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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 6, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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the fancy girdle but every girl needs a girdle that does it for us on fox business, "the evening edit" is up next with the fabulous elizabeth macdonald, it all starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪. liz: tonight major league baseball did a big swing and a miss, the mlb moving its all-star game to denver from atlanta when colorado has tougher voting laws, fewer early voting days in the same voter id laws as georgia but president biden and barack obama support the baseball boycott of atlanta when it slammed black workers and families in georgia. marco rubio blasted the mlb commissioner, he wants to know if the baseball commissioner will drop his own membership in the exclusive agusta national club and stop the mlb tried to make money and timing communist
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china in cuba does our major human rights violators. top s georgia official bush miller, ford o'connell and also fred fleitz, chris bedford and congressman brian babin of texas we have more on the fight over baseball boycott and the dozens of companies that oppose george's reporting laws those companies require ids from workers and customers, the white house of the media including cnn don lemon saying they are misleading and gas lighting the public over george's new voting law in 60 minutes trying to claim a cut for clarity, ron desantis of florida explanation but even democrats say 60 minutes successfully edited to report to try to claim governor desantis supermarket to do vaccinations after political donation when 90% of the highest risk group lives near florida,
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senior citizens and public ready to go first just reading vaccine into the overall communityst before pharmacy that's what the public stepped in the rest of cvs still avoiding reporting. chuck schumer bending senate rules to rano through biden infrastructure plan are they going to run through middle-class tykes tax, they're gonna need those to pay for and ramming through and overstated numbers of jobs created by the infrastructure plan also tonight china trying to be the world superpower and vaccines to make money why is the u.s. sending u.s. taxpayer dollars without checks and balances to china money that could create or weaponize viruses that are highly contagious and can even jump species. a new report is abiding the administration racing to do damage control as president biden's approval rating over the border plunge. the white house getting slammed for trying to downplay terrorist
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arrested at the border and homeland security deleted a press release about that. we have the number of terrorist stops at the border since 9/11, thank you for joining us i'm elizabeth macdonald and "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. liz: welcome to the show thank you for watching we begin with an embarrassment of major league baseball a big swing and i mess for georgia congressman bob barr, it is good to see you, thank you for joining us. the mlb yanks the all-star game and pull it out of georgia and put it into denver, colorado, colorado has tougher voting laws than georgia, less early voting days, the same voter id laws as georgia, what is going on. >> what is going on politics, politics, politics. the one thing you can always
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count on for the left to do is soonerdo or later they overplayd their hand and what is happened here because whatau they're doig is so difficult for them to explain, it is so wrong, it is so ludicrous and so absurd that even moderatera democrats see through this and will be opposed to it. once again they have overplayed their hand and i think will rebound against them. liz: we have more than 21000 ballots for disqualified in colorado in the 2016 election because of problems with voter id and the other thing the u.s. census data shows atlanta is 51% black in denver is 9% black, why is president biden and former president barack obama boycotting when it helps black workers, they could lose $99 million in revenue, what do
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you think. >> there applauding the move because they don't care about what happens on the ground. they don't care about the small businesses in my home county would've hosted the all-star game. they don't care about that, they don't care about the companies, they don't care about the families that relied on this, they don't care about the fans. whether or not that they did their homework or even know that colorado's laws in many respects are the same or less liberal thanon georgia's, they just do t care and that's white so transparent for what they're doing here has nothing to do with anything other than partisan politics. liz: the other thing too, gop senator marco rubio sent a letter to the major league baseball commissioner rob manfred and saying are you going to drop your man enter membership of the exclusive only golf club in georgia are you going to stop grow in time communist chinain and cuba major
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human rights violators, really blasting the mlb over this. >> i think neither of them will be commissioner is going to back away, those memberships in the agusta club are worth their weight in platinum and diamond and gold altogether he will not give that up. in regard to china, this is a serious issue but major league sports are so deep into the communist chinese pocketbook that there is no way that they will back down. the only way that we in america can have an impact on this is throughhe the laws perhaps to me the laws in this country mess amenable to all the perks that major league sports get in for americans to vote with their wallets because that's exactly what the chinese are doing. okay, babar, thank you for joining us, it's great to see you, come>> back soon. let's bring in georgia state senator butch miller.
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we have company saying we don't like georgia voting laws, but those companies like united, delta, uber require photo id for customers and workers, there is a real hypocrisy happening, what do you think. >> when you thing about georgia and colorado and compare the two georgia has a voter idd in colorado has a voter id. georgia's voter id is free colorado charges $12.67. colorado has 15 days of voting in person in georgia has 17 early voting in person. georgia has 29 days of mail-in ballot, colorado has 25 days of mail-in ballot. we permit sunday voting, colorado prohibits sunday voting. this is all about politics and nothing about voter access if you're talking about politics, politics, politics has no business in baseball and no
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business in business. businessho should be good can services for the customers. liz: one critics say maybe this bertha give lb and then ba should register its lobbyist if it's going to get into politics. that may be a push too far. senator lindsey graham slammed president biden misleading attack on george's voting law and lindsey graham said it's sick but the white house press secretary said the president has no regrets supporting baseballs boycott of georgia. that will hurt a lot of black workers in atlanta. what do you think. >> its way to hurt a lot of families and georgia. when you thing about this, about jim crow on steroids there is no place for politics and name-calling in baseball or business. i don't think it's appropriate, the president misspoke at the very least and he should apologize frankly, it was
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unfair, ridiculously of what he made. if the president of the united states someone around him should've been helping them. liz: 35 states in dozens of countries have voter id including canada and france but a lot of leading coverage of this let's listen to chris christie go after democrat stacey abrams for hypocrisy on this. watch this. >> stacey abrams was in new jersey in my state praising phil murphy this week for a voting law were new jersey early voting is nine days, half of what georgia is, yet she is on tv in new jersey, i saw it myself say this is one of the greatest voting expansions was ever seen but this is jim crow. liz: what did you think of that. >> chris christie statements
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were right on he hit the nail on the head, it is unfair, the way their painting vote is georgia's voting law we are improving access not only the days of voting and the methods of voting and voter suppression, this is not voter suppression is nothing remotely to voter suppression we still have the dropbox and boabsentee ballots an early voting, we still have mailing ballots, all of those things and voter id is still free and were still voting on sundays. all those things are maintained in this bill. liz: that is interesting what you said but we still have the media and the democrats really trying to paint this as racist, when you look at the details of the law is like people in the media and democrats are purposely not reading georgia's new law to throw bricks back, reporter from real clear news asked the white house press secretary if you're so adamant
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about major league baseball, boycotting georgia what you call for a boycott of the 2022 of winter olympics in china. >> great point he did not like that question, businesses are doing business in georgia in the united states and condemning the law while making money and conducting business in countries like china who have no voting at all. where is the fairness and equity in that. there is none. liz: how is the law not racist? >> first of all that's not racist because we provide drop boxes, we provide access, we provide expanded hours, we provide voter id for free, how can any of those be paved as racist, it's not racist in the very least. in fact, we had record turnout and minority voters in all categories, how can we be suppressing boats, it is simply
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noth: true. liz: it is good to see you, come back soon it's great to have you on you have senator butch miller, it's great insight, good to see you, republican strategist ford o'connell with moore on a 60 minute story on florida really blowing up in his face, 60 minutes trying to claim it edited and cut republican governor desanto's explanation for clarity when it made 60 minutes report false and misleading on the florida governor in public supermarket doing vaccinations. we will explain and break it down next. >> desantis was well ahead of the game, governor desanto's as far as bringing in publix and you have 60 minutes implying it was a pay to play and even democrats in the state of florida are pushing back on the story ♪
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for clarity, this is a story thatat tried to claim governor desantis supermarkets to do vaccinations after political donations, 90%, vaccinations are this 90% of the risk group live near publix in florida governor desantis was saying publix was ready to go first distributed vaccine into the larger community over the pharmacies, the pharmacies weren't ready to do that, why cut the explanation why cut that? context? >> that's a whole question, rarely advising obvious political hit job than what 60 minutes tried to do the florida governoror desantis when it coms to the vaccine distribution of the role the public place, it's a institution, publix in palm beach county, there 65 owned, when palm beach county mayor comes out and says i agree with
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governor desantis the publix was best to distribute the vaccine in palm beach county i p don'the know there's a story. liz: the democrats are saying in florida they approached publix to do it, not the other way around, should cbs put out a correction on the story, the florida governor is saying they cut out everything from what i was saying that prove their narrative with horace mann newer, discredited, he says is going to hold them accountable, should they correct their story. >> absolutely they should correct their story, not only did they deceptively edit it in the democrats come out and back it, they never approved the essential narrative they were trying to sell which is this pay not going tois correct it. cvs is a one magazine and lost its integrity in the arm of the democratic party and the word is out, desantis is a rising star i in someone who can be the
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republican nominee and could take down biden harrison 2024. the word is out and smeared to santas as often as possible because it can become the republican nominee if trump doesn't win because you mayhe be the next president of the united states. liz: cvs is avoiding cover it. cbs never offered any evidence to support its serious charge beyond spotlighting publix hundred thousand dollars to desantis. this is false connect0,ar the ds journalism it does not hold up. let's watch governor desantis with tucker carlson he unbuckled the bully and a former navy lieutenant and harvard law graduate. watch governor desantis. >> we vaccinated three and a half million senior citizens, we were the first date to say were doing seniors first and they did not want to w discuss that and they selectively edited the
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background and tried to act like there was a conspiracy with publix and ignoring the fact that i met with the county mayor who is a democrat that said what 60 minutes has done is bunked but palm beach calculated 90% of their seniors live within a mile and a half of a publix. they did not tell you we're doing african-american church vaccination drives before publix ever gave a single shot, they did not tell you that hospitals were doing shots starting in the third week of december because it did not fit the narrative, they don't believe in facts, it was aic political narrative. liz: it sounds like a lot was left out of the story, there are 1700 pharmacies throughout florida doing vaccinations at sam's club, walmart, walgreens, cvs, publix, about a context left out of the story. >> there is nothing but context left out of the story into governor desantis point, publix
10:21 pm
is the institution the most pharmacies in the united states is on any intersection in every corner. they would not be the only ones to disturbib the vaccine walgres and cvs, publix was brought into palm beach county in particular because publix had the most locations in palmm beach county and one and half miles from it, the bottom line what a lot of americans are going to learn is what florida and severity known when it comes to covid and taking care of seniors, governor desantis is the best in d the nation and did it without a mask mandate, faster gets beyond florida ron desantis will no longer be the florida governor he'll beno america's governor. liz: the other thing, it feels like they had and asked to grind at 60 minutes, not only did it cut out the clarity, they just muddied the picture even more but they declined democrat palm beach mayor dave kerner's
10:22 pm
offered to explain local officials including himself asked publix and the governor to expand the vaccination not publix. publix was ready to go to the overall community before the pharmacies. that's why the mayor said 60r minutes story was intentionally false, they refuse to talk to this guy, final word. >> that's a final point, with the democrats are defending governor desantis in my home state afford it's a real issue. it's a real question how can you run one in non-ionic users and run one new sum in california is about to be recalled, it tells me where they're going and they're trying to slam republican said they don't care thabout the facts. liz: where is 60 minute covering the democratic california governor givenco a no-bid vaccie contract who shield they gave governor newsom a lot of money
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out there, we will stay on the story. good to see you, thank you for your insight. former ceo director, democrat senator chuck schumer bending and twisting the senate rules in order to run through biden's infrastructure plan, democrats being accused of whipping it by voters like misleading, inflating the number of jobs this plan will supposedly create and downplay middle-class tax hike to pay for the spender spending.that story next. (splash) ♪♪ turn today's dreams into tomorrow's trips... with millions of flexible booking options. all in one place.
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liz: joining is now former ceo director douglas, we love this guy we love having him on. what do you think, are s democrs going to lose and then the midterms next year, senator chuck schumer basically bet the senate rules to get democrat no gop votes for biden's infrastructure plan, what do you think he is bending the rules to ram this through, do you think this will hit them in m the midterms? >> the midterms are an incident amount of time away but there are three solid truths in the background. number won this is not an infrastructure bill is a big spending bill that has infrastructure that roads and bridges are 6% but a medicaid expansion and training for workers and childcare, housing
10:28 pm
renovation, it is big spending bill and the second truth it doesn't add up the advertised 15 years of revenue and eight years of spending and if you put on apples and apples you blip another hole in the budget. the truth is number three, it's not a jobs bill if you raise that taxes and you are disciplined about spending on core infrastructure and highly r&d you might break even, that's not all we have we have a lot of social welfare spending and buried in the middle that freezes the labor market, this is going to t be a real headwind to u.s. economic growth and that's bad for workers, in those circumstances they won't get republicans to support any kind of effort in this sort they will have to put it through democratic votes so they invented the one once-in-a-lifetime procedure to ram it through the senate and a partyline vote, is that bad news in midterms one would hope so because this is not how it was intended to use and will see how it plays out.
10:29 pm
liz: i hear what you're saying, democrat senator joe manchin says seven democrats in the senate opposed raising the corporate tax rate like biden wants to hire than china 28%. they have lost in the midterm, democrats did under clinton and obama and they have no room for losing both its 50/50 in the senate, another thing that is strange president biden is trying to claim companies don't move around to take advantage of lower tax rates in other countries, we have 380 jobs around last year, let's watch president biden on this, watch. [inaudible question] >> not at all there is more evidence and that, 36%, now down to 21% and the idea. liz: government data shows
10:30 pm
380,000 jobs were sent overseas mostly to avoid higher taxes here, that was over the last dozen years. another thing't biden says they don't given the higher taxes, why does the treasury secretary janet yellen try to get a global minimum corporate tax rate to stop companies from moving around to take advantage of lower tax rates, i don't get president biden, what do you think? >> this is hard to support. roll the clock back to 2014, 15, 16 and we have a nonstop perpetual problem with firms leaving the united states and they have labeled benedict and there was a war in the congress and the treasury regulations and it was a nonstop political battle and a nonstop headache to the business community they passed the act and brought us back into the middle the pack and they ended, we did not have a loss of firms since the firm's
10:31 pm
headquarter goes, the r&d goes in the jobs go, that problem got solved. why would you reverse field. it makes no sense go to 20% put this behind the curve and other racountries are cutting their rates and further behind and instituted a 21% global tax is a huge step in the wrong direction. the only solution they have to make and is fundamentally uncompetitive on the tax field is to please ask other countries to do it to themselves, they're not going to do that. we cannot go down this road. liz: they're not going to do that it's common sense what you're saying. moody analytics a is 2.7 jobs crated by the infrastructure not 19 million of the white house claims, douglas we love having you on your great to listen to we love your ideas and thoughts, come back soon former nsc chief of staff fred fleitz we have a global arms race to make money off of vaccines china is trying to be the world superpower.
10:32 pm
why is the u.s. sending u.s. taxpayer money without checks and balances to china, money that can be used to create or even weaponize viruses that are highly contagious and can even jump species. that story next. ♪
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liz: welcome back and watching the fox business network were coming out of the bottom of the hour former national security council chief of staff the one and only fred fleitz. there is a big global race, it is good to have you on again. china wants to be the world superpower and vaccine, why is the u.s. spending u.s. taxpayer money without checks and balances to china without creating viruses that are highly contagious to junk species. it looks like china has $600,000 when no checks and balances, what's going on. >> this is a huge story
10:37 pm
apparently under anthony fauci the head of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases $600,000 grant that went to the wuhan institute or urology to modify that based coronavirus is in the process to make sure this was not a gain of function experiment, that was an experiment to make the virus more infectious and not followed and may have been afforded by dr. fauci's nationals health. i don't know why we would do next permit like this it goes without saying the only very best and safest labs on earth should do this and they do not exist in china. liz: they accredited their own wuhan lab as a biosafety level four, china given that standing. the wuhan lab leaked the virus, what is happening here gives nothing short of terrified what china is doing here. we have republican congressman
10:38 pm
on foreign affairs talking to the daily caller news foundation about this, he said it's really concerning that dr. fauci and i did not notify a federal review board about this money going out the door to the wuhan lab, should dr. fauci be called in to testify, democrats probably won't allow it, what is going on here. >> this is a problem of two levels, a lot of heads should roll, how we would ever give money to this laboratory for sustained research. let's look at this from another bubble, biolab four, i've been to one when i worked at the intelligence agency this is the most dangerous biological research takes place, i don't know why china has one but there's so easily used to make biological weapons the u.s. government should have nothing to do with them and no money should go to china i see funding
10:39 pm
research like this in france and germany and the uk and we know they don't break international law are knocking up violate the national weapons treaty, this is goes to how we not understand it appreciate the threat that china poses to our country and were at a slippery slope, once we cooperate with the lab and cooperate with experiments to make coronavirus more infectious. liz: former secretary of state mike pompeo saint china discovered 2000 viruses over the last decade or so when not even that many were discovered in the last 200 years. i don't get it why is allowed for u.s. tax dollars without drt it to china to the wuhan lab accused of leaking the covid-19 virus evenness w.h.o. director said we have to look into that more. your final word. >> china is an adversary not a
10:40 pm
competitor like joe biden said. biden is not the only one who's made this mistake we cannot be cooperating with china and technology that will allow it to make weapons to mass destruction we should not cooperate with any bio level for lab in china. liz: fred fleitz, your terrific we love having you on, come back soon, the federalist senior editor with more on the white house and the big media, their big swing and mrs., their accused of misleading and gas lighting the public over georgia's voting law, that story next. ♪ two medical societies have strongly recommended to doctors to treat acute, non-low back muscle and joint pain with topical nsaids first.
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>> we should not listen to anything >> when he says boycott, you think people will stand up and say yes, you said yes, we will do it mr. president. we think of that. >> i don't think they wanted but joe biden. . >> all the officials across the country who seized power from the legislature back by the judiciary and able to change our voting laws, those are the people that the legislators are trying to rein in and it's extremely important, election trust matters. liz: chris bedford, thank you so much we will have more after the break on the border crisis texas
10:51 pm
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liz: joint it is now texas congressman brian babin, we love having you on the show you the border security caucus co-chair
10:55 pm
the administration is racing to do damage control as biden's approval numbers plunge over his border crisis, the messaging is not working trying to claim it's not a border crisis that they inherited from trump, what's with the messaging how does that go with fixing the policies. >> exactly, it's great to be with you as always, i think the plunging numbers for biden's approval stem directly from a lot of his actions, this border crisis has a lot of people scared, they don't like to see out-of-control borders, they don't want to see hundreds of thousands of people come flowing across the board or, weird he got 16, 17, 18000 unaccompanied minors that are in custody i've been down there and spent three days down there seen some of the facilities that should had 200 folks in them and they have
10:56 pm
5700, it is outrageous. and quite frankly, i think when you start apprehending over 170,000 illegals coming across and one month a 70% increase over last month that is got to make americans very, very nervous. liz: that's about equal to fort lauderdale every month. also this the white house press secretary jen psaki downplayed the seriousness of terrorist being caught at the border, two terrorists from yemen on the watchlist and no-fly list were caught, she turned to claim this is uncommon, also homeland security depleted a press release about the terrorists, we border patrol stopping 19 suspected terrorist at the border since 9/11 including isis, the pakistani taliban, people are saying if you talk about this, it's hysteria, no,
10:57 pm
dick cheney says just one needs to get through to create a problem. do you think it's overreacting to report about terrorist being caught at the border and why did homeland security delete the press release about it. >> homeland security is doing a lot of things, gag orders unofficially, they did not want us to take pictures and some of the facilities, they don't want to talk about people being apprehended and that are on the terrorist watch list or no-fly list, they don't want folks to know what's going on because they know what it is an absolute crisis and its stem directly from the policies that president biden reversed of president trump. then when he handed off the border issue two kamala harris when asked if she's going to come down there she simply laughed, we need to see her down there and see what some of her plans are, we have 17, 18000
10:58 pm
kids known as cages in these detention centers and they need to re-implement to have title 42 or do it a lot more than they are of a migrant protection protocol, all of these things are quite frankly, also asked dao a possible violation by president biden of the impoundment control act, he needs to build this wall. liz: we hear what you're saying, the question, let me back up why are u.s. taxpayers being kept in the dark about issues that affect the family security taxpayers don't know how many illegals are crossing undetected, tucker carlson asked me about this how many terrorist and criminal illegal aliens, we saw 4500 criminal illegals since october, how many gang members, were being kept in the dark, let's watch this. >> the tucson sector is up to over 45000 got a ways, would you
10:59 pm
start looking at the individuals that have been apprehended and people on terrorist watch list, it should raise huge red flags. >> over 100,000 people that have gotten away from us this year. >> i think president biden does not care, i think he plans on admitting between 2 - 3000000 illegal immigrants into our country this year. this is dangerous, the border patrol told me at least people from 55 countries have already come in, people from all over the world getting to mexico and flooding in. liz: you have ten seconds congressman, ten seconds. >> all i can say president biden it's incomprehensible what this man is doing and he needs to listen to the american people he needs to reimplement these
11:00 pm
things he has to secure this border. liz: got it, thank you so much we appreciated. i am elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit", we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪


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