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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 10, 2021 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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executive order of a panel of supreme court reform, the new york times calls it an opportunity to balance a conservative majority, this is bad, more justices, more to the a ball. that's more like me. thank you so much. "evening edit" starts right now. liz: tonight more on the daily mail bombshell about hunter biden, forensic expert said to the daily meal they did authenticate that it is hunter's laptop, the laptop has thousands of shocking and explicit photos, hundreds of thousands of e-mails and text when it comes after hunter biden told cbs that this laptop could certainly be mine, and other fallout for the biden administration and the media and social media like facebook and twitter who censored the story that voters did not hear abouter
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during the election, with us tonight acting attorney matthew whitaker, top attorney brett tolman, congressman byron donald and t on a low washington examiner columnist in prose and real estate, kt mcfarland and general michael mcguire youtube accused of botching it centering a video of florida governor ron desantis, talking to medical experts from stanford and harvard university and they oppose strict law downs a threat to the public. youtube has other video saying the exact same thing talking about the exact same debate but lockdowns are bad for people. are they targeting governor desantis because of the potential 2024 presidential contender, this comes after 60 iminutes submitted it did offer in center the santos' comments explain vaccinations as publix supermarket and florida in a top
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state officials claim in the mainstream media says they are dishonest and hypocritical and another top georgia official secretary of state for georgia claims of georgia democrat stacey abrams is pulled testing the impact of words like jim crow or voter suppression in order to raise political donation, but stacey abrams group is blasting back, we have that fight and to illinois democrat governor chicago mayor lori lightfoot got booed out of the chicago white sox games or convoys their anger to the democrat officials who broke their own lockdown rules, also tonight dividing the administration in a baffling move does not increase funding for homeland security in the middle of the historic border crisis as even house democrats say nancy pelosi another top
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democrat officials stop being a wallet the border go to the border instead of claiming there is no border crisis and chided claim it is trump's faultik that is a 180 democrats don't like, thank you for joining us i'm elizabeth macdonald in "the evening edit" start rightrt now. ♪. let's welcome back to the short acting attorney matthew whitaker, it's great to havek yu back on the daily mail bombshell shocking details the hunter left out of his tell our memoir top forensic experts say yes they did authenticate it is his laptop they include a former fbi veteran agent and has hundreds of thousands of text and e-mails and disturbing graphic photos when used on the story what is your reaction. >> it's good to be with you tonight i think it is disturbing in the first instinct i had how we were told thiss is a nonstory before the election how all the
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conservatives and republicans were told there is suspicion this can be disinformation over a foreign country and somehow we should ignore this and it's very clear the hunter biden desperately wanted his dad to run for president become president because i was his business and with his dad in the public eye he sits to take advantage of that including publishing this book. liz: critics are saying not only is this harrowing stuff, we just want to warn the viewers is drug addiction is worse than realize in consorting with drug pushers and prostitutes and daily mail reporting he was obsessed with making porn films with prostitutes, that is the text in e-mails and pictures that theyan saw. >> the laptop and the coverage isap disturbing and i'm sure it will come out of the deranged
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things that hunter biden wasd doing and this is the son of her current president, i'm sure joe biden was desperate to try to get hunter biden to clean up and get sober and i'm sure the entire team was working on hiswe presidential campaign in 2019 and 2020 and were making sure that they were somehow keeping this out of the light of day, it is really sad, drug addiction hurts a lot of families and a lot of communities and in this case this is the son of the president who is doing fairly disturbing things, very recently. liz: and breaking the law, this is criminal stuff, it shows how we blew hundreds of thousands of dollars and he has to ask his father for help he asked asked for three to $20000 for unpaid taxes. it also shows hunter bullying his father, he was begging his father to run for president toat
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salvage hunter's reputation for redemption and doing things like the daily mail hunter use joe biden as a punching bag and he hadd drug fueled rants in order to get money from joe biden to pay for him and his grandkids bills after hunter drained his own bank account on crack andnd prostitutes. >> it is very troubling when you talk about the acts you talk about the secret service that was protecting him during this period of time and also remember there is a whole idea that he may falsified a record and submitted an application to get a handgun that can be illegal and with a lot of your viewers are concerned about as well as e am that the two seared into tiered where they seem to skate back into whatever they want whether hillary clinton or hunter biden and republicans are targeted and pursued for the
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smallest charges. i think we have to get the system of justice not only to appear fair but to be fair. liz: the forensic experts say they found no evidence that this was hacked or fabrication by russian or anything else, is a national security here given the hunter biden was traveling so heavily overseas with his father and other trips as well that is a thing as too, joe biden's campaign said this is a bunch of garbage, hunter said the laptop could certainly be his, do you see national security issues here. >> i do, i don't think there's any doubt it's his laptop and his information but at the same time this is a national security issue and it's ang ongoing national security issue if we learned anything during the russian collusion hoax that is that there's compromise materiag that can be used against politicians and this certainly
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the text messages between the president and his son in addition to all the other information on the laptop could certainly have been used to leverage our relationship or be used against a sitting president and his family and that is very disturbing and i think it is something that presents significant national security issues. liz: matthew whitaker, thank you for joining us, come back soon let's bring in former u.s. attorney brent tolman, this is harrowing for any parent but this is hunter biden he made millions of dollars in business dealings overseas by flying around the world on air force to when his father was vice president getting secret service protection when you saw the story, what did you think. >> are to be with you when i saw the story it was immediately haunting and what i mean by that when this first came out there was a suspicion of what was contained on the laptop, there i
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was leaks of minor aspects there was an indication that there mao be dealing in drugs and prosecution and the involvement of a firearm, here we have a confirmed and i'm going to tell you your last guest that is correct is a two-tier system in our country right now and are justice system but it's even more stark than what's been outlined, i am confident that had somebody releasing this case early on in an intent to investigate hunter biden will look at decades in federal prison. liz: that is a heavy charge, the other thing, hunter biden has never addressed this big problem at the center of his claims about the story, he signed a receipt for the laptop left at the delaware computer repair shop, his signature is on it, you just brought up two-tier justice, the daily mail reporter on the story brought that up to last night on fox news, let's
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listen to this, watch. hunter goes to him saying he does not have enough money, he's being dried by the alimony payments, you spending thousands of dollars on prostitutes, crack cocaine and joe biden says can i pay your kids dentist bills, do unique cash and in some ways he's enabling him this is a man who has been very harsh on drug users in the past and he is someone who said george bush senior's policies on drugs was not tough enough in these pushed in his time as senator for stronger sentences on drug uses and people on drug crimes and this is a different approach when it comes to his own son. >> the 94 crime bill in the aftermath of that and senator biden at the time senator was to
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increase and ramp up mandatory sentences for very modest amounts of crack cocaine, that is why the reporter is accurate, matt whitaker is accurate and i stand by the statement that if somebody wanted to truly investigate this and if he wasn't being protected by powerful politicians of mainly his father and if he wasn't being protected by law enforcement or secret service agents if that occurred having a firearm and possession of crack cocaine or other drugs in modest amounts, right now this is leading people in federal prison for decades. liz: hunter biden went on late night talk shows and he was on last night, let's listen to what he, said admitting the i been in tdark places. >> dino donald trump jr. >> no.
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>> you've never met him. >> not that i know. >> you say not that i know. >> i've been to rough places. >> it could've been years. >> of course it laid there can be a laptop that was stolen from me and that i was hacked and that it was russian intelligence, it could be that it was stolen from me. liz: the last soundbite with it could be, could become he said certainly could be, he is remembering details for many was little, now is awkward to say definitively that it's his laptop when it's pretty clear that according to experts it is his. >> it is classic deflection technique and all of the potential for this piece of evidence cannot be damning to him and is not his laptop. the bottom line the joke is been on all of us the media has coddled them and there's no accountability and agents have
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protected him and his father protected him. the reality of his laptop and the signatures verify it in the pictures verify it and those that have uncovered this information have been marginalized and democrats have rallied to cover up what might be one of the more concerning national security but the indictment of the biden family and what's gone on overt the lat many years. liz: good to see you, come back soon. coming up florida congressman byron donald's on watching it again centered a video florida governoror desantis got video ws with medical experts from oxford, stanford and harvard university talking about how strict lockdowns are detrimental to the public. youtube has put up other videos saying the exact same thing. here is the debate is governor desantis getting targeted because of the potential 2024
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republican byron donald's from house budget and small business committee, it is so great that you are on, we really appreciate you joining us. google youtube sensors deleted video florida governor ron desantis talking with medical experts from oxford, stanfordri and harvard, when you saw more tech censorship, what was yourr reaction? >> outrage but not surprised we continuously see this from social media companies they only want out the information they choose to let out it's high time we go in and reform section 230 but it goes a step further to look at the things that justice clarence tom and talked about on monday the social media companies are common carriers and if they're gonna have and be the platform where most americans get the information, share their information and build a model about what americans look like and monetize the model then we need to make
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sure they carry the information and they're not editors that was never supposed to be there intent section 230 never allowed for them to be these editors and it's time we reform these laws in congress. liz: we hear you loud and clear they have blanket immunity from lawsuits when regular newspapers and other media's do not, they are notyo accountable, what is o weird youtube has other videos saying the exact same thing this video saying, you notice the other thing if the youtube gang, who knows who they are if their public policy experts, doesn't seemed like they are, if they're upset about the talk about masks for children, why not put up a disclaimer and say the w.h.o. says mask for five and under kids you don'td need it, it's bd but for older kids you do, why deleted that's a drastic thing to do is. >> they are not in the business anymore of allowing for open
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marketplace to flourish, they are in the business of pandering to the left are making billions what americansof look at everyt single day not just americans but people all over the world that is their business model now pandering to the left that is why we should treat them, they are common carriers if you can allow your platform to be used to disseminate information but you are literally using what people view as an ability to monetize and make billions of dollars of advertising then you should be destroying content and only let content flow that is what they should be doing and that needs to be the new standards because they cannot police themselves. liz: we hear you too, the other fight over youtube it's made money and so is facebook been accused of having content that supports terrorist activity, child exploitation, the uk under
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theresa may was going hard after that so was australia and new zealand but this comes after 60 minutes admitted that it did alter a report that may governor desantis look worse with the publix supermarket vaccination, they left out a lot of facts and pointer media institutes as they were factually wrong political faxes it looks like the t edited to liberty, is he a target, is ron desantis a target for 2024. >> of course he is, he's the most successful governor in our country he is america's governor and he's been right more oftens. than not been any governor in the united states so of course he's a target he's a target for one reason he's a conservative that happens to be a governor improving the conservative principles and following data not pandering to the left actually works and helps all the citizens of florida i am so grateful he's a governor because he let her stay in its rheumatic
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time so the left can't contend with it he knows the facts are on their site so they're out to destroy him was 60 minutes did is a joke and president trump at the time recorded his entire interview with leslie stahl and didn't let them edit it the way that they did in the piece of governor desantis and my colleagues in congress if you're going to doou the interviews mae sure you recording for yourself so you know what was said on the record and can release itab to e public, this is a tragedy in which you try to do to america's governor. liz: that is really good advice, thank you so much, we love having you on washington examiner- opinion columnist tiaa lowe slamming the mainstream media saying their dishonest and hypocritical, george's top election official even claiming that georgia democrat stacey abrams is hall testing, the impact of words like jim crow,
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voter suppression to raise political donation the stacey abrams group is nowbr blasting back, we have the site next. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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but while you care for your loved one, you also need to care for yourself. go to for free mental health and self-help tips. ♪ el liz: you're watching the fox business network were coming into the bottom of the hour that welcome tiana lowe it is so great to welcome you into the show, top georgia official
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gabriel sterling is not a fan of trump he's been critical of trump he said the mainstream media is dishonest in their hypocrites and they criticize every claim from biden in georgia democrat stacey abrams, tough words from him, what do you say. >> of course, thank you foror having me but let's be clear, the jim crow 2.0 jim crow one of the most offensive things this nation has ever done they areay saying is comparable to an election law that retained election protocols that are more liberal of biden's home state of delaware biden state does not have the same early voting capacity that georgia still has under the new law so they're gonna be honest about this, maybe they're equated to one of the most offensive things the nation has ever done, they overplayed their hand because they listen to political propaganda for personal gain. liz: georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger was very
1:28 am
upset with how the law is being characterized, he does not like it either let's listen to him and then game sterling, i would like your reaction. >> stacey abrams has already protested the word jim crow and found out that w plays well is like she pull test of the word voter suppression in 2014 this is your hassle for making money over $100 million now with her voter suppression household which is not based in reality. >> nobody has read the 98 page bill and accepting a spoon to a baby, what iof find interestings the mainstream media who criticized and examined every claim of president trump take similar claims from this president stacey abrams and accepts it, that is unfair and wrong is to dismiss to the people in georgia. liz: what you make of that. >> obviously both are true, joe
1:29 am
biden was given his talking points by centers by american progress and whoever else is pulling the puppet strings and he said things that were untrue, full pinocchio according to the washington post and as a result corporate america is terrified, they are terrified of getting the woke blacklist so you have a situation where major league baseball not just with the chinese communist party but also with the dictatorship of cuba pulling out of georgia and not just pulling out of georgia but a majority black city and moving one of the most important event to the state of colorado. liz: we reached out to georgia democrat stacey abrams officee for comment a group that supports a reply with a statement at the fair fight action voting rights group there saying the law bowen's by mail.
1:30 am
and reduces dropbox availability, it does extend the early voting days to 70 days and it codifies for the first timeid ballot drop off boxes, we did not have them for the 2020 election, it does reducee the runoffs to four weeks to nine weeks but there is a lot of in the viewer out there is thinking who to believe, we looked at the law and we did not see what the democrats are criticizing, we looked at the whole panoramic view of it and it looks like they're trying to do election integrity and vote security. >> it is clear the entire and fittest of attacking this bill is the idea that it's motivatedl by trump mostly baseless claims that the georgia election for the electoral college was
1:31 am
stolen, it is fine you can criticize trump's rhetoric but it was vastly people like the s georgia secretary of state who made sure that election maintained its integrity trump was elected and can say whatever he wanted and in the end biden won the election, no more wind up stealing that election, they are so scared and again, a lot of what the georgia measure does is codify things that were made last second for the pandemic the idea of widespread drop boxes in every state that was not a concept prior to the pandemic outside of states like california but the georgia bill keeps them measures to expand voting access. liz: that is a great point, thank you for joining us it's great to have you one, still ahead the most famous names in real estate we are talking powerbrokers dolly and johnny lynn, they're gonna talk to us about what you should do about
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your real estate, your house and the democrats are mismanaging cities and states and triggering an exodus across the board, what do you do if you live in these areas, we are going to find out next. ♪ hi. i'm wolfgang puck
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♪ liz: what welcome back to the show real estate brokers, it is great to have you back on. here is the thing, we keep hearing about a mass exhibit out of a democrat run cities and states almost like people in the areas say what should we do should we leave, should we stay rising crime and taxes going up everybody has swivel head bobble heads looking around saying should be stay or go they see a lot of people leaving should they follow them, what do you think. >> what d we see most people are putting 1 foot in, for example florida or texas because they
1:37 am
want to try it before they buy it and they're all coming to see what is it will i be able to be happy and i have to tell you we are seen so many clients and they run the spectrum of political persuasion so the liberals, conservatives, does not matter they do not want to pay taxes that is a common theme. >> we've been overrun we've been going between palm beach, miami, fort lauderdale and we closed a deal there yesterday a beautiful building there because people want to escape the new york city taxes and come to florida and we hear the same thing from our colleagues in texas were sane people from san francisco are migrating in the same fashion it is really a countrywide problem. >> florida and texas businesses, clients, new york is saying please leave. >> right. >> new york is not going to raise the rates all into 51% were hearing san francisco
1:38 am
that's where the most people are leaving fleeing san francisco, they tend to be going to texas, what do you advise people, do you think people should hold onto their properties in the high tax hike crime states and cities saying maybe it will turn around, what would you tell them to do. >> i think they should do with a lot of our clients are doing by a property in the state that you think you want to be and whether long-term or short-term they may want to be in florida has some .5 years from now, ten years from now do it now by a property put your foot in see how it feels and decide if you want to sell new york. >> divided administration is considering raising the federal tax rate which you cannot get away from unless you want to leave the country to 40% plus new york city is adding 13.5% to
1:39 am
13.8% it's about a 54% tax rate if you live in new york city so people say if i cut back 15% ane mike make sense to moves to move elsewhere and travel because this is a first-time burrito have to live whereu you work you can like the commute given you only have to be in the office a couple times a week or once a month depending on the remote schedule that you have. >> we see one company a hedge fund afterne another leaving and even jetblue which is the scariest of all they have 1300 full-time employees in long island city the lease is up in there looking to come to florida that is really not good for new york. liz: that's a great point. we hear exactly what you're saying these are great points we have nancy pelosi and chuck schumer saying we may put back in the state and local tax deduction that president trump removed, without being impotence
1:40 am
for people to say look at new york, san francisco properties of values are going down, when you think. >> is probably not going to happen i don't think they have the votes so ire think they're speaking to everyone insane were trying and were doing that but i don't think they sincerely think they can get that past. >> it would ease the pain but it's likely not to happen so literally 400 people plus a day are moving from newne york city elsewhere to a lower tax state disproportionate runners the highest 1% of earners pay 42.5% of new york state income tax revenue so if any of those people decide to leave is going to hurt new york further new york got a 50 billion-dollar bailout, i don't know why they're raising taxes at all. liz: that is a great point, that's exactly right, where is that money going, you guys are
1:41 am
terrific, thank you so much for your insight, come back soon, it is good to see you. >> thank you, happy weekend. >> coming up former deputy national security advisor kt mcfarland on illinois democrat, they got booed at his chicago white sox game the crowd venting their anger voicing over everything from rising crime to rise in taxes and by the way these democrat officials broke their own lockdown roles that they demanded for everybody else, watch this next, stay right there. smart people knew it would lead to chaos but the media refused to say so because of road their narrative and made a complicit in-depth, instead of focusing on the crime wave they energize the protests which
1:42 am
forced police to shift officers play by crime to babysitting purple haired overweight undergrad, check out the mug shot of the white rioters, violent criminals released so they won't get covid and business owners arrested for trying to keep the lights on.
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liz: let's welcome back to the show former deputy national security advisor kt mcfarland author of the book revolution, trump, washington we the people let's first listen to this a people at the chicago white sox opener not happy with mccright illinois governor pritzker and lori light but intervention lightfoot. >> please welcome your attention to home plate illinois governor pritzker and public health director doctor and governor have led an all in campaign to carry out a comprehensive response to the pandemic and
1:47 am
help protect the well-being, their work with local and federal partners that build systems of a five phase plan to reopen the state safely, the white sox also welcome the public health commissioner doctor allison and city of chicago mayor lori lightfoot, over the past year mayor lightfoot and doctor of orchestrated record needed citywide response across government business and community organizations to address public health and economic impacts establishing the rapid response team in the covid-19 recovery task force, ladies and gentlemen presenting the ceremonial first pitch let's give a warm welcome to chicago's own mayor lori lightfoot is. liz: it is pretty loud booing for a stadium that is virtually
1:48 am
empty, what do you say. >> what really struck me about this and unscripted moment despite what the announcer was saying these are wonderful officials they done great things, this is one of the first time a democrat mayor and governor have been on public where the crowd was not preselected, if you look at president biden, vice president harris, governor newsom, governor cuomo when they do public events and very carefully scripted the people in the audience is carefully chosen but the questions are asked or softball questions in this case were at the most all-american of sports, baseball and even after the recommendation from the announcers one of the crowd in the audience, they booed very loudly and what that tells me all across the country people are not paying a whole lot of attention to what they're reading in the woke media or cancel culture mob or people saying everything is great, the democrats are doing wonders and
1:49 am
wonderful things, the average guy is pretty dissatisfied not only with the lockdown to the school closing in the economy and higher taxes but in chicago especially with the crime and murder rate is. liz: murder rate is up from last year and shootings are skyrocketing, these two democrats broke their own lockdown roles that they demanded for everybody else lori lightfoot threatened to throw people in jail and she went to get a hairdo at a hair salon in the governor pritzker his famild went through his stay home orders, you asked aboutut reprehensible. >> , they all broken that, gavin newsom has gone to restaurants when he had restaurants lockdown orders, governor cuomo of new york is given his own personal family preferential treatment on testing and vaccines, you see now what you just mentioned in illinois, they have big top rules for everybody else but
1:50 am
they're not following themselves in the hypocrisy adds to the dissatisfaction that the average person is feeling, i think this example shows there is a lot of dissatisfaction that will show up in the polls ended 2022 election. >> you know what is interesting amazon the warehouse in alabama said no to unionization by overwhelming amounts more than doubled the workers opposing been unionized versus those who were for it, this is ass dona bernie sanders and joe biden and it look like the workers enter workers on both sides in the media saying they were pressured and some not reporting thede landslide against unionization, that's a big push back, what do you say. >> not only that but youtube was taken down a press conference of governor desantis of florida they are censoring the social media and the media are
1:51 am
censoring free speech and free thought but the average guy on the street is not taking it and what is the link" you. of the people all the time but not all the people all the time. liz: got it, thank you for that quote that was a tough one, good to see you next up general michael mcguire the chairman of the national guard association the biden administration in a baffling move did not increase funding for homeland security in the middle of a historic border crisis even democrat savior a walk the border, democrats claiming there is no problem about saying it's trump's of fault, how do you square that we talk to the general next. ♪ this rain is bananas. lease the 2021 es 250 all-wheel drive for $339 a month for 39 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. when it comes to autism, all-wheel drive for $339 a month for 39 months. finding the right words can be tough.
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liz: joining us now were so excited to welcome to the show general michael mcguire the chair of the national guardre association he has served his country, the people under him have served their country a lot of integrity, it's great to have you one president biden not giving homeland security more money in the middle of the store crisis of the border, what is going on here. >> thank you for having me we've
1:56 am
been talking about this for at least two weeks governor ducey has called on the federal government and my role as a community general in the emergency manager for emergency management in military affairs in arizona we have searched ouro soldiers and airmen to the border under bush, obama and trump administration because we believe border security is not only national security butec community security and we see with increased illegal crossings some real security issues for people in personnel on both sides of the border as a rule of law is degraded further in southern arizona. liz: why not get you guys more money you have a humanitarian crisis, national security crisis, public health crisis at the border there is not more money coming in democrats are still a walled not going to the border talking president biden vice president kamala harris,
1:57 am
senator chuck schumer they're not going there but they try to claim it is trump's fault, that's a weird 180. >> i think the change of policy, as an example we have seen back in the previous surge of illegal crossings we had only about 15% claiming asylum and in southwestern arizona that is pivoted from 80% of crossers are claiming asylum and safe to say they are looking for loopholes to take advantage of this and the time is becoming so crowded and the facilities that custom and border protection are releasing some of the more rural communities up to 50 personnel per day that are either adults or family units into the communities that have less than a thousand people in them and that creates a humanitarian and a public health crisis for the
1:58 am
very rural and under resourced communities. liz: it is not fair to them to the rural communities and the border towns what they have to contend with because of failed border policy, we hear you loud and clear, we have this to democrats ore even saying what are you doing democrat iowa representative ashley hinson is saying nancy pelosi ducey was happening at the border you've got to go there the congress has to kick the stand for far too long, they sit there in d.c. and criticize border authority, they criticize people at the border trying to do the right thing but then they don't go there, they are a-wall, your reaction to that. >> you are right about the one key factor without the biden administration authorizing federal funding forho our guardsmen we can only be in support of our county sheriff's and other local law enforcement
1:59 am
who are doing great we can provide resources to local community but the real need is the custom border patrol to the i.c.e. agents into her immigration services all threent of which we have served over the past three administrations and if we don't get the authorization for president biden we will not be able too so this problem down in the communities will be less safe on both sides ofco the border on mexico and in arizona. liz: we hear you loud and clear but the white house press secretary jen psaki failed to say if biden reversed the policies, his policy that is creating the border crisis.s, your final word recall it again on president biden to reconsider that decision and find what is a federal responsibility. liz: got it, general mcguire thinking to your service to our country and thank you for coming on. i am elizabeth macdonald, you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business, that doesn't
2:00 am
for us, thank you for watching and have a great weekend. ♪ weekend. ♪ ♪♪ >> it's the revolver that won the west. >> this is a serious piece of weaponry. >> and she inherited a slew. >> buying the guns turned him into a cowboy. it was an obsession. >> you in there? >> lawmen and outlaws alike reach for the hotshot of colt pistols. >> i was always told that it was a million-dollar gun. >> talk about bang for the buck. >> i've been looking for you. >> or will it all backfire? [ gunshot ] [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪♪


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