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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  April 17, 2021 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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devin nunes and candace owens all sunday on fox news channel at 10:00 a.m. eastern live, start smart every weekday 6 - 9:00 a.m. eastern with "mornings with maria". we hope will start your day every weekday, that will do it for us. y y y y y y y y you for being e a great rest of the weekend. ♪ >> welcome to the wall street journal large, are you feeling the unity yet, three months after joe biden took office promising to unite the nation the democrats continue their assault on institutions that define american democracy. lawmakers unveiled a plan to expand the supreme court from the current nine to 13 justices. that is known as court packing. the idea is to cement a
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left-wing majority in turn the entire judiciary into a rubberstamp whose job to enshrine in law every radical progressive major the democrats can come up with. and to abolish the filibuster and overrate states rights and elections and other matters and all the things we have in common is a progressive goal of a narrow political majority gets its way he wants to do, the very opposite of the true democratic idea in which the united states is founded, it is a very opposite of the uniting fracture country. we will have more to in this century or more of pluralist government the united states later in the show, we want to start with a look of foreign policy. there was a moment of unusual bipartisan when president biden announced a plan to the u.s. presence in afghanistan. >> we cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in afghanistan
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or create ideal conditions for withdrawal and expected a different result. i concluded it's time to end america's longest war, it is time for american troops to come home. gerry: democrats and republicans across party lines to welcome or condemn the move, ted cruz was the successor to donald trump praise the decision will progressive democratics opposed it lindsey graham republican from south carolina was the most vocal opposition. >> president biden had not ended the war, he extended it, big or not smaller. >> they worry the u.s. pullout will be a replay in afghanistan in the 1990s and the tragedy of september 11, 2001. but the move was foreshadowed by president trump who wanted to remove u.s. forces even sooner than the 20th anniversary of those attacks by president
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biden. the decisions of recognition of the dramatically changed geopolitical landscape for the united states in the 20 years since the country first went to war in afghanistan. the risk of terrorism remains real, the u.s. is confronted in a different way by much larger strategic challenges around the globe. in the last couple of weeks we had a reminder of how serious those challenges are china has shown hostile intent towards taiwan russian forces on the ukrainian border, ironic announced new advances in its efforts to enrich and uranium for a potential weapon. in the trump administration approach on all of these fronts. promising new ways to contain china, promising to stand up harder to russia and reopening in saying he would reopen the nuclear deal with iran.
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so far none of the initiatives seem to be yielding any progress. the world looks increasingly dangerous place in u.s. leadership increasingly challenged. i am delighted to have as my guest to discuss all of this former secretary of state fox news contributor mike pompeo, thank you for joining me. >> it's great to be with you today. >> let's start with afghanistan, we heard your republican colleagues being vocal in their criticism saying this is going to pave the way the turmoil in afghanistan to the rise of caliban at the risk of 9/11, what do you say to them. >> i great respect for senator grandma we talked about this issue many times and we end up with a deeply different view in the end of the day they have a responsibility to do what it needs to do to secure itself from terror and continued troop strength in afghanistan, there is terror risk and lots of places like yemen, philippines,
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the headquarters today for most of the senior leadership of al-qaeda is in tehran not in afghanistan, the world is changed in 20 years in time for soldiers to come back home i am pleased abided administration made the decision in the execution matters to get our soldiers in a way to execute this that builds on the work that we did with afghan national security forces that we passed four years if we get that right america will continue to be in it will continue to be minimal. gerry: do you see a lot of people fear that this does mean that caliban will soon be once again basically in control and afghanistan questioning. >> it is important to remember the reason we went there in the first instance wasn't to destroy the taliban but take down al-qaeda that killed 3000 americans in new york city. so the work that i opened up and talk to the caliban to have a conversation about what a united afghan structure might look like, they've got it figured out, we spent 20 plus billion
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dollars a year for 20 years now working to support this proposition and the afghans need to unite together, afghans of every ethnicity and every tribe need to come together and created della afghanistan in a way that we work so hard on and with our nato force partners for 20 years. gerry: you and your colleagues recognized early on without acknowledging abided administration is giving a nod to that. these are big strategic challenges and they do take priority, let's start with china. biden has been very critical of the top administration, the approach that you took towards china that he wants to bring allies in and get allies to contain china, he's been meeting on friday with a japanese prime ministers and european allies involved, what do you say that they took to the argument of the multilateral approach is more effective than the direct buy rattle approach that the
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administration that you follow. >> i think the product of your question is off we worked diligently to build up these alliances we built the largest in the history for the north koreans and the chinese cooperate and that so we were working with coalitions and we had the quad four countries, india, australia, japan and the united states for big democracies that have a norm's interest to make the sure the communist party is pushed back and confronted we made it stronger, better, bigger. i'm glad the biden administration is building but the test will be when the chinese communist party takes real action in the administration's rhetoric has been good but the work that we did determining there was a genocide taking place in the west punishing chinese senior leaders for what took place in hong kong to make sure we are prepared by taiwan to make sure can be a democracy, a beacon of democracy. those are the actions that will
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ultimately determine whether the chinese communist party will have the opportunity to continue to build out all around the world. gerry: let me ask you briefly before we go to a break, one approach the u.s. could take immediately can and to consider the olympic games what is going on in hong kong in china's relations with its neighbors there's no question it's behave in an aggressive way, some people say one way it's not hugely and ultimately consequential way but one way of demonstrating could hurt the chinese reputation, would you agree with that? >> i do, i think it should start with the united states olympic committee making clear the neck up at our young women women in a position where they have to go to a place where they are competing in games and making a comment adverse to the chinese communist party, they can be arrested, like the majority of people that go to china don't get arrested and held up, that may be true i don't think this
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gerry: i am back with mike pompeo, this week the biden administration announced the sanctions against russia diplomatic sanctions, financial sanctions, russia continues to look threatening amassing forces on the border with ukraine how concerned should we be with the risk of a full-scale and has the united states done enough to deter the russians? >> only time will tell if they've got enough, they may well need to do more.
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i worry that the russians saw the characters that the people in the biden administration that they sell for eight years they took one fifth of ukraine and the cost was that was next to nothing, i sense that vladimir putin senses there's weakness, they need to be strong and confront russia, i was pleased with the sanctions that they announced this week for the cyber violation that took place, these are the same people that politicize this in the intelligence piece that we all knew was flimsy and weak from the beginning and it shows to politicize the relationship between united states and russia instead of taking it fiercely in the way that the trouble administration did. gerry: i would ask you briefly, the media went crazy about it and the democrats went crazy and last fall with the story that the russian bound to use on u.s. soldiers in afghanistan and we now learned very quietly that that was not true, as you say that was politicized, what does that tell us about the way in which the criticism of the trump
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administration approach to russia but you took tough measures and sanctions comedy of any faith that this administration is telling the truth when it talks about these things. >> will tell you we need to see more evidence i'm not about words i'm about actions the things that we did were serious and real and not the least of building up to american military power in the russians don't like it when we expand our defense budget, we know some of the weaponry is designed to deter the very actions that there taken against the administration and now it looks like the proposals to hold the defense budget may end up worse with democrats in congress, i was at the center of this debate i knew the intelligences seen what we knew about the alleged russian bounties and we knew there was many bigger challenges this was something designed to be propaganda for the american election wasted upon the american people by cnn and msnbc and senior members of the democrat party it's the worst kind of politicized nation of american intelligence, it is
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wrong. gerry: a final question we spoke about the world and the united states you paid a visit to iowa recently and is been reported that you been about some your former house campaign that has been funding a pack which seems to be associated with ambitions of your own, or use fiercely pondering around for the 2024 nomination. >> just like every day i'm going to work for the set of policies i've been working on all my life including the last four years of cia director and secretary of state i believe america first makes of awful lot of sense and we have to do that on school choice issues in the broad array and what happens in 22 means a lot and i'll go to conservative candidates to be elected and will consider it 2024 is an opportunity to go into elected office. i love the fight. gerry: a brief final question if president trump decides to run again, would you run against
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him? >> that's a long way off i don't think any of us have figured about 2024 will make those decisions another time. >> secretary mike pompeo, thank you for joining me. >> think you have a good day. gerry: democrats planning to subvert democracy and legislation to pack the court, that is a dangerous precedent, (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that.
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>> democrats unveil the plan to expand the supreme court from 19 mack 13 justices. the first time in 150 years of size has been changed and it is a naked effort by the progressives to create a super legible body dominated by
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democrats. president biden himself hasn't endorsed the plan and said he will wait for the conclusion of this commission he appointed last week. even nancy pelosi say no plane to bring the legislation to the house for, it's clear the wider threat from the modern progressives to the institution of american democracy is very real, listen to the words of one of the sponsors of the legislation this week. >> the united states supreme court is broken, it is out of balance and it needs to be fixed. >> note the language, this is a democrats frame things, the court is broken, the electoral college is broken, the senate is broken these institutions are not broken they have been functioning perfectly well with democrats and republicans for decades. but when they do things the democrats don't like the democrats are no longer prepared to accept it, they are broken and need to be fixed, america has been a successful democracy because whatever different
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americans may have the legal institutions have been respected by all sides, that under threat with us to discuss is christopher scalia in a number of books by the late just as his father, thinking for joining us. >> it is my pleasure thank you for having me. >> it doesn't look like this plan will go anywhere because nancy pelosi seems to be refusing to give it time. what did it say in the way in which democrats view these institutions other been so essential to the functioning of american democracy. >> i think you described it pretty much perfectly a minute ago, it is broken, the institutions are broken when they don't serve progressive in and when voters go against the democratic agenda, the system must be broken. some progressives support the court packing plan because they argue basically trump shouldn't of been president and the senate relation to being controlled by
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republicans because technically democrats got more votes overall, this is kind of a way to undo the flaws of the constitutional system. it is an amazing way to look at things in addition to the damage it would do to the court it's a way to impose back and repairs to the constitution itself. >> it seems that the rules of the game are no longer operative and one side won't except when they lose but they will accept the other side is one they demand the change everything needs to change. >> even if you look at the supreme court as an example, conservatives do not have a majority on the supreme court for generations basically. only really in october did they finally get anything approaching a conservative majority. but what did they do in response to the long-held liberal
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majority, they didn't seek to up indoor change or pack the court anything like that they rolled up their sleeves, they started the legal movement and my father argued for 30 years to persuade people that the constitution should be interpreted the way he interpreted it in they did the hard work that way, they did not complain that the court was broken, they say judges weren't doing their job correctly and they tried to go about reforming the court that way. it's a totally different mindset. >> i don't want to sound too apocalyptic but if we do have one side, by the way there are republicans in the election result and it works on the other side but we do have a sign the democrat to don't seem to be willing to accept the rules and want to impose their will on the rest of the country, how do we get out of that situation, is it sustainable or headed for
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crackup. >> i wish i knew the answer to that question my big concern is going back to what you're saying i really hope conservatives in the gop do not respond by acting the way democrats have, that would be a big mistake is to fight fire with fire i think the gop does need to be more aggressive in a lot of ways but trying to change the rules when they don't suit us and don't go our way, the way that progressives do, that is the wrong approach and if both sides did that it would lead to a crackup, we need to fight more patiently than the left and were conservatives because we want to conserve the founding and democrats don't care about that, we need to maintain that part of our identity. coming up schools are finally reopening in california but there is a catch kids are being told they could return to the classroom but their teachers might not be there my thoughts on the z
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gerry: many students in california are back in schools but it's not exactly the teaching they were expecting kids that public school have been stuck at home for a year, california major cities around by democrats who have funded by the teachers unions, despite the fact for months it's been clear that covid risks are minimal the unions have refused to go back to school, it is their demand
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that has become first, parents, the taxpayers who pay the teachers salaries have been told that their voices don't matter, the fact that their children are not getting proper education despite the highest taxes in the nation, that is too bad. finally the kids are back in most schools but that doesn't mean the teachers are, the state hasn't ordered its employees to go back to work, and some schools kids have been turned into ~ bringing headphones and a laptop they will be in the classroom but the teacher walked the teacher will still be allowed to teach the class from home while in adult watches the students in the classroom itself. zoom in a room they're calling it, it's a tragedy of a real education. minis of students way behind where they should be in school jeopardizing their prospects by slowing their learning and limiting their life opportunities. the teachers are okay, that is all fine, but there is some hope governor gavin newsom has promised an education will eventually return to normal and
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he said the state will lift all covid restrictions on june the 15th. that is right just-in-time for the teachers to go off on the long summer break. that is it, we will be back next week with martin in-depth interviews, thank you very much for joining us. ♪ >> "barron's roundtable" sponsored by invesco qqq ♪ ♪. jack: welcome to "barron's roundtable" where we get behind the headlines and prepare you for the week ahead. cutting-edge tech company saw a huge growth during the pin demo, ceo todd mckennon will be here with the future of working from home. later they parked reopening of releases in a booming streaming service disney is a reopening estate home stock trade we have the details, we begin with you are the three most important things investors think about right


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