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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 5, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jackie dengelis in for maria bartiromo. monday april 5th, top stories at eastern time. immigration crisis worsen. new numbers showing that deportations and arrests falling under president biden, what message sends to cartels as administration sends officials to central america. former acting department of homeland security ken cup nelly to break it down. looking at the futures this morning, we could see records at the open thanks to strong march report that we saw last week. markets were closed for good
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holiday but did end week with all three major averages up. european markets closed today for the day after easter but in asia overnight, markets in china and hong kong closed for a holiday. the nikkei and the kospi both higher. strong u.s. job's report boosting optimism over the covid-19 recovery. mornings with maria is live right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jackie: republican lawmakers sounding the alarm on the horrific conditions inside packed border facilities. senator john barrasso telling maria bartiromo on sunday
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morning futures that he was ordered to delete photos. >> this is a humanitarian crisis and a national security crisis. i saw both at the border and you may have seen the numbers today are the highest in history of unaccompanied minors currently in captivity. they are crammed in like sardines and this is what the biden administration is trying to hide from the american public which is why we took video and the biden administration tried to stop us. jackie: new data shows that immigration and customs enforcement arrests fell by two-thirds in march, deportations are down nearly 50% as border patrol arrests reach a 15-year high with more than 170,000 migrants arrested at the border last month. the city of atlanta set to feel the consequences to have mlb's decision to relocate this year
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all-star game. game brought estimated $89 million when they hosted last year. major league baseball making decision to move the game in response to georgia's voting rights law. member of president biden's covid-19 transition advisory board, dr. michael warning about a fourth wave of infection due to new variants. >> we are and i believe that in some ways we are in a new pandemic. the only good news about this is that the current vaccines are effective against this variant, b117. jackie: dr. osterholm's concern is variant is spreading among children. the focus is getting through the next 2 or 3 months. johnson & johnson will take over contractor's covid vaccine manufacturing plant after 15 million doses were ruined at emergent biosolu bio.
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you can see it's up about 3 quarters of 1%. unrest in chicago, weekend gun violence leaving 6 people dead and at least 24 others injured. chicago police say that the number of shooting and shooting victims hit highest level in four years last month. futures this morning pointing to a higher open on wall street. take a look there. the dow indicated higher by 197 points. this coming after friday's strong job's report. the labor department reporting that none-farm payrolls increased by 916,000 in march. that's the highest since august of 2020. unemployment rate falling to 6%. joining me now brandy global
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income, jack mcintyre. joining the conversation all morning long rob luna and king's college of manhattan professor of business economics, brian brenberg. gentlemen, good morning to all of you. jack luna, let's talk about the job's report on friday. the reaction is going to be delayed. seems to be today in the futures, seems to like the numbers. >> yeah, they should. it was a strong report. we saw services sector do well and, you know, as we get more jabs in people's arms, jobs are going to continue to do well and we will open up the economy. i thought the interesting thing you saw fairly muted reaction in the treasury market and if you don't get a big selloff in bonds that will pay favorable backdrop for higher prices. jackie: let me ask you this, president biden is still concerned about the pandemic and made comments following job's
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report and to me hawkish with respect to reopening and taking a cautious view and, of course, we were talking about this issue of the variants in the united states and possibly seeing a fourth wave. i wonder how quickly even with vaccinations at records levels, we are going to get to the reopening that investors are expecting. >> i think we will. i kind of look at narrative of the pandemic versus the policymakers and the policymakers have been winning out. we have more monetary fiscal stimulus and the markets are forward-looking. things will continue to improve and even with the variants getting traction, so too will the number of vaccinations. so i think the economy is going to continue to open up and that should be a pretty favorable backdrop for the labor market. jackie: it should be. we are expecting growth this year. rob, i want to talk to you about earnings because that's something that investors are watching as well.
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companies like jp morgan, wells fargo, pepsi, citigroup, they will all be reporting. you know, rob your thoughts on this? >> when you look at valuations, jackie, it's hard to create a narrative that things look cheap. you mentioned covid. obviously that's the largest hurdle that we will have to overcome. i'm out here in california and we are starting to see things open up out here. if we are starting to open up, that's good news for the rest of the country. at the end of the day, you know, earnings are a mother's milk of the stock market. unless we can get companies reporting not only good earnings for last quarter but what's most interesting is the forward forecast because a lot of that has been baked into the pie and unless we can get enthusiasm out of ceo's and good signs and precare for q3 and q4, i think the markets will have struggles right here. jackie: that's the thing. we look to gibes and what companies are saying, how optimistic they are.
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the dow sitting over 33,000 so investors are baking that 6% growth number for this year as we recover from the pandemic. the question is can they say anything that will excite investors? >> so, yeah, because it goes back, where else are investors going to put the money? the concept of fear of missing out. and i get it. we have multiple are very high right now. we need to grow into those. i think we will from an earning standpoint. you know, we are starting finally to see some companies give us some positive forward guidance after a year of having so much uncertainty that they haven't felt comfortable doing -- doing that. so, you know, it's a broader narrative. i think we are seeing sort of the concept of uncertainty diminishing and that's going to be good. i agree, we had a tremendous run in risk assets. this is not going to go hyperbolic and i don't see
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reason for stock markets -- >> jackie: brian, we are talking about recovery and rob mentioned california, the stricter states. once i see the city start to get up and running, i will start to believe it. your thoughts on what we are seeing. brian: depends where you are in the country. some are roaring forward and some are legging behind. jack was talking about the forward earnings guidance and looking ahead which is what the stock market is based on. when i look ahead, i see the tax increases, the corporate tax increases which we know would dent earnings, that's the kind of event that can move markets but not in the direction that you were talking about, jack. how concerned are you about corporate tax hikes hitting earnings and flowing through the markets in way that people aren't anticipating right now? >> you're absolutely right. not everything is perfect right now. when i go back and offset that
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with what we are doing for fiscal policy, we are still running incredibly fiscal policy. the fed says don't look at unemployment rate, look at labor participation. they will ride monetary policy throughout this year deep into next year as well. i think that alone is going to kind of offset whatever negative drag we are going to see from uptick in corporate tax rates. jackie: i'll be watching wage growth because i think that's really important. although under president trump we have seen growth. that's what's important to people, the amendment they take home. let's get to morning mover. the stock is tesla, electric car maker charge ago head premarket after delivering a record 184800 vehicles in the first quarter and it's looking to grow that number, planning to increase global deliveries by more than 50% this year.
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string of analysts raising price targets for 950 to $1,000. you can see the stock indicated higher by 7% in the premarket. all right, we are just getting started this morning. coming up an all-star strikeout, major league baseball is slammed for moving all-star game from georgia over the state's new voting laws. we will get into the economic damage that it could do to atlanta businesses coming up ahead. then deportations are down, crossings are up, former dhs acting deputy secretary ken cup nelly talks the deepening border crisis later this hour. next hour, claudia tenney talks about the proposal for a smaller infrastructure package and verizon business ceo tammy irwin announces 5g expansion in fox news interview. don't miss a moment of it. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪
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jackie: biden border crisis arrests and deportations falling sharply fins president biden took office, upon entering office the president instituted a 100-day deportation ban which was halted by a federal judge and shifted ice enforcement priorities to focus on immigrants that are seen as security risks. this as a growing number of lawmakers calling on the biden administration to revert to trump immigration policies. on sunday morning futures, maria bartiromo spoke with wyoming senator john barrasso after he was told to delete photos of border facilities. >> we were told to delete the pictures, no one did. you've seen the video coming out
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of all of the kids crammed together under the foil blankets, huddling together and when you have 10% of them who are positive already and i watched them be tested for coronavirus. they had them in a courtyard, all of the young people, this is after they have been there. they've all been exposed and then they are sent all across the country. you know, that is the real tragedy of this and we are not sure what variant of the coronavirus they're carrying. they are carrying it all around america. they're not being quarantined. every one ought to be quarantined. jackie: tiana lowe, tiana, good morning. let's follow the soundbite. this is a huge issue. you have the facilities that are literally packed and there isn't enough testing, they're not being tested and then they're having migrants and children disseminated across the country. we are in a point right now where we are talking a fourth wave here and variants that could be dangerous for the american people as we try to
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move forward with vaccinations and the administration still would not admit. >> we know this is a crisis and kamala harris put in charge of the effort called a human rights abuse when president trump was looking at a fraction of the amount of unaccompanied minors coming over the border in 2019. right now -- i mean, already 39% increase just in border patrol southwest encounters reported from when biden was elected to february. now we have the washington post saying that border patrol is going to report 171,000 migrants detained just in the march -- just in the month of march. and if you look at the facilities and specifically why they're asking senators barrasso and cruz to delete the videos is because there's clearly covid
6:18 am
dishes. we do not have the sort of vulnerability to the new variants and we are just letting people in. 30,000 migrants let in to america without any coronavirus testing just last month. jackie: i ask you a question, tiana, because president biden appointed the vice president. there's no conversation about that, no press conference, no nothing. we haven't heard from her as this continues to rage on. >> yes, and we have complaints from the northern triangle nations where you have guatemala trying to stop caravans coming from honduras and el salvador. you know, as much as everyone want today focus on the mean tweets and the bad rhetoric from the trump administration, those diplomatic efforts worked. having safe third-country agreements and having remain in
6:19 am
mexico acted as incentive so we didn't outsource border control efforts to these -- to these northern triangle nations. now they are dealing with it because there's little incentive for any country south of them to stop the flow of immigration. jackie: brian, when you talk about kamala harris, the first thing that comes to me, she will increase aid to the countries and that may be the answer here. brian: you can't transform the economic situation in the countries in the way that it will keep from seeking opportunity in america when the administration has thrown the doors wide open. you fight problems with the tools that you have at your disposal. the tools that we have are not going to allow us to transform northern triangle countries. what we can do is manage our border, we are just not doing it. jackie: tiana, back to you.
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jamie harrison signaling that the democratic brand is broken in large areas of the country. harrison in rural and red state communities, democrats need to make sure they are listening to citizens and take credit and tout the things they are planning to do for those communities in the next 2 years, your reaction to this? >> i mean, right now if you're listening to the democratic narrative, it's raise student debt for upper, middle-class white folks who decided to go to baylor getting rid of salt deduction so we can give rich folks in blue states a tax break. there's a reason why the gop did better with minorities and specifically southern latinos than they have in years in 2020. jackie: the working class didn't realize in this election cycle is that they will get hurt from this. the first example is the tax
6:21 am
policy. first, if you were making $400,000 a year you wouldn't have an higher regarding taxes and now it's families and a lot of people are outraged by that as well. tiana, great to see you, thank you. >> thank you for having me. jackie: coming up political strikeout. we are looking at political damage of atlanta as mlb move out of city for new voting laws. there's actually people in this country who do in the use the internet. the number making a buzz this morning. we are going to tell you all about it. ♪ ♪ ♪ [sfx: rainstorm] ♪♪ comfort in the extreme.
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and it'll tell you exactly how much it's going to be. and when i get to the pharmacy they charge me exactly what it says on that app. and it's so much cheaper than that prescription drug plan. it's all about saving money with me. i like watching my dollars. jackie: welcome back, everybody. major league baseball announcing to move all-star game out of atlanta in response to georgia's new voting law.
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the new bill expands early voting and submit valid former id when asking absentee ballot. mlb's decision comes after civil rights group put pressures on organizations an corporations to pull business out of georgia. now in years past the all-star game has been a big boost to the host's city economy bringing $89 million, $65 million to cleveland the year before and 191 million to new york in 2013. brian, this is a decision that's going to cost atlanta's economy significantly even a biden economic adviser admitted that. you got somebody like stacey abrams saying don't do it. brian: too bad for her. it's going to cost the city around $100 million in lost revenue and who is that going to hit? it's going to hit working-class people in that city so, you know, stacey abrams says don't boycott the game. i'm sorry, you don't get to say
6:26 am
that after you were involved in what's going on here in terms of messaging. major league baseball has made a huge mistake and what they haven't done is shown the decency to their fans to actually engage the issue. there was no substantive argument here about why they are doing it. they simply said, we talked to some people and we decided politically it makes sense for us to leave that. it's an economic problem but it's a cultural and a political problem and that's the bigger issue. jackie: and the key thing that you mentioned there. the keyword is they decided, right? rob, when you look at corporations and big business and you look at sports franchises and you say to yours, should these corporations and should these companies and businesses be political, be making political statements? >> well, that's something the challenge, jackie, you the cancel culture. if you're silent you're saying something and if you're saying something, you're saying something. but to that point, the people that are really hurting here are
6:27 am
the average working-people, the small business owners. let's remember there's a lot of minority-owned businesses in the area that will be suffering. that's the unintended consequence of this. i think it's this whole larger problem of like you said should companies, you know, be making political statements but in the same time our societies created a situation where they are forced to have to do that. i don't think there's really an easy answer. put yourself in their shoes. you have to say something and unfortunately there's going to be a lot of people that are hurt because of this. jackie: brian, i feel like you want today jump in there. brian: maybe they have to say something but say something accurate. if they will say something they should engage the issues. they dodged everything that had to do with underlying issue and the reason they did it is because they just know there's no substantive argument here for calling this jim crow. it's such a same and back to rob's point, jackie, your point, it hits working-class people in atlanta. i hope they remember that when they figure out who ended up
6:28 am
causing this in the first place. >> a lot of people criticizing the bill haven't read it. there's so much misinformation out there. it's really troubling when you think about it. all right, gentlemen, stay with us. coming up on the show we are looking at deportations at the border. they are down but the, crossings, of course, are up. ken cuccinelli is here to talk about the growing border crisis. big bucks, tom brady rooky card selling for record-breaking amount. that's ahead. we will tell you how much. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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just like that.
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jackie: welcome back, everybody. i'm jackie deangelis in for maria bartiromo. futures pointing higher in wall street. we could see record thanks to strong march job's report. markets were closed for good
6:32 am
friday but ended week with all three major averages up. european markets are closed, in asia overnight, markets in china and hong kong closed for holiday but the nikkei and kospi were both higher. strong u.s. job's report has been an issue and boosted optimism over covid-19 recovery overseas as well. crews in florida working to plug a leak in a reservoir containing millions of gallons of toxic waste water. cheryl casone has those details, cheryl, good morning. cheryl: good morning, jackie. florida governor ron desantis declaring a state of emergency and preparing for worst case scenario. right now the cracked reservoir at the phosphate mine leaking millions of gallons into the gulf of mexico. if not fixed could cost 25-foot wave in areas. 300 homes are in the evacuation zone. well, the capitol police union chief is warning of potential exodus of officers following the
6:33 am
latest attacks on the officers. more than 500 officers eligible to retire within the next 5 years. this after a capitol hill police officer was killed when a 25-year-old man drove a car into the security barricade at the capitol. that incident happened on friday. the suspect was shot and killed. personal data for more than 500 million facebook users have been found on website for hackers. the sensitive information came from 106 countries and included names, birthdays and phone numberses from 2019. that's according to reports. in a statement facebook fixed the issue in august of 2019. taking a look at facebook in premarket right now. finally this, tom brady breaking another record. his rooky card selling for whopping $2.5 million last week. the autographed 2005 rocky ticket initially listed at
6:34 am
$75,000. it's one of 100 ever made. the anonymous walked away with price after 67 bids because it was, well, a hot ticket. jackie: thank you so much for that, cheryl. rob, you are a collector of cards and as an investor as well. you may tell me paying 2 million bucks for this card was worth it and i would say somebody could take the money and buy a house but that's just me. >> i've been doing this for 30 years and never seen collectible market hotter than it is today. people are worried about inflation and they want tangible assets and they will going through the roof and will continue another year or two. jackie: let's transmission here and talk about the migrants flooding the southern border because it's a big issue with customs and border protection reporting more than 171,000 arrests in march, however, we saw the deportations falling by 50% with only 14,000 being held in detention. former acting homeland security secretary chad wolf telling maria on sunday morning futures
6:35 am
that the lack of enforcement is feeling the surge. listen. joining me now former deputy secretary for the department of homeland security and heritage foundation visiting fellow ken cuccinelli. ken, good morning to you, great to see you this morning. >> good to be with you. jackie: we are talking about the crisis at the border that the administration refuses to acknowledge is a crisis. when it came to president trump's policies, one of the main issues was while you're waiting for -- asylum, wait at home. right now they're being allowed in the country to wait here and we are being told that many of them just never show up. >> well, many of them aren't
6:36 am
even given court hearings. they are not put in a deportation process and, you know, you mentioned the drop in deportations and the explosion of illegal crossings, those two are related because joe biden told the world we will not deport you, he all but invited everyone to come across that border no matter what, no matter what they are covid positive or whether they are a criminal, they come across the border and so we are seeing numbers, in raw numbers we haven't seen in 15 or 20 years but even back then when we had an occasional they were single adults. the logistics of returning people back home was much, much simpler particularly since they were heavily waited to mexican male adults so it was a lot easier than the situation we are dealing with now and we are already overwhelmed and this is just the second month of the biden effect.
6:37 am
so what happens 2, 4, 6 months from now? we are not on a good trajectory and it's clear that the administration knows what they need to do but lacks the political will to face off with their own radical left base to actually implement the enforcement steps necessary to protect the united states. >> that seems to be an internal problem since president biden stepped foot that he ran on a moderate campaign but having to bow down to this kind of pressure. you know, journalists are complaining that they haven't given access and being told by senator barrasso that he had to delete photos and footage of what we are seeing at the border. you have situations where sometimes the children, the unaccompanied children are being packed in four times the pre-covid limits on those facilities and nobody is doing anything about it. ken: and that is by the way 16 times the covid level which was
6:38 am
about a 25% holding level. so can you imagine if both that level of density of children had occurred under trump and the press hadn't been given access the way they've been censored under the biden administration. the world would have exploded, right, and we see barely a peep out of the mainstream media. so it is an important story to cover, but let's not kid ourselves. this is intentional. this is not an accident. when you look at the amnesty bills that they're putting through also appease and unfortunately those are some republican support and register automatically many of the people to vote when they encounter state agencies across the country, you see a long-term program by the radical left to bring in voters. that's what's happening at the
6:39 am
southern border. it is a humanitarian crisis, but they see it as future voting opportunities. jackie: absolutely. that's the end game. that's the agenda here. now the biden administration is looking to sort of stem the issue at the source. at least that's what they said. the state department sending special envoy to guatemala and el salvador this week to address the root causes, kamala harris talked about them but haven't really done anything about it specifically. ken, look at the root causes, climate change, what not and many folks are saying -- >> ken: that's not a root cause. jackie: all they are saying what the administration will do is increase funding and aid to the corrupt governments solving no problem at all. ken: right. well, of course, honduras in particular we have court proof that they're corrupt, so, you know, the way president trump handled that was to hold up their aid, not to give them more until we had cooperation and what happened, we got the best
6:40 am
cooperation we've ever had on security, information sharing, breaking up migrant caravans of illegal aliens and so forth and this administration literally within days of coming into office, president joe biden shredded the agreements, a dozen agreements including the remain in mexico program which you referenced implicitly in the beginning of our discussion here where people had to wait while they were claiming asylum in the united states. mexico cooperate today keep them in mexico. that drove down people's incentive dramatically to come to the united states illegally and they have shredded every single one of those successful programs and unfortunately blocking illegal immigration, stemming that tide, there's no silver bullet. you need a whole package of programs to do that and we -- >> jackie: comprehensive effort.
6:41 am
ken: that's right. the biggest lie they have, we have to -- we inherited a broken system, they came in and systemically shredded was in place and what we get is record-breaking illegal crossings during a pandemic. jackie: ken cuccinelli, thank you so much for your time. we do have to leave it there though we could discuss it on and on. thank you so much. coming up gassing up, well, we are are looking at rise of gas prices as people plan their next vacation. plus artificial success. sofia the robot making the name for herself as a digital artist. new venture making a buzz this morning. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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you don't have to be an ai voice architect to help dictate the future. any other questions? yes, when will you be leaving? become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq. ♪ jackie: gas prices on the rise due to increase in demand. average price per gallon is 2.87. up almost a dollar from this time last year. demand up 2% just last week. joining me now to discuss petroleum and analysis patrick, great to see you this morning. good morning. >> good morning. jackie: part of it is, yes, there's more demand and people are hitting the road as regret
6:46 am
to recovery phase but part in anticipation of aggressive energy policies coming from the biden administration. >> well, as we see here certainly biden administration is going to have profound impact on oil and gas sector. a lot of american sectors saying this is what we are in the midst of. right now it's the economy that's pushing and in the future, absolutely, the limitations on new drilling could eventually become an issue and, of course, now we have this massive infrastructure plan and how to pay for it and, of course, the potentials there, the federal gas tax hasn't been touched since 1993 so motorists need to be on alert. jackie: not just motorists but also the energy sector. a lot of the big companies too and how it's impacting watt street and the energy aspect of it as well as gas prices? >> yeah, well, i mean, that --
6:47 am
inflation being an issue, investors are being concerned there. out here in los angeles we are paying 4.50 for premium gas. that's definitely an issue but i think when you look at valuations in the market, energy is one of those areas that hasn't participated in a few years so for investors who are in the energy spaces this is actually a good thing because you're seeing those names like the drillers, the integrated chevron leading the market here, so from that perspective if you have -- >> jackie: okay. patrick, i'm interested to get your forecast because you look at 287 and we are in march. i have been covering oil and gas for a long time. the prices are going to go up, up, up and as they go up quickly, it always takes much longer time for them to come back down. what are you thinking consumers are going to see in july, for example? well over $3. >> well, it certainly could rub up against $3 a gallon. we did see opec last week announcing a small increase in oil production, so it's game of
6:48 am
will supply continue to meet the rising demand and where will it be this summer. we did see increase in covid and oil prices down a little bit in the last weeks and whether or not we hit the road this summer, looks like all signs are there. we are in the sixth week of gasoline going up. looks like consumer still have the risk of seeing national average of seeing $3 a gallon this year as demand continues to show impressive recovery. jackie: when we talk about opec, president trump was forceful when it came to opec and brought oil prices but we know it hurt them. they are increasing that production now to take advantage and to benefit from some of this and you think, again, when it comes to the biden policies here, it's like, you know, across the globe he's sort of just letting people do what they want to do. >> well, it's clear that the biden administration is not anywhere near as friendly with the oil and gas sector and, you
6:49 am
know, motorists are going to be feeling the consequences of such a policy. it's going to make things more expensive and that's what motorists will have to face this year. jackie: brian. brian: the last point that you raised is so important. people watch gas prices and oil markets and they say all of this is determined by foreign powers. somebody overseas that's deciding whether to open the spigot or not open the spigot. we felt that we were getting control over our energy again and now it feels like that's slipping away. patrick, are they going to raise production and how much. i feel like here it is once again at the mercy of somebody over there instead of using the resources we have here to keep energy prices reasonable. >> yeah, you know, excellent point there and, of course, where would we be without covid? u.s. oil production would still be up.
6:50 am
u.s. producers having no choice. hopefully that will come back fairly quickly. keep in mind that the existing wells and existing permits are allowed to move forward on federal law, simply new permits that are not but whether or not we see the recovery really a function of oil prices which, you know, really going to be a function of americans hit the road this summer and all signs point to being true. jackie: people want to hit the road more than they do in an airplane, for example, and they are going the feel this, there's so much pinned up demand for travel, getting back to normal. patrick, great to see you, thank you. >> thanks, jackie. jackie: all right, coming up they are actually people in the country who do not use the internet. the number is making a buzz this morning and we will tell you all about it.
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6:55 am
happier. they probably sleep allot better. they probably enjoy many more sunrises. i like to hang out for a while, you know, with those folks and get some life lessons. i think america would do well if we took some lessons from folks that sit all of that aside and are living a simpler and less hectic and less garbagey life. jackie: yeah, i'm trying to limit the screen time before bed. when you're surfing the bed before you go to sleep, it keeps your brain in some fast-moving state and it's hard to kind of calm down after that. but rob, i want to get to you, anything that you can do, sofia the robot might do better after successfully selling art nft and sofia taking on the music world. generate music and lyrics. your thoughts, rob, on the innovation, have we gotten too far,some people don't understand that? >> yeah, i think you're right. a lot of people don't understand what nft's are, nonfundable
6:56 am
tokens. that's a whole discussion in itself. they had a piece of art through sofia that sold almost 700 grand. from their perspective, there's a lot of euphoria around nft's right now and the people investing in these tend to be very ultra high-net worth people don't quite grasp it but a lot of people with a lot of money chasing everything. we talked about tom brady's sports cards, look at lamborghinis, ferraris and the company looking to capitalize. jackie: maybe when we will get back into business we will see people with changing patterns. earning season on the horizon. top investors are going to explain where to put your money this week. the word on wall street up ahead. next hour on mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪
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jackie: good morning, everybody. i'm jackie deangelis, in for maria bartiromo. it is monday, april 5th. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. the immigration crisis worsens, new numbers show deportations and arrests falling sharply under president biden. what message this shift enforcement sends to cartel as the administration sends officials to central america. and major league baseball bowing to political pressure, the economic fallout for atlanta after the league pulls the all-star game from the city. looking at futures this morning, we could see records at the open on wall street, thanks to the strong march jobs report on friday. markets of course were closed for the good friday holiday but we did end the week up with he three major averages seeing gains. european markets closed for the day after easter. in asia, the markets in china and hong kong were closed for the holiday. the nikkei and kospi were
7:01 am
higher, with optimism over the covid-19 recovery. "mornings with maria" is live right now. let's get to some of the top stories we're watching this morning. member of the biden administration traveling to guatemala and el salvador today to discuss the surge of migrants at the border. republican lawmakers sounding the alarm on horrific conditions inside packed border facility. senator john barrasso telling maria bartiromo that he was ordered to delete photos. >> this is both a humanitarian crisis and a national security crisis. i saw both at the border and you may have seen the numbers today are the highest in history of unaccompanied minors currently in captivity. they are crammed in like sardines and this is what the biden administration is trying to hide from the american public. which is why we took video and the biden administration tried
7:02 am
to stop us. jackie: now new data shows that immigration and customs enforcement arrests fell by two-thirds in march. deportations are now down nearly 50%. this is as border patrol arrests reach a 15 year high with more than 170,000 migrants arrested at the border last month. and the city of atlanta set to feel the consequences of the mlb's decision to relocate this year's all-star game. the game brought an estimated $89 million to los angeles when the city hosted last year. major league baseball making the decision to move the game in response to georgia's recently passed voting rights law. johnson & johnson will take over its contractor's covid-19 vaccine manufacturing plant this after 15 million doses were ruined at emergent bioof solutions in baltimore. astrazeneca is making its yet to be approved vaccine there and plans to move production according to the wall street journal. reports say that the move for both companies was made by the biden administration.
7:03 am
taking a look at the premarket, you can see johnson & johnson stock looks to be trending higher. unrest in chicago, weekend gun violence leaves seven people dead, at least 27 others injured, chicago police saying the number of shootings and shooting victims hit the highest level in four years last month. all right, it's time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money this week. joining me now, michael lee strategy founder, nicholas wealth management, david nicholas and ceo rob luna. michael, talking about futures this morning, pointing to records on wall street. the jobs number seems to have this market in a -- feeling optimistic monday morning. >> yeah, look, that was a pretty spectacular jobs number when you add the revisions, you got over 1 million new jobs. i expect to see a few more prints like that as the economy starts to open up, especially in the restaurants and bars.
7:04 am
i think this quarter's going to be a he reversal from last quarter, where tech and treasuries lead the way. i think you saw some forced selling of treasuries combined with all-time high issuance, some very unique one-time circumstances that led people to believe that we're going to have some sort of inflation scare. i simply just don't see it. i don't see money multiplying through the system to the point where inflation is going to become any sort of issue. as a result, i think you'll see a rotation back into technology, technology being the leader. the treasury market recover. and as we're talking about job market beating expectations, i think this quarter's earnings expectations are too low at 23% growth. as we get through the earnings season, i would expect to see, again, economic data much better than expected, earnings data much better than expected and higher stock prices. jackie: wow. you were a lot more bullish than folks that i've talked to. they do worry about inflation, at least as a longer term story. and everyone is expecting gang buster growth. you don't think it's enough yet.
7:05 am
so that's interesting. rob, i want to turn to you for a moment here because the individual investors, they were out there, they were trading in these markets and they're retreating a little bit for the last few weeks following the boom of trading activity we saw. these nonprofessionals at the start of the year in the stock frenzy, gamestop and things like that. your feeling on what is causing the shift and pullback a little bit. >> a lot of these were the so-called robinhood invisitors. i think a lot of these are younger, first time inveriers vt because -- investors, because of having an opportunity to get in nature get, they're entering the market for the first time. for the first time in a while they realize that stocks can go down. unfortunately, some of them were levered up. they're learning what a margin call is all about. so i think they're learning it's not as easy as what you think it is and what we've also seen, though, is a pickup in the cryptocurrency market. i think some of them might have taken their mean stocks and moved it to the lower quality
7:06 am
cryptocurrencies. they might be playing that space right now. jackie: interesting. we're expecting big earnings coming out next week, jp morgan, wells fargo, goldman sachs pepsico, morgan stanley and citigroup reporting. david want to get your thought on expectations for earnings season. this would just be the first quarter but as michael said, maybe investors haven't baked in enough positivity here. >> yeah. i think financials are going to be the biggest star of the first quarter, it's going to show consumers are getting out and spending more. it will be good for banks. banks have been flush with cash. hopefully we'll see some of the banks are releasing reserves. it's a compelling case for buybacks for financial as well. looking backwards i think financials will be a big winner. looking forward, i think the tech selloff due to interest rates was a little overblown. if interest rates can stabilize, i think the story for tech in the next quarter is very compelling. we just made one of our largest allocations to pay pal, if you
7:07 am
look at a stock like pay pal, it's down almost 20% from the highs. it's hard to say there's value in tech, but compared to the last quarter i think investors should take a second look at tech. i think it could do well in the next quarter. americans are flush with cash. we don't know 100% if they're going to get out and spend or of save. i think they're going to spend, should bode well for earnings. i'm very optimistic about the second and third quarters of this year. jackie: michael, i can think of one thing that could throw cold water on the market. that would be an aggressive new tax policy, raising corporate taxes and taxes on families making more than $400,000 a year, capital gains taxes, et cetera, from the biden administration. >> yeah, the greatest threat i see to the market and economic prosperity in the country is the biden administration. these will be some of the most aggressive tax increases in the history of our country at a time when we're coming out of a pandemic. the stock market makes it seem that everything is rosey in the overall economy and that's not
7:08 am
the case yet. the market is looking out 12, 24, 36 months where small business and a lot of manufacturers are just getting back online, they're trying to figure out their supply chains and now they're going to deal with a massive tax increase. if you're a mid-size business, a private company doing $50 million in revenue and taxes will increase by a third, combined with large amounts of new regulations, it's going to be really tough for you to build things and make things here in the u.s. and sell them abroad where you're no longer as competitive with your tax rates much higher. i think this could be a deafnell for manufacturing in the u.s. if it goes forward as planned. jackie: then you'll be looking at job numbers and it will be interesting to see which way they go because companies paying more taxes will have to lay off employees. michael lee, david nicholas, rob luna great to be with you this morning. rob will stick around with us, he'll be with us all morning on the panel. we have much more ahead this morning.
7:09 am
coming up, new york congresswoman claudia tenney talks the proposal for a smaller infrastructure package, that's coming up next. then, verizon business ceo tammy irwin announces a new 5g expansion in a first on fox business interview later this hour. next hour, former white house acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney sounds off on the infrastructure package. plus, till taxes do us part, we'll tell why all the tax talk is causing some wedding bell blues, a full report ahead on that. joining the conversation all morning long, rob luna and brian brenberg. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left.
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jackie: welcome back, everybody. cutting the cost of president biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan, missouri senator roy blunt calling on the administration to slash the plan down to roughly $615 billion in an effort to get some republican support. the current plan calls for more than that in transportation infrastructure alone. energy secretary jennifer granholm saying yesterday that while the administration hopes for bipartisan support, the they would pass the bill via reconciliation. joining me now, new york congresswoman and member of the house foreign affairs committee and small business committee, claudia tenney. congresswoman, good morning to you. >> good morning. jackie: let's talk about the size because a lot of people have an issue with this, same thing that happened with the coronavirus relief package. it was a huge bill, a lot of it had nothing to do with coronavirus relief and we're seeing the same thing with infrastructure here. your thoughts on trying to -- or the administration maybe trying to pair down the size of this
7:14 am
bill. >> well, i think most republicans would like to see some infrastructure especially in places like new york where i live where our infrastructure is crumbling. we need more broad band. we have aging infrastructure in terms of water systems and our roads and bridges, a lot of that is the state obligation. we just passed or will be passing a record high $200 billion new york state budget. that's twice what the florida budget is. with a lot less people. millions less people. and i'd like to see something focused on that. this bill as it stands is just a legislative vehicle for the democrats to install their wish list of the green new deal, which would shut down energy, huge new taxes which would make america, the united states one of the highest taxed if not the highest taxed corporate tax rate in the world, even higher than communist party china imposes on their corporations which are state run businesses. it would also only 6% would actually go to so-called
7:15 am
infrastructure so we're reimagining infrastructure into a a oc and bernie sanders' green new deal which would hurt our country, would take jobs out of this country and send them all back. it's clapback of the great policies that called the economic boom that is sustaining us through the pandemic. jackie: let me ask you this. jennifer granholm said basically we would love to have bipartisan support but if we don't we're going to pass it with reconciliation. this is an administration that talked about unity, working across the aisle and it's not happening here. every chance it gets, it says if you don't like the proposal and you're not going to get on-board we're going to push it through anyway. >> well, look at all the bills that have been forced through the house unanimously or by the democrats with no republican votes and by the way, it's good for your listeners to note and a your audience, all of these bills have been passed what they call without regular order. we are not going through the normal committee process.
7:16 am
they are being shoved through on a partisan way, no input from stakeholders or experts in the field. these bills are being put through the rules committee, not through the committees of jurisdiction. they are not interested in being so-called bipartisan. if this is reimagining bipartisan then it means without republicans and this new description of -- it's just -- it's terrible. it reminds me of my old days in new york legislature when everything was shoved through, committees were a nuisance and waste of time. their committee process is absurd. it's nonexistent. it's all the left pushing on nancy pelosi and the democrats their wish list which will actually hurt the country in the long run. jackie: let me ask you this. the infrastructure bill supposedly when the democrats talked about it, is supposed to increase jobs, right, through all of these new projects, it speeds the job recovery. but at the same time you're seeing a lot of other proposals that could have a chilling effect on the labor market. i'm wondering if you feel
7:17 am
there's enough in there to offset everything else that they're doing. for example, raising the corporate tax rate from 21 to 28%. >> nothing works better than freedom and free enterprise and right now this bill is an authoritarian takeover of our country. it's going to be all government. it's going to be very expensive. it's a corporateism type bill meaning we are just using billions of dollars in taxpayer money to feed industries that will not be self-sustaining. when government money runs out you're going to see inflation, you're going to see a depression potentially. you're going to see a crisis and a everything is going to collapse again and we're going to require more spending and if you want to see how that works, just look at the incubator of new york state. we continue to spend, we continue to try to prop up big special interests and corporations with taxpayer money and it doesn't work. we have the highest out-migration of people, one of the least friendly business states. we're imposing $5 billion tax increase in our latest bill that's coming through.
7:18 am
this is not how to run a government. it is a great incubator for people to look at how exactly not to operate and we have a corrupt governor cuomo who is awaiting hopefully his resignation or impeachment once the budget process is complete, maybe later this week. jackie: a concern is that high earners have left the state and they will continue to leave in droves and it's very troubling. brian, i know this is something you and i have discussed many times. brian: not only are they leaving, not only are they fed up with new york but there are plenty of states in the country who are willing to have them and not commit the same mistakes that new york is committing. congresswoman, i look at the situation in new york, i look at people on the streets here and office buildings and their eyes are fixed on the south, on the midwest, and they are given one more reason to leave with this latest tax bill that we're seeing. >> it's a perfect contrast. look at new york versus florida. we are about to pass a
7:19 am
$200 billion budget. florida's budget is about half. florida was mostly open during the pandemic. florida's budget, again, it's half. florida's economy is coming back. florida focused on -- under the leadership of governor ron de santis, they focused on helping the vulnerable people during the pandemic. new york shut us all down. and look at florida. a lot of the closures in florida are in the tourism industry which is what drives florida. they mostly voluntarily closed down or it was imposed by federal mandate, not by the governor. they're still coming back. new york is struggling to come back. most of our businesses, particularly in my region, were driven -- 94% of the jobs in my district are created by small businesses, not the big giants that are getting all the corporate tax breaks and the corporate welfare that's coming from new york state. it's a great contrast in how not to run a state. freedom does work. and that's what's happening in florida. we are one of the most
7:20 am
restrictive, least free states in the nation and it shows. you can feel the on of press of government in -- oppression of government in new york. jackie: our small businesses have been pummeled. it will be really difficult, i look around the city, to see how we're going to bring them back. congresswoman, we have to leave it there. we appreciate your time this morning, congresswoman claudia tenney. >> thanks so much. jackie: coming up, till taxes do us part, we'll tell you why the biden tax plan is causing some wedding bell blues. we have details next. sing your heart out, mariah carey celebrates her vaccination shot the way a true diva does. it's making a buzz this morning and we're going to tell you all about it.
7:21 am
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it's moving day. and while her friends are doing the heavy lifting, jess is busy moving her xfinity internet and tv services. it only takes about a minute. wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. jackie: welcome back, everybody. the tax toll for tying the knot. president biden's new tax plan could hurt married couples.
7:24 am
gerri willis has more on this one. hi, gerri. good morning. >> good morning, jackie. that's right. you can call it a hidden surprise and not a good one. biden's tax proposal which would be the biggest tax increase in 40 years contains a penalty for married couples. listen. >> the simple fact of marrying means they will be subject to that tax and that may disincentivize folks, discourage them from marrying. they will make decisions based on the tax code. that's not what they want. >> biden said new year's day ag $400,000 more will be on the hook for higher taxes. a married couple filing separately would not pay higher taxes. on the other hand, a married couple filing jointly with the same income situation would pay higher taxes on the amount they
7:25 am
earn over $400,000 or 300 bucks on $10,000. so higher taxes on married couples, no tax hike on couples living together filing separately. not fair. more and more americans, though, are choosing not to say i do. the number of unmarried partners living together has risen 3.8% since 1999, while the number of married couples as a proportion of the population is down 4.4%. to get around this you need to reduce your adjusted gross income. that's what the experts say. so contribute more to your 401-k, that can help. and also, look, at the end of the day, as i send it back to you, i'll say this. no matter what biden does tour federal taxes, you're still going to have to pay your state taxes. and guess what, new yorkers have the highest state taxes, 12.79%. they're talking about raising that. jackie. jackie: yes, they are. and you don't have to tell me. i live it. thank you so much for that. that was a great report.
7:26 am
the 401-k contribution thing is very interesting there as one way to try to dodge it. rob, i sit back and look at this story and say to myself, if you're a commitment phobe and don't want to go through with tying the knot, this could be a very good excuse. rob: it could be a great excuse. this is one of these things of the undercover tax hike that all americans are going to feel. it's being sold as a tax on the wealthy but like you mentioned, new york, california, you're making 200 grand each, you're not wealthy at those levels. everyone is going to feel this. jackie: brian, i want to hear your thoughts about it. it's sad that you look at a situation like getting married and you should be very excited about it and all of a sudden you're like wow, getting married is going to cost me 3% more. brian: i mean, i wasn't talking taxes with my fiance when we got married. but i will say it is troubling that this continues to be a misleading issue. the president continues to go out and say if you make less than $400,000, your taxes aren't
7:27 am
going to go up. that's patently false. it's not true. i think it's unfair to americans, it's unfair to married couples and everybody to have the president not be honest about a tax hike. jackie: on the campaign trail he said that he wouldn't do it. people assumed it was individuals. and now to go back on that is a really big deal, especially at this point where we are with the pandemic and people struggling and of course it costs more to live in certain cities and places of the country than it does in other parts so something to think about too. gentlemen, thank you for that. coming up, we're talking about staff shortages, delta is forced to cancel some flights just as air travel is finally starting to rebound. plus, the future of 5g, verizon business ceo tammy irwin announces a new expansion in a first on fox business interview. that's next. stay with us. ♪
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7:31 am
jackie: welcome back, everybody. i'm jackie deangelis, in for maria bartiromo. it is monday, april 5th. let's take a look at the markets this half hour. futures pointing higher, we could see records at the open thanks to that strong march jobs report. markets were closed for the good friday holiday but did end the week with all three major averages up. european markets closed today for the day after easter. in asia overnight markets in china, hong kong also closed for a holiday. but the nikkei and kospi were higher. the strong u.s. jobs report boosting optimism over the covid-19 recovery. the battle forestry down publishing, a maryland hotel executive and swiss billionaire making a last minute bid for the newspaper chain. cheryl casone has those details. cheryl: that is right, jackie. this is a story we've been following. that second group has made a roughly $680 million offer for tribune, up-ends a deal already
7:32 am
struck for $635 million. it's not a done deal yet. the bidders must do due diligence or in another scenario there could be a competing offer. shares of tribune up 31% year-to-date so far, 2021. well, delta air lines canceling over 100 flights yesterday because of staff shortages. to get passengers to their destinations, the airline temporarily opening up middle seats to accommodate more customers. the seats will perm ineptly reopen in -- permanently reopen in bay. there had been limited seating during the pandemic. delta shares are higher, more than one and a quarter percent in the premarket. by the way, they say they carry more than 1 million passengers over the last few days, the highest number since before the pandemic. so a lot of news crossing on delta this morning. well, disgraced former wework ceo adam newman is planning his next venture, said to be related to the coronavirus pandemic.
7:33 am
an insider telling the post the 41-year-old has big plans and is waiting for the right time to announce them. newman stayed out of the spotlight since 2019 when he was ousted from his position at that company. and there is this, general motors expanding its line of electric hummers. the company is unveiling an suv version of its hummer pickup that is set to go on sale in 2023. the all electric vehicle slightly less powerful than the truck version, will be priced between $80,000, for the base model, can go up to $110,000 for the high end model. take a look at the stock in the premarket, gm up 1 and three quarters of a percent. those are your headlines. jackie: i watched a documentary on wework over the weekend. adam newman fascinating character. he is just -- wow. thank you so much. 5g technology speeding up businesses, verizon anounsing a new partnership between its private mobile edge compute solution platform and amazon web services, this will give
7:34 am
companies the ability to make faster decisions in factories, robotics and quality control. corning is verizon's first customer for the service. here in a first on fox interview, is verizon business ceo, tami erwin. good morning to you. good to be with you this morning. thanks for coming on the program. explain the announcement to us, explain how this is going to help consumers, help growth within this country for starters. >> yes, jackie, good morning and thank you for the opportunity to talk about what we're doing. verizon has led the world to 5g, mobility, fixed wireless access and public edge compute. today's announcement is our partnership with aws to introduce private mobile edge compute which gives companies like corning the ability to put edge compute in their factories, on their campuses, and this one is particularly exciting. it allows robotic capability in manufacturing environments for corning, something that will be on their campus, sitting on a
7:35 am
private network and really excited about the capability this delivers because it really takes 5g to that next edge of really low latency, high security capability to deliver augmented reality, machine learning, the capability to go faster and better for corning as a result of this private edge compute. jackie: a lot of people are very excited about this within the industry in general but also looking at this more broadly, we're talking about a huge infrastructure package that could be passed through as soon as this summer or possibly late spring, for example. we talk about building out the infrastructure in this country, that includes 5g. so talk to me about how this could potentially work within that framework. >> yeah, it's truly an exciting time as you begin to look at how businesses anticipate technology playing a foundational level in their transformation. we look at businesses that we partner with and we have seen because of covid an acceleration of the transformation efforts that they expect and really with
7:36 am
5g and technology, mobility, cloud and broad band at the intersection point of everything that they're doing, and so the ability to have stimulus money in the marketplace as businesses reimagine how they serve customers, as had they reimagine how utilities work and what the look forward environment will look like, we believe 5g is perfectly positioned and verizon particularly because we did lead and continue to lead the world. our recent acquisition of c-band spectrum gives us the ability to amplify and accelerate the efforts we already had in-market on behalf of businesses that are coming back and saying i have to do things different as a result of covid and we think we're very, very well positioned to be the partner of choice as they look to do that. jackie: okay. verizon recently announced a private 5g partnership with associated british ports. tell us about this. this is very interesting in the future of shipping. >> yes, so we think this is really exciting. this is our first private
7:37 am
network partnership. it's based out of the u.k. and what we see with businesses that are introducing private mobile edge compute is that they're also introducing private networks and this gives them the ability to scale the potential as they think about how did they work differently, how did the ports work differently. this solves for them not only the immediate problem of lack of on-site connectivity but it allows them to advance capabilities with a private 5g network that we're partnering with nokia to deliver, reliability, throughput, security, low latency. not only does it provide what they used to get, the wi-fi, but it changes entirely how they run these ports and we think it's a really exciting time to be not only in the market with edge compute both public and private but also private networks and then ultimately network slicing so it gives businesses a lot of choice as to how they want to build the infrastructure to serve their customers. jackie: i want you to lay out how this would work in practice
7:38 am
so that people could really understand what's happening here but i also want to ask you about the partnership with amazon and aws. two big companies within the tech space working on this together, we're seeing more and more of that. maybe in an accelerated post pandemic because of everything we've been through and the solutions we've needed. your thoughts on big companies like this in the tech space working together? >> we think it's super important. we've been working with andy and his team for several years. you don't just quickly make this happen. this has been something that we've designed and anticipated 5g capability as we rolled out 5g capability. we've gone to partners like a aws and they've been terrific at helping us really think about how do you innovate, use the power of cloud with the power of 5g networks to really change how businesses can then have compute at the edge and take full advantage of the low latency capability, the complete currency capability that comes with 5g. and working with a partner like
7:39 am
aws when you sit down and you begin to innovate and image a inwhat you can do on behalf of your customers, we can move very, very quickly together. we serve many of the same shared customers so our ability to move quickly has been important. i also really like with aws we launched first our public edge compute so it graves a million -- gave a million developers access. with private, it gives businesses around the world the ability to really say how do i want to use edge compute on my campus, in my factory, in my hospitals. jackie: a lot of different options. >> yeah, absolutely. jackie: tami erwin, congratulations and thank you for joining us this morning to walk us through it. >> thanks so much, jackie. have a good one. be well. jackie: coming up, fears of another covid wave, more than a year after lockdown. everything you need to know about that coming up next. plus, disney's spin on a culinary classic, the new corn dog creation with a magic center, it is making a buzz this morning. we're going to tell you about it.
7:40 am
you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ maria: this week on "mornings with maria," tomorrow, china prepares its military for possible u.s. intervention in taiwan. general jack keane on what comes next. wednesday, massive corporate tax hikes, the backbone of the biden spending plan. kevin hassett crunches the numbers. thursday, dallas federal reserve president robert kaplan is here with us with an economic outlook. friday, wake up with the word on wall street, our expert insight on wall street's biggest morning movers, it's all here on "mornings with maria."
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so, enroll today, before the moment slips away. it's time to take advantage. jackie: welcome back, everybody. a new coronavirus concern, scientists finding a, quote, double mutant variant in california's bay area, the double mutant variant originated in india and carries dual mutations that help the virus latch onto cells, as increasing covid-19 cases across the country have many concerned about a potential for a fourth wave. joining me now, family and emergency medical physician and fox news medical contributor, dr. jeanette nesheiwat. good morning to you.
7:45 am
your thoughts on potential fourth wave here, three or four months of hardship ahead and houthis mutants are vair i didding the time-varying the timeline. >> good morning, jackie. i think we're going to see specific areas in the country where we'll have outbreaks, like we see in michigan, there's an outbreak right now. we have increasing cases in new jersey, rhode island, also in new york. but i don't think we're going to hit a wave like we're seeing in europe, specifically because of the amount of vaccinations that we're putting into the arms of americans. we are breaking records. over the weekend we hit about 4 million cases, 4 million vaccines and that's phenomenal. if we can continue that, we should avoid a another wave here in the united states but there is concern, for example, the new mutant variant in california. we don't know is it going to cause reinfection. we don't know for sure is it going to be resistant to the vaccines that we have. the scientists at stanford think the vaccine will work which is great but we need more data and that will be soon coming out of
7:46 am
the labs there in stanford where they first discovered this new variant that came from india. jackie: i want to give rob a chance here. rob: yeah, i'm sorry, we just had a earthquake here. i'm sorry, i wasn't prepared for it. jackie: that's all right. then i'm going to put brian on the spot. brian: we didn't have an earthquake. i hope you're okay. that's scary. let me ask you this. i'm hearing about this double mutant in california and it seems like every week or two i'm hearing about some new variant and the immediate response always is does the vaccine work, does this mean we're going to have to go back to lockdowns or shutdowns, i'm sitting here wondering is this going to be the conversation for the foreseeable future? every couple weeks some new variant? are we going to get to a point where we can have reliability and say the vaccines are going to work, it will mutate some but not enough to make a difference. people want to know, this this what we expect day after day or
7:47 am
can we get beyond all the variant talk all the time? >> that's a really good question. i think for the time being when we see scientists and a doctors out of the laboratory, they come forward with a new variant, remember, there are thousands and thousands of variants that occur, mutations that occur i should say. but they usually bring forth the ones that catch their eye, the ones that are specifically a variant of concern. there are many that are happening daily. there are some occasionally, like the one that has two mutations -- usually it's just one one you mutation. the one we see with two make it more easy for the virus to latch onto our cells, makes it easier to infect us. until we get more americans vaccinated i think it will be a concern for a little longer. that's why it's so important to continue vaccinations and expand vaccination eligibility to the younger population. jackie: speaking of that, doctor, several states are expanding the covid-19 vaccine eligibility today to include all
7:48 am
adults. this is as the united states set that new record with more than 4 million vaccine he doses administered on saturday alone. and president biden touted the fact that we had a seven-day stretch of 20 million vaccines. so we are getting it out there. just it does take time. >> yeah, you're right. over a third of americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine. and we hit 4 million, i would like that number to go up to 5 or 6 million vaccinations a day. that's the key to not having to have the conversations of the variants and will the vaccine work. even in the future, for example, moderna is working on a booster shot because we know the virus will slightly mutate. that's the beauty of the mrna vaccine technologies, we can modify vaccines as needed, we can create a booster as needed. it's a matter of continuing to do what we're doing and make sure that we continue with vaccine expansion because it's the younger population that are causing the spread right now according to the data we have so
7:49 am
far. jackie: really great stuff. thank you so much, doctor. dr. jeanette nesheiwat joining us this morning. >> thank you. jackie: singing her heart out, mariah carey celebrates her coronavirus vaccination the way a true diva does. it's making a buzz and we're going to tell you all about it next. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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jackie: wax, it's time for the
7:53 am
-- welcome back, it's time for the morning buzz. time for disney magic culinary style. there will be a new treat available, the pickle corn dog, a hollowed out pickle stuffed with a hot dog, dipped in corn bread batter and deep fried. the pickle corn dog comes with a side of peanut butter. it will set you back $13. i don't think it sounds appetizing. you think it does. brian: the corn dog is the perfect food. you're starting from a good place. you put a pickle in there, people say it's random. what do you put on a hot dog? you put relish on a hot of dog. it's taking a good thing and making it more convenient. i don't know about peanut butter with the corn dog. but that corn dog right there with a pickle inside, i'm all about that, even for 13 bucks. jackie: once you explained it to me, i see the logic behind your thinking. i'm still not on board.
7:54 am
rob, what do you think? rob: 13 bucks doesn't sound too bad. you think about the long-term cardiology problems you'll have, it will be a longer lasting effect. jackie: you can't eat too many of those within the course of a year. meantime, mariah carey still hitting the high notes with help from her covid vaccine shot, the pop of star posting the video to instagram with the title, vacation seen side effect -- vaccine side effects. dolly parton got a second dose of her own medicine, receiving the second shot of the moderna vaccine which she helped develop through a million dollar donation. mariah can hit the high notes and great to see dolly parton contributing to the community. we're all in this together, right? >> i think so. it's cool when you can see mariah carey talking about her shot. people on twitter, people are posting pictures of their vaccine shots. when did that become a cool thing? let's leave it to the pop stars to do that, everyone else keep
7:55 am
shots to yourself. jackie: you were singing a little mariah carey this morning. brian: i was. i like mariah carey's music. it's what i listened to every day on the school bus in sixth grade. when she sings the high note it's like watching michael jordan dunk, it takes you back. i agree with rob. i would never bring the camera in for the vaccine because i don't want people to see me crying. and i just -- i feel like nope, that's not part of my image so rob, i'm with you on that one. jackie: on a more serious note. there was an a earthquake where you are right now. we want to make sure you're okay and it was nothing significant. >> i'm great, other than my pride, freezing on air with the earthquake. brian stepped in and helped me out so all a is good. jackie: fair enough. we're glad you're well. you'll join us in the next hour of course. still ahead, the social media world of finance, we'll tell you why more gen-zers are heading online to cash in. it all starts next hour on "mornings with maria" live on fox business.
7:56 am
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jackie: good morning. i'm jackie deangelis in for maria bartiromo. it is monday, april 5 top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. the immigration crisis worsens new numbers show have deportations and arrests falling sharply under president biden what message this shift in enforcement sends to cartels that administration sends officials to central america, and major league baseball bowing to political pressure economic fall out for atlanta pulling all-star game from the city futures this morning we could see records at the open on wall street, thanks to the strong march jobs' report.
8:00 am
markets, of course, closed, for the good friday holiday but did end the week with all three major indices up, european markets closed today for the day after ooefrlt asia overnight market in china honoring hock closed for a holiday as well the nikkei, kospi both higher strong u.s. jobs' report boosting optimism over covid-19 recovery "mornings with maria" is live right now. jackie: all right get to top stories that we are watching, this hour, members of the biden administration, traveling to gaut gait and el salvador today to discuss surge of migrants at the border, lawmakers sounding alarm on horrific conditions inside border facilities senator john barrasso telling maria bartiromo on "sunday morning futures" he was ordered to delete photos, listen. >> -- this is a humanitarian crisis and ab national security crisis, i saw both at the border you may have seen the numbers today, are the
8:01 am
highest in history of -- unaccompanied minors currently in in capity crammed in like sar dooernz what biden administration is trying to fied from the american public why we took video, and the biden administration, tried to stop us. >> now new data does show immigration customer enforcement arrests fell two-thirds in march deportations down nearly 50%, border patrol yefrlths reach 15-year high more than 170,000 migrants arrested at border last month, the city atlanta set to see consequences of mlb decision to relocate brought estimated 189 million dollars to los angeles last year major league baseball making decision to move the game in response to georgia's recently passed voting rights law. >> and johnson & johnson will take over, contractor of
8:02 am
covid-19 vaccine manufacturing plant this after 15 million doses were renewed at emergent biosolutions in baltimore astrazeneca making yeet to be approved vaccine there plans to move production according to "the wall street journal," reports say the move for both companies was made by biden administration. stock in premarket up a half a percent, unrest in chicago weekend gun violence looefrz seven dead at least 27 injured chicago police saying number of shootings, shooting victims hit highest level in four years, last month. >> now, as i mentioned we are look being ahead to record highs on wall street, to start the weekoff, but individual investors are hitting pause button coming after boom of trading activity from nonprofessional investors the start of the year during the so-called mean stocks frenzy talking about names gamestop, joining me now richard bernstein adviser, richard better than amnesty, rob luna
8:03 am
brian brenberg great to have you with you futures indicated higher by 200 points on the dow this is as the dow is over 33,000, there is a lot of optimism about reopening, and getting past the hardest part of this pandemic. your thoughts on you know, sentiments investors feel after jobs' report on friday. >> yeah clearly if you look at markets what you just mentioned i think people are feeling pretty good, right? it is clear, i mean jobs' report alone was -- pretty fantastic, and what is important broad-based if you look at how long, workers are working, how many jobs were -- industries adding jobs that just sheer magnitude the job increase, it is really hard to find anything negative in the jobs' report so clear reopening story is really happening, there is a huge runway from here. jackie: you say that there are sort of three themes that dominate portfolios u.s. over international, large over
8:04 am
small, and techs over everything else, tell us about the themes and why why investors may be looking to shift or to consider looking to shift away from them. >> jackie i think it is a really important point that you you mentioned there, if you look at everybody importants portfolio rather than active position owning passive vehicles really every pot folio geared to three things you mentioned obvious why, those are the three you know investment themes that outperformed past decade everybody knows those stories owns those stories very expensive right now history of markets investors should be looking at port forrios proactively position next 10 years not last ten years i think that means moving from crowded expensive parts of of the market especially as market has gotten more crowded expensive looking at more you know less favored cheaper part of the market going to grow
8:05 am
faster as this recovery continues. >> kaye, rob? >> the challenge, like i was saying that worked for decade now, has been working quite a while. i -- the question is if you get out of these where do you go to it is difficult to find anything that is cheap international really isn't cheap small companies aren't cheap with when you look at industrials, since biden came out he released infrastructure plan those started to sell off because the valuations on those were higher if you look at faster grow on the ground tech companies facebook, i think at least technology, in terms of that trade, is still a place us that you are probably going to want to be for a little child. jackie: your reaction? >> yeah well, i think if you just look at valuations, rob makes a good point hard to find anything that, you know, absolutely fire sale cheap at levels you have to look at things on relative base relative to bonds relative to technology relative to u.s.
8:06 am
large caps much cheaper partly because more upside, to earnings expectations that people have, if you think about, you know the type of numbers, that technology stocks are going to put this up year, you are talking about 15, 20% type of growth nothing to sneeze at but the other parts of the market, you know energy, materials, industrials small cap value merging markets going to put up earnings growth numbers you going to blow those numbers away, this is 20, 30, 40, 50 -- you know none of these are out of question for those types of stocks i think there is not only the cheaper but there is room for them to get kevin relatively cheaper as the economy recoveries. >> brian. brian: let's talk about nonapproval investor jackie mentioned the story early in the year we are seeing signs those investors are pulling back some say, putting their the money into real economy
8:07 am
people ask all the tie how do you think about i mean stock movement how do i play it what do you say to folks trying to navigate a world some maybe going away at least short term. >> i think the fact, that retail investors are actually doing other things with money is to be expected, the economy opened up if you look at mobility activity people going back to work, people are traveling more, you know, they are doing other things going to be out there and spending money there there is also, you know, some people looking at the stock market as sort of a -- as a substitute for gambling when middle march madness there is, obviously, sports, to take some focus away, and look at housing market housing market on fire, at these prices shooting up you have to allocate a little bit more money to buy that next house not to mention, comparing this round stimulus versus last round that coincided with earnings season, sorry bonus season,
8:08 am
and o confidence not as high when crowded tech stocks are down from peaks a couple months ago. jackie: the jobs department report nonfarm payrolls increased 916,000 in march the highest, since august of 2020, unemployment rate, of course, falling to 6%, your reaction, to that, and how we can see the trend lines move, as we get deeper into this year. >> yeah jackie, i think that this is a mentioned before is, obviously, very strong, are i think it was well-known that it was going to be the consequence over 600,000 we knew a really strong payroll report the incremental information the market would change from jobs reports getting more important the reality is you know we already knew that this was going to be a strong jobs' report, because you of you know some more high frequency data things like
8:09 am
that, the implications for the market that was important, is that things are recovering, faster, than even they expected, and that is a good thing for growth employ, and good thing for the stocks that i mentioned before, also, one take way to have to think about down the line if economy is running hotter than we you oufrjly expected fed has to take foot off the gas pedal some point you are starting to get in more expectations for that to happen. >> one of the worries as we watch everything bounce around a this moment in time great to see you this morning. >> thank you. >>. jackie: we've got much more ahead this morning, coming up all-star strikeout major league baseball is slammed for moving all-star game from georgia, over the state new voting laws we are getting into the economic damage that that will do to atlanta businesses ahead. and former white house acting chief of staff mulvaney sounds off on spending package how
8:10 am
democrats may force it through congress the social media world of finance we are going to tell you why more gen z'ers head only for advice watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪♪ ♪ take me away ♪♪ ♪ [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you,
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the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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jackie: president biden infrastructure plan facing backlash from both sides of the aisle, missouri senator roy blunt you calling on biden administration, to cut its infrastructure plan to 615 billion dollars would focus rebuilding infrastructure blunt says 30% of the current plan focusing on infrastructure crusting would help get gop support, new york congressman richie torres
8:14 am
pushing to double already 40 blntsdz in the bill to improve moufk joining me former act the white house chief of staff former budgetary director mick mulvaney good morning good to see you. >> thanks to o much for this morning. >> i would like your reaction to this, obviously, i have the is a huge spending package, coming after the coronavirus relief package. addressed so many things, including you a small portion of the coronavirus itself, your thoughts on what the package kind of should look like here, i mean there are a lot of folks saying we don't need this much spending. >> sure a couple different things, i don't think the people grassp how much trillion dollars is specifically proposal 2.3 every time we do that, sounds like a small change, two trillion to 2.3 trillion, 300 billion dollars, overall budget jackie, of the united states government that we wrote every single year office management and budget was about 1.3 trillion dollars so
8:15 am
this bill by itself may get a couple weeks worth of debate will spend almost twice as much as entire federal government does, in a single -- it has bits and pieces in it that are just mind-blowing 400 billion dollars for care for the elderly, wonderful have that debate, but that is not infrastructure i mean has 200 billion dollars for affordable housing, great wonderful discussion, not infrastructure, keep in i wanted mind entire budget you housing urban development agency of federal government 50 billion dollars entire agency one bill proposal is four times that on single line-item in hud's budget bizarrely huge makes you wonder if a serious bill or just designed to make political points. jackie: sounds like they are pretty serious about it whether or not they have bipartisan support they may use the technical nic
8:16 am
reconciliation to pass this through the point not only focused on infrastructure, so many things, are wrapped up inside this we should be having those conversations, the under investigation democrats don't want to don't want dialogue. >> i think best evidence of the fact that it is not really an infrastructure bill, is that the democrats are talking about reconciliation, because both parties have been trying to pass a reconciliation bill now for excuse me -- infrastructure bill now for several years, they got bogged down during trump administration over democrats refusal to reduce the environmental regulations delays getting the roads, bridges built the simple fact now democrats are talking about reconciliation means they know are there not getting republican support especially in the senate, why is that? because not an infrastructure bill if it was a regular infrastructure bill, it could pass by itself reconciliation one of those boring inside beltway discussion how to pass something in the senate with only 50 votes, traditional you would not never able to do
8:17 am
that more than twice a year democrats are talking about using it again and again and, again. jackie: even got moderate democrats out there aren't necessarily supporting a plan that is quite so -- expansive at this point, with this kind of the kind of numbers that we're talking about here. and president biden, ran on sort of this moderate platform we expect that he made people think now he is sort of feeling this pressure and heat from extremists left extremists in the party and that is what this bill to me seems like, an example of. >> it is i think one of the messages that isn't getting out your network doing a did he decent job democrats are not interested in you bipartisans some should said this infrastructure bill is five times too small a moderate democrat from tennessee jim cooper makes it
8:18 am
almost impossible without leadership to work with republicans this whole sort of thin veneer of bipartisanship put aside a long time ago you don't talk g using reconciliation again and again you would be working on infrastructure only bill 600 billion dollars is a lot of money for roads, bridges, to senator blunt -- could pass bipartisan -- yofrg you see biden administration having interest do that. >> walk me through this say this bill is passed through reconciliation, and say, we see, tax rates change, and then that is how the administration said they are going to pay for this first thing they would do increase corporate tabs rate from 21 to 28% all this spending we are going to stifle he of businesses raise taxes on capital gains maximum families making 400,000 and one dollar extra 3% this is going to have an impact the american people, are going to be paying for
8:19 am
this. >> sure, and you have to wonder why the trump tax cuts corporate tax cut worked we had tremendous sustained levels of growth before covid we had full employment beyond what people ever expected no inflation it was working had trump name attached to to it becomes -- enathma to democrats they have to get rid of it despite it was working importantly bears noting doesn't pay for this, by the way, both parties do this democrats doing right now saying they are going to count the taxes, for 15 years, to count spending for 8, no one gets to do that besides federal government, again republicans have done it the same in the past, but does bear discussion as to whether or not that is an accurate honest intellectual way to count it simple is not. this is not economics it is politics. they ran sending -- corporation, make that rich pay more tax increase part of
8:20 am
infrastructure bill is an excuse if they pass this stand alone spending bill they would stand lean tax bill they would this is about getting a pound of flesh not paying for rimgs and bridges. >> before pandemic 50-year low a lot of policies implemented by the previous administration what kept us afloat got us through the horrible period of the pandemic. and then all of a sudden we pour cold water on that thanks so much for joining us he sharing insight we want to see what happens with all of this very concerning will have impact on the are in american people thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> cog up all-star strike owl mlb political points to move midsummer classic is going to hurt atlanta businesses we are on this all morning, plus the hot housing market, being who is most likely to buy if you are selling a home right now? that is next. stay with us. been hard to think about the future. but thinking about the future, is human nature.
8:21 am
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that's . . jackie: welcome back a hot housing market looking up for sellers buyers, investors use time to buy up single family homes above asking price with plans to rent or phillip new home making it hard for ordinary americans to -- what do you think of this we've seen so many trends shift people moving, because of the pandemic, and, we don't exactly know how it is going to play out but yeah prices are up demand is pretty hot in some areas. >> demand through roof people with homes sitting there saying if i sell my house i can get a great price but where am i going to move what am i going to do next? i think part of what is being restricting so many supply millennials want houses a generation had a vision of being in the city urban
8:25 am
environment, that sort of -- dense living coronavirus hits they say you know what i want a house. i want space, vision i have isn't reality we are in makes for a hot market, tough if you are a buyer out there right now, i mean you've got to get on it yesterday, if you want a house that wasn't even close to what you could have gotten a fie years ago. >> cities seeing asking prices people just get whatever asking or properties bid up because so much demand in that area, but speaking of big cities they are seeing impact from this post-pandemic housing market that we're living in new york, everything mug mind-set sellers units selling for large discounts rather than waiting for buyers to come around a little bit your thoughts rob on the he long-term effects of all this on the marketplace. >> yeah, i think that is biggest question jackie what is long term for that we have to know what is going on with covid, do i think, to brian's
8:26 am
point remote workforce is here to stay meeting with clients used to live in skovl silicon valley moved out 6,000 dollars for rent twice the space that continues we move into cities for walkability everything is closed what are you walking to lonely in those places so how quick is new york going to reopen how quick is san francisco going to reopen it has to happen quick psyche is starting to change. jackie: it is not happening quick here brian brenberg i am walking around things look a little bit better certainly but not moving fast enough. >> i've got a interesting set of former students watch careers and lives change students came to new york city they wanted city live and i am watching them now, just opt out of the city he leaving, this is not what they thought it was going to be i feel looking at leading edge indicator with a lot of people around the country have
8:27 am
changed policy changed, house situation. >> city specifically i came here to do all these things i can't do them, it is so expensive, to live here to survive here to eat here, everything is just -- um -- you know outrageous but interesting to see what the mayor and governor decide they want to do with new york, as we go forward guys thank you for that. coming up hunter biden says laptop the center of the story big tech tried to suppress may actually belong to him critics respond next, how retro unopened super mario gain selling for huge price tag making a buzz this morning. ♪♪ ♪ .
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8:30 am
jackie: welcome back everybody i am jackie deangelis in for maria
8:31 am
bartiromo. it is he monday april 5 a look at markets this half hour ahead of the opening bell, futures pointing higher you can see the dow indicated higher by 245 points, we could see records, at the open, thanks to the strong march jobs' report, a markets closed for the good friday holiday but did end the week with all three major averages up european markets closed for day after easter in a asia overnight china hong honoring closed for holiday the nikkei, kospi both higher, of course, that strong u.s. jobs' report boosting optimism over the covid-19 recovery. the media big tech facing backlash over coverage of hunter biden laptop cheryl casone has details for us hi cheryl. cheryl: that is right jackie hello again, the president son addressing the story over the weekend watch. >> was that your laptop. >> for real i don't know. >> you know that is -- >> really don't know. >> the answer. >> okay. >> hunter saying laptop could
8:32 am
be his months after "new york post" bombshell report was dismissed as russian disinformation by big tech companies he says he will be cleared of wrongdoing by probe into his finances. >> it feel to resume in the murder trial of cheerek chauvin former police officer facing 40 years in prison for death of george floyd minnesota congresswoman says city on edge the trial reopening emotional rundz from floyd's death last may gamestop cashing in on frenzy the company announcing going to sell 3.5 million shares to raise up to one billion dollars part of the turnaround plan gamestop has lost you roughly 13% stores in pandemic looking to focus more on technology, premarket interesting move on this stock, 13 1/2%, as you can
8:33 am
see, 165.70 has 400 bucks pro golferback in the winner scribbling after four year drought at 2021 texas open yesterday first win on pga since 201712th now fifth player in 40 years to win 12 or more titles before turning 28 tiger woods, phil mickelson in that group, to augusta national for masters starts thursday i normally don't watch golf but you know what i am watching this weekend. jackie: very sweet win for him looking forward to seeing the masters thank you so much, mlb facing backlash after moving al stare out of atlanta in response to state voting law the chief in nearby cobb county saying will loss a hundred million dollars in revenue because of this
8:34 am
decision, even voting rights advocates stacy abrals saying she wove preferred not to boycott instead calling for organizations stay in georgia and fight joining me woek inc author, good to see you the pressure feeling to do so, and whether or not you know even stacy abrams point whether or not it solves anything. >> let's put aside the economic impact here, i think solidarity people in america depends on existence of apolitical spaces all of us can come together republican, democrats black white doesn't matter, baseball used to be one of those places sad to say "no" long er the case president biden wanted to unify the country part of unifying means keeping spaces
8:35 am
intack as we saw nba loss as a space to knee mlb join ranks as welcome. >> economic repercussions to this georgia backlash meeting seem to think focus will turn to other states, including texas, or new york, the texas state senate passing, its own sweeping election bill last week limiting early voting hours banning drive through ballot allowing poll watchers to record suspicious voters your reaction to some of this. >> i it spreads like infection from state to state other only debates about statute that is democracy but companies to use force as a way of forcing the hand of each state legislatures that is corruption in democracy something else as welcome applies to sports association this is particularly hypocritical president biden calling on mlb to potentially o boycotting atlanta silent the whether human rises biases
8:36 am
stay in place in china, participating in to 22 that hypocrisy when china versus georgia remiemgdz me 2019 what disney did, in 2019 said new abortion law and might have trouble if i amming in forward yet chaifrnging -- xinjiang province the height of uighur atrocity they -- i think that two-faced hypocrisy is undermining united states globe stage tearing fabric apart. >> a great angie i want to bring my panel in your thoughts on issue question. >> quite honestly absolute truth, two-faced politics what is going on right here, i think we talked about earlier, the people that are really getting hurt i think this is
8:37 am
being done, especially for minorities, right where suppressing minority rights look at small bigs owners, that are minority owned businesses what about those guys now, that losing 100 million dollars not about minority it is about politics, like you said, it is apolitical people getting into this shouldn't be in it, casting influence really impacting minorities in a negative way. >> my view is you don't like -- debate in legislature you don't like people voting for the law great vote next time around do not use force of the market to infiltrate our political process do not destroy apolitical institutions that ultimately would have brought it together our solidarity of people democracy depends on that if that is how it goes presupposition is gone, let's not forget about protecting the institution we rely on in order for democracy to rely on some are outside politics.
8:38 am
>> why do you think big corporations are starting to make statements drawing line in the sand to certain extent right now why do you think this trend is happening this particular moment in time used to be this idea maybe better not to get involved making political statements we serve everybody, as you know, a corporation. >>ia look i think this is a way of corporations for distracting public, take coca-cola there is a debate to be had in america about the impact of their products on all people including black communities instead not able to stand up for black communities not for making products, instead standing up for voting rights law that allegedly impacts communities of color in a differential way, big tech grabbed bargain each one agrees to look other way in return get something out of that trade that isn't going to last long that is tearing apart at sooemdz needs to be called out so american
8:39 am
peel can see it for what it is. brian: look at mlb say they stand against voter suppression they never bothered, ever to make the case for why what is happening in gav is voter suppression they ignore that completely, they are only concern is to make sure they are on the right political side of the question do you think that customers and fans are going to start to see that, and respond in ways we have never seen before to the way they are being treated right now. >> i do i think sad when we see it now from the -- from one economy where everyone come together two economies people keep a part conservative owners in baseball fans, new -- i don't know sad to see if we did two different economies as republicans see emergence two
8:40 am
different internet deeper division more permanent than partisan politics always had partisan politics the difference spreading like infection epidemic in united states of its own fracturing our commercial life actually part of what brought us together before i do worry to answer your question i do think we may see unprecedented consumer backlash worse for us too going to further fracture us even in spaces we otherwise used to be able to come together, as at least consumers, now we can't do that either. jackie: good point so much to think about thank you so much for your time this morning. nice to see you. good to see you. jackie: coming up smv world finance going to tell you where in other gen zers are heading online for advice that is next you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪♪ you want a hybrid.
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8:45 am
joining me now to discuss credit sr., analyst, i am user when i initially thought about this i thought advice for gain game on social media that may not be best in the world. >> that could o potentially be dangerous advice i would say that across the board there is no one medium going to have good financial advice for another that is always going to have bad financial advice i think more about what do you the survey results showcase that a lot of people are not getting enough, financial information one in three u.s. adults say not getting any financial information at all. >> and, unfortunately, financial literacy is lacking in schools a lot of us seem to go it on our own a mixed bag temperatures that web site or friend or family member giving good or bad advice? it depends.
8:46 am
>> do you think that just being the nature gen z would make sense social media online becomes number destination for age dproouns. >> i think they've moved back in large part partnering with technology companies a decade ago talking about occupy wall street really deep distrust of banks which a changed seven in 10 u.s. adults trust banks look at apple partnering with goldman sachs on a credit card, we see it seems people trust companies banks riding coattails. >> why isn't this enough done on financial literacy talked about this for ages more needs to be done to radiates people
8:47 am
through the system, all of a sudden not bombarded by everything why do you think this is in the curriculum, too bad half states that have any sort of stand alone personal finance course mandated k to 12 it is vague i think the guidelines are not very clear a lot of people not getting enough financial literacy i would love that to change in the meantime we need to don o you are -- own survey found most common financial future is yourself speak out give perspective i think seek out a lot of different advice blend to personal circumstances everybody is different find out what works best for you get this information out. >> you have to be motivated to seek it to your point. >> i was going to say i have been wealthy management space
8:48 am
25 years, traditional space lost where we are going out there providing access where collaboration transparency first two months more signed up an ever seen at all what they like is that high quality information, engage with each other transparency instead of handing off to financial adviser they do everything they learn nothing new generation wants to be educated have a voice in choice more and more platforms are going to become the normal. >> i think we see that with advisories superpopular the fact having conversations good thing even though might be risky to bet everything on bitcoin, maintain stock the silver lining at least we are talking about this so many apps tools that are helping with this ultimately i think that is a good thing, i just think it is really important for people to match that with personal circumstances, because everybody's finances
8:49 am
are different your values, your net worth where you have been where you are going, bring into context of what are your goals how do we get there. jackie: brian put on protector hat what are your thoughts. brian: i think it starts with ethos in this country says it is your responsibility to manage your financial situation the problem we have losing that, instead of somebody else's problem to pay my debt manage financial situation if you want to invest you go the to make a budget, i just see a lot of kids coming up have never done that before nobody ever talked to them about a budget if you don't know how to budget never going to invest your monday wisely. >> there is a lot of sense every entitlement i talk to a lot of to exhave no idea what their spending what finances look like scary on basics, thank you for your time this morning really great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> okay, coming up how retro
8:50 am
unopened super mario game from 80s selling for a huge price, the number is making a buzz this morning. ♪♪ ♪
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jackie: time for the morning buzz forgotten treasure sets record unopened copy of super mario brothers selling for 660 thousand dollars you heard right most ever paid for a video game seller bought game in 1986 as christmas gift forgot about it in a desk
8:54 am
drawer one of the most well preserved copies known to go up for professional auction game still in its plastic investment items off beaten path. >> they grade everything seems like everything you apply can be grade sold at auction crises to be at age you think about toys you had as a kid ever one probably auctionble if you left them in the package all i can think about super mario brothers played game took cartridge out blow on it make it work you remember those as the. jackie: i remember that. >> now he more than half a million dollars. >> -- interesting to get your take something left in a drawer literally forgot about netted a lot of money. >> i definitely remember blowing on those if you get
8:55 am
too much spin on them ruin them you have to buy a new one a challenge we heard about mother's throwing abay baseball cards i was smart enough to save baseball cards forced to sell mario brothers at garage sale i got that story the one got away. jackie: we leave it there, of course, more "mornings with maria" live on fox business right after this. ♪♪ ♪
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♪♪ jackie: the morning wilbur, tesla with shares jumping more than 7% after reporting record deliveries. the ceo, elon musk, saying great work by tesla team with special mention by tesla china. the market is set to soar by $50 million today and it's almost already the most valuable automaker. rob? >> i will continue to watch the trend if we see more mud feet-- money move into big tech jackie: your final thoughts? >> i'm watching the debate on mlb and watching how many people quit watching because of how things are going. jackie: of course looking at futures indicating a higher open on wall street, dow jones by 248 points after we saw the blowout job number friday when markets were closed so investors
9:00 am
seemingly reacting and at this point there seems to be optimism in the market without about vaccinations and covid-19 recovery with earnings season as well and a lot to look forward to. thank you, rob and brian that does it for us. "varney & co." is up next. ashley, over to you. ashley: good morning and thank you. i'm ashley webster in for stuart varney on this easter monday and here's the big story, we are learning treasury secretary janet yellen is expected to call for a global minimum corporate tax rate as president biden was that corporate tax rate increased to 28%. and as jackie mentioned, look at the futures a rallying on friday's blowout jobs reports with the markets closed friday so they could not react, but they are reacting today positive with the dow jones up to a third nine


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