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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 7, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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indeed in the red but why are the markets worried about the corporate tax hike, we will discuss that tomorrow, so will "kudlow", "the evening edit" start right now. ♪ ♪ ♪. liz: tonight the blowback against president biden for making more chaotic climates he tells georgia to smart enough stop losing business after biden a barack obama fueled in triggered baseball boycott of georgia over the new vote loss. the boycott slammed businesses by black-owned people businesses hit hard by the pandemic, were gonna break down the latest disaster, on the show doug collins, guy lewis and jason chaffetz and kt mcfarland with christian whiteman and ken
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cuccinelli. look at this senator rand paul says republic is across the country should boycott coca-cola for george's new vote law, that is a fact senator mitch mcconnell says these companies are quite stupid, the debate and critics say these companies criticized george's law but okay with profiting in china for human rights abuses, also tonight we will show you more mistakes we found in the botched 60 minutes story of florida governor desantis and publix supermarket going from bad to worse, we will show you tonight what 60 minutes deliberately left out in the jurors did not see it is so overwhelming that 60 minutes claim governor desantis got to do vaccinations and exchange, it is so incorrect 60 minutes auto corrected story, plus the silence on the biden of administration the democrats. the taxpayer money spent by president biden green energy
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infrastructure plan will likely go to green energy products made by forced labor in chinese prison camps even cio chief richard and the u.s. solar engine energy warned the biden of administration try has demanded biden's locket but all we hear is crickets. more on hunter biden's take on a chinese investment fund link to oversee companies that are accused of human rights and child labor abuses and making green energy products separately the state department dodged back on a boycott of china 2022 winter olympics over human rights abuses, is a biden team strong enough to stand up to china we will take that debate on when kevin mccarthy now demanding more from a briefing of congressional leadership by the fbi and the cia over suspected terrorist crossing the border democrats also doing this will try to run through border changes without any gop vote through budget reconciliation that's according to a new report. thank you for joining us i'm elizabeth macdonald in "the evening edit" start right now.
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♪. liz: welcome to the show you're watching the fox business network. we begin with former georgia congressman doug collins, we hear you might consider a senate run, are you? >> it is good to see you and we are considering that, i have a senator raphael warnock who is encouraging businesses and money to leave georgia and then acting surprised what happens, there's been a lot of consideration going on. liz: gotcha, we will stay on the story. president biden really doing a swing and a miss telling folks in georgia to avoid losing businesses, this is after he used the massive power of his own bully pulpit to say yes baseball should boycott georgia pulled our star game out of it and barack obama also endorsing
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it to. >> it's pretty amazing to have a president of the united states in the georgia legislature was too dumb to know what they're doing, let's be honest this is not about us smarting up he said the georgia legislature in the general assembly and the governor citing the bill was not smart enough or too dumb to know how to run elections in georgia, he does not know how to read the bill and still does not know how to read the bill because there is nothing that discriminates against anyone and it's simply strengthening and actually adds to the voting time and puts under law drop boxes and other things that they thought about getting rid of and strengthens the security around her absentee ballot, explain how that is taken on anyone i've been daddy a long time i was in the georgia legislature when we had photo id for in person voting and they told us that minority voting and this is not what's being reported because stacey abrams is stringing voter suppression,
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and george's voting on minorities has increased 20 and 30% over the past six and seven years, it is getting better there just lying. liz: biden effectively put a call for boycott on businesses in georgia with the baseball boycott but with misleading statements about george's law statements are so bad in washington post gave them for pinocchio's, let's listen to president biden say now about this. >> i make a very tough decision for a corporation to make or group to make, i respect them when they make that judgment and i support whatever judgment they make but it's the best way to deal with this is for georgia and other states to smarten up, stop it. stop it. liz: smarten up, stop it, stop it after you call for a boycott
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that's going to cost georgia $190 million and barack obama endorsed into, what did you make of his comments when you first heard that. >> those of the most condescending comments i've ever heard coming from a president of the united states, why does he go to his home state of delaware and let them move out because they don't have early voting and what we have is pandering, the president of the united states is pandering he encouraged this and he got encouragement from the left and they said this is bad and other using for his political gain and whoever's making issue stacey abrams making millions claiming voter suppression and folks like raphael warnock and jon ossoff you won't protect georgia businesses but continued narrative of suppression there is only one group putting suppression and stacey abrams in the democrats, right now they cannot point to a single thing in this bill or worse for them, the president included, they
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cannot show you voter turnout is going down in georgia, voter turnout is going up in georgia, where is the president's talking point on that. liz: when you stack up the georgia bill with what the laws were before the pandemic, you've got to say what the laws are in new york and some state of delaware is not to point no, the other thing that were seeing now how do you square president biden a week ago calling for baseball to boycott georgia and pull out the all-star game but now president biden says he's worried that moving the masters golf tournament out of georgia might hurt workers in georgia, how do you square that. >> you cannot squirt, that's a problem with this a administration they circle back on everything and cannot square thing. can you imagine the masters anywhere but augustine georgia, kentucky derby anywhere else but
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churchill, it is just ludicrous for him to say the masters needs to stay here or if the pda decides their business, it's also very telling that the masters not touching the masters and not saying anything about that but moving and letting major league baseball and encourage them to move out of atlanta which is 50% minority to a place in denver that has less than 10% minority population, all tell you one group that has been hurt the minority population and are working class have been hurt in georgia not by the legislature in georgia they have been hurt by stacey abrams, raphael warnock and joe biden barack obama, there straight evidence to show that they hurt those populations in georgia not the voter law. liz: congressman doug collins we love having you on come back when you're gonna run for the senate. good to see you thank you for joining us. that's bringing former u.s. attorney guy lewis, it is great to have you want former
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commissioner of baseball says this is a serious mistake, ballplayers get paid no matter what not minority workers and businesses in georgia, what do you think? >> i looked up and read carefully even what the braves themselves put out, they did not want to move, they disagreed with the league's decision and they indicated it was not our decision, as you said $190 million, who is actually going to hurt, it is going to hurt the people of atlanta who are depending on this, who work hard for this and counting on this and they pick up and move the game out to course filled out in denver. it makes no sense to me especially when you consider the law the actual facts, facts matter and in this case there is nothing that i can see in the
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law itself that limits voting in the state of georgia. liz: major league baseball admitted that they move the all-star game from georgia because of pressure from president biden criticizing the georgia law, we hear you saying the mayor of denver, colorado, he is cheering the song he said his region and area is going to get 100 million bucks, butch miller of georgia a top state lawmaker broke down what is happening, i like your comments after the soundbite of what miller said about this. watch this. >> georgia has a voter id and georgia's voter id is free colorado charges $12.67 for their voter id. colorado has 15 days of early voting in person, georgia has 17 early voting in person. georgia has 29 days of mail and balance, colorado has 25 days of
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mailing ballots, we permit sunday voting, colorado prohibits sunday voting, this is about politics and nothing about voter access and if you are talking about politics, politics has no business in baseball and no business in business. liz: now state vincent the commissioner says baseball is an awkward position of defending colorado tougher law and democrats are silent on this. what do you say. >> it makes no sense clearly when you stack up the facts in terms of the law that they recently passed to shore up the issue of in my judgment absentee ballot voting, it is clearly available and you have to come in and present identification into don't understand why that is so objectionable i go to the bank and cash a check, i needed
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id, go to that airport i needed id. i go pick up my prescription at walgreens, i needed id. so even if you don't under georgia law, even if you don't have a drivers license you can still walk in and present an absentee ballot just as long as you have something, anything that proves that you are who you say you are. >> we hear totally what you're saying, what's really interesting texas democrat sheila jackson lee is saying don't boycott texas over its new voting law, she sang quick bipartisan pressure on state legislatures, is not the way to go. >> the problem i have with the way that she framed the issue we seen the communities go through the large corporations and
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really threaten and apply extortion tactics that if you don't we are going to boycott you and the last thing that you want is a negative adverse publicity and then this case unfortunately it is clear mlb caved in their moving the game and you cannot justify atlanta over denver. liz: guy lewis, great to have you on, come back soon, fox news contributor jason chay fits on how it's going from bad to worse on the 60 minute story, we will show you more of what 60 minutes viewers did not see, what they deliberately left out to rig its narrative with the vaccination in exchange for political donation, what you're going to see is so overwhelming that 60 minutes critics say they should correct the story, the story next coming up. >> rarely have i seen a obvious political hit job then what 60
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liz: let's welcome back to the show former house oversight chair jason chaffetz, the 60
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minute story ron desantis publix supermarkets is falling apart going from bad to worse, 60 minutes did not report that publix donated double the money, they left out so much on the story. >> there really is a telling point they tried to make it as if ron desantis had participated in pay to play in painted this picture that he took an exorbitant amount of money but they got the facts wrong, first of all they doubled the amount of donations to democrats versus what ron desantis gave according to the story, they'd cut out the heart of what he said they tried to say that they went to publix first, they did not go there first, publix had the ability and the personnel and volunteer to do this first, the others were not ready in fact they were serving other parts of the community, 90% of the people that they were serving lived in
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a mile and a half of where they were at, they were getting rave reviews and most telling for somebody who's trying to be objective as he can, i served with ron desantis on the congress and i know him but if you're looking at it objectively look at what the democrat said, the democrat officeholders went out and said that was totally false and 60 minutes went way overboard, and paraphrasing what they said but they came and supported ron desantis in his version of the facts. liz: the whole hoax to the 60 minute story the week pay to play was a $100,000 donation from desantis to publix they gave to steny hoyer, james clyburn, charlie crist, tim kaine, mark warner top democrats
10:20 pm
two. if you look at what 60 minutes left out, the amount of fact, it is so overwhelming they autocorrect their story, let's show the viewers what they left out, you pointed out a lot they did not get a distribution right from florida, no one from the governor's office suggested publix, it was the other way around because the pharmacies were not ready, they were vaccinating nursing homes and public was ready to go, do you think they should correct the story. >> they have not fessed up to, the only thing that they issued after the fact is that the story speaks for itself, the story is incomplete in its error by omission, 60 minute used to be the newsmagazine that you can count on week after week to see the most in-depth story and they totally falling off the you know what else is instructive did
10:21 pm
they do anything about gavin newsom and millions of people that have signed a recall petition, have they signed anything on governor cuomo and the scandal not only about the sexual harassment to what happened in the nursing homes, they tried to after ron desantis and where the democrats are stepping up to see the governor desantis dealt with this and dealt with a properly and 60 minutes is absolutely spreading falsehoods. liz: no one from the governor's office suggested publix, to your point the top official in charge of florida's covid-19 response jared moscowitz said he told 60 minutes ahead of time don't do the single it is bs, that basically that it's bs because florida covid drinking response, they basically asked publix to volunteer, they did not go to them after making a donation,
10:22 pm
i'm not sure we have the governor desantis soundbite, do we have it? go ahead jason, comment on that when he thing of what i just said. >> you're absolutely right, these are democrats that are going out and saying this, the news report 60 minutes was following governor desantis for two weeks trying to dig up something on him the fact that no other news outlet ran on it and cbs did not follow up after it, none of the other new stations and 24 hour cable stations are talking about except fox news because they totally botched the hit job it was on purpose, political, wrong, retracted and cbs should apologize for its shoddy reporting. liz: let's watch governor desantis on this. >> it showed that there narrative was a piece of horace mann newer comment it shows you how this honest, that's why nobody trust corporate media,
10:23 pm
they are a disaster and what they're doing, they knew what they were doing was a lie, we offer them the information and they declined to interview the key people because they did not want to let go of the narrative, guess what there's going to be consequences for that no corporate media thinks that they could run over people, you are not running over this governor, i am punching back. cbs knew it was a lie but that was their goal, simply to try to smear florida, smear me and smear whoever they could in the process to try to manufacture it, they are based in new york, how many critical stories are they doing about the governor of new york, i haven't seen any critical looks at all their problems.
10:24 pm
liz: how can he hold them accountable? >> is doing a great job and the reason they're going after him he's out in front and embarrassing them on statistics and the people of florida are doing great and they will keep going after him because he so successful. liz: basically going in to the airwaves and say this is he got it wrong it's good to see you, come back soon. just ahead kt mcfarland on the new debate where are the democrats in the biden administration. president biden green infrastructure taxpayer money will likely go to force labor in chinese prison camps, the u.s. solar industry warning about this and all we hear from the democrats is crickets. ♪
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liz: look who is here and back with us kt mcfarland president trump deputy national security advisor trump, washington and we the people, kt we have silence on the biden administration to democrats taxpayer money spent by president biden green energy infrastructure plan will likely go to green energy project by forced labor and chinese prison camps. go ahead. >> this is the hypocrisy and it is stunning, the far left is the
10:29 pm
democrat party there is green warriors alice that everything else is just fine if you have a green new deal, it is fine to lose jobs out of the united states to china it's all right the chinese forced labor because you're buying a product from china that you should buy from china in the first place. it's okay to cancel the keystone pipeline even though america loses jobs and it means that china gets energy. it's okay to go after fracking even though it means the united states will no longer be able to meet their mission, the hypocrisy is stunning, it is also the zealotry is crazy why should a american tax dollars go to solar panels in china if they were really serious why not paper solar panels made in america it is the hypocrisy in the religious zealotry that is taken over the far left of the democrat party and biden doesn't seem to be able to do a darn thing about it.
10:30 pm
liz: let's show what richard says about this, china's province is home to numerous prison lever camps reportedly more than half of the world silicon of raw material crucial to producing solar panels, more than the half comes from the region in china, the u.s. solar industry even said were telling companies pull up the supply chain out of the region in china by june, we don't hear anything, 0, crickets about biden the democrats and their okay that they're killing the keystone pipeline in this too, what is going on. >> they are so controlled by the far left mob of the democrat party the woke folks, the cancer culture and the media mob, they will not stand up to them, the biden a administration wanted to
10:31 pm
do something about the forced labor camps if they wanted to put policies where their words are, they would go after them, how about we find it somewhere else in the world inhabited american solar panel in the industry, they talk a good game, they come out and say were really concerned about the forced labor camp and were concerned about hong kong and these things but the deeds never match the words. liz: jeff merkley is the only one that we really hear speak up about this, the other thing you and i talked about this, hunter biden has yet to do best his 10% stake in the chinese investment fund, that has invested in countries like the congo and their accused of human rights abuses and child labor violations, hunter is making money off of china's green energy and human rights violation in africa, this is bad
10:32 pm
stuff. >> i expect politicians to lie cheat and steal especially modern-day politicians it is the job of the media to hold them to account, where is the media, where is the media's outrage, yet a great segment on ron desantis is the media outrage about ron desantis, was outrage about hunter biden that he owns 10%, he still getting money on forced labor camps whether there in the she's on province or abuses that are happening in extraction in the congo, is double standard that is so outrageous, it is the media mob that will go after anybody that is a republican, anybody that supported trump and crickets even the most egregious abuses on the other side. liz: kt mcfarland always terrific to see you, come back soon. were coming out of the bottom of the hour you're watching the fox
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business network state department official christian whiton dialing back on the suggested boycott by one of the owned state department officials, boycott of china's 2020 olympics because a human right, what exactly are they going to do to stand up to china about that. that story next. ♪ my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it, lowering my blood sugar from the first dose. once-weekly trulicity responds when my body needs it, 24/7. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it,
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liz: let's welcome back to the show former state department official christian whiton, it's so good to have you on we talked about this debate the biden team strong enough to stand up to china we have the state department dialing back on state department official ned price suggested a boycott of china's 2022 winter olympics in beijing in the boycott with other allies, what is the biden team going to do to stand up to china.
10:38 pm
>> is entirely unclear, so far the state department and there seems to be a little bit of mixed messaging frankly a lot of mixed messaging coming from the state department versus the white house young the secretary of state saying they talked about china murdering democracy in hong kong completely undermining the legislative council in the freely elected democrats, they were always a minority of the body but china has done away with that and putting jail people like a pro-democracy pro press that they put in jail the founder of the hong kong democratic party lincoln has said things about that but young john kerry and others but you have others in a hurry to get into climate negotiations with china and make big concessions, it's a lot of mixed messaging and there's a review of china policy going on since mid february that doesn't appear to be completed yet. >> the mixed messaging is a fair point because president biden said he did not just talk about
10:39 pm
china's cover-up of the covid pandemic or anything about china's covid-19 pinned to make when he talked to the president of china for two hours. china is doing military exercises around taiwan and a clear message to the u.s. and taiwan. >> this is not one of 20 things on biden's list to keep ion around the world and they just started giving aid to the palestinians, that is bizarre, this is the big fight, taiwan will take steps to defend itself, this is the big crisis in the world today and if we were to lose taiwan and if china were to be tempted by a move, that would take the entire western pacific untenantable in a region that could escalate to killing hundreds of thousands of
10:40 pm
people that would be calamitous for our way of life in the administration to ignore that and give the chinese an apparent past on covid because were not seen strong language on that, this is music to the years of xi jinping the chinese dictator who has been looking for a week administration of washington. liz: we hear what you're saying, we hear you, president biden advocated for baseball boycott of atlanta, georgia, they are silent about human rights abuses in china in major league baseball expanded in china, all of them silent about was going on inside of china let's listen to jen psaki talk about the boycott idea, let's watch. >> these are the winter olympics next winter so sometime away as it relates to the second part of your question and our hope that we are at a point that enough people across the country have
10:41 pm
been vaccinated but we will rely on health and medical experts on that particular piece our position on the 2022 olympics has not changed and we are not discussing any boycott with allies and partners, we consult closely with allies and partners at all levels to define our common concern and establish a shared approach but there is no discussion underway of a change in our plan regarding the beijing olympics on the united states point of view. liz: that is a really strong push back, real shutdown of state department official ned price who suggested this, they are saying absolutely no boycott, your final word. >> we are not getting leadership from the administration also you have companies like coca-cola and delta who were lecturing us about voting laws which actually increased devoting assess ability, guess what are sponsors of the 2022 olympics, a lot of question with moral activity,
10:42 pm
nor enter not a lot of moral leadership. liz: great to see you, come back soon. up ahead fox news contributor, senator rand paul said republicans across the country boycott coca-cola and other companies for erroneously criticizing georgia's voter law without the fact, senator mitch mcconnell said these companies are playing stupid about this debate, critics criticizing georgia's law, they are okay with profiting in china with human rights abuses, that story next. >> why wouldn't you want to know if someone who is who they say they are when they're trying to vote, why is that racist? and president biden and commissioner manfred need to explain this now to turn baseball into a blue sport, it just really makes me want to
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liz: look who's back former white house press secretary, it's so great to have you back on. what do you think of kentucky senator rand paul's for republicans to boycott companies like coca-cola and delta and wolf businesses erroneously criticizing georgia's voting law, what do you think of that. >> i hated that it's about time that republicans and conservatives have to do it, that is the problem if you believe that corporations in businesses should not be dictated to by heavy-handed government or leaders directing people to boycott you are opposed to these things in the role in which they do this they practice because they've gotten good at it and know how to mount pressure campaigns and if the other side does not do it it's you know lateral disc are permit
10:48 pm
in corporations will succumb to pressure from the left. the only way to achieve an equilibrium and some stability again is for conservatives to give corporations a taste of the left-wing medicine. liz: i got it, let's listen to senator rand paul, i would like your reaction. >> georgia has early voting the new york, it's kind of ridiculous even the facts don't need what they're trying to do, my point is they want to boycott us, why don't we boycott them if coca-cola only wants to operate in democrat states and only wants democrats to drink coca-cola, god love them will see what they do when half the country quits drinking coca-cola and quit using delta, public and treated businesses to get involved with politics because it hurts the bottom line and make the country unhappy. liz: it doesn't just your take half the country meeting republicans irritate people who know the facts about the law
10:49 pm
people in georgia can vote up to a month early voting by mail-in ballot no excuse absentee ballot, it irritates everybody that knows about the law. >> when i live in new york state which is overwhelmingly controlled by democrats, always has been, new york state have to have an excuse to vote absentee ballot until years ago there was none early voting in new york state in new york has less early voting in georgia, the misunderstanding of georgia and the way the press rolled with it and quoted biden and stacey abrams and called it jim crow 2.0 jim crow on steroids, that reporting in the demagogue joe biden calling it jim crow has added up to economic boycotts and threats of economic boycotts in baseball moving out of georgia this is what can happen with our society split in half, it's not good for anybody. liz: it is such an offense to those minorities affected by jim
10:50 pm
crow, that law was hideous, was horrific but to say this is jim crow is so off-the-wall and now we have msnbc pundits saying what about citizens united, no one is disputing companies right for free speech or to make political donation is about ironically characterized the georgia law. , go ahead, final word. >> it is about terrible judgment all major league baseball and the corporations had to do was say there's very good and thoughtful people who think the long georgia is a mistake, there is very good and thoughtful people who think it has reasonable safeguards, our job is to welcome everybody inside of her city honor airplanes, five people wherever they want to go that's why we stay out of partisan politics. they could've risen above, they should have and now they're in their own self-created lose lose. liz: good to see you, come back soon.
10:51 pm
former top homeland security official ken cuccinelli, house gop leader kevin mccarthy wants a briefing for congressional leadership from the fbi in cia over terrorist at the border. we have that story next. >> because there's over 1000 got a ways every day more than a thousand based on traffic they can't respond to or drone traffic or camera traffic over a thousand got a ways, if you want to come to this country and was harm, the border is vulnerable because the situation crated by the biden administration. ♪ (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that.
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liz: back with us now former top homeland security official ken cuccinelli, we always love having you on the show house gop leader kevin mccarthy sent a letter to the fbi in cea saying you have to brief congressional leadership and borders of vice president harris about terrorists caught at the border, how can democrats in any way oppose this. >> they cannot really, this is a very frankly ordinary type of request from congress, while we were not broadcast intelligence information to everyone in congress, certainly leadership
10:56 pm
of key committees in the leadership in general like kevin mccarthy would have access to that information and it would just be a function of scheduling on an ordinary basis. what is not ordinary here is the way the administration has been trying to bury this information. you look at what they did with the report on the cbp website, they pulled it down and attempting to censor the information which is consistent with what they're doing with other areas of the immigration crisis but to see that here on something of intelligence and clear security relevant is very disturbing. liz: the rank-and-file the guys doing the legwork in the front line of border patrol in homeland security put up a press release about two terrorists from yemen caught trying to enter the port of entry in california but the political appointee pulls it down there on the fbi terror watch list in the
10:57 pm
no-fly list, why are political appointees or bureaucrats pulling this down why are they deleting it. >> for political reasons, we would not have interfered with them communicating with the public just as any police department would do, this is the largest law enforcement agency cbp in the country in addition to performing law enforcement functions they also play a national security role as we see in the subject of our discussion you're here and to not want the american people to know about, you have to ask yourself why, with this administration there is a rational answer even though it's a bad one and reflects badly on kicking the door open to every illegal alien that wants to cross the border coming across because that results in overwhelming our system and that means a drug cartel can send drugs are crossed far left impeded by the border patrol and
10:58 pm
it means terrorists know that they can come across the border with relative ease compared to other times and were actually policing the border and this is one of the consequences and they don't like the american people learning about the consequences, it's only explanation why you would pull that down and try to hide it from the american people, it is a cover-up. liz: were being kept in the dark about issues that affected families security and national security, we have no way of knowing, the government has no way of knowing who exactly is getting into the u.s., there are thousands of got a ways people escaping into the interior every month and 19 suspected terrorists caught and were talking about the pakistani taliban, isis, we hear the media staying if you reporting this to be hysterical, now we have a right to know what is going on and kevin mccarthy, you talked
10:59 pm
about it too, were seen people from yemen, china, pakistan and afghanistan caught trying to cross. >> given here we see people from 140 different countries trying to come across the border and look at what's happening now, they're not running from the border patrol, they're running to the border patrol because under the biden administration the government has become the next chain in the human smuggling effort and that means there's lots of other parts of the border that are much more porous and undefended because we only have so many border patrol agents and they won't use the military under this administration so it creates opportunities for national security disasters. liz: ken cuccinelli, thank you for joining us come back soon, we'll see entrance down the story and talk to congressman henry cuellar, he is an expert in a really great straight shooter, he will talk about the migrant surge in his district, he is calling a crisis.
11:00 pm
thank you for joining us i'm elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business, that does it for us we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪


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