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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 1, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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but l.a. county sheriff said, it will not be d shared publicly unless tiger woods gives his permission. >> that iss it for us on fox businesst tonight. the "evening edit" starts now. >> president bidenen getting inn fight over joe's new voting law, "washington post" said that president bident has it wrong, poll shows majority of georgians support the law, reality check on media's over reacted and falsehood in georgia, the governor of georgia, brian kemp with us, blasting back at president biden over what he said is their fall claims, also texas representative michael bui official danny colton, and sheriff mark, lamb, president
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biden politicizing baseball on opening day, saying he supports moving all-star game out of georgia. georgia while working with china which oppresses muslim uyghurs. on the border, disturbing findings a shocking number of women and girls sexually assaulted trying to cross the border illegally. caught on camera, dramatic video shows ruthless human smugglers dropping toddlers over a border wall. we learned a 10th facility is opening up to handle surge of mike grant children. where is president biden, vice president kamala harris, elizabeth warren, alexandria ocasio-cortez? biden's border czar harris has yet to hold one press conference about the border. here is what the administration though, here is what their priorities are, raising your
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taxes. biden focused on tripling taxes as a percent of gdp versus what bill clinton did in order to fund a new spending blowout. even biden's commerce secretary gene ma raimondo says middle class taxes will go up to pay for spending spree. watch out democrats if you keep this house you could lose the house at midterms next year. we'll explain. major controversies that hunter biden left out of his new book. we got them. turning to another new book, governor andrew cuomo worked on a four million dollar book deal while covering up nursing home deaths and pushing state workers vip testing for allies family and allies. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. after georgia enacted a new
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voting law more than a dozen companies with operations in georgia facing pressure to condemn it. lydia hu is following the developments there in the state of georgia. lydia, it is good to see you. reporter: hi, there, liz, good to see you as well. apple is the latest company to join the long list of companies speaking publicly condemning the new law in borger. this is following developments in major league baseball where the league is reportedly considering, exploring options to move the all-star game away from atlanta this summer this all started when a group of black business executives, merck ceo ken frazier and former american express ceo ken chenault started calling on corporate leaders to speak out against the new voting laws in georgia, saying it will disproportionately hurt voters of color. for reference let's review some of the claims that are being made about this new law. to set the record straight. democrats are saying that this law ends voting hours early and
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that is not true. the fact voting on election day will run 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. which is the same as current voting hours. as early voting new lawyer requires pols to open 9:00 to five at minimum. local officials are free to keep them open longer. the time frame is established to replace a vague, older requirement that early voting happen during normal business hours. there is claim that water is prohibited. actually polling workers are free to set up self-service water stations for voters a number of companies issue statements expressing support for voting rights generally and opposing new law. coca-cola james quincy said the against the new law and this come as republicans proposed more than 250 bills around the country and about 43 states to address voting as well as washington democrats pursuing their own bill in d.c. that
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would make voter registration nationwide, that is a move republicans say would benefit democrats. back to you, liz. elizabeth: thank you, lydia. thanks for joining us. we welcome to the show governor of georgia, governor brian kemp. good to have you back on. you heard the criticism there, new law identification requirements for absentee voting, limits ballot dropboxes, talk about prohibiting food and water in line. take on the criticism, governor. >> you know i guess they don't care about the truth. it is very disappointing quite honestly mr. quincy doubling down on this issue and finds it unacceptable. he thinks adding more opportunities for all georgians including people of color to vote on the weekend is unacceptable. securing ballot dropboxes which never were even in the law prior
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to this bill and requiring counties that didn't have them to have, to now have them, didn't have them last year and have them now is unacceptable. as you mentioned, 134 of the 159 counties we got will be offering more hours of early voting in this legislation than they did in the last one. they don't understand the facts of the bill. it is unbelievable to me they continue to drive this issue when they don't even know what is in the bill. very disappointing but we'll continue to push back because i know that this bill makes it easy to vote and hard to cheat. elizabeth: you know 34 other states have voter i.d. laws. "atlanta journal-constitution" poll found nearly 3/4 of voters want additional voter i.d., including 55% of liberals and 2/3 of blacks. we have senator marco rubio saying delta air lines your hypocrisy is stunning because
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you're still working with china still oppressing muslim uyghurs, numerous people in population. companies like delta air lines, coca-cola. the state of georgia is moving to rescind a tax break for delta air lines, is that true? are you going to do that to other companies. >> that was a movement in the georgia legislature last night and the session has ended so that a moot point. i would ask the ceos, mr. chenault, mr. frazier, ed bastion, mr. quincy look at other states that they're doing business in or where they reside and compare the amount of -- we have 17 days of in-person early voting in georgia. we increased more opportunities on the weekend. we have no excuse absentee voting by mail. some of those states and folks i just mentioned, they're living,
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doing business in states that you have to have an excuse to vote. so i think if people compare georgia to any other state they're going to see that citizens in our state have the ability to take advantage and participate in a secure, very accessible, as accessible as anybody in the country election here in our state. elizabeth: president biden spoke with espn. he supports moving major league baseball's all-star game out of georgia. listen to the president here. watch. >> imagine passing a law saying you cannot provide water or food for someone standing in a line to vote? can't do that? come on. or you're going to close the polling place at 5:00 when working people just get off? this is all about keeping working folks and ordinary folks that i grew up with from being able to vote. elizabeth: what do you say to that, governor? >> i say exactly what the
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"washington post" says. that is four pinocchios, mr. president. you're wrong. your statements are wrong. you should really go after your staff for not briefing you better, giving you a note card what the facts are because you can get water standing in line. voters want bring water. they can bring food. people can serve them water and food as long as not within the 150-foot buffer around the polling location where we'll not let people be election eared and candidates and 30 party groups harass people. anything out side of that is fine. if voter wants to get a bottle of water from a candidate or campaign, they can certainly do that. listen, i don't think the president realized we're adding weekend voting in georgia. how is that suppressing things? how is that jim crow 2.0? this is outrageous claims the president is making only to pressure the corporate ceo's supporting an unconstitutional takeover and nationalizing
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elections with hr-1 and also if you, as you mentioned on the front part of your show, trying to distract from their inaction on the border of young children being dropped over 14-foot high walls. we got georgia national guard folks out there trying to help with that effort right now and it has changed dramatically under this president. elizabeth: yeah. also you know the president, "washington post" said the president got it wrong. you guys are saying that early voting, the polling places will stay open until at least 5:00 p.m. discretion to stay open until 7:00 p.m. yeah, curious why the president got his facts so terribly wrong there. basically -- state of georgia, quickly, you said in an op-ed that the state of georgia has better absentee balloting and better protection for ballots than biden's home state of delaware, that true? >> there is no doubt. all you have to do is fact check
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it, compare the two. the president should do that. you know maybe some of these people women start boycotting delaware instead of this ridiculous stuff that they're doing with the major league baseball all-star game. all they will do is hurt hard-working georgians working over a year to put that game together. who have been through covid. who are excited about the opportunity to host that game and all you're going to do is hurt working people and you know, if you do one, you better get ready, we'll be comparing wherever that game moves, what are they doing in that state? i guarranty you georgia has as much opportunity for people to vote and participate. you can register to vote in georgia online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. i believe, i'm pretty sure i'm right saying this, we were the first state in the country, certainly one of the first to have a true online voter registration here. elizabeth: that is interesting. georgia governor brian kemp,
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thanks so much for goining us, come back soon. we'll stay on the story. appreciate you coming on the show. see you soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: coming up texas congressman michael burgess, he was also at the border this week visiting with other congressman, disturbing findings, shocking numbers of women and girls sexually assaulted trying to cross the border. caught on camera, dramatically video ruthless human smugglers dropping toddlers over a border wall. why the democrats silence in all of this? where is the democrat action to stop these humanitarian abuses? the story next. >> i have a 3-year-old. my son luke is three. as soon as i saw that video i immediately thought, what if that was my son luke? he would be terrified. he would have no idea what to do. these poor children, guys, they're coming here for one reason, because joe biden and the biden white house has said if you send the kids here we won't send them back.
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we'll bring them into america. everybody knows that. it is not a secret. it is almost a joke at this point and so, we're putting these kids in so much danger and in harm's way. it is so horrible to see. ♪ why do you build me up ♪ ♪ (build me up) ♪ ♪ buttercup, baby ♪ ♪ just to let me down ♪ ♪ (let me down) ♪ ♪ and mess me around ♪ ♪ and then worst of all ♪ ♪ (worst of all) ♪ ♪ you never call, baby ♪ ♪ when you... ♪ ♪ say you will... ♪ carl. what have you done? think anyone will notice? yes. yeah. if you ride, you get it. yeah, they will. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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♪. elizabeth: with me now texas representative michael burgess. sir, always great to have you on the show, congressman. we're digging through the data. we found this data point that 80% of women and girls coming out of central america trying to cross illegally, they are sexually assaulted and raped trying to do it i will really. so where, why are the democrats silence on all of that? where is joe biden, kamala harris, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, alexandria ocasio-cortez? i mean eight out of 10, women know they will be sexually assaulted, they take birth control ahead of time as a preventive measure. so why the democrats silence on this? >> it is really difficult to understand why and it is not like this is unknown. look the cartels, the coyotes these people are not social workers. they are vicious international criminals. this is almost medieval levels
10:18 pm
of violence that you see perpetrated by the cartels. here is the heartbreaking part about this, it is almost as if the biden administration has ceded operational control of the border to the cartels. things were, with title 42 and with the remain in mexico policy of the previous administration, things had begun, we began to get the upper hand on the situation at the border. all of that was jettisoned on january 20th. it was not seemed to be of value. the human toll, the human suffering as a consequence is really immeasurable. elizabeth: the white house messaging has been criticized by the border patrol as weak. the messaging is, don't come now. now is not the time to come. wrong. if you do it illegally you will get attacked put children in dank of their lives.
10:19 pm
those figures may not represent the whole picture and there is one government unit in mexico dedicated to prosecute crimes against migrants. can they get on the stick in washington and stop the assault on human? what is going on here? >> secretary becerra knows this or should know this. the department of health and hewlett-packard services in charge of the care of the unaccompanied children as they come across. rape is a reportable crime in texas and they are under obligations if they encounter someone who complains of sexual assault, they are obligated to report that to the local authorities and to investigate it as a crime. that has not changed. that has been the situation for a number of years but apparently right now, that has become a low priority. elizabeth: have any texas officials, have you heard from joe biden or kamala harris? texas governor greg abbott sent a letter to the president and his administration listen, the
10:20 pm
drug cartel and human smuggling is out of control. you guys are being weak on the borders here. you're causing crime to skyrocket in our border towns and cities. even homeland security secretary mayorkas admitted children don't make it through without harm. >> right. elizabeth: so the weakness here is really historically stunning. your final word about that? >> secretary mayorkas knows, knows how dangerous this situation is. he was a government official back in 2014 when president biden was vice president and this problem was, was significant but they know the level of difficulties. they know the level of cruelty. they also know how to, how to intercede, how to slow it down, how to stop it. the remain in mexico policy was solid one and it should be reinstituted. elizabeth: congressman michael burgess thanks for joining us on the show. let's bring back to the the
10:21 pm
show, mayor of you veil did i, tex seas. mayor john mcglocklin. human smugglers dropping a five-year-old girl and a three-year-old girl in the desert in the middle of the night in mexico? this is shocking stuff, mr. mayor. >> we said the other day it is crazy. today, this morning we took 40, probably, 35 to 40 immigrants off of a train. we had to send every deputy, every police officer, along with the border patrol. they were jumping off, running trying to get into town and get lost. we had two chases after that, that were stopped in the city limits. we had two last night. one yesterday. quite frankly today, today for the first time i talked to our police chief what we should do? i actually isn't ad request to the governor's office to put additional dph troops in uvalde.
10:22 pm
the officers are spread thin. they're warn out. people up there elected to help us they're silent. they're not doing anything. like this is not hapngpe downgn he mean,en'ten'talked talked t t e famiet, mia le girlee in in countryuntry was onnffhehe border ps so so can can c mmunicateunicatek f tiggestomplaintomplaint 16 yeald out inhe t cou, id toid to drirrrrom school bse what she might encounter. we weul sd not h te like like th that thi thishi partt t ohe thet try.try.try. y. if tifhi tnk thi is suchuchhhh grhing of o rfeleasing thesehe put em ous,, senden them t at the the capitol.itolhe tm ke them dnhinghiton, d.c., let tethe tmff,ff s,ee hog that goes on before there is a lot of complaining going on? why should we put up with it because we're in rural texas. it is not right. it is not fair. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear, mr. mayor. tell us, what are teenagers, you
10:23 pm
said 16-year-olds are scared to drive around teenagers a >> teenagers people are scared to drive what are they seeing. >> you don't know if a car, you stop on sidef of road in our area, there may be 5 people jump out of the bushes thinking you are there to pick them up, they get out, before the border patrol checkpoint, they walk around, theymu end up in our community. and it just continues to get worse and worse and worse, it is not stopping. we keep telling everyone. these are not unaccompanied minors. some of these guys are hardened criminals. they have been convicted for rape. they have been convicted for murder. they have been convicted for child pornography and so forth. we're doing nothing about it. do we even know, actually vetting any of these people they're releasing? what most people don't realize,
10:24 pm
they are releasing these people, putting them on buses. guess what? they're coming to a town near you. you will get to deal with it sooner or later. these human smugglers -- elizabeth: all right. go ahead, finish your thought. >> i was going to say, the human smugglers doing this and cartels have no regard for life when they do this. they're in it for the buck, the money. that is all it is. elizabeth: mayor don mcloughlin, thanks for joining us. appreciate it, sir. next up, gop strategist, ford o'connell, president biden here is what he is focused on tripling taxes versus gdp versus what bill clinton to fund infrastructure. middle class taxes are going up. history shows that if democrats keep this up they could lose the house and midterms next year. ford o'connell next. >> we tried it with obama. only difference is they're replacing the word billion with trillion now, thinking somehow will make it better when all
10:25 pm
that money was basically wasted on research for green projects. we have projects right now we can start on tomorrow if they can start on tomorrow if they would just get out of our way
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♪ ♪ now i'm ready for someone to call me mom. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. ♪. elizabeth: with me now gop strategist ford o'connell. hey, ford, it is good to see you again. what did you make of transportation secretary pete buttigieg telling msnbc last night that he is quote, glad to
10:29 pm
hear there is a shared appetite for going even bigger on government spending on infrastructure? aoc and the progressives want to quadruple what biden is asking for, for $10 trillion. what is he talking for here? >> the democrats never met met a federal dollar they didn't want to spend. this trillion dollar infrastructure program is not about infrastructure. less than 6% is spent on traditional bridges and roads. reality, another far left progressive wish-list disguised astro as a trojan horse under the rubric of infrastructure. aoc to your point, quadruple to $10 trillion, green energy deal. you have some democrats who also want to amnesty 11 million people. the american public needs to wake up right now. this is very serious. elizabeth: when obama did it, he basically threw money at a lot
10:30 pm
of bankrupt green energy companies. those were sunk costs that went to god knows what. there was no payout on that taxpayer investment. and you know, with pete buttigieg, when he was a mayor in indiana, his nickname was pothole pete. there were a lot of complaints he couldn't fill potholes in his hometown where he was mayor of, rather. we're talking about a historic blowout, supersized government even gina raimondo, commerce secretary says, yeah, middle class taxpayers, your taxes will go up. you know what is going to happen, ford? they will lose in the midterms just like clinton lost the house in the midterms and obama did in 2010 and lost the senate, the democrats lost the senate in 2014. do you think that is what is coming? >> well, here's the point, yes, the commerce secretary is absolutely right, if you raise the corporate tax from 21 to 28% it will be the largest tax hike on the middle class since 1968. they will see it in the paychecks. see it in the 401(k)s.
10:31 pm
see it in the cost of goods and services they produce. here is what i think, the democrats believe the pandemic has been the greatest political tool since the great depression. they will put every progressive thing through, if they lose the midterms elections and think will have the white house and republican will not be able to overturn it. they see this time to push america towards socialism and they will not take their foot off the gas. elizabeth: senate minority leaders say republicans will not go for knit the senate. mitch mcconnell call is it a trojan horse for more taxes anybody who does math, raising taxes on the upper bracket, you will make what, 150 billion bucks? you have raise taxes on the lower and middle class to pay for what you're talking about. the rhetoric is so mind
10:32 pm
boggingly simplistic and media topspin is not state-of-the-art. it comes to the coverage of this. >> you're absolutely right, emac, it is political fakery. the democrats talk about soaking the rich and what inevitably ends up happening the middle class bears the burden for all the goods and services there is no such thing as a free lunch but the corporate media in this country goes along with the democratic party talking points because they agree with them. they don't like the republicans. it is really that simple. a sad state of affairs the democrats will push america over the edge and put our corporate tax rate higher than china's yet the american media will go along with it because they don't like republicans who are actually looking out for the middle class jack ford o'connell, thank you. up next, danny coulson, the fbi former assistant director on the
10:33 pm
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♪. elizabeth: joining news now, former fbi assistant director danny coulson. we love having you on. >> thank you. elizabeth: hunter biden is acting like he is totally transparent in his new book. he doesn't mention the federal investigation into his taxes. doesn't mention anything about his laptop in his new book. >> you're right. elizabeth: he doesn't mention the numerous flights on air force two to do business dealings. he doesn't mention the senate probe into his business dealings overseas. so there is no transparency there. >> no, clearly not. the only story that matters, liz, it is what john durham comes up with. that is the story that really matters here. hunter totally left out the fact that he is a target of a federal investigation. he left out the fact that his
10:38 pm
laptop had suching green just such egregious material on it the man who discovered it immediately went to the fbi. the fbi dispatched an agent with expertise in pornography. the game goes on. we'll see what kind of courage mr. durham has. he has a great reputation but this could have great ramifications -- elizabeth: john durham, i'm sorry, john durham is not looking at hunter biden, right? >> i believe he is. i actually think he is. i think he has that. whoever has, whoever has got it. no, whoever has it, that is the story that matters. does a grand jury have enough manufacturing here to indict? and if he does they need to get on with it. mr. biden deserves justice, whether he culpable or not culpable, they deserve to give him an answer.
10:39 pm
either he will be indicted or he is not. if he is not, say that, let him go about their business. if they will indict him, let's do it. elizabeth: we hear you. >> -- in two days, in two days. they need to get on with this thing. it is not fair. justice delayed is justice denied. these cases seem to go on forever. that is not right. elizabeth: yeah. the delaware prosecutor is looking into it and so is the fbi. >> you're right. elizabeth: no, we hear you, we totally get what you're saying but, we want to get where the investigations are and to get that square. the big money making overseas in ukraine and china getting 3 1/2 million bucks from the former, the wife of the former mayor of moscow, it goes on and on. like you listen to sean hannity on this. he was talking about it last night. listen to sean hannity. >> by the way, what about the hard drive from hell? the hard drive, laptop,
10:40 pm
democrats, disgraced former intel officials falsely claiming it was russian disinformation, is there a chapter on that? don't count on it. hunter if you're so innocent how but approve the release of everything else on the laptop? the pictures hunter, the videos, hunter. elizabeth: yeah. so if he is so transparent and he is saying he is ethical and innocent, then why doesn't he just come clean on the laptop? >> i don't think he wants it out there. frankly, if i was representing him i would have kicked and screamed do not write a book. stay out of that. go low. go below the radar and let's see what happens here. this, this has great ramifications. i think it has ramifications or the rest of the biden family too. i'm sure they're not real happy with hunter right now. i wouldn't be. because he is bringing a lot of focus on corrupt activity i think. you don't get a target letter
10:41 pm
because you happen to walk by a crime. they think he did it and we'll see what they do. i also think, and i will predict this for you, there will be money laundering charges out of this also. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying. i mean he got a diamond from the guy he was working with at cefc in china. >> yes. >> i mean that is what investigators have said, you get paid like that, that involves money laundering. those are the allegations and charges. no proof of that yet. we'll stay on the story. danny coulson, thanks for joining us. >> take care. elizabeth: coming up new york governor andrew cuomo reportedly worked on a four million dollar book deal while he was accused of covering up nursing home deaths tied to his executive order putting patients back in and pushing new york state workers to do vip covid vesting for his family and allies. new york state senate minority leader robert ortt with us on that. >> the issue here is a profound one.
10:42 pm
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now new york state senate minority leader robert ortt. great to have you on, sir. what was your reaction when you heard that the "new york times" is reporting that new york democrat governor andrew cuomo was working on a four million, four million dollar book deal offer when he was, you know, calling himself a good governor during the pandemic? when all this other stuff was going on, your thoughts on this? >> i was disgusted like i'm sure a lot of your viewers were, elizabeth. here is a governor who profited at a time when people in new york why losing their lives as well as their livelihoods.
10:47 pm
he was profiting to the tune of four million dollars. we know he also profited now off of a false narrative, off of his narrative that he somehow was, you know, the best governor or, was leading new york state through this pandemic. we know he covered up the number of deaths in nursing homes. we know he covered it up through his executive order which caused could have individual positive patients to go back in nursing homes. he changed the report in july, right before he signed that book deal. we know he had staff, government staff assist him with writing the book. what we know this book should be moved from the nonfiction to the fiction section but this is flat-out classic corruption. elizabeth: he also is doing vip special testing for his family members like his brother chris cuomo and his mother and 100 allies.
10:48 pm
in his book he reportedly boasted, quote, i'm not a superhero in earls versions of the his top aides were censoring the politically damaging report and erasing numbers. my question to you what happens to melissa derosa, aides like rich as a partee, known for bullying people? rich tries to bully "the new york times." he tries to bully journalists, bullying janice dean saying she should stick to the weather. why do taxpayers pay his salary while he goes around bullying people? >> i think mr. asparty's future is tied to governor comb. when he is done i think he will not have. of a future on the taxpayer dime. he is a bully. he wears that. the administration wears that moniker proudly. that is how they have governed.
10:49 pm
it is no longer working. it is no longer effective. no one is afraid of rich asparte. no one is afraid of melissa derosa. some people were afraid of the governor. that is why those folks ruled in fear but that fear has dissipated. women have come out as you well know, talked about the allegations of sexual harrassment, even assault. legislators have spoken up. he is facing impeachment investigation in the assembly as well as numerous investigations but the reality is, every day we learn some new scandal, some new coverup, some new corruption from this governor and his time i believe in office is short-lived and he should have resigned already. elizabeth: now we've got the ninth accuser sherry vill speaking to the new york state attorney general's office. we'll be staying on that. so final word. he also picked a huge fight with bill de blasio of new york saying he is obviously ego
10:50 pm
driven and narcissistic. your final word on that? >> well, i guess you know, it would take two to identify each other so to speak. so look it, the mayor, and the governor have not gotten along their entire time. i'm sure the mayor is enjoying the role reversal but, i will as say this, new york city will have, new york state has a long way to dig itself out of economically and otherwise from the failed policies of both bill de blasio and governor cuomo. elizabeth: okay. thank you, new york state senator rob ortt. >> thank you very much. elizabeth: why the democrats silence from biden border czar vice president kamala harris? she has yet to hold one press conference on the border crisis even though the president says she is in charge of the border. sheriff mark lamb with his take next. >> the biden administration does not have a plan. they can say they have a plan but they have no plan. the message is still being sent to the world that if you cross that border illegally you're not
10:51 pm
going to face any consequences. joe biden said that he was going to put vice president harris in charge of the border. when asked about it, we all know she laughed it off. they still haven't been to the they still haven't been to the border. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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elizabeth: back with us now pinal county, arizona sheriff mark lamb, great to have you back on, where vice president kamala harris. she is calling world leaders, like leader of cap can, and capd netanyahu. >> no, not. where is she? this is a serious issue. the most of the america realizes it. all they are doing, they are not doing any favors by not addressing the issue or a press conference, this shows you how unimportant this issue is to them, they don't want to call it a crisis. it is a crisis for us, we need them to get involved. this is like putting her in charge is like having a painter do your taxes. >> you are working so hard to do the right thing down there you are trying to enforce the laws
10:56 pm
that congress enacts. it just feels like you have been abandoned by this administration. let's listen to senator john kennedy ripping into kamala harris here. >> putting the vice president in charge of solving this problem, i don't know like making el chapo the drug czar. president biden said he can't call it a crisis. how 'a category 5 hurricane? i'm not sure of the words in english, thousands and thousands of people, letting in. >> well, el chapo, what do you think? >> he is right. ry put someone in charge that does not have the expertise to handle this issue. you know we're had a guy run from us like we do almost of day. he had history of smuggling humans and drugs into this
10:57 pm
country, only reason he is in jail right now, because we the sheriff found child pornography on his phone, that is the type of people that are coming in, it is not all women and children. there are child predators, gangsters, there are criminals mixed in with these people, we need to do a better job to protect the american people. elizabeth: what do you need to do your job? what is the biden administration not giving you? >> they are not giving us any support, they are not communicating with us or with our governor or state. you know, they are handcuffing the people that used to help us, border patrol and i.c.e. you know we -- they need to fund it so we come most of us are handcuffed. we don't have state laws that allow to us send these people back to where they came from, that is frustrating for us. we have to do is, catch them committing crimes to be able to
10:58 pm
throw them in jail, if not. we have to release them, i am embarrassed to say that to american people, we are doing best we can, we need americans to support our sheriff, protect america now, help support us, we can fight against this terrible stuff. elizabeth: we hear you, loud and clear, this issue, mark meadows former white house chief of staff for former president donald trump he continues his fierce criticism of dr. fauci saying where is the nation's top disease expert not upset about the people coming across the border. >> wherever he is, she probably with kamala, neither one has hope to be up to help. we're not testing these people. not even getting their names, and other things like scabies.
10:59 pm
he was more than willing to get on every day, bash our previous president. now he turned a blind eye to the act this administration is letting people unchecked into this country. we have no idea who they are, what they are bringing in. elizabeth: what do you think 45,000 illegal border crossers released to u.s. does that sound right? >> yes, a couple weeks ago tucson sector had 10,000 come in. they sound right, they are releasing them in our communities left and right. elizabeth: sheriff lamb thank you so much. >> thank you. elizabeth: we appreciate you and your hard work and your fellow border patrol americans sheriffs, we appreciate you, thank you for watching, i am
11:00 pm
elizabeth macdonald, that is it for us, join us tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> i am as man, this is "kudlow." david has the day off. bull market has been helped by increasing vaccine roll out, and a seemingly endless supply of government stimulus about joe biden's dc. but folks, really very simple, the party is just getting started. no one is worried about paying the bill, good as a reason as any to explain where the market keeps booming despite prospect of a massive increase in taxes to offset one of


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