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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 3, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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improving economy, looking interesting. jack: jack, thank you as always, to read more check out this edition of barron' and don't forget to follow us on twitter at barron's online, that is it for us, be healthy, wherey easter you been watching "the evening edit", we hope you have a good weekend and join us again monday night. ♪. larry: hello everyone i'm david asman, this is "kudlow", larry has the day off, deadly scene at the u.s. capitol a man ramming his car into a barricade hitting two officers tragically killing one of them police say the driver came out of his car with a knife in hand before being shot and killed, it is believed that the driver acted alone and does not have your to be tied to terrorism as of yet, hillary vaughn witnessed the scene unfold at the capital and joins us now with more. >> we did and we also heard from capitol police providing an
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update and one very tragic and sad update this afternoon, one of the capitol police officers that the suspect who we know is a male struck with his vehicle has succumbed to his injuries and died at the hospital as a result of this attack that started at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, were also learning that capitol police are still looking for a motive in this, they have not told the press what the motive could be but the suspect who is a male driving this vehicle has also succumbed to his injuries and died after capitol police shot him when he tried to lunge at them with a knife but the police say at this time there is no indication there are ties to terrorism. were also waiting to see what was in the vehicle, we can see from the birdseye view in the senate office building which is catty corner to the capitol dome, and between the capitol
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dome and the windows here we can see what was happening unfold on the ground with the birdseye view and we saw on the suspect struck the trump that there are multiple items stuffed in their, that is something that police are working through right now to process and look for any clues as to why this happened this afternoon, we do know the suspect crashed very forcefully into the temporary barricade, the front part of the nissan altima that the man was driving is completely crunched the window in the front windshield is also broken but we are waiting for the key details and we also asked if the police what mental state the suspect was in at the time when you're charging officers and if he said anything but the police would not give out any more of the details and were also waiting for what the
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condition of the second capitol police officer who was hospitalized, what condition that officer is in, they are not releasing those details but this attack, not only cut the police five surprise that had a huge impact on an emotional impact on them as well. take a listen. >> it is with a very, very heavy heart that i announce one of our officers has succumbed to his injuries is. >> we are getting reaction from capitol hill trickling and even though senators and congressmen and women most of them are not here because were on spring recess in their tweeting out their condolences for the officers death that they are praying for the officers family and everyone involved in this colina tragic and sad day here on capitol hill and lastly i will add this attack especially has caught a lot of people off
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guard because the security posture has lessened since the outer perimeter fence was taken down but clearly this threat was not expected, the attack was not expected and everyone shaken and heartbroken especially the capitol police this afternoon. david: it did appear that they have an identity of the perpetrator in this, they have not release the information but didn't you get that impression as well? >> we did make the final announcement that it was a male suspect, there is a name floating around but we have not independently confirmed, we will not report that name on air until we have but we have visuals of the suspect, my photographer was shooting out the window when they saw the suspect being wheeled out on a stretcher and loaded into the ambulance, he was wearing light blue jeans, tennis shoes and a
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white shirt that was open and had blood on him that we know is from the gunshot wounds from the capitol police shooting him, we are not showing that video at this time either. david: i've seen that video is very graphic and there's very good reasons why were not sure we not, just trust us on this, it's not something we want to reveal at this moment but hopefully we will get more information perhaps throughout the hour, thank you very much, we will continue to bring you any updates that we get throughout the show. president biden was that camp david at the time of the incident but before all of this happen the president without the white house and the president was touting a blowout job number for the month of march and continues to push his green infrastructure plan. listen. >> our economy created 900,000 jobs in march, it means the first two months of our administration has seen more new
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jobs created than the first two months of any administration history, we still have a long way to go i've heard from everybody across the country about the need for infrastructure, independent analysis shows if we passed the plan the economy will create 19 million jobs, good jobs, blue-collar jobs, jobs that pay well. david: there's nothing wrong with touting a good monthly jobs figure, that is fine but there was one phrase missing from president biden speech today when he was talking about his plan to regenerate the economy, the phrases shovel-ready job, that phrase was missing for a reason, the president is being careful not to harken back to 2010 in his summer of recovery in which he promised 500,000 shovel-ready jobs a month but ended up losing 283,000 jobs for
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the summer even former president obama admitted that was pretty bad. >> shovel-ready was not a shovel-ready as we expected. david: we don't want to lose sight of the fact that big job creation like we saw is likely to continue as the world economy recovers from the pandemic, however, president biden's notion that government is the instrument of job growth in america, and failed in 2010 and will likely fail again joe biden's washington pushing the largest expansion of the government welfare state in decades and threatening higher taxes and more regulation the booming economy could soon face beware of promises about government the instrument about jobs and economic growth, joining is now fox business contributor to columnist liz peek and joe,
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former deputy assistant to president trump and former chief economist for the national economic council, since you help me out, when i heard president biden talk about the 19 million jobs that he thought would be created by his infrastructure plan i can help to think back to 2010 when he was vp, he took charge and he promised 500,000 jobs per month as a result in about 280,000 jobs. >> that is correct president obama was right, what we thought at the time was going to be shovel-ready and it wasn't covid-19 million jobs that's an extraordinary figure that the type of numbers you would generate over a decade the employee report we had today was very solid no question about it, were still 8.4 million jobs in
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the whole, however, the growth that were seen as a function of the recovery that begin in earnest last summer and it's continued into this year aided by a vaccine distribution in a v-shaped recovery and a federal reserve and as long as policy stays pro-growth we could generate jobs it will be 900,000 a month i don't even think it will be 500,000 a month but we can still get this economy growing and recovering and get back to appreciate with 1200 labor side if we maintain the proper policy i don't that's going to happen but that's my hope. david: remember what happened after the other the great recession in 2008 - 2009 we were recovering pretty well and then president obama initiated tax increases and a lot of new regulations that slowed the economic recovery we ended up with one of the slowest recoveries in history, do you think it is possible that the
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same might happen this time. >> i think it's almost assured that is going to happen this time because actually obama did not raise taxes that aggressively what he did instead was try to change over how our health system work and power industry worked, biden is doing both of those he wants massive tax increase $3 trillion over ten years and also wants to refigure a power industry, housing industry, et cetera combine those two things are going to be a problem but i want to take a look back at what happened in 2009, people has used this as an analogy is really is not at that time we had over 8% unemployment we were still losing jobs, you could argue it was necessary to have a big stimulus program, today were gaining jobs obviously now at a high rate and it's very good
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news but if we add 6 million jobs over the next year which is what economists are suggesting and now only 10 million people out of work and then you laid on all the stimulus spending which is supposed to create more jobs i don't know where the workers are going to come from, i guess some people would think that's good news, remember february last year 3.5%, with 5.8 million people out of work, now were out about 10 million, a little less after today's jobs report, i think were going to get to relatively full employment in 18 months just from reopening we did not need this $1.9 trillion stimulus and we don't need another 2 trillion on top of that. david: let me bring joe back, i want to go back even further to what liz did to the great society of lbj back in the mid 60s where the economy was doing extremely well maybe that's a better parallel to where we are now but the economy
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was doing great because the tax cuts initiated by jfk and finally signed into law by lbj but he came of the great society plan, that's what i think joe biden is looking at and his model in the infrastructure and big spending plans to come and look what happened we went through the longest sustained market drop over the last 100 years between 1966 when the great society cayman to be in 1983 it wasn't straight down but it was a pretty much downward trend for a full 16 years and it did not turn around until the reagan tax cuts of 1983 - 84, could that happen again this time. >> it could happen if growth is soft, larry summers is soft, the packets we passed 1.9 trillion is too large and a technical
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economic term so to speak is positive or negative meaning you can't find the bodies and people can produce and that's really what took place in the 1970s, very irresponsible, the fed is trying to stimulate the economy to create inflation, i don't see a lot of inflation in traditional goods and services asset prices such as stocks and homes will continue to rise over time there is no question about that in my view, the go down which i don't see for a while there are some parallels with the 60s in terms of monetary policy, early 70s monetary policy and there's some similarities to oa and 0 nine was shovel-ready projects just to give you an interesting stat with what liz said, it took several months of unemployment rate last year to go from 10% down to seven and it took several years and the last cycle to go from ten to seven there's an issue about labor
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availability. david: it took several years to get the double-digit inflation but we got the double-digit inflation in the late 70s, that could happen again for the moment were doing great gangbusters right now were in the middle of a party, the question how soon before we get the hangover, great to see you thank you for coming and appreciated see you later. happy easter to you breaking a little while ago major league baseball pulling the all-star game out of atlanta because of the election law that moved two days after these comments from president biden. >> what about the possibility that baseball to move the all-star game out of atlanta because of the political issue. >> i would strongly support them doing that, that is not right, this is jim crow on steroids what they're doing in georgia. david: our next guest says the message coming from biden and the democrats is not just a lie,
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has major concerns about the bill passing in georgia and he consistently argued it should be easier and notto harder to vote. david: the lies that biden and his team are pushing about george's new voting law are pressuring the heads of georgia-based companies like delta, coca-cola that condemn the law without realizing what's in it, just over an hour ago major league baseball pulled their all-star game out of atlanta because of political pressure because of the left the wall street journal editorial pointing out the debate has become as to a falsehood, propaganda and panic, part of the blame lies with the tart under partisan distortion of democrats and their media echoes and part with ceo of major companies who are uninformed at best or cowardly at worst, joining me now kim straw soul every friday for the wall street journal and on the same subject today. kimberly first of all, the lies coming from the president about
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the georgia law reducing voter time that is simply not true it's the opposite isn't it. >> exactly has to do with the numberer of days that you can ve on weekends, that is more and also anything from having more poll workers to keep lines lower more drop boxes prior to last year's election georgia didn't allow drop boxes and always codified into law one of the things that is remarkable to me just make the comparison to joe biden's own state in delaware if he's talking about how george's law is jim crow on steroids while delaware doesn't allow half of what georgia allows in terms of early voting and absentee voting so i guess we call delaware jim crow on all performance-enhancing drugs, i don't know it doesn't make any sense, i don't think you readd the bill. david: not only does it not make
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any sense but to use a lie to push a racist charge, it is not new the people from the left are calling people that they disagree with racist and there's nothing of sort going on but for the president, the great unifier to use this charge with lies isn unforgivable. david: let's remember that's in aid of coming makes it even worse. one of the reasons this is happening democrats want a federal takeover of state election laws so they can impose their desire on how voting happens across the country and their pushing that their h.r.1 and so the goal is to suggest that states can't be left to this on their own because it will end up with racist vote suppressing laws but to do that, you have to lie about it and these are absolute falsehoods
12:22 am
and unfortunately most of the media is not calling the president on it. david: that's not the only lie, by the time you're allowed to vote, there's also a a lie about the voter id, they want to have voter id but it does not have to be a drivers license which 200,000 people in the state of georgia do not have a voting age it can be when it's provided by the state for free, you can use a social security number your gas and electric bill et cetera but corporate america to buy into these lies intimate this claim because of the racist voting law that we will not have even tear, what happened to corporate america how did they get sucked into thistu woke culture. >> democrats have become very good at working overr corporate america, up until now a lot of it has been on policy issues now allowing them into accepting doinge change agenda or
12:23 am
engaging in social investment decisions et cetera. unfortunately, ceos won't stand up for their companies anymore, i wish i saw more ceos standing up to push back against tax hikes or against the regulationo that is coming up they are totally silent, this is an entirely new leap there actively helping democrats push a partisan dishonest narrative and in doing so and attacking the republican party and by the way that is a dangerous situation the last i looked it was conservatives in washington most often pushing for the free-market policies that help corporation and their rapidly losing friends in that realm. david: you wonder how it helps the shareholders at all there's a good evidence that it can hurt shareholders who they're supposed to support as a fiscal responsibility, working to be following this carefully, thank you for your reporting, we
12:24 am
appreciate it we have more on this story in the double standard corporate america has a china doctor michael pillsbury joined me later in the show to talk about that. president biden is spending big and giving states big money but he wants to tells dates how to spend and doesn't want to
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there's strength in ebefore we cantory. safely come together, we need the facts on covid-19 vaccines. to get the facts, visit so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you. david: arizona is suing the treasury department over a david: arizona is suing the treasury department over biden's covid stimulus package that limits the states own ability to cut its own state taxes. treasury secretary jana yellen
12:29 am
says the provision in theha lock state from using the federal money to offset any future tax cuts, joining us the person leading the lawsuit arizona attorney general mark bruno mitch, attorney general thank you for being here, she claims she's not preventing you from cutting your state taxes that you can do on your own but you would have to take part of that money that she says would cost you because of tax cuts from the $4.8 billion that you received in covid relief. it sounds like at the very least that is a fine if you cut your own taxes and at worst black male prevent you from doing so. >> is an ironic washington, d.c. is trying to keep the more power and stop arizona from cutting income taxes or any taxes it's absolutely ridiculous, there was a $1400 stimulus check that was provided to most americans the government has no problem cutting checks but they don'ts want states to cut taxes. that shows the underlying problem for this it's an
12:30 am
unconstitutional power grab and all designed about the o redistribution of wealth through washington, d.c. instead of having the state act of the 50 laboratories of democracy as our constitution designed them to be. david: were every public coming out ofo the pandemic with lockdown after lockdown and states are trying to find ways every energizing their state economy and as we seen high tax states like new york and illinois in california are losing population and businesses to low or no tax states like texas import if so with logical that you folks would want to take tax rates to reinvigorate your economy it's amazing the fed would prevent you from doing it, isn't it unconstitutional? >> we clearly believe it's unconstitutional that's what i assume the biden administration and secretary yellen over this policy and violates article one section eight of the constitution and we also think it underlines traditional notions of federalism because
12:31 am
what you're doing is creating one tax structure for all 50 states and the reality the framers of our constitution respected the state and that the federal government would not preempt a co-op states tax policy or spending policy, just as you alluded to their states that use a light tax touch in order to achieve a competitive advantage. david: there become a magnet for states that do the opposite. it is logical if you guys would want to do this but she claims that tax cuts cost money, immediately if you lower tax rates then you end up with less money. there is plenty of evidence to argue the opposite. nationally we saw in 2019 right after the trump tax cuts that the government brought in more tax revenue, fiscal year 2019, the u.s. brought in 4% in tax
12:32 am
revenue that it had before the tax cut. her logic doesn't meet the test of history. >> meets the test of history in this sense, the 1930s called and keynes wants his economic policy back. the reality that is antiquated thinking from a hundred years ago, we know it's not only of fundamental fairness issue, i should be able to control how i spend my money, government should only be taxing this for vital essential government services and we as individuals no how to spend our money it is more efficient and leads to more productivity and as you alluded to historically when government cuts taxes and lets people spend their own hard-working tax dollars the economy forces. this is not a radical theory yet the constitutional argument in a basis economic argument and i'll tell you this is what worries me
12:33 am
the next four years the biden administration is continuing to double down and double down on leftist socialist policy and i worry about my kids and even future grandkids, the country they're going to live in this is unsustainable if you look at what would happen with inflatioa and the centralization of power in washington, d.c. is not only what the framers didn't imagine but unsustainable economically and there should be a link of call for everyone. david: very quickly, we have to, go, has the yellen team explained to her genius economist how much a tax cut would cost how much she wants back if you decide to cut your taxes? >> the short answer is no but were filing a plural minority junction on monday, we look forward to seeing the biden administration in court on this case as well very shortly. david: we will be following this very careful, we appreciate you being here. an update to today's deadly attack on the capital building
12:34 am
one officer is dead and another injured what we are learning about the developing story, tough on georgia but easy on china, some corporations are being accused of hypocrisy for who and what they choose to speak out on much more on that speak out on much more on that after couple of quick walter, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? so what are you waiting for? world's strongest man martins licis to help you break down boxes? arrrggh! what am i gonna do to you box? let me “break it down” for you... arrgggh! you're going down! down to the recycling center! >>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save.
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♪you know i got it♪ ♪all i'm askin' is for a little respect♪ >>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. excuse me ma'am, would you like to have my seat? ♪r-e-s-p-e-c-t♪ ♪find out what it means to me♪ ♪r-e-s-p-e-c-t♪ ♪take care. tcb, oh♪ david: an update on david: an update on the deadly incident on capitol hill the capital police have identified the officer killed by a knife wielding driver officer william known as billy evans from indiana the statement reading in part officer evans had been a member of the u.s. capitol police for 18 years and begin the u.s. cp service on march 7, 2003 and a member of the capital division firstns responders unit he and his family in your thoughts and prayers. officer evans died after a man rammed his car into a barricade near the capital police say the
12:39 am
driver came out of a car with a knife in his hand before he was shot and killed, it is believed the driver acted alone and does not appear to be tied to terrorism and the other officer remains in the hospital and we will continue to update you throughout the show, turning back to the voting law in georgia the major american companies are condemning because of political pressure but many of the same companies are still doing business in china while staying silent on beijing human rights violation, and lydia joining me now with the corporate hypocrisy ons all of the it's as thick as you can get. >> we have a lot of information about coca-cola and apple and i'll get to that in a minute but developing these were following about major league baseball, just this afternoon they announced after the new voting law passed their pulling out the all-star game of atlanta it would happen in the city of july
12:40 am
and were don't know where it's going to go but they say it's because of the voting law now were getting reaction coming into the newsroom brian kemp tweeted moments ago that today mlb came to fear, political opportunism and liberal lies, of course governor kemp said the new voting laws are needed to secure and protect the integrity of election there and georgette and for georgians and were also getting reaction from the atlanta braves they put out a statement saying there saddened by the development and the victims are v the fans the atlaa braves fans that will miss out on the opportunity to see the all-star game in their city this summer, there's a lot of companies that are experiencing backlash from lawmakers because they spoke out in the face of threatened boycott and to condemn the new election law, delta ceo called the new voting law unacceptable but also the company on its website called itself the most chinese friendly
12:41 am
airline in this company also added flights to china during the pandemic, in response to that senator marco rubio called delta out, we had this treat for you and he basically says your business partners with the commonest party of china, when can we expect your letter saying the ongoing genocide in the province is unacceptable and does not match delta's values. we also noted this is happening with coca-cola james quincyn calling the new law wrong, that company has invested like $4 billion in china over the s past several years saying it's for future growth in the country and also apple ceo tim cook came out with a statement yesterday condemning the new law, meanwhile sales in china for apple have skyrocketed in the pandemic new sales increased
12:42 am
about 57% and we reached out to the company both apple and coca-cola did not get back to us and delta declined to comment. david: they may learn to regret having done this we'll have to see what happened this is anot ongoing story but there's a lot of shame to go around. let me ask you, bottom line they have not said a word about the uighurs in china the repression and their still using the lies that we heard from the president himself talking about how they're gonna be limiting the time at which voters can go and spend in the t voting booth to 5:00 p.m. which is not true there expanding the time in which to be allowed to vote rather than restrict it, are they continuing with allies orid do they realize the president and they have made a mistake. >> the company is slow to comend out to respond, this law passed in the state last week and whene they did in initially denounced the law that's when calls for
12:43 am
boycott started to emerge on twitter and that's when they came out and expressed their criticism and what they say is there concern but since they came out and made the public criticism they have not circle back around to address what the truth around the law actually is we heard a lot of things about water not being allowed that is allowed there's a lot of misunderstanding and they have not come out and clearly address this. david: have to correct the record as does the president. let's bring in doctor michael pillsbury the center for chinese strategy at the hudson institute. good to see you, i think it's fair to say that the state of georgia is less repressive and t communist china when you say? >> it's pretty obvious if that's the case. >> why aren't corporations saying that?
12:44 am
>> the chinese have gotten increasingly sophisticated in the recent years in pressuring our companies, the chinese know what's at stake we have at least a trillion dollars, some people say 3 trillion of investment in china are american companies do. we are 150 chinese stocks for sale on the nearest stock exchange, . in many cases with waivers of accounting and auditing, the chinese no how to summon ceos, they summoned billionaires, they come to beijing to meet was xi jinping specific pressures are put on them, the companies that play ball and find huge benefit coming their way, companies that don't get punished, as the chinese do this they make a mockery of our national security efforts to change chinese misconduct because the chinese know it is all talk or at least they think it is all talk and this is undermining the efforts of our government and the
12:45 am
congress to get china to become a more responsible member of the world it's quite distressing to see our efforts go down the drain because of what our companies are doing. david: it's extraordinary you talk about responsibility there's a responsibility of the companies to base their actions on truth, not on lines but unfortunately what they're doing noww is basing them on lies things about the georgia law are simply not true demonstrably not true, your thought the fact that many of the corporations that do business in china allow china communist party to infiltrate knowingly infiltrate their operations in china, that is still going on right? >> right, some companies have made funth of it they say communist party person is like a voice to observe things it's totally not true how china steals technology and business secrets from our companies, some
12:46 am
of our companies know this but get together or frankly unless there is legislation from economist, it's just going to continue and make their efforts to punish china kind of a joke. david: talk about jokes or maybe a sick joke, this deal between china and iran in a very interesting development going ot right now, what do you think is going on, what possible conversion or collusion between those repressive states that would bring them together in a deal. >> there's been a lot of cooperation between china and iran over the years, it's one of the most troubling developments that as we activate the quad in attempt to talk with allies and partners about china they're building a counter coalition to us, they announce a 25 year deal with iran that includes energy
12:47 am
and weapons sales as early as 20 years ago china was selling missiles to iran to threaten ous navy ships in the gulf, this is developing and part of a counter coalition strategy in beijing is not going to sit still while we try to form a coalition against them they're building their own coalition in russia seems to be a part of it they want to bring the european union and as well. david: there also by the way very supportive iran nuclear deal the one that we thought we gotten rid of. >> the chinese have been very enthusiastic that the chinese want to cooperate with them and reestablish the 2015 deal that president trump pulled out of. the chinese want to overlook iranian in violation of the deal, the mechanism is flawed, one reason president trump pulled out, you have to give notification in advance to the
12:48 am
iranians and they have time to remove or fix up the situation, china is very happy about this iran meeting on tuesday. david: michael pillsbury, good stuff thank you very much for bringing it to our attention, we appreciate it. remember earlier this week when the cdc director said the following. >> our data from the cdc says that vaccinated people do not carry the virus and do not get sick and is not just in the clinical trial but it's in world world data. david: it turns out that the director made out of met what she actually said, why can't they keep their story straight, they keep their story straight, that and much more after quick
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david: well the cdc can't seem to get their stories straight david: the cdc can't seem to get their stories straight about immunity and covid-19. the cdc said doctor walensky did not meet her when vaccinated americans army into the virus. the unnamed spokesman telling the new york times that doctor walensky spoke broadly in evidence isar not clear whether
12:53 am
they can spread the virus to others, joining me now fox news medical correspondent doctor marc siegel. it's pretty important is it not for the cdc to have a clear consistent policy regarding vaccines. >> it is important for them to have a clear consistent policy about everything and not be overly politicized. we've been talking about that and the mistake here is between the word vaccine in immunized in other words you get a vaccine, it's not proof that your immune but the good news in these vaccines 95% of the time you are immune and ifan your immune you can't really transmit the virus that's what the new study they have showed out a 4000 healthcare workers, 4000 healthcare workers a vast majority ofwo the time you cannt transmit the virus. cdc needs to stop taking baby steps because what about all the damage that is going on.
12:54 am
david: you have these different emotions, one day she is s panicking and saying there is a pending doom in thehe next day she's saying when to get a vaccine you can get anything you want in the next day they say that's not right, it's back-and-forth, this is really disturbing in trying to get a clear and consistent message out to the people. >> here's a clear consistent message for the people yeah variance emerging, it is a war between the vaccine and the variance, the vaccines will win does take a vaccine for been over covid itself you have immunity to. states that are reopening had a lot of covid and increasing vaccination rate like california, warm states are doing very, very well, texas doing very, very well, we can see the end in sight, that's a clear message, what about traveler coming out with new travel suggestions for vaccinated people can you go
12:55 am
travel where you want to if you been vaccinated and g have proo. >> i'm going to put myself inside of david asman's head i see you reading the initial headline, you can travel but you read the fine point and it says only if it's essential, if you are immune from the vaccine why is the word essential have to be in there, i am traveling and people have to travel to been vaccinated into being. and why should you have to wear masks if your immune you might want to wear in a business-to-business owner may say i don't want anybody in here without wearing a mask. this makese no sense. david: you're more consistent than the cdc, that is for sure.a than the cdc, that is for sure.a have a great ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪
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david: a final update for us on what we know out of the capital of capital police officer has tragically lost his life, we have first images of the officer william billy evans was an 18 year veteran of the u.s. capitol police, president biden has reacted and said jill and i were heartbroken to learn of the attack on the security checkpoint of the u.s. capitol grounds that killed william evans of the capitol police and left a fellow officer fighting for his life we sent our heartfelt condolences to evans his family and everyone grieving
1:00 am
his loss we know what a difficult time it's been for the capital everyone who works there and those who protect him. our thoughts and prayers are with the family of officer evans tonight as well as the other capital police officer that was injured in today's attack. have a good "the evening edit accounts with starts now. happy easter to you all. ♪ elizabeth: tonight we've got the update on a police o >> we have the update on a police officer in the suspect now dead after the suspect ran his car into two offices on capitol hill in washington today police say it does not appear tied to terrorism, we have the update. a study new forecast showing hob badly biden and the democrats broke the border, the number of unaccompanied children crossing this year will equal about the size of the entire population of fort lauderdale, this country has never seen this before, democrats you broke it, you own it this is an epic fail as board arrest of illegals hit a 15 year hi


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