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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  April 5, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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listen to nancy, i think she is spot on. always a pleasure, thank you so much. starting the week off really nice, everything that we've talked about, i think the dip in lower is a story, people are not as afraid as they were in liz claman just a week ago. >> i just looked, great minds are melting, it's up three or 4%, i think that it strains considering we have a solid rally, you and nancy were just talking about gamestop we have to get to the wild action gamestop shares, were looking at this from a different prism wall street is cracking open the knockout march jobs report egg that the easter bunny dropped off on friday with the jobs report, there is a sweet rally spilling out filled with record highs as we head into the final hour, so sweet that even gamestop shares are having trouble staying underwater, the
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reddit rebel favorite has been down as much as 16%. early this morning after announcing it is ready to take advantage of the reddit rally in the sky high stock price. gamestop is down under 4% even the shares have jump 900% since january. his robinhood retail investor crowd still in danger? it doesn't even matter if you trade on a different platform than robinhood work and asked the man who run one of the largest trading platforms in the world in a fox business exclusive former tv ameritrade joe on what we have and have not learned from the main stock mania, monster weekend at the box office godzilla versus kong, the biggest audience since the pandemic began but did that success trigger a new battle that sets the stage for the warhead between movie theaters and hollywood moviemakers.
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and the entertainment ceo adam aron is here and a fox business exclusive on cinema versus streaming. in one week later the ship that blocked the suez canal finally free but your coffee and toilet paper might still be stuck, enter blue yonder whose artificial and to intelligence could be the genius that swooped up the supply chain nightmares we begin with a fox business alert. check out the nasdaq, we have risk, we are jumpy 218 points or more than 1.6% right now for both tech and the broader market in any game for the s&p and the transports will mean new record closes but as retail investors pile into the markets right now it will soon be two months since vlad ceo of online trading robinhood along with suitable founder ken griffin in short seller star trader keith gill and reddit ceo steve huffman
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this after reddit retail traders were belled in squeeze big funds that were shorting or betting against gamestop in amsi and in turn got squeezed by their own brokerage temporarily which shut down the ability to buy more shares. at this hour the wall street reddit room flexing its muscle again with gamestop and as i mentioned shares of the videogame retailer are down under 4% on the news that the company will sell $1 billion worth of shares but shares have been down much more this morning, does this mean individual investors finally have the same advantages as the wall street probes and they're back in the game, and a business insider title low-cost brokers like robinhood are quietly screwing screen over the users. and jonathan macy says the little guy is still not getting a fair shake, he would better off paying a trade commission because there be no conflict or pressure from wall street
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middleman, the trading platform for years td ameritrade and ceo and chairman joe moglia. great to have you on. let's get to this did congress do anything to get retail investors and in bbo or national bested an offer, did they improve anything with a hearing to month ago? >> the answer is no but there wasn't too much of an issue as far as that goes. you remember the issue you expressed to a minute ago, what happened specifically with the short squeeze, did somebody actually benefit from that and what happened when robinhood had their problem and had to stop trading. i think we go back to the actual hearings a month or so ago, vlad did a good job of explaining that griffin did a good job expanding the position that citadel was in and at the end of the day what they did they emphasize how important it was in the look into it more deeply but nothing has happened since then as far as that goes.
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liz: marketmakers which citadel is they help keep the market functioning, they are crucial if you want to buy a stock they are there to have the stock available to sell to you but they pay robinhood and other brokerages to see the order flow from the gang like the wall street best reddit crowd that's where macy said a payment for overflow was eliminated commission for discount brokers would likely return but even with a commission of $7 per trade macy says the retail customer is better off without payment for order flow, is that true? >> i don't think three to investor is better than they were today. specifically why don't i play investor for a moment, i want to buy a stock. i go to my broker, i buy the stock the broker takes it to the market and makes it, the market make sure has a good offer spread and he gives it to the broker he keeps a piece of that, that's his profit, what to get back is the payment, the broker
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decides that he wants to keep that or they want to give that to the actual investor. at a place like schwab 92% of the time they're getting improve pricing, at ameritrade when i was there on the amount ameritrade kept versus what the individual investor got it was three and a half - 1 ratio on the half of the individual investor. at the end of the day the individual investor get to guarantee best price in the marketplace most of the time they get price improvement and they pay nothing for that that is super civil for them to do. behind the scenes there is incredible infrastructure and regulatory issues and there is incredible technology that cost a gazillion dollars the payment flow help that. so the client for free gets price improvement, i think that's a pretty good deal for everybody. liz: we are cycling through some of the mean stocks reddit crowd and the investors have gone
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bonkers for we showed amc we have the ceo of amc entertainment adam aron coming up an exclusive because they had a weekend with godzilla versus kong that is up 12% yes some of the others, gamestop as we mentioned, nokia they're moving slightly lower, did you see anything dangerous about what happened with the crowd and as we look at what's happening this very moment the dow jones industrial up 350 points we have a roaring rally, you worried it alter the individual investor. >> i grew up in the institutional side of the business. for the last 20 years is the welfare for the individual investor, when i worry about them i'm always worried, having said that they do have a greater opportunity today to be better prepared and understand the risk reward they have ever been with the lowest possible price. when the whole reddit thing
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happen and they did their homework and they were and they realize they could create a short squeeze and learn something from that but there's a way that he could get burn where he would not of gotten burned in the past and the individual invested better than that, where we have a problem is some point in time the market always turns around the stock has to come back in the individual investor has to be better prepared for that. wall street can do a better job in preparing the individual investor for that. liz: you're never out of the game, i want to get to that in a second but very quickly the ceo of robinhood is instant settlement of trades would solve all of the problem, yes or no. >> yes it will help immensely because you will have as much volatility in the stock of volatility that creates an increase in the deposit that the brokers gotta pay and has to have an robinhood did not have that that's why they were in
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trouble. liz: you're getting into the game you have a blank check company looking for a target, you've got a tell me right now there's a lot of stories how there's quite a few specs that have lunch since the first of the year that are trading at 96 cents on the dollar instead of 1 dollar. i don't know 298 and 2021 alone. >> here's the deal by the middle of march collected 2020, the 520's fax, their ipos, the whole purpose is to get a private company and bring them public. of the 520, 107 were announced of the hundred and seven were announcers only seven that are profitable, we are ready done and announced a deal of the seven of the profitable they are
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the most profitable. you gotta be careful especially the individual investor most of the stocks are going to go out of business that you don't care the individual investor should not worry about the spac ipo you focus on the merger candidate in the opt five of the world do they make sense will they be a good company for you to be invested in a long time, the answer is yes give a pretty good deal, do not get sidetracked by all the noise, 520 ipos irrelevant, the ones that they're coming with regard to the actual merger that's what matters, do your homework and make the right decisions. liz: what's old is new again, good advice, so good to see you and thank you very much for joining us, you look well my friend, thank you. >> likewise, take care. >> a collective cheer from hundreds of publicly traded companies from nike to caterpillar whose cargo was stuck for days in a mammoth traffic jam in the mouth of the suez canal. the bottleneck that cost 400
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ever given container ships, that's its name now clear from the critical trade artery but international supply chains still in disarray at this hour as companies scramble american supply chain software from blue yonder swept in with artificial intelligence to create emergency action plans ceo is finally coming up for air over at blue yonder, you have to tell me do i assume that everything is great and things are rolling along and everything's fine and things of been clear. >> that afternoon and yes we are all relieved as our customers are that shipments have started to move and the vessels have started to move. were tracking 43 vessels, 453 shipments that are stuck there but the impact is not a couple of weeks, this will be a
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six-month impact both upstream and downstream. liz: tell me at the height of the crisis can you give me an example of what your company was faced with as far as emergencies were concerned and there was more than a thousand of those that were sitting on top and i look at that and say what were you dealing with. >> a couple aspects i want to color, there was a shipment in the vessels to be looked at 2009 area of the suez canal. and we got visibility a real-time visibility for redundant supply that can be routed to different medians towards consumers. were still into a pandemic. a year into the pandemic suez canal blockage of destruction.
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you zoom out and look at health patterns. france is now shut down changing by the day and the hour, disruption is across-the-board in the supply chain. in the years ahead in the next e global supply chain laid out. liz: how does a.i., artificial intelligence what you do help in a situation like what we saw or all of the crooks that we exposed when it comes to supply-chain issue. >> the amount of data out there and data on shipments and consumer and local supply, on e-commerce orders coming in you and i are ordering things that we want delivery today and tomorrow and the amount of data
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it is so extensive that you need machine learning and showing the data in learning not only of consumer and demand the inventory to channel forward. that's why i make an enormous impact. liz: you have to learn from your mistakes and a.i. how you do it is important happening which leads me to the report out of japan to say that panasonic is making a play for six and half billion dollars, what can they do to scale up and are there other bidders, can you give us any granularity. >> there was a news item put out. we don't respond to rumors. panasonic is a great fantastic follower. there and ecosystem of blue yonder a joint venture partner in japan. but a sizable largest independent supply chain software company we have been
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building the company for public market and at some point in time we will tee off to go in the public markets and the strategic interest we will entertain them. liz: i would love for you to come here when you're ready to ipo or ready to do something else, maybe with panasonic. good luck to you, thank you very much. >> thank you for the invite. liz: up next the family office that got into so much trouble with viacom and discovery shares bill weighing taking a page out of harvey weinstein's playbook. what does that mean, the big higher he just made the cleanup the carnage of the epic firesale the market has seen in at least five days. the closing bell ringing in 45 minutes, the dow was up 350. we have an epic rally going on. ♪
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wisconsin democratic congressman atop amazon executive mocked the representatives claim the amazon drivers are forced to urinate and water bottles because they cannot take bathroom breaks. in fact there was a report that one person was fired for taking a bathroom break, march 24 amazon replied saying you don't really believe the peeing and bottles thing, if that were true nobody would work for us. today in a blog post the company did acknowledge the tweet was incorrect that it is true and they had only focused on the warehouse workers when they were replying. in the post amazon stated we know the drivers can and do have trouble finding restrooms because of traffic or rural roots and this is been especially the case during covid when many public restrooms have been closed. this version of a different watergate comes as some employees have moved to unionize.
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moving on capital management chief bill wang has put together of high public relation legal team as he bases questions over his office in the tens of billions of dollars in additional losses that spread across the financial sector. to charlie gasparino on the details of this one. >> you always think of the big wall street firms like goldman sachs, credit suisse, morgan stanley, the smartest people, the best and the brightest and they always know what's going on in the market, a lot of times they do not know what is going on in the market and this may be a simple case of how he was able to build up massive leverage positions. intake business of a derivative market where you can borrow over hear from credit suisse, go 85%
3:22 pm
go massively leverage on a position of a basket of stocks that the firm owns and do it here with goldman and do it here with morgan and as the stocks go up you increase, you don't cash out and they don't know the year increasing in every place in one false move the whole "house of cards" collapse. that could be human error into groups. but the sec is still looking at it to see if there is something here and i will point out that anytime you have a market issue like this where big hedge fund anywhere between 10 - $20 billion that is essentially mr. wong was a hedge fund it was his own money built up in a short period of time and they lay it all out on, he essentially lost it all in one day causing ripple effect that cause banks to lose money critically credit suisse and the other banks that were holding the positions in stocks that he had a position in and you had to unwind that when
3:23 pm
they were going down and he could not make the margin requirements. goldman sachs and morgan stanley got out first and then credit suisse is still not telling us how much it lost in the whole thing. it'll be interesting when they tally it up. in mid-august the sec is taking a look around not saying they did anything wrong, that's just the way markets work sometimes but mr. wong has gone out and brought in pretty high-profile people for what looks like a defense. the way i understand the white-collar attorney now carmen lawrence was an sec attorney 20 years, she knows the enforcement division very well and we understand that she works and we don't know the exact time of the higher i should point out but as
3:24 pm
we reported last week and a few waves for the person might enter mike citric has been hired to do pr he's one of the most pr handlers pretty aggressive guy handles basket cases, you could round off high-profile people who were in trouble to celebrities, halle berry, paris hilton, it goes on and on. he's been there and now he's been retained by bill wong. one of the interesting things i think a lot of people on wall street say this may be the way the sec will look at it, morgan stanley what are the triggering events of wong's blowup, the highly leveraged position in cbs viacom which was doing a stock offering, when i got announced people started selling the stock and it went down and that caused the margin loss he was long leverage so much of the stock.
3:25 pm
morgan stanley was the underwriter on the secondary. i'm not saying they did anything wrong but you can see where the sec might look at that and it's a great piece of bloomberg which talked about how morgan stanley was counting on mr. wong to be a buyer and he cannot because he was losing money and the others in getting margin calls from the other banks. that tells you how crazy the situation was. just so we know it gives the market some inside of risk-taking it can lead to big losses. it would be nice if the sec does that pre-will see what happens. liz: i'm not going to compare bill wong to bernie made off but when 70 present themselves that i worked in tiger management on this and that and i'm friends with everybody and wall street closes his eyes and says here's
3:26 pm
some money. it's a problem and they should learn. >> before we start making comparisons like that we have no evidence of bill wong wide, no one is saying that he lied. liz: exactly that's why i said they just handed over because they think they know him. thank you very much, charlie gasparino, we are coming back with a big baseball story. with one companion that hedges the risks you choose and those that choose you. the physical seam of a digital world, traded with a touch. my strongest and closest asset. the gold standard, so to speak ;) people call my future uncertain. but there's one thing i am sure of...
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♪♪ liz: are pop and drop stocks are popping with tesla delivery numbers ceo elon musk got a beating super joy his electric vehicle company stock trading up 5.7% right now to nearly $700 a share after delivering just under 185,000 vehicles in the first quarter that is year over year growth of over 100%. wedbush upgraded tesla to an upper form rating calling it a paradigm change her.
3:31 pm
cruise line stocks are definitely jumping after norwegian submitted a letter to the cdc today outlining his plan to resume cruises from u.s. ports in july even as the cdc says vaccinations of all guest and crew are recommended but not required. but as norwegian climbed 7.5% maybe that's because norwegian said we will take it a step further, we will require everyone including port workers and ship workers and guest to be vaccinated. cruise lines have been docked for more than a year due to the pandemic you have carnival jumping 5%, royal caribbean up 3.8% in the cruise line international association has just issued a statement urging a lifting of the cdc conditional sailing order in time for the summer another bullish news we are morgan stanley raising the star rating on caesar's entertainment mgm resorts to
3:32 pm
overweight saying two companies are willing to spend whatever it takes to win in their game and say the market is in the middle of a fast strong recovery the brokerage raising his price target to $213, right now caesar's is at 91 and raising mgm to 45 and mgn is getting closer at 41. okay we ship to delta. delta shares are flying higher as the company announces middle seats will now be opened up to passengers, the airline says more than 1 million travelers over the past few days that makes it a return to pre-pandemic levels the stock not seen at all the calls to boycott another companies that have spoken out against new voting laws in georgia which some call restrictive, delta air lines jumping three in 8%. you have to look at coca-cola, city, apple, facebook microsoft and major league baseball all of
3:33 pm
them announced friday at least for major league baseball calling the all-star game out of atlanta, you have a mixed picture for all of the names citigroup down slightly but let's take it to arlington texas and grady trimble at the globe life stadium, i guess 30 minutes left until the first pitch, what does it look like. >> 305 central time but it does not look like fans are boycotting this mlb team there is expected to be 40000 bands inside globe life field today. for perspective most other teams are doing 10 - 30% capacity in their ballparks but in texas they do things bigger so they're doing 100% capacity for opening day and this will be the largest sporting event since the pandemic started compare this to the super bowl , daytona 500 the world series and this will have a bigger crowd than any of those, has gone some criticism as as high up as president joe
3:34 pm
biden he called it a mistake in not responsible but the rangers fired back saying we can do this and we can do it safely fans inside the stadium will have to wear their masks on top of social distancing will be enforced in concession lines in the brand-new stadium has a retractable roof so it is essentially an outside event, the fans that i talk to are worried about any of that, they're just thrilled for baseball to come back. >> it had to of been hard last year with nobody up there but cardboard figures. >> did you put yours up there. >> without about it but we didn't. >> is better to be here in person. >> the cardboard is out in the human fans are in governor gover abbott is supposed to drop the pitch but he's boycotting mlb and he declined the invitation at the last minute sending a letter citing the mlb's decision
3:35 pm
to pull the all-star game out of atlanta, that news was breaking as i was talking to fans and the ones that i talked to said they have not heard of it first of all in second of all not something that they cared to weigh in on, they're just excited baseball is back and an unusual move for at least an anomaly for mlb ballparks 100% capacity today and in the future they will have sections reserved for social distance for those who would like a little bit more space. liz: don't kill me, i forget you're not a cubby fan, are you a national stand? >> i've adopted the cubs but i'm from tampa originally, a raise fan and they made it to the world series which is played here last year. liz: indians made it, my team made it and you guys at least one. it's great to see you have fun watching the lines of the game.
3:36 pm
grady trimble. from baseball to the movie theater how do you bring movie theaters back to life and what is still very much the covid era, i gigantic ape and it aquatic lizard for a monster battle amc ceo adam aron is here on the surprisingly huge success of godzilla versus kong blockbuster we can and whether disney upcoming cinema release of the black widow could be the next box office superhero or super villain when it comes to the business of hollywood closing bell ringing in 24 minutes. the dow wept 376 points, look at the nasdaq up 206 the s&p is a record, up 55. feels like i'm just wasting time. that's why td ameritrade designed a first-of-its-kind, personalized education center. oh. their award-winning content is tailored to fit your investing goals and interests. and it learns with you, so as you become smarter,
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the weekend earning $48.5 million in u.s. box office receipts, 285.4 million worldwide that the best box office movie performance of the pandemic era so far but the fact that the simultaneous release on the hbo max streaming platform the same day did not hurt box office receipts anywhere near analyst had expected that has wall street in hollywood chattering you have at&t which is the parent of hbo max hiring by two thirds of 8% the amc is doing incredibly well a big jump for that stock now cinema chains are pushing back on perhaps disney's decision to release black widow on disney+ streaming calling for a higher share of movie revenue or a chance for exclusivity. but did godzilla versus kong set a precedence. here on a fox business exclusive amc ceo adam aron. take your victory lap, are those
3:42 pm
numbers you have any updated numbers versus gondola versus kong and is there anything more you can give us on that? >> i can, hello, as you know godzilla versus kong is a movie versus apes and amc has been a mean stock since january and the reddit crowd has tracked them closely and prepare early in the world of these stocks, there we go maybe we were always destined to be our first big movie, in fact if you look at her opening performance from wednesday to sunday when godzilla versus kong open wednesday of last week our business of amc was five times what we've done in the weekend before that in q1 and we take that as a very good sign and we think that the combination of movie titles coming out and vaccinations and let us not
3:43 pm
underestimate how vaccinations are changing the safety of american consumers, 4 million were done in a day and people are rushing to get vaccinated, that is good news for us all. liz: i don't know if you saw this but a couple of hours ago doctor fauci was telling politico in a podcast we may be able to go to movie theaters by the end of the year, what would you say about massless moviegoing at the end of the year, maybe november or december. >> obviously were so excited when we lift capacity and take masks off the amc is the single highest of our company and made sure safely knowing the theaters with their single biggest priority, we put in a whole a reign of safety protocols advised by the clorox company and harvard university strategic school health were playing it
3:44 pm
cautious in keeping our 50% capacity in place and were keeping mask wearing for now and were gonna run i theaters this summer with his safety. but think about this more than 10 billion people have come to amc theaters in the last many months and we not heard of one documented case of covid-19 being transmitted in our theaters, that's very good news that her safety protocols are working and we will continue them throughout the summer. liz: i want to get to disney they want a simultaneously release of the black widow streaming on disney+ and theaters yet to tell me where you stand because the success of godzilla versus kong shows just because it was released on streaming did not hurt box office although it's a counterfactual, we would never know because it was released on streaming i watched on
3:45 pm
streaming, it's a mistake i should've gone to imax because i want to see the gigantic lizard, don't ignore godzilla i'm a godzilla fan versus kong but tell me the status with the black widow in you and see. >> i'm more a fan of apes then lizard but everybody has been feeling their way on how to get to the pandemic. studios and theaters talking about code rules apply people are experimenting but i'm not worried where we are with disney we've been partnered with disney for decades and decades and will be partnered with decades and decades to come. if you look at what's happening with other studios so far, universal was a big advocate for the simultaneous release on the same day at home as the movies hit theaters they abandoned the concept warmer was a fanfare
3:46 pm
announced in december and they're gonna do it for other movies in 2021 they found out it's not as good in liberty abandoned that concept and move other 2022 movies will hit theater for a month and a half at least before they hit the home. i sam sure, were in discussion but i have every expectation that will find a happy movie under middle ground that's good for disney and good for amc. liz: what's happening today is good for amc shareholders the stock is up 14.6% as we speak, thank you very much but i am full on godzilla, you can be kong i'm not going to spoil it for people but the lizard is my side because liz, hello. great to see you. adam aron of amc. >> the thing that i'm most proud of is amc survived, there's a
3:47 pm
lot of people that rotor company off we raised almost $4 billion in debt, equity and concessions from lenders and landlords and we asked our shareholders to approve up to 500 million shares and nothing will see an amount like that anytime soon. but we will make sure amc was good for hundred years and will make sure it's around and successful comedy for the next hundred years. liz: adam i'm glad you ended without let us hope the great american company. we're coming right back the dow is looking at a brand-new closing record. don't go away. ♪ stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx crafted by lexus. lease the 2021 rx 350 for $439 a month for 36 months.
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liz: this happened a few hours ago treasury secretary janet yellen: vertical minimum tax rate for corporations in the chicago council on global affairs. let's bring in larry kudlow, basically what do you think too many companies are gaming the system and trying to one up each other, if you hold all the big ones to the same minimum tax rate that nonsense. >> i think it's a really bad idea. >> by the way, she can be very disappointed i don't want any breakdowns we need a treasury secretary nobody else is been confirmed that the other countries will not follow her lead, they are cutting their business, corporate taxes, by the way, here is one for you i am celebrating frank's we used
3:53 pm
to think of as socialist. the finance minister in the president, their country think corporate tax rate in the deregulated the labor market. they will be ahead of us in this idea that the united states could arbitrarily to other countries who raise your corporate minimum tax or in this case create a corporate minimum tax. if that economics. liz: really quickly what about the report out of the new york times, they reported on friday that something with 55 corporations in america, nike, fedex, salesforce, not only didn't pay 21% corporate rates at the trump administration put into place they paid the run
3:54 pm
taxes. >> didn't mention property taxes? didn't mention payroll taxes and federal payroll taxes. liz: individual taxpayers are viewers are some cases paying 40%. >> i agree didn't mention sales, property, social security taxes, large and small businesses get a good write off if you have bad years, i don't know what today was i didn't read the near times article. i sometimes don't get around to reading the times but nonetheless that the phony argument a completely phony argument. liz: larry, we thank you so much. the businessman a banker, we are coming right back don't go away five and a half minutes before the closing bell rings.
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♪. liz: you know what? can we look at u.s. steel? just even a month to date chart. look at it up 38% just over the last month. that is when coincidentally we had scott redler, one of our favorite traders on. he was buying u.s. steel. let's what is next on your list. take your big moment. >> going into the infrastructure speech we were selling u.s. steel. that is before the tippy-top before everyone was excited. the key is getting involved to the theme, prior to the market getting loud on it. a month ago you had to look ahead of infrastructure. qs were making higher lows. we started buying more google and facebook. we even went over it on the "countdown." buying the semis talking about the big glut but not how the stocks were acting so well. those trades are working out very well. if you want to timing is for
3:59 pm
alpha, first time apple is acting a little bit better today, added to that. amazon is finally on the verge of breaking out of this nine, 10 month channel it has been stuck in. liz: you also liked in the past the cruise lines and jets which is of course the etf with all the airlines. what are you doing with that one? >> that one too. we talked in january and february about what would be happening in march and april, reopen trade, vaccinations. that is when you had to start accumulating the jets, some of the airlines. all of sudden when the reopen happens there is already a big move in that etf so i played it once where i sold some strength and actually started buying the jets back last week. i think there is more room. i think more of a reopen. jets which is the etf can get above 30. i like it. i think norwegian cruise lines is something you can play for better action going the months ahead but you are paying up a little bit. liz: okay. even as it jumps today.
4:00 pm
great to see you, scott. on a day, yes, we're seeing a record close for the dow. [closing bell rings] liz: the s&p and the transports. these are new record highs. thanks so much for joining us on this monday. we'll see you again tomorrow. we're right back at it. it is time for "kudlow." ♪. larry: hello, everyone, welcome back to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. great to be with you. look it, stocks are booming. they continued bullish today. we had unbelievable numbers including friday's 1.1 million jobs. including revisions absolute blowouts for the ism manufacturing service numbers. in fact ism manufacturing, the best since december of 1983. reagan days. today, the ism services number for march came in at an all time record high for that series, going all the way back i think to 1997. it is possib


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