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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 4, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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the doctor last night may have worked. she's apparently no longer worried about impending doom. listen. what's wrong with autism especially it's based on scientific numbers. thanks for watching couple. please have a great evening. we will have a see you tomorrow. >> when will it save to totally reopen its compounded causing makers and health experts across the country. one thing is crystal clear, debate unfolds, the american people are impatient for answers after a brutal year. who will provide the answers? i am guy bunton, and for kennedy this week. today is opening day for major league baseball. yankees lost. on opening day, much of the country is still closed. fans across the nation trickled into semi- full stadiums, the president criticized rangers for allowing every seat to be filled.
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>> that's a decision they made, i think it's a mistake. they should listen to doctor fauci and the scientists and experts but i think it's not responsible. guy: this is about way more than just baseball. lockdowns have been psychologically damaging and draining for many americans especially kids. suicide and mental health issues have skyrocketed and the solution is vaccines, we are told and i agree. there have been bumps along that road as well. rollouts have been uneven at best in many states in the fight over so-called vaccine passports emerges as the next big political flashpoint. lawmakers say no way including ron desantis this week says he does not support any kind vaccine passports. watch. >> you have to show that? no. want to go to a game? no themepark? no. we are not supportive of that.
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what to guard the hen house? give me a break. it's something that has huge privacy implication. guy: a vaccine passports would be an invasion of privacy could open the door to increase government and corporate tracking of americans. there are very few easy answers to this so where do we start? when can we expect to see opening day for the usa? joining me now, former republican new jersey governor christie governor, it's great to see you. >> good to see you, too. thanks for having me. guy: start here, the polling i think this is a good development, has shown vaccine skepticism as plummeted. people previously not sure they would get, all of them are coming and saying okay, i am in but among the hold up, people think they're not going to get the vaccine, the opinion has calcified within that group, what is your message to those americans tonight? >> is twofold. first, your right to have
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questions. americans ask questions and they should let's listen to the facts. the facts here are clear. normally when you get a prescription drug approved in this country, it's takes 10000 people in a clinical trial. these vaccines have had, each one of them, more than 43000 people in a clinical trial. no one has died from the vaccine. there's been no instances of really serious long-term reaction to the vaccine. the second piece is this whole thing is so random. was supposed to be the safest place in america about the white house where everybody is getting tested every day, can't tell where you're going to get. i had two relatives in the early 60s, both in excellent health, working in new jersey, physical labor every day, they both got covered in wound up in the
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hospital, they both wound up intubated in four weeks ago, within a week, they both died the effects range. the vaccine is like putting your safety belt on in a car. it's not guaranteed one 100% you won't be injured or die in a car accident but it makes it much less likely so that's why i think people should go get the vaccine. guy: during the opening, you heard talking about vaccine passports and people are concerned, debating about, lawmakers and politicians weighing in, do you have a strong view on this? where you come down on that? >> i do. i think it's too much big government. at the end of the day, we going to have to trust the american people. vaccine asked for "issue is" implying the american people will lie whether they are vaccinated or not. everybody makes a decision what they want to require when somebody comes into the stadium
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but to say the american people will lie and as a result we get to have a passport or you know about my health status in that way, i think that probably violates hitler if it were required certainly is another part of the government for the american people. >> about the private sector, the government. >> private sector businesses have the right to put requirements on what they want to do, conditions of employment but they have to be reasonable. they have to apply for the law but i think it's something each business should take a strong work out because if you don't trust your employee to tell you the truth about whether they are vaccinated or not, why they working for you in the first place? >> i know you are a big baseball fan, you joined the board of directors, congratulations on
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that, i hear you've got a new shortstop. are you excited about that? >> yes, our owner did a great job last night securing francisco for the rest of his career. ten year contract but i think is a great player and i am excited. i am thrilled the actions of the owner. guy: on the baseball subject, president biden yesterday at this time, he was asked about calls for major league baseball to take away and withhold the all-star game scheduled for a dental because of the georgia elections law it's been signed into law by the republican governor, passed by the republican legislature in the process of endorsing basically this boycott, the president lied about what's in the law the law is worse than jim crow which is an astonishing thing to say what
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is your reaction to what we've heard from the president on this front? >> i and drink comics, they talked about bringing the country together. lying about the actions of another government official is not only not bringing people together, he accused president trump about throughout the campaign so here he is doing exactly what he accused president trump of doing during the campaign and doing it in a way that really bad. even the washington post got the report. the washington post. listen, the georgia law is a reasonable law, a smart law it still stuns me and i democratic legislature, i have to show id to go into an office building for an appointment but i don't
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have to show id to vote? i don't understand. guy: overwhelmingly popular among the american people including people of color. poll after poll shows that and yet we are told voter suppression, we'll have more coming up in a moment. last subject. there's a lot of attention, rightly so on governor cuomo and the state of new york, nursing home issues, the cover that seems to keep getting worse for him but lost in the shuffle somewhat is the debacle on nursing home deaths in your state of new jersey under your successor, governor phil murphy, democrat. you feel like that is part of this outrage has been lost because of the attention on this side of the river? >> it's absolutely been lost. new jersey has had a higher rate of death than anyplace else in america. not just nursing homes but a higher rate of death than anyplace else in america. it's been horribly misunderstood
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in the statement governor murphy has been able to fly under the radar because governor cuomo initiative was getting so much attention based upon his press conference and the rest not based upon the investigations. his best friend in the world has been answering while in terms of securing what's going on in new jersey. it's an outrage, hardly mishandled. the health commissioner has been an abomination and the people of new jersey are continuing to go along and follow the direction of the governor but he's going to face the voters in november and see what happens. >> you know very well. governor chris christie of new jersey, by state governor, great to see you. >> thanks for having me on. great questions and a great program. guy: appreciated. meanwhile we talked about getting back to the subject, corporate america is throwing
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its weight around in georgia trying to bully the state to repeal its voter id law and other election related provisions with condemnation and vague threats, delta and coca-cola called the law unacceptable georgia fights back, house republicans in the state voted this afternoon to revoke a delta tax break amid the on going back and forth. who gets to make the laws in georgia? national brands or elected leaders? let's get into that with tonight panel starting with independent women's forms senior fellow and district media group president beverly hallberg and recent editor at large and cohost of the fantastic : podcast, matt welsh. also democratic strategist and former biden campaign surrogate, kevin wally. beverly, i want to start with you because i am open to conversation about different provisions of the law in georgia, are there pluses, are there minuses fine but when you have the president of the united
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states, the biggest bully pulpit in the world, and say this is worse than jim crow segregation, straight up racism, separate water fountains, back at the bus, worse in his estimation. i am sort of blown away he's gone so little blowback because it's an outrageous insulting thing to say. >> is astonishing. a huge disservice to black americans who lived under jim crow law to experience horrific abuse and also segregation so to make any comparison to that does a disservice to them but beyond that, just labeling it racist or, labeling is never getting to the complexity and what relevant and democrats are concerned about, voter integrity. democrats were concerned about
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voter integrity in 2016 and in 2020, many replicants were as well so now you have joe biden claiming it may be good for the all-star game to move out of atlanta. who does that help? the boycotts help? it doesn't help georgians who plan to work the oven, maybe hospitality industry without they would make up losses, financial offers they had during covid, there's a reason why stacey abrams came out and said the boycotts are harming the people, they say they are trying to help them. i don't understand the game plan other than to say it's a long push for changes on the federal issue, federal legislation, hr one, i think that's what they are ultimately pushing. >> you say relic of jim crow, that's almost welcomed demagoguery compared to what biden said which is worse than jim crow. jim crow on steroids which is historically illiterate. kevin, i understand you probably don't support the law but shouldn't president biden not
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lie about the law? he was last week in a press conference making statements about what was in the legislation involving what he said was curtailing of voting hours on voting day to target workers and it turned out that was absolutely false, fact checked by the washington post, for pinocchio's and yesterday he came back out and said the same complete law again trying to bring the whole thing as jim crow or worse, shouldn't he at least tell the truth in his criticisms? >> i think we all need to tell the truth. if it's a wrong statement, it's a wrong statement but let's have a debate about voter process not just in georgia but across the u.s. and beverly's points in terms of boycotts, as well within the corporations duty to their shareholders and the people they serve they want to express themselves in this way, that is a conservative argument and it worked and state we saw that past anti- lgbt laws whether it's north carolina or
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indiana, it moved the ball down the field in terms of replacing those governments so corporations think on doing that with regard to this voter id, voter suppression law that i believe it is and will have a debate and hopefully we will on the national level because we are talking about tonight. >> it expands early voting, it doesn't limiting, we can cause depression if we want to. i know democrats are eager to call it that but much more nuanced than that and i feel we are losing the ability and maybe it's not new but it feels worse than ever, we can't just say there are there arguments made on both sides and not race to yelling is a jim crow all over again or worse. >> as we saw with the former president and the way he discussed voting voter fraud in georgia and elsewhere, nuance really is in the realm at this time, it should be there and i think it's important for all of us to work backward not from the froth that happens politically, even the broth of the president which is a lie, crazy.
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it's not jim crow, stop it. really. don't but in two all-star games and stuff, don't. that's all true but we start with the goal law itself, is a good? coca-cola is annoying for various corporations say this about georgia but are they doing business in china? are going to make that comparison? the obscene thing here is not what the corporations did, it's what the house did in georgia to punish a company because their political statement, that's where we are. republicans using the power of government to punish people, to revoke their previous corporate giveaways and saying no, we only give away to people who say things we like. no, this is sickness. we are sick in this country right now the way we use politics as a favorite system,
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this is a 19 19th century crab we are doing and not just in terms of race but ward healer stuff going on so we got to stop all of that. >> i hate to interrupt but we are up on a break and the panel returned later and we appreciate the thought. coming up, shocking new video and this is awful from the border showing smugglers dropping two little girls over the boardwalk and abandoning them. what kind of person does that and what can we do to stop the search? , eyes acting director, thomas, joined me to discuss the heartbreaking situation next. discover the replenishing power of new pronamel mineral boost. teeth need natural minerals to keep enamel healthy, strong, and white. but every day, acidic food and drink can wash these minerals away, weakening and dulling enamel over time. pronamel mineral boost protects teeth by working with your mouth to boost absorption of calcium and phosphate which naturally strengthens enamel. pronamel mineral boost helps keep teeth strong,
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and males measuring more than 40 inches may have insulin resistance. to learn how to reverse insulin resistance and lose weight effectively, go online to once again, that's customs and border patrol releasing disturbing video of human smugglers dropping two little girls over the boardwalk. look at this. you're going to see a smugglers dropping her on the ground below for patrol fence is 14 feet high and dropped the other child and hold over what appears to be a bag. smugglers take off of the cover, fleeing, leaving her stranded in the dark alone. officials say the two children thankfully doing okay today fox's peter dusek tangled with white house press secretary general talking over what the
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administration is doing to stop this kind of thing. >> the white house considered beating up border security, a 3-year-old being thrown over the wall new mexico. >> beefing up border security. >> this video of a 3-year-old. >> i've seen video and i think anybody who saw the video incredibly alarmed by smugglers, once we've been familiar with the spoken out about, concerned about secretary mayorkas says, smugglers abused children while profiting off children is criminal and reprehensible. the president agrees with that. >> the video of kids getting tossed over the border fence and the overcrowded detention facilities, what is the white house going to change the approach to this crisis of their own making? here to comment on this, thomas homan. good to see you.
8:22 pm
the question haunting me watching the video, if we didn't happen to have cameras trained on that part of the wall at the moment and the smugglers dropped two toddlers basically over the wall to fend for themselves on american soil in the middle of the night, what would have happened to those kids? >> first of all, jen psaki forgot one thing, secretary mayorkas also said loving parents send their children to the border which is a ridiculous statement. putting your kids in the hands of traffickers smugglers, it is plain dangerous, inhumane first of all. second, thank god the kids are safe but people are always asking, why do you get so angry when you do interviews? if they have seen what i have seen, they would be angry, too. i've stayed in the tractor trailer with the boy who
8:23 pm
suffocated, 177 degrees in a steel box. i went through the scene and saw that. it changed me forever. i rescued smugglers who tortured and killed migrants, i wrestled with smugglers, these people are criminals and ruthless. but the biden administration has done getting rid of tom's policies, they've given the green light to a child chopper and smugglers, these policies, the biggest celebration of the biden presidency, criminal cartel, back in business. guy: on that, i know there's attention paid to the kids and detention facilities and unaccompanied minor crisis, but an extremely important piece of the christ at the border but am i right to assume when you have our system overwhelmed, personnel overwhelmed by
8:24 pm
children, that steals crucial resources from other elements of border security in a way that can help lead dangerous groups like cartels and human traffickers? >> great question. a lot of people are talking about that so glad you're asking. my three decades of investigation show the cartels, first of all, drug cartel, when they come through, they've got to pay the cartel and get permission to operate. with the cartels you, they instruct them, send 100 in this area at this time because they know they're going to tie the patrol up so when they do, that's when they move narcotics and gang members and those who don't want to be caught, they go to that part of the border. i was there the last four days, the first night out i saw 200 aliens apprehended by border patrol. they recognized him and started talking to him and i asked,
8:25 pm
right now all the border patrol agent around 200 people, where is the nearest place right now? they said 3 miles down. three open miles of border, the cartel move drugs and they say we know it. it's frustrating. guy: they are cunning, sally and know how to exploit this stuff in our system is overwhelmed over here and bad stuff is happening over there. appreciate your insights tonight. thank you. guy: coming up, brand-new details about the special treatment governor cuomo, his brother, liberal cnn host received at the peak of the pandemic. and the doctor who reportedly spent hours at chris romo's home instead of coordinating covered tests in nursing homes. that plus breaking news about the governor's book deal. after the break. ♪♪ how great is it that we get to tell everybody
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they were treated like royalty. washington post releasing a report detailing the special treatment and priority testing, andrew cuomo's inter- circle last year. according to nurses a testing site early march 2020, at least 100 people refer to as priorities specials and crackles were able to have the sample rushed to the front of the line all in the face of overworked staff and scarce supplies. top state doctor was dispatched to assist the governor's brother, cnn liberal opinion host, chris cuomo at his home in the hamptons. a spokesperson for the government denied the claims, neither the younger romo nor anyone at his network mentioned in the of this unfair ignored
8:31 pm
coverage of the woman who has come forward with accusations of misconduct against the governor. surprise surprise. ethics investigation by the state attorney general going to be enough to bring the government down? joining me to discuss, fox news senior meteorologist who lost her in-laws to covered in new york nursing homes. i want to get your reaction first two breaking news tonight from the new york times moments ago the new article is entitled, here is the headline, as cuomo sought $4 million deal, aids damaging death toll. this is all. >> it says it all. just added to the list of impeachable possible middle impacts the cover should face. it's disgusting. when i heard him writing a book, i thought it was a joke. work governor in the middle of the pandemic, losing thousands
8:32 pm
upon thousands of people new york state, including those who died in nursing homes, what governor would like a book, this one? it should be a fiction book. with all of it, inaccuracies provide in the book and the fact that he got $4 million is despicable. guy: millions of dollars and here's a piece of this that i think is interesting, all along we've been talking about the political reasons wall may have had to cover up nursing home scandal and make it go away goose the numbers, hide the real data. he's a politician doing it for political reasons if you get a huge book deal in the premise of the book is how good i am on this issue, as a potential financial incentive here for that cover up as well. >> he gained financially from the loss of my in-laws,
8:33 pm
basically and i hope he wrote on leadership used against him in the court of law. guy: i want to go to the timeline here. the time, newspaper in albany, they reported about this special treatment about a week ago, cuomo's team denied it. here's part of the denial, it's an insecure effort to rewrite the past. then we have the washington post story we talked about a moment ago that not only confirmed this happened but added to the reporting, more details including the fact that there was a vip separate database for testing samples for the vips and these prioritized cases have connections to the governor. i want to read to you from the story, here's one line i think particularly applies to something you spent a lot of time speaking about, from the
8:34 pm
washington post, with got the clip here, top state physician whose pandemic portfolio involved coordinating testing nursing homes was dispatched multiple times to the hamptons home chris cuomo, the governor's brother and testing visits that sometimes stretched hours according to two people with knowledge of the consultation. here is a top official supposed to be coordinating testing for nursing homes being dragged to the hamptons to give special service to chris cuomo. >> test could have saved lives. the end. guy: very briefly about the blackout on one of our competitor networks where chris cuomo works, a lot of this stuff is not coming up, i understand he's not talking about it. apparently no one else is either. your response to that? quickly. >> of course not. this was the same shop that
8:35 pm
brought us the romo brothers comedy show. why would they bring up anything that could be used against them both of them. guy: there was one show, all of a sudden an ethical problem. they did it for a long time and now the news turned negative, that can't happen anymore and crickets from everyone else over the. appreciate it. keep up the fight. >> thank you. guy: when we come back, decade-long debate over whether colleges should pay their athletes will finally get it day in court. that's tomorrow. could players be compensated beyond scholarships and other perks? march madness of the supreme court. court. the panel returns and momen ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪
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feeling sluggish or weighed down? allstate it could be a sign that your digestive system isn't working at it's best taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so you can feel lighter and more energetic metamucil. support your daily digestive health. and try metamucil fiber thins. a great tasting and easy way to start your day. should college athletes get paid like the pros? ncaa basis off, supreme court
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tomorrow in a case that could change everything for college athletics. college athletes who want compensation. they do generate billions of dollars for the sport and now supreme court justices will hear arguments on whether colleges restrictions on the benefits athletes receive violate antitrust laws. hogan and democratic lawmakers are working to make student athlete compensation reality under federal law march madness going to end with a big payday for student athletes? let's discuss the panel is back. robbie, i take a bit of a different view on this than a lot of conservatives, i see arguments on both sides but i see this # some of the students use, not ncaa property. okay, they are not. no one forces students to go to college, except these scholarships, to go play athletics, they can try to go pro but they don't try to immediately because they see clearly some value beyond full
8:41 pm
rights and perks of student athletes to perform high-level on a big stage in front of a lot of people, i'm not sure the victimhood on some elements of this is being sold in a fair way. what you think? >> you and i agree on most things. on this, i am quite sympathetic to the athletes except for the very top most elite best athletes, a lot of these students get a raw deal in my mind because there's a bit of trickery on the part of the team and the college saying you should do this, it will be great for you, focus on sports, not athletics and etc. and then at the end, what do they have to show for it? especially if they're not making money. i'm sympathetic to the idea they can even make money off merchandise depicting them i think that doesn't strike me as there. i'm not sure what they will decide, the legal matter is a different thing but i feel for a
8:42 pm
lot of these kids and i don't like the way it handled even a college level. guy: using their likeness or name, that is trickier to make the argument this is why i think good athletes should go to good schools and get good education and have the best of both worlds at northwestern university, go cats. lastly, i'm a traditional, i love college sports so much, or not going to carry water for ncaa, i know there are problems but i don't want to see college sports blowup so that's part of why i'm hesitant or have trepidation of big changes. >> now i can't take you to the bahamas because no offense, no interest in sports at all being from boston, red sox in the series, i'll watch the final game, if the patriots are playing in the super bowl, i'll watch, i'm one of them. [laughter] my son is an athlete and i have
8:43 pm
to say if he went to a university or college that offered him a scholarship and some of the kids get cars and things, they bust there but when they are at these schools to be the top athlete, they bring in millions of dollars including the swag out there that has their likeness and name on it and yes they get the car in for education but the school gets millions, why shouldn't they get a little piece of it? what is somebody go to college and not to probe? one, it can help them be a better athlete. two, in the nfl, they are a little fish in a big aquarium in class, they get the degree. guy: perks or competition quickly alex, last thoughts. >> i think the goal here is going to be to balance out the interest of the player what everybody is interest is,
8:44 pm
maintaining the collegiate atmosphere, nobody wants to see a parallel pro sports so i think the states get involved. guy: i think some would love to see it become a minor week, i don't want to see that but that is the rub here for a lot of people. speaking of getting paid, are you interested in great other a hot salary? it may pay to be a lifeguard, especially and los angeles county according to a new report, a number of la-based lifeguard reagan huge box. eighty-two lifeguards made more than $200,000 in 2019. seven. hello. seven made more than 300 cake and top corner will in nearly $400,000. a lot of it is coming at taxpayer expense so is it excessive? is over the top or totally chill? robbie, first question, is
8:45 pm
$392,000, the top salary or wage earned by one of these lifeguards in 2019, 392k, is that more than the actual actors on baywatch made? [laughter] >> that's what i wonder. it sounds like a lot to run on the beach in slow motion. i don't know, maybe they saved 1 million people from shark attacks, i tend to doubt it. it seems pretty steep because the highest-paid person probably is just coordinating the schedule for the lifeguards or something so i have questions. that's all i'm saying. >> are we in the long wrong line of work? [laughter] >> die, we are from new jersey, does the average salary of a municipal employee. it's not enough to make this girl blush but i see why they are concerned. guy: leslie, i did some of the in the weeds reading on this, out of the top 20 earners of
8:46 pm
these l.a. lifeguards, only two were women. are you you going to put on your read one piece in slow motion run to protest? [laughter] >> okay, first of all, if i put anything on, it would be, i've got to get my body in postcode shape to apply for that job because i know people think i make tons of money but that's a good salary, i have to look into that but they do save lives. two of my friends lost their son and there's a statue of him, he was saving somebody's life and drowned but it's a lot of money when you look at it in comparison to other lifesavers records teachers or first responders like police and firefighters but most of the money, you know is overtime and that's something various districts could show. guy: robbie, is this a year-round think? is a seasonal?
8:47 pm
two, three, 400 cake? that's amazing. >> it sounds like a pretty good deal, especially, a raw if the beaches have even totally been opened this past year. health authorities trying to scare anyone for going into the water, being outside is safe. so yes, please go back to the beaches, maybe don't tip your lifeguard, that seems unnecessary given what we learned. guy: if i'm at the beach, light reflecting off my incredibly white body, it would blind people, it's a disaster, i could never do this job. i don't can properly but the sally salary is impressive. i'm probably going to go to the beach as often as i can to get my money's worth, apparently for what they care people pay people out there. alexander, robbie, leslie, fun time tonight. the funnel continue as we slow
8:48 pm
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nba utah jazz had to make an emergency landing after the teams plane reportedly smashed into a flock of birds. officials say no injuries were sustained, the birds were unavailable for comment. this is a tropical storm. topic one, in tulsa, oklahoma, two horses on the loose type traffic and led police on a slow speed chase. let's watch. and they are off. there's round beauty in the lead followed closely by white privilege. sadly i got on the cop cars. when is is saying is the best bronco chase since 1994. actually the horses would have gone faster but they saw a billboard, they thought it was the speed limit. this is what happens when you defund police, they are all out of laskos. and it to the cops though, it's a tough way to make a buck. eventually they cooperated with the cops, turn off the road but only because white privilege had to pee like a race horse. police say they were eventually
8:53 pm
corralled in a nearby parking lot and returned to the owner, they were given life in the pen. topic number two. an episode of spongebob squarepants has been pulled from nickelodeon for making a mockery of coronavirus which is chris almost job of course. in the episode titled quarantine crab the health inspector announces someone caught the clamp flu. i'm assuming progressives would argue promote racism against claims. the health inspector quarantines everyone inside the crusty crab restaurant. yet another embarrassment for gavin newsom but even the bikini bottom didn't outlaw indoor dining. thankfully all the little fish were fine because they spend their whole lives on in person school. lucky for her, sandy cheeks was already wearing face shield. doctor dodge he said if we all wear three space helmets and live in pineapples under the
8:54 pm
sea, he might let us that our dogs in 2028. you can't be too careful. i'm just glad nickelodeon hold the episode, i would hate to see america's kids become aware of covid, that could steal their innocence. topic three. a georgia man who got into a fight with his boss after quitting his job at an auto repair shop claims he received his final paycheck, $900, not in a check but greasy pennies, which is unusual because typically auto repair shops like to nickel and dime you. his boss first refused to send his final paycheck but after the threat of legal action delivered him wheelbarrow filled with 90000 oily pennies. even worse, he made sure they were all tails up for bad luck. the boss isn't all bad. i heard for holiday bonus, he gave his work as garbage bags filled with merlot. merlot is gross. he said he's been spending his time cleaning up the pennies that he can deposit them at the bank. the only downside, he has disturbing dreams about an oiled
8:55 pm
up honest abe. and topic number four. finally, joe biden, joe biden getting her own comic book. once again, she's more animated than her husband. jill bio, it will be called female force, not to be confused with governor cuomo's comic forced female. [laughter] the comic retraces jails childhood, her the white house and will explore her origin story of being bitten by a radioactive doctor. that's a little embellished but still more legit than how she became a doctor. a smash hit this morning joe biden said it was the best comic book he's ever read, and he especially loved the pretty pictures. the colic is actually out yet, he was referring to the daily briefing. now all they need is a strong super villain for doctor jill to do battle with. may i suggest major killer dog
8:56 pm
attacks officials with reckless abandonment or she could fight the staircase that assaulted her husband. good revenge plot line there. maybe you just stick to the classics like the joker. [laughter] we'll be right back. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. these are the people who work on the front lines. they need a network that's built right. that's why we created verizon frontline.
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the advanced network and technology for first responders. built on america's most reliable network. built for real interoperability. and built for 5g. it's america's #1 network in public safety. verizon frontline. built right for first responders.
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