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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 2, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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keep an eye on yourself and your children. tap into the center for resources for sure. jackie: dr. otter, great to see you. really appreciate your time and insight. that will do it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. liz: new york governor andrew cuomo sexual harrassment scandal went next level. itics exploding. a third woman stepped forward. new york lawmakers say he should resign. they say he is not taking responsibility. david webb, guy reschenthaler, james carafano, along with giano caldwell, ford o'connell and sheriff mark lamb on today's top stories. we have more on the cuomo scandal and d.c. democrats now rattled. accused of staying silent for too long on cuomo when they were so quick out of the box to condemn people like al franken
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and justice brett kavanaugh. como was among that crowd. democrats staying silent, ignoring republican demands to investigate cuomo's alleged coverup on nursing home deaths, not just in new york. it is in four other democrat-run states as well. it is getting cold and quiet up there on the democrats moral high ground. also this, california governor gavin newsom getting blasted for tweeting that texas governor greg abbott is quote, absolutely reckless for lifting texas' mask mandate. that is controversial. he is opening texas 100%. mississippi also fully reopening too. plus this is what's happening. critics say no. it is you, governor newsom, you're the one who is reckless with draconian shut down rules that you quickly broke. anti-business policies that have seen nearly four dozen big tech businesses like hb enterprises and oracle and along with billionaires fleeing california for texas.
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creating the worst jobless rate in the country in california. to more on the 2024 favorites. florida governor desantis out with new moves to stop china in florida. the experts say desantis is positioning himself on the national stage for potential run for the presidency. we also break down tonight the fight between republican governor christie no, ma'am kristi noem of south dakota and governor fauci over her response for the state. the biden administration blaming trump for the border crisis. trump officials blasting back, that the biden team is trying to to start the blame game. the homeland security says there is no crisis but needs to be managed. shocking car crash. happened less than a dozen miles from the border in california. a ford expedition packed with 25 people many thought to be illegal aliens.
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at least 13 now dead. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. liz: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. joining me is house oversight, ranking republican congressman james comer. great to have you back on. what do you think of the cuomo sexual harrassment scandal? a third woman with charges against governor cuomo. she is a former member of the obama administration, reportedly worked on the biden campaign. your reaction? >> these are very serious charges and they deserve to be investigated by an independent counsel. i say this, first thing comes to my mind, two points, first of all hypocrisy of many of the liberals who were quick to bash brett kavanaugh accused by one person but have been silent like senator gillibrand in new york
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on governor cuomo. secondly, where was the outrage among the few democrats who have come forward in new york to question governor andrew cuomo was where were they when governor cuomo was lying about nursing home deaths and covering that up. in a sad situation like this, it exposed a lot of hypocrisy on the left with respect to governor cuomo. liz: only kathleen rice a new york democrat, demanding that governor cuomo resign. democrats including kamala harris, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, all said brett kavanaugh should step aside. a cuomo accuser, charlotte bennett is refusing to accept cuomo's apology saying the governor has refused to acknowledge and take responsibility for his predatory behavior. what should happen next on the congressional level? should there be a look-see on this? >> i don't know about the
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congressional level, if i had my choices on the oversight committee we would investigate the nursing home situation. that is a huge scandal. i'm not taking this lightly on the sexual assault allegations, some independent counsel in new york should be appointed to investigate this. i think all three women should be taken seriously and their voices should be heard. if these allegations are proven to be true, and certainly when you have multiple people come forward saying the same thing, there seems to be a pattern there, then i think that governor cuomo needs to be held accountable. liz: some of these women, one of the women stepping forward is reportedly a former state health official. so what has been the democrat response to your demand along with fellow republicans to have a congressional probe into nursing home deaths on governor cuomo's watch? four other states, california,
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michigan, pennsylvania, new jersey, all run by democrats, also had nursing home deaths tied to orders putting patients back in. are democrats responding to your request for a probe? >> well a week ago when i talked to democrats about this they were rolling their eyes, claiming we were playing politics and treating cuomo unfairly. but now this morning the world has changed with respect to governor cuomo. many of the democrats are saying that well, yeah, that is something we probably should look into if survives this sexual harrassment scandal. i think the democrats in washington see that governor cuomo is in serious trouble. i don't think they want to identify with governor cuomo right now. they certainly don't want to defend him. certainly not on sexual harrassment allegations, even now on the nursing home allegations. there is a pattern of misbehavior here. and governor cuomo has been, surprisingly silent through all of this. he hasn't really addressed this
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questions in a live press conference, but he had live press conferences every day over covid to brag on himself, pat himself on the back. there is double standard here. the democrats see that. liz: let's listen to new york city mayor bill de blasio on governor cuomo. watch this. >> what was covered up, but what was done as well, what happened, why were these lives lost and do they have any connection to campaign contributions to the governor from the nursing home industry? i think whatever investigation happens here has to follow the money. liz: yeah, we've been reporting on "the evening edit" how cuomo got nursing home sector donations to him and then he gave them blanket immunity from lawsuits. nursing home executives, that shuts down whistle-blowers in the nursing home sector. your response to mayor de blasio? >> the mayor is exactly right. this is very serious and anytime
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you can tie a scandal directly to campaign contributions, that is when the politician needs to be held accountable. you look at the result of what governor cuomo has done. his recklessness created hundreds, maybe thousands of unnecessary deaths. he lied about it. he tried to cover it up. he retaliated against everybody that has spoken out against him. i appreciate what the mayor said and i think that if you can tie the campaign contributions which more than likely you will be able to, to some of the governor's decisions, then he has got a lot of problems. liz: okay. thank you, congressman comer. it is good to have you on. let's bring in david webb, fox news contributor with his response. so far only democrat kathleen rice, the only democrat in congress explicitly calling for cuomo to resign. what is your response for this story? >> well, let's put two things on the table here, as you just discussed with representative comer. we have to pay attention to the nursing home scandal and not take our eye off the ball
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because in that case people died, families lost loved ones. the cuomo track record is not new. long before this, i've been following this family since his father. the hubris of these two men, i spoke to police officers, i spoke with them from their point of view, who knew them from the younger years, that builds the character who we're dealing with today. sexual allegations i believe in the justice system. i believe they should be investigated for any american. i'm not going to prejudge him just like he prejudged justice kavanaugh or others. let's deal with this from a law enforcement perspective but democrats in my estimation refer they deal with the sexual harrassment charges rather than deal with dead people in new york as a result of this governor's decisions. liz: well it is interesting what you just said. let's stay own the due process part of it. cuomo is saying, let the
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investigation go to its conclusion but when attorney general eric schneiderman was caught in a sexual harrassment scandal, cuomo said he immediately said he should resign. cuomo said brett kavanaugh should step aside, in fact take a polygraph to make sure kavanaugh was telling the truth. that was cuomo not giving due process, you know, arguments for those two individuals. your response? >> well, calling for an unfair process or a lack of due process, i think we do it the right way to get it right in america. there has been a pattern of behavior between cuomo and how he, by cuomo in how he has acted in office with people in meetings. i talked to people who sat in meetings with him over the last year. this is something that is part of who he is. but i'm not going to take away due process. an unfair approach is what he took. i want him dealt with in the right way.
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if convicted, then if he is convicted of those allegations it is done the right way. liz: yeah. hollywood and democrats and media touted you know, andrew cuomo as potential presidential contender. cuomo's last primary challenge came from actress cynthia nixon. cynthia nixon calling out senator gillibrand for not delivering a stronger rebuke. that is what is happening as well. we've seen cnn's chris cuomo caught in a conflict of interest. he led his brother 10 times on cnn now he says he can't cover him? okay to cover him in the beginning, giving him supporting glowing interviews but not now? your reaction to that? >> now i can understand your brother doesn't want to deal with a family fight if it goes horribly wrong. chris cuomo was not doing his job. he was doing his job with the
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cue-tips, jokes, the sad commentary with his brother, now he is incapable of reporting on a story of national importance? i don't buy it. liz: all right. david webb, thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. come back soon. coming up congressman guy rest rest with -- guy reschenthaler on this story, where is president biden's solo press conference with reporters, one-on-one? president biden and reporters, hasn't happened yet. where is the customary report to the session of congress? despite twitter access, republicans warn there are is war in the gop. >> everyone knew what this radical administration would do. no one would say it. the media went to great lengths to try to cover joe biden's radicalism, the radicalism of the people of his agenda. no, he will not end fracking.
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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at ♪. elizabeth: joining me now
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pennsylvania republican congressman guy reschenthaler. it is great to see you, sir. media down in d.c., saying there are new warning signs for the biden administration and democrats. president biden has not held a single solo press conference since he won, since he was inaugurated. also he may be the first president since 1981 not to address a joint session of congress by the end of february. your reaction to that? >> liz, first, thanks for having me on. always enjoy it. i think joe biden won this election hiding in the basement and he is hiding in the basement now. barack obama had a press conference within 20 days coming into office. president trump i believe on day 27. we're now day 40 and joe biden has yet to hold a press conference. which begs the question why. i would sit his press conference. afraid of his agenda. he knows his agenda is far too left.
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you saw that when he canceled the keystone xl pipeline on day one after promising he would be a moderate. after promising he would look after good union jobs. on day one he cancels the pipeline. kills at least tens of thousands of jobs. elizabeth: border authorities keep saying they don't like what he did with trying to do the deportation freeze. you know, what the biden team is saying is, that president biden is moving full bore trying to get america vaccinated, overseeing a deal between merck and johnson & johnson. gop is in their own circular firing squad says senator rick scott, republican of florida. he is saying there is a civil war inside of the republican party. what to do you say? >> if i can go back to joe biden claiming credit for these vaccines, remember we were on target to hit all the targets joe biden is putting out. in fact joe biden at one point extending the target president trump had we were on track to.
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when ever he is speaking he takes credit for what president trump and his administration did, not what joe biden and his administration has done so far. as for the republican party, we're the party of ideas. we are the big tent party, liz. and we would expect to have some disagreements within our party because we're uniting so many groups. it is the democrats who have the small tent, the shrinking base. it is democrats who are engaged in cancel culture and litmus tests, not republicans. elizabeth: would you, biden as accused, president trump called him hiding biden. he answered very few unscripted questions during his campaign. now this, "politico" reporting that the biden administration will not release the visitor logs for his virtual phone calls, the zoom conference calls, even though president biden when he was candidate biden said we're about transparency. we don't know who is influencing him, talking to the biden team right now? >> liz, an example of empty
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promises from joe biden. he campaigned as a moderate. he governed as anything but than a moderate. he governed saying he would be open and transparent but what does he do? he does not release the records of his meetings. he can dance around that, i'm not releasing the zoom meetings. we're in the era of lockdowns. most of the meetings we have is over zoom. he is hiding information from the public. should we be surprised? he came into office with a corruption scanned today with his brother and his son hunter this is more of the same. saying one thing, doing another and having a cloud of corruption hanging over this administration already. elizabeth: now we have trump teasing a possible 2024 run. you know, so, you know, that's the question, you know -- trump does not have twitter access. i think it was only grover cleveland who managed the win the white house, lose it, and win it back. we're not sure that will happen with trump. the capitol riots were of course in the news today with the fbi
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director testifying. so what is your take on a trump presidential run? >> i think with biden and his party moving far left you're going to see republicans take back the house and the senate in 2022. we'll have a speaker kevin mccarthy i predict in 22 and i think if trump chooses to run he will win in 24 or another republican. because the truth of the matter is, the truth, the truth is is that the democrat coalition is fracturing. you're seeing it now. it is very hard to govern when you're pushing the country this far left. as their coalition fractures, people see socialism they're pushing, people come to the republican party. we'll come back, we're going to come back big in 22 and 24. remember we only lost by less than 100,000 votes nationally at all levels of government. so this was a razor thin election, liz. it was won partly because joe biden campaigned as a moderate. elizabeth: electoral college level? capitol riots will still factor
6:22 pm
big right now. go ahead, your final word. >> i was going to say, when you look at the issues, when you look at foreign policy, when you look at job creation, looking at putting america first. look at the southern border what we'll see, we'll see people coming back to the republican party. elizabeth: okay. congressman good to see you. come back soon, okay? >> thanks. elizabeth: up next retired army lieutenant colonel james carafano with more on florida governor desantis. the florida governor out with new moves to stop china and florida. the experts say, republican governor desantis is positioning himself on the national stage for a potential run for the presidency in 2024. the story next. ♪ keep enamel healthy, strong, and white. but every day, acidic food and drink can wash these minerals away, weakening and dulling enamel over time. pronamel mineral boost protects teeth by working with your mouth to boost
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. you're watching the fox business network. we're coming into the bottom of the hour. with me now, retired army lieutenant colonel james carafano. colonel, great to have you back on. florida governor ron desantis yesterday unveiled a sweeping effort to stop china in florida saying that the chinese communist party's attempts to influence america is one of the most pervasive threats to security here in the united states. he is positioning himself for a 2024 run, what do you say? >> let's put the politics aside
6:27 pm
and talk about the substance of the issue. so obviously foreign policy is kind of an executive branch thing but states have a responsibility to look after the consumers and citizens in their states and the chinese are involved in the united states in many different ways. so it is perfectly appropriate for a governor looking, saying how are the citizens, the students, the consumers, the business in my state being affected by practices? there are thing under state law i can do about that. this is why we have a federal system. the states are the laboratories of democracy. they should be innovative particularly where the federal government really dropped the ball. china is a great example. look at investments in chinese universities where the federal government by their own reporting says, countries, universities are not, are underreporting by billions the amount of money that foreign countries, including countries are investing on universities. if the federal government can't deliver on that, that is an area where states should step in to
6:28 pm
have greater clarity. elizabeth: governor desantis is worried that is happening in florida. let's watch governor desantis. >> state agencies, state universities, local government, public schools, never use tax dollars to establish language and culture programs with foreign governments that place the interests of those governments ahead of our own interests. with our proposal today we will insure that no such organization is able to regain a foothold in any florida institution of higher education. elizabeth: he is proposing also stiff penalties and fines. you're reaction? >> let's look at language as a good example. people say the chinese want to pay to teach us chinese, what is wrong with that? there is actually a big problem with that. china is a very complex language. if the chinese government is directing the chinese instruction they're teaching you the language they want you to think about it, to understand words in their terms. it could actually be quite subversive. i think on this issue, big
6:29 pm
techs, where the governor has jumped in, i think it's the right thing and you know back to your point about, is there a civil war among conservatives? actually, let's put the personalities aside. there are issues that all conservatives share in common. concern about china is one. big tech another one the governor is taking on. immigration and border security. there are things that really unite us all. elizabeth: so it is, you and i talked about this, china is thought to trying to get into the u.s. power grid, into the 5g telecom network and get in some universities where some universities in the u.s. are to the able to talk about hong kong's democracy movement. then there is this, watch what is going on in india. there is a study going on, that china actually shut down the power grid, allegedly in mumbai, shutting down power to the hospitals and the stock market because of the border clash between indquo and china. china is thought to be hacking
6:30 pm
into india's drug companies in order to get vaccine research. your thoughts on that. >> india figured this out. they know china is a problem. banning apps night and day. they are looking at business practices. they are looking at chinese malicious intrusion into their networks. india takes it seriously because they are next door. here is the problem, everything china is doing in india they're doing in the united states. elizabeth: we got to stay on this. colonel, you will come back soon, thank you for your service to our country. appreciate it. >> thanks. elizabeth: just ahead, fox news political analyst giano caldwell, breaks down the fight between republican governor kristi noem of south dakota and dr. fauci over her covid-19 response for south dakota. the story next. >> my administration resisted the calls for virus control at the expense of everything else. we looked at the science, the data, and the facts and then we took a balanced approach. truthfully i never thought the
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decisions was making were going to be unique. i thought there would be more who would follow basic conservative principles but i guess i was wrong. ♪.
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♪. elizabeth: joining me now, fox news political analyst gianno caldwell. what do you make of the fight between south dakota republican governor kristi noem and
6:36 pm
dr. anthony fauci? >> well it is one of principle. you talk about the governor whereas she understands that you have to keep your state open and allow people to work because poverty kills as well as the virus. dr. fauci is an individual who, i know a lot of us respect. i have respect for him but let's be honest, he has been wrong at a number of turns. he was the guy who said we need to shut down everything, if we shut it down long enough, perhaps people would be able to go out and live their lives like we used to. it didn't happen in number of states. california being one of them. that took a different approach. the state of california today there is 3.57 million covid cases. in florida there is 1.9 million covid cases and schoolchildren are going to school every day. businesses that are wide open. i'm sitting in florida right now. i can tell you this is the best city, rather, best state in the country right now. miami is certainly the best city in the country right now. dr. fauci is an individual who simply not been as accurate some
6:37 pm
on the left said he would be. it is unfortunate, this is where we're getting our advice from these days. elizabeth: listen to governor no am. reaction to what she says. >> i don't know if you agree with me, but doctor fauci is wrong a lot. covid didn't crush the economy. government crushed the economy. south dakota is the only state in america that never ordered a single business or church to close. dr. fauci he said on my worst day i would have 10,000 patients in the hospital. on our worst day we had a little over 600. elizabeth: dr. fauci is saying the numbers don't lie. here is the thing. the jobless rate in south dakota is at 3%. it is less than half the national average but it has the highest mortality rate per capita in the country for covid case, very high hospitalization rates, very high infection rate
6:38 pm
in south dakota. some are calling it a failed experiment at herd immunity. noem said we had no choice. that is the road we're taking, your reaction to that? >> i'm sitting in florida that is the case. the numbers, i understand the fact you mentioned south dakota but other places in the country that is simply not the case. i don't know the specifics of south dakota, why things may be higher in terms of hospitalizations but certainly in other places things are much, much different. that is why it has to be a measured approach. decisions need to be made with the public, not necessarily dictating exactly what the public does, especially by unelected bureaucrats. that is what we've seen in a number of places especially liberal cities and states. elizabeth: yeah. so we hear what you're saying. so we're a year in to the pandemic. it was, broke out in march of last year. when you look at the states, gianno, you studied the numbers,
6:39 pm
you're an expert in this, you see california, new york, florida, and texas. you look at their numbers. you look at covid cases and hospitalizations and deaths, really high in california, really high in, in new york, and then you see, you know, sort of trending, california is trending along with florida and texas. new york is very, very high for covid deaths. gianno, covid rate, despite the highest deaths per million, jobless rates if you look at it that way, california is the worst in the country. new york is pretty bad down there with the worst jobless rate. it is tradeoff. you stay open, leave up to the population to make the choice to protect themselves and keep their business. it has been a tough choice, gianno. your word on that? >> i don't think it's a tough choice at all. you encourage people to wear masks, to socially distance. in florida that is what people are doing in a lot of cases.
6:40 pm
absolutely there should be some precautions in place, 100%. businesses need to open and part of the reason why i'm even in florida because i left los angeles, california because it was closed and businesses were being bankrupt left and right. so the way of living i had previously it couldn't exist anymore. now i can't return back to california because of the situation there in now. florida is open. california needs to open. a number of other states need to open. a lot of places followed the quote-unquote science of dr. fauci and not seen the kind of results which he predicted would occur. at some point you have to acknowledge poverty kills too. that is what a lot of maces are seeing across the country, a lot of states and cities. elizabeth: fauci has been accused of flip-flopping on masks, school closures, preexisting immunity. his advice, he has been accused of giving advice that suits the moment depending on the tv station he is on.
6:41 pm
that is the accusation against dr. fauci. we heard that too. kristi noem, the governor, defending her handling of the pandemic, she gave residents personal responsibility over decisions regarding their own health and the flexible to keep their business open. but i have to tell you they have really high covid death rates and cases per capita in south dakota. your final word own this, gianno. >> peter navarro who was a member of president trump's staff, went to dr. fauci early in, we need to ground flights from the china to the u.s. dr. fauci disagreed. he talked about hydroxychloroquine. i am proannouncing incorrectly people understand i saying. he should use that reducing mortality rate. dr. fauci was against that. studies showed it reduced hospital death rate by 50%. a lot of things have been said, dr. fauci, perhaps should have
6:42 pm
agreed with but didn't and come to find out these were life-saving measures. at this point we need to listen to multiple experts, not leaf it up to one person who has been clearly inaccurate in number of instances. >> thank you for coming. >> as always. elizabeth: coming up republican strategist ford o'connell on california governor gavin newsom getting blasted for tweeting that texas governor greg abbott lifting the mask mandate is absolutely reckless, when governor newsom's draconian ad hoc shutdown policy rules are blamed for creating among the worst covid outbreaks and the worst jobless rate in the country. the story next. you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you.
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♪. elizabeth: with me now is gop strategist, attorney ford o'connell. ford, your take on california governor gavin newsom getting blasted for tweeting that texas is quote absolutely reckless for lifting its mask mandate.
6:47 pm
texas is reopening 100%. critics saying newsom you're reckless with draconian shutdowns and anti-business policies. what do you say? >> i definitely think governor newsom is the one being reckless here. governor abbott is doing what is the best interest for his constituents, minimizing suffering, maximizing openness. the problem with newsom he is media anointed pandemic hero essentially not called out for his actions and stoking fear. that is not leadership. you need to do what is best for your constituents. elizabeth: we're talking big-named companies of that are fleeing california. oracle, hp enterprises, jewel labs, elon musk is moving to texas. those companies we just cited are moving to texas. elon musk is putting tesla assets into texas. so nearly 40 companies have moved to texas, many from california.
6:48 pm
so you know, your response to that, what do you think, ford? >> well i think that newsom has destroyed his economy and these companies can't count on california governance moving forward. so they're doing best for their bottom line and their employees. so they're moving to texas. heck, my home state florida, i wish some of them would come to florida because we're doing better than texas. elizabeth: texas, so many businesses fleeing california to texas. people are saying it is turning texas blue, people coming in from california. talk about republicans accusing democrat michigan governor gretchen whitmer of paying hush-money to the health direct door, robert gordon. the saying that he criticized her widely denounced shut down rules. she is denying all of this? what do you say to that story. >> appears governor whitmer has
6:49 pm
a andrew cuomo type story on her hands and she is circling the wagons. she allegedly paid off the hush-money. the bottom line she shouldn't have been auditioning to be joe biden's vp. should have done her job in michigan. pay close attention to what was going on in the nursing homes. you may not have the scandal. she played politics. didn't do what is best for her constituents. now it is coming back to haunt her. elizabeth: judges have been ruling her shutdown rules have been unconstitutional. listen to the michigan governor responding to the accusations of had hush-money sweetheart exit deal, gave nine months cash pay and health benefits to the outgoing health official robert gordon. he knows what has gone on behind the scenes. watch governor whitmer here. >> can you describe the relationship you had with robert gordon? >> i don't think i have anything to add with regard to my comments about the former director. you know, i shared with you that i, i wish him well.
6:50 pm
i'm grateful for his leadership. we have a wonderful new director at the department. >> did you ask for director gordon's resignation? and was this expected at all? >> rick i answered that question. the only thing i would say is you know, it has been a grueling couple years and changes in administrations happen. elizabeth: you don't usually, you don't get cash pay and benefits like she gave him. usually get vacation time, more time off ahead of your resignation. what do you say to this story? >> well i think it is a big story and we need to keep on it and realize governor cuomo wasn't the only one making politics. unfortunately of families of people in nursing homes in michigan need answers. apparently she paid off the health and human services director in michigan. he resigned actually in january i believe, with a lot of money. frankly we need to find out what happened there. but it appears whitmer wants to
6:51 pm
make sure she snuffs out the story before we find out actually what happened. elizabeth: ford, great to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. elizabeth: next up sheriff mark lamb blaming biden administration and his team for the border crisis. saying you guys are playing the blame game. this as a horrific car crash near the border in california, involving numerous illegal aliens parked inside of an suv. 13 dead. we'll have the story for you coming up next. and i just couldn't have done it without them.
6:52 pm
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elizabeth: we have breaking news vera tanden has just withdrawn her nomination to head the office of management and budget it came a main bipartisan opposition over past tweets thousands of which he had deleted president biden says tanden will serve another role in the administration. let's get to the story, let's welcome to the show mark lamb, it is great to see you, your reaction to the horrific accident. it's good to have you on shocking border officials, 13 reported dead in a crash near the california border of mexico,
6:56 pm
25 people, many illegals jammed into an suv, your reaction. >> this is tragic anytime you lose a life it is tragic and we experienced similar things and pursuits left and right lately in the last two months we seen a huge increase in the amount of pursuits a year ago we had an accident very similar to this where we had a vehicle go head-on we have 13 deaths and 11 were guatemalan nationals coming into the country illegally this is something we deal with on a daily bases around the border. elizabeth: that's what we've been covering on "the evening edit" what you guys are contending with, we see illegal border crossers are pouring in, hundreds of them different sectors in a single day what is going on here sir? >> we had 28 apprehensions yesterday, we have vehicles bailing out on us nonstop people running into the desert we
6:57 pm
caught 35 people the other not the feds were not able to take them so we had to release those people in our community, embarrassed to say that and these are what shares are noticing, this is not just an arizona problem this is something we will all contend with across the country that's why rally cherubs together, check not protect america now, shares getting together to stand up for the rula, against that immigration policies and of course to protect the constitution. elizabeth: the new homeland security secretary blames trump and his team in the border is an immediate result of dismantling of the system it takes time to rebuild it, your reaction to that. >> my reaction tell your viewers don't listen to that crab we deal with on a daily basis i tell you on the last four years we sell reduction on human trafficking and drug trafficking not only our state but this country and these politicians
6:58 pm
are saying is president trump's fall is a flat out lie we are seeing in the first month of him being president, disastrous things already and i'm not looking forward to what we're facing as an agency in arizona and in this country and continued on the road of reckless policy. elizabeth: to listen for wrong we've been reporting as it's a humanitarian issue hhs has 7600 children in his care that is more than double the average number historically senator rob portman he's a republican out of ohio saying this is really concerning and terrifying for children put at risk of being handed over to human traffickers when you have illegal border crossing, when you have weak border security, that's who that risk, your reaction. >> your exactly right this is not a political issue everybody if you care by human beings and human rights you should care
6:59 pm
about border security, the cartel between human trafficking and drug trafficking and for people to come here there raping the women, using children as pawns, extorting them in and not to mention the drugs that they reporting into our community affecting our loved ones in american lives, we will not tolerate as sheriffs that's why were standing up against it we have been for a long time but we need american people help to stop this because this is not going to be good for america. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear, again people need to understand this is a humanitarian issue, it's not about illegal immigration. >> this is about human trafficking and drug trafficking and we will continue to fight the shares understand the rule of law and the constitution and will pushback against bad policies from this president and his administration, thank you for having me on, we need help
7:00 pm
from the american people. elizabeth: thank you for joining us and thank you for your service to our country. i am elizabeth macdonald that you been watching "the evening edit" that doesn't for us, we hope you have a good evening. ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow. folks i'm sorry i have to do this i have to begin with bad news joe biden's washington is talking of taxes like there's no tomorrow and is not lower taxes and higher taxes it is much higher taxes, pretty much now almost anything that moves will be taxed. we know they want to raise the corporate tax and the income tax in the capital gains tax in the dividend tax, i'm not sure i missed any of these taxes. but now a big push senator elizabethn


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