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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 16, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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dampening and really disarming their ability to have that economics. that driver in their country. survival really, really deep problem with the border >> good morning i'm dagen mcdowell it is fridays, april 16th, your top stories at 6 a.m. eastern. confronting china through allies, president biden set to host japan's prime minister at the white house using the opportunity to pushback on china as worries bubble up over chiern military threat on taiwan. former secretary of state mike pompeo mere to join maria in 8:00 hour to discuss this, plus the latest over the iran nuclear talks. a look at the markets futures are mixed after wall street's banner day, the nasdaq 100 futures down -- the dow and s&p 500 to the plusside parking lot dow closing
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above 34,000 for the very first time. big tech helping drive all three major market gauges, well into the grain. european markets across the board are up this friday. gains in england, france, and germany. germany the biggest win or up almost 1% in asian green across the board as well china economy growing a record 18.3% in the first quarter. keep in mind these numbers are related by the chinese communist party. and spotlight on our veterans we'll introduce ewe to one company helping brothers on the battlefield stay in touch. "mornings with maria" is live right now. >> good morning everyone. i'm maria bartiromo, now the top sthiers we are watching this morning. president biden set to host japan's prime minister to the white house today. but first foreign leader to
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visit since biden took office. talks are expected to focus heavily on china, the biden administration hoping that japan's allyships will help the u.s. confront beijing over a slew of issues. mainly, the human rights abuses in xinjiang house speaker naption cutting down democrats effort to expand the supreme court from nine justices to 13. but she did reaffirm her support for president biden's commission to study the proposal. she said in six months time she could have a change of heart. republicans are rallying against the progressive idea house minority leader kevin mccarthy telling me yesterday it is an attempt power move by democrats saying that you want to, quote, dismantle the government's institution. >> pfizer ceo says third booster shot may be needed over next year for those who receive pfizer vaccine and important in fighting international covid strains. this as a new study from oxford
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university finds the risk of getting brain blood clots is eight to ten times higher from covid than it is from the vaccine. hong kong act sris sentenced today to 12 months in prison, after being found guilty of unauthorized assembly related to his role in hong kong prodemocracy protest. this is live with me in the last interview before he was arrested he's been a fierce critic of mainland china and they're t their crackdown on democracy further throughout the region and he spoke to me on the program shortly before his most recent arrest. market this is morning are mixed take look at futures indicating gain at the start of trading for dow jones industrial and s&p 500 is right around breaking then with the dow moving to surpass 34,000 for the first time ever. positive data on jobless claims we have strong retail sales numbers yesterday pushing index into record territory yesterday. dow industrials finishing up 305 points at the 34,035 nasdaq up
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180 points that was one and third% at 14,038 and s&p 500 higher by 45 better than 1%. joining me right now is cfr director ken leon and joining conversation this morning is dagen mcdowell, and "the wall street journals" assistance editorial page editor james freeman great to see you everybody thank you so much for being here. kicking it off with you assess earnings period for us we are just finishing off a week that we saw all a lot of major financial services companies, reporting that first quarter. how did you see it? >> well that's right, you know in equities are priced to perfection so are bank stocks are ability for tboongs deliver strong results keam through. i think that next mark is really the narrative of how well they'll do with a recovering economy in the second half of this year. you know, maria, consumer, consumer commercial loans was weak and so rates are still not high enough to pump the
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traditional bank. overall, what we think the financial sector can still do is give earnings on upside and also plays into our strategy of inflation with industrials, materials, and consumers discretionary all having outside earnings comparisons both for this quarter and the second quarter. >> all right so we're -- the week is wrapping up with the big banks reporting first quarter results but, of course, we've got a big week ahead as well. we heard from companies like jpmorgan goldman sachs wells fargo morgan stanley is coming out this morning ken how would you characterize overall first quarter reporting season so far and we're really just at the beginning of it. but what does it telling you about the regs of the year, ken? >> we're on an risk on environment with low rates there's just incredible equity, money coming into equities and for deal making. and we think where you can get aplus performance is going to be the capital markets which is why
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we think goldman sachs has phenomenal results morgan stanley today likely. but the more traditional banks play into that second half narrative. you know, so i think for investors they're looking for, you know, extreme high performance you really have to look to goldman and morgan stanley, an you know what maria they deserve higher evaluations. they are still really hepatothe market and they're trading just like any other large bank and we think that's an opportunity. >> does this tell you anything about the rest of the year ken? this first quarter you're not having the same very, very good comparisons that you're going to have in the second third and fourth quarter given that economy was shut down for much of 2020. what would you expect for the rest of the year in terms of corporate earnings and do you buy into this expectation that jdp is going to be as high as 9% in 2021? >> weighing the economy and let's say financials, rear-view
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mirror is clearly credit risk exposure is down big time. even to stress industries, seem to be less of a risk. looking ahead, the key is if you have six or 7% domestic growth in the second half of this year that's going to benefit the cyclical industries. and that is critical for banks because loan volume is just so low right now. and corporates are flushed with cash. so it is going to attack a little time but i think second half of the year is what the market is really pricing for. >> so the economy is slowly but surely opening up again earnings are coming in strong, interest rates still near record lows. no wonder we're seeing this melt up with major averages hitting all time highs. does it have leg it is rest of the year? >> so we look at, you know, fundamental strategist really think we're price perfection or technical advisory service still
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thinks market has what it is intermediate term up trend and we have a target of 42.65 so getting 10% plus move of the market for the rest of the year really would have to be new catalyst but there's still opportunity. you know, but this has been a terrific move really since last september. >> james freeman jump in here. >> you were talking about all of the money going into stocks, and, obviously, in the bonds as well. jamie diamond this week at jpmorgan says great earningings but weak corporate loan demand maybe that's because it is so easy to borrow in capital market companies don't need to borrow for brainings but i'm just wondering do you think some of these loans are going to look worse in hindsight everything is getting functionedded right now but do you have a concern about that? >> so we watch that very carefully, and on the commercial side it is really commercial real estate for offices.
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you know whether if work reverse not fully coming back and large tenants make different decisions there. other distress industries in hospitality or leisure march had blowout numbers up february 48% for consumer spending an that's the only other key area is hospitality. so i really think credit risk exposure is at a point, and you know three of the -- five banks so far have done reserve reverse, reverse which means that they see lower risk exposure. >> all right. we will leave it there ken great to get your insight on all of the above. thank you so much. >> thank you. maria: all right ken leon joining us your morning mover this morning general motors attack look at automaker making a manufacturing announcement with lg energy solution about opening battery factory plant in tennessee. this would be their second joint
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venture after other plant they are building in ohio gm up better than 1%. the biden administration says that border crisis, quote, won't be fixed overnight. pennsylvania congressman guy is here with his taken on the president's policies then house speaker naption says she will rejengt the democrat's court packing bill next hour kansas senator weighing in on controversial proposal in 8 a.m. hour lieutenant governor janet will be here to discuss big tech censorship and secretary of state mike pompeo here weighing in on china threat ahead of the japan meeting don't miss a moment it have. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa.
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maria: welcome back president biden is set to meet with japanese prime minister today at
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the white house with china as the main topic of discussion. this follows the office of the director of national intelligence releasing the annual global threat assessment report this week that number one national security threat to the united states. joining me right now is former naval intelligence officer, and the bramer group chairman don bramer don it is great to have you this morning thank you very much for joining us i guess one strategy has been to try to rally enough allies around the china threat to be stronger, the trump administration had done that with what they're calling the quad. the president now having the prime minister of japan at the white house. what could get done today? don, and tell me about the effort to bring together as many allies as possible to strengthen the u.s.'s position against china. >> well good morning maria, quad as you say is a dialogue between india, australia, japan, and the
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united states. and it is important for all four of these allies to come together and show china that there is strength in numbers in the indo pacific region. you know earlier this year indo pacific command asked congress for 27 billion dollars to help put china back in its place with 4.6 of that in next year, for advance technology, radars, and naval strike miss it also throughout the region. so it is important that we show that we're coming together, and that there is one force that's going to keep china in place. maria: yeah, secretary of state anthony lincoln visiting afghanistan yesterday just a day after president biden announced his plan to withdraw all remaining troops in the country by september 11th taliban is calling on u.s. to withdraw troops or risk what it is calling xowngd problems. the trump administration initially negotiated that may first withdrawal only for biden po tush it back your thoughtings on where we are with afghanistan
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and troop withdrawal. >> with that afghanistan, the taliban has slowly been increasing its forces in afghanistan. leaving pakistan behind, and coming forward where only in cities of afghanistan is the afghan government still in control. this pushing of the deadline i feel is more of -- this administration trying to claim the withdrawal as their own. and not as the part of the trump administration's, you know, policy. i see that whatever happens is going to be a vacuum that is going to put the people of afghanistan at the mercy of the taliban. maria: so sounds like you don't think we should be withdrawalling troops at all. >> i think there has to be a strategy i think that strategy is not been played out. in a lot of cases with the taliban they've been waiting. they play this long game with russia. and now they're playing this long game with the united states. knowing that we're getting tired and for many of the afghan people who believe why should they continue to suffer for the
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mercy of what happened to the united states on 9/11. maria: i want to go back to china for a moment because i want to talk about using the capital markets as leverage against china, and against russia -- in my hand i have the strategic competition act of 2021 this is a markup of a bill that chuck schumer is working on in terms of pushingback but why not use the capital markets more for example, there are trillions of dollars for example, of russian assets in our capital markets. when we're putting sanctions on russia, would it make sense to use more of that leverage in the capital markets? there are still these russian companies within our etf in our capital markets that was not a lever that this administration pulled. >> you know, i think anything to use capital market to our advantage we should use if you look 59d supply chain itself,
6:18 am
throughout the world, you know, china has a huge part to play in that that we could give to our other allies and for japan i think that will be a major piece of the talks today with the prime minister is how we can leverage capital markets an supply chain to the benefit of u.s. manufacturing and allies across the globe. >> yeah. so what should we be doing then trump administration put out rules against investing in chinese companies that are tied to the military. is that as far as we should be going? or is there a shutdown of capital market for related to these assets chinese companies or russian companies? >> well it is a fine line because it does affect technology and one of the bad things that many u.s. consumers don't want to participate in is it will meet a price increase for a lot of goods that many u.s. households find to be of comfort. so we have to advance that final and do we want to pay higher price or do we want to take risk that associate with allowing china and russia to continue in
6:19 am
our investments. >> all right we'll be covering, of course, the president conversations today with the prime minister of japan, on all of these issues, don thanks very much for weighing in this morning good to see you, thank you. dom bramer joaning us in washington, coming up, shooting down democrats efforts to pack the supreme court. house spook speaker nancy pelosi says she'll go against progressives on this one and we'll discuss it, next then free beer on tap contest encouraging people to get vaccinated making a buzz this morning we'll tell you all about it, stay with us. just over a year ago, i was drowning in credit card debt. sofi helped me pay off twenty-three thousand dollars of credit card debt. they helped me consolidate all of that into one low monthly payment. they make you feel like it's an honor
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expand the supreme court from nine to 13 she said right now she would not bring it to the floor. watch. >> no. and the history of our country a long tile ago, and the growth of our country the size of our country, growth of our challenges and terms of the economy, et cetera, might necessitate such a thing. but that your question i have no plans to bring it to the floor, no. maria: interesting response there dagen mcdowell toipght get your take on this she said she has no plan to bring it to the floor. at the same time of her saying everything changed krnghts has grown challenges have grown, suggesting that maybe she'll change her mind. what did you make of that answer? >> she's serving up a nonsense casserole right there this is same woman that said that border is on a good path. but she is right -- the house isn't going to take up this legislation right now. and i said this on the 5
6:24 am
yesterday, the point of this legislation from these left wing democrats is to intimidate the supreme court and the justices. mitch mcconnell has said that. senator tom cotton has said that among many. what i mean is this really started and by the way, this partisan commission to study court packing and changes to the court from the executive branch aim it is to do the same thing. so you intimidate justices and threaten them in a way to make sure on rulings that they might head down on cases that they take up, on the judicial review of the left wing policies so you're essentially trying to intimidate and threaten them to do the left bidding on the high court. this all started, this has nothing to do with amy coney barrett and her confirmation last year. this started and "the wall street journal" editorial page
6:25 am
covered this extensively. when sheldon whitehouse dick durban macey and dick blooming that will sent a brief to the court threatening the justices with, quote, restructuring which is court packing, if they took up a new york gun rights case. well guess what, the chief justice sided with that decision. they did not take up that case. and so there's threat essentially worked so when you give into the far left, what are they going to do? they're going push it and push it the same thing is going on right now. maria: wow. yeah that's great analysis james what do you think? >> yeah. thanks dagen and i think you look at the democratic primary campaign when it was happening roughly a year ago, as dagen mentioned long before the amy coney barrett nomination, this
6:26 am
was a hot topic and a lot of the progressive so-called progressives elizabeth warren pete buttigieg talking about twig restructure the court justice ruth bader ginsburg warning against it before her pass and appointee stephen breyer warning against it because they understand this is all coming from a political agenda. nancy pelosi there making a reference to our country has grown, but this is not coming from some argument that this would lead to a more efficient administrative -- administration of justice or there was sol sort of technical reason why you needed an expanded court. it is, obviously, because they want more votes to enforce their agenda. i guess it is good nancy pelosi didn't endorse it. but she kind of left the door open. we remember she was originally not disposed to impeachment and came around on that. so we would have -- preferred a more definitive no
6:27 am
from her. >> the message is okay, if you do our bidding on the high court, you know, maybe we won't come after you. maybe we won't restructure you. if you, you know, don't push a conservative agenda. i just want to note in the jowrnlg wrote an editorial about this last november, that justice samuel alito it was so offensive what sheldon whitehouse and his clonenies did in threatening the court that samuel alito came out spoke about it directly and he said this, these threats from these five democratic senators. quote, it was an affront to the constitution and rule of law, the supreme court was created by the constitution not by congress. under the constitution we exercised the judicial power of the united states. congress has no right to interfere with that work anymore
6:28 am
than we have the right to legislate. they ought to remember that. all of those democrats because this is gong to bite them in the you know what in the midterms. maria: it sure will that was well said dagen quick break and then biden administration says border crisis, quote, won't be fixed overnight. well it was created overnight pennsylvania congressman guy rushenthal joins me next. jumping drawbridge the search for the driver in this video -- is on. stay with us. [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down.
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just like that.
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expwhrar welcome back good friday morning thanks for joinings us i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday april 16th a look at market this is half an hour where futures are mixed this morning, after wall street's banner day yesterday dow industrials up 51 points extending into uncharted territory. the nasdaq is lower right now it is down about 20 points s&p 500 higher by two and three quarters
6:32 am
yesterday another record setter. dow closed above the 34,000 mark for the first time ever at 34,035 request gain of 305 on the day big tech driving all three majority indices up one a and a third percent on wall street. european markets are high per where wall street closed yesterday. up 50 and cac up 4 and dax higher by 145 in asia economic data on china and chinese economy grew by a record the first quarter. 18.3%, of course, these numbers are released by the chinese communist party. breaking news overnight a gunman opened fire inside a fedex facility in indianapolis. cheryl casone with this story now, cheryl. >> that is right maria good morning police are classifying this as a mass casualty distinct
6:33 am
local officials confirming eight killed and many more were injured fedex packaging warehouse less than three miles from the indianapolis airport four people are hospitalized this morning. one of them does have critical injuries. police say that the suspect is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. the motive, though, remains unclear at this time and investigation is underway there. a.m. disan founder outgoing ceo jeff bezos saying they need a better vision for its employees statement coming after amazon workers in alabama overwhelmingly voted not to unionize in last year amazon hired more than 500,000 workers paid 91 billion dollars in compensation as man for their services has skyrocketed amid the pandemic. well big banks in the hot seat the ceos of six major banks including jpmorgan chase, and bank of america, has testify last month in front of the senate bank committee and house financial service committees democratic lawmakers are stepping up their scrutiny of
6:34 am
the role legend verse played in helping people recover from the pandemic. these hearings could also determine how much legislative and political risk the biggest banks gong to face through 2022. and finally this, florida drivers wild ride all caught on tape. watch this, the driver goes smashing through a track, goes over daytona drawbridge as it is opening causing him to go airborne crash on other side police say they've identified other driver likely going to face charges for this. maria it look fun, but probably a bad idea. back to you. maria: but he's okay. he's okay even though this car crashed when he came on other side. >> driver is okay and now in a little bit of trouble for the stunt. yes. maria: exactly. cheryl, thank you. all right the crisis at the southern border continues to deepen vice president kamala harris speaking with lead percent from mexico and guatemala this week she said she will soon visit the countries to
6:35 am
get to the so-called root causes of the migrant crisis. so far no climate experiences driving the surge. joining me right now is pennsylvania congressman and member of the house appropriations committee and house rules committee, guy reschenthaler a pleasure seeing you here. talking about agriculture and issues in terms of this migrant surge she wants to get to root cause. what are your views on that? >> well root cause is right here in washington, d.c. and it is the biden administration, maria they could stop this crisis by just adopting the policies of president trump put in place. reconstructing portion of the border wall they tore down ending catch and release program failure under biden administration and, of course, reinstituting the asylum in place procedures where these immigrants don't have to make the dangerous trek through mexico. they can just seek asylum to the united states by staying in place or seeking in mexico.
6:36 am
rather than handing their lives over to coyotes and mexican drug cartels so this talk about climate change and agriculture it is a deflection from the real causes of the problem which is the biden administration policies and also democrats will never fail to bring up climate change. because with the topic of climate change they can bring in policies like the green new deal, and bring in centralized planning, and socialist policies, so, of course, they're going to try to make this crisis fit their overall narrative of more government control. >> so what about that green new dleets talk about this so-called infrastructure bill, joe manchin is in the middle, the west virginia senator said yesterday, he would be willing to back a bill as large as $4 trillion as long as it was paid for. congressman senate republicans are preparing a plan between six and 800 billion dollars. on infrastructure -- tell me about that, would something like that pass even
6:37 am
though joe biden has a two and quarter trillion bill he's trying to push which is -- very small portion actual infrastructure? >> exactly. the democrats have expanded term infrastructure. you know it is like something from a novel where language is constantly changing now infrastructure means things like home health care. so if we were focused on true infrastructure, roads, bridges, lock and dams airports everyone rural broadband a lot of republicans could get behind as infrastructure. we could get something passed with i would say overwhelming bipartisan support. but the democrats can't do that because they promise the radical base things like -- tax credits, solar power, electric vehicle, fund chg, of course, goes directly to china. and then, of course, these socialist policies higher tax rates, home health care issues which we can have that debate we might be able to support that but don't do it under guys of
6:38 am
so-called infrastructure spengsding. spending. >> who is running thingings here who's ideas are this? yesterday nancy pelosi was asked about court packing she rejected it she said her colleagues bill to expand bench to 13 justices will not make it to the floor for debate. but she said she still supports a white house commission. to expand to study expanding the supreme court, qhab what about that and what about all of these polls that are, obviously, not moderate, it's joe biden says he's moderat but he's pass all of this stuff who's in charge in your view? >> trojan horse he was going to promise to reunite country moderate seek bipartisan solutions but moderate left is in control of this party and zero inclination to work with republicans they want to cram through a far left agenda. and as far as comes court packing, i don't excuse me but i don't think nancy pelosi at her
6:39 am
word on this. that i think the democrats are biding twiem this commission, and what i mean by that is this, they know they can't get court packing through. while the filibuster is in place, so you're going see chuck schumer try to build pressure within that democrat country in the senate to get enough democrats behind idea of ending fell buster once that fill buster is ended if it is -- ended then you're going see this so-called commission from biden say okay now it is time to pack the supreme court so we can quote unquote depoliticize it. it is incredibly disingenuous don't kid yourselves democrats want total control they want one party rule for deck keadz to come and that's why they need to get rid of the filibuster and pack the supreme court. and why they need to bring in d.c. as a state they really are hell bent on total control. maria: well, look over near term they've been tiebl get all of these things through. they got through 1.9 trillion dollar spending package, and
6:40 am
they called it covid relief. even though it was only 10% covid related. now, they're pushing this so-called infrastructure package as a spending package that's only 20% actual infrastructure. they're using reconciliation what's next? tell us about the tax increasing that are coming my sources tell me that within next two weeks we're going hear more about new revenue wanting new revenue raised it through individual tax increases. what should we expect? >> well, reason why they're doing everything through reconciliation through the budget is because, of course, that circumvents filibuster they need a 50% vote. but as far as taxes go, yes they're around halls of congress talking about corporate income taxes, high personal income tax hikes doing away with stepped up stepped up basis with tax planning it is a horrible idea because maria at the end of the date only way you increase government revenue is growing the gdp that's only way you do
6:41 am
it and only two ways you grow is cut taxes or you reduce regulation, or preferably you do both and when you have high corporate income taxes it is going to take more corporate operations goffs shore and more competitive to expand business and actually shrink the gdp or slow its growth, of course, we're not going to get the revenue that's projected so that's a shame about all of this is the exact opposite and consequences democrats are promising. maria: that's too bad congressman good to see you this morning we'll keep watching guy reschenthaler in washington. coming up support for service members how an app is now helping to connect military families with loved ones. plus this, free beer on tap, the contest encouraging people get vaccinated is making a buzz this morning. you're waving "mornings with maria" live on fox business. we'll be right back.
6:42 am
next week on "mornings with maria" monday, president biden finally set to address a joint session of congress. karl rove on what took so long and what he'll say. tuesday iran vows to wrap up nuclear production as u.s. eyes dips, general on the dangers ahead. wednesday with stocks still sizzling multimillionaire investor turning eyes to real estate michael tells use. thursday, china's communist party threatening military action over u.s. ties to taiwan. ian bremmer lay it is out in the global state friday close out your week with to allocate capital now. it is all here with "mornings with maria." t to put money aside for them, so...change in plans.
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go to maria: , back connecting our heros one veteran company he been p help ling service members stay in touch. stay with us. we're back in two minutes. ged tk a record 1.1 trillion transistors into this chip whoo! yeah!
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oh, hi i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq 100 like you you don't have to be circuit design engineer to help push progress forward can i hold the chip? become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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maria: welcome back connecting are our military community my next guest creating an app with friends and family back home connect to the their loved ones in basic training. joining me right now is sand box cofounder sam meek great to have you thanks very much. what a great way to honor our great heros, tell us about sand box and how it works.
6:47 am
>> maria thanks so much good morning, and i want to say thank you to hosting the military veteran community and companies on your show it means a lot to us. so, sand box is a pretty neat tool we fundamentally care about way our military community works so we wanted to build a platform to stay connected, have the content and have the community that would enable them to be successful. so we've started at the beginning the military journey. the recruiting channels, getting to basic training, all of the friction points that exist there and one of the things that we're well known is our letters platform when you go to bask training you're not allowed to take your phone with you so when suzie leaves and did i ployed down to fort leonard wood, missouri and send a letter to her at basic training at mail call which weaves done million times since beginning of sand box. >> wow. that's amazing. did you understand the
6:48 am
challenges because of experiencing it? did you understand that you, you know, people would have this void where they weren't able to communicate so that letter service creation was so important? >> absolutely. my first experience was at basic training when i joined marine corps. mail call was absolutely everything. joining the military the hard thing especially today because today 18-year-olds and 19-year-old they grew up with a cell phone in their hand and when they attend basic training they lose access to that you can imagine what that's like i didn't have that when i went to boot camp but today generation does. so it is a big difference. mail call as i mention is everything, and again if you get deployed mail call becomes center of morale. maria: i bet wow so what else is available beyond letter service in terms of sand box product supporting military and veteran community what else can you tell us about?
6:49 am
>> one thing we consistently focus is on how do we build and deliver con innocent that helps our service member and family bees successful through their journey so much of the content that we deliver and a lot of features that we deliver part of the late entry program leading up to basic training and now we're looking at life after boot camp so there's a lot of friction points that exist as our service members go on for their job schools, and potentially into deployment. and so with those friction points we see lots of opportunity to build product, and deliver benefits and services to service members to families, and fundamentally help d.o.d. do better as what it does. maria: that is great sam so is there anything that our audience should understand what don't people know about the merle? what can you tell us to give our audience more of an understanding about what our military men and women are going through? that we may not know -- >> sure. you know, one of the great things that i love to talk about
6:50 am
is the grit that the military creates in our military members. when you look at some of the entrepreneurs, and some of the folks coming out of the military today into the job market the military spouses, they bring so much to the table because they've had so much thrown at them so many variables in life so many different movements, changes, bureaucracy, so they have the ability to problem solve at an incredible rate. and they have the ability to communicate incredibly effectively so for america i would like to tell you hire a military spouse, hire a veteran, because i guarantee they're going bring something to the table for your organization that you've never seen before and for those who have hired military spouses, kudos. >> yeah. you're right. there's discipline, there's team -- you know, a team sentiment and encouragement through a team hard work, obviously loyalty sam the lis is long. we thank you so much for your service to our great country,
6:51 am
and thanks very much for joining me this morning. >> thank you maria. pleasure to be here. maria: all right thank you sam with sam meek join us there free beer on tap con it's that's encouraging people to get vaccinated it is all making a buzz this morning. that's next. we made usaa insurance for members like kate. a former army medic, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan
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maria: welcome back it is time for the morning buzz, first up freebies with your shot. budweiser wants you to get a vaccine and give you free beer, campaign reunited with the buds will give away 10,000 bottles until may 16th all you have to do is prove that you got
6:55 am
vaccinated to enter this give away james you in? [laughter] >> i guess i'm ill eligible although not a big fan of this love of macrobrews colliding with my opposition to covid related hysteria if government is taking the j&j shot off the shelves for a modest risk suggest that shots are available for every vulnerable person, i don't think we need to try to pressure every single american to get one whether they're at risk or not. maria: free beer dagen what do you think? >> beer should come before you go get the shot i would argue that a lot of people who have -- fear of needles probably went for the j&j shot because it was just one not two shots. so it triggers anxiety which triggers syncpe may ease anxiety
6:56 am
people have from getting shots from neologieses that's my theory. maria: home entertainment trend match requesting your home decor. or table dressing, it is on the rise more fashion brands are offering clothing with homeware. featuring the seam prints or colors it is said to be table dressing. it is meant to lift one's mood or transport yourself dagen, so another is you can wear a dress and it is the same pattern as your dishes. >> no, no -- no, no, no, i grew up in the south and i went, you know, any woman growing up in the south went to enough weddings and 80s where you had dtm shoes to match match your eye shadow and match the lipstick and the bow in your hair. no. no to matching anything. that's why i wear tie-dye and
6:57 am
plaid at the same time. no to matching. maria: oh yeah i saw that outfit you had on instagram other day that was good. [laughter] still ahead consumer confidence rebounding with the country's recovery means for the markets. we'll break it down and word on wall street when we come back starts next hour next hour "mornings with maria" live on fox business. obsession ha ...
6:58 am
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helps bring all your clouds together. that means you can access all your data, modernize without rebuilding, and help keep things both open and secure. that's why businesses from retail to banking are going hybrid with the technology and expertise of ibm. maria: welcome back. good friday morning everybody thanks so much for joining us i'm maria bartiromo, and it is friday, april 16. your top stories right now, 7:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast. confronting china through allies president biden is set to host japan's prime minister at the white house today, using the opportunity to pushback on china, as worries bubble up over china's military threat on taiwan, and the region. >> former secretary of state mike pompeo is here this morning to discuss that, plus the latest over iran's nuclear talks coming up markets this morning are higher the dow industrial
7:01 am
expected to open higher up about 45 minutes pushing further into record territory this morning, with a gain and the nasdac is pulling back down 13 points right now and the s&p 500 is higher, by 2.25. another banner day yesterday meanwhile it was a recordsetter the dow closing above 34,000, for the first time ever, with a gain on the session of 305 points, big tech helped drive all three major independent independent esees the nasdac was up 181 points, the s&p up 45, that was better than 1%, earnings season rolls on, msnbc is expected to report its quarterly earnings this hour, we'll have those numbers for you and the big banks so far seeing strongest start to the quarterly earnings season, all the banks are higher. european markets this morning are also up, take a look, fractional moves are pretty much across-the-board, cac 18 and the dax index higher by 116. in asia overnight green across-the-board, big numbers on china's growth, the economy grew a record 18.3% in the first
7:02 am
quarter, of course these numbers are released by the chinese communist party. "mornings with maria" is live right now. >> now some of the top stories we are watching this morning, president biden is set to host japan's prime minister to the white house today. the first foreign leader to visit the white house since he took office. talks are expected to focus heavily on china. the biden administration hoping that japan will help the u.s. confront beijing over a slew of issues of course the human rights abuses, we are also waiting to see if anything comes up about taiwan, china's threat against taiwan, and of course, we're waiting for biden to bring up the origins of the coronavirus with xi-jinping. house speaker nancy pelosi meanwhile has questions about the democrats bill to expand the supreme court from nine to 13 justices. she said right now, she will not bring it to the floor for a vote she did reaffirm her support for president biden's commission , to study the proposal. she says in six months time she
7:03 am
could have a change of heart. >> republicans rallying against the progressive idea of house minority leader kevin mccarthy on this program yesterday saying it is a power move by democrats that they want to "dismantle the government institution. " and now this , pfizer ceo says a third booster shot maybe needed over the next year for those who received the pfizer vaccine, because it's important in fighting international covid strains. this as a new study from oxford finds the risk of getting brain blood clots is 8-10 times higher from covid than it is from actually getting the vaccine. >> hong kong activists and friend of this program jimmy lie was sentenced to 12 months in prison after being found guilty of unauthorized assembly related to his role in the hong kong pro -democracy protests he's been a fierce critic of mainland china and the chinese communist party and its crackdown on democracy throughout the region and he spoke to me on this program shortly before that arrest. his most recent arrest, which
7:04 am
has had him behind bars since. >> the word on wall street top investors watching your money joining me is co-founder and chief economist nancy lazar, along with capital and ceo managing partner mike murphy, thank you so much for being here nancy kicking it off with you. we are looking at an economy that continues to strengthen and markets are responding with record after record. the nasdac and the s&p 500 were lower yesterday, with the dow hitting another, i'm sorry lower this morning but the dow hit another record high yesterday, up 305 points. i guess responding to the earnings period, nancy. what can you tell us about the back drop right now. what have you learned from the first quarter earnings season that have been released so far? >> well, the earnings data have and will continue to really reflect a strong economic data we've already seen for the first quarter. don't forget economic data are company data and economic data in the first quarter as we saw
7:05 am
march retail sales, including auto sales have been very very robust and that's going to get reflected in the upcoming earnings season. maria: so you're expecting a very strong showing for gdp for 2021. you have said on this program many times that you're looking at consumer spending strength as well as manufacturing. tell us where the growth comes from, nancy. walk us through your model in terms of what you're expecting from 2021. >> i think overall real gdp growth for 2021 will be up about 9% and what's so cool about it is that it's broad based strength. last year it was led by housing. this year with the economy reopening, the consumer is picking up now those covid-hit industries are going to really really show a lot of strength that's what our weekly foot traffic data shows but also manufacturing activity and it's not just high-tech manufacturing activity. we're also expecting a shift up in industrial equipment-related manufacturing activity so the theme is very very broad based. high end consumer, low income
7:06 am
consumer, high-tech capex, even industrial equipment can ex, and so very very broad based so that sets the stage then, therefore, for a very broad based earnings cycle, not just in the first quarter, but at least into the second and into the third quarter. maria: yeah, i love what you said about foot traffic recently you feel that even the covid sectors are back to where they were pre pandemic, right? >> oh, the data are clearly there, from gyms to restaurants to not quite in the hotel industry but we're close, casino s, yes. we're seeing very very strong pickup. i've been down in florida and we've actually been seeing strong economic activity for the past six to nine months and now it's spreading to the rest of the economy and so you're finally seeing a melt-up in economic data as the economy reopens, as a result of all of the stimulus but importantly, big driver, big big drivers of growth in this country, healthy drivers of growth in this
7:07 am
country, creating this broad footprint and so next is going to be jobs. you'll start to see jobs melt up had a hint of that yesterday with the unemployment claims data, powell suggested earlier this week that we could see a million print in payroll for a string of several months. we've been forecasting 700,000 on average for this year, for monthly payroll employment gains and then powell opens the door to a million, and he certainly could be right over the next several months as the economy reopens, as these companies reopen, and these covid-hit industries start to heal, so, last time we saw anything like this was really back in 1983, actually i started in the business in 1981 and 83 was just a barn-burner unexpected strength, data came in much stronger than expected, earnings came in much stronger than expected and that's what we think we're starting to see right now. maria: well look at that. i mean in the 1980s really was the beginning to what would become a multi-year bull market.
7:08 am
of course, we had some turns throughout that period, but it was pretty strong. you're talking about a meltup in stocks going on as well. mike murphy, when we go out on the risk curve, we also have to look at crypto. crypto trading platform coinbase went public this week and it moved and sent bitcoin to record highs. assess the story for us, mike. how does this direct listing of coinbase play into the larger sp ac, the ipo trends that we're seeing in capital markets. >> good morning, maria. yeah, i think you bring up a great point. i'm not here to say whether or not coinbase is a buy or a sell at $320 a share. i think the process of coinbase becoming a public company is really the important thing. seven years ago this company was valued at $20 million. two days ago it was valued over $100 billion, so this is a great american success story. there are shareholders, there are employees that are making a
7:09 am
ton of money becoming wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, because of this company. now, i'm not saying it's a buy here but i think the process of it being a direct listing on the exchanges meaning they didn't do a traditional ipo. they went on the exchange and insiders were able to sell some of their shares, liquidate some of their sharing. i think this is what the markets are there for so now you, sitting at home, can decide i would like to buy shares of coinbase because i believe it's a good investment, or you can say, i don't want to buy coinbase, or i want a short coinbase, so now all of the individual retail investors have an opportunity. what they shouldn't do is run out and chase this , because they read about it and think they're going to miss out on something. if they believe that this company is valued at a place that is $63 billion roughly right now, if they believe this can become call it the next tesla, and get up to
7:10 am
700 billion, they should be buyers. maria: wow. >> just the fact that they have the opportunity right now is what is very important i think. maria: yeah, no, i love the idea that we have all of these options, but i guess, mike, i'm wondering if this strength that we've seen in crypto and what we've seen in, for example, the junk bond market, as we go further out on the risk curve with any number of these things is that making you nervous about valuations? you've been wonderful in terms of identifying where the growth stories are. you came on this program a long time ago and told us uber is an opportunity and you've been able to invest in some of these things indirectly related to uber and that whole ride hailing service so my question to you is where's the growth and do you worry about some of these riskier investments, is that signaling that valuations are getting up there, it's time to pullback? >> short answer, no. full disclosure, maria.
7:11 am
i don't own bitcoin. now that it's up at 63,000, we all wish we did, but there are going to be countless investment s that we don't make, so i don't understand the investment thesis for bitcoin. that's why i never bought it. it can keep going higher, i suppose. it could go lower i'm not an investor so it doesn't matter i think the important thing, maria is that no one out there watching your show should be saying i'm taking my retirement account and putting it into coinbase, or i'm putting it into bitcoin, or dogi coin which this is one of the coins traded on coinbase, and it was created as a joke. like when i hear that, money and jokes don't mix too well for me, so, i think people need to understand the risk they're taking, when they're investing in a high growth story, a private company, or a newly- listed public company. there's a lot of upside, so a lot of reward, but there's risk with it, so i think one thing,
7:12 am
maria, with the internet and accessed information now, i believe the investors at home, the people watching your show, are more educated than they've ever been which is something you and i have talked about. that's a good thing so hopefully anyone investing in whether it's crypto or coinbase, or any private companies, realize they're doing it with a portion of their portfolio, not going all-in with funds that they can't afford to lose. maria: sure understood, before you go, nancy you've talked about this wonderful back drop, do you worry about inflation? we had the cpi out. we're seeing some of these commodities prices bubbling up. are you worried yet? >> longer term, no, but the wall of worry is here probably for the next 12-24 months. it's not going to go away given how strong this economy is. it started with commodities as you said now it's a supply chain disruption. it's going to end up in wage inflation, they will be growing concern about wage inflation, given how robust the economy is likely to be, but now, there are actually some signs that certain commodities on average are
7:13 am
starting to stabilize and that's in part because china's boom is fading. second, you're going to have supply chain disruptions are going to ease and then third as we talked about before and linking in technology, companies are very focused on investing in technology to run their business , improve profitability and improve productivity and productivity is the key secular change of this expansion just as disinflation was a key secular change in 83, productivity is a key secular change here going into this expansion. keeping inflationary pressures a little longer but the wall of worry isn't going away. maria: really fascinating stuff, nancy lazar, mike murphy great to see you both this morning thank you so much, we'll keep watching have a good friday. much more ahead this morning coming up house speaker nancy pelosi not showing support for the democrats court packing bill. kansas senator roger marshall is here weighing in on this controversial proposal. in the next hour lt. governor of florida jeanette nenes joining me to tuesday big tech censorship and what florida is doing about it plus former
7:14 am
secretary of state mike pompeo will weigh in on the china threat, dagen mcdowell and james freeman, we'll get back to this fantastic panel when we come right back you're watching mornings with maria. you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪
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maria: welcome back. progressive democrat lawmakers introducing legislation yesterday to increase the number of supreme court justices from nine to 13. house speaker nancy pelosi was asked about it. here is what she said. >> do you support this bill to expand the supreme court by four and would you commit to bringing that bill to the floor? >> no. i support the president's commission to study such a proposal. it's not out of the question. it has been done before, but that's your question, i have no plans to bring it to the floor. maria: joining me right now is kansas senator and senate small business committee and senate agriculture committee member, roger marshall and senator, it's great to have you this morning
7:18 am
thanks very much for joining us. your reaction to this bill, and you heard pelosi' response. >> well maria first of all it's great to be on with you. i listen to your show every morning on my commute to work and i always learn something, but look, this is an attempt to power grab by the extreme left. this is an example of president biden to his extreme left as well, and the president himself once upon a time said this is a bonehead idea, and ruth bader ginsburg herself said nine is just fine but what the far left is trying to do now is weaponize the supreme court. they're trying to use this legislation to hold it over the head of the supreme court and tell them look, if you don't do what we want you to do, if you don't make rulings the way we want it then we're going to dilute your power so i think that's what this is all about. a big fight going on in their own party it's kind of fun to set back and watch and throw popcorn at each other. maria: well it's pretty incredible and thank you for the compliments. i'm so happy that you listen to the show every morning.
7:19 am
senator, do you think this has any chance of passing? look the democrats are working on, you know, getting rid of the filibuster, working on their hr-1 bill. these things will fundamentally change the way america operates. is there any chance that these things get through? >> well there's always a chance everybody has their price, but so far, senator mansion have been standing tall and i want to encourage them to keep standing tall but every example you've given there is one more example of a power grab. hr-1, filibuster, those are all power grabs. one of the greatest test of leadership is you try to grab more power when you have the opportunity to do that, and that's what the far left is trying to do right now is to grab more power, but there's no way that they could do this through budget reconciliation that i can see , so therefore, the only way this would pass is to lose the filibuster and americans need to remember, the purpose of the filibuster is to force democrats and republicans to
7:20 am
work together for long term solutions. without this , we have uncertainty, uncertainty as businesses worst enemy. let's go through with our tax policy. it's so hard to make a plan. i have all of these accountants my friends calling me saying when are they going to implement these tax changes so if this tax policy changes every two to four years your listeners won't be able to plan for their future. maria: absolutely right i want to ask you about the tax increases coming but first let me stop at the border because vice president kamala harris announced this week during a virtual roundtable, that she will travel to mexico and guatemala. the vp also called climate change and the lack of agriculture as the reasons for the surge of migration from central america, senator. you recently visited the border. you saw up close and personal what's going on. your reaction to what you're hearing from the vp. >> wow, you know, i guess, maria ignorance is bliss. if the vice president, herself, would go to the border, talk to
7:21 am
the border patrol officers, even talk to some of the migrants and ask them what's the surge from, and she would learn right away, it's about the policy. it's about the moment that she and the president were sworn in, a policy of an open invitation, open borders and mass amnesty. that's why people are coming across here and they could flip the switch the other way but they don't want to do that because they want this crisis. they want the crisis, they want these voters, and also they want america watching what's going on at the border, not watching what they're doing with policy as well. the policies are far left extreme policies and you and i studied the situation. we know why central americans have an economic trouble. number one is they don't have law and order. that's why law and order is so important in this country, and also, think back to the wto and when china came in to the wto and i don't remember, 2001 or so. they didn't just take jobs from here, it blitzed the jobs in central america. maria: yeah, senator you make so
7:22 am
many important points. please come back soon. we would love to have you back as soon as you can. senator roger marshall joining us this morning and we'll be right back. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible.
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maria: welcome back. we continue to see crime on the rise, particularly in the west coast. jonathan hunt with more on this this morning, jonathan? reporter: good morning, maria. violent crime certainly isn't new to la, but it is new to residential areas like this one, where people are unused to guns and to fear. lady gaga's dog walker was shot recently on the street, for instance, just a few blocks from here, in an area of million dollar homes. a 30-year-old man was stabbed to death in his own backyard, just a couple of weeks ago, by a
7:26 am
homeless man, who jumped the fence. the la county sheriff says it's partly pandemic-driven desperation, but even more so, he says, it's a result of budget cuts. >> we're so understaffed and now we're being defunded, that actually we're losing resources, and i think the criminal community is starting to realize that there's not enough of us out there. reporter: it's a similar story up and down the west coast, in seattle, there have been 57 homicides since the start of 2020 compared to 31 in 2019. in portland through the end of march this year, there were 25 homicides, compared to three for the same period in 2020. in san francisco homicides were up 75% for the first two months of this year, compared to the same period in 2020, and in la county, the same comparison shows a staggering 185% increase in homicides, but usc law professor jodie armor says budget cuts are not the problem
7:27 am
but targeting funding more wise ly. >> so many of our police resources i would argue have been directed at things like turnstyle jumpers and quality of life and fractions and broken windows policing rather than what every community wants. violent crimes solved in their midst. they want race solved, murder solved. reporter: and that is certainly what the people of la want too, and the sheriff and prosecutor agree on the goal, the disagreement is always how we get there. maria? maria: all right, jonathan, thanks very much. jonathan hunt, with the latest there. we'll take a break and when we come back, the growing threat of china to taiwan, how president biden can counter beijing's military aggression, and then mercedes goes electric. the company's newest suv designed to compete with tesla, back in a moment.
7:28 am
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maria: welcome back good friday morning everybody thanks so much for joining us i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday, april 16. a look at markets this half an hour where we are looking at a positive tone this morning, dow industrials up 47, nasdac up 3, and the s&p 500 high by 4.25. the dow industrials pushing further into unchartered territory this morning after closing at an all-time high yesterday, take a look, the dow above 34,000, for the first time , at the close ever, 34,000, and the new all-time high for the dow, with a gain yesterday of 305 points, that was almost 1%. big tech helped all three major averages yesterday, the nasdac was up 181 points at 14, 038 and the s&p higher by 45, earnings season rolls on, morgan stanley is expected to report its quarterly numbers this hour, we'll have those numbers for you as the big banks so far have seen a strong start to the quarterly reporting season. let's take a look at the european markets this morning they are off fractionally but
7:32 am
across-the-board higher, fq 100 up 34, the cac up 24 and dax index higher by 145 that's about 1% in germany. in asia overnight, green across-the-board we had some pretty strong economic data out of china. the economy there, growing a record 18.3% in the first quarter. of course these numbers are being released from the chinese communist party. shanghai composite was up 1% overnight. former vice president mike pence is recovering after having surgery to implant a pacemaker. cheryl casone with the details now. reporter: that is right, maria pence's office says the pro ed so you're went well and the former vice president is expected to make a full recovery and return to normal activity in the next few days. in 2016 pence revealed he had left bundle branch block, and shortly after that, he was named the republican vice presidential nominee but he's said to be doing very well this morning. >> protests in chicago overnight after police released dramatic body cam footage so in the
7:33 am
moment an officer shot and killed 13-year-old adam toledo. >> police, stop, stop! reporter: so, the video shows an officer tasing toledo yelling for him to stop. the teen appears to pause and turn towards the officer with his hands up before he is shot. officers did later find a begun on the ground and it is unclear if toledo was holding the gun leading up to that shooting incident. >> well, toyota is recalling more than 300,000 of its venza s uv's duing to a wiring issue. the recall includes crossovers made between 2009 and 2015. toyota says it's going to inspect the wires and replace if need be at no cost to owners. notices are going to be sent out by the end of may. >> well cryptocurrency taking a hit this morning after turkey's central bank announces they are going to ban crypto for payments
7:34 am
at the end of this month. the bank citing a number of reasons for the ban including lack of supervision and lack of a central regulatory authority oversight. other countries like india, are considering similar measures versus the dollar, there is bitcoin right now as you can see , versus the dollar. bitcoin is still above 60,000 and change there, and this , mercedes benz unveiling a battery-powered counterpart to its top mercedes s class, the e qs due out later this year its got one of the big features that everybody wants that's that touch screen panel this as more german automakers are trying to compete with electric car giant tesla and i want to bring you morgan stanley earnings they were crossing just as we were going into headlines right now the stock is slightly down it was a double beat the estimate was $1.70, morgan stanley coming in at 2.19 a share, this is the last of the big banks to report this week, maria, and the revenue was a beat as well, we were looking for 14.09 billion on revenue that came in at 15.75 billion.
7:35 am
what everybody was looking for was investment banking. that revenue, 2.84 billion, asset management revenues nearly 4.5 billion, and return on average common equity 16.9%, again we're just now going through these headlines from morgan stanley, and it is also saying that underwriting reported record revenues in the quarter, higher volumes and the ipo's, the spac if you will as well. so those are the numbers crossing on morgan stanley. we have made it through the week , maria and all of the big banks and the stock is heading higher. back to you. maria: all right, really good performance for a number of these companies with these capital markets the way they are , cheryl thank you so much. meanwhile, rising tensions in east asia. we are zeroing in on taiwan right now, after it reported an increased chinese military presence near taiwan, in taiwan air space. 25 war planes entering the country's air defense identification zone earlier this week. that's days after a warning from
7:36 am
the united states. joining us right now is hudson institute senior fellow, rebeccah heinrichs. thanks very much for being here. the navy has already said the chief admiral is that he's worried that china may, in fact, invade taiwan sooner rather than later. your thoughts on what the united states' response should be, should that take place? >> good morning, maria thanks for having me on. so right now, as you mentioned, china has been acting much more provocatively around taiwan and senior military leaders have been telling congress now, repeatedly sounding the alarm bell that the invasion could happen in a matter of years, just a few years but we really don't know, and it's critically important because we think that there might be that the chinese might be assessing that there's a perhaps a lack of resolve on the part of the united states for defending taiwan, that we're not militarily prepared to back taiwan, if in fact that happens, and so we really don't have a whole lot of time to disabuse of them of that notion so we have
7:37 am
to deploy the right kinds of military equipment, trump pulled out of this treaty called the i nf treaty that prohibited certain rage of ground launch missiles and we can now a vail ourselves of this opportunity to deploy those , so that would deter china from acting aggressively. continue to collaborate with the japanese, with the australians, demonstrating that there's resolve with democratic nations in the region , and then continuing these high level political exchanges between taiwanese officials and the united states. all of that demonstrates that the united states would back taiwan, and again, all of this be meant to prevent the chinese from actually thinking that a biden administration just lacks the resolve to defend this small but mighty democratic nation. maria: is that the perception in your view from the ccp on this administration? we're waiting to see how the u.s. responds to so many tests that the ccp has thrown
7:38 am
at this administration, beginning with day one, putting sanctions on people like mike pompeo, whose going to be coming up in the program. we're also waiting for a question about the coronavirus. we had that meeting in alaska, and our officials did not raise the issue of the origins of the coronavirus. president biden spoke to xi-jinping, said the subject didn't come up. >> no, that's a critically important issue because it's just if we don't get to the bottom of the origins of the virus then we're going to have another one and that's simply a fact, and so we need to understand the origins and we also need to understand why the chinese communist party behaved the way it did during the outbreak of the virus, why it didn't do more to actually prevent it, so, there's all kinds of very highly questionable and concerning behaviors and so it's right to continue to press on that, and the point you made about personally sanctioning these elected officials that have now left office is important, because what the chinese communist party is doing is it's threatening and intimidating current biden officials saying
7:39 am
listen we're going to sanction you and if you want one of these jobs in a big company, once you retire, or a think tank, you're not going to have, we're not going to essentially fund or do business or work with these companies if you're there, and so there are real consequences of getting into the sights of the chinese communist party, so, so far the biden administration officials like secretary of state link en has stood firm to their credit but it's not going to be enough just to say tough things, maria as we saw in alaska, in which they got a tongue lashing from the chinese communist party. it has to be backed by action so there needs to be real moves here, demonstrating that we are going to protect taiwan. it's not just because of the democracy either. there's real geopolitical significance to the american people if we lose that taiwan, that aircraft carrier in the pacific. maria: yeah, well look. wall street has been running the table on china now and i'm wondering why we're not using the lever of capital markets.
7:40 am
for example, on russia as well, the tests are coming from everywhere. president biden announced new sanctions against russia, in response to election interference and cyberattacks. these sanctions include expel ling 10 russian diplomats, blacklisting some russian companies. the president spoke out about this yesterday. take a look at what he said about moscow. >> if russia continues to interfere with our democracy i'm prepared to take further actions to respond. it is my responsibility as president of the united states to do so. maria: and yet, i've got, in my hands right now, the strategic competition act of 2021 this is what chuck schumer is working on with regard to china, yet they did not use the capital markets as leverage for russia or china you've still got eight large u.s.-sanctioned russian enterprises in our capital markets included in the major international and the emerging markets indices and associated e
7:41 am
tf's. is that something this administration should consider using the capital markets as leverage, whether it be a threat for russia or china >> absolutely. i think everything should be on the table right now. specifically, regarding china, as the primary threat. russia as the junior partner threat, but certainly, a serious competitor and it should be on the table and i would just mention, you know, these sanctions that were announced against russian entities i think it's good. i think it's good that the united states is calling out specifically whose at fault for the massive cyberattacks against the united states unprecedented, and for the interfering in the american election, but there is so much more that can be done the trump adminitration, if you really want to push against russia and actually get russia back into a box, you've got to push on this energy line that goes from the russian federation to germany. maria: that's right. >> but so far the biden administration has essentially seems like they're not going to do anything its been all talk to oppose it and that be one of the
7:42 am
worst things that could happen to the nato alliance, to allow that to go through, allow russia to have great extortion capability over nato allies, with energy independence. maria: that's right. yeah, that's absolutely right, i'm glad you brought up that, north stream because a lot of questions about why we're not doing anything about that. look, what do you think about all of these tests? you've got russia hovering around ukraine, once again russian troops seen building up a presence near the ukraine border rebeccah. you also have obviously this conversation and this worry about taiwan, from china. are they doing this specifically now, because we've got a new administration? why do you think we're seeing all of this testing? >> i think it's impossible to avoid coming to that conclusion, that you see these major powers now, that are looking for an opening. they are always looking for an opening. if they think that what's most important to this president is not getting the united states into another war, rather than above all else protecting the
7:43 am
american people, and providing for our, ensuring that our securities protected for our posterity. that needs to be the priority and that's what's going to be the best at deterring these major conflicts and you mentioned the buildup, the military buildup against ukraine. remember it was the trump adminitration in late 2019 that sold these javalin anti-tank missiles to ukraine that was something that the obama-biden administration refused to do and so now ukraine has those and now we're wondering if they are actually going to deploy those to deter russia. if the trump adminitration hadn't sold those missiles to ukraine, ukraine would really be just a sitting duck at this point, so we'll see what happens in the next month and years. i certainly hope at this biden administration can disabuse these countries of the notion that they are weak. i certainly am pulling for them, maria. maria: okay, all right we'll speak with the former secretary of state mike pompeo on all of this , coming up in the program. he'll be here in about 30
7:44 am
minutes, rebeccah thank you very much, rebeccah heinrichs joining us stay with us, we'll be right back. i had saved up some money and then found the home of my dreams. but, my home of my dreams needed some work. sofi was the first lender that even offered a personal loan, and i didn't even know that was an option. the personal loan let us renovate our single family house into a multi-unit home. ♪ and i get to live in this beautiful house, with this beautiful kitchen, and it's all thanks to sofi. ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at maria: welcome back. the true face of north face, the ceo ofinovex down hole solutions is an energy company accusing north face of refusing to put the company's corporate logo on its jackets, north face allegedly claims it be a bad thing for its public image to associate itself with that industry, energy industry.
7:48 am
the ceo of inovex down hole solutions adam anderson joins me now. adam thanks very much for being here. i was really struck by the story tell us how all of this got started. >> well good morning, and thanks for having me. yeah, so every year, inovex orders some kind of christmas gift with the logo on it for all of our employees. this last christmas, was a particularly difficult year for everybody particularly in the oil & gas industry so we were going to buy very nice north face jackets and embroider them with the inovex logo for all roughly 400 employees. unfortunately, we were informed by the distributer that we used that north face would refuse to sell the jackets to us and apply the innovex logo because they didn't want to be co-branded with an oil & gas company. maria: that was incredible and then, yeah, then you did some work on it to find in order to make the product, you're right there in the oil & gas industry. tell us that part of the story.
7:49 am
>> yeah, so, what struck us, these are topics i'm very passionate about the oil & gas business and the good, the virtue of the business and how it helps human prosperity and flourishing around the world , so i'm kind of focused on these topics to start with but when i saw that reply from north face it was shocking given how critical hydrocarbons oil & gas specifically are to north face. all of the outdoor activities that they sell celebrate are enabled uniquely by the capabilities of oil & gas. further, the materials, the vast majority of the materials that they use to make their boots and the very jackets we were buying are made from oil & gas, so i found that particularly shocking and decided that i would write a letter to the ceo of the parent company of the north face and publish that online and try to get some traction behind the idea that hey, what we do for the world is critical & companies like the north face should be embracing and celebrating the products that they use in their business rather than villifying us.
7:50 am
maria: yeah, i don't think he was expecting that your letter to the ceo of vf corp. the parent company of north face went viral. tell me the reaction you've been getting, and have you heard back from north face yet? >> yeah, so the reaction has been overwhelming. i was shocked. i thought very few people would read the letter initially but i think the basic points i make in the letter really resonated with folks in the industry and outside the industry, stating the simple obvious facts that oil & gas is uniquely able to enable human flourishing, we're far better off today than we were 200 years ago as humans because of oil & gas, and that we need to celebrate with this and billions of people live without electricity we should be working on spreading the use of low cost reliable energy, not denigrating it but no to answer your question not received a response yet from the north face maria: so adam, roughly, briefly , tell us the impact of
7:51 am
the policy of stopping the xl pipeline, a lot of communities have seen job cuts as result of that. your thoughts on what we're see ing out of this administration with regard to the oil & gas industry. >> yeah so those are pretty complicated issues that i don't fully track and understand but certainly, we're very, i'm very pro policies that the support domestic oil & gas production, they have really revolutionized energy production in this country and taken this to a point where we're a net energy exporter which i don't anybody ever imagined and any efforts to limit that are clearly challeng ing for our industry as well as our country. maria: of course. adam it's great to have you thanks very much for being here and sharing the story. we'll be watching the company adam anderson joining us, we'll be right back.
7:52 am
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maria: welcome back. it is time for the morning buzz out of this world views, new footage from 2019 shows ufo's flying over navy ships. the pentagon confirming the video released by a filmmaker is authentic look at this video looking for ufo's and identifying it. i spoke with the former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe about this and here is what he said. >> there are a lot more sight ings than have been made public and some o of those have been declassified and when we are talking about sightings we're talking about objects that have been seen by navy or air force pilots or picked up by satellite imagery that frankly, engage in actions that are difficult to explain. maria: last year, more than 7,000 ufo sightings were reported in the united states. james, the reason that i asked john ratcliffe this question is
7:56 am
because the pentagon is coming up with a report on ufo sight ings by june, june 1 is when the report is expected. it's pretty fascinating to see this , and i would say it's probably, i don't know, maybe some technology that one of our adversaries has created, unless it's alien, james. >> right. well, if it's the latter, i think we definitely want to send will smith and randy quaid to investigate since they have a lot of experience in this area, but if it's the former, then should be interesting. maybe these are signs of some new weapon by earth-based adversary and obviously, ratcliffe is a pretty serious guy so we'll see in the meantime, i can't explain it either. maria: none of us can, dagen. dagen: big foot and ufo's that's
7:57 am
my childhood. maria: your childhood. so you were also very interested in that, yeah. quick break and we'll be right back, stay with us, big hour coming up. n catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪
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maria: welcome back. good friday morning thanks for joining us. i am maria bartiromo. friday, april 16 top stories 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast, confronting china through allies president biden to host japan prime minister at the white house using the opportunity to push back on china as worries bubble up over china's military threat on taiwan. former secretary of state mike pompeo here later this hour to discuss this upcoming meeting, plus latest over iran nuclear talks coming up market this morning higher take a look at futures indicating a gain for the dow industrials, pushing further into positive territory, and unchartered territory dow industrials right now up 70 nasdaq up 18 s&p 500 hire by 8,highest
8:01 am
levels of the morning. yesterday's record setting performance dow yesterday above 34,000 mark for the very first time ever 34035 up 305 points, big tech driving all three major indices nasdaq up 181, 1 and a third% s&p 500 up 45, earnings season rolls on from morgan stanley more than doubling revenue, a double beat quarterly report boiling banks so far seeing a strong start for the earnings condition moring some moring shares lower others higher european markets higher take a look indices up across the board with ft 100 up 36 cab contact up 26 dax index higher by 160 in asia overnight green across the board strong economic data out of china, the economy there grew a record 18.3% first quarter numbers, of course, released by the chinese communist
8:02 am
party. then contemplating the crypto crazy what investors need to know before the pling into digital market "mornings with maria" is live right now. >> . maria: now top stories that we are watching this morning, president biden to host japan's prime minister at the white house today, first foreign leader to visit the white house since he took office, talks are expected to focus heavily on china, the biden administration hoping japan will help u.s. confront beijing over fluid issues including human rights abuses in xinjiang threats against taiwannd you origins of coronavirus perhaps nancy pelosi, the he said right now will not be bringing it to the floor for a vote. did however reaffirm support for the president's commission, to study that proposal she says in six months' time, she could have change of heart, republicans are rallying against the
8:03 am
progressive idea kevin mccarthy with me here yesterday saying it is an attempt at power by democrats saying they want to quote dismantle the supreme court. pfizer ceo now says a third booster shot may be need over next year for those who received from pfizer, he says important fighting international covid strains, that are still coming. this as new study from oxford university finds risk of getting brain clots blood clots in the brain is 8 to 10 times hire from coronavirus than vaccine. >> a gunman opened fire at indianapolis fedex facility four others hospitalized one with critical injuries. police said the suspect is also dead from a self-inflicted gunshot motive unclear at this time. hong kong activist friend of this program jimmy lai sentenced to 12 months in
8:04 am
prison being found guilty unauthorized assembly, that is related to his role in mondaying hong pro democracy protest lai a critic of mainland china and proponent of democracy he spoke is to me shortly before recent arrest. >> at highs of the morning, dow industrials up 65, nasdaq up 28, s&p 500 right now up 8 points as many people call it a melt-up in stocks. yesterday the dow industrials hit another record high, in record territory, with a gain above the 34,000 mark for the first time ever very busy for earnings first quarter numbers from morgan stanley bank posting double beat on morgan quarterly numbers, it wasn't first quarter for morgan but was fore japple morgan, wells fargo, we are seeing a firm tone, to many of the bank stocks this morning, engining me right now you chief
8:05 am
financial strategists dick beauvais, thanks for joining the conversation assess the quarterly numbers for us, how have banks been doing what do you see first quarter? >> okay, i am going to have to explain that giving three buckets first bucket how are they doing in core business, making money from banking, that was very bad right across the board. in the quarter. second, bucket, is i capital markets how are they doing in investment banking trading businesses those businesses phenomenal strong because of money supply the third birth accounting manipulation in this quarter we've seen, such an incredible amount of accounting manipulation by banks that it is object skewered what they are really doing put them together take a look at one bank citigroup, banking earnings from basic
8:06 am
banking business very poor they went down, year-over-year true of any major bank in the united states, citigroup capital markets business did pretty well a tremendous amount of spak underwriting in the quarter capital markets results reasonably good then we get to accounting manipulation issue, citigroup was off the charts. here in terms what have they did with their position, reservation, so putting it together basically the banks did not have good earnings, in the quarter they had great accounting manipulation if solely in capital markets like goldman sachs, morgan stanley looking really good, now going forward, what should you be looking at you should look at the fact that again, the fed is out of control. it is printing money like wild men, basically, the m2, up 26% year-over-year that money goes into banks, are the banks, get
8:07 am
think economy c strong second half i believe will be banks are going to lend that core banking business even better, so not just good quarter we've seen very good quarters coming up. >> wow quite an assessment there, what is the problem with this plain vanilla lending we've been talking all morning about this incredible recovery that we are seeing in the economy, nancy lazar joined me earlier said 9% gdp growth is what she is looking for, for 2021, we continue to see consumer spending strong, so if we're looking a at a strong backdrop why wouldn't that include better lending performance from the banks. >> i think it will i think all those things nancy, is absolutely brilliant, everything that nancy said is likely ianniello to be true it hasn't happened yet, in other words, we are still looking at what is left over from the economy that did not turn around yet that is showing the fact that banks number one
8:08 am
have not been able to increase their commercial industrial lending number two, actually not even lending more money on mortgages, number three doing poorly in terms of consumer lending except on autos, improvements -- we're going to see a very strong improvement i think in the second half this year, and, yes, that is going to result in a lot of bank loans bank profits but has not happened yet. maria: it is not there yet james freeman jump in. >> thanks, yes dick if i could hit two questions wondering if you have a particular inflation expectation going forward given that huge growth in the money supply, the second one i want to get your take on citi cutting back on consumer banking a bunch of international market when you think that is healthy for them you long term. >> number one, i think that that if you take a look at
8:09 am
money supply, compare to the growth in the economy, you can see that over the past two years, money supply is going 10 times fast than economy, now i know nobody believes monetary economics any longer unfortunately i am old guy so i do i cannot ask conceive. >> we do -- >> go ahead? >> i can't conceive of the fact that -- can go 10 times faster than economy without stimulating inflation. as far as citigroup is concerned i think that issue focused on the wrong issue, we are being focused on this as being a big consumer bank around the world which it is not. it has been cutting back businesses for the last 25 years. they can't seem to get it right yet. the company has become a capital markets company hopefully, that is where they until the zbrurt that is certainly has been a hot streak for all the banks capital markets with stocks
8:10 am
and ipos but you mentioned inflation, we have cpi numbers out this week increase 2.6% year-over-year largest jump over two years inflation concerns mounting as economic recovery is disappearing stronger, you are talking about money supply growth 10 times faster than economy, does that that ultimately put a damper on economic growth expectations? i am talking inflation. >> ultimately it will, again, numbers i have never seen before ever, right i have never seen money supply jump 26% in one year or now -- 15% year over the last two years, i just can't conceive of the fact that that can happen, without -- moving up sharply ultimately it will slow the economy. >> you talk about capital markets, crypto clearly on the rise, coinbase direct listing pushed bitcoin to all-time
8:11 am
highs acute the listing your reaction to that crypto surge, and is this it also result of federal reserve out of control? >> i think so, i think that, by the way, the reason i said federal reserve out of control because basically, the deficits in united states have to be bought by someone in other words if if united states is going to run huge deficits somebody has to buy treasury, right, they are not we're not finding traditional buyers of treasurys buying them so federal reserve has to step up, and buy the treasurys that nobody else wants. and, therefore, something like 53% of all you the net increase debt last year was bought by federal reserve, when federal reserve does that it is increasing money supply, if deficit rise money supply will create higher inflation why you should own bitcoins,
8:12 am
basically -- i own a cryptocurrency up 200% last year the reason why up is because it is perceived to be inflation hedge i think you know, obviously, i apply into that concept, and, therefore, i am a believer in cryptocurrency. maria: such interesting you don't worry about valuations? this is -- it is responding to a situation which is unfolding. >> exactly if you think of -- feel as i do, that inflation is going to be out of control, then basically, you are looking around for things to buy you can buy a farm, the best -- you can buy gold not responding the way you would expect it to or you can being buy cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency you can buy i would apply some. maria: great to see you. thank you so much we will keep
8:13 am
watching dick beauvais on financialed lt. governor of florida janet nuñez here to discuss big tech censorship, you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. .
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
maria: welcome back, youtube under fire by florida governor ron desantis florida governor accusing google subsidy of censorship after pulling video of a desantis pandemic roundtable discussion proposed anticensorship bill through the florida legislature florida's lt. governor janet nuñez thanks for being here we so appreciate it tell us, assess the story for us what steps has the governor tan so far in terms of pushing back on dominance of big tech. >> good morning, maria. thank you for the opportunity to be on your show, as you
8:17 am
know, big tech colluded with corporate immediate radical left to try to censor individuals pushing back governor desantis ride on science they've gone to edit answers he has given remove his round tables discussing ideas base of science has been very strong you've seen him to push back we are going to continue to fight that referenced in bill that you mentioned, first of its kinds proposal in the country to hold companies accountable, because they have become cheerleaders of censorship we are not standing for that here in florida. maria: today we see the twitter has banned james o'keefe and his project veritas, because they are reporting, truth about cnn, for example, your thoughts on where this is going, though.
8:18 am
who hears this case the practical timeline for this -- to actual move the needle, on these tech companies what can really be done? >> well as i mentioned bill that is going through the legislature right now, they are in final stages of legislative session confident we will be able to get that passed the governor will sign into it law. it gives the attorney general, the opportunity to got after companies it fines them if deinfinitesimally official candidates running for office, puts the pour in consumer's hands allows, for consumers to be notified to opt out of selective mantive algorithms brig strategy to cancel in florida going to push fight we are going to make sure we have tools at disposal to be able to hold them them accountable.
8:19 am
>> do you think congress will take up 230, they are given protection from lawsuits because they said they were bulletin boards first growing an opportunity for ideas on the bulletin board that is collateral not the case. they have taken a side they censor the they don't agree with do you expect that to come up now that democrats are running the table on the government. >> who is to say what democratic congress will do we know they are doing plenty, none of it to really help consumers, but what this company neglected to say they were bulletin board of ideas so long as they met political smell test what they believe were ideas that should be out there in the universe, clearly conservative ideas are not welcome on those platforms. >> let's talk about boom you
8:20 am
are seeing in florida, people from all over the country moving to your state. you've got home construction up how keeping up with demand assess the story that is happening in florida? >> well under leadership of governor desantis focused on economy from day one obviously, pandemic artificial barrier to economic growth and prosperity we are seeing florida rebounding rebounding quickly, our unemployment numbers have dropped to 4.7 we've had 10 straight months private sector growthed we will continue to invest, in our economy make sure, that industries like the aerospace industry something that florida is renowned for going to continue to grow that area education system number one higher ed system in the country so all those things paint a great economic picture for florida. we want to continue to grow, we want from in a way that makes sense obviously, we've seen a number of individuals move to our state, what we tell them leave democratic
8:21 am
policies back in the states they left when they came to florida in search of freedom and opportunity. maria: that is a good idea because they may start voting for things that -- are not what you are looking for, do you use this opportunity, as a way to invest for the future? this boom? where are priorities in terms of investing on florida's part? >> our administration has been extremely focused on investing in the environment, so making sure, all the aspects of environmental policy making sure we invest in our beaches, in our springs in our waterways clean water all those things have been a priority of this governor, we continue to invest in infrastructure, the governor has put forth a plan on the federal dollars part of it is allocated for infrastructure roads, bridges et cetera so we feel that well positioned we are looking forward to continuing to grow. maria: we will be watching it
8:22 am
lt. governor nuñez in florida we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:23 am
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8:26 am
>> yeah china's japan number one export market, so as you can imagine japanese tend to be very the diplomatic careful with discussing chinese security threats, and china generally in the region but i am hoping when prime minister suga is talk about to go president biden privately, that there is an encouragement of mr. biden not to sell out security needs in that part of the world for climate promise from china that they will maybe by 2060 do something different with their energy nuclear -- i think this is really the big threat right now, some of the or a lot of biden rhetoric has been pretty good they say climate is going to be treated separately but i think that is really the big threat to japan everyone else in that region that the united
8:27 am
states falls for climate deal and really ignores a lot of other more important interests. maria: a climate deal from biggest polluter in the world, china. >> yeah. maria: when we come back go ahead dagen. >> when john kerry admitted we could reduce eems emissions to zero wouldn't make a difference the reason our -- eejs since 1950 because of fracking boom natural gas biden administration wants to unwind that, too. head scratcher. >> they do we are talking about this with former secretary of state mike pompeo coming up will weigh in on china threat when we come back. stay with us. you can spend your life in boxing or any other business,
8:28 am
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8:31 am
this half an hour ahead of opening bell we've got a firmer tone on wall street dow industrials near highs of the morning with a gain 6 4. nasdaq up 35 s&p 500 up 8, pushing into fourth record territory the dow industrials closed unchartered territory yesterday dow above 34,000 first time ever continue to see money into stocks big banks higher earnings season rolls on this morning we heard from morgan stanley, reporting a doubling of revenue as it o posted a double beat on earnings and revenue the stock just turned positive up big banks seeing a strong start to the quarterly reporting season so far european markets this morning higher across the board fractional gains here ft 100 up 38 cac quarante up 31 dax up 171, better than 1%, ine asia overnight green across the board, the big headline is economic data, china's economy grew record 18.3% first quarter, these
8:32 am
numbers, of course, are released by chinese communist party, we are getting you march housing starts out on the screen right now, better than what we saw in terms of expectations building permits higher by 2.7%, we are looking at that. as a lower than estimate on building permits closing arguments are set for monday in der chauvin trial. cheryl: a lot in corporate he derrick chauvin zig not to testify invoking 5th amount rights judge denying request to present new evidence from blood test on george floyd judge says he is going to call a mistrial if prosecution even hints of bringing in new documents, chauvin faces up to 40 years in prison if con vikings hotels on las vegas
8:33 am
strip help wanted sign look for front desk workers cleerngs, las vegas like destinations taking a hit in pandemic, the number of visits to vegas jumping almost 19% from january to february of this year. >> have looks like hunter biden beautiful things is a flop. the memoir from president biden's son selling just 11,000 copies first week on shelves -- the book selling over 4 2000 copies you are in one spot a pr bush from hunter biden and publisher experience on cbs jimmy kimmel podcasts, tougher to use loyalty points, the airline lowering value of rapidly regards points now require customers use 6% more points per flight ticket this change as bit of a surprise to
8:34 am
loyal commerce especially when other airlines providing more incentives, to fly than before they want you out there suitcases southwest air also we are going to skip earnings -- next week for you headlines from the newsroom. maria: thank you so much combating china in first in-person meeting with foreign leader president biden planning to send a quote clear signal to china in discussions with the japanese prime minister at the white house today, tensions with beijing escalating with chinese military sending 25 warplanes into taiwanese airspace on monday, intelligence communities annual threat assessment pointing to beijing as greatest threat to the united states something my next guest said several years joining me former secretary of state fox news contributor mike pompeo great to see you this morning thanks very much for being here. >> maria great to be with you
8:35 am
-- >> taiwan u.s. navy worried china will invaded taiwan a year before beijing olympics what are your thoughts for possibly invasion of taiwan how united states would deal with that. >> we only need to on there what xi jinping says about taiwan, he wants to bring taiwan, inside of china talks about reinvocation not that we know never part of mine landed china but made a commitment keeps moving timeline forward comments, to admiral davison with risk of military attack we should all take seriously need to prepare do that in administration multiple wais one to work with allies i am pleased to see president biden meeting with prime minister suga good dedicating japanesecare deeply about tie taiwan islands important grfk
8:36 am
feert to understands moving on taiwan great risk to japanese as well we can bull coalitions support taiwan providing defensive weapon systems kinds of things that will lead to deterrence against china if united states donate demonstrate revolve chinese much more likely to take action that will put taiwanese people at risk. >> your of those things made great cued of so-called quad our allies in terms of cohesive support pushes back on bad behavior of china what do you want to see with japanese prime minister what kind of language are you expecting what would you hope to hear from joe biden as it tries to solicit support from that quad including japan, begins china's bad behavior? >> many things he can do, he we should talk about publicly not just you privately, we should talk about the threat we should be honesty about
8:37 am
that world should know what chinese communist party is up to why it is they are pursuing when we do that clarity trump administration had is public possibility to deter chinese communist party greeter, i hope the economic relationships between, the united states japan continue to grow japan relies on china for many exports we need to make sure japan has other outlets for products, and, frankly, why the quad was so important you mentioned that earlier maria, between yindians australians japanese o you ourselves big economies there is ample opportunity to make clear the chinese communist party we need fair reciprocal trade not kowtowing to chinese chinese simply because they buy a few trinkets. >> i think important what about policy, i am looking right now at strategic competition act of 2021, chuck schumer is working on one source yesterday said to me why aren't we leveraging the
8:38 am
capital markets more? with regard to the sanctioning of russia still tons of russian assets in etfs capital markets same with china i know trump administration tried to push forth the idea don't invest in chinese companies, because they are tied to chinese military, should this administration and congress be using that leverage point more in terms of the capital markets? >> two things, first the answer is clearly yes, we began the process began to very lease require chinese companies that were investing here using our capital markets, to have to diso close same things earn company did for years chinese companies had hp preferential treatment it was nuts we began to reverse that there is awfully lot more to do, second, american companies investing in china need to know political risks were attached
8:39 am
to that they are they talk social justice you have to care before human being the genocide taking place day in western part of that nation, rivals what was taking place in world in 190's every company needs to take this seriously. maria: but i want to move on to iran middle east in a moment but first you know president biden has talked about the coronavirus, being the number one priority of his administration, and then we learn this listen to exchange between fox peter doocy and president, watch. >> -- you have to act -- through china may be misled the world at the beginning. >> no -- i have not had that conversation with president xi. thank you. >> i have not had that conversation with president xi. my question is why not? why aren't we asking china about of coronavirus your thoughts. >> i cannot understands this i don't know how you have a
8:40 am
conversation with the chinese communist party without confront about wuhan virus that spread around the world at the very lease, because when they first learned about it knew that there was real human-to-human transmission they covered it up authoritarian regimes do we can't let them get away with it. to think our president administration may not have confronted chinese about it an enormous mistake not only in making them accountable for what they did to the world past year now year an change but continued risk from laboratories biosafety is terrible, dangerous the risk of something like this happening again is very real our president needs to confront that. >> he really does we are waiting on that, we will keep spotlighting it, clearly, we know it is wuhan virus now not even allowed to say wuhan virus even though that is where it will originated in a lab. >> he announce increased yu
8:41 am
uranium to 60% following attack on sunday talks between iranian officials global leaders how striking is it, that they are trying to negotiate a churn to the 2015 nuclear deal and do so in meeting and don't even invite united states to that meeting. what does a that say about u.s. leadership biden wants u.s. in nuclear deal with iran. >> the president biden chosen to side with european allies against israel,the gulf states fundamental interests securing their region creating peace stability there anxiousness to get back into this terrible nuclear deal demonstrated to iranians frankly we have no course of leverage when you lift sunshine on houthis, you begin to allow foreigner exchange reserves to flow in iran demand you come to the table so iranians come back offer monday iranians chuckle
8:42 am
they chuckle because if cove coercive levin taken away no reason to change direction of travel they know one day a path to continue terror threats against israel ultimately to nuclear weapon as well. maria: is this going to undo incredible deals you were able to negotiate with several countries normalizing he relations with israel? certainly creates living in that i don't think those deals are coming unglued can't because remarkable leaders israel -- united arab embrits in best interests we are seeing economics work do great things together i think will hang together because right thing for the region it is sad we could have more deals if we had american administration that was supportive of them.
8:43 am
maria: let me squeeze this in other deals you negotiating southern border vice president kamala harris speaking with ladders from mexico and guatemala this week saying she soon will visit those countries to get to the so-called root causes of the migrant crisis, you did those deals, in terms of remain in mexico dealing with central network so we could actually get our arms around this crisis at the border, and you were successful, what advice to have you for this administration about the border crisis, sir? >> so that that was easy go back to policies we put in place i am confident central american countries, guatemala, honduras mexican government would welcome that made it work took 16 months, to negotiate deals remain in mexico, and protocols surgeoning to get mexicans to two their part when we did turned off -- in united states protected american sovereignty got it right avoided incredible humanitarian crisis on southern border this was
8:44 am
easy simply didn't revert to policies in place in this flow, this as iny national security crisis horrible absence of sovereignty southern border we can return where we were before biden administration nipped switch provide people to come across our border created enormous crisis for us as well. >> former secretary of state mike pompeo great to talk with you we so appreciate your time thank you, sir. we will see you soon. >> this you maria have a good day. >> mike pompeo joining us we will be right back you as well. thank you, sir. . ped me pay off twenty-three thousand dollars of credit card debt. they helped me consolidate all of that into one low monthly payment. they make you feel like it's an honor for them to help you out. i went from sleepless nights to getting my money right.
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maria: a massive melt non stocks underway the dow record territory this morning again up 71 points nasdaq up 35, s&p 500 up 9 points joining me right now anderson capital management chief investment officer peter anderson great to see you thanks for joining us i know you have been participating in great really with amazing 42% and 41% returns last two years respectively what are you invested in last time on here talking about 2020, i said most difficult challenging year, i am also finding 2021 being difficult in the sense that the markets aren't really acknowledging a lot of growth stocks that have kind of been left behind in the rally so i am investing in the same
8:49 am
stocks, that i did last year, as they come in, and they are, in my opinion, deeply undervalued now we've seen this big rotation, into value versus growth i think really unfounded. >> so you think you want to go back and -- and double down on growth here even though valuations are up the lord i groups in 2020, right? >> um-hmm they were the leadership groups in 2020 as we turn the calendar to 2021, many of these leaders actually ticket on the chin. weren't just left behind in rally actual traded up let supply common sense here let me mention some sectors, almost as if people are saying because the lockdown has reached its zenith off lockdown not taking care of pets that is simply not true,
8:50 am
same thing with data security, right? data security always going to be focused on whether or not we get hacked, so, some of these stocks acting as if we are back up these themes moving to other themes i just don't think that is valid. >> what about those companies tied to the economic recovery cyclicals often fall in bucket of value what about that group because we are seeing an economy that is doing quite well recovering from lackdown estimates call for gdp growth 2021 up 9%. >> absolutely. and i am not -- totally discounting value but i do think it is better understood to look at some of these growth names that were just off the revise each more one interesting thing i saw i was shocked about, was last
8:51 am
quarter, the lowest dollar price stocks rallied maria not lowest value like p/e or any kind of price to sales but just pure dollar, to me doesn't make much sense does it you want to look at a stock for its basic valuation not fact trading at low dollar poisons i think a lot of they focus is i misdirected. >> on bitcoin that is misdirected down following turkish central bank news will ban use of cryptocurrency as a form of payment your reaction to this do you where are you on crypto? >> very, very negative, also a have been for two reasons, we can talk about policy which is what you were referring to turkey but also just medics of crypto i challenge any analyst out there, to be able to fully explain in layperson terms how you mine for bitcoin i spent
8:52 am
hours looking at this very, very complicated i think people are getting in way over their heads when they look at cryptocurrency. maria: yeah and yet it is up 60 -- at 60,000 dollars gofying good to see you we will keep watching all that thank you, sir. . we'll be right back. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ comfort in the extreme. ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs. living with insulin requiring type 1 or 2 diabetes? how does no daily insulin injections sound? omnipod delivers insulin through a tubeless, waterproof pod. and the best part.. no more daily injections! plus, omnipod is covered by most medicare part d plans.
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of $19.95. and if you order today, we'll also include free shipping. still not sure? then we're eliminating the risk. try the aerotrainer in your home for 60 days. if for any reason you don't want to keep it, we'll give you a super easy refund. we'll even cover the return shipping. this is a limited time offer, so go to to get the body you want with aerotrainer. maria: welcome back. time for morning buzz getting vaccinated in style, miller lite releases limited edition t-shirt one sleeve leaves free arm for a shot 10 dollar t-shirt in right or lefty options go proceeds to u.s. are bartenders, i like where money is going. >> a better option open the
8:56 am
bars let us drink, and tip, like we have bottomless wallets i like how beer companies are using the vaccine to market themselves. but these t-shirts, in in about six or eight months like i got vaxxed so did we we are -- going to forget covid at least the time we've been under onerous lockdowns. >> that is a good point james what do you think you up for one of these shirts. >> always open for miller lite, as far as shirts not sure they understand the customer i have a sense that -- at least, among the miller lite drinkers i know panic about covid ended a long time ago. >> that is right, all right. we will take a break when we come back more "mornings with maria" live on fox business,
8:57 am
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maria: welcome back. thank you to dagan mcdowell and james free when. have a great weekend. dagen: you to. maria: we will see you next week. i will see you tonight on wall street. "varney & co." begins right now. take it away, stu. a. stuart: good. even the most casual observer would surely have to complete -- say this economy is a rocketship in this market is indeed melting up. even those of us who have been around a very long time are surprised, perhaps even shock that was going on. i'm going to reduce this to dollars and cents, the money tells the story. look at this. since january 1, the value of all publicly traded stocks has gone up by an enormous $4.5 trillion, that's just this cal


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