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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 12, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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not to like if you want to see that the economy recovery. dagen: i'm shocked by the number of falsehoods that come out of joe biden's mouth like guns and buying guns at gun shows and how you don't get a background check, that is a lie and i'm looking at out for how many more he tells this week. maria: you are right, jim crow 2.0 another lie. great show, have a great day. we will see tomorrow. "varney & co." begins now. take it away, stu. stuart: good morning. as we start the new week , there's clearly a new mood. click at this for starters, hideki matsuyama won the masters, thousands of people lined the greens, almost back to normal masters played again in early april with big crowds. that's a change on the positive side. america's wildly successful vaccination drive continues, 4.6 million shots administered saturday
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alone. one in four americans now fully inoculated. meanwhile, china has trouble with its heavily touted vaccine. it's no more-- nowhere near as effective as western vaccines is been sold around the world. it's anything but back to normal for the corporate boardroom with more ceos taking political sides and over the weekend executives from over 100 companies had eight zoom meeting to figure out to respond to georgia's voting law. there woke employees demand a say in where company said should expand and which politicians they should support. to the markets, we are not quite back to the normal of rapidly rising prices, but pretty close to dow jones will be up -- i'm sorry down 50, s&p down by five and nasdaq down 33, not a lot of red ink. bitcoin hit $62000 of the weekend.
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it's backed off slightly , but it's still at $60900 per coin as of now. the yield on the 10 year treasury, a key benchmark these days with 1.66% as we speak. coming up on the big program today it's been called a blackout that shut down iran's main nuclear facility for nine months of that complicates president biden's reopening of the iran nuclear deal. sponsor chris-- fox chris wallace forces the transportation secretary to demand the infrastructure program won't create 19 million new jobs can't just 2.7 million. new violence near minneapolis, a big investment in voice recognition technology by microsoft. we will cover it all monday, april 11, 2021, "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪♪
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stuart: i'm terribly sorry, folks. i made a mistake. it's not april 11. it's april 12, all day long, monday, april 12. you have no idea of the ruckus in my ear when i got it wrong but i'm getting it right now, april 12, everyone. but start with bitcoin. it that 61-- moments ago-- $61000, 62000 and we can. susan, good morning and welcome. why the spike to make 62000? susan: i like to go back in time as well so could be the 11th, the 10th, whatever you want. let's talk about big numbers, we broke through 61000 again for
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bitcoin for the first time in more than a month, since early march we have not been at these levels and the reason is a coin base of the direct listing taking place wednesday. hugely popular and highly anticipated coin base world's largest crypto exchange, first list-- listing of its kind and possibly evaluation of the hundred billion dollars and that would make it the most valuable listing of facebook almost nine years ago. that means there's a lot more money and a lot more interest to invest into bitcoin. morgan stanley, goldman sachs, tesla, paypal and the list goes on and on with michael strategy saying they would pay some executives and bitcoin if they chose to, so crypto growing fast and long and that also means a bullish prediction bitcoin getting higher so this morning i saw 400,000 per coin in the next year according to one analysis.
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that's how bitcoin controls inflation meaning they reduce the supply so supply if it goes down that means prices go up in 400,000 is a long ways from here stuart: would you get paid in bitcoin if you are offered the chance? susan: depends on how many bitcoin on getting and if it's too bitcoin an hour, yeah i would think about it but if it's too bitcoin a year, no thank you. stuart: well said. hold on a second. president biden and vice president harris will meet with lawmakers on both sides of the out today. susan, what are they talking about? susan: and lot of money, to an a quarter trillion dollars in the structure plan, but only five or 6% will go to exley building roads, bridges and ports and also questions on how to pay for it with the biden administration wanted to raise corporate taxes to 28% and red state democrat joe mansion has said that packs
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hike goes too far in their six or seven other democrats who feel strongly against this. that's a big deal in the split senate at 50/50. unlikely as we know to vote for the tax hike admits mcconnell says he's against it: yet the latest liberal wish list. 5% actually goes to infrastructure so why call it an infrastructure planned? susan: left wing wish list, but that's my editorial. to the markets, how we will open this monday morning, april 12, by the way, down 50 on the dow jones, down 26 on the nasdaq and let's bring in ed yardeni. i want to know-- i think $800 billion worth of checks have gone out, emergency checks. how are we using the money: do we know yet? >> we do, the federal reserve bank of new york apparently has pretty good survey system and may have concluded that
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of the three rounds including the latest round, they show like 25% is spent on goods and services and the rest is going into savings. savings mean accumulating assets and also paying off debt. i know that data shows people have been paying off their consumer credit cards to the tune of $100 billion over the past year. that still leaves a few billion dollars for asset purchases and a lot of it is in liquid assets, but i think it's a seeping into the stock market and i see almost every day they try to get the market down, and by the end of the day we are at a new record high stuart: did you see the report from bank of america that in the last five months more money has flowed into stocks van in the last 12 years that money is emergency checks? >> i'm still working to replicate that data.
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i'm not sure i'm coming in with the same kind of numbers. looking at equity mutual funds continues to lose assets, atf game, so they have a much better database and i have, but the reality is that there's a tremendous amount of liquidity out there that has not gone into the stock market yet, and so avoiding the controversy of what actually has gone out my would say there's plenty of firepower to get this market going higher. i call it rocket fuel in the problem with rocket fuel is its great when it take you straight up but occasionally if something goes wrong the whole thing can blow up and it's interesting for sure. stuart: ain't life interesting indeed. hold on a second. chris wallace, foxnews chris wallace called out transportation secretary pete buttigieg.
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he made false claims about the number of jobs they have the structure plan would create. watch this. >> you as 19 million it's actually 2.7 million which is a bunch, but not what you said. >> is part of a scenario that moody says will create 19 million jobs, but the bottom line is it's going to add jobs and this is a direct reputation of people who are saying otherwise, so yeah you are correct i should be precise. the difference in jobs that particular analysis suggests is 2.7 million more, that is a great place to be. stuart: 19 million, 2.7 million, that's a huge difference. any comment on that, ed yardeni? >> you know, politicians are awfully good at claiming their policies are crating jobs. the reality is its companies, businesses
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and proprietorships that create jobs in the problem is the government very often gets in the way of that. i'm actually impressed by how well the economy has recovered even on the employment front despite the meddling of the-- of washington. clearly lots of people need help here still with the pandemic, but at the same time the government benefits have been so generous that a lot of people just say not even going to look for a job until benefits run out and biden just extended until september , so i don't think any of them have a clue what their policies will do for the job market. the reality is if you leave us alone, business people and employers will create the jobs because we are short of skilled labor. stuart: they haven't a clue. that phrase will live forever. it will live forever. you are on videotape or
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whatever it is. thanks, ed yardeni. checking the futures one more time. we are opening on a monday morning, down the side, but that's not a huge selloff. california teacher caught on zoom berating her students over the push for in person learning. watch this. >> dare them to come at me because i am so sick to my stomach of the parents trying to tell educators how to do their job. stuart: interesting comments and we will have more on that coming up on the show, guaranteed. showing you pfizer a new study claims the south african variance is able to quote breakthrough pfizer's vaccine. i will ask dr. matt mccarthy about that. he's on the show next. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ you've got the looks ♪
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no expensive machines, no expensive memberships. go to to get yours now. t now! stuart: just to joining us on this monday morning, april 12, we have some red ink, but not much. check out big tech. though one gainer is microsoft, bottom of the screen, left-hand side at 2056 because they are going to spend $19 billion in a voice recognition company, voice recognition. i love it. soft is up. next, federal reserve chair jay powell says the us economy is at an inflection point. susan: what he means is the us is on the cusp of the fastest growth in 30 years plus. >> it seems like you are race expecting a
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recovery, you are expecting a boom. >> i would say this growth we are expecting in the second half of this year will be very strong. susan: six to 7% growth this year, something we haven't seen since the early 1980s. powell also says it's highly unlikely they will raise interest rates this year. one part of the interview reminded me of you when i was watching when they were talking about inflation at 20% in the late 70s, early '80s and they were saying there's a generation out there of young millennial's who have never seen inflation past three or 4% which is true. we are talking about higher yields based on rising prices and on a stimulus or enter the economy, that's something i would say hundreds of millions have not seen ever, but you have obviously paid that 20% mortgage rates during that time 30 years ago. one more point on the interview, i thought it was concerning when it jay powell said he was
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surprised and confused by the $20 billion hedge fund blowup, i mean, shouldn't they be on top of this information as a central bank and the federal reserve as part of the mandate is to calm stock markets. stuart: i agree. that was a blip on the radar, blast on the screen and then went away rather quickly without huge damage. i think he wants to put it very much of the rear-view mirror without getting into it too much, i think. susan: 20% inflation. stuart: i do remember very high interest rates back when you don't. a new study from israel five the south african variant able to quote breakthrough pfizer's vaccine. dr. matt mccarthy joins us. could this be a serious problem, doctor? >> i saw the headline and it stopped me dead in my track, said breakthrough and that's a big problem so i read the study, the preprint.
9:19 am
it has not been peer-reviewed and it doesn't actually show that. the headlines don't represent within the study. this is not a trial where they followed people who got pfizer's vaccine and tell me were suddenly getting infected with the south african variance. it something different. we know in very rare cases people can get infected after vaccination and what they found was a handful of people who did get infected and it turned out to be with the south african variance. this is no cause for alarm. we know this appeared the thing to know with variance-- it's all very confusing but we can put them in three categories , variance of interest, variance of concern and a variance of high consequence. what we were really worry about is the high consequence variance that can evade our diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines. we do not have any variance of high consequence in the world to get so this south
9:20 am
african variance is a variant of concern and the israeli study simply reinforces that, so the reporting on this is atrocious. there's no cause to think this is actually a breakthrough and in fact, the people in this a study actually got infected before they were fully vaccinated, so i am here to offer you assurance we don't have a problem with pfizer's vaccine a. stuart: thank you for that reassurance. one more item. georgia became the third state to shut down johnson & johnson vaccine sites as people were suffering adverse reactions so they shut it down. i don't know if that is right or wrong, but it surely puts people off getting the vaccine in the first place, doesn't it? >> it does. i hate to see this. we saw this back in december, with pfizer and moderna vaccine. people waiting this long lines and they get nervous and they start
9:21 am
to think about what's going to happen to them and then they get the vaccine and they start to feel nauseated or they feel a headache or their tommy hurts and it sets off literally a chain reaction with a person after them in the person after them starts to feel unwell. these are not real adverse reactions. if you're the person person running the vaccine site it's a tricky spot to be in a juicy people falling on the couch are acting as though something's wrong and you have to decide what to do. i would not close down a vaccine site because a dozen people felt lightheaded. if i stood in line for an hour and you gave me an ice cream cone i might feel lightheaded. it's not a reason to call it off. at these vaccines work, all three that are authorized, jj, pfizer and moderna. they aren't associated with serious adverse reactions and i strongly encourage people to go out and get the j&j vaccine. i recommended to my patients, family members
9:22 am
and friends. what we see here is a consistent phenomenon when a new vaccine is rolled out someone gets it, they don't feel well and it sets off a chain reaction. it's not a reason to dismiss the vaccine. j&j works and it's saved. stuart: you are giving us a heavy dose of reassurance this morning on pfizer and johnson & johnson and that is deeply appreciative dr. matt mccarthy, thank you. show me walgreens, please. stock is up a fraction. they announced they have given more than 11 million shots to date. they have also given vaccines and 49 states, dc in puerto rico and that is walgreens. more and vaccines, pfizer reports phase three clinical trials showed its vaccine safe 100% effective in 12 to 15 -year-olds. good news and they will ask that fda for emergency approval and
9:23 am
they helped to vaccinate this age group before the school year. regeneron left the fda for clearance to use their covid antibody drug as a printed it-- preventive treatment. they say phase three trial showed drugs reduced symptoms 81% in the stock is up. coming up we will look at quaint base set to go public wednesday. jeff sica says quaint base is the most important ipo of the year and he's going to make his case. as for futures, well, they are on the downside but not by much. the opening bell is next , the first look at seattle, it's only 6:23 a.m. there. the sun is coming up, but it's not raining. that's seattle, early-morning. ♪♪ ♪♪
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stuart: just joining us, a bit of bread inc. for the opening, but not that much. coinbase, the largest crypto currency exchange goes public wednesday. we have jeff sica on the phone. you think this is the most important ipo of the year, that's a big
9:28 am
statement. make your case. >> it is a big statement, but i think what we have, i mean, first of all because of the coin you have the crypto currency market is now $2 trillion, so this is a legit big market and coinbase is the largest exchange for crypto currency. they'd trade about 50 different crypto currencies, so what i see this as is a bridge between disruptive decentralized crypto currency market and the traditional market. this ipo will bring crypto currency to the forefront, take away some of the obscurity and allow people to invest in what i believe will be a very significant presence as an alternative currency in the future. stuart: jeff, suppose i already own a bitcoin, can i put that on
9:29 am
to coinbase and have them sell it for me and i get the proceeds and they get a commission? >> that's how it works, stuart. you can buy crypto currency. you can trade. most of the fees that coinbase makes our transaction fees, about 95% of their revenue comes from transactions, so this gives you the ability to not only transact business because keep in mind with crypto currency the goal is to be able to use it to purchase goods and services. you are allowed to do that. they have given opportunities to purchase throughout many many retailers nationwide. it's a very-- stuart: you major case with all eyes on wednesday, at what price doesn't go out and what price
9:30 am
does it end the day, inquiring minds want to know. jeff sica, thank you. the gentleman is now clapping and he will press the button, there you go, the bell rings and in a couple of seconds this monday, april 12, he is repeated for the 10th time, we are often away we go. the initial trades show a minor loss for the dow jones industrial, down about 50 points, down .2% roughly. smp on the downside, but not by much. we are off seven points, .17% and the nasdaq is down about a quarter of a percent. look at big tech. if the nasdaq is a down about 31%, big tech mostly lower, in fact it's all lower. microsoft-- season, coming to this, please.
9:31 am
they are buying nuance, an artificial speech and intelligence company, i got that, voice recognition, that's what i like. i understand it. susan: you can't type fast enough with two fingers so this 19 billion-dollar plus deal, $56 a share in this acquisition representing 23% premium new line/close right in the factor of trading up 20% shows the markets anticipate the deal will close of the largest acquisition for microsoft since linkedin in 2016. nuance helps transcribe, recognize voices for a lot of important things like doctor visits, customer service calls and voice mail and apple is rumored to be interested in nuance as well but the deal signifies that it will help augment microsoft's cloud business and that's a future for microsoft and they are willing to show and use that $100 billion in its
9:32 am
cash to buy tiktok, nuance or even discord has been rumored to. stuart: mi right in saying nuance is supposed of the best voice recognition technology of them all? >> is pretty good, i will say that, but we know other companies like apple and others have developed their own transcription and voice recognition, but this is the future and if you're getting 23% premium that shows it's a lucrative revenue stream. stuart: nuance at 53. i need you on alibaba. i know they got hit with a 2.8 billion $by china's regulators. you explain. susan: $2 billion, not a big deal for company that has $70 billion in cash on the balance sheets and their legal organizing their financial group in line with beijing demanded a party to the "wall street journal", still not as bad as some feared. there was a threat of a
9:33 am
breakup of the company, that's not it and we know big tech comedies like alibaba, not a big deal. remember when facebook had to pay the fcc $5,000,000,000.2 years ago and finds. stock prices just shake it off like you see with alibaba. stuart: 70 billion in cash and your find it to billion, you can walk away from that. susan: not material. stuart: how about uber, i think it's up, yes back to $60 a share. they reported record brooking-- looking for march with their best month for a ride sharing of services since march of last year. more states are easing restrictions and pulling out vaccines could uber back-to-back 60. we better look at tesla, 66, up $9. susan: tesla got an upgrade this
9:34 am
morning with thousand $71 in their view so that's roughly $400 more upside you get. saying tesla will dominate cocker the multitrillion dollar electric car market in their view and the battery supply constraints won't last past 2022. chipotle getting an upgrade this morning to outperform. also gamestop downgraded they are saying gamestop only worth $10 in their view. not a lot of people are shorting, should remind you because you mentioned some bank of america investor survey say $535 billion have gone into the stock market in the past five months, more than 12 years combined but if you look at the short interest this year, it's almost at a record low. no one is willing to bet against this market.
9:35 am
stuart: that tells the story. very few people betting the market goes down, lots of people betting the market goes up buying stocks with them massive influx of money. susan: what you think about the low-volume trade, last week was the lowest volume we has-- in fact friday was the lowest volume day since christmas eve. you need to find some catalyst to get interested in something with the rollout of greens-- earnings season that might be a catalyst the fear gays which is the it's been 14 months were virtually everyone on the market thinks we are only going up from here. stuart: all i can say is those earnings reports due in the next couple of weeks, they better be good because if they are not come i think you might see some selling. susan: coinbase i think will
9:36 am
ignite interest this week. stuart: i think it will. match and bumble are both online dating companies and received by ratings. both her up this morning we talked about this before, people searching for love during the pandemic. patch 146, bumble $62 a share. dow jones winners, dow incorporated at the top, goldmans and so is j.p. morgan. s&p, 500 stocks in that index ended those are the winners, apache, chipotle, marathon, energy stocks well represented. nasdaq winners, few and far between with a few, fox corporation of 1.7% and tesla 684, up 1.1%. overall, we have a minor league loss the dow jones off 26 points.
9:37 am
33776 as we speak. 10 year treasury, little change with 1.67%. price of gold little change, $1736. bitcoin $61000 per coin almost as we speak. price of gas-- first of all the price of oil $60 a barrel and gasoline still hovering at $2.86 per gallon the national average. by the way, 286 national average exactly 1 dollar lower exactly one year ago. here's what's coming up, president biden organizing a commission on changes to the supreme court. let me backtrack a little, on the campaign trail remember when then candidate biden said this, roll tape. >> would like to know if you and joe biden will pack the supreme court.
9:38 am
>> let's talk about packing. >> nonanswer. >> not my intention to court packing. >> you are open to expanding the court? >> i'm open to considering what happens from that point on. stuart: well, he has a commission on it and i will have more in the supreme court commission and who will sit on it coming up. some of the nation's top ceos aren't backing down from political activism. they are taking sides and we will tell you what they are doing. first, look at the golden gate bridge in san francisco. i used it to drive across that every morning years ago. wake-up california, it's time to go to work. we will be back. ♪♪ ♪♪
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stuart: dozens of high-level executives from companies like paypal all the way to amc-- amc, they gathered up the weekend on the zoom to push voting legislation. which executives are we talking about? susan: we should note over the weekend the zoom, attended by over 120 ceos, corporate leaders and lawyers, starbucks a board chair linkedin founder and home depot founder and the owner of the atlanta falcons participating discussing measures to take opposing georgia's new voting law. they want to build on the lender they say is signed by 72 african-american executives released last week so they need this second statement could come this week. many signing on to this next statement read to the "wall street journal". state and federal lawmakers in the companies are misreading the matter and also
9:44 am
acting as a shadow lawmakers which they should not do but then you hear from the canned fraser's and others that instituted and really catalyzed the movement that we should not let up and that corporations should be speaking with their authorities. stuart: i would like to know exactly what they want to do about this, which at this moment to is unclear i want to bring in congressman jody hice from the state of georgia. tellis, what you had to say to these ceos, major-league public corporations which are taking a stand against you and your state? >> you know, it's preamble leave the ball. we all believe in the first amendment, the right of people to speak their opinions, but what is happening here-- we are recognizing voting is a fundamental right for american citizens, but cheating is not and the accusations that somehow we are creating
9:45 am
in georgia and other states restrictive voting rights is wrong. we are trying to prevent cheating from taking place and that is something that all americans should rally behind. stuart: how far is this going to go, yet high-level executives saying they don't want to invest over there and you can hire that group because we don't like them or whatever, where is this going >> it appears to me that we are watching a continuation of this whole cancel culture movement and if you do not agree with the radical left in this country, they will do everything to cancel you unfortunately, that is now playing out, it appears, even as these corporations gathered together to figure out what they can do to harm states that are trying
9:46 am
to pass laws to ensure fair and free elections for everyone and they are trying to cancel individuals who stand for the same thing and this is a frightening precedent, i believe, that's being established right now that is yet another example of a council culture movement. do away with everyone including states you disagree with. stuart: it used it to be that the gop, the republican party was solidly with major corporations and now there's this titanic split. republicans are no longer closely aligned with major corporations. does that were you? >> its stunning, i mean, what is it that the radical leftist socialist agenda has that these corporations like, i mean, they are about to watch their corporate tax rates increased drastically which means less profits for them, less a business as tax hikes go
9:47 am
up for the american citizen what is it these corporations like with the socialist agenda, i can't wrap my mind around it. is the republican party who believes in less taxes, more profits, expanding businesses in bringing business back to the united states and yet we continue watching so many of these corporations embrace the radical left. it's perhaps could be, but they are just afraid to stand against these things because they themselves are afraid of being wrapped up in the councilman themselves as so rather than risk being on the wrong side of the cancel movement they just walk along with it. i don't know what the issue is, but it certainly can't be financial decision. it's a disastrous decision to go along with this social-- socialist movement. stuart: congressman jody hice,
9:48 am
thank you for joining us. >> read to be with you. stuart: the masters was played over the weekend. susan, i know you were watching. crowds were big outlook like back to normal. of very few protests at the events in georgia. kind of looked like back to normalcy to. susan: yes, hideki matsuyama first asian born man a purse japanese male player to win the green jacket. >> who predicted that, hideki matsuyama is japan's first to masters champion. susan: shooting the final-round 73 to finish at 10 under. he had hiccups on 16 when he bogeyed the whole but he closed it. 28, 29 years old and opens up a new era when it comes to japanese
9:49 am
golf and he might like that so pete-- olympics, but there are a lot of contenders. there are so many names but there-- this is such a great moment for asian golf. stuart: i can see it. it was a great moment). put that jacket on, young man. susan: i also like the simulcast when they were showing the japanese simulcast. it's done very differently. he's a new hero in that country. stuart: it was fascinating. i do like those crowds back to normal. thank you. the white house claimed again and again that their infrastructure plan would create 19 million jobs. roll tape. >> did-- independent analysis shows if we pass this plan come in the economy will create 19 million jobs. >> americans jobs plan is about a generational
9:50 am
investment. it's going to create 19 million jobs. stuart: here comes the backtrack we will show you the real job creation number. general motors out with their new cadillac escalade. it has a new hands-free feature and we have the car and we will show you how the feature works. first, look at dallas. 64 degrees there right now. i believe the commute is in full swing. that's back to business texas for you and we will be back also. ♪♪ ♪♪
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everything is installed in as little as a day by a kohler-certified installer. and it's made by kohler- america's leading plumbing brand. we need this bath. yes. yes you do. a kohler walk-in bath provides independence with peace of mind. call... for fifteen hundred dollars off your kohler walk-in bath. visit for more info. stuart: the new cadillac escalade, we have it and it has a hands-free feature. gary gastelu is testing it out. only how this thing works. >> keep in mind, the car doesn't know where we're going, but it's super cruise with a hands-free driving age of the highway and uses a camera, radar, gps and 3d maps to locate the vehicle within the lane and control the speed. it's a driving better
9:55 am
than i would on the highway. it works in over 200,000 miles with of highway that's been pre-mapped and if you come to a section where it goes it cannot work, it will deactivate and tell you to take control. cadillac or general motors is the only brand advertising this thing is hands-free and even tesla's. driving technically you are supposed to keep your hands on the wheel. at the beta program, this is a finished product. this along with changing lanes and right now it's checking the blind spot moving me too the fast lane. over the wheel-- over the years they will add more functionality. it will never be false self driving, but the reason you could do hands-free as it uses facial recognition technology to make sure i'm still looking forward. if i cover my eyes a bit this will eventually start to blink and tell me too pay attention to the road again. i have been driving with this all day, miles and
9:56 am
miles and miles without any problems. wonder if i owned it i would do it like this or if it's novel that i'm really comfortable. and a guy that likes to talk with his current-- hands, this is great for me. stuart: gary gastelu, showing us how it's done driving for miles with hands off the wheel. good stuff, gary gastelu. still ahead on this program today, steve the forbes, smith, a whole lot more. we will be back. ♪♪
9:57 am
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10:00 am
♪. stuart: rare earth. interesting name for a band i must say. 10:00 eastern time, straight to your money. still have got red on the screen. it is not a huge selloff by any means, dow, s&p, nasdaq, s&p in particular, retreatings from their recent all-time highs. the 10-year treasury yield, 1.67% right now. not that much movement. the real market to watch today is bitcoin. it is above $60,000 per coin.
10:01 am
remember coinbase? big crypto exchange, goes public on wednesday of this week. there is a ton of money slashing around. some of it is going to bitcoin. that is the market to watch today. and now this. yes, indeed, that wall of money has arrived. it is sloshing through the economy and the financial markets. we've never seen anything like this before. in the era of record, this is a big one. in the last five months more money node into stocks than in the previous 12 years. astonishing 569 billion in five months into stocks versus 452 billion in the last 12 years. good lord. now you know why your 401(k) has been doing so well, recently. look, we know where the money is coming from. we can see what it is doing, but we really don't know the long term impact. it's a grand experiment. stimulus checks, massive
10:02 am
government spending. huge fed printing. that is the wall of money. stock market records, crypto records, superhot real estate market. you can call them if you like. but that is the result of all this trillions of dollars being thrown around. all good things come to an end but when? my opinion? the economy booms for the rest of this year and probably well into 2022. the shakeout in the financial markets comes when inflation picks up and the federal reserve signals an end to the party. we're not there yet. the great experiment has only just begun. can this wall of money produce a new roaring '20s? good question. sit back and watch. you will be telling your grandchildren about this one as the second hour of "varney & company" rolls on. ♪.
10:03 am
stuart: big news item over the weekend, dozens of executives met over the weekend on zoom about the new voting laws like the one that has just passed in georgia. i want to bring steve forbes into this because, look, steve, whether we like it or not, companies are now taking political sides. what do you make of it? >> the key thing is on something like voting rights i think everyone has basic principles in favor of voting rights, having fair and secure elections. companies have to take care, especially with their brands is getting the particulars right. we learned in the case of georgia, for all of the emotions, georgia's new law is less restrictive than the election laws of delaware and new york and other blue states. so if a company wants weigh in, put the brand on the line, get the facts right, this particular thing we don't think is right or
10:04 am
wrong but don't do these broad sides until you get the particulars of each case and so you're going to see this around the country but the key thing is get the facts right before you weigh in. stuart: okay. chris wallace on fox news over the weekend had transportation secretary pete buttigieg on his show. while buttigieg is now backtracking after saying that the infrastructure package would create 19 million jobs. just listen to this, please. roll tape. >> the 19 million jobs that will be created are more than the jobs that will be created if we don't do the plan. it is very important to make this point. >> but two million more, not 19 million -- >> 2.7, yeah, exactlily it will create 2.7 million jobs than if we don't do it. stuart: not 19 million. 2.7 million. but steve, my question to you is, do you believe any new jobs are created if we destroy fossil
10:05 am
fuels and tax everybody very heavily? >> you answered the question by asking it, the answer is no. it will a job destroyer. destroying high-paying jobs in the natural gas and oil industries, booming until recently, expansion, making us a global energy powerhouse around the world. you will see it too what they're doing to the economy. new regulations, higher taxes, those are huge government created headwinds. this economy would roar ahead, i always advocated, get the administration six month vacation, taxpayer paid resort. do nothing. open the schools, open the economy. they would look like geniuses. the economy will pick up a head of steam. they will face head winds even sooner as the money printing bills comes due. the federal reserve starts turning on the printing press. businesses are weighed down by
10:06 am
new taxes and regulations. we've done this before. why we are doing it again? historians will have to turn into psychiatrists to figure this one out. stuart: thank you, steve forbes. get back to you real soon. back to the market. i want to follow the big movers. i want to follow united airlines. i picked this one out. this is major downside move. down 3 or 4% at this moment. what happened, susan? susan: united airlines they came out early and guided for their earnings saying sales will still be down by over 66% in the first three months of this year. so you know that travel, airlines recovery, it will still take some time, that is what it says. despite the fact that we have tsa numbers one million are traveling each day at u.s. airports. united diluting by raising over $5 billion selling bonds. when you sell more cash or sell bonds to raise cash, that of course depresses your stoke price. apple is another stock i want to
10:07 am
show you. bloomberg is reporting that apple will work on a product that combines apple set-top box and home speaker and camera for videoconferencing and connected tv, other smart functions. this is super version of amazon alexis speakers. amazon has been behind with the home devices. tilray, afria are going ahead with the merger. 90% of shareholders voted yes on the tie-up. both stocks are down. the deal of the day, has to be microsoft, buying voice recognition provider nuance, $20 billion. we're telling microsoft it, recently hit the record high. we were up at the peaks by half a percent or so in the session. still that is good enough, right? still good enough for stuart's portfolio. stuart: what i like --
10:08 am
susan: all of it. stuart: voice recognition. i have a new tv set, the clicker, remote i have suppose you call it, has a blue button on it. you press the blue button. you say, fox business, and the tv set goes to fox business just like that. susan: yeah. stuart: this is what microsoft is doing with nuance, isn't it? something like that. susan: nuance. i like the fact that you're so into voice recognition and transcription. it helps a lot of people maybe people don't like to type or squint or when they look at the phones or devices this opens up a new era of computing for a lot of demographics there. stuart: it is very important, especially for older people who don't get computers and how to manipulate them. i did say it. it is true. older people have a problem with computers. susan: yeah. stuart: if you can just tell the computer, take me here and it takes you there without you having to do all of this on the little keyboard, that is
10:09 am
nirvana. for us old folks that is nirvana. susan: my mother agrees with you, i showed her how to use transcription button on the iphone, it is a game-changer. now i get 10 texts a day from here. thanks a lot, stu. stuart: lucky you. we're talking about bitcoin all morning. there is a surge. it 62,000 over the weekend. what do you think is behind the surge? susan: broke through 61,000. we were a few hundred dollars off. the first time we crossed 61,000 the first time in more than a month going back to early march. the reason is the huge direct listing on wednesday, everyone is anticipating it. coinbase the world's largest crypto exchange. it is first listing of its kind. it's a test especially at a valuation of $100 billion. it would make it the most valuable listing than facebook nine years ago. if there is investor interest to buy in coinbase, there is a lot
10:10 am
more interest to invest in bitcoin. we have a long list of companies like tesla, paypal, microstrategies of the world. show you a movement on the back of spike in bitcoin prices. block chains this morning. microstrategy says they will pay some of their executives in bitcoin if they choose. of course gray scale bitcoin trust, we're up because it usually trades on how about it coin prices do. we do have a lot of bullish calls, stu in terms of where bitcoin prices go. this morning i saw 400,000 per coin next few years if you have the events you slice the supply of bitcoin every two to three years. that is how they control inflation. supply goes down, prices usually go up. stuart: looks to me like it's a bitcoin, coinbase week. looks to me like that. dominating a lot of things at the moment. thank you, susan. sad news, the national guard getting deployed to minnesota.
10:11 am
protesters around police clash following a police-involved shooting yesterday. good morning, ash. sorry to bring you in on this kind of news story but what have you got for us? ashley: authorities stop ad vehicle driven by 20-year-old dante wright shortly before 2:00 sunday afternoon. he had an outstanding warrant and tried to arrest him. the driver got back in the vehicle, drove away. the officer fired at the vehicle killing wright. demonstrators gathered shortly after the shooting, some jumping on top of police cars and confronting officers. marchers descending on the brooklyn center police department. that is just outside of minneapolis where rocks, other objects were thrown at officers. 20 businesses also a have been looted. as you say the national guard was activated. used tear gas to disperse the crowd. a curfew was issued until
10:12 am
6:00 a.m. this morning. we should point out tensions in minneapolis are already high as the trial of a former officer accused of killing george floyd takes place in a courtroom just 10 miles from this latest shooting. stu. stuart: thanks very much, ash. we'll get back to you shortly. president biden opening the door to packing the supreme court or at least changing the nature of the court. this is an idea he didn't like once upon a time. watch this flashback. >> president roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the united states senate and the united states congress a proposal to pack the court but it was a bonehead idea. it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make. stuart: bonehead idea? terrible mistake? that was 40 years ago. he doesn't think that now. legal analyst gregg jarrett down here today, he is going to break it down for us. some teachers have had enough of doing their jobs.
10:13 am
roll tape. >> if your parent wants to come talk to me about how i'm not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you need as an individual, just dare them to come at me. stuart: well, one teacher taking it out on her students, who by the way are still learning from home, more than a year later. education expert naomi schaefer riley reacts to that in a moment. ♪. [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down.
10:14 am
and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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10:16 am
wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi?
10:17 am
for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. ♪. >> your parent wants to talk to
10:18 am
me about their profession and their opinion on their profession i would love to hear that. however, if your parent wants to come to me about how i'm not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you need as an individual, just dare them to come at me. because i am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job. stuart: you know, them's fighting words from a california high school teacher, she was caught on camera there berating the students and parents. look at this one, randi winegarten, the head of the nation's second largest teachers union, eating with a group of teachers, no social distancing, got the mask, no social distance. can't do that in a classroom, can you? let's look at naomi schaefer riley, an education expert, frequent guest on this program.
10:19 am
i don't think the teachers union wants to go back to in-person learning, do you? >> gee, stuart, i don't know what gave you that idea. i too am sick to my stomach, i'm sick of all the hypocrisy. randi winegarten standing in front of five adults basically about to eat, going to take off their masks, the kids cannot do this. the kids are least likely to get covid any serious way. they don't want to go back to learning, go back to teaching or do their jobs. they're willing at kids, yelling at parents, how dare you criticize me. it is infuriating. stuart: look at this, from "the new york times." "the times" wants to know, does it hurt children to measure pandemic learning loss? wait a minute, naomi, why can't we test to see if there is some kids have been left behind? why can't we test? why can't we find out? >> you know, stuart, americans
10:20 am
are always going to be highest, we want our kids highest in self-esteem no matter what the cost in ignorance is. it is amazing. what will happen if we test, we'll find out how bad remote learning was, how little teachers were doing their jobs, how the kids once again who can least afford to be left behind, have been left behind by this lockdown and by the closure of schools. we have to measure in order to understand everything that has gone wrong and in order to understand what the kids need going forward. the idea we'll bury our heads in the sand, ignore test scores, that is many so how will get us out of this problem, it is insane. stuart: what do you think the proportion will be of kids who just walk away from, or are taken away from the public school system by their parents? what proportion? is it going to be 10%, 15%, 5%, what do you think it might be maybe a year or two from now? >> i know you saw basically, a
10:21 am
couple of million kids who have not been coming to school this year as far as we know. how many of those kids will return, we're not sure. i think you will see a at least a couple percentage points down in terms of the public school population. you definitely seen a big surge, 10 or 15% in homeschooling. but again, only a certain groups of people can afford to be able to do that. if you don't, if you do have a job, you know, you need that income in order to support your family, you can't be homeschooling. similarly, who will be able to afford private schools as an alternative? but kids going to be stuck in public schools are ones who least afford it, lost the most amount of learning this year. you could write off the entire year, more than a year now at this point as a total loss for them. stuart: do you know anywhere where remote learning is a major league success? >> so there have been a couple
10:22 am
of interesting initiatives. there was one called the national summer school initiative where they took master teachers from some of the best schools, a lot of high-performing charter schools in the country, and they set them up with teachers around the country and tried to teach them how to do remote learning better. i think that has seen some success but again you need to have teachers who really understand the technology, who are totally committed to doing this, working with kids in small groups, where there is already a strong curriculum in place. i mean there is a very high bar in order to get remote learning to work. so i don't think you're going to see widespread success from this. stuart: okay. naomi, come back to see us soon, please. this is ongoing catastrophe in my opinion. >> thank you. stuart: naomi schaefer riley. thank you very much indeed. to the markets again please. we still have some red ink but it is still not a major league selloff. we hit all-time highs for the dow and s&p last week a minor
10:23 am
retreat this morning. sales force will start bringing back vaccinated workers to some of their offices. this is a on a voluntary office. the first office to reopen will be san francisco next month. investors don't think much of that. it is down 1.3%. regeneron they're asking the fda to approve their cocktail. anymore on that susan. susan: as a preventative, not just a treatment. in the phase three clinical trials the drug reduced risk of symptomatic infections by 81%. we know the drug is authorized to treated a adults with mild to moderate covid patients or patients 12 years old tested positive for the virus at high-risk for severe disease. regeneron was used to treat president trump back in office in october. another treatment out there that prevents covid is a great thing. as we're looking at 60,000 cases. by the way the record vaccine
10:24 am
amount that was jabbed over the weekend, five million doses in one day. that was impressive, don't you think? stuart: that's fantastic! it's a world peter, that is what it is. that is very good indeed. but then on the other side of the coin we have this new study that says the south african variant, can, quote, break through pfizer's vaccine. hold on a second. ash, i just talked to a major league doctor in the last hour who said this is not a problem. give me the story. ashley: yeah, dr. mccarthy says it is a little misleading not alarming. he says no cause for alarm. the israeli study he talks, compared 400 people who received at least one shot of the pfizer vaccine and contracted the virus, with the same number who were contracted.
10:25 am
disproportionately higher rate of south african variant vaccinated with the second dose, compared to the unvaccinated group. the researchers say it shows in their opinion the pfizer vaccine is less effective than the south african variant, compared to the original and yes, the british variant t also suggests that the south african variant to some extent is able to break through the vaccine's protection. they're quit to point out not to the full extent. which is interesting. as dr. mccarthy said this morning, no, no, wait a minute. the headlines are overplaying exactly what was found and he is not buying it as you know as you spoke to him. stuart: the stock is only down 11 cents. that tells you something too. ash, thank you very much. then we have this, did you see it. hideki mat spies uama making history at masters. could there be life on mars how
10:26 am
many times have i asked that question. the reknowns physicist michio kaku weighs in on the possibility. after this. ♪. seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. new parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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10:30 am
♪. stuart: i don't know where the producers find it, but life on mars by david bowie. that is very interesting. we'll cover it in just a second. what you're looking at is port canaveral, florida, where the the kennedy space station is located nasa is looking to have the first helicopter flight on mars. that is in a few days. look who is with us? the reknowned physicist michio kaku is with us. what is the significance of helicopter on mars? >> in 1903 the wright brothers had a heavier than air flight that lasted 12 seconds that changed world history. we're talking about a 40 second flight by an engineering drone that could change the way we
10:31 am
think about the universe. think of fleets, perhaps hundreds of drones scouring the entire planet, going to the polar ice caps, looking for potential landing sites. looking for potential areas where we could having a culture on mars. this is a game-changer. so this ingenuity flight is the first of a series of efforts to have a complete mapping of the surface of mars including the polar ice caps where we have never gone because it is simply too dangerous to land on the polar ice caps. if you could find life, microbe life may be frozen in the ice. stuart: that is what we're getting at here, will we find life on another planet. are we close? do you have a opinion on it? >> well there is a theory, i'm not sure i believe it, that says, mars cooled off before the earth, therefore perhaps life started as dna on fares, and a
10:32 am
meteor blew some of the dna to earth and seeded the earth. if you want to look at a martian tonight look in a mirror. stuart: [laughter]. i want to get back to the helicopter. that is what we're talking about that is really happening that seems to be to me, an engineering marvel. i don't know what the gravity vision is on on mars, i don't know what the atmosphere is like. put a helicopter on the planet, that seems to be an absolute engineering marvel, right? >> that's right. those blades spin five times faster than a braid on the earth. the atmosphere is so thin, only 1/10 of a percent of the atmosphere here on earth. it is an engineering miracle to put the craft together so efficiently and quickly, because the atmosphere is too thin to support a large helicopter on a space probe.
10:33 am
stuart: is american engineering in space ahead of everybody else? >> yes. there were three probes that went to mars. the one from the united arab emirates, one from china, and of course one from nasa and of the three of course the nasa probe beats all the competition hands down. we're number one. stuart: when that helicopter takes off will it be able to transmit video of what it is seeing to us on earth? >> well it has two cameras by which it can then survey the land but remember it is only a 40-second flight. later it will have maybe a 90-second flight. and huger missions may eventually carry fleets of these helicopters. right now this is only a test, just a test of proof of principle that we in fact have drones on the red planet. stuart: we find it fascinating,
10:34 am
michio, thanks for explaining to us. michio kaku. thanks for explaining it to us. >> i have a best-seller, the god equation, the quest for "the theory of everything. now the best-seller in the united states and the united kingdom, the god particle, the god equation. stuart: okay, michio, i will look into that. thanks for joining us sir. appreciate it. good stuff. move on, update from sports fans, i don't think you need the update by the way, hideki matsuyama he won the masters. ashley, it looked like back to normal to me, masters, early april, big crowds, no social distancing it was an historic win, wasn't it? ashley: it was. matsuyama made history as first asian born male to win a major. he wobbled coming in, so did everyone chasing him. his one shot victory in the masters has been heralded around
10:35 am
the world. tiger woods chipped in with this tweet, sorry for the pun, tiger said, making japan proud, hideki. congratulations for such a huge accomplishment for you and this country. this historical masters win will impact the entire golf world. matsuyama is already a rock star in golf-crazy japan. boy, oh, boy, he is a become a legend for the ages to inspire generations to come. i love that, after matsuyama made the winning putt walked off the green, people cheered, caddie, replaced the flag, took off his hat and bowed. i thought that was a real lovely moment, stu. stuart: it was a great competition. ashley: yes. stuart: it was exciting, terrific stuff. good to see the masters back, love it. thanks, ash. stuart: iran suffered a major power failure at an underground
10:36 am
nuclear facility. it will shut the facility down nine months. obvious question, who are they blaming, ashley? ashley: give you three guess es. iran is blaming israel for the blackout in the senate stands under ground facility, calling it a act of nuclear terrorism. the facility suffered a power failure sunday morning, that seemed to be caused by a an intentional explosion. there is speculation that it could have been a cyberattack. officials from both the u.s. and israel actually confirmed the israeli's role, following the blackout, iran accused israel of revenge. why? because the possibility of iranian sanctions being lifted. all of this raising the tensions in the region, stu. p. stuart: put as new wrinkle in the u.s. iran nuke deal talks. new wrinkle indeed. ash, thanks very much indeed.
10:37 am
what happened to president biden's promise to find jobs for the laid-off keystone pipeline workers? carley carley shimkus goes to arkansas where many are still out of work after the it was canceled. >> i lost 60, 80 grand not being able to go on the job. that is my livelihood. if i'm not off working i'm barely scraping by. stuart: we're on the ground in arkansas just ahead for you. chip shortages costing businesses billions, stalling everything from car phone to iphone production, cars to iphone production. the white house getting involved. what if anything can they do about it? we have a report next. ♪.
10:38 am
10:39 am
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10:42 am
♪. stuart: well, we turn south on the dow. we're off about 100 points. look at that level, 33,700. we turned south on the nasdaq, down about 100 points, but again look at the level, 13,800. not that much red ink when you consider what's been happening recently. president biden, he is going to meet with over a dozen ceo's today to discuss the chip shortage. blake burman is at the white house. blake, what if anything can the white house do about this shortage? reporter: there you have the president, already, stuart signed an executive order to try to tackle this problem. we're seeing today this meeting at the white house is convening, really two different components in play here. first off the 2.25 trillion american jobs plan. it calls for $50 billion in manufacturing, research and development for semiconductors. but also secondly, stu, the reason for this meeting as well as you know, there is a very real problem in this country
10:43 am
right now with the chip shortage. bad for consumers, bad for businesses alike. for example, general motors announced in the recent days they're further cutting production because of the chip shortage. they are one of 20 or so companies involved in today's meeting. we're told president biden will make a brief appearance during this virtual meeting, also a part of the talks. the president's top economic advisor, his top national security advisor's well. so something that is on the forefront for this white house, stuart, something they are trying to deal with. stu? stuart: got it. blake burman there. thank you so much, blake. get to susan who has been watching the market and what is moving. alibaba moving big time, susan. susan: that's right. outperformance today, despite the fact that alibaba is paying up a record $2.8 billion fine in china. also the financial arm group will be operated as a financial holding company instead according to "the wall street journal" but the boat line of two billion dollars not of when you have
10:44 am
$70 billion in the bank by the way the results were not as bad as feared. some thought maybe a breakup was in store but not the case this is good news for alibaba. gamestop is down today after being called a sell this morning by cendiant capital only worth $10. they're not believing in the chewy cofounder being on board. nike reselling used sneakers for u.s. shoppers. 15 stores will carry the nike refurbished sneakers by the end of april. people like you will say why do you want to pay for people that wore the sneakers already and they're not even famous. stuart: do you have an answer for that one? susan: look, you -- the fact they're unique, unique incidence, something that is rare, people like what is retro is new once again. stuart: okay. i got it. let's move on to something i
10:45 am
really understand which is microsoft. they hit an all time high earlier. susan: yeah. stuart: because they are buying this nuance communications, artificial speech recognition. i love it. the stock is at 255, susan. susan: nuance, yes, officially, yes, 19 billion-dollar plus deal. $56 a share. nuance, nuance as stu calls it, 23% premium to the close on friday. that shows, if we're trading 16, close to 20, that shows the market is anticipating the deal will go through. it is the largest acquisition for microsoft since linkedin since 2016. nuance helps transcribe, recognizes speech for a lot of important things, like your doctors visit for one, customer service calls and also voice mails. nuance was a hot, hot property, apparently apple is rumored to be interested. apple doesn't do the type of 16 billion-dollar deals. microsoft we know has been willing to use their 100 billion-dollar cash pile to buy, say tiktok.
10:46 am
that was rumoredded. nuance is 20 billion-dollar acquisition to augment the cloud business which i think is a smart thing to do. >> one more for you, susan. i want to look at the weekend box office. is there any sign that the industry is getting back to normal? susan: yes. if you look what happened with godzilla versus king kong, $70 million now inn total that overtook "tenet" as the highest closing covid era film. that is more impressive, when you look at the fact godzilla versus "godzilla vs. kong" has been streaming over hbo max. that $70 million is looking pretty good. doing better than the wonder woman sequel in the second weekend and beyond. movie-goers are slowly coming back. paramount delaying the top gun 2 sequel, maverick, tom cruise.
10:47 am
that will be shipped from july to november. hopefully to open more theaters and seating. you waited 35 years for the sequel any way, what is another few months? i will test you stu, can you name one character from top gun, one character besides maverick? stuart: one character? no i can't. susan: goose? ice man. stuart: i bet you can't answer this one. godzilla versus king kong. who won? susan: i think king kong won. up to side with king kong, right. he is the king of the jungle. stuart: you have to see the movie, to answer the question, susan. you did not see the movie. susan: i'm guessing. that was a guess. stuart: i'm going to move on. president biden opening the door to packing the supreme court. susan is still nonplussed about this. a move in the past joe biden vigorously opposed. legal analyst gregg jarrett is going to join us. is fundamental change at the
10:48 am
supreme court going to happen under this president? i want to know and he will answer the question. ♪.
10:49 am
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10:52 am
♪. stuart: monday, april 12th, the market showing a little bit of red ink. it is not a huge selloff. the dow down 80. the nasdaq down 80 five. president biden is indeed organizing new commission to study expanding or changing the supreme court. however when he was a senator way back when, he called court package bonehead idea listen again please. >> president roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the united states senate and the united states congress a proposal to pack the court. he had the right to do it. he violated no idea. it was a boneheaded idea. it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make. stuart: gregg jarrett is with us, legal analyst of the moment. look, gregg, to change the supreme court, you want to expand the number of justices, to limit their tenure, what does it take?
10:53 am
legislative action? executive action on change the constitution? >> i guess joe biden defined himself, stu, as a bone headed move. it is a gahn at that sy you cannot increase -- fantasy you cannot increase the supreme court unless you kill the filibuster in the senate and they don't have the votes to do that. if they want to limit the number, limit the time and tenure of justices that would have to be done through a constitutional amendment, 2/3 vote. and though don't have the votes for vote. americans have been against court packing. a bad idea. look at any of the polling data. biden and his confederates in the white house are trying to be terribly clever here. we'll not call it court packing. we'll caught it court reform. that is just a euphemism, it is word play and nobody is buying
10:54 am
it. the other thing, stu, they packed the commission to study packing the court. the commission members they selected tilt far to the left. so it is pretty clear mere that biden has decided to join the progressive woke crowd, egged on by his vice president kamala harris. stuart: i think it personally is indeed a bonehead idea. the supreme court is a great institution of the united states of america and it is respected. you politicize its membership entirely, you change it for political reasons, and the court, in my opinion loses credibility. what say you? >> oh, absolutely t would do enormous damage. eroding the trust people have in the third branch of government that was designed to be as you point out, stu, separate and independent and you know, americans believe in what the founders believed.
10:55 am
that the third branch of government should aback stop against abuse of power, government excess, really sort of bad ideas that trend to trifle with constitutional rights and it has always been that way. look if you add members, what happens when the party in power loses power and the other party decides, all right, we're going to retract those members, or we're going to add even more to balance it out? then you have got a net effect on the law which it is whipsawed back and forth. somebody may be lawful and constitutional one year is suddenly unlawful and unconstitutional the next. and you know, americans don't want that. so you know, this is going nowhere fast, although biden has nicely granted a gift to republicans. they're going to use this in the midterm elections and beyond against democrats.
10:56 am
stuart: absolutely right. gregg jarrett, one more time. good stuff. gregg, thanks as always. >> thanks, stu. stuart: sure thing. we're coming up to the top of the hour, and in the next hour we have a big show for you guaranteed. nigel farage will be with us. he will be talking prince philip and prince harry. sandra smith will be with us. carley shimkus will be down to arkansas to see laid off oil workers f there was ever a sign back to normal, look no further than the masters. it's a different story than back to work at the office, isn't it? it is next. ♪.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> what is it that these corporations like with the socialist agenda, and perhaps could be that they're just afraid to stand against these things because they themselves are afraid of being wrapped up in the cancel movement themselves. >> the company wants to weigh in about its brand on the line and get the facts right, including the latest round, their numbers showed 25% as being spent on goods and services and all the rest is going into savings, i called rocket fuel, it's great when it takes you straight up but occasionally if something
11:01 am
goes wrong. ♪. stuart: all right, let's get loud i'll shout you like. it is monday april the 12th, man did i get in trouble at the start of the show when i said it was the 15th, it is monday april the 12th, let's be sure about that, we have a little bit of red ink this monday morning but not that much, the dow is down 68 nasdaq down 64, bitcoin coming right deal of interest in the crypto because coinbase goes public on wednesday, bitcoin hit $62000 per coin, that was over the weekend, it's at 60550 right now, and now this. if there was ever a signal of
11:02 am
almost back to normal, look no further than the masters it was played in early april just like it used to be, crowds in the gallery almost as big as they used to be and there wasn't that much social distancing, was there, covid is not over, people are still dying but clear signals covid is dramatically winding down. we've been doing a running commentary on this program since late january, that is when things started to pick up noticeably, airport travel went up 10 million passengers a day, it's more than one and a half million per day, almost all states real relaxed some restrictions some drop the mask mandate. with aspects in a 3 million people a day, tens of millions of americans feel free to visit friends and family without risk, remember the dismal winter feeling, welcome to the joys of spring, one last thing i want to
11:03 am
mention i don't think it's going to be back to normal at the office, at least not in the near future, there's a whole lot of people that enjoy the freedom of work from home not everyone wants to go back to commuting, traffic jams in the back to back scrunched up cubicles in the office. our public lives are rapidly returning to something like normal but our work lives, that is something else again. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪. stuart: it is monday morning the day after the masters when, i have to show you the winning shot at the masters. rotate. >> who predicted that by one, japan's first masters champion.
11:04 am
stuart: a great moment for him and augustine georgia, let's bring in sandra smith, i've got to say again it felt like almost back to normal as i was watching, how about you. >> if only i had a sandwich why you delivered that fabulous open, it was great as tiger woods tweeted out after his victory and said this is great for the game of golf around the world, i completely agree with that but good for everyone the sun was shining, people were watching sports, there was requirements, people had to keep their masks on when they were eating or drinking, i agree there was social distancing lacking but what a wonderful thing for the world to rally around the golfer and nailbiter, i don't how much you watch the 15 whole changed everything he lost the lead that he began to secure on saturday, it was fantastic to sit down and enjoy a little bit of golf and sunshine and bring everybody
11:05 am
together and i really do like the fact this was the first japanese meal to win the masters, it was a remarkable event and he's a remarkable 29-year-old young man. stuart: he's an icon in japan, i think he made us all feel, the whole country if you watch that and out and about for the weekend, it is almost back to normal, use the word almost because we have a note of caution but what about back to normal at the office, i don't think is good to be back to normal at the office for a long time to come. >> i completely agree with you, there is obvious safety protocols that are going to be strenuous on a lot of the companies to get people back into the office safely and then went to do any time somebody does come down with a virus, you're gonna have to have strict quarantine in place so regardless you can have to have a backup virtual working environment for almost everyone
11:06 am
it's happening with the schools and you still get a case in the school and they have to quarantine everyone in that particular classroom and that's good to be tough for the office to accommodate and it's going to be tough to accommodate parents who have been working from home and drastically changed in reworked their schedule around this, it's going to be tough to change and you know how competitive to retain and attract top talent this is going to be a major bargaining point for a lot of these companies because people will want to work from home, stay-at-home lifestyle, maybe they want a few days back in the office but this will be life as we know it for a long time. stuart: i want to take you back to your days as a traitor, a long time ago i might say in the bit of the financial markets, did you see this when bank of america they say in the last five months more money has flowed into the world stock markets then flowed into the world stock markets in the last
11:07 am
12 years 576 billion in the last five months, this is 452 billion in the last 12 years as a former trader isn't that the wall of money coming at you and inflating asset prices all over the place. >> it's exciting to see we want people to be excited about the stock market the u.s. stock market around the globe but the other thing my contrary and sirens are going off everywhere because there is a lot of excitement about the stock market it's like the never ending bull market that we continue to hear, the best i saw was april 7 citigroup said the investment community they believe is too upbeat, they believe they're not taking into consideration or showing concern for the likely biden tax increases, we don't know the extent, who's gonna get hit were looking at massive spending by this administration, somebody has got to pay for, when you're
11:08 am
looking at the stock market continually going up you wonder what the tax environment is going to be the next couple of years and take that into consideration when you put your money at play. stuart: everybody's asking the same question we know there's going to be a correction or a bear market, it's going to happen but we don't know when and we don't know what sets it off at the same old same old i've been doing this for 45 years, nothing really changes. >> it'll probably be inflation that the next thing for its -- don't fight the fed to look for the stocks or sectors that will define in a high inflation environment. one last thing that stood out axioms did a big piece on the mitch. >> economy you still have ten lien's americans out of work since before the pandemic hit then you hear from 40% of small businesses in this country surveyed in february, this is the national federation of
11:09 am
independent business they said they had jobs they could not fill, 10 million people out of work but 40% of the businesses said they had job openings they could not fill, that is remarkable in that the highest that number has ever been, obviously they're looking at the stimulus checks still being put at work and you have the jobless benefits that are still flowing out there. what is it going to take to get people out of the house and back into some of the open roles. stuart: those special payments will flow through september, that carries to the fall of this year. that's a long way away. i have to indent because you know how it is. were gonna make some money, thank you for being with us and were gonna be watching 1 - 3:00 p.m. watching "america reports" you and john robinson, we will see you then. thank you very much see you soon. check the markets and susan, i
11:10 am
want to get to tesla were always looking at tesla always news on tesla or elon musk. susan: outperformance by tesla close to 3% by worth $1071 in their view, that's $400 more that you can make buying into the stock, they say tesla will dominate in the multitrillion dollar electric car market in the future with battery and chip constraints easing off next year 2022 and getting a thumbs up this morning is chipotle being called an outperform with a pickup of the broader restaurant industry as they've seen in recent weeks that includes chipolte and you want to talk about uber. stuart: i'm looking at what is back to normal, the masters and people being back to normal but i see you were up 3.7%. i think that is a back to normal trend. susan: recovery reopening stock
11:11 am
trade, they just reported the best month since march of last year, this is the best covid month when it comes to write healing. gross bookings were up 9% month after month, the march month they were hired by 9% from february, last year at this time i was talking about an 80% collapse when it comes to the gross bookings. this is a big recovery and they had uber eats to offset the pain when it comes to people being locked down, stayed at home and not ride hailing which they suffered a little bit more and i want to talk about the much beloved microsoft, record high this morning in the session on track for a fourth straight record close and they made it official that a most 20 billion-dollar deal to buy the artificial intelligence the voice communicator which will help augment the cloud off bringing. >> i'm not retiring i don't care what microsoft goes to i'm not retiring. susan: you could share with us. stuart: i'm moving on.
11:12 am
families are hurting months after president biden canceled the keystone pipeline. watch this. >> were not working we lose insurance and income. >> my whole family. stuart: ouch, we spoke to the laid off pipeline workers and shall be here with her report in a moment. i share from massachusetts is demanding more from president biden reversed course on the southern border. i'll ask him how the migrant crisis is affecting him and the northeast, not the border. we will be back. ♪
11:13 am
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11:17 am
stuart: states like vermont, maryland providing stimulus payments to low-income undocumented immigrants, edward lawrence is covering for this in d.c., how much money are these illegals getting. >> it's very safe to stay eight states approving those checks that would go to undocumented people in the u.s. as a stimulus to help for the pandemic, maryland past last week giving a lump sum to noncitizens for california and a similar program, the money comes from the states directly it's not part of the american rescue plan the federal plan gives three and $50 billion directly to states
11:18 am
with strings on the money, can be indirectly used together money to people in this country illegally, as the border states and the federal government are spending a lot of money on this in the immigration crisis at the border the washington post reviewed government data that the biden administration is spending $60 million a week to shelter undocumented immigrants that stewarded $56 million a month at this pace representative ashley on the house of a creation committee said the president and vice president need to make a trip to the border and talk firsthand with border agents to see what is actually happening. >> the cartels are the ones that are winning this war and until they see that in here that firsthand for the people who are experiencing it, for them it's truly out of sight out of mind. >> vice president kamala harris has been tasked by the president to handle the border crisis although the administration not calling it a crisis but it boils down to money and the amount of money being spent on or given to undocumented workers.
11:19 am
stuart: back got it. 300 chairs have signed a letter to reverse his border policies. welcome to the program. very good to have you with us. sure thing, why are you in massachusetts worried about the migrant surge, does it affect you directly? >> first of all we just had a situation about two weeks ago where we arrested one of the ten most wanted illegal aliens in the united states here in massachusetts. another thing we have moms and dads who have lost their loved ones to these illegal aliens, drugs pouring in emergency rooms are seen overdoses from the drugs pouring in over the border at record rates and this is all related to the presence dangerous and reckless policy.
11:20 am
stuart: you sent a letter to the president, 300 shares were on board, have you heard back from the president questioning. >> we have not, this letter was signed by 300 chairs across this nation who every day have their boots on the ground and see firsthand was going on and we hope that the president will take a hard look at this, bring the sheriff sent to listen to what we have to say because as i said the policies are reckless, he knows it and he could've predicted it before he did it. stuart: what you really want is for the mass migration from central america to north america to stop. , that's what you want isn't it. >> absolutely that's exactly what should happen where a country of laws and the president took the same oath that the emergent chairs did across this country and he needs to uphold his oath and keep the promise to america's people and want to continue to do, we have asked the american people to join with america sheriff's and
11:21 am
protect america because we want to make sure that we stand and that the public stands with us as we encourage this president to do the right thing. stuart: i am in the media and being driven crazy, remember all the media people screaming about kids in cages and they would not drop it, now absolute quiet, not even a demand to go when see firsthand those facilities overcrowded at the border, this is driving me nuts, how about you sheriff. >> i've been down to the border four times and i saw those kids in cages when the obama administration created them. this is outrageous for them to remain quiet, not be honest with the american people in the situation now with 4000 children in a facility that only his supposed house 250 is inhumane
11:22 am
as it gets, the president vice president are intentionally ignoring it because they want open border policies. stuart: sheriff, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. we want to get back to if and when you ever hear from the president from the united states. back to the market a huge movement in stock prices this morning we moderated it, the dow is down 70, the nasdaq down 66. show me salesforce. they're gonna start bringing back vaccinated workers to some of their offices, this will be on a voluntary basis, the first office to reopen will be in san francisco next month, the stock is down 1.5%. let's get to costco they will reopen outdoor seating at their food course, take out only for more than a year costco $362 per share, they are a pandemic winner. one of my favorite things about costco the dollar 50 hotdog deal
11:23 am
a dollar and 50 cents for a hot dog with a drink. i'm told there could be hotdog shortage, say it ain't so. ashley: i'm afraid so were talking about stu vardy and ashley webster's main food group item hotdogs and bacon hotdogs have been an short supply for more than a year ago, now you can expect higher prices for food like hotdogs and bacon as restaurants reopen in the summer barbecues fire up the problems are being blamed on the effect of last year's disruption the squeeze on supplies and increasing pent-up demand for meat products all pushing prices higher and you can expect fewer discounts. consumers beware you may want to stock up when you find a good deal much like toilet paper and other items during the pandemic. but this time it is hotdogs and
11:24 am
bacon. stuart: don't forget spam i was brought up on it you were brought up on it, there is nothing wrong with spam. ashley: nothing. stuart: i think we have to move on, now this this is huge 4.6 million covid jobs were administered on saturday, however, production problems are threatening to slow down the vaccine rollout, we will explain that the uk lifted lockdowns at the stroke of midnight, watch this. >> three, two, one, ladies and gentlemen take your seats, have your first drink. stuart: the race to the pub they rushed in for their newfound freedom, look who's going to cover it nigel for for our gonna talk to him about that and of course harry. we'll be right back. ♪
11:25 am
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11:29 am
funeral meghan markle will not attend. nigel is with us is morning. did the brits welcome prince harry back to new england. >> of course because of lockdown and lack of crowds, there is not of a reaction into judge. but i will say perhaps it's a good thing that meghan markle is pregnant because that gives her a good reason not to come because i don't think it would be very good. as for harry the grandson obviously so he has to be there. but i do think the shocking truth is that they knew that he was on his deathbed, they knew he only had a few weeks to live and yet they still carried on with the interview which was a direct attack and allegations being thrown around the place. the more people realize that the more dim view they take a both of them frankly. stuart: what's the chances of any appealing of the breach
11:30 am
between harry and his older brother the future king and harry and his father prince charles. >> when you're born into the royal family you're born is a great privilege but you're also born into duty and i think the whole family feels and after all terry's life, he's allowed to do this but he turned his back on duty and the whole family find that and comprehensive. and philip for 70 years has been the queen's counsel and never once complained, harry has chosen his new life, there is no way back, as for reconciliation i would think they would be very difficult. stuart: as of midnight last night we were showing video hubs, nonessential shops back in business, the country is expected herd immunity today, to me this contrast the uk
11:31 am
reopening in the brits going back to work in the pub other european nations are still in heavy-duty lockdown does not vindicate requisite. >> oh my goodness gracious, it meant the decision about vaccine programs taken in our own country by people directly elected by us, and brussels a woman from cyprus with a degree in psychology who had not been elected was the person to organize the vaccine rollout and it is a disaster. i'll just say one thing obviously this is sad for the people of europe because it means thousands, tens of thousands more people will die then should've died. but politically it justifies brags it in the most astonishing way. there is no going back in the uk where brexiteers, and validates
11:32 am
it, justifies it in a most astonishing way. stuart: we should video a couple of minutes ago of the people rushing into the pubs last night as restrictions were removed. one thing i noticed in the pub all the youngsters were still wearing the big heavy jackets, it took me back to the days when i lived there because the pubs were always cold there's no such thing as central heating, looks like it's still the same. >> the pubs are open but we cannot drink inside pubs we can only drink outside pubs and across much of the uk it's been a very cold day. so it's a partial reopening that were headed in the right direction a lot more optimism because of the successful vaccine rollout and i think with this and brags enter brexit. stuart: what is draft red barrel, that was awful beer 50 years ago, is it still around.
11:33 am
>> no it's absolutely gone and now we have dark beers, microbreweries growing all over the country there is a real beer boom going on, that's replicated in much of america i noticed around new york a lot of microbreweries selling these products in the truth of it is the beer in the right amount is rather good for you. stuart: whatever you say nigel, good to see you again, don't be a stranger will have you back soon. let me see the price of the pfizer stock, $36 a share, new study from israel they found the south african variant can break through pfizer's vaccine, however, doctor matt mccarthy was with us earlier this morning and he responded to the study. >> the headlines do not represent within the study, we
11:34 am
know in very rare cases people can get infected after vaccination what they found a handful of people who did get infected and it turned out to be with the south african variant, this is no cause for alarm, we know this. stuart: i will call them pretty good news pfizer stock still stuck at $36 a share, it's been there forever. starting today anyone over the age of 16 can get the job in illinois. grady trimble is there at the massive vaccination site, are you seeing any young people? >> i am, i've been to a lot of the vaccination sites throughout the rollout of the vaccine and i have to say is quite noticeable there's a younger demographic coming in today as eligibility expands to 16 and up and it's safe to estimate by the end of this week across the country more than half of adults in this
11:35 am
country will have received one vaccine shot, here at cook county health one of the people in charge of this operation and were seen more and more young people come in to get vaccinated. >> absolutely were definitely seen that today and parents coming in with her 16 and 17-year-old in line, very different from what we would've seen a couple weeks ago or last week. stuart: i when asking about the johnson & johnson vaccine something you are just riveting but you're not getting any of it this week because of the production issues in baltimore, what is the situation. >> that is correct were not expected to receive any johnson & johnson this week or next week, however, we received enough of pfizer in moderna keep our max vaccination for the coming weeks. the availability from our vaccination sites will be at capacity. stuart: that is good news and something we might not have expected as recently of a few
11:36 am
weeks ago one vaccine they're getting 0 and still able to keep up with demand because of getting enough of the other vaccines. stuart: i think that's pretty good news all around. now this, assigned tom brady championship rookie card considered one of the most sought after football cards in the world expected to go for millions, ken is going to auction this off and join us in a moment were talking billions. president biden promised to find jobs for the laid-off keystone workers, the workers say he has not delivered. watch this. >> i looked for the green jobs and they're not there that's why i started a fortune company because there are no green jobs there. stuart: there you go he went to arkansas to talk to the pipe liners, they are hurting in the government is not at this point helping, carly joins us next.
11:37 am
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stuart: i like that graphic going green losing green, another one president biden promised to find jobs for the laid-off keystone workers, they are still out of work, carly went to arkansas to talk to those workers and she joined me now. lay it out, what did they tell you. >> on his very first day in office president biden signed the executive order canceling the keystone xl pipeline, with a 11000 jobs that was over two months ago, i just learned many of those people are still struggling. take a look. >> it is hard to make plans when
11:42 am
you have an administration that is trying to crush her future. >> the pipeline was killed in january it is now april, give us an update have you been able to find a job. >> not with the pipeline or any other thing especially with the green energy projects he talked about. >> i looked for the green jobs and they're not there and that's why i started a fortune company, there are no green jobs there, look him dead in his eyes and tell him. >> i love 16 - 80 grand not being able to go to that job, that's my livelihood if i'm not off working and barely scraping by, i have two kids i have to support, what am i supposed to do their. >> without working we lose insurance, income. >> my whole family was employed. >> my whole family. >> what is everybody going to do. >> we don't know will lose everything that we have that we worked our entire lives for. >> tell me about arkansas the pipeline or capital of the
11:43 am
world, a lot of out of work pipeline is right now, what is the mood in this town. >> it is terrible, usually you drive around and you don't see around but they're everywhere now. >> all these people should be in another state working on the pipeline. >> they're all here if you're on unemployment if you're lucky enough. >> president biden unveiled his $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. >> i'm proposing a plan for the nations would reward wealth on the union guys, i support unions and middle-class in his time they start to get a piece of the action. >> to feel included in the plan. >> no of course that used to be blue-collar joe but it's green color joe now. >> the middle-class is looking at them telling them were hurting and we need jobs when he has an even came on the news and said one thing about it, i'm not
11:44 am
saying do away with green energy but dropping what we have now and going to something different is not a very good idea. >> is not helping us and i don't know any unions that have been held in other trades, i don't know please going to or not but i know that's what he says that i'll believe it when i see it. you certainly not for union pipelines. >> you another 20 state ag's have a lawsuit in your suing the biden administration to overturn the pipeline decision you say killeen is unconstitutional. >> this is a decision of converse not the president's decision, when he eliminated the pipeline permit he did so without a proper authority were asking the court to revoke the cancellation and to allow the pipeline to move forward until congress makes the decision. >> are you confident you're going to win. >> we are because were on the right side of the law. unfortunately for the
11:45 am
hard-working people it could be months before were able to get an injunction. >> you haven't given up on the keystone pipeline. >> no, they still have to have gas and oil to run those things. >> you can't just flip the switch and turn crude oil off. >> when he canceled the keystone i knew that there was beginning to try to force us in a greener direction we need to stand up and let the administration know there's a lot of americans depend on oil and gas and whether the administration wants to admit it or not they depend on it to. >> are you going to give up on the keystone xl pipeline. >> if the gas company sells a pipe and gives up then i'll give up but until then the pipe is still up there there still a chance. >> many of these people say they took what president biden and john kerry said seriously they look for the green jobs, they tried but they either aren't they are or they don't pay well.
11:46 am
stuart: a great report, thank you very much indeed. see you soon look at this lebron james rookie card only 99 of them ever made this one hitting the auction block you won't believe how much money it could go for. we have them number for you next. ♪ i had saved up some money and then found the home of my dreams. but, my home of my dreams needed some work. sofi was the first lender that even offered a personal loan, and i didn't even know that was an option. the personal loan let us renovate our single family house into a multi-unit home. ♪ and i get to live in this beautiful house, with this beautiful kitchen, and it's all thanks to sofi. ♪
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stuart: this one you have to see tom brady's rookie card up for auction and tim is handling this extraordinary auction, let's go right at it, brady's rookie card, how much. >> this is limited to 101 recently sold for 2.2 5 million and we expect this to go in excess of $2 million is the holding grill of football cards the number one football card in existence. stuart: are all of the 100 rookie cards from tom brady's signed or just this one? >> all 100 are signed and they have their own unique serial number and what makes the special on a scale of one to ten the card is an 8.5 in the autograph is a ten out of ten
11:51 am
making of the ultrahigh and for tom brady. stuart: well over two and a half million dollars for that rookie card, how about lebron james, there is another one signed but this is also one of 99 created is that correct? >> correct 2003 lebron james known as an rpa on a grade of nine out of ten, i hate to use the word twice but this is the holding grill of basketball cards it will probably break the record for the most valuable basketball card of all time it's a card that we expect for over $2,000,000.9 on this card is a very high grade and for all of lebron james cards this is the number one most desirable. stuart: i want to move on to soccer i believe you have christiana renaldo's rookie card, i did not know much about
11:52 am
soccer cards back in england when i was living there but how much is this one going to go for. >> the last one was 237,000 and we expect this one to exceed so 250,000 possibly more, it is a grade of a psa ten which means is perfect in every way the highest grade rookie you can possibly get. stuart: how about diego, a lot of our american viewers will not know his name he is deceased he passed away quite recently he was an argentine brilliant soccer player well known around the world what is that rookie card going for. >> they would be considered the two vintage all-time grades and we expect that to exceed $100,000 it would not shock me if it went triple it's a very rare card in soccer is a hot
11:53 am
market people realize it's a worldwide sport and at golden auctions we've been getting very aggressive in trying to get soccer inventory because we are bidders not just from the united states all quarters of the earth for soccer trading cards. stuart: of all forms are going way up in value, can you put a percentage increase number for example if two years ago the rookie card i got up for option wouldn't have gone up $2 million. >> two years ago that tom brady card would've gone for 150 or $200,000, more impressively the renaldo card two years ago would have gone for probably under $5000 and now you're looking at a quarter million dollars and all of the auctions opened up of
11:54 am
the weekend. all of these and many more available at golden auctions go to golden and you'll see a wide selection especially for the fans of all sports it used to be only baseball but now soccer and basketball as well as many of the sports, we just set a record with the golf cart as well it's opened up to a global bidding in a global universe trading cards. stuart: you're in the right business and i'm glad you're on the show golden if you want to bid, go right ahead. thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> shall be the sports betting stocks, they are all down significantly this morning, show me casino stocks, we just learned that atlantic city casinos lost 80% of the profits, even with the lockdown they still managed to make a collective 170 billion, not all bad but the stocks have taken a hit, las vegas by the way could
11:55 am
become the first state to ban glass, wake up are they talking about marijuana or what. >> i was just there, we're just looking up, you know me too well. stuart: you did not hear. ashley: go ahead. stuart: i was asking is las vegas banning grass and i said what kind of grass are you talking about, oriental grass. ashley: not marijuana oriental grass, then nobody works on, the city of las vegas said that type of grass that you're looking at requires four times as much water as drought tolerant landscaping like cactus, we know cactus can survive on basically nothing but by repeating out they estimate the region can reduce annual water consumption by 15% and save 14 gallons per person per day. that is a lot, last year this is
11:56 am
amazing but it is a desert they gets went to 240 days without measurable rainfall in the city want state law lawmakers to ban the ornamental grass you see the commentary by homeowners association and commercial property owners. what are you going to do, rip it all up and putting cactus. there you go. stuart: i thought it was astroturf or a minute. thank you, of the trivia question, here is the question what percentage of the world currency actual physical money, the answer after this. the gold standard, so to speak ;) . .
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stuart: what percentage of the world's currency is physical money? the answer? 8%. david asman in foreneil. david: i still prefer gold. i'm david asman in for neil cavuto. this is cavuto "coast to coast." regeneron antibody treatment actually reduces risk. how that drug company is trying to expand access. u.s. cruise companies threatening to cruise over to another country if the u.s. doesn't let them operate here. i will talk to the mayor of miami on the


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