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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 26, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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outside, and what better way than to do it on a boat? >> reporter: and you know what, jackie? if some producer in new york said they're going to send me to the yukon next week. all i can say is let 'em try. jackie: enjoy it. ashley webster, thank you. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." ♪ ♪ elizabeth: tonight, it looks like the democrats' blackout and the gag order on the border crisis extends all the way from the southern border into the hall toes of -- halls of congress as there have been zero hearings on it versus numerous by democrats under trump. this as house republicans sent president biden a letter demanding he stop the media blackout as footage emerges of then-senator kamala harris during the trump administration saying thank god for a free and independent press at the border. we've got reports coming in trump may go to the border. with us tonight senator ted cruz, there have mark lamb and
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congressman -- sheriff mark lamb and congressman greg steube, jim trusty, michael pillsbury and kt mcfarland. republican senators ted cruz, susan collins and mike lee, ted cruz is going to talk to us about how human and drug traffickers literally taunted and mocked the republican senators from across the rio grande river while they were visiting the border. also tonight the border patrol total to watch out for migrants looking to assassinate cops at the border as the white house doubles down saying wills there is no crisis. but former u.n. ambassador nikki haley saying we cannot trust vice president kamala harris on the border. plus, a new epic probe now launched into new york governor cuomo for giving vip covid-19 testing to his family members and allies. state lawmakers say it are now be part of the impeachment probe into governor cuomo.
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also tonight nancy pelosi raising eyebrows claiming she has a right as house speaker to seat or unseat any member of congress. pelosi, though, is flip-flopping here. we've got that. to another big battle, trump slamming biden for showing what he says is biden's weakness on china. and trump's former cdc director, robert redfield, saying he now believes the covid-19 virus did escape from a lab in wuhan, china, in september to october 2019. also tonight the, we're going to look into what is going on with the bizarre of president biden's son hunter biden and hunter biden's gun thrown out in a dumpster near a high school. two top republican senators now demanding officers from the fbi, the secret service and the atf. the secret service now denying it was cleaning up after hunter biden. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪
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elizabeth: okay. thanks for watching, you're watching the fox business network. let's welcome back to the show, look who's here with us, texas republican senator ted cruz. senator, it's so good to have you back on. so you led a senate delegation in a tour of the texas/mexico border today. can you tell us what happened? >> sure, elizabeth. it's great to be with you again. i'm actually still down in south texas in the rio grande valley, and i brought, led a team of 18 senators, 18 u.s. senators came down to the valley to see firsthand the crisis that is unfolding here. and we spent last night we went and joined the border patrol agents at their 10 p.m. muster and took the time to thank those incredible heroes who stand up and defend our nation, and then we joined them on a midnight patrol and went down to the rio grande, saw illegal immigrants crossing in large numbers. we saw traffickers on the
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mexican side of the river preparing to cross, and then today we visited detention facilities, in particular the donna detention facility which is a giant tent city that has been constructed in response to this overwhelming crisis that's unfolding on the border. and the capacity in the donna facility with covid restrictions is 250 people. it has right now about 4,000 people in it. so so it is over 1,500% of its capacity. and we saw, we saw the biden cages. we saw cage after cage after cage that the biden administration has filled with kids. they are packed in there. they're not 6 feet apart or 3 feet apart. they're side by side. and the rate of covid positivity in the donna facility is about 10%. what they're doing is inhumane,
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it's unconscionable, and it was the preventable. it's the direct result of political decisions the biden administration has made. elizabeth: so you, were you taunted? were you and other senators taunt thed by human and drug traffickers across the rio grande river? did that happen? >> well, it did. so we took a trail down to the river. we were at the river's edge, and a group of senators and customs and border patrol agents were there, and we were looking and shining our lights. and on the other side of the river were several traffickers who saw our lights. and i'm sure they assumed we were cbp officers. and they saw our lights there, and so they began shining flashlights at us. which, actually, they had very high-powered flashlights, so they were able to light us up from across the river, and they began yelling and taunting from across the river. and what they told me is they do
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that routinely. anytime they see a border patrol agent, they taunt them because right now the boarder is open, and these human traffickers know that they can bring people in with impunity. and we're seeing -- last month we saw over 100,000 illegal immigrants detained, and it is only getting worse. this month it's projected to be over 140,000. the biden administration is detaining over 5,000 children right now -- 15,000 children right now. and so the traffickers are feeling unbeatable because the biden administration refuses to enforce the law against them. elizabeth: democrat henry cuellar of texas says they're making hubs of millions of -- hundreds of millions of dollars because of the president's weak policies here. president biden said, effectively, people are coming here because he's, quote, a nice guy. let's listen to president biden here. >> i guess i should be flattered people are coming because i'm the nice guy. that's the reason why it's
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happening, that i'm a decent man. they know biden's a good guy. truth of the matter sr. nothing has changed. as many people came, 28% increase in children at the border in my administration. 31% in the last year of, in 2019 before the pandemic. in the trump administration. elizabeth: okay. so he says people are coming here because he's a nice guy. by the way, we are now surpassing 2019 levels by about a third in terms of border apprehensions. your response to the president here? >> yeah, well, what president biden just said there is ludicrous. so a lot has changed. and the week president biden was sworn in, he made three very consequential decisions. number one, he announced that all construction of the border wall was immediately halted. i just toured several portions of the wall that are partially. >> constructed, and they
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literally halted mid with rebar sticking up, and it is rusting now in the open air because they ordered everything to halt instantaneously. number two, president biden ordered the administration to return to the failed catch and release policy. so now when illegal immigrants are detained, they're released, they're given a court date sometime in the future, and everyone knows that very few of them are ever going to show up ever again. and number three, and this is probably the most consequential, is they ended the remain in mexico agreement with mexico. and this is -- in 2019 president trump negotiated really an historic agreement with the nation of mexico where the government of mexico agreed that with illegal immigrants who were crossing from central america through mexico and crossing illegally through mexico, that those immigrants would remain in mexico while their asylum cases proceeded in the united states. and that agreement resulted in a
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dramatic reduction in illegal immigration. so much so that last year we had the lowest rates of illegal immigration in 45 years. what did joe biden do when he came in? on day one he ripped that international agreement to. >> are reds, and as a result of -- shreds, and as a result of his policy change, his announcement was essentially come to america, the border's open. and i'll tell you, the traffickers are coming. elizabeth: still there is no president biden visiting the border. former president donald trump might visit the border. his aide jason miller says no trip is imminent. there have been no house hearings on the border crisis, very there were at least ten turned trump. the ceo of gallup are, senator, is saying 42 million people south of the border want to come here. we're tracking these asylum cases, less than 1% of them had
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legitimate claims under trump. so all of this is going on the while there's still this weird media blackout at the border. 20 house republicans sent a letter to biden to say stop the media blackout. but then at the same time, you have the media fawning over president biden for his performance at his presser where you have cheat sheets and talking points yesterday. let's listen to the media here. watch. >> -- arguably was in his opening statement. quite a contrast to the previous president who always a wanted to be the center of attention. >> there is a sense of humanity that he is talking about the here saying this is who we are, this is the america that we are. we're not going to turn these kids away. >> -- need to not turn back when asked about being a good guy. the decency of this presidency and the american people, he said he embraces. >> we weren't talking about, and that was his response to the pandemic. and that's because the entire time he's been in office he has
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been messaging. >> there wasn't a single question on it which tells you one other thing, there's clearly not any negative questions to ask. covid's going well right now for him. elizabeth: all right. covid's going well right now. i mean, we keep hearing from border authorities, senator, and this is a humanitarian crisis because women and children are getting attacked along the way as they try to cross illegally. we've seen unmarked grave stones of people being buried near the border because they were killed along the way. the media not picking up on that angle. your reaction to that? >> you're right, the media's refusing to do their job. that press conference was ludicrous in that you had reporters just throwing softballs at president biden. and he read scripted -- [audio difficulty] they were not the hard questions that needed to occur about what's happening on the border. i can tell you that last night as we were joining the border
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patrol on their midnight patrol, we saw caravans of illegal immigrants coming, young children coming. we saw in one detention facility that's been erected just under the bridge of a highway that there were hundreds of kids just in tents outside, so they're sleeping on the ground outside covered in reflective emergency blankets. we saw several mothers with infant children who were nursing who were just coming in droves. we also saw when we were out on the boat with texas dcf, we saw the dead body of someone who didn't make it. this is a humanitarian crisis, and the covid situation in these detention facilities, the donna facility has a 10% positivity rate. they are releasing -- the biden administration is releasing illegal immigrants who are testing positive for covid at a
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rate seven times higher than the u.s. population. and apparently, you just played a clip from the media saying covid's going great other than releasing thousands of illegal immigrants that are potentially covid-positive. elizabeth: wow. senator, thank you for the update. we're so grateful you came on, and thanks for your perspective and insights. senator ted cruz at the border. thank you, senator. coming up, new york assemblyman gop leader will barkley on a new ethics probe being launched into governor cuomo for giving special vip covid-19 testing report id to his family members and top allies. it's now going to be part of the impeachment trial, this as the new york attorney general demands that the state ethics commission look into it. the story next. ♪ ♪
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get started today. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: joining us now is new york state assembly minority leader will barkley. sir, it's great to have you on. so now an ethics probe into new york democrat governor cuomo giving special vip testing the family members and allies? is this going to be put into the impeachment probe as well? we're hearing that it will.
6:18 pm
>> i certainly hope it will. as you said in your introduction, the attorney general finds it very troubling. she wants the state ethics committee to review it, but i think it's very appropriate to have this in the assembly impeachment probe that we started last week and that will be done through the judiciary committee. and it's on top of a mountain of other stuff that the governor is being accused of. i think this is certainly something that needs to be investigated. elizabeth: reports coming in that new york-based regeneron pharmaceuticals president also got special vip covid testing along with his family members including at their home. there's been complaints from cuomo's sexual harassment accusers that the probe, the impeachment probe is going to take too long, that it's going too slow and that governor cuomo is just going to wait this out. he's up for re-election next year. what do you say? how fast is it going to happen? >> well, i'm ready to file articles of impeachment, start
6:19 pm
the process now, although earlier my conference called for an investigation, so we're happy at least that's going forward. whether it that takes too long, we want to make sure it isn't sort of a whitewash and a delaying tactic. so far i haven't seen that that's going to be the case, but if it does seem like they're just dragging their feet and not really taking on a serious investigation, we're going to use every bit of the bully pulpit to call him out on that. elizabeth: sir, are you going to call in state health workers including nurses and doctors who were pulled off of their jobs to test cuomo's mother if, his sister and brother chris? chris cuomo, cnn anchor, was tested by a state health doctor at his home in the hamptons. are you going to call in those state workers? >> i hope so. now they've hired a law firm to do the investigation. we have republican members on that committee. we're going the make sure that that investigation is full and
6:20 pm
accurate. you know, interesting on this whole thing, all we heard through the spring and summer how great leadership this governor has provided during the pandemic, but nothing seems to pan out that way. a year ago yesterday we had the nursing home executive order that allowed covid-positive patients back in nursing homes causing thousands of deaths. we had the governor cover up those fatalities. he wrote a book during this whole pandemic, and then you look at the overall numbers, new york state has the second high fatalities in the country just behind california with 50,000 deaths. and now we have this where he's giving maybe preferential treatment to friends and to family. it just seems one thing after another. and so totally appropriate that we investigate this, and this could be the basis for impeachment. elizabeth: will barkley, thanks so much. good to see you. joining us now is federal prosecutor jim trusty. jim, what was your reaction when
6:21 pm
you heard the story? >> not a particularly legal reaction. i'm just thinking about how the moral fiber of governor cuomo, his brother and cnn, kind of in that order. it's really an astound thing situation. it does remind me of a saying, liz, there's a great phrase that the law permits much that wisdom condemns as folly. it's kind of old school language, but ate it basically means there's plenty that's horrible in this world, the worst kind of behavior on a moral scale that may not necessarily fit into a criminal statute. and i think, you know, in a lot of ways that's where we are with this latest revelation about the governor. elizabeth: yeah. we hear what you're saying. you know, janice dean lost her in-laws to covid-19 in a new york nursing home. the allegation is that, excuse me, governor cuomo's executive order put patients back into nursing homes. i'd like you to listen to janice dean here. watch this. >> cnn put out a statement that basically said, you know,
6:22 pm
everybody was sort of trying to figure out how to get tested at that point, and we don't begrudge anybody who may have taken advantage of an increased ability to do so. what did you think of that statement from cnn? >> tone deaf. but it's the same station that hosted chris and his brother and the cuomo comedy hour for weeks as body bags were being piled up outside of nursing homes and storage trucks. elizabeth: so the criticism is that cnn claims to denounce abuses of power but is defending their own anchor who participated in it. your final word on this, jim. >> look, i don't know janice personally, but i love the way she's been steadfast in the face of unfair criticism from cuomo. and cnn, i mean, you talk about having no moral compass if, to sit there and say, well, it's okay what chris did with his brother, he was just calling in favors. we're all about elitism and favoritism at cnn, and that's what their defense shows at this
6:23 pm
point. elizabeth: all right. jim trusty, thanks for joining us. come back soon, it's good to see you. >> sure, see ya. elizabeth: up next, republican congressman greg steube on house speaker nancy pelosi raising eyebrows claiming she has a right as house speaker to seat or unseat any member of congress despite state-certified elections. this about disenfranchising voters now? we've not the breakdown next -- we've got the breakdown next. ♪ ♪ to different lenders. sofi is a one-stop-shop for your finances- designed to work better together. get a home loan or home refi or fund home improvements with a personal loan. all in one place. that's better together. and get lower rates on personal loans when you have sofi money or invest. that's better together. and that's why members choose sofi to help make their dream home a reality. ♪♪
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♪ elizabeth: joining us now is florida republican greg steube from house judiciary. it's great to see you again, congressman. okay. house speaker nancy pelosi accused of a major power grab attempt. she's saying it's her right as speaker to seat or unseat any member of congress she wants even if the election is certified. she's trying to use her power to overturn a republican victory in a state-certified election in iowa. your thoughts, your reaction to nancy pelosi here. >> well, only in the current political climate that we're in as republicans do just object, just object. not overturn, but object to clearly constitutional issues in the last election cycle were deemed by her as domestic terrorists and enemies of the state. it's within her purview and her right to completely deny the rights of iowans in the second congressional district in iowa of their rights to vote. only in the current political climate could this be going on. quite frankly, i hope they do
6:28 pm
bring this to the floor because you're already hearing from a lot of moderate democrats that they're not willing to vote for this and that the speaker pelosi is going way too far in trying to change the outcome of an election that, oh, by the way, has been certified, and, oh, by the way, the opponent, the democrat hasn't filed a single challenge in the court system because she knows that she's lost after multiple recounts. elizabeth: yeah. pelosi in 2017 said in our house when someone gets elected, quote: we seat them. we enfranchise their voters. thousand she's flip-flopping in order to protect her razor thin hold on power, the democrat majority there. democrat that hart lost the election to marion net miller meeks, claims there's still ant 22 legal -- about 22 legal ballots to be counted. but the state canvassing board in iowa already signed off on it. let's watch nancy pelosi here. watch this.
6:29 pm
>> if i wanted to be unfair, i would have unseatedded the republican from iowa because that was my right on the opening day. i would have just said you're not seated, and that would have been my right as speaker to do. elizabeth: does she have a right to do that? >> it's not her right, it's the right of the american people to decide who their congressional representative in is. and the iowa 2nd district has decided that miller meeks is their congressional representative. she's been certified after multiple recounts, she's been sworn in as a member of the united states congress. and to overturn the will of the people in iowa is just completely opposite of what america stands for. and if they bring this to a vote, i think it'll be very challenging for speaker pelosi to even get the votes inner own caw -- in her own caucus to overturn an election that's been certified. so i hook forward to the opportunity to vote against this bill when it comes to the floor,
6:30 pm
and i'm quite curious to see what the democrats do if speaker pelosi is so short-sighted to bring a bill like this to the floor of the house. elizabeth: so you're seeing moderate democrats already coming out privately to say, yes, we're going to oppose nancy pelosi here in because the governor of is saying we cannot let nancy pelosi try to federalize state elections. your response to that. >> yeah. there's been a number of moderate democrats, slot kin, phillips in minnesota, that have made public remarks that this isn't the right direction to go. she can only lose five votes. the democrats only have a five-vote majority on the house floor. we won 15 state seats this last election cycle, so she's not going to be able to do and, quite frankly, i hope she does bring it up for a vote and put all these democrats on the board to unseat a fairly-seated member of congress who's been sworn in, certified after multiple recounts, and the democrat, oh, by the way, hasn't even filed a
6:31 pm
lawsuit in iowa to contest the results of the election. elizabeth: right. congressman tube by, it's good to see you. come back soon. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: just ahead, top china expert michael pillsbury, another big battle. president trump slamming president biden saying biden is showing major weakness on china. we also have robert redfield saying the coronavirus escaped from a lab in wuhan, china. we're going to break it down next. ♪ ♪
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♪ elizabeth: okay. let's welcome back to the show hudson institute director of chinese strategy michael pillsbury. he is the author of "the hundred-year marathon." it's great to have you back on, sir. former president trump really went after president biden saying biden is showing weakness to china. what was your thought when you heard that? >> well, president trump has every right to be frustrated and even angry at what joe biden's doing, although biden is continuing all of president trump's china policies. this is the strange part of the story, liz, is that the joe biden even plagiarized a comment i used to love it when president trump would say it. he would say china wants to be the number one nation in the
6:37 pm
world,but it's not going to happen on my watch. joe biden used those exact same words at his press conference but no footnote. oh, by the way, this was donald j. trump's strategy. we can't attack biden totally on china because he's borrowing so much of president trump's strategy. he's keeping all the sanctions, he's keeping the tariffs, he keeps up this language of rhetorical -- maybe empty rhetorical criticism of human rights, but he just won't credit president trump. elizabeth: interesting. you know, president trump was really going after president biden after biden's team got hammered by chinese officials in anchorage, alaska. geopolitical experts said this seemed like a debacle. listen to former president trump here. watch this. >> that was an absolute embarrassment to our country. i have -- i could not believe it. we should have walked out.
6:38 pm
nobody ever talked to my group that way or me that way, i can tell you that. and if they did, i would have doubled up the tariffs which, frankly, were something we probably should have done anyway. but we took in, i took in billions and billions of dollars from china. we were bringing businesses back. it was really going well, and china respected us. they never spoke to us the way they spoke to this administration. elizabeth: china never spoke to the trump team like they did the biden team. is that true? >> yes, it is true. and i remember one specific example where china did a lot less than what happened in alaska. they took out a lot of paragraphs from the phase one trade agreement and sent the draft back with these things missing, which is kind of in bad faith. and the president within 24 hours, president trump put on enormous tariffs on china that just shocked them. and so they returned to the
6:39 pm
previous position. they dropped their, what should we say, their cantankerous changes. so the idea that we should just sit there and listen while they say, you know, you slaughter black people in your country, which is what the vice premier said, it's really quite strange. i thought the americans' team in alaska was particularly forgiving. tony blinken, who's a very smart guy, rhodes scholar, etc., he started giving a lecture about how while america's not perfect, you know, we have to go through changes almost like he's apologizing for the slaughter of black people. i was puzzled by the whole experience of watching it. i think president trump was too. elizabeth: what would, what was your reaction to the former cdc director, dr. robert redfield, saying that he does think the covid-19 virus did escape from a lab in wuhan, china, anywhere around september, october 2019? that's what he believes. what do you think of that? >> well, he was very careful, liz.
6:40 pm
he said there's no evidence for it. ore people may have different -- other people may have different points of view. but he'sing contradicting this strange w.h.o. finding last month that it went from an animal to a human directly. i don't know if you know dr. redfield's background. he's not only a medical doctor, he was an army colonel. his life's work is viruses and how they spread. articles, publications, experiments in the laboratory. so this is a crucial person, and i think when sanjay gupta on cnn heard this, he was just stunned. that's why it's such a big news story. it's a guy with credibility telling it to cnn, and now what's joe biden going to do? they did not raise this in alaska. they had a list of five issues they wanted to ask a the chinese about. one of them should have been been what about that virus, can we come and inspect. and the joe biden team did not raise the origins of the virus. you know, it's the racist now to
6:41 pm
say china or wuhan virus, so it may be the effect of these racist charges that keeps them from bringing up the issue, but seems to me it's an issue of science. it's not racism. elizabeth: okay. michael pillsbury, thanks for joining us. thanks for your insights. coming up, former trump deputy national security adviser kt mcfarland on yet another bizarre story involving hunter biden. this one involves a gun that was thrown out in the garbage near a high school, led to a police investigation. and now two top republican senators are demanding answers from the fbi, the secret service and the atf. the story next. ♪ ♪ age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss. so the national eye institute did 20 years of clinical studies on a formula only found in preservision. if it were my vision, i'd ask my doctor about preservision. it's the most studied eye vitamin brand. if it were my vision, i'd look into preservision. only preservision areds2 contains the exact nutrient
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6:46 pm
according to reports, then hunter biden's brother's widow threw out the gun in a dumpster behind a grocery store near a high school and then it went missing? the cops and the feds came in to investigate and clean everything up. what's going on here? >> you know, i mean, not only is it a horrible story in and of itself, right? here's a guy who at the time was, you know, potentially had cocaine -- drug issues, and he's got a gun, and he's got a gun near a school. his wife, you know, his relative throws it in the dumpster where anybody could have picked it up and done damage. what gets me, liz, is it's the double standard. you know, the justice department, the department of justice, the fbi, even the secret service, they wanted to cover that up. you know, that was joe biden. that was his son. he's off limits. it's the same attitude they had about joe biden's son hunter and his chinese connections, his connections with a chinese business. the fact that he's still on the payroll of some chinese companies. same with ukraine.
6:47 pm
that's one standard that they use. and yet if this was donald trump, that's a completely different standard. look at that press conference yesterday. what a charade that was. donald trump had a press conference and the reporters tried to tear him to shreds. joe biden has one puffball question after another. oh, isn't this wonderful. and it just, to me, is an example of how bad it is in washington that there's a double standard the of justice. justice for one, for donald trump, and republicans and conservatives, and another standard of justice for democrats and joe biden and the woke culture mob, cancel culture. and i think it's the, well, i guess i would quote the very respected judge lawrence silverman who wrote earlier in the last week, he said this is the most dangerous threat to democracy when the freedom of press is abused, when the media is controlled by one political party. that's when democracy dies. and i guess that's where i come out. i am really upset that there are
6:48 pm
increasing example ifings of the double standard -- examples of the double standard. and this does not bode well for democracy. forget who's in the white house, it's the institutions of democracy that are being threatened now by this new approach, liz. elizabeth: yeah. is so we're hearing reports hunter biden joined his father on air force one today. delaware, getting back to this gun incident, delaware police reportedly began investigating, concerned that the trash can was across from the high school and the missing gun could be used in a crime, and then the reports came in that the secret service showed up at the gun shop where hunter biden reportedly bought the gun and tried to get his paperwork on it, and the gun shop owner said no. and now we've got top republican senator chuck grassley and ron johnson saying we want answers about this. they're asking the fbi and the atf and the secret service for information about this. it's just such an odd story. secret service is denying any role in this. your word on that.
6:49 pm
>> again, it's -- [inaudible conversations] elizabeth: let me back up. it's senators grassley and lindsey graham demanding info. thank you, go ahead. >> yeah. but, again, it's the taking of the justice department and the fbi, and they're being turned boo political weapons in favor of -- into political weapons in favor of covering up for certain people and persecuting other people all based on politics. you know, 20 years the people in washington you could trust were the intelligence community, the military and the department of justice. they played fair by everybody. they're no longer playing fair, and that does not bode well for the future of the republic. elizabeth: why was the secret service reportedly getting involved here? >> well, you've got to assume that they pretty quickly found out it was a hunter biden gun, right? remember, joe biden wasn't vice president at that point. joe biden was out of office. so i'd like, that'd be the first question, i'd want the call the
6:50 pm
head of secret service and say why were you guys even involved? why did you get involved in this? was there some issue that involved the security of the former vice president of the united states? and once you got involved, why did you cover it all up? your job is to make sure that officials are protected in their normal course of business. your job is not to cover up for political relatives or to put your thumb on the scale of justice. so i would not only want to ask the local law enforcement, but i really want to find out from the secret service. and then there's the hi pockily pockily -- hi pom arely city of it all. joe biden talking about firearms and weapons and mass shootings, and yet here's his son who had a drug issue, and he's walking around with a gun? and then somebody tosses it in the trash can? the whole thing just sounds, really sounds shabby. elizabeth: okay. kt mcfarland, thanks for joining us. it's great9 to see you. next up, arizona sheriff mark
6:51 pm
lamb on the border patrol reportedly told to watch out because migrants are looking to assassinate cops at the boarder? that's a story that's coming in as the white house doubles down again today saying no crisis. arrests thousand surpassing those 2019 -- now surpassing those in 2019. we've got the story next. >> the worst part of it is, is that our border patrol, our resources were not ready. we do not have the facilities to hold so many people. we don't have the transportation that is needed to transport all the people that are coming across from these countries. literally, what we've seen at the southern border is we're seeing the entirety of countries come into the united states illegally. ♪ ♪ made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way
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6:56 pm
elizabeth: that was texas senator ted cruz with us just moments ago. he was at the border today. he's telling us what he saw. we're happy to have arizona sheriff mark lamb. sheriff, it's so great to have you back on. we are hearing according to the washington times at the border there's concern that two mexican illegal immigrants are maybe trying to come in, to cross the border to try to kill cops? is that true? >> well, you know, i wouldn't be surprised at all. it could be more than two. the fact of the matter is that when you're dealing with the cartel, violence is part of their business. and when you're dealing with people paying so much money wanting to come to this country, we'd be naive to believe that violence is not going to spill over into our country and onto our streets. and in particular against law enforcement because this administration has not shown to be favorable or supportive of law enforcement.
6:57 pm
so it wouldn't surprise me at all if that's what they were planning on doing, but it's sad that they would want to hurt those who are trying to protect them. elizabeth: yeah. and it's so dangerous. i mean, the tip was reportedly uncorroborated but very specific. it's according to a be on the lookout bulletin that the washington times saw. and it gave a location on federal land for the potential breach of the border by one of -- by these illegal immigrants who are thought to be coming in here to try to assassinate. one of the men was identified as eduardo molina flores who's a 49-year-old mexican man. he's on the homeland security watch list. i mean, you guys have to contend with so much, and now this? attempted the violence is bending and we've been dealing with the violence, the fortunate thing we had a federal government for the last four years that supported us in law enforcement. now receive the federal government that the banding is in law enforcement and they get
6:58 pm
more beneficial for the cartel and now were just dealing with it, it is dangerous for us and we'd like to see a change. elizabeth: we have tom homan with us, he was outraged yesterday when president biden claimed border officials were letting children starve in mexico and basically tom homan is saying that's flat-out wrong, it's also a slap in the face of mexico two. mexico likely not liking what president biden said about that. let's listen to tom homan. >> i was angry when i heard that because of 20000 men and women wearing green uniform, every day and invest to defend this nation it deserves better from the commander-in-chief. they saved over 4000 lives, these men and women are working
6:59 pm
their butts off right now, they're getting sick and falling asleep at work because you're dealing with a crisis that there commander-in-chief created in their attacking them saying the letting children die. the facts are 4000 lives, it would not surprise me if the president every man, woman turns their back, what he did today was disgusting, i've never seen a president or commander-in-chief do what he did today. it was absolutely disgusting what he did. elizabeth: what do you think sheriff. >> tom is absolutely right, he's a great american the first thing i thought of, what a disgrace to put on the badge, the second thing what you said, how does mexico take this, they were getting food on the outside, those folks were being fed and it was being done the right way, the way they're doing it now is absolutely not working and yesterday the president says were not going to turn the way, some point you will have to start turning kids away.
7:00 pm
elizabeth: thank you so much for joining us and thank you to the service for our country. i'm elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit", that does it for us, thank you for watching we hope you have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome back to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow, great to be with you, stocks closed out the week on a high, the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq all finishing up on the day the market is very bullish, we'll get to that later but we begin tonight with breaking news from the white house president biden apparently will invite russia's vladimir putin and china's xi jinping for a round of global climate talks. here is the president's. >> have you invited xi j


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