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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 13, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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gerry: thank you, ashley. wonder how ashley gets those kind of assignments. blue skies and blue waters. rest of us stuck down wearing masks in the northeast where spring hasn't quite arrived that does it for us on "fox business tonight" for tonight. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight protests break out across america as minneapolis braces for a third potential night of rioting and looting. the minnesota officer who fatally shot dante wright and the chief of police resigning. the officer a 26 year veteran thought she was deploying her taser. dozen of retailers are attacked this is horrific strategy but does it make sense for rioters to destroy the same neighborhoods where they and their family and friends live? is that the answer. on the show former police
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officer ted williams, tom homan, marsha blackburn, deneen borelli, former governor mike huckabee and republican representative cammack and james comer. big backlash against rashida tlaib, recommending an end to all polices just as major cities see a surge in violent crimes including homicides hitting more communities and they have been hit hard by violence. they want police to protect them. rashida tlaib, start with your own district in michigan to see how that goes? a major whopper in the biden administration messaging to ram through 2.25 new infrastructure spending. the whopper, this egregious mistake, it is at the heart of their argument. it is so wrong it calls into question the biden's administration entire case for the big massive infrastructure spend. wait until you see what we found. plus a new big pushback from the
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conservative clergy of color. these are black ministers and pastors. they're now saying to president biden and georgia democrat stacey abrams, quote, stop lying about the georgia vote law this saying quote, there is nothing racist bit, and certainly not jim crow 2.0. conservatives raising rising tide against ever censorship by big tech and media. florida governor ron desantis fighting back. this new controversy a big tech giant, social media giant censored the hunter biden laptop controversy. it is accused of letting dictators and world leaders on to its platform to harass political opponents and mislead the public. we have five dozen democrats calling on president biden end the overcrowded border facilities a does house republicans, they are doctors, former health care workers. they sent a letter to dr. anthony fauci, the president's top medical advisor saying to dr. fauci when will you speak out about the public
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national health emergency of covid-19 at the border? thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. the"the evening edit" starts rit now. ♪. elizabeth: well thanks for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with former d.c. police detective ted williams. we love having you on the show, sir. first reaction to the 26 year veteran who fatally shaut dante wright, the police chief both resigning, in brooklyn center. meant to use the taser. curfew being reinstated. what is your take on that story? >> it is interesting. this 26-year veteran of the brooklyn center police department had served there exemplary until this sad incident in which this man died. i really have called for a complete investigation.
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i wish that it would have played out. it is my understanding that while she has sent in a letter of resignation, that it is not been accepted. that there are members of that community that want her fired, and, as you know, liz, the city manager there also has left the job as well as the chief of police. now i was on this network yesterday and the city manager called for due process for kim porter, the young lady involved in this shooting and it appears that he may have been fired as a result of asking for due process but she deserves due process in this matter. she deserves to be treated fairly. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying, sir. turning to the protests breaking out, potentially nationwide we're seeing actty. inn louisville, kentucky, seattle, washington, d.c., in
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new york city, portland, oregon again. they had 200 protesters throwing fireworks and rocks at police, attacking the local law enforcement builds there. l.a. they called in the national guard. is this the answer? public policy experts, ted, you and i talked about this is the e answer to turn your own neighborhoods you and your family live into a ghost town? retailers when they're attacked they just leave? >> you're absolutely right, liz. i can tell you i covered about every riot you can conceivably think of for fox. i can tell you i covered baltimore during the freddy gray case. one of the sad commentaries the individual rioters went into their own community and destroyed major businesses that they needed to survive in that community. and one of the things that i think your audience needs to know, while we're talking, there are individuals who are traveling in to that brooklyn
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center or district, in order to be in there to create havoc and to help those people along as they attacked their own neighborhoods. that is a sad commentary. elizabeth: yeah, you're right. i mean we see detroit, detroit took decades to recover from their rioting from the '60s and other periods too. i mean so what happens is police get tied up with protesters at their own headquarters in suburbs like brooklyn center. in fact somebody shot a bullet at the headquarter front door. smash ad window. retailers are stranded. talking dollar tree. walmart was attacked. foot locker. riley auto parts. they get stranded. they're destroyed. people say it is like a war zone. >> it is. liz, i think you and your audience asked one question, what does burning down these various buildings, stealing
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looting, what does that have to do with the deaths, the sad tragic death of this young man dante wright? i can ask that for you. absolutely nothing. these are individuals within the community are taking advantage of the death of this young man by doing this rioting and this looting in their own community. that's sad. elizabeth: yeah. you know, detroit police chief james craig was on with us last night. ted, he was mentioning that there is often false stories of police shootings. then that triggers rioting and looting. have you heard that? >> well, yes. and not only that, there are all sorts of false information that are at times unfortunately out of pride put out there in order to get the crowd all in a frenzy and worked up. and i have seen that. i was out in ferguson, missouri. i have been out in cincinnati. i've been in many of these hot
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spots around the country. that is the one common thread. is that there are times instigators will come into these communities. they will stir up that community to a frenzy unfortunately. elizabeth: yeah. we hear you. by the way, you know, you talked about baltimore. we covered that, ted. you were spoke with such integrity about baltimore. president barack obama said no to looting. he said you're acting like felons and criminals if you're doing looting. we ran out of time. we have to get to tom homan. great to have you on. come back soon. let's bring in fox news contributor tom homan. here we've got rashida tlaib, by the way good to see you again. rashida tlaib is demanding an end to all policing. president biden and tim kaine says we'll not go for that but how would that work? >> it won't work. it is just less police means more crime, liz. as far as, it is like these protesters out there you know
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looting stores and attacking other police officers, they lose the message. they lose the message, do they want more police training? do they want people held accountable? that message is lost. the news is covering looting. these people are not protesters. they're criminals. i believe the right of people to poe test for change in law enforcement but there is no justification for committing crimes. there is no justification, zero justification for wanting to defund police or get rid of police. it's a foolish idea. other cities tried it. they have given up on it. it results in more crime. elizabeth: we've seen 20 cities tried it. you're right, we're seeing violence skyrocketing. critics know rashida tlaib is not demanding ending policing in her home district of michigan. she is talking about cutting police budgets. where is the call for talib to stop policing in her home district much michigan?
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>> there will be none. they will take care of their hometowns. as congresswoman they will look for pork barrel budgets to get reelected. you can defund the police if that is what you want to do. it's a foolisher rand. every dollar you take away from the police, means you have less surveillance, less police officers on the job, high response time to get to incidents. there will be less training. the exact opposite what you want from law enforcement. if you think law enforcement needs to train, for instance this terrible shooting maybe they need more training on tasers maybe every three months. feds train every three months on firearms. constant regurgitation of training. to do that you need money. the last thing you do to improve police departments is take money away. that will make the police department also effective and higher crime in that jurisdiction. all you have to look at the data. elizabeth: that is an important point you just made.
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minorities, poor communities, immigrant communities say no, keep the police. they're seeing violent crime on the rise. minneapolis saw its most murders in nearly three decades. even former president barack obama said no. he criticized the defund the police. >> look i've been in law enforcement 34 years and look there, is police officers that make mistakes. there are bad police officers. this recent shooting i watched video i honestly think she made a mistake, grabbed the wrong tool. grabbed a pistol, rather than a taser, didn't realize what she was doing. she needs to be held accountable, right? i've been in law enforcement a long time. these are men and women that serve honorably, 99% of them. they save a hell of a lot more lives than they taken. most cops go through their whole career breaking leather, pulling a gun out and even fewer fire a weapon. i was unfortunately involved in a shooting back when i was a border patrol agent in 1987. i don't care how much straining
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you get. you never are prepared for. a fog, millisecond you have to make a decision to shoot or not shoot. you will question yourself for months afterwards. it is a very difficult situation. the answer is more training, not protesting, not asking to defund the police. not trying to abolish police. it is training, training, training. community relations. elizabeth: we hear you. >> a hard community relations program. elizabeth: we hear you, more training. minorities say keep the police. we're seeing skyrocketing violent crime. cnn's don lemon and chris cuomo ridiculed this defund the police. watch this. >> democratic cities are in chaos right now. is this what you want from joe biden? they're going to take your country away, they're taking down the statues. >> crime is rising. defund the police. >> my gosh, it is so bad.
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elizabeth: well, crime is rising in these cities. so, is that the answer, cnn's take on it, tom homan? final word. >> the answer is support your police. police departments need better community relations. how many people of these rioting ever talked to a policeman? how many had relationships? community relations need to be improved. give police the training, the tools they need to do their job. again i will end with this, more often, more lives are saved by officers, thousands of times more lives are saved than are taken. very few lives are taken by the men and women in blue. elizabeth: it's a painful story. thank you, tom homan. appreciate your insights. thanks for joining us. just ahead, senator marsha blackburn a major new whopper, big mistaker in the biden administration messaging as they try to ram through $2.25 trillion infrastructure spending without republican
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votes. this mistake sits at the heart of their argument. it is so egregiously wrong, it calls into question their entire case for the new infrastructure spending. wait until you see what we're going to report next. sit right there. you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪
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♪. elizabetoining us now we welcome back to the show tennessee republican senator marsha blackburn. great to see you again. let's break down this big major whopper. you heard this, president biden, white house press secretary jen psaki, pete buttigieg, they keep using this phony ranking that claims to show how bad the u.s. is in infrastructure. that the u.s. ranks just 13th globally in quality of infrastructure. but this leaves out population size, land mass, total miles of roads and highways, the number of airports for each country. i mean this feels like major apples to oranges such, what do you say? >> well, it is apples to oranges, my goodness. this is just so upsetting to so many hard-working americans that we have a president that will say, well, the country is not what it used to be. our rankings are terrible on
6:19 pm
infrastructure. go to tennessee. look at what we're doing. we have no debt on our roads but what we see the biden administration doing is instead of an infrastructure bill that is targeted to roads, bridges, highways and interstates and ports and airports and waterways and broadband, what do you hear them doing? they want to talk about human infrastructure. they want to talk about health care infrastructure. they're renaming everything infrastructure saying the title of infrastructure has to evolve and what is it all about? they're up to $2.7 trillion in this bill. it's a boondoggle. it is a liberal wish-list. when they are spending more money on electric vehicles than they are on roads, bridges, highways, interstates, ports, airports, broadband combined.
6:20 pm
all of those combined. this is an issue. elizabeth: okay. that's a big deal what you just said. let's go through it. singapore, netherlands, u.a.e. in terms of land mass on this ranking, this ranking doesn't take into account land mass. those three countries rank higher than the u.s. but they could all fit into louisiana. all three are about the size of texas in terms of population. alabama has more airports than all three of these countries. nevada has more roads and expressways. compared to russia and china that is the right comparison. the u.s. does have better infrastructure in many parts of the country versus those two. but you're right, now according to bernie sanders human beings are infrastructure. so, if they cared about infrastructure why just spend 5% of 2.25 trillion spent on roads and bridges. now we're human infrastructure? what does that mean in terms of how the government is going to approach us?
6:21 pm
>> it means what they're trying to do in order to get their way saying everything is infrastructure but bear in mind we did five birpartisan covid relief bills. we had one partisan covid relief bill. they said everything was covid relief. oh, by the way, less than 10% of the bill actually went to covid relief. the rest of it was their wish-list. and now with this boondoggle after bill, what you've got is everything being termed infrastructure. human beings, ben and jerry's ice cream is going to be infrastructure. you want it in the summertime? it is made by humans. the list goes on and on the way they're approaching this is absolutely ridiculous. and what it does, it is such a disservice to our local communities that want to repair bridges. people that don't want to drive through a floodplain in order to get to work or to school and it
6:22 pm
is a very dishonest approach with the american people. elizabeth: well you know i might go for ice scream as spa get at this and meatballs as infrastructure. just kidding, just kidding. you know, seven democrats, he have seven democrat senators, up to seven of them oppose this bill. chuck schumer saying we'll not negotiate it. it could easily get filibustered. so you know, then by the way we also have another mistake. wyoming republican senator johnn barrasso is saying the biden administration is complaining about public train and transit system in wyoming. they don't have public train systems. amtrak has not been in wyoming since 1997. how about getting america back and open? one in seven americans saying
6:23 pm
they're worse off than a year ago because of pandemic. johnson & johnson jab creating blood clots. how about just focusing on that? >> well i have to tell you in tennessee this past weekend, that is what i heard from person of a person. they do not want high speed trains to nowhere. what they want is to get people back to work, children back to school and life back to normal and time and again i heard from people, why don't you focus on the basics? let's get the roads and bridges repaired. let's let people work on those. let's see if we get the southern border secured, the southern wall, that border wall, that is infrastructure. you know what? you've got components to complete that wall, laying out there in the dirt on our side of the border, the equipment is sitting idle. let's put people to work and finish that wall. let's get the keystone pipeline in gear.
6:24 pm
elizabeth: that is infrastructure too. okay, tens of thousands of workers. senator marsha blackburn, thanks so much for joining us. blood to see you, having you back on. >> thank you. elizabeth: fox news contributor deneen borelli is on with us. we have pushback from conservative clergy ever color. they're pushing back on stacey abrams quote, stop your lies over the georgia vote law. they're saying there is nothing racist about it. it is certainly not jim crow 2.0. this fiery story, they're pushing back, it is coming up next♪. what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na... ♪ hey hey hey.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now, back with us is fox news contributor deneen borelli. hey, deneen, good to see you again. we have this big pushback from conservative clergy of color. this is group of black ministers and pastors. they took out a full-page in the "atlanta journal-constitution," to say to joe biden and stacey abrams stop lying about the georgia voting law. what do you say to that story? it's a big pushback? >> i think it is great this black conservative clergy group is out there, liz, to push back on the racist propaganda from democrats which i have been doing for many, many, years, liz. you have got to understand democrats play the race card to cover for their failures, their failed policies to divide and to
6:29 pm
distract. now we have president biden, who basically set the tone of racism and jim crow by lying about the new georgia law. he said the hours would be reduced to 5:00 p.m., when they would end the voting, when in fact that is not the case. he lied. so joe biden lied to americans. he lied to black voters. and really what people need to do is just read the law for themselves, liz, to see that they are lying. elizabeth: you know, deneen, you know, our viewers might recall how you and i talked about how you personally have been attacked for the brave positions that you have taken. we've got this too. you know, when we see the pushback on the georgia law and the misleading statements in the media, we now have corporate executives from more than 100 companies talking online this past weekend how to respond to the vote reform laws. they're talking about even
6:30 pm
delaying or boycotting investment in these states reforming voting laws. so possibly even more boycotts could be coming. >> it is absolutely ridiculous. you have these weak ceos afraid of the liberal mob. they're trying to appease them. there is no appeasing the liberal mob. what are the corporations, these ceo's are doing? they're alienating their consumers. they're alienating their employees. they're trying to be activists, trying to fit in, trying to be woke, whatever the term it is today, when in fact they should be standing up, pushing back against this non-sense. again, georgia's law is not a racist law. democrats are on the wrong side of this issue, liz. according to rasmussen reports, 62% of likely voters don't think the voter i.d. laws are discriminatory and 69% of likely black voters support voter i.d.
6:31 pm
laws. democrats are totally on the wrong side of this. elizabeth: yeah. we've got clergy of color saying the truth is that georgia law expands access to the ballot box. puts in place first in law ballot dropboxes. expands early voting days. it should be easy to vote, hard to cheat. when we have voter i.d. laws, we have that in canada, mexico, france and we have three dozen states. georgia democrat senator jon ossoff says no to boycotts. he doesn't support it. we should point out by the way "new york times" as late as last fall reporting experts saying the most common form of voter fraud are mail-in ballots, absentee ballots. you have to watch out for that. they're saying that is the case. >> i support voter i.d. laws, liz. there is a wealth of transactions every dave that
6:32 pm
require some form of identification, whether it is ride hail or banking or airline travel, rail travel, to get into federal buildings, there is no outcry about that. elizabeth: yeah. we hear you. you know, so, are you worried about more boycotts? the clergy of color is saying with what president biden and stacey abrams are misleading about the georgia law, it could trigger boycotts that would slam minority communities? what do you say? >> no, you're absolutely right. i do think there will be more to come which is unfortunate. these ceos are weak and they are doing a disservice to the country, to their consumers, to their employees. people need to take the time to read the georgia law for themselves but what this does, it sends a message to other states not to do what georgia did. elizabeth: all right. deneen borelli, good to see you. semper fi. come back soon. >> thanks. thanks, liz. elizabeth: all right.
6:33 pm
we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. look who is with us next. fox news contribute former arkansas governor mike huckabee. conservatives facing a rising tide of censorship. ron desantis fight back. the big company censored the hunter biden story. they're accused of allowing dictators on to the platform to harass and mislead the public in their own countries. >> this is indictment of the fact that corporate media and big tech in the 2020 election were essentially running interference for the democratic party. all right that's a fifth-floor problem...
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6:38 pm
reportedly censoring sports journalist jason whitlock's twitter account, he criticized the marxist anti-capitalist black lives matter cofounder buying four homes worth more than 3 million bucks. why censor that? >> it is hard to understand, liz, because it was the truth. nobody is disputing that what he said and what he tweeted was accurate. and i think that is what is disturbing. who is it are they trying to protect? are they protecting somebody who had enough money to buy $3.2 million worth of property, four homes while claiming to be a marxist, not claiming to be in private property or because they want to give her some cover? i think that is bizarre. it is frightening to think that some people get their information off social media, whether twitter, facebook and these platforms are going to say, we aren't going to let the public even have true stories
6:39 pm
about people, that might somehow upset the left and the woke, then we're no longer even in a position to keep a free society with decent information, liz. it is disturbing, to say the least. elizabeth: yeah. and you know, we understand that the other people are tweeting about it, why go after jason whitlock and other people? when the head of new york chapter of black lives matter where is the money going? he is asking for investigation. associated press reported that black lives matter pulled in $90 million. 10 chapters of black lives matter say where is the money going? they're asking too. >> they have a right to ask. big companies were given a shakedown. they coughed up tens of millions of dollars to blm, the organization and they did it because they thought they were helping race relations. but if this money is going into the pockets of some of the people who created the organization, the public has the
6:40 pm
right to know. liz, you and i can remember a time journalists would have been the ones leading the charge, demanding answers, demanding an audit and an accounting. the fact that they don't care is very disturbing. elizabeth: yeah we hear you. you know there is a new report, facebook has censored conservatives but facebook allows on its platform dictators and big government politicians in iraq, afghanistan, central america, mexico, throughout latin america to abuse and harass political opponents, to mislead their public in their countries. so that's facebook. so you got to say what is going on with facebook? you know who is fighting back about censorship. listen to this, governor ron desantis of florida is really going after google's youtube for censoring that public policy debate about lockdowns. i would like your reaction to governor desantis here, watch this. >> they say it is misinformation even though google and youtube
6:41 pm
routinely host conspiracy theory videos. you can pretty much find any misinformation under the sun on google, youtube. elizabeth: yeah. he is saying youtube has conspiracy theories, videos about 9/11, that fauci networks created covid-19. why censor ron desantis and the medical experts there? >> the only explanation that makes any sense is that these platforms have picked a side. they're not referees in striped shirts calling the fouls. these are people who have taken off the striped shirts. they have put on a team jersey, they're cheering for one side to win and the other side to lose. they're not even very subtle about it. when they banned the president of the united states, donald trump, from being able to use these platforms, that ought to be a signal that something is, you know, truly wrong when elected officials, you may not
6:42 pm
like what they say, may not agree with it, you may even think it is false but to say they can't even say it and then let the public react, that is really a form of control. i don't want to use the word censorship because only the government can technically censor but it's a form of absolute control of the message, that become as form of censorship when there is a monopoly like the social media companies basically have. elizabeth: so censor conservatives but put on your platform like facebook does these bad actors, these politicians in iraq and afghanistan, central america, misleading the public, harassing their opponents, that's okay. final word, governor. >> it appears it is perfectly okay. when amazon takes off a book that questioned idea of critical race theory, still sending "mein
6:43 pm
kampf" the nazi bible, does that not disturb some folks? even if you were leftist person, wouldn't that bother you there is little of electronic book burning which is exactly what that is? elizabeth: governor, good to see you, come back soon. coming up we have this hot debate. we're staying on this story. congresswoman cat cammack, talking about another democrat official violating government lockdowns. wait until you hear about this one. i love reading. i love cooking healthy. it's super important to me. i was noticing that i was just having some memory loss. it was really bothering me. so i tried prevagen and it started to work for me. i wish i had taken prevagen five or ten years ago. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. new parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste. ♪. elizabeth: joining us now republican congresswoman kat cammack of florida. it is great to see you, congresswoman. okay, michigan democrat governor gretchen whitmer says to everybody, don't go to florida, don't go there. then just days later her chief operating officer posts photos of her her vacationing in
6:48 pm
florida on social media. what is going on here? >> i guess this is the same old playbook of the left. rules for thee but not for me. it is the ultimate form of hypocrisy. they turned it into an art form. they know that florida is open. that business is open. we're doing well and in michigan it is a stark contrast where everything is shut down. i can't really blame her right hand woman for wanting to vacation in beautiful sunshine state of florida, but again, it highlights the gross hypocrisy of michigan's governor, whitmer and the left. rules for thee, not for me. florida is open. when you look what we're doing, credit to governor desantis and his team, we have taken precautions necessary to conduct business in a safe manner, while not restricting people, and keeping commerce open. that is the difference in florida compared to the rest of the country. but you know you were talking about the censorship -- go
6:49 pm
ahead. elizabeth: go ahead. >> i saying you were talking about -- elizabeth: finish your thought. >> the censorship and control, that is ultimately what it is all about. the governor, the michigan governor she is all about control, why they have locked down their state, yet we're seeing the highest rates of covid positive cases in michigan for seven consecutive weeks in the nation that ought to be a sign that the policies in michigan just aren't working. elizabeth: we hear you and you know the governor of michigan is saying, oh, you know these attacks her top aide, one of her top aides going to florida, this is partisan hit jobs. you know when you see the amount of democrats violating democrat lockdown rules, it is overwhelming. it includes the governor's own husband last year putting his boat in the water ahead of everybody else when the governor was saying hey, you know, watch it with boating. watch it with doing recreational stuff. i mean it goes, the list we're showing you right now, you can't
6:50 pm
see it, but it goes on and on of democrats across the country violating their lockdown rules. >> exactly, that is what americans are sick and tired of. it is the double standard. pictures of governor newsom in california having dinner with with close friends at a very fancy restaurant. governor whitmer's husband putting his boat in the water. andrew cuomo parading around without a mask. nancy pelosi going to a salon in san francisco. meanwhile the rest of america is shut down, they're being told that if they don't abide by the rules that these elected officials with no science background i might add, are telling them to abide by, then they're going to be penalized. they're going to get sick. terrible things are going to happen. that is why these elected officials need to be held to the highest possible standard. they need to be held accountable for saying things, not living up to that same standard. that is what americans are sick and tired of. that is exactly why republicans are starting to really take control of the narrative.
6:51 pm
elizabeth: all right. congresswoman kat cammack, it is great to see you. thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> next up house oversight ranking republican james comer. more than five dozen democrats call on president biden shut down your overcrowded border facilities. we have a dozen house republicans, they are doctors, former health care workers saying to dr. anthony fauci, president biden's top medical advisor, when will you declare a public health emergency at the border because of covid-19? but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you,
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liz: back with us now house oversight ranking republican james comer, it's good to see you congressman, what is your take on five democrats saying president biden shut down your overcrowded facility, alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar, ayanna pressley rashida tlaib, the dozen signing the letter, what do you say. >> they have no concept of reality, they don't care about border security, they look total disregard for law enforcement we have a crisis at the border and a crisis that america and i think they're only adding fuel to the fire by turning up the
6:56 pm
temperature in america right now. liz: you say keep the facilities, we need them but stick to border policy to stop the overcrowding, that your point. >> that is my point, getting back to the border is only going to get worse, the surge were only continue because joe biden has left the impression with the world that you could cross the border if you're not accompanied minor or a child and once you get across the board or you'll stay in the united states forever and that's what we saw in el paso yesterday the border facility had dozens and dozens about a company children and we asked about the children and their going to stay in the united states and they're only going to keep more desperate parents and more people to send children across the border in the rhetoric that those five in the squad continued to say about the lack of border security is only going to make problems worse, i tell you from returning to the border we have a crisis
6:57 pm
and is not just about unaccompanied children, it is about drugs and human trafficking and the rhetoric is unacceptable to members of congress and they need to stop it. joe biden, the heroes need to go pay a visit to the border and they need to come up with a plan and do it now. liz: we hear you, we also have house republicans there in the doctor's caucus their former doctors, many are doctors former healthcare workers, they sent a letter basically to dr. fauci, president biden's top medical advisor saying why are you silent about the public health emergency at the border of covid-19. why aren't you speaking out about it, what is going on with that. >> that is a great question, what we learn from going to the border facility in el paso they're not testing the detainees once they come in, they're not testing them for a day or two, they're not taking
6:58 pm
covid protocol seriously with the illegals that are crossing over the border which is total hypocrisy from what they're telling the rest of us, we have to wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart and it's a double standard and i don't for the life of me understand why joe biden won't take the border situation any more serious than he has, the national media is going to have to hold the biden harris administration's feet to the fire, this is a national emergency, if it were a series of tornadoes or hurricane the president would've been down there in 24 hours. but we have thousands crossing the border every day with potentially spreading disease and crime and there doing nothing. larry: now we have the biden administration spending double to do shelters then what they have been spending previously, democrat texas congressman henry cuellar saying wait a second
6:59 pm
stop saying it seasonal, it is not seasonal we have a 15 year high spike in illegal border crossing so the debate is abided administration talks about root causes, the root causes are you wiping out the border policy that were working with nothing to replace them. your final word. >> the reason the border surge is happening according to the border patrol agent is because joe biden left the impression with the world that you can cross the border without facing any consequences and we will only see those continued to surge and the american people need to demand that congress hold the abided administration feet to the fire and joe biden needs to show up at the board and do something about it. larry: they're not going there anytime soon, what is the end result, final word, ten seconds. >> republicans of the oversight committee have asked the gao to determine whether or not joe biden canceling the construction of the law is legal we don't think it is congress has appropriated the funds and
7:00 pm
approve the contract to build the wall we stopped construction materials lane around everywhere everywhere they stopped construction the illegals are crossing over. liz: got it, congressman komar, great to have you on come back soon. i am elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit", that does it for us we thank you so much for watching and we hope you have a good evening join us again tomorrow night. larry: hello everyone welcome back to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow, great pleasure to be with you, the biden infrastructure story with humongous tax highs continue to lead the news and we continue to talk about it. as you know i oppose it, last evening senator roger wicker the top republican on the senate science and transportation committee said, clearly there are parts of the letter nonstarter for republicans they said it would be nearly impossible to


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