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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 27, 2021 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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do you have a "strange inheritance" story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our website, ashley we. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." ♪ ♪ elizabeth: tonight looks like the democrats blocked out in the gag order on the border crisis extends from the southern border into the halls of congress as there has been 0 hearings on it versus numerous hearings by democrats under d trump. this is house republicans sentes president biden a letter demanding more from he stop the media blackout dress footage emerges in kamala harris during the trump administration saying thank god for a free and independent press of the border we have reports coming in that trump may go to the border with us tonight senator ted cruz,
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mark lamb and grace to be and also new york state lawmaker will barclay, jim trusty michael pillsbury and kt mcfarland republican senator ted cruz and susan collins and mike lee ted cruz is going to talk to us about human and drug traffickers literally mock the republican senators from across the rio grande river while they we resisted the border also border patrol told to watch out for migrants looking to assassinate cops of the border as the white house doubles down saying there is no crisis. former un ambassador nikki haley saying we cannot trust vice president kamala harris with the border because kamala harris once compared ice to the kkk plus a new probe launched into new york governor cuomo forgiving reportedly special vip covid-19 testing to his family members and his allies state lawmakers say it'll be part of the impeachment probe into
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governor cuomo also tonight nancy pelosi raising eyebrows claiming she has a right as house speaker to seek or unseat any member of congress pelosi is flip-flopping, we have that to another big battle. trump's claiming biden for showing what he says is biden's weakness on china in trump's former cdc director robert redfield says he believes the covid-19 virus did escape from a lab in wuhan, china in september to october 2019 we will break that down and also we will look into what is going on with the bizarre case of president biden's son hunter biden grown up in a dumpster near high school to top republican senators demanding more from answers from the fbi thevi secrt service and the atf the secret service denying it was cleaning up after hunter biden thank you for joining us i'm elizabeth macdonald and "the evening edit" starts right now.
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elizabeth: thank you for watching and watching the fox wbusiness network bus will come back to the show texas republican senator ted cruz, it is so good to have you back on you lead a senate delegation and a tour of the texas mexico border can you tell us what happened. >> sure it's great to be with youu again i am still down in south texas in the rio grande valley and i led a team of 18 u.s. senators that came down to see firsthand on the crisis that is unfolding and we spent last night enjoyed the border patrol agents with the 10:00 p.m. muster and took the time to think those incredible heroes to stand up and defendhe our nation and we would go out on a midnight patrol and went down to the rio grande and salt illegal immigrants crossing inum large numbers we saw traffickers on the mexican side of the river
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preparing to cross and then today we visited detention facilities in particular donna a detention facility which is a giant city that has been constructed in response to the overwhelming crisis that is unfolding of the border in the capacity and the donna facility with covid restrictions is 250 people, it has about 4000 people in it, it is over 1500% of its capacity and we saw the biden cages cage after cage after cage the biden administration has filled with kids, they are packed in there they're not 6 feet apart were 3 feet apart they are side-by-side in the rate of covid positivity in the donna facility is about 10%,
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what they're doing is inhumane, unconscionable and it was preventable, direct result of political decision that the biden administration has made. elizabeth: were you taunted you and other senators taunted the human and drug traffickers across the rio grande river, did that happen. >> it did we took a trail down to the river and we were at the rivers edge and a group of senators and custom and border patrol agents were rippedrd undr their and we were shining our lights and on the other side of the river there were several traffickers who salt our lights and i'm sure they assume we were cbp officers and they saw our lights so they begin shining flashlights on us which they had very high-power flashlights so they were able to light us up across fromm the river and they began yelling and taunting from across the river and with the cbp agents told me they do that
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routinely anytime they see a border patrol agent they taunt them because right now the border is open in the human traffickers no they can bring people in with impunity and we are seeing, last month we saw over 100,000 illegal immigrants detained and it's only getting worse. this month is projected to be b over 180,000 the biden administration is detaining over 15000 children right now so the traffickers are feeling unbeatable because the biden administration refuses to enforce the law against them. elizabeth: henry cuellar from texas is there making hundreds of millions of dollars because of thela presidents week policy president biden said they are coming here because he's a nice guy, let's listen to president biden. >> i should be flattered people are coming because i'm the nice guy that's a reason why tapping
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i'm a decent man, that's why they're coming they know biden is a good guy, the truth of the matter is nothing has changed, as many people came 28% increase of children of the border in my administration 31% in the last year and 2019 before the pandemic and the trump administration. elizabeth: people are coming because he's a nice guy by the way were surpassing 2019 levels by a third in terms of border apprehension, your response to the president. >> what president biden said is ludicrous so a lot has changed. in the week president biden was sworn in he made three consequential decisions. number one he announced all construction of the border wall was immediately halted i just toured several portions of the wall that are partially constructed and they halted
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midway with rhubarb sticking up in its resting in the open-air because they ordered everything to haul instantaneously. number two president biden ordered the administration to return to the failed catch and releaseas policy. now an illegal immigrant is detaining their release, given a court date sometime in the future and everyone knows that very few will show up ever a agn in number three this is probably the most consequential is they ended the remaining mexico agreement with mexico and this is in 2019 president trump negotiated an historic agreement with the nation of mexico where the government of mexico agreed that with the illegal immigrants were crossing from central america through mexico and crossing illegallyy through mexico that those immigrants would remain in mexico while their asylum cases proceeded to the united states. in that agreement resulted in a
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dramatic reduction in illegal immigration so much so that last year we had the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years. what did joe biden do when he came in on day one he ripped the international agreement to shreds and as a result of his policy chain his announcement was essentiallyen come to ameria the border is open and i'll tell you the traffickers came in and they are coming. elizabeth: there's no president biden visited the border former president donald trump might visit visitvi the border he said no trip is intimate, there is no house democrat hearings of the border crisis there were ten other president trump, democrats the bordertaffers to under the trump administration, the ceo of gallup senator saint 42 million people want to come here for tracking these less than 1% had a legitimate claim
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during the remaining mexico policy under trump all of this is going on while there is still weird media blackout at the border 20 house republicans sent aa letter to biden say stop the media blackout. but then at the same time we have the media fawning over president biden with his wperformance at oppressor where you have cheat sheets and talking points yesterday let's listen to the media. >> arguably it was in his opening statement, quite a contrast to the previous president who always wanted to be thes center of attention. >> there is a sense of humanity he is talking about saying this is who we are this is the america that we are and we will not turn these kids away. >> he did not turn back when asked about being a good guy in the decency of this presidency and the american people he saidd he embraces. >> we were not talking about that was his response to the pandemic and that's because the entire time he's been in office
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he has been messaging. >> there was not a single question on it which tells you there is not any negative questions to ask, it's going well right now for him. elizabeth: covid is going well right now. we keep hearing from border authoritiesis that this is a humanitarian crisis because women and children are getting attacked along the way as they try to cross illegally we have seen unmarked gravestones of people being buried near the border because they didn't make it and killed along the way, this is a humanitarian crisis the media not picking up on that angle, yourht reaction to that. >> the media is refusing to do the job the press conference was ludicrous and that you had reporters throwing softballs at president biden and he read scripted and those were not the hard questions that needed to occur about what's happening on. the border i tell you that last night as we were joining the
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border patrol or the midnight patrol we saw the caravans of illegal immigrants coming young children coming and we saw and one detention facility that's been erected under the bridge of a highway that there were hundreds of kids in tents outside, sleeping on the ground outside covered and reflective emergency blankets, we saw several mothers with infant children who were nursing you were coming in in droves, we also saw when we were out on the vote with texas cpf, we saw a dead body floating in the river of someone who attempted to cross the river and didn't make it this is a humanitarian crisis in the covid situation of the detention facilities the donna facility has a 10% positivity rate they are releasing, the biden administration is releasing illegal immigrants testing positive for covid at a
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rate seven times higher than the u.s. population and apparently you display to clip for the media saying covid is going great other than release and some thousands of illegal immigrants potentially covid positive. elizabeth: wow, thank you for the update were so grateful that you c came on and thank you for your insight and perspective we will have you back on soon, senator ted cruz, thank you. new york assembled men gop leader will barclay onde epic probe being launched engineer governor andrew cuomo for giving special vip covid-19 testing reportedly to his family members and his top allies. it'll be part of the impeachment probe into governor cuomo this as calling this troubling demand that the state ethics commission look into it. that story cell phone repair. did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out.
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: joining us now is new elizabeth: joining us now new york state assembly will barclay and ethics probe into governor alcuomo getting special vip testing to family members and allies, is this going to be put into the impeachment probe we are hearing that it will.
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>> i'm certainly hoping that it will the attorney general said he finds it very troubling she wants the ethics committee to renew it but i think it's very appropriate to have this in the assembly impeachment probe that we started last week it'll be done through the judiciary a committee and it's on the top of a mountain of other stuff that the governor is being accused of and this is something that needs to be investigated. elizabeth: reports coming in that regeneron pharmaceutical president also got special vip covid testing along with his family members including at their home there is been complaints from cuomo sexual-harassment accusers that thero impeachment probe is going to take too long it's going to slow and governor cuomo is going to wait this out he's up for reelection this year is it going to take too long, how fast is it going to happen is. >> i'm ready to file articles of impeachment start the
6:19 am
impeachment process earlier my conference i called for an investigation to the committee and were happy that that is going forward whether it takes too long we want to make sure that it is not a whitewash and it's a little late tactic, so far i have notot seen that's gog to be the case but if it does seemed like there dragon their feet and not taken a as a serious investigation we will use every bit that we have to call them out on that. elizabeth: sir, are you going to call and state health workers including nurses and doctors who were pulledur off the job to tet cuomo's mother, sister, brother chris and cuomo's allies, chris cuomo cnn anchor testified state health doctor, are you going to call in the state workers who were pushed to do this? >> i hope so now that they hired a law firm to do the investigation we have republican members on that committee we will make sure that investigation is full and
6:20 am
accurate, interesting on this whole thing all we heard through the spring and summer how great leadership this government has provided during the pandemic but nothing pans out that way a year ago yesterday we had the nursing home executive order that allowed covid positive patients back in nursing home causing thousands of deaths in the governor cover up those totality's and he wrote a book during the whole pandemic and you look at the overall numbers new york state has the second-highest the polity ofte covid deaths just behind california at 50000 deaths and now we have this work giving preferential treatment to friends into family is seems one thing after another so it's fully appropriate that we investigate this and it's a basisnd for impeachment. elizabeth: thank you so much, come back soon it's good to see you. let's getsoh. his reaction joing us federal prosecutor jim trusty you heard what we were talking about what was your reaction when he heard the story.
6:21 am
>> not particular legal reaction i'm thinking about the moral fiber of governor cuomo, his brother in cnn in that order it's an astounding situation it reminds me of a saying that there's a great phrase that the law firm is much that wisdom olcondemns its falling it is old school language but there is plenty that is horrible in this world and the worst kind of behavior that you can imagine on a moral scale that may not necessarily fit into a criminal statute and i think in a lot of ways that's where we are with the latest revelation with the governor. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying janice dean lost her and lysed to covid-19 and the new york nursing home and this is the allegation that governor cuomo executive order put patients back into nursing homes i would like you to listen to janice dean. >> cnn put out a statement that
6:22 am
said everyone was trying to get figured how to get test and we don't hold a grudge who may have took advantage of an increased ability to do so what do you think about that statement from cnn. >> tone death but the same station that hosted chris and his brother in the cuomo comedy hour for weeks as body bags were being piled outside of nursing homes and storage trucks. elizabeth: the criticism that cnn claims to denounce abuses of power but is defending their own anchor participated, your final word is. >> i don't know janice personally but i love what she's been saying in the way she's been steadfast and unfair criticism from cuomo in cnn you talk about having no moral compass to sit there and say it's okay what chris did with his brother he was just calling in favors were all about favoritism at cnn and that's what their defense shows at this
6:23 am
point. elizabeth: thank you for joining us comee back soon up next republican congressman rakes to be on nancy pelosi raising eyebrows saying she has a right as house speaker deceit or unseat any member of congress despite state certified election is about disenfranchising voters is about disenfranchising voters we have the breakdown walter, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? so what are you waiting for? world's strongest man martins licis to help you break down boxes? arrrggh! what am i gonna do to you box? let me “break it down” for you... arrgggh! you're going down! down to the recycling center! >>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. ♪ ♪ >>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. it's not "pretty good or nothing." it's not "acceptable or nothing."
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elizabeth: joining us now florida republican greeks to be from house judiciary, nancy pelosi accused of a major power grab attempt she said it's her right as speaker deceit or unseat any member of congress that she wants even if the election is certified she's trying to use her power toto overturn republican victory in a state certified election in iowa your thoughts to needs you pelosi? >> only in the current political climate is a republican who just object, not overturn the object include then constitutional issues in the last election cycle were deemed by her as domestic terrorists and enemies of the state but within her purview and her right to complete the deny the right of iowans in the second district in iowa of their right to vote only in the current climate could this go one i hope they bring
6:28 am
this to the floor because you hear from him a lot of moderate democrats that they're not willing to vote for this in o speaker pelosi's going too far in trying to change the outcome of an election that has been certified and 0 b by the way the opponent, the democrat has not filed a single challenge in thes court system because she knows that she lost after multiple recounts. elizabeth: in our house when someone gets elected we seek them, we enfranchise their voters now she's flip-flopping to protect her reason for an hold on power, the democrat majority, democrat reader lost the election to republican mariannette miller-meeks and that there still 22 legal ballots to be counted but there was already a recount in the boarding iowa and already signed off on it, let's watch nancy pelosi. let's watch this.
6:29 am
>> if i wanted to be unfair i wouldn't see the republican from iowa because that was my right on the opening day i would've just said you're not seated and that would've been my right as speaker to do. elizabeth: does she have a right to do that? >> it's not her right it's a right of the american people to decide who their representative is in the second district is ready decided that miller meeks as their representative and she's been certified after multiple recounts she's been sworn in as a member of thehe united states congress into overturn the will of the people in iowa it is completely opposite of what america stands for and if they bring this to a vote i think it to be very challenging for speaker pelosi to get the vote in her own caucus and overturn election that was certified in the member of this congress has been sworn in i look c forward to vote against when it comes to the
6:30 am
floor and i'm quite curious to see what the democrats do a speaker pelosi is so short sighted to bring a bill like this to the floor of the house. elizabeth: you see moderate democrats, not privately to say we are going to oppose nancy pelosi because the governor of iowa is saying we cannot let nancy pelosi try to federalize state elections. your response to that? >> is a number of moderate democrats, phillips and minnesota that made public remarks that this is not the right direction to go she can only lose five votes democrats only have a five vote majority we won 15 seats a lost election cycle so she loses more than five votes she's not good to be able to dobl what she wants to o and quite frankly i hopee she does bring it up to about put the democrats on the board to unseat a fairly seated member of congress was been sworn in, certified after multiple recounts in the democrat by the way has an even filed a lawsuit
6:31 am
in iowa to contest the results of the election. elizabeth: congressman stu b it is good to see you, come back soon. elizabeth: just ahead top china expert michael pillsbury another big battle breaking out president trump lehman president biden trump sam biden is showing weakness on china we also have the cdc director robert redfield sing coronavirus escape from a lab in wuhan, china we will break that down next. ♪
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♪ elizabeth: okay. let's welcome back to the elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show hudson institute director michael pillsbury, it's great to have you back on former president trump really went after president biden seen biden is showing weakness to china what was your thought when you heard that? >> is continuing all china policies. and the joe biden even plagiarized, i used to love when president trump would say he would say china wants to be the number one nation in the world
6:37 am
but it's awkward to happen on my watch, joe biden used the exact same words as his press conference but no foot footnote that this was donald a trump strategy so it's strange that we cannot attack biden on china because he's borrowing and keeping the sanctions in the tariffs and we are told. elizabeth: interesting president trump was really going after president biden after he was hammered by chinese officials and it seemed like a debacle. let's listen. >> that was an absolute embarrassment too our country, i
6:38 am
cannot believe it, we should've walked out nobody ever talked to my group that way and nobody ever talked to me that way i can tell you that if they did and would've doubled up the tariffs which were something we probably should've done anyway but i took them billions and billions of dollarss from china we were bringing businesses back and it was really going well in china respected as they never spoke to the way they spoke to the administration. elizabeth: china never spoke to tthe trump team like they did e biden team, is that true. >> it is true and i remember one specific example where china did a lot less than what happened in alaska they took out paragraphs from the phase one trade agreement and send it back with these things which is bad faith in the president within 24 hours president trump put on an warmest tariffs on china and s shock them so they return to the previous position they dropped
6:39 am
their contained risk conditions. the idea that we should set there and listen when they say you slaughter black people in your country which is what he said which is quite strange i thought the american team in alaska was critically forgiving tony blinken who is a very smart guy wrote his collar, et cetera he started giving a lecture how america is not perfect we have to go through changes almost like he's apologizing for the slaughter of blackck people. i was puzzled by the whole expanse of watching it. i think president trump was two. elizabeth: what was your reaction to cdc director doctorr robert redfield saying that he does think the covid-19 virus did escape from a mob in wuhan, china anywhere around september,
6:40 am
2019, that's what he believes, what do you think about. >> he was very careful he said there's no evidence and other people may have different points of view but he is contradicting the strange w.h.o. finding last month that i went from an animal to human directly i don't know if you know doctorre redfield background is not only a medicas director he's an army colonel and his work is how viruses and how they spread articles of publication, experiments in a laboratory, this is a crucial person and when he heard this he was done, that's why it's a new story a guy with credibility telling into cnn now with his joe biden going to do they do not read this in alaska that a list of height issues, one of them should have been what about the virus in the joe biden team did not raise the origins of the
6:41 am
virus and you know to say china virus or wuhan virus may be ineffective racist charges that keeps them from bringing up the issue but it's an issue of oscience not racism. elizabeth: michael pillsbury thank you for joining us is good to see you, thank you for your insight come back soon former trump deputy national security adviser kt mcfarland on another bizarre story involving hunter biden it was thrown out in the garbage in your high school the police investigation announced two top republican senators are demanding more from answers of the fbi and secret service in the etf that story is♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ excuse me ma'am, did you know that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? thank you! hey, hey, no, no, limu, no limu!
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hi, i'm dorothy hamill. if you're turning 65 soon, like me, you might be thinking about medicare. i know i want coverage that connects all the different parts of my health care to keep me aging actively. aetna medicare advantage plans offer $0 monthly plan premiums and prescription drug coverage. with benefits like dental, vision and hearing. and telehealth. that's the aetna medicare advantage. call today to learn more or to be connected to a local agent in your community and we'll send you a $10 visa reward card with no obligation to enroll. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show kt mcfarland former trump the international security advisor and revolution washington, we the people. what is going on with hunter biden he got a gun in 2018
6:46 am
according to reports and then hunter biden's brother's widow throughout the gun in a dumpster behind a grocery store near high school then went missing the cops and the feds came in to investigating clean everything up, what is going on here. >> not only a horrible story in itself here's a guy who at the time potentially hundreds issues and he has a gun near school and his relative euros in the dumpster and anybody could've picked it up and done damage but what gets me is a double standard the justice department the department of justice the fbi even the secret service want to cover that, that was joe biden that was his son he's off-limits the same attitude about joe biden son hunter and the chinese connections in the chinese business the fact that is to on the payroll of the chinese company and same with
6:47 am
ukraine that is a standard that they use and yet if it was donald trump is a completely different standard look at the press conference yesterday what a charade that was donald trump at a press conference the reporters tried to tear him to shreds joe biden is a press conference and all the questions one after another is just wonderful into me it's an example of how bad it is in washington that there's a double standard of justice for one donald trump and conservatives in another standard of justice for democrats and joe biden in the woke culture mom cancel culture and i guess i would quote the very respected judge lauren silverman who said this is most dangerous threat to democracy when the freedom of press and the media is controlled by one political party that's when democracy died and that's when i come up i'm upset there's an increasing
6:48 am
example of the double standard and this does not bode well for democracy forget who's in the white house forget who's not on the white house because the institution of democracy that is being threatened by the new approach. elizabeth: where he reports a hunter biden joined his father and air force one getting back to the gun incident telework police reportedly began investigating concerned that the trashcan was across from the high school in the missing gun could be used at a crime and reports came in that the secret service showed up at the gun shop were hunter biden reportedly lost the gun and trying to get his paperwork on it in the gun shop owner said no now we have top republican senator chuck grassley and ron johnson pain we want answers you asking the atf and secret service for information and it's an odd story secret service is denying any role, your word on
6:49 am
that? elizabeth: let me back up instead of grassi and lindsey graham. >> is the taking of the justice department and the fbi and turned into political weapon to say there covering up for certain people and persecuting other people this is a very dangerous place 20 years ago people in washington you could trust with the intelligence community the military and department of justice they played fair by everybody but they're no longer playing fair and that does not bode well for the future of the republic. elizabeth: why was a secret service getting involved? >> you have to assume they pretty quickly found out i was hunter biden connected to hunter biden member joe biden was the vice president of that point he was out of office look the first question i wanted to know i want
6:50 am
to call secret service and say why revising minimal why did you get involved in was there some issue that involves security into the united states and why did you cover it all up your job is to make sure that officials are protected in their normal course of business your job is not to cover for political relative or put your thumb on the scale of justice. i would not only want to ask the local law enforcement but i would want to find out from the secret service and the hypocrisy of it all joe biden is press conference talking about firearms and weapons and things are happening in america when mass shootings and his son who had a drug issue in these market aroma the gun and then he tosses in the trashcan the whole thing sounds choppy. elizabeth: kt mcfarland, thank you for joining us come back soon it was great to see you.
6:51 am
arizona sheriff the border patrol told to watch out because migrants are looking to assassinate cops at the border got the story coming in the white house doubles down say no crisis arrest surpassing 2019. we have that story next. >> the worst part our border patrol and resources were not ready we do not have the facility to hold that many people in the transportation that they need to transfer all the people coming across, literally what we see is countries coming to the united this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be.
6:52 am
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elizabeth: there were hundreds of kids just in pins outside sleeping on the ground outside covered and reflected emergency blankets andev several mothers with infant children who were nursing were just coming in in droves and we also solve only were out on the vote of texas pdf we saw a dead body floating in the river of someone who attempted to cross the river and did not maket. it. this is a humanitarian crisis.
6:56 am
elizabeth: that was texas senator ted cruz with those moments ago he was at the border today telling us what he saw were happy to have back with us arizona sheriff mark lamb it's so great to have i you back on. we want to move on to the story for hearing according to washington times that the border there is concern that two mexican illegal immigrants are maybe trying to come in to cross the border to kill cops, is not true. >> i would not be surprised at all it could be more than true in the fact the matter is when you're dealing with a cartel violence as part of their business and when you're dealing with people paying so much money wanting to come to this country we be naïve to think violence will not spill over intercountry in our broad street in particular against law enforcement because this administration is not to be favorable or supportive of law
6:57 am
enforcement so it would not surprise me at all if that's what they planned on doing but it's w sad because it will hurt those who are trying to protect the. elizabeth: is s so dangerous it was reportedly on cooperated in very specific and according to be on the lookout bulletin that the washington times all and he gave a location on federal land in time for the breach of the border by the illegal immigrants in coming here to t assassinaten one of the men was identified as a 49-year-old man and homeland security. you have to detain was so much and now this. >> we have been dealing with the violence and the fortunate thing we had a federal government for the last four years that supported us in law enforcement. knauer seen the federal government making it more
6:58 am
beneficial for the cartel and empowering them an hour left dealing with it and it's dangerous for us and we like to see changed. elizabeth: sure we have tom home in with us he was outraged yesterday with president biden claiming that border officials were letting children starve in mexico and basically tom home insane that is flat out wrong in a slap in the state of mexico, mexico not likely liking what president biden said about that. let's listen to tom homan. >> i was angry when i heard that because 20000 men and women and they come up with the best to defend this nation deserves better from the commander-in-chief. they said there was 4000 lives must year, saved 4000 lives, these men and women are working their butts off and they're
6:59 am
falling asleep at work because you're dealing with a crisis that there commander-in-chief created in their attacking them saying they're lettingg children die the fact survey saved over 4000 lives and it won't surprise me if the president with any man and women turned their back on him what they did today is disgusting. i'm never seen a president or commander-in-chief do what he did today it is absolutely disgusting what he did. elizabeth: what do you think sheriff. >> tom is exactly right he's a great american and absolutely right the first thing i thought of what a disgrace to the men and women to put on a badge in the second thing how is mexico taken this, you're telling us they were getting food on the outside but they were being fed and it was being done the right way the way they're doing it now is absolutely not working in yesterday the president said were not going to turn kids away at some point you're gonna have to turn kids away.
7:00 am
elizabeth: thank you for joining us and think inter service to our country i'm elizabeth macdonald and even watching "the evening edit". thank you for watching we hope you have a great weekend. ♪ will see all of you on monday. thanks very much. jackie: a jailbreak. americans way ahead of the government, and they are on the move as airlines eye a post-pandemic takeoff. we're breaking down the new trends in how states like texas that are fully reopened are faring now. and a bright spot after a year of being closed, the happiest place on earth is expanding its footprint. the plan for disneyland this hour. plus, deadly storms ripping through the south. thousands displaced without electricity as well as millions of people are still under tornado watch. we are on the ground in alabama. i'm jackie deangelis, and this is " fox business tonight." ♪


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