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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 6, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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must death, disease, misery are going to have between now july 4? mr. president why not a little vaccinated economic boom optimism? that is where america is. hang with us we are going to be with degen mcdowell on foxbusiness and just a moment i am "kudlow". >> 's before it let's play ball. i will be storing in this episode. there is a time in major league baseball was a national pastime. but it's quickly jerking into a embarrassment after moving the all-star game from atlanta to georgia over georgia supposedly voting rights laws the prominent colorado's voting rights law, awfully similar embarrassingly sober if you think the hypocrisy is good then pined to your batting thousand for the mlb is when the corporations have spoken out against the georgia laws which do sinister things like calling for voting id
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requirements. coca-cola, delta air lines, they are among them. early today senate majority said this whole situation is absurd. >> most type major league baseball is pretty important corporation. if they applied the same standard they apply to georgia, they could not have games in st. louis because missouri has a more restrictive voter law than georgia, then the new georgia law. what about the yankees? new york has a more restrictive voter participation law then they new georgia law. where is it at? so, my warning if you will to corporate america is to stay out of politics. >> gave big dumb dumb son let's go yankees by the staff and present biden responded to questions about the georgia
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laws and continued his false narrative this is the same as laws that once prevented african-americans from voting watch. >> it is reassuring to see for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow laws are just antithetical to who we are. it is a very tough decision for corporation to make. or a group to make. but i respect them when they make that judgment. it is the best way to deal with it is for georgia and other states to smarten up. so back to smarten up buttercup i got oatmeal in my boom boom. but on "kudlow" today georgia republican brian camp said that as a steaming load of hot malarkey. >> they say this is the process this is racist this is jim crow 2.0. yet we have added the
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opportunity for people to vote early in georgia. including two additional sundays. when you talk to the county election officials as i have during the voter id and absentees will actually make it more efficient for them, speed up the process and also brings another level of security pizza like you would be against that? how is that jim crow 2.0? >> this whole fiasco as more layers in a georgia onion. should corporation say out of politics? and if not shouldn't at least be consistent customer cotton republicans fix this perverted storyline, let's get into it tonight man penalty got one. washington examiner senior columnist and american enterprise institute resident, anna said president felt give you a big promotion. it is tim carney good job pretty got comedienne host of the part of the problem podcast, subscribe today it is dave smith. and fox news contributor and host of the richard fowler radio show it is richard
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fowler welcome everyone. >> hello periods. we are talking georgia. here's my problem, tim, this is an issue that has been raised throughout but i would have to say since 2013. i think i have been the most consistent cable news host there aspects of this law that are concerning for democrats. if places like coca-cola have no problem sponsoring major global sporting events like the olympics where uighurs are being killed in genocidal concentration camps but how do you square that apple? tim party. >> there is absolutely no consistency here. there is consistency it's really sad. you have got big businesses sucking up to whoever is in power. whether it's the chinese government are the democrats but that's the best way to read this read seven major
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league baseball when after georgia they do not name one thing wrong with the bill. all they did was criticize it because they know that joe biden is criticizing it. he gives them more access to joe biden and the democratic congress. it's influenced by cancellation. kennedy: that is my problem. what you point out there is so critical. i want to know from these players because mlb said if we did not pull out of atlanta, our players have refused to play. we had this big issue in a massive walkout. my question is why? what is it exactly? tapping in these other places but all cocaine mitch had to just tell his staffers went 50 of you to go out and dig up 50 laws in each of the 50 states but you tell me how georgia is less prohibitive than other states? so dave come here you have mlb pulling out the all-star game no longer in atlanta, no longer in caulk county.
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it's the businesses that suffer. >> yes. well look i agree with what tim said but i think this is obviously a power plate there's a lot of inconsistencies all around. as i've been saying on the show for years, big business loves big government. the democrats of the party big government, i'm not surprised they are sucking up to them. but there is something really perverse about the logic that says well, because these people are suffering under worse than jim crow which is absurd in its own way, we are going to pull business out of the state. i mean if the people there are suffering under these horribly oppressive policies that are so much worse than jim crow i would think the last thing you would want to do is punish them economically. you are not hurting the republicans in that state. you are not hurting the
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billionaires in that state. you are hurting regular working class people by pulling these games out. much like the sanctions regime and the embargoes we put on countries when we claim their governments are mistreating them, it is so backward to say we are going to pull business out of an area because the people there are oppressed but all you're doing is increasing the suffering for those suppose it oppressed people in georgia praised back and they are going to play which is gate because cores had real problem on their hands for decades starting in the 70s, richard, they refuse to hire african-americans, latinos, women, but now all the sudden in colorado which has its own voter id laws for any in person voting. but somehow going to make a moral equivocation here. >> thanks for having me candy. a couple points the colorado id law is very unique and distinct in the george or id
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law. you have to have a drivers license which a picture or a voter id of the social security number. in colorado have to have a bill various different forms of ids a long list of ids you can use and it's only for in person voting when it comes to absentee voting you'll have to use an id on the first time voting absentee. in georgia have had a picture id every single time. and on top of that the georgia voter id law and the counties of winnetka, which is the metropolitan area, and the 2020 election there were 94 absentee drop off boxes. and that law that numbers going to go to 23 drop boxes basically limiting people's access to drop off their ballots throughout the country great also limiting the time they have to drop off their ballots in atlanta. which is why people are saying this is problematic. while i don't agree the idea of boycotting, i think it's worth looking at this law and
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realizing it's impacted the community. >> i am going to slow down on her pulse and tape from 2016 when you're grousing about how our elections were so insecure and how we had to do something to shore up our election integrity because the russians could infiltrate everything, like they can hear. they actually made it easier in georgia for russians and north koreans and the chinese to take over all of those. >> just wait, just wait. the struggle to return california teachers to schools continue. first they said they wanted to be vaccinated before returning to work that's reasonable. today joe biden says that has already happened for 80% of them. back i am pleased to report according to cdc estimates over 80% of teachers, school staff, and childcare workers received at least one shot by the end of march. >> sure shot will now l.a.
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teachers have been granted another concession. and there long and ridiculous list of demands the school district announced this week l.a. teachers will receive a $500 monthly stipend for childcare, per child so they can return to work. frontline healthcare workers they don't get that. neither do grocery store workers. so why are teachers more deserving of childcare money than the rest of it? and what will they demand next? while they hold our children hostage. this is so ridiculous. i have been in the system with very freshly with the union and the union leadership. this is not within the purview of government. i am sorry. >> i am glad you mentioned teachers. almost all teachers of my all my friends or public school teachers really care about the students.
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they add explicitly their negotiating bodies but you would think there will be different they actually care about the students. but now, what they saw as once they were out of the classroom they had a bargaining chip. they were going to extract everything before they gave up any of that leverage. unwilling to give up any of their leverage as soon as they possibly can. this is like two businesses negotiating that way. oh that the free market what they are negotiating over is the negotiation trips are the health of our kids for their emotional health. their learning all that. we all know kids learned much worse over zoom in these remote classes may dead in person. kennedy: knew of no longer essential workers but i am sorry you have given up that mantle. and when you look at decay systemic decay in any city or any society in modern america
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it goes back to unions, doesn't it? it's >> particulate public sector unions estimate just pointing out it is one thing but it's the boss of a corporation and he is negotiating with this of workers over the bosses pay that the workers are working for him to help him produce. this is a very different thing you're in public sector units everybody's negotiating over taxpayer money. the idea that we would be giving out these extra benefits to public sector unions, to teachers who have had their pay secured for the entire last year will everybody else has been fighting and terrified over what is going to happen with the future of their livelihoods. i mean, look, teachers have had nothing to really worry about in terms of their livelihood. note discipline, very little
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contact with parents. >> look kenny there's a reason small business owners have been protesting the government to allow them to open their businesses. and teachers unions have been protesting to keep their businesses if you'll call that, closed. right? because their pay is guaranteed to matter what. this is just outrageous. kennedy: and the fact that grocery workers, fast food workers, who were drivers they all worked out the entire thing. they all put themselves at risk. i do not want to hear some sob story about teachers, richard, or how we need to be spending more money per there's a great article in the national review about the mess of lack of funding for schools, go ahead. >> there's also a great article the fact the uk very missed spreading among children in record numbers including minneapolis. i understand why, what's also spreading in florida orange county. i get why folks have a problem teachers unions on this
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panel. but i think syrup or these educator singly to make sure the schools are sick people reopen them history program right we had the uk variant is spreading among children. and we also know that teachers are now fighting to ensure our kids do not have to sit for standardized test after living through a year of a pandemic. this is a fight we should all be fighting for. teachers are leading the way here. >> people are bad at taking tests do not want to take tests i get it. [inaudible] [inaudible] kennedy: do know what, do know what, this is taught all this let the money ball the students. but the moneyball the student. the parent and student decide where they want to go to school. no longer funding schools. are you kidding me? yes you do. >> no teachers unions do not disagree. kennedy: yes they absolutely do they do. use herbs their power pretty means they are no longer going to pay schools and these union
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cartels which do not give a crab about students. and when children are suffering mental health of kids especially high scores in this country has declined and dropped precipitously with those teachers have been vaccinated should get their asses back in school. social worker my back keister. the man panel will return a little later. i will give you a school nurse i will put on a white outfit and teach you that meaning of the word respects. all right vaccine passports could be the next government mandate. how problematic could this be for your privacy? i will break it down in the kennedy word, my memo is next. seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage.
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the biden swears vaccine passports will never be a thing for both the thing is already working toward that in the uk and eu. sure we all want to move about the world safely. what happens when government and corporations bigger and richer than most countries get a taste of not only accessing your most private and valuable data, but controlling your every move once they have it? what regime on earth would refuse that kind of power? it will sort ballparks in concert menus like the excelsior path here at the york saber the promise of a return to normal for baseball fans have not totally given up on the sports. but then you will be required to show your little card when you walk into target or start college or fly on a plaintiff individual entities want to require this, private companies is freedom of right. my problem is this cronies environment between big tech and bigger government is awfully cozy. and what better way to curry favor with the d.c. overlords were threating to treat apple
8:21 pm
in facebook like comet utilities and easily store and access medical records for any future application or pandemic then bite serving the covid vaccine appetizer. there are several problems here. one, how's the store this information? and can you ensure privacy given how many sensitive databases from the dod to facebook have been hacked? number two, who is to say how this information will or won't be used in the future. and whether medical surveillance could be a great way to cut cost with inevitable universal health care. and three, what is to stop crafty drifters from forging documents and selling them so it seems like people are complying for there is no federal database now just ridiculously easy to forge a cdc card that any nefarious 17 oh could squeeze out in 20 minutes. i've rather take my chances and kiss the old lady in pasty's then let the surveillance horse out of the
8:22 pm
barn part i do not trust this young administration to do the right thing with vaccine passports. they have already been doing so much wrong and that is the memo. republican governors have been cracking down on the idea vaccine passports and for good reason including texas governor greg abbott watch. that government should not require any texan to show proof of vaccination and reveal private health information just to go about their daily lives. that is why i issued an executive order that prohibits government mandated vaccine passports in texas. >> take that. this afternoon, actually afterward florida governor desantis issued a similar order. he did that on friday. will more governors catch on for liberty say question my hopes of her joy to me to it discuss texas attorney general ken paxton, welcome to the show how are you? >> i am great how are you.
8:23 pm
kennedy: what's the likelihood the biden will reverse on this like they have so many other things as they actually, vaccine passports, a great idea. >> there's no way to know if they're saying one thing but is not uncommon for them to change your mind on these issues of a not shock at all they push the vaccine a passport throughout the whole country. kennedy: i would not be surprised either. texas is in a very unique position because like florida, and what is it about your state in florida for you have done the exact same cost-benefit analysis this place like california and new york, you have aired on the side of freedom, except with your frozen winter lines but that's another discussion for another day. [laughter] kennedy: lease at this and read with vaccine passports and opening your economies web two of the largest states in this country done the right thing and the other two with the same information have gone in a horribly wrong
8:24 pm
direction? i just think it's the people who live in the states. they went there for you and they do not the government telling them what to do. they do not the government knowing their private information. apparently there other states the people came with happy people vote with their feet people in texas go to florida want opportunity and we offered to them i'm thankful to governor abbott for putting up that executive orders that were not going let people be controlled by the government, their information's going to be their information. kennedy: how many californian's have moved to texas during the pandemic? >> i don't agree know the exact number. it is unbelievable what's happening in dallas, austin, houston, san antonio. all of our state people are coming in from california states like california want to be away from the rigid control of government. they want more opportunities are coming here to get it. kennedy: would you be surprised if gavin newsom required vaccine passports at his own state or some version of that? because california, like
8:25 pm
texas, there is this mindset that you guys are your own country. and so texas has declared no, we're going to let people do with her going to do. we trust them pedro going to open up some ballparks and concert venues. and california would not be surprised if they took the route on a different issue. >> i would not either pre-given the fact we have left it up to people to make their own decision. he would almost think california would you the opposite just because a seal were doing. you look at what's going on in europe you mentioned earlier. they're moving towards these type of vaccine passports. in sase out in california would not be surprised at all if they look at europe and say yeah we like the model in europe are going to do that too. kennedy: what is essay about texas? >> deceit fact that people who just want to be left alone for the one the opportunity to take care of their families, to work, be free of government intervention have as little control of their lives as possible. there is some small role but is not taking away your liberties that is for sherbets
8:26 pm
before not take away your tax money either has become one of those states like tennessee where you guys have a much more favorable climate for business and individuals. i am not surprised people are leaving california. i do hope they do not leave their love of freedom behind. ag ken paxton thank you so much. select thank you. kennedy: coming up speaking of california, where is camelot left at the bp's must be leading the effort on the border, so why is she missing in action? why is she at the border? the panel is set to discuss in moments it is the man panel.
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sure ♪ ♪. kennedy: a few weeks of not heard any more than a chuckle from vp kamala harris on the border crisis. even as she was supposedly put in charge of the whole damn thing. in those two weeks of silence the news has been getting worse. it is not a surprise a surge
8:31 pm
of migrants including a bunch of unaccompanied minor growing by the day per been a border patrol after jumping the border earlier this year. who are not going to believe how the biden administration is planning to address the growing problem. homeland security secretary says construction, listen to this, is going to resume on gaps in the border while. they're going to build the wall. these gaps were left in president biden halted wall construction and reverse president trump's immigration policies. so how long before the donkeys in the white house admit they have been wrong about the border all along? they are doing it all wrong all them for the party panel >> tim carney, dave smith, and richard valid. so richard, where is kamala?
8:32 pm
>> one, she had a call with the guatemala president last week. but beyond that we need to have a holistic conversation about how we deal with the border. the thing with the border popped up it's coming from nowhere under southern border is a little bit myopic. we need to have a multi- faceted number when we need to reunite. i didn't say did, number one we need to reunite these minors and make sure they get the help they need. number two we need to figure out how we need to deal the crisis happening in the northern triangle. a number three more importantly we need to figure how to modernize the immigration system to folks are seeking asylum in the united states can apply in their home country. and not rush-hour southern border and think that is the best place to apply. and number four. [inaudible] kennedy: biden lettuce and they're simply that's great marketing they're getting this is her awesome shirts. >> think one of the reasons that is happening is because we saw a policy shift that's happened and how does
8:33 pm
immigration in this country. kennedy: another not the not changing anything. they could, but they're not going too. suspect there is a change agenda trump administration the biden investors on how they're handling immigration. where we can agree. kennedy: build the wall lock her up. slick we can reduce the impact the cartel has on the nice its economy perspective so chuck schumer i didn't want to log on that last night said that about 25 years, dave smith go. stomach i appreciate that last point. it's easy to say we need a holistic approach of this or need to really heal what's going on. you have to understand, right, where it is hard to avoid the humor of the hypocrisy of the democrats after they have just demagogues this issue to absurd degrees for the last four years and then they get in there and are basically doing the exact same thing. not only just kids in cages but even talking about
8:34 pm
building a wall. we are absolute right if we actually went to get serious about this problem on the border, the only answer left is to abolish the war on drugs entirely. okay? that has to happen. if you do not do that you are going to be dealing with a border crisis one way or the other. where they have completely open borders are completely closed borders but if you do not abolish the war on drugs there's going to be a crisis there. on top of that we ought to abolish the welfare state that will really clean up a lot of these problems. before you can't have both you cannot have a welfare state and open borders. >> is the great milton freedman taught us there's going to be a problem one way or the other with that situation. a welfare state and immigration. before i will take an open border songs we dismantled the wealth pretty want to bring tenant before we go. >> how important is how we treat individual humans. democrats like to say we are
8:35 pm
compassionate we have compassionate cages is the argument now. no, taking with the trump policy which had them remain and mexico is saying if you show up without a visa at our border unless we actually think you are a refugee, you are a refugees fleeing guatemala, landed in mexico if you are a refugee flick mexico we will take it in. but that policy was dismantled by biden. what is that do question requests not more humane that create a huge incentive for more people to travel. that is not good. the biden administration at the floods of migrants writing without document at our border is not good. they had to lift the covid capacity. it is one 100% kids in cages and 7050 we had under trump. this is not compassionate. kennedy: you're absently right, stacking kids of 100 in a room like little baked potatoes side-by-side. you think that's humane? you think that safe? do you think that's protecting them?
8:36 pm
that is incentivizing more that that's all you're doing and that is wrong. now meanwhile west virginia democrat senator joe manchin from there he is, he now holds the keys to bill's getting past and the senate because he is not voting for president joe biden's infrastructure package if it raises the corporate tax rate to 28%. mansions that other senate democrats are behind him meeting biden's entire two-point to 5 trillion is that in the water. the white house is the 28% rate is a key part in order to pay for the plan. so will the real joe bigshot please stand up? please stand up? richard, if you lose joe manson you lose everything. >> correct. i think if democrats leave joe manchin on these votes because they need the entire democratic caucus they will lose everything for it with abington editing there will be some negotiating. i do think the pure package joe biden rolled out in
8:37 pm
pittsburgh a couple weeks ago but what be the final bill will look like for this of wiggle room amongst republicans. we saw senator roy blunt to say the sunday show this past sunday there could be some appetite among republicans to pick up a singular old-school infrastructure build by itself. and then the democrats consider how they deal some of these other mess issues like broadband getting clean water, and other things in some sort of reconciliation for it's way to early to tell him that. so i think l7 nudges up my favorite broadband when you think about this? >> the reason democrats like height corporate tax rates as the higher the tax rates are the more valuable the carveouts are. the more valuable the carveouts are the more these companies are willing to pay for the lobbyist, that's more jobs of the democratic lawmakers and the staffers that rental lot.
8:38 pm said today we are also for higher rates because they have carveouts to get around it. and, the other way to pay for infrastructure is carveouts. trumps tax plan lowered rates of corporations were doing less. >> there are tons of carveouts and give outs for corporations and millionaires and billionaires. [inaudible] >> lowering the rate is like a mini tax reform. i agree the next thing to do is lower the rates even more and get rid of all of these carveouts. kennedy: flat tax. all right this mythic is how we got 30 seconds. >> we are not being serious ever having a debate about you know corporate benefits for the tax rate will be 25% or 28%. over the last year we have seen a more corporate welfare than in the history of the world. trillions of dollars and billionaires on welford don't give me a bs debate about 25%
8:39 pm
or 28%. and all corporate welfare immediately. kennedy: and the exxon banker rid of that too. [laughter] very good. we can work on something. kennedy: thank you so much a man panel, tim, dave, richard beautiful job. >> good to see a cavity. >> democrat darling davin newsom securing support for the biden administration spending times this california girl is not at the border. will this help him avoid the acts? have calvin's family woken up? one of kevin faulconer joins me in a moment all in on the s. lease the 2021 is 300 for $369 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. introducing voltaren arthritis pain gel. lease the 2021 is 300 for $369 a month for 36 months. the first full prescription strength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel... available over the counter. voltaren is powerful arthritis pain relief in a gel.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i am america's walter cronkite. that was less like mouth trump
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monday genie in about the smuts witter was day unpaid speaking of which vice president kamala harris has not had time to visit or comment on the border crisis. that she is supposedly charged me to it public in. for a dat avenues in print yesterday to company him on a tour of a water treatment planning calendar for need that is so important calls him an environmental champion. so was the white house right to be backing newsom in the face of a recall for failing his state? and will an endorsement from campbell do anything to move the needle. joining me now auteur candidate san diego mayor kevin faulconer's backward thank you backs are pretty how would things change in speed last spoke? >> it's great to be with you. i will tell you how it's changed or continuing to see the rising anger and frustration in california all across the state. by the way to democrat
8:45 pm
republican and independent. the recall signatures have been turned in a couple of weeks ago. they are being counted. there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, kennedy that they will be validated by the end of this month. we are going to have a recall election in california and rightfully so pretty because californians are ready for change at the top. >> makes it seem he's busy doing the right thing question is what the politicians on what it is no offense about politicians they're much more concerned about how things look in order to consolidate more power. than actually doing good and doing right by the citizens that they serve. and it is maddening and stupid flat apology about french laundry rubs a lot of people the wrong way. and not just republicans. there are a lot of democrats who signed the recall petition.
8:46 pm
so why is the public policy institute of california have 56% of californians in the going to vote against the recall? >> i think folks are wide to support the recall. i think kennedy they're to support in overwhelming numbers. whether it is the hypocrisy of the french laundry, other the businesses that open and closed for in five different times in california and impartially too many put out of business for good. the fact the public schools are still not fully open that's why you're seeing this anger and rightfully so. californians signed that petition and record numbers you rightly pointed out. that's across the political spectrum. when folks go to the polls later this year in california they will support the recall for all the right reasons. >> would you be doing different in your state? >> when you roll out the
8:47 pm
vaccine the lack of preparedness and the facts were so proud of our state, canterbury the innovation the entrepreneurial spirit that we had, that we have in california and the fact we were the slowest i think speaks volumes have not been prepared which is what this governor was not ready for. we would have been ready would have been logistics get in this state it was all the sudden we have to do something about it. you knew the governor that has the experience, gets the results like i did. it's not just to rhetoric but it's actually getting the job done what is seeing with this governor. gwen uber eyeballs on it. then the resident holy crab i am old. kevin faulconer thank you so much for your time. keep us posted. >> all right kennedy thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next.
8:48 pm
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kennedy: new report claims u.s. will be facing a nether toilet paper shortage. that his rights. it's about to be wiped out. that is a tissue issue and this is a topical storm. i would like to tell you what
8:52 pm
it called toilet paper but it is a bad word. the first word is a bad word that starts with the fh a second word is tickets. topic number when we begin california for a group of whale watchers were surprised with a dolphin stampede. this is a pot of about 2000 dolphin speeding off the coast of newport beach. so this pot has more blowholes than it new jersey rest stop. they are really moving with porpoise, are they question it seems like everyone is at a hurry to leave california these days. these are common dollars because like to swim off the coast of the basic of beaches but you can tell their breed by the size of their beaks. but they would rather be judged by their motion in the ocean. it's what it looks like when the boston sox put out free sandwiches in the office, free sandwiches. [laughter] topic number two. get ache with of this. muller light is now selling bar scented candles.
8:53 pm
which ironically makes no sense. the candles come in three bar smells including game day bar, beer garden, and dive bar. this must be what my staff uses for the always come to works among like a dive bar. in fact i wonder if they have a candle probably the beer garden candle said to smell like a combination of sunscreen and pretzels. and the dive bar candle has notes of tobacco and fermented geese pretty might want to keep that would in your car just in case you have to drive through new jersey, and of the blowhole. topic number three, restaurants across america are experiencing a catch up shortage. and you just no mayo and mustard are relishing this. the shortage is reportedly due to the increased demand for takeout from the coronavirus pandemic. nothing to be ashamed and we have all been hitting the sauce more than usual. now it restaurant chains have
8:54 pm
been forced to buy catchup from secondary suppliers at high prices including long john silvers which has its catchup cost increased by half a million dollars. that is a a lot of money they'll be out of business in a week. luckily i keep my catch it for free. people throw tomatoes at me for making bad jokes on the topical storm. topic number four. an incredible site in cairo egypt worked to mummified kings and queens were transported from one museum to the other innate mommy parade. yes, behold the kings and queens of ancient egypt from the 17th dynasty all the way to ramses the nights from the duck had not seen a dead person paraded around like this since joe biden's
8:55 pm
inauguration day. [laughter] one of the most popular mommies, queen she was actually king of egypt. she was the country's second ever female pharaoh. it took a lot to dresser as a mommy show undergoes a sexy kitty cat. i do not have to take health self-conscious 3500-year-old girls may be. the mommies will not lie in the national museum of egyptian civilization which is also where i laid all of your mommies last night who were asking for. a lot of high profile people came to this parade. here's the guest of honor, prince philip visiting from england, high looks great. the mom exhibit opens april 18 and tours from around the world are invited to view their favorite pharaohs, not me, my favorite pharaoh is still me a, bring on the tomatoes for before we go don't forget his tickle me tuesday. you'll have three minutes to get this punchline.
8:56 pm
but do not cheat use the # tickle me tuesday, ready? why do melons have weddings? the answer after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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(vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that. ♪ ♪. kennedy: it is tickle me tuesday. and now the tickle you have been waiting for, why do melons have weddings? because they cantaloupe. [laughter]
9:00 pm
[laughter] [laughter] [laughter] the 11:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel, matt you got it right first on twitter thanks for watch the best of your day for tomorrow night's, sexy already, good night. ♪ ♪ >> critics lashing out at the corporate hypocrites far and wide is canceled culture c claims in american pastime. all to protest george's new voting law. our own larry "kudlow" sounds often just moments. plus tara watchlist arrest at the border. it worsens by the day. we'll take you there live thisnt hour. and florida government ran into and ron desantis blessing 60 minutes for pushing what he calls a false narrative overstates vaccine rollout. but the real question is, is the main stream media is so taking down one


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