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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 2, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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cheryl: a big friday. che ms. friedman, steve moore, thank you for joining me. >> thank you. great to be here. >> of the economy is back. cheryl: the economy is back and jobs are back. "varney & co." is next. ashley, i wish the markets were open today. we would have had a heck of a market. ashley: why do we have the jobs reports on a day that the markets are closed? good morning. on ashley webster in for stuart varney on this good friday and let's get to the jobs report. 916,000 jobs added in the month of march, way above estimates and by the way coming up at 9:45 a.m., we will speak to the new labor secretary martie walsh and get his thoughts on the report and at 11:00 a.m. president biden will deliver remarks on the march
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jobs reports of the question is will he take credit for jobs created as part of the economic reopening against. meanwhile, the futures, the markets are closed that futures closes in 15 minutes and jumping on the jobs report with the dow jones futures up 170 points. big us companies are taking heat for condemning the georgia voting bill wobble raking in-- while raking in billions from china. a country that doesn't even have elections. now as good of the border with the white house not committing to increased security despite the horrific video showing smugglers dropping children over the border wall. you will hear more about that a moment and how about this, defund the police of movement, surprise surprise may have backfired as crime
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is spiking in cities that cut money from their police department. who would have thought it lacks we will tell you which cities have the biggest spikes in crime to big show ahead including the governor of montana and baseball legend darrell strawberry. good friday edition of "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪♪ ashley: same, how about a bit of david that we to kick good friday. another classic from the late great singer. down this, the white house is in refusing to increase security at the border despite the awful video showing smugglers dropping kids ride over a 14-foot wall.
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take a look. >> has the white house considered beefing up border security after video of a 3-year old and 5-year old being thrown over the wall in new mexico? >> i think any of us that a video were incredibly alarmed by the steps-- >> to throw them over the wall into a desert and i'm curious what the white house is doing to stop that? >> are you concerned more about the kids a safety or kids getting in arc-- tell me more about your concern. >> safety as you just mentioned. >> of course, which is why i'm often surprised by the line of questioning here. ashley: you know what, that's pretty snippy trying to kick back saying you are more concerned about kids getting in, not your safety. that's snippy and that's not what peter doocy was saying. let's bring in fox news contributor sean duffy,
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great to see you. this is just more than troubling and especially the reaction we are getting from the white house. what's your take? >> good to see you as well. we had this little peek into what kids go through. this was the end of probably eight horrific journey for those two little girls, three and five years old who you concede those that care for the children don't care if they are dropping them over this massive wall. i think what's happened here is simple, the white house doesn't want to change policy on the border because this is the plan on the border. they want to open it up, went to lead a rush of people coming and it's about expanding their voter base. they don't really care about the kids and the problems they go to on the trip to america. the white house knows children are read and sold into sex slavery are traveling with cartels and criminals and no girls are loaded up with birth control and that covid expands because of the kids coming across the border
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and being released into america with a whole bunch of problems at the border. they don't care. kamala harris, says the border is all right, she has like gone to the border or had a press conference. they don't care about the border because if they had to care they might have to address it , which will break up their plans. ashley: and when she was asked about it kamala harris, she did as strange hysterical laughter, but as you say no press conference or visit to the border, very strange. another one, president biden wants it to vaccinate illegal immigrants when they have not even-- look, they went to vaccinate illegal immigrants when they have not even finished vaccinating the rest of this country. there is still 70% the needs vaccinated. what say you about that? >> if they are going to vaccinate the country, vaccinate everyone, but we should put americans in the front of the lines and those that come here illegally should be at the back of
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the line. also, stop the illegal flow of immigration in, but what's frustrating with the policy is the obama administration-- the biden administration is not putting americans first. we have american schools closed but teachers from san diego are going to the border to do in pursing teaching to migrant children. we have foster parents taking american foster kids out of their home bringing in migrant foster kids these policies don't make sense. they put migrants first and if they got this right, if you are an american you go first african-american safety as everyone gets vaccinated whether you are here legally or ill-- illegally, i could buy into that. ashley: as we look at the video with local authorities completely overrun, they don't know what to do. these immigrants are being shipped to other places around the country and yet we don't have the administration saying what they plan to do.
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purely to your point clearly are, it's about votes. >> this is not a humanitarian policy. this is not a caring policy and instead of trying to convince the american people my progressive liberal leftism is the right path for america, they don't want to do that so the other pathways to bring in additional voters and this is the strategy to bring in more motorists. we have a million new migrants into the country this year, but we haven't done a background check. we just let a mass stampede into america, so i think this is saying i want to expand my voter base and by the way my wife is mexican-american and we have a lot of kids, nine kids. ashley: quickly, as you watch this video, we are not just talking all about immigrants from central america all wanted to come here for better life.
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what if i am a terrorist or someone was to do harm to the united estates, what a golden opportunity to be let in without any problem at all. >> that's a great point because if you want to come to america, why would you come through a shipping port or airport, just go to mexico and join one of the caravans and you will get access into the country. the risk of this new variant that's come from brazil, the. ashley: variant that attacks younger people, those that have had covid in the past can get sick from the new variant. those folks coming north from south america to central america into our country, it's a huge risk for every american, under open border policy and by the way if you want an open border, go to the congress. have a debate. let both sides talk about with the policy should be. executive order to open the border and incentivize people to, up on these horrible
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journeys were americans don't get a say through congress is not the right approach to immigration or migration ashley: it's a failure all around. sean, thank you for taking time to join the show this morning. we appreciate it sean duffy. next case congresswoman cortez says president biden's massive $2.3 trillion spending plan is just not enough. roll tape. >> i think the how, that's 2.2 trillion, 2.25 over eight years, i have serious concern that it's not enough to realize the vision that biden has advanced and in order for us to realize this inspiring vision, we need to go way higher. we are then the wealthiest nation in the world so we can do 10 trillion.
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ashley: yeah, sure, why not, 20 trillion, 100 trillion, all you have to do is printed for crying out loud. lets a bring in ed yardeni potential income is this getting out of control? >> it has been out of control for quite some time, just increasingly out of control. i think what we are hearing is the politicians that concluded that this modern monetary theory makes sense. problem with modern monetary theory which is it really modern, is it monetary and not a theory, it's been around a long time since the time of king's. kings can print money in the base of the currency and they can do that as long as they don't bring inflation back to quickly and if inflation does come back to quickly very often you have a revolution and they get beheaded so there is a limit to modern monetary theory and i think this case the bond market is going to object and i coined
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the phrase back in 1983 and they are back. ashley: they are. you mention inflation we have had a variety of gas well, for the last week, maybe for the last several weeks and some say forget about inflation. it's here or come and gone. are you worried about inflation and how much is it really going to kick in? >> now that that more and more politicians are buying the idea that they can just spend willy-nilly and if they can't get enough of it funded with taxes, deficit, finance it in this open-ended idea that government can have a blank check simply because it prints its own currency, i think, leads to the conclusion they will do that until inflation makes a comeback, so i think that is the reality of the concerns and in that case i think the bond market has already
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anticipated it. we see the bond yield rise closer and closer to my 2% and i think if the biden administration succeeds in getting another round of deficit finance ascending to the tune of just a couple trillion dollars, not even talking at $10 trillion, i think there's a risk here that bond yield levels will choke it off. ashley: what does that do to the stock market fax the fed is still incredibly accommodative. do the stock markets continue to move higher as we head through the year? >> well, for now we are in a sea of liquidity as we are floating on a sea of liquidity and the sea has gotten bigger and bigger and there's no sign of land anywhere. of the risk is to drown in the liquidity if inflation makes a comeback. inflation doesn't necessarily have to be consumer price inflation, it could be offset inflation and
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impact we are are seeing inflation in prices, elevated valuation multiples and the risk is we have a party like 1999, 2000 all over again i think you mentioned david bowie and i like prince as well, party like it's 1999 and that's another. ashley: we can party however you like. thank you for joining us we appreciate it. we love prince also. another great artist. president biden's huge spending bill would believe american corporations with the highest corporate tax burden in the world and larry kudlow says even china would have cheaper taxes. take a listen. >> if this stuff passes, shawn, you will lose probably a trillion dollars of investment in the next couple of years, about a trillion dollars in wages the next couple of years and probably see gdp, which is booming right now
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because of the vaccine then reopening of the economy, absolutely booming, that will stop, unfortunately. 22 and-- 2022 and 2023 will be far far slower. they will cut the defense budget $80 billion or more out of the defense budget which-- china will have cheaper tax rates, less national defense and security. ashley: music playing in the larry kudlow, but we heard what he said biden's proposal would increase the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. by the way, a quick check if we can and tesla, they delivered 184,800 vehicles in the first quarter of the year, not bad. premarket-- of course the market not trading today. tesla is down. quick check of futures which are about to close and of course with the
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great jobs report news dow jones higher s&p and nasdaq modestly higher. wall street editorial board is pulling out bloke and weak ceos for jumping on the bandwagon to denounce georgia's election law. have those companies even read the law. more on that coming up your biden administration has put more and restrictions on travel guidelines. we will have that next. ♪♪ ♪♪ i have the power to lower my a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it. once-weekly trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. most people taking it reached an a1c under 7%. trulicity may also help you lose up to 10 pounds
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ashley: the cdc could be releasing new travel guidance for vaccinated americans as early as today. pressure has increased to update its pandemic, policy as more people get vaccinated. air travel continues to pick up come over when and half billion people passed through tsa checkpoints thursday. million passenger plus streak continues with more people flying. president biden says that texas rangers are making a big mistake by allowing full capacity after their stadium. take a listen. >> the texas rangers say there will not be any attendance restrictions in their stadium the season meaning it could be filled to capacity, 40000 people with mask required except when eating and drinking. what are your thoughts on the rangers of vision >> well, that's a decision they made. i think it's a mistake. they should listen to dr
9:21 am
anthony fauci he the scientists and experts, but i think it's not responsible. ashley: okay, that's the president. let's bring in fox news contributor dr. janette nesheiwat. thank you for joining us or do you agree with the president, is a irresponsible to allow 100% capacity in a baseball stadium? >> good morning. safety is always a priority and should be our number one concern, but look at what's going on in texas. last i checked they had about 5% positivity rate in the community and that tells us when you have 5% it means you have the disease and covid under control. they are still requiring masks in the stadium and remember it's outdoors also transmission rate will be lower. they are still required to a mask and just be smart, use common sense. if you have a medical issue like that diabetes or high blood pressure
9:22 am
or maybe your immune system is compromised, be careful, be safe and make sure to get vaccinated if you are going to be in those areas, but it's important we continue to push forward and continue to vaccinate americans and open our economy. we know what the secondary impact can be with shutdown's and and not doing the things we enjoy and love. ashley: exactly. another one for you, according to the cdc over 100 million vaccine doses have been administered, about 30% of the us population has received at least the first dose. acted that current rate, how soon do you think we could reach the so-called heard community? >> well, that's a good question. we are doing-- we are averaging about 2.9 to 3 million vaccine today and i would love to see the number increase to about five or six if you do the math it's about another 30 million every month so i hope by june, july, by the summer we
9:23 am
are closer to the value of herd immunity. we need about 70 to 90% of americans to have some sort of antibody protection whether it's from a vaccine, or from natural infection and once we can get most americans to reach the antibody protection then we will get to herd immunity. ashley: we are getting closer, that's for sure. french president has announced a nationwide four week lockdown in france. you know, seems like we are typically a few weeks behind europe so the question begs, could we be next? >> i don't think so. one thing we are doing differently in the us is that we are vaccinating rapidly, that's one of our top priorities at about-- that's one thing that will help protect us as most of the cases we see now we are
9:24 am
averaging about 66000 positive covid cases a day. what's helping us is vaccinating rapidly and we have increasing numbers in the younger population come so we need to focus on social distancing, wearing a mask, getting vaccinated, but i don't think we will following europe's footsteps and hopefully we continue to vaccinate as many americans as possible. ashley: that is good news. quickly, we know there was a report this week that the vaccine affected 90% and also six months they believe after you have received it, but do you think us on stage we could need like a booster shot to keep the level of immunity up? >> that's a good question. latest shows six months protection with the pfizer vaccine and that will probably be similar with moderna and that is great and maybe by the end of the year we have further data that tells us it may last nine months or some people 12 months so maybe we will need a booster shot or
9:25 am
maybe a shot once a year or every six months, but it's reassuring because we have more data that shows its safe, effective and effective against the variance out there as well, the variance that are more transmissible-- transmissible and more lethal. ashley: good stuff, lots of information. thank you for being with us. >> happy easter. ashley: same to you. johnson & johnson expanding its phase two critical trial of its covid-19 vaccine and will now include candidates 12 to 17 years old. major cities are really feeling consequences of defending the police. what a surprise. just look at portland as homicides are of 270% and that's just one example. we will dive into the other disturbing numbers coming up and also president biden falsely made this claim about georgia's new voting law. roll tape. >> what i'm worried
9:26 am
about is how un-american this whole initiative is it's sick. it's sick. deciding that they are going to end of voting at 5:00 p.m. when working people are just getting off of work. ashley: turns out that's not true, so why is the white house is so pushing this narrative even after the "washington post" of all publications gave it not one, but for pinocchio's. we have the story next. ♪♪ ♪♪ [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business,
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ashley: summit big us companies are taking heat for condemning the georgia voting bill while at the same time raking in billions from china. vivian-- lidia joins us live. 's. reporter: seems companies are not being boycotted yet and that's because they issued a public statement condemning the new georgia law after there were calls for boycotts. we are talking about delta and apple, each
9:31 am
saying georgia's new line restricts access to the polls for minorities, but some are calling out these companies for what they say is hypocrisy and criticism. each company has been silent about china's human rights violations with oppression of the uighurs and muslim minorities even as they continue to business in china. delta airlines for example called it although most chinese from a us on its website saying china is quote leading the way on international growth and actually added flights to china during the pandemic. meanwhile, apple ceo tim cook blasted the georgia voting along while its business has exploded in growth in china clearing 57% increase in sales in the last quarter. apple and coca-cola also lobbied to water down legislation that prevented american companies from importing goods manufactured through forced labor in china. coca-cola greater china
9:32 am
president kurt ferguson also said last to the company is in china quote for the long term while investing billions in china over the past year's. senator marco rubio called out the companies yesterday on twitter using the hashtag woke corporate hypocrite. listen. >> will corporate hypocrite spending billions of dollars in countries that don't even have election, making billions of dollars that has a country with no respect for anything and they don't say a word about it, but in america they are prepared to boycott states and condemn them publicly to show how woke they are. they are complete and total hypocrites for mac apple and coca-cola did not respond to our request for comment and delta declined to comment, ashley. ashley: marco rubio laying it on the line. thank you. if we can now let's bring in janelle king. good morning.
9:33 am
what is your reaction to that? >> good morning. you know, i feel like i'm living in the twilight zone because at the end of the day i feel like over and over again we hear contradictory messages. when it comes to these companies, with so difficult to understand is these companies require ids to utilize products and services, but they have an issue with us in georgia requiring ids for individuals to verify they are citizens so you can phone. who's going to impact your laws, so this is a really important, but it into the day that the we should be talking about is the fact we have president biden saying you should boycott these businesses, you should destroy the economy in doing so, but then you have stacy abrams is saying don't boycott because it won't help us in the long run because at the end of the day we need revenue that's coming in over the revenue you lose will now affect your bottom
9:34 am
line which means you will have to lay off employees and you could typically start with some of the lower-level jobs which are mostly minority jobs. so, it's ultimately going to hurt the very people they think they are protecting or defending, but the voting laws here are fine. the bill is fine. it doesn't disenfranchise anyone or suppress any votes. it's a bill that affects every single individual and when you have days to vote early, so what if you have to vote in person or vote and stand in a line, no one packs a lunch to foe so some things they are fighting for his ridiculous and i really think it's embarrassing especially for the minority community. we need to stand up and fight against this. ashley: you make way too much sense, janel and that's the problem. people don't want to hear the facts. white house press secretary jen psaki doubling down on president biden's false a georgia voting claims
9:35 am
even after the "washington post" gave him four pinocchio's. just wasn't. >> its standardized and also makes it so that outside groups can provide water or food to people in line, makes it more difficult for absentee votes. >> will the tone change out of the white house? >> the tone for a bill that limits of voting access and make it difficult for to engage in voting in georgia? >> no, that's not what the governor of georgia has a said. >> well, i think that's not based in fact with the governor of georgia said. ashley: not based in fact correct janel, why is the white house continuing to push basically this debunked narrative? >> because the narrative works for them and keeps people in a heightened state of emotion so they can get people to vote and the thing about it is, the bill-- so, i've talked about this so many times and at the
9:36 am
end of the day when we talk about this bill, when it comes to the passing out of the water in line, organizations are free to set up refreshment stations. they are free to set them up outside of the required location i think 150 feet from the precinct, so you can have refreshment stations, grab a bottle of water and get in line and most certainly bring your own bottle as well and when it comes to drop boxes where i think that's what she was referring to when it comes to accessing voting, the closest drop box to you is your mailbox, so it's all ridiculous and a narrative they are trying to play on the emotions of people, but we have to vote based on priorities and what will actually impact as and not our emotion and that's where i think we should stand. ashley: i would love to try to get on a delta flight without any id at all. >> me too. [laughter] ashley: we will have to leave it there.
9:37 am
janel, thank you so much, great information and we appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me, ashley. ashley: american airlines and dell are coming out against the new voting restriction efforts in texas those proposals would stop overnight voting hours, outlaw drive-through boating and make it illegal for voting officials to send applications to vote by mail and more. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick responded to the corporation saying quote texans are fed up with corporations that don't share our values trying to dictate public policy. so, take that. texas governor greg abbott is furious about the biden administration's handling of the border. take a listen to this. >> there is a reason why smugglers and cartel members do things like a young child into the river this problem is not going to be six until the biden administration does it's
9:38 am
a job to secure our border. ashley: does it's job. this just in, fox news confirming that as many as 184,000 unaccompanied minors could cross the border this year, 184,000. we will have a live report on the ground coming up. meantime, president biden has tapped labor secretary martie walsh to sell his $2.2 trillion industry to plant, but how will they pay for it next--? i will ask the secretary when he joins me next. ♪♪ ♪♪
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ashley: the margin jobs report shows the economy is rebounding as more states reopen, but this
9:43 am
growing concern that the president's proposed tax hike could undo or at least heard all of that in more. let's bring in edward lawrence. break it down for us if you could. >> he saw the big number beating estimates 916,000 jobs added back to the economy with the unemployment rate dropping. in the last time the unemployment rate was 6% was in march, 2020 before the pandemic and within that topline number just look at some of the sectors rebound, leisure and hospitality added 280,000 jobs, about two thirds of those jobs in food and drinking the services, huge number, restaurants are reopening and drinking places reopening. construction added 110,000 jobs back to the economy in the bureau of labor statistics say statistically because of the winter storms in february that slowed construction hiring and it's rebounded this month in march as a retail added 22500 jobs,
9:44 am
transportation bringing back 47500 jobs, revision for january and february were revised up adding 166,000 jobs in the revision, so this shows the economy started recovering as vaccines rolled out and as a states started to open up. ashley: edward, thank you. lets show you again the jobs report for march, big number 916,000 jobs added. 6.% is the unemployment rate. good not-- time to bring in labor secretary marty walsh. mr. secretary, thank you for joining us. let's begin with your reaction to this report. >> encouraged by the report today. as you just mentioned, before i got on 916,000 new jobs, 6% unemployment rate, which is good, but we still have much more work to do. we feel a lot of this gain this month was due
9:45 am
to good economic policy, also competent vaccination plan with more people getting confident to come into the workplace. ashley: construction was healthy of 110,000 as edward said it leisure and hospitality adding another 280,000. are you concerned-- we have seen this before, companies kind of get used to keeping production high while doing it with less people, so getting back full employment, will that be a challenge? >> i don't think it will be. in the two industries you mention, construction there are many projects that need to get started moving forward as the most projects are behind because of the pandemics zero you will see owners and people that want to speed the project subs in the hospitality industry, the more people we get vaccinated and the more confidence we bring back to people to be back to the virus, there's a bunch of different areas, convention center businesses and others
9:46 am
that have not fully come back so we have a lot of groom for growth in those areas of. ashley: is this all down to the reopening of the economy? >> i think that's part of it. i also think we have to think about as we continue to see the numbers month after month and we don't really see a trend yet so we have a long way to go. a year ago today the jobs report was very sobering so we still have a way to go, but it's not just about recovering the jobs but also building back to middle class and the president has a plan and we will unveil a plan to this week to create a plan to get more people into the middle class and that's important move forward for the united states of america and for the american workers. ashley: just seen another round of stimulus payments go out. are you concerned there are people out there that will say look, with my benefits and stimulus checks i'm didn't assess-- disincentive ice am quite happy to receive government help? >> it's been a year at
9:47 am
the pandemic has been going on and i think most people want to get back to normal life back to work, back to their routines and i think it's something i wouldn't be concerned about now i think the stimulus checks that went out help people pay rent and put food on the table, helping people to stay afloat, but i do think at the end of the day americans want to get back to work. i hear about it everyday. a year is a long time and some folks have been out of work for a year. some folks are working from home and some working part-time and i think people are generally excited about getting back to the way life was as far as the economy i don't think many people feel that it will go on for a year plus that they are out of work. i don't think anyone wants to be out of work. ashley: also, secretary, president biden tapped you along with other cabinet members to help sell his infrastructure plan. what you say to critics that call this the green new deal in disguise, i
9:48 am
have heard that said. >> the president announced it two days ago. we have lots of work to do to go out talk about this plan. i look forward to coming back on your show and talking about the details we want to see. we will work with congress on both sides of the aisle. it should not be a democrat or republican bill. this is an american bill and it's about getting people back to work and building our infrastructure. we have money in this proposal for the care economy, money in this for clean water, schools, hospitals, va hospitals, but there's a lot of opportunity with that the americans jobs plan to continue to move america forward. this is also building on the momentum of what we are feeling today and again, when they report is encouraging and i hope it continues forever took. i hope i get a chance to sit here and talk to every month and say it's getting better, but
9:49 am
there is a lot of work to do in our country. ashley: yes there is and we look forward to it. higher taxes, secretary, corporate tax rate going up to my 28% and there are those that say it makes us companies less competitive and forces them to reassess job creation, everything you don't want to happen for that economy. >> of the ideas to create more jobs and get more benefits and i think we will have more investment in our economy. we will have conversations around the tax rate as we move forward, but the idea behind the plan isn't just about investing $2 trillion. the money will come back into our economy. it's like the idea of getting people back to work today and when we talk about 960,000 people back in the workforce it means there are more people buying coffee and lunch in sandwich shops and more people can go into retail stores and shop. it's a good to generate this excitement into our economy.
9:50 am
ashley: labor secretary marty walsh, thank you for joining us on fox business this morning. >> thanks for having me. ashley: thank you. by the way, the biden administration working with congress to figure out how to make the child tax credit permanent. we will have a live report next. ♪♪ ♪♪
9:51 am
9:52 am
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ashley: the latest $1.9 trillion stimulus package extended the child tax credit up to make 3600 per child and allowed it to be paid out monthly installments, but now the white house is looking to make the payments permanent. hillary vaughn joins us now from capitol hill. this looks a lot like universal basic income payments, isn't it? that's what republicans in congress were worried about because these payments are paid in advance by cutting family a check every month, that was supposed to be temporary. republicans were
9:55 am
concerned this was paving the way for universal basic income if it became permanent and now democrats are trying to do just that, asking the white house in the next round of recovery package to make this advance payment child tax credit permanent. the effort is led by senator brown, he and 40 senate democrats wrote a letter to president biden asking him to solidify the child tax credit as here to stay in the tax foundation estimates doing that would cost $1.6 trillion over the next decade, but as the white house and democrats continue to try to sell this path stimulus package, the president continues even yesterday crediting the child tax credit for cutting the poverty rate by 40%, but we heard testimony from the irs commissioner and from congress who said it's a major challenge for them to figure out how to rework the system to
9:56 am
instead of issuing the child tax credit as a refund basis when people file taxes to get the monthly payment out every month. ashley: hillary, thank you. remember hunter biden's laptop from hell well, it's back in the news. take a look. >> was that your laptop? >> for real i don't know. i really don't know. >> you don't know yes or no? >> i have no idea. ashley: he really has no idea. he seriously doesn't know whether or not that laptop is his. more on that coming out. also a big show ahead, charles hurt, the governor of montana, greg gianforte, jonathan hoenig in the great darryl strawberry. we will be back. ♪♪ of my dreams. but my home of my dreams needed some work sofi was the first lender that even offered a personal loan.
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♪ it's friday, i'm in love ♪♪ ashley: ah, the cure from the great county of sussex, england. i'm from there too. good morning, everyone. i'm ashley webster in for stuart varney. we love fridays, especially good friday. it is 10:00 here on the east coast, and look at that number. the march jobs report showing 916,000 jobs added last month.
10:01 am
labor secretary marty walsh weighing in just moments ago. roll the tape. >> there's many projects across this country that need to get started in moving forward. some of those projects are behind because of the pandemic, so you're going to see owners wanting to see those projects up. and the more people we get vaccinated and the more we beat back this virus, there's still a whole bunch of different areas, convention center businesses and other businesses that haven't fully come back yet. so we have a lot of room for growth in the those areas. ashley: all right. all very positive. and, by the way, president biden is set to speak about the jobs report from the white house coming up in the 11 a.m. hour and, of course, we'll bring that to you live. all right, now this: hunter biden. there's been a sighting. he sat down for an interview with cbs. here's what he had to say when asked about his infamous laptop. >> was that your laptop?
10:02 am
>> for real, i don't know -- >> i know, but you know -- >> i really don't know -- >> okay. you don't know, yes or no. >> i don't have any idea, no idea. >> so it could have been yours. >> of course, certainly. there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. it could be that i was hacked, it could with that it was russian intelligence, it could be that it was stolennen from me. [laughter] ashley: stolen and then hacked by russians. let's bring in charlie hurt. charlie, that was one of the strangest exchanges i've ever heard. is it yours? could be, i don't know. at the end end he says, absolutely, it could be moon. is the plan for hunter to pretend he doesn't know if he owns a laptop? [laughter] >> it's truly extraordinary. it's like a 6-year-old being caught with chocolate chip cook cookie crumbs all over his mouth -- [laughter] i might have eaten the cookies,
10:03 am
i'm not sure. what kind of cookies were they? it depends. maybe the russians got the cookies, and they gave them to me. [laughter] it is insane. it also underscores just how much these guys have been getting away with, absolutely everything, without getting any serious questions. the answer is, yes, it was your laptop. all of the information on the laptop pertained to you or were e-mails written by you -- ashley: yes. >> it's a real simple answer. ashley: it's a great image, isn't it? i can see the child with chocolate all around his mouth, and he says, no, i didn't steal the chocolate ice cream. anyway, listen, peter doocy asked president biden if the laptop was russian information all the way back in december. listen to this, i'm sure you remember. >> do you still stay with the story about your son hunter -- [inaudible] >> yes, yes, yes.
10:04 am
ashley: yes, yes, yes. he never really wanted to answer it. of course, the insinuation was ties to the, you know, ukrainian gas company, then-vice president was introduced, blah, blah, blah, it all just smells very fishy and off. i, you know, the last thing biden wants right now is the infamous laptop back in the headlines, but here we are. >> yeah. and they got away with it. they got away without ever having to answer this stuff because so many people in the media covered for them. and, you know, deep sixed it, made the story go away. [laughter] and, you know, maybe there's a legitimate reason to argue that, you know, that this information was stolen or whatever, but that doesn't heene the media can just -- mean the media can just sort of cover it up for them. ashley: right. >> the guy's writing a memoir? you can't say, oh, but i don't want to talk about that. either write the memoir or
10:05 am
don't -- [laughter] i don't know how much money he's making off this thing, i imagine he's making a fortune, but you've got to answer personal questions if you're going to write a memoir. ashley: we call it a selective memory memoir. all right, charlie, i want to talk about the fact that crime is spiking in cities that voted to defund the police. now, i'm not a betting man, but even i could have put some money on this was going to happen, right? >> who could have seen that happen? [laughter] who could have seen that coming? it really is extraordinary. and the sad thing about it, the very serious thing about it is that, you know, democrats claim to be representing people that live in these cities, and the people who are living in these cities are paying a grievous price for democrats playing ridiculous games, for their dishonesty and playing politics with something that literally -- people's lives are in the ambulance. and they have the, and the
10:06 am
democrats -- in the balance. and the democrats have absolutely no regard for the safety and we fare of these people and their families. and it's a real tragedy. ashley: absolutely. another fun one for you, charlie. "the wall street journal" editorial board slamming companies that are speaking out on georgia's new election law. now, the new op-ed is into ited, and i love it, woke and weak ceos. they're denouncing georgia's election law, but have they read it? that's a good question. it goes on to say ceos are taking a side and promoting more division. what do you make of that? >> and, obviously, the ceos haven't read -- either they haven't read it, or they're really stupid. i'd rather think they haven't done their homework because they so badly want to posture and claim to be woke or whatever it is. but what they're talking about, their descriptions of the georgia law, it's complete and total lies. and the most obvious one is this thing about the water, about how
10:07 am
you're not allowed to provide water to voters standing in line when actually not only is that not true, the law specifically says that election officials can provide water to voters standing in line. but the lie, you know, makes its way around the world three times before the truth gets its boots on. [laughter] ashley: you know, if you were, i mean, listen, the head of coca-cola, delta and so on, they're in a bit of a tough spot, i'll say this. they shouldn't weigh in, but if they don't, end then they're being call out for boycotting because they're not outraged at this new voting law. and when they do, the lawmakers in georgia say, fine, we're going to take away some of your tax credits. it's kind of a no-win kind of situation, is it not? >> maybe so, but then that just sort of goes back to the beginning which is don't get involved in the first place. if you never got involved in the first place and you took a principled stance and said,
10:08 am
look, we're not getting involved in this petty politics, then no one would expect them to, and, you know, they can make threats and everything. but nobody has been put out of business because they declined to get involved in politics. and whether it's this georgia law or the blm stuff, companies should just shut up and stick to making money, doing their business. ashley: yeah. do what they know how to do. people are knot going to stop drinking -- not going to stop drinking coke, believe maine quick question on the border issue, this is a nightmare that's getting worse and worse and worse. the border czar, kamala harris, doesn't appear to be doing anything about it right now. what's your take? >> well, i think the reason she's not doing anything about it right now because this is not a crisis at the border as far as the biden administration's concerned. this is their plan. this is exactly what they envisioned for the future of america, and this is not what voters voted for joe biden for. this is an issue that cuts
10:09 am
across all party lines, race lines, anything you want to -- any lines you want to divide. people, the situation at the border, the catastrophe at the border that is entirely of joe biden's making is appalling to the vast majority of voters. ashley: well, how long will it go. we'll have to leave it right there. lots of subjects covered this morning. great fun and, of course, hunter biden's laptop. charlie hurt, thank you so so m. great to see you. let's get back to the markets, bring in jonathan hoenig, our markets guy. jonathan, yes, of course, the markets are closed for good friday, but you are continuing to be, let's say, cautious. i why is that? >> well, look, ash, great to be with you. i've been doing this for 20 years. my clients don't worry because that's what they pay me to do. and i am concerned now. futures are at all-time highs. but you have to try to be contrarian, you have to try to do the opposite of what most people are doing. and most people now are buying
10:10 am
more stock. look at that aaii, the american association of individual investors. the average investor now holds a 37-month high exposure to stocks. at the same time, they owe -- they have a 4-month low -- 14-month low exposure to cash. so buy more stock and holding less cash. if you're bullish, i think that's reason for worry. ashley: well, okay, but listen, the economy is reopening. we've just seen the latest jobs report. people have done a pretty good job of saving money. there's a lot of pent-up demand to get out there and spend it whether it's going to a restaurant more often, it's actually going to travel. more than a million people a day now are actually flying. all of this suggests to me that there's going to be a flood of consumerism hitting the economy. that's got to be the positive, right? >> well, first of all, it's production that fuels the economy, not consumption. that's a different, longer term discussion, actually.
10:11 am
you can't deny the jobs number looks great, but markets are forward looking. and what we're maybe not looking at is that long-term impact of all of the stimulus, if you will, that brought us here. the markets fell under obama 40% after stimulus was passed and, of course, japan's been stimulating their economy for decades. that's my fear, the good news has arrived, we could see some of the big leaders and the market writ large take a break. ashley: you're right. yes, production fuels the economy, consumers, 70% of the economy. and if i'm a company that lists on one of the, young, stock the exchanges, and i have customers spending lots and lots of money, that's got to be positive overall though. >> well, positive for the economy or positive for the stock market. that's the one thing to keep in mind here, ashley. ashley: yeah. >> when you're buying a stock, you're buying a valuation. and i always bring back names
10:12 am
like cisco or intel. those were the big tech giants in the 1990s. none of those companies went out of business, but it took anywhere from -- well, cisco never recovered, but intel took seven, eight, nine years to recover those previous highs. some great companies, facebook, amazon, what else, you know, the big tech names come to mind. not that they're going to go out of business, but it's going to take a long time to reach those all-time highs. ashley: very quickly, jonathan, if i'm looking at a sector, would you look at the recovery stocks, the airlines, those types of stocks? are they looking good? >> yeah. i mean, i've been -- it's a great example. boeing, a lot of the airlines, i think, are interesting long-term bets. more than anything i'm looking at emerging markets stuart -- ashley, excuse me. emerging markets and foreign markets are a great place to look at long term as well. ashley: you can call me stu,
10:13 am
that's quite a compliment. >> well, you know -- i just finally learned stuart varney. [laughter] have a great weekend. ashley: from now on, that's my new name, mr. bevel deer. jonathan, thank you so much. many businesses still reeling from the long lockdown, we know that. but the white house says we have to pay for trillions in infrastructure somehow. roll that tape. >> we believe that corporations should be able to bear the brunt for investing in america's workers. ashley: yep, it's all down to the corporations. they'll pay for it. math. >> happen has a thing or -- matt schlapp has a thing to say about that. plus, the crabbing industry was nearly decimated by covid, so is the 2021 season looking any better? but first, a baltimore sun
10:14 am
op-ed claims republicans are fabricating the border crisis. hmm, well, these videos are noting fabricated, the crisis is not fabricated, and i'm mr. belvedere. we'll take you straight to the border after this. ♪ band on the run, band on the run. ♪ band on the run ♪♪ to lower my a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it. once-weekly trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. most people taking it reached an a1c under 7%. trulicity may also help you lose up to 10 pounds and lower your risk of cardiovascular events, whether you know you're at risk or not. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away
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♪♪ ashley: all right, now this, 18,000 the migrant children are currently being held in u.s. holding facilities. let's go to alex hogan in la jolla us texas. officials say they expect over 1
10:19 am
million to arrive at the border this year, is that right? >> reporter: that's right, ashley. we're seeing that just this morning. if you take a walk with me here, there are 62 people right now sitting along this fence, people who were stopped about an hour ago by border patrol. many of their faces you can see the exhaustion, they have been walking, all of them coming from separate countries. they've been asked questions about where they were or where they were going, and before that they have been sitting here before they get loaded onto buses. earlier this morning we did see another group a little bit closer to the border, and they were a group of about 12 migrants that had arrived from honduras. one woman carrying a small baby. while many of them appeared sleep deprived, they were dehydrated and hungry, one of them suffered serious injuries. yesterday in this part of texas border agents took hundreds of people into custody. officials say, as you mentioned, they expect one million migrants to cross the border within this year. many of the migrants come from
10:20 am
from guatemala, el salvador and honduras, and they say they're fleeing poverty, political instability, violence as well as natural disasters. hundreds of kids are crossing the border by themself every single day, something that we have seen here even this morning. now, 18,000 children are unaccompanied in facilities here in the u.s., and more centers are going up to meet that demand. the national association of christian churches opened a new center in houston, for many of those children. there are children that we do see here today. all of these people will either be taken to the donna center or to another processing center in mcallen, texas. and this is just, again, the start of a morning already multiple groups that we're seeing coming through really showing the devastation and what people are doing risking their lives to come here to be in the u.s. ashley? ashley: yeah. it is a true surge. it's remarkable, and it's going on every day. thank you, alex, very much for that report. now this, the state of montana
10:21 am
is taking a stand against illegal immigration with a bill banning sanctuary cities in that state. and the governor of montana joins us now. governor, great to see you this morning. tell me, why are you doing this now? what what's the reasoning here? >> well, ashley, thank you for having me on. i -- we're a country of laws, and we've seen a doubling in the number of jurisdictions over the last couple of years that have established these so-called sanctuary cities. we don't want that in montana. we -- although we're a northern border state, we don't have montana meth, we have mexican meth coming in, and we need to work with the federal government to go after drug dealers and human traffickers to just end that practice here in montana. ashley: have you had any cities announce that they want to be -- or they are a sanctuary city? has that happened up to now?
10:22 am
>> well, we have massive problems with mexican meth coming into our state, and we don't want to be a haven for criminals. so this is the why this week i signed this bill into law which says we're not going to tolerate sanctuary cities in the state of joining about a dozen other states doing the same thing. i was down on the southern border in 209, and -- 2019, and talking to border agents they told me just give us the tool to do our jobs. and this train wreck that we're seeing on the southern border right now, it's largely -- because of the widen administration -- biden administration, taking away the tools to secure our southern border. and we want to continue to pursue and headache sure we enforce the law -- make sure we enforce the law here in montana. ashley: well, the administration refuses to call it a crisis, but i don't know what other word to use, do you? >> well, i think we're beyond crisis. this is a train wreck.
10:23 am
we, a country without a border is no country at all. we need to secure it. we saw great progress, and now with over a million people per year coming in over our southern border, just flooding, and i took a very strong action here a week ago when we saw this. we got an inquiry from the administration saying, hey, can we bring them to montana? i was very clear with the administration that not on my watch. listen, this is your problem, you need to fix it. ashley: all right. i want to move on if we can, talk about the vaccine and the potential of vaccine passports. governor desantis of florida and governor reeves of mississippi pushing back against that concept saying, well, we're not going to use them. how about you? >> well, i'm a big fan -- i got my shot yesterday. this is a tool to get through this pandemic and get back to a normal life. but we're not going to require anybody if to get a vaccine if they have, if they don't want one. i know that they're safe and
10:24 am
effective. just yesterday, since we opened up vaccine availability to every adult in the state of montana, we just passed 500,000 people who have gotten doses here in the state. only a million people. from day one of my administration in january, we've been relying on personal responsibility, not impractical government mandates, and we'll continue to do that. ashley: right. >> we've got lawsuit protection for our small businesses, we got rid of the mask mandate, and we're open for business. ashley: very quickly, i know you're a entrepreneur from bozeman, what's your take on the tax hikes being proposed by the administration? how does that hurt companies trying to make a go of it and creating jobs? >> well, i think it's very simple, we should be working for lower taxes. when we let people keep the fruits of their labor, they know how to spend the money better than the government does. that's what we're doing here in
10:25 am
montana. after 16 years of democrats in charge, we are aggressively slowing the growth of government and letting montanans keep their hard earned money. again, montana is open for business and we welcome visitors, but we even -- we also appreciate people coming here and creating businesseses so that our people can prosper. ashley: right. i lived for a number of years in helena, i miss it every day. big sky country. of governor, thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure, ashley. thank you so much. ashley: thank you. all right. the p.c. police, by the way, coming after spongebob squarepants and captain underpants, oh, yes, and cancel culture is spreading. is there any way to stop it? i'll ask the federalist's john daniel davidson ahead. but first, as home listings fall to record lows, bidding wars are off the charts. how can you get an edge in this housing market? going to ask rochelle after --
10:26 am
mitch roschelle after this. ♪ ♪
10:27 am
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10:29 am
ashley: homes for sale are in short supy
10:30 am
forcing home buyer withs to step up their game making bigger down payments and offering above asking prices. mitch roschelle joins me now. great to see you, mitch. you say in this kind of market young buyers could be frozen out, right? >> 100%. you mentioned larger down payments, which is one of the things that we're seeing buyers do. so there's a chance that younger buyers may not have that down payment. but the other thing that's happening, there's a recent study if from red fin that looked at the last six months -- [audio difficulty] a lot of buyers are waiving some contingencies that are in contracts to present them. appraisal contingencies, financing contingencies, inspection contingencies. so they're trying to make their offer look better than the next person's offer, and that can be risky. ashley: are people losing their heads a little bit? you hear of someone who bought a house for $300,000 a year ago,
10:31 am
just sold it for 570, such is the desire for properties especially outside of cities. and these bidding wars are really just remarkable. i hear stories almost every day. >> yeah. i think every -- there's frustration all the way around, ash. my of wife and i were looking at a second home in florida, and we're frustrated. sellers are getting a little frustrated as well even though they're reaping the benefits. so there's a lot of frustration. but this bidding war thing, i said before on this program that it's not a bubble, but it's getting a little bubblicious, i'll be honest with you, because sellers are making some unreasonable demands and getting them, and that sort of validates some of the craziness. ashley: well, how long does this housing supply shortage go on? when are more people going to put their houses on the market? i would think now's the perfect time to do it. >> i do, and that's the call i'm
10:32 am
a making. i think this springtime which is -- we didn't really have last spring's home-buying season because of the lockdowns and no open houses and the like. i think this year is more normal. i think we'll get back to the normal pattern of people putting their homes on the market. in fact, folks who really want to cash in, now's the time to do it. the challenge is taking that 500 and finding a home for $500,000 elsewhere to buy. ashley: right. [laughter] exactly. they're going to have to pay more as well. you also mentioned, mitch, changes to fannie and freddie could make mortgages more expensive. what does that mean for vacation homes? >> yeah. so the second home market, which also includes folks who buy a home for investment purposes, freddie and fannie have the global financial crisis in their rearview mirror, and they're remembering what that was like. so they've put a cap on 7%.
10:33 am
so of the mortgages that they purchase, and remember that they're sort of the government-sponsored backstop for the mortgage industry and they buy loans from institutions that originate them, they'll only purchase, of the loans that they purchase, only 7% of them can be second homes or investment properties. so if you can't sort of get that loan purchased by freddie or fannie, the cost could be higher for you. so there's a little bit of a guardrail in there for some of the frothiness because many of these home purchases are, in fact, second homes. ashley: very quickly, i've got 15 seconds. do mortgage rates continue to go up? >> i think so. and i said there'd be a 2% 30-year fixed on this program, and i was wrong. i think mortgage rates continue to go up. ashley: all right. mitch rochelle, good luck with finding that home in florida, hopefully more properties come up on the market. mitch, thank you so much. >> have a good cay day. ashley: all right. you too. now, did you hear about this? marijuana county in -- marin
10:34 am
county in california is launching a universal basic income program next month, but there's a catch on who can actually receive the money. claudia cowan is in marin county. the question begs, what's the catch in. >> reporter: we, there might be a couple of catches here, a ash. you know, in most of these guaranteed income programs designed to help minorities, the money comes from charity groups or nonprofits. but here in marin county, tax dollars are being used for a program that restricts participation based on race and gender: the county is kicking in $400,000 to support an experiment that will give 125 low are income mothers $1,000 a month for two years, but only mothers of color are eligible. >> all low income moms have to deal with challenges, know question about that. but the added burden of race,
10:35 am
racism and discrimination, those two things are unique to moms of color. and so that's what we're, what we're testing. >> reporter: so marin community foundation has partner9ed with the county, the 400 grand won't go to the moms directly, but will be used to help with job training and other support services. even so legal experts saying government using any public funds for a program based on race is illegal. >> even if they're going around and trying to design it in a way that is tricky or hides what they're doing, what they're doing is simple. it is government money going to discriminate, and that is unlawful. >> reporter: he also called out oakland's mayor for promoting a similar equity program run by oak. land resilient families. the nonprofit initially said its program was solely for black,
10:36 am
ending juice, people of color, and now their web site says it will support families with the great wealth disparities, no mention of race. back here in the marin, the momentum program will kick off, appropriately, on mother's day. and before a white mother feels harmed, she could have legal standing to file a lawsuit in federal court. back to you. ashley: very interesting story, claudia cowan. thank you so much, claudia. we also now have an update to a story we've been following all week. nike has run its case to stop the sale of those controversial satan shoes made by rapper lil' nas x or, you know, promoted. they're actually distributed by the mschf company, and that company says it still hopes to work with nike and the courts to rehuman the sale of the shoes -- resume the sale of the shoes that has a drop of blood in its
10:37 am
soul. who'd want to buy it? $1800, they cost. they sold out in minutes. coming up, senator lindsey graham not mincing words when it comes to companies speaking out about georgia's new voting law. >> these ceos are full of crap. they're running scared. georgia is trying to make sure that everybody can vote legally. ashley: all right. don't hold back. social media not shy either, calling the companies woke corporate hypocrites. oh, yeah, we've got the story ahead. but first, airline credits are set to expire. if you didn't use them all of last year and you don't want them to go to waste, we tell you how you can extend them next. ♪ fly like an eagle, let the spirit carry me. ♪ i want to fly -- ♪♪
10:38 am
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ashley: the cdc will be releasing new guidelines for travelers who have been vaccinated today, this comes as the tsa has seen over one million travelers through checkpoints every day now for the past three weeks. travel is picking up, at least air travel. and now this, as travel is booming, flight credits are about to expire. kurt key knudsen joins me now. you've got some tips how to cash in or extend. how do you do it? >> ash, good morning. after you canceled or postponed your trip, those are adding up to an estimated $10 billion in future airline credits now set to expire. well, a travel boom now has customers trying to get in, calling to apply those flight credits to future travel before they're worthless. getting through to the airline right now is going to come with
10:43 am
some extraordinary the wait times. alabama airlines -- alaska airlines talking about the how overwhelmed their car centers are right now. during the past year they extended. delta issued $2.6 billion in vouchers in 2020. well, the good news now is delta announcing it's extending all tickets expiring in 2021 and new tickets purchased in 2021. delta tickets and credits will now expire, get this, december 31st, 2020. american and united extending many vouchers through march 31, 2022. check the fine print. for example, southwest airlines travel funds, if you travel between march 1st and september 7th last year, in 2020, those now would qualify for an extension until september 7th,
10:44 am
2022, but once you rebook it, it's going to reset the block -- clock, and that's going to exes pyre sooner. number one, check the fine print, see when that expiration date is. it's usually the day it was ticket thed, not when you were going to fly. and also screen shot the credit for that airline. in other words, if it's a piece of paper, take a picture of it. if it's on the web site and it's electronic, snap that screen shot and save it. and what i like to do is add that expiration day into the calendar along with that screen shot on your phone or whatever calendar system you use. really, really important to not lose those and set a reminder maybe 30 days out before it's going to exing pyre. and before you -- when you're ready to travel again, and i just did this week, there's some really great resources for you. right now expert flyer shows the
10:45 am
true ability, they just sell you the ones they want you to go on. that's a site that shows all the raw today. and then the miles, he helps find hard to get business class. he said people are calling in droves where the phone didn't ring are over the last year. and then if he finds the flight that you want to buy, only then do you pay a fee for it. and compare vacation rental prices. for example, you find something on a airbnb or brbo, go to to ts new site, you put in the url, it's going to find the cheapest price for it, and that's just so, so easy to do. i have it all on cyber where i've posted it and, ash, i will tell you i am ready to get out of the house. [laughter] ashley: i think you and millions of others. can't wait to sit on the phone
10:46 am
to anline and listen to m if uzak for four hours. great stuff as always, kurt, thank you very much. let's talk about the cruise industry. we know it's been docked for over a year now, and now florida lawmakers are calling on the cdc to let cruise ships sail again. let's get to phil keating live in port miami this morning. phil, good to see you. when could we see cruise ships leaving port again? >> reporter: looks like it's going to happen this summer or late spring, things are looking promising right now. you know, for the past year cruise ships have only been in port miami or port everglades or port canaveral for two reasons, refuel and restock the skeleton crews that are keeping the ships operating, and the ships go back out in the atlantic, drop anchor and continue the big, long wait. aside from the conditions for cruising to resume, it still has not out of u.s. ports.
10:47 am
industry experts complain the cdc rules just can't be met, but cruising has resumed in the south pacific of and europe, and royal caribbean's starting up its first passenger cruise this june out of nassau and cozumel. requirements? all crew and passengers must be vaccinated. cruise line executives met recently with florida's governor, all of whom agree the i economy is being hurt by the industry shutdown, and if cruising can resume this summer in other countries, why not florida? >> so we're confused. [laughter] we're a florida-based entity. we have a huge business. we carry 9 million, 10 million americans a year on vacations. they love these say sayingses -- vacations. and suddenly it stopped. >> reporter: miami-dade county's mayor met with the cdc yesterday and came out optimistic. quote: some may want to sue, but
10:48 am
we want to sail. we are ready to collaborate to make sure the cruise capital of the world can lead the way to rebuilding this critical industry. proof of vaccinations as well as negative covid tests are clearly going to be major parts of the new cruising protocols set up by the big cruise lines. ashley? ashley: absolutely, they will. phil, thank you very much from a windy miami. all right, phil, thanks. to the crabbing industry which has also been taking a major hit during the pandemicment coming up,ping we're going to talk to one of the stars of the hit show "deadliest catch." they have a new season coming up. captain keith colburn is next. >> put your feet up. get the blood going to the right spot. not that there's anything in that cranium of yours that might warrant any extra blood flow. >> just hold it all together, all right? >> get you back on deck.
10:49 am
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10:52 am
>> here, put your feet up. get the blood going to the right spot. not that there's anything in that cranium of yours that might warrant any extra blood flow. just hold it all together, all
10:53 am
right? >> yeah. >> and get you back on deck where we need grow. ashley: captain, doctor, just a quick clip from the show "deadliest catch." captain keith colburn joins us now. captain, good morning. you say the entire crabbing industry was almost killed during the pandemic. is that right? >> i wouldn't go that far. i, we have definitely taken a hit because of the pandemic. a lot of casinos, restaurants, buffets basically didn't -- they bought crab last year, but -- [inaudible] we did take about a 30% hit on our pricing. but, you know, 30% is a lot. but, you know, we were fortunate, we managed to keep a fishery alive and get the crab caught. actually, my boat will be in seattle tomorrow. that was a long season.
10:54 am
ashley: well, and, captain, the show you're a star of, of course, just launched on discovery plus. it rea mains one of their highest -- remains one of their highest rated programs. what is the appeal and what can we expect from the new season? i love watching it too. i think it's the sense of adventure. you're man against nature and also, you know, the danger of it. it's very compelling. >> you know, and they tried to replicate it over a hundred times in different formats. i mean, take eight guys, put 'em in tight quarters, don't let 'em eat, sleep, work 'em harder than you can ever work 'em, put them in the worst environment, the worst weather possible and then the it's a treasure hunt, you know? we're looking for crab. and when we find 'em, it is -- literally lose 'em, we're pretty bummed out. i think the biggest thing is the weather, you know? this year we had more than our
10:55 am
share of really big storms, really hell ily bad, bad weather this year. just at lot of things that, you know, they're terrifying to me, and i'm sitting there trying to keep it from happening. [laughter] ashley: you're the one that's remaining calm and, you know what? do you have job openings? >> do you always have job openings? it's such a dangerous job. i know you can earn very decent money, but your life's on the line. >> we about every year or two we might have an opening, but i'm fortunate on my boat i've got a really solid crew that's been with me for a number of years, so i'm lucky, you know? and there's nothing better than a good crew to help you get the job done. ashley: amen to that in every industry. well, congratulations on your continued success and be very safe out there in those
10:56 am
hellacious conditions. captain, thank you so much for joining us. we do appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. stay safe. ashley: now, that is a job, let me tell you. big show still ahead for you. matt schlapp, jonathan morris, darryl strawberry, plus we're waiting for president biden to make remarks on the jobs report. the third hour of "varney" moments away from away. ♪ -- moments away. ♪ ♪
10:57 am
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11:00 am
.. change also building back the middle class, the president unveiled a plan this week, it will be important to move forward as far as economic policies. >> an employee looks great. markets are forward looking. we could see the big leaders and the market writ large. >> if the biden administration succeeds in getting another round of deficit finance spending there is a list iv deal levels that show get off. >> important to push forward and vaccinate americans and
11:01 am
open our economy. hoping by june, july, december, getting to herd immunity. ashley: it 11 am on the east coast. it is friday april 2nd. i'm ashley webster in for stuart varney, we are waiting for president biden to speak about the march jobs report, there's a podium in place. be assured we are on that story once the president begins to speak. let's bring in matt schlapp. my first question is will the president take credit for the bounce back? >> i'm sure he will. that is what politicians love to do, take the credit for all the entrepreneurs across the
11:02 am
country. ashley: he's a proponent of keeping us lockdown and acting more cautious than we would say at texas and florida. >> the great thing about the trump years trusted americans to run their lives, the trusted americans take care, the idea that democrats have to make decisions, and in school all year at a private school which we could look forward. the public schools around them have been closed with what a shame for those parents and kids, it is a democratic tragedy. ashley: it does a lot of damage to the kids, they need to be back in school in person. i want to talk about the
11:03 am
business side. white house press secretary jen psaki defending hiking taxes on businesses following a year's worth of shutdowns. over a century, now they want to put in taxes as they tried to recover. listen to this soundbite and we will talk about it. >> we believe corporations should be able to bear the brunt for investing in america's workers. we invest in the future and make sure infrastructure makes us competitive. ashley: make them pay more money so they don't have more money to expand, invest and create jobs. can american businesses afford
11:04 am
these tax hikes? >> i don't understand what jen psaki and joe biden don't understand. who creates jobs? it is companies that create jobs. they are trying to punish companies and the reason donald trump took that corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% it is because america's corporate income tax rate was much higher than those we have to compete with on the globe. we have global competition. when joe biden is saying america, he wants us to be uncompetitive with the rest of the world which is all those manufacturing jobs which are already going to go away because of his green new deal and the end of american non-dependence on foreign sources of energy, those are going away. when taxes go up, for the middle class and the working stiff out there your prospects are going to be dinner. why do they want to punish us so much? ashley: i don't know. when candidate biden was running we were assured he's not a radical left candidate. he's a moderate democrats who
11:05 am
will work on both sides of the aisle, but the far left of the democratic party is pulling all the strings. joe biden is happily going further and further to the left. my question are they trying to reshape the role of capitalism in this country? >> there is no question. they don't believe in capitalism. they believe in socialism. they are trying to make it appear just a little more government and a little s constitution. the fact is every major part of your life they want to control. they want to tell you not just that there are these vaccines but you must take him. when your kids can go to school and when you can't, what kind of energy company can use them and what energy can't use. they want to control every aspect of your life. at the same time they love to tell us women should have
11:06 am
economy over their bodies, they are the most hypocritical political movement we've ever seen in a long time and the american people are going to rise up come the next election. ashley: stuart varney talks a lot about he is a refugee of the socialism that was in place in britain, i remember it vividly having survived it. everything was owned by the government, the trains were always late, everybody was on strike, we had power outages. it wasn't until maggie thatcher broke the stranglehold of the unions and let the private sector take over that things got better. i hope to god it doesn't get to that state in the united states. i don't think so but you worry. last one, in your latest op-ed you write, quote, here is why hr one is not election reform.
11:07 am
it is nothing less than an assault on the accepted democratic norms of free and fair elections. you say this puts free and fair elections at risk. you make your case. >> we remember in iraq when everyone got the chance to vote and they all had purple fingers, the fingerprint to make sure they were they were in democracies around the world. our country recognized elections unless you can say you have done minimus voter fraud, to bring up terrible chapters of our history when we had racial animosity and jim crow and trying to say in the current context than any voter id is somehow racist. they are doing this because in order to win in 2022-2024, continue to have high levels of voter fraud and what common sense americans are saying, even a socialist ability to
11:08 am
vote in america, to verify it is you, even if you vote by mail, i don't care if you vote by mail but you have to have signature verification on those ballots. what democrats are pushing is a blue coup that would disenfranchise all those working men and women who joined with donald trump and the republican party to say we don't want socialism in this country, the way socialism will happen is if they can pass these election reforms and push this coup. this is the biggest issue facing the future of america and we must win on it. ashley: you need a id for everything these days. this conversation through the morning, i don't understand there are many other countries that require id for voting. don't understand why that is racist. >> what it is is it gives democrats were much better organizes on the ground and
11:09 am
they had a whole system which mark eli us, the person who came up with the phony russian dossiers, stacy abrams is the face of the movement and what they did is put a lot of ballots in these ballot boxes that were illegitimate entered into a large degree and tends to do that again and to sell any republican who says that having a voter id, that they are racist, look at delta airlines, look at what coca-cola have done. look at the ncaa forcing these companies to take stands against voter id which will allow them to have an illegitimate election response in 2022, 137 elected republicans to congress aren't even receiving corporate pack money because they stand for voter id. this is insanity. ashley: just another example of if you don't agree with their opinion and their desire then you are instantly racist.
11:10 am
it is an insult to racism and the true horror of racism because it is bandied about now with wild abandon when it is simply not the case. thank you so much for joining us. >> why should they take our voice? it is not american. ashley: exactly right. thank you very much. now this, thank you. more than a dozen corporations are speaking out on georgia's voting role. lydia, they are calling those companies out, why? >> because some of the companies that are doing business in china with a history of human rights abuses, delta and apple and coca-cola, each of them contend georgia avenue voting law after thing it is call for boycott, restrict access to the polls but they have also been silent
11:11 am
about china's human rights violations and reaping financial gain from china. let's look at this. delta's ceo called out the new voting law as unacceptable, delta airlines called itself, quote, the chinese friendly us airline on its website and often saying china is leading the way on the international front and added flights during the pandemic. marco rubio tweeted in response you are business partners with the communist party of china. when can we expect your letter saying their ongoing genocide is unacceptable and does not match delta's values? apple ceo tim cook blasted the georgia voting law ballots business exploding growth in china had a 60% increase. apple and coca-cola also lobbied to water down legislation the prevented american companies from importing goods for
11:12 am
manufactured forced labor in china, coca-cola's china and korea president kurt ferguson said last year the company is in china for the long term while investing billions in china over the past year. apple and coca-cola did not respond to requests for comment and delta declined to comment. back to you. ashley: we should tell our viewers that we are waiting for president biden to speak about the march jobs report, 916,000 jobs added. we have an i on a podium that has been set up and we bring it to you live if that happens. now this, less than half of american adults belong to a church or house of worship. what happened to all the faithful? we are looking into that coming up. take a look at this. 1.5 million people boarded planes yesterday. travel is bouncing back, when airline is getting ready to
11:13 am
hire hundreds of pilots and we have shown you this disturbing video of dollars being dropped over a 14 foot border fence. a new op-ed claims republicans are fabricating the crisis at the border. texas congressman roger williams is here to respond next. i have the power to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it, lowering my blood sugar from the first dose. once-weekly trulicity responds when my body needs it, 24/7. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain,
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11:17 am
bounce forward, with comcast business. act now. ashley: we are still waiting for president biden to speak about the march jobs report, we bring that to you live when that happens but now this. lawmakers are introducing a bipartisan bill in response to the border crisis that basically creates a $1 billion
11:18 am
fund to handle the surge. let's go to alex hogan in texas to break it down. >> we've seen migrants group starting as soon as don breaks, we see 50 people behind me, they are asked about their age and if they are traveling alone and that establishes which centers they will go to. earlier this morning, it is a group of about a dozen people carrying a 6 month mac baby saying they came from honduras. we see another group of 60 people, all of those people came from separate countries before they were stopped along the highway, none of them had
11:19 am
serious injuries after their journey. most of the people i speak with say they are coming from honduras and officials expect 1 million people to cross the border this year. more than 18,000 children are in us custody. back here live we have a team taking a look from above to show you not only this group of 50 people but also the terrain and what it looks like for these people who are making the journey, many traveling for weeks or months by foot. many of them exhausted. sleep deprived, needing water, needing food and this is where they are found. to give an idea how dire the situation is, here in this valley we know that in the last 24 hours border patrol has made 2751 arrests just within the last 24 hours, that is up 313% from this time last year.
11:20 am
ashley: no sign of it slowing down. we need to check out this headline in the baltimore sun, quote, republicans are fabricating the border crisis. let's bring in congressman roger williams from texas. i have a feeling you have some words to say, smugglers propping young children over a 14 foot border fence. how is this being fabricated? >> it is made up, they need to come back to see that. it is a total crisis. i have been going down there since 2005 and this is the worst i have ever seen it. looking at photos of young babies, talk about putting illegals on military bases,
11:21 am
talk about law enforcement in texas being told to release people in jail and open the door and they go into the community in the trees, downtowns. and in february, they remain in confrontations this year coming here and what do we do with these folks. >> fox news has exclusively obtained a photo of those 2 little girls being rescued, the thing two you are seeing on the left side of the screen. also in the pictures, el paso border patrol chief, congressman, how much, look how tiny they are, 5 and 3 years old. it is the human tragedy and these two little girls dropped over a fence after traveling for how long?
11:22 am
who knows? how much worse will this crisis get? >> it is going to get worse because this administration, catch and release, they are not building the wall, they indicated to people, these folks think if they just touch the ground they become american citizens so we've got to start building the wall again and send a message to do it the right, we need people going between the ports of entry, if they do that they will understand what they need to do to come and become an american legally. ashley: and when you talk to lawmakers on the other side of the aisle it doesn't seem like they understand the scope of what we are witnessing. congresswoman josé, if you don't want children in cages you need to stop upholding cpb and she goes on to say ice and
11:23 am
the military is the solution to this crisis. you have dealt with these border problems for years as secretary of state. what is the real solution? >> the solution is to tell people we want them to come to america, to realize the american dream, people come through ports of entry all day long, they get in line to become citizens but when the first decision you make is to break the law that is just wrong and some of my colleagues don't have a clue and won't come down here, they come through a picture session. kamala harris will head up this operation and says ice is like the kkk, wants to defend the police, she hasn't come down so it is a real tragedy. it is a crisis and it is not
11:24 am
going to end until this administration gets serious about it and understands these people need to have their due process and be sent back home back to their families and friends, ports of entry, do it right. ashley: that's not going to happen and while they wait for their court date on their asylum applications donald trump had them wait in mexico but now they are back in the us and surprisingly they never show up, just disappear into the united states and that is going to happen again. >> we are not even giving them court dates. they are not coming back and that is a real problem. a burden on law enforcement all over the country and all over texas. border patrol is overwhelmed, facilities are 700% over capacity.
11:25 am
and the dps apartment of public safety is beefed up to do what we do but has to come from the federal government, forget about a voters, that is driving the democrats. saving our sovereignty and being able to offer jobs to people to do it right. ashley: what about the homeland security, that goes out the window. what about terrorist wants to come in, this is the perfect cover in which to do it. >> no question. everybody, a lot of these folks come not from mexico as indicated earlier. they are from honduras and iran. they need to get asylum in mexico and not the united states. people coming over here are not all from central america.
11:26 am
>> looking forward to it. ashley: we are going to have to end there. here is the president speaking about the march jobs report. let's listen in. >> 900,000 jobs in march, the first two month of our administration you see more new jobs created than any other administration in history and we have a long way to go to get our economy back on track after the worst economic and job crisis in a century. my message to the american people is this. help is here. opportunity is coming and at long last there is hope for so many families, credit for this progress belongs not to me but to the american people. hard-working women and men who struggled through this pandemic, never given up in determination to get the country back on track as well as their families. it is also a reflection of two things we are doing here, first
11:27 am
the new economic strategy we have launched, one focus on building from the bottom up in the middle out and one that puts government on the side of working people. the rewards work, not wealth. when we invest in the american people it is not just those at the top that make our economy grow, they are the ones that make it grow. ordinary americans who saw the economy gain traction in march as the american rescue plan moved and got past bringing new hope to our country. we will continue to implement that law in the weeks ahead. by april 7th, next week over 130 million households will have gotten their $1,400 per person rescue check. funds are on their way to local communities to put educators, healthcare workers, home healthcare aids, police, firefighters, sanitary workers
11:28 am
back on the job. getting more aid for small businesses. we are also going to hang an open sign on a door to help folks who were left go. in the months ahead, a new child care tax credit will cut taxes and provide help to millions of families with young children. there is nothing, nothing, you're tired of hearing me say this but there's nothing the american people cannot do if we give them a chance and the american rescue plan does precisely that for hard-working middle-class folks at long last. secondly, today's report reflects the progress on my other key priority, getting the american people vaccinated. we turned around slow-moving vaccination program, into the envy of the world. yesterday we set an all-time record for thursday vaccinations and in a 7-day period it was the first ever where we administered 20
11:29 am
million shots in 7 days, 20 million shots in a week. no other country has come close to doing that so we made significant progress on that front but the fight is far from over. we know that vaccines are safe and effective, vaccinating more people than any country on earth. we also have progress on jobs and progress on vaccinations but in the face of this great news, i need to make this clear and direct statement to the american people. the progress we have worked so hard to achieve can be reversed. on the economic front the benefits and impact of the american rescue plan are temporary by design. it is a rescue plan. as we get the economy back on its feet we need to do the hard work of building back better, not just for a while but for
11:30 am
good. not just short-term but for good. that is why i propose the american jobs planning wednesday in pittsburgh. it is an 8 year program that invites, let me put it another way. i have heard from everybody across the country about the need for infrastructure. how many times have we heard this is infrastructure week the last four years but no infrastructure was built. a eight year program interests in roads, bridges, broadband, airports, ports, water systems. it will repair our va hospital across the country, many of them more than 50 years old in need of help, invest in research and development to outcompete china and the rest of the world. independent analysis shows if we pass this plan the economy will create 19 million jobs,
11:31 am
good jobs, blue-collar jobs, jobs that pay well. that is long-term jobs, healthcare workers, those who work in steel factories, cutting-edge labs as well. new report out this week shows 90% of infrastructure jobs can be filled by people who don't have a college degree, 75% don't need associates degree. it is a blue-collar blueprint for increasing the opportunity. this is an economic opportunity for those who built the country and been ignored or neglected too long by the government. it is a once in a generation investment in the economic future, a chance to win the future paid for by asking big corporations many of which do not pay any taxes at all just to begin their fair share and it won't raise a penny tax on a
11:32 am
family making less than 400,$000 a year. no federal tax. no addition was when congress comes back after this easter break, i will meet with democrats, republicans about this plan. i've spoken to republicans on the phone and look forward to meeting with them. they all have their ideas about what it would take, what they like and what they don't like. that is a good thing. that is the american way, debate is welcome. compromise is inevitable, changes in my plan are certain but in action is not an option. the american people have been promised action in infrastructure for decades after leaders make our country more competitive. i have made my plan to address this long overdue need and it is clear polls show strong support for infrastructure investment for the american people, democrats, republicans
11:33 am
or independents, congress to debate my plan but congress should act. likewise on the virus, our program could be undone. as fast as we are moving, more adults remain to be vaccinated april, may and june than were vaccinated in february and march. we have not even halfway done yet. too many americans are acting as if this fight is over. it is not. i told people that if my administration did the hard work of getting shots to all-americans in the next few months the american people continue to do their part, mask up, practice social distancing we could have a more normal july 4th but this is still april, not july. we aren't there yet. cases are going up again.
11:34 am
the virus is spreading more rapidly in many places, deaths are going up in some states so i asked, i plead with you, don't give back the progress we have fought so hard to achieve. we need to finish this job. every american to buckle down and keep their guard up in the home stretch. where your mask. keep safe distance from one another. wash your hands, get vaccinated when it is your turn. that is how we are going to beat the virus, cast off the weight of the pandemic that is holding our economy back. the earliest signs from this job reports today are promising, the american rescue plan is starting to make a real difference it also reminds us how deep a hole we started in. after a year of devastation there are still 8.4 million
11:35 am
fewer jobs today than there were last march, 8.4 million. 8.4 million jobs fewer today. too many americans have been unemployed for longer than 6 months, too many women forced out of the workforce. unemployment among people of color remains far too high. we made progress by starting to build an economy from the bottom up in the middle out and the american rescue plan is laying the foundation for that but we still need the american jobs plan to build on that foundation and build this country back better so the bottom line is this. today's reported good news, it shows the country, what it can do when we act to get to fight a virus, give working people to help they need but we have a long way to go. i know we are going to get there together.
11:36 am
may god bless you all and may you have a happy easter. thank you. >> will raising taxes grow the economy? >> i give credit to the american people. >> is there a risk raising taxes to grow the economy? >> raising taxes will not slow the economy. asking corporate america to pay their fair share will not slow the economy. it will make the economy function better, create more energy. change to fight your administration every step of the way. >> if the republicans argue we don't need infrastructure, they've been talking about the need for it for years.
11:37 am
if the republicans decide we need it but are not going to pay for it, it will increase the deficit. if the republicans say the next phase of my plan we don't need to invest in va hospitals to keep the sacred obligation we made to so many americans, if 400,000 homes and schools and day care centers that have lead pipes delivering water to their doors, if they say we shouldn't be doing that, what do you think would happen if they found out all the lead pipes were up in the capital and every time they turned on a water fountain. i think we would have, republican voters would have a lot to say. ashley: there you have it. president biden likes to give his speech and when he leaves he is away from the microphone
11:38 am
as reporter start shouting questions. one of those, could raising taxes hurt the recovery you want and he continues to bang the drum on the fact that corporations need to pay their fair share. he also said about the jobs report that we have a long way to go pointing out there are 8.4 million fewer jobs than there were in march of last year. he touted his economic strategy, government help and also making great progress on combating the virus but we are not there yet. let's bring in jackie, you watched all of that and i want your reaction. >> there are a lot of questions. let's start with the fact that he didn't take credit for the jobs numbers. this was about the american people getting back to work. there was a lot of hypocrisy in
11:39 am
these comments. you mentioned 8.4 million jobs but had to bring us back to pre-pandemic levels. let's highlight that before this pandemic nobody could control we were at 50 year lows and he said his infrastructure plan will bring back these jobs. over the course of eight years we are talking 19 million jobs. people need their jobs back right now and they want to get back to work and provide for their families. we are an administration that will reward people for work but you are not. you are giving them stimulus checks and he touted that how people all the way will have the extension of unemployment benefits throughout the summer into the fall, how is that rewarding work? the other thing is he touted vaccines, we are doing a good job, 20 million shot in 7 days is a record, that is a big deal, why are we still seeing lockdowns in major parts of the
11:40 am
country. if we are administering those vaccines get people back to work. the final deck i will make is the fact that he is fear mongering when it comes to the coronavirus. we know cases are up but all the doctors we have on our network say those are not critical cases. these are actually mostly in young people who survive the virus so why not open things up and speed up the herd immunity that happens with naturally contracting the virus and getting the vaccination. is talking out of both sides of his mouth here. ashley: he is. what is interesting too with regard to the number of jobs created i wonder how many were created in states like texas and florida who flouted a lot of the restrictions, california and new york, able to bring businesses back full time especially in the leisure and hospitality sector and he's going to take credit for those jobs even though he's the one who has been telling businesses
11:41 am
don't do that. if you let people and let a few amount of people, that to me is hypocrisy. >> he is talking how horrific the management in the states have been but this is the reason you are seeing these numbers rebound a little bit. it is interesting to me because you look at the case numbers in florida and in texas where they are open for business, they have been and they are not significantly worse than they are in you -- new york city. if it was up to resident biden and andrew cuomo we would be locked down forever. it is not pleasant here and it is not going to get better anytime soon. ashley: thank you. let's move on if we can. baseball is back, talking to major league baseball star darrell strawberry. i saw him play all out opening day and his predictions for the season coming up and 40% of christians will go to church
11:42 am
services this easter, some of them are returning for the first time since the pandemic began. how are churches preparing? jonathan morris is next. ♪♪ keeping the faith ♪♪ ♪♪ won't matter
11:43 am
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the 5 a new gallup poll shows church membership dropping 50% for the first time in a century. let's bring in jonathan morris. you are a former priest, good to see you. does this number surprise you? >> it has been going down almost every single year. this one in particular talks about membership, church membership. i go to church every sunday but don't belong to any church or
11:47 am
parish, any particular parish or church. maybe it is because i don't want the commitment of somebody saying where were you last sunday, i can go to various ones and that is the situation a lot of people right now. doesn't mean the church attendance is down based on this study or spirituality or faith is down. ashley: do you get a sense among young people, millennials is there a lot of faith among that group? as we've seen another countries, interest in the church and belonging to the church has very much waned. >> there's a tremendous amount of relativism, religious and moral relativism in our culture today. it doesn't mean young people aren't spiritual. you will hear from them, many of my churches in the past where i was pastoring, i am not religious but i am spiritual. being spiritual is the way we were made, the way we were
11:48 am
created so there's nothing special about being a spiritual person, not a religious person. when we choose to do nothing about our spirituality it is generally a decision we are not going to go to church or do the traditional practices. we know when we don't do those things our spirituality ends up getting weaker, not stronger. it is disconcerting especially in the area of relativism. my truth is of this. the difference between truth and opinion, if we lose that sense of objective truth, it is written wrong, we lose the values of our country. ashley: we have to leave it there. with the president talking to the media this morning running a little short. we managed to get you in, great to see you.
11:49 am
thank you very much, jonathan morris. baseball legend darrell strawberry on deck, more varney after this.
11:50 am
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>> as the nose grows longer. is that a pen tokyo?
11:53 am
deep and gone. miguel cabrera's 350. ashley: don't you love watching baseball is back, so are the fans, watching baseball in the snow, can't tell if he cleared the fence, slide into second, someone has to tell him it is over the fence. it is home run. let's bring in darrell strawberry, great to have you here. let's begin with the fans going to the ballpark, president biden says it is a mistake for teams to offer full capacity at the stadiums. what is your opinion? >> it is very challenging to be full capacity right now. 20% is a good situation right now. in the midst of trying to get
11:54 am
over this pandemic you want to be as safe as you can, don't think people want to be on top of each other right now at the beginning of april. when you get to july open the ballpark and let the fans get back in and enjoy the ballgames. ashley: how important are the fans? you had interaction with the fans out there. it is a big part of it. it must be very yearly to play in the stadium with no one there. >> i never had to do that. i am grateful i never had to be in front of fans like that with no fans in the ballpark. fans are part of the game when you realize that and being a player playing for 17 years, having fans in the ballpark is great but you go through the process of spring training, there are no fans and no excitement, spring-training behind you, you want to be ready and want those fans to be at the ballpark.
11:55 am
ashley: you won four world series, one with the mets, three with the yankees. on opening day we start the new season, do you get the itch? do you miss it? >> i always loved opening day. it is very special because you get to read team yourself from the past season and when that is over you get to come into spring training and go through spring-training and when you get to opening day you leave spring-training behind you and prepare for that. you can have a great opening day but you have to remember 162 ballgames you will have struggled during the court and get back to the fundamentals of baseball getting through the process of having a long season. ashley: any favor for the world series this year? >> dodgers are the champs, the mets with new ownership, good
11:56 am
luck to all the teams this year and good friday. ashley: happy good friday, thank you for joining us. we will have more varney right after this. i really hope that this vaccine can get me one step closer to him. to a huge wedding. to give high fives to our patients. to hug my students. with every vaccine, cvs is working to bring you one step closer to a better tomorrow.
11:57 am
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bike shop please hold. bike sales are booming. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your $75 credit when you post your first job at ashley: all right. welcome back, everyone. i just want to thank jackie deangelis for joining us this morning to talk about president biden's press conference. also don't miss jackie this evening hosting "fox business tonight" at 5 p.m. eastern. jackie, thank you very much for being here this morning.
12:00 pm
quickly, some headlines from the cdc, they say fully vaccinated people can now travel at low risk, and they also say they're withdrawing their guidance, that all americans should avoid nonessential travel. in other words, things are starting to open up and especially with regard to travel. that is some positive news. neil cavuto, it's yours. neil: can you imagine, ashley, if the stock market opened right now, how airline stocks would be responding to that -- ashley: oh, i know. exactly. neil: man, right in there's so many things that would have, should have, could have. thank you, my friend. so let's look at that. the markets are closed today for good friday. we are getting, you know, some trading in treasuries here. there had been a backup in the 10-year note which, of course o, based on that incredible employment report. new jobs swooned to


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