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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 27, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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check out don't forget to follow side twitter at barron online. where your mass, get your shot in the arm and will see you next week on "barron's roundtable". ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome back to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow, great to be with you, stocks closed out the week on a high, the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq all finishing up on the day the market is very bullish, we'll get to that later but we begin tonight with breaking news from the white house president biden apparently will invite russia's vladimir putin and china's xi jinping for a round of global climate talks. here is the president's. >> have you invited xi jinping
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to the biden summit. >> i haven't yet but they know their invited i haven't spoke to either one of them yet individually. larry: is big news and he'll get around to it, that the commitment he's making as we repeatedly said the infrastructure bill that was strongly touted by president biden yesterday's news conference is really a trojan horse for the green new deal and is likely a second trojan horse for a large tax hike for large and small businesses, successful learners, capital gains, social security but of course he won't let the states cut their own taxes now. the whole plan at large, if it's passed later this year will have an enormously negative impact on the economy that right now is booming. it is booming because of the vaccines, herd immunity and reopening. it does not need stimuli and it does not need tax hikes and it sure does not need to in the fossil fuel energy business. this bill also will include the largest expansion of the social
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welfare state since lbj great society. you have items like free community college, universal preschool, childcare, dependent paid leave, it will all be part of the package, the temporary assistance is going to be made permanent if the democrats get their way and none of these programs have a single work requirement, none of them, it is also just a bad thing for work incentives inside the american economy. all that lovely stuff 20 years ago. it really helped the economy and help get folks back to work. now it's going to be destroyed by democratic left that just want a gigantic government run social offer system. by the way washington run particularly. i don't know what president biden is going to say to president xi jinping and putin but the far progressive left of the democratic party is not
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satisfied with the 3 trillion-dollar infrastructure program. the surprise movement in cahoots with the congressional progressive caucus, you can imagine what those names are like, these folks want a 10 trillion-dollar program. they reportedly will fight hard for it and according to axioms, they want $1 trillion per year over the next decade. step back for a minute. i think that's pretty cool and i don't know why they're stopping at 10 trillion. especially with president xi jinping and putin coming to town why don't go to 20 trillion. the communist given five and five will be happy without. the progressives are happy with deficit demand spending which they call modern monetary theory. president biden will have none of that, instead he has a high corporate taxes in reverse president trump's successful tax program. i don't know, if were getting to
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10 trillion plus another 10 trillion for a communist friends, i probably do deficit finance at least over tax hikes. i'm sort of joking but not really exactly, just saying that president biden made it clear yesterday he's in favor of scrapping the filibuster, one way or another which means catering by the door for all the progressive left policies. what is congress going to say about all of this, let's go to congressional correspondent jacqui heinrich for much more. good evening. >> good evening larry, pete buttigieg did not give away any clues yesterday in a committee hearing but he did say the plan will be transformative in an interview today, president biden is set to unveil roughly 3 trillion-dollar plan next week. house speaker nancy pelosi would not confirm that there are discussions around splitting into pieces, one dealing with infrastructure needs like roads and bridges which could get
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bipartisan support and a second with more progressive wish list items free community college and paid family leave. >> green is the word that sometimes republicans repower. we have a lot of territory where we can find common bipartisan ground. but we cannot abandon our responsibility to making this bill for the future that saves the planet. >> lawmakers and intra- script are voicing what they want to see senator chris coons and murphy proposed $55 billion in the northeast quarter railways. and you have pushing for a biden plan. there's a battle on how to pay for it, the biden administration wants to increase taxes on corporation but republicans worry it would sink the economy and also fear the bill will masquerade as infrastructure. but really the green new deal. but lindsey graham said something to fox that might perk up democrat years, he said a
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one -2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan is very much needed. he said modernizing our transit system would pay for itself over time but he did say he would pump the brakes on social issues like free community college. larry: thank you jackie, appreciate it very much. now folks, just a hollow this out, china is on the warpath to forks american companies to give up their pro-democracy moral principles regarding genocide for the uighurs. and of course served and for hong kong. this is a tough story and we will focus on this later in the program but i wanted to leave it up right now, china is going to decouple because these companies like nike, h&m member barry are under pressure because they dare criticize forced labor and concentration camps beijing operates to imprison uighurs and the province. nike says it doesn't use cotton
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from shane jang and i hope that is correct. one of the major last acts of the trump administration was a withhold and release order enforced by dhs and cbp, this placed a regional man in the changing area to stop american businesses operating there. it was placed on cotton tomato because of the genocide being affected by communist china and if our companies follow this it is all to the good and if they condemn the chinese genocide that is even better. on the whole topic, i invite viewers to read my friends op-ed, it was posted online at the wall street journal it is called beijing targets american business. my advice to american business is to just say no to china. just say no and come back home to america. speaking of the corporate tax rate if mr. biden raises our corporate tax rate from 21 - 28%
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we will be three percentage points higher than commonest china, think of that and we need incentives to keep american companies right here at home and we invite foreign companies to do likewise, president biden should quit messing with president trump successes. more on all of that later in the program, let's get back to infrastructure and specifically infrastructure financing. a wonderful topic that nobody seems capable of dealing with. by the way that spend a moment with our next guest rebutting president biden's and who benefited from the trump tax cut. nobody better than kevin brady the ranking republican on the house ways and means committee, he will soon regain his chairman schiff, i have no doubt about that. mr. brady, thank you very much for coming on. can i start with infrastructure stuff. i am okay with that, the progressives, let's get here at home, $10 trillion, don't stop at two or 3 trillion, lindsey
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graham is wrong, no wonder to is nothing and let's give another 10 trillion truck communist friends. what is wrong without mr. chairman? >> just about everything, congratulations on your new show i'm honored to be back on with you and secondly this is just insane. no president have ever raised business taxes to recover from an economic crisis. this cannot come at a worse time. the thought that you would raise and make your tax rates worse than communist china by the way senator sanders would make us worse than venezuela, it is driving america, it's almost a race to the bottom, there is no question, with the tax increases we will see fewer jobs, flatter paychecks, cavities going overseas. i predict under joe biden's taxes we will see a second wave of u.s. jobs and investment going overseas and it just seems
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ironic in joe biden's america, illegal vagrants are welcome, u.s. job creators are not. larry: that's overly good point, that's why i built it in to the editorial at the end. the corporate tax cuts work very well and particularly so far even american companies repatriating cash and assets and make it more competitive for foreign companies to come here, tons of jobs are created and so forth and so on. do we want to go back to the date of inversion when our companies will bite oversee company and in ireland or overseas place, i thought we were finished with that, that will recur if we jack at the rating again. >> no question about it we will return to the bad old economic days with stagnation, flat paychecks and it seems like every month we were reading about a new u.s. company moving the headquarters and
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manufacturing overseas, 16 major companies in texas that did that it was the signature economic failure of obama biden i don't know why we would bring it back but it will happen. since we lowered our tax rates ten of the countries have lowered their corporate rates, just because we decided to get competitive does not mean that they didn't, they are being very aggressive. if it just makes more economic sense to invest overseas, unfortunately you are driving our u.s. businesses out and by the way the corporate tax rate is really about the workers. there's a reason why in 2019 under pretty good economic growth 2.4%, we saw the highest household income in american history and the lowest poverty in american history. because corporations and mainstream business were investing those tax dollars back into the workers to the
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technology to expansion and community. that's why we saw so many workers who have been on the sidelines for years, now including those coming out of prisons, those who did not have high skills and those with the lowest income are coming off the sideline and we got them to work. this is just the opposite of this and again, into the economically a race to the bottom. larry: kevin from your latest house ways and means release, republican side release, president biden yesterday at the news conference said the beneficiary of the 27 tax reform only went to the rich, he just flat out said that. your release says 82% of american middle-class household, 82% of american middle-class households received a tax cut and received an average tax cut of 1260.90% of americans selling increase in take-home pay, 90%,
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the tax cuts raised wage growth by 3.3%. here's what's really important people in the lower quarter, like the lower middle class, their growth in wages was much faster than those at the top, they never acknowledge that. numbers were foreign half% for the lower quarter and this is what real wages in the top quarter got 3% hike. i have tried including testifying on zoom and broke my ears boycott of congressional hearings to make that case but i failed and i will just ask you, does the gop have to keep pounding away on that because it is a lie, it is a falsehood. >> it is a lie, as you know our leading economic advisor for president trump we saw the wage gains in household income come
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back, we saw blue-collar workers getting a fair shake for the first time and we sell income inequality beginning to have strength for the first time in anyone's memory because we were driving wages up from the working families and workers in america, joe biden's claim about the wealthy 1% has been fact checked as misleading, so many times i really surprised at this point twitter has not suspended the white house account. larry: twitter should censor him from that. that's a great point, been hanging onto that. last one, president biden said 90 of the fortune 500 companies paid no taxes. do we think that is right? what about sales tax, what about payroll tax, what about property tax. that is so totally false i don't know where to begin. >> all these businesses are paying taxes, the state, local and federal incorporations by the weight of the smallest of
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businesses in america and the truth of the matter in our tax reform we incentivize businesses to buy the new technology. to give worker raises, increase their benefits and in fact in america rather than overseas that is driven through economic growth and vice president biden is taking us back to a slow growth, stagnant wage era. larry: corporations are evil, don't forget that, corporations are evil and wildly successful people are equally evil we will string them up and shoot them. it's a terrible thing to be prosperous. that was a joke. >> tax policy, that the democrats do it, republicans focus on growth and competitiveness and productivity. larry: there soon can be a chairman ways and means committee kevin brady. the white house today calling out china for profiting from
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force labor and human rights abuses. that is good. >> american consumers and the consumers everywhere deserve to know the goods they are buying are not made with force labor and many companies are standing up for consumer rights. larry: jen psaki has that completely right and i will praise her for it and her boss mr. biden. a couple of companies have spoken up about human rights abuses in china hitting back hard. this is a very big story. china has forced the play but democracy is going to win, trust me on that will have that on "kudlow", much more
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larry: chinese communist party has entirely larry: chinese communist party has entirely wiped out h&m, wiped out from all chinese e-commerce. there are more than 400 h&m stores in china and if you put one in as a destination for a ride hailing app there is no destination found that could be a threat to american companies. now like nike which mildly spoke out against china's treatment of uber uighur muslims, many are being held in concentration camps and many believed they are committing genocide with the uighurs. they removed all human rights and freedoms from hong kong. turning into another communist
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operatic party. this is not good, joining us not to take a whack at this brian brandenberg professor of business and economics at the king's college in manhattan, it is interesting you read the wall street journal editorial and you read the op-ed that was posted this afternoon. china is forcing these companies to choose. i am fine with that because i want them to come home, choose america, we need to keep our tax rates down and our regulations down. but fine if this is the time for choosing, so be it. >> you're right, it is but we're doubly right what we have to do home, what is policy toward china we are thinkingg about tht and there's quite a bit of unity between republicans and democrat. but at home we gotta make america for the best place in the world to do business. at a moment where china is t sending shots across the bow or
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target of our corporate tax rates of 28% which sends companies looking around the globe to try to different cost. my concern we don't have a unified policy. larry: china's corporate tax rate. >> has to be a couple percentage points lower than ours. >> organ to be higher than i france after this. larry: that's really an insult to being higher than france. larry: you have combined federal and corporate state tax which i think is like 32% change, that is higher than the average for the entire oecd and g-7. this is a moral dimension and i will say this, iea am delighted that team biden so far has been very good on china very tough on china including the sanctions which teed off the chinese and started them to operate their social media to attack our companies. we have to be on guard, you cannot play footsie with them they will not let us anymore, they want to whitewash their communist totalitarian system,
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they don't want us to talk about the uighurs, they don't want us to talk about hong kong or taiwan, none of that stuff. our business b is no more liberl wall street exelon, this is a time to be tough with china. >> you look at the companies affected nike, adidas, these are the company set up in the social justice war years on the american landscape or a long time. this is a moment where they get a put up and say we mean and we will put our checkbook on the line and you know they will and it'll be interesting to see if all of the celebrity endorsers andnd athletes who have gone on the social justice bandwagon, if the company takes a hit will they be willing to take a hit. >> this is part of the a conversation. >> what was the final thought with mba one of them attacked china. >> darrell maurice said i have a problems of what's going on with
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hong kong. larry: doesn't the nba run china in mba rights. >> they just signed a new contract with state tv in china. this is the problem, yet the nba working with the state and the state is dictating terms to that. larry: you talk about a time for mpchoosing, it is a time for choosing but what is so interesting the companies in america who have made thet strongest case on social justice who are in the hot seat, they get to prevent now. larry: where are the big corporate liberals when we need them. you're exactly right, it is a test. >> we will find out the days to come. larry: one of the last things the trump administration did, was at the meeting when it happened we put an embargo on cotton and tomatoes for the whole region and maybe more is coming. >> these big companies fought mn against those moves and against the legislation. it is really a time for choosing and they got something to show. larry: have you ever been to a business roundtable. >> i haven't and i'm not that
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disappointed. larry: it's not quite as bad as dabo's, that is incorporate socialism for you but it's close. >> you keep going i'll stay home. larry: know i'll give you my ticket. thank you buddy i appreciate it very much. more in enormous container uvessels are back and cannot wt to get through the canal, what is being done about that, there is a huge large ship stuck in the canal and it does not look like the locals can move it. we will have to bail them out just like always. plus president biden says his h administration is focused on north korea. listen to this. >> former president obama warmed the incoming president trump that north korea was a tough foreign policy issue that he was watching, is that how you assess the crisis in north korea? >> yes. larry: that was a blunt interview. we will talk about that in anything north korea means
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china, who was behind north korea, china. general jack king joined us when general jack king joined us when "kudlow" returns right straight ♪♪ the strength of a community.
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>> we see some potential impacts >> we see potential impact on energy market from the role of the canal from directional transit route on oil that is one of the reasons we offered assistance from the united states and we are in close consultation with the egyptians about that. larry: this will be the second time in the show that i agree with jen psaki. last evening i was i half joking when i said we will have to send in the marines to fix this mess in the suez canal but a pretty good forecast, the u.s. navy plans to have a team of experts in egypt this weekend, the navy will help now, dig out a giant container ship, it is stuck on inside and it's a very large place one of the world's busiest
12:31 am
waterways and it could be at least a week by the time this whole thing is clear that so i want to get my next guest thoughts on this and some other matters, we welcome back to an old jack king from the u.s. army, retired four-star general, fox strategic analyst and medal of freedom recipient, as i say, general king and a sound like a goofy story, the suez canal is famous for a lot of other things in the post-world war ii era in the cold war, this thing is going to choke off a lot of supply chain and supply routes and heavily affect europe and it will have some effect on the uniteded states. not only energy but manufacturing. i know you're an army and a big shot, can the navy getca this done, apparently the home country can't, can the navy solve this? >> i suspect yes, the navy puts
12:32 am
them about anything they can get it done. they're gonna host a number of experts there that we can to sort out what is actually needed. it makes you wonder what causes a wind in his sandstorm give all the technology about whether, particularly media whether, why would you let the ship transit the s suez canal very slowly as they have to do under those kind of conditions, makes no sense. the other thing is, just-in-time logistics which helps drive the global supply chain were companies are not putting hugewa warehouses and storing goods in the warehouses and spare parts of the rest of it also affects manufacturing, it will have some impact for a while particular if it goes on for weeks, we're talking about a tenth of the world shipping goes through their and already there's 100
12:33 am
ships stacked up, most of them are likely container ships and oil ships too be sure. this monster of a ship. i had a read it twice to make sure i got it it's almost the size of the empire state building and you can put 20000 containers on it which is hard for me too get my head around but they give you the size and the scale of the impact of the global supply chain today it is quite dramatic. larry: general, here is a thought i want to move on to north korea and china. just imagine, if we were still dependent on oil imports from saudi arabia and the gulf states as we were for so many decades before we reached energync independence under the trump administration. imagine if we were still beholden to them how bad this could be for our country and our economy. that is something i don't know that these greenies are thinking about as they want to and fossil fuels which is a pretty dumb idea in my view.
12:34 am
>> i totally agree with you on that, energy independence has impacted everything in the united states and obviously our national security. we still have an interest in the middle east because the world's economy is dependent on the oil flowing to the middle east in particular through the persian gulf so when we wantan a stable world economy. we will always have the national interest and we are blessed to have her own energy independence. larry: moving right along, i was quite surprised you may disagree with us for heaven sakes. i was quite surprised when asked a question at the press conference that president biden said he agreed with former president obama that our biggest problem in foreign policy was north korea. i understand all the issues with north korea and the threat of nuclear weapons in whatever but to me i would answer china, china is the biggest problem and
12:35 am
i still think china is the biggest problem regardingre norh korea and they're not going to help us on that. what is your take, were you surprised and perhaps you agree with them? >> i did not agree with them at all but i think he was mistaken. his administration to include himself has already stated that china is the most significant threat to thehe united states is facing and we discussed they pretty much agree with trump's tough stand rhetoric to be sure now and actions later we will see if it stands up in the entire national security team has said as much. i really think the answer is explained by the fact that it was a reflex action on president biden when asked the question do you agree with president obama on north korea being the number one threat. of course four years ago he passed out to president trump and in his mind i did not think it was then either but certainly
12:36 am
it was a very higher threat than what it is today. everything has changed in four years and i think that's what it was it was a reflex action, his administration fundamentally believes by words and by beads that china is in fact the number one threat facing the united states. larry: you have taught me that, i ambe with you i went through e wars during the trump years and transition on her attitude towards china. i think president trump was a major factor in reworking that and i think you're right the biden people been quite good, now were fighting them on business sizes and not helping the uighurs and so forth and sort entrance 0 one. it'll bes rough stuff but china is behind worth korea. general jack king, thank the global v-shaped recovery is booming, global it all has to do
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larry: were gonna turn to the markets to make a buck or two with friendly investment stocks looking very bullish indexes up today and yesterday the fed keeps pumping the money in the congress keeps pumping money and everybody's pumping and money, all great fun until we pay for. my take the only real stimulus that a healthy economy now in the longer run is the vaccine. good news 2.8 million daily run rate today in the 137 million cumulatively and 90 million people have been injected which
12:42 am
is huge because as doctor mercury has taught us if you add that into those who have the cases in so-called natural immunity, pretty close the combination of the vaccines and the natural immunity puts is very close to herd immunity. that opens a restaurant in the economy is recovering all the time look at high-frequency indicators for restaurants for example, they are reopening, much higher travel schedules for example, that is a good sign. i just want to add it to global boom, it's not about who's ahead of whom, right now it looks like a global boom and a v-shaped recovery around the world, certainly in the usa and certainly in asia and china, like them or not they're engaged in a boom in europe appears to be catching on they screwed up their vaccines for a while but now i think they're better on
12:43 am
track and will ask her expert but emerging markets stock index has done very well i think that is a true fact but will find out. let's talk with my problem managing partner for chase capital advisors, good to see you that is a hell of a beard you've got are the emerging market indexes doing well? am i right or wrong. >> you are right all the indexes are doing well but you see it there and in europe and you saw what happened today today the u.s. action has been great but some of that is and maybe some around the world is a quarterly rebalancing were coming to the end of the quarter and i'm not discounting everything that you said because i believe to be true and were on the verge of a breakout i feel it in south florida and feel it in the mood when you go out and see people like restaurants and life and travel is all happening and i
12:44 am
think it's all happening in emerging markets are on the cusp as well. larry: let's get some estimates for you, i would hear your strategy so we can make a buck or two on a friday evening, dubai international index dubai emerging market, i'm a buy-and-hold guy or do you stay in the u.s. index or maybe all of the above? >> a really well balanced portfolio is going to have a little bit of each depending on the risk scale and the level of exposure but a well balanced portfolio does include international some emerging market and certainly the u.s. i am very bullish on europe and the u.s. but i'm really bullish on europe as well and i would tend to be more weighted between the u.s. and europe but through the emerging market. larry: would you buy the big tech stocks which have sold off, the nasdaq has not done year as well as a broad index. would you buy the tech down ten
12:45 am
or 12%? or not? >> summer down even more 20 and 30% and what's funny they're gonna go from being the high-growth names to value names pretty soon so yes, i think there is going to be an opportunity but i don't actually think the tech backoff selloff can qualify how you want is done i think there's more to come as we move into the second quarter just because i still think the market needs to shake out a little bit i been looking for the pullback and we started with the nasdaq, two weeks it was off 11% then it rallied back in yesterday it was just touching down 10%, i think it's good to go one more time since is going to be reshuffling but at that point, yes there are great opportunities out there on high-growth. larry: i just want to say to our viewers and listeners, he is very good he knows what he's
12:46 am
doing but folks were ordinary folks including myself timing the market i do not believe is a good idea i am a buy-and-hold index guy, he can make a fortune in you can see what a wealthy man he is but the fact for ordinary mainstreet folks, blue-collar folks, 401k folks, i don't know but i like your international flavor, very much. i think the v-shaped recovery everywhere around the world is not yet appreciated fully just how this thing has run. thank you a million, i'm going to talk to you on the radio tomorrow. big tech ceo has a five and a half hour long drilling on capitol hill. a lot of people did not notice because the president's news conference but we did, a lot happened nor did it. were gonna tell you what i think you should know when "kudlow" returns.
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we report >> we report on the prevalencete of each category and how effective our systems are in identifying the content in removing and advanced, i think the company should be held accountable from ineffective system to do that c broadly. the second change i would propose is creating
12:51 am
accountability for the large platform step effective systems in place to moderate your mood and clearly illegal content. larry: o-interjection lord wake me when it's over, here is mark zuckerberg blowing smoke at congress, really the rest of the country just like he always does it was the same with the ceo and twitter and google and communist also blow smoke and end up doing nothing, none of this is good, big tech platforms are running the country's information and it is not going to change. nobody should have the privilege, i don't know where these guys get off telling us what to do. it is not good and i have a little solution but i want to hear froms our experts heather higgins the ceo of independent women's voice and mercedes schlapp former white house communication advisor to president trump and larry kudlow. heather, first to you if you ask me there's only one way to deal
12:52 am
with this. you have to get rid of the liability on section 230 to have any chance on reforming this. what is your take. >> i have a very outside the normal box take on this. the problem with 230 which is a problem and it's really three littleer words or otherwise objectionable that's a loophole to get fused for decreeing certain things are cancelable the other way should not be. but the liability protection of section 230 are essential to a lot of small websites or smaller websites whether it's trip advisor or comments with a hotel or restaurant or somebody critiquing a book or somebody putting a comment about an article so i think what we have to do is break this into two different problems, the first is the monopolist or near monopolist what teddy roosevelt
12:53 am
would've called factors of great wealth who have extraordinary -- for them you don't want to turn them into publishers, what you want to acknowledge that their utility just as the electric company should not be allowed ta deny you electricity because you have a confederate lag hiding outside of your house and they decided that is objectionable. you do not want something that is supposed to be a platform which is essentially a service to be making viewpoint diversity discrimination. for those entities that are smaller and notld monopolist, i would give them the option that they can be neutral but if they want to be clear and not like twitter which is okay pretending it's a just neutral. larry: i basically agree with you i thought you were going to take a dew tour but you got back
12:54 am
on the highway. first lady schlott, i'm not in a burden you with section 230, i have something else for you. yesterday's press conference, you know something about where i'm going to go. president biden was going to ask if he was going to run again and he had a little hesitation and it sounded like he was more in favor for writing or having vice president harris then he himself, i'm sure you watch the presser, what is your takee on that is biden going to run for reelection or not. >> i don't know if the answer was in the picture book that he had onn the podium but i think there are real questions whether he can make it to 2024, obviously he does not have the stamina even at this point it took over 65 days for his first press conference to happen they had to prepare nine days ahead of time for the press conference so as you know that job and
12:55 am
presidency is very grueling we have a long way to go to 2024 and we have to focus in on 2022 and making sure the republicans can regain the majority in the house and regain the majority in the senate that is the priority because right now what were looking at is the fact that you have the democrats including biden talking about the abuse of the senate filibuster reallynt making changes in talking about making significant changes in lithe senate and if we know if e lose a filibuster that means is progressive agenda pushing climate change, the green new deal the massive infrastructure package, the past that it: relief without republican support is significant. that means the democrats will continue to push the far left agenda as opposed to work and abiding unity fashion. larry: you are spot on, the filibuster thing may sound archaic but it's really important in terms of policy and
12:56 am
if they bust the filibuster it will be by the door, section 230 were pale in comparison to what they will do with the rest of the economy. i would love to spend more time with you, but i can't, mercy with you, but i can't, mercy when i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture, i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at
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narrator: covid-19 has changed how we express our faith there's strength in every family story. and gather to worship. now it's time to take the first step that lets us get back to spreading the word without spreading concern. before we can safely come together, we need the facts.
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as covid-19 vaccines become available, you may have questions. woman: should i get it? man 1: is it safe? man 2: should i wait? narrator: it's smart to question. now get the facts at so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you. >> president taking questions from you since hes came into office, yes or no. >> unfortunately only when i
1:00 am
shouted after he goes through whole list. larry: fox news white house correspondent peter doocy is terrific all he wants to do is get his questions answered. he was being snubbed by president biden during the campaign anyway. he is terrific. i guess he takes after hisashle. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." ♪ ♪ elizabeth: tonight looks like the democrats blocked out in the gag order on the border crisis extends from the southern border into the halls of congress as there has been 0 hearings on it versus numerous hearings by democrats under d trump. this is house republicans sentes president biden a letter demanding more from he stop the media blackout dress footage emerges in kamala harris during the trump administration saying thank god for a free and independent press of the border we have reports coming in that trump may g


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