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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 17, 2021 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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in this and i come out against taxes, i bet you that's a shocker. you should check it out over the weekend, you can subscribe to fox nation and look at the entire series, or there's a shorter version on fox business. thank you for watching, i ♪ elizabeth: tonight, facebook in a new firestorm liz: facebook and a new firestorm for censoring around the world stories detailing a multimillion dollar real estate shopping spree by black lives matter. black lives matter chapter demanding more from and honest investigation into where is the 90 million going that blm raised, this happening days after twitter post about this and now we have james o'keefe with harmeet dhillon helping him they are planning to sue twitter for censoring and blacking out o'keefe's account. tonight we have the debate big
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tech picking and choosing what americans can see, kim klacik, the washington examiner, alyssa krause and gop strategist along with former top council senate judiciary, fox nation host kat timpf and kt mcfarland. we have more on black lives matter patrice is that when new statements raising even more questions about what is going on, also we have details on the big brawl and congress between republican jim jordan and doctor anthony fauci, we will show you tonight doctor ouchi's evolving position with critics they are flip-flops on covid-19 knockdowns. we will show you how dr. fauci admitted he moved the goalpost, the audacity of democrats trying to intimidate and pack the supreme court to get what democrats want, democrats have the narrowesthe margin and year, we have the moveout of plan democrats admit this is a real
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political power play pull show a majority of americans say don't undercut the most important firewall of independence that protects americans rights, critics asking do the democrats want to lose in the midterm, also this a new attack on the media going after florida republican governor ron desantis a potential 2024 contender, msnbc joining in delivering the definition of a smear without proof off evidence. we have the story and update on new york democrats saying andrew yang thatat this democrat is toe the mayor of newme york city ths after yang was caught on camera laughing at disturbing misogynistic comments. new poll showing a growing number majority of disapproving biden's handling of the border crisis and shocking new video smugglers dropping a toddler over the border wall, 18-foot high also more on refugees,
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jampacked show, elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. >> we begin with former congressional candidate for maryland kim klacik. it's great to see you, what was your reaction when he saw facebook venturing around the world stories about the real estate shopping spree by the anticapitalist cofounder of black lives matter, worth more than 3 million. >> thank you so much for having me back, i am not shocked and i'm not surprised we knew that black lives matter was taken in over $90 million in donations and a few months ago local chapters speak up and said they have not seen any of the money hit black communities across the country so i'm not shocked, this is the only country in the world where racism can make you a
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millionaire, racism in 2021 is just the rocket is a race hustle and is been going on for many years and to keep it alive and keep these people in business that's why we continue to hear about it, we heard from michael brown's father in ferguson missouri as everyone recalls it was a hands up don't shoot incident and lots of riots and looting that have been following that incited by black lives matter and those businesses that were looted law through livelihood all while patrice the founder of blm was becoming a millionaire. >> insurance study shows black lives matter and antifa riotsn created $2 billion in damages across the country over the riots last spring, 30 people dead in the riots. she said she bought the four homes with more than 3 million and saying it does not run counter to her marxist principles because her family uses them.
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but as the community using them. were not being fictitious, black lives matter founding documents say it takes a community to raise a child. she is saying it's okayka that i have this my family is using them. >> she's a self-proclaimed mark hunter marxist and this is capitalism through and through she could use the millions of dollars build a black community that are raising black children but she chose to basically pay a mortgage in a white community, the one house that she bought in california the black population at .04%, she doesn't live by her own standards but again i'm not shocked as we saw the story was censored as you talked about earlier and people have to understand when twitter suspended president trump and james o'keefe and many other conservatives you have to understand there are people behind the scenes that are working with the social media gurus and we the people are left out of that.
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liz: let's go through the property, she looked at the bahamas, justin to billy, tiger woods have homes there, the homes are valued 5 million, 20 million, a fourth home she is looking at property there, it urges custom ranch more thanan 3 acres, private airplane, with all this going on black lives matters is denouncing the story as terror by white supremacists when the head of new york city black lives matter ten other blm chapters saying where is the money going as you point out 90 million bucks, how is it being spent, they say the resources or not you being used of the nonprofit, the question is look at thehe expense line is money going out to the expense line item, it's only the irs that regulates nonprofit. >> i'm really glad this is being investigated. i'm a nonprofit myself and yet have your books cleaning clear and anyone ready to look at thet at any point in time.
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i'm glad they're being investigated for this but this is what americans have to ask themselves why are we allowing groups like this to takee advantage of the media, the everyday media cycle, these are things that we should not be paying as much attention to and i travel this country alle, the time and iis don't see the racim that we hear about every single day on television. liz: we hear you. let's listen to patrice saying capitalism is worse than covid-19. >> the covid-19 and the illness is tragic and what's more tragic is capitalism. liz: did capitalism kill 600,000 people? >> not that i recall, not at all. but this is an inflammatory thing that people like patrice say and this gets people fired up. we hear all the time about covid-19 and a dangerous virus
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and in this country we've been taking care of it by getting the vaccine and everything that we need but she has to own up to what she's talking about she talked about socialism but i don't see where she's giventy bk to the community at all. liz: kim klacik, it's great to have you on, come back soon, foo news contributor mark theissen, i love your columns, your great writer, it's great to see you, patrice collars is also saying about the black lives matter chapters saying where is the money going. she said were not a charity and they can apply for federal grants. what do you think of that comment. >> this is what the media used to be all about investigations of corruption. this is why we have a free press and why our founders wanted to
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have a free press you could look into these things and now you have big tech companies when someone goes out and tries to investigate like the new york post big tech comes in and their exaggerated power that they have today and stomps them out. so we, don't know what the situation is, we don't know whether she's done anything corrupt or if everything is on the up and up but that's why we have the media to look into these and investigate and allow us to have a transparency, that's what separates us from communist china the lack of transparency resulted in a pandemic that is taken on a 600,000 american lives, we need transparency, more transparency. the trend is in the opposite direction. liz: s what is so weird, facebok teand twitter trying to censor e story, we know that they censored hunter biden laptop story that the fbibi is investigating the laptop since 2018. but at the same time they're doing this to allowing post on their platform showing the personal home address of public officials like senator josh hawley mitch mcconnell and allowing on their platform
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abusive rulers from countries like afghanistan of politicians from afghanistan, iraq and latin america to harass opponents and mislead people in their countries. these guys are allowing that on their platform but sensory the other stuff, how do you square that? >> you don't, the supreme leader of iran treats out anti-semitic tweets on a regular basis, he is perfectly fine, we are seeing a convergence of two different troubling trends media bias and big tech censorship come americans are concerned about both the january poll that showed 56% of americans believe journalists and reporters are purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or exaggeration that is the majority of americans believe the media intentionally feed some false information and then the poll showed 73% of americans believe that they intentionally censor political viewpoint they find objectionable. this is the convergence of two things with the media supposed
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to be our watchdog in our neutral arbiter is not doing its job and when somebody in the media does try to do their job and does try to investigate and expose corruption and forts transparency big tech comes down incenses them because they don't like theca outcome. >> that is what's going on, were gonna stay on the story james o'keefe with harmeet dhillon suing twitter and they blacklisted james o'keefe after his cnn executive saint cnn is about propaganda, your quick final word on that. >> that the convergence of the two issues, what he did was expose media bias and bigig tech exposed him, is like the worst of both worlds, he exposed the facts that they're engaged in propaganda and twitter knocked him off at their platform for doing that. liz: we need to reset in the
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national conversation, you are good at that, it's great to see you, come back soon. dgop strategist with more detais on the brawl and congress between republican jim jordan and dr. fauci were gonna show you dr. fauci position a flip-flop on covid-19 lockdown and how doctor ouchi admitted he moves the goalpost. we have the story. >> americans want to know what the head and right now it seems the democrats don't want to go forward and explain what's in the future because they like the lockdown and it gives them political power. first idea was “in one quarter of an hour, your savings will tower... over you. figuratively speaking." but that's not catchy, is it? that's not going to swim about in your brain. so i thought, what about... 15 minutes. 15 percent. serendipity. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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liz: joining us now gop strategist, it's good to see you, what was your take, your reaction when you saw that in congress between republican jim jordan and dr. fauci. >> a whole lotta prop washh goig on and the things were going back and forth in the story continue to change and evolve and on one hand it's really sad that we had to have that condo discussion and a committeeco in congress but where we have to move goalpost changes and challenges going on. if we don't have that where's the trust of the american people. that makes a harder to do the things that we do need to do to
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move our way out of the pandemic and open up the economy to get the american people back to work. liz: let's watch the fight. >> are we just going to continue this forever, when do we get to the point, what major, standard, objective, outcome do we have to reach before americans get their liberty and freedom back. >> your indicating liberty and freedom that i look at it as a public health measure to prevent people from dying and going to the hospital. >> you don't think americans liberties have been threatened. >> are we going to be here two years from now wearing masks. >> your ranting again. >> i'm not ranting. >> issuer. >> i don't want you to answer my question the american people want dr. fauci to into-- the question. >> your time is expired. >> you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth.
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liz: clearly, democrat maxine the firstlated article in the congressional codes of conduct, the question should she be disciplined over that, you don't say that in congress. here's the problem, were gonna show quickly i want to show the viewers dr. fauci's flip-flop and how we admitted to the new york times in 2020 that he moved the goalpost on herd immunity and he changed it after he saw american 60% of them they support vaccines, i'm gonna nudge higher the herd immunity from 60% to 85% on herd immunity, he is changing the goalpost based on poles in public perception. >> i think there's a couple ofle challenges. this is a novel coronavirus so things are going to evolveha and change, that is one component just chalked that one up, there are benefits to some people for
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it to extend and continue on it goes back a good example from prohibition erie yet the bootleggers in the baptist and they were out on a temperate movement in the bootleggers were benefiting and making a lot of money off of the fact they were the only ones that could sell theth alcohol so there was a really interesting thing going on and we see some of that now, some who are benefiting and the real issue in the written answer we have to get to is the common sense, follow the science and move things forward. were in the statee of utah and our unemployment is 3% when president biden announced he was going to give vaccines, we were already there a month ahead of the rest of the country and we had websites in the masked manat they had been removed and things are moving forward. you can follow the science to be sure and there will be tweaks along the way to be sure but we also have to question the political motive.
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liz: i hear what you're saying, critics are saying buck sexton, if dr. fauci was an on camera eyscaring everybody maybe people would feel like they're getting back to normal, he slams texas for ending the masked mandate and say texas is going to cause a surge in when texas covid cases go down he says maybe because more people are doing things outdoors. doesn't that say don't lock down, don't keep people lockdown inside, the goalpost change and people are really frustrated. then he says i have nothing to do with the covid-19 at the border and in testimony he says he does not agree with the biden officials are doing at the border, he said the biden administration officials are breaking covid-19 protocols at the border. alyour final word, the whole key you have to lock into what it is and the more you politicize a scientist, the more motivation for them to be in front of t the camera, ultimately that underlines the confidence of the
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american people and when were uncertain as a country, we are frustrated and people are not likely to do what we need to do so we can move this thing forward and get the country back on track. liz: i don't get if it's based on science and initially 60% is herd immunity and then you say they're taking more vaccines i get an agitated 5%. where is a science and that. thank you for joining us it's good to see you former top council senate judiciary on the audacity of democrats trying to intimidate and pack the supreme court to get what democrats want when they have the nearest margin in congress in years, democrats say this could be backfire on democrats. we have the new battle plan going after the supreme court. next up, stay there. >> the supreme court is a last line of defense against radical socialist agenda and at the hyde
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park to ratify the amendment but that's what this does and it's worth having this fight and calling biden out for what he's doing and that is leading a left wing take, it's a time to be bold in our institutions. ♪ nding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to so you want to make the best burger ever? then make it! that means cooking day and night until...
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♪you fill up my senses ♪come fill me again ♪come let me love you ♪let me always be with you ♪come let me love you ♪come love me again liz: joining us now former counsel to the senate judiciary, it's great to see you, what was your reaction when he saw democrats being accused of intimidate the supreme court,
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senator ed markey says the public will sign on to the new bill to pack the supreme court after they see how the supreme court strikes progressive laws, is this a threat. >> i think it's part of long runningg strategy that began during the trump administration with the conservative justices to de- legitimize the court to intimidate the court and stay away from controversial issues, i don't think it's going to work on the court and the court has public confidence in its committed to doing its job upholding the rule of law. liz: now the democrat pushes the get justice breyer out he is against court packing we have new york house democrat representative mondaire jones saying there is no question he should retire at the end of this term, there is no term limits for justices, what is your take going after breyer's. >> both sides often hope when
1:27 am
they have control of the process the older justices on their side of the bench as they perceive it will retire but as we've seen throughout history justices don't work for the president or congress, congressman can hope that happens but justice breyer will make his own decisions. liz: republican senator john cotton, houseou minority leader kevin mccarthy says democrats are trying to intimidate as you point out the justices getting the rulings that democrats want, should this scare americans pressuring the firewall that protects the rights of americans, should americans be concerned about this. >> i think they shouldhi be in e whole court packet idea in the proposal, i think it's fair to say that there's no chance it's going to happen in the current environment and many democrats are against it but it's dangerous that were entertaining the idea ofzi legitimizing it court packing has been the textbook example for the
1:28 am
unconstitutional in a spiritual sense move that you just don't make that we try 200 years ago and it's technically legal to do under the constitution but would completely subvert the constitutional order because it wouldn't reform the court, it would in the court as an independent check on political branches, it's a dangerous idea and we should push back, republicans and democrats and i'm glad to see some democrats have spoken up against this idea. liz: pull show americans say no they don't want to expand the supreme court, senators joe manchin, durbin, senator bernie sanders says no he says republicans can turn it around and use it to, it seems so shortsighted what they're doing and by the way the republicans can filibuster it but jerry nadler admit this is for political reasons saying republicans broke the court and
1:29 am
they got confirmed conservatives oon the court and their calling that court packing. >> that is just playingor with words in court packet is when they arrive there has been aggressive in confirmation battles going back on both sides and maybe that's regrettable and we should turn down w the temperature of how we fill vacancies but there's nothing illegitimate about it and no attempt to completely subvert the court as were talking about hereas. liz: nancy pelosi says she has no plans to bring the legislation to the floor, she did say is not completely out of the question and kevin mccarthy doesn't trust nancy pelosi on this. >> do not trust nancy pelosi when she said she will not move it, that so she said about impeachment before she moved impeachment twice, we watched her time and time again to come to what the socialists asked
1:30 am
for, she surrendered to the socialist many times before and she will do it again. liz: in the biography about nancy pelosi, the number one lesson on power, she said this nobody is going to give you power, you've got to take it, do you trust nancy pelosi. >> i trust nancy pelosi to count votes and there's no way she has the votes to move this forward, i'm sure there's a lot of pressure on the left but it's rightly regarded as a proposal and it's been regarded for 100 years and it was poisonous when they tried every democrats, i don't think nancy pelosi is going to make that mistake and o think it's important to insist on the legitimacy of the court and ideas like this in the way the fdr got controlled the judiciary for democrats he won the election and kept winning along with other democrats. that's how you change the balance of power on the court, that's what she be focused on doing not on undermining the
1:31 am
supreme court. liz: it's about convincing voters about the credibility of your ideas, it's about the voter not about changing institutions, what you want americans to understand about president biden's first 100 days so we see packing the court push to federalize election to be in the electoral college which is literally the underpinning from civil rights in this country is about giving minority states and putting them on the same level as the other states, what do you think about finance first 100 days. >> it's been interesting to watch, yet some successes and it's a bit surprising that you came in with a very narrow mandate historically narrow andy's government and a massive super majority behind him for a pretty hard liberal program.
1:32 am
he has some spending out the door, very significant spending some of the bigger asks are going to have trouble flying, i don't think he will have he the vote even on the democratic side for the massive structural changes that some folks areal talking about from packing the supreme court. liz: great insights, comebacks and, we love having you on. you're watching the fox business network, we're coming out of the bottom of the hour, just ahead the washington examiner alicia krause, new attack from the media the media going after florida governor ron desantis of potential gop 2024 contender we will show you how msnbc delivered the definition of a smear, no proof, no evidence, a big smear, that story is next. >> what i would say to 60 minutes and thequ american peope they have so much contempt for their viewers to gaslight them like this. you know what admit that it was
1:33 am
false. that is the responsible thing to do but i think folks like this these are corporate media political, they had a mission to smear me, they thought they could do it, dried bite and go to the next target but i have a platform and the ability to fight back we have done that and we will continue to do that but how much contempt do they have for themselves and fellow americans. that really bugs me. the lexus es, now available with all-wheel drive. this rain is bananas. lease the 2021 es 250 all-wheel drive for $339 a month for 39 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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visit be a part of the solution. let's stop weight bias. let's work together to stop weight bias today. elizabeth: let's welcome to the liz: that's welcome to the show the washingtonon examiner's, thk you for. joining us, the media going after republican governor ron desantis of florida for his friendship with republican matt gaetz who is under m investigation. this is the latest push, what do you think. >> i think they have been afraid of ron desantis for a very long time including an earlyly covid
1:38 am
days and he made the right decisions and pars governing his state during the lockdown he said we will allow people to remain free and encourage schools to be open with the science was showing and the science still shows he's right in the decision-making and many people saying florida is a having a massive covid resurgence because everybody has herd immunity andy's that a much better job in andrew cuomo or gavin newsom but the media is afraid of him being the gop nominee and they had their sights set onet him for a very long time. liz: without evidence msnbc joy read when after governor desantis implying and insinuating that governor desantis will be implicated in the justice department probe of matt gaetz of sex trafficking andaf prostitution, no evidence, let's show the soundbite.
1:39 am
>> just as greenberg's lawyer said about matt gaetz when he left the courthouse the other day he said if i were matt gaetz, i don't think i would be all that comfortable right about now, you have to believe that desantis, these are his guys, we see in pictures and heard the stories, you have to believe that ron desantis if he has done anything wrong feel like things are creeping closer and closer to him. liz: this is really crossing boundaries of journalism, youh: are not -- go ahead. >> they have been doing this for a really long time there is no doubt in my mind why pre-copan and it's gotten worse since the study was done at the beginning of 2020 showed us the time that america's trust in institution specifically the mainstream media was beyond faltering, i doubt you're gonna see people like brian felter fact checking their buddy that msnbc that they like to do with fox news and fox
1:40 am
business. i think this got a hugee pinocchio from the washington post and other mainstream media outlets, is truly disturbing there is 0il accountability and i'm a lover of the first amendment if they want to be idiots and few allies on tv, maybe there should be a disclaimer when they are assuming something when we know nothing about, where is the evidence to prove that desantis is going to bebe indicted next,t is a very dangerous stretch to be making. liz: when you are in the corner talking to people who agree with you and your emotional, then it derails, then year-over-year skis, then you're not doing your viewers a service when you smear a governor without proof and the idea that this investigation could spark new scrutiny because of the political friendship and no liability for desantis, is not just msnbc but the
1:41 am
associated press. >> it is really not a surprise that they are reallye. stretchig and in a lot of ways are trying to see why that we have evidence that shows how governors like gavin newsom and andrew cuomo who i will keep going back to have been incredibly hypocritical into the lobbyist to have given the money and like the public scandal desantis was hit with a couple of weeks ago and time after time have covered up with their administration has done through this entire pandemic and reopening process.. liz: new york governor andrew cuomo had a friendship with president joe biden. new york governor andrew cuomo spoke at the democratic convention, andrew cuomo is under investigation for alleges sexual assault and sexual harassment by current and former aides. was this going to bring down present abiding? >> of course not you seen the white house not even commenting
1:42 am
strongly. >> i thought there was a party of me too and all other women but once they get power they help their friends in power andn never hold them accountable. liz: great to have you on, come back soon. coming up, fox nation host kat timpf with update on new york democrat saying former 2020 democrat contender andrew yang to be the mayor of new york city after yang was caught on camera laughing at misogynistic comments. that story next. ♪ ♪♪ pilot over radio: right there, right there. [sfx: revving trucks] pilot over radio: g complete. how do you introduce the larger-than-life gmc yukon? with the world's biggest tweet.
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♪oh i miss you, you know♪ ♪let me go home♪ ♪i've had my fun baby i'm done♪ ♪i gotta go home♪ ♪it will all be alright♪ ♪i'll be home tonight♪ ♪i'm comin back home♪ liz: look who's here were so excited to welcome to the show fox nation host kat timpf i have not seen you in a while good to see you, this iss brutal stuff, thank you for joining us.
1:47 am
i hate this flag i'm never used it new york state democrats a former democrat contender for 2020 andrew yang is running for mayor of new york city they say he is unqualified to the mayor of new york after he was caught on a tiktok video laughing that pretty graphic brutally misogynistic comments we watched and don't want to get into the details of how graphic it was but it's not a good look for yang rightyo now, what do you think. >> i'm a different opinion. i agree that it's not a good look, i also have seen it being posted online, tiny pieces of it suggesting that he's talking about something that would not be consensual even though he discusses the importance of consent earlier in the same video. he also seems to be really uncomfortable, this was not a planned thing to somebody on the street with a camera, i took it as a nervous laughter and he walks away. i am also somebody who prefers
1:48 am
to air on the side of not canceling people, just because we do live in a society especially if you're a public figure, you will be on video all the time or there could be something that you said that could be taken out of context, he's also somebody that has been in the past willing to show others the saving grace i'm gonna show him the saving grace. liz: we hear what you're saying in other words let's be fair to both sides and put it into the entire context of what the entire video of what hee said in the entire clip. we hear exactly what you're saying at the end he is laughing at the suggestion of violence against women, he seems to linger too long and laughing and then makes a hand gesture to say cut this and then later on he says that was plainly inappropriate i did not find it funny even though he was laughing hard at the end of it,
1:49 am
we don't want to get into the weeds and the details of it but this is the age of video cameras and smart phone cameras, i've gotta tell you this stuff can ignite fast, what do you say is. >> i personally did not interpret as an act of violence against women given the full context of the video i thought it was clear you were talking about a consensual act but as you pointed out something like that can be about look and you have to be really careful, really, really careful you never know what's going to be on video, what people are going to take from it, how people will feel about it, that was my feeling there's a lot of people that feel differently but that is just my take on it. liz: there is an issue that reportedly reports of toxic accusations in a row culture at yang's campaign and the operation he'ss been in in
1:50 am
misogyny, history of misogyny, your final word. >> i've heard of those allegations and i do not know him, i'm just talking about the specific video and give her those allegations i think some people might take it more seriously but for me i thought the outrage was taken out of context but a lot of people saw it and thought very differently. >> we can't get into the graphic details, it is not cool, it's bad stuff. thank you for your perspective, it's good to see you we will stay on that story, people are upset what andrew yang was laughing at, it's graphic stuff. former deputy national security advisor kt mcfarland new polls show a growing majority of americans disapprove abiding handling of the border crisis in
1:51 am
breaking news the white house is backtracking, they said initially you will keep as a trump area levels are refugees, another going to change that, possibly increase it after a backlash. that story next. hisamitsu. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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liz: joining us now deputy security advisor kt mcfarland we have breaking news for you, earlier in the day the biden administration said were gonna keep the refugee camps at the trump era levels to 15000 the white house after a backlash saying wait a second were going to lift it. if they could change the policies there, how come they can't change the policy to make the border more secure as they were under the trump air as they attempted to be. >> this was a hail mary pass, though not gonna solve the border problem that they created by lifting the caps by a little. bit, this really makes me so mad because trump had solved the problem we had a secure border in a process with a humanitarian process and people could remain in their own countries and can apply they could go to mexico and apply from mexico to enter the united states but no biden could not help himself, he had
1:56 am
to reverse everything the trump did and what biden has created is a three-pronged crisis, it's a humanitarian crisis because half the women that are coming have been sexually assaulted, the coyotes are throwing babiesu over walls to get people to pay for their transit, there is a health crisis because half of the people tested positivee for covid and international security crisis because god knows who's coming into the country we have no control over an open border and it's a huge economicav cris. >> were showing disturbing footage i want to warn the viewer they really shocking video of a humanho smuggler dropping a 2-year-old over an 1s is what was caught on camera. stay on this for a second, this is only what is caught on camera likely much more that on their,
1:57 am
biden's poll numbers are dropping on the border, the majority of americans saying we don't like what he's doing we disapprove of his handling of the border crisis. >> were the united states of america, the biden administration has enabled the nastiest people on the planet the coyotes the human traffickers, the smugglers he enabled them and empowered them to do whatgl they're doing which is to bring people into the united states, somebody who doesn't pay their growing babies over walls in the united states government is somehow complicit in this, it is a stain to america in the biden administration, as an american i am outrage. >> we have human smugglers we did notwe see this dropping toddlers over walls and so dangerous, with republican saying we wanted to push on a bill saying to the white house you gotta designate drug cartels
1:58 am
as far as terrorist, the texas governor saying you have to do that, watch the white house part under press secretary saying the border policies are fine but this is also jen psaki making fun of questions about where the vice president and how come the vice president is not at the border after biden ordered kamala harris to oversee it. >> we don't have any intention to rethink our approach to treating kids humanely and ensuring their safe when they cross the border. >> republicans over the past few days have been quite critical of the vice president. >> they need more to do. liz: this is what u.s. taxpayers are paying for for press secretary to mock and make fun and dodge and not answer questions and continually tap dance and not give straight answers on a serious problem,
1:59 am
kt, you talked about it, fentanyl siege at the border is tripling, we have opioid, historic drug overdoses in this country. so now we have a problem with major drug cartels operating in u.s.. cities, but this is not a white house press secretary problem or the president or the vice president. >> i guess they think they can get away with it, they note the major media is adequate to cover, social media is awkward to cover it, they're gonna get away with it there is a reason that the vice president is not going to the border, there is a reason no senior official of the biden administration getting anywhere near the border, then they would have to answer pretty uncomfortable questions about the role and allowing the humanitarian crisis to happen and continue. far better for them to laugh it off and meanwhile coyotes are throwing 2-year-old toddlers off-the-wall. liz: it's amazing, thank you so
2:00 am
much for coming back on, it's good to see you only hope you have a good t weekend. i am elizabeth macdonald, you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business, that does it for us, we hope you have a good weekend. join us again on monday. thank you for watching. >> it was exciting. bette davis, marilyn monroe, joan crawford. >> a star-struck teen bit by the bug. >> before there were paparazzi, there was jack kuster. >> this autograph hound takes names like no other... >> elvis and, oh my gosh, robert redford. >> you name it, all of them. >> it's probably the best collection in the world. >> ...and leaves his stunned heir a lot to sort out. >> what, in your wildest dreams, is this collection worth? [ theme music plays ]


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