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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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canal. animal control quickly arrived on the scene. they contained the lizard, reportedly releasing it back into the wild. that is what you do if you encounter any sort of reptile. call animal control. i love it. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: tonight the update on president biden's new executive actions on gun control. what it really means. what's the fallout. plus the update on this news, georgia democrat stacy abrams appearing to do a 180, now claiming she did not pry try to pressure georgia on the voting law. the news is out from our own charlie gasparino that she did do that. georgia stands to lose $190 million for the all-star game. is it time for casey abrams and baseball to come clean what happened on that.
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insteadcalling for boycotts of georgia, why anti-president biden, president obama, why not have boycotts of democrat run states with much tougher laws? we have the run-down there. democrats mislead about the georgia law. with is sol wisenberg, jack kingston, adam guillette, deneen borelli and congressman henry cuellar. it is going from bad to ridiculous. cbs again botches the "60 minutes" flawed store of governor desantis and publix supermarkets. democrats were debunking the story before it aired. top media watchdogs are saying "60 minutes" you got it wrong of the pressure to retract it. democrat senator joe manchin blows up the democrat battle plan for biden's entire agenda. manchin looks like he stopped it
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in its tracks. democrats cruelly mocked on twitter pushing on america cruel mine bending rhetoric, trying to stretch the definition of infrastructure includes paid family leave. president biden claims you're irrational if you don't agree with his new definition. also tonight, a accuser, current staffer work for new york governor andrew cuomo details a serious sexual harrassment charge against governor cuomo. legal excerpts says appears cuomo could have broken new york state law. we have got it. more scandalous details emerging about cuomo's nursing home scandal coverup. texas democrat henry cuellar with us. folks living at the border, telling us their homes, businesses, ranches are getting hit with crime from illegal immigrants. they're scared. they're getting robbed. personning things like carjacks.
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fires set on the property but they're saying they're pro-immigration. what they're experiencing is terrifying them. texas investigating biden borden facilities for child sex abuse and neglect as nancy pelosi push this is new topspin, trying to claim the border is quote, on a good path. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: we begin with former deputy independent counsel sol wisenberg back with us. great to see you again. what is your take on president biden trying to use executive actions to do gun control? is that the way to go? >> unfortunately every president, democratic and republican tries to do things through executive orders that they can't do necessarily through legislation. so the important thing to
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remember is any executive order can be effectively overridden by congressional action. so it is the weakest form of law in the way, if you even want to call it law so that statutory law prevails over executive orders and constitutional law does. so can he do some things at the margins? yes. anything that upsets the legislature enough, upsets congress enough or is against the constitutional precedent set in the supreme court opinions is going to fail. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying. you're saying statutory law takes precedent over executive action, is that it? >> right. he can't do something through an executive order, he can try to, other presidents tried to do it through an executive order that is directly contrary to something enacted into law. what he is going to try to do is work at the margins, an area he claims is executive authority that nobody has spoken to
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before. look, every president, every president has done it and but it is subject to abuse. i'm against it when they overreach in any party so. elizabeth: okay. let's move on to the georgia vote law because now you know georgia is about to lose 190 million bucks, it could have used that during a pandemic because major league baseball yanked its all-star game. do you think it is time for democrats like stacy abrams of georgia to come clean? sources close to her are telling "the hill" newspaper she didn't pressure major league baseball to yank the all-star game out of georgia. our fox business's charlie gasparino saying yes she did. shouldn't they come on the record to say here is what went down? >> yes they should but they shouldn't. this is a major opportunity for the conservative movement. this is a major error by the woke left and the problem here is that the perception is
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growing in middle america, in the vast centrist majority, the perception is growing and it is a correct perception that the democratic party is really controlled by these woke, the woke nut base i call them. and so president biden, people thought they were, that they were elected a moderate but he is completely given over a big chunk of his administration to these lunatics. and the key is, whatever they believe, they do not represent anything close to a majority of americans. americans believe in voter integrity. americans have no problem with requiring people to produce some form of identification when they vote. and here, think about what happened here. think about, i'm not the first person to mention this but there are far more minorities in, minority businesses in the atlanta area than there are in colorado. this is devastating what they have done by giving themselves over to this woke culture and
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the republicans should take advantage of it because it is really outrageous. another thing that is truly outrageous, we have not got to be cowardly about this, we have got to speak up about this. to call this jim crow on steroids is obscene, absolutely obscene. the jim crow era was a terrible period in our nation's history. it involved the worst kind of apartheid, the worst kind of deprivation of constitutional rights. to compare to law which is improvement in many respects to the old georgia law, it is an obscenity, that is all acan say, we need to attack and not be could you regardly about this. elizabeth: the other thing too is, where is president biden, barack obama, stacey abrams, why aren't they calling for a boycott -- not saying boycotts are the way to go but they're not calling for a boycott of democrat-run states of tougher
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georgia voter laws? watchdog collins. like your reaction. >> go to the home state of delaware and all the companies corporately located in delaware let them move out because they don't have early voting, don't have dropboxes don't have the things georgia has. georgia had photo i.d. for in person voting. they said this would devastate minority voting t went up in georgia. this is not being reported because stacey abrams is screaming voter suppression. minority voting has increased 20, 30% over the past six or seven years. it is getting better. they're just lying about us. elizabeth: sol, you have got 10 seconds what do you think? >> he is 100% right and by the way, why don't they talk about china? why don't president obama talk about china and cuba? why doesn't major league baseball end the connection with the chinese government? it is absolutely preposterous. elizabeth: sol wise enzerg, great to see you, thank you so
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much for joining us. really appreciate let's bring in former georgia congressman jack kingston. great to have you on sir. jack, we'll show the states, many democrat-run that have tougher voting laws than georgia. where are the democrat demanding boycotts of those states? we don't advocate it but where is that? >> doesn't fit into the narrative. i'm actually tonight, i'm outside of denver. denver i think is 73% white. atlanta is majority african american and yet yet major league baseball decides to punish atlanta. it doesn't make sense. they are so inconsistent whatever they do. i agree with you, if you are going to do this, do it to every state, be fair to everybody but they don't want to go that route. this is a gift, political gift to the republican party in
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georgia. i think brian kemp has done a very good job. he has been very even-handed on this, as has the state legislature. this was not some bill dropped overnight. it was debated over the entire legislative session. they knew about it. everyone was invited to the table. elizabeth: got it. biden and democrats are accused of misleading, bullying and pulling down atlanta with a phony, with the boycott based on a phony racism charge. like the major league baseball and companies and democrats don't know what they're talking about. they didn't even read the georgia voting law. you got president obama calling for baseball and companies to boycott georgia. remember when obama sat next to raul castro in communist cuba to watch a baseball game in cuba? that was supported by major league baseball too. cuba commits human rights atrocities. people are chained, political dissidents are chained to walls in gulags underground in cuba.
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massive human atrocities going on in cuba and china but no boycott of those country. >> major league baseball expanded their contract in china. forced sterilization, concentration camps, forced labor. no mention about the oppression of journalists or actions towards taiwan. major league baseball doesn't have a problem with that apparently. the commissioner himself is a member of the masters. do you see him quitting that? no. not at all. i think when the president of the united states gets on a national press box and says that we have rao duesed our voting hours is absolute lie. he said we have fewer days to vote. absolute lies. four pinocchios by no less than "the washington post." then continues doing it. there should be some sort of accountability. i think what we're going to have is a middle class backlash of people who do not want the
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politicalization of sports and everything else from mr. potato head, dr. suess, you know, on this day of when hank aaron, we celebrate hank aaron breaking babe ruth's home run record, two of my friends, white kids, jumped over the bleacher wall, ran the bases out of pure excitement. that was nearly 50 years ago. they became great friends. no one, they were thinking about achievements. sports used to unite us as americans people like the commissioner of major league baseball using it to divide us. elizabeth: got it. jack kingston, you're terrific. thanks for joining us. come back soon. coming up next, accuracy in media president adam guillette talking about how it is going from bad to ridiculous. "60 minutes"'s botched story of florida governor ron desantis and publix supermarket chains.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now accuracy in media president adam guillette. adam, looks like it is going from bad to ridiculous at cbs. they botched the third defense of the "60 minutes" story. in its defense that they didn't mention "60 minutes" main story point, the main angle, that the publix supermarket chain was vaccinating people in florida after donating 100,000 to governor ron desantis. adam, why the silence on that main angle? >> it was a smear hit piece t was a disgusting cheap shot from cbs or as they call it tuesday. here is a governor proven them wrong. he will change history how we view the covid pandemic. all the governors locked down would have been viewed as heroes historically. because desantis reopen, the only thing that happened our
6:18 pm
economy boomed even faster here in florida he proved all the lockdown governors wrong. he made all the fear merchants at cbs look like fools. they can't stand it. elizabeth: here is the thing, when journalists get emotionally attached to a headline, it becomes like group think. they try to write to the headline. they have this blanket concretism where they set aside the facts, right? even florida democrats were debunking the "60 minutes" show even before it aired. so this is all like group think at "60 minutes" because they have got -- when you look at the cbs defense of it, they're saying that the, the, you look at timeline here, that the glades community in palm beach county got vaccinations from cvs and walgreens in february but that was just weeks after publix started vaccinating in january. so what's the big deal? it was within weeks people got vaccinations. the story is falling apart.
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also that the glades minorities had to drive to publix to get vaccinated. that is kind of good that publix was trying to vaccinate. cvs and walgreens were busy vaccinating nursing homes. >> cbs doesn't let the let facts get in the way of the story. you made a great point. credit to the florida democrats who put facts before partisanship and came to the defense of ron desantis. imagine putting facts before partisanship. isn't that what the news media is supposed to do? i think they are just bitter, they're new yorkers and we're floridians, our weather is better than theirs, our economy is better than theirs, even our democrats are better in florida than they have got in new york. they have andrew cuomo. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying, where is "60 minutes" story on that? that is the criticism of "60 minutes." no one from desantis' office you know, suggested publix. that is what he is saying. publix was ready to go with
6:20 pm
vaccinations before the pharmacies because they were busy with nursing homes. publix did not have an exclusive right to distribute the vaccine. they never got that. 90 percent of the seniors most at risk live near a publix but "60 minutes" was like, oh, desantis is vaccinating seniors. guess what? they're the most at risk. even pointer, the media watchdog group, the pointer institute said they never proved their main point, it was sloppy. there was really no in there. do you think they should retract the story? >> they should be embarrassed, jobs should be lost over this we used to be upset when the media biased. you point out all the ridiculous facts they ignored. you don't think they were aware of those facts? of course they were. they wanted to do a hit piece on one of the leading republicans who will be a front-runner for president. they wouldn't let the facts get into the story. they were outrage discuss.
6:21 pm
i'm so glad to live in a state where those democrats put facts over partisanship. that is what we do in accuracy in media every day. calling out lies should be a bipartisan view, bipartisan activity. i'm glad they did it. elizabeth: adam, thank you, come back soon. >> thank you for having me. elizabeth: sure, up next the national taxpayers union president brandon arnold. we've got democrat senator joe manchin, looks like he blew up the democrat battle plan. we'll explain that. also democrats getting brutally mocked on twitter for their new mind bending rhetoric trying to convince america that infrastructure includes things like paid family leave. you won't believe what they're saying on twitter. pretty funny stuff. stay right there.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show national taxpayers union executive vice president brandon arnold. hey, brandon, what do you think, do you think senator joe manchin, democrat, he just, looks like he just blew up the democrats' battle plan for biden's entire tax-and-spend agenda, saying no we'll not get rid of the filibuster, no, we'll not just pass bills with democrat party line votes without republicans? did he just blockade it? >> i don't go so far he
6:26 pm
blockaded it. it's a big road bump for democrats on capitol hill and the biden administration. they will have to find a way through this problem. using reconciliation process was the way they did so the last time, it is not clear if manchin will not support that in perpetuity. first of all that will constrain legislation to just taxes and spending. they will not be able to do gun control. they will not do major labor bills or voting rights bills but they can move legislation using reconciliation and taxes. that is problematic. elizabeth: wait a minute, but, i hear what you're saying, we have to stay on top of that because taxes, usually have to go through with six at this votes. i understand what they're going to try to do when they did nickel and dime tax hikes in the covid stimulus. the democrats need 60 votes to stop a republican filibuster. up to seven democrat senators don't like what they're doing. i hear exactly what you're
6:27 pm
saying. seems like it is getting a heck of a lot trickier for democrats to get what they want. it looks like, what do you think, brandon, looks like they were trying to kitchen sink everything they wanted into one infrastructure to not break it up into other bills and do it all at once. now they can't do it. >> that is a huge problem. the fact that manchin is throwing up roadblock will stop the process with the infrastructure bill. i don't think it kills the infrastructure bill. i still think they can move a limited bill. throwing away some of the labor provisions in there don't relate to taxes and spending but can still do reconciliation vehicle. i think manchin still left the door slightly ajar for doing that. what he has taken off the table, god bless him for that, destroying the filibuster that would be gates wide open for any kind of legislation this democratic congress wants to pass. so there is still a big threat out there. i don't think he killed that. elizabeth: got it. that is a good point you just made. you know, so, then there is also
6:28 pm
this, your word on this, that biden and pelosi and democrats are trying to bully their way through, critics say, trying to gas light with the phony argument that infrastructure is not just roads and bridges. it includes things like paid family leave. that is why they want to try to kitchen sink and ram everything through at once by making this phony argument because now you have democrat senator kirsten gillibrand getting really mocked, brutally on the internet, saying paid family leave is on infrastructure. so pennies and rainbows are infrastructure too? >> everything is infrastructure now. because this is a infrastructure bill we don't know how many trains will leave the station and let's throw absolutely everything on there. members of congress are guilty of that. the biden administration is guilty of that. they're trying to low a 400 billion-dollar medicaid expansion in this bill. we can argue whether it's a good idea or bad idea but it is
6:29 pm
certainly not infrastructure. adding on labor provisions on this bill that eviscerate 27 states right to work laws. you can say that is a good thing or bad thing but no way that is infrastructure. progressives on the hill like aoc are saying the bill is far too small. they want a 10 trillion-dollar bill, that opens up floodgates for everything they want to do. elizabeth: gotcha. let's listen to president biden doing the new democrat party line, stretching the definition of infrastructure. watch this. >> i'm prepared to work, i really am but to automatically say that the only thing that is infrastructure is a highway, a bridge, or whatever, that is just not rational. really isn't. elizabeth: okay. so that is kind of like bullying. so you're not rational if you disagree and think it is just roads and bridges? you're not being logical because
6:30 pm
we made up a new definition. by golly, you have got to follow it. >> right. i'm willing to be a little bit flexible here. let's expand infrastructure to broadband. let's expand it to upgrades of the electrical grid, things like that. trying to go so far to say free community college is infrastructure? i don't think we're the ones being irrational here, mr. president. this is obviously a case of you trying to use this infrastructure package to get your progressive wish-list across the finish line. it is just ridiculous. elizabeth: brandon arnold, good to see you. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: sure. coming up fox news contributor deneen borelli breaking new details. an accuser detailing a serious sexual harrassment charge against new york governor andrew cuomo plus more scandalous details emerging about cuomo's nursing home death coverup. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. stay right there. >> so it is the attacks on our
6:31 pm
wallets, the attacks on our freedoms, the attacks on our safety. the deadly nursing home order and coverup. janice dean has been absolutely fantastic. you've been covering it well. it is all the scandals of abuse. covid testing preferential treatment to its family at private residents with state department health officials, front of lab priority access for getting those tests done. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments, it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. ♪. elizabeth: look who is back with us? we love her, fox news contributor deneen borelli. hey, deneen, this looks like it is really getting serious for governor cuomo. we have a governor, excuse me a current staffer to new york governor cuomo for the first time making the most serious charge. she is detailing how cuomo allegedly, this is graphic, groped her under her blouse at his official mansion. that he slammed door shut, i
6:36 pm
don't care if anybody see what is i'm doing. this seems really serious. >> this is one of the most serious accusations and details against governor cuomo, liz and right now there are 10 women, former employees, current employees, who have accused the governor of sexual assault or sexual harrassment. there are federal probes, state probes taking place. of course they should be. these should be investigated but we'll have to wait and see how this plays out with the due process. but, i got to tell you, these allegations are very troubling and, i am very concerned about the fact that i think the media is focused way more on these scandals, not to belittle them but not overly focused on the horrible job governor cuomo did with the nursing homes and covid-infected elderly. elizabeth: yeah. i want to ask you about that in just a second because legal experts are saying cuomo may
6:37 pm
have committed a crime while in office because under new york state law legal analysts say this is a misdemeanor, what he allegedly did with the maximum sentence of one year in jail. we don't know what will happen with this but the albany police have been investigating this. >> no. that is absolutely right. i've been reading up on this every day, there is something else for these women to come forward, like they have i think is very important especially if it comes to the fact that these issues, these circumstances did take place. there should be accountability on the governor's part but again due process. let the investigations play out but these scandals are hitting cuomo left and right, whether it's the women or with the nursing homes. elizabeth: you know, deneen, let's break down the nursing home news that is coming in from fox news. that the cuomo administration really was early on in april of 2020 on a daily basis tracking exactly where nursing home
6:38 pm
residents died of covid-19, on a daily basis, whether it was in the nursing home or in the hospital where they died. so cuomo administration though in a state report a month later then undercounted, low-balled the number of nursing home deaths by 50% by not including the hospital deaths. they told the world they couldn't verify the numbers but they knew on a daily basis looks like early on? >> well it's terrible and i think the count now of the deaths are 13,000, over 13,000 elderly have died because of governor cuomo's mandate. the man refuses to take responsibility every what happened with his constituents, his people in new york state. i feel bad for the families that lost loved ones, who have to deal with this on a daily basis because this is something that could have been prevented, liz. i feel bad for those who have lost a loved one because of the governor's mandate. elizabeth: yeah. we hear exactly what you're
6:39 pm
saying and here's the third scandal. now governor cuomo is dodging and deflecting questions about how he stepped in to help friends and family members get early priority vip testing for covid-19 in new york last year when new yorkers could not get tested. listen to governor cuomo on this. watch this. >> was it appropriate for your family and friends to be tested for covid when others could not? were you involved in this? were you aware of it? >> due to the assembly is looking attesting issue, i don't want to get ahead of them, but i was not involved in, in the testing program to that intimate level. elizabeth: okay. he is saying that but we've got a dozen new york officials including state health workers,
6:40 pm
nurses, doctors telling "the washington post" and "times-union," he did know about it, he ordered it. >> yeah. governor cuomo has no credibility whatsoever, liz. the dan is a poor leader from the sexual assault and harrassment allegations to the elderly, mandated into these nursing homes. he is blaming everyone else but himself. he has zero credibility. new york state, i mean, my goodness, his harsh shutdowns with new york state. businesses were suffering. now there is talks of raising taxes on the rich and on businesses. he has done a horrible job trying to be a leader for the state of new york. elizabeth: got it. deneen borelli, good to see you, come back soon. next up, texas democrat congressman henry cuellar we're so excited he is joining us tonight, we're excited to tell him what folks are telling us,
6:41 pm
folks that live at the border. their homes, businesses, ranches are getting hit with crime from the illegal immigrant surge. they're scared. they're getting robbed. they're experiencing things like carjacks. even fires set on their property -- carjackings. we'll talk to texas democrat henry cuellar next. >> it is unacceptable that biden is so obsessed with trump reversal he will literally put the american public and kids at risk the way he is and then he gives kamala harris apparently she is the one in charge, she referred to the i.c.e. as the kkk. she has been in charge of this. she is missing in action. got help us if she becomes president, if this is how sheehan dell as crisis, i can't imagine how she would run our country. >> when asked by a reporter if it would be worth visiting, she laughed which she often does. make my own insulin.
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♪. elizabeth: we're excited to welcome to the show texas democrat henry cuellar. congressman, great to have you on, sir. >> thank you so much. thank you. elizabeth: sure. we've been, we've had folks who live at the border come on to tell us that their homes, their businesses, their ranches are getting hit with crime from the illegal immigrants surge. sir, they're scared, they're getting robbed, experiencing things like carjackings even fires being set on their properties. they're wore referred about this. they're scared? >> you know first of all i have heard some of those stories about people being scared without a doubt, especially in the small rural areas but i do want to point that, according to the fbi stats, the average murder rate or assault, is 2 1/2 murders per 100,000 at the border, the national average is five murders per 100,000. you look at washington, d.c.,
6:47 pm
some other cities the murders are way over that. yes, there are some problems but the border is still a very safe place according to the latest fbi statistics. elizabeth: okay but we do have criminal illegal crime though that has been rocketing higher at the border. we understand what you're saying but if it is illegal immigrant crime, they're not supposed to be here and the fact that the committing crimes like homicides, rapes, sexual assaults that is a really bad thing. do you think this is a crisis? i mean the democrats have been characterizing this as just a challenge. what do you think it is? >> is it a humanitarian crisis, yes it is. is a crime crisis? no, it's not. now i do want to say, i looked at numbers. i know like in the valley, i think fy-21, october 1st, they caught more than 800, 900 criminals. so amongst some of the people
6:48 pm
that, unaccompanied kids and family units, yes there are some folks that are criminals again. so humanitarian crisis, yes. a crime crisis? no but there are some problems out there? of course there are. elizabeth: well, illegal immigrants arrested in 2020 had an average of four crimes each. we're talking things like 1800 homicide related crimes. we had 4500 criminal illegal aliens apprehended since october so that is why you see, you know, states like florida, montana, arizona. i think also texas is suing the biden administration because of their releasing criminal illegal aliens into the communities. so that is scary for people to see that happening too? >> you're talking about crime a crime by an american citizen or undocumented alien, yes, it is still a crime and are they
6:49 pm
releasing family units? yes, they are. are they bringing in unaccompanieds? yes. but the majority of the adults, single adults they are being returned under title 42. i want to have the biden administration continue to use title 42 to expel those people and deport, you know, got to have deportations. i know some democrats don't want to talk about deportations but if you follow the law, and somebody doesn't belong here, then yes, desk you have to deport those individuals, otherwise you don't have soverignty of a country. elizabeth: yeah. we hear exactly what you're saying, sir. you know, we've had, you know, immigrants come on our show saying we support legal immigration. if you try to do it illegally you will get assaulted. that is a humanitarian issue, right? that is the issue. >> i mean look, my parents, my father was born in -- resident
6:50 pm
and naturalized citizen. he followed that. i have people here waiting for years to become a legal resident or naturalized citizen. they don't like people coming in to jump the line. they don't like that. and you know, again, you know, i want to see immigration reform but i want to make sure that whoever comes into the united states, that they follow the laws and if they're allowed under asylum law, then let them in. but if you talk to an immigration judge, out of 100 people coming in right now, 88% are going to be rejected and few are accepted again because of crime, poverty, which i know exists in central america doesn't allow them to come in under the asylum laws that we have right now. elizabeth: got it. kong cuellar, appreciate your insights. you will stay with us. we have a lot more to talk about
6:51 pm
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6:55 pm
the texas is probing migrant sexual child abuse and neglect at an overcrowded facility in san antonio. should that be shut down? >> well, we don't have the facts. the governor made some allegations. i don't know what it's based on. i have not visited that facility. i have visited the ones in cariso springs and, of course, down to the donna area. but the agent stays that i know that there are a lot of good men and women that are doing their job. but again, if there's allegations, they should be investigated. before you shut down a facility, you got to make sure that we're talking about facts. allegations are allegations, facts, let's see what the investigation looks, and hhs should look into this. elizabeth: yeah, that's a good point. and the texas rangers were sent in, apparently. you're right, we need to see what's happened inside there. let's move on to this, democrat house speaker nancy pelosi is now saying, quote: we are on a
6:56 pm
good path at the border, but we're seeing illegal border crossings as a 15-year high, and president biden's approval rating on the border is plunging. so are we on a good path at the border? >> well, you know, certainly if you're talking about pathaways, i mean, the numbers are -- pathways, the numbers are very high. the handling of the vaccine's very high on the relief package. but on the border, i think we need to do, certainly, a9 lot more work on it. this last month we had over 172,000, the last four days i think we had over 8,000. there's been, i think as of sunday there were over 11,000 prosecutorial releases. that means they were not put in the system, they were just released from the area which is, you know, pretty incredible to me. so there's a lot more work that needs on to be done. certainly, we all need to listen to the border communities and to the men and women that serve in
6:57 pm
green or even in blue. elizabeth: sir, you're known as a straight shooter. you're honest, you have a lot of integrity, you talk to border patrol. we with know that you've visited the border. we're letting in the equivalent of a fort lauderdale, it seems liking, every month. i mean, that's a lot of people. this is a country that's pro-immigration. america gets that, we understand it. we just feel like congress is passing laws, border patrol has to uphold those laws, but then border patrol gets criticized and called things like the kkk by kamala harris when they're saving people's lives. >> i support border patrol, i support the men and women, and i certainly support i.c.e., support homeland. there are good men and women. you know, sometimes people might disagree about the policies, but we've got to support the men and women that are carrying out that policy. the numbers that have been coming in, basically what i see
6:58 pm
at the border is -- every day they're getting so many people coming in, a couple days ago they had 3100 people flood in one day in just the valley. and certainly, i think as of a couple days ago they had over 8,000 individuals that had come in. and as you know, the people in donna, 72% are unaccompanied kids, and 22% of them are family units. the single adults are being returned. they're being returned under title 42. some of the family units. but, again, it's the input. too many people coming in, not enough people going out because they just don't have the luxury of saying no because we don't have the space. our men and women in green do not have the luxury to say no more people, because they keep coming in in very large are numbers across the border. elizabeth: yeah, that's tough. we hear exactly what you're saying. okay, the homeland security
6:59 pm
secretary, alejandro mayorkas, traveling to the border in texas, but the criticism is biden had said, vice president kamala harris, you're in charge of the border. she was california. she didn't go to the border. she still hasn't visited the border at all. what's going on here? >> i don't know. i think you need to refer that question to her office, but i would tell you that i hope she will come down to the border. i hope that, you know, i thank the secretary for being down here in mcallen and el paso. and certainly, the men and women in green, because i hope that when he was down here, he had a very frank conversation with the men and women in green, because they've been throwing out red flags, red flares. they have. they need help. i just spoke to the graduating class, 1153, in new mexico, and my advice to to those young men and women that are going to be border patrol, i told 'em, get
7:00 pm
ready, because you're going to be facing a challenging situation at the border. elizabeth: yeah, that's good advice. democrat congressman henry cuellar, thanks so much for your insights. thank you so much for joining us, it's good to see you. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us, have a good evening. ♪ ♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome back to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. thanks for being here. tocks today finished higher across the board. the s&p 500 hitting another all-time high. today's jump followed comments from federal reserve chair jay powell who says the economic rebound from the pandemic still has room to grow, and he says inflation will not be a problem. well, okay. hope he's right. but as the economy booms, the threat of rapid overspending and higher taxes from joe biden's washington looms large in the background. the biden white house has proposed increasing the co


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