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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 7, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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but why aren't the markets worried about the corporate tax hikes? we'll discuss that maybe tomorrow. so will "kudlow." that does it for us. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: tonight the blowback against president biden for making even more chaotic comments. he now tells georgia to quote, smarten up, stop losing business after biden and barack obama fueled and triggered baseball's boycott of georgia over its new vote law. the boycott will slam businesses. many owned by black people. these businesses already hit hard about it pandemic. we're going to break down this latest dissass term on the show tonight, doug collins, guy lewis, jason chaffetz and kt mcfarland along with christian whiton, ari fleischer, and ken cuccinelli. look at this senator rand paul say republicans across the
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country should boycott and delta for erroneously criticizing georgia's new vote law without the facts. senator mitch mcconnell says quote, these companies are quite stupid. the debate, critics say these companies criticize georgia's law but they're okay profiting in china where human rights abuses abound. tonight we'll show you more mistakes we found in the botched "60 minutes" story of governor desantis and publix super markets. it is going bad to worse. we'll show you what "60 minutes" deliberately left out, what the viewers did not see, it is so overwhelming that "60 minutes'" claim that desantis got publix to the vaccinations in exchange for political donations it i so factually incorrect "60 minutes" ought to correct its story. taxpayer money spent by president biden's green infrastructure plan will go to green energy products made by forced labor in chinese prison
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camps. afl-cio afl-cio richard trumka, u.s. solar industry warned the biden administration about this. trump demanded biden block it. all we hear are crickets. more on hunter biden's stake in a chinese investment fund links to overseas companies accused of human rights and child a h labor abuses making green energy products. separately the state department dials back on a suggested boycott of china's 2022 winter olympics over human rights abuses. is the biden team strong enough to stand up to china? we'll take the debate on. house republican leader kevin mccarthy now demanding a brief of congressional leadership by the fbi and cia over suspected terrorists crossing the border. democrats also doing this, they will try to ram through border changes without any gop votes through budget reconciliation. according to a new report. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin tonight with former georgia congressman doug collins. sir, great to have you on. we hear you may be considering a senate run. are you? >> we're doing, that liz. one good to see you and talking to you again. we're considering that. with the craziness down here where senator rafael warnock who is actually encouraging and money and business to leave georgia, acting surprise when it happens, there is lot of consideration going on here, liz. elizabeth: gotcha. we'll stay on that story about you. now to this. president biden doing a swing and a miss telling folks in georgia to smarten up, avoid losing businesses but this is after he used a massive power of his own bully pulpit to say yes, baseball should boycott georgia, pull the all-star game out of it. barack obama also endorsing it too. what is happening here? how do you square this?
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>> it is pretty amazing to have a president of the united states basically say the georgia legislature was too dumb to know whatth doing. be honest. this is not about us smartening up. he was saying the georgia legislature and general assembly, signing this bill was not smart enough or too dumb to actually know how to run elections in georgia. the problem was he didn't know how to read the bill. still doesn't know how to read the bill. there is nothing in that bill that discriminates against anyone. it somely strengthens, adds hours to our voting time. it now its unlaw drop, goss dropboxes and things people were considering getting rid of and i.d. for absentee ballot. i was in the georgia legislature for voter i.d. for in-person voting. they told us this will devastate minority voting. it actually went up in georgia. this is not being reported because stacey abrams is screaming voter suppression. georgia voting of minorities increased 20, 30% over past six
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or seven years. it is getting better. they're just lying about us. elizabeth: interesting. critics say biden effectively put a call for a boycott on businesses in georgia with the baseball boycott with misleading statements about georgia's law. the statements are so bad "washington post" gave them forepinocchios. cnn's fact checker said biden was wrong. listen to what president biden is saying now about this. watch this. >> i think it is very tough decision for a corporation to make or group to make but i respect them when they make that judgment and i support whatever judgment they make but it's, the best way to deal with is for georgia and other states to smarten up. stop it. stop it. elizabeth: smarten up? stop it, stop it? after you call for a boycott? that is going to cost georgia 190 million bucks? barack obama endorsed it too? what did you make of his comments when you first heard that?
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>> those are the most patronizing condescending comments i every heard coming from a president of the united states. my question, why don't he go to his home state in delaware, all the companies headquartered corporately in delaware move out. they don't have early voting. don't have the dropbox. don't have things georgia has. what this is here is pandering. let's be frank. the president of the united states is pandering. he liked it, encouragement from the left, woke community this is bad. in reality all they're using it for political gain. you know who is making a issue out of this, stacey abrams making millions for her group down here claiming voter suppression. folks like rafael warnock and jon ossoff who won't protect georgia businesses but want to continue a narrative of suppression. there is only one group putting suppression in down here. that is stacey abrams and democrats. because they can't point to a single thing in the bill, even bores for them the president included they can't show you that voter turnout is going down
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in georgia. voter turnout among minorities is going up in georgia. where is the president's talking points on that? elizabeth: yeah, when you stack up the georgia bill what the laws were before the pandemic, you got to say, what the laws are in new york and biden's home state of delaware, it is not jim crow 2.0. what we're seeing now, how do you square president biden a week ago calling boycott of georgia pull out the all-star game, but president biden is worried about moving the masters golf tournament out of georgia might hurt workers in georgia? how do you square it? >> you can't square it. the problem with the administration, they circle back on everything and can't square a thing. what we've got here, can you imagine the master anywhere about augusta, georgia? can you imagine the kentucky derby anywhere besides
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churchhill downs? it you is ludicrous for the master to say. very telling not touching the masters, not saying anything about it, letting major league baseball encouraging them to move it out of atlanta, over 50% out of minority to a place in denver with a less than 10% minority population. one group has been hit, the minority population in our working class have been hurt in georgia not by the legislature in george gam they have been hurt by stacey abrams, rafael warnock, jon ossoff and joe biden encouraged major league baseball to leave. there is factual evidence that they hurt those populations in georgia, not this voter law. elizabeth: congressman collins. come back soon. announce on the show when you run for the senate. >> thank you. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. let's bring in former u.s. attorney guy lewis. you know, it is great to have you on too, guy. former commissioner of baseball
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faye vincent says this is a serious mistake. ball players get paid no matter what, not minority workers and businesses in georgia. that is faye vincent, what do you think, guy? >> elizabeth, i looked at and read carefully even what the braves themselves put out. they didn't want a move. they disagreed with the league's decision. they indicated it wasn't our decision. as you said $190 million. who is that actually going to hurt? it is going to hurt the people of atlanta who are depending on this, who work hard for this. who are counting on this. they pick up and move it, the game out to rockies, out to coors field out in denver. it makes no sense to me especially when you consider the law, the actual facts. facts matter and in this case, there is nothing that i can see in the law itself that limits,
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that limits voting in the state of georgia. elizabeth: yeah. you know, major league baseball admitted that they moved the all-star game from georgia because of pressure from president biden criticizing the georgia law. you know, we hear what you're saying. the mayor of denver, colorado, he is cheering this on. he said his region, his area will get 100 million bucks. butch miller of georgia, a top state lawmaker broke down what is happening here. guy, i would like your comments after the sound bite of what butch miller said about this. watch this. >> georgia has a voter i.d. colorado has a voter i.d. georgia's voter i.d. is free. colorado charges $1.67 for their voter i.d. colorado has 15 days of early voting in person. georgia has 17 days of early voting in person. georgia has 29 days of mail-in ballots. colorado has 25 days of mail-in ballots.
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we permit sunday voting. colorado prohibits sunday voting. this is all about politics and nothing about the voter access. if you were talking about politics, politics, politics, it has no business in baseball. it has no business in business. elizabeth: but now as faye vincent, baseball commissioner says, guy, baseball is in the awkward of position of defending colorado's tougher law. democrats are silent on this. what do you say? >> well it makes no sense clearly when you stack up the facts in terms of the law that they recently passed to try to really shore up the issue of, in my judgment, absentee ballot voting. you still, it clearly is available. you simply have to come in and present some identification. i really, i don't understand why that is so objectionable. i go into the bank to cash a check, i need an i.d. i go to the airport, i need an
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i.d. i go in to pick up my prescription at walgreen's's, i need an i.d. and so even if you don't georgia law, elizabeth, even if you don't have a driver's license, you can still walk in and present an absentee ballot, just so long as you got something, anything that proves hour you say you are. elizabeth: yeah, we hear totally what you're saying. you know what is really interesting too texas democrat sheila jackson lee, she is saying don't boycott texas over its new voting law. put bipartisan pressure on state legislators. is that the way to go? >> well the problem i have with the way she, sort of frames the issue and we've seen this, we've seen the communities go to some of these large corporations and really threaten and apply
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extortion tactics if you don't we'll boycott you. the last thing you want is all this negative adverse publicity. in this case unfortunately it is clear that mlb caved. they're moving the game. elizabeth: got it. >> you can't justify you know atlanta over denver. elizabeth: got it. guy lewis. great to have you on. good to see you. come back soon. coming up fox news contributor jason chaffetz on how it is going from bad to worse with that botched "60 minutes" story. we're going to show you ion more of what "60 minutes" viewers did not see. what "60 minutes" deliberately left out in order to rig its narrative that governor desantis got publix to do vaccinations in exchange for political donations. what you're going to see is so overwhelmingly critics say "60 minutes" should correct this story. the story next, coming up. >> rarely have i ever seen a more obvious political hit job than what "60 minutes" tried to
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florida governor ron desantis an publix supermarkets, it is really falling apart going from bad to worse. "60 minutes" didn't report that publix donated double the money to house and senate politicians versus what they gave governor desantis? they are leaving out so much in this the story. >> they were trying to make it if ron desantis participated in pay-to-play, and painted a picture that he took a exorbitant amount of money. they doubled the amount of donations to democrats versus what they gave to ron desantis, according to that story. they cut out the heart of what he said. he said hey, they went to publix first. they didn't go to publix first. publix had the ability and personnel to volunteered to do this first. the others were not ready. in fact they were serving other parts of the community. more than 90% of the people they were serving lived within a
6:19 pm
mile 1/2 of where they were at. they were getting rave reviews. i think probably most telling for somebody who is trying to be objective as you can, look, i served with ron desan -- desantis in the congress and know him, if you look objective, look what the democrats said because the democrat officeholders went out and said that was totally false and "60 minutes" went way overboard. i'm paraphrasing what the democrats said but the democrats came and supported ron desantis and his version of the facts. elizabeth: yeah. you know, the whole hook to "60 minutes'" story, only evidence for hits weak pay-to-play accusation was that 100,000-dollar donation to desantis from publix but they gave to steny hoyer, james clyburn, donna shalala, charlie crist, debbie wasserman schultz, tim kaine, mark warner, top democrats too. you see what "60 minutes"
6:20 pm
deliberately left out, the amount much facts and context, jason, so overwhelming, they really ought to correct their story. show the viewer what they left out. you pointed out a lot of it. they left out publix did not get exclusive distribution rights to the vaccine from florida. no one from the governor's office suggested publix. instead it was the other way around because the pharmacies were not ready. the pharmacies were vaccinating nursing homes. publix was ready to go. it goes on and on. do you think they should correct the story? >> yeah. they have not fessed up to it. the only thing they issued after the fact, that the story speaks for itself. the story is incomplete and error by admission. "60 minutes" used to be a venerable news magazine you could count on week after week to see the most indepth investigative stories. they have totally fallen off that perch. what else is instructive?
6:21 pm
did they do anything about gavin newsom the fact millions of people signed a recall petition? no. have they done anything on governor cuomo and the scandal? not only about the sexual harrassment but what happened in the nursing homes? no. they tried to go after ron desantis where even the democrats are stepping up to say the governor desantis has dealt with this and dealt with this properly and "60 minutes" is absolutely spreading falsehoods. elizabeth: yeah. no one from the governor's office suggested publix. also to your point the top official in charge of florida's covid-19 response, jared moscowitz, listen he told "60 minutes" ahead of time, don't do this angle, it is quote bs. basically the angle is bs because florida's covid-19 response, they didn't, they basically asked publix to volunteer. publix didn't go to them after making a donation. i'm not sure if we have the governor desantis sound bite.
6:22 pm
do we got it, team? go ahead, jason, comment on that. what did you think of what i discuss said? >> you're absolutely right. these are democrats going out and saying this. the news report is that "60 minutes" was following around governor desantis for two weeks trying to dig up something on him. the fact no other news out let ran with it, cbs didn't follow up after it. none of the other news stations, 24 hour cable stations are even talking about exempt fox news because they totally botched this hit job. it was on purpose. it was political. it was wrong. it should be retracted and cbs should apologize for such shoddy reporting. >> let's watch governor desantis on this. p watch this. >> that showed that narrative was a piece of horse manure. it shows you how dishonest, these are smear merchants. why nobody trusts corporate media.
6:23 pm
they are a disaster in what they're doing. they knew what they were doing was a lie. we offered them the information and they declined to interview the key people because they didn't want to let go of the narrative. guess what? there will be consequences for that. we're not, i know corporate media thinks that they can just run over people. you ain't running over governor, i'm punching back. cbs knew it was a big knew. their goal was to try to smear florida, smear me, whoever they could in the process to try to manufacture it. they're based in new york, how many critical stories are they doing about the governor of new york? i've seen puff pieces. i haven't seen any critical looks at all their problems. elizabeth: how can he punch, how can holed them accountable? >> he is doing a great job and the reason they're going after him because he is out in front. he is embarrassing them on their
6:24 pm
statistics. the people of florida are doing great. they will keep coming after him because he has been so successful. elizabeth: so, basically going into the airwaves, saying hey, this is how they got it wrong. got it. jason chaffetz. thanks so much for joining us. good to see you again. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: kt mcfarland on this new debate, where are the democrats, where is the biden administration on this story? president biden's green energy infrastructure taxpayer money will likely go to green energy products made by forced labor in chinese prison camps. even afl-cio chief, richard trumka, the u.s. solar industry warning about this. all we hear from biden and the democrats are crickets. this story next.
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i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪ now i'm ready for someone to call me mom. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. ♪. elizabeth: look who's here, loo who is back with us, kt mcfarland, president trump's former national deputy security advisor, author of the book, revolution, trump, washington and we the people. kt, we have stunning silence on the biden administration and democrats. taxpayer money spent by president biden's green energy infrastructure plan will likely go to green energy products made by forced labor in chinese prison camps. afl-cio chief richard trumka is warning about that, the forced labor. go ahead. >> the hypocrisy of this is just stunning. far left of the democrat party,
6:29 pm
they're such green warrior zealots, everything else is just fine as long as you have the green new deal, right? just fine to lose jobs out of the united states to china. all right to pay for chinese forced labor because you're buying a product from china you shouldn't even be buying from china in the first placement okay to cancel the keystone pipeline, even though america loses jobs, means china gets the energy. okay to go after fracking even though it means that the united states will no longer be able to meet their emissions but hypocrisy of it is stunning but also the zealotry of it is a little crazy. liz, think about it for a minute. why should american tax dollars pay for solar panels in china? if they were really serious about it, why not pay for solar panels made in america? it really is the hypocrisy of it, this religious zealotry that has taken over the far left of the democrat party and biden doesn't seem to be able to do a darn thing about it. elizabeth: let's show the
6:30 pm
viewers of what richard trumka is saying about this. let's break it down. china's shinzhen province, that region is home to numerous prison labor camps. more than half of the world's polly silicon, a raw material crucial to produce solar materials, more than half comes from this region in china. the u.s. solar industry, kt, even said we're going to pull out, we're telling companies pull out the supply chain out of this region of china by june. but we don't hear anything, zero, crickets from biden and the democrats about this, why? they're killing the keystone pipeline, they're okay with this too? what is going on? >> because they're so, they're so controlled by the far left mob of the democrat party. the woke folk, cancel culture, the media mob, they're just not going to stand up to them. if the biden administration really wanted to do something about the forced labor camps, if
6:31 pm
they really wanted to put policies where their words are, they would go after them, say okay, how about find poly silicone someplace else in the world? have american solar panel industry? they talk a good game. we're concerned about the forced labor camps, concentration camps. we're really concerned about hong kong, we're concerned all these things but deeds never match the words. elizabeth: you know, democrat senator jeff merkley is the only one we're hearing speak up about this. the other thing too, you and i talked about this, hunter biden has yet to divest the 10% stake in the chinas investment fund. that chinese investment fund invested in mines in the congo. these mines are accused of human rights abuses and child labor violations. hunter is making money off of china's green energy and human rights violations in africa. this is bad stuff. >> yeah. you know, look, i expect
6:32 pm
politicians to lie, cheat, steal, frankly, especially the modern-day politicians. the job of the media to hold them to account. where is the media? where is the media outrage? you had a great segment on ron desantis. the media is outraged by ron desantis. where is the outrage of hunter biden? still making money on forced labor camps, forced labor camps in shen shen province or raw material extraction in congo. it is the double standard i think is so outrageous. it is the media mob. it will go after anybody that is a republican, anybody that supported trump. yet crickets, like you say, crickets, even of the mosting green just abuses -- most egregious abuses on the other side. elizabeth: kt mcfarland, always terrific to have you back on. come back soon. we're coming to the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business
6:33 pm
network. former state department official christian whiton, the state department dialing back on a boycott by one of its own state department officials, boycott of china's 2022 winter olympics because of human rights violations. what will they do to stand up to china about that? the story next. i had saved up some money and then found the home of my dreams. but, my home of my dreams needed some work. sofi was the first lender that even offered a personal loan, and i didn't even know that was an option. the personal loan let us renovate our single family house into a multi-unit home. ♪ and i get to live in this beautiful house,
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saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate. click or call for a quote today. ♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show former state department official christian whiton. so good to have you on. you and i talked about in this debate is the biden team strong enough to stand up to china? now they have got the state department dialing back on state department official ned price suggesting a possible joint boycott of china's 2022 winter olympics, a joint boycott with u.s. allies. maybe that is not the way to go but what is the biden team going to do to stand up to china? >> it is entirely unclear.
6:38 pm
so far the state department, there seems to be a little bit of mixed missaging a lot of mixed messaging between the state department and white house. secretary of state antony blinken said things about china basically murdering democracy in honk con. hong kong. completely you know mining the democrats in that body. they put in jail jimmy lai most pro democracy, founder of the hong kong democratic party. blinken said that. in the white house john kerry and others who are probably in a hurry to get into climate negotiations with china to make big concessions. there is a lot of mixed messaging. there is review of china policy going on since mid-february which doesn't appear to be completed yet. elizabeth: the mixed messaging is a fair point. president biden said he did not
6:39 pm
talk about china's coverup of the covid pandemic or anything about china's covid-19 pandemic how it started in china when he talked to the president of china for two hours on the phone. now we also have this, christian. china is doing military exercises around taiwan, a clear message to the u.s. and taiwan. >> right. so this isn't just one much sort of 20 things on biden's list of things to keep an eye on around the world that range from iran to just started giving aid to the palestinians. that is bizarre. this is the big fight. whether or not the free world will stand up with taiwan and taiwan will take steps to defend itself. you know, this is the big crisis in the world today. and if we were actually to lose taiwan, if taiwan, if china were to be tempted by our weakness to make a move, that would make the entire western pacific untenable that would be a regional war that could rapidly escalate killing hundreds of thousands of people.
6:40 pm
that would be truly can calamits for our way of life. for the administration to blythely ignore that or give china a pass on covid. we're not hearing any language this is music to the ears of xi xinping who has been looking for a weak administration in washington. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying. we hear you. you know the biden, president biden advocated for baseball boycott of atlanta, georgia, but they're silent about human rights abuses in china. major league baseball expanding in china. companies expanding in china. all of them silent what is going on in china. hear white house press secretary jen psaki talking about the olympic boycott idea. >> this is winter olympics of next winter, sometime away from the second part of your question. hope we're at a point enough people across the country, hopefully around the world have
6:41 pm
been vaccinated but we will really on health and medical experts on that that particular piece. the position on the 2022 olympics we're not discussing any joint boycott with allies and partners. we discuss closely with allies and levels at all levels to discuss common shared concerns and approach but there is no change in our plans regarding the beijing olympics from the united states point of sue. elizabeth: okay, okay. that is a really strong push back, a real shut down of state department initial ned price who suggested this. they're really saying absolutely no boycott, christian. your final word on this. >> we're not getting leadership from the administration. companies like coca-cola, delta, lecturing us about voting laws of the united states which actually increase voting accessibility, guess what, are sponsors of the 2022 olympics. a lot of frankly questionable moral activity, not a lot of
6:42 pm
moral leadership. elizabeth: got it. christian whiton. great to see you. come back soon. love having you on. up ahead, look who is coming on, fox news contributor ari fleischer. senator rand paul saying republicans across the country boycott coca-cola, delta, other companies for erroneously criticizing georgia's voting law without the facts. senator mitch mcconnell says these companies quote, are quite stupid about this debate. critics criticizing georgia's law, they're okay with profiting in china where human rights abuses abound? the story next. >> why wouldn't you want to know if someone is who they say they are when they're trying to vote? why is, why is that racist? and president biden and commissioner manfred need, they need to explain this now, to turn baseball into a blue sport, it just really makes me want to
6:43 pm
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♪. elizabeth: look who is back with us now, former white house press secretary ari fleischer. it is so great to have you back on. what do you think of kentucky senator rand paul's call for republicans to boycott companies like coca-cola and delta and woke businesses erroneously criticizing georgia's voting law? what do you think of that? >> i hate it but it is about time republicans and conservatives have to do it. that's the problem, liz. if you believe in laissez-faire, if you believe corporations and business should not be dictated to by heavy hand of government or leaders directing people to boycott, you're opposed to these things. but then in a world in which the left-wing routinely does this, they have practiced it, they have gotten good at it, they mounted pressure campaigns, if the other side doesn't do it, it
6:48 pm
is unilateral disarmament so corporations will continue to succumb to pressure from the left. the only way to achieve equalibrium, sensibility again, conservatives give corporations a taste of the left-wing medicine. elizabeth: got it. hear you. senator rand paul on this. i would like your reaction, ari. watch this. >> georgia has more early voting than new york has. it is kind of ridiculous. even the facts meet what they're trying to do but my point is, yeah, if they want to boycott us why don't we boycott them? if coca-cola only wants to operate in democrat states and only democrats drink coca-cola, god love them. we'll see half the country quicks drinking coca-cola and quits using delta. republican businesses don't get involved in politics because it hurts the bottom line to make half the country unhappy. elizabeth: it doesn't just irritate half the country, meaning republicans. it irritates people who know the facts about the law. people in georgia can vote up to
6:49 pm
a month early. voting by mail-in ballots. no excuse absentee ballots t irritates everybody that knows about the law. >> when i lived in new york state overwhelmingly controlled by democrats always has been, in new york state i have to have an excuse to vote absentee ballot. until two years ago, there was none, zero early voting in new york state. new york still has less early society than georgia. the misunderstanding the what georgia did. the way the press rolled with it, quoted biden and stacey abrams and quoted jim crow 2.0 or jim crow on steroids, bad reporting, joe biden calling it jim crow added up to economic boycotts and threats of economic boycotts and baseball moving the game out of georgia. this happens when the society starts to split in half. it is not good for anybody. elizabeth: such an offense to those minorities affected by
6:50 pm
jim crow. jim crow, that law was hideous. >> yeah. elizabeth: but to say this is jim crow is so off the wall. now we have msnbc pundits saying oh, what about sit concerns united, the supreme court decision? no one is disputing companies right for free speech to make political donations. it is about erroneously characterizing the georgia law period, full stop, right, ari? go ahead. final word. >> it is about terrible judgment. all major league baseball and these corporations had to do was say there are very good and thoughtful people who think the law in georgia is a mistake. there are some very good and thoughtful people who think it has reasonable safeguards. our job to welcome everybody inside of our stadium, on to our airplanes, to fly people wherever they want to go. that is why we stay out of partisan politics. they could have risen above. they should have. now they're in their own self-created lose-lose. elizabeth: got it. ari fleischer, good to see you. come back soon. coming up former top homeland
6:51 pm
security official ken cuccinelli. house gop leader kevin mccarthy wants a briefing for congressional leadership from the fbi and cia over terrorists at the border. we've got the story next. >> because there is over 1000 got aways every day. over 1000 gotaways before because they can't respond to, over 1000 got aways. they want to come to the country do us harm. the border is vulnerable because of the situation created by the biden administration.
6:52 pm
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♪. elizabeth: okay. back with us now is former top homeland security official ken cuccinelli. ken, we always love having you on the show. okay, house gop leader kevin mccarthy, he sent a letter to the fbi and the cia saying listen, you got to brief congressional leadership and vice president harris about terrorists caught at the border. how could democrats in any way oppose this? >> well they can't really. this is a very, frankly ordinary type and while we wouldn't broadcast intelligence information to everyone in congress, certainly leadership of key committees and
6:56 pm
the leadership in general, like kevin mccarthy, would have access to that information, and it would be a function of scheduling on an ordinary basis. what's not ordinary here is the way this administration has been trying to bury this sort of information. you look at what they did with the report on the cbpweb site. they pulled it down, they're attempting to censor the information which is consistent with what a they're doing in other areas of the immigration crisis. but to see that here on something of intelligence and clear security relevance is very disturbing. elizabeth: so the rank and file, the guys doing the leg work, the guys on the front lines and border patrol and homeland security put up a press release about two terrorists from yemen caught trying to enter through calexico in california, they're on the fbi terror watch list and no-fly list. why are political appointees and
6:57 pm
bureaucrats pulling this down? why are they deleting it? >> yeah, i -- for political reasons. we'd have let them put that up and leave it up. we wouldn't have interfered with them communicating with the public just as any police department would do. this is the largest law enforcement agency, cbp, in the country, and they, in addition to performing law enforcement functions, they also play a national security role as we're seeing in the summit of our discussion -- subject of our discussion right here. and to not want the american people to know about that, you have to ask yourself why. well, with this administration there's a rational answer even though it's a bad one, and that is it reflects badly on kicking the door open to every illegal alien who wants to cross the border coming as cross because that results in overwhelming our system, and that means the drug cartels can send drugs across far less impeded by the border patrol, it means terrorists know
6:58 pm
they can come across the border with relative ease compared to other times when we're actually policing the border. which this is one of those consequences, and they don't like the american people learning about those consequences. it is the only explanation for why you would pull that story down and try to hide it from the american people. it's a cover-up. elizabeth: got it. so, yeah, we're being kept in the dark the about issues that affect our families' security, our national security. i mean, we have no way of knowing, the government has no way of knowing who exactly is getting into the u.s. there are thousands of gotaways. >> right. elizabeth: -- people escaping into the u.s. interior every month. >> yes. elizabeth: 19 suspected terrorists try -- caught trying to cross the border since 9/11. listen, we hear the media saying if you report on this, you're being hysterical. you know what? no. we have a right to know what's going on here. >> absolutely. elizabeth: and you have talked about this too. we're seeing people from yemen,
6:59 pm
china, turkey, pakistan and afghanistan trying to cross, caught trying to cross. >> absolutely. in a given year, we see people from 140 different countries trying to come across that border. and look at what's happening now. they're not running from the border patrol, they're running to the border patrol. because under the biden administration, the government has become the next chain in the human smuggling effort. and that means that there are lots of other parts of the border that are much more porous and undefended because we only have so many border patrol agents, and they won't use the military under this administration. and so it creates opportunities for national security disasters. elizabeth: ken cucinelli, thanks for joining us. we're going to keep on this. we'll talk to texas democrat congressman henry cuellar. he's an expert, he's really a great straight shooter. he's going to talk about the migrant surge in his district. he is calling it a crisis. thanks so much for joining us.
7:00 pm
i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ larry: hello, everyone, welcome back to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow, great pleasure to be here. so today the tax man cometh. pride ifen gave a speech -- president biden gave a speech today on his new infrastructure tax hike. treasury secretary janet yellen formally unveiled the tax plan in a conference call. commerce secretary gina raymundo who actually has a private sector background, she tried to persuade folks there's room for compromise, and the president himself swears he will talk to republicans. >> look, what i said was i would


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