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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 1, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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did not comply with former president trump to find the vote that he believes would've overturned the election david. by the way, governor kemp is going to be on evening edit tonight at 6:00 p.m. we hope you can watch. good night. guy: when what it be safe to totally reopen this nation? it is a question that has confounded health experts and policymakers across the country. one thing is crystal clear as the debate unfolds american people are impatient for answers after a brutal year. who will provide this answers question i am guy benson and for kennedy this week. as you may know is opening day for major league baseball, my yankees lost. but an opening date much of the country is still closed. and as fans across a ditch into semi full stadiums the president criticize the texas rangers for allowing every seat to be filled.
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>> well, that is a decision they have made i think it is a mistake or they should listen to doctor foxy and the scientists and the experts. but i think it is not responsible. guy: but this is about way more than baseball for the lockdowns have been psychologically damaging and draining for many americans were especially kids. suicides and mental health issues have skyrocketed for the solution we told is vaccines and i agree. there been bumps along that road as well. the rollouts have been uneven at best in many states. maybe fight over so-called vaccine passports is emerging as the next big gastric the next big clinical flashpoint buried some lawmakers say no way quitting florida governor rhonda sanchez had this week that he just not support any kind of vaccine passports, watch. >> you have to show that comic know you want to go to a game? no he went out of themepark, no.
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we are not supportive of that party with the fox to guard the hen house? i mean give me a break. i think this is something that is huge privacy implications. guy: desantis claims a vaccine passports can be invasion of privacy and open there to increased government and corporate tracking of americans. there are of us a very few easy answers to this dilemma prints where do we start? and when can we expect to see opening day for the usa? joining manaus former new jersey governor chris christie, governor's good to see a perspective good to see you too, guy thanks for having me. spain left the polling has shown vaccine skepticism has plummeted. people are priestly not for they were going to get it, a lot of them are coming on. but, among the holdouts the people were not getting the vaccine have calcified within that group. what is your message to those americans tonight? it's >> my message of those
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americans is twofold for you are right to have questions americans ask questions about tough issues and they should. but let's listen to the back spray defects are pretty clear. normally will be get a prescription drug approved in this country it takes 10,000 people in a clinical trial. these vaccines, each 1 of them have had more than 43000 in the clinical trial. no 1 has died from this vaccine. there's been no instances of really serious long-term reaction to the vaccine. and the second peace of this, guy, this whole disease is so random but i got the disease was supposed be the safest place in america, the white house work everyone was getting tested every day per you cannot tell where you're going to get this. secondly, i just had to register both in their early 60s both in excellent health 1 and the longshoreman on the docks of new jersey physical health every day.
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they both got covered, they both end up in the hospital, they both end up intubated and for weeks ago within a weekly so the both died. the effects of this are random. so do not to folks? getting a vaccine is like putting a safety belt honor getting in the car. it is not guarantee 1 100% in 20 injured or die in a car accident makes it much, much likely you will do it. think that's why people should go out there and take the vaccine. guy: in that opening you heard were time up vaccine passports for people are concerned about this, debating this, lawmakers and politicians now weighing in. do you have a strong view on this? were you come down that question? student i do, i think is just too much big government. at the end of the day we have to trust american people. the vaccine passport issue is inclined with whether people are vaccinated or not. every biggest to make a decision about what they require some in their business
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some to their stadium, some into the arena. but to say that the american people lie we have it trap of passport about you know about my health status in that way. probably violet to buffet was required that's another part of big government that i don't think this in time the americans are knocking on the stomach for. guy: what about the private sector if not the government? >> private sector businesses have the right to be able to borrow requirements on what they want to do or need from their employees as conditions of employment. but those have to be reasonable enough comply with the law, but a lot like hippo. i think it's something that each business should really take a strong look at. because if you don't trust your employees to tell you the truth about whether they've been vaccinated or not, what are they doing working for you in the first place? to be a no big baseball fan you just board joined the board of directors on your
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favorite team the mets, congratulations on that but i hear you've got a new shortstop real excited about that signing? >> yes our owner did a great job last night in securing francis for the rest of his career as a short stop. a 10 year contract. i think he's a great player. as a met plan i'm excited about the next board of directors i am thrilled with the actions that are owner and ceo took. beats on the baseball subject president biden today or yesterday at this point, he was asked a question about calls for major-league baseball to take away and withhold the all-star game scheduled for atlanta because of this georgia elections a law that has been signed into law by the republican governor, passed by the republican legislature. in the process of endorsing basically does boycott the president lied about within the law. he also said the laws worse than jim crow which is an astonishing thing to say.
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what is your reaction to what we've heard from the president on this front? >> i listen to his inaugural address, guy, i was doing commentary that they protect or bring the country together. lying about the actions of another government officials not only operating to bring people together it's what he accused president trump of throughout the campaign. and so here he is doing exactly what he accused president trump of doing back during the campaign. he is doing and was brutally bad but even the watching to impose it before pinocchio's for the statements he made. the "washington post", guy, you can imagine how it pain them to have to do that to their hero this democratic president. listen, the georgia law is a reasonable, is a smart law. i'll take something else, still stuns me. i have to show id to go into an office building for an
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appointment. but i don't have to show id to vote? i don't understand, guy. guy: is overwhelmingly unpopular and include in people of color poll after poll shows that yet we are told its voter suppression paired will have more of the georgia law coming up in a moment. last subject governor, there's not a lot of attention, rightly selling governor cuomo in the state of new york for the nursing home issue, the cover seems to keep getting worse for him. lost in the shuffle somewhat is the debacle on nursing home deaths in your state of new jersey under your successor governor phil murphy, democrat. do you feel like that is part of this outrage has been lost because of all the attention on this side of the river? >> it has absolutely been lost for the meat say something else new jersey has had a higher per capita rate of death than anyplace else in america. not just nursing home deaths, guy, but a higher per capita rate of death than anyplace else in america.
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it has been horribly mishandled in the state. in governor murphy has been to fly under the radar governor cuomo is initially getting so much attention based on his press conferences and all the rest. now based on the investigations that are ongoing but his best friend, his best friend in the world has answered cuomo in terms of obscuring was going on in new jersey. it is an outrage what is going on. spent horribly mishandled. health commission has been an abomination. the people of new jersey are continuing to go along all the direction of the governor. >> he's off the election here in new jersey you know very well. governor chris christie of new jersey, my state, governor great to see you. >> guy thanks for having out and as always really good questions and a great program. >> appreciate it. well, meanwhile we talked about going back to the subject corporate america is now throwing its weight around in georgia trying to bully the
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state to repeal its voter id law and other election related provisions with condemnations of vague threats rate today at delta coca-cola called the law unacceptable. but george is fighting back. house republicans in that state voted this afternoon to revoke a delta tax break amid the ongoing back-and-forth preacher who gets to make the laws in georgia? national brands are elected leaders? waistcoat into that with tonight's panel, starting with independent women's form senior fellow and district media group president beverly holberg. and recent editor at large and because of the fantastic fifth column podcast, matt welsh. also democratic strategist surrogate kevin walling. beverly i want to start with you. i am open to a conversation about different provisions of the law in georgia. are there pluses, are there minuses? fine, but when you have the
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president of the united states with the biggest bully pulpit in the world come out and say this is worse than jim crow, segregation straight up racism. separate water fountain, back of the bus, worse is this 1 georgia in his estimation. i'm sort of blown away that he has gotten so little blowback. that is an outrageous insulting thing to say. >> is quite as dishonest and it's a huge disservice to black americans who lived under jim crow laws who really experienced horrific abuse and also segregation. so to make any type of comparison to that is a disservice to them. but beyond that just claiming this as a racist or just labeling it as never gets to the complexity of what democrats and republicans are concerned about is voter integrity. democrats were concerned about voter integrity 2016 and 2020 many republicans who were as
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well. so now that you have joe biden even claiming that it may be good for the all-star game to move out of atlanta, here is the question i have, who does that help? who does the boycotts help with this not help the georgians who plan to work that event, maybe the hospitality industry that they're going to make up some losses financial losses they had during covid, there is a reason even stacy abrams came out and said these boycotts are harming the people they say they're trying to help. i don't understand the game plan other to say this is a long push for changes on a lateral level federal level hr when i think that's with her ultimate pushing for. before you invoke the phrase of old which is worse than jim crow. jim porro on steroids which is historically illiterate. so kevin i want to come to you. i understand you probably do not support the law, but shouldn't president biden not lie about the law?
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he was last week in a press conference making statements about what was in this legislation involving what he said was curtailing boating hours on voting day to target workers. it turned out that was absolute false he was fact checked by the washington post governor christie mention it for pinocchio's. and then yesterday he came out and said the exact same complete lie again will trying to frame the whole thing is jim crow or worse. shouldn't he at least tell the truth in his criticisms? >> and think we all need to tell the truth if it's the wrong statements the wrong statement by president biden but i am with you let's have a debate about voter process not just in georgia but across the united states. to beverly's points made some excellent ones in terms of a boycott, it is well within these corporations duty to their shareholders, to the people they serve that they express themselves in this fashion, and this way that's actually a conservative argument for any think works and states we saw past anti- lgbt laws whether it be north carolina or indiana that
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should move the ball down the field in terms of replacing those governments. so corporations are banking on doing that with regards to this voter id, voter suppression law that i believe it is. i will have that debate hopefully will the national level because were talking about tonight. guy: expands early voting you can call suppression of a 1 china democrats are eager to call it that. but maps, i think it is much more nuanced than that break like we are losing the ability maybe this is not new feels worse than ever. we cannot say there are fair argument be made on both sides. and not race to youngest is jim crow all over again or worse. >> after salty former president how he discussed voter fraud in georgia and elsewhere, nuanced release of the coin of the realm at this point. it should be though per think it's important for all of us to work backwards not from the froth that happens that you
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rightly point out was a lie, it's crazy. it's not jim crow stop it really. and don't but into all-star games and whatnot just don't. that is all true but we should start with the law itself. is it good? and we should also start with yes coca-cola is annoying, various corporations are saying this about georgia but are they doing business in china? i we to make that comparison? however the obscene thing is not the corporation that it's at house didn't georgia to punish a company because of their political statement. that is what we are in america. >> republicans using the power of government to punish people, to revoke their previous sort of gladhanding corporate giveaways in say no, no, no we only give away to people would say things that we like. no, this is sickness. we are sick in this country right now we are using politics as a favor system for
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this is some 19th century crab we are doing right here not in terms of race but this kind of war healer stuff going on with got to stop all that stuff. sweet i hate to stop the righteous will return ranch there. we are on a break we appreciated. shocking new video from the border showing smugglers dropping 2 little girls over the border wall and abandoning them. what kind of person does that? and what can we do to stop this urge question reformer ice acting director thomas homan joins me to it discuss the heartbreaking situation next. dontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste.
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try the aerotrainer in your home for 60 days. if for any reason you don't want to keep it, we'll give you a super easy refund. we'll even cover the return shipping. this is a limited time offer, so go to to get the body you want with aerotrainer. kennedy: customs and border patrol releasing disturbing bit of human smugglers dropping 2 little girls over the border wall. look at this. you can see 1 of the smugglers dropping a girl onto the ground below. border patrols of the fence is 14 feet high. the smuggler then drops the other child and hurls over what appears to be a bag. the 2 smugglers then take off under the cover of night, fleeing. leaving the girls stranded in the dark alone. officials of the 2 children are thankfully doing okay. today fox peter doocy tangled with white house press secretary jen psaki over what
8:21 pm
the administration is doing to stop this kind of thing. >> as the white house consider beating a border security now there's a video of a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old being thrown over the wall in new mexico? spirit beating a border security question expect there's video now of thrills and phibro. >> i've seen the video i think any of us who saw the video were incredibly alarmed by the steps of smugglers. once that we been quite familiar with that we have spoken out our concerns about as secretary said the inhumane ways smugglers abuse children will profiting off parents in desperation is criminal part and morally reprehensible. the president certainly agrees with that prescription the video of kids getting tossed over the border fence on the overcrowded detention facilities, when is the white house going to change their approach to this crisis of their own making customer care to comment on this is fox news contributor former acting directly or advice, thomas
8:22 pm
homan for good seo. the question that is haunting me watching the video is if we did not happen to have cameras trained on that part of the wall at that moment and these smugglers just dropped to 2 toddlers basically over the wall to fend for themselves on american soil in the middle of the night, what would've happened to those kids? >> well first of all jen psaki is forgot 1 thing, secretary is also said loving parents send their children to the border. which is a ridiculous statement it's ridiculous. putting your kids in the hands of traffickers and smugglers and cartel is just plain and dangerous it's inhumane first of all. second of all thank god these kids are super beano guy, people always ask me why do you get so angry when you do interviews on cart fox way to scream at congressman? because if they have seen what i've seen in my 34 years they'll be angry too.
8:23 pm
i've stood in the back of a tractor-trailer with 19-year-old migrants and a boy that suffocated in a steel box. and i went to that scene i saw that, change me forever. i have arrested smug as raped women tortured and killed migrants to could not pay their smuggling be the distiller group of ailing's these people are worthless they are criminals but with the biden administration is done by getting rid of all trumps policies they have given a green light to child traffickers and alien smugglers. these are for these guys break the biggest celebration of the biden presidency was a criminal cartel because they knew we were back in business. guy: on that point actually i know they're so much attention paid to the kids and they detention facilities in the unaccompanied minor crisis for that is an extremely important peace of the crisis at the border. but am i right to assume that when you have our system overwhelms, or personal overwhelmed by children, that
8:24 pm
steals crucial resources from other elements of border security in a way that could actually help a really dangerous like cartels and humic traffickers? >> great question not a lot of people talk but i'm glad you asked me. yes the in elgin square shows my decades of investigation showed the cartels, for some of the northern border of mexico right when they come to the got to pay the cartel and get permission to operate with the cartels doing they will distract them and send 1 or family units in this area at this time. because they know they're going to tie the border patrol up in that area. when they tie the border update move that narcotics on those who don't want to get caught go through the unguarded part of the border. i was down in mcallen the last 4 days i've been down that the first night out i saw about 200 and had by the border patrol. the border patrol recognized
8:25 pm
her talk and master them, so it's great all these border patrol agents run is 200 people where's the nearest border patrol agent right now customer he said about 3 miles down the dirt road which mean there's 3 open miles of border right in the cartel was going to move drugs and barron people in. and we know it is frustrating. there's camera traffic were not allowed to respond to. guy: they're cutting, their savvy they know how to exploit this stuff. are our system is overwhelmed taylor and babs is happening over there tom appreciate your insights tonight thank you. >> thanks for having me. guy: coming up many californians are fed up with their corrupt leftist leaders and strict lockdowns. so will they rally to recall their gas lighting governor, gavin newsom? and if so who will step in replacement 1 rumor my friend richard grenell joins me in moments. and trulicity activates my body to release it.
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guy: welt governor gruesome newsom's term may be terminated after alber that's according to the former california governor, arnolds were tunic of the action movie legend turned golden state executive said there's a lot of similarities between the recall effort against newsom today and the recall election in 2003 that arnold won pretty told politico quote, i am not going to the accident, there is dissatisfaction to the highest level. it is the same with the momentum. something that sets it off to a higher level kind of the straw that breaks the camels back like an explosion. that is the quote to. so is it time for newsom to get to the chopper? who would replace him question to lead california out of its sorry state of affairs for joining me tonight someone who has many toyed with the idea of replacing newsom, potentially former acting director of national intelligence, richard grenell, mr. ambassador great deceiver it's been great to see him so
8:31 pm
disappointed to not be the accident. i know you can do that accent. >> and the chopper line that's it. what's your reaction to what you heard their question for key scenes and portals between the last time this happened in your state and now. mckay was really glad to see governor swarts and egger speak up and speak out. because he does know what it takes. and we in california have been watching newsom and the chaos and he has overseen for a while. this has been going on since last summer we have been collecting signatures of the national media we are paying attention here in california to the swirl the downwards viral of homelessness taxes and people moving out in war rolling blackouts and the covid response from this governor. out of 50 governors is been the worst is leftist and you compare what happened to
8:32 pm
florida was happening in california are on plum later large of the same except governors have largely completely opposite leadership i think californians whether they are left, right, center are really tired of this leadership. political leadership in 1 party control in sacramento. guy: on that exact read 1 party control it's a one-party state pressuring california i want to read a quote from lee present political article. this is what from chrissy and who is daughter of house speaker nancy pelosi i don't know we haven't up on the screen she told politico in september so this coming september, newsom could be doing great and will proceed but if he is really underwater it may be that no democrat could win then he should step down as a governor and lieutenant governor should become governor. she says, then they could
8:33 pm
cancel the election put in that case the democratic party would retain the governorship. so, obviously pure politics you're saying were going to stick with him and less we can't print if it looks like he might lose a recall, let's yank him out of there to make sure we maintain full control over the state. >> firstly should have read that quote in your best elitist accent. that would've been really appropriate. guy: not my normal voice? [laughter] >> i think what kristine pelosi has said, it is really offensive to californians. let's make no mistake she and her mom control the democratic party in california. they may not officially lead it, but they control it. and when kristine poulos he says that we are not going to have a recall because this 1 party control of california is going to figure out a way to do it, i believe her actually. i think there are a whole bunch of rumors for deltoid
8:34 pm
the latest rumor, guy, is that when the newsom people heard kristine pelosi say that, they started the rumor that dianne feinstein will retire and gavin newsom will appoint himself to be the senator. the lieutenant governor will step up and the whole thing just goes away. so look, i am focused on the crisis that we have in california. we have to be really smart after a year of zoom school after a year of having everything shut down if the republican or the frustrated californian response is simply to throw all of our eggs into a recall basket i think were going to disappoint a lot of people. we need to do multiple things but i started this 5o1c4 called ex california does a variety of things of suing every county to clean up the voter rolls. also puts on the ballot in 2022 and educational fund is going to up enter funding.
8:35 pm
guy: longer-term stuff if there is a recall election to want to make any news tonight are you going to jump in? >> i'm not convinced were going to have the recall so let's wait until all of this is certified. guy: fair enough rick grenell things are stopping by tonight. meantime present buying taking heat on all sides for this infrastructure plan that he has promoted. he announced earlier this week the president now today going further saying he's going to dispatch of members of the cabinet to sell the plant to lawmakers and americans all across the country. conservatives say it cost too much it will kill businesses et cetera. progress to say it's not enough they argue there should be much more money spent as always. now, we understand this is not just about infrastructure. it is a massive push to make fundamental changes to the country under the guise of infrastructure. can we afford the plan, that is 1 question. does biden have the political capitol to get this thing pass
8:36 pm
of the first place, another question. let's mull over that with the panel. beverly holberg, matt welch, and kevin walling. a fraction of which actually goes to infrastructure. [laughter] just a huge slush fund corporate welfare part as a libertarian this has to be the stuff of nightmares for you. >> i am just like the rabbit looking at the oncoming headlights coming in my direction at all times. it is bad. part of the badness is that republicans kind of stopped. they gave up the idea of living the scope of government. limiting a borrowing, spending it all that stuff. they held the light under trump on taxes but that's about it they are tax-and-spend publican party there's no intellectual or political resistance to any of this right now. it is terrifying how much money they're throwing out.
8:37 pm
the $1.9 trillion american rescue plan that just got signed, let's not forget on top of the nearly $4 trillion of covid really from last year, you can bind all of that it is a lot of money. it was also to begin with, it was like the highest bid. and no 1 negotiated them down. like this is the wish list of everybody. let's just do it. guy: i'm not sure who coined the term but it is so apt, republicans are the fiscally irresponsible party. democrats of the fiscally insane party. [laughter] that's where we are right now. kevin let me ask you about this. in terms of the talking points that are out there, our bridges, tunnels, roads are crumbling. only about 5% of this bill goes to those things. so is that the misleading talking point? where is all this other money landing out of 2.5 trillion? >> diets a good point. think democrats will struggle with that. i think that is a good attack
8:38 pm
line about it. the president has said is the american jobs package, not just infrastructure. we need to focus on the job creation aspect of it because it does do for example $100 trillion for broadband of rural internet access a third of americans don't have access to high-speed internet, which we know is such a crisis now with covid and homeschool learning with kids at home. $100billion in terms of revitalizing energy grid. which should be of interest to texans this other grid fail in the wake of that harsh winter storm. to the lot of aspects of this we need to do a better job of selling to the american people. guy: i believe there could be room for bipartisan and some of the stuff but that's not the direction appears as processes headed. quickly, beverly on a tax increase being proposed to paper part of this bill, the effects that could have on businesses, bring your corporate rate higher than china's less competitive with china your response to that
8:39 pm
quickly? meg is a small business owner i'm extremely concerned for small business only four-time employees a lot of small businesses are struggling to make it out of covid. and to see their taxes and may go up is really just a punch in the gut. that is what i am most concerned about. as we have these pet projects that are being pushed and into the so-called infrastructure bill, its small businesses the backbone of the country that's going to bear the weight. many of them i do not think you're going to survive. >> who can withstand who can have a tax hike coming out of a pandemic recession? a lot of people might be seamless and president biden gets his way. panel, appreciate it thank you. beverly, matz, kevin well done. coming up vaccine answers we've all been waiting for or at least some of them. a new trust is 1 of the vaccines protects us for months after the shot. and also against some variances. is a new norm on the horizon? doctor marc siegel joins me after the break to discuss the good news.
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guy: dust off your swim trunks and sunscreen because summer just got a little sunnier. pfizer, the most widely distribute it colored vaccine in the u.s., today announcing their vaccine is 91.3% effective against covid up to at least 6 months. data it shows the vaccine is even 1 100% effective against severe infection described by the cdc for the trial also indicate 1 hunter% efficacy in children ages 12 -- 15. does this miracle of modern medicine may normal life is on the horizon? i hope your joining me to it discuss fox's medical correspondent and author of covid, the politics of fear and the power of science, dr. marc siegel. doctor, said 91.3% effective, 6 months out. is there any sort of reasonable expectation how much for their outback a bit intentionally go with good
8:45 pm
protection and a second part of the question, do we suspect similar outcomes of the other vaccines on this front? >> yes and yes pretty think this is the beginning productive where the number 6 months came from, gipe or they look back on the clinical trials that they continue to follow even after the emergency use authorization comes out. the public breathes a sigh of relief that this is a great vaccine. but they continue to study even after. so we are at the 6 month mark. next comes a 12 month mark. the reason i think it's going to continue to do a year or 2 or more to offer protection is because of the type of immune response we saw. t cells, memory cells made it a robust antibody response but even more powerful than when you are recovering from covid itself. that is right the vaccine causes a response that is even more powerful that when you recover from covid. this is not a surprise but it is reassuring to see. guy: said you think likely j&j
8:46 pm
and maternal see likely results when studied? >> i'm almost positive moderna well. return has almost the exact same vaccine. it is slightly different. it is very similar. i predict also j and j because the johnson and j&j vaccine showed a very robust immune response with the t cells and all the antibiotics itself. guy: what about the findings that pfizer's vaccine protects against the dangerous or concerning south african strain and also effective in adolescents 12 -- 15. >> both great news. parents out there kind of worried about adolescence for the big news there soundly 1 100% effective because adolescence a better immune systems than we have, guy, but also safe. completely safe in those trials as well. that is what everybody was really looking at. i think you are seeing more and more good news. on the variant question this is the best news. the variance are what are
8:47 pm
emerging. the mutation in the south african variance also found in the 1 we are battling here new york. and guess what, pfizer vaccine completely effective against that. sends the message get the vaccine you are protected against the virus in the variance. >> lastly doctor, get it make educated guess in a medical opinion when will be expense in this country something approximating herd immunity among adults? >> first of all i think were going to exit the pandemic over the summer. as i have written this week. what i mean by that? i mean start to return to normal even while there is virus still around because it's going to be much milder cases. pandemic will convert, guide to much milder cases much here just as we have high-risk groups more and more 70% of those already vaccinated herd immunity the scientific question. with ineffable vaccinia plessis natural immunity we
8:48 pm
will be there, we'll be there by the fall. guy: so much good news in the span of 1 segment part i am delighted on a thursday night, thank you doctor for stopping by giving us all that good news. >> my pleasure great to be with you guy. guy: the storm is up next. ight ] ♪♪ ♪♪ when you save money with allstate you feel like you're winning. safe drivers save 40% saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate. click or call for a quote today. introducing voltaren arthritis pain gel. saving is easy when you're in good hands. the first full prescription strength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel... available over the counter. voltaren is powerful arthritis pain relief in a gel. voltaren. the joy of movement.
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guy: paul simon is sold as an entire song collected sony music publishing. now the only noise he owns as a sound of silence for that's 1 way to lead the music biz and this is a topical storm. topic number 1, the story is hot off the press from chicago. incredible video of a fire at a paper recycling plant. don't worry everyone, joe biden has already allocated to the trillion dollars in his infrastructure built to rebuild this 1 plant. although most of that money goes to giving the fire diversity training. now the sashes will ultimately end up in the water supply so technically this is still recycling. i've not seen this much smoke since the last libertarian convention burning other papers. i'm glad these firefighters switch to water it at first they tried to fight fire with fired if they got so much worse. i'm sure probably burnt out on these fire puns. bauer biber, the more bad jokes i tell the longer you get to look at this tragic dumpster fire.
8:53 pm
also known as chelsea handler's business model. topic number 2, customers at a costco state ravens have been stealing their groceries in the parking lot. of course i mean the birds not the football team. they only commit murders allegedly. shoppers at the anchorage alaska costco say the birds are exactly what they're doing and they are coordinating with each other distill their groceries. the ravens respond they are just winging it. police worn for shoppers to be on the lookout for nests failed with kirkland signature products. a judge is already withholding bail because the birds are said to be a flight risk. so far customers have said ravens stealing short ribs, steaks and melons and who can blame them? we all love the best part of costco is the free food. now the ravens did try costco pizza once but then decided never more. you see i asked the writers to give me 1 edgar allen poe reference per new jersey this
8:54 pm
week they got catching up to do. topic 3, it is a small, small world. in the bigger you become the smaller gets. introducing the newest snack at disneyland. a panko crusted pickle stuffed corndog served with a side of peanut butter, for real. does space mountain does not make your heart race, this will. in fact, it will make your heart beat so loud you will be able to hear it from under the floorboards, that is to come at telltale heart reference, well done. got to hand it to disneyland at least they finally added a vegetable to their many print here these corndog spare very well with a motorized scooter. after this the happiest place on earth. [laughter] will be your hotel bathroom. these hot dogs are even more in a pickle than matt gates. by the way, after you eat 1 of these pickle stuffed corndogs with peanut butter and wash it out the 64-ounce of mountain
8:55 pm
dew, disney kindly asks that you put your mask back on because they care very deeply about your health. and finally topic number 4. in case you plan on going to sleep anytime soon here are some nightmare fuel for you. new mexico man left his car window open while he stopped by supermarket and returned to find the car filled with 15000 bees. that is 1 way to keep the ravens away. the man said he was gone for just 10 minutes it even started to drive out of the parking lot when he noticed the giant swarm of bees it is backseats. how do you miss that? the worst part was all of the bees were staring at their phones not even acknowledging him, rude. that has got to sting. the man called 91 and dispatcher senate off-duty firefighter whose hobby was beekeeping. making this the only time anyone has ever wanted someone like that around. instead of exterminating the bees the firefighter
8:56 pm
compassionately lured them out of the car using lemongrass oil because it mimics the scent of the queen, a phrase that sends the chilled on the spite of meghan markle. the heroic beekeeper caught them in a box and brought them home. family barbecues underway but that's when he learned that bringing 15000 bees to a party is a real buzz kill. rimshot. we'll be right back. hey ava, how's my bracket looking? um, i'm trying to find a nicer word for dumpster fire. um, you're not ava. yeah, this is gary, i invested in invesco qqq. a fund that invests in the innovations of the nasdaq-100. like this artificially intelligent home system. you don't have to be an ai voice architect to help dictate the future. any other questions? yes, when will you be leaving? become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq. ♪ i really hope that this vaccine can get me one step closer to him. to a huge wedding.
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to give high fives to our patients. to hug my students. with every vaccine, cvs is working to bring you one step closer to a better tomorrow.
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these are the people who work on the front lines. they need a network that's built right. that's why we created verizon frontline. the advanced network and technology for first responders. built on america's most reliable network. built for real interoperability. and built for 5g. it's america's #1 network in public safety. verizon frontline. built right for first responders.
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guy: thanks are watching the show tonight sticking with me all week long. please check out my radio show the guy benson show weekdays 3 -- 6:00 p.m. eastern time guy benson the great lady kennedy herself is back in this chair, where she belongs, on monday. from new york, i am guy benson good night. ♪ ♪ >> president biden joining calls with atlanta-based companies speaking out against george's controversial new voting laws urging 1 sports league to move it's a money making event out of that state. our panel since often just moments. plus a new timeline for getting back to work from 2 major u.s. companies will otherng businesses follow suit? and let's play ball. opening day for major league baseball we're live at wrigley field in chicago this hour. i am jackie deangelis this is "foxbusiness tonight".


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