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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  April 12, 2021 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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stuart: what percentage of the world's currency is physical money? the answer? 8%. david asman in foreneil. david: i still prefer gold. i'm david asman in for neil cavuto. this is cavuto "coast to coast." regeneron antibody treatment actually reduces risk. how that drug company is trying to expand access. u.s. cruise companies threatening to cruise over to another country if the u.s. doesn't let them operate here. i will talk to the mayor of miami on the impact.
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call it whatever you want. that is what democrats said about infrastructure. now they want to change the meaning of another issue. stay with us, hear about that later this hour. but first, the top story we're following today, president biden is just about to address the chip shortage with ceo's. he is going to be using this as on opportunity to tout his $2.25 trillion spending plan. fox business's blake burman is live from the white house with the very latest. reporter: david, yeah, we certainly do expect to hear to president biden shortly on that matter, tout the need for the $2.25 trillion american jobs plan as it relates to semiconductors or chips as we better know them because one of the parts of that plan is to invest in $50 billion in manufacturing, research and development for semiconductors. there is a real problem, david, as we all know in this space right now. there is a chip shortage that is bad for consumers, bad for business as well. the auto sector, for example,
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one industry in particular that has seen production cuts because of the chip shortage. so the heads of ford and gm will be part of this virtual meeting. so too the leaders of google, dell will be a part of this meeting with the president and some of his top advisors. the chip shortage not only has an economic component but a national security one as well. the heads of 20 companies will be a part of this meeting. he will talk to the president's top economic advisor and his top national security advisor. that meeting expected to get underway shortly. david, when you talk about semiconductors, chips, the need to put government funds, government backing behind it, this is one of these issues here in washington that does have bipartisan support, support from democrats and republicans, but looking forward one of the questions how do you go about addressing it? might it be in the president's $2.25 trillion american jobs plan or some other targeted legislation elsewhere?
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david? david: whether politicians and bureaucrats can handle the problem better than the market. i have my own biases. blake, thank you very much. there is new criticism about the administration's job creation claims. transportation secretary pete buttigieg was pressed about the idea that it would create 19 million jobs on "fox news sunday." listen. >> the 19 million jobs that will be created are more than the jobs that will be created if we don't do the plan and it is very important to make this point, as you just showed us -- >> two million more. not 19 million -- >> we'll create 2.7 million. exactly it will create 2.7 million more jobs than if we don't do it. >> why mislead folks? >> well you're right. i should have been more precise. david: a lot of people should have been more precise. reaction from former reagan economics advisor art laffer. art, imagine for a moment if donald trump or one of his people exaggerate ad jobs
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estimate by 700%, what do you think the reaction would be? >> i'm not sure but i want to go back to blake -- david: i am. >> begin with you david, if i were the head of the chip company, i would name the chip company buffalo. never mind. david: oh, god. art laughter. >> buttigieg is not an economist. buttigieg is trying to get the biggest number he can. that is very understandable. all administration people do it, republicans and -- david: art, hold on, hold on, a 700 percentage exaggeration? i don't think all administrations go that far. >> total new jobs to the additional, got to forgive him. he is a mayor doing stuff. i don't hold him for that. i hold people for their policies, that is what i hold them for, excuse me, i hold them
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for their policies, not for their mistakes. you remember reagan had one mistake? david: he is just a mayor. >> i'm teasing. david: he has a pretty good portfolio just a mayor's experience, does he not? he is involved in this multitrillion dollar infrastructure plan? >> well, didn't he just admit his mistake with chris right after he said it? david: yeah. >> i think he did not entirely. you remember reagan made the mistake about the, about seasonally adjusted employment number was down but the unadjusted was up. then he had the one calling the baseball player the wrong name with a congressmans mixing him up, falling asleep with the pope. i remember reagan recounting all his mistakes. david: the point here this is a man, president biden who has a history of exaggerating jobs figures. back in 2010 there was something called the recovery summer where he claimed all these new green
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jobs that the biden, or that the obama-biden administration was creating would have created 500,000 new jobs in recovery summer. we ended up with a job deficit that summer. all these promises just don't deliver when they come directly from the government, do they? >> under obama they had the growth rate numbers, every quarter, every year, they were revised down. they started off with 4 1/2% and they dropped down to 2%, 2.1%, every single year for eight years running. i mean ones i really have a problem when they come from economists who should know better. those economists that tell you that the tax bill did not lead to an increase in the growth of tax revenues to the federal government, an increase in the growth of tax revenues to the government are just misleading you. david: yeah. >> that tax bill paid for itself on the tax cut, period. it did.
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they all go poof, poof, it's a huge loss. now they will reverse it, david, they will reverse it, claim huge revenue in savings from reversing it which is just malarkey, it is not true. those people i criticize definitely because they continue, continue, continue, never show you actual numbers. anyone wants the actual numbers, call you, send it on to me i will show you the numbers. that is deliberate misleading. david: i think you committed all those numbers to your memory. >> i do. david: let me move on to something the administration might have better luck with, that is growth. because the whole world economy is about to explode with growth if we're getting vaccines. they should see the best growth since the mid-1980s. art, you were there. you were in the center of the reagan administration, 1983. actually, 1984 the economy grew
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over 7%. can we do it again? >> well we can, yes, but not for the same reasons. what reagan did was cause actual growth on levels of gdp to come back up. what is happening here, it's a recovery from a huge body slam by covid-19 that caused us to drop. the question is, will we get back up to where we would have been had there never been covid-19? that should be looked at. not the growth rate. the growth rate here is because of something totally external to the economy and coming back is not an economic policy success. it is getting rid of the covid-19 19. that is wonderful. if you look at getting rid of covid-19, you can't help but getting credit to put donald trump for warp speed and getting vaccines out there. that is the credit coming up as far as we will. that is me. these guys, my view is their policies will not lead to rapid growth once we caught back up. i think they will slow growth down the way it was done under
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obama, perhaps even more because their spending is on steroids compared to obama. david: how long the sugar high, coming out of lockdowns, how long before that fades and negative effects of the tax cuts kick in or tax increases, forgive me? >> depends how much they are willing to spend on all the new programs. they can extend the sugar high for quite a while. that is not good production. it is just catching back up. it's a sugar high. it makes no sense whatsoever to continue this because at some stage it will fall back down. that they can do for quite a while. did quite a while over number of years. david: okay. >> it is really very detrimental to the long term progress of the u.s. david: before you go, i want to say, 1983, 4.6% gdp. '84, 7.2% gdp growth. 85, 5.2%.
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86, 2.5, 3.5, 1988, 4.2%. that is -- >> didn't you love us back then? i will criticize you for one second, started for the year 1982, compared to the year 83. should be from the fourth quarter to the fourth quarter. if you take that one, you get seven plus percent. first day of january, 1983. david: we leave with a picture of you with the gipper himself. art laffer and ronald reagan at time. appreciate it. >> thank you, david. david: fallout from georgia's voting reform continues as a number of top executives and corporate leaders gathered to discuss the next steps in response to some voting law changes across the country. edward lawrence live in d.c. with the very latest on this. reporter: fox business confirmed that zoom meeting took place about the new voting laws, what to do next over possibly more states changing voting laws as georgia did.
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current ceos from american airlines, delta, linkedin, united, starbucks, merck were on that call. the major airlines cannot afford a boycot after being devastated in a shutdown. a group joined by more than 100 current and former ceo's from a lot of consumer driven industries. "the wall street journal" says that the executives on the call pushed for more action to speak out over greater voter access. "the wall street journal" saying that some ceo's cautioned against dropping the issue while asking for another statement to be signed as a way to call for less restrictive voting laws. steve forbes who knows a little bit about business says he thinks the businesses need to do a little research before speaking. >> so a company wants to weigh in put its brand on the line, get the facts right and weigh in saying this particular thing we don't think is right or is wrong but don't do these broad sides until you get the particulars of each case. reporter: his point actually read the law before you believe what some loud activists are
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trying to say. i was in georgia last week. i talked with a lot of voters, some for the new voting law, some against the voting law, some support parts of the law. they said the people of georgia need to work it out, now corporate ceos or people outside of the state but the voters of georgia. david: thank you very much. "washington times" opinion editor, fox contributing charles hurt joins us. how and why did corporations become so political? >> yeah, it is truly incredible and you know what we've seen so far with the, with the reaction from the mlb and delta to the georgia law sort of gives us an indication people are being incredibly dishonest about the law or they are being, or they're just being sort of snookered into taking a position that is popular and get ahead of the mob. steve forbes is exactly right,
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if there are problems we need to debate, let's have a debate about it. but the idea you're just going to throw out an entire law because you know, because it requires something like voter i.d., it is just absurd. these people are doing far more damage than they are helping anything. david: how did it happen, charlie? i'm more interested, less interested in details of the law we can digest another time but how corporations became so political? where does it say they have to do this? >> yeah. you know, i assume it began because these corporations i think in a wrong-headed move are trying to curry favor with customers and things like that, that is my assumption, obviously they're in this for profit. i think where it really happens though, that you have democrats, people on the left, people at yale university, who suddenly realized that they can beat these people up and get them to be on board with whatever their agenda is, and it is very
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effective. i think that is probably what is going on here. it is kind of interesting, because of course these are the same people who normally seem to be very, or claim to be very suspicious of corporations and powerful, big powerful oligarchies. they are only opposed until they can use it to their advantage. is anybody out there claiming to want or doing anything that suggests that they want to actually make it harder for legal people to cast legal votes? nobody is claiming that. in fact, all of these efforts are doing the exact opposite. they're intended to make sure that everybody gets to vote and that their vote gets counted. but if you don't have any restrictions whatsoever, if you don't have any, filters, then anybody can vote and then that means that all the legal voters, their votes get canceled. david: i'm just wondering what happens in the long term, if
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these political decisions that these corporations are making now lead these companies to become less profitable, because that could happen. there are pushbacks against companies boycotting, boycott the boycott movement going on right now, if in fact the shareholders begin to run away from these companies because they become less profitable will corporations suddenly wake up, oh, my god, whoo have we been doing? >> i certainly hope so but again i think that you know, obviously they're always in for the profit or you would assume. that is the way the whole system, that is the way the system is at its healthy evident, but the real problem when you have political actors who are trying to see a situation like this, and see some way to, you know, use this cudgel to convince corporate titans to get on their side to do something, and they, completely miss representative sent things and -- misrepresent
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things or misunderstand things, they're either very dumb or completely dishonest. listen to what the delta ceo or the mlb said about, about the georgia law. completely dishonest. all of it completely dishonest. the most obvious example the thing about the water. that is was illegal. actually the law specifically says you can give water to voters waiting in line. david: listening to what the president is saying. if the president says it they think it is good enough for them but i think for what it is worth my own opinion the pandemic kind of changed the way corporations are running, empowered divisions of corporations that may have political interests, place political interests above corporate interests occasionally, quickly. >> sure. but also, don't forget this, the first people to utilize the pandemic and to try to turn the pandemic to their political advantage were democrats in washington. david: yeah. >> they're the ones, they were the first ones to look at this,
12:17 pm
say, hey, we can change elections, change all sorts of things in america. we can spend all kinds of money. pass a 2 trillion-dollar bill only a small portion had to actually do with the covid relief. they could do all of this. david: right. >> it is always these politicians in washington who see the way to sort of cut something to their advantage and there is no catastrophe that they won't twist around to their political benefit. it's a very bad thing. it is a very dangerous thing. david: charlie, we can't get enough of you. you're coming back at the end of the hour. see you in a few moments. coming up major news with the fight against covid-19, regeneron says it can represent infections in the first place and reduce symptomatic illness on the part of patients. the important details after a short break. ♪.
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david: the supply of jones and john's vaccine is expected to drop by 85% nationwide following that mixup at the maryland
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plant. grady trimble is at a mass vaccination site in tinley park, illinois, starting today anyone over the age of 16 can get a vaccine if they have the vaccine. grady? reporter: in fact at this site they're getting exactly zero deliveries of that johnson & johnson vaccine this week and probably next week as well. of course that can change. they also administer the moderna vaccine here. so they say that there has been no shortage of bookings and appointments, they have been able to keep up with the demand of the community. the demand just increased starting today. as you said, anyone 16 and up can get the vaccine. in fact at this point the majority of states are allowing anybody 16 and up to get the jab. dr. greg huhn is part of the team that makings this operation, the operations all over cook county vaccination sites happen. eligibility expanding, we noticed a younger demographic here, the message to anyone that
12:23 pm
is eligible sign up to get the herd immunity. >> i called for vaccination of 16 years and above. that will get us to the other side of covid to get as many people vaccinated as possible. at the point with all those eligible, all the adults, those 16 and above, we can move more quickly to get those vaccinated, make the appointments, get through the summer with the full herd immunity we've been banking on. reporter: david, mentioned you are not getting as much as of the j&j as you hoped to, moderna is here and pfizer in large quantities. i want to ask you about a few of the sites in georgia, north carolina, colorado, they shut down j&j sites because of adverse reactions to the vaccine. that seems like an anomaly right? because you're giving j&j with no problem. >> we know with the j&j there are all side effects with those locations volume and intensity compressed amount of time, reexamine it today, get back to
12:24 pm
normal operations the next day. we've not seen the magnitude of those side effects we educate our team on, they're well aware to monitor for. we have not seen it here fortunately. reporter: david, the message, if you are eligible whatever it is get the shot. a lot of people want the j&j because it is one shot and done. they hope to get back up to production to get it in peoples arms. david: gradedy, thank you very. regeneration will ask the fda to expand the emergency use authorization for its antibody drug to prevent covid-19. they say the antibody drug reduces the risk of developing symptomatic covid-19 infection by 81%. a doctor is here to explain more. doctor, i am interested about this, i had the infusion, the regeneron antibody infusion, but a lot of people wonder if 2
12:25 pm
could be used as a vaccine what do you think? >> hi, david, great to be on with you. this is really wonderful news. always when you have potentially another agent to be utilized in a preventive manner, prevent people from getting the virus. in the study from 1600 healthy volunteers, they had folks exposed to those with covid. they gave half those people a subcutaneous this, is really important, it was not an iv infusion like you had, david, people got it just under the skin of the monoclonal anti-body. they found only 11 people developed covid, compared to 59 who got the placebo. they got the non-antibody placebo medicine that was an1% reduction. david: wow. >> 59 people who got it that didn't receive it and 11 who
12:26 pm
did. the big thing, you don't require iv. which means you don't have to be in a facility or a hospital. two, that is a pretty significant reduction preventing people from getting the disease all together. the other part of this is that those who did get it, the 11 that did get it resolved symptoms in a week, as opposed to three weeks for most of the other group that did not get the antibody. this all in all is very good news. david: i can only speak from personal experience and anecdotal of people who had it it is remarkable, within 24 hours all of my symptoms disappeared as well as my wife's symptoms. it really works great. according to the nih, it can be used, as effective against new strains of the virus as well. speaking of the new strains, there is an israeli study out that shows that the south african variant is able to evade some of the protection of the pfizer vaccine. dr. fauci is warning, he warned
12:27 pm
just a short time ago in a presser not to jump to conclusions about this but is there a problem, doctor? >> look, you know what? first and foremost this was not a peer reviewed study and -- at websites that is the case in covid because we're encountering much data and science at a rapid pace. we have to go through that. it was not a large study, it was a small study. it was real world, at tel aviv university where folks who did this. what they were looking at whether people partially vaccinated or fully vaccinated had some immunity against those variants. the truth is we know that there is probably partial immunity. we found eight people with the south african variant, still a very small number. ultimately i think that was something that they felt was important to share with the absolutely is, but we need the much larger studies, to draw the
12:28 pm
conclusion, the truth is these variants are likely more transmissible, but at the end of the day, being vaccinated with our current vaccines still prevent and reduced hospitalizations and deaths in a significant manner. david: right. >> i was still highly encourage folks to take the news still as they will get vaccinated. david: still so much about this virus we don't understand. still, there is so much about it. doctor, thank you very much. thank you so much for your expertise. really appreciate it. the timeline to get cruise ships back in u.s. waters still remains unclear but florida is fighting back. we'll be speaking with the mayor of miami right after this. ♪.
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>> you are pretty much like carnival in this regard this is too onerous, right? that the cdc should be a little bit more open to getting cruises going again? >> to keep the cruise industry completely shut down from u.s. ports for over a year is just unbelievable. look, we're a business and we're a public companies, we have shareholders to be accountable for to and employees and if we can't operate out of u.s. waters we'll operate elsewhere. david: cruise lines are fed up with waiting to get back into business. norwegian cruise lines frank del rio joining neil on "cavuto live" over the weekend, florida is suing the federal government and the cdc to reopen the cruise industry. joining me miami's republican mayor, francis suarez. that is a big ticket item to sue the federal government, the cdc in particular. how do you do that, how do you go about doing that?
12:34 pm
>> frank del rio is absolutely right. what they have done to the cruise industry is horrible. thousands of people who are employed. tens of thousands of people who enjoy cruising. many people saved money all year to take one vacation which is a cruise. it has been over a year. everything else has been open. the vaccine proliferated tremendously in our community. we have reductions in percent positivity, number of new case, even hospitalizations. i'm here at jackson memorial hospital right now. i got vaccinated. they came under 1000, i'm sorry, 100 cases of people with covid in jackson memorial hospital, which is the forth largest public hospital in america. you're talking about a county of 2.8 million people. the largest public hospital has less than 100 covid patients. david: so the numbers are coming down, that's a good thing but again, is the cdc, you're suing the cdc i take it. how, are you taking it to a
12:35 pm
particular court? how do you go about doing that? >> the state of florida has decided to sue the cdc and we support any efforts that they're making on behalf of the cruise industry that has been decimated by the cdc regulations. listen, the cruise industry is a very sophisticated industry. they're willing to step up with vaccinations apps, technology, to make sure that it is done safely. remember they have a business reason to do it safely. if there is an outbreak, not only is there a safety concern among the passengers but it could destroy the business. david: absolutely. >> they will not want to open until they're ready. they're ready to go. i think they should have the opportunity to put start immediately. david: mayor, how many jobs in the miami area depend on the cruise industry one way or the other? >> it is tens of thousands. the reason why it is not just the cruise industry. people fly into mimi. they stay a night or two before they get on a cruise. they're eating at the
12:36 pm
restaurants. they're going out. we've been open for a while here. our cases are call going down. obviously we've been envy of sort of the united states attracting people from new york and silicon valley because they want to be in a place that is open and able for them to enjoy their quality of life. you don't get to live yesterday again tomorrow. david: on the other hand, we're looking at green numbers looking for a full year for the cruise lines. they hit initially, and come back with expectations of vaccines. today they're down. at least investors are thinking it may be a while before the cruise lines get back in action. how long do you reasonably expect to see normal cruise line activity? >> i heard reports about mid-summer. i think it needs to be open as quickly as possible, maybe may 1st. i know cruise companies, frank del rio and others working diligently provided plans to the cdc that give them an operational plan how to open
12:37 pm
safely. i think the cdc just needs to do it. frankly i worked with the cdc throughout this entire process, particularly with the prior administration. they were very thoughtful about listening to a local leader. i'm hopeful, and don't have reason to believe the new administration won't do the same thing. david: we hope the employees in the cruise industry and all the enterprises depend on the cruise industry the very best as soon as they get back into business safely for all. congratulations on the new numbers are being down. we're getting close to see the end of this at least in florida. thank you, sir. >> we sure are, thank you so much. david: coming up, fox news getting an exclusive look at the chaotic conditions on the southern border. we'll be right back with the very latest on that coming right up.
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♪. david: we are getting exclusive looks at chaotic conditions on the southern border, no other
12:42 pm
way to describe it and it is a crisis and it's setting new records under the biden administration as the overall number of migrants crossing the border reached its highest level in 15 years. fox news correspondent rich edson has the very latest look at all this live. rich, what's the story? reporter: good afternoon, david. the rio grande river behind me is a major crossing point at this point right here, all throughout the banks here. customs and border protection agents who are patrolling. they took us how the last evening to show us what they encounter. they say they encounter on nightly basis now. what you got now, cartels, smugglers, who are dropping off migrants, many of them families, dropping them off this side of the river. what they say is new here is that they're dropping mostly families and children now across the river. they say that that's really been part of the surge here. if you look at overall, throughout the rio grande valley, this is really a hot
12:43 pm
spot for all of that. there was a congressional delegation that was also part of the group last night. there will be more today. and what is happening here is really making it, to the political scene in washington. >> i can tell you that our law enforcement is strapped. they're being outspent, they're being outtechnologied. cartels are using way more technology than what we have. they're using it to their advantage. the cartels are ones winning this war. >> we've been very clear, we said do not take the journey. it is too dangerous, and too treacherous, we're putting in place programs where people could stay home and move forward and apply in a legal way. reporter: we drove past a handful of families last evening. some waved at us. others look exhausted and shaken. agents spoke with them, moved them on to a processing facility. they will join the other houses,
12:44 pm
tens, hundreds of thousands who have done the same. we spoke with a group from honduras, small families, two teenagers, traveling alone. they told them it took threefour weeks to get the united states, by train, car, foot. two men said they had no work back home. they encountered bad people on the trip. they didn't get into details. part of dealing with all this, border patrol, customs and boarder protection. administration nominated the police chief from tuscon, arizona chris magnus. he is noted critic of president trump's border policies. david: rich edson, great reporting from down there at the border. i appreciate it. my next guest toured the border. north carolina congressman rich hudson. congressman, the first step towards solving any problem first admitting there is a problem that needs to be solved.
12:45 pm
do you think the administration has gone far enough to admit that first step. >> david, good to be with you. of course not. i spent two days on the border, with the border patrol, toured facilities, everyone said the historical trend is caused directly by joe biden overturning those trump era policies we saw work. david: just seems like one after the other. these policies did seem to be working, particularly the international policy with mexico and the northern triangle, central american countries, those policies did seem to work. but one after the other they dropped. and now, it appears that president biden will try to restart them all over again. are you getting any further sense of that? he mention he mentioned that last week? but seems other voices of the administration seem to contradict that. >> well i think that's the problem, david, biden doesn't have any plan.
12:46 pm
day one we stroke of a pen got rid of all the policies we saw work in 2019 which stopped the surge we're seeing at that time. he eliminated all those policies but had no alternative. so now all these different agencies are scrambling, trying to deal with the fallout from biden's border crisis. but there is no plan. david: now he continues to say that one way to solve the problem is to send money to central america. he has one plan to send $4 billion. they said it won't be checks to individuals. checks through the government there. he says the governments are the problem. that is there is endemic corruption in the governments. how does sending $4 billion to corrupt governments solve the problem? >> you answered your own question, david. you're absolutely right. we can't trust the governments to take money. by the way we're talking about borrowing money we're giving to the countries. we're already giving them large
12:47 pm
amounts of money for stability in their countries. last thing we need to do is borrow more money from our children and grandchildren and ship it south. we need to go back to the common sense policies, remain in mexico, agreements with try angle countries that saw record drops as soon as they were gone, we see record increases. david: we have to go but, congressman what do you think the chances are of the biden administration re-engaging in policies that they have dismissed and torn up? >> well, their plan right now is hope the american people don't see what is happening. so, my job and the all the jobs of the folks who have been down to see what is going on to therapy this message. the american people need to demand better from their president. kamala harris is supposed to be in charge of this mess. i think a good start would be for her to go down to see it herself. david: richard hudson, congressman from north carolina. thank you very much, congressman, appreciate it.
12:48 pm
>> thank you. david: should we be seeing the addition of the 51st state? what could that mean for partisanship on capitol hill? right after this.
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david: biden administration is looking to redefine what bipartisanship. anita dunne saying quote, if you look upbipartisan in the dictionary, would say support from republicans and democrats. it doesn't say the republicans have to be in congress. what ever happened to the phrase representative? charlie hurt is back. seems all of this, attempts to get rid of the filibuster, packed supreme court is part of a strategy to reconstruct the way our political system works, no? >> yeah, no absolutely, david. it is kind of a political smash-and-grab operation. i think democrats are, have this feeling they have only got basically two years to get everything that they want. so of course, the first thing that they want to do is, as you say, change the way things are
12:53 pm
done. they want to add states. they want to do whatever they have to do to increase their own power, so that long after they lose power now, they will, they will retain all of those positions where they can easily, you know, get back to the, get back to the money pot. david: right. you know there was an old phrase, tyranny of the majority, particularly talking about the filibuster, which was designed to provide the minority inn congress with certain rights that they wouldn't normally have. that is kind of what separated the american exempt from experiment, from all the failed democracies around the world, protection of the minority this seems to be an attempt to really change us to the failed policies of other nations? >> it is kind of terrifying. it is funny, every now and then we need to be reminded.
12:54 pm
the founders put a lot of thought on this. they were very smart people. they spent a lot of time studying this and they discovered one of the most important things, the most enduring thing about our country, actually minority rights are very important in, important part of the legislature and the reason for that is, it requires the majority to actually have to sort of reevaluate what it is they want and they have to convince people that are in the minority to go along with them. it's a really good idea. it's a good idea in life. it's a good idea in government. if you can sort of, also ensures that you're always talking across the line of scrimmage, that you realize the arguments you're making, you're actually having to convince reasonable people who maybe disagree with you but they're very reasonable people. it's a wonderful way to sort of come up with very good solutions. unfortunately, because of the partisanship, has become so nasty and so acrid, democrats are absolutely hell-bent, a lot
12:55 pm
has to do with the fact that some of their ideas are genuinely deeply unpopular. take the idea of open borders thing. that is not a 50-50 issue or 45-55 issue. that is 80% issue. if you talk to regular democrat voters, they say, yeah, we need to have a border. we need to have sanity on the border. whether voter i.d. david: voter i.d. is broadly popular. >> very popular. david: there is question about how popular making washington, d.c. a state, by the way. we should point out, washington d.c. voters voted 92% for president biden and 5.4% for donald trump. pretty clear why they want to do this, isn't it? >> gee, i wonder. what is it about giving d.c. statehood? putting aside the fact i think it is completely unconstitutional. the entire argument about having d.c. not a state is still a valid argument today.
12:56 pm
it goes back to the larger point that you're making. this is a smash-and-grab operation by democrats. they realize they have two years to get everything done. so that is why they want to focus on changing the system to see meant their power. david: one thing i can't change, we've run out of time, charlie. thank you very much. great to see you again, charlie. appreciate it. still ahead four states are looking to providing migrants with stimulus money. the details when the second hour of "cavuto: coast to coast" begins right after this. ♪ the world's first fully autonomous vehicle is almost at the finish line what a ride! i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq-100 like you become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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will ♪ ♪. david: welcome back to cavuto "coast to coast" i am david asman in for neil cavuto a top story we are following president biden is meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to sell his spending plan that republicans are more focused on the migrant crisis in the states that are giving thousands of dollars of stimulus money to undocumented immigrants. fox business edward lawrence is in d.c. with all the details of this and more. >> the meeting with the white house might include democrats and republicans but the administration 2.2 5 trillion-dollar plan, that has no money for the border wall and the meeting will not be
1:01 pm
addressing the crisis on the border, however, immigration crisis might art to cost taxpayers, states across the country beginning to approve checks that would go to undocumented people as a stimulus to help with the pandemic. lawmakers in maryland passed giving a lump sum payment to noncitizens, maryland is not alone eight states are giving money or in the process of giving money to undocumented immigrants as direct payments. this comes from the states directly not part of the american rescue plan. under the rescue plan the states gets $350 billion which could allow room to make the payments to undocumented immigrants. the washington post viewed data showing the abided administration spending $60 million a week to shelter undocumented immigrants, that is $257 million each month at this pace, the group of 300 sheriffs have called on the administration to recognize and fix in the letter that they sent
1:02 pm
a dangerous impact to administration border policies that are having other citizens, bristol county massachusetts signed off on the letter. >> this letter was signed by 300 sheriffs from across the nation who every day have their boots on the ground and see firsthand what is going on. we hope that the president will take a hard look at this and that he'll bring the sheriffs and to listen to what we have to say. as i said his policies are reckless, he knows it and he could've predicted before he didn't. >> the administration has yet to call this a crisis. david: thank you very much, some critics are pointing to the abided administration for housing shortage, home inventories falling to record lows forcing prices to skyrocket, fox business lydia is live in new jersey to explain why all of this is happening. >> it's a competitive housing market one of the toughest we've seen in decades, some critics of
1:03 pm
president biden are pointing to the policy saying they're making a bad situation worse for homebuyers, they say the forbearance on foreclosures a moratorium to evictions is adding to a competitive housing market. >> demand for homes is not the problem, the supplied is a problem, i think the real thing we need to do is create incentives for people to sell their homes as opposed incentives for people to buy them. >> inventory fell to a record low of 1,030,000 units at the end of february that is only a two month supply short of what economists say is needed to balance the market with a six month supply, and february the federal housing a administration extended the deadline for requesting forbearance through june as more than 17% of fha insured mortgages are delinquent or in for parents, experts say it's a first-time homebuyer that is feeling the pinch, here is some buyers in the new jersey
1:04 pm
market. listen. >> you have to be prepared to come in at the last if not higher. >> and leisure giving a cash offer which majority of homebuyers are not paying 100% cash down, it is really tough. >> the homes that are on the market like this one behind me in new jersey they are moving fast and spending three-year than few weeks on the market than they are sold. david: a good time to sell a house, pretty house like that, that's a beautiful house, we wish them the best, thank you very much, back to the meeting on infrastructure before they even get in the room republicans are calling this a job crushing slush fund, let's bring in strategic wealth partner strategist luke lloyd and the war on small business author carol rob, let's talk about small business. in the end, will the tax and spend bill make life easier or more difficult for small businesses in the u.s.
1:05 pm
>> absolutely it'll make it more difficult for small business and that's by design what is happening in the biden administration and the groundwork has been laid for a very long time the consolidation of power among central planners and politicians among big businesses and special interest. notice in the infrastructure plan whatever they want to call it that the backbone of the economy is considered infrastructure, everything else is considered infrastructure but not the backbone of the economy and they're sending it to unions and is just a huge then that the cooks away from the concept of decentralization and free-market. david: built into the infrastructure bill are the huge tax hikes, historically huge tax hikes and some of them will hit as the individual rates go up, this is focused on corporate rates, a parcel of tax rates going up the individual rates are going to go up and that
1:06 pm
hurts small business owners that take the profit as personal income. >> it's going to hurt everybody to know who pays the most when it comes to taxes it is always middle-class america gets burned, we could talk about how the spending is an efficient and will be completely offset by higher taxes and we can talk about how democrats raising taxes to pay for their spending is going to hurt the middle class which it will, let's talk about why this isn't beneficial outside of that, the $2 trillion is spread out over eight years that is $250 billion per year, not only that the data tells us it takes years for infrastructure spending to get into the economy before shovel hit the dirt, we won't see most of the benefits until many years down the road, biden is tooting his horn for the infrastructure bill will create jobs and greater energy, it also creates jobs and innovates technology like greener energy, free-market capitalism, guess what is harder to do when tax rates are high,
1:07 pm
free-market capitalism, it is not something that i support, putting america first and keeping america first and letting our economy heat up organically without artificial inefficient stimulus. david: there is no question, we've already seen the results of some of these jobs figures that have come out recently our economy in the world economy is about to explode once the pandemic is really history, we still have horrible outbreaks to worry about but it seems once the vaccines get around we can break the back of this pandemic, once that happens they will be able to slide for a little while no matter how bad we think their policies are going to be. >> you have to remember why things are going to be going gangbusters because the comparables are so bad and especially the state and local level shut off large parts of the economy, of course as we turn those back on and get
1:08 pm
people vaccinated and they're not afraid to leave their houses and not afraid to spend in that capacity, that is what they're going to do in there to create that cover, things are moving in the right direction so let's put a little bit of taxes in here, that's not necessarily a sustainable event because the increase, most economists don't believe it's going to be sustained, even the fed is not going to be sustained over a long period of time, we need to get out of the way to further growth not put upward roadblocks. david: rather than getting out of the way, right now they're inserting themselves into one problem with turning the switchback on which is the chip shortage is a meeting going out of the white house, very shortly we may take you there and because of problems we've seen with the amount of computers necessary to deal with the at-home work, the car industry
1:09 pm
doesn't have enough computers or semi conductor chips, the white house is getting involved, do you think that will help or hurt things. >> any time the white house gets involved, i am a big believer that's always inefficient when they do get involved, if we want to get back to where we were pre-pandemic and ramp up the economy, the chips in the computers and everything we need open fully backup it's time to do that, 12 states that are fully shut down, most shut down cap over 40% of the unappointed, that is not good so we opened everything back up and get people back to work in the company's backup that will be great for the economy i think that's the solution, not giving out free money, they call it free money. david: the trump administration took proactive moves in the private market whether came to tariffs or instructing them to come back from their foreign operations et cetera, the difference i guess, his administration was headed out
1:10 pm
light and businessman donald trump himself and he had a lot of other businessmen and women involved in the whole process, this administration has mostly academics and bureaucrats involved. >> i'm going to say under both the administrations the government getting in the way was a particular helpful if you look at last july the trade-in balance, that being said at least there was an additional policies being put in place that was trying to consolidate the plan power everything from raising the minimum wage, all of these things are against small business and against free-market, at least the last administration had enough sense to get out of the way of that aspect of business and the economy but this is moving completely in the wrong direction, it's actually really scary. david: you look at all the regulations and the executive order specifically killing the keystone pipeline et cetera, it
1:11 pm
does not look good, again the book is entitled the war on small business by carol, thank you very much, luke lloyd a pleasure to see you both, there's your book, president biden promising green jobs after the keystone pipeline shut down, what does that mean for laid-off keystone pipeline workers, fox news carly on what workers in arkansas are telling her. >> i lost probably 60 - 80 grand not being able to go to the job, that is my livelihood if i'm not working, barely scraping by. ♪
1:12 pm
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now! >> yesterday for the president, what would you say to those who have lost their job or will lose their job, what message on the president. >> the message of the president in the white house that he is committed, his record shows the american people that he is committed to clean energy jobs, jobs that are not only good high-paying jobs, union jobs but ones that are also good for our environment he things is possible to do both. david: how is that working out, that was three months ago when the white house responded to
1:16 pm
those who lost their jobs after the keystone pipeline cancellation, hundreds of workers are still out of work waiting for the green jobs to show up, 24/7 reporter went back to arkansas. >> carly what did you hear. >> the very first day president biden inside the executive order canceling the keystone xl pipeline and 11000 jobs with it. that was over two months ago and i learned many of those people are still struggling. >> it's hard to make plans when you have an administration that is trying to crush her future. >> the pipeline was killed in january, it is now april, give us an update, have you been able to find a job. >> not with the pipeline or any other projects he talked about. >> i look for the green jobs and they're not there that's a reason i started a fortune company, there are green jobs
1:17 pm
there. i'll look him dead in his eyes and tell him, i lost 60 - 80 grand not being able to go to that job, that is my livelihood if i'm not working i barely scraping by, i have two kids i have to support. what am i supposed to do their. >> without working we lose insurance, income. >> my whole family is employed. my whole family. >> what is everyone going to do. >> we don't know. >> will lose everything that we have that we worked our entire lives for. >> tell me about arkansas, they call it the pipeline or capital of the world we have a lot of out of work pipeline or, what is the mood in the town. >> it is terrible usually this time a year you don't see anyone around but they're everywhere now .
1:18 pm
>> all of these people should be in another state working on the pipeline. >> their own unemployment you're lucky enough. >> he just unveiled the $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. >> i propose a plan for the nation's work not just rewards wealth, i support unions in the middle class it's about time they get a piece of the action. >> do you feel included in that plan. >> of course not, used to be blue-collar joe now it's green color joke. >> the middle class is telling we are hurting and we need jobs and he hasn't even said one thing i'm not saying do away with great energy but dropping what we have now and going to something different is not a very good idea. >> is not helping us and i don't know any unions he's helped so far and other trades, i don't know if he's going to or not but i'll believe it when i see it, it certainly not for union
1:19 pm
pipeline. >> you in 20 other state ag's have a lawsuit you're suing the biden administration to overturn the pipeline decision you say killing is unconstitutional. >> this is a decision of congress to make not the president's decision. when he used the pen and eliminated the keystone pipeline permit he did so without proper authority were asking the court to revoke the cancellation and to allow pipelines to move forward until congress makes the decision. >> are you confident your window when. >> we are confident because were on the right side of the law. unfortunately it could be months before were able to get an injunction. >> human given up on the keystone pipeline. >> no they still have to have gas and oil to run those things. >> they flip the switch and turned crude oil off. >> i know when he canceled the keystone that was the beginning
1:20 pm
of oil and gas and trying to force us into a greener direction we need to stand up and let the administration know that there's a lot of americans that depend on oil and gas and whether the administration wants to admit it or not they depend on it too. >> are you going to give up on the keystone xl pipeline. >> of the gas company sells the pipe and gives up then i'll give up, until then the pipe is still up there and there's still a chance. >> many of these people say they took what president biden, john kerry and jen psaki said seriously they look for the green energy jobs, they tried and they either aren't there or they do not pay well. >> what a magnificent report, to show when compare the plans of washington with real-life common sense his spirit and, common sense wins out every time, when you're able to see them side-by-side. great stuff. the legal question over vaccine passports how hawaii's governor
1:21 pm
issued a proclamation allowing vaccinated travelers to bypass acquainting mandate in the loja state, missouri lawmakers are voting to ban in-state vaccine passports over privacy and government overreach concerns. missouri republican attorney general eric smith joined is now attorney general, how is this man, who is his band going to affect first of all and how are you going to get it through are you just talking to government agencies or businesses that want to have issue vaccine passports. >> the legislation right now relates to government and i guess as we talk about this it's amazing that joe biden's america it is actually easier to cross the border illegally and potentially go from state to state across his country as american citizens freely. missouri is putting a marker down that we will not implement a vaccine passports system as attorney general i vowed to sue to block that, missouri for a
1:22 pm
long time has been known as the show me state and we are not the show me your paper state. david: it is extremely how illegal immigrants can cross the border lines with no problem at all but it may be difficult for u.s. citizens to do the same. if i have a private business in missouri, say your restaurant which has a lot of person-to-person contact and i insist that the people who i'm hiring show me proof that they have been vaccinated would you consider that to be legal? >> first of all it's a very un-american concept this is uncharted territory where we would deny service based on that. one of the great stories of america that you can get in your car and drive from place to place unencumbered, that is something for us to keep in mind, i think the question ultimately if it's not government is private business, how are they going to do this i know there's a lot of big tech companies right now trying to
1:23 pm
figure out a system to implement this if anybody trust big tech to protect the privacy they probably haven't paid attention we have several lawsuits against cavities like google and facebook for compromising people's privacy and the antitrust issues but there's a few illegal issues and them sure the right to travel is out there but will people be discriminated based on medical reasons. then you have a broad privacy issue. david: let me just ask should private businesses have the right to protect their customers by demanding more from that their employees get vaccines? >> it depends on what happens with that information and businesses are obvious and going to be held at a different standard than government because the right to travel comes into play i think people should be very specific as i think you see no movement since we've raised the alarm bells last week the federal government has backed away from this, it's most important to raise this issue with state government because for example in missouri is sits on the border with the mississippi river of the state
1:24 pm
of illinois, that is a big concern we will see where we get with a private business and how it's implemented and what concerns exist but the focus should be let's make sure we don't have states in the united states creating barriers for travel, commerce, tourism i think that's issue number one. david: i want to switch topics you have a lawsuit against the treasury department because janet yellen said unless the state doesn't cut taxes, they may be able to go in and pull back some of the covid relief funds that have been voted for. explain your lawsuit i talk to other ag's from ohio and elsewhere doing the same thing. you are suing the treasury department, how is that lawsuit going. >> we filed it a week or so ago and there's a number of other states that a file to also we have a number of lawsuits against the biden administration
1:25 pm
for their overreach, that's what this is, congress has no business telling the state of missouri when i was in the state senate i passed the tax cuts, congress has no business whatsoever telling the state of missouri what they can do with her tax policy. it's the anti-commentary issue in play and by the way we have the system of federalism where the states are spent to be laboratories for democracy to federalize what they're trying to do. all the state tax code is complete lunacy and it will take standing up and pushing back against the administration which is plowing through any constitutional limitation on their authority. we will stand up and tax issue is one of them and we have a lawsuit on the social cost of greenhouse gases that this administration came up with i know your previous segment yet the keystone pipeline workers out of work were talking about millions of people out of work if you pull all the cost of migration and future workers into present day cost and giving
1:26 pm
a blank check to the epa and transportation to over regulating tax businesses microwaves get more expensive, cars get more expensive, everything gets more expensive in addition to middle-class americans that lost her job. this administration is operating a ludicrous speed and violated the constitution. we will continue to fight back. david: it does seem to be a theme of federalize them from voting rights to tax policies even to oil pipelines. it's going to be very interesting to see how it works out. good luck to you, thank you for being here attorney general of the great state of missouri. president biden taken new steps to expanding the supreme court will have a live report from the white house on that right after the break. ♪ all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha!
1:27 pm
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david: a supreme showdown president biden initiating the six-month bipartisan study over expanding the high court, also known as court packing, david spunt is live at the white house with details. >> good afternoon, as a u.s. senator joe biden spent years on the judiciary committee and the senate, the supreme court was in his wheel house but he had some harsh criticism for his predecessor franklin dellinger roosevelt and his plan to pack the court with more justices. listen. >> he violated no law, he was legalistic we absolutely correct but it was a bonehead idea. it was a terrible terrible mistake to make. >> the president through executive order last friday announced 36% six-month bipartisan study into the
1:32 pm
supreme court looking at changing the number of justices or adding term limits, and 2019 supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg and icon on the high court said nine seems to be a good number, the washington post editorial board over the weekend announced it once term limits 18 year term limits they said leave the supreme court alone. >> i think this is nothing more than a political power grab and i'm a member of the supreme court bar and it needs to be based on legal principles not politics. i think it's going to be utterly rejected by the congress and they should withdraw this. >> in hopes of changing the supreme court may be political at this point, the reason the two senators on your screen appear to have no appetite to get rid of or change the filibuster making troop court packing unlikely. >> the only one who packs the court is the republicans when they have the filibuster jim for nominees and refused to take up the nomination of merrick garland, they packed the court it is sort of rich to hear republicans being worried about packing the court. >> this bipartisan commission
1:33 pm
will give a report to president biden in six months in october, ultimately not the commission decision is up to the congress, in 2021 the gridlock in washington israel. david: thank you very much, let's get right to judicial crisis network president, good to see you, biden himself called the idea boneheaded back in 1983, what is changed. >> he also said fdr was corrupted by power when he was trying to do the executive overreach action in the coups corrupted by power now, a big change is not that biden actually thinks it's not a bad idea, i think he realizes for his political convenience and make sense for him to tow the line of the extremist left-wing dark money group that was once who poured millions over into his campaign, they have been anti-katie for this for years
1:34 pm
and now they see it within their grasp, you see huge push from the left and biden is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the big-money groups happy even if it means doing at the expense of the court in the country. david: fdr didn't get it through but he had a 70% approval rating this guy was a popular president of all time when he tried to pack the court and even with a 70% approval rating he could not get it done. have things change so much that you don't need a band-aid like that to get something done. >> that seems to be the biden administration approach they have no mandate whatsoever the margin you can have a tiebreaker vote by the vice president in the senate and yet they're trying to do this. my head whether joe biden will try, absolutely he's gonna make the effort, the question now is it going to succeed, i hope
1:35 pm
people like joe manchin and kyrsten sinema who has stood against court packing and eliminating the senate filibuster which would be a necessary step to get that done, there is no way you're going to get 60 votes it's a question whether you can get 50 because it's unpopular idea across america but it's something the left is pushing so hard for and they will be a lot of pressure on the senators to tow the democratic party line even if they know it's bad for the court. david: switching subjects, boston hospital pushing back on criticism over a potential preferential care program based on race saying the program is not a formal position to the hospital but the hospital is considering a pilot program for heart failure patients that would prioritize people of color without the legal. >> i think right now the hospital's general counsel is probably repeat direly the person to put that out, this violates a host of laws against
1:36 pm
discrimination on the basis of race in healthcare, even if you think you're doing it for a beneficial reason, you simply cannot discriminate in healthcare especially if your hospital receives federal funds which i'm confident this hospital like every other one in the country does. talk to their lawyers before tried to implement the program and if they did attempt to implement i would expect that people would immediately be filing complaints with the department of health and human services, that is a serious violation of federal law. david: your filing complaints with an organization that is supporting critical race theory which is the basis for some of these decisions. >> yes it would be a real test and maybe one of the early test, will see the biden administration are they willing to follow the actual federal law, there is a whole division within the health and human services in charge of enforcing the civil lights laws in
1:37 pm
healthcare and i would hope that they are willing to stand up to what looks like a blatant violation of federal law if not we have a real problem here. david: you have a lot of things occupying your mind these days with all the legal decisions yet to be made, great to see you, thank you so much for explaining all of that, coming up, what the union for amazon warehouse workers in alabama could mean for other workers looking to unionize. more cavuto "coast to coast" right after this. ♪ it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip. fifteen minutes until we board. oh yeah, we gotta take off. you downloaded the td ameritrade mobile app so you can quickly check the markets? yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board. excellent. and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. have a great flight. thanks. we'll see ya.
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1:42 pm
over, jackie deangelis has all the details. >> good afternoon it was a big win for amazon last week the workers and alabama voted against unionizing, the no's one by more than 2 - 1 margin and remember this amazon pays employees while well above minimum wage $15 as a starting pay and they offer new employees health insurance. amazon is the second largest private employer in the united states with nearly a million workers and last year alone during the pandemic boom amazon hired more than 400,000 new employees. since 2017 amazon u.s. profits have nearly quadrupled from 5.6 billion to 20-point to billion and that is why the unions feel there is more than enough then amazon can do to help people out. this is likely not the end of the story there were employees that voted to unionize and the residual impact from this pig go across the labor chain in
1:43 pm
different parties as they team up together, for example construction unions can band together and protest tilting amazon fulfillment centers, do you see where i'm going with this, wade is president biden stan, the president is about reviving unions in six weeks ago he blasted out a video supporting the prounion amazon workers, biden said in this video, he said this is a vitally important choice, it is also important to remember that one hand may wash the other because open secrets is in 2020 in the election there was $245 million in contribution from labor groups and 90% of those went to the democrats. david: hard to argue with 90%, more fallout for ceos after taking political and corporate positions on george's new voting law, charlie gasparino has new details on how the republican party is looking to fight back. charlie joining us with the
1:44 pm
latest. >> i never thought i would be recording the story, the republican party bracing for a long battle with corporate america. you is that the republican party was a party of the country club, the corporation, rockefeller republicans back in the day, not anymore. here's what's going on in this battle, the republican party is becoming much more of a populist party a party of working-class people, it is writing headfirst into the elite elements that are now running corporate america and turning it woke. here is why the battle will continue, this is from my republican sources i cannot say their names but you know them because we talk to the same people out there the republican party will push for the voter id laws like the one in georgia largely because they are popular with the republican base and that will set up the battle between woke elements of
1:45 pm
corporate america and yale university which has some from what i understand over the weekend to oppose the georgia voting law listening to all the woke ceos talk about how people can drink water online in georgia which is absurd, i think most of the ceos need to read the law that i have, you can drink water, someone can give you water, stacey abrams cannot profit ties you and give you water, that's only difference. they are ready for a long battle, here's what they think is going to happen, customers will ultimately squash some of the woke is that people will not go to the atlanta falcons game if author link becomes a social warrior, already them will be from what i understand is getting inundated with complaints from long-term customers on the georgia law and
1:46 pm
that's when described, no offense but why do i have to fly delta if they are against what i believe and politically. this is going to be a long battle, it is fascinating that corporate america and the republican party are breaking up in corporate america is becoming the party of the left but i'll tell you this if arthur blank or any of these guys, the guy from work think that elizabeth warren and aoc are going to back off because you do and support some of the stuff, they are out of their minds. you cannot buy them all. david: you should throw the chamber of commerce into the mix, they have been speaking woke language the past few months. >> they will never be able to convince aoc that they are good guys. listen look with one with amazon the most progressive company out there is been attacked left and
1:47 pm
right by elizabeth warren and aoc's p1 in the end 70% of the workers in alabama voted against the union, perhaps popular will win. >> i think that's what's going to happen, major league baseball is having a huge problem right now football viewership last year, you cannot judge by attendant with the year of coping and people not in the stadium, the viewership was down last year and it was socially woke. david: we have to go i wish we could talk more, thank you very much, after the break the cofounder of the black lives matter movement is being blasted for real estate buying binge, wait until you hear how much. we'll be right back. ♪
1:48 pm
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david: had a black lives matter greater new york city calling for an independent investigation into the organizations funds after reports show the blm cofounder spent 3.2 million dollars in real estate properties across the country, maybe more than that let's bring a political analyst for reaction
1:52 pm
on this. , i laugh but this is a serious issue, it is so funny to see these marxist spending money like many capitalist would do is easy to condemn capitalism when you're a millionaire. >> i would argue that the case i know there's a lot of people rightfully concerned i happen to not share the same outrage as many of my conservative colleagues because as a conservative energy use money that you rightfully earned and legally that is fine, what i'm outraged about is the fact that this organization is taking a $90 million and we've not seen a lot of the money go to organizations and chapters which rightfully so it should've went to i beginning to see michael brown senior who requested $20 million from the blm organization so they can do that work, there being disenfranchised, meanwhile the leader one of the founders of the group is going on a spending spree, that makes a lot of people scratch their head and say this is a group who says
1:53 pm
everyone is practically marginalized and innocent if you will but yet you're in this position that you are not helping those who money should go to which brings about the question at 12 year police, they received a settlement for that but there is real legitimate injustice that are occurring when it comes to the police and there's a need for police reform and where is the founder on those issues, that is a question that people are asking right now. david: what i find very curious, corporations are buying, the blm and the leaders in particular, let's talk about these individuals, they make no bones about the fact that there marxist why would a corporation based on capitalism be construed into money to marxist. >> because this is what's going on this is the moment become one thing that you can attach your brain to blm is highly popular area of consideration for
1:54 pm
corporation and we've seen that was ceos on the georgia law a couple of weeks ago. it makes sense why corporations are doing this, they want to be able to say contributed so therefore you should patronize my store and buy my products. i understand that the company, i get the philosophy but at the same time there should be greater considerably as what the blm organization is in the move generally knowing there is a distinction between my friends who say black lives matter i say black lives matter, all black lives matter i think there absolutely has to be a distinction between those two and recognizing that corporations have put their money behind is not doing what they said they were going to do. that is problematic on many levels. david: i understand donating money to schools for example, doing work in inner-city or individuals who are trying to get justice of one form or another but to an organization
1:55 pm
where money is fungible, i don't know exactly where the money for these houses came from from this woman but money is fungible, we should investigate a bout exactly where the money is coming in, at the same time, again i would assume you are smart to get into corporate but it is not a smart move by corporations to do this. >> i think people are recognizing that now. again, we had a really horrible year last year we sell the death of george floyd which everyone should rightfully condemn and hopefully the officer who committed that atrocity, hopefully there will be justice for the family of george floyd, there was a movement that took place that no 1,000,002 debated, rightfully so there was cause for a police reform, he saw ted scott who put up police reform bills that were good bills and
1:56 pm
invited democrats in but they did want to get involved because they wanted to use it beyond election. >> we have to run were up against the hard break but corporations contribute into marxist does not make sense to me. great to see. podcasts quickly. >> i have brian kilmeade on today and gianna caldwell. david: shares of uber sorting today will tell you why after the break. ♪ digital world, traded with a touch. the gold standard, so to speak ;) stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx crafted by lexus. get 0.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350 experience amazing at your lexus dealer. municipal bonds don't usually get the media coverage get 0.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350 the stock market does. in fact, most people don't find them all that exciting. but, if you're looking for the potential
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♪ david: we're looking for post-pandemic indicators. the stock uber is up on a relatively down day, the best month ever post-pandemic for ride bookings. they are getting out, booking uber. uber eats was good. neil will be back tomorrow. we're joined by charles payne. charles: all they need are drivers. thanks a lot, dave. david: sure. charles: i'm charles payne this is "making money." the market in caution mode. following another record-setting run last week saw the lowest so oomph of the year. a lot of things bugging investors, powell, inflation, we'll look at every single one of them. earnings roll out today and our experts are here to make you


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