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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 15, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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skies. thanks very much, bryan. that does it for us on "fox business tonight," tonight. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: looks like a big fight breaking out in the democrat party. house speaker nancy pelosi now says, she quote, has no plans to bring to the floor a vote a new bill from the democrats to pack the supreme court for more liberal justices. even the late justice ruth bader ginsburg, democrats harry reid, even biden said no, don't pack the court. tonight we've got ed whalen a former clerk for justice scalia and harmeet dhillon, ted wheeler, republican senator kelly love letter, david webb,
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ford o'connell, congressman burgess owens. the debate in the supreme court. is this democrat push looking like an endless hall of mirrors? what might seem for democrats now could be great eventually for republicans down the road. democrats again try to stretch the definition of infrastructure claiming even the supreme court is just like bridges and roads. also tonight, chicago bracing for potential riots. police released bodycam footage of a police shooting of a 13-year-old boy. we've got the story. minneapolis preparing for potential fifth night of protest. the police officer charged with shooting dante wright makes her first court appearance a local sheriff said more than 120 arrested in riots brooklyn center suburb, they don't live in the. they're not residents. the fbi has multiple investigations into antifa
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rioters for violent attacks. antifa is believed to be in this minneapolis suburb. top senate democrat chuck schumer is trying to change the senate rules to push through the biden agenda. this, a growing number of labor union workers, no, we don't want biden's green energy jobs and his infrastructure plan. this breaking out, former gop governor chris christie, play hardball, go after biden for quote, lying that is a direct quote. we have an update on the growing fight inside of black lives matter over the cofounder's real estate shopping spree. plus this new brawl, did you see it? happened in the house, between republican jim jordan, democrat maxine waters and dr. fauci t was a fight over lockdowns. also we've got another democrat breaking lockdown rules. also tonight, we're going to he will you what is missing in the border crisis debate. it is a big violent problem that is hitting major u.s. cities
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nationwide. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. back with us now look who is here, former d.c. police detective ted williams. ted, talk about chicago. by the way, good to see you again. chicago mayor lori lightfoot begging for calm and for peaceful protests. they released bodycam footage of a 13-year-old adam toledo last month. looks like what happened, the local media in chicago reporting on it. police found a gun at the scene that this 13-year-old did raise his hand. didn't look like he had a gun in his hands but there was a gun thrown nearby. it happened within less than a second, this shooting. reaction to this story? >> well, hi, liz. i can tell you there are more questions than answers as pertains to the shooting of this
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13-year-old child, adam toledo. when you look at the fact that the law enforcement officers were called to that area as a result of gunfire. they get into the area. they see two people running, a 21-year-old and adam toledo, this 13-year-old. they tackle the 21-year-old. adam toledo continues to run. a police officer runs after him. he was alleged to initially said, that toledo turned around with the gun and the police officer shot him in the chest. he later died. there has been some versions that have now changed to say that he didn't have the gun when he turned around. that he had his hands in the air. i got to tell you, they have to do a complete investigation. he remember, liz, many years ago when we covered the laquan mcdonald there in chicago where police officers lied, said that laquan mcdonald came at them when in fact the video showed that he was shot in cold
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blood by a police officer there. so there are a lot of questions that have to be answered in that case. elizabeth: we hear you. you know, it should be pointed out, you and i talked about this too, chicago is seeing historic gun violence. so we're going to stay on that story. watch the developments, report the developments on this. let's turn to brooklyn center, a suburb of minneapolis. the officer in the fatal shooting of dante wright, kimberly potter makes her first court appearance. she is facing 10 years in prison. wright was pulled over for expired license tags. they said he was being arrested over a weapons warrant charge and facing a first-degree aggravated robbery charge. he allegedly choked a woman at gunpoint, to rob her of $820. the parents are saying he was a good kid. they are questioning what weren't down in this case.
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walk us through the chain of events? what happened? >> sadly the chain of events there was an aggravated robbery of a black woman with allegedly dante wright and his, and another gentleman. they were supposed have choke ad woman. took her money t was $820 had been taken. allegedly, he was charged in that. there was another charge of misdemeanor charge of carrying a pistol without a license. well that is the charge that the, the warrant was put out. so when the police officers stopped him, they stopped him for a traffic violation. as a result of that, they did some things that were wrong. they kept him at the edge of the car where he could get back in the car and leave, where they should have taken him to the back of the car to try to handcuff him. as a result of that, one of the police officers, a 26 year veteran, officer potter,
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kimberly potter, who had trained other officers, pulled the wrong weapon and she wound up shooting and killing mr. wright. as a result of that, she is now charged with second degree manslaughter, which carry as 10-year penalty. elizabeth: we should point out abc, "usa today" reporting cases in states across the country where police officers mistakenly thought their guns were taser. we're seeing 16 cases since the "year one." i want to talk about rioting going on here in brooklyn center. the sheriff there, david hutchinson, majority of 120 people arrested in the protests so far, they're not from the area. they're not residents. they don't live there. people are feeling terrorized in the suburbs. we're seeing reports. the fbi director said yeah, the bureau is investigating violent rioting attacks of antifa. they are in the minneapolis
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suburb, throwing rocks at police, trying to blind them with lasers. this is not good what is happening right now, right? >> this is absolutely not good what is happening in brooklyn center. i knew, i have phone out before said there were individuals who were coming in from all over the country to the brooklyn center area there in minnesota. clearly they have their own agendas. they're trying to stir up trouble. they're doing a very good job of it. unfortunately, this is the only time they can get national or media attention be. that is certainly something going on there unfortunately. but i can tell you, liz, the law enforcement officers are really on top of it. they have been doing an excellent job shutting things down last night. elizabeth: yeah. i want to move on to this ashli babbitt. her family and family lawyer putting out a statement. the capitol police officer who shot ashli babbitt not charged by the doj. they're saying this is in self-defense.
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but she was, she was not carying a weapon. looks like when you walk the video, she was not given a warning. tucker carlson asked about this. is this standard procedure not to give a warning to, to shoot people without warning? so that is what is happening? that is okay in washington? what do you think, ted? >> i think it is somewhat debatable as whether she was given a warning or not. but the problem you have in this case is, that she was breaking into the capitol. god knows i don't want anybody to lose their life but under the circumstances here that the fact that the capitol police officer was protecting, quote, unquote the lives of others he could take the deadly force action. elizabeth: i hear you. >> i'm sorry? elizabeth: no, go ahead. finish your thought. >> no, it is my understanding that the family are
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contemplating a filing a civil lawsuit. good luck with that in the district of columbia. i can clearly tell you as a lawyer you have defenses. those defenses are contributory negligence, assumption of the risk. what ms. babbitt was allegedly trying to do get through a window at the capitol when she was shot. that is very unfortunate. it is tragic but i don't think her and her family will unfortunately collect money. elizabeth: critics who saw the video, feel he was shot in cold blood. she didn't have a gun on her. he didn't try to take her aside. the question, shouldn't taxpayers get to know who this police officer is? you know what i mean? people need to know who killed ashli babbitt? >> liz, you're absolutely right about something you're saying here. i think the taxpayers should be given a copy of the entire report. i think it should be made public. and so, so everyone can see.
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i don't know so much about whether they need to know the particular name of that police officer because we certainly don't want him harassed but on the other hand, i think there needs to be more transparency in what happened at the capitol that led to the police officer not being charged. elizabeth: ted williams, good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. elizabeth: we've got ed whelan, a former clerk for justice scalia. big fight in the democratic party. house speaker nancy pelosi shutting down plans to bring to the floor a new bill from democrats to pack the supreme court. to get more liberal justices on the supreme court. the push is on. the democrats want the supreme court to sign off on what they want. even after late justice ruth bader ginsburg, harry reid, even biden said don't do this. we have this top fight next. ♪
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bounce forward, with comcast business. ♪. elizabeth: joining us now a former clerk to justice scalia. he is ed whalen. great to have you on. >> great to be here. elizabeth: what was your reaction when you saw house democrat jerry nadler, senator ed markey, trying to get a new bill forward to pack the supreme court with liberal justices, adding four justices possibly
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biden would nominate put on there via the senate. it is 50-50 in the senate. house speaker pelosi says she has no intention moving forward this. it seems it will be entombed in bide's commission. what do you think about this? >> court packing is a textbook example of a partisan attack on the rule of law and the judiciary. it is amazing and appalling that anyone would be supporting this. that said right now it is a feeble effort on the part of a handful of democrats. you have a bill introduced in the senate by ed markey that is a sign of weakness, not strength. and i think it is clear that the leftists who are pushing this are trying to show some sign of life for this proposal, given that president biden's, commissioner he set up clearly is not going to be interested in this. i think this is really a way to
6:17 pm
agitate the base of the democratic party. elizabeth: yeah. we hear what you're saying. we know what it feels like. you don't, you're not winning by the old rules. change entire institutions to get what you want. just feels like that. because now, ed, we have one democrat saying, you know what? it should be at least 13 justices. so what, when does it end? 1300 justices? you know what i mean? by the way, republicans could take advantage of this too down the road. i don't get this infinity hall of mirrors they're talking about. go ahead, ed. >> absolutely. they would destroy the supreme court in the process of trying to steal it. you're exactly right, there would be repeated escalations over the years. the strategists proposing this never seem to have looked more than one step down the road. this would be incredibly damaging to the legitimacy of the supreme court and, that is why it is in fact so deeply
6:18 pm
unpopular among a broad swath of the democratic party. elizabeth: ed whalen, you were great. thanks for joining us. appreciate your sights. >> thank you, my pleasure. elizabeth: sure. welcome top rnc official, harmeet dhillon who is also an attorney. great to see you. democrats are mad trump got to appoint three conservatives to the supreme court. one democrat is saying supreme court is also infrastructure. the supreme court is roads and bridges. that is their definition. what is your take on this whole argument? >> well the supreme court does meet in a building, so i guess that is infrastructure more so than some of the other things democrats are claiming as infrastructure. this is ludicrous as ed said in the piece, this is partisan, fairly weak partisan attempt, given that former justice ginsburg and current
6:19 pm
justice breyer are against this, a lot of democrats know this is dead on arival, 54% of the american people in polls have expressed disfavor with making this type of change to the court. so this is just theater to pander to tear base. i don't think anything will happen to the supreme court. that doesn't mean if a couple of senators switch sides on the filibuster, that they might not be emboldened but again it would be disasterous for this country. it is time for americans to stand up to say, infrastructure, what it traditionally means. it isn't just remaking america in your partisan mold with disasterous consequences for future of this country. elizabeth: even president biden at one point said it was boneheaded terrible idea. he criticized fdr trying to do it. nancy pelosi says she supports biden's commission to study supreme court packing, packing the court. that commission, jonathan turley points out, a lot of professors on that commission, harmeet were
6:20 pm
against brett kavanaugh's combination and appointment. what do you say? >> right. we had some of the most frankly dumb members of congress have a press conference they said justice kavanaugh was incompetent and unqualified. they couldn't even carry his briefcase in a law firm if they were lawyers in the firm this type of nasty partisan fear-mongering and attacking is really out of place. frankly out of place when any side does it and that civility that we've had in the law, certainly in politics has gone away. i testified in front of house judiciary by the way. a lot of lawyers on that committee. jerry nadler and others making the most despicable displays of themselves in the name of judiciary and law. so, it is not a good scene. we need to step back to figure out what is best for this country whether you're democrat or republican. nancy pelosi doesn't really care about that. she does care about the polls. polls show making any changes to the supreme court would be a
6:21 pm
bad, bad move for democrats, lead to reversals at the polls in the next election cycle. elizabeth: okay. harmeet dhillon, good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. elizabeth: coming up this story, top senate democrat chuck schumer again trying to change senate rules to push through the biden agenda. chris christie is telling republicans, play hardball. start pointing out president biden's quote, this is a quote, lies. that president biden is lying. we have the story next.
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♪. elizabeth: look who is here, former georgia senator kelly loeffler. so great to have you on, senator. now we have chuck schumer, he is again trying to say to senators, listen, get rid of the filibuster to get the biden agenda threw without any republican votes. you need 60 votes to get rid of a filibuster. he is putting the arm on senators to change the rules. what do you think? >> well this is exactly what we warned about in about our senate race they would fundamentally change america. they would eliminate the filibuster. which means they will take away the voice of the minority. this is something that even joe biden said as a senator should not happen. this is the ultimate in cancel culture. i sincerely hope the senate won't succumb to the cancel culture. this is the premier venue in our country for debate, negotiation.
6:26 pm
it is the saucer that keeps the tea cup from boiling over. i hope we hold that back. because it means so much to america. elizabeth: yeah. we hear what you're saying. so you know, we hear them, you know, this thing about changing the rules. then you see the misleading claims about the infrastructure spending, about you know, the taxes in it, all we found a bunch of misleading claims. now we have former new jersey governor chris christie today saying to republicans, you know what? go after president biden for quote, lying. he is saying play hardball. what do you think of that? >> i totally agree, liz. look what is going on here. they titled this infrastructure bill a jobs act. it's a job-crushing act. it would not only crush jobs, and the economic recovery underway for months. secretary buttigieg had to lie about the jobs it created. we have to call him out on that. not just the president that is
6:27 pm
lying. look, americans deserve to know the facts about this infrastructure bill. it would not only destroy jobs but destroy our energy independence. it is not just economic security but national security. we need to be talking about what they're trying to do. they're trying to transform our economy. >> a socialist platform and that is what we talked about during our campaign. people said no, that is not what is happening. look at it, things like raising taxes, more government control, central planning. they want to have medicaid expansion, $400 billion for that. but only if you're going to become unionized. they're trying to use this radical spending bill to transform america. president biden has been outlying about georgia's election integrity bill. that cost georgians a 100 million-dollar opportunity to host the mlb. that is based on his lies. not just his lies.
6:28 pm
stacy stacy abram, rafael warnock who used the lies to do fund-raising. we need to call out the lies. elizabeth: republicans say the democrats are trying to kitchen sink everything in this infrastructure bill, ram it through with one vote, no gop votes behind it, a simple majority. republicans are saying, this is interesting, cut biden's plan 3/4, 600 billion, 700 billion, that is what the actual bill would spend on traditional infrastructure, bridges, roads, airports. they're saying stick to that. >> that's right. that is common sense. americans want infrastructure that works for them. good roads, bridges, airports, ports. that certainly means so much to our economy here in georgia. as americans get back to work, they want to know the infrastructure is there, rural broadband, things that make our economy run. the private sector is creating jobs at a rapid pace. we had our lowest unemployment claims report since the pandemic began a year ago.
6:29 pm
we need to continue on that. the government will crowd out with the needless spending that will harm jobs in the economic recovery. we have to make sure that we protect the private sector. let those jobs come back to provide that infrastructure. and we know that epw in the senate last year passed across, bipartisan unanimously a infrastructure bill that would provide for that very platform for american, for our recovery here. elizabeth: you know, senator, union workers told npr they don't want, they don't believe the green energy jobs in this infrastructure plan. they don't want to start over in a new trade. they risk losing their pensions and their benefits. the salaries for these green jobs, one study said on average is $12,000 annually less. that is a lot of money for these workers. it takes less factory workers to make things like electric engines versus traditional engines that run on petroleum. the union workers see what is
6:30 pm
coming. but democrats are saying you can go code? or making false claims how unions can create green energy jobs. take a listen to this, senator. i would like you to get your reaction on democrats here. watch this. >> anybody can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, for god's sake. >> what president biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices. that they have alternatives. that they can be the people who go to work to make the solar panels. >> that will require skilled work, union work, and i think those kinds of jobs are among the millions of jobs that are being created. elizabeth: a lot of misleading stuff. china dominates solar panels. what is your reaction senator. good to have you on again. what do you think? >> this bill will ship jobs to china. it is cautionary that includes $40 billion for displaced workers. that tells you all you need to know about the number of workers
6:31 pm
it tends to displace in our country. this bill is absolutely wrong for america. elizabeth: wow. so it has taxpayer payouts for people whose lose their jobs for shift to green energy. that is important point. kelly loeffler good to have you on. come back soon. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: we're coming into the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. still ahead fox news contributor david webb, look at this, now black lives matter is fighting amongst themselves over the cofounder's real estate shopping spree. david webb next. >> just go and earn the money the right way. go be creative. be innovative. be in the economy. be innovative get the money for yourself but don't demonize capitalism.
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6:36 pm
now black lives matter is fighting amongst themselves. the national organization is threatening legal action against the new york city brac lives matter hawk newsom. he called for an audit of their finances to quote, see where the money is going after the cofounder went on a real estate buying spree. what do you say to this infighting in black lives matter? >> well, hawk newsom, the new york founder of black lives matter chapter in 2016, welcome to the fact you're not in the club. patrisse cullors is a great marxist. admitted it to the count very and to the world. in marxism, a few rise to the top but everyone else is on the road so serfdom. they took in $191,000 in 2019. she went out and spent it like a good little marxist. this is what is really tragic about this also. all these companies, these
6:37 pm
corporations, these woke corporations, these virtue signaling rich people around the country, gave this money to an organization that hasn't done anything of any substance with it, to actually deal with issues with blacks, whether you agree or disagree with the principles and i certainly disagree with what their approach is and their principles. they haven't done a thing with it. where are the black people in america been helped by patrisse cullors or black lives matter? elizabeth: she bought four houses worth 3.2 million. says she is against capitalism. blacks lives matter, the national group said none of its resources went towards those purchases. black lives matter chapters, you raised 90 million bucks. we're asking for a audit and look-see. the new york city official, hawk newsom, black lives matter, got
6:38 pm
cease and desist matter stop using black lives matter name. the national group doesn't have a copyright to the name. she is saying wow talking about a fate over the name and not the use of funds? that is what they're fighting about. >> it is about power around control. they want to control this. patrisse cullors, alicia garza, they want to own this space and keep it. they now call it the global foundation because they have expanded into the uk and others. what they are is they're the, think about the al sharpton shakedown on steroids. instead of going to bank lobbies, they're going to corporations. they have got companies like the one i work for, siriusxm, committing money, millions over years to social justice causes. nabisco, all these other companies that are woke and who is asleep? all of the people who actually are supposed to be watching this money. they know where it is. they're not sharing and hawk newsom, you're out of luck
6:39 pm
because you're not in the club. elizabeth: you know, of course civil rights, of course protest peacefully but we're talking about companies seeing their retail stores get destroyed in these protests in neighborhoods across the country where those neighborhoods will not come back for a generation. you saw what happened with detroit and watts. it takes a really long time to recover after these protests when you burn things to the ground. so black lives matter has never disavowed that kind of activity, david. your final word. >> they have never disavowed it. the difficulty will be can anyone sue them because they're amorphous? this is one of the reasons they don't trademark or service mark. it's a legal separation but it would be interesting to see if someone could take them to court, at least test the theory of the responsibility for what they have promoted, that is destroyed and caused literally billions of dollars of damage
6:40 pm
nationwide. elizabeth: all right. david when, good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> great to see you, emac. elizabeth: next up gop strategist ford o'connell on the brawl in the house today between republican jim jordan and democrat maxine waters and dr. fauci t was a fight over lockdowns. also we have this, another democrat breaking lockdown rules. the story next. ♪.
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♪. >> reclaiming my time. claiming my time. >> regular order. regular order. >> mr. chairman, mr. chairman i don't want you to answer my question. the american people want dr. fauci to answer the question. what does this -- >> expire, sir. >> you need to respect the share and shut your mouth. elizabeth: okay, welcome to the show, republican strategist ford o'connell. let's break this down. that was maxine waters being demonstrably rude to ohio
6:45 pm
republican jim jordan. the media is already whipsawing this and not reporting the facts. jim jordan was trying to get dr. fauci to answer at what exact number of u.s. national coronavirus cases will lockdowns be lifted? he avoided it. he dodged it. instead democrats shut all of this down. so we're not having an honest debate. instead we're hearing dr. fauci say which everybody knows, 560,000 people are dead from covid-19. we have got millions of businesses and millions of people out of work because of destructive democrat incompetent lockdowns. this debate is not being told truthfully to the american people. what do you say, ford? >> well, i do think that things are getting a little chippy on capitol hill, but to your point the question that jim jordan is raising, essentially when is it can americans go back to normal. when can americans open up outside of my home state of florida? really americans want to know what is ahead. right now it seems that
6:46 pm
democrats don't want to go forward to explain what is in the future because they like the lockdown. it gives them political power to regulate americans and americans lives in ways they never dreamed of. elizabeth: americans don't want to be told what to do and an incompetent lockdown year when 10 million people were out of work. we had children malnourished, not in school, not being schooled properly. how can anybody fathommably think in their right mind everything that went on was okay? we have do as i say not as i do, democrat. michigan health and human services she is cracking down on covid violations. you got to stay home. she goes on vacation to alabama. she is the one saying fine this and that person for violating governor whitmer's lockdowns rules. whitmer says don't travel. now she has two officials breaking her rules.
6:47 pm
go ahead, ford. >> yeah. i was going to say that is again, michigan apparently the rules don't apply to the government officials and the elite, progressive governors whitmer administration but they do to the average ordinary folks. that is completely frustrating particularly when you understand michigan has the highest number of per capita covid cases in the entire country. this is a situation where they're undermining their own credibility because michigan, they say they're trying to fight something. then you have top officials going on spring break just after they tell everyone, hey, guess what, don't leave the state. don't do as i do, do as i say. elizabeth: i don't know. people just don't get it. i mean this hhs state director herself signed off on a state press release, saying don't travel out-of-state, delay travel. stay home. you will fuel covid-19 outbreaks. stay home. don't travel. she goes and travels. the other thing that happened, governor whitaker is trying to
6:48 pm
downplay this, claiming i never had travel restrictions in michigan. she issued executive orders you got to stay home unless you do errands and go to work last year i'm not sure what governor whitaker is talking about here. can you figure this out? >> no, i can't figure this out. you're absolutely right, for a very long time governor whitmer in michigan had most arduous restrictions in the country. october last year the michigan court struck down her authority to do it, yet she still recommended same restrictions going forward this is a case where, it is hypocrisy. they're undermining their own credibility the entire time by engaging in these shenanigans. it is largely progressive leaders around the country, we've seen this, whether cuomo in new york, newsom in california. lori lightfoot in chicago, pelosi in san francisco. the list goes on and on. i just don't think they care. i think they see this largely
6:49 pm
political theater and keeping in place for their own political purposes. elizabeth: you know, ford, we'll look back here, see the constitutional violations. that will be the story. even the crackdown on people going to other people as homes and to their own second homes in the state. people were subject to fines and penalties if they were caught. so, you got to watch the constitutional issues here, ford. because the conservative leaning, well, basically wisconsin supreme court ruled that the democrat governors, that he couldn't limit business capacity without approval from the state legislature. so we're seeing the laws and rules being bent around the country, ford. >> yeah, you're absolutely right. we have basically seen the constitution and individual rights trampled across this country, just trying to make sure that certain covid regulations were adhered to. when we look back at this five years from now we'll not only find this to be the greatest freak out of all time, but one of the greatest destruction of
6:50 pm
individual rights in probably the history of the united states. i'm saying this as someone who had covid very bad last year, also taken the vaccine. elizabeth: we hear you. listen, everybody gets it we have to be safe. but what is going on really, the media needs to question it. ford o'connell. thank for joining us. coming up, we have congressman burgess owens to talk about what is missing in the border crisis debate. it's a big violent problem that is hitting major u.s. cities across the country. congressman burgess owens next. >> the reality is, is that if we do not do everything we can right now we are going to have an unmitigated disaster and a tragedy on our hands. we know with the amount of criminal folks that have been apprehended, we know criminal gangs are coming to the country. the cartels are using this as a opportunity to smuggle more drugs into our country.
6:51 pm
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♪♪ elizabeth: joining us now, congressman burgess with to weapons, congressman, it's great to have you back on the show. you went to the border -- it's good to see you, go ahead. >> liz, good talking again, can't wait to have this conversation again, for sure. elizabeth: yes, it's good to have you on.
6:55 pm
you saw the crisis firsthand at the border. what did you see? nancy pelosi says there's no problem, biden is being solution-oriented. what did you see? >> first of all, it's very hard for any of them to speak to this if they're not showing up themselves. i saw chaos. i saw 19,000 little babies, kids as young as 7 years old, no guardianship, no parents, and they're sitting there on the floor looking up trying to figure out what's going to happen next. they're being used by the cartel because no one makes that trip without paying the price. we're seeing very simply, and i want to make this point. for those who don't understand the blitz, you throw everything but the kitchen sink to get at that quarterback. they're trying to conquer everything but the border, and as we talk about packing the court, nationalizing our vote, the debt, and that keeps us from thinking about these thousands
6:56 pm
of people coming through the border with no vetting whatsoever. 1.2 million folks that we don't know who they are, 180,000 unaccompanied children, liz, that are being abused along the way, many will never make it, and we have a president and a vice president who do not have the capacity, the come passion, the empathy to come down and see that this should not be happening. it was heart-wrenching to see these little babies, these little kids being used and abused by the cartel and nothing's being done by it. with it. elizabeth: yeah, it's so, it's such a shocking story. we have also this: the problem hitting u.s. cities while we've got antifa riots going on and while we have this defund the police, it's the drug cartels are really moving fast into u.s. cities. this shocking story, high school teacher in north carolina, barney harris, killed in a shootout in north carolina last
6:57 pm
week with the largest, most powerful drug operation in the western hemisphere, the sinaloa cartel. reports that he went to a mobile home park to get, to steal money and reportedly drugs from this cartel stashhouse, and then he was shot dead. he was a basketball coach. but, you know, congressman, we've been reporting this since last year, talking to the dea. this drug cartel's main hub is atlanta, secondary hubs in charlotte and in raleigh. they transport drugs along the interstatements up and down the east -- interstates up and down the east coast corridor. so we've got a major drug problem with these cartels in the u.s. what do you say? >> not only that, we're complicit because they're making over half a billion dollars per month trafficking people, boys, girls, women. and we're not even attempting to stop them. a lot of these children, by the way, are coming through with numbers. we are dealing with a very evil force, and we have a president right now who's not even
6:58 pm
interested in it, liz. and i want the parents out there, grandparents to realize, what would you do if it was your kid, your grandkids? we sit back and allow this to happen to these beautiful, vulnerable children and women and allow it to happen just because they don't want us to pay attention to it. this is the real deal. don't let the blitz -- the other things we're doing, we'll take care of that in time through the courts, but right now the border is our most vulnerable place, unevented, and within another year or so, they're going to try to change our culture. not the american compassion culture, but one that's dealing with evil. elizabeth: yeah or, we hear you. the other thing we're showing right now is drug cartels are really slamming the u.s. with fentanyl from china. this is from the "wall street journal." we're seeing double-digit increases in opioid and sin synthetic opioid deaths, the west coast, las vegas, san francisco, those cities. and then we've got ms-13 still
6:59 pm
active. here in new york we've got four gang members, ms-13, taken into custody here in new york city. the police officers are watching them out of far rockaway, queens. they had a suspicious looking item, it was a woman's body wrapped in a blanket. we've still got ms-13 problems. your final word on that. >> we have a government right now that's complicit, couldn't care less, because they're trying to get their power. let's wake up, friends. let's not let this happen to the most vulnerable people. we cannot let the price be abuse. cannot allow that to happen. elizabeth: so what do you plan to do next, congressman? final word. >> we're going to, first of all, bring attention to this, with all the other things they're coming at us with, but let's make sure we keep their feet to the fire and not let them use the vulnerable immigrants coming through to empower the cartels and to hurt the american people here. we don't need any more victims. so biden and harris, get to the
7:00 pm
border. elizabeth: got it. >> thank you so much, liz. elizabeth: congressman owens, good to see you. come back soon. congressman burgess owens. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. thank you for watching. we hope you have a good evening. ♪ ♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome back to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow, great to be with you. very good news as we open the show, stock markets hit record highs, retail sales booming, manufacturing booming, unemployment claims plunging, and it looks like we're all going to live happily ever after. now, we're going to talk to some economic gurus later in the show, but i want to take part of their bacon right up front. i need to say once again the only true stimulus plan is the ultra-successful vaccine program launched by president trump's operation warp speed. get


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