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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 19, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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cnn should give g larry: quick last thought, cnn should give governor desantis complete credit for his great job of reopening the economy and the schools and create a just giveboom in florida. him credit. i am called a, we see her tomorrow night. ♪ ♪. kennedy: oh yes, welcome to it. live hear from los angeles, i am kennedy. i'm here to beg californians to do the right thing. and send your incompetent governor packing. heave ho. a recall vote on gavin newsom like what happened late this year after his opponents yesterday turned in more than 2.1 million signatures, 40% more than the 1.5 million needed to get the whole damn thing on the ballot. now newsom is doing everything he can to save us will moisturize a skin paired i employer california do not fall for pre-the governor is a charlatan and a boom, those
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are technical terms. these by the recall that's nonsense has policies effort just about everyone in the state and not just a public and three's pandemic responses destroyed businesses he suddenly calling to reopen this state. nice try gavin too little too late. that's not transferred enough is also not trying to get himself ingratiate with the stressed-out parents by saying he is going to the exact same problems, nonsense. >> i been a strong advocate bergen your kids back in person for instruction would i have four young kids myself. i have been living through resume school and all the challenge related to it. i put out a detailed proposal to our legislative it's a brutal. >> you're such a liar. wait to push back, everyone knows gavin newsom's kids are in fancy private schools, which is fine.
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begin us a break, come on man, his kids have been in class since last year. and that's fine, i am happy i wish all kids are in classes. that phony baloney pandering, asked me quite nauseous. who's to think is going to fall for the hogwash let's get into it's a nice part about we have got attorney and author of how to become a federal criminal, will be felonious by the end of the show filing his advisor got comedians mike chase. post in a part of the problem podcast he is the legendary dave smith, there he is, nice microphone print and political analyst and former press secretary rochelle ritchie. she rounds out our wonderful party panel. let us discuss here, mike chase, you have the great state of california they try a recall all of their governors. it's an ongoing state tradition. they were successful with gray davis honestly back in 2003. will they be successful again?
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looks like the going to get on the ballot. >> little-known rule in california that when a governor gets recalled but happens is our arnold schwarzenegger becomes governor. that's was going to end up happening here. were going to have a new swarts and egger registration for that's what the beauty of the state electoral processes are and post electoral processes are, you can get a rag tag group of 2 million tik tok people together, they can weigh in and have a referendum on their governor. look, i think the governor's going to zoom school the same way that going to french laundry is going to a laundromat. he is not representative of the majority of people that are in california. and so they are expressing themselves in what is a really beautiful part of the democratic process. >> dave, it is interesting for it he's trying to say he feels these parents, he doesn't he has no idea what it is like.
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he's going to fancy restaurants will parents are having to close the restaurants and small businesses but his kids are going to soccer tournaments and private school while high schoolers are not participating in school sports. they are not going to sit inside of a classroom probably until fall. back the last year it was filled with a bunch of people which is a $20 million and were all in this together. we are all going to the exact same thing. their new normal was going to be quite comfortable just like the old normal. i don't know, i'm happy to see this recall election. this is not hyperbole, i truly believe that every one of these governors, not just newsom. i believe they should all be arrested. that should be tried and convicted for crimes against humanity. they shredded the bill of rights over the last year. they've appointed themselves as many dictators pray there's absolutely no clause in the constitution that says unless there's a virus, then all this does not apply.
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what they have done to the people of their states is horrific. and they should, they should pay for it. the best i can get is a recall election on a little public humiliation, i guess i will settle for that part i prefer the hag. seaforth interesting because gavin newsom went on the view, or shall he said he is worried about. something he thanks about. if i were him i would spend a little more time addressing some of these questions and fears that californians have. run for his seat again. because he may lose the governorship. he may lose it over this whole thing. the period of crises before and since the pandemic. instead he's employment on-q nonbelievers. >> look, i think it's a little unfair to put all of the blame on california and the governor when it comes to the pandemic. i think every state across the country has probably not done
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the best job they could possibly two. that is on the federal government the previous administration. i don't see newsom losing the seat at all. when you look at california, you look at the numbers it's very clear it still he blue state. it has been a blue state forever, probably since arnold schwarzenegger obviously. i do not see how they can win. yes they turn into million votes, but democrats have about 4.7 million votes compared to republicans. and republican registration has dropped by 24%. support rochelle i want to stop or this is not the recall is not a republican democrat issue. that is the problem it's the misstep the democrats are making right now is trying to pin this on trump supporters. this is angry parents assist frustrated business owners as his people whose communities have been completely overtaken by homeless camps for yes that is on gavin newsom. that is on mayors like erin
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garcetti who do not want to deal these problems. and people are sick of it. people are sick of this false economy. republican, democrat divide. that does not apply to everything. and you can have a moderate democrat swoop in right now and actually win if they some solutions for this stuff. and instead of blaming wildfires on climate change, actually hold some of these utilities accountable, less word rochelle, go ahead. >> we know climate changes absolutely real. i don't want to fight about that. kennedy: i agree there's no doubt about the need to take responsibility for the biggest wildfire in the state. speculatively by 52% before i don't see it. again, like i said will still say blue state even if you have a moderate democrat come in. kennedy: i don't care if it's a blue or be so full of yourself that you cannot see that people are in pain. everyone the same cost benefit
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analysis. for it the same numbers had a completely different set of standards that they put in place at the same time. so yes, that is on gavin newsom. but let's go to new york now, a whistleblower comported new details about creepy seagate governor andrew cuomo's order forcing nursing homes are taken patients but exclusive interview with administrator, said he was petrified by the decision, watch. >> many facilities vocalize it, they were petrified. but they were more petrified of the department of health the ones, i never spoke again. >> republican members of congress now asking u.s. ag american garland to probe the nursing home violated residents rights for it this a real cuomo scandal hiding under a mound of gross sexual allegation? so here you have a group of nursing home owners, they were terrified the department of health was going to shut them
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down. that is the kind of bullying the covid entrance administration had been in for three terms, mike. >> that is the allegation, right? the question is whether not that scandalous going to get buried in the other scandal. it seems like there's an interest in putting out in the forefront. you know, it is salacious as the drip, drip, drip another person coming forward every day in the sexual harassment scandal. really the folks that have to look at these things have to look at the gross mismanagement because it had a direct impact on lives, people died because of the decisions that were made. look, if your defense for andrew cuomo, you are paying a lot of attention to what's coming out every day per you are not confident the worst is not yet come out. so we will see what is to come. but i think there's going to be more prongs to the scandal. s not going to be limited to these two issues respect that it's tough to imagine we have not seen the worst yet.
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the nursing home scandal could have other elements or could be more victims to come forward to tell their story. you know, dave it's interesting the press is very fascinated by the woman, and the press pool coming forward think and do cuomo was wholly inappropriate was part of this climate in albany that demeaned women. but he also killed a bunch of people. [laughter] >> i don't know, i was talking about this back when it was happening on my podcast. part of the problem by the lipid science and idiot comedian. i'm not an expert in any of this. everyone knew it was insane, anyone who was thinking to force nursing homes except covid positive patients. andrew cuomo killed those people, he killed them. not to down play sexual harassment at all, but the fact the scandals are being put on equal footing or one
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might be getting more attention than the other, i'm sorry, killing a bunch of old people is far more consequential and important than the sexual harassment stuff. it seems like the democrats were okay with getting over that until the started coming out. andrew cuomo's administration killed a bunch of old people. they were warned about it. the nursing homes knew exactly what they were doing pre-they subsequently tried to cover it up. i mean if this is not cause for someone to be, like i said tried for crimes but at the very least remove from office, i do not know what would be. >> some of the victims family said the number eight kept those numbers down to sell books over the summer. so whatever money he made off of the book he wrote, that should go to those families. they said if nothing else to cover funeral costs and have a memorial. a lot more people died because of that then on 911, rochelle.
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>> i think governor cuomo's decision to withhold data is obviously selfish. especially it was to promote himself. however i would not go as far to claim anyone killed anyone. we are to unbutton numbers per advertisement him determining whether or not these people died in a nursing home. or if they died in a hospital paid that's the argument is about it's completely irresponsible. it's not completely accurate. i would not sit here and say any went on his team or staff killed anyone pray think that's a little insensitive and a little much. kennedy: it's not insensitive you lost family members go ahead day. >> i lost a fail and i lost my father i know exactly, i know exactly how this feels and i would not sit there and say that anyone killed my dad because of some policy and because reporters were not able to get some data. yes, they were wrong for getting out the right numbers. kennedy: it's not about the data rochelle's not just about the numbers but if you had a perfectly healthy family
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member who is in one of those rehabilitation centers, or in a nursing home and they were fine. that nursing was forced to take sick patients and then the healthy one second died, that's murder. >> i think the investigation you live near archival veneer of his time what was per were the beds available was called a naval ship in the hudson river which had thousands of beds are completely antsy. they treated 200 people if that, that is where you could have taken all of the nursing home patients and kept them completely isolated from everyone else. >> i understand the department of health said governor cuomo's decision did not causes people to diapering the department of department state said that i don't see how we can sit there and put the blame on cuomo and his aides.
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when the department of health is already said it. this not why they died. >> the department of health was acting on behalf of the governor, threatening these nursing homes. they were going to shut them down unless they took in sick patients but then killed the people in the nursing home. pretty straightforward for the party panel method not force them to do it they would not of taking these people and because they knew the risks prospectus with the whistleblower signal. white house press secretary jen psaki she slipped today : the situation of the board a crisis, oh no, is the administration finally ready to call it what it is question to call it what it is question of former sheriff texas
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crisis on the border. >> you said crisis on the border? >> challenges on the border. >> that's reflecting a change administration view? >> nope, no. jen, you are glib. she said it though, unfortunately just saying the word crisis does not solve a crisis. hundreds of unaccompanied minors are still crossing the border every single day. so when are we going to seize and actual solutions? and when are these kids when get some help? joining me is texas congressman former sheriff troy nehls welcome to the show. kennedy: how does federal law enforcement coping with this? this is a tough scenario. >> it is scary for law enforcement obviously. and my state of texas and really across the entire country specifically those southern states. because now while enforcement is charged with cleaning up the mess. when you just invite thousands upon thousands of people into
12:20 am
the country are encouraging them to an enter our country then they're going to enter our country illegally. and now they're going to disperse them throughout our outrage state of texas. and that is going to be law-enforcement to clean up the mess. because these individuals are being released to people that we do very little vetting per yuko go look right now what they have done in midland. they sent a thousand up to midland a couple thousand to dallas. and i'm hearing those in midland, many have covid-19. absolutely ridiculous what this president is doing. >> when you have people in close quarters and i am much more worried about the kids who are being detained for longer than they should. it seems like it would be a little more cost effective to have a system where you have responsible vetted adults of flying the kids back to their
12:21 am
parents so you can reunite them in places like the northern triangle. they are making this journey alone. we do not really know what happens to these kids once they are released from custody. the biden administration says they are all about transparency. but you really don't know where they are going. it's scary but they have been through, i really feel like i witnessed a little more compassion not just from this administration but from everyone. back without question for this is inhumane. they tried to say this is a humane thing to do paid but quite honestly, we all know at the humic traffickers, the drug traffickers, they are the ones that love this. they are profiteering off of this, this crisis that we have. which the biden, no borders biden administration refuses to say. no wonder why the homeland security chief he does not say it's a crisis either. because his boss does not believe it is a crisis. so what you think is going to
12:22 am
say? there is no crisis here. it is self-evident, it is very clear, the campers have endowed with the border. there have many members of congress in the press down at the border. it is a crisis mr. president. you have to wake up. i am just encouraging you to do this. this could all go away today if you would just reverse course and go back to the trump policy when we had the remaining mexico policy. and now joe biden reinstituted the catch and release. we should have that either. and why don't you go back. [inaudible] kennedy: mexico is overwhelmed too. there is not much more they can do. i know this administration has been in talks trying to beef up mexico's southern border with guatemala. i don't know what would work at this point. president biden even said don't come. but he kind of qualified and said don't come were not ready yet, which makes people think
12:23 am
okay, maybe i will come right now maybe in a month. and now your colleagues in congress passed legislation to offer legal status to two-man dreamers which is great. but that also makes parents think oh if my kid gets to america, they will be offered instant status. >> president trump was able to stop this migration south america, honduras and step because he told them don't come. he does not what deceit mexico. before belzer and the trump administration too. >> he does not what is the all these people congregated at our border. mexico decently don't see it either so when the customer problem. i would just recommend this current president he needs to change course. he needs to identified that this is a problem for him. this is a problem for him and his administration. but i think he is very stubborn. when he does not want to do and he will never do is give donald trump credit for anything. kennedy: there want to try to
12:24 am
do is the exact opposite, even if there are some unintended consequences that really hurt people. that is terribly unfortunate, congressman thank you so much respect thank you, blessing space for as of the border american searching for common set solution to get out of the cupboard crisis are hitting a dead end. some school districts proving common sense and science connection to work together. believe it or not in places like massachusetts and florida, school districts have had most of their students in classrooms since last august. they've been able to fit more classrooms in, by wearing masks and keeping 3 feet of distance between desks that can be done in 76 feet imposed by the cdc per guess what, covid transmission rates have been lower and these schools than in their community. why are so many powerful unions antiscience and anti- common sense customer clicks get back to the party panel mike chase, dave smith, and
12:25 am
rochelle ritchie. mike what is been your experience? >> my son came up from kindergarten other day pretty said to me that my one kid got in trouble for cutting their own hair with scissors braid than the next said another kid got in trouble for eating a fruit snack off of the same scissors. i don't know what happed to the scissors after that. the point if you could put 3 feet between these kids come at 10 feet between these kids, they are like being each other's hair off a scissors. if there is going to be spread in schools, it would've been happening. it's not happening paid the numbers do not bear it out. kids are dirty, they're discussing their gross they are greek petri dish. but think we can open up schools. it is okay there going to be fine. >> they are magnets for each other. they've got two sets of data precut school districts and students are not transmitting cover to each other or teachers pretty got kids are out of school are reporting very high instant suicide attempts, some of them talk
12:26 am
about committing suicide rate those of the ones that are all digital. that is science. >> it's really horrible part and lucky in a sense my daughters owing two years old. she's at home by sharia she's eating lots of things off of scissors prints horrible what's happening to these kids. far be it for me to it be the guy on the panel defending public schools i am your resident anarchist. so she would not of adopted the propaganda school model. but, now that we have it it's really just awful what they've done to these kids. we are going to be feeling the ramifications for decades to come. probably never be able to pinpoint exactly. it's criminal and unconscionable they don't seem to moved it all by the science in the data that's clearly suggesting the risk to the
12:27 am
children are far higher from showing the schools down the anything to do with the virus spreading with children. this is like conclusively proven from the public and charter schools that have been open from the states or public schools have been open. it just seems like this is conclusive proof the teachers unions are not at all concerned with the well-being of the children. it's very troubling. see for there not concerned enough certainly. rochelle do you think kids will rebound from this? are we worrying too much about the long-term effects of the virus? >> no, i do not think the kids will rebound from his friends watching report last week about how kids who were a students are now cmd students. i work from home, i am tired of sitting in front of my laptop all day long. i can only imagine how these children feel. i am not a parent but i do have friends who are parents. i just hear how stressed out the parents are with this
12:28 am
further trying to work from home, the kids are trying to go to school, they need help with their homework it's an interesting thing when you're at home with your family all day, people don't seem to understand that you are actually working. you are actually doing something pretty don't have time to fold the close, to the lender, make the luncheon every thing else while you are also working your job. so i just hope the kids are able to go back to school for think the teacher should certainly be able to get the vaccine as soon as possible to make sure they are doing it safely. >> the mountain of laundry in my apartment is so high you actually need oxygen in order to ascend and start sorting for r8 party panel panel stay around, stay right here because we are playing the best game. it is game night. we've got "pin the tale on the donkey" for you. i will tell you still right you will guess which democrat you will guess which democrat said it, play you will guess which democrat said it, play you will guess which democrat said it, play you will guess which democrat said it, play ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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kennedy: that donkey did not look too happy pretty sign for america's new favorite political game, and the tail on the donkey. democrats like to have the moral high grammar they globally go high with those that i was the case but here are the rules, i'm going to read a tale, the panel has to decide which democrats edit or didn't write whoever pins the most tales, it's an all-you-can-eat ice cream party with nancy pelosi. that sounds wonderful. mike, dave, rochelle craigie ready to ride this doggy customer expect i feel like i should not be playing this game. kennedy: you may have the advantage. >> data with the prize either. >> i will take it. i am fine with the prize. [laughter] super alessia wins, here's the first question braid this is for mike chase, r8, which of these donkeys is once
12:34 am
photographed what the russian communist was a defense secretary at lloyd also, white house press secretary jen psaki or sec. state anthony blanck and? >> this is an easy one. this was the press secretary jen psaki. support yes, that yes, that right here mean she is a calm apron that's absolutely right, mike chase in the lead with one. dave smith is a short-term trade which of these donkeys once gave a speech and what she prays convicted rapist harvey weinstein as a wonderful human being. was it former first lady michelle obama? speaker the house nancy pelosi customer california center diane feinstein? >> i will go michelle obama. >> you are correct, dave smith is on the board of one per here is rochelle's shancy tight outlet, first question for you, rochelle.
12:35 am
which of these donkeys use campaign funds to pay their spouses consulting firm on the $3 million but was it minnesota congresswoman, new york congressman jeffries or california senator dianne feinstein? >> i think it was omar. so far you are correct, rochelle all three contestants on the board with one apiece. they say it in nascar with got a bard put out there actually said that a nascar but sounded fun for it all right migrate ray to keep, let's do this but which of these donkeys and broke a rebel performing the heimlich maneuver on her because she was choking, former texas congress in beta or work, west virginia senator joe manchin or kiersten gillibrand? >> think jolanta gets knocked out this is only about democrats. i guess i will have to say, i'm going to say beto.
12:36 am
kennedy: of sadie from joe gifford actions joe manchin the woman was fellow senator former senator claire from missouri, broke a rib, broke it right out of her chest and then smacked about the bass and head with that there was very inappropriate. >> i knew beto did not have that type of strength. >> that's true that's true. [laughter] right here you go, dave this is for you. which of these donkeys once to voice concern the island of guam might tip over and capsize of too many people stood on it all at once customer wasn't georgia congressman hank johnson customer kawai senator carano, or new congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez? >> i have no idea pretty ongoing with aoc was an aoc quote? >> it was not his hank johnson. >> all right hank johnson. super hank the tank johnson he was very worried about guam.
12:37 am
he is a degree in plasma physics. so ricky might be right we do not know for sure that he's wrong. sick would never put them a people guam that is a test a hypothesis here's your question or shop which donkey or to white house intern to perform a act on a friend while he watched? was it president john f. kennedy question former detroit mayor patrick or president bill clinton? >> very salacious question, very naughty. >> i think it was kilpatrick? >> know you i got all got that one wrong is john f. kennedy i think he would shoot to kiss him somewhere that is a private. okay. [laughter] michael reddick question were gotta keep going. the sensors again called the control limits which of these donkeys once admitted to having an affair with their campaign manager spouse customer georgia senate raw feel were not comic cafferty
12:38 am
governor avenue some, or vice president kamala harris? >> i should know this, right? i mean, i know newsom is kind of a playboy, right question rick i guess i'm going to say newsom. >> are at with gotta go lightning round. dave, which of these donkeys >> was right or wrong question expect sorry he was right his head is got to be scott one. which of these donkeys learn no region so he could read books binaries and author question rick anthony blakey, patrick leahy or pete buttigieg? >> pete buttigieg. >> yes that's right you and mike are tied. rochelle, lesson for you, which of these donkeys was caught fixing over 30 parking tickets for a mail escort he was living with, "varney" frank, bob menendez or former new jersey gravy. >> going to go the jersey seems slimy to me and going to jersey. kennedy: know it was "varney"
12:39 am
frank, that means mike and dave is going to nancy pelosi's house for that all-you-can-eat ice cream party. >> i just want ice cream you get nancy pelosi placement that's fine, >> thanks thanks very much prismatic lucky for my credit thank you party penned a great job tonight think all for participating. mike, dave, rochelle. coming up bank of america says there's almost no reason morgan stanley, they're going to offer to their clients. this mean it's going to mainstream question like kathie banks agree? billionaire brock appears to joins me in moments t
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so for right here right now what if you should jump into the crypto crazes week. bitcoin surged to record levels at 60000 clams.
12:44 am
big banks feel very divided, sandy reported the first financial firm to offer their clients access to the crypto currency bank of america so there's almost no good reason to annoying bitcoin, who is right and who's wrong question of joining a venture capitalist term of the bitcoin foundation, brock pierce is back, welcome back brock respect thanks that you're a back glad to be here. kennedy: bank of america is saying there's no reason to own bitcoin pray there is nothing to protect you from inflation. is this like a typewriter salesman trying to talk you out of buying a computer? [laughter] certainly sounds like you're the person selling horse and karen singh don't buy one of those new automobiles. definitely feels that way. i think they're kinda, we have a lot of other data points right now. did white melon is off during crypto this year though the
12:45 am
oldest bank of the united states and the largest custodial bank in the world. we got paypal, we've got mastercard integrating. it's one of where that technology is changing, playing a critical role in making those changes for the question is a with a bank that understands the future and where were going or you're with one of the banks that might that might be left in the dust? stiff or are they scared it or just not understand? what is driving this sort of institutional hesitancy? >> i cannot say for them if it is a fair based statement or if the banks to have a track record of this. j.p. morgan did a live is for jamie dimon is saying bitcoin bad compasses all bad about the same time his firm was investing more money in developing technology around bitcoin's technology than any other bank in the world. they do have a habit of saying
12:46 am
one thing while doing another. so i cannot say for certain what's going on the bank of america. what i can say is every time someone has provided financial advice historically, they have been wrong and at the expense of the people that been advising and time will tell bank of america is advising people correctly in this instance or not. so far, everyone who has done it has been wrong. kennedy: what is this do for bitcoin and for crypto currency in general? is it only good for bitcoin? or is this good for wisteria and other coin? which the young people coin love. [applause] >> team up bank of america's tenure, thank you bank of america, just the fact you are having this conversation is a good thing for the ecosystem. as they say all presses good press but we are continuing to increase awareness. my estimates are roughly 10% of americans now own some
12:47 am
amount of crypto currency. and yes what is good for bitcoin is good for the broader echo system. certainly the sense of real technology have real merit, a theory indeed one of them. as been performing as well as bitcoin. and again i did not advise bill to invest in things i advise them to invest in themselves but give not any bitcoin argued not bought any theory and by $10, by $20 go find out what it's all about so that you can make informed decisions for yourself. certainly, i would not be taking advice from anyone, bank of america america most importantly. divorce should ask my employer to pay via bitcoin? >> the mayor of miami is giving the municipal employees that option. the country of dubai is trying to put the entire nation on the block to them. clearly there must be something going on here of significance. and i get it, for people who did not understand we fear that which we do not understand it's very easy how
12:48 am
you conquer fear? you conquer fear with knowledge. as of the future is going to happen to you or it's going to happen with you. and i encourage you to be part of the change. i went every american to be a beneficiary of this change. kennedy: amen whole fleet happens with you on a giant yacht. brock think he is always good to talk to comeback anytime. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: topical storm is
12:49 am
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kennedy: a new study claims most romantic relationships got stronger during the pandemic, or a psychologist because, stockholm syndrome print that's how you capture a heart, this is a topical storm. topic number one. and that check republic they have taught champions to video chat with to the byes invite now after seeing at humans really live the apes know longer want to take over the planet made the zoos started the project to make up for the chimps lack of social interaction during the pandemic while superior beings like you and i, have turned to binge drinking at first the chimps made threatening gestures of the zoom calls but they soon began to enjoy the experience as if they're watching a tv show vsb adapted pretty dumb animal to enjoy a show of nothing but monkeys
12:53 am
sitting around eating stuff. oh, wait, nevermind. the zoos say the chimps to look forward to seeing each other every day. also from time to time to like to conference in the kids and joe biden's cages. so they can't laugh at how small and filthy their habitats are. [laughter] sad. topic number two, at time official people to stop changed into salmon in order to take advantage of a souci ship promotion. report said what if a dp but would change and after chain of sissy restaurants promise a free all-you-can-eat sushi meal for any customer named salmon with five friends of their choosing. all that one man now named salmon, is insisting he should be able to allowed to go six times by himself. [laughter] there he is, the taiwanese government called the changes a nay waste of time and resources rated other words,
12:54 am
they have bigger fish to fry this is of the first promotion of its kind, recent arby's offered a free meal to anyone with any name at all. still no takers. and the people of taiwan were offered to keep their lives if they change their name to china. topic number three. and now, special topical storm conspiracy theory, is joe biden a deep fate? that is the conspiracy theory floating around after the president's hand appeared to move through a microphone. in the better joe biden is a hollow and weak that matter literally passes through you be the judgment right here is joe reporting report is the first clue the video might be fake, we all know the real joe biden keeper on the bottom left of the screen. he enters in front of the microphone to the gray fuzzy when suddenly appears behind his arm. some viewers say this is proof
12:55 am
joe was a hologram of others get he was digitally added using green screen technology print either way we can all agree joe biden is not all there. the white house says the speculation is totally absurd. the only thing fake about joe biden or his hair, his teeth, his personality, his campaign promises working-class background, his speeches he plagiarized his corn pop stories war story, civil rights march stories friendship with barack, is a press secretary come his appeal for unity and his wife doctor title print then again they also say there's no crisis at the border, nothing to see here. all right topic number four. st. patrick's day was yesterday, and let's hear from some people who are still hitting the sauce, this is viewer mail, kicks us off with kennedy nation, stop making silly faces of voice and gesture, disgusted as an anchor disgusted or disgusting? i think it's great.
12:56 am
ballard tweets, kennedy nation , you could not get me to it watch the show if you paid me. yeah, what he change her name to salmon? then you would watch. ends up with, kennedy nation, idiot tv for idiots. i like the sound of that, we are going to cut it and print aman: "fender bender," take 1. it tonight's matchup: me versus an ugly fender bender. if i can eke out a win, it's going to be a miracle, baby! uh, mr. vitale? it wouldn't be a miracle because geico gives you a team of experts to help manage your claim. it's going to be a nail-biter. no, the geico team is there for you 24/7. geico is awesome, baby! (shouting) too much? i think we got it. yeah. thanks. thank you. geico. great service without all the drama. it all starts with an invitation... experience lexus. the invitation to lexus sales event. lease the 2021 is 300 for
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