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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 9, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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judeo-christian culture i like our found ugh fathers history in the constitution. i like secure borders, i like low taxings. i like more prosperity most of all, i just love america. i want to make it great or and greater thanks for watching. we will see you tomorrow evening. >> good morning everybody, i'm jackie in for maria bartiromo your top stories at 6 a.m. eastern time border crisis reaching a breaking point. there's been more than 500,000 border encounters this year and americans taxpayers are footing the bill for housing the record number of unaccompany minors. congressman scott perry steve scalise coming up ahead. we're also looking at a mixed picture of futures this morning attack a look there. this after all three major averages finished up yesterday. the s&p 500 notching its second straight record close, the futures dow futures indicated high per by 70 and nasdaq futures indicated lower.
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checking on europe this morning, stock there is on track for their lowest weekly winning streak in more than a year. take a look the ftse down and cac and dax trading higher in asia japan only winner ending day higher with optimism over the upcoming earnings season, investor sentiments and hunter biden laptop denial president son making another excuse to surrounding his infamous laptop last night on "jimmy kimmel live." "mornings with maria" is live right now. jackie: let's get to top stories half a million migrants just this year alone, march setting 15-year high with 172,000
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encounters a 71% increase from february. nearly 19,000 unaccompany children highest ever recorded new reports estimating that taxpayers are spending 60 million dollars a week to house the thousands of unaccompany children currently in u.s. custody. meanwhile, president biden unveil new exec tv actions in an effort to end gun violence. >> no amendment -- no amendment to the constitution is absolute. the idea is just bizarre to suggest that some of the things we're recommending are contrary to the constitution. >> the orders include tightening restriction on ghost guns that can be put together at home with untraceable parts and no serial number. another cause for categorizes pistol with arm brace modifications as rieflts. he's also calling for red flag laws allowing family members or law enforcement to seek a court order barring certain people from purchasing guns, republicans and nra already
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threatening legal action to stop the measures. >> and according to reports president biden set to request the 715 billion dollar budget for the pentagon that's a disks budget likely seen as a compromise between democrats and republicans with some money earmark for pentagon environmental initiative congress, of course, must approve the president's proposal. florida governor ron desantis suing cdc over no sale restriction on cruise lines agency lacks authority and evidence to keep the industry closed. with air travel surge, argues that cruise industry has been singled out. cruiselines, of course, are under strict no sail orders through november. all right take one more look at the futures before we get started they are mixed ahead of the open this morning look at that dow indicated higher by 76 but it has nasdaq flipping about 15 points at this hour with the s&p 500 up four and a half
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points. the s&p 500 did start this friday off with another record high, yesterday that's the 19th that we've seen so far this year. and investors seeing some opt msm with vaccination rollout and fed maintaining low interest rates joining me now market strategist also joining the conversation all morning long, "the wall street journal" ?angt editorial page editor james freeman and professor of business and economic with the kings college in manhattan and fox business contradict tore brian brenberg gentlemen glad you can all be here. jeff lets kick it off with you because markets are on another and streak here, and there are investors out there that are saying looking at the covid data specifically across the country, new york and new jersey right now, the bulk of where the cases are increasing the new cases they're saying, you know, yes things are getting better but it is still slower than we expected. >> you know that's the way with pandemics that's just if you go become and look through history doesn't seem to be affecting the
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stock market that much. the stock market is in a buying stampedes. buying stampedes go straight up with one to three session pauses or pullbacks typical buying stampede last 25 sessions that one started on october 30th it is historic and in 56 years looking at marks i've never seen anything like it and left a lot of proposal investors in the dust and retail. >> looking back negative news the threat of higher tax on corporations and also individuals and saying, that chair powell he'll keep the clause? >> i think the markets are looking at a benign washington, d.c. i think they're looking at investors that are willfully invested i think come in better than expected and earning season more of the same and i think portfolio managers have to chase stocks higher. jackie: do you think a benign washington, d.c. will raise the
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corporate tax rate from 21 to 28% that would be benign for the market? >> i don't think they're going raise it to 28% i think it is beginning to be loss than that and going to be not impactful. jackie: biden said he was willing to listen to arguments an how to pay for all of his spending without raising taxing. would be interesting to see what some of those proposals are. but that's a fed chair for a moment jay prowl expressing concern yesterday with the vaccine efforts around the world right now. saying that the progress is slow, and other nations could be a threat to our growth -- now here in the united states more than 174 million doses have already been administered. you know, your outlook with respect to when the economy reopens in earnest is it the fall? >> is that directed at me? >> yes, sir. >> yeah. i think the economy is slowly opening right now. and i think it is going to do nothing but gain strength and i think that's what the stock market is looking at and economy
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will come in better in the fourth quarter this have year and extend into next year. jackie: jeff, you are a bull, of course, you have your eye on earnings as well season kick off necks week we have the big banks all reporting their first quarter results other companies on tap we've got delta airlines wright aid united health what are you expected to see, obviously, bar is low for these companies because we're in this pmed recovery mode. >> i think the airlines are going to do very well. i like the banks, you know by two favorite groups for the past six months have been financials, and energy. and i still like both of those sectors. and i particularly like energy here which is a hated industry right here. jackie: i want to go to james freeman bring him in to ask a question but also it is interesting because james you and i have been talking about the corporate tax rate and individual tax rate. the raising capital gain tack and the impact that this will have on investors there could be something there.
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>> yeah. well especially since it is not just an increase in the rates but it is on the table. if it is 25 or 28% it is going to happen with a lot fewer deduction than corporation used to have when they had that headline rate at i think the damage may be understated as people focus on those headline rates. but jeff, i did want to ask you, you said we're in this historic buying stampede, is that followed by a selling stampede and what does what look like? >> i doubt it is going to be a selling stampede i think you're due for some kind of pullback not all that impactful. we're in a secular bull market, we've been in a secular bull market since march of '09 secular it tend to last 15 year. the secular bull market or one more people are familiar with 1982 to 2 thowrkz that lasted 18 years. >> brian real quick.
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>> jeff, how concerned are you about inflation that is kind of the boogeyman out there a lot of investors are wanting to know how to do that. does that concern you in 2021? >> not right now. i don't think even a move above two and a half percent is going to be all that impactful and the equity markets i think the fed and i think the equity marketings i think would like a little more inflation here. so as long as we don't, you know, go to 5% or something like that i think a little more inflags is good thing for the equity market not so much for the bond market by the way. jackie: jeff great to see you thank you so much for your insights this morning really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. jackie: all right here is your morning mover. levi strows ahead of the open on first quarter results. the demen company beating and chip burg says there's a new trend emerging skinny jeans are
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out looser fits are in. we're getting started this morning, coming up, pennsylvania congressman scott perry here to talk the latest on the spending package and former georgia state representative vernon jones with new announcement and talk that mlb all star game decision in the 8 a.m. hour house minority winner tells unwhat he saw and what steps can be taken to curb recent surge, and the great flight to texas lone star state boom as blue states pack up and you're watching mornings live with maria on fox business. ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪
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jackie: welcome back president biden calling to proposal new rules aiming to stop sales of ghost guns, that lack serial numbers, clarifying that use of arm braces. publishing a model red flag law, and issuing a report on gun trafficking. the the also called on congress to take action. >> i believe senate should immediately pass three house pass bills to close loopholes, allow gun purchases, purchasers to bypass the background checks. we should also ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines in this country and eliminate gun manufactures from the congress. enough prayers team for some action. >> joining me now cofounder president tom bevin good morning to you great to see you this morning. obviously, this is a very contentious issue in this country on the one hand you want to protect the constitutional rights and bear arms. on the other hand, we've got
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these issues with gun violence that run rammed across the country and every time we have a tragedy we say we need to do more and yet nothing ever happens do you think president biden can get something done here? >> i don't think so. i mean obl he's doing what he can from an executive stand point issuing executive orders. but that will sort of nibble around margins congress does need to tackle gun legislation in a bipartisan fashion and the problem is that it is a very difficult issue. if it was an easy issue it would have been already solved and a lot of complexities of this issue run up against second amendment charges run up against, you know, concerns of constituents and elected officials from around country so it has been a really intractable problem. it has generally speaking, gun control efforts have pretty wide support across the country. but gets down to actual mechanics of it just -- it is not able to get through congress and i don't think the incentive or dynamics in congress have changed.
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so it will be a heavy lift for congress this time around. >> his speech on thursday president biden said that gun violence in this country has become an international embarrassment. >> right, and folks often chive the united states for the mass shootings that we have in this country and we do have an awful lot of guns it is apartment of our dna second amendment, obviously, enshrines that right and you have plenty of folks law-abiding gun owners one thing that biden didn't mention yesterday that almost all of these mass shootings have in common certainly within in atlanta, colorado, one yesterday in south carolina is the issue of mental health. and that is something where there could be some bipartisan putting some money and some effort into managing, you know, the mental health aspect of this and studying trying to understand it in a way that we can keep guns out of the handle pfer people who are mentally ill. jackie: it's so interesting tom because i've been saying that since sandy hook shooting that
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we need to get if you want to talk about root causing of things that could be one of the root causes of why there is gun violence in this country yet no president no leader, nobody really ever tries to allocate funds or look at what, and you see it even here in new york city. as there's so many mentally ill people i'm not saying they're walking around with guns they're not but so many on street you say to yourself why are governments not addressing this problem? >> no it is exactly right, and there have been some studies. but the government hasn't fen gauged on mental health issue in a serious way again that's one of those if you're looking for places where you can get democrats and republicans to come together to tackle at least the piece of the issue, that's certainly a place to start because there's i think republicans certainly agree that mental health is a huge component of this. and certainly that's a place where democrats could sit out and work for republicans that would at least be a starting point and maybe it would engage both sides and lead to other thing but that would be a good place to start. jackie: passing any democrat led
6:18 am
legislation may definitely face some road bombs west virginia senator joe manchin says there's, quote, no circumstance in which he would get rid of or weaken fell buster and that's an issue that we're talking about as well. tom, where do you expect the biden administration to face the most trouble passing its agenda? >> well -- [laughter] there are an awful lot of things joe manchin is at least right now positioning to be sort of skunk at the garden party because they were hoping to use reconciliation for infrastructure and talk for immigration reform, but manchin said in an interview with another network earlier today, that he was not -- reconciliation was to be used there's a time and place for it but there was not the main vehicle for democrats to pass legislation. he said in the past he wants republicans to be apartment of a legislative process. he didn't honor that. that vow certainly with the first covid stimulus relief because no republican voted for that but moving forward he's looking to get republicans engaged and to do that, a lot of
6:19 am
the parts of the biden agenda are going to have to be -- going to have to be compromised modified and that is not something that democrats are interested in doing right now. >> all right brian wants to jump in i can see it. >> want to ask you a little bit about the joe manchin as he wrote that op-ed in washington post very strong. it is going to get a strong reaction from his colleagues in the hogs and the senate it is geng to get a strong reaction from the press. it is gpg to get a strong reaction on social qleesd going to be in for kind of a merciless attack i think on his character and motivation more than he's ever seen before. how does he withstand that? i just don't know that he can -- stand up to that in a moment where he is really the only one at this point who is saying i won't go along with all of this. >> yeah. i mean for anybody who knows joe manchin he's very much sort of an independent guy, and good news for manchin is he's his own brand in west virginia so he's
6:20 am
not under that much pressure back at home because people understand him. they know him. they respect hmm. he's built that trust with west virginia. and he's not leakily to be pressured certainly not by the left wing that's not where west virginia it is, it is a republican state and still a democrat but republicans -- or democrats if they put too much pressure, if they use tactics like calling him racist for, you know, not supporting hr1 for example, those sorts of things or for supporting keeping the fell buster, you know they could potentially could backfire on him and drive him into the republican party and sort of xroom scenario. but i think of all of the senators in the chamber, joe manchin has the most credibility at home to allow him to withstand this pressure and going get it from both sides particularly from progressives on the left. gleek a lot riding on him tom bevin great to see you as always.
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coming up on the show new york two billion covid relief fund going straight to illegal immigrants backlash ahead. plus, the rock squawk duane jack johnson new deal making a buzz this morning and we are going tell you about it.
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jackie: a covid relief fund just fur illegal grants new york creating 2 billion fund for undocument workers who weren't eligible for federal aid if they lost their jobs during the pandemic. james i want to go to you on this because it is coming out to more than 15,000 dollars person.
6:25 am
i read for families that could be as high as a little bit more than 27,000 dollars. one argument for this is they were left out of the relief. they had just this hard time as everybody else an they do live here. that's just a reality. that we have to face -- and the flipside, of course, is this is a time where we're talking about raising taxings trying to get people back to city that's very hard to do. and yet we're cutting checks like this. >> well i think this new york budget many problems that reflects same problem we see in washington where covid on its way to resolution the economy should be fully reopened now, and yet i continuing series of proposals this is a budget proposal to continue kind of emergency spending. if there's anything to be done here, the governor, governor cuomo should be reopening whatever parts of the economy he's still keeping locked down because --
6:26 am
there's no need anymore for emergency response. and we've seen over the last year it is time to reopen. let people go back to work. and then enough with the stimulus or emergency or relief or whatever you want to call it in terms of redistribution of wealth at this point. >> speaking of cuomo and new york state and striking this deal this week to raise tacks on new yorkers earning more than a million dollars. that would make the city's taxes highest in the nation. you know, brian in the wall street journal george walker from newburgher quote as saying we have precedented event here you people leave the city now you want to try to draw them back in with higher taxes, higher crime, you know dirtier city more difficult city to run without the quality of leaf leak it just doesn't make sense. >> you said it. you get the impression and new york that it is going backwards at a moment when the rest of the country is moving forward and people are going to the places
6:27 am
where the country is moving forward. new york city and new york state continue to go backwards raising taxes not just on wealthy individuals but on businesses as well. so people making the choice about where to relocate or where to locate are saying, this country is full of great places to do business, and increasingly new york is not one of those. soy fear for this city i fear for this state because it is trending exactly the wrong way at a moment where the rest of america is actually getting a lot more competitive, and a lot more interesting to those with good ideas and capital. >> oddly to your point with respect to things going backward here new york and new jersey the area that we're stricter especially here in new york, seeing the most new cases in covid which is, you know, an odd dichotomy you think underlockdown but somehow going up. a lot to think about here. but coming up we've got a lot more on this show. we're looking at linkedin and a breach millions of users data shows up for sale on a site popular with hack percent we've got the details next. plus --
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welcome back everybody i'm jackie deangelis in for maria bartiromo today it is friday april th a look at the markets this half hour. we're looking at a mixed picture for future presidents dow futures flipping just a bit there. indicated higher by 59 points the nasdaq, though, poijting lower by 30. this after all three major averages finished up yesterday. the s&p 500 notching its second straight record close. let's check on action in europe stocks there on track for their longest weekly winning streak in more than a year and down and cac and if dax index trading higher in asia japan was only winner ending day higher with optimism over the upcoming earning season, boosting
6:32 am
investor sentiments. meantime a mass shooting at texas warehouse leaves one person dead and four others in critical condition. including a state trooper, cheryl casone has the details. good morning, cheryl. cheryl: good morning jackie another heartbreaking act of gun violence to tell you about this morning. this gun plan opening fire inside that cab net making facility in brian, texas, around 5 p.m. last night. investigators say the suspect larry bolen worked for company kemp more cab knelts but motive unclear this morning and charged with murder and being held on a $1 million bond. well, with medical examiner performed initial autopsy on george floyd expected to testify today in the derek chauvin murder trial who missed idea that floyd died from drugs or health problems. watch. >> floyd died from positional asphyxia saying he died because
6:33 am
he had no oxygen left in his body. >> expert witnesses call to testify blaming floyd's death on chauvin keeping his knee on floyd's neck and there's that video once again for you. well switching gears linkedin latest website to fall victim to hackers personal data for about 500 million users it is being sold online. this sensitive information include names, phone numbers and work titles. linkedin owned by microsoft says information sold was already public and we're also learning that facebook had a similar breach related to data taken back in 2019 those hackers try to sell that information as well this week. taking a look at microso the in premarket that stock is down a quarter of a percent. well general motor and ford force to shut down or idol some plans due to ongoing global shortage of semiconductor chips. they are used in many parts of the cars including power steering and braking systems. ford has said shortage could lead to earnings being lowered
6:34 am
anywhere from one billion to two and a half billion dollars. that's a new range let's take a look at that stock right now. in the premarket general motors is slightly lower and remains flatlines jackie and those are some of your headlines from the newsroom. back to you. >> amazing we are consuming so much technology and chps they can't turn them out fast enough in the materials cheryl casone thank you so much. great to see you. >> all right, we're looking at grim new records at the southern border, border officials and encountering 172,000 my graduates at the border in march. a 371% increase from february of those nearly 19,000 were unaccompany children which is a new would be a new record new report from "the washington post" says that the biden administration is spending at least 60 million dollars, 60 million dollars per week to house migrant minors. joining me now former trump commerce department advisor illinois congressional candidate
6:35 am
catalina good morning to you let's start with statistics they are staggering this is indeed a crisis at the border. at least got an administration that says they're going address root causes try to do something about it but they haven't even gone down there. >> nothing they haven't and they quite literally campaigned on incentivizing this to happen so no surprise that these numbers are just through the roof. jackie, you know my family came here from guatemala in 1980s during their civil war. they still came here the right way. why? because this were respected law and order. ultimately when you have a president and vice president that campaigned on, you know, you come here, you'll have free everything. we won't have a crackdown at the border it will welcome you with open arms, that is going to cause these nurls to go up. i know surprise -- i just read recently that these traffickers have also racked in 500 million dollars is what they're getting off this happening at the border of
6:36 am
thanks to biden administration this is gross income, it is clearly political and it is at the expense of the children. it is humanitarian crisis ultimately expense of the american people. jackie: you know, there are two issues here trafficking side that is a business of its own. but i'm really appreciative that you brought up your personal story because i'm in a similar situation where my mother kale to this country many years ago. she came from iran, and she would tell us as we were growing up what the process was. what they had to do to legally seek, you know, to get immigration status and become a u.s. citizen. she was very proud of that. and so many people are. but you've got an administration right now that is essentially saying you know come here you can stay here, you can skip your court date, and basically blend into society and then we're going to, you know, pay for you to be here. you look at what's happening in new york with the payments of the covid, the retroactive covid payments to illegal immigrants and you ask yourself, is this
6:37 am
costing a ton of money. we don't even have enough money to pay for things that american citizens need. >> you're absolutely reeght and just like your story jackie, your mother coming from iran, i mean, the american dream success story comes with people like our mothers that, you know, my mom worked three jobs to get here she wanted to create her american dream right way and learned english asemilated a lot of our immigrants want to do this as well but you have democrats that pander for political reasons, to try to get people to come here illegally. again, at the expense of the american taxpayer at the expense of safety and security of for everybody involved and exactly leak you mentioned it is not just a nationwide issue. this is happening in states i come from illinois, where imreation is a huge policy of question that people are asking why? because just like in new york city, ultimately taxpayers are paying for it. our county jails are flooded
6:38 am
with i.c.e. deand knees there are massive coast to this. and it is something that the democrats need to figure out and both sides of the aisle need to figure out and crackdown at the border ultimately trump era policies work. jackie: i will reiterate that statistic 60 million dollars a week is what we're spending as a nation to house the migrant minors. but i do want to while i have you here switch gears for a moment because president yoib is planning to meet with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle next week to discuss his infrastructure plan. so more spending, white house saying they're aim for support support on 2.3 billion package includes billions of dollar on research and development and long-term care for the elderly among other unrelated infrastructure, you know, unrelated to infrastructure items. catalina bipartisan support on this, is it possible do you think that the president is going to make some confessionings hoar and go to the other side of the aisle and say we can do this together? or they're just going take root
6:39 am
of reconciliation say we're going to do it our way? >> you know, they are trying to push this economic dream that in thes have had for a long team. you have a trillion dollar covid relief package that -- this last one we don't know what exactly went even went to covid relief. now this infrastructure bill has the same questions coming up what is exactly going into infrastructure? and the truth is, it is not. this is just a way for them to push more government spending and ultimately, you know i just read janet yellen her op-ed in wall street journal criticizing act this is one step to try to rollback trump era progrowth policy that actually saw companies small large businesses, the american worker, thriving under those progrowth policies. the democrats are completely trying to do regressive policyings. we've been hearing this stuff like in illinois, for example, our taxes have been raised year after year. all under guidance infrastructure yet our school and our roads are still awful.
6:40 am
>> yeah. catalina you bring up great points great to see you this morning good luck in your race. >> thank you, jackie. jackie: boeing reporting another possible issue with the 737 max. the jet maker advising 16 customers to address a possible electrical issue in a specific group of jets. now boeing saying it is working with the federal aviation administration shares are turning negative on the news. okay coming up, the great flight to texas lone star state housing boom is blue state residents pack up and head south. that's next, you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business.
6:41 am
new york city on life sport steak house owner joseph smith reacts. tuesday, china growing closer as they solidify power general on dangerous for freedom. wednesday president biden refuses to visit the southwest border, dana perino on political ramifications. >> thursday, the word on wall street our insider track the morning movers to pad your portfolio. and friday, we are spotlighting a new app that is connecting our military heros with their loved ones. all right here on "mornings with maria." ist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible.
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ideas start the future, just like that.
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jackie: tax flight to texas new numbers highlighting how many blue state residents are heading south one real estates in tore tells us what he's seeing on the ground we're back in under two minutes. the lexus es, now available with all-wheel drive.
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jackie: all roads lead to the lone star state the dallas-fort worth are seeing massive influx of any residents fleeing high tax states like new york, california, and even illinois. joining me now is texas based real estate executive, arie, how is the housing market handling the demand that we're seeing arie, you know maria always loves to say money is mobile. and larry kudlow will always say money goes where it is treated better that, in fact, is what's
6:46 am
happening. >> that's exactly what's happening. i mean, housing prices in austin, dallas throughout the golden triangle are surging in austin in particular, you're literally seeing houses sell within 24 hours without any financing contingency completely unprecedented you saw elon other day say there's an urgent need for housing development which are, obviously, you know, take being a big part of rebuildings almost 4,000 houses in nsa because there's a striking need for it when you have 156 people a day moving to the city, including, you know, companies like oracle moving and you need housing and infrastructure to support that type of growth 2378 >> you brought up california companies you know but elon muck example, i think it is really interesting because we're going to see an exodus at the ready that might height opinion from other states including new york as we're talking about enticings
6:47 am
people to come back here with higher taxings. and difficult to imagine how that would happen, and so you hi to yourself well some of these new york base businesses planning to go back here and won't and go back to texas and florida and, in fact, you'll need more housing. >> yeah. but this is exactly right but you know i think the point is look we see this as a covid thing. but really this is already happening. covid through jet fire on jet fuel on it right so that's what really caused this thing to really boom at the area it is and people not feeling comfortable in urban core, and causing this home pricing surge, so that would have this level of, you know, adhere social distancing. and it's not going to stop. you know, people are going to keep coming to these states employers love it because their employees get an immediate raise effectively by moving to texas or florida or cities leak that. and may not just on a tax basis but houses are cheaper. lower cost of living, gas is cheaper.
6:48 am
so there's a whole consulate events that are leading to this. jackie: you're talking ab lower cost of living you're talking about -- more of your money statisticallying to your bone because you're not paying that state income tax and you're also talking about a better quality of life in some ways too. >> you really are. because your money, your money goes further when you're in off example my hometown born and raised one of the large fest real estate owners in the city. city i love very, very dearly. we have more public parks than any top ten city in the united states. the city is built around lacks it is on hell country, on hill country it is beautiful and there's a wonderful dialogue you know that we have here between the different, you know, political parties that allow the stie to really grow and organic way, and you know, we're watching real community enhancement that's what i'm most proud about it in city. jackie: brian. >> arie when i talk to texans i
6:49 am
hear two things one they're glad to be a state people want to come to. but they're also nervous that so many people coming all at once coming from states that look a lot different in terms of policy than texas, they get a little nervous about what else people are beginning to bring in terms of expectations of higher taxes the kinds of things that raise cost of living, as you're working in the real estate market, are you seeing some of that like wait a sec this is happening too quickly. we want to make sure when people come to texas they know how we do business in texas? >> you know, i mean that's a wonderful point, and yes, we've heard that type of chatter. but once they get here, i think they're actually pleasantly surprised with the similar ethos that we have namely in austin, you know with california, and with new york to where they are finding this to be home finding this to be their new home. i think that they're pleasantly surprised by that. you know from a political stand point and from a growth stand
6:50 am
point, we have been waving this growth happen in texas. it is just become more publicized. you know over the past year or so -- so we're ready for it. we're ready for the growth. you know, we're ready for your public transportation bills being passed. and a whole slew of other infrastructure plans, president biden, you know, has some infrastructure plans as you know you all were talking about earlier. but we're ready and prepared for the growth if texas was a country, it would be the 10th largest krkt in the world on a gdp base says we operate 12 billion dollars stimulus. >> arie -- it is -- phenomenal to see what's happened in texas. the only thing is the exodus from blue states those people bring their blue votes with them and sometimes they forget where they left their blue states and then they go to a red state and hopefully they don't change the dynamic there but that's something i've been watching clogsly. arie great to see you this morning. thank you. >> thanks for having me. coming up, rock dwayne johnson
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> welcome back everybody it is time for the morning buzz first up the rock has got you covered cinco de mayo duane the rock johnson paying for your guacamole order all you have to do is order his tequila as well on the rock campaign is increasing support actor is going to cover up to $10 per order. until it hits the $1 million mark and sendier receipts to
6:55 am
mark may 1st to fifth james is sound like consumption of guacamole is going to rise. >> yeah it could. i like the rock i like his movies, and this is intended to help restaurants great. but i don't know. usually when you put a famous face on a liquor you do that so you don't have to do the discounting and rebates maybe for value would so from a marketing perspective this might be a rare rock misfire. jackie: trying to get it out there where money is i thought and so many selects that have tequila brands so trying to -- we'll see how it goes. next step dinosaurs up close and personal. elon musk neurolink cofounder max suggested a real life "jurassic park" in the works in a tweet he said that the dinosaurs wongt be genetically authentic but with 15 years of breeding engineers anything is possible.
6:56 am
brian -- i remember seeing that movie when i was a little kid like laughing here because i'm like this could be -- happening. >> let's not do that. [laughter] you know there's a category of things that you could do. but you shouldn't do. i would put this in that category. i took my kids to see "jurassic park" the origin in a theater this past summer all of the theaters are running old movies so we were only ones in the theater watching "jurassic park" it was a good reminder that dinosaurs are cool. from the distance of not being a present reality right now so i that i can one off the table. but you know, it's interesting all of the things that we can do we live in a crazy world right now but we're going solve stuff. we're going solve nail pattern involvement do that instead of dinosaurs. that would be a place to start. >> a priority good to know. but we won't discount elon musk you never know what he'll do next a look ahead to earn season ahead of us top market analysting on where to put your money, the word on wall street is coming up all ahead it starts
6:57 am
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>> good friday morning, it is friday april 9th, top stories at 7:00 eastern time. the border crisis reaching a breaking point, 500,000 border encounters this year and american taxpayers footing the bill for housing the record number of unaccompanied minors. steve scalise coming up ahead. we are looking at a picture of futures kicking off this friday. the dow is higher by 50, the nasdaq lower by 13 points after all three major averages finish up yesterday, the s&p not to
7:01 am
get second straight record close. taking in europe, stocks on track for the longest weekly winning streak in more than he your trading lower, they are by 10 points. in asia overnight japan the only winner ending the day higher with optimism over the earnings season boosting investor sentiment. hunter biden's laptop denial, the president's son making an excuse for the infamous laptop on jimmy kimmel live, "mornings with maria" live. shocking numbers, agents encountering more than half 1 million migrants this year all alone, setting a 15 year high. and a 70% increase from february.
7:02 am
new reports estimate spending $60 million a week to how thousands of unaccompanied children in us custody. president biden unveiling new executive action in an effort to end gun violence. the orders including tightening restrictions, put together at home. with arm brace modifications as rifles. he called for red flag laws allowing family members are law enforcement arming some people from purchasing guns. ron desantis suing the cdc over is no sale restrictions on cruise lines saying the agency lacks authority, desantis argues the cruise industry is singled out.
7:03 am
and they held immunization of the johnson & johnson vaccine, adverse reactions yesterday one day after a vaccination location in colorado experienced a similar issue. it is consistent with known side effects of the vaccine. more than 4.5 million doses of johnson & johnson vaccine successfully administered in july. time for wall street, top investors watching your money. managing partner mike murphy, chief economist and federated equity strategist. talk about the futures. we have a market that has been on a bull run. it has been strong. the s&p starting with another
7:04 am
record high, what are investors watching with vaccines. your thoughts on where we go from here. >> nice to be with you. the market said that all-time highs. there has been a lot of fear in the marketplace. as we sit here a lot of people not sure, they are sitting on the sidelines with cash and jumping in at high levels whether they wait for a pull back. i focus on big tech, has driven us here over the last several years. i want to look at apple, microsoft and at an all-time high, google, amazon. this is where the story is. for investors anytime these companies pull back as long as their earnings are intact which they are and their innovation story is intact which it is
7:05 am
people should be looking at any pull back as opportunity to allocate more money to them but stay long because, apple is over $2 trillion in market. microsoft just under $2 trillion, they have a lot of runway to go. maria: these are the companies that get pulled off when they see interest rates rise and that is the concern coming on the back of this worry that inflation. part of that story is about tax and spend. the biden administration pushing for $2 trillion infrastructure package along with corporate tax hikes to pay for it. this is coming as the fed announced we keep those rates low. it will keep those rates low, we saw a strong jobs report, the recovery is happening. how do we put this together? >> what we have seen is growth
7:06 am
and forecasts revised significantly higher as result of better-than-expected economic reports, faster initiative of vaccine rollouts but predominantly what we have seen is trillions of dollars in terms of government spending flooding into the marketplace for the prospect of trillions more coming down the pipeline, and millions of businesses ready to open up, you have a consumer base, a stimulus fueled consumer base anxious to get out into the market and spend. in the long run as you mentioned there are repercussions. these costs in the form of higher taxes and inflation either of which is going to be a significant impediment for long-term organic growth for the economy.
7:07 am
jackie: we are watching earnings, corporate earnings kicking off next week. their first-quarter results and other companies, delta or rite aid, your thoughts on what we see, the feeling we are in recovery mode. these numbers will look good. >> they are going to look backwards, we have weather-related problems. and the outlook is very optimistic and robust. and biggest cyclical, and they are bullish. the cyclical run has a long way
7:08 am
to go, and it is a good solid growth in their economy, going to be far more robust was still paid right now for cyclical stocks. the energy stocks have a lot more to go. it will be a rare time where we have this ability to look away from solid growth stocks. you don't need to be defensive yet. jackie: optimism across the board, what you think could possibly throw cold water on this market, what do you see coming down the pike? >> what would throw cold water on this is something that we don't foresee. you mentioned interest rates, tenure climbing one.5 to 1.6 to
7:09 am
1.7, that's not enough to derail the market at all, something geopolitical obviously, something tax related, what we had last march in february and march would be something we are not looking for. and strong growth and technological advancement, that equals higher stock prices, higher share prices, something unforeseen could stop it, we are on a nice role. maria: thank you so much for your time, great to see you. we've got much more coming up ahead. pennsylvania congressman scott perry is here with the latest on the spending package and
7:10 am
former georgia state presented to vernon jones is here to break the news you will hear first on this program. next hour how's minority whip steve scalise on what steps can be taken to curb the recent surge. applications up but admissions down. how the pandemic has a new ivy league college craze. join the conversation. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness. ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:11 am
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7:14 am
maria: shocking records being broken at the border, border patrol agents encountering half 1 million migrants so far this you. much alone encountering 172,000 migrants up 71%, just last month, they were unaccompanied minor settings the new record, $6 billion a week to care for unaccompanied migrant children. we say the biden administrative, we mean american taxpayers. member of the house transportation and infrastructure committee met carrie, wonderful to see you. let's talk about the crisis at the border, no matter how much we cover it, no matter how much we try to shine a light on it the administration is ignoring it and it is getting worse. >> reporter: i think what we
7:15 am
don't understand or fail to acknowledge, this is not a crisis for the administration but a crisis for america and the american people but they want this to happen, they want it to happen. the crisis for them is having to explain to the american people and news outlets things like the child break that is happening or the narco trafficking or gang-related entries or criminal activity at the border. that might be a crisis, the united states being filled with illegal foreign nationals, that is not a crisis. that is the plan and as long as we talk about infrastructure we confuse this with infrastructure roads and bridges we think about. what they are thinking about is the infrastructure of total forever of the democrat party and this is the foundation of that.
7:16 am
they want them to pour in at record rates, that's the plan. jackie: that is the key that is overlooked by people sometimes, glad you're making that point, we can send the children back or do what the trump administration did which is to say you have to wait in mexico because it is too dangerous. what about giving a clear message, don't come, this is not the time to come. there is a way to come. you can try it that way and you won't be in danger if you don't make that treacherous journey to come to the border we won't let you cross. >> this is a humanitarian disaster and we are encouraging young children to walk alone in many cases, untold miles through an acceptable conditions and circumstances
7:17 am
because the message has been sent if you come to america especially if you are child or have a child you can stay forever and access everything america has to give. in many cases more so than americans themselves. like i said, this is meant to happen because the biden administration, democrat party wants it to happen and that is indicated by the first actions president biden took to unravel what donald trump had done to ensure that people would not come in and subject themselves to these horrific treatments. it is obvious to everyone that can see. jackie: that gave you incentive but when you cross the border and allowed to come into the country many people don't bother showing up. they infiltrate the society. >> it is not about asylum. people seeking a better life for themselves and their family. we don't begrudge them that.
7:18 am
we are a nation of laws or used to be so what we want to do is encourage them to come the legal way. people were standing in line and these people jumped the line. this is an issue of fairness not only care for humanity but fairness. a set of rules we follow, these folks are showing you don't have to follow the rules, whether it is hunter biden, gun-control, hunter biden who doesn't bother to follow the law and over and over again the american people see two standards, one for those allowed to break the law and the other standard for the rest of us who are trying to get through our lives understanding what the law is and follow it and they are quite sick of it at this point. jackie: the reason people want to come here is this is the greatest country to live in. there's a lot of demand but we have to follow rules and regulations, to end up in a
7:19 am
situation, it is a case we do find ourselves in in certain aspects. president biden unveiling a new executive action to reduce gun violence. orders include increasing restrictions on ghost guns which can be made at home, the untraceable parts without serial numbers, calling for red flag laws which allow law enforcement or family members to petition the court to block someone from purchasing firearms. your reaction to these ideas? >> this has nothing to do with controlling violence. it has to do with controlling the american people and i would say which of these weapons are pervasive in conducting crime across the country? most people should know if they don't know, there are more knives crimes inducted in america than there are rifle crimes yet we are going to ban portions of rifles and this
7:20 am
again, was subverting the constitution of the united states which affords us the opportunity and ability and authority to protect ourselves and defend ourselves, the democrat party has always seek to disarm america and this is another step in that process and that vigil. jackie: it is a constitutional right. thank you for your insight. >> have a great day. jackie: britain's prince philip, husband of queen elizabeth, has died. buckingham palace making the announcement moments ago. he died this morning at windsor castle. prince philip was 99 years old. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need.
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7:24 am
jackie: the las vegas resort requiring employees to be fully vaccinated or show proof of the negative covid test weekly as the nevada gaming control board announced it will consider standing at 50% capacity of casino resorts take measurable and material steps to get their employees vaccinated. what do you think of this? they want to get back up and running but can employers mandate is this? >> it is from liberty stand off, that is a bad idea. maria: they gave you an option. >> that is the redeeming aspect, that is much more reasonable than mandating a vaccine but ask the question at some point you got to get
7:25 am
beyond both those things. employers can't carry the federal government's water on these policies. imagine situations where the cdc says you've got to have a vaccine or tested businesses carry the water for them. have to be smart, businesses have to be smart. the test is okay but let's not go down the road of mandating the vaccine. maria: people argue they have a reason not to get the vaccine, some sort of health condition, people in the population who might not be able to get it, would be excluded in their place of business, talking vaccine passports, you can't engage in activities the way you normally would so this is something to be looked at as discrimination to a certain degree. >> time for this entire testing contact tracing capacity limit will regime to end.
7:26 am
when -- a private business can operate the way wants to but they are coerced by the state government to do these policies. we are reaching a point where every vulnerable person had the opportunity to get a vaccine, the people who care for them have gotten the opportunity to give them a shot. we are not there yet. we are close. people are choosing not to get vaccinated i don't know what we can do about that. time to let everyone live their lives. there is a solution for people who are willing to take it. so many of these rules, before we had the vaccine. it is time for it to end. we see the madness, schools are testing and tracing and quarantining.
7:27 am
jackie: it has definitely been a problem, coming up, former georgia state university representative vernon jones is here with breaking news you will only see on this program. movie rights, netflix and sony an exclusive new details, right after the break. ♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down?
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7:31 am
averages finished up yesterday. the s&p launching its second straight after it closed. the european market stocks are on tap for their longest weekly winning streak in more than a year. in asia overnight japan was the only winner, higher with optimism over the upcoming earnings season. sad news from buckingham palace, cheryl casone he has the details for us. >> reporter: the royal family just announcing a short time ago that prince philip, queen elizabeth's husband, has died. the duke of edinburg passed away peacefully in his sleep this morning at windsor castle. the tweets is with deep sorrow from her majesty the queen announces the death -- death of her husband, the duke of edinburg. he passed away peacefully this morning at windsor castle.
7:32 am
he spent several weeks earlier this year. he undergo a heart procedure. the prince mary crown princess elizabeth in 1947 as britain was starting to recover from the ravages of world war ii. he went on to lead the family through numerous scandals most recently a tell-all interview with his grandson prince harry and his wife megan markel. in may of 2017, prince philip and queen elizabeth were married for 73 years. he was 99 years old. some headlines back here at home that we are following, workers and bessemer are trying to become the first employees of amazon to get unionized. 70% of workers against unionization according to report in the wall street journal. the national labor relations board said 3200 ballots were submitted and 55% of the 6000 workers were eligible to vote. we should get results today, we report on that on foxbusiness as always. i want to look at the stock on the premarket, amazon is up one 12:45%. get ready for another active
7:33 am
hurricane season. experts at colorado state university are predicting 17 named tropical storms, last year there were 30. the insurance information institute putting a typical year at 12 named storms. the 2021 season begins june 1st. netflix striking a deal with sony pictures entertainment budget will stream all the studios, new movies beginning in 2022. we see this trend in a lot of places. netflix is committed to order an undisclosed amount of sony films, new titles will include any future spiderman films and movies based on any marvel characters and let's look at that stock in the premarket. as you know, i have worn out my netflix, i watch the crown and glad i did. >> a fantastic life that will be celebrated.
7:34 am
my next guest making a big announcement on "mornings with maria". joining me now is vernon jones. what are you sharing with us this morning. >> contemplating across georgia talking to georgians and seeing how they are feeling, hearing about election integrity wanting someone to stand up and fight for them. the election in georgia, major league baseball due to failure of leadership. i am seriously considering making an announcement very shortly and obviously i will be coming back here to let you know the exact time i do it but it will be very soon.
7:35 am
jackie: governor brian kemp under fire for the voting bill, the voting rights bill that he just passed. what is your stance on what georgia is doing to shore up its voting rules and the criticism it is coming under fire for. >> a day late and a dollar short. when the government had an opportunity to address this early on when the secretary of state had done with stacy abrams signing that agreement in the back room the changed election laws, only members of the generalissimo can change election law. that was unconstitutional but he could have called a special session to address those issues. that didn't happen and to respond when he signed that bill more easily, the theatrics of signing in front of the plantation which was staged he didn't carry the bill, it was carried by the general assembly. they had to fix that mess but it was a step in the right direction.
7:36 am
most georgians feel uncomfortable with the system. we have to change it. if i become governor i will not have that system in place. we will make a change. maria: what changes would you consider proposing? >> other voting machines and apparatus, voting system, the usa made in usa-based, that is important to georgia. we have to feel comfortable with the integrity of the election system. at the same time when i hear how this is jim crow, nothing about this legislation is jim crow. they can't have a id, ids are free. look at the tip of the spear, liberal whites getting stacy abrams to do this.
7:37 am
getting political aspirations, that dog won't hunt in georgia. she's not able to come in with the previous governor and secretary of state. i would not stand for that. we cannot allow election integrity to have a cloud over it. jackie: you said you would make the announcement to run for governor, are we talking in the next minutes, hours or days given the timeline or tell us you are doing it? >> in the next few days, i will make known what my decision is going to be. i can tell you now we are excited about what has happened and the information we have been getting across the state from georgians, donald trump in georgia, 88% approval rating, people know i stood with donald trump, didn't cut and run. i support his agenda and his legacy.
7:38 am
in washington, because of the leadership that is there now. the current governor did not stand with this president on election integrity and to get back in good graces with this president i don't think it is going to happen. we will make a decision and the first to know about. jackie: donald trump's sentiment was the georgia bill didn't go far enough but you want to propose new legislation that would overhaul the system and perhaps you did just say the system before wasn't appropriate for your constituents so give me a sense what that would look like. >> too many questions about the current system, too much doubt about it. the best way to restore the confidence of georgians is to look at this. here is what we want to focus on, making sure the system is
7:39 am
us-made and has all the data and information housed in georgia and making sure the system is safe and foolproof, that you cannot in any way do the things that are alleged now by many georgian so i want to make sure it is safe, has integrity, is transparent and people feel comfortable with it and put it back out and evaluating other systems is important. jackie: with expansion of the voting system do you feel it is not appropriate to ask for signature verification on mail in ballots? >> the thing about signature verification people sign signatures different ways at different times was having a photo id is a good way to make sure the person is in sync with the ballot. that is important.
7:40 am
jackie: as we expand the mail in program do votes have to be valid? can't thing you can't do it that way but you need that extra step and you said this several times, election integrity is important to every single american to know their vote counts. >> delta airlines who made some fuss, took sides with the liberals, you require photo id to get on that plane. go to major league baseball headquarters you got to show id. when you go to the white house i bet you have to show id. i have experienced it many times. when you get your covid shot you have to have a id. the cancel culture even with coca-cola telling white employees to be less weight, can you imagine a fatal black employees to be less black and see them get on board with this
7:41 am
far left and there is a question with stacy abrams, first she says she was against being against major league baseball boycotting georgia but then i am hearing she is talking to someone there and at the same time there is a discussion about her and joe biden only talking to the commissioner. and threatening them with labor unions to get the union involve and create havoc for them. baseball may be putting profit motive over election integrity. joe biden and stacy abrams. there is going to be more fallout from that. jackie: we will keep our eyes on it. vernon jones, thank you for your time and we will have you back on very soon. >> thank you so much. jackie: college applications up but admissions down. how the pandemic has set off a new ivy league college craze. we get into that next was hanging on to the work from
7:42 am
home lifestyle for employees saying no to coming back to the office, making a buzz this morning. we will tell you about it. you are watching morris with maria live on foxbusiness. (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that.
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7:46 am
jackie: education from ivy league college creating a frenzy as admission rates plummet. yale's acceptance rate reaching 4.6% while harvard's at a mere 3.4%. joining me is christopher rim. your company helps students navigate the college application process and it is tough to get into an ivy league school. when i was trying to do it those numbers are even more staggering. tell us what you are seeing. >> right now applications at all the top schools, harvard 43% were african and acceptance rate dropped to a record of 3.4%. two years ago, 4.5 or 4.6 acceptance rate and that goes further. this is an out layer, a lot of schools, we don't think this will continue moving in this
7:47 am
direction. >> back to the experience of going through this, trying to show schools you have a quality other students didn't have. that something you work with your clients on specifically whether it be philanthropy or some endeavor. you spend time with them, what their essence is. >> those are the students who succeeded this year. having the grades, the test scores, the limitation of sat tests this past january, schools looking at what have students done in their community, how they get an impact, how they are memorable so that is what my team and i work on, what are they passionate about. they are interested in
7:48 am
politics, why do internship or volunteer for a campaign, those are different things that bring them together with the students so they are able to stand out as they navigate the application process and if you do something you are not interested in because you think college will like it that is the wrong way to approach the process. >> you want to be true to yourself. they are dealing with a lot of different covid related issues too. i was reading the other day mile melodic, cornell university will require everybody to have a vaccine to return to college campuses, in the fall and we are seeing issues with people applying during the pandemic, how do you see these trends changing in a post covid world? >> a lot of top schools announce they plan on opening the campus at full capacity classroom and dorm rooms this fall and a big part of the reason was acceptance rates were so low this year the dean
7:49 am
as duke said that 10% of the incoming class was already accounted for because that is how many students were not a building additional dorm rooms. 25% increase in applicants the acceptance rates will be low. they want to start college this fall, college at the end of the day is a business. they want as many students on campus paying tuition because of the student can't fill that spot they are not going to make that money back, those tuition dollars so they need things to start this fall. jackie: thank you for that. coming up, just plain weird, louis vuitton's new airplane purse comes with a skyhigh price tag. we will tell you about it next.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
jackie: a new product from louis vuitton bringing criticism online, the designer releasing airplane seemed purse as part of the company's solid winter line, some people taking to twitter asking if the bag can fly, with that price it should.
7:54 am
what are your thoughts on this? i know. >> why companies make stuff, is it just so we go on and say this is ridiculous and they gets impressed? the wings are so long if you're trying to walk down the street it keeps bumping your leg and gets all twisted up. jackie: it's not a functioning person. reminds me what we've been talking about. >> the category of i don't get it and why would you waste your money on it. i can see james freeman with this because he has that aviator look so with a bomber jacket and the glasses this maverick things this might be the purse for you. jackie: not of sure that if it was a complement or an insult. >> i own so many purposes i don't know where i would find room for this one.
7:55 am
jackie: a lot of workers are trying to hang onto this work at home lifestyle they have cultivated during the pandemic. a new study showing one in 3 professionals will look for a new job if they are required to come back to the office full-time, half the employees that were surveyed say they would prefer a hybrid work model, 26% would prefer to work fully remote 25% prefer to work in the office. your thoughts about working from home and how things shift and a lot of companies calling it a fixable work model, maybe that is more the answer. >> looks like a lot of white-collar workers who think they are in control, this is a great economy that has rebounded since last summer, looks like we are headed toward a historic rate, the comfort
7:56 am
people are willing to leave their jobs because they know they can find another one, we don't need anymore jobs programs, emergency spending etc. but tells us about the pandemic. the lockdowns were brutal for people in small business, retail, restaurant workers but for media folk like ourselves it hasn't been bad and that is what these stats are telling us. jackie: it has been a model that works, employees show they can get the jobs done. everybody says the pandemic spread that up for certain industries so interesting to see where we go. house minority whip steve scalise is here to talk about the border and what steps can be taken to curb the recent surge we have seen, traveling in 2021, the hottest spots to hit the summer next hour on "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness.
7:57 am
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jackie: goonl i am jackie deangelis in for maria bartiromo, it is friday, april 9 your top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern time. >> remembering prince philip buckingham announcing his royal highness died this morning at windsor castle a look back at life ahead the border crisis a breaking point more than 500,000 border encounters this year american taxpayers are footing the bill for housing of the record number unaccompanied minors, congressman steve scalise is at the border joins us straight ahead, take a look at markets, the futures this morning, as we get ready for the open on wall street, take a look there dow indicated higher 9 6 nasdaq lower by 4
8:01 am
that is what investors probably will be watching after ail three major averages finished up yesterday s&p 500 notched second straight record close check in europe stocks on track for loaningest weekly winning streak more than a year ftse lower cac, dax higher asia overnight japan only winner ending higher with optimism over the season boosting servers sentiment. "mornings with maria" is live right now. jackie: welcome back some top stories that we are watching this morning breaking news, presence phillip queen elizabeth's husband died the duke of edinburgh died peacefully this morning at windsor castle spent several weeks in the hospital underwent a heart procedure this year prince married crown prince es lizbeth he announced
8:02 am
retirement from public live may 2017 prince phillip queen elizabeth married 73 years he was 99 years old to shocking new border numbers, agents encounter more than half a million migrants just this year alone, setting a 15-year high 172000 encounters 71% increase from february, and nearly 19,000 unaccompanied children, the highest that we've recorded. new reports estimating taxpayers are spending 60 million dollars a week to house the thousands of unaccompanied children in u.s. custody president biden unveiled executive actions to end gun -- >> no amendment to the constitution is absolute the idea, to just bizarre to suggest that some of the things we are with recommending, are contrary to the constitution.
8:03 am
gentleman tightening restrictions on ghost girns put together at home no serial number another cause for kids or pistol arm brace modifications, calling for lawslawing familiar members law enforcement to seek a court order barring certain people from purchasing guns republicans initiative ra, thanking legal action to stop the measure. >> governor governor ron desantis suing cdc over no sale restrictions on cruise lines saying agency lacked authority to keep the industry closed air travel surging, desantis, cruise injury singled out no sale orders through november. >> well, breaking border records, agents already have encountered more than half a million migrant this year alone march encountered 272000 migrants up 27% from february,
8:04 am
just last month, of those migrants, almost 19,000 unaccompanied minors a new record next guest leading a group of 10 lawmakers to the border, joining me now louisiana congressman minority whip steve scalise congressman good morning great to see you one of the representatives that traveled there tell us what of you seen with your eyes. >> good to be with you let me send con will do especiallies to royal family on loss of prince phillip a great partnership been between countries southern border we've seen reports for months more going to border bring awareness what is going on last night a number of hours with border patrol agents 10 might have colleagues were there asked a lot of questions we saw very aalarming things listener midnight went out to one of the processing
8:05 am
facilities where they come right by rio grande river less than an hour saw dozens of people coming across the border knowing door is wide-open because of president biden's new policy. this is something that president biden created he got rid of the stay in mexico remain in mexico policy, hill effective tool president trump used to work of with mexico to keep people seeking asylum on the other side of the border in mexico, while they make those requests, most of them are denied, by the way. but what is happening now is because they can walk right across the border if they got young children, by the way, we saw scores and scores of young children talking months old maybe just a few years old, the sexual assaults things happening on journey not only heartbreaking it is criminal, it is totally, totally preventable we are going to continue to explore
8:06 am
going to dona did he tension facility over 44,000 crammed into pandemic set up for a hundred people, they tell you you can't go to places of businesses restaurants want can't have 25% capacity, of this got over 4,000 in a facility that is established for maybe around 1 hurn inhumane conditions president biden created vice president kamala harris -- put in charge won't even come down see this so bad doesn't want to be associated with it yet the person in charge of it. on behalf of the biden harris administration, inexcusable. >> you point to another issue, with respect to the covid, hypocrisy the administration saying we have to slow down want open up country faster there is a serious problem hear we need to proceed with caution at the same time you've got human rights issue at border with the children, they are packing them he into these facilities like sardines
8:07 am
isn't a message out saying don't come or don't come now obviously, nobody is taking it seriously because you are seeing firsthand what backs up data that we were just talking about i will finish this saying it is costing american taxpayers, 60 million dollars a week, to house these children. >> absolutely there is a humanitarian cost that is devastating and a physical cost to dollars as you point out, and there is no flan for what to do with these people once they come across the border families coming across now if you bring young child a free ticket into smeshg president bidens sent message america's border is wide o pen heeding a call not just south and central american countries at donna detention facility in mcallen there are over 50 countries in that facility yemin people on terrorist watch list numbers of people on terrorist watch list we
8:08 am
know about, the biden administration, trying to conceal that information, from the public from the press, even from members of congress, we've asked specific questions how many people on the terrorist watch list have come over because look the drug cartels are running the southern border right now. jackie: that is -- >> a lining their pockets. >> millions of dollars a week 15 million dollars a day drug cartels of mexico make off this smuggle trade, knowing that america border is open running people into the border the drug cartels running america southern border from mexican a national crisis it is a scandal that was completely created by president biden's actions, he can reverse it, by the way, we are calling on president biden to come down and see for himself don't -- don't farm it out to california who won't come see it for herself he needs to reverse policy created this he can end it so
8:09 am
that example of hypocrisy say one thing do another appoint kamala harris they is never going there not even going to address issue publicly hasn't spoken about it to my knowledge then saying her plan all about addressing root causes instead of trying to stop what is happening right now. >> everybody knows what root cause is border patrol agents tell you the root cost is president biden actions getting rid of remain in members policy sending out alarm bells come here we will let you into america maybe years from now you might get a hearing meantime you have free rein over the country telling people that are american citizens they can't go to schools, still can't go to their school but you you've got people strolling across the border with covid will tell you many cases detention facilities cramming people in spreading to everybody put on airplane, sending them to other parts of america. jackie: i just want to turn
8:10 am
to infrastructure a second president biden is going to meet with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle next week to talk tax spending plan white house banking on boufrn support for massive spending package, congressman, do you think the bipartisan support is possible with some details that we are lifting here. >> there has been bipartisan interest in infrastructure bill going back to president trump wanted to work an agreement, speaker pelosi never would start a negotiation. so if they want to negotiate something that is paid for that is responsible that is focused on building roads, bridges there is a lot of interest there if they want to just raise taxes spend trillion dollars of dollars on things that have this has nothing to do with roads and bridges carrying out "green new deal" paying off union bosses that is not where we are frankly not where america is and tired of the lies like we saw, under the obama administration when they said hey wrr going to do stimulus bill o he shovel-ready projects there were very few o
8:11 am
shovel-ready projects it was massive growth of federal government in bureaucratic agencies that is not what people want don't want to see tax hikes that slow down economic recovery from this pandemic, so, hopefully, president will work with us, he is yet to do that yet to meet with house or senate republican leadership we have reached out, but it is time that he do that it is time he focus on this border crisis, that he created, time he starts working with people, which was a promise he made during the campaign, he is yet to fulfill james freeman making all morning economy in good shape rear recovering don't need all this spend he to go do it congressman steve scalise great to see you this morning, much more ahead traveling in 2021 hottest spots to visit as more people are planning those summer vacations ahead lost city found announcing the biggest discovery since the iodineing a tomb we are
8:12 am
telling you about it, joining the conversation james freeman brian brenberg, you are watching "mornings with maria," live, on fox business. ♪♪ ♪ come back home ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up.
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8:15 am
no memory dropping off laptop at delaware repair stop in appearance on jimmy kimmel live to promote his memoir. >> i really don't know, and the fact of the matter is it is a red herring absolutely red herring, i absolutely i think within my rights to question anything that comes from the uh from desk of rudy giuliani, and so, i don't
8:16 am
know, is the answer do you ever wish you had apple care? >> [laughter]. >>. jackie: hunter saying while he wouldn't take a seat on the burisma board again felt not a mistake, nor splay lack of legitimize. >> washington times fox news contributor harley hurt good morning to you good morning, jackie. jackie: your reaction to his memory loss on this issue. >> not that he is particularly pressed on anything because obviously, jimmy kimmel started to give as much cover as he could sort of revealing so interesting where he says you know if he -- he doesn't regret, taking the didn't do anything wrong getting on the aboard didn't regret going onboard, this is a place where he took millions of dollars, you know, off his father's name, basically, from a corrupt company doesn't regret any of it all he regret is political fallout, i think
8:17 am
tells you pretty much everything you need to know about both what his decisions, the way, his family he handled them the way so many in media handle this all raw politics only thing he regrets it caused political heartaches for his family. jackie: seems interesting to see taking a very light legal position i cannot recall, i just don't know. not saying no, it is not mine. >> right. >> exactly, it is like suddenly in courtroom saying now know i think everything on there is correct which, of course, it is i still have to question anything from rudy giuliani's desk so legalistic doesn't get to heart of it the truth of it the truth of the matter is he compromised himself used his father's position to make huge amounts of monday from a corrupt company and government that his father had -- government
8:18 am
relations when wants wants to be legalistic at this point height of disgusting. >> the border costing health and human services upwards 60 million dollars, per week, to care for to more than 16,000 unaccompanied minors housed at temporary facilities, costs expected to rise over coming months we just had steve scalise on down there right now saying the flow is not stopping we just keep seeing these numbers go you will, and up and up fox news reporting in response to the crisis mayorkas reported agreed to regular meets with sheriffs during his trip to el paso yesterday what do you think the administration needs to do center 24e6 stet to stem in a lot of migrants yet don't seem willing to do it. >> i think you are steadily right they are not willing to do it this is entirely a mistake entirely of their make joe biden caused this crisis, single-handedly, now that it is begun what do you do it? what you have to do about it
8:19 am
first thing you have to stop i politicizings everything using as political situation instead trying to apply i play basic logic to it reemploy all policies president trump put in place that solved this program in the first place joe biden, democrats don't want to do this this crisis is -- >> according to the democrats, according to the administration, president trump's policies were the ones that had huge human rights abusers. these policies don't at all? i want to hand it to brian. >> you know, it might make more seasons if the government gave 60 million dollars directly to the drug cartels. jackie: right. >> and -- children putting them -- >> a that would be something that strikes me here zero, is happening the idea that secretary mayorkas is going to meet with sheriffs
8:20 am
periodically, what is that? that is not even that is not even taking a baby step toward solution i don't think there is any interest in solving the problem, because they see it as a way to get their he preferred policies passed down the road isn't that it? >> yeah no, i think that is exactly right, although they realize what a disaster this is, for them politically, and i think they are beginning to realize that even among democratic voters, this is highly, highly unpopular not 50-50 issues or 55-45 issues these are 70, 80% issues need to have a border not create a situation where you are literally causing human slavery you are causing women to go through -- uh -- the miserable miserable journeys in which they are physically harmed causing situation where children are getting killed at the border, and -- and they --
8:21 am
have to put those people, in -- you know, and the american people, at the center and get get away from the politics. jackie: great to see you this morning we hope you have a wonderful weekend, thank you coming up tax to the max president biden open to compromise on corporate tax rate hear what congressman kevin brady told maria up next some of the hottest travel spots for summer. you don't want to miss this one. the world's first fully autonomous vehicle is almost at the finish line what a ride! i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq-100 like you become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
8:22 am
♪♪ comfort in the extreme. ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs.
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8:24 am
jackie: president biden says open for compromise on plan to ray of he corporate taxes mar sat down with kevin brady on this week's maria bartiromo wall street to see where two sides may align. >> are you going to bring
8:25 am
republicans to the white house, and invite them to come? >> good faith negotiations in any republican wants to get this done, i invite, invite them. >> mr. president are you willing to go lower than 28% corporate tabs rates? >> i am willing to listen to that i am willing wide-open we got to pay for this, many other ways we can do it. but i am willing to negotiate that. >> just heard president biden what do you make of this are you buying this wants to negotiate, ready to listen wide-open. >> well, i am -- a little surprised because it has been very clear from the white house certainly democrats in congress they have no interest in working together with us, i will always sit down, with this president but i have to tell you, what he has failed to explain, is what is wrong with 21% rate that rate jumped, jump-start our economy
8:26 am
leapfrogged america most competitive economy in the world we saw more jobs record levels paycheck growth we saw a giant sucking sound new r and d investment in jobs coming back to united states and we ended the signature failure from obama-biden administration when was so many american companies moving overseas or being acquired by foreign companies, what is wrong, with having the most competitive economy on the planet? >> janes freeman reaction to james freeman. >> i think if he wands to make a good-faith effort to negotiate it wouldn't be about raising taxes it would be scaling back, these massive unnecessary spending proposals. so i think that would be a good start the president obviously, had no interest if that even when some moderate republicans started out with a pretty human opening bid 600 billion on covid plan, he didn't seek a compromise, so i
8:27 am
think there's -- there's not good-faith effort here but just to emphasize even after the trump tax reforms when you kept state income taxes on business we are still about 2 1/2 points above the average in industrialized world -- so, you are talking about becoming much, much less competitive, and that is a big threat to workers who as we have seen all over the world have higher wages when corporate taxes are allow. jackie: all great points be insure to catch more of congressman kevin brady tonight on maria bartiromo's wall street, all starting 9:00 pm eastern time. we'll be right back.
8:28 am
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minutes at bike shop please hold. bike sales are booming. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your $75 credit when you post your first job at jackie: welcome back i am jackie deangelis in for maria bartiromo. it is friday, april 9 we are standing by for you march ppi we are expecting a half a percent increase let's take a look at the futures, ahead of
8:31 am
this number, coming out because they are indicated higher here dow higher by 68, nasdaq pointing lower by 39 points that is where investors issue going to be looking today high growth tech stocks on fire lately, s&p futures up by 1.75 points, think about what happens in europe overnight as well. you know what we are going straight to cheryl for the numbers. cheryl: we are waiting on number do i want to give you a color here numbers to across seems a little bit of a delay, from the department of labor but this is wholesale inflation jackie this comes on the heel of comments from fed chairmen jerome powell yesterday talking about recovery issue of inflation, of course, this number expecting here, of course, other numbers with regard to inflation what they watch for to determine fed policy, and we were speaking yesterday afternoon said basically the recovery is very uneven right now so you can take that, how you want you can you can have
8:32 am
guests react this is wholesale inflation, seems a delay from the department of labor bureau statistics at the same time, this number in particular has been it is -- watching 10-year treasury jackie that 10-year treasury yield ticking a little bit higher last time i crossed looked at it was 1.67%, that 10-year is what really had been affecting markets causing a lot of volatility in the month of february, again, these are wholesale prices we don't have number not crossing -- as soon as i get it break back in with you again this is wholesale numbers gets potentially passed on to consumers, that is why we care consumer prices could be affected as soon as it crosses it seems technical glitch right now with number i will jump in, send it back to you. jackie: thank you for that we will come back to you in a moment joining us jane montgomery, investment strategist, i want your outlook for markets waiting for that number new the records set yesterday, looking
8:33 am
to close the week strong here, i mean my previous guest that i had on, have basically been bold think this is going to keep going. >> path of lease resistance the strength underlying fundamentals of economy the moment hard not to be -- with, you are seeing acceleration here first going into the early second quarter, where by most accounts atlanta federal reserve new york federal reserve now cast the ism survey all sporn to growth rate 6. 2% likely to accelerate continued success in glidepath vaccination rollout that is certainly good news, corporate earnings continue to prosper obviously, mother's milk i am in bull camp as much as would i be out of -- on that call,
8:34 am
nonetheless we still have expectation of prices being going higher from here. jackie: what about high growth tech names usually cool off we see signs of inflation, watching interest rates closely, and just looking at futures this morning it is pointed a little lower. >> we know there has been correlation if you will between movement in 10-year yield, and rotation that has at anplace in markets sort of belies what is happening, until a couple weeks ago rally in yields cornered with rally in cyclically materials industrials financials energy among leadership really the case since september last year last couple weeks really we have seen fever off oil as yields drifted lower from 1.77, 1.78 on 10-year down to yesterday 163 on 10-year obviously, any kind of relief
8:35 am
from that -- growth duration, sectors health care, consumer staples benefited from that, we are seeing in premarket basis today once again, that would ad to count acting rally in tech stocks maybe help row i assume pro-growth cyclical sector. >> wondering how you look at impact of trending tax increases on stock valuations would you say in terms of what expectation built into stock prices, is it that -- the -- corporate rate increase is -- is slight or moderate? won't be much of a game-changer? or is it an expectation, that it doesn't end up happening at all or are we seeing actual deprivatized price if tax plan false apart we see a big rally. >> interesting james there was
8:36 am
talk about this months and months ago into the presidential election under biden administration campaign initiatives that corporate taxes were going to be raised a function about how much, and market seemed to have forgotten about that at least complacent around that subject only recently talking about how to pay for the infrastructure, whether package 2.25 trillion or subsequent tax perhaps later this year, that has once again -- caught market attention the worry weaving that when 21 to 28 which was a big jump i think the market has indigest. ion. >> you have wean in marketplace, the rally, campaigned by other murders tech leadership to resume stock prices i think the market can live with 25%, once again i think a little more to
8:37 am
follow 28% simply because when math was being done, on the prospect from 21 to 28, some six months ago right around the election, we were talking about haircut profits on perhaps nine, 10, 12% depends how you did the formula, so, that was a significant hit, now we are talking perhaps 25%, plus we are also talking about a huge amount of economic steam that even if profits -- shaved by 3r57z or 4% if months -- 3 or 4% closer to 25 secondly overcome with growth rate may be next push for investors, could be die digested. >> 25 to 28% move even if you went to 25 compromise that might be an upward surprise right. >> yeah, absolutely though -- i don't think a great story even if we don't go all the way to 28 if we still go to 25
8:38 am
that is still puts united states at very top of that table of highest taxed countries in corporate taxes i don't love that snavr either mark i wanted to about gentleman jay powell how much confidence do you have in jay powell's ability to handle what is probably complicated inflation story over next six months to a year he has the head to and needle shown in past when it deaths dicey he sometimes gets he messaging wrong are you worried about that? >> i am a little worried not so much about jay powell, although he fumbled a few times 10-year, we have he to be prepared for modus operandi kind of speak from hip if you will at times have to walk back or have other, try to walk back some of those, you are right this is going to be very delicate talking about the ppi reading here coming
8:39 am
out today but next week on 13th april getting cpi numbers, everybody knows that we're g on the ground to see some boost in inflation, because of the lasting of last year's deflationary period you march april the question what happens in aftermath transitory if in fact not, sustained elevated inflation, it will be very important for the messaging, what it is going to do with regard to on hold policy because right now market is much more interpretation as group monetary policy than what fed seems to be he lift iting, all eyes on fed great to see you appreciate your time, thank you i want to get to cheryl we don't have those ppi numbers we have more understanding of why. cheryl: we do, yes remember i said technical glitches normally this comes right out 8:30 on the second jackie we are just learning that the report is in available the web site is down, there is a web
8:40 am
site outage, producers are all over this right now trying to get this data but entire site down labor department web site, this is the bureau of labor statistics only 10 minutes late i have never seen this last you know full year that i have been doing all this echl conn data on "mornings with maria" i got to tell you web site down refreshing trying to get in it as every other business network out there right now we will get it to you with we get it to you. jackie: got it thank you so much it happens we will wait for that number coming up traveling in 2021 we've got hottest spots to visit as more people are planning summer vacations, coming up ahead plus lost city found archeologists announcing biggest zoufr finding king tut's time you are watching
8:41 am
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jackie: escaping reality vaccine rollout ramps up lockdown orders begin to lift across the country many
8:45 am
americans returning to travel the top destinations in the united states maininging director missy let us have them top destinations where do people want to go the most with lock don pent-up demand. >> good morning, jackie well there is a ton of pent-up demand, and top places people want starting off alaska that is interesting for a couple reasons, because travel to alaska looked different this year, with no-sail order in place u.s. canada typically would cruise to alaska now going by land there is incredible experience, seeing same things if cruising glaciers koestline the national market, arriving differently, and what is really also very interesting is that you are seeing, people really go big with alaska. so, traveling normally going
8:46 am
to more exotic destinations like africa, or australia, europe, aren't animal to do that this year really going big doing. >> multigenerational multifamily travel. jackie: that is not what i expected that alaska would be number one interesting makes a lot of sense the way you describe it big trips you can't do intlal maybe good for economy especially in this recovery mode, but i am just going to ask you know, with respect to the to sort of picture esque views. >> yes, any wide-open spaces are still doing very, very well, so the america west is really a place that people are -- discoverying resocial
8:47 am
distancing you get in other states montana wyoming colorado california, where you can get into those national parks wide-open spaces. >> two on your list california, the other was hawaii i think didn't surprise me, but with would people want to be going to california right now you know, still they've had a struggle with whole pandemic, situation opening reopening what is the draw there. >> you know gradually opening back up pentud demand for california one of america's favorite road trip destinations more than 800 miles coastline you can you can i go napa valley huge draw right now pacing better than
8:48 am
last summer, 65%, occupation doing well there, there is -- starting to open back up additional capacity wonderful dining, i think weekend all use a glass of wine after the year we had. also heading back to urban easier one of the most interesting exciting things is that people are returning back to cities, san francisco, l.a. area hardest hit during pandemic. >> cities took it on chin new york city one waiting for broadway to open waiting for tourism to open up, you know, we look to our mayor our governor they are just not making those moves as quickly as some residents would like we thank you for your picks, great to see you this morning. >> thank you so much for having me. >> coming up another world mystery solved archeologists discoverying a lost city they say big than king tut's time
8:49 am
making a buzz this morning we are going to tell you about it next. ♪♪ woman -- ♪♪ ♪ next week on "mornings with maria" -- monday iconic new york city restaurant industry on life support, bobbyman's steakhouse owner smith reacts, tuesday russia and china growing cloves general jack keane on dangers to a freedom. >> wednesday president biden refusing to visit southwest border dana perino on political ramifications, thursday word on wall street insiders track morning modification to pad your portfolio friday connecting
8:50 am
our military heroes, with their loved ones, all right here on "mornings with maria." of
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the country. >> i think people want to open up i am giving not a coincidence but you are last guest had alaska top of the list. of travel destinations, people want right now, i think not a coincidence that society has sensibly been very open compared to a lot of rest of the country. including the new york area where we live. jackie: -- more enthusiastic about zblooipt dropping -- you always delight, so that stay with us more "mornings with maria" live on fox business
8:56 am
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jackie: breaking news on the march pti numbers for mac bureau of labor statistics tweeted out the numbers, i kid you not, apologizing for the delay, it increased 1% in march, estimate was for a half percent and they are also saying prices 1.3% in january so they are giving back data and quick in march, 60% of the increase in index traced to one point% in advance index moved up 7%. inc. bureau of labor statistics, english,
9:00 am
they are version. jackie: we see the dow jones indicated higher and s&p 500 turned negative in the nasdaq down by 80 points. thank you, cheryl. thank you james and brian for joining me. that does it for us. "varney & co." is up next. take it away, stu. stuart: good morning. let's get right to it. we've reached the breaking point. the border has been flooded, overwhelmed and the administration is overwhelmed with this crisis which is on its own making. in the first three months of this year, 569,000 migrants were apprehended trying to cross the border and that's just the number who were caught. look at the red line of people coming across the board. the administration is a stunning $60 million a week taking care of child migrants, $300 per child per day


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