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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 17, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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more repairs. >> infrastructure project goes to plug the potholes i will be lucky. those are great ideas. to check out more look at this week's addition@barron' don't forget to follow uananana. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome back to "kudlow", i am larry kudlow great to be with you this evening fox today closed higher across-the-board another new record for the dow and s&p 500, the economy is booming and they
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said they're feeling happier. booming statistics, retail sales, manufacturing production, a huge drop in unappointed claims, new housing it's all great. the key to the boom the rapid spread of vaccination, vaccinations are 202 million half of america's adults, it is leading all of the standing on the shoulders of president trump operation works for that will undoubtedly throw a wet blanket over the boom beginning next
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year, hope that's not the case but you have to look realistically, many a commonest contribute to federal relief to 1.9 assistance package and there's no doubt the checks were in the mail and received no doubt about it. but the questions i have to ask, whether americans are being paid to stay home, i don't want to be the grinch who stole christmas because i know the truly needy deserved extra belief. but the unemployment benefits in the direct checks are very generous, most folks do want to work, i believe that but on the other hand people are very smart and if it does not pay to work they will probably stay home longer. i asked andrew about this on this very show a couple of weeks
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ago. take a listen. >> people actually say i don't need this job because it doesn't pay more after-tax than what the federal government is giving me. >> they actually say that. >> i didn't hear it last time when the ppp came out a year ago but i hear it now loud and clear from franchise operators that their employees are saying why do i want to come back to work when i'm getting government assistance. larry: there you go he was trying to warn congress about overly generous assistance but they went ahead anyway. the typical family of four can snag $5600.1 sigel shot, new york city for the minimum wage of $15 an hour, residents can earn $804 a week on unemployment assistance. that is the equivalent of $20 an hour for a 40 hour workweek. the federal pandemic on employment compensation plan offers $300 a week on top of the
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states maximum benefit of $504. so it is getting harder and harder to hire people. even though ironically the same stimulus is increasing consumer spending and that raises the demand for workers half of eligible unapplied americans receive benefits that replace 134% of their loss and
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sensitive. we want the truly needy to get help but we don't want to discourage work. were gonna talk about the infrastructure plan including the green new deal in social spending and skyhigh business taxes that will undoubtedly make the u.s. far more less competitive and they will throw a web blanket over the boom. but i wonder a related point right here regulatory burdens are going to go up quite a bit on fossil fuels, alternative energy and possibly anything else. you can bet on this. a friend of mine told me the office of management and budget had its regulatory authority severely curved, i really need to know the details, the oir and the office of information and regulatory affairs which is
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supposed to score cost-benefit analysis, now it will be subject to an earlier signed executive order from president biden to get rid of the sensible cost-benefit provision. instead of counting cost and benefit, team biden wants to emphasize, i'm going to quote values, social welfare, social justice, environmental stability, quote human dignity and equity and distributional consequent is. you see what's happening here, were moving from sensible cost-benefit economic analysis to harmful woke culture social analysis, this is going to harm businesses large and small unleash planning that will make bladder mere linen smile. our next grass my great powell
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formally the chief of the council of economic advisers and vice president of the lindsey group of the hoover institution. i think this will undoubtedly agree with overly generous unappointed benefits. and the lack of sensible regulatory restraint anyone to tell is his growing fears about an inflationary boom which could turn into inflationary stagnation from a negative supply shock from bad biden tax hikes. kevin, welcome. first of all before you talk about inflation, i want to get to the issue of businesses not being able to find enough workers this is the problem we warned about this problem, congress disregarded our warnings, how bad is this going to get, how bad is it. >> it is really bad and it's going to get a lot worse, the way to think about it, i know
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i'm going through prices but producer prices at an annual rate going back to december there up 12%, that is a clear sign that they will start to be shortages. we've given all this cash to people there demanding more from stuff like crazy and the supply is not there, the people try to hire more workers so they can increase their production to meet the higher demand from the stimulus checks then they're not able to find the people to do it and therefore limited supply and people have no choice but to raise prices rather than increased volume. larry: our friend larry summers on the democratic side has said, i will not quote him precisely what he basically said the more unemployment insurance you throw, the more employment you will have in the longer that employment insurance goes, the longer the unemployment is going to remain. he has not been heated, that advice has not been heated. it's troubling. >> that is right, i think
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basically the problem is when people are unemployed for a long time then very often it gets really hard to get them reconnected to the workforce. there is a big literature that says if you are out of the workforce for a while because you never really long and employment insurance benefits they had 99 weeks during the great recession after the financial crisis, those people who kept the 99 weeks of benefit and look for a job, they did not get jobs because employers say "kudlow", what if you been doing for the last couple of years and when fox asked you that you said i was in the white house, will you been working, we will hire you but if you said i been sitting at home for the last few years and it turned out employers are not interested in those folks. it's a big disservice to give generous unemployment benefits that give people an incentive to stay home and they become less employable. larry: these small businesses cannot hire enough to keep their stores open, that is a fact. let me go one, this issue of the
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office of management and budget in their regulatory agency the oir array has been severely curved and it looks like social policies have completely replaced good old-fashioned economic cost-benefit analysis. that suggests to me by the door central planning regulatory interference through the entire economy, what do you think about that, another big threat? >> it is a huge threat and also not going to be any sort of process that makes the things make sense, you can have different cabinet agencies tossing regulations on businesses left and right in the traditional cost-benefit which you use masterfully was basically the labor department or the environmental protection agency wants to do something then you would say, yeah but you
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have to have kevin at the council of economic advisers or mick mulvaney's team tell us that it passed the cost-benefit test before all tell the president to sign off. the cost-benefit would be a key lever to make sure regulation made sense so for the white house to disarm like they haven't let the cabinet agencies go nuts it seemed like a massive mistake, they are basically deciding on a coordinate through the windy all that people go crazy. but the problem the different happenings and they want different ideas of what to do and i have no idea how those will get resolved probably what will happen they will have different regulation so they can be conflicting to make no sense in the firms will have to figure
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it out it will harm small businesses. larry: distributional consequences, social equity, that should be banned. i know your needs are knocking over your concern of rising inflation. i'm not sure i'm quite there i'm not sure i disagree or agree tell us your thinking. >> basically what you see, we have all this demand so we have larry summers called the biggest policy since world war ii, i'm paraphrasing which is growing a huge amount of cash into the economy when the recovery is already underway, but we have all the cash going in but at the same time president biden is saying we will increase corporate taxes and regulation for businesses so he's doing a bunch of stuff to discourage supply and even if the tax hikes
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don't pass, right now u.s. corporation you're probably thinkable put our expansion plan on hold because the increasing taxes in june or july and i don't what i have a new plant that takes ten years to pay for itself of the corporate taxes much higher. supply affects our visible right now just because of the anticipation of the negative effects on business of biden policy. while there increasing demand there pushing down supply and that the recipe for inflation that we haven't seen since the 70s. if you're not scared of inflation look at producer prices up 12% at an annual rate since december, look at today the michigan survey they had inflation expectation, these are ordinary folks saying whether inflation will be over in the next 12 months, they said 3.7% and the thing about the michigan survey expectation that once people start to expect inflation to be that high and they go to their boss and say my salary needs to go up and then you start to get into spiral and inflationary spiral where cost pushes it up.
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larry: your analysis is spot on, the only reason i'm holding back for the moment on the inflation call is the dollar i have hopelessly waited for the dollar exchange rate and the price of gold but i am not disagreeing. in the inflation expectation, there up to two and a third or 2.5%. we will see i'm not saying you're wrong, but i'm not quite there yet. anyway kevin the former chief of economic advisors, it doesn't get any smarter than that. up next on "kudlow", team biden will make it harder to get its own proposed shell already projects up the ground. that is bad for american that is bad for american [ crowd cheering ] [ engine revving ] [ race light countdown ] ♪♪ ♪♪
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larry: president biden infrastructure plan to boost union in union protection. in all likelihood that will expand the cost of the project and probably limit the number of projects that could be completed. biden has made it worse by a dozen trump regulations and
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policies including the expedited permitting process that cut them down from 5 - 10 years to 1 - 2 years he said listen to the chamber of commerce, the biden of administration talks aboutou shovel-ready projects in getting these things in the ground but if they go to rollback the trump improvements, they're gonna be slowing themselves down. team biden should listen to our next guest former deputy director of the economic council. he had a terrific director tout work with he was a deputy assistant to president trump in one of the smartest guys around. andrew just today or yesterday the new interior secretary deb haaland, she revoked this publicly she put out some plan with a bunch of bullet points and apparently revoked the permitting executive order engines also revoked energy independence.
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to me that spells big trouble and anything to do with energy and fossil fuel. you know as much aboutmi this as anybody in the world nepa and permitting, what is your take on this stuff. >> first of all is great to see you again and great to see theod success of the show, nobody deserves a better than you. what is going on today, really surprising, really what's going to happen with you administration pitted on nepa the national environmental act the statue that they are looking to him then under your leadership the dnieper rules were revised and came up with a deadline of two years for making permitting decisions, procedural statute that requires agencies to determine the environmental consequences and other actions. and unfortunately the courts have gone in and interpreted the statute in such a way the imposed burden and time-consuming procedure that mean for common sense infrastructure project and up wherefrom 7 - 8 years under the
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old regime to get your nepa approval. the reforms that were done got the timeframe down to two years, that's right verys surprising that the administration is trying to rollback those reforms, the same time they're trying to move forward with the infrastructure bill, shovel-ready project, is not true is not the way it works, you have to go off and get your nepa another approval before you can begin construction. we go back to the old regime is going to take years and years before these projects get done. larry: you and francis brokela d i and president trump supported us completely on this, he was veryee keen on shortening the approval times as a a way to bot private investment, the private companies do not want to get involved. chris edwards at the quito institute has told us six 8% of infrastructure is privately owned, the federal government is
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only 5% of the regularly impact is and warmest white he think team biden is shying away from the permitting reform. >> it is a great question, on so many goals that the biden administration has put forward rolling back the nepa reform is going to undermine them, they made it clear they want to increase the supply of affordable housing into deal with restrictive zoning requirements that make it difficult to build affordablee housing. nepa and many times is one of the biggest impediments to building affordable housing. with respect to thect environme. the biden of administration has talked about the need to move to era greener economy. we've heard a lot about this, the biggest priority of the administration. and yet nepa permits are needed if you want to build a wind farm or a solar farm, any entrepreneur in the energy sector including the renewable
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sector is going to get the nepa permit. it seems very contradictory to where the administration w wants to go to come forth and say we are going to pull back the nepa reforms from the trump era that would really facilitate all the innovation and growth. a final point, for a first rate country we should be able to build things in a reasonable manner, it's google to remember nepa all it is is a procedural statute to make certain agencies informed of i his decisions. it does not change anything about the environmental quality standards or air quality standards, has nothing to do with the substantive law in thie area. the fact that there may be back procedurally, fortunately i think the only real winner are going to be the litigators who litigate these cases and the real losers will be the private sector who decide they do what we 7 - 8 years to find out whether or not there projects when to be approved. larry: it's ironic in a sense ss
12:24 am
you reminded me the hardhat unions, the trade unions, they want to go to work. but the lack of permitting roles will prevent them from going to work and extend everything like it always does, it's a lousy idea, nobody knows more about infrastructure then you, we spent so much time on it. we don't want social infrastructure, we don't want green new deal, we don't want high corporate taxes, we disaster the basic infrastructure infrastructure. it couldth be 600 billion, 700, 800 billion, could've been financed with tolls and user fees, we didn't have to do, wih her trying to do, team biden. >> there is a lot of private-sector money that wants to invest in u.s. infrastructure and integrate investment in many investors the problem is the regulatory system in the permitting process and investors will wait two or three years for
12:25 am
an approval process to understand up or down nepa had nothing to do with changing the substantive law it's about when a decision is made and can government make decisions in a reasonable timeframe, now pulling back on that i think the danger is investors start to say i have other projects that i invested the don't take seven years to get an approval process. larry: money has to be employed, our nec was better on this, i don't know why they're doing this, formerr deputy director nw practicing high-level washington law, thank you for coming on. up next on "kudlow", the truth about woke ceos. this is -- i don't like any of this, i'm going to correct the record. that is next up on "kudlow", there is an op-ed piece and i'm going to correct it. going to correct it. please stay here will be back
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♪ ♪. larry: the dean of yell school and my friend jeffrey seinfeld is not be when the dean of yale school management my friend jeffrey is taking credit for what he calls this year's new great awakening, that is his op-ed in the wall street journal he commends a woke ceos for speaking out against george's new boating laws calling antidemocratic. , he only offers one factual point to criticize the new georgia election law to suggest it is restrictive. that point is dead wrong. i owed this to my friend liz peek who is going to be here in the senate. seinfeld said the author rises a partisan legislators to dismiss the authority of elected county voting officials and therefore override the secretary of state to decide it will and after an
12:31 am
election. whose ballots count. that is wrong, that is wrong, that is just wrong and i'm going to have liz come in and a second and read from her notes, the law sets forth a very clear adjudication process that requires repetitive buddy elation of state and federal laws of a bipartisan panel to be established if the state officials or legislators want to remove county or state. a hold unification process, we don't think seinfeld saw the final verse of theio law. that is important, as i said on the show some form of id required a minimum balance is done in 36 states both red states and blue states do not blame georgia, connecticut has an id, delaware from biden state has an id, the new georgia law by the way is not requiring an excuse for the absentee ballot, that is quite liberal. the ceos especially delta and
12:32 am
coca-cola because they cost atlanta $100 million of getting rid of the all-star game they are bending to the woke left narrative that the election laws are races orra restrictive and that is not right. that is just a partisan democratic narrative, that is all it is, calling for what it is and pointed out by dan hann a and is beautiful wall street journal columnist, he calls these guys zoom ceos in the unkind cu of all he compares them to the ceos from the libby left the world economic forum. no matter how much the zoom ceos kick democratic but, kissed democratic but, they are still going to get tax and regulated to death. trust me, trustst me.
12:33 am
they should wise up and protect the economic interest and not venture into social policies. if you need any more proof of how wrong the ceos are, a new poll to a liberal democratic pull. 58% of registered voters oppose american companies using their public role to influence political or cultural or social change. only 35% support. 58 - 35 and that the democratic leading pole, we do have my favorite democrat former obama economic advisor and fox business contributor robert roth but i gotta go to fox business contributor to columnist liz g peek. because you are so good, you actually went into the law to show why my pal got it wrong. and therefore i'm gonna let you lead this discussion.
12:34 am
>> it seems to me that most of the people criticizing georgia's laws have not read the law, everyone is making mistakes including joe biden, president biden came out early on talking about jim crow on steroids. i guarantee you he has not looked at what's in the bill or the law because his own state of delaware is much worse on voting laws in the state of connecticut is much worse. what we need to counter this narrative which is totally false to 30 states overnight redo dotheir voting laws along the lines that georgia has set out in georgia's laws, don't forget were meant to correct some of the problems and obstacles and confusion that came about in the last election because covid changes that were made in many states at the last m minute. there is nothing racist about this and all the charges that you're not allowed to give people water and they will faint in line, that is not true, they
12:35 am
have ample early voting and no excuse, mailng and balloting, is kind of absurd. when i think of the bigger story corporations as you say c taking sides and very divided political arguments, that is not in the best interest of their customers or their employees were obviously theiro shareholders. i think they need to take a step back and realize that. larry: they should stick to economic issues that would protect stakeholders in the workforce and the shareholders. were going to give robert equal time that you say the actual state law seinfeld got it wrong, the state officials cannot be removed randomly, nor can the county officials beot moved randomly, they constructed a whole process to adjudicate any complaints. >> i also think i am not quite sure about this but i also
12:36 am
did -- he acts as this law was passed in the dead of night secretly, et cetera. that's not my understanding at all and he where he met the narrative take hold and it may not be true. >> maybe it's too harsh but the zoom ceos as dan hann a describes them they can kissed democratic but as much as they want but they will be tax and regulated to death. let's say you about the story, especially liz peek's investigative research to show that my pal is complete the wrong. >> there is a lot to unpack there. i'm not going to challenge you on what she thinks, they're two very bright people. i like jeff's opinion piece today and l i supported what thy put out. but i have a bit of a different view and i'm not making it democrat versus republican, i've
12:37 am
been a public company executive and been on the board of a company, i would just respectfully disagree, a ceo needs to get involved with civic engagement in the community and needs to be a voice of leadership, i don't agree about the stock price and the shareholder price and the economic value, i think it's much more than that to be then employer of choice, you have to tell people where you are in certain issues, unfortunately your speaking to the guy to occupy wall street with obama's wall street and as you know you and i spoke o many times, it kid of cost mees my job, i had to leave being the ceo, as you say it was great until it wasn't.
12:38 am
but i was very proud that i was able to get my views in respectful and constructive way and we can disagree with that. i think the one thing where the pendulum has swung a lot and you and i have spoken about it. it is very tough right now to find a balance, everything is a partisan and we used to have a big center and we kind of lost the center, i think ceos have to continue to be thought leaders but they may want this because themselves, thought it was interesting, warren buffett cited as warren buffett not ceo berkshire hathaway, that may be the way people go where they may not represent the whole company, they represent themselves. larry: liz peek will give you the last word. i know you and i both feel badly because robert lost his job and we would give him generous unemployment benefits, i know he wants to work.
12:39 am
but what is your response to his generic point that the zoom ceos are heroes for weighing in on all of these issues. >> i think it depends who they're benefiting by doing that, if you take a position where the country is divided down the middle, who is not hurting, it's going to hurt your employees possibly because maybe you set your corporation up fory a boycott or a negative response from the other side, i think it's a mistake, i think there are situation where corporation need to be involved and outspoken and impact is a very good example of that. but on social policy and so forth, no, that is a mistake. larry: robert wolf, you have a job now your j fox contributor. >> were involved in 35 companies, they were pretty busy right now. >> i didn't want to continue to lose your job. >> liz peek thank you for your investigative reporting, good
12:40 am
stuff. team biden defends her ambassador to theam united natis who trashed our country and said it was rooted in white supremacy. listen. >> he's proud to have her in the position she's not only qualified, he believes she's the right person in that role at this moment in hht time. larry: i'm sorry to hear that, honest to god i'm h sorry to her she says that. she has a few choice things to say about her ambassador. you don't want to miss it. stay right here. stay right here. we'll be right back after thiso did you know that geico's whole 15 minutes thing... that came from me. really. my first idea was “in one quarter of an hour, your savings will tower... over you. figuratively speaking." but that's not catchy, is it? that's not going to swim about in your brain. so i thought, what about... 15 minutes. 15 percent. serendipity. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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12:45 am
founding documents and principles. larry: you heard it linda thomas greenfield trashing this country at our sharpton national action network meeting. i think it's disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful we bring in our next best distinguished former general jack king former vice chief of staff army and four-star general fox business senior strategic analyst and presidential medal of freedom recipient, i was in the room when he got it. thank you, the wall street journal editorial called it the ambassador of blame america first. i don't think much of what she said in the fact that biden is defending her i don't know what that means either but user with the american medal of freedom, what do you think. >> i'm actually stunned by a lack ofnn understanding of what our founding fathers were trying
12:46 am
to accomplish. at the time, the only thing that existed in t the world were monarchies, kings and queens anw dictators. in our founding fathers were trying to establish something fundamentally different, it was revolutionary, it was imaginative and clearly bold, what they wanted to do was take the power away from theaw kings and queens and the dictators and give it to the people to run the government. not the kings, queens and dictators, no one had ever tried anything like that before and they established as a basic democratic foundation that all people are created equal. it's an an equal right given to the people by our creator. that in itself established is clear foundation for what was going to happen after, what they
12:47 am
were saying, in america in this huge experiment people are going to be given an opportunity and they can advanced based on anyone who knows her history knows that there founding rsfathers were absolutely aware that this is a huge aspirational goal but it was firmly plantedui in this democratic foundation, they do not equivocate on it and how important quality was to them and why she doesn't advance the successes that we just had, it is really dead wrong. >> we got rid of slavery in whitby and civil rights a hundred years later and look at us we have open our dates for two and half centuries for people all over the world to come to america. with the most pluralistic society. people come from all races, they come here for opportunity.
12:48 am
because that they know they will be treated better than they ared any place else we're just watching this avalanche happen in our southern border, people of color are storming our southern border because they know they can assimilate intoat the society and succeed in a way that they cannot in their own. >> that should be recognized, no one else has a standard like that. larry: you are right, by our creator with in a littleit ball rights with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. i don't know where she gets off with this revisionist view of history. you are right, how far we come from the civil war on including democrat lyndon johnson, ioh didn't like the great society stuff but we had the voting rights act, the civil rights act, the fair housingng rights civilhose are monumental rights, the supreme court changed its view obviously about
12:49 am
education and so forth. by the way when this was a super hot topic last year general. people are talking about institutional racism and i think what this lady is talking about. let us. not forget a distinguished black american named barack obama one twice for president of the united states and when he won those, he got m 80 million votes, 80 million votes, a black american twicehe elected president of the united states, doesn't that amount to something in this discussion. >> there is no other country in the world where a person of color who represents 14% of the population could be overwhelmingly elected by a majority of that population that
12:50 am
happens to be of a different color, there is no other country but america could do such a thing, i was an institution for 38 years in the united states army were people of color for most of my time in that service, 30 plus years, not in my beginning years but 30 plus years were a persony of color is supervising the white majority underneath them at every level in our service from the sergeants all the way to the general, is a remarkable achievement to rid the army of institutional racism, we did it. and advance ourselves based on a meritocracy. are we perfect, no, no one is perfect. but we try awful hard to get this right. larry: we have to jump, bless you for your remarks. thank you for joining us. as president biden gone too far to the left, has he made it easy for the gop toet take the house and senate and a couple of years
12:51 am
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larry: joe biden the far left progressive we've ever had an office, look at some of his ideas, hiking taxes, expanded the welfare state, tacking
12:55 am
business and fossil fuel, more regulation, court packing, the list goes on and on, renegotiating china and iran, chairwoman radha mcdaniel, you know, you're a great lady, i love you and always did what you told me too do. but i gotta tell you with all of the far left nonsense, if you don't lead us to a sweep and the midterms next year you're going to have to hang it up. all right, that is made that with you, what say you. >> i will take that bet, i love you right back at you. four seats away from taking back the house and retiring nancy pelosi. one from taking back the senate, history is on our side but more than anything biden is restoring this country, republicans ever opening businesses, democrats ever opening border, raising country. bigger peanut we know freedom matters and that's what will be on k the ballot in 2022. larry: there you go, get all
12:56 am
fired up. i know you can do it i just wanted to hear youea say it i needed to hear you say it. >> i'm very optimistic, i'm anry optimist. optimist. larry: ronna mcdaniel, a great the lexus es, now available with all-wheel drive. this rain is bananas. lease the 2021 es 250 all-wheel drive for $339 a month for 39 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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in this and i come out against taxes, i bet you that's a shocker. you should check it out over the weekend, you can subscribe to fox nation and look at the entire series, or there's a shorter version on fox business. thank you for watching, i ♪ elizabeth: tonight, facebook in a new firestorm liz: facebook and a new firestorm for censoring around the world stories detailing a multimillion dollar real estate shopping spree by black lives matter. black lives matter chapter demanding more from and honest investigation into where is the 90 million going that blm raised, this happening days after twitter post about this and now we have james o'keefe with harmeet dhillon helping him they are planning to sue twitter for censoring and blacking out o'keefe's account. tonight we have the debate big


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