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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 3, 2021 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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difficult time it's been for the capital everyone who works there and those who protect him. our thoughts and prayers are with the family of officer evans tonight as well as the other capital police officer that was injured in today's attack. have a good "the evening edit accounts with starts now. happy easter to you all. ♪ elizabeth: tonight we've got the update on a police o >> we have the update on a police officer in the suspect now dead after the suspect ran his car into two offices on capitol hill in washington today police say it does not appear tied to terrorism, we have the update. a study new forecast showing hob badly biden and the democrats broke the border, the number of unaccompanied children crossing this year will equal about the size of the entire population of fort lauderdale, this country has never seen this before, democrats you broke it, you own it this is an epic fail as board arrest of illegals hit a 15 year
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high, our guest tonight brandon judd, tomi lahren on the ground at thehe border former jordan wk unto georgia congressman alyssa farah along with charlie hurt and joe frank martinez, top border official tom homan telling alexandria ocasio-cortez if you don't understand the border, the national security issue, you should not be in congress she is in a big fight with senator tom cruise, ron desantis wording the biden administration stop releasing criminal illegals into florida the governor there now cracking down into the falsehood and misleading over george's new l voting law, it appears people aren't reading it but choosing to criticize it when it actually expands early voting and more lenient than the laws and democrat run blue states. george's top election official gate sterling repeated at present abiding for pressuring major league baseball to pull its all-star game out of georgia
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today calling biden's economic blackmail morally reprehensible and disgusting that joe biden is hurting workers, also senator lindsey graham told coca-cola ceo the dumbest in american history for not understanding and comprehending what vote reform laws are all about. we've got bullying and top attacks over all of this, is making it clear people are not reading the law including msnbc and anchors, we are finding more absurd government waste and bidens infrastructure spending blowout, little to no money to protect the power grade from cyber attacks from iran, north korea, russia all this and tax hikes, now has moderate house democrats nervous that they will lose in next year's midterm, hunter biden for the first time finally admitted to cbs that the notorious laptop at the center of multiple probes could be his, certainly could be his after months of dodging, you may
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wonder why does hunter biden seem to know minor details about his life from decades ago but not that he owned the laptop, jonathan is asking that, thank joining us i am elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now ♪ ♪. elizabeth: would begin on capitol hill where a suspect was shot dead after ramming his car into a barrier and attack capital police with a large knife one officer dead and he another injured, hillary vaughn on the scene as it unfolded, thank you for joining us tonight, what did you see. >> it was quite the scene on capitol hill as we saw capital police officer laying on theiv ground while other capital police officers tried to give him medical care until he could
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be put on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance but we also saw the suspect being wheeled away on a stretcher into an ambulance as well while he was bleeding profusely and in response to this attack the president has ordered flags at the white house to be lowered to half mass in honor of the two u.s. capital police officers that were attacked this afternoon at the capital and this evening we were getting new information about the identity of the man who was behind the attack, he read over the two capital police officers with his car, one of the officers is dead and the other is still in the hospital fighting for his life, police say they believe this man was a lone wolf a virginia resident 25 years old and he is dead after police fired shots at him to stop the attack, an investigation is underway and capital police are looking for answers of to what the man's motive was. >> it's with a very heavy heart
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that i announce one of ouras officers has succumbed to his injuries, this is been an extremely difficult time for u.s. capital police after the event of january 6 and now the events that have occurred here today. >> the police say they believe there's no time to terrorism but would not say what his mental state was if he appeared drunk or on drugs or other weapons with him besides the knife in his car police officers also say the two capital police officers that were injured before crashing into the barricade one has died in the officer has been identified as officer billy evans a member of the capital police force for 18 years and today people on capitol hill are mourning the loss of his life, most of the members of congress were away from capitol hill in
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their home district on spring recess but the attack hit close to home and theirir staff theres been an outpouring of reaction to the violence speaker pelosi saying congress stands ready to assist law enforcement with a swift and comprehensive investigation into the heinous attack senator marco rubio chiming in with other senators allting this we are horrified by the traffickingow cowardly attack on u.s. capital police in this evening were hearing for present abiding who said this we send our heartfelt condolences to officer evans family and everyone grieving his loss, we know whatt a difficult tool time it's been for the capital and everyone who works there and those who protect it and the investigation is ongoing president biden says he's getting frequent updates from the homeland security advisor as this investigation proceeds. elizabeth: thank you hillary vaughn reports coming in if no one green he's 25 years old may have lived in virginia described himself as a follower on his facebook page, thank you so much for joining us let's bring in,
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we will move on to the story brandon judd is joining us, it's good to have you on we have a legal immigrant arrested a 15 year high at the border democrat joe biden,, her scissors no border crisis unaccompanied children the size of the population of fort lauderdale crossing by the fall it sounds like a crisis. >> somebody to put the uniform on and patrols the border as well as represents all the rank and file border patrol agents nationwide i cannot tell you how frustrated i am to hear political rhetoric instead of actual solutions, they want to put blame on other people instead of coming up with what can be done to actually secure the border is not rocket science is been done in the past and we can do it again there is no political will from this white house to actually do with the american people want them to do to secure that border once and
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for all so we can stop talking about this. his people we have the young toddlers drop by human smugglers over the border wall sisters from ecuador border patrol say they're doing find the resilient, now we have the spike between new york democrat alexander oakley seo cortez and ted cruz aoc is saying ted cruz created the problem, what do you say. >> he did not, it is disgusting to know that if this would've been under the trump administration and these children were dropped, those two children were drop in 15 feet, look at your ceiling, double the height of that ceiling that ohio they were dropped they were not dropped onto a grassy surface they were dropped onto rock they could've been fiercely injured if not killed yet we don't hear pete from aoc, these are the policies that are allowing the democrat policies are allowing the criminal cartel to generate all these to drop the children on the ground from 16 feet in the year is disgusting and it's
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in moral the fact that they're not coming out and discussing the issue with clarity and truthfully. elizabeth: their politicizing with theirha own selfish interests, that's what they have been telling for the last 40 years they have routinely politicizing some broke the border now it's wide open human traffickers and drug smugglers creating humanitarian crisis but they don't want to admit to that, they don't want to admit to their own culpability in this, tom homan is going after alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> men and women put the uniform on and stand in the line. >> she came down when trump was president. >> absolutely but you haven't seen her since, the minute women of the border patrol say it's a surge the minute women a border patrol say it's a crisis that men and women say that these cartels are using these in the family unit across the border
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tie up their assets, assigned to the facility no longer on the line and these cartels are moving drugs and brought people to unguarded areas this is a national security crisis. >> when you break the border you risk millions of people coming here illegally being abused, assaultedd and killed by human traffickers and drug smugglers, that's the bottom line, what doe you say. >> politicians like aoc are unwilling to have an open conversation with the murky public they don't want them to phone their own opinion based upon the facts they want to use rhetoric to scare people againsa the conservative that want to protect them and kids in cases when is president trump instead of recognizing those facilities were built under obama and now it's happening under biden and saints of the to the effect that were only there we might as well use them, again she is not being honest in the left is not being
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honest with the american public to allow them to form their own opinions. elizabeth: let's listen to tucker carlson. >> it is interesting to come to a place where low iq race has an important voice in national policy, who cares what she thinks, she is totally reckless and she's a racist openly, i think the key to this is to think clearly about what's best for the united states obviously the border policy is a disaster it's been a disaster for a long time it does not serve the interest of most americans and it won't because people like that use the magic word which it racism to cow the rest of the country into submission until decent people shed their fear of being smeared by someone whose opinion you really shouldn't care about, we will never have a rational immigration policy.
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elizabeth: critics say enough with the race attacks america is not racist, america is humanitarian and generous, the race bullying by people like aoc undercuts their credibility, your final word. >> were the most compassionate country in the world we want immigration and we want toat welcome those who need help and yet aoc will pull out the race card instead of recognizing and more than half of the border patrol agents look just like her, border half of the border patrol or hispanic yet she says it's racist, has nothing to do with racism has to do with the rule of law and what's best for this country, how do we protect the american citizens of the american interest that's what it's about. elizabeth: thank you for joining us, we have fox nation host tomi lahren at the border in arizona, thank you so much forus joinings what do you see down there? >> this is actually a crisis but it's not a crisis in texas, a
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lot of people are talking about what's happening in the processing centers i understand that the crisis on its own but people need to understand what's happening in arizona is something that calls the god wait those individuals are quicker processing centers and not getting fingerprinted the completely undocumented, unvented and getting away, because border patrol resources are happy to be extended at these processing centers making them glorified babysitters and that's when the worst of the worst are coming through 48000 estimated since january and arizona loan, that's what i want to make a people to understand all the resources are going to processing centers that's what's coming there is the drug, the smuggling, the criminals, the worst of the worst in the criminal organization know this and they're exploiting it. elizabeth: thank you so much fok your terrific reporting from the border, come back soon it's good to see you, former georgia congressman tom price on the blowback against companies and media wrongly attacking george's innew voting law, stacey abrams
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georgia democrat baking companies to boycott georgia major league baseball said it will move its all-star game out of georgia after president biden pressured to do so atop election official said by did what you did is morally reprehensible. this fight next. >> i think critically at delta where the ceo, if they are going to get involved in get theirrt fingers dirty, the ceo absolutely totally blew it when they put out the initial statement i think that was accurate representation, guess what then they started listening to the radical left who started degrading them and delta paid the ransom by agreeing with them and saying this is unacceptable. ♪ we have a guestroom now. but we have aunts. you're slouching again, ted. expired. expired. expired.
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1:19 am
disgusting and morally reprehensible, biden pushed major league baseball to yank the all-star game out of georgia and mlb did that today, what is your reaction to the story. >> this is absolutely outrageous elizabeth this is mob rule at its best in the president's been absolutely deceitful, he has not read the bill he has not read the legislation, if you read the legislation he would not say what he said, the legislation provides 17 days of early voting more than many states including new york allows for drop boxes for absentee ballots in every single one of 159 counties in our states something that then' president states delaware, to no excuse absentee voting again something many states don't do including delaware, requiring at id for absentee voting so they that 35 other states do, this is
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absolute mob role in nonsense. and whatever happened what we may disagree with what do you say, but will fight to the death for your right to say no state is going to be pure with the guideline and the president has gone way off and hit the deceitful activity, this president this is actually unacceptable and i agree morally reprehensible. >> they ignored georgia democrat stacey abrams who is baking companies don'ts boycott georgia but we have 16 companies attacking george's news voting laws and as you know the new law expands early voting in case ballot boxes but their taxes are so vague and off-the-wall it seems like they did not read it they don't have the facts with it because george's law is evene more lenient than blue states it's more lenient than biden's home state of delaware, when you
1:21 am
see that, what is your reaction to the companies here. >> the companies are weak they have no spying whatsoever and when was it that the company's role to get into this without saying a thing before the vote in the legislature. we think this is i apprehensibl, stacey abrams is without fault, this is the logical conclusion, this is where things go mob rules and individual say you ought to boycott this and boycott that thanks on what 70 believes, this is extremely dangerous this is un-american, this is not democratic, if we continue to march down this road what we will have is absolute chaos in mob rules and at the end of the order in fact this is the road that were going down. elizabeth: one of the most dishonest campaigns in recent political history is enacting
1:22 am
rules less onerous and those in blue state, karl rove has noted that to the fight is getting so nasty, georgia moved to lawmakers tried to yank delta's tax rate over election law criticism but even delta ceo after he criticized said it does have ballot boxes in every county we have not seen that before and lots of other stuff like early voting so even the ceo delta is admitting, it looks like the voting system georgia wants now is pretty decent. >> he finally read the legislation were briefed on the legislation but are two united states senators were supportive of the boycott and supportive of moving major league baseball in all-star game out of o the state what kind of representation isor that for the state, this hasng gone a long way down the long road and what stateta is pure, i ask you what state is pure there
1:23 am
is no state in the nation that has laws that are consistent with what every single individual believes, all these laws come about based upon representation, individuals who compromise through the legislative process, some states it's more than others but that does not mean that you harm the individuals, who is is harming this is harming the small businesses in the workers at the stadium and the individuals in the small businesses surrounding the stadium who b would benefit from the kind of business that comes to the state during an event like this, this is so wrongheaded it does not make any sense at all and it's dangerous not just to her economy but dangerous to our nation. elizabeth: we hear you loud andr clear 35 states said yes to c voter id laws supreme court has upheld that, tom price it's good to see you, come back soon next that more government waste we are finding and president biden infrastructure spending palooza blowout, little to no money to
1:24 am
protect the u.s. power grid from cyber attacks all of this as tax hikes making moderate house democrats really nervous as they going to lose and next year's midterm, how speaker pelosi had to give up the gavel because of the boone dog tax hiking bill communication director is going to break it down next. ♪
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elizabeth: former white house communication director alyssa farah, it's great to have you on we see a lot of government waste in the biden infrastructure plan for things like a climate change civilian core, make school lunches greener but little to no money to protect the u.s. power grid from cyber attacks from north korea or russia, what is going on there. >> absolutely, it is great to be with you, quick review by senate republican found that less than 6% of the 2 trillion-dollar proposed infrastructure package actually goes to traditional infrastructures preparing roads and bridges, on top of that is you mentioned not dealing with the cyber security infrastructure one of the most crucial aspects of our national defense at a time when china ana russia are getting closer than ever the iranian shows it's not a serious infrastructure package
1:29 am
and ended up looking a lot more like a liberal wish list if you look at what's included in it, i also note that the pay for store this if you can call them back or additional taxes on the american people. elizabeth: let's stick on this for a second, you mentioned tax hikes, brian westberry economist said if you tax the upper bracket 100% young raised $618 billion this is two and a quarter dollar bill he will have to raise taxes on the middle class were seen nickel and dime taxes hitting the middle class and the stimulus t packages. , you see that coming, i think democrats are going to be nervous about losing the house and the midterms next year, what do you think is what happened. >> i think the biden white house is made a calculation like president obama did in 2008, 2009 that they would rather grim for a liberal priorities and
1:30 am
still have those houses of congress one thing i would knowe on the interesting tax hikes that hurt the middle class secretary buttigieg mentioned he wanted a mileage tax to pay for infrastructure, what that amounts to is attacks onn rural american, mostly middle income not low-income who live in like south bend, indiana where mayor pete was before he came to washington. that's going to be a tax hike that hit americans who cannot afford it right now not to mention it'll trickle down to other consumers using ridesharing apps and et cetera, this is put under the infrastructure but what it is is a lot off liberal priorities and a wish list they want to ram through. elizabeth: they talk about carbon taxes, fuel taxes, that will hit the middle class already gas prices have doubled since the trump administration, the other thing a lot of green energy product like solar panel are made in china but china
1:31 am
admits two times more carbon dioxide than the u.s., it is almost like the biden plan is to going to put more gsc in co2 into the atmosphere because of where the spending is going to go on the green energy products made by china, do you see that too? >> that was the point that we made in the trump administration when we point out, the biggest offender on the planet is admissions with china and nothing has hold them accountable, now wereac talking about further for the panel and it makes no sense it is actually going to contribute to the problem, this is minor infrastructure with a smart green energy policy, it's hidden tax likes on the middle class and on upper income earners in the elizabeth: thank you for joining us, come back soon. elizabeth: up next the heritage foundation han von spakovsky is fired up, hunter biden and
1:32 am
knitting that notorious laptop of the center of the probe could certainly be his, if he knows intimate details, minor details about his life froms decades agt how comes he can't remember this is his laptop we will break it down with han von spakovsky next. ♪
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aquaman: i dig it. harley quinn: that felt pretty great. elizabeth: with me now is the heritage foundation han von spakovsky, can hunter biden be believed he is finally saying to cbs certainly the last stop at the center of multiple probes the hunter talked about in december that it could certainly be his, they pointed this out to legal experts, he said hunter can reminder minor details from decades ago but now suddenly is the revelation of the laptop of his after months of dodging it
1:37 am
you cannot believe this guy here. >> he's just debating the truth, he doesn't remember whether he dropped off the laptop at a repair shop, that's a little bit hard to believe in the recent r book is not giving any details in the investigation that is currently going on by the justice department over possible tax evasion in the lot information came from the laptop. elizabeth: he found the format the repair shop and itic apparently had a sticker on it from a bidenot foundation, he is still dodging about it, if he can't remember details like that why would you buy his book? if he can't remember stuff like that why would anybody take it fiercely to buy his book this is like james comey james comey going on saying i don't recall you don't recall, if he says he
1:38 am
doesn't recall why would we buy your book. >> i agree with that and while he may be able to evade the question if used question directly by the federal agent, the federal investigators are in this, he's not going to be able to get that kind of an answer he's either going to have to give a yes or no and he could get to take the fifth amendment and give an answer one way or the other, you can potentially lie to a reporter and get attention but you cannot lie to federal agent. elizabeth: let's listen to was cbs.den >> certainly there could be a laptop out there that is stolen from me and it could be i was hacked and that there was russian intelligence, it could be that it was stolen from me. elizabeth: i guess he's been in d.c. so long that it could be
1:39 am
routine, that it could be routine, there was a serious pushback on the incomprehensible answer, the laptop has information about joe biden needing to reachri executives before joe biden pressured ukraine, had e-mails about the business dealings overseas china so he remembers all sorts of things but not that. go ahead. >> i was just going to say, again the invasive answers he is giving are just unbelievable, i have a hard time with the idea that he does not remember whether he dropped off the laptop to be repaired or not, instead it might've been stolen, if that was the case did he file a police report being stolen, clearly what i think is going on he doesn't want to admit that is is laptop because it has
1:40 am
potentially very important information and get him in a lot of trouble legally and potentially makes his father look very unethical in the way that they took advantage, the president and the vice president position to profit at the expense of the american taxpayer and basically they engage in profiteering and advantage of the vice presidents position. elizabeth: han von spakovsky thinking for joining us come back soon, the washington times charlie hurt iss ready to go on the media going a-wall on a major controversy the overreacting about others, we have the lift coming up. stay right there. >> coca-cola for h.r.1, you are the dumbest ceo in the history of america because of h.r.1 becomes a law valid harvesting
1:41 am
will be the law of the land states will be run by the most liberal people in washington they will be a federally funded election by liberal democrats, the federal election commission will be partisan, if you think that's a good deal for corporate america hard-working americans then you are crazy and you need to be fired. ♪
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a common virus that can cause cancer later in life. but there's a vaccine that prevents hpv and the six types of cancer it can cause. a vaccine that helps protect their dreams. get your sons and daughters the hpv vaccine starting at nine to keep cancer out of their futures. ♪ elizabeth: look who's back with us, washington time elizabeth: look who's back washington times opinion editor charlie hurtrl the media going a-wall on a lot of stories and going hysterical to react to others, networks not covering the story of human smugglers viciously dropping two little toddler girls ages three and five over a 14-foot border wall in d.c. only 41 seconds coverinc the story, how could you not cover humanitarian crisis, we
1:46 am
are showing images of the little girls right now, what do you say. >> i think of these people nevada democrats in washington as well simply do not care about instagram border and they don't care about american sovereignty the idea that we have a border and can enforce it, we have never in modern times seen a presidential decision that led more directly to a catastrophe in this country that include the humanitarian crisis as well as the other things like americanli sovereignty but literally humanitarian crisis at the border yes smugglers throwing children over the border wall and smugglers throwing children into the rio grande and thes. smugglers are making massive amounts of money doing all of this and all of it is a direct result of the decision that joe biden made in the white house.
1:47 am
elizabeth: lots of misinformation about georgia's new voting law and it actually extends early voting by 17 days it codifies ballot boxes in all counties in extends the hours that people get to early voting, georgia election official wrote the prominence of the 2020 fight, he said joe biden you are doing economic blackmail that is morally apprehensible and disgusting that you pushed mlb and mlb caved and yanked its all-star game out of georgia that hurts workers, what do you say to that. >> is truly incredible and the biggest lie that came out of all of the coverage of the georgia law was the idea that people who were allowed to give water to people standing in line to vote, first of all that is not truefi and second of all that is not
1:48 am
only not true but the law specifically says that election officials can provide water to people waiting in line, question why dos democrats and why did te media law bond to ridiculous lie like the thing about the water bottles, the answer is this if you talk about the issues of the bill in georgia republicans pass the law and they want to secure elections with photo id and issue as 60 - 70, 80% popular mood in order to secure elections the democrats realize they can't vote on that, they make up the lies until the complete fabrication in order to malign the effort to secure the election and of course the media went all in because they're in bed. elizabeth: what's going on with texas in early voting from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. versus 10:00 p.m. prior and no drive-through voting and mail-in ballots, a lot of the laws when you lookk at them we hear what
1:49 am
they're doing but watch ms and bcs rachel maddow go full till hysterical say that more companies should do more to pushback against the laws that she calls draconian. >> in texas texas republicans, we will see but there well on the way passing the draconian anti-law bills because they can. >> they are going to put the corporations like coca-cola, american airlines, delta air lines, it's going to put them in position of having to decide what they're going to do next. elizabeth: critics might say your iq drops 50 points listening to that kind of coverage because draconian anti-voting rights were talking about no drive-through voting were talking about texas early voting stops at 7:00 p.m. versus
1:50 am
10:00 p.m. prior, she is calling it anti-voting rights, we are talking about codifying common sense into the law and to do bullying like that in race baiting as other anchors have done without reading the law is really misleading the american people, your final work? >> it is lying to the american people in this republic does not stand for that electorate and if we are relying on these people to inform the electorate were in deep trouble in the lines the history of things when they talk about how this is racist and jim crow laws, you don't understand jim crow laws if you think securing an election is jim crow law. elizabeth: we get it these people are great broadcasters but read the law and playle it straight, your terrific, thank you for joining us sheriff joe
1:51 am
frank martinez of florida governor ron desantis 20 the biden demonstration stop releasing criminal illegals into florida, the florida governor moving to crack down, that story next. >> the facts are the border was in good shape when the biden administration took over and it has declined dramatically since that time and it's clear it's going to get much, much worse if you continue on the policies, we have to put the policies back in place that kept the border safe and secure, we have to have the remaining mexico policy back in place.
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♪♪ elizabeth: okay, with me elizabeth: with me now texas sheriff joe frank martinez, thank you for joining us, it is so great to have you on florida republican governor ron desantis sending a letter to the bidenen administration saying stop releasing criminal illegal aliens into florida, this may be the first time that we see the governor doing this, what did you think of this move. >> i think it's a smart move on his part, we had three incidents here this week where a criminal alien was going to be let go from our facility and we took
1:56 am
him to the port of entry to the international boundary line and cut them loose there. and i think that's a smart move on his part and i don't think these individuals need to be released into the law-abiding community especially of criminal aliens. elizabeth: sheriff, border patrol and noted legal citizens we cut on the show say why is it okay for the democrats and president biden to victimize american citizens who pay their paychecks by making moves like this, governor desantis at least 200 criminal illegal aliens to be released over the next six months, those are 200 criminal illegals, what do you say to that? >> i think that's outrageous, here in the county we have been
1:57 am
busy and we soon individuals into our communities is not safe, in our jail it's our tax payers had to come up with $6500, that their tax base so this activity continues over the next 90 days talking about $66000 but over a years time you look it over a quarter of million dollars that may be a drop in the bucket but that's a huge chunk of change when i go to the county. releasing these individuals into the community, i don't think it's safe, the individuals coming to the county and the immigrants coming to the timer they're not coming here to stay, the get go elsewhere within the united states, i applaud the
1:58 am
florida governor for taking the subsidy took. elizabeth: we hear you saying loud and clear, president biden border and i.c.e. agents not pursuing illegal aliens for arrest and deportation until they have been convicted of aggravated felony like murders, sexual abuse of a minor, trafficking, firearm and theft, when he saw president biden do that what was your reaction, we have florida's attorney general saying already biden has released back into florida criminal illegals who are accused of robbery, cocaine, heroin, autocorrect this is not just florida, it's all states, is that your take two? >> it is all states one of the individuals beingng released hee was aggravated assault family violence, that is the top individual been released one to be released into our community
1:59 am
thanks for border patrol partners we got help and for others handled in a different manner that were potentially going to be released into our community. elizabeth: can you tell uss what is happening right now in your community, what are you hearing from local homeowners and residents about how they feel what's going on. >> some of our citizens that live along the banks of the rio grande, their concern, they don't know what's taken place, and a meeting two weeks ago with them to try to ease their fear, the area were talking about with the guatemalans, nicaraguans, humans where they're coming from, for the most part the family units so is able to ease
2:00 am
their fear. elizabeth: sheriff, thank you for that and thank you to your service for our country, gaddafi one. i am elizabeth macdonald, happy easter even watching "the evening edit", we hope you have a good weekend, joined us again monday night. ms, overlands. he always used to say, "i don't want to meet myself on the road." >> it's a great hobby. keeps you out of the beer joints. >> do you have your foot on the brake, teacher? just in case? >> i haven't jumped out yet. >> these heirs hit a fork in the road... >> so that is a point of contention. do you donate cars here? do you have an auction? >> it's really tough to get every sibling on the same page. >> yeah, i'd say we're no different. >> ...until they hear an emotional voice from the past. >> when we go by his gravesite, he's probably on high spin mode up there. >> it's just money. can't take it with you.


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