162 and-a-half. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money. joining me now is tjm institutional services director, james urio, michael lee strategy founder, michael lee and chief strategist katherine rooney vera. happy monday. thank you for being here. jim, kicking it off with you, we have a market that is pulling back from record highs last week, dow industrials down 85 points right now. but the dow and the s&p 500 both closed at record highs on friday. we begin today's trading session in unchartered territory. you're looking at this market for bubbles. you think we are perhaps seeing a stock market bubble. tell me about that. >> well, yeah, but it's something important to remind everyone that me identifying it as a bubble in my head is just north of worthless. unless you can pick when it's going to end, i mean, many times the last part of a bubble can be
7:05 am
the most lucrative. the question i ask myself, is the fed pushing money out the risk curve to places it shouldn't be? of course. have they done it over time enough to left the bubble inflate? the answer to that in my mind is of course. i think it's about 80% inlate inned -- inflated. i think the last part of a bubble is when you're at holiday dinner and your brother-in-law who is an electrician starts talking about leveraging up into a certain sector of stock. i don't think we're at that point yet. crypto siphoning $2 trillion out of the speculative market is probably slowed up the bubble process a little bit in equities and i think the headlines from over the weekend where the government's starting to have crypto in its sights might push more money into the stock market eventually. maria: yeah. i mean, the question is, you can be in bubble territory but what is the catalyst to change things? because right now you're looking at a very strong backdrop in the
7:06 am
economy. you're looking at record low interest rates, meaning there aren't a lot of alternatives other than stocks to get any kind of returns. so you may be saying things are over-valued. they can stay over-valued for a long time. >> amen, no doubt about it. we've seen that happen twice already, tech stocks and real estate. noticing that it's irrational exuberance, that went on for several years. what changes is when market position is full-up. that's not what i've seen yet. that's why i'm still bull. maria: jay powell insisting that borrowing rates will stay put through 2023 ahead of a federal reserve meeting next week. what are your expectations for that fed meeting next week? when would you expect the fed's language to start changing in terms of inflationary pressures, in terms of taking their foot off the gas, post covid economy? >> well, the fed is an enigma at
7:07 am
this point. they expanded the dual mandate from one targeting 2% inflation and full unemployment to one including climate change, social justice and increasingly the percentage of population that is vaccinated against covid-19. so that question i think has to come back to core pce. core pce is still under 2%, 2% is no longer the target, it's the average that the fed is looking for. my answer to jim's question, i think he's right, these markets are to some large extent manipulated by a two-fold potent force of monetary and fiscal stimuli. my answer has to be inflation because once you get the full force of both 20% fiscal deficit with no looking back, no one's talking about retracing any of this covid stimulus which is now about $5 trillion, we're talking about additional spending not only on infrastructure but on green energy, et cetera.
7:08 am
combine that with m1 and m2 that are growing double and in some cases triple digits year over year, with a reopening of the economy and pent-up demand, that is inevitably inflationary. so yes, stay long but please protect your positions with sectors, with companies that benefit from inflation, right, even consumer staples can pass on the costs. buy tips, buy gold, protect yourself with hedges because inflation i think is the one thing that the fed cannot ignore once we get above 3 and-a-half percent core pce. maria: yeah. all right, it's greated advice. speaking of inflation, we've seen a bit of it in bitcoin. there was a major bust over the weekend, michael. bitcoin falling 15% yesterday from its all-time highs last week after a report that the u.s. treasury is considering a crackdown on bitcoin and digital assets tying it to potential money laundering issues.
7:09 am
michael, you think people should still buy the dip on bitcoin? tell me how you see things. >> absolutely. i bought -- i put a whopping $250 in bitcoin over the weekend on the dip. i think for people that are not serious investors, only be putting money into crypto that you can afford to lose. however, i think bitcoin's going much higher. i think we're at the beginning stages of institutional adoption. first it was square accepting it, then pay pal, then mastercard, then mass mutual put in money, then elon musk put in a billion and-a-half. now we hear one of the large ofest hedge funds in the world is starting a multi billion dollar hedge fund based on crypto assets. so as the institutional adoption gets bigger and bigger, i think the price can only go in one direction and you should be a buyer on the dips. i mean, we've not seen the action in gold that you would expect from the money printing
7:10 am
of the tune of 7 to $8 trillion, so it looks like the best way to play that for now is bitcoin. so i think this can go much higher but it's still -- i think of all the crypto, it seems bitcoin will be around the longest although this is still new, until you can go on the street and buy a hot dog in new york city with crypto which may not be that far away, it's still something that kind of exists out there in the universe versus a real store of value, a real medium of exchange but i think we talk about fomo in the individual investors trying to jump on the gamestop, i think fomo, the fear of missing out with institutional investors is higher than it is on the retail side. you're starting to see that in bitcoin. as more and more large hedge funds, institutional investors talk about the positions they've acquired, i believe they'll announce it after the fact. the price in my opinion only has
7:11 am
one direction, to go higher. if you're playing at bitcoin, which be a buyer on the dip -- i would be a buyer on the. maria: you say fomo, the fear of missing out, is that how we should be investing, this fear of mittsing out? look -- of missing out? i think with all the questions and uncertainty around bitcoin, it's heart to argue this move. we've seen this move. it's gone almost straight up. look at the chart. it's pretty incredible. michael, we'll be watching this. you say get into this market here and it's going to really move pretty significantly even with this decline this morning. james, michael, cat run, great to -- katherine, great to see you all. have a great monday. we'll keep watching. much more ahead. up next, north carolina congressman madison cawthorn is here after president biden admitted there's a crisis at the border. and joe lieberman weighs in on foreign policy tests for this administration. next hour, marsha blackburn on the president's tax and spending
7:12 am
plans and former senior advisor to president george w. bush karl rove on the border crisis as the old boss speaks out on immigration. joining the conversation all morning long, dagen mcdowell and sean duffy. we'll get back to the fantastic panel after a short break. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. d yo could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? so what are you waiting for? world's strongest man martins licis to help you break down boxes? arrrggh! what am i gonna do to you box? let me “break it down” for you... arrgggh! you're going down! down to the recycling center! >>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save.
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maria: a pivot, president biden describing the situation at the border as a crisis over the weekend for the first time as the migrant surge worsens, florida governor ron de santis telling me on sunday morning futures yesterday about the florida attorney general's lawsuit against the biden administration. >> normally when we have a criminal alien convicted of a felony, they served their sentence in florida state prison and prior to joe biden's administration i.c.e. would take control of them when they finished their sentence and they would remove the criminal alien and send them back to their home country. that should be like clock work.
7:16 am
that is the biggest no-brainer there is. instead, under biden's administration, they're no longer honoring these i.c.e. detainers, they're with drawing the he detainers so you have a criminal alien that is convicted, maybe they served five years in state prison for a serious felony. i.c.e. is effectively releasing them back into our communities and we know that some of those people will reoffend. we also know that any additional offense is by definition something that could have been prevented had they just followed the law. so the lawsuit seeks to have them actually follow the law, follow the constitution. maria: joining me now is north carolina congressman and member of the housed case and veterans affairs committees madison cawthorn. good to see you this morning. thank you for joining us. look, it's important to watch what joe biden does, not necessarily what he says. steven miller says the lawsuit that florida filed against the administration is the most
7:17 am
important lawsuit and the most important pushback right here on this radical agenda. your thoughts on this change of tone from joe biden this weekend where he actually admits, yes, there is a crisis at the border? >> well, this lawsuit is another example of what states need to be doing right now. our governors and states attorney generals need to hold the federal government to account to continue the tradition of federalism that we have in this country. you see i'm personally very excited to see jen psaki actually circle back and try to deny that president biden said there was a crisis at the border because this is completely contrary to their messaging but now you see that president biden is worried about the lawsuit and wants to start handling the issue like it should be handled. maria: yeah. well, we'll see. again, we have to watch what he's doing. florida is suing they them for pretty much effectively shutting down i.c.e. the border patrol agents need help. they're taking care of kids as
7:18 am
opposed to patrolling the area. meanwhile, you've got the democrats pushing forth on this idea. congresswoman maxine waters is now facing criticism on capitol hill after appearing to incite protesters. she was in brooklyn center, minnesota over the weekend. watch this, congressman. >> we're looking for a guilty verdict. if nothing does not happen, then we know we've got to not only stay in the streets, but we've got to fight for justice. we've got to get more confrontational. we've got to make sure that they know that we mean business. maria: get more confrontational, as if they're not confrontational enough, congressman. georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor green is now working on expelling waters from congress for inciting violence. would you agree to that? >> oh, i absolutely would, maria. i actually got married two weeks
7:19 am
ago, very excited about that. that's the reason i got involved in politics so young. my new wife and i don't want to raise a family in a country that has political leaders that are so divided where they encourage people to go out and cause more violence, burn down more buildings. maria, two hours after maxine waters said this statement, there was a drive-by shooting of our national guard in those cities. it's a very sad state of affairs. i do support a leadership ability and marjorie taylor green's ability to try to expel these people out of congress. the democrats tried to expel republican members of congress who were simply calling for election integrity. right here, we have a videotaped example of a democratic congresswoman literally calling for violence. she has to be expelled. maria: it's not the first time, congressman. remember when she was attacking -- we've got to get 45 down, we've got to get in their faces, if you see anybody from the
7:20 am
trump campaign, get in their faces, tell them they're not welcome here. she has done this many times. what are you and your colleagues going to do about it, congressman? people are looking at the republicans and saying you keep getting rolled over. >> oh, you're absolutely right. i'll tell you, this new republican party is rising, it's not going to take it on the chin. we're going to be pushing forward legislation to try to hold her to account. while we're in the minority, there's not much we can do to get her out of congress but we can show the hypocrisy of the left who decried violence when they speak but when they think they're not being recorded they actually promote violence in our city 12r50e6789s it's disgust -- it's disgusting and unamerican. maria: there's a story looming today which is not getting enough attention, that is the violence in our streets. shootings are up in the double digits, crime is up. this is hitting people, american families, and people are afraid to even have their kids go out.
7:21 am
congressman, is there any plan to get a handle on this violence spike throughout our country 1234. >> you know, the thing that i think is going to cure the violence spike is to stop the americans to divide us by everything they can. they want to divide us by race, gender and socioeconomic class while trying to take our guns away from us and allowing more illegal immigrants into our country. they want to set a fire keg on -- set a powder keg on fire in our country. democrats' only party platform is to get more power. they believe the more divided and violent our country is, the more power they can gain. they should be ashamed of themselves and they should go back home. maria: they'll do it with hr1, that's for sure, congressman. we'll be watching your efforts. congratulations on your wedding. >> maria, thank you so much. have a great day. maria: you too, congressman
7:22 am
madison cawthorn joining us there. we'll take a break. when we come back, testing president biden, the foreign policy challenges this administration face as america's adversaries advance their global interests. we'll get into it. then country music's biggest night is back, the top moments from last night's academy of country music awards making a buzz this morning. we'll be right back.
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maria: welcome back. world powers adversaries putting president biden to the test, moscow is building up troops on ukraine's border right now, china flexing its military might in taiwan and in hong kong. this as the commander in chief's budget proposal is facing criticism for lacking national defense money. california congressman devin
7:26 am
nunes joined me on sunday morning futures. take a look. >> the biden administration seems to be going under the policy instead of like ronald reagan used to say peace through strength, i think their policy is speak loudly and carry a twig. maria: these pictures are so chilling, sean duffy, when you look at those pictures of the chinese police walking around hong kong. it is the most vivid picture yet that hong kong is a changed place. the goose step of the chinese police walking, if you could show that video again, walking on the streets of hong kong this weekend. to me, i felt like -- well, this is as clear as an image as you want to see. do we have that video? and let me just say that -- this is the journal, this is the way the journal writes it this morning, the editorial board. biden's defense budget squeeze. president biden's budget
7:27 am
proposal includes record spending for nearly every corner of government but there's one big exception, national defense. even as global threats rise, notably from china, mr. biden is squeezing the pentagon, sean duffy. your reaction? sean: yeah, we have an american government that's focused on race and racial inequities and genders and pronouns. we're teaching critical race theory in our military. if you're china, you laugh at us. if you look at even in the navy, china has over 350 ships. we have 300. they have a bigger navy than we do. instead of reinvesting in our military and our capabilities, when you have a rising threat of places like china, you have joe biden who stepped back, we're just over 3% of gdp of spending on the military, back in 2010 it was over 4%. so i think we have to reinvest and make sure we have the capabilities to confront these kind of rising aggressions from
7:28 am
china but the biden administration has no plan to do it and this is the result. when you exude weakness, you get bad actors being more aggressive. maria: this is scary, dagen. and by the way, let me just mention that kamala harris greeted the prime minister of japan which was also seen as a snub across the world. dagen: certainly to the japanese. in terms of the defense bun et, you brought -- budget, you brought up that editorial, in the proposed budget from biden and co there's a 1.6% increase for defense. if you factor in inflation, that's actually a cut in defense spending. and as the editorial points out, wouldn't, say, aircraft and naval ships be more infrastructure than, say, subsidies to buy a tesla. one of the gravest things that biden is doing is destroying our
7:29 am
energy infrastructure and the dominance of oil and natural gas production in the u.s. not only have we become economically prosperous because we now are the number one oil producer in the world, but you start reversing that, we not only lose economic prosperity because of all the jobs, but also we lose power on the world stage. we're the swing producer, or we were, and so we have controlled the price more than any other nation, even saudi arabia. so you have power, financial heft, over nations that hate us. russia and iran to name two. but biden will destroy that and then genuflect in front of the communist party in china, begging for a green deal. and they think in china it's a joke. and it is. but it's a dangerous joke. maria: as if they're going to keep any promises on the green
7:30 am
climate in china. they have broken every single promise to the world. they're right now with their police on the ground in hong kong, 25 years early. it's all great points that you make and of course then there's the iran threat as you note, dagen, united against nuclear iran chairman joe leiberman is here this morning. we're going to take a break and then talk with leaver man as he re-- lieberman as he reacts to nuclear talks in vienna which the united states was not invited to. plus new york's midday comeback, one staple of working in the big apple slowly coming back to life, it's making a buzz this morning and we'll tell you all about it. stay with us. you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you.
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, april 19th. a look at markets this half hour where we are looking at futures edging lower. dow industrials down 82, the nasdaq down 42, the s&p 500
7:34 am
lower by 11. this comes after record highs last week. the dow and s&p 500 up better than 1%, beginning today's trading session in unchartered territory for dow and s&p. european markets this morning are mostly higher, meanwhile. take a look at europe where we see the ft 100 up 6, the cac up 24, the dax index lower by 10. overnight in asia, green across the board, best performer was in china, shanghai composite up 1 and-a-half percent on the session. the deaths of two men are being blamed on tesla's driverless technology. cheryl casone with this story now. cheryl. sean: that is right, maria. two men in the houston area were mott driving the -- not driving the tesla when it crashed into a tree at a high speed. witnesses say the men were talking about the vehicle's auto pilot feature when they left home. last month the ntsb was investigating nearly two dozen crashes involving tesla's auto pilot feature. tesla does have a warning on the website that says, quote, current auto pilot features
7:35 am
require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous. the stock is down in the premarket, down a little more than 2%. it's actually come off of the earlier premarket session lows. well, the national guard is on standby in minnesota as the country prepares for a verdict in the derek chauvin trial. closing arguments are set to begin later this morning. the defense rested its case last week. chauvin decided to not testify in his own defense. he faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted in the death of george floyd. and spacex makes history once again, elon musk's company winning a nearly $3 billion nasa contract to build the next moon lander. it beat out two other designs. this comes as president trump's deadline to return to the moon by 2024 is now in question after the program received less funding than necessary for this year. humans last stepped on the moon
7:36 am
back 42 years ago, maria. back to you. maria: wow. 42 years ago. all right, cheryl, thank you so much. we are looking at a showdown over the iran nuclear deal, meanwhile. israeli intelligence agencies reportedly believe that the vienna talks between iran and other world powers like russia and china will likely leave the u.s. to return the united states to the iran nuclear deal. as iranian officials on saturday signaled progress on talks saying a, quote, new understanding is taking shape. i spoke with california congressman devin nunes on sunday morning futures yesterday about how the world is testing this new administration. >> the biden administration seems to be going under the policy instead of like ronald reagan used to say peace through strength, i think their policy is speak loudly and carry a twig. maria: joining me right now is former connecticut senator, united against nuclear iran chairman and former democrat
7:37 am
vice presidential candidate himself, joe lieberman. it is great to see you, sir. thanks very much for being here, senator. i want to get your thoughts on the overall foreign policy but first let's start with these vienna talks. because the united states wasn't even invited. you've got russia, china, iran, talking about the potential of getting back together on a deal. your reaction? >> well, my reaction is to be concerned that we're going to repeat what happened in 2015 when we made a bad deal and the main reason for the bad deal was we gave away all the economic pressure at that time or most of it and they didn't do what it was put on to accomplish which was to end their nuclear program. they just put a pause on, if they were following it. of course, i believe that they were cheating along the way.
7:38 am
this is the problem with these negotiations. iran doesn't want to do what we want them to do. we want them to end their nuclear program. they're a fanatical extremist, anti-american, anti-human rights regime and they're just the wrong kind of people to have nuclear weapons. look, the biden administration has said encouragingly that they want to get back into the iran nuclear agreement but they want to lengthen it and strengthen it. well, that's a way to say that the original agreement was not as strong or long as it should have been. i couldn't agree more. but the danger here is that we're going to give iran what it most wants, which is an end to the economic pressure on them, before we get anything out of them in the way of ending their nuclear program and once the economic sanctions are off iran,
7:39 am
that's the end of negotiations as far as they're concerned. i'm worried about what's happening. i'm worried we're going to be too eager to reach an agreement and we're going to have a bad agreement that will compromise our security and the security of our allies in the region including israel and most of the arab world. maria: well, this is what i really want to get on, our allies in the region, because you've been spotlighting this worry now for a long time in your group, united against the nuclear iran, and i wonder what this is going to mean to our allies in the middle east. look, president trump left office after having done these abraham accords, peace in the middle east, to see five countries in the middle east say yes, we are going to normalize relations with israel was an amazing thing. now you've got president biden last week announcing his plans, detailing his plans to withdraw all u.s. troops in afghanistan
7:40 am
by september 11th. former president trump criticized the timeline, calling on president biden to make the move closer to the may 1st timetable. senator, what does all of this mean in your view about these abraham accords? the normalizations of relations with israel, if we were to get back into the iran deal, take the troops from afghanistan, how does all of that impact the deals that were made, the abraham accords? >> well, i think the impact in a very negative way. in my opinion, the abraham accords between israel and all those arab countries which are really historic breakthroughs, almost a dream come true, would not have happened if we had not been pulled out by the trump administration from the bad iran nuclear agreement and -- maria: exactly.
7:41 am
>> and the arabs and israelis could not have confidence in the u.s. and so that gave them the confidence to see that they have more in common than they have opposed to each other and they entered this extraordinary new you relations with each other which are going pretty well. look, president biden and his secretary of state have said that their foreign policy will be built on human a rights, which i like, and they have applied that broadly in the case of russia, particularly, and china. but they've also said that they want to rebuild their alliances. but that can't just mean in europe and asia. it those mean in the middle east and what i really would like to see most of all is that the biden administration not make a deal with iran without consulting with and really engaging, involving the support of our allies in iran's neighborhood, which have the
7:42 am
most to gain or lose. and that's israel and the arab countries. i want to say one word quickly about afghanistan. when we pull out of afghanistan, we've only got 2500 troops there and they're not really in the fight. the fight is being carried by the afghan army. remember, iran borders on afghanistan. so do russia and china. i think by pulling 2500 troops out we send a message of weakness and withdrawal from the middle east and that region to some of our most serious enemies in the region, iran and -- maria: this is really -- this message of weakness, joe, is beyond just the middle east. i mean, look what's happening here. we've got china circling the wagons on taiwan. we've got china, the communist party with their police force, strong as ever, on the ground in hong kong. require sha circling -- russia
7:43 am
circling the wagons on ukraine. all of this as joe biden is deciding to cut defense spending, when you compare what's going on in that budget with inflation, he's actually cutting spending on defense. while all of this is taking place. so i mean, on the world stage the u.s. is looking weak. >> well, i think we've -- the biden administration and the president have spoken strongly and really directly at russia and china about those aggressive moves but you can't do that and then pull out of afghanistan and run the risk of making a bad deal with iran on nuclear weapons and not send a message to russia and china that they can pretty much do what they want to do. this is a small world and in the middle east, which is critically important to us still, it's not as if russia and china don't see
7:44 am
it. of course, iran is involved in it. so i worry about these latest moves, the move to try almost more than the iranians are, to get in talks with them, so far they refuse to talk to us and that's not a good for a country as strong as the u.s. to be in and pulling 2500 troops out of afghanistan, a final word on that. people say afghanistan is our longest war. we're not really in a war there anymore. we're there as a stabilization force. we're still for the stabilization force in germany and japan, 76 years after the end of the second world war and we're there because it's a way to maintain stability in the region and that's why we ought to keep 2500 american troops in afghanistan longer than now. maria: it's all very
7:45 am
concerning, joe lieberman. it's great to get your insights as always. thank you, sir. we'll be right back. stay with us. you packed a record 1.1 trillion transistors into this chip i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq 100 like you become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq new projects means new project managers. like you you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless every day. and having more days is possible with verzenio, proven to help you live significantly
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maria: welcome back. more than half of american adults have now received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine according to the cdc. more shots could be in our future. i spoke with moderna's ceo on maria bartiromo's wall street this weekend. he firmly backed the prediction that a booster shot will likely be needed.
7:49 am
>> over time, the antibody is going to go down. that is normal and natural. so over time boosts are going to be required. it is too early to know how frequently because we don't have enough data. the overt component is the variants. maria: joining me right now is johns hopkins school of public health professor and medical contributor, dr. marty makary. what's your take on this, the idea that we will need a booster shot? he mentioned the variants there, the ceo of moderna, as an unknown. >> well, it's not as sure as the ceos of these companies are telling us. of i've talked to a lot of virginiaologists and they say it's more like a 50/50 thing, they're split. some people believe the current vaccines, the current regiment gives you life long immunity and the ceos are talking about the antibodies but remember, there's also immunity from the memory
7:50 am
t-cells which they're not talking about. it's not a sure thing. if you ask a chiropractor if you need an adjustment, ask a bar deer if you need a haircut, they'll say yes. the companies are setting expectations so if we do need it, people are ready. maria: that makes sense. what do you think in terms of what we should be looking at? i mean, would you expect that it would be a booster every year? >> well, that's one possibility. remember, with influenza which is a more fragile virus, we look to see what's happening in the southern hemisphere and we plan which variant we want the vaccine to be for. i think the booster if indicated would probably be for groups like older people, nursing home residents, transplant recipients where we know they don't have a good immune response. there will be an indication out there for a booster but not necessarily for everybody. maria: dr. makary, what about the johnson & johnson vaccine? dr. anthony fauci said over the
7:51 am
weekend the j&j vaccine will likely resume distribution at some point. some people are talking about next friday. do you think the developments for this vaccine will lead to increased hesitancy? what's your take on the j&j drug? >> well, i don't know why they're waiting so long, maria. this is another example of poor medical leadership from our public health officials. find out within four to six hours the key questions with people that had complication. find out if they had prior infection which made them prone to the inflammatory reaction. find out if they had a risk factor for clots, find out if they had common medical conditions or were taking meds. that data should have been out in four to six hours. this is affecting confidence and affecting the word. if we start canceling vaccines because of one death in
7:52 am
7 million, we won't have antibiotics or anything else. maria: what do you say about the chinese campaign, chile organizing a campaign using a vaccine made by a chinese drug maker. the vaccine is only 16% effective after one dosage. >> doesn't work very well, 67% after two. 80% effective in preventing death. maybe some benefit but nothing like the other vaccines. maria: thank you so much.e ra's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement. (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free.
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maria: welcome back. time for the morning buzz. country music's biggest stars take to the stage last night, keith urban and mickey giton hosting last night's country
7:56 am
music awards at a variety of locations across nashville. big winners including chris stapleton and thomas rhett. luke bryant couldn't be there in person after a positive covid test. it's good to see music city coming back. dagen: it absolutely is. a lot of these country stars i'm not that familiar with. i do love chris stapleton. i will encourage people to listen to the musician mike miz, he has a new single out called virginia. it's awesome. and take take a listen. because he's -- go check him out. he's amazing and real country as i would say. maria: all right. cool stuff. we will take a break. when we come back, reaching an agreement, tennessee senator marsha blackburn is here to talk about what she would need from democrats for an actual infrastructure deal. it all starts next hour. "mornings with maria" is live on fox business.
7:57 am
we'll be right back. ♪ .
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning. thanks for joining us i am maria bartiromo, monday, april 19 top stories 8:00 a.m. on bun east coast president biden calling chaos at southern border a quote cases adversaries test this new president the administration flip-flops ultimately agrees to raise u.s. cap on refugee admissions after pressure from are extreme left markets lower take a look at futures a pullback from record highs reached last week week dow industrials down 28, nasdaq down 49 s&p 500 weaker by 10 and 3/4 after record highs with dow and s&p 500, both up better on that 1%, beginning today's trading session in unchartered territory.
8:01 am
he earnings season kicking up a notch coca-cola beat estimates on top and bottom lines we continue to see, the first quarter reporting season flow coca-cola up better than 1% check european markets mostly higher ft 100 in london higher, just turned negative down two points cac quarante up in paris up 18 points dax in germany lower by 23. a mixed market in europe in asia overnight green across the board, best was china shanghai up one and a half percent "mornings with maria" is live right now. maria: we'll we want to look at new reports say several democrats would join west virginia senator manchin backing a 25% corporate tax rate instead of biden administration 28% proposal, we are looking at the corporate rates going higher, as white house plans to hold another a bipartisan meeting on infrastructure spending later today, joining me right
8:02 am
now macro mavens stephanie pomboy, all morning long dagen mcdowell, sean duffy stephanie great to see you. thank you so much for being here i want i don't your take where where we are with market putting monday to work we heard federal reserve chairman jay powell insisted rates staying put through 2023 a federal reserve meeting next week ahead of all of this stimulus that is being thrown at the economy, your expectations. >> well i think we are going to continue to be in this waigs where we are getting -- fiscal stimulus fed he going to have to keep monetizing that qe, and this is sort uninspiring dynamic we are going to be in a long time, because as has beck apparently evident in economic data the moment they stop fiscals stimulus the economy slows, i mean we is that you at very end of the year, as trump
8:03 am
administration was exiting they got that final batch of checks out the very end of the december really hit mailboxes in january, you saw a huge increase in consumer spending in january with retail sales rising 5.3% consumers able to pay down credit card debt as with a lot of stimulus throughout then to february biden administration comes in, and congress dithers to try to get together on new package of stimulus for the whole month no checks went out you saw it he reflected in the economic data, retail sales, fell 3% in february. and -- surged credit card borrowing sturnld consumers forced to borrowing well, then march we saw last week checks have gone out retail sales 9.8% gain presumably when data come out we will see consumers pay down credit card debt again, we are in a situation,
8:04 am
where, growth is only as good as fiscal stimulus the reason for that is fairly obviously, that is that none of this is sustainable it is periodic shot in the arm we're dmot setting up that positive feedback whereby increased consumer spending can spur companies to go out hire and expand increase wages create a self sustained recovery, because what we're discoverying a lot of stimulus actually acts as a tax on the economy, i mean we've seen, report after report companies struggling to attract quality labor because they are competing with government now, you know, they have to find, what is the right amount of wage to pay to lure all these people off sofa cushions as they collect cares checks raising number one cost of business at the same time, we are dealing with the effects
8:05 am
of the fed monetizing all this debasing the disregard driving up import prices cost of raw materials things we can't live without asserting a tax in that regard the biggest tax of all that has been going on for years that is by holding rates at low levels on aging population people are really struggling to sock away money for retirement that is depressing long run economic activity sadly though policymakers have a very short term focus and all they see is hey spending slowed in february we haven't done enough we've got to do another of stimulus i think in uninspiring dynamic where they continue to pump owe bill after bill infrastructure this blah, blah, blah the fd has to monetize all those things that are depressing the economy from low rates to the weaker dollar, et cetera, going to intensify the question what
8:06 am
causes it to end? the answer would seem to be when interest rates inflation pick up to point that actions as a check on this fiscal monetary policy, and i don't know about you maria i thought stunning last week to look at the incredibly strong economic data, and see the 10-year yield rally 10 basis points in face of 9.8% retail sales growth hotter than expected inflation strongest housing starts since 2006, enough to make you say maybe fed is actually doing covert yield curve control bond scenes i don't the know. things are going to get interesting next few years i think. >> you ma ache o good point what did happen behind scenes it was the reaction you would expect do you gain any knowledge from the current earnings son? have coca-cola beating expectations very long strog by big banks last week another
8:07 am
regional bank deal merger happening today what about earnings period what does that till you? how does that work being into your models. >> obviously, the earnings get right into that question about inflation, and as i mentioned we've seen a lot of input priced inflation raw materials, import prices et cetera-million-dollar question is: are companies able to pass that along to consumers? and obviously, those companies that are dealing in goods and services the consumers cannot live without are going to enjoy a measure of pricing power, hour the vast majority of companies those who are dealing with discretionary items i don't though i going to -- fair so well, i mentioned consumers aren't spending with abandon they are really you know they are spending when they get a check, and other than that you
8:08 am
hunkered down, paying down credit card debt really trying to set aside enough o money for retirement, i think an open question -- i don't think. >> sorry. >> go ahead finish your thought. >> i don't think you contain with a broad brush i think there will be companies will enjoy pricing power a lot that won't so you have to be very selective in the sectors and companies that you are going to tee long in this market. dagen: stephanie given all the stimulus coming out of federal reserve, and washington, in terms of government spending, how many people are getting left out in this asset inflation? if you look what home prices have done, they are kind of stimulus you got from the fed, it is lifted all of these assets created bubbles here, there, everywhere but how is that actually hurt working people, who are you know, i am
8:09 am
trying save up for house but i'm i have been priced out of the market. >> obviously, the monetary fiscal stimulus has actual expand the gap between high end and low end, and we know that you can see in adapt obviously, high end, can -- a large share of the financial assets as i mentioned, for people who are struggling to put together enough money to make down payment on home environment right now housing is difficult for them there is another sign fiscal stimulus is acting as tax in that all that foreclosure rent moratoria, foreclosure, work has actually hurt the supply of housing think about it if commercial reowner refreshment landlord you don't want to run
8:10 am
out and an open new projects you are waiting to collect income on ones you got right now, so it is dead wait contributing to the problem. >> all right. we will leave it there you think you will see a sizable o sell-off in the stock market having said all of that this year. >> i think will come down to the inflation numbers i would point out the last note, you know, last week we found out krpi is 2.6% cpi is is 2.6% will be north of 3% next month almost guaranteed cpi would have to decline 24% month-over-month for it not to reach that 3% fresh and i would point out the last 3 of last four times reached that 3% threshold had major financial crisis, 2000, 2005, 2006ing housing possible, 3% cpi not a good omen. >> we will see if 2021 goes on that list good to talk with
8:11 am
you as always thank you so much good to see you this morning. >> -- >> all right -- much more ahead this morning coming up infrastructure is in focus with tennessee senator marsha blackburn what she wants from democrats before agreeing to any legislation, on more stimulus that is coming up former senior adviser to president george w. bush karl rove as his old boss is speaking out, off the internet grid surprising number of americans completely off-line, making a buzz this morning, you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down.
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with at&t business... you can pick the best plan for each employee and only pay for the features they need. . maria: welcome back. examining voting rules the senate judiciary committee holding a hearing tomorrow, on what is calling the latest assault on right to vote. which is set to focus on georgia's voting law o joining me right now for the a preview
8:15 am
tennessee senator on judiciary committee marsha blackburn senator great to have you this morning thanks for joining us a lot of confusion around this georgia law please set the record straight for us preview your upcoming committee meeting. >> maria, basically what the democrats would like to do is have two states hearings via time for stacey abrams, georgia democrats to say voter id is racist, what we know what i've heard from tennesseeans they want to make voter fraud very difficult, they want to have voter id and verification, they do not want to have wholesale mail out ballots they think one person one vote should be preserved should be our goal, legal votes down the illegal votes do not count. maria: i mean why is this so
8:16 am
hard to figure out why did corporate america like delta air lines others say they are against this law? major league baseball taking the all-star game out of georgia, what did they not understand about this georgia law? and by the way, president biden also came out and called it jim crow 2.0. >> you know, it is perplexing, that they got so far off track as to what is actually in this law. and tennessee has worked long and hard to clean up its voter rolls make sure legal votes are protected that everyone has the opportunity to vote. we have an incredibly long early vote period. and we want everyone to get to the polls and cast their vote, and votes to be counted but how in the world corporations got so far off track, and
8:17 am
never even read the bill. when you look at georgia extending their early vote, when they have found another way for voter id verification, rather than signature verification, but what the bill does do is allow local governments to clean up their are voting rolls and everyone should be for that maria. your local county election commissions are the responsible for cleaning up rolls when people are deceived or move also you don't want every data base from every component of the state into the voter data base because you have people from out of state, who do business in your state or they come into the state for school, and you do not want them erroneously entered into the voter database. >>. maria: right. all of this we saw take place in the 2020 election, one of
8:18 am
the reasons, that georgia changed its laws people do not trust what took place where seeing changes another voter law through the legislature in florida as well, wouldn't it be nice to have the president come out and clarify his comments, so if corporate america mlb understand better clearly what you are saying. but to have the leader of the free world come out say jim crow 2.0 laws are what we're talking about is i don't know if a lie, it is uninformed what it is shouldn't he come out and clarify that should be clarification we all want everyone to vote. there has been record voter turnout in recent years, i think that is a good thing. and that should be encouraged, but making it easy to cheat, having voters listed in a voter roll when they do not even live in the state those
8:19 am
are things we should all stand against. maria: , of course. okay. let's turn to the spending massive spending out of this administration, the president is going to be meeting with another group of bipartisan lawmakers today to discuss his massive 2.3 trillion-dollar spending bill republicans texas senator john cornyn said some senate republicans would be open to much smaller 800-billion-dollar package with focus solely on infrastructure that is something that you would be interested in signing? >> maria, we have been interested in having a long-term transportation or highway bill or infrastructure bill, but this biden boondoggle is only 6% on roads and bridges and highways, interstates components, that you would call infrastructure. indeed, if you put the electric grid broadband, ports air ports wealth ways into it
8:20 am
you only get to 37% of the bill so let's focus on infrastructure. that is what people want to see. we have counties in our state that want to repair roads and bridges, and they are not able to, because the federal regulation, i am saying let's lift those regulations, and let them radio repair roads and bridges without federal government interference. >> well is this more of a green deal than anything else? this so so-called infrastructure package? absolutely. >> only 6% this order calls for carbon free electricity by 2035. zero emissions for government vehicles climate corps providing three million jobs to young climate crusaders the "green new deal" then? >> yes, this is the "green new deal." and it is more than energy bill. you have more money in this so-called infrastructure bill,
8:21 am
for "green new deal" components, and electric cars, there is more money for electric cars than there is for highways. it is astounding they think they can get by with this. >> who is running things the president said he is planning to withdraw all u.s. troops from afghanistan by september 11, marking 20 years since 9/11 the rest attacks president trump promised withdrawal by may 1 the world testing administration talking about afghanistan but iran digging in saying we are going to continue enriching uranium china in hong kong laying law down you russia circling wagonsony crain what is going on in terms of foreign policy saying they are going to cut defense spending when you compare to nation rate. >> inconceivable would he
8:22 am
would cut spending when you look at new axis of evil russia, china iran north korea russia, that is aamazing troops right there on ukraine, china, that is building out this deepwater navy, more ships than we have, and we don't have enough money to hit our goals? this needs to be a revisit, there is money -- >> talking about "green new deal" spending "green new deal" china has bigger navy than u.s. marsha blackburn thank you o so much for laying it all out for us. we'll be right back. worth is knowing it's never too late to start - or too early. ♪ ♪ wealth helps you retire.
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controversial curriculum up two elite new york city schools college size tuitions under fire what some call obsession with racism and diversity, turning point usa founder joined me on "sunday morning futures" to discuss what is taking place at school, watch. >> so many parents confide in me what do i do i say yank your children out of school, the time is now. it is not tomorrow you cannot have your children sent to school taking place right now is throughout all universities colleges schools is a form of social engineering taking your children, undermining parents every point the purpose that they want to turn children into government activities what they want top do is grow government. >> that is what i was talking about diversity the form of diversity everyone looks can i have thinks same no ideology dressers complete conformity
8:27 am
made america vibrant exciting country the most successful country to exist in the history of world start on college corporation, halls of congress the rest of the country we have to push back. maria: well the pushback has been strong dagen mcdowell, pretty incredible what is going on, i don't know if you saw this letter by andrew gutman a father of a 7th grader, also the head master at famed dalton school resigning all pushback over obsession with race making an assumption that kids are racist even before they learn a word out of their mouths. dagen: also parents ponying up 54,000 dollars a year for daughter to go i read a letter parent wrote i touch on this part of it if the administration was truly concerned about so-called equity it would be discussing
8:28 am
cessation of admission pressures for legacies families with especially deep pockets if genuinely serious about with diversity would not insist on indoctrination of students and families to single mind-set most reminiscent of the chinese cultural revolution these words that these left wing literals use are absolutely meanwhile,s diversity of thought does not exist there is no such thing as intellectual openness there is no such thing as he freedom of thought, you must conform our will be destroyed. even children. maria: that is right. you know what my favorite part of the letter a great letter check it out go online, read it he sent to 650 families, to explain why he was pulling his 7th grader out of school sean duffy you have many children nine kids here is my favorite line i object to the gutting
8:29 am
of history civilization classical litter curriculum to censorship of books taught for generations because they contain dated language he potentially offensive to thin skilled hyper sensitive already happened to my daughter's fourth grade class objecting to reach theory teaching it in favor of things like history, civics. >> first of all god bless andrew gutman he is a bold parent willing to speak out say things with critical reach theory in schools i think encourages others to speak out push back on wokeism what happened to judging by content of character not color of skin that is exactly what is happening in schools, 54,000 dollars a yier to teach your a billed they are o pressor a minority you are oppressed? ridiculous, thank god has enough money to send his child to a different school different values the problem
8:30 am
is this is happening across america in all public schools if you don't have money resources you can't take your kid out, that is why i think so important that we push for school choice, that a parent and child can go, i don't like that school i don't like what they are teaching i can take money with me with my child go to a school that fits values math science history not rationale theories that call my child o pressor, this critical theory give parents choice to go wherever they want with child to you teach them absolutely, math and science, and history, not race. maria: yeah, well you've got one side of the parents are upset about critical race thooish the other side upset still don't have a class, virtually learning goes to teachers union. dagen: it does, the teachers unions are power hungry
8:31 am
science deniers clearly hate children private schools they deserve to go under if they can't educate particularly girls focus on math and science, focus on -- focus on equality of women rather than make everything about race. >> very troubling moment has been a tough year for our nation's students that is for sure we will take a break we're getting back to biden border crisis karl rove is here to talk about surge as his old boss speaks out on immigration, the internet grid surprisingly number of americans completely off-line makes a buzz this morning. stay with us. just over a year ago, i was drowning in credit card debt. sofi helped me pay off twenty-three thousand dollars of credit card debt. they helped me consolidate all of that into one low monthly payment. they make you feel like it's an honor for them to help you out.
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that building you're trying to buy, - you should ten-x it. - ten-x it? ten-x is the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange. you see it. you want it. you ten-x it. it's that fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like... uh... these salads. or these sandwiches... ten-x does the same thing, but with buildings. sweet. oh no, he wasn't... oh, actually... that looks pretty good. see it. want it. ten-x it. yum! maria: welcome back. good monday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i am maria bartiromo. monday, april 19 a look at markets this half on a hour ahead o of the opening bell futures indicating a decline start of trading this morning, the dow industrials down 75, the nasdaq down 62, and s&p
8:35 am
500 lower by 10 1/2 european markets are mixed this morning, as you will see here, we did have a better performance earlier in the show, but things have turned more negative ft 100 down 5 points cac quarante up you in paris up 22 dax in germany lower by 22, in asia overnight green across the board take a look best was china, shanghai composite up one and a half percent meanwhile, 8 cadets expelled from west point in biggest cheating scandal. cheryl: that is right 51 cadets held back for a year punishment after investigation of 72 freshmen one sophomore accused of cheating on online calculus exam last may west point scrapping willful admission classes allowed more than 50 to avoid expulsion by confessing. >> peloton treadmill owners safety commission says
8:36 am
customers with young children or pets shop using it amid investigation into a child's death involving one of those machines at least a dozen injured reported peloton says no reason for people to stop using the treadmill called advisory misleading stock getting hit down more than 6% on premarket on this news, america's oldest living person ford passed away over weekend at image of 116. south carolina native grew up picking cotton married at 14 years old went on to have 12 children, and 120 great, great grandchildren her foem says she passed away peaceful loo at home in charlotte on sunday. maria: that is historic life thank you so much for bringing that story, meanwhile, president biden, admitting the migrant surge at border is
8:37 am
indeed a crisis. this as he defends his administration's flip-flop, on a refugee admissions cap first saying it would keep the cap at 15,000 refugees limits, promising increase one day later, after taking heat from the extreme left, former white house senior adviser stephen miller on "sunday morning futures" yesterday about this. >> listen. >> this is a national security issue, so one of the things that we did in the trump administration, was we said in order to be able to ensure that those coming into our country don't present a security threat, we -- enhanced screening refugees reprioritized refugee screening to areas they have less terrorism concerns also lowered overall number of refugees, biden -- aoc now going to have a very serious potential threat to national security. maria: meanwhile, former pet george w. bush has new "washington post" op-ed out calling for bipartisan
8:38 am
immigration reform increased border security and pathway for citizenship for dreamers joining me fox news contributor karl rove great to see you this morning thank you so much for being here interesting to see, g.w. weigh in on this immigration crisis. >> well, he -- it is he when he started the work on this book he has come out with on grants two years ago so sense there would be a crises but there is a crisis on our border, and -- you know, here in texas we feel it cleanly our border is with mexico. >> so what do you think should be done at this point? i mean joe biden walked into office, and first thing he did was stop construction of the wall and second tinying thing he did overturn remain in mexico policy instituted a reinstituted "catch and release" many say three
8:39 am
biggest mistakes the reason we've got a surge. >> i have one other he sent signals during campaign into to media aftermath of the campaign that everything would be can i have along the border, remember we are faced across the border by highly the sophisticated smart criminal enterprise the traffickers cartels back them mitigating -- sort of like adjunct of the cartels money making operation they seized on snlz sent by candidate biden newly elected president joe biden said to people you know the gate is going to be open you can make it to united states live better life all you have to do take everything you have give it to me turn into cash and give it to me i will get you north to the united states, think with this january of this year, 78,000 people were were apprehended at border last year in january it was 41,000, february,
8:40 am
101,000 apprehended at border last year 37,000, 173,000 in march, 34,000 last year, we are on the path to having the largest number of an prehensions more than two decades prime months for trafficking are with whet gets better april, may, june. already we've surpassed the total number of people apprehended in last fiscal year, already, in the we got six more months fiscal year to go. >> you are right, one major issue, is the fact that joe biden told the world, well if you have a seven-year-old or younger we will let you in and keep you here, and that is what is happening, suddenly all migrants have seven year olds or younger, and coming in and being flown throughout the country to their city of destination choice. >> well, look, again, goes
8:41 am
back to the criminal enterprise we have been make attention to the what are called unaccompanied children, again 6,000 of them in january, 4,000 last year, 9,000 in february, 3,000 last february, 19,000 in march, 3,000 last year now why is that important in because cartels understand you, that unaccompanied children require a lot of resources from border patrol what they are trying to do is over load them so all focused on handling 19,000 children require a lot of sources, a lot of people a lot of time, you can't return them immediately because they are children who are you returning them to like with adult you can't simply turn them back to mexico that allows them to send a lot more adults, 65,000 in january compared to 25,000 last year, 72000 february, 26,000 last year. 100,000 in march compared to 27,000 last year a, and take a look at family units, 7,000 in
8:42 am
january, 8,000 last year, 20,000 in february, 7,000 last year 54,000 in marched cartels saying take those children do whatever we need to do to get them throw them over literally throw them over wall if need be that sucks up resources of the border patrol and meantime we are going to try and and send lots of people north, because they are stretched thin we are going to try to send families north, single people north think about it 100,000 adults, one month. >> yeah or how about 173,000 in one month was march, one agent source told me when they are doing throw a baby over wall so border agentss have to go get the baby in the water they have to rescue the baby take their eyes off their job, so that more people can just flow through and get through because the border patrol agents are busy, and these
8:43 am
cartels getting 10,000 dollars per head, making big money on all of this an amazing situation, so far kamala harris and joe biden have not gone to the border, i don't know, is anybody going to say yes, i am in charge here i am going to deal with this? >> not so far, but look the former president george w. bush's op-ed, talked about how he said look i don't want to be proscriptive dictate but we need to do something about dreamers focus on secure efficient border need to help countries of origin deal with problems back home but that is a long-term solution we need to fix, this asylum system it is broken we don't need to change rules we need more resources so people are aadjudicate indicated timely we need to do something about temporary workers we need to make economy move dial immigration system more toward skills we want smart people in the world to come to the united states. >> karl before you go what is
8:44 am
this new polling data that shows actor matthew mcconaughey holding 12-point lead over texas governor greg abbott in hypothetic election do we want mccon hero to run. >> popular in texas, and they like him a lot, but even the authorize of the poll pretty good little poll said he would face a problem because he is an avowed centrist they looked at republicans will support of incumbent republican governor greg abbott democrats don't want to they want a progressive, so he has a difficult path if he wants to run we will see if he even runs a great book out, got a great acting career likes to speak his mind see if this turns into something real. maria: i would say most of us in the country are sort of center might be center right
8:45 am
center lowest but hanging out in center good to see you this morning, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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earnings with uber, a partnership between ride-sharing giant cargo systems and advertising technology company helps drivers install advertising boards on top of vehicles like a taxi. in five cities coming to new york and chicago.
8:49 am
joining me right now is ad omni ceo jonathan great to have you this morning congratulations a you big partnership tell me the roll your company plays in this. >> thank you for having me on the show -- the platform, that drives results for adtiesers tapping into digital streams in physical world 138 million dollars on digital advertising in u.s. only three billion spent on all screens in fulfill world if you have a digit billboard, all in market we see multibillion-dollar growth opportunity for this segment of the industry but bring in two things, the first, is scale. the ability for buyer to go to and launch a campaign on over
8:50 am
450,000 connected screens second measurements, the ability to actually see how does that campaign delivering under business outcomes with all innovation happening in the states uber, rolled out uber ooh. >> is growth reliant on screens you are able to put on ubers and taxis? >> it is, but that growth is twofold first, taking technology, and making it so buyers have at fingertips able to do to launch campaigns as easily as search adds on goorlg, social media as fake the second to see how results are going down to the bottom line if you look at industry
8:51 am
around as long as advertising exited has been a a seller forward market make buyers have ability to launch campaigns execute a result themselves, that is where growth comes from. >> a big deal -- the dym nature of it go ahead. >> absolutely, what is new exciting about uber offering you are able to place ads in specific areas let's say consumer package this company new product, you can surround stores putting you go to, on tops of brand-new uber -- so ability. maria: i love it. >> audience under half purchase, making the results take place here. maria: sounds like great growth story thank you so much
8:52 am
jonathan off internet grid surprising number of americans completely off-line makes a buzz this morning. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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we'll give you a super easy refund. we'll even cover the return shipping. this is a limited time offer, so go to to get the body you want with aerotrainer. maria: welcome back. time for morning buzz living completely off the grid? many of us are glued to our screens, a recent study shows there are people in the country who do not use the internet at all. the cyberguy with more. >> something to be said for handwritten this you notes a large section, of america that right now, has decided not to trade in pen for a social media post to anyone according to study from two research center nearly 33 million americans do not shop online
8:56 am
don't e-mail never watching your tiktok video won't like fake posts system don't surf the web at all period, it is a deliberate choice to live off-line for some, for others, that make up 7% americans say they don't go on line at all because they system can't afford it older americans poor americans two largest groups of disconnected population 7% still big but not compared to the 48% of americans who are off-line when this started, 20 years ago, studying people race and gender not really factors says study education and income levels are biggest common factors of those never connecting to intent. what we found though largest is 25% adult 65 and older turn away from connecting to internet mostly doing it by choice, now if you know somebody who is not only that maybe can't afford it
8:57 am -- shows many people especially seniors how to get internet for 9.95 or less per month no other fees. >> i love it. they say they are happier, thank you so much more "mornings with maria" live on fox business right after this. create personalized investment strategies to help you get back to your future. michael: more than 100 years ago.
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simi: two branches of our family split apart. david: but now, ancestry helped connect us to our ancestors and each other. michael: find their stories. gigi: at ancestry. maria: have a great day. thank you to dagan and john. "varney & co." begins right now. take it away, stu. stuart: good morning. you know, we really ought to call this the bubble report because so many have gone straight up recently. on a monday morning, everyone wants to know the state of a play, does the surge continue or are there signs of a bubble bursting? let's start with bitcoin, the price dropped big time over the weekend, it-- a few minutes ago it was up and now, we have it at $56690 per coin.


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