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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 11, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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radio host larry elder, general jack keane among our guests. thanks for watching "fox business tonight." we hope you have a wonderful, wonderful evening. we'll see you tomorrow. kennedy: hey baby welcome to it, we made it. president trump's impeachment trials and very dramatic. it has been disturbing and depressing. but there is one inconvenient truth according to my upcoming guests, the first amendment which protects the president's provocative language before those idiots a storm the capitol. and therein lies the rub. our nation is not designed to protect the language you like. it's designed to protect the language you don't like that is offensive, horrible and as you may know today was day three of the impeachment trial of former president donald j trump relate this after the democrats wrapped up their
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case attempting to the former words of the president were directly responsible for the violence on january 6, watch. >> no matter how my people inside and outside government begged him to condemn extreme elements promoting violence, and indeed civil war in america and race war in america, he just would not do it. he intended the events of generally six to happen. and what it did, he delighted in it. suspect is insurrectionist and cited by president trump threatened our national security. kennedy: and tomorrow the president's legal team takes over after being panned for their opening statement, will they be able to convince the jury of the 100 senators that was protected speech? and is that the best way to get an acquittal? here we know former u.s. assistant dirt or attorney national view colonists fox news contributor, andy mccarthy. welcome back antiperspirant hi
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kitty how are you? kennedy: really good you raise some really good points in your. he said one of the key elements here if you're improving inside me also have to prove intent. how would you typically prove someone intense to have someone else commit a crime? >> i happened to be one of the rare prosecutors current or former actually has tried a criminal incitement case. and it is a very tough proof. basically you have to show they have made on ambiguous statements calling for violence, that they really intend the violence to happen. because in our lobby want to separate people like the terrorist i prosecuted in the 1990s who are calling for violent attacks versus the guys sitting behind the plate screaming kill the empire, right? so what the law requires that you have to show that they
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actually intended it to happen. that it was imminent and probable that it would happen. so i prosecuted a terrorist leader, it would've been a tougher case against him, kennedy, if we had not had had a prior track record on his part we could show he called for violence before and therefore when he said it he really meant it and there is good reason to think it would happen. but with president trump you don't even really get to that point. he says a number of times he is expecting a peaceable march, number one, number two the evidence is consistent with something that may be reprehensible but it is not incitement. and that is what he was trying to do to get them to march down to the capitol and put political pressure on republicans in congress and the vice president to basically betray their constitutional responsibility to count the electoral votes. that's a bad thing. it's not incitement it does
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not show he intended for a violent storming of the capitol to happen. kennedy: i don't that matters here it is a political form. insomuch of politics in our politics now rests on feelings. but was the president missed charge? should they have charged him with of duty as you point out in your article? would they have had an easier time gaining a conviction if they had thought about this a little bit differently? >> i do not want to suggest kennedy they ever would have had an easy time. the very appeals get 70 republicans a matter what. but a prosecutor constructing this case taking the best shot to get somebody convicted, would hone in on the most indefensible conduct. and i think if you get involved in incitement in the legal test of incitement and insurrection as a matter fact or law is it instruction, you are asking for trouble.
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whereas if you have the commander-in-chief force more hours, while there is a forcible attack on the seat of government sits on his hands, watches television and does not do anything, and people die, that is what you want to make the case about. you don't want to get involved in an legal argument about what does incitement mean. kennedy: wears the intent and what does the first amendment protects? i agree with you fraid that's why thought you raise some thoughtful points. there are some thoughtless points delivered to some new york state lawmakers the other day when andrew cuomo, who is the governor here, his secretary basically apologized to democrat lawmakers in the state for hiding the nursing home deaths they blatantly lied about. and she admitted that they lied about it to protect themselves from the federal government. could this mean that the cuomo
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administration is in some real hot water some real trouble here? >> i was certainly think so. they've a lot of political cover now because you have a democratic administration in washington and his anger as the democrats in new york are they still may decide they want to protect the governor. but to say we needed to obstruct your investigation because we were worried about obstructing the justice department's investigation is really not a place you want to be. seaport no one's very offensive for people of lost family members to the covered crisis when their moms, dads, grandparents were forced back into the nursing homes for the governor and those speaking on his behalf to apologize to lawmakers for the political catastrophe, and not actually apologizing to the family struggle through the story goes that breaking point thank you for commenting on it, and mccarthy good to talk to you. as if this whole trial not grotesque enough, kathie decided to mosey on an uninvited? president hillary of course,
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president trump the main election rivaling 2016 hillary clinton offering the opinion nobody asked for. and you'll never guess which side she's on? same cocoa senate republicans failed to convict donald trump of what we because the facts were with him or his lawyers, mounting a competent defensible because the jury includes co-conspirators. the theft about the same time messages to senator lismore and chiming and calling republican standing with the president called enablers who must be stopped. but the republicans are not link them for now. company constant definition is said today the gop could impeach president biden, yea, the retake towson 2022 for weaving set up for political impeachment every years? what does that mean for the future of our federal government? when when is hillary clinton going to go away? good lord. but the tonight's party film
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talk about that conservative strategist and right turn strategies president, chris verne is here. recent manager for xena and editor in chief katherine mangu-ward. democrat strategist radio host fox news contributor, california's own leslie marshall welcome and everybody. kennedy: 's a crystal start with you. i think the senators have been disturbed by a lot of the footage they have seen. many of them were re- traumatized, they were scared for their lives. i don't know that seeing what the house and to ship managers have put together, necessarily rises to a they feel are high crimes and misdemeanors. and therefore i don't know if it's going to change enough votes. said that if you are consuming all of this information rationally, this that make you a co-conspirator if you don't convict the president? >> apparently by voting for trump i am a co-conspirator.
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now look, the democrats admit it clear this is not even about truck. they admitted it on the floor of the senate today. they are not worried about from ever winning the presidency again. but they are worried about is they're worried about the 75 million people who actually voted for trump. that is who they are laser focus on. and look, let's not forget that none of this is about the so-called accountability. the accountability is the people have spoken and trump is not president anymore. this is not about punishing trump, trump is written off into the sunset. he's going to hang out mar-a-lago play golf there's nothing they can do to change that. this is about what they perceive is accountability for voters. and by the way, this is a continuing trend of the democratic party to focus their efforts on defeating the political opponents that they are running against, but actually going after voters. this was back to the hillary clinton's deplorable comment
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in 2016. they are so unbelievably upset the fact there 75 million americans out there disagree with them. changing her mind, we want to beat us into submission. before i still can't figure out how people, especially politicians have not figured out how maybe haley ate half of the public is not in their best interest. democrats have the numbers now. but i don't know if those numbers add up to a mandate. but it is interesting i'm sort of ruminating on the conversation in a couple of points and he mccarthy made, katherine, one of them was maybe he wasn't charged for the right thing? the fact that the president kind of sat on his hands will all of this is going on, you're watching this unfold having no idea where it's going to go and how bad this is going to get. is that the biggest issue here for you? >> those of us to have to try to make sense of proceedings
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like this i think are always tempted to more technical understand things of what's going on. sue and andy mccarthy said maybe if it would've been different charges this might've come out different, i'm very sympathetic. i do think though, what you said to him is correct. this is ultimately political. it's really not only a political proceeding it's political theater for this was always going to be part of it. while the impeachment takes the form of a trial, sort of lurking it's like play acting trial in so many ways. and so i think the specific charges don't actually matter that much. this is a referendum on the politics of trump after he is already out the door. we kind of know how that's going to come out. kennedy: i don't think is going to run again pretty think a lot of these images, leslie, will stick in people's minds. is that the point here?
11:12 pm
is it really not about getting a conviction because it doesn't seemed like they're going to right now. is it just to horrify people and somehow to draw a correlation between the horror and republicans who vote to acquit? >> first. [inaudible] on day three. not about donald trump but certainly not about. [inaudible] kennedy: at leslie, leslie work and fix your audio. like you have eaten a gremlin and have ingested helium all the same time. while you exhale the helium,. [laughter] will get back, don't where the panels stick around. because it is a game that we are playing fake news or florida for its one of your
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favorites, first talk to a restaurant owner and a comedy club owner because new york is referring to reopen indoor dying 25% capacity tomorrow, is that enough? the party screwed up so much. plus now even mayor de blasio is going after his governor claiming cuomo needs less pandemic power. love it when these two fight, love it when these two fight, that's coming up stake here love it when these two fight, that's coming up stake here love it when these two fight, that's coming up stake here ♪ ♪ ♪ love it when these two fight, that's coming up stake here when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ learn, save and spend with guidance from chase. confidence feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. [laugh] dad i got a job! i'm moving out. [laugh]
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: hammer and hank arounds come the that never sleeps is finally opening back up for business, kind of. new york state's much aligning governor andrew cuomo allowing restaurants in the inner-city to reopen for indoor dieting tomorrow. but only 25% capacity pretty also and build a plan for artisan performers to have free admission pop-up gigs and parks, subway platforms not thrilled, they've been doing this for welds and whatever the kindest great buy despite the governor's bungled policies he is a bunghole. in restaurants or sing their
11:18 pm
businesses cannot survive with only a quarter of the seats filled. never find the fact that many have been closed for more than a month. some almost a year. keep in mind this is not just about new york the city's failure could have do for the rest the country. on the flipside newer successful rise in the pandemic could serve as a great example for how to do things right. so how can we turn this joint buffoonery around before it comes to a local government near you? with me now to new york city business owners owner of melba's restaurant and president of the hospitality. melba is here in sandy cup comedy club is here great to see you again danny. hayek, melba i will start with you. you say that new york city is very inhospitable to small business owners. but it is the small businesses that make new york, new york. you can go anywhere indeed olive garden or chapultepec and it's wonderful. but that is not what new york
11:19 pm
is, where these hard on you guys? >> you know it is insane. new york city is the hospitality capitol of the world. and so it is really, really pains me what a lot of our guests who normally would come to of course local restaurants can go to connecticut, they can go to new jersey. they can even go to westchester but they cannot come and eat within the five borrow per that's insane from another governor wants to be safe. however, look when you come into a restaurant in new york city, there is contact tracing, right? we have to take your name. there are air pure fears they are even dividers which separate you. their fans going and we take your temperature. i go to shop no one takes my temperature no one knows my name. and they are standing 6 feet away for me. nork restaurants are safe. before i go to target i sniffed the candles i squeezed the avocados, that's all you fearsome or horrible things for but the point is she's aptly right you can go to long
11:20 pm
island you can eat they got one or 75% capacity out of the house mathematically possible. but it's very unfair. now, governor, like you're going to release free shows it can be great. but haven't you been doing that all along? >> yes he took our ideas even producing, shows and parks, trains, rooftops, courtyard since may. so yeah i'm kind of flattered he took our idea. but maybe he should spend time instead of producing a pop up comedy shows, producing pop-up funerals for all of the senior citizens that he's killed in nursing homes. kennedy: exactly going to find more that tonight, disgusting. >> it's terrible. we are 11 months into this, we are close, having shows outdoors is not permitted which is ridiculous and assure the governor.
11:21 pm
and, we see no end in sight. we have received really no guidance from the city. we could be about three months, six month, 12 months who knows. seafort mel but which like the city to do with you? are they working enough with smaller restaurants? are they working enough with the hospitality alliance? it seems like there sort of making his decisions willy-nilly. they're pretty arbitrary. what would you like to see the city and state do specifically? >> will president new york city hospitality alliance we represent thousands of restaurants here in the city as well as hundreds of thousands of employees. you know our employees they do not have the luxury of working remotely. the jobs that we have, we cannot do that. and we have to feed our families. our employees, they are restaurant families there extended family members. but we would love to see the governor and the mayor do is to lay out a plan.
11:22 pm
you know, we want to know when will we get to 50%? were not happy but at 25% is a start. but we still have one 100% of the bills over 100,000 restaurants through this pandemic. it is some very time for us. kennedy: comedy has been decimated but aptly crushed brick tower comics holding up and what are they saying about wanting to perform a new material? will there be a great renaissance's thinnest things can open up again? what can we expect? >> options are limited right now when it's cold. during the summer there plenty of outdoor shows going on. it was illegal but clubs were doing it. kennedy: i like illegal. >> would like illegal also. going on the one train from take over the last car and turning it into a comedy club. so if you want to test your
11:23 pm
stand up you're welcome to come. they are hurting, speak to them every day we approach a couple days ago for company called common health. they saw what we are doing trying to keep the comedy industry live in new york. they offered to give all of the comics, all working comics in york free healthcare and coded tests. kennedy: that's fantastic read those of the kind of solutions, that's the kind of goodness you are seeing for it not from local government, screw those people. go to melba's go to stand up new york preemie comes in york visit these places. these are real people make a difference, caring about you. melvin dani thank you so much. now experts say vaccines are the key to open the country. but some, they have genuine concerns about getting the shots. there's great concern about pregnant women. because they can be at high risk for miscarriage. and doctor factory said during a press briefing that 20000
11:24 pm
pregnant women have indeed been vaccinated without complications. but pregnant and breast-feeding moms were not tested and the vaccine clinical trials. so, jeff to choose between getting the shot and getting pregnant this valentine's day? get pregnant. joining me tonight family and emergency medicine certified physician, i would be just a little worried. tobacco company that is a discussion to have with your doctor with your ob/gyn. but so far, over 2000 pregnant women have been vaccinated. and they've had no complications. you've got to mentor being pregnant as a high-risk condition in itself is even more risky with covid complications if you have for example gestational diabetes or high blood pressure heart disease or kidney disease. really important to talk to
11:25 pm
your dr. to look at your risks versus the benefits. but so far at showing the benefits will outweigh the risk of any potential side effects. kennedy: with the inflammation and fever could be problematic for any pregnancy, not to mention some of the people in the co- orbited category that you just mentioned. so if you were pregnant, would you take it right now? >> if i was in a high-risk category yes. if i had diabetes, by and high blood pressure absolutely have taken. because i know that the benefits will outweigh that potential one-day side effective may be a fever, may be body acts may be a headache. that is just simply our body's immune system getting us ready in case we ducommun to contact with covid monday, that's our body's immune system preparing antibiotics who can fight a covid, those are side effects usually last a day very self-limiting don't require any heroic measures. stay forward ~ president biden things will be great once he assumed office, he would fix
11:26 pm
all the vaccine glitches to. he would get schools open. the virus to be on its way out the door. now they're saying maybe school one day a week for half the country. and we are probably going to be masking and not touching each other until thanksgiving. how much of this virus suck? >> big time. the good news is numbers are going down the number of cases, the number of deaths and the number possible is a. let's continue to file the science felt he faxed the data we have. when others multiple studies that show the risk of transition in the classroom is less than that in the community. kennedy: than open schools actually open them not one day a week. one day a week with a substitute teacher is not going back to school. sorry. >> i agree specially if the prevalence of chronic versus low in the community. there less than 10% favor hurting her children more than
11:27 pm
helping them of the knotted school. psychologically, mentally, emotionally, physically than each of in school. that is how they will thrive that's how they will grow. kennedy: sent smelling candles and squeezing avocados in target are teachers but they don't have a problem doing that when there is actually the risk of being at an everyday spreader meant when you go to the grocery store. but they can't get in the classroom. because it's like oh vaccines, drives me crazy, doctor janette i wish you well. sick we need mitigation and litigation. kennedy: right doctor jenness have a wonderful valentine's day thank you very much. >> thank you very much. super plain motor very favorite games and moments, fake news or florida is the story phone you didn't really happen in the sunshine state? you can play along with the entire family or your crazy valentine, that is next
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well welcome back, florida is now the stable the people there ought to behave like it is the moonshine state, am i right? they tend their son shope shenanigans into the nation's favorite games here on kennedy , news or florida pretty going to hear a bunch of outrageous and hilarious headlines from our contestants need to decide if it's fake news orbit actually happened in florida. party panel is assembled, chris, katherine, leslie are you guys ready? back i'm ready. to form go to write your initials on forgot to do that during the break. now i can keep score, purple for that, blue for that. chris is your first question a ready dear? >> i am ready. kennedy: pascoe county man state of florida tattooed on his face arrested for calling 911 and asking for a ride home, thickness or florida?
11:33 pm
>> that's florida. kennedy: that is a florida 20 to roadmap the leith and called 91 after four and ask for rape the deputy offered to call the had no money. as he was walking called 91 again and asked right home, he was arrested in town to be holding marijuana, but cheeks good job chris you're on the board, katherine hears yours. i set up a woman was arrested for pretending to be a nurse and working at a hospital with no license for eight months. is that fake news or florida? >> tough one. florida. kennedy: no in fact that his fake news chris you're in the lead, lessing take the co- lead with this one, question number three for leslie. woman arrested for stuffing easter eggs with pornographic images and putting them in hall monitors mailboxes, fake news or florida? >> florida. kennedy: dated 442-year-old was charged with 11 counts of distributing obscene items and
11:34 pm
easter expert also contained incoherent plans about local religious clergy, pieces of toilet paper goldfish crackers and starboard drink mix. she claims she include the pouring because homosexuals are allowed to teach in the church. thank god for. [laughter] alleluia. okay, very good you got that when leslie, bethany can catch up here. pressman for chris, and ocala bartenders arrested she spiked the drinks of every customer in her bar with bath salts as a prank, thank news or florida? >> that is tough but i'm going to do with fake news. kennedy: and you have two on the board, that is fake we made it up it was so much from a traitor cells after work. okay katherine year ago. in avon park man was arrested after use an ax to chop down a utility pole in front of his house because he said a woodpecker was pecking at waking him up every morning. fake news or florida, katherine?
11:35 pm
>> is gotta be florida. kennedy: to fake news we made that one of two, just so we could use the word packer. [laughter] very good. leslie can tighten up with chris but this one. sebring man arrested for threatening to shoot up a supermarket because not enough customers were wearing masks and gloves. fake news or florida? [laughter] it could go either way on this. i'm going to say fake news. kennedy: know that is florida packed in fact 62 years old became the rage florida's men not wearing ppe. you know me. that's the local parade so he went on facebook and said if they were to test positive for coronavirus he would have to write to publix and empty every click by on for their alerted of the post arrested and for threatening to conduct a mass shooting which apparently even in florida is a felony. chris you're still the lead with two points, katherine you have zero. leslie you have one. all right chris this one is for you.
11:36 pm
fort mccoy man charged with dui after police spotted him driving his lawnmower down the highway. fake news or florida? >> versa by campbell this is a crime rate second lambert acacia florida. [laughter] 's reports florida, subtly floored it so florida but that he got a sunburn too, that's 48-year-old paul burke pulled over withdrawing a lawn more significantly under the speed limit on highway 315. told the sheriff's deputy he did not have a license and maybe he did have a little too much to drink after being unable to perform fields writing test until the deputy just take me to it jail for his rap sheet has convictions for other duis, grand theft, cocaine possession forgery leaving say the crash rate that's a multitasker, well done. katherine hugo this is for you dear. florida man arrested after bring his own how lead and cost them to changing into it in the bathroom than walking the park and taking pictures with families as if he were an official disney cast member,
11:37 pm
thickness or florida? >> florida. so for cathing of the smartest personnel that is fake really know that because a writer jason put on an aladdin costume waterless corn to picture the people for it right leslie here we go it's if you can again pointedly with chris. chris did you get that one or not beyond the spirit >> and got that right and got that right. >> your 340. leslie miami man arrested on allegations he is fraudulently obtained covid relief funds to buy a lamborghini, thickness or florida? >> we know somebody who did that. [laughter] but it was not in miami. and he just won a super bowl. i would say that is florida. so for that is florida 29-year-old david hinds, he is accused of filing fraudulent loan applications and wrongly receiving $3.9 million in ppp funds which he used to buy a
11:38 pm
$318,000 lamborghini to go with that goatee and luxury stays in purchases at miami resort since i do just don't get copied one around krista got it fast drunk florida men arrested upper called 912 recorded fake home break so he could try to sell vitamins to the officers who responded to his home, thickness or florida? >> fake news. so far that is fake news got to go to this game kathie of no way of winning by giving this bird florida man caught live streaming himself enjoying a jetski adventure fake news or florida? >> i mean did you give me all thickness? no i'm going to go florida that's my strategy. before 25-year-old was a wanted man wendy headed to rent a jetski police were notified his cow to handguns, and marijuana it's a very busy day even by florida standards, good job katherine. leslie, florida woman arrested up she's absolutely supermarket for not wearing a mass and came back with a mask
11:39 pm
on, but otherwise completely naked. thickness or florida? [laughter] >> florida. kennedy: that is thickness is a great suggestion someone should have that this weekend. chris you win an all-expenses-paid trip to go rescue pythons in the florida swampland. [laughter] nicely done. i was going to pay for but i'm excited for you. [laughter] rick chris, katherine, leslie, well done well played well done. coming up prison by morning china is going to eat our lunch after first official phone call chinese president. so why in 2019 did he say the opposite? bryan suits joins me to it break it down. oh my god is that nick opperman? [laughter] [laughter] stay right here ♪ ♪
11:40 pm
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babar all right pack your brown bag, president biden says china is coming for our lunch break this after last night had his first official phone call chinese president, since when the election. "after words" he gave this morning. effectively don't get moving going to eat our lunch. they are major major new initiatives on rail over 225 miles per hour. support gotta stop talking to blue judge, don't obsess over rail good lord. but remember when biden said the exact opposite about china on the campaign from 2019, watch this. connect china's going to eat our lunch, come on man, they are not bad folks, folks, because what, they are not competition for us. kennedy: some alzheimer's there that again impeached. chinese aggressive tactics from the world in biden's mixed messages, how do we know sleepy joe's going to take
11:45 pm
china's looming threats there's a great break it all down radio hosted rock comment veteran rain suits is that, welcome back. >> what? i just, i can't hear you. i cannot hear, plug in your thingy. >> i'm sorry my bad. before you had the cuban filter were you muted? [laughter] yeah that's what it was the cuban filter. before i am not a cad. okay, so 2019 president biden says they're not going to eat her lunch, last night's like they are going to eat our lunch. what happened between then and now? >> while he got elected. you remember for years ago as russia, russia, russia, this guy got off air force to with his son. we have credible evidence that he is in the bag for china. and he starts cattle and about
11:46 pm
infrastructure and his go to on infrastructure is high-speed rail. because i've got news for you, improving the pipeline is infrastructure true instead of by canceling that pipeline he guarantees thousands of trucks will be driving that oil on our infrastructure when he could have just continued not isolated canada and continued that pipeline. pipelines of infrastructure, individually on gas powered cars are infrastructure will never have the high-speed boom dongle that china has. a bee on the east coast quarter, may be the boss in your corner. it doesn't make any sense anywhere else in this nation until he can go 500 miles an hour. kennedy: sounds pretty amazing of love to get a five or mile-per-hour train. were not going to get 225 mounted what is not a bunch of commies. look what happened in
11:47 pm
california for that money suck on the train to nowhere, nay just got positive train control the such and non- start up biggest worry here, bryan, where is hunter biden's revenue going to come from? i'm asking for baby mama? >> is here is these not on the board of that capitol board? two before he was as of inauguration day. >> what about the big guy? when the chinese oligarchs call on their american media oligarchs to start pushing high-speed rail and other so-called infrastructure things, part of it calls for them to say high-speed rail louder than empty uighur concentration camps, people like tom freedman from the "new york times", they are the other end of the chinese oligarchic pipeline for their over here saying well uighur's but we have our problems too.
11:48 pm
but do note we don't have, high-speed rail. it is a canary in the coal mine. we are living in a time here in southern california the chinese have more ministry for state security agents in southern california than the fbi has guys looking for them. they are info sucking. all of our tech. kennedy: does not seemed like a larger issue is worse than on the uighur issue that should be ashamed it is of suits you got a goebel come back next week and wrap everything up about everything, thank you. >> i'm not a cad. so for now is not. so for now is not. we'll be right back yeah, i mean the thing is, people like geico because it's just easy. bundling for example. you've got car insurance here. and home insurance here. why not... schuuuuzp.. put them together. save even more. some things are just better together, aren't they? like tea and crumpets. but you wouldn't bundle just anything.
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11:53 pm
her face anyway for the campaign starts a visual coronavirus reminders on iconic scenes from warner media property cyclic med max, awesome powers and casablanca. also they change humphrey bogart to peers coughing on you kid. licensing is superexpensive but the cdc said that they can stop just one child from breathing freely this campaign will be a huge success. also an attempt to reach port resident the cdc will order a mask to a video of an alligator high on meth, that will work i like it. topic number two, tom brady. that's his wife, was caught partying like a champion in a vote parade after the buccaneer super bowl win, strange to see them in a vote, he usually walks on water. i will never tell jesus but here is toying with the vincent barding trophy as if it was the kansas city chiefs tossing it over a literal sea of defenders in the hands of a wide open teammate, too bad that was the only chance a
11:54 pm
dolphin will ever have two get that trophy again. [laughter] brady was later seen stumbling on trailing after he admits he had been drinking tequila. the thought is a classic joe namath impression. in fact he was so off balance and slow, he almost got recruited by the new york jets. but all turned out okay, brady was helped by his very best friends annabelle reveries. funny they allow the tequila, they normally don't let them take any shots. [laughter] my family was excited. topic number three, a new gambling hotels opening a las vegas police centered on fitness and wellness. [laughter] auto kind of sick pervert go to a hotel like that in vegas. the majestic las vegas be a non- gaming non-smoking hotel with the wellness center and medical spa. owen said of the rake you get the reiki.
11:55 pm
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11:56 pm
with, wherever it was you went? >> fact my daughters what can you my mom back to work she so annoying and boring. tim tweets, your journalism skills are below sub par, what journalism skills? charles into the night with a like the network but this is bs, this is the worst show on tv, yes, but i'm the best at being the worst, suck it, i research shows that people remember commercials with exciting stunts. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool! grandma! very cool. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ everyone remembers the moment they heard...
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kennedy: thank you for what the best of your day, and mine is well-written foam and twitter is twitter is a game at kennedy nation facebook kde fbn, apple podcast fox n >> a mysterious client pays her lawyer with an exotic object. >> maybe she was a spy. >> maybe. >> it becomes his son's strange inheritance. >> it is quite a stunning piece to look at. >> can he decode its past and unlock a fortune? >> it's the equivalent -- for us, as americans -- of owning something that may have been there with george washington. >> wow. >> "wow" is right. >> a small town, an ancient emperor, and a puzzle. >> it was a three-week auction, and nothing happened. >> nothing? no bids? >> you're thinking that "my gosh. this is terrible. oh, it's all out the window."


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