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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  April 6, 2021 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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he suddenly appears. you know what, ashley? you look so relaxed all the way through. how did you do that? ashley: ah. very kind. you know you keep calm and carry on. that is the old british stiff upper lip. stuart: i'm sorry. i didn't hear what you said. i have got a producer counting me out in my ear. i couldn't hear a word. i couldn't hear a word. i'm very sorry. i knew it was. i knew it was. david asman. i didn't hear what ashley said. >> he said you're the best in the business. stuart: i will pay him the 50 bucks owe him. david: i'm david asman in for neil today. this is "coast to coast." we have two hours of jam-packed interviews. baseball and business clashing with the peach state. i will talk with georgia
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republican attorney general kris carr, how he is planning to fight back over voting reforms. plus more and more colleges saying don't come to class if you don't get the vacs. we have a top doctor from one of those schools, rutgers, joining us later this hour. a top florida democrat defending governor desantis. i will talk to the palm beach county mayor, again he is a democrat, about why he says that "60 minutes" report on governor desantis was intentionally false. it will be a blockbuster interview. you don't want to miss. plus the top story the gang up on georgia. major league baseball reportedly moving their all-star game to denver, colorado's coarse field. this coming in response to georgia's new voting law -- coors field. mlb will make the plans for the mid-summer classic official. fox's hillary vaughn with all
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the latest details. reporter: david, major league baseball decision made sports political. politicians here on capitol hi are piping up after mlb decided to move their all-star game from atlanta to denver after a bunch of other corporations and businesses have piped up against georgia's new voting law. minority leader mitch mcconnell says what mlb is doing, quote, irritating a hell of a lot of republican fans. he also had a word of warning to other businesses that have tried to boycott this law or speak out against it saying republicans, drank coca-cola. republicans fly, and watch baseball too. senator marco rubio trying to call mlb commissioner rob manfred's bluff asking him to practice what he preaches, writing in a letter yesterday. i'm under no illusion you intend to resign as member of augusta
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golf club. to do so woe require a personal sacrifice as woke virtue signaling moving the all-star game from atlanta. moving the all-star game from atlanta will actually hurt the local economy where 30% of businesses are black-owned. over half of the population in atlanta is black. the revenue loss from the all-star game going away could total more than $100 million in lost tourism revenue to the area according to one official. but when you're looking at the voting laws, the reason why mlb moved the game out of georgia to colorado, when you compare the two states, colorado has fewer days of early voting than georgia. 15 days to georgia's 17. both states require a valid i.d. to vote by mail and in person. they also both allow no excuse vote by mail. but politicians on the local level in georgia could be having the biggest impact on businesses
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that are choosing to take a political position on this. georgia house voted to strip delta, one of the outspoken corporations of millions of dollars in tax breaks. the georgia senate still has to weigh in on this before the bill potentially could land on the governor's desk for him to sign offer on. but the bottom line is, there can be consequences on the local level for these corporations. we also, david, did reach out to major league baseball and we asked them if they took colorado's voting laws into consideration before choosing to move the game to denver but we're still waiting to hear back for an answer on that. david: i'm not holding my breath on that one. hillary, thank you very much. well the state is not only defending the bill against cancel culture, it is defending the bill in court. our next guest says anybody who actually reads the bill quickly sees that it strengthens, expands access, improves transparency in georgia's elections. joining me georgia republican
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attorney general kris carr. before we get to your legal options regarding all of this, i just want to ask, we showed the difference between election law in colorado where mlb says they will be moving the all-star game and election law in georgia. in fact georgia allows more voting days than colorado does. i'm just wondering do you think that commissioner manfred has actually read georgia's new election law? >> well, david, thank you for having me on and it is crystal clear major league baseball made a huge mistake by allowing themselves to be misled by president biden who was misled by stacey abrams and others. to your point, when you read this bill, it is quickly clear that we strengthened security. we expanded access and we improved transparency in elections in georgia. again when you read this bill you also see that to compare it
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to jim crow, one of the most tragic eras in american history, where human beings were being killed and truly were prohibited from voting is preposterous. it is irresponsible and it is fundamentally wrong. and -- david: let me just emphasize that. president biden didn't discuss compare it to jim crow. he said it is like jim crow on steroids. he is essentially calling you and every other legislator who favors this new voting law in georgia a racist. are you waiting or trying to get an apology from the president, first of all for misstating, if not lying about what was in the law? secondly for calling you a racist? >> well i don't think an apology is going to come but we know that the facts are the facts. but here is what's happened. again the president has been misled. corporate america has been misled because every single time stacey abrams goes on a late-night show or she is on a
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friendly podcast or does an interview on msnbc, every single thing she says is taken as an undeniable truth but the facts are what the facts are. i told you what is in the bill. we know that when we go to court to defend this bill, it is not going to be the stacy says standard. it will be all about the facts and the law. you made the point about the colorado. compare colorado's election law with georgia. 15 early voting days for colorado. we have 17 or 19. they prohibit electioneering within 100 feet. we prohibit 150 feet. what is the difference, david, between the two distances? shorter than between home plate and pitchers mound. david: just a second you mentioned stacey abrams who ran for governor. she is very much opposed to law but even stacey abrams is, says she is opposed to any kind of
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boycotts going on in georgia. if they're listening to here talk about why the georgia law is bad, why aren't they listening to her talking about why boycotting is bad? >> i don't know. they should and she shoved h should have done more. our united states senators and elected officials. who is being harmed by this? you named it at the top of the show. the people being harmed disproportionately people of color. of folks that would work at the game. folks that own small businesses and restaurants around the stadium. these same folks they're purporting to want to help, they're disproportionately harming. she should do more as well as our united states senators, rafael warnock and jon ossoff. david: has either commissioner manfred or any other people involved in boycotts, have any of them contacted you? did you receive a phone call from either commissioner manfred or any of his assistants?
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>> we didn't. and i will tell you, david, we would be happy to sit down and talk. we would be happy to talk to folks what this bill does, and doesn't do. what is in it and what is not in it. we would have be happy to meet with the commissioner. we would be happy to meet with him at the augusta. we would be happy to meet with him at the masters. david: he is a member of the country club that holds the masters. do you question his membership of that club? >> well i thought senator rubio hit the nail on the head. it will be interesting to see if our bill doesn't meet the values of major league baseball, how does it then meet the values of him coming to georgia to go to his country club? but again i would suggest it is not the case. and again, i'm perplexed, when you look at colorado, compared to our voting laws, how is it, how is it different. how do those values better align with major league baseball. david: general carr, i have to ask you before we go, what are
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your alternatives what are your legal alternatives regarding these boycotts, particularly regarding the mlb? >> well there is four lawsuits have been filed. we're going to defend those as well but you know fenn, i'm the former commissioner of economic development. nobody has been more pro-business than i have. we have to sit down, because these corporate leaders across the country are being misled. we would be happy to sit down, talk with anybody, about what is actually in this bill what isn't in this bill. again i think a lot of folks start looking where their headquarters is, what the election laws are there. countries doing business in. where their suppliers are, where their customer base is. david: with what courts are you filing your complaints? >> complaints have been filed in federal court in georgia that we'll defend. david: and how far are you willing to go in this? are you worried about burning your bridges with some of these corporations? >> no. we're not. because, again when the facts and the law are on your side, the facts and law are on your side. we did the same thing during the
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election between november and january. again we stood up, we defended the state because that was our duty. that is exactly what we're going to do right now. david: attorney general kris carr from the great peach state of georgia. i wish people would get therapy facts straight, talking about what is in the law. when the president misstates what is in the law several times, you deserve at least an apology, if not from him, some condemnation of these boycotts which are doing nobody any good. good to see you, thank you very much for coming in. appreciate it, sir. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. david: okay. senate democrats are looking to pass president biden's $2.25 trillion spending bill without needing a republican vote. all they need is for all senate democrats to vote yes but west virginia senator joe manchin may pose a roadblock to biden's massive spending plan. blake burman has more. hi, blake.
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reporter: david, senate majority leader chuck schumer says that the senate parliamentarian will allow democrats here in washington to go forward at some point in the upcoming months by using the process known as budget reconciliation once again. i know that might sound like a lot of inside baseball. the bottom line with all of it is, if that is indeed the case, then democrats could go forward with the president's infrastructure and jobs plan without needing any support from a single republican here in washington. however, it is not like democrats are at this point are openly embracing president biden's plan. you mentioned, for example, senator joe manchin. let me tick through a handful of democrats here up on capitol hill who are pretty influential what they're saying. manchin, the senator from west virginia said the plan wouldn't pass as is. he would be comfortable raising the corporate rate to 25% but not 28%. peter defazio, in charge of transportation in the house said a infrastructure package should not be entirely paid for through tax hikes.
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richard neal in charge of tax policy in the house. congress should make changes to the president's plan. josh gottheimer, top democrat on problem-solvers caucus wants the administration consider alternatives to a corporate tax hike. the white house is making the case possible 28% corporate tax rate would be significant improvement to where things stood versus in 2016. listen here to the president.
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david: welcome back. at least five u.s. colleges are now requiring students to■ç get vaccinated before returning in the fall. rutgers university in is one of them. joining me now is a professor of medicine at rutgers. >> doctor, good to see you. what do you think, should returning students be required to get a vaccination before they come back? >> yes, i do think that, david. i think because students can easily, especially now with the variants affecting mostly people between the ages of 15-30, i think all students should be required to be vaccinated. and i think it should happen because we don't want super-spreader events at the university level. now, i wish we could have that for people in the hospital, for example, for all the front-line people to be the vaccinated handtorially, but we didn't do that -- handtorially. david: what is the mortality
12:53 pm
rate■ç for covid for people in that range? it's very small, is it not? >> very, very small, minuscule. however, we're hearing reports from other states like michigan where major thrust of the infections are in young people. young people, david, do not wound up in the -- wine up in the hospital or ventilated, but there are those very rare, rare exceptions. we do have an to occasional young person in perfectly good health. and it may be due to the genetics of the immune system. david:en aren't you always going to have problems with that? that is, even -- [audio difficulty] >> that's correct. you're absolutely right. one does not know anything about individual immune systems until you get an infection. it could be tuberculosis, it could■0be influenza, and now its covid-19. so the only problem is covid-19 is very fatal in those kinds of
12:54 pm
patients. so i watch very carefully for them, and it's better to be safe than sorry. david: well, the great news also is that we have terrific therapeutics. i'm the beneficiary of the regeneron antibody treatment, which was great. so thank god we've got the therapeutics. i want to switch to another controversial subject. texas governor greg abbott just signing an executive order prohibiting vaccine passports in his state. made a statement saying, and i'm quoting here, government should not require any texan to show proof of vaccination and reveal private health information to just go about their daily lives. so, doctor, what do you make of this? a lot of people, i think, are justifiably worried about the state getting too much infgrlation about what goes on inside of us. >> yeah, i agree, david. i think that's an infringement on personal freedom. as much as i as a doctor would like to see everyone vaccinated, and i mean everyone, i still think that it's really an
12:55 pm
infringement to ask for a person who's getting on a subway train or on a plane, have is you been vaccinated, and if you don't have that passport, you're thrown off the plane. i think that's an infringement on personal freedom. wewe who have been vaccinated, those who have not are at risk. that's where we should leave it. david: and you know how difficult it is to hold in a secure position information presuming that they would be careful about these things even though the most careful organizations, the ones who are very tech-savvy have trouble with information leaking out.■ç so if the government gets its hands on it, there are many, many areas in which it could be leaked out. >> right. it's big brother all over again. you know that. david: yeah. so we put you down against it. doctor, great to see you. thank you so much for being here. rutgers, a great university.
12:56 pm
appreciate it. well, marco rubio is teeing up a massive argument with mlb commissioner rob manfred ahead of the masters weekend. the details and reaction from former miami marlins' president dave sampson. we love dave. he'll be with us right after a short break. stay with us. ♪ ♪ should i stay or should i go now? ♪ if i go, there will be trouble -- ♪ and if i stay, it will be double ♪♪ my greatest challenge. governments in record debt; inflation rising, currencies falling. but i've seen centuries of this. with one companion that hedges the risks you choose and those that choose you. the physical seam of a digital world, traded with a touch. my strongest and closest asset. the gold standard, so to speak ;) people call my future uncertain. but there's one thing i am sure of...
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♪ ♪ david: and welcome back to "cavuto coast to coast." i'm david asman in for neil cavuto today. top story we are following very closely, the white house weighing in just moments ago on the backlash in georgia as more businesses are pushing back on the state's new election laws. fox business' hillary vaughn is live in washington with the details. i hi, hillary. >> reporter: hi, david. well, just this afternoon the white house is trying to distance themselves from the blowback of major league baseball moving its all-star game out of atlanta. but neither the white house or the ever walked back any of the misleading claims that they peddled about■ç the law that triggered major corporations chiming in against the law to
1:01 pm
also speak out against georgia's new voting lawment today the white house press secretary jen psaki would not say if the president regretted supporting mlb's decision after the fallout dealt a $100 million blow to atlanta's local economy. >> he would support that decision if that decision was head by major league baseball just like he would support decisions made by private sector company. we're not standing here and calling for companies to boycott. that's not what our focus is on from the white house. >> reporter: but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell taking the opposite viewpoint of the president saying when it comes to politics, buzzes should mind their own -- businesses should mind their own business, saying major league a baseball's■ç decision to boycott a town is sending them down a slippery slope. saying this, quote: if they applied the same standard they applied to georgia, they couldn't have games in st. louis because missouri have a more
1:02 pm
restrictive voter law than georgia, than the new georgia law. what do we do about the nets and yankees? where does it end? so my warning, if you will, to corporate america is to stay out of politics. it's not what you're designed for. but now there is growing calls among republican lawmakers not only here on capitol hill, but locally as well to boycott the boycotters that are boycotting georgia over this law. republican lawmakers in georgia are pulling coca-cola products from their office shelves in response to outspoken criticism coca-cola gave about the law. david. david: i lor■ how the white house blows up a thing and then the kind of walks away and says, no, we have no opinion on that. interesting. hillary, thank you very much. well, wall street at large host gerry baker hitting those ceos writing in "the wall street journal," quote: the rush to denounce georgia's new voting law will rank in infamy as one
1:03 pm
of the most cowardly, cynical and socially destructive moves in modern american history. wow. gerry baker joins us now. so, gerry, how did the corporate culture, the corporate suite, if you will, become part of the woke culture. >> >> thanks, dave. i think part of the answer is it's essentially craven and cowardly, is what they're doing. i don't for one second believe that any of these ceos, any of these top corporate figures really believes in the nonsenseç the dishonesty that they've spoken about the georgia law or the broader dishonesty that is so associated with this woke cultural movement, the idea that america is so fundamentally, systemically racist that the country is illegitimate. if they believed -- by the way, all these white men who run these companies -- if they believed they were somehow there because they were the product of white supremacy, the right thing
1:04 pm
would be to step down and do the honorable thing. of course, they have no intention of doing that. they don't believe any of this stuff. what they are, though, is under pressure from social media from democrats, i'm i afraid to say from the vast bulk of the media, david. you know it as well as i am -- as well as i do. but these media companies, social media have created an environment in which they can make it very, very uncomfortablç for a company like delta airlines or coca-cola or major league baseball to doing anything other than to comply -- david: they've already gotten into it. the problem is they've gotten themselves stuck in a quagmire now. you heard hillary's report. now there are talks about boycotting the boycotters. and i think a lot of these ceos are thinking, jeez, maybe i shouldn't have done that. do you think regret is beginning to settle in, or are they still in a cover your rear end mode? >> no. i think they think this is going to blow over. i think they think -- on the
1:05 pm
balance, you're right about the boycotting the boycotters. for their very cynical balance sheet p and l calculation is if i go along with, if i go along with the social media and the media narrative and the democrats who, after all, control so much power in this country■ç now, you know, i'm gog to be fine. if i defy that, say something honest, i'm going to be in real difficulty because i'm going to get hounded by the democrats, by the media. i mean, i hope they're having second thought, i hope they're realizing what a terrible thing they've done, how damaging this is to the very fabric of american society. but i'm afraid the cynical view is, no, this is going to blow over, we'll be fine. the all-star game will go ahead in colorado -- david: gerry, isn't it also damaging for the bottom line? they have a fiduciary responsibility, do they not, to look out for the shareholders of their companies, and an argument, a strong argument can be made that they're violating that commitment.
1:06 pm
>> well, we'll see, david. i mean, i hope that's -- you know, again, let's see if people feel so strongly about, as they're entitled to, stop buying will hurt the bottom line. again, i think these companies have made that calculation, and they think, you know what? are people really going to stop drinking coke? stop flying with us? no, they think they can weather this, you know, unpleasant storm. let's be honest, which has only been created, frankly, -- reported by a few conservative-leaning organizations, they can weather this and everything will be fine. you know, or again, let's hope there are consequences, some accountability, but i'm kind of skeptical there will be. david: getting back to my original question though, since the pandemic in particular there has been a change in corporate structure, in a lot of corporate structure, corporations throughout the united states, throughout the world really where individuals who were kind of on the fringe of corporate
1:07 pm
culture, the h.r. departments, etc., became integral■ç in decisions made by the ceo. because it affects the lives of the people through the pandemic, but also in this woke culture mentality they now, i think to a large extent, a lot of these ceos don't know anything about what is right and wrong in woke culture, but they leave are it up to people who have perhaps much more power than they really should. >> yeah, true. they all hire diversity, equity inclusion officers, they've all signed on to these, you know, anti-conscious bias training, they've all signed on to anti-racism ideas. but again -- and you're actually right, david, a lot of this is coming from people who have moved into these companies, you know, straight out of universities, straight out of the h.r. departments of these companies, they come it with their views that are inculcated in them in liberal arts colleges, there is an element of that. i still■ç think, however, the bigger effect here, the bigger leverage are on these companies
1:08 pm
is media, and they are terrified of "the new york times" and cnn. look what cbs just did to the governor of florida over the weekend, right? they are terrible. they don't want that to happen to them. dishonest, accusatory, really, really appalling journalism which can really damage their reputation. i think it's more of a defensive thing. but, again, i think they've got to have consequences for it by people that really care about this. david: by the way, you mentioned the woke culture's become a religious passion on the part of the people that present it to these corporate c suite offices, and i encourage people out there to read your piece because you go into great detail about how that has happened. gerry baker, great to see you. thank you very much. read his■ç article in the "wall street journal". well, from the c suite to the golf green, senator marco rubio asking mlb commissioner rob manfred if he would give up his personal membership at augusta national golf club after
1:09 pm
the commissioner pulled the all-star game from the peach state. let's bring in former miami marlins' president dave sampson. you think commissioner manfred's going to respond to senator rubio in. >> no, not at all. maybe with an eye roll. these letters happen. they come from senators and congress people, and the commissioner just takes it, reads it and then puts it down. that's notten even in his top 100 problems that he's dealing with today. david: how do you think he got information about what's actually in the georgia law that he's created such a furor about? i mean, it's clear that he was wrong on certain -- he was given bad information, if you■ç will, first from the president, by the way, who passed on that information to all of us, which was wrong. and then probably by people in his corporate suite, no? >> no, i actually don't think that's what happened. it's a little different with major league baseball. when you have an all-star game, there's only one thing you need
1:10 pm
to have an all-tar game. it's not even a stadium, it's not even a city. you need the players. and you need the all-stars. and what i think happened here is the players, maybe players from the players' alliance which is a coalition that was formed after the death of george floyd, i believe the players said to the commissioner through their union, if there's an all-star game in atlanta, we may not know anything about the bill, we're not talking about the truth and what is written, however, we're not going. we're not going to do the home run derby, we're not going to play in the all-star game. and then you had white■ç players who joined the black players, you had latino players and joined the white and black players. what do you do if you're the commissioner? you've got sponsors who are scared, exactly as we just heard in your priest report, you have player -- previous report, you have players who aren't going to play, therefore, you really have no choice. david: wow. that's very interesting, dave. that's the first time i've heard it spelled out that way from somebody on the inside like you
1:11 pm
were. i'm just wondering though, a commissioner, a baseball commissioner used to have tremendous authority going right back to the 1940s. is it, is it conceivable that the he could have made a stand and say, wait a minute, there's a lot of misinformation here, before we make a decision that is that radical of pulling our mlb game from georgia, first let's acquaint■ç ourselves -- couldn't he have said it's time to stop and investigate this a little more closely? >> you have to really choose your timing if you're going to go down that educational road. but let's talk about what's happening in baseball, which is right now they're in the middle of starting to negotiate the new collect i bar gaining agreements -- collective bar gaining agreements. and you know the relationship between players and owners is not good. and the commissioner's main job, in addition to increasing everyone's asset, is to have labor peace. and right now there is not much peace. so when players go to him and say we're not playing, are you
1:12 pm
going to choose this as your line in the sand? are you going to say let's get educated, let's take a minute and then the let's do what we said we were going to do and stay in atlanta? no chance. ta dade wow. >> you've got much bigger fights down the road, so so you're going to move the all-star game and move on your way to the next problem. david: but, dave
1:13 pm
that they're not going to play, then what exactly are you supposed to do? i understand that he can sit down with the union, he could sit down with players and the players' alliance, he could explain until he's blue in the■ç face, and it wouldn't have made one bit of difference in this case. david: by the way, we're looking at the screen, dave, at the difference between colorado and georgia voting laws, and you can see quite clearly georgia has 17 days of early voting, colorado only has a 15 days. but for some reason colorado's seen as politically correct. the facts don't matter, as you said. it's kind of frightening. that really defines the woke culture, i think, where the facts don't matter. good to see you, dave. thank you very much for explaining it to us. you really did a great service in helping us figure out what's going on here. coming up, why legal experts are warning the president's push to forgive student loan debt could soon be
1:14 pm
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♪ david: all aboard. well, they've got the money for it. amtrak set to get $80 billion from president bidens' infrastructure -- biden's infrastructure plan, but there are new questions about whether this is even needed. edward lawrence, what's all that money going for in. >> reporter: yeah, it's going to expand the service, but we're just talking about 3.5% of that massive $2.25 trillion american jobs plan, not even a total infrastructure package. but, yeah, they're going to expand the■ç service. it's a lot of money for a company that's been losing money year after year after year. but the only line that actually makes money from amtrak is right here behind me. it leaves out of union station the, goes through philadelphia, through new york and up in boston. but again, they're going to expand service by 2035. for example, they're going to look at places like this, new service to brunswick, maine, and rock 'emland, maine. other new line from penn low, colorado, to cheyenne, wyoming. currently, there's no train
1:19 pm
service in wyoming at all. the money, though, is not the point according to supporters. >> i think it will cover the cost of running the trains if you do it right. but it's still going to have -- it's still going to be a capital investment made by companies or the government just like we do with highways and■ç airports. >> reporter: and for those following the climate change agenda of the biden administration, this might be a head-scratcher. buses follow some of the same routes as amtrak discuss, and the cato institute found that buses i mitt 60 grams of greenhouse gases per passenger miles, airlines 374 grams -- 174 grams. diesel amtrak engines pipe out 167 grams of carbon dioxide per passenger mile, and this is what they're using the money to expand. still, president biden wants to keep this service going. listen. >> i'm going to push as hard as
1:20 pm
i can to change the circumstance so we can compete with the rest of the world. compete with the rest of the world. everybody around the world is investing billions and billions of dollars in infrastructure, and we're going to do it here. >> reporter:■ç and amtrak believes that it will take 52 million passengers by 2035, with the airlines, if the numbers hold up, they'll do that amount of passengers in the next 52 days. back to you. david: thank you very much. meanwhile, the white house is awaiting more guidance from the justice department as to whether or not the push to cancel up to $50,000 in student debt is worthwhile. fox news correspondent jacqui heinrich has the very latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: hi, david. majority leader chuck schumer is adding to pressure from progressives after meeting with senator elizabeth warren and education secretary miguel car cardona saying that he believes president biden has the authority to wipe up to $50,000
1:21 pm
of student debt with the stroke of a ebb pen. biden, though, is waiting on word from doj and department of education lawyers to■ç examine exactly what his authority is outside an act from congress. now remember, last year under the trump administration department of education lawyers determined that that would be illegal. take a listen. >> please welcome a bill signed by -- passed by congress, i should say, to cancel $10,000 in student debt, and he'd happily sign that. i think that would naturally be the first step before it's a larger amount beyond there. what ron klain was referring to is the fact that there's an ongoing review. it's both a policy and legal review. >> reporter: biden has supported loan forgiveness for certain nonprofit and government workers and pushed to make community college free, but he previously objected calls to wipe up to $50,000 in student debt indicating it would benefit high income borrowers. he pushed instead for a lesser amount of up to $10,000. the country's outstanding debt■ç
1:22 pm
sits at about $1.7 trillion. the brookings institution estimates until cost $1 trillion to wipe 50 grand for every borrower whereas president biden's proposal would cost about $373 billion. progressives are pushing biden to go big, claiming it's a matter of racial justice, pointing to black students who historically have borrowed at higher rates and struggled more with repavement. dem -- repayment. democrats have already laid the groundwork in the last coronavirus relief bill making debt forgiveness tax-free. david? david: let's get reaction from political analyst gianno caldwell and democrat strategist laura -- good to see you both. lauer rah, i always think when i hear about the subject that confrontation that liz warren had with a parent who had actually a paid off his kid's■ç student debt. let me play that and get your reaction. >> let me can you one question with. my daughter --
1:23 pm
[inaudible] >> god bless you. >> am i going to get my money back? you're going to pay for people that didn't take any money and those of us that did the right thing get screwed. >> [inaudible] >> my buddy had a car, went on vacation, i saved my money. i worked a double shift, worked -- [inaudible] [inaudible] david: so, laura, how would you answer that parent who worked two or three jobs to pay for his student's debt, and he's saying i want my money back. if somebody else is getting a free ride, why shouldn't i? >> well, i understand his frustration as someone who■ç has paid off all of her student loans, and it was a struggle. i get where he's coming from. the bigger picture is what we have to look at because if we were to forgive all student debt in this country, that would be an increase every year of anywhere between $86-180 billion
1:24 pm
into our economy. so this is something that is going to really help our economy move forward. biden's plan's extraordinarily reasonable are. $10,000 forgiveness. that'll affect 15 million borrowers. that's 15 million americans that are going the buy homes earlier, have kids maybe a little earlier, save for college and reinvest those dollars into the economy where they belong -- david: but, gianno, why would -- [inaudible] save for college if, in fact, i knew that some people were getting a free ride? >> it's not a free ride. it's $10,000. and then you can get more -- david: any amount of must be. go ahead, gianno. >> right. give me a■ç chance, please. i'll tell you this -- >> step on in, my friend. >> for anyone who's decided to commit by signing a promissory note and saying that they were going to pay back a particular amount of money and they're getting any debt cancellation, that would be considered a free ride among many. now, i've got to tell you though
1:25 pm
progressives, i think, are really beginning to feel like they've been bamboozled and lied to by joe biden who was more than willing to come up to them and make all promises about what he was going to do for student loan debt and many other things, and they're not seeing a lot of progress on these fronts. they want $50,000 canceled. they don't want $10,000 canceled, and they're been bamboozled. i think there's this report he's looking to do this legal report as well as this policy report that they're looking to have the department of education do. maybe another stall tactic. ■ have every right to be heated up -- [inaudible conversations] david: laura, do you think, dueck that -- do you think the president would have a stiff backbone with regard to standing up to aoc and other progressives who wanted full forgiveness? >> well, you know, i think you can have different opinions, but 96% approval for joe biden among the democratic base. so there's really not the fault lines that my colleague is suggesting. i do think that politics is
1:26 pm
fundamentally about compromise, and so biden has laid out his plan, elizabeth warren has laid out her plan. but the arguments for why we should do something are the same. we need to improve our economy, we need to advance -- david: right. but the bottom line is, just to put a clear answer on this, if, in fact,aoc pushes back, do you think biden would say, no, i'm president, you're not, we're going to do it my way? >> well, i think he's alread]c@% done that. he has stood forward and said, hey, it's $10,000, $10,000 each year if you go into -- >> that's not what he's already done. [inaudible conversations] >> i think he's -- >> and let's be clear, you said 96% approval rating within the democratic party. not all progressives consider themselves democrats. democrats have issues with progressives, so let's not make it out to be some kind of "kumbaya" -- david: i want to try to squeeze one more subject in here. it's taxes, something near and not necessarily dear to my
1:27 pm
heart, but federal and state taxes are on the table. we're still in a pandemic. some businesses are still not even allowed to open. so, laura, i'm just going to ask you, the exodus from high-tax states like new york, california and illinois is absolutely clear. there are people fleeing those states to go to zero or low-tax states like texas and■ç florida. i assume that's going to continue if new york and other states and cities hike their taxes. but most of their tax revenue comes from the top 1%. 42% of all the income tax revenue in new york comes from the top 1%. so what happens if their tax base moves out? >> well, we haven't seen that in california, so i'm not sure exactly what you're -- >> david: well, in the california you have the benefit of silicon valley who's done very well during the pandemic -- >> i mean, but, david, there wasn't an exodus before, so i appreciate that. but here, here's the deal. look, blue states are doing
1:28 pm
well. blue states like california. the pandemic is tough on everybody. that's why it's good that we got the american recovery act to move forward, that's why this infrastructure plan which president after president has tried the move forward -- the fact that joe biden is getting done is good for all americans. david: all right. >> and if you look left are, right or center, republican or democrat -- david: we have to go. >> -- and they want to see -- [inaudible conversations] david: we have to run. i'd only suggest that gianno e would answer, if blue states are doing so well, why did they need a big bailout? but i'm sorry i had to cut you off. well, "60 minutes" is under fire for a report on florida vaccine distribution. we have a democrat defending a republican, he's here next. ♪♪
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♪ >> here's the bottom line. in palm beach we've done over 275,000 seniors that have gotten shots. statewide we've done 3.5 million seniors that have gotten shots. we've done one of the best jobs in the country at protecting our seniors. the results speak for themselves. david: that was florida governor ron desantis remarking on the success of the state's vaccine rollout after that "60 minutes" piece which accused him of a pay-for-play scheme. here now is palm beach county democrat mayor dave kerner.■ç mayor, what would you tell folks about that "60 minutes" piece? >> david, thank you for having me on the show. what i would say is it just wasn't accurate. you know, i issued a very forceful statement of my own volition because i worked one-on-one with governor desantis on the public vaccination plan, and it was part of a larger plan that we have in our county that we've exi cuted on. but we asked the governor for help, i asked the governor for
1:34 pm
help. it resulted in 67 points of distribution, and we lead the state still today in 65 plus residents in that age demographic in being vaccinated. and, you know, i just felt like the producers of "with -- [audio difficulty] and i had something to say that rebutted the story. david: you actually said the piece was, quote, intentinhlly false; that is, that they really made things up in order to prove a point. let me just get right to the heart of their charge. was the governor motivated to use publix, the pharmacy, publix, because of a campaign contribution? >> well, i can't speak on behalf of the governor, but what i can tell you is the governor must have had a premonition that i would have asked him to do this and bring this resource to our county. and he would have been able to read my mind, i can promise you that -- david: so in other words, let me just clarify, he didn't come to
1:35 pm
you with the suggestion of publix, you gave that suggestion to him? >> in essence, that's exactly what happened. i asked for that. i had heard about the pilot project in smaller counties with publix. it was a very difficult time to get vaccine, and it guaranteed 20,000 minimum a week in our county. i asked, the governor deliver, and i told "60 minutes"■ç all of this. and so when i say intentionally misled, that's my predicate. and, you know, to intentionally not include my comments as a county mayor as the guy in the room with the governor, that made it, to me, an intention intentional misleading of the public. david: of course, you're a democrat, so it didn't fit their narrative of trying the make the republican the bad guy. in what sense, you say you spoke to "60 minutes." did you talk to them with cameras rolling or what was the context of that? >> the context was i had to hunt them down. they were interviewing everybody but the county mayor, everyone
1:36 pm
but the guy in the room, and i was able to get the producer's number from the governor's office. i had a 45 minute conversation with the producer, i was delighted to talk about everything i experienced, and i was later■ç told i would be only used for background and due diligence, and it was sort of a surreal experience, to be honest, dave. david: but when you talked to them, it wasn't in front of a camera, correct? >> i was told -- because i asked to go on camera, and i was told we're too deep into editing the story at this point. not only can they not put me on camera, after i watched the show, i realized they didn't even make any reference to my comments. day david now, have you tried to contact them since? >> i haven't. i issued a statement that clarified what actually happened. that statement has been received far and wide, and i'm here on various news outlets speaking my part as the county mayor, democrat or otherwise. it doesn't matter. there was misleading and
1:37 pm
intentionally misleading parts of that story that aired, and they aired it on my that i'm born and raised in -- my county and that i have the honor of helping lead in a very difficult chapter of our history. i couldn't let that stand. david: we're told that they spent about three months investigating this story, going down, searching -- were they really investigating the story, or were they just looking for something to hit the governor on? >> you know, i can't, i can't speak to the intent of "60 minutes," i can only tell you that i heard this piece was coming out, and i had heard that people that were not in the room, that were not involved in the publix decision like my colleague and friend, i give him all the respect in the world, but mayor keith james of the city of west palm beach, i heard he'd been interviewed. so i proactively reached out to them. and to not include me, obviously, i don't know how you do a story on publix and the implications that come with it towards the governor without speaking to me.
1:38 pm
and if they had spoken to me and put me on the record,■ç as you'e hearing today the, there would have been a lot more clarity and context as to how those decisions were made and how the governor didn't do some pay-to-play scheme. and i can't stand for allegations, criminal allegations at a minimum, against the governor despite the fact that we're in separate parties. i asked, he delivered, bottom line. move on. david: so over and over and over again you heard this is pay for play, this is pay for play. you're saying, absolutely, it was not pay for play. >> i didn't say that. i said i don't know what transpired. but to be a pay for play, the governor would have had to force this down my throat. he would have had to say we're doing this in your where the exact opposite happen. so my perspective, as a former law enforcement officer by the way, was that the governor was doing everything he could in his power to help my county, and i'm very appreciative of that. by the way, democratic directorç of emergency services and management for the state of
1:39 pm
florida was the one that brought publix to the -- so if they would have spoken with him, this would have been cleared up very quickly. david: mayor, we have to go, but have you received any pushback from fellow democrats saying, hey, why are you coming to the defense of a republican? >> yes. i received pushback from republicans and democrats on all the things that i do on public policy, and that makes me feel like i'm doing the right thing sometimes. david: i would say that's a good indicator that you are. mayor, we really appreciate you talking to us. thank you so much. >> thank you, david. david: comeing up, why the windy city is finding itself in a world of hurt when it comes to vaccine distribution. details right after this. ♪ ♪
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david: well, vice president harris is g to be visiting a mass vaccination center in chicago today. our own jeff flock is at a vaccination site in chicago. jeff, tell us about chicago being plagued by distribution scandals. and i say that in plural, there are a number of them, huh? >> reporter: you're right, unfortunately. it's a beautiful day, by the way, to get a vaccine, and this is the line)pá you see at one of these vaccination sites. the problem in chicago has been getting the vaccine out to underserved pop rations -- populations, that is to say black and brown populations, poor folks, people who don't have access to computers, that sort of thing. this is a scene right outside wrigley field in chicago, the cubs' ballpark, and they're partnering to set this one up. the scandal is where a hospital, for example, on the west side that typically serves the black and brown community, poor folks, they set up vaccines for cook county judges that were not eligible to be vaccinated. they also went to trump tower
1:45 pm
because one of their executives had a condo at trump tower, and they inoculated a whole group of folks there as well. they were also not eligible to be vaccinated. another doctor vaccinated ten members of his own family. again, not el justifiable to■ç e vaccinated. -- eligible. these folks all have passed the test to be vaccinated here. they're just trying to get the vaccine out. vice president harris was in oakland yesterday at the start of her trip talking not only about vaccine, but about infrastructure. in chicago she's going to be talking about this vaccine equity issue and, david, it's interesting, because she will be -- unlike this sites which is open to pretty much anyone -- she'll be at a site that's open only to union members. essential workers, ones that are eligible, but just union members. so it'll be interesting to see if that opens up to any more people as well. as you see, as i leave you, perhaps, jeff gets a picture of the line that sneaks down the
1:46 pm
block. not a bad day to be standing in line in chicago though. david: the big news, by the way, jeff, is that in chicago in early april people are there with t-shirts on. [laughter] that's extraordinary. >> reporter: it could be snowing. we're very lucky. davidyou are, indeed. jeff, thank you very much. back to the big news on capitol hilled today. democrats are now going to be able to pass that $2.25 trillion spending bill with a simple majority vote thanks to a new ruling from the senate's a parliamentarian. charlie gasparino on how wall street is weighing all this. hi, >> hey, david. you would think this is an inside baseball washington story, but it obviously has a major impact. on the government, on the u.s. fiscal situation and on wall street. and i can tell you i deal with major hedge fund players all the time. they are really rattled by this. they believe this unshackles the biden administration to do whatever it wants as long as it, you know, maintains control of the house and senate.
1:47 pm
and it's going to at least maintain control of the house and senate at least for the next two years. they are pricing in their models the potential for higher inflation and higher interest rates as■ç this goes. and if there's one thing, i think, that can probably stop the bull market that we have right now, it is a massive spike in interest rates. is so what we're hearing from the. hedge funds is that it's going to be bombs away. biden, their sources on capitol hill and in the white house are telling them that the bind add manager, democrats -- biden administration, there's a belief they clearly didn't go far enough in 2010, the last time they controlled all the works during the obama years, and because they didn't go far enough back then, the economy didn't get revved up fast enough, and they lost control of the house and the senate. they do not want to make that the, quote-unquote, mistake again. so they're going to go, from what i understand, they're going to open up the floodgates and spend whatever they have and do it through reconciliation when they can. and this ruling is doing that.
1:48 pm
so what does that mean for markets? well, simple, david, you talk about commodity■ç prices probaby will go up. that's a good bet if you're betting markets. other, you know, maybe tech goes up. i mean, who knows? but there's clearly higher interest rates will hurt stocks in the long run. and a lot of think, david -- people think, david, the fed's going to step in -- david: i was going to ask about that. apparently, the markets don't believe that the fed will be able to control interest rates. we heard from mr. powell that he's going to be helping by buying up all those bonds, but they don't believe that'll do it. >> well, he's said he doesn't want to do what's known as an operation twist where you -- as you know, this is a moving target. rates start going up to 2, i think he's in a bind, don't you? david: i would think, if he panç
1:49 pm
ins, he will. charlie, we've run out of time. charlie gasparino, good to see you, my friend. now the cryptocurrency market cap topping $2 trillion for the first time, and china not surprisingly is looking to cash in on a little bit of cryptocurrency. that story right after a break. ♪ ♪
1:50 pm
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♪ david: and welcome back. well, china is betting on the crypto craze. china's now launching its own cryptocurrency right as the market tops $2 trillion for the first time. cryptocurrency investing for dummies author joins us now. keanu, what do you make of this? >> hi, david. i don't think this is an actual cryptocurrency. this is a social credit system developed by■ç the chinese communist party that is powered by a.u., and it is literally -- a.i., and it is literally the anti-cryptocurrency because the reason why people are in love with bitcoin and kind of moving away from the u.s. dollar to invest in the bitcoin and other cryptos is because they are decentralized. this chinese cryptocurrency seems like it is just a system to collect all kinds of data in
1:54 pm
order to calculate the social trust or worthiness of their people and use it against them. david: so it is the antithesis of bitcoin' anonymity. one reason that a lot of libertarians were drawn to bitcoin initially is the anonymity. china wants a cryptocurrency that will have an ability to get all kinds of information from your private accounts. >>■ç absolutely. well, bitcoin, actually, is not completely anonymous. there are other cryptoto currencies who are even more anonymous. bitcoin is optimum for being a value asset like gold. you can actually track people on bitcoin which is something that not a lot of people pay attention to. but at least it's decentralized. there is no central the eyesed person, entity or a government that is monitoring what's happening. it's all on the block chain. everybody has access to it. and nobody can really, unless
1:55 pm
they are super powerful, really manipulate it. this is the opposite of that. so -- david: yeah. so is anybody outside of china where they have a captive audience, is anybody outside of china going to get into this in. >> i hope people don't get excited. china is realp competing with the u.s. on everything. they're competing in tech, they're creating their own gpus and cpus and everything, and investors are getting excited about the chinese markets. my hope is that cryptocurrency investors won't start dumping their u.s. dollar or bitcoin to buy the chinese crypto which is everything that bitcoin isn't, actually. david: you know, you just think of the history, you don't have to think hard of the history of china stealing data the, stealing private information and imagine what would happen if you sacrificed some of your funding and some of your financial information into their currency
1:56 pm
system. it would be a nightmare, an absolute nightmare. so good luck to them. kiana, thank you so much for being here. the book is crypto investing for dummies. thank you very much. well, shares of norwegian cruise lines soaring today after the company■ç announced it is te asking the cdc for clearance to start sailing from u.s. ports on july 4th. ships would be at 60% capacity, and guests would need to be fully vaccinated, and they'd have to prove it in order to travel. ♪ -- dizzy in my head ♪♪ into this chip i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq 100 like you become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high you know how i feel ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing]
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david: kind of a mixed picture. looking at markets right now. the dow is down, other index are up. i'm sure charles payne can make it all work at end of this show. hey, charles. charles: great seeing you, david. that is what i do. they call it the cp effect, my friend. good afternoon, everyone, i'm charles payne. this is making money. growth is starting session as momentum darlings. we had guidance less than an hour ago from applied materials. it derailed the tech stocks and sent the nasdaq and s&p lower. how to handle the crazy shifts in the market without losing your head or wallet. we have answers in this show. president biden in virginia, shaving two weeks off his may 1st deadline to make


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