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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 5, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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supposed to be here to throw out the first pitch but a few hours before the game he announced he sent a letter to the rangers telling them that he was not going to do that citing the mlb decision to pull the all-star game out of atlanta over the controversial election law he said it's shameful that america's pastime is getting involved in politics. >> thank you grady, great to see you a dozen for us on fox business. "the evening edit" starts right now. liz: president biden'snd p big x incentive plan hitting a wall oe the senate up to seven senate democrats may reject the bidens tax hike that is according to joe manchin. it could be dead on arrival in the senate the president i didn't under without explaining that. if that's so why are they using tax shelters to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal income payroll taxes as republicans point out with us
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now ron johnson, congressman tom emmert and buddy carter, jim trusty, art del cueto and we have more on the fighting family long history of using frequent use of off-balance shell companies to bury the cash from dealmakingre overseas. plus hunter bidens big 180 he does not remember if he owned the infamous laptop at the center of multiple probes. but he admits it could certainly be his. his book is out tomorrow. where is the media, facebook and twitter's apology after they wrongly censor the new york post hunter bidens story, hunter biden appears too admit to. if hunter biden has a selective shaky memory why would you want to buy his book. the 60 minute report about florida, 60 minute story is blowing up a florida mayor called the 60 minute report intentional and trying to argue
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florida's governor was doing vaccine favoritism in exchange for political donation for public. the majority of florida seniors, 90% live near publix supermarket, seniors are most at risk from covid and local florida officials approached publix to say are you ready to go vaccine, looks like you're ready to go because pharmacies in the state weren't ready chris christieie slamming joe biden se president biden is lying about george'sn voting law but joe biden and president obama applied major league baseball boycott of georgia even though it'll hurt millions of black families and workers as georgia colludes up to 190 million bucks in b revenue. dozens of states and countries like mexico, canada and france already have voter id where is the media outrage over that, more americans disapprove than approve of how joe biden is handling the border crisis. homeowners, businesses are
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suffering major property damage and crime plus the border patrol says they arrested two men from yemen trying to illegally enter the u.s., the fbi terror swap should list in the no-fly list. we got a lot of stories, i'm elizabeth macdonald in "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ we begin today with republican senator ron johnson, were so excited to see you. you heard the open, what is with senator joe manchin saying up to seven democrats are going to oppose buys under bidens 20% height engine tax hike on companies. as is dead on arrival. >> i sure hope so because increase the corporate tax rate is equity do anything for the covid recovery and long-term economic prosperity for americans. i see what we did in 2017 fact in the corporate tax collected was a little under $300 billion
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in 2019 before the covid recession it was about $230 billion so we lost about $70 million worth of revenue i think we would've probably made that up with a strong economy but the biden administration is talking about spending thousands of billions of dollars on all the boondoggles. again you have to keep the american business tax rate competitive with the world and that's what we did in 2017. liz: joe biden claims he wants to protect medicare and obamacare but joe biden and the first lady reportedly avoided paying half a million dollars in payroll taxes by diverting $13 million from book deals and speeches into tax shelters indiana republican jim banks who is the gop of the study committee saying you president biden plan to undo and pay these funds back to the iraqi people, when you saw that number that's high half a million dollars they avoided. t >> it is in part and parcel the
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hypocrisy from so many democrats who utilize they tax code illegally but criticize others for doing the exact same thing is speaks to the insanity of our tax code that people can utilize it that way. what i'm more concerned about in terms of bidens taxes is the fact that they made $16 million of incomehe since he elected the vice presidency. only 3.2 million dollars, 16 million in income and 3.2 and assets, where did all the money go that was really good reporting on john solomon. my question waited all the $16 million go. >> that's a good question. the other thing tax pros have said there's no reason for the bidens to use tax shelters like s corporations other than to avoid payroll taxes and evens bidens top aide neera tanden said this is loopholes, bidens
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earn double what they earned in the prior 19 years combined. where did all the money go, what do you think? >> i have no idea but our tax code is insane it treats different types of income differently which i don't think we should in terms of medicare tax, the payroll tax in general is capped at a b certain level because it's designed in social security is designed to pay for your retirement plan and medicare there is no cap. i've never particular agreed with the aspect of it if you need to raise money forgr the programs let's do it in a simple and rational taxes system we don't have that right now. liz: you and senator grassley did a report and a deep dive into the biden family history they like s corpse and off-balance-sheet shell companies to bury the cash that they get from overseas, delaware is known for this they like to do this with real estate infrastructure deals of the biden family has done in romania, iraq, costa rica working with russia and china so
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you have seen this activity in the past, right? >> absolutely unconcerned about the complex web of foreign entanglement particular with china but all over the world so you simply can't t trace it when you're trying to hide income the way you do you set upin corporation after corporation and layer these things in one corporation is hudson west and they have eight or nine hudson west corporations and you don't know who owns them and whether the money is flowing back and forth and that's how you launder money you have all kinds of different transactions which makes it very difficult for anybody to catch and uncover what's going on. liz: senator you in chuck grassley's report said hunter biden opened up the family to counter intelligence and extortion hunter bidens book is out tomorrow he's claimant everything was ethical but he indicated an e-mail said he uses
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to avoid the antibribery foreign corrupt practices or having to register with the government as a foreign agent, your final word on that. >> he may not have broken any laws but i would ask people conflict of interest when he made like $4 million, why it is obvious why it looks sleazy it may notle be buy the book illegl but it's sleazy in all the foreign into moments we don't know what china knows about their financial deals we don't know what they could use as blackmail, the media and the democrats claimed potential blackmail when they were pushing the russia hoax against trump, here we have verified financial entanglements and transactions that could lead to serious counterintelligence distortion of blackmail threats. liz: senator ron johnson, it's great to see you again, thank you for joining us, come back soon let's welcome minnesota republican tom emmer from the
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gop study committee you just heard what we were talking about about the biden family tax shelters to avoid payroll taxes, what is your quick take onwh th. >> something does not smell right, i think people need to be transparent it's very interesting how they give the hypocrisy and blame others for what they are in fact doing it's their so-called infrastructure bill the $2.3 trillion proposal that is not about infrastructure it is about spending on the democrats crazy radical socialist agenda, they tell you something and in fact it's something completely different. liz: we got president biden he wants to outshine fdr in infrastructure spending but senator roy blunt the fourth highest ranking republican in the senate saying stop with the poison pill spending focus on bridgess and roads you gotta cut it down to $615 billion not two
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in a quarter treatment with democrat senator joe manchin said some democrat senators are going to oppose this, what do you think of this new movement. >> i think that they recognize this is way beyond anything that mainstream america is looking at this will be difficult forlt thm to sell even with her friends in the left-wing media given 2.3 trade and dollar proposal that is less than 6% goes to roads and bridges. it's about 115 billion so you could skinny up more when it comes to roads and bridges and infrastructure and in fact it's about funding a radical left socialist agenda that includes defunding the police and implemented a renewal be a open borders and closing our schools, do you know the $2.3 trillion proposal, $2.3 trillion is four times what it cost to build the interstate highway system from "coast to coast". i think they realize they're going to scrutinize this
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proposal. liz: that is really interesting president biden says he wants to run it through without any republican votes in each trying to top spin it, he's now saying that's going to be bipartisan even though he wants to ram it through without republican votes. all the campaign talk of unity looks like the president had no intention of unity moderate democrats are mocking at this. >> were talking about infrastructure and quite frankly the only thing that he saying about infrastructure is regardless of the proposal is my way or the highway this guy campaign as a so-called moderate who is not that at all he's about as radical and being advised by acadia cortez and other socialist in the house as well as bernie sanders the chair of the budget committee and they want to use this to pass a massive tax bill that is the largest sense 1942 and they want to tell people that this will only apply to people earning
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$400,000 or more, elizabeth this is a huge middle tax increase. look what he's done on the ladder i policy since into january we have gas climate. liz: i see that two gas prices are going up. look at buttigieg a transportation secretary caught on camera driving his car, his suv to work and then basically getting a bicycle out of then back of the car in order to make it look like his bicycling to his job to appear that he's green and progressive and liberal, this is insanity, this is cuckoo, what do you think. >> it shows you that they have no limit, there is no limit to hypocrisy whether shell corporation after shell
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corporation taken advantage of the tax code as senator johnson pointed out has so many inconsistencies, they want to criticize others while at the same time doing what their critical of. this is just laughable that pete buttigieg would drive a black suv up to biking distance of his office, get out and get on the bike and try to get a photo, do as i say not as i do. liz: it looks like he picked an awful lot of work for that photo shoot. thank you so much, why not just be honest, coming up fox news contributor joe concha on the 60 minutes story blowing up in 60 minutes phase, 60 minutes lefts" that important context to argue florida's governor of vaccine favoritism in exchange for political donations in public. were gonna break this down what 60 minutes left out did they take a big kick to credibility.
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that story next. >> governor desantis has been right in every single decision that he's had to take when he's been dealing with this pandemic. he's been telling rate in the media and the left and even with handing out a vaccine. he decided to make seniors first and not follow cdc guidelines and turns out they finally admitted he was right and followed his guidance, it turns out he's right again. ♪
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♪ elizabeth: back with us now is liz: back with us now fox news contributor joe concha it looks like 60 minutes report on fordin is blowing up in 60 minutes phase, they tried to argue florida's governor was doing vaccine favoritism in exchange for political donation for public when something like 90% of florida senior citizens live near a public supermarket, what's going on. >> publix according to an axial spool is the number one trusted brand in that state. what were seen more and more with the vaccines when the government distributes them it's not as impactful or as often when we have private companies like pharmacies doingmp it. desantis was well ahead of the game governor desantis ast. fars
10:19 pm
bringing in public, here you have 60 minutes implying it was a pay to play and now even democrats in the state of florida are pushing back on the story and you may or dave from alpalm beach county he told the report not that they just got it wrong and made a mistake but intentionally false,". what were seeing now more and more people pushing back t on ts from the other party which is a very rare thing that we see these days in 60 minutes not only got it wrong but they purposely misled 17 or 18 viewers on this one. >> and this is what they're saying seniors are more risk than getting covid than the rest of the population published is pushing back, to your point the florida emergencyen management director and the mayor said publix was recommended because of the other pharmacies were not ready to start vaccinations. local florida official went to
10:20 pm
publix, not the other way round because publix was ready to go before the state pharmacy on this. >> precisely, more probably i don't know if you been afforded many times in my life but a couple of blocks about tina publix a starbucks out there and new york. what i wanted no is your gonna do this piece on desantis, what he could to get around 60 minutes and doing a report on andrew cuomo in the wayay he handled covid inputting covid-19 positive occasions back into the facilities when you have the uss comfort that the chopper administrations applied or the javits center converted into a hospital 60 minutes doesn't want to get around to that one and use all the story in the campaign, leslie stahl interview when president trump had to practically beg stall to look into the hunter biden allegation, this was in october and she said it can't be verified, i'm not telling you we
10:21 pm
can put it on the air, 60 minutes seems to have more of a track record of being unfortunately biased, this is the number one broadcast newsmagazine and bid onhe for 50 years you thought you could at least trust those guys but that's not the case anymore. liz: we hear publix is blasting 60 minutes as being deceptive and wrong governor desantis is blasting for deceptive segments. let's show you what part not shown to viewers let's watch governor desantis explained what was going on imported. watch this. >> when we did the first pharmacy that had it cvs and walgreens and they had a long-term care mission so they were going to the long-term carh facilities, they got vaccine to the middle of december and started going to the long-term care facilities the third week of december to do ltc, that was their mission and that was very important and we trusted them to do that, as we got into january
10:22 pm
we wanted to expand the distribution point, yet the counties and drive-through sites and hospitals that were doing a lot and we wanted to do it in the communities more so we restart other retail pharmacies, publix, walmart and cvs and blogging had to send is that mission and they said they will use us as soon as you're done without. the publix was the first one to raise their hands and savior ready to go. liz: ready to go there's also reporting that publix is not important neighborhoods, something like 1600 pharmacies throughout the state giving out the vaccination for free. the reporting needs to be done there about what is really going on with the vaccination effort in florida because it looks like 60 minutes is falling apart right now. >> and you look at the numbers and sends early january cases among those over 65 in the state of florida are down 80%, the vaccine distribution like publix
10:23 pm
using the private sector is absolutely working and it brings me back to a pole that was jaw-dropping but i read from axioms in a survey monkey, intentionally reporting false news, 92% of republicans think the media intentionally reportsd fake news. also 79%, independents think the same thing right now as do a majority of democrats. and ron desantis if you talk to any trump's supported that donald trump does a running 2024 he's the number one by a country mile and i think the mainstream media has really said desantis can be a real threat to win the nomination and win thery presidency he is a very good record to run on in florida. liz: joe concha, your terrific, we love having you on,ni come bk soon great reporting. just ahead georgia congressman buddy carter, chris christie
10:24 pm
hammering president biden same president biden is lying about george's new voting law, this is president biden and barack obama applied major league baseball boycott of georgia even though it will hurt millions of black families and workers as georgia could lose $190 million in revenue. that story next. >> also going to do is put hard-working georgians who have been over a work for a year who have put that game together been through covid and excited about the opportunity to host that game and always your gonna do is hurt working people and if you do when you better get ready because were going to compare where that game moves and what they doing in that state i guarantee you georgia has as much opportunity for people to vote and participate. [ engine r] [ race light countdown ]
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♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ liz: welcome back coming into the bottom of the hour watching the fox business network buddy carter, congressman it's great to have you on. georgia could lose up to $190 million after the major league yank the all-star game out of atlanta, georgia why does president biden and barack obama applauded boycott that can hurt a city that has millions of black workers and families over a law that expands early voting at double the days of democrat run states, what is going on.
10:29 pm
>> the reason joe biden and barack obama are doing this is to spread the information and mislead people and that's exactly whatg. they're doing in major league baseball is pathetic, this is what they've done simply pathetic, they have thrown victim to the far left in the woke culture, they have no courage whatsoever and what they're doing is hurting people in georgia, practically small businesses in particular my marty small businesses and it's inexplicable what they are doing and it really isll pathetic. liz: let's watch governorri chrs christie really go after president biden and hammer him for lying. >> it expands early voting, listen here's what joe biden has to live with when he wakes up on easter morning he's doing
10:30 pm
exactly what he sat around in the campaign and the transition that he accused donald trump of doing, he is lying to cause racial division in this country that's what he accused donald trump of doing and he's a liar and hypocrite let's talk about the georgia law and what it's really about. drop boxes have become a permanent part and they were not prior to covid, they are now, minimum is 17 days of early voting including two saturdays into optional wall sundays you will have all voters having multiple ways to prove who they are, drivers license, last four numbers of your social security number, a utility bill or the free id provided by the state of georgia and voting will be from 7-amp to 7:00 p.m. as it is right now in georgia. liz: he laid it out there pretty deathly. what is with all the misleading reporting on this in the democrat misleading inoc thei top. >> this is by the playbook straight out of the democratic
10:31 pm
playbook. certainly the washington post gave joe biden for pinocchio. even cnn has said there misleading people telling lies. when you have those networks ane that paper and you have them actually exposing democrats then you know there is a problem. this is the way the democrats want to do it, they want to misinform people and mislead and lie to people, this made voting easier in the state of georgia in cheating harder, the legislature has improved the voting regulation in the state of georgia which 75% of georgians said that we needed mortar voter id and better regulation, 60% of all democrats said that in 69% of african-americans agreed that. liz: major league baseball has hypocrisy to unita voter id to pick up tickets at will call we also 35 states in dozens of
10:32 pm
countries that have voter id including mexico, canada and france the supreme court has backed voter id. georgia is tightening the rules that were dramatically loosened during the 2020 election that led to widespread chaos. we also have reporter phil wegman he asked joe saki, the four major league boycotting atlanta, georgia are you going to boycott the 2022 winter olympics in china? she did not like that question. >> i can u understand why the hypocrisy with major league baseball, major league baseball trying to punish as state that makes it easier to vote, expandd voting who did the same week that they remove the all-star game from the state of georgia they would sign a contract that communist china backed company in the hypocrisy there is just ridiculous, look at communist china what they're doing. they are slamming hong kong and
10:33 pm
persecuting minorities in huge violations, they're just horrible. liz: let's watch basketball legend charles barkley, he is saying that politicians are basically dividing with race wars in order to raise money and stay in power. let's listen to charles barkley. >> i think most white people and black people are great people. i really believe that in my heart. but i think your system is set up for our politicians whether the republicans or democrats and designed to make us not like each other so they can keep their grasp of money and power. they divide and conquer. liz: he is saying to not like each other to divide and conquer. your final word. >> this is exactly what the democrats are doing and this is what they're doing by spreading misinformation and spreading lies, when we mader voting easir
10:34 pm
and made cheating harder in the state of georgia we expanded voting, if you voted illegally in november 2020 you can vote legally now but you'll find a lot harder to cheat if you cheat. liz: congressman buddy carter, thank you for joining us. former federal prosecutor jim trusty on hunter biden big 180, he doesn't remember if he ownede the infamous laptop then he had minutes it certainly could be his. where is the media on facebook and twitter apologizing after wrongly censoring the new york post hunter biden story, hunter biden appears to be admitting to it. that story next. >> he is just debating the truth, really he does not remember whether he dropped off the laptop battery repair shop or not that is a little bit hard to believe. ♪
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liz: joining is now former federal prosecutor jim trusty hunter biden's book comeshu outc tomorrow where is the media apology and facebook and twitter's apology because hunter biden now says certainly the laptop couldop be his, this has multiple probes. it where is there apology. >> i'm not holding my breath and waiting in line to buy the book and i'm not waiting for the media to apologize. this was a conscious political decision insufficient information in front of the media because of a congressional inquiry about the laptop, yet the owner of the laptop cominge forward with credible and important stories and characterization of the content and that was ignored and a conscious decision not a mistake like twittertt is saying it's a decision because they're afraid to affect the election in a negative way from their t perspective so they affected in a positive way for the biden
10:40 pm
family. liz: the black unscented the new york post story on what was on the laptop now you have cnn brian stelter saying the hunter biden book is a story of our time, i'm not sure what he's w talking about, we're talking about a serious fbi probe and d.o.j. probe into tax evasion and money laundering involving hunter biden's laptop. he signed a receipt for, a beau biden foundation sticker was on it and had his e-mail on it, had embarrassing photos on it showing lots of bad things andli allegedly wrought influence peddling by the biden family also joe biden's campaign was saying this is russian disinformation inside the laptop so they are effectively saying, yes his laptop. >> there's a couple of things the media at this point has basically become the boy who cried hooton when it comes anything cried russia a negative story about russia it's russia
10:41 pm
doing and he's colluding with russia, for the positive story they will spin into the russian fear as well there is a lot to criticize about vladimir putin he's a murderous tyrant and the dictator that killed enemies but if the media will trot out the russia cart to obscure the facts like for this laptop then we will never believe it and that's where we sit let me add one other quick thing drug addiction stories and recoveries perhaps about the privilege associated with the biden family are relatively sympathetic but it's obscuring the real story of hunter biden's relationship when it comes to china and is pakistan and russian oligarchs, that's a real story the real media would look into. liz: making millions of dollars of overseas business dealings and shell companies. hunter can remember minor details like accidentally smoking parmesan cheese thinking it was crack but he can't
10:42 pm
remember the details about his laptop. he has such selective memory why would you want to buy his book. what do you s think by the word. memory loss and i have to believe that he probably did forget that he dropped the laptop off for some period of time because it's an incredibly damning piece of potential evidence and frankly i think it would be memorable if you smoked parmesan cheese as your drug off choice. i don't totally discount that but these were softball questions that he couldn't field without wobbling but the laptop is a laptop from hell that is incredibly important potential damning evidence on it. liz: drug addiction is a serious thing but this is a bigger story about influence peddling we hear exactly what you're saying, we love w on thank you so much, come back soon, coming up former nypd lieutenant darren on the blistering exit interviews given by portland, oregon cops ripping into local city officials for defunding police as portland
10:43 pm
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(vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free.
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to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that. liz: were excited to welcome back and why petey lieutenant darrin porcher, portland, oregon a crime wave and a wave police officers leaving one out of seven cops now quitting and leaving they can keep up with the nightly gun violence, what do you think? >> i think this is problematic when we go to last year the d from police movement is set a bad precedent not in portland but in the united states as a whole, the democrat subsequently suffered tremendous losses in they're down battle elections
10:48 pm
focusing on the d from police movement. the people in the united states are under siege, they have an expectation of police as it relates to the social contract. we see what's happening in portland that's a reflection of the d from police movement and officers that are ready to retire as a result of the minutes of polities and abilitye to effectuate sound policies for public safety. liz: we have 20 cities moving to defendti the police 840 million cried out of the budget this is after the killing of george floyd in police custody in minneapolis. police officers in portland, oregon giving blistering exit interviews and one cop said portland city council are raging idiots in addition to being stupid the mayor and the city council ignore actual facts on crime and policing in favor of radical leftist and anarchist fantasy. that the police command and the
10:49 pm
city council arrogantly and confident and cowardly. your word on that, blistering words. >> when we go back to last year the federal government has a series of assistance measures such as federal agent to assist any anarchy that was plaguing court under portland but the mayor and the city council were diametrically opposed for the assistance of federal law enforcement. that set forth a bad precedent. we clearly saw the localized police were incapable of managing the disturbances that are plaguing the community. the officers understand the boots on the ground needd your help, they did not receive it and it was a result of the failed policy and the city council. liz: portland has been the epicenter of the destructive riot. it has the largest jump in homicides in 26 years. 55 killington 2020, half off those killings are people of
10:50 pm
color and poor people, we're talking about victims from eight months old to 71 years old, we just now breaking news that the suspect finally has been caught, the suspect is now accused of firebombing multiple properties in portland, oregon causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages, 24-year-old and including the attempted murder of police officers, this is the rise of last year, what is taking so long? >> the problem the disenfranchised communities was so specific to the african-american and latino communities under siege and this is what we see the epic portions of violence, the legislatures are not recognizing in identifying that these communities need help, they are vowing to the sentiment of i the radical left which is sent to debit entry denigrating the quality of life.
10:51 pm
liz: darrin porcher, thinking to the service for our country. next up national border patrol council vice president rer tell cueto more americans disapprove then approve about president biden is handling his border crisis as homeowners, businesses, ranchers are suffering property damage and crime with their properties near the border. plus border patrol, it did recently arrest two men. from yemen trying to illegally enter the u.s. on the fbi terrorism watchlist in the no-fly list. that story next. ♪ i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. new parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste.
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get it and get it now. your body will thank you. (announcer) find out more at that's ♪♪ if. elizabeth: joining liz: joining us now national border patrol council art dell cueto it's great to have you back on, more americans disapprove then approve of how president biden is handling the border crisis and now we have border patrol saying we caught two men from yemen they are terrorist and we caught them at the port of entry and there on the fbi terror watch list, how could this not be called aca crisis by the democrat. >> it is more of the crisis is it being handled at all and we talked about it many times before, everything has a domino
10:56 pm
effect, when you allow central american families in the lower the other company juveniles to rush the b southern border and have agent move from one position in order to take care of the individuals it creates gaps and other areas. that's what we have now huge domino effect, the drugs are coming to because they understand there is limited resources in some areas. now you have the individuals on the terrorist watch list and that's what they caught. i've been preaching up and down that my biggest concern is the amount of got a ways coming to our southern border, there continued to go up and the numbers are going up astronomically and i talked to the individuals looking at the numbers and they're saying the tucson sector is up to over 45000 got a ways. when you start looking at the individuals that have been apprehended and people on terrorist watch list, it should raise huge red flags of what is coming across and what is not
10:57 pm
been apprehended. that should be a big concern for a lot of individuals. liz: racine afghanistan, pakistan, iran and iraq and homeowners in supper property damage, texas attorney general ken paxton say billions of dollars in damages breaking into home setting property on fire,s robbing let's watch the mayor of texas border town. >> we have two stations north and south station and combine 300 illegal immigrants everyss day, they are being processedmm and what affects our community is there is residential areas within a few hundred feet of the river and many of the individuals crossing illegally will tend toal try to hide in residential neighborhoods and homes and backyards and patios. liz: your reaction? >> it is horrific someone who
10:58 pm
has growne about here and raised out i here i've seen in my entie life and it's horrific that we have people in leadership positions in politicians and political positions for many, many years some of them for eddecades and they have not learned from the mistakes of the past and not taking the serious, it is horrific to see that it. liz: we have a brutal drug war at the border thousands ofer people have been murdered south of the border, we have vice president kamala harris yet told a press conference about the border since president biden named her in order to oversee it, let's watch senator john kennedy. >> in further evidence of what i just suggested the president has put vice president harris in charge of trying to combat the illegal immigration. there is some confusion, she said she does notot want it and the president says she's got to take it.
10:59 pm
but no disrespect to the vice president i know her well and respect her but she believes in open borders, making her the illegal immigration is like making her el chapo the drugs are. liz: what dot you think? >> we should not be in the position that were not now but we are here and we need individuals that are able to come up with answers and able to fix the problem we said many times how do you fix it you put more immigration judges on the southern border andnd you put aside them officers down here and you start looking at the actual cases in determining what is actually an asylum case and what is not in your real sanctions against the individuals, you cannot have a freefall and let them commit crimes and not be any consequences. it's a domino affect the drug dealers are aware of the child
11:00 pm
traffickers are aware of in the sex traffickers are aware. liz: thank you so much, i aappreciate it. we have a hard break. thank you for your service to s our country. i am elizabeth macdonald you're watching "the evening edit". we hope you have a good evening. join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ a. larry: hello, everyone. welcome back to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow, great to be with you. look, stocks are booming, they continued today. unbelievable numbers including friday's 1.1 million jobs including revisions. an absolute blowout for the ism manufacturing and service numbers. in fact, ism manufacturing the best since december of 983, reagan -- 1983, reagan days. and today ism services number for march came in at an all-time record high for that series going all the a way a back to, i think, 199 7. anyway, it's possible we could


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