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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 5, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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a wonderful guy. i understand nothing wrong with bike riding, nothing wrong with the greener deal i just happen to totally disagree with it butut he's not a road guy, he sought a car guy posada road guy he is subtracting browser the infrastructure package that's totally not cool. more on that. kennedy: welcome back, knee. hunter bite in the gift that keeps on giving priestly new memoir coming out. now is doing a tour breaking his silence. the promises raising more questions than answers about his father's shady dealings in his own role
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did you leave a laptop with a repair man? >> no, no pitcher whether it hacks there exists a laptop at all i truly do not know. >> are you missing a laptop? >> not but i know, read the book you'll realize that i was not keeping tabs on possessions very well for about a four year period of time. spirit that's my favorite follow-up and this whole thing are you missing a laptop question cassis is working for crooked ukrainian company was fine, he just regrets the fallout. >> no, i don't think i made a mistake and take his spot on the board i think i made a mistake in terms of underestimating the way in which it would be used against me. kennedy: yes, that is the mistake part. but will he get in any trouble for wheeling's and dealings? of course not.
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>> i am cooperating completely. and i am absolutely certain, more than one 100% certain that at the end of the investigation that i will be cleared of any wrongdoing. >> your search and? of akai am one 100% certain of it all i can just cooperate and trust in the process. >> why doesn't she follow up with why? why are you one 100% certain? because that is about a surgeon a surgeon can be. you know why? because the big guy's president that is why. but now the multi- million-dollar question is, was dad involved in any of the sketchy deals? spin a cab you ever given your father money from any of your business ventures? >> no. >> nothing? not a nickel? to know. >> directly or indirectly? >> directly or indirectly one 100% never know. i'm cooperating completely i am absolutely certain, one 100% certain that at the end of the investigation that i will be cleared of any
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wrongdoing for its wreck you are one 100% certain? kennedy: it so there's that clip again paid you don't remember anything that president biden did not make one thin nickel on any of your flyby the night operations, right? that passes the sniff test harassment out federal senior editor of fox news contributor fresh off the outnumbered couch, mollie hemingway is back, welcome back molly. >> great to be here with you. kennedy: really wasn't keeping tabs on my stuff so i don't really know if i was missing a laptop but my dad never got a penny, do you believe that? >> the only thing i believe that he said was that he is confident he will not be in any way held accountable for anything on the laptop. i think that is a safe bet. i think there is no danger at the department of justice even though hunter biden is a walking indictment, there is no danger they're actually going to investigate or hold
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him accountable for this shady financial dealings or for the thing that came out last week that show he may have lied on an application to purchase a gun when he claimed he was not using drugs. this is a guy who is the most protected person in the country. other than that i would not take much stock in what he said. what i'm really horrified by are the questions and the interviewers. okay he can't set that was his laptop or not, we all know it is laptop and why not ask but the substance of what's on the laptop? my sisters nothing of substance went by the text and e-mail showing his dad was involved are showing that he said he had to pay for so much in the family through his own business and dealings with these shady foreign governments. kennedy: habit a transcript from where the end interviews? who said a first person account that he knew exactly the contents of hunter biden's laptop. he also had meetings with joe biden.
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mickey verify the contents of the laptop but his that i witnessed an actual meeting with joe biden word joe biden was a vetting him for a role in the biden family business. he also verified those e-mails saying that 10% of the shady deal the chinese company would go to joe biden. these are questions that normal people who were reporters would want to ask hunter biden while he's on book tour. kennedy: will hopefully someone will have a chance. don't they realize question what do i get a lot of news organizations only get any sort of viewership or readership when they have click bait articles or interviews. why not ask something that's going to make news that might go viral? that will certainly click on. that will happen if you press someone like hunter biden. because his story will fall apart pretty quickly. there are some pretty critical elements there that are still just flapping out there in the
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wind regarding his dad who happens to be president of the united states. i don't care what joe biden says, i am not entirely confident his kid is not still on the cake. >> i think the error is thinking out legs want to generate clicks report news if we have learned nothing else in recent years it views their primary responsibility at protecting the democratic party. they will do literally what ever including suppressing legitimate news stories, lying about legitimate news stories and just refusing to investigate something that is relate salacious and interesting. the trump family was actually involved in global business as of that they been doing for decades. that was a scandal for our press. and yet you have a guy by his own admission has no reason to be on these four boards that are so connected with shady government while his father is doing business. [inaudible] kennedy: out i think about were ukraine, shouldn't be there but it wasn't a mistake
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i think it be great if someone were to pay me $50000 a month for doing jack off that i have absolutely no knowledge of trade that is a great job. but, your dad fights to be president that's what becomes problematic. smith i didn't think they're going to use as ammunition against my dad. codependency is a hell of a drug raid thank you so much mollie hemingway. >> thank you. super beautiful. the corporate left has declared war over georgia's voter id law on friday major league baseball pull this all-star game out of the state costing george's deep blue democrat county an estimated $100 million in tours and revenue per georgia republican governor brian kemp said free and fair elections are worth the pushback, here's what he said today on fox. >> people are getting screwed in this, martha, it's a small hard-working business people that are up in cobb county at metro atlanta area they're going to be hurt by the
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all-star game being pulled from here. this is outrageous. people need to stand up and join the fight and say look, we are done with the canceled culture and this pressuring. >> i am just going to boycott everything. president trump is now called for a boycott of the boycott or spring wants everyone to stop watching mld and screw all of those like-minded corporations. we can say screw now. is corporate america aching a mistake by picking a fight with the republican voters? who wins in the end? let's make tonight's party pouts a good way of the gary and shannon show on amp 640 in los angeles it is gary hoffman. i've democrat strategists and rubble communication strategist laura fink and gorgeous and yellow. 2020 libertarian candidate vp candidate the water to lease by cohen back in the octagon. let's go party people. all right, so gary you are a newsman you have been for many years. the one thing i have not heard
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in terms of these boycotts in this corporate outrage is specifics. so what are delta, coca-cola and mod matt specifically? >> they are mad at people who label these new voting laws as racist. our own president said this is jim crow on steroids. are these made jim crow laws look like jim eagle laws for that is because joe biden has apparently not read anything about what jim crow laws actually were or with these laws actually do for the state of georgia. if u.s. to go after specific they've enacted in georgia by signing this bill that governor kemp sign this bill is going to have to go after a lot more states. there is a whole lot more odious than does the state of georgia now. kennedy: and as we have seen, laura, new york state has far more prohibitive laws and regulations in terms of early voting. the number of days you can
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vote. having to show ids for absentee voting. so it should the yankees and mets pull out of gotham? >> to say that oh, some other guys are worth so i don't think so. i think when you look at where these restrictions are targeted. immediately after losing an election. a lot of republicans come out and saber we need to restrict voting so we can whimpered that's ocs governor kemp doing after he had the free and fair election respect. kennedy: bernard to hear that? >> a lot of them president trump most prominent when you shrink voter access over and over again. kennedy: you realize he had a massive beef with the governor of georgia and mississippi say that's not exactly trump country. they are not doing this because their allies try to help them out? >> i was it a try to get back in good. they saw a primary coming and they did not like it. that is where these voter laws come from they restrict specific areas
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disproportionately affect black and brown voters. that impact normally would be covered by the voting rights act. this is similar real opportunistic behavior that is designed for one thing and one thing only to suppress the voting areas and try to win. kennedy: when she was working with organizations that were trying to enlist voters out of state and dead voters. >> hardly praised hardly. support that is a hell of a constituency prospect that is not a conspiracy theory that is actually back she in many organizations are so struck down for that. speight, with this because it shows we are in a two-party system that so incredibly powerful it's us or them mentality. that dual of factions where there is a zero-sum game. what they do in the process is try to elbow out any multiparty opportunities here. what are your thoughts? suspect that is exactly it,
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candy. i amused by watch them fight of their photos and their consistent working together to make sure they are pretty much the omens able to even make it onto the ballot in the first place which leads to the lesser evil nonsense that they push. if they really wanted a solution to this. they want secure elections are also making sure no one is being targeted you simply would have voter id. also of laws making sure there were the same number precincts per capita and districts vote democrat than those that tend to vote republican. no one is being discriminated against you can make voter id free. they're not on a copper myspace solution the same way they come together in record time to increase that valid accessor card to make sure no one gets on the ballots with their priorities arts not sluicing up to this problem. kennedy: and the solution is having multiple parties. because two parties are
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exactly james mattison and alexander hamilton feared. it is factions it was becoming totalitarian and you have to break that up route break in the panel up there returning and 60 minutes here's the selectively editing press conference make florida governor desantis look bad. why would they do that why should we be surprised? kobe hall joins me to it break it down. nexteq.
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kennedy: the lefty media searching high and low for a scandal to condemn florida governor desantis now that just making one up. sixty minutes aired a clip of correspondent accused to the grocery chain publics after they donate $100,000 to his campaign, watch this. >> publics as you note donated water to the dollars to your campaign. and then you rewarded them with the exclusive rights to distribute the vaccination in palm beach priest >> that is wrong. >> that is a fake narrative i met with the county mayor, but the administrator admit with all the folks at palm beach county. i sit here some of the options. they can do more drive-through sites we can give more to hospitals. we think that would be the easiest thing for our residents. if our critics are quickly
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point out they decide to cover a trump cut out the governments expedition by the decision which had nothing to do donations, watch this. >> that is a fake narrative part first of all when we did the first pharmacy that had it were cvs and walgreens. there is a long-term care mission they had vaccine in the middle of december. they started going to long-term care facilities the third week of december to do ltc. that was their mission, that was very important and we trusted them to do that. as we got into january we wanted to expand the distribution points. so yes you had the counties, you had drive-through sites you had hospitals that are doing a lot. we wanted to get into communities more so we reached out to other retail pharmacies publix, walmart, i was a cvs and finish that mission. we said we will use you as soon as you are done with that. for the publix they were the first one to raise their hand and say they were ready to
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go. >> even palm beach county mayor, a democrat pushed back today saying they are hell-bent on cheap views why is that media so desperate to see covid florida as a wasteland isn't the contrary joy to meet to address, colby hall welcome back. >> kennedy thanks her being here. it is a non- story. i don't care if publix donated to ron desantis' campaign they donate to democrats as well. they do tend to donate a little bit more to republicans but that is not what this was about. the full explanation he gave laid that out it was a very disingenuous and dishonest of cvs to aired the clip that made it seemed like he was in fact just work with palm beach county favoring publix. which by the way has administered doses in alabama, georgia, south carolina, texas and virginia.
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>> imc or to have dead inside but even this shocks me pretty have to tell you, i do not know what they were thinking. but also there's a team of executives and producers in supervising producers that vetted this and said no, no, no that is good but you work in television long time i preselect tv shows its standard operating procedure to edit down interviews to condense them. you never do that so it changes materially the meaning of what's being said. that is exactly what happened here. i think what is that issues ron desantis who is kind of been a bogeyman for the meat especially on the left is starting to come out of this post- pandemic world. to keep the economy open was a smart move. this one even joe scarborough singing his praises. but we saw an 60 minutes is exactly what he said they had decided they were going to
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paint him in this way they were not given the facts given away. a place to every stereotype possible the medium has that bias. it is unfortunate it's just. [inaudible] i understand ron desantis is pulling very well with republicans when they're asked about a potential field if it president trump is not going to run again. he is at the top of the list. and he is pulling better than mike pence pretties pulling better than mike pompeo. i guess florida is open. it's one of the biggest marketing strategies is the fact their businesses are open, their amusement park and their schools. so not only are visitors going there, people are moving there. when the entire economy opens again florida is going to be shot out of a cannon. that is not reason enough to put forth this sort of disingenuous reporting. and if you include the full clip it again makes it a nonstory. the thing that really makes me mad as i talked to my mom and
8:22 pm
stepdad in oregon. it took them months they are in their 70s. my mom is in her late 70s might step that's in her early 70s shoot for younger men which is kind of hot. they could not get vaccines. these people were getting them in florida and they were using every mechanism possible to make sure that older people and especially the counties with the highest concentration of elderly citizens, they were getting shots but that's actually good thing isn't it? >> absolutely. you know who does not care about publix being a channel four vaccines in florida? the people in fort who got their vaccines from publix. of all things to worry about this is it infrastructure plenums already in place for the delivery of the vaccines. and it has worked very, very well. the one thing as you said ron desantis pulled number one, is a couple years ago outside of trump is the favorite. the big winner in this whole
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story actually is ron desantis. because eight, the under -- it medius out to get a bit also shines a spotlight on the job he's doing for there's plenty of room to criticize ron desantis for other things he's done. no politician is perfect. kennedy: he has got plenty of time to screw up. >> like suddenly more time but ron desantis. too far for who have heard his name and never laid out an argument disguised action making a lot of sense, colby hall thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. so we were coming up chuck schumer says he is now pushing a plan to legalize the brief. there's one big hurdle president biden what is it going to take to get sleepy joe on team weed? my memo is next.
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kennedy: champions of freedom rejoice. you have an unusual ally in your midst.
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chuck mcgillicuddy pre-that's right set of majority leader chuck schumer declared a new battle against the war on drugs but he is all in on decriminalizing and possibly legalizing cannabis at the federal level. this is a night shift. politico, joe biden he might come on board he just need some time to study the issue. chuck? >> o, chuck said i thought he was going to talk on the camera. we will move forward, he, biden, said he is setting the issue. so i obviously want to give him a little time to study it. i want to make my arguments to him as many other advocates of will. but at some point we're going to move forward. he needs a little time to study it? jesus christmas the guy has been in office for nine her dears right now his view on wheat has shifted more than a red ferrari. but good lord man, good lord 35 states plus d.c. want some
8:29 pm
form of legal weed from the medicinal to the full recreational deal. because munchies for 67% of u.s. adults according to research feel it is time to legalize the damn thing. people happen to enjoy this plant. old people really love the greenhouse gift. cannabis use among the 30s i'm sorry the 65 plus a crowd is gone up seven 100% in the last ten years. old people love reefer. it's not just about freedom, or enjoyment or basic logic. they fueled a drizzly drug war that's taken over 5000 lives. nurse cartels have exploded for decades the top two cartels alone are worth $50 billion. they kill each other, cops, politicians, journalists and especially innocent civilians who stand in between them and the ravenous u.s. market. the drug wars fueled the supply and done nothing to
8:30 pm
dampen demand. it has only compounded racial inequalities and hollowed out entire countries whose citizens are taking refuge in the great and conflicted country. legal marijuana's arctic cut into cartel profits as legitimate growers some arizona to mississippi are engaging in rewarding and practical be a model for legalizing or decriminalizing other drugs as well. so go till those of poppy fields grandma from 2019 the cannabis industry employed three at 40000 implant had with $13.6 million in legal sales. that never projected to go up to $85 billion in the next nine years, which will sock them right in the short spread president biden does not need another minutes to study this issue. because if he proceeds with prohibition he will clearly fail. that is the memo. just last week newark's state legalize recreational marijuana it's the 15th
8:31 pm
state to do so. how many dominoes need a file before washington realizes the people one to their reefer. here to discuss your state director of the drug policy alliance melissa moore. welcome to the show melissa. select thank you so much for having me. kennedy: tell me what's happening in new york and are we in the midst of a change? >> i think we absolutely are. the way new york legalize cannabis after many years of fighting to get us over the finish line legislatively that's different so many other states have legalized so far in the country have done so through ballot initiatives. i think if we have that opportunity here in new york who would've legalize long time ago. we know the public is vastly supportive of legalization. any of the majority of republicans in york state reported legalization as well put in that regard learn some ways what moved in new york as a microcosm for what could happen at the federal level in this country where we know that actually the biggest loser within the last election
8:32 pm
cycle was the war on drugs without states like moved to legalize now we have new york moving as welford i think you're absolutely middle of a seachange. kennedy: let's talk about south dakota little bit. voters there voted to legalize marijuana and then the governor tried to rooster block it with the help of the attorney general. what's the status in that state? spirit of their ongoing legal battles there. from our perspective it's the will of the people be enacted, that the entire purpose of having things like ballot initiatives is to be able to move forward policy that is responsive to residents of the state prints on this case south dakota residents said loudly, very clearly they wanted to move forward with adult use. and they should have the opportunity to do so. kennedy: they want more freedom for the people should be able to make their own choices and engage in consensual transactions but it is ludicrous to think that we are going to move backward on
8:33 pm
this issue because there are major ramifications for society. not just in terms of people doing what they want to pay but also in terms of criminal justice and what people get locked up for. and how that affects their ability to get an education and to get basic employment after that. so is this just to governor cuomo trying to do seven to look cool? i know is also talked about casinos coming to times square, which i wholeheartedly endorse and also lap dance thursday. suspect this is something moved by the bill sponsor senator cargill as well as advocates it for years and years who have gotten us to this moment in new york. we got over the finish line here is really responsive to calls from all over the states for exactly as you said make sure we are providing restitution for the criminal justice harm that's done the people. the fact that more than eight or did thousand arrests with low-level marijuana and the state just the last couple of
8:34 pm
decades when a supposedly decriminalized really indicates the necessity of moving forward at the same time provide restitution and comprehensive fixes for all the harm that's been done in the past. as a recon for the federal level two. house should quickly introduce the more act which passed. kennedy: that's absently right, melissa moore thank you so much grace >> vicki summers for having me. kennedy: absolutely. some government bozos help eight medical could be to get to faxing passport sets with the calling that he could come to a town the years. dr. anthony fauci insists the government will not implement the use of ids to show who got the shot, right. notorious governor cuomo has already made a passport for new yorkers is not made a joy forever about some event venues in new york like madison square garden, let's go rangers, are requiring these passes for entry but not to mention the uk and european union which are issuing
8:35 pm
similar passes for access to things like concerts and transit as a way to skirt testing requirements. how many were more businesses are going to at you to prove your vaccinate? the party panels back, gary hoffmann, speight cohen and laura fink. you think is going to be a cold day in hell before vaccine passports are federally mandated, gary. >> for a couple of reasons. the aclu has it right this time but if they cannot guarantee privacy rights this is a nonstarter per if you want to talk about the absolute lack of forethought when it comes to faxing passports, if we are already talked about the discrepancies when it comes to people of color and the availability to even get the vaccine in the first place, what do you mean to say that for some reason the same people of color are not going to be able to go to mets games customer they're not going fields go to the mets? the not going to be able to go to the movie theater bowling alley unless they have passport to qr code on their phone? it's absolutely ludicrous.
8:36 pm
the other thing is the federal government. if you trust the federal government to cop with a program quickly enough that it's going to be implemented before we have heard immunity, i have a bridge somewhere just so you were something. suspect laura, this is interesting. people think it's a good idea but gary's right it takes an entire section of society. you do not want to show id to vote but show me your papers before you get on this train. suspect papers are important because you have to make sure you level the playing field with respect to vaccine axis. we do 40% of people over 65 do not even have a smart phone. got to make sure that if you have some option here to carry around some documentation. kennedy: of using the card to get from the cdc? i'm using the card you seem to get your vaccine? it is the easiest things to forge i have ever seen but
8:37 pm
does not come with a qr code there is no registry. curious absolutely right sprayed by the the time you create this scaffolding this bureaucracy that. [inaudible] suspect vax is a new black they're getting increase at upcoming rates. i want to address the conservatives that are not picking up on it when you do a little bit better marketing to our conservative friends to get the vaccine. biden has rolled out you say his goal was 100 million vaccines he is now thing by the first 100 days is going to double that goals are 200 vaccines per people are getting vaccinated it's clear he can handle a logistical challenge. there are options this is not a black and white issue. >>. kennedy: let's let spike cohen in here. this is the same joe biden that was expressing doubts about whether or not he trusted the vaccine just a few
8:38 pm
months ago when donald trump was still president. i want to go back to something that was said earlier. we were talking about the fact that there is some and equity issues that come from requiring someone to have an id to be able to vote. what about telling someone they have to have a smart phone app to go to walmart or school? or a disaster shelter? or imagine all they have to do to keep their victim from getting away from them is not allow them to get a vaccine for this is of course not to create a system but the reality is this is a uniquely terrible idea. besides effective study going to come out until we have heard immunity from vaccination people are hurting in the virus to begin with. meaning this has nothing to do with covid this is a long-term plan for future issues for this is a uniquely terrible way to deal with something, it addresses in the of the problems we have with and equity. any of the problems we have of privacy issues. how about putting everyone
8:39 pm
sensitive medical records on a universal system that can be hacked question but there's not a single part about this it is not problematic. kennedy: you are absolutely right. no one is talking about the medical surveillance? think government surveillance of metadata was a big deal. what that every peace of information that is in your medical background. wait until your movement is restricted then. the party panels going to stick around because were going to have an even bigger party with transportation secretary pete buttigieg, my sexy boyfriend getting mobbed after a political stunt backfired. what he did with his bicycle, next. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends.
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♪ ♪. kennedy: it's a story how may or baked a bike ride down the
8:44 pm
street. reporters at the white house captured this bid at the transportation sector have his hike alone from an suv so he could make a photo operon infers first cabinet meeting on environmentally friendly vehicle part looks like that backfired the stent is full of noxious hot air let's get back into it gary hoffmann, spike cohen laura fink relate you take the first whack of this piñata left mexico clutches say this republicans are having a fever dreams are going to need a new one. this is ridiculous part of course he has a security detail. he does not park his bike on the street in front of the department of transportation respect no they took the bike out of the suv so he would write a couple hundred yards he easily could made the 3-mile bike grade. if the zone salts. spanky does not park his bike and for the deity he rides a pretty gets out of the van it's okay it will be fine. [inaudible] calm down it will be all good.
8:45 pm
kennedy: jesus christ laura, laura, laura, rush limbaugh just died calm down. you watch reruns? lord jesus seriously come on man. but gary, what he is pushing here, high-speed rail it's never going to happen in this country never going to bullet trains the united states is not europe it's too big and no one is going to write high-speed trains. when jerry brown is a governor cow for the first time had the idea of high-speed rail it's 15-year-old technology. if you want to invest in technology, the next level of transportation have elon musk build your hyper loop from union station in downtown los angeles to mgm grand in vegas. and show that it is possible technology that's the way to
8:46 pm
do it. kennedy: gary i want to tell you-entire tub of hummus on saturday night for the ucla game. [laughter] and i thought of you. spike, this is not where taxpayer money should be going. he is right. it's billionaires wealthy billionaires and truly nurse want to build high speed rail let them do it. i think it may or pete been onto something. we could come up with a more taxpayer efficient monomer we have the high-speed rail tagus just a few miles for the photooptical we all get off, and goer we are headed for if you are looking at technology that will give us trains that are somewhat faster than the ones we have now and exponentially more of expensive to maintain. the reason we been talk that is a pipe dream since before i was born is because they are a bad idea on a national level per day might work on a major metro area where that mass transit is needed per let them pay for you don't need the other children 70 million americans that would never use it have to pay for it as well. >> they're going to have a high-speed rail from fresno to
8:47 pm
merced in california in 2033 that's what that is supposed to be completed. no its not know it's not it's never gonna happen. imagine the technology that will increase in air travel in that time. kennedy: we will have teleportation all be the flavor think it's much party panel, gary, laura, spike beautifully done way to welcome me back. topical storm is next. ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700. saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate click or call to switch today. [laugh] allstate dad i got a job! i'm moving out.
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[laugh] dream sequence ending no! in three, no! two, keep packing! one.
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kennedy: shares apologizing for posting it inappropriate between about george floyd if only she could turn back time. that's what happens when you over share on twitter. and this is a topical storm. topic number one. it is a mug shot monday and tonight a streaker on a stroll was caught in the flesh. south carolina man told police he was punishing himself for cheating on his wife by walking the streets wearing nothing but a plastic bag over his genitals. at least he was wearing protectionist time. 41-year-old michael goodman there is is only 41 he looks so young pretty is found by police at one of the morning
8:52 pm
walking with a marijuana joint in his hand. would have taken a cigar bay tainted now into an invite the comparison. he told deputies he was doing a walk of shame as punishment for his infidelity. although at the time it seemed like he was punishing everyone else pretty also at mid into ingesting math in addition to the marijuana he was holding for it sounds like a catch. i could see how he's got so many women fighting over him. michael initially tried to run from deputies was tackled to the ground and arrested for it i just hope he did not rip his bag. topic number two, and now tonight we have barking news and mosque out russia watch what happens when a dog steals the microphone from a weather reporter. [inaudible] [laughter] kennedy: there goes the reporter chasing after store.
8:53 pm
luckily she was right on his tail brown never forget when connie west do this to taylor swift. the reports of the dog saw her microphone was a toy because of its bright fun colors but it seems pretty silly but then again, our kids eat tied pods were the same reason. she should have known the dog to be a problem before this he kept standing in the camera shot. the reporter later retrieved her microphone from the retriever and finished by injuring the dog on camera. he is now been asked more impromptu questions than the president of the united states. he is a blood thirsty killer just like major biden. topic number three, and other animal encounter caught on video. this time it is in virginia, it is for lovers were dear crossed through a school bus windshield and landed on a sleeping student, watch. [laughter] luckily the young boy is fine
8:54 pm
and according to the parents he enjoys being fond over. [laughter] [laughter] nice. [inaudible] [laughter] if you stay in school, one that you two could be rolling in dough. actually this is no accident but i hurting dear through the still room to a bus for cheating on his wipers also completely naked at the time. his lucky jump so high a few inches b the deer in the headlights. this is not enclose the weirdest thing i've seen on a bus in new york city protectionist whole thing reminds me of when i was a kid and we used to seeing the beer on the bus goes round and round, round and round. i never got the true meaning of that song until not going to watch that video another seven times. topic number four. now this is an off-color story a young couple accidentally painted over a four to
8:55 pm
40000-dollar art peace in south korea. this painting is by american graffiti artist john one. it was displayed at a gallery with buckets of painted brushes on the floor in front of it. those were meant to be props to show how the painting was made. but the young couple visiting the gallows that is interactive invitation for guests to add your own brush strokes to the peace for the next to the staff at the gallery had a stroke of their own when they noticed new swipes of greed on the canvas and saw the couple painting over it on security footage. the gallery settled at increased surveillance to prevent this from happening again. they're also removing all the hammers and chisels from in front of the sculptures. and they might win to close down the changing rooms next to the medieval armor display for their also thinking of her moving the dog treats and chew toys that are mixed in with the dinosaur bones. good idea. i'll be right back for mouth trumpet monday.
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