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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 12, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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great honor and humor. he arrives first time over a year for the prince philip's funeral on saturday. meghan markle is pregnant with her child is remaining home on advice of the doctor. "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: the biden administration and democrats in a new crisis. a firestorm of criticism, a backlash could cause collapse of their massive 2.25 infrastructure bill. even democrats like larry summers are saying you're going too big. democrats also slamming the administration multiple misleading claims from misrepresenting on taxes and job to downplaying the fact china will profit from it, stretching beyond recognition the very definition of infrastructure and today, president biden backing down. he says he will negotiate. now this, president biden claims he is doing reform here because
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he is says he is tired of ordinary people getting fleeced but critics now warn the biden administration is about to fleece ordinary workers with brand new taxes never seen before. keep your eyes on the road and on your wallet. with us tonight, douglas holtz-eakin, representative beth van duyne, john hu, a former clerk to supreme court justice clarence thomas, gop strategist, ford o'connell, fred fleitz, detroit police chief james craig, chad wolf, former dhs acting secretary. president biden ordering a new review, all about packing the supreme court that could give democrats even more power when biden already rejected that idea years ago when he was senator. we're watching the timing here this is all happening just as conservatives win major victories at the supreme court. plus we've got growing media and tech censorship of
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conservatives. we've got even more examples. critics warning america, you are being misled. now wait until you see what twitter is doing. to iran vowing revenge on israel after an attack on iran's key underground nuclear facility. the debate, why did israel reportedly dot attack the same day the pentagon chief is in israel? unrest in america. rioting in minnesota. dozens of retailers and businesses attacked. reports coming in a police officer shot and killed a black man, may have mistakenly thought she was firing her taser. protesters increasingly targeting the personal homes of officials across the country. america now on edge over the coming george floyd verdict. to the border, house democrats defying top party leadership including nancy pelosi, going to the border anyway. border czar, vice president kamala harris still awol there, supposedly working on the root causes of border crossings
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illegally, illegal border crossings when critics say the root cause is staring right at you. the biden administration wiping out trump policies that worked. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with former cbo director, look who is back with us, douglas holtz-eakin. great to have you back on. the longer infrastructure takes to pass the more it falls apart. now there is talk it won't hit congress until august. they want it memorial day. now the misleading stuff that democrats are doing, whipping fastballs by the american people, doug, it is really bad. it is full of slush funds and tax hikes and more. >> yeah. this is not a infrastructure bill. that is now well-established that word lost all meaning in this discussion. it's a big spending bill.
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it is not going to create jobs. it is called the american jobs plan. it will not create jobs. there will be big tax increases. rich corporations will pay them won't affect but they will. incentive to have the economy growing more slowlily. some of the companies will head overseas to better climates. we'll have fewer increases in productivity, less real wages, less growth in the standard of living this is big government growth bill. it is not much more complicated than that. elizabeth: the middle class, lower class could get fleeced. president biden may increase the federal gas tax. enact a new mileage tax where the government taxes every model you drive. talking about monetizing the power grid. are we talking about a new federal electricity bill? >> there is everything in this. so you can call this a green new deal bill because there is a lot of clean energy and climate initiatives in it.
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you could call it a manufacturing bill because we'll have some industrial policies in domestic manufacturing. a worker training bill. it is a big home health expansion. it is a big social welfare bill. the issue that comes to the fore, the administration says they are willing to negotiate with republicans but that negotiation about which taxes are they going to pick. there is no negotiation on the enormous menu of new spending programs. that is where the real problem starts. once you spend the money you have to pay for it somehow. elizabeth: people are getting fed up with the administration trying to pressure the american people to believe that things like federal paid child care leave is infrastructure. the border is all about infrastructure. the white house increased the homeland security spending for the border. so the fastball being whipped by the american people or trying to, its coming fast and furiously but people have had it. watch former new jersey governor christies on this. he says president biden is
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quote, lying. watch this. >> you cannot call a 400 billion-dollar plan to force unionization in states to say that taking care of increasing medicaid payments in states is infrastructure. i said last week that the president is not telling the truth. he is not telling the truth about the infrastructure package. this is the care economy this is care infrastructure. it is baloney. >> would you use the word lie? >> let's be fair here f donald trump had come out called a dog a cat which is what joe biden is doing, we would be outraged by the fact that he is lying. but with joe biden somehow, come on, it's joe. no, no. it is not true. elizabeth: chris christie really takes out three other panelists all the time. what do you think of what he is saying? >> oh, he is right about the use of the language. let's face it. there are $400 billion here for increases in home health and medicaid. that is not infrastructure.
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at a basic minimum infrastructure should be an investment that yields returns somewhere in the future. that is just spending. that is discuss consumption of health services. that is all there is to it and you go through the bill and find losses of examples of this. people have tallied up different components. maybe got to 6% on roads and bridges. if you're super generous, get a quarter being some sort of infrastructure and quasi-infrastructure. but to use that word to make it look more appealing this, is flatly an attempt to mislead. to try to jam it through by memorial day so people can't look at detail i think was the basic strategy. the longer this sits out there, the more people will say, i don't think so. that is a problem for the administration. elizabeth: let's look at this too, another big fat check. transportation secretary pete buttigieg admits he and the administration falsely overstated the jobs created in it. let's watch this. >> a dozen as you said last
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sunday, create 19 million jobs. again, secretary buttigieg, why mislead folks? >> well you're right i should have been more precise. elizabeth: should have been more precise? how about telling the truth. two million is a big difference from 19 million. moody's analytics had to correct them. you guys got it wrong. it's false. >> that is embarrassing. when you cite somebody's study, you do it wrong, come out to say, no, no that is not what we said. this is two million. i will say from my point of view i think that two number is very optimistic that includes a lot of things would be recovery from the pandemic. this isn't going to do that. that is what the 1.9 trillion was supposed to do. this was supposed to be long term, long-term economic growth, productivity. this doesn't have anything in it. we'll have some problems. elizabeth: douglas holtz-eakin, good to see you. thanks for joining us.
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>> good to see you. elizabeth: let's bring in texas congresswoman beth van duyne. congresswoman, great to have you on the let's stay on a fact check here. good to see you. biden-boot boot -- pete boot bo. this is another pals apples to apples kind of comparison. what do you think of the fact check there? >> if they are concerned ranking lower, put more emphasis on infrastructure than spending things that are note infrastructure, not a multiplier, not investment in our communities. we're not seeing that. they are really concerned about infrastructure, why are we not seeing more out of this bill? i had a meeting with 40 of our stakeholders in the north texas area, transportation stakeholders i asked them what
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are you looking at in the bill? what are you concerned with a 26-page top line. none of us have seen with any kind of level of detail. these are kind of buzzwords that we've seen. we're very clear, number one what we're looking for, this will be one shot at the apple. it is a $2.3 trillion spend. we'll have one shot, if we do that, what are the opportunity costs we're missing you're not including in this bill? i think a perfect example, talking about roads and bridges, they have 10 bridges they identified. 10. in next 10, 20 years, how many more bridges will we need not included in the bill. elizabeth: wait a minute, just 10. >> 10 bridges. elizabeth: talking just 10? that cannot be taken seriously. by the way, again the border is infrastructure, right but they kept spending flat in the homeland security bill. you need border infrastructure. they're not talking about that the other thing, you make a great point. the infrastructure actuals roads and bridges is such a small percentage of the overall bill but you know biden keeps
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pitching infrastructure as a weapon to compete with china saying china is outpacing us but you know what? americans, you will be effectively spending and sending, sending tens of millions of dollars of your tax money to china. china dominates the green energy field with solar panels, electric car batteries and more. is this putting china on notice? >> that is a great point. your previous guest, talked about the lack of jobs coming. i will take it one step further. i think you will see jobs, cut, killed by this bill because how are you supplying money? how are you funding this? it is also corporate tax hikes. what happens when you start, want to talk about china, the corporate tax hikes are higher than they are in china that will affect working american families first and foremost. you will see increases in prices. you will see decreases in jobs. that is what we get out of this bill. when you think of what they could have put in it, right?
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lowering regulations that would have made costs lower. that would be able to have the projects come out faster. if you think about the federal government takeover. look, i was a mayor of a top 100 largest city of the country. i know what it is like. we know where the large projects are in our city. we know how it affects our community. we know better than any bureaucrat in d.c. this bill puts the control completely in d.c. when you start talking to the stakeholders, are ones actually putting these projects not just on paper but completing them? they don't want that they want flexibility at the state and local level. again on the corporate taxes, they need long-term funding for this, not short-term. you're thinking about the -- elizabeth: let's stay on that. >> it is crazy, yeah. elizabeth: so, you know, republicans as you point out and other critics are asking why do we want to print and borrow two trillion dollars when we're so close to crushing the virus and returning to a normal way of life? why are you going to slam small
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businesses that suffered so much under the pandemic lockdown that democrats enforce, now hit them with a double-whammy of tax hikes? >> it's a great question. it will kill jobs. it will increase costs at a time we can't afford that. no american family can afford that. we should focus on things we get along. infrastructure should be the least partisan. we should all realize investment we're putting there will help the economy. that is where we should be focused. quite honestly if biden was interested in a bipartisan approach, let's focus on the things we can agree on and he is not doing that at all. i wrote a letter to biden. i had congress members signed with me. we want to work with infrastructure. this is not going through committees. this is coming from executive level from d.c. we're not looking at individual communities and representatives who are hired right by their constituents. known of those concerns are being taken into account.
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elizabeth: congresswoman, great to see you. congresswoman beth van duyne, thank you very much. john yu, former clerk for supreme court justice clarence thomas. the president is looking to pack the supreme court. he wants a review of this idea when he rejected it years ago. so did late justice ginsberg. all this as conservatives win major victories at the supreme court. we're watching the timing here. the timing is key. the story next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now john hu, former law clerk to supreme court justice clarence thomas. sir, so good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. what do you think of the biden administration looking to packing, expanding the supreme court? it comes as conservatives win major victories at the supreme court, including involving onerous lockdowns in california? at least four victories for conservatives here, what do you say? >> first, i think it's a terrible idea to pack the court. it is part of a broader progressive project to sweep away traditions and institutions part of our constitutional history, part of the way we've governed ourselves for hundreds of years.
6:19 pm
the supreme court's size has been nine since 1869. it isn't set in the constitution how many justices it should be but both political parties realized we don't want to tamper with the courts, make it 10 or five, just to influence decisions. if we do that we'll turn the courts into another arm of the government rather than a defender of our individual liberties and people who make sure the balance is struck in our constitution and maintained. the thing i worry about, even if the commission doesn't recommend changing the number of justices, even if justice, i'm sorry president biden doesn't press for legislation it is already an implicit threat. you just mentioned the important supreme court case for friday out here in california that said that you have to respect religious lib better people during this lockdown. i worry these kind of commissions are implicit threats influencing the courts already even if biden doesn't call for 10 justices or 15 justices.
6:20 pm
elizabeth: we hear you. senator charles schumer threatened individual justices if they don't go along with liberal wish-lists. he stood on the supreme court steps doing that, which outraged a lot of conservatives. we have angry liberals demanding supreme court justice stephen breyer retire after he said you know what? don't do court packing. they're putting pressure on him even though the late ruth baderr ginsburg said no court packing. >> this hypocrisy is rampant. great judges, justices senators have been opposed to court-packing in the past. i can't think of a worst example that justice breyer, who just gave a speech warning against politicizing the court, don't mess with the structure of the court. the court is important. it protects our liberties. you're going too far demand that he step down so that president biden can pick his replacement for political reasons, i can't
6:21 pm
think of an example that would run, rub justice breyer or anyone who believes in the rule of law at the court the wrong way. elizabeth: okay. we've got senator joe biden in 2005 saying, no, don't pack the court. this is an indication he is caving in to the far left. watch this. >> just come off a landslide victory over alf land done. a congress made of nine new dealers. the nine old men of the court were stopping his agenda. the power corrupts absolutely. unveiled his court packing plan. he wanted to increase the number of justices to 15, allowing himself to nominate those additional judges. took an act of courage on the part of his own party institutionally to stand up against this power grab. elizabeth: now biden wants a
6:22 pm
power grab. he wants to make the supreme court effectively an arm of the democrat party this is a major flip-flop. what do you say? >> i'm afraid that is so. i hope this will not be another example where a president biden, say like with the filibuster starts to turn his back on the views of a senator biden but we're seeing this on issue after issue and i fear the reason why is because president biden doesn't want to stand up to the far left progressive wing of his own party but that's why americans elected him because he promised to be a moderate. he has a bare majority. if you use examples from history, 1937, 1936, fdr with 2/3 majorities with the house and senate could not do court packing. democrats have a bare majority in the house. they're tied in the senate. they're trying to drive through one of the most radical changes in our government in 80 years. i think that would be a terrible rejection of what the electorate
6:23 pm
actually voted for. elizabeth: that is an important point you made. we've been saying this since the election. so has "the wall street journal." but democrats don't have a mandate. biden doesn't have a mandate. you're right, narrower majority for democrats in the house than before the election and 50-50 in the senate. john yoo thank you, professor. terrific seeing you. come back soon. >> thanks for having me again. elizabeth: sure. next up gop strategist ford o'connell growing problems with media and social media censorship of conservatives. we've got even more examples. you won't believe what twitter is know doing. also media still being accused of not covering and covering up one of the biggest scandals of all, one that helped democrat joe biden get elected, but remember that story was censored. we'll talk about it next. >> one thing he said that was correct was when he said that this was like all a red herring. he is kind of right because
6:24 pm
hunter biden is a red herring. he steers all the attention away from his dad and his dad's complicity in a lot of these dealings, and especially the big story which is china the coverup in the corruption and what the media did and what social media did. you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over,
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome gop strategist ford o'connell. major media problem with media
6:28 pm
censorship. first up, hunter biden. former dni john ratcliffe saying it was wrong that ex-intelligence officials that the laptop was russian disinformation when hunter biden told cbs the laptop cocertainly be his and forensic experts to "the daily mail"? what do you think is happening here? >> he is absolutely right. this is election interference pure and simple. voters were intentionally kept in the dark of foreign dealings by corporate media. election polling said had voters been aware of hunter biden's misdeeds abroad, that donald trump would have won the election with 289 electoral votes. corporate media and big tech were essentially running interference for the democratic party. elizabeth: twitter and facebook censored the "new york post" story on it. watch dni ratcliff with maria
6:29 pm
bartiromo on fox news. watch this. >> to your point, to have 50 former obama, clinton, biden, national security officials come out after the director of national intelligence says that this is not true, and promote a false narrative to protect joe biden and try to influence the outcome of the election, you know, that is the definition of politicizing intelligence and people asked me all the time about election interference and election influence. we need to be concerned about russia, china and iran but there is no greater expression of that than what you just saw there, a completely false narrative. the intelligence community knew this was not russian disinformation and law enforcement knew that it was hunter biden's laptop. elizabeth: yeah. you know, he is pointing out, the fbi has been investigating hunter's laptop since 2018 for tax evasion and money laundering
6:30 pm
controversies. what do you say to that? so if it is not real, why is the fbi, if it is not real why is the fbi investigating it? >> well, the fbi was investigating because it is real, to your point emac, the "new york post" tried to cover this. a lot of corporate media, a lot of big tech, twitter, facebook, et cetera censored this and to former dni ratcliff's point this is election interference, domestic election interference when a false narrative is pushed and censored by social media. that is a bigger problem than what is coming right now from russia and china. elizabeth: okay. we've got twitter now accused of censoring any mention of the "new york post" story on the cofounder of black lives matter. she is a marxist. she has bought properties worth a total of more than $3.2 million. looks like about four properties there. twitter now trying to block out, blank out this story and censoring anybody who is talking about this "new york post" story
6:31 pm
when the head of black lives matter greater new york wants an investigation into how black lives matter is spending the money. to your point too, youtube is also censoring a public policy debate with governor ron desantis and experts from oxford and harvard university. youtube is censoring that over a debate for masks for children. why censor that? why not put a rebuttal to it? why censor it? >> that is the great question and i honestly think that big tech in particular has the power of god right now in terms of forming, manipulating opinions in america. we need, it is very hard to have free and fair elections in this country, to taylor policies for the american people if big tech in particular is basically going to block and tackle for the democratic party. then it is going to be very hard to hear the other side.
6:32 pm
when it comes to mask mandates and lockdowns the science is anything but settled and florida governor ron desantis proved that. elizabeth: he just got, the "60 minutes" piece, which pointer media watchdogs say, was factually wrong because they left out so much of that story about governor ron desantis and vaccinations at publix supermarkets after 100-k donation to desantis. so much context was left out. stay on this thing about youtube and twitter censoring. listen to house republican brian donald on censorship. let's listen to what he says. >> we've continously have seen this from the social media companies. they only want out the information they choose to let out. it is high time that we go in and reform section 230. section 230 never allowed for them to be editors. time we reform them, reform laws in congress. elizabeth: sorry, byron donalds, what do you say to his thought
6:33 pm
there? >> he is absolutely right. we need to find a way to make sure we have free speech through social media because this is a chilling effect. it is a real problem for america. we need to get to the bottom of it. reengineer section 230 or some other mechanism to make sure we have free speech in this country. elizabeth: ford o'connell, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, emac. elizabeth: sure. just ahead, former national security council chief of staff fred fleitz. geopolitics now heating up. iran vowing revenge on israel after an attack on iran's key underground nuclear facility. iran blames israel. the debate, why would israel reportedly do this attack the same day biden's defense minister, defense secretary is in israel? the debate next.
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elizabeth: joining us now former national security council chief of staff, fred fleitz. good to see you. good to see you. iran blames israel for a attack that blew up iran's key under ground site natanz. it could stop iran for making nuclear weapons for months. why did they do this when he was in israel? >> think about this. hours before the new secretary of defense lands in israel, israel decides to launch this covert operation that may have is the back iran's nuclear program up to a year. instead of waiting for the u.s. secretary of defense in israel to discuss this with him, israel launched the attack while he was in the air. this is a incredible rebuke of biden's iran policy. it shows the israelis are fed up with biden. he will rejoin the terrible nuclear deal. he is not listening to reason.
6:39 pm
the israelis are taking care of it themselves. elizabeth: that is quite the message. we hear what you're saying. the biden, excuse me the pentagon chief reaffirmed that iron-clad commitment to israel. how will iran respond? can it bottleneck tighter the strait of hormuz a fifth of the world's oil travels through? what do you think iran will do? this is just one of many acts of sabotage i think the israelis were behind over the last year. this is the most serious. i think they did enormous damage. the centrifuge machines enriched-uranium, they are shut down suddenly, there could be a cascade effect of damaging each other. i suspect iran will not do very much. it is more interested in getting the united states to settle on the nuclear deal on its terms. iran knows it is close. there may be some attempted terrorist acts. israelis will be prepared for that.
6:40 pm
i don't think there will be an attack in the strait of hormuz. elizabeth: or blamed for doing drone attacks on saudi arabia oil fields. could they do drone attacks? >> it is possible. i think the iranians are trying to draw the biden administration in to settle the nuclear deal on its terms. i think that is the priority of the iranian government right now. if that happens, they will get a huge windfall with all u.n. sanctions are lifted. i think iranians want that very badly. elizabeth: all right. fred fleitz. good to see you. thanks for your insights. come back soon. >> good to be here. elizabeth: coming up detroit police chief, james craig. james craig will join us about unrest in america. rioting in minnesota. a police officer shot a black men. this is what is going on right now. the officer may have mistakenly thought she was firing her taser. we are watching the georgia. floyd trial too. it is midway through. what does this mean, this verdict for the rest of american cities?
6:41 pm
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show detroit police chief james craig. great to have you on, sir. we have looting, rioting in minnesota's brooklyn center area. police officials say the officer who shot and killed a 20-year-old black man, mistakenly thought she was using her taser. minneapolis is on edge because of the george floyd trial. what is your reaction? >> this is tragic. a 20-year-old, was a traffic stop, resulting in the use of fatal force, deadly force. a lot of questions, you know. i watched the press conference with the mayor, the chief, and at some point the city manager. i'm just going to be candid. a mistake that i saw, i mean i applaud the mayor and chief coming out with a video but
6:46 pm
coming out with a video alone is just not sufficient. you got a chief that got flustered obviously. he walked off. that is not how you handle these kind of situations. and so he walked off. the mayor tried to get him back and so, it just, creates a lot of unnecessary concerns. i do agree that officer is entitled to due process like in every one of these situations. but i guess the thing that comes to my mind with years of experience having dealt with a lot of officer involved shoot shootings how do you confuse deployment after taser with a handgun? where is the training? and then say taser you have a handgun. the taser is always on the opposite side where your handgun is located this is a tragic, certainly problematic. i would offer thousand, you know, we're going to make mistakes. we're going to make bad
6:47 pm
decisions. sometimes we have to own them. even though we don't want to indict the officer prematurely, and take responsibility for what is wrong simply to say it's a troubling incident and it is, it is very troubling. elizabeth: the video of it is certainly graphic and the aftermath, two dozen businesses, retailers attacked and looted around the brooklyn center walmart, foot locker, t-mobile, completely destroyed. rioters fought police. minneapolis is on edge as the rest of the country with the gorge floyd trial. what does this mean for other u.s. cities? >> we have to pay attention. we're certainly prepared for any response to this, and as everyone always says, these criminal rioters, this doesn't
6:48 pm
justify their actions because of a questionable shooting incident. it just doesn't. you know, families call on peace. let due process run out and then, we have the other part of false narratives often times perpetrated in response to these. i have had to deal with it. we had a officer-involved shooting last summer where the suspect tried to kill the officer and protesters put out a false narrative saying they assassinated an african-american man seated on his porch. that was a abject false statement. our prosecutor came out there will be no charges against our officers. that there were false narratives being put out. and so this is what we're dealing with. elizabeth: yeah. we hear you. false narratives, it is dangerous. also you know, because you already have in portland,
6:49 pm
oregon, antifa rioters tried to set fires outside of an i.c.e. building with officers inside. luckily no one injured. sir, demonstrators are increasingly showing up to protest personal homes of elected, city officials across the country. personal suburban home of san francisco city manager howard chan was targeted. massive police response. civil rights groups denounced it. groups hoe shing up at personal home of mayor eric garcetti, former police chief, carmen best and l.a. county director of public health, barbara ferreira. that is a concern, going to the personal homes of these people. what do you say? >> i understand the concern but that doesn't mean we don't get to stand up in a courageous way to denounce the madness. you know, i got to tell you something, liz, i did a press conference last week. we had a detroit police sergeant
6:50 pm
murdered by her estranged child's father. the judge, the judge, let him out because he has a right to a speedy trial, let's this murderer out on a tether. who stood up? who stood up for the wrong? the judge is also a public servant. where was he at? i mean there are some dynamics and the lack of courage today is maddening and it is sad. i have to say it, even some of my colleagues stand by silent and that's why when you look at cities like new york, portland, minneapolis, police officers are leaving and you know why? they don't feel supported. shameful. somebody has got to stand up. and support -- elizabeth: you're standing up. >> well it is important. elizabeth: you're standing up. you're standing up. we got to go.
6:51 pm
we're coming up against a hard break. i'm so sorry, chief. you're standing up. you have got courage and integrity. chief james craig, thank you for your service to our country. we're so sorry. coming up against a hard break. former acting dhs secretary chad wolf, okay, kamala harris, the vice president is focusing on the root causes of the border crisis? how about this as a root cause? the biden administration wiping out trump's policies that were working. this is a hot debate. it is coming up next. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high you know how i feel ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing] ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day... ♪
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back with us now, former homeland security acting secretary chad wolf, it's great to have you on. we got seven house democrats define into pelosi go to the border to look how is been collapsed. pelosi says it's on a good path but 15 year high and legal crossings. we got increasing democrat stepping up, what you say to that? >> i say good to them democrats along the border in border districts trying to figure out what exactly is going on and what are some solutions to the crisis on the border today. what we know is this is the result of president biden's
6:56 pm
pairing on effective proven strategies and policies that kept the border in check, kept the crisis from occurring about 2020 and did not replace that with anything once the migrant protection protocols remain in mexico program done, asylum agreements and other measures so it's time they start to understand and get real and try to fix the problem at the moment. elizabeth: vice president kamala harris, supposedly studying the root causes, as you say root causes wide doctrines policies working and didn't replace them. now there is chaos, they're talking about federal workers and other covert agencies, can you volunteer at the border? can you work at the border? border patrol is also in chaos being pulled off their jobs at the border as criminals and bad actors tried to cross to watch over overcrowded facilities.
6:57 pm
complete collapse in chaos. >> absolutely. what we continue to hear is obviously the root causes of migration which i think is important but you can't solve the problem by long looking at those and then we continue to see more reception centers, more and more funding and resources thrown out. but they are not doing his enforce immigration law and address illegal activity and behavior that continues to send signals that it's okay to come here and seek asylum known 9% of folks who do don't qualify for asylum. it's an inhumane policy, dangerous policy with seen results of those on the video of children being thrown over a border wall, a 9-year-old to be left out in the desert by themselves, this is having a real consequence continuing to suggest folks should come to the border when that's not the most
6:58 pm
humane policy. elizabeth: even children report when they legally illegally cross, human and drug traffickers to follow them. this has been for four years. do it illegally, you put yourself in danger. be safe, go to ports of entry, do it legally. if you do it the wrong way, he will get hurt so now the root cause, tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money because watchdogs say corrupt officials starkly pocket the money. kevin mccarthy says it's an insult to the american side of work. we can't try to fix the problem but tossing money at the problem, is not the way to fix it? >> i think some resources can help them develop their capacity to provide economic opportunities is a good thing. to build up there asylum agreements and process is a good thing. what's been reported about sending checks to
6:59 pm
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