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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 5, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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point there seems to be optimism in the market without about vaccinations and covid-19 recovery with earnings season as well and a lot to look forward to. thank you, rob and brian that does it for us. "varney & co." is up next. ashley, over to you. ashley: good morning and thank you. i'm ashley webster in for stuart varney on this easter monday and here's the big story, we are learning treasury secretary janet yellen is expected to call for a global minimum corporate tax rate as president biden was that corporate tax rate increased to 28%. and as jackie mentioned, look at the futures a rallying on friday's blowout jobs reports with the markets closed friday so they could not react, but they are reacting today positive with the dow jones up to a third nine points in
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the premarket and s&p s&p and nasdaq up. businesses in georgia getting ready to take a financial hit after major league baseball caved and pulled the all-star game. cobb county which would have hosted the event said the move will see a $100 million of tourism dollars cut down the drain. hours after president biden took office nearly 11000 keystone pipeline workers found themselves unemployed. neil crabtree was one of those workers and he will tell us he is a story. the surge at the border shows no sign of slowing down while vice president harris shows no sign of showing up. we will talk to the mayors of two border towns coming up. it is monday, april 5, we have a three jampacked hours ahead. "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪♪
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ashley: a little bit of kc and the sunshine band on a sunshiny day in new york city. beautiful blue skies. good time for casey ended the sunshine band. looking at futures, we are up on the dow jones 245 points in the premarket, s&p and nasdaq up over 1%. lets a brain jason katz to talk about it. as i mentioned before, stocks rallying on friday's jobs reports is the good news, but you say the markets aren't paying enough attention to who will pay for the 2 trillion-dollar so-called infrastructure plan and throwing cold water on this. >> look, i mean, it's undeniable that we need
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bridges, roads, tunnels, high-speed broadband etc. the question is how do we pay for this and it's remarkable to me how little attention in the financial community and the media for that matter have been paying attention to this until now. apparently janet yellin is paying attention predicated on her announcement. s&p earnings next year if we get an increased to 28% in 21, we can knock off 7% and with over 20 times earnings we can ill afford seat earnings come down that much is the one in the meantime we have just strong jobs report with the vaccine rollout going well and we have a fiscal stimulus pumped into the economy as you point out at a rate that will knows how we will pay for it, but from the economy point of heat view and perhaps into the markets, it still seems positive. how long before you think we see a pullback?
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>> i don't think anything is going to dampen the animal spirits in the near-term. i think the rest of your we could see more upside, may be as much as 4200 and you said it best, i mean, we have a sea of liquidity. we have all of this stimulus, monetary, fiscal and now infrastructure and let's not forget about the insatiable demand, i mean, people are bursting at the seams to go out and spend, so i do think the s&p moves maybe 5% collar and i'm not calling for doomsday , but there is a reason janet yellen is pitching to the world to raise the minimum global tax. she doesn't want a seat on the companies in the us go offshore this so-called race to the bottom which we cannot win if we are trying to pay for infrastructure. ashley: that's a good point because around the world i think the corporate tax rate varies
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from 10 at half percent on the low end up to 24% so if we jump to 28%, how much luck will she had to tell other countries to sell the world on this global minimum tax rate when other countries know they could indeed attract a big us companies trying to avoid high taxes here in the us. >> exactly right. she has a good enough chance, slim to none and slim just packed its bags and left town. ashley: let's talk about inflation. i have some guests that say here on the "varney & co." show that say don't overplay this or overhyping and others say it's inevitable as you pump in all this money and you have a lot of money chasing too few items, prices go up i mean is it inevitable and when do you think it really starts to bite? >> you have a lot of forces conflicting rehear. the increase in trade tensions is inflationary
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, but you also have at the same time all these idiosyncrasies in supply chains that are going to be worked out and also you add to that the technology has totally disrupted supply chains and how we had where we access goods and services, so the fed will let inflation run a little hot. of the markets will get a little spooked, but it's not our base case that inflation gets out of hand here. i think taxes are a bigger concern that inflation. ashley: tax, tax, tax, we have deleted there . thank you for chipping in on this monday. thank you. >> you bet. ashley: now let's get back to this issue, deportation and arrests of an illegal migrants have fallen sharply under president biden as he shifts the policy of law enforcement. let's bring in val verde county texas sheriff joe frank martinez.
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sheriff, york county right on the border there with mexico. give us a sense of what's going on now as these pictures and stories come in over the last month or more. seems pretty desperate in the surge is selling -- showing no signs of slowing down. what are you seeing? >> from our perspective we are seeing an increase, this crisis is drawing the human smuggler to our area and our jail population is up about 20% and if this continues that will cost of the citizens of this county about a quarter of a million dollars. yesterday during a two-hour timeframe when of our deputies apprehended 57 individuals or detained 57 individuals from different countries at one location here in val verde county that were later released two border patrol. ashley: vice president harris
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has still not visited the border, two weeks after basically appointed the borders are. do you think it's time she took charge and came up with strategy and visited the border herself? >> i think so. i would like to invite the vice president to the border to see impact it's affected all 31 border counties. there is 31 border sheriffs that share the us-mexico border and i would like for her to take the time to come down and step foot and look at the problems that our counties each individual county is facing especially the rural communities. ashley: are you concerned as we fight a pandemic and we are showing signs with the rollout of the vaccine that we are getting ahead of it, but are you concerned of migrants coming across the border that have not had a vaccination and could
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create another covid problem especially for those border towns? >> well, you know that is a great concern. i think we have had a couple here in our community that have come up positive and they are put in quarantine, but i don't think there's enough resources to test everyone that's coming through, but it is a great concern and ought to be a great concern, not only to our community, but the entire united states. ashley: i mean, how does this end, sheriff? it shows no signs of slowing down. with the endgame here? >> i think that both sides need to come together and come up with a border policy that everyone can live with. you have the right in the last and i think they need to coordinate, meet, have discussions
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and we just need to fix the immigration system because it's broke overall. ashley: has it affected the ability of your officers to do their day to day job? >> it has. last week 75% of my resources were tied up assisting border patrol, so when that takes place you know i've got just a couple of deputies to handle the 3200 square miles of our business. ashley: wow, people have no clue as to how big the area is and the challenges you face that thank you so much for joining us this morning, sheriff. >> thank you for having me. ashley: it is our pleasure, believe me. wyoming senator john barr also slamming president biden over the children held out border facilities. look at this.
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>> we were told to delete the pictures, knowing good and you've seen the video coming out with these kids crammed together under foil blankets huddling together and when you have 10% of them who are positive already, they are only allowed to be there for three days by lot you would want your own kids there three minutes, but many are there up to 10 days. they are tested the day they leave and those that tested positive on the to one side as they've all been exposed and then they are sent all across the country. that is the real tragedy of this. ashley: it is a tragedy and a mess. he says the biden administration is actively trying to hide these horrifying images from the public as you heard him say they were told to delete the images. none of them did and that's why we are getting to see behind-the-scenes. the media not shying away from smearing
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georgia's voting law. watch this. >> rolling back voter rights, the republican push of more than 40 states to limit voting access. >> these are the people who would pass a law to keep jesus from getting a cup of water while he's dying on the cross. >> gop is trying to make it harder to vote. ashley: hyperbole? i would say so and it turns out the false narrative comes with hefty price as baseball's decision to move the all-star game costing $100 million in lost revenue. are we facing a fourth covid wave in the meantime? we will ask dr. marc siegel about that but first checking the futures as they point higher. we will be back with more "varney & co." after this. ♪♪ ♪♪
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call... for fifteen hundred dollars off your kohler walk-in bath. visit for more info. ashley: let's look at the futures, about 14 minutes away from the opening of the markets and it's all very positive. take a look at johnson & johnson. of the us has put the vaccine maker in a charge of the baltimore plant where it botched 15 million doses of its shots in the premarket. according to a report astrazeneca will need to move production out of their covid vaccine production to accommodate that switch. astrazeneca marginally lower right now.
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the next case, the us hits another record getting more than 3 million shots a day, but a doctor who served on president biden's covid transition advisory board says the us is facing a fourth wave. listen. >> are we in a fourth way right now? >> well i believe we are and i believe that in some ways we are almost in a new pandemic. the only good news is that the current vaccines are effective against this variant b117, but in a sense it's a virus that's now 50 to 100% more transmissible and infectious than previous viruses causing 50 to 60% more serious illness ashley: that's very worrying. but spring and fox news contributor dr. marc siegel. good to see you. do you think we are in a fourth wave of the covid virus? >> i don't, ashley.
9:19 am
i would reverse the headlines, first of all i have respect for him and i have known him for years, but he has it reversed. the headline is if the vaccine covers the b117 variant very well and that's the variance increasing around the country, so certain areas where there's a lot of b117 you have more cases but we are catching up with the vaccine and as you said over 3 million doses a day over the weekend in one day, 4 million doses saturday and if we manage to get vaccine compliance we will do what israel did and stomp this down. israel had about 200 new cases and that's we are headed provided we get compliance. that's the variant he's talking about but it's not sweeping across the country right now where we see a you huge uptick, only certain regions so we can stay ahead of this and that's the big news there. i disagree with him.
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ashley: also, doctor, cornell university mandating covid vaccines for all students and staff returning to campus appeared do you think we will see this as kind of the norm and more colleges will follow suit? >> yikes, they can even do that, i mean, the cdc announced the bureau of regulation cd even announced that organizations cannot do that. this is emergency use authorization and you aren't allowed to mandate vaccines. if you are private, public-- i like the vaccine a lot and i think the rna vaccines have been extraordinarily successful and safe given to hundreds of millions of people around the world and in the us, but you can't mandate them in the cases tend to be milder anyway in teenagers and young adults. i think teachers and professors should get them, but let them give out the vaccine at the university. let's start with that, offer it, don't mandate
9:21 am
anything. ashley: very good. i feel better already, doctor especially about the potential for a fourth wave. it's kind of scary when someone says that, just when you think you are turning the corner and then the doctor says, fourth wave, so thank you for clarifying that point. dr. marc siegel, thank you. >> thank you, ashley. great to see you. ashley: let's move on and talk about delta in particular, moving higher in the premarket up one and a half percent, but they canceled over a hundred flights with pandemic travel really picking up your why are they canceling the fights and shouldn't they had more? susan: not enough staff apparently to supply the fights so delta said large numbers of their employees are getting vaccinated with pilots returning to active status meaning there wasn't enough staffing and we know air travel is picking up quickly. more than 1 million
9:22 am
travelers have gone through usair points in the past 20 days and easter weekend travel of 800% from last year and that's a pandemic era high. delta said it will stop blocking middle seats in may that was a month earlier than anticipated, but delta did extend the middle seat policy, longer than what american airlines did and united never had a policy and delta like others hope for a strong rebound this year in travel after losing about $12 billion last year. they did get two rounds of government aid, don't forget. ashley: i do remember. thank you. good morning to you. sorry, i did not say good morning. more people are flying despite health officials warning about rising covid cases. more than 1.5 million people pass through tsa checkpoints sunday. by the way, friday was the busiest air travel day since last march,
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just days before the covid lockdown began. people are getting back into the airports and flying. when we come back we will have the opening on wall street. closed friday and markets reacting to the big jobs report last friday. we will talk about that a more when we come back ♪♪ ♪♪ it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip. fifteen minutes until we board. oh yeah, we gotta take off. you downloaded the td ameritrade mobile app so you can quickly check the markets? yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board. excellent. and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. have a great flight. thanks. we'll see ya.
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9:27 am to find out if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. ashley: we are now just about 30 minutes from the opening. let's check the markets with lots of green. the dow jones of 252 in the premarket. let's bring in keith fitz-gerald, our good friend. do you think big tech will have a ripper of a month putting the reopening stocks to shame? >> i do. if you look at the reopening stocks, a lot of people like to go on cruises, but talking about a global market that's $22 billion a year. apple does a billion dollars in a day and it's been beaten down, d leveraged and i would
9:28 am
submit longer-term if inveg,g,t' wheres where whe you want te, bigech ke apple apple. ashley: you likeantirr and and tesla as well,?, soly. e tion is similar. palant has h won h won ntar0 llion-dollioardoll re here only mpany wing needed to processce it i and governmentme hntas to rn to it. etitetioitn i supplierli verendor relationtishonip, not otherer mpetitors like wkelke streetre think tesla all all a autroduct rid,riri cs. tnk t a thous dollars sha sreha iomom thing ig in june, j of last year so this is par for the course and i'm excited. ashley: what maybe keeps you up at night, what worries you if anything? >> if i'm doing my job right, hopefully not much.
9:29 am
[laughter] the biggest concern for me now is a back the vaccine. we are a high risk family so we think about it a lot, but if we have a case where the virus mutates beyond current technology, that we do it in my book, but meanwhile absent that you have to play to win and look forward and that's where the world is going. i'm a optimist. we are going to get their. ashley: we had jason caps on earlier and he said what worries him he is he doesn't believe that markets aren't paying attention to how we will pay for the spending. >> the government is great at kicking the can down the road. if you talk about what we can control as investors, we can control investments, the companies we pick and what we cannot control his the lunacy in the beltway, so tax and spend or collect and spend, who knows that as an investor we can chart our way through this. ashley: and inflation doesn't particularly bother you? >> not with tech
9:30 am
companies. inflation if you look at it is something that eats away at constant value, but technology constantly improving, data constantly improving. we feel it in our wallets but over time 20 or 30% growth rate will trump inflation. ashley: i feel better already. thank you. the bells are ringing and people are clapping and we are up and running for this monday, april 5. european markets are closed for easter monday , but not in the us and we are showing a nice stock for dow jones chevron and coca-cola the two ladders, but that's a new intraday high, i believe. we are about all-time high. of there you go, not bad three seconds into the session. let's look at the s&p. that went above the 4000
9:31 am
last thursday, continues the climb up another 28 points. s&p 4048 and a big tech names in the nasdaq also doing well. of 114 points on the nasdaq 13594. let's look at gamestop. susan li, look at this, it's tumbling down more than nine and half percent fee to when you raise a billion dollars in the process at least sweat that is what the company plans to do and that means there is more supply lowering stock prices. this is what gamestop maybe should have done at the height of the wallstreetbets saw that. the stock near $200 and it's up 900% this year. gamestop had some really impressive metrics they released of the weekend ahead of the possible share sale same global sales went up by 11% for
9:32 am
the past nine weeks. that shift from bricks and mortar over to digital to sell instead. amc the other reddit favorite raising cash during the height of the gamestop frenzy in late january, american airlines did the same but it looks like the cofounder taking hold and i'm wondering if roaring kitty will buy any more gamestop shares at $200 or so. ashley: we will have to wait, but keith fitz-gerald was tesla and i believe it's doing well this morning. susan: on friday we saw a record blowout first quarter delivery of nearly 185,000 cars in the first three months of this year and production crossed 180,000, but tesla. >> to consumer car seller meaning there's no middleman and that's why deliveries is that important metric. first-quarter numbers way ahead of the
9:33 am
forecast. wedbush calling it a buy worth $1000 apiece, $300 up, that's pretty good. he's forecasting tesla will deliver 850,000 cars this year. also capitulating, but not quite up to those levels because the eight are too bearish levels, but j.p. morgan also chimed in raising the forecast and the targets because of the blowout first quarter delivery. china and big catalyst for tesla now accounting for 20% of tesla's global sales and that's a big reason the stock is zero-- up so much over the past year. ashley: show me gm and ford, also a 2% or tell us why. susan: they were initiated as a buy and wells fargo is saying by ford on a stocks turnaround plan under its new ceo may also like
9:34 am
gm's leading position when it comes to electric cars and that's despite both of these car companies and tesla being impacted by the global chip shortage and production idling. morgan stanley predicted in 2035 it's not tesla that will win the electric car race, they will be in the top three, but it's volkswagen and in general mortars and more electric cars will be sold in 2035 then gas combustion engine cars. ashley: stuart would say i'll believe it when i see it, but that's 14 years away. susan: where are you going with that? [laughter] ashley: let's move on. show me the cruise lines they are not going electric. they are fired up this morning after the cdc updated covid guidance, five, 6% gains.
9:35 am
cdc says crusoe ships will eventually be allowed to resume the failing but it's unclear when that's not good. cdc first issued a no space l order last and the industry has been operating under a conditional failing order since october so it's more of a hurry up and wait, but may be an opportunity to get back out to sea. let's look at roblox, they are jumping this morning. susan: tons of bullish by calls initiation from wall street from some of the biggest investment banks around. roblox is being called a buy at goldman sachs and morgan stanley and bank of america. you still have a little bit, about $10 up from here but roblox district listing earlier this year had really impressive metrics. if you have kids you know they use them play
9:36 am
roblox games and we had users doubling over the past year, so i would say those are pretty bullish signs the company will continue to grow. ashley: i would say so. you are earning your paycheck this morning. draftkings announced it bot tel aviv game of occasion company blue-ribbon. susan: i love draftkings. it's basically the way to play online betting for the future especially as more states legalize it and it will be interesting to see what it means when it comes to be interface for draftkings meaning when you going out what is it look like blue ribbon, you might see it splash year with bells and whistles helping to bring new users. look at robinhood for instance, that helped robinhood bring on millions of accounts over the past year so
9:37 am
draftkings 1 million monthly active new users , but it's a growth stock so they can bring on more users and i think the stock rose with that. ashley: i would imagine so. let's check the big board. just picking up on all sorts of positives. 916,000 jobs added last friday with the dow jones of more than 300 points at 33457. 10 year treasury yield backup to 1.72%, not hurting the market but that yield on the web. looking at gold, slightly down by $4 at 1724. asfoor bitcoin,-- asfoor bitcoin, down $11. looking at oil, the price of gas nationwide averaging $2.87, up from a year ago. crude itself down in the
9:38 am
early going right around $60 a barrel. transportation secretary says that president biden's infrastructure plan will supposedly paper itself and begin chipping away at the deficit. we will get into that coming up. the media democrats worked hard to bury the story. roll tape. >> do you still think the story about your son hunter-- >> yes or no with the laptop? >> i have no idea. ashley: i have no idea, hunter biden famous laptop from hell is back making new headlines after his bizarre softball interview. more "varney & co." after this. ♪♪ ♪♪
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ashley: welcome them back. let's bring susan li back and. you have the breakdown of who hire during the pandemic. susan: if it wasn't for amazon, the single most influential factor last year in hiring, you would have probably see the most big s&p 500 companies cut jobs. most taking place in travel and hospitality. top job cutters, mgm over this casino operator, carnival, comcast, disney and boeing. on the flipside the lockdown winners enabling tech to expand. amazon was a giant heading over 500,000 jobs around the world, 400,000 in the us. facebook added 14000 and
9:44 am
pepsico added by 9% thanks to acquisitions. fedex delivery more packages, they need more people and tesla 22700 jobs added and he is still looking for more in texas in that austin new factory there. ashley: thank you. interesting. looking at tesla, elon musk is said to join endeavor group board as they get ready to go public after scrapping their original ipo in 2019. let's bring in our good friend jeff sica. do you say elon musk can actually help save the ipo? >> yes. one thing about that endeavor ipo, it was supposed to happen in september, 2019. this company had accumulated so much a debt, they have over 4 billion in debt with revenue around three and half billion, so they scrapped the ipo in
9:45 am
2019. now they are looking to ride the wave. ipos are booming right now and looking to ride the wave. so, endeavor which owns 51% of the us seat and went in i will say is i'm a huge ufc fan. i have a vested interest in this company doing well because i'm a fan, so they are looking at it now is the time to go public and i have not always been spoken highly of the elon musk, but one thing i will say is elon musk is a cultural icon and him on the board of endeavor will bring a lot of the millennial's a lot of people and keep in mind ufc is their crown jewel in ufc they took advantage of some of the bloke sports like baseball, like the nfl
9:46 am
that are losing fans. if ufc place it right they could have the best year they have ever had. keep in mind, they are the league that came online first, so we zero a debt of gratitude to them for entertaining as string the pandemic. ashley: it is out there now. jeff sica, huge fan of ufc. we are out of time, but thank you for joining us. jeff sica, big fan of ufc. we have all heard about trump derangement syndrome, but now cnn jim acosta is claiming the reporters are experiencing post trump stress disorder. seems like they just cannot quit that trump bandwagon. media is upset because he's not the focus anymore. meanwhile, georgia businesses are taking a hit after mlb's decision to move the all-star game and we have the
9:47 am
latest fallout from that issue as well. "varney & co." will be right back. ♪♪ ♪♪ (judith) at fisher investments, we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why. (money manager) because our way works great for us! (judith) but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. (money manager) so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? (judith) nope, we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. (money manager) but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? (judith) we don't have those. (money manager) so what's in it for you? (judith) our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different.
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9:51 am
>> joe biden has broken his own rule and now he's lying to the american people, lying to the american people. i'm very disappointed to. ashley: well, that was chris christie blasting president biden over the georgia voting law. let's bring in edward lawrence. president from speaking out against the companies who have taken a stand against the new georgia voting legislation. reporter: say maybe we should look at possibly a boycott. there's been some misrepresentation of the facts can't think of these like delta who were consulted about the changes and had no issues now say they have an issue with the law, so the attention prompted major league baseball to move out of the all-star game out of atlanta which is what you were referring to an former president obama supports the decision but former president trump says quote boycott baseball and although
9:52 am
woke companies interfering with free elections. coke, dell said-- delta and all with the georgia governor calling out the cancel culture overall of this. >> well, it's unfortunate major league baseball caved to the cancel culture and quite honestly president biden and stacy abrams and a lot of other people are lying about this bill to pressure these organizations. it's really a sad day for major league baseball. reporter: the commissioner of baseball says moving the game in the dropped out of atlanta demonstrates the values of major league baseball. county travel and tourism bureau estimates moving the game will cost local businesses including minority local businesses more than $100 million and senator chuck schumer said new york should host the all-star game and ironing is new york election loss offer fewer early voting days than georgia does and also no one can pass out
9:53 am
food or water valued at more than a dollar in new york and new york ex .-dot fires an excuse for an absentee ballot in georgia does not, just ballot identification card is what you need to buy alcohol or even your covid vaccine. ashley: interesting. thank you. we should point out call the county which is where the game would be held voted for joe biden and now they will lose millions of revenue by not hosting the all-star game and we know major league baseball has come out against georgia's law to show id to vote, that mlb teams still require fans to show photo id to pick up their will call tickets and baseball is not the only one getting called out for hypocrisy. coca-cola has been outspoken against the voting law as well, but the company requires employees to show valid id to get into their annual shareholders meeting. that we would point that out. will be known and staying coca-cola,
9:54 am
georgia businesses are firing back. susan: we have a group of gop georgia lawmakers signing a letter asking coca-cola ceo to read the new voting bill and support the state's decision and starting to remove all coproducts from their gop offices after we heard from the ceo criticizing the new voting law calling it unacceptable so the letter says giving coke's choice to caved to the pressure of an out-of-control counsel culture, we respectfully request all coca-cola products be removed from our offices immediately. coca-cola has close ties to georgia probably one of the closest with the iconic: maker founded and headquartered in atlanta, but not just coca-cola, we have more than 70 companies, party me close to 20 companies with 70 former ceos and business leaders called on these companies to do something to speak out against this new georgia
9:55 am
voting law. coca-cola has close ties in the states. ashley: indeed it does. thank you and despite calls to move the pga tour championship out of georgia, the pga says not going anywhere says the pga and in a statement it emphasized its commitment to the atlanta community saying quote the championships commitment to the area has helped the partners transform distressed neighborhoods and help the thriving once which is key to ending the cycle of intergenerational poverty, charitable and economic benefits that have led to these changes would not continue if we simply walked away from those in need. pga generates a tremendous amount of money for charity in every community they hold their events, so they are making that point. still ahead, brad blakeman, brian kilmeade , stephen moore and the great kate mcfarland.
9:56 am
the second hour of "varney & co." is next. ♪♪ ♪♪ it's game time, let's meet the defending champs. g. hargrave thomas, point guard. bryce matthias, forward. kim kietz, investor. . . you don't have to be an advanced graphics architect to help realize a more vibrant future. become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq. ♪
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♪. ashley: walking on sunshine.
10:00 am
katrina and the waves, don't it feel good. great song for a sun shining day. no market blues. markets moving up nicely. good morning, everybody, i'm ashley webster in for stuart varney any today. it is 10:00 on the east coast. let's get straight to your money which we do every day. the dow, subpoena hitting all time highs as soon as the opening bell rang on wall street. the dow up 285. we were up over 300 at one point. the s&p and nasdaq up 1%. look at the 10-year treasury yield. we keep an eye on this, it is starting to tick higher, up to 1.732 percent. it doesn't have an impact it seems on the markets as a whole. as for bitcoin, down 875. it was down more than that earlier. 58,750 for bitcoin. we got breaking data. susan li, let's begin with the services sector.
10:01 am
susan: this is from the factory floor. big beat from the month of march. non-manufacturing, pmi. this is services part. 70% of the economy is services based. this is a huge beat, 63.7, higher than economists for cast. looks like prices paid, highest since 2008. here is the recovery story here in services. now also factory orders. this is from the factory floor we need to highlight. we saw declines of .8% of february. month on month figures. february from january. this is actually worse than anticipated but looks like services is probably more important, wouldn't you say, ashley, as i mentioned it represents 70% of the u.s. economy. a big beat at 63.7. that is a huge read. ashley: it's a huge read. anything above 50 is expansion. as you say, susan, shows how the
10:02 am
rebound is starting to have impact in the certainly in the services sector. susan, thank you very much. now this, the biden administration trying to defend his massive infrastructure spending plan. transportation secretary pete buttigieg says it will eventually pay for itself. roll that tape. >> across 15 years it would raise all of the revenue needed for these once in a lifetime investments. so by year 16 you would actually see this package working to reduce the deficit. ashley: 16 years. you wait, it will actually reduce the deficit. hmmm. let's bring in our good friend brad blakeman. have at it. >> well if you believe that i have a bridge that you might be interested in in brooklyn. very convenient for politicians to say long after their terms have expired that something is going to happen. we know as a matter of course every time a politician made
10:03 am
that prediction it never, ever, ever panned out. if you want to believe like democrats say with obamacare keep your doctor, you will embrace it. 16 years from now the funding for the infrastructure bill will be fully financed. that is not going to happen. you know it, i know it, the american people should know it. ashley: all right. i think we dealt with that i want to get into this issue, big talk, more companies speaking out against georgia's new voting law. brad, should corporations being weighing in on politics, no matter what side they're on, should they get involved? >> no, they shouldn't. we shouldn't know the politics of a corporation. this is the wrong strategy. it backfired on many corporations, seeing it with coke and other. this is not their place. their place is to be in the business community, sell their products, market their products, manufacture their products, not to be political.
10:04 am
when you do so you do so at your peril. facebook and twitter. i believe corporations should stay silent. we shouldn't know their politics and leave it for individuals and customers to determine their own politics. ashley: it is interesting, because when you look at this law, the way it is being described by critics, it really does skew what is actually does. they're saying bottom line this is another effort by republicans to try to make it harder for minority voters to cast their ballot. i mean that is simply not true, is it not? >> this is a dog whistle of the left. when in doubt, its racially discriminatory. it is false. i think georgia is a good place to start a national conversation but quite frankly i think we need national uniform voting standards for federal elections. if the standards are good and protocols are good, states would be wise to follow it although not mandatory on state elections or local elections f we learned
10:05 am
anything from 2020 we should have learned a few things. we need uniform voting standards the same in georgia as they are in california and anywhere else in our union. number two, we need badly campaign finance reform. when outsiders spend more than the candidate, it's a cancer on our republic. three we need social media reforms and legislation to cut back on their influence in elections. those three things are needed. unfortunately they're needed at the national level, not the state level but the state level is a good place to start a conversation. ashley: exactly. while i have you here, i want to kind of expand a bit, talk about what is going on the border. we mentioned earlier that vice president harris who is quasi-czar i guess of what is going on our borders, 12 days, no press conferences, no effort to go down to the border. we spoke to a sheriff earlier today, says she should come down. she should be told the issues, what these local offices and
10:06 am
local patrol agents are facing. it is a crisis. there is no other than word for it and yet we're getting not a whole lot of anything out of the administration? >> well not only aren't you getting anything out of administration you're not getting anything out of the media. how come the media is not down there? this pales in comparison to anything alleged by the trump administration this is crisis created by candidate biden and candidate harris when they invited this migration. don't take my word for it. this is what the people coming across our borders have said, that biden has told us we are welcome. this is a crisis, a massive proportion. it's a health crisis, especially with covid yet, the administration turn as blind eye as if it doesn't even exist. shame on the media for not exposing this but congressional members should make it a regular trip, a weekly trip down there to at least shed some light on the atrocities that are
10:07 am
happening there. ashley: when they do, they're told to delete the photos they take which thankfully they did not. >> unbelievable. ashley: brad -- unbelievable as always, brad, thank you for joining us as always this morning. >> thank you. ashley: let's take a look at the markets. lots of green today. let's bring in brian belski our markets guy. stuart always says our bullish brian belski alliteration. brian, you say most institutional investors are befuddled by the bull market. but you're bullish, so what are you seeing others are not? >> good morning, ashley, the befuddled comment was for you. i know how you love the word befuddled, why not? happy easter, everyone and post-passover. i would say this as we talk to our institutional clients around the world, ashley, they continue to doubt the market as they did last year, as they did for the previous 10 years for all
10:08 am
intents and purposes and you see how this year so far unfolded you have had this reactionary move into value, this reactionary move out of tech. this fear of inflation. fear of higher interest rates. now things are beginning to settle down. not too dissimilar what happened in the unprecedented move last year after the downturn in prices and stocks and the unbelievable rally we saw in late march, early april. things have really settled down in may, june, july. i think the same thing will happen this year, where we kind of muddle through this, we start to see it per earnings and better participation from a number of different stocks, industries and sectors. the stock market is a market of stocks. it is not about picking sectors or growth or value. it is about being equally distributed in your portfolio and properly diversified in u.s. stocks. ashley: is this still a ton of cash on the sidelines, brian and
10:09 am
what are you saying to those people kind of hedging their bets and waiting? how do you persuade them to get in? where are you pointing them to put their money? >> that is a great question and again we're not market timers and i think the biggest thing is, people look at the market, they say look at this big move. what do i do now? never try to time the market. just know this, in our belief, in terms of our work and our process and our discipline says stocks will be higher a year from now. will be considerably higher a year from now. even higher five years from now. ease your way in. be an investor for the next 12 to 18 months. we love areas like financials, consumer discretionary, industrials, materials. over next three to five years, the favorite sectors are technology, communication services and discretionary. you and susan talked a lot about the services sector, discretionary. this is where we're spending our money ashley, with respect to technology, communication
10:10 am
services content. we're shopping again. we're going on airplanes. maybe we even will take a cruise. we're beginning to live again. it is very, very good. ashley: that is very good. it was easy to follow. brian belski i am no longer befuddled. so i thank you for that, and thank you for joining us this morning. the bullish brian belski, befuddled. a lot of "b" words. susan come back in before i go down a different cut road. you have got today's movers. begin with apple. susan: sew many tongue twisters that was impressive alliteration there. we have apple rallying today. we're up close to 2% that was a big spike all of a sudden. there are reports that apple will release the new airpods pro models later this month in a surprise announcement. airpods, watches are now a fortune 120 company on their own. they sell a lot of them. apple is a giant.
10:11 am
they account for a third of the global wearables and headphones market according to one analysis. this is a big bump for them. boeing, travel up 800% from last year. that means boeing could be selling more planes in the future. walmart is also rallying this morning on the improvement in the u.s. economy with nearly a million new jobs added last month in martha. is way better than anticipated. maybe people will shop more. that is helping lift airlines. the entire sector virtually with more than one million travelers at least the past 20 days according to the tsa latest data. we got the latest deal announced by palantir. here is a stoke rallying. they announced a deal with the nuclear association, that is a five-year deal worth $80 million. that helps palantir expand the client base even further. you know who they are. they are a big data company that has been credited with finding
10:12 am
osama bin laden. ashley: there you go. on a good day for that company this morning, susan, but not such a good day for gamestop. do you know why? susan: they just announced this morning, i think it's a bullish sign, a bullish move for gamestop. they're selling stock, raising a billion dollars in cash. so when a company sells stock that means there is more supply and yes, that lowers prices but wall street had been expecting this. this is what gamestop should have done at the heights of the reddit wall street bets saga at the end of january. still, not a bad time. look at the stock price. we're still up 109 something dollars. the company is up 900% this year. the company is valued at over $34 billion. just over the weekend gamestop, this is why they announced this, global sales went up 9% over the last nine weeks. you have the story, the shift in ongoing transition, bullish from
10:13 am
company, going to digital. we had amc already raising cash at the height of the gamestop frenzy in january. amc now refirsting course. being called a buy this morning by b. riley. american airlines did the same at the height of the gamestop saga. gamestop should be doing that too, maybe a little bit late but still not bad. ashley: the valuation at 34 billion, that is amazing. but down today, 6%. sewers san, good stuff. thank you very much. how is the biden administration planning to pay for its next 2 trillion-dollar spending plan? it is simple. by taxing american businesses of course. >> i would say that the reason why the president is proposing these corporate tax increases is because that is just the right thing to do. encouraging these corporations to pay their fair share. ashley: and reduce their
10:14 am
research and their expansion and their jobs. andy puzder is here. he has a thing or two to say about that straight ahead. cbs news facing backlash, tweeting out a headline telling companies how to fight the georgia voting law. is this what passes for journalism these days? i guess so. but first, elon musk, promising millions for schools and revitalization in brownsville, texas. the mayor of that city is here to react after this. ♪.
10:15 am
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework
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is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are.
10:19 am
ashley: welcome back, everybody. take a look at the markets. the dow, the s&p, nasdaq all up very solidly up 1%. dow, s&p, by the way hitting new all-time highs basically as the markets open. take a quick look if we can at norwegian, the cruise operator. now saying it will require mandatory covid test vaccinations for passengers around crew when it starts from u.s. ports from july. that stock up 6%, norwegian cruise lines. listen to this, eel loon musk will donate 10 million to the county schools and downtown brownsville for revitalization. we have the mayor of brownsville. mayor, thanks for joining us. have you spoken to elon musk about this. >> good morning, ashley. no, i have not had a chance to speak to elon musk.
10:20 am
we reached out both myself and city administration to sit down to have a conversation to know a little bit more, really figure out what it is he plans to do with this gift and whether there is anything specific he would like to see done. really just anxiously awaiting details so far. ashley: yeah. was this a complete surprise to you? >> a complete surprise. i found out i think when everybody else found out. he tweeted this early in the morning. i started getting calls and text messages. i was in the middle of some work. really tried to figure it out. saw that he mentioned the details would be forthcoming. that is really what we're waiting for. this totally caught all of us by surprise and it was a food surprise. ashley: very good. i'm sure there is lots you can do with the money. >> oh, my gosh, brownsville, texas, second most important city in texas besides san antonio. spacex has done some good stuff. quite a few people coming into brownsville right now. average home value has gone up.
10:21 am
a lot of good things happening in downtown, really booming over the last couple years. hopeful we'll see more progress with mr. musk's infusion of capital here. ashley: very good indeed. mayor, if you could stay right there i want to talk about the growing crisis at the border. brownsville close to the border. not just a surge of migrants, a new report reveals more drugs are being smuggle across the border. alex hogan is in the texas town town of mack allen. how much drugs are being smuggled over? reporter: quite a bit. 2600 pounds of marijuana worth nine million dollars. there is a increase in amount of fentanyl. from the 2019 to 2020 fiscal year, the amount of fentanyl blew up 600%. this year they confiscated nearly double what they found in 2020. so far in 2021 the dea in the
10:22 am
rgv seized 666 pounds of cocaine, 75 pounds of heroin. 4840 pounds of negotiate and 26,000 pounds marijuana. border agents says there is very clear difference between the migrants and mules with drugs. they can tell by the size of their bags, routes they take and body pose ture. increase of people crossing the border pulled more resources away, causing moral cone interest band to get into the country. that is something that chad wolf spoke about on "sunday morning futures." >> what we know is that the cartels and the smugglers and traffickers are very sophisticated and they listen toe public pronouncements. they know our policies and procedures. reporter: here is a live look at the rgv with the fox flight team. administration special envoy for the northern triangle will
10:23 am
travel to guatemala on thursday to address what they call a crisis in central america, hoping to get to the root cause why his door rick numbers of migrants are fleeing their countries to come to the u.s. the dea says the influx of migrants has taken away resources, allowing some of these drug smugglers to go by law enforcement unnoticed. ashley? ashley: alex, thank you very much. very interesting and disturbing. let's bring in the mayor of brownsville, mayor. you're right on the border. we've seen covid rates rise among migrants in your city. how have you been able to combat that? >> actually, ashley over the last few weeks we've seen the numbers go down. we're seeing positivity rate of migrants around 7 to 8%. over the last few weeks we've seen positivity rate of 4 or 5%. pretty much in line what we're seeing with the rest of the community, actually a little bit lower than the states.
10:24 am
that is really a concern for our residents. they want to know whether migrants are testing positive. we put out the information as much as we can to let them know what is happening. 10 days ago, friday, the march 26th, dhs, the department homeland security took over the covid testing from the city of brownsville. the city had taken on itself to test migrants coming into brownsville but hhs actually took it over about 10 days ago. it has been going really well. we're seeing probably in brownsville 200 migrants coming in per day on average. so just doing our best to get them in, get them out, get them processed. ashley: if i, if i believe, i'm correct you came out in support of the biden-harris ticket. are you happy with how the administration is handling the crisis? >> you know, ashley, there is a lot of good things that are happening and there are some things that are concerning. we're seeing families separated towards the tail end of the
10:25 am
trump administration being reunited again i think is positive. i think they're working on some long-term solutions in in central and south america. we heard about that over the last week or two, i think will be a major positive. we should control the flow in central and south america, i think that solves a big portion of this. there are things concerning, right? we're seeing increased numbers. still not the numbers we're seeing in july, 2019, somewhere summer of july of 2019 during the trump administration. in brownsville, we're seeing 4 or 500 people a day. we're seeing less than that. we're seeing numbers go up over last month or so. i'm in communication with the administration letting them know what our resources are, what our capacity is. making sure we don't get overwhelmed. ashley: mayor, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate your time. the mayor of brownsville, texas right there on the border. >> thank you. ashley: thank you. it has been months since president trump left office but
10:26 am
the mainstream media just won't stop blaming him for, well, listen. >> i love to hear from both of you how d.c. journalists are adjusting to the biden era? >> we're all dealing with some post-trump stress disorder. ashley: post-trump stress disorder. probably because jim acosta doesn't feel like the attention is on him anymore. give me a break. media watcher adam guillette is here on that. he will have plenty to say. first it was the covid vaccine. now teachers unions in california are demanding free child care to get back into the classroom to do their jobs. that story coming up. seminole
10:27 am
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♪. ashley: let's take a look at those markets for you just an hour into this monday session and very nice indeed. up 300 plu plus. 331 points on the dow. the s&p and nasdaq up well above 1%. let's take a look at google, if you can show me google right
10:31 am
now. the supreme court ruled in favor of google in a major copyright dispute with oracle. up modestly about 3%. 61 bucks for alphabet/google 2191 a share. look at the cbs news tweet, telling companies how to fight georgia's new voting law. really? is that journalism? is that being unbiased. let's bring in adam guillette. cbs news deleted the tweet but only after major backlash. what do you make of that? >> the only thing surprising to me they deleted the tweet and it is amazing when they put a new one up there they basically admit saying in accuracy in media for a while now, they are activists, not journalists. they deleted their tweet. they put up a new one saying here is how activists can fight the georgia voter law. that is what they are at cbs. they're activists. ashley: they are.
10:32 am
they just kind of gave us a quick peek behind the curtain and we know from a definitely now where the journalists at cbs are coming from. that is the narrative they are going with. i want another one, adam. cnn's jim acosta that journalists are dealing with post-trump stress disorder. roll the tape and we'll talk about. >> i would love to hear from both of you how d.c. journalists are adjusting to the the biden . do you feel your run downs line up would be different from the trump areas. >> when you were asking me if you were run-down, i thought you were asking me how i felt with the trump era. i think we're all dealing with post-trump stress disorder. ashley: you know what, a, i believe that -- look there are military veterans out there suffering from real ptsd. i think it demeans that side of the argument but also, who the heck is jim acosta anyway? he is upset because he is not
10:33 am
making himself the center of attention with the trump administration but, what is your response, adam? >> what you say is exactly right. jim acosta wants the story to be always about jim acrossta. that speaks to a major problem they have right now. during the trump era, they could make up any trump story, make up any trump fan fiction and sell it to the left-wing audience that was hungry for anti-trump stories. now we're faced with the problem, what do we do? there is no trump around to make up stories about. what the thing to do is actually cover the biden administration fairly. i don't imagine that is something they will consider in the near future. certainly not jim acosta. ashley: certainly not. you know? what i think they're guilty of ignoring big issues. the border for instance, they're saying it's a republican fabrication, a quote, unquote crisis. let again they won't let any journalists in to see behind the scenes. it's a crisis, created by this administration, who said, come
10:34 am
one, come all. yet, the mainstream media is really not giving it the attention it deserves, would you agree? >> unquestionably. i thought that journalisms, journalists were here to speak truth to power. when the power is biden they don't seem interested in truth at all. we were told trump was against the media and fascist because he was mean to them. the biden administration is literally blocking them from photographing the border. isn't that what we have journalists for to cover stories like that? ashley: right. >> to educate the american public. the biden administration won't allow it. it is outrageous. ashley: it is, talking of about outrageous, get back to cbs. "60 minutes" accuse the of selectively editing a interview with florida governor ron desantis. here is a bit what they did play. roll that. >> publix donated $100,000 to your campaign you awarded them
10:35 am
with exclusive rights to distribute the vaccination. >> what you're say something wrong. >> how is that not pay-to-play. >> that is fake narrative. i met with the county mayor. i met with the administrator at folks with palm beach county. i said here are some of options. we can do more drive-through sites. we can give more to hospitals and give to publix. that would be easiest thing for our residents. ashley: you know what, adam, that wasn't the governor's entire answer, right? >> that's it. they took him out of context. let's understand this is the first of many cheap shots we're going to see from the media at ron desantis. he is their public enemy number one. in a pandemic world where they built up gavin newsom and andrew cuomo as if they were our global heroes and two of them have come crumbling down, ron desantis proven to be winner of covid. his policies where he ended the lockdowns, he ended the mandates and instead of bringing destruction they said would come, all it brought was
10:36 am
economic opportunity and mass migration. he is public enemy number one for the media because he proved them wrong. ashley: yet all those people from liberal states are pouring into his states. that is the irony. he is kind of a new donald trump for the media i think, but, adam adam guillette, thanks for joining us this morning. much appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. ashley: oh, our pleasure. so much to talk about. hunter biden breaking his silence on the controversial laptop seized by the fbi. >> was that your laptop? >> for real, i don't know. >> yes or no, of the laptop was yours? >> i have no idea. i have no idea. >> could have been yours? ashley: i have no idea, no idea. don't know. i have no idea but he is 100% certain that he will be cleared of any wrongdoing. we've got that tape coming up but first president biden says taxing corporations to pay for his massive infrastructure plan
10:37 am
is the right thing to do, he says. andy puzder couldn't disagree more. he is here next. >> ♪. i had saved up some money and then found the home of my dreams. but my home of my dreams needed some work sofi was the first lender that even offered a personal loan. i didn't even know that was an option. the personal loan let us renovate our single family house into a multi-unit home. and i get to live in this beautiful house with this beautiful kitchen and it's all thanks to sofi.
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♪. ashley: all right. check those markets, very positive indeed. the dow, s&p and nasdaq all up nicely above 1%. it is not only the dow hitting an intraday high today. dow companies, microsoft, alphabet/google, facebook hitting all-time highs today as well, all very positive to kick off the new week. dr. fauci says the federal government will not require travelers to have a vaccine passport. this follows new cdc guidance saying people can fly domestically without
10:42 am
self-quarantining. airport businesses are hoping that will give them a much-needed boost. lydia hu at newark international airport in new jersey this morning. lydia, how busy is it out there today? reporter: good morning, ashley, we're seeing quite a few passengers passing through newark this monday morning. there is a short line at tsa check-in at terminal b. a longer line at the starbucks. this is part of an increase in travel that we're seeing happening recently. during this easter holiday on sunday, friday before, travel numbers of people passing through checkpoints making records during the pandemic, clocking more than a million 1/2 people boarding a plane but here at 360 duty-free in terminal b, i'm only one in the store. my photographer and field producer, the store is closed. they have no one to stop here because international travel has made a comeback.
10:43 am
they have no one here to come buy the products duty-free. they are open only with one outgoing international flight. they have one at 2:00. they're not operating the normal hours. they have 40 stores across north america, latin america, revenue for duty-free shops is down 85%. listen to this. >> it is very challenging right now for us in this environment but there is a degree of optimism coming back in as we see the domestic traffic. we're hoping that will have repercussions for international traffic. reporter: across the industry to include restaurants and concessions at airports, the airport restaurant and retail association estimates the industry lost three years of profits in the past year. while there has been an increase in travel recently, and also a boost from the recent stimulus package at about $800 million. they say recovery is still years in the making. this could be 2023 before they
10:44 am
see full recovery to pre-pandemic levels. ashley. ashley: lydia, thank you. duty-free shop basically empty. lydia, thank you. the now this, the white house top economic advisor cecelia rouse says the increased corporate taxes is just the right thing to do. >> this is 15 years of higher taxes to pay for eight years of spending. can you really set that as a cost? >> i would say the reason request the president is proposing these corporate tax increases is because that is just the right thing to do. he believes we should be, you know, we should be encouraging these corporations to pay their fair share. ashley: well it is a familiar theme. let's bring in andy puzder. andy, i can actually predict with 100% certainty you will completely disagree with that statement? >> well, what makes it the right thing to do? these tax deductions resulted in the strongest labor market in
10:45 am
the history of the country back in 2019. we had higher wages for american workers. we had more american workers employed. this is, she just says it is the right thing to do but doesn't give any reason it would be the right thing to do. ashley: what would the impact be, andy, less research, less plans for expansion, less job creation, is that what we see? >> less money corporations, not just corporations but business, the less money businesses have to invest the less they invest in growth. if they don't invest in growth, you don't increase hiring. if you don't increase hiring you don't have the competition for employees that drives wages up. so you really end up hurting american workers and the american economy. it doesn't, it just doesn't make any sense. you know, this notion that corporations are not paying their fair share which seems to be what she is trying to get at is ridiculous. corporations are not paying less, some are paying zero but
10:46 am
not paying zero because the tax rates is to low. they're paying zero because there are legitimate deductions that allow them to reduce the tax they owe. her, the whole proposition here is so far off base. ashley: i'm sorry, we have to leave it there, lots of stuff going on today, andy. always great to speak to you, andy puzder. in franklin, tennessee. which is a beautiful community. thank you very much. coming up next, brian kilmeade just back from texas where he got an in depth look at the state's energy sector. there he is wearing a hard-hat. he is with texas land commissioner, george p. bush. we have the interview after this ♪
10:47 am
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♪. ashley: all right. welcome back, everyone. let's take a look at these markets, starting a new week. of course the markets were closed last friday. the first chance to react to the great jobs report last friday. the economy adding 916,000 jobs. as you can see the dow industrials, the s&p, by the way, both hitting all-time highs right out of the gate this morning. both of that's indices up more
10:51 am
than 1%. the s&p up 4074. the dow at 33,541. nasdaq not to be outdone, up 1 1/3% at 13,661. now this, president biden's executive order to kill the keystone pipeline on day one ended thousands of jobs and hurt texas in particular. so now is a good time, let's bring in brian kilmeade. brian, you just went down to the texas. that is the name after country song, must be, you got an indepth look at their energy sector with energy commissioner george p. bush. tell us about it if you can. >> the thing when joe biden whipped out the executive orders i thought about the people, you guys do it every single day, 24 hours a day. whose jobs will be affected, whose careers will be destroyed. to think they will be the bad guys. the bad guys are the fossil fuel industry that made us energy independent. how did that happen? people realize if we don't go
10:52 am
down inn texas, if we don't drill in louisiana, if we don't work offshore, that makes russia stronger and opec more of a factor? we got rid of that over the last eight years. especially over the last four. i want to talk to the guy fighting back. he is leading the charge of the defense task force to bring joe biden's administration to court. ♪. what president joe biden hours into taking office signed a executive order killing the xl pipeline, here in texas they knew they were going to be in trouble but this is texas. texas fights back. that is exactly what they did with the texas defense task force, led by land commissioner george p. bush. >> we're already in the courthouse in different parts of the country fighting some of the reckless policies we've seen from the left. we're excited to bring the fight back. >> he comes out says, good-bye, xl pipeline, when it comes to drilling on federal lands, we'll
10:53 am
paws that. how does that resonate in texas? >> send as very dangerous message to our state. the industry directly employs 400,000 texans. indirectly employs over a million. we'll lose 120,000 jobs if the federal lease policy stays in place this year alone. >> what about next year? what about the year after? will the jobs multiply exponentially, or disappear? >> they will, unless we do something about it. that is what we're doing in texas. we're visiting with the small business owners, felt personal pain what it means to let go workers. >> we have lost 14 to 15,000 jobs locally in odessa. >> what were you thinking when you saw president biden open up those books and sign those executive orders? >> what it means thinking significantly all the assets i had operating in new mexico, having a conversation, you guys will have to move to west texas where you're going to have to go find something else to do. >> so immediately, that book opened, he sign as signature,
10:54 am
and they are out of a job. >> oh significantly like that. >> do you think they understand these are people with jobs? >> they don't. >> got laid off the first of august. was without work for four 1/2 months. i was slated to go up to the keystone. >> set to go to the xl pipeline? >> yes, sir. we were hoping everything would pick up with covid eased off. we spot slammed in the gut again. >> how? >> when mr. biden came in, knocked out 11,000 jobs. it is easy to say go find another job but when you're the head of a household and that other job you do will pay you half as much as what you're used to, that is not quite as easy as it sound. >> your message, let me work. >> yeah. let us do our job. >> so george, i will get a chance to see what it is like working on a rig? >> absolutely. this will be the best training facility you will find. >> shall we go in? >> safety first. >> all right. >> this is pump. >> what are we looking for?
10:55 am
>> oil, gas? >> yeah. you will be having oil and gas mixed together coming out of this segment. natural gas coming out of this? they could mingle into a flow line, go to production facilities. >> wow. >> this is tiny fraction what all goes into the typical production. >> staggered to find out we need workers. >> what happened? >> we see it slow down, they say they are never coming back and they don't. >> good paying jobs? >> over $125,000 per year. >> and you do make money. >> yes, absolutely. >> so that is roughly what we're looking at there, in terms of -- ashley: go ahead, brian. >> yeah. it is roughly looking at there in terms of what it is like on an average every day, when you make a decision in washington, how it affects people in texas and also as you know, they drill mostly on federal land in new mexico and oklahoma.
10:56 am
they invest in texas in those places, ashley. they're all affected. say okay, we're out of here. if this business will go away we're leaving but america pays a price. ashley: it really does. it is so important to show the human face on all of this. carley shimkus did a great job with some xl pipeline workers laid off in arkansas and your report there really shows that these decisions done with a flourish of a pen really do have huge impact. brian that was great. you look ad natural in your checked shirt and your hard-hat. looked like you had been doing that for years. >> bring up, my arch nemesis carley shimkus. how dare you bring her up on this show? ashley: i'm sorry. pay you back some way. >> [laughter]. go get 'em ashley. ashley: thank you, brian kilmeade. thank you, sir. another big hour coming up. we have lots of great guests. we'll be right back. can spend yn boxing or any other business,
10:57 am
but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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11:00 am
>> and we had a case where the virus with current medical technology, that would pretty much do it in my book but meanwhile absent that you have to play to win and look forward, that's where the world is going i'm an optimist we will get there. >> i don't think anything is going to dampen the animals spirits in the near-term the rest of us we could see more upside maybe as much as 4200. >> i never tried to time the market the stocks will be higher a year from now and considerably higher three years from now and even higher five years from now,
11:01 am
were beginning to live again and is very, very good. >> the headline is the vaccine covers the b1 17 variant very well and that's aic day in new york city 11:00 a.m. on the east coast on this monday april the fifth and as you have probably surmised i am ashley webster and for stuart varney and let's take a look at the markets, lots of positives, very strong couple of hours of trading the dow up 350, the s&p up 49 and the nasdaq up more than 1% it's an hour and a half
11:02 am
of trading, i'm getting ahead of myself, look at the ten year treasury yield if we can et cetera 173 backing off a little bit just under 1.72 on the tenured down three basis points. now this president biden national economic council director is hinting at another spending plan, take a listen. >> we have a long way to go, what our plan says let's keep the economy going let's see more job creation, that's a good thing for the economy but let's think to the longer term by investing in infrastructure and research and development in a way that we haven't since the 1960s. ashley: let's bring in stephen moore he sure has lots to talk about on this, he's calling for more government spending, my question when does it stop? >> let's do the numbers, we started the year with $1 trillion in the pipeline remember from the bill that trump passed for bid and right
11:03 am
out of the gates biden signed it 1.9 trillion up to 2 trillion and then last week they announced a 2 trillion other green energy bill and now they have another $2 trillion for what they're calling human infrastructure and i've never heard that term before, that is a new one on me, two plus two, plus two, plus one that $7 trillion. it's a most massive irresponsible reckless policy of the united states, this is not a story that will indwell, the impact i believe it will cause a financial crisis if we continue to spend and borrow at that pace and the democrats show no signs of any kind of guardrail or any kind of slow down. by the way we just got a blockbuster jobs report on friday, there is no need for
11:04 am
more stimulus, we have to continue to get the vaccine out and you have a healthy economy, the biggest word on the economy and for investors should be the massive spending spree in the tax increases to come to pay for it. ashley: should they be involving the private sector president trump wanted to do that and never able to get it together but surely a partnership with the private sector is a much more healthy way to go. >> i don't think you need government that involved in infrastructure, people have to realize two thirds - 3 quarters over infrastructure in america is private infrastructure and by the way about 20% is state and local and only traditionally about 5% are infrastructure paid for by the federal government. that's appropriate. there is no reason for someone in alabama to be paying for the new york subway system, if you have the federal government paying infrastructure and states they're gonna pave the roads because the going to view as free money, if you want to do
11:05 am
the user paid system people who benefit from the infrastructure and the people who pay for it. let's get back to private funding of infrastructure were needed state and local in the federal government have a small presence of possible. ashley: next topic for you, new york lawmakers nearing a deal to raise income and corporate taxes by more than $4 billion, how can new york recover from the pandemic in dealing with all the taxes and regulations it does not make sense. >> this is heartbreaking we are seeing progressivism, this is a problem i have with the people in washington right now why don't they look at what's happening in new york and california and illinois and say we don't want to do that for the nation that's exactly what they're doing their raising taxes, spending and putting in mandatory union laws all of these things that are been a complete failure in new york and
11:06 am
if you want to see the rest and where it leads go to new york city in the bronx and manhattan and see all the stores warded up in people leaving in droves. we do in index every year with art laffer and a group of state legislatures and we have for the last 12 years rank the states in terms of the competitiveness in new york usually comes in 49 for 50th place because of the high taxes and high regulation and forced union rules and you go from worst to worse her, really they should be cutting their taxes, this is supposed to be the place that the financial capital of the world and their taxing the very people in the finance industry, i think wall street is going to move out of new york if this tax-and-spend continues, new york will be the highest tax place in the world, what sense does that make.
11:07 am
ashley: were already seen people move routine financial institutions moved to south florida it's a self-fulfilling prophecy, stephen moore thank you as always we appreciate it. let's check the vaccine makers, that is tech but their higher, moderna down 1.5% but j&j up 1%, pfizer up about half 8% as we look at the vaccine makers good time to bring in my good friend john, haven't seen you for a while, it's good to talk to you still bullish on our economy because of the vaccines and the immunity, you think that is the key and that we turned a corner? >> it's always great to see you and wonderful being with you but i'm very bullish on the u.s. economy right now and bearish on the rest of the world but calls on the vaccine we know what the feds are going to do or better yet not do as far as raising
11:08 am
interest rates we know what federal government will do tons of stimulus and deficit spending. the one unknown and that's a variable of the vaccine we had over 4 billion vaccines in one day for the first time over the weekend and we will approach 5 million in the next two weeks our government has done an amazing job with the state in different businesses involved in getting the vaccines into the arms of americans and because of that we see things like the airlines now i just moved back from the great state of texas planes are completely full you look at call versus godzilla, the supposed to bring in 20 - 30000000 they brought in 32 million look at usc and jacksonville sold out in minutes it's going to be a record of pent-up demand that we have right now and only something from the roaring 20s after world war ii. ashley: does is keep going in your mind there's always a way to talk about inflation in the taxes from the biden administration that could have an impact but from your perspective looking at the
11:09 am
market you see all engines are go. >> for my perspective, yes, i do worry about inflation but i agree with the fed is transitory if you look at things of shipping cost not because of the suez canal in the blockage and specifically airports around los angeles that is going to clear up by the beginning of the year and if you look at planes right now being held back in bringing planes out of the desert to fill that extra, i think you're seeing inflation as a transitory factor which should ease starting next year, i'm very bullish on the stock market in america but the key is to invest in companies that will benefit from travel, spending and not companies that have use huge exposure from europe to asia. ashley: as we head off very quickly did you get inducted into the wrestling hall of fame? >> i did what my earliest memories when i was in college to watch hogan and i got to go in with ho cogan and the thrill
11:10 am
of mine will be in the hall of fame and i just got inducted sometime this week. ashley: congratulations is what i wanted to say. you do the markets, you can wrestle, you play rugby, you can do anything. john layfield, thank you so much. let's have another look at the markets if we can bring in susan, susan you're watching google. susan: google rally after supreme court decision in a copyright to stay with oracle and a software used in the android operating system oracle claims it was owed $9 billion while google claimed the use of the code was covered under fair use laws and the supreme court has now cited with google enough about and instead the videogame maker roadblock by several major investment banks goldman sachs, morgan stanley, bank of america all calling roadblocks a by worth 78 - $81 a piece in their view that's a pretty good upside
11:11 am
and amc rocking this morning from the riley research were $13 and their view godzilla versus king kong might be assigned since we had movie fans going back to the theaters to watch the blockbusters, this might be a sign of things to come especially have we have more vaccines being billed out pregame stop is another favorite going opposite direction because there's only a billion dollars in new stock and travel stocks are really getting the across-the-board after the better jobs number and travelers up 800% from last year this easter weekend and they're reaching cruise lines and mandating that crew and guests both need to be vaccinated before they get on board but this is the reopening theme as it looks like the economy continues to reopen and power along to recovery. ashley: all right susan, thank you very much. now show me starbucks, i think
11:12 am
lydia said there was a longer line of starbucks and tsa security line at new york international, you can now pay for your coffee with bitcoin. >> i wonder how many there are you neither bought crypto currency payment capital allow you to convert your bitcoin payment to bitcoin holding to reload your starbucks card starbucks does not directly accept bitcoin in stores as a payment method so bought is the app that allows not only users to convert bitcoin into cash but rewards points, fire miles and gift cards and they have over 500,000 users in his trial program but if you had a big retailer and restaurant chain like starbucks into the mix, i think that may entice more people to convert, i'm just worried about conversion rate
11:13 am
how much of my converting my bitcoin into dollars that i think that the? and other transaction fees involved because converting bitcoin to do anything cost a lot of money whether it's 6 - $8 or percentage fees or 6 - 13%. ashley: that would make those starbucks coffee's really expensive. a lot of interesting, nevertheless. hunter biden speaking out about the controversial laptop taken by the fbi. roll the tape. >> was that your laptop. >> i really don't know. >> you don't know yes or no. >> i don't have any idea. ashley: for real, i have no idea, he does not know if it is laptop but he is confident it will be cleared of any wrongdoing, we will have more on that coming up in the u.s. will restart nuclear talks with iran this week, what is really at stake, kt mcfarland sounds off on that next. ♪ show me a sign ♪
11:14 am
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ashley: president biden is planting to bring back obama error regulation on infrastructure projects but that could cause some major delays, let's go to hillary vaughn in washington, hillary those regulations have to be driving up costs as well president biden is under pressure that former president trump we can but that could be a potential roadblock for the infrastructure renaissance that biden has
11:19 am
planned to repair roads and build up bridges, under trump the national environmental policy act was changed so infrastructure projects could be improved faster and put a time limit on the environmental impact review and also change the laws of federal agencies that didn't have to consider the impact on climate change that a project would have and that was a game changer that they put in the mother market petroleum institute sounded under obama era environmental impact statements took on average six years to complete and cost around four-point to million dollars in delays and that's had a real-life impact on communities around the country putting major projects on hold here some examples according to the american investment group environmental permit reviews have stalled a $25 million airport improvement project in new mexico that has been delayed over two years in massachusetts
11:20 am
even an offshore wind farm has been caught up in red tape delayed for two years and that's part of a larger energy project that would power 400,000 homes and in michigan a two-way road and bridge project that would open up travel for an additional 25000 cars daily has been delayed for 16 years we talked with one lawyer who guides large companies through the environmental review process as they try to work on the infrastructure projects and he tells me that nephi has abused a lot to file lawsuits, when he eats up a lot of time and a lot of companies decide to walk away because it cost too much money. ashley: i could see that, thank you very much, the u.s. and iran are expected to restart indirect nuclear talks i believe there is no face-to-face, these an intermediary apparently let's bring a kt mcfarland to discuss all of this, kt what is at stake let's begin with that.
11:21 am
>> about nuclear weapons in the middle east in the nuclear arms race in the middle east and how about iran which is empowered to support terrorism in the middle east, go after israel and the middle east and go after the arab nations, is a huge amount at stake, my worry has always been my worry there's a saying that iran never wins the war but they always win a negotiation, they never lose in the negotiation and i think her people are sitting down with top negotiators and the question is will they be snookered again. ashley: it appears the biden administration tried to basically undo everything that president trump did when he pulled out of the original deal back in 2018 and put in the sanctions, is the biden administration, apparently are they trying to undo some of that, get back in to the really bad deal by the way and perhaps as part of the dealmaking relief or bring some relief to the
11:22 am
sanctions that are being placed on iran is that the direction that you think we are going? >> you're a much better negotiator than our team and our team of negotiators in the biden administration. here is the problem iran wants weapons and sanctions lifted so it can participate in the economy insult oil to other countries but here's why it's going to be tough, ironic china just inked a deal where china is going to invest in iran and by iranian oil, forget about any sanctions and potentially held kino will help iran's nuclear program. the biden administration even when it was the obama administration before was setting up all the sanctions while trump was trying to push iran to negotiate a deal that we would approve of, they were undercutting the united states and telling the iranians don't worry about trump a be gone soon will be back in charge and everything will be fine and the third thing that you mentioned and referred to is a flawed deal the original nuclear deal put it
11:23 am
on pause. ashley: you mentioned china, before we run out of time with regard to china are we entering a new cold war with that country? >> we've been in the cold war with china or they have been in one with us for about 15 years were just waking up to it, but the cold war with u.s. and china cold war 2.0 is going to be different stock would be a nuclear arms race or proxy wars like we have with the soviet union this competition is going to be over technology, trade, investment, diplomacy and that's how the chinese feel that the hub the superior hand in dealing with the united states in order to replace the united states as the dominant world power. ashley: absolutely, the president son hunter biden said he is confident that he'll be cleared in the justice department probe into his finances, roll the tape and will get your reaction. >> i say this i am cooperating
11:24 am
completely and absolutely certain 100% certain that at the end of the investigation that i will be cleared of any wrongdoing. >> you're 100% certain? >> 100% certain, all i do is cooperate and trust in the process. ashley: quickly, your reaction? >> he's 100% certain that he's going to be exonerated, i think they birdie determine the result. ashley: will have to leave it there, always great stuff, thank you for joining us today, we do appreciate it very much. now show me amazon if you please according to the new york times amazon illegally fired two workers who criticize warehouse conditions last year amazon is now publicly commented on the new report, the stock is up 1.5% also show me twitter russia just
11:25 am
walked back threats to be in the social media site they want more control over information shared online, russia is already slowing down access to twitter and that's expected to continue through may 15, the stock itself is down 1%, now this some republican lawmakers calling for coca-cola products to be removed from their offices, after the company spoke out against george's new voting law we will have more on the fallout coming up. and now unemployed keystone worker has a message for celebrities pushing to close pipelines around the country. take a listen. >> let me worry about the pipeline you worry about making movies. ashley: i think that says it all, that means enter man's name is neil he lost his job when president biden shut down the keystone pipeline and he joins me next.
11:26 am
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ashley: president biden canceled the keystone xl pipeline on his very first day in office, there he is signing enough january the 20th pipeline worker got laid off three hours after biden was inaugurated and he joins me now. neil, thank you so much, the first question with that job eliminated, what are you doing now? >> nothing really i got on unemployment, that seems to be what the administrations answer is to everything, let's take your job away and will provide you with the stimulus check and unappointed benefits and everything be okay. ashley: how long have you been working on the pipeline. >> that particular project we started the first week in january we went there about three weeks, just a small crew at the time but throughout the spring and into the summer is
11:31 am
when we would added 11 or 12000 jobs you hear about but that's kind of a thing in the past. ashley: these are good paying jobs which are probably not in high supply and that part of the country. >> no, that's part of being a pipeline worker, you can't make 11 building a pipeline in your home town you have to travel to where the work is that and to be able to stay on the road you have to be able to afford motel rooms and the cost of living out of town, that's the reason they pay so good and some of the solar panel jobs are talking about you can't make a living traveling doing them at 16 or $17 an hour i don't know who they're gonna find command those jobs, it's not going to be me. ashley: i think i can guess what you're going to say but what you make of this a administration do you understand the impact of what they've done. >> i think it's a dangerous time for this country if we go to the
11:32 am
neglecting our reliable energy it is a national security issue to me, the biden administration as much as they hate to admit it oil and gas still runs this country and it needs to be part of this energy infrastructure that were talking about and forcing us to go into a green direction should not be something that the government is going to do, the private sector will take care of that and there's money to be made and they will start moving in that direction by having the government forces in that direction is a dangerous thing to me. ashley: what is your plan going forward i know you said you relying on the benefit checks, that's not what you want to do but what is your next step. >> there's going to be smaller projects going on mostly maintenance work and things like that but is not going to provide a month and hours for the people that rely on this industry, i'm telling you the truth when i
11:33 am
know people in their 30s and 40s are happy to cash in their 401ks that they're saving for retirement to make it through this. that is not something you want to be faced with. ashley: that says it all, neil crabtree, thank you for joining us and we wish you the very best of luck going forward, thank you for taking time to speak with us. >> thank you. ashley: neil crabtree, let's check the electric car maker stocks as we go in that direction and were gonna go to jeff law in illinois, you are checking out the all electric, or, i'm gonna check my inner stuart varney and say when can i buy the most importantly how much is it going to cost me. ashley: you know what that's what you call being on the edge of your seat, jeff flock frozen, that signal just at a critical
11:34 am
moment, we apologize for that, in the meantime i'll try to get jeff back, let's bring in tesla talking electric cars, that stock up 38 points at $700 exactly up more than 5.5%, susan is out, what is driving the rally speaker very busy on the lock doesn't that show consumer interest, it'll be very interested to see that report. but as for tesla we had a record blowout first-quarter in delivery nearly 185,000 cars in the first three months of this year and production also cost 180,000 as well in tesla is a direct to consumers car seller no middlemen and that's why delivery is probably the most important metric for tesla and for numbers way ahead of wall street forecast so you have wedbush yanai's going really bullish this morning calling a buy with a thousand dollars a
11:35 am
share he said $300 upside from here because these forecasting 850,000 car deliveries for this year, a blowout j.p. morgan, cowan raising the price targets china's another big factor for the rally the pasture up 600% and that's because they reported strong model wife three sales in the first quarter of 21 in china as we know with the shanghai factory opening finally as 14 months or so and china accounts for 20% of tesla's global sales. ashley: while, we continue to try to retrieve jeff flock frozen in mint, one more, lg, it was a great picture. susan: my mouth is open the whole time. ashley: 92. lg is shutting down the smartphone business, just giving up?
11:36 am
>> end of july, and debonair after 14 years in the smartphone business and they're just the latest casualty when it comes to the global smartphone battles and their currently being dominated by apple, samsung and yes a growing list of chinese local names and lg says instead of smart phones, they will focus on smart home products where it's done a lot better think about smart bridges and television, lg will focus on electric car parts, there is a tie into tesla and maybe gm with jeff flock at just a bit, they also join other legacy and like back. that is struggled over the past decade, yes it's a tough business with cheaper chinese brands and dominating like apple and samsung, speaking of apple look at the apple stock up close to 2% and really leaving the embassy higher with s&p hitting a record high, there are possibly an apple car with tim cook on the podcast, a surprise
11:37 am
taking place this month where apple will unveil the air upon three and wearables, those air pads and headphones and watches and 120 company on its own, they dominate the market by a third, 30% of global sales. ashley: it's time to upgrade mine has a little cracked on the front the original apple watch. in the airport, i have the original airports as well, i need an upgrade. thank you. thank you susan, california teachers are demanding more from free childcare before they return to the classroom. california tom del beccaro is fired up about this and is coming up on the show, president biden said it was a mistake for the texas rangers to allow for capacity crowds but the team is good to do anyway, the home opener by the way hours away but
11:38 am
a live report from the building of texas. ♪ dignity. this thing you can neither see nor measure... ...but that demands the return of small moments illness attempts to steal. ♪ dignity demands a rapid covid test, ♪
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ashley: (business and baseball is back, the texas rangers will allow 100% capacity at their home opener, grady trimble is that globe life field in arlington texas and grady know attendance limits but what safety measures are being taken at the ballpark. >> a lot of that you've seen at ballpark since baseball started last week you gotta wear a mask inside the stadium and you gotta keep her social distance but they are not capping capacity most ballparks around the
11:43 am
country are doing ten and 30% and here they say we could do this safely at 100% capacity which is around 40000 fans that they're expecting to sellout, just to put that into perspective here's some numbers from other major sporting events that have happened during the pendulum there expected to be more fans here today than the super bowl the world series which took place and the daytona 500. the rangers have been criticized by as high up as the president of the united states. president biden called this a mistake in the team says this until they can do this safely in the fans. >> were really excited to go in there and get around people again and have some fun, to the rangers on. >> this is a brand-new stadium supposed to open last year for opening day but of course the entire baseball season was pushed back to july and no fans
11:44 am
were allowed into the stadium people in this area are really excited to experience the stadium for the first time in the team wanted to make it a true opening-day experience which is why they opened into full capacity today going forward for future games in april and into may there expected to have social distancing available in some sections for fans that one little bit more space between them and other fans. ashley: good stuff i'm used to seeing you in chicago and now you're in a short sleeve polo you look a lot more comfortable have to say, good stuff thank you so much, enjoy a day at the ballpark, staying on sports the biggest they of the year for college basketball, the ncaa championship is tonight baylor, cumin susan, who is favored to win. susan: good saga for a half
11:45 am
points over baylor but tonight's game is a battle of the top two ranked teams in america, bust the brackets in getting your when it comes down to the two familiar names and the two favorites, the bulldogs of the nation's highest scoring best shooting team in there attempting to be the first team ever while first team to go undefeated since the 1975 indiana hoosiers that's a long time away, a longtime back but baylor is the best three-point shooting team in the nation and they play a relentless defense that will be tested tonight, gonzaga has to go through in the epic game to get to tonight's championship tipoff one of the best games in march madness history against ucla, i couldn't stop watching and it ended with a fairytale longshot buzzard leader in overtime, i just went holy moly when that one in from half court, i don't know if you are watching the game on saturday evening but it was unbelievable. ashley: i watched it live ucla
11:46 am
tided up three seconds left on the clock and he made the incredible shot. susan: i thought they would call a timeout. ashley: that was a game and a half. susan thank you very much, now that california will allow indoor concerts and theaters on april 15 but some schools across the state will still be close, why is it okay for a kid to go to a concert or disneyland but not math class we will get into that next. ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises.
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act now. ashley: now that california will allow indoor concerts and theater performances starting on april the 15th but going back to the classroom is still off-limits for some students. let's bring in california guy tom del beccaro, good to see you what is your take on that doesn't make sense to me. >> it comes down to a very simple thing the biggest political player in california is a public employee and among
11:51 am
them the california teachers association is the strongest and they are dictating this. i have a neighbor whose son has been in a public private school since october in classrooms and then california the tablet works you have to go through the unions and the weakening avenue some is not able to get them to the table and open the schools for everyone. ashley: it's terrible and talking to the teachers union some are demanding more from free childcare before going back to the classroom. obviously the demands keep coming and coming what's it going to take, you said the governor needs to get a backbone but is that what is going to take to get teachers back into schools? >> the l.a. teachers union is the largest they keep moving the goal post now they want childcare which is the nurses did not get childcare, the doctors did not get childcare but this is the power of unions and this is why gavin newsom is
11:52 am
going to be recalled because he doesn't have the ability to create consensus, he should've gone to california people and said this is what we need and i need your support to get the people back into the school, the children, he's not able to do it, he needs to step out and say this is what's best for the state. ashley: the recall being one aspect of the anger of what gavin newsom have done but there will be a groundswell of parent say this is ridiculous they look at other states were kids or be back at school quite happily, they need to get back to work themselves, surely the groundswell is putting as much pressure as anybody on the teachers. >> actually no, that's how powerful the unions are they feel exempt from public pressure and that's one of the problems and why california is in so much trouble. ashley: that is insane, one more
11:53 am
will move on from the school issue governor gavin newsom of california wanting a fracking band and the democratic state legislature wants to take the green agenda even further than that, we've seen elsewhere, that is going to kill more energy jobs, right. >> 100% there is a study this is over 100,000 jobs will be lost, they continue to push manufacturing and energy production out of the state to other places that pollute more including india and china and this is typical of california and why the middle class is getting gutted and the second largest political power in the state than public employee unions as environmental lobby and newsom cannot stop them either. ashley: we talk a lot about the expert is from california and from the northeast the fact is there anyone that acknowledge that the people are getting out to california because of these issues and the way that the government is being run. >> the high profile people there
11:54 am
was the latest of course, there was people like schwab leaving toyota, wells fargo, all these companies that are leaving and rich people as well the take the jobs with them, it does get coverage but because it's so far been such a blue state and not much has done about it, that's where the recall has a great chance because people are tired of the jobs and their employer is leaving and leaving them here in the middle class when they cannot afford to move. ashley: it's all very interesting and the fondling was a word we used earlier in the show but i'm a little fondled how this cannot happen but as always you make sense for us and we appreciate you joining us. >> take care. >> thank you. >> can you show me gamestop it was down by double digits, now she's down 1%, what is going on with the stock. >> it's up-and-down, it's very volatile gamestop and selling
11:55 am
stock and repeat a billion dollars in cash in the process, smart move. when the company sells stock that means more supply comes on and that typically lowers the price and that's why were down 15% at session bottoms, gamestop investors have been calling for a cash rate for some time, as i mentioned this might be the smartest thing to do when your stock is up 900% this year close to $200 a piece and the company is worth over $34 billion in recent cash and growth. with global sales up 11% in the past nine weeks according to gamestop yeah that story to tell and sell of the transition from brick-and-mortar's which is what investors want, let's do a kitty check shall we we know he doubled down at the end of february he bought and when it was less than $100 so his 100,000 shares are roughly 18 million less than $19 million down from a piece when it was close to $30 million but if
11:56 am
you're buying in at less than a hundred dollars you know he still open the session doing pretty well but he seems a leader of the wall street page and that gamestop saga and frenzy at the end of january. ashley: they are happy, thank you susan. check the big board very quickly as we head to the break, will have more "varney" right after this. . . so do businesses. so, today they're going hybrid with ibm. a hybrid cloud approach lets them use watson ai to modernize without rebuilding, and bring all their partners and customers together in one place.
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♪. ashley: show me yeted airlines. the latest to speak out against georgia's voting law. texas governor greg abbott is refusing to throw out the first pitch at texas rangers game after major league baseball pulled the all-star game from georgia. politics, again, neil cavuto. take it away. neil: it will be a sell out for the texas rangers one of the few stadiums to


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