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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 29, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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is happening in a reddit chat room to the financial crisis nearly took the entire system down, you bet they were going to shut those guys off from trading. that will do it for "the claman countdown" program the dow down 628. read on the screen it is time for "after the bell". connell: it is been a crazy finish to a crazy week, the frenzy continues withail inveinorves bidvessng backu b meop astop t otock s weewe b'vn w'vch wing wit tithe ds wuneerting agangstng n theowow rulategor are g,ll t'she l'sotot goi goi g o n we wilweilet a af o that, tt,hee gosg nbe nrsum t the dowhe dhele do t it wasown d47-pointehe si ssi tay, eh th&pown 73 wsearlrly 22%.2%. and eanvedn eve e 2%, 2-poi-p lr
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e wek, theor averave,, is iis theirhest week wve h h ononon wal w w wtreennhree month r mos the brd brd nd&p&p nq. and for the first month of 2021 as we wrap up january the dow, s&p 500 down, the dow down by 2%, the nasdaq with what happened this week finishes the month in the greenup by one point. those are all your numbers at least the broad ones, welcome to the show i am connell mcshane here on "after the bell" it's great to have you with us. what a week it's time for the news happening at this hour. our fox business team coverage blake burman in washington, kristina partsinevelos in a gamestop location in york with a good story. edward lawrence on capitol hill in lauren simonetti standing by. but we start with you lauren. >> you said it it's been a crazy volatile week and we continue to witness a tug-of-war between
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retail traders in wall street with everyone paying attention a lot of people are worried, you have sec, congress, janet yellen, the treasury secretary in the new york attorney general as well as texas the texas attorney general say they will look into the massive stock in trade restrictions on trading platforms. robinhood announced they would restrict trades of heavily shorted stocks this is gamestop, amsi, et cetera today robinhood as well has set new limits on trading heavily shorted stocks so there is a few restrictions out there just as robinhood does seek a line of credit they say they have enough liquidity but a? around that. but nonetheless users are furious. >> too intentionally crater a stock at the expense of all your customers, that is criminal in my mind they had to know this is coming, nobody is that stupid to spit in the face of my entire client base and they'll be okay
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with it. >> the sec announced today they're looking into them put out a statement the commission will closely review action taken by regulated entities that may disadvantage investors otherwise unduly inhibit their ability to trade certain securities. that is not just the digital platform yes social media coming into play, a lot of platforms are banning some of the stock trading groups, facebook vaguely telling us the pages they removed a few pages violated the community standards and it's unrelated to the ongoing stock frenzy, we have popular form discord that tried to do the same and yet you still see this for gamestop really just swinging from 200 all the way to $400 range and we did see a closing in the green today but i want to end with one job posting that robinhood seems to be seeking out after all of this going on it was posted on
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daybook and if you're watching for a job it's a dc-based senior professional with eight years of capitol hill experience to focus on regulatory and legislative affairs with a particular i towards congress. i wonder why. connell: isn't that interesting. thank you. that transition us to edward lawrence who has been on capitol hill throughout the day reporting on all of this. i guess robinhood and others might need some help. >> this started online and went to wall street where christina is now to washington, d.c. we will see hearings in the house and the senate side related to all of this volatility as well as the reason robinhood halted the trades for certain stocks, there isn't going to be a lot of fallout with this, again facebook, reddit taking on the chat rooms were all of this started for violating the policy senate banking committee chairman says people on wall street only care
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about the rules when they're the ones getting hurt. senator ted cruz posted on twitter he agreed with representative alexandria ocasio-cortez she fired back that he should resign still you have republicans and democrats wanting to know why robinhood paused trading for only the investors allowing hedge funds to cover their losses yesterday as the stock fell. one former regulator we talked with his routing on the small guy. watch this. >> i think it's fair game for any investor to take on a hedge fund and go against their trade i think it's ingenious what they've done just looked at the short sale in the position after and gone after those stocks. another former regulator that we talked with said it will be difficult for the sec to find a violation but they will be looking for false statements. >> typically when it comes to
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this heard momentum trading is very difficult for sec staff to find any violation, what the sec will typically say we think you should invest by looking at the fundamentals, doing your homework and not basing your decision on an ominous person on a message board. >> that move by facebook and ready to take on the chat site that angered lawmakers on capitol hill who have a very kenai towards big tech right now. connell: we heard from ken paxton the attorney general from texas today as well, what is your sense we keep talking about how bipartisan this is but i wonder the last part about regulators, you can have a lot of bipartisan outrage and anger. but anything tangible to go after in any of these things. >> it depends on capitol hill
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who you're talking with, democrats want to add regulation, they want to regulate more related to all of it related to you and hedge funds in the social media companies they want to regulate more. republicans are saying they want to make sure they want to investigate and why the free trading was clamped down allowing just the institutional traders to keep going. it depends on who you will talk with here, they want different things, the bottom line more regulation could be coming out of this we will just have to see. connell: thank you edward. we will be back on all of this, live on capitol hill lauren simonetti has been doing reporting and fine explanation throughout the day of the mechanics of all of this and you don't normally connect the retail investor with options trading in shortselling but that's what we've been doing all week long. >> yeah the average investor
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seems to be pretty smart, they've done their homework and their gaming wall street as their own game. if you're judging david versus goliath matchup, you could argue david is winning right now and you can make the argument that when we see it and were looking at a lot of them we see big moves to the upside in gamestop in hot stocks that are frequently shortage by the short sellers when they go up the rest of the market goes down that is a correlation we have seen this week. connell: one thing that came out as the closing bell was ringing from robinhood was they will open up new positions and another securities not just gamestop, well-known companies, starbucks, general motors but you can do it but that will be limited robinhood is now saying, gets back to a point there is a lot of complaining from the retail investors about the limits being put on their activity whether they can buy the stock. now it will be the big stocks in
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there trying to figure out what's going to go one and whether there trying to shut down the freedom of people to trade or robinhood has its own financial issues. they had to go out and raise $1 billion. >> they did have to raise money and pass existing credit lines and their shaping themselves for an ipo perhaps at some point this year. they need to on one hand acknowledge and be true to their mission statement, where the disruptor where the platforms for the little guys who have been left out in the answer to the big guy in the answer to the regulator and everybody else does they try to become a big guy by becoming a public company. they need cash on hand to process these trades. connell: any sense on what we should expect for next week i'm sure everybody's trying to think about the this weekend but whether these guys in the reddit chat rooms going after other
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stocks were more regulation, what is in store for monday and wonder? >> who knows all i know is that this is exhausting. there is only so much that some of the stocks can go up because capitalism will come in and work in gamestop will have to justify the 20 plus billion dollar valuation. also arguably a lot of these companies the owner of malls, they were zombie companies, they have a new life because of these amazing gains. i'm curious next week to see what some of these companies do with their newfound value if you will and i think overall this is a market disruptor but i don't think it will take down wall street if you look at the fundamental earnings relatively strong, vaccine being rolled out, stimulus, we will get them,
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that is all intact, this is a reason for investors to sell because the market has been strong is a valid reason but i don't think it takes everything down. connell: thank you, did reporting through out the week. onto president biden he had a meeting with the treasury secretary janet yellen and his entire economic team. we are told they were discussing this a much as the conditions for the covid release bill which blake burman has been following and joins us from washington, one of the president have to say about getting more relief in the works. >> we sell president biden leave the white house this afternoon and it was as forceful as we heard the president since he has taken the office. as to the need to get a coronavirus relief package, stimulus package done right now. the president was asked if he would do this through means of budget reconciliation which is essentially saying the democrats will do it on their own and not need republican help in the
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senate to get this passed as well and i want you to listen to the president's response when he was asked that very question. >> i support covid relief with support from republicans if we can get it but the covid relief has to pass there is no if, and/or butts. >> has to pass no if and/or butts. it seems as that was as far as he's gone on the budget reconciliation. democrats going in their own direction. the meeting in the oval office today the president, vice president, treasury secretary janet yellen and the president turned it over to the treasury secretary and she made the argument not why we need the package but white needs to be big. connell: it looks like that's where they're going, that's what we were talking about when the week started before gamestop and read it. the fight to reopen schools that's another big topic as the pandemic continues its leading to a standoff between teachers
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unions and officials across the country and will have the very latest on how that is developing next plus another vaccine candidate releasing trial data could be a game changer of one-shot vaccine. we will have that in the nba, the miami heat becoming the first team in the league to rely on a new way of screening fans for covid before the game. we live in miami with much more on that. ♪
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♪ if you wanna wi... ♪ [ music stops ] time out! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ connell: teachers union versus administrator, chicago public school district is insisting school be in person by next monday despite teachers threatening to not show up if their demands are not met. california the governor gavin newsom coming to agreement soon on how to open in person learning as teachers demand vaccines before they return. massachusetts the latest date to have a head-to-head matchup between the unions of the governors administration is in boston with the details on what's been happening there. >> they have been seen all across the country as well.
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in massachusetts tensions boiling over the teachers union and the republican governor and is a administration, charlie baker has consistently urging and person school to begin happening in massachusetts he cites health statistics as well as pointing to the private schools that have done so successfully. teachers unions have pushed back and announced the governor's recent decision to bump the teachers down a priority as far as the vaccines are concerned. >> a decision was made that really puts society against itself to getting students back in school but his decision today is delaying a safe return by weeks if not months. >> essentially the teachers and other frontline workers were put below residence in the state 65 years and older. massachusetts teachers association saying that was
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arbitrarily changed the priority when it comes to making the vaccine available as spokeswoman for the executive office of education responded accusing them making false leading claims. the administration learned the same union leaders also opposed going back to the classrooms until vaccines for children are developed, that is a reference to the president the mta quoted in the boston herald expressing doubt that most schools would be open to all students within 100 days because children were not yet have the vaccine collectively teacher union pushback against the state of assertion saying this is false we have never made a statement individually or collectively we are astonished the governor would fabricate an inflammatory assertion of the covid-19 vaccine. in person learning is happening at some communities in massachusetts when it comes to the youngest students or most vulnerable there are communities where they have hybrid learning, some remote and some in person
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learning on a week off, week on basis, boston has a in-person learning for the majority of students beginning at the beginning of march. connell: thank you, good to see you, we bring in john, the president of the american federation for children, good to have you on on the show, your organization have been an advocate for school choice, i'm guessing you think some of the developments would just mention and make your argument stronger, tell us about it. >> they certainly do and whether it is a national education association, the american federation for teachers or their state affiliates and the biggest obstacles to getting kids back in school and assuring every child in america has access to a full time quality education is the teachers unions. they do not advocate for students, they do not advocate for parents, the advocates for adults in the system in a political agenda.
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i want to distinguish between rank-and-file teachers most of whom are hard-working dedicated professionals who love kids and want to be in schools but the teachers unions are focused on keeping school closed unless ridiculous demands are met and they don't want parents to have school choice. connell: what do you think should be the approach and what do you think will be the approach in the stimulus bill or the covid relief bill it seems there will be more of a traditional money goes to local school districts to use as they choose and i'm sure they get that money they will use it for different programs but i don't think school choice will be one of them. >> sadly no. but i think policymakers should pay attention to right now you have more than 60% of public schools that have been remote all year long and 60% of private schools by contrast have been open for important instruction. it can be done and if congress
4:22 pm
is can appropriate any additional money for schools in the biden plan is $130 billion of additional money keep in mind the schools have already received 68 billion of additional money and half the schools are closed if congress is going to have any additional money they should insist the schools be open about school choice and the bill and give governors flexibility to use funds to expand parental choice for families. connell: let me ask what do you think is been learned you mention the private schools in percentage based far more open. what do you think has been learned through that process in terms what are they done differently or is it as simple as they opened up the door and a lot of measures put in place. what we learned for the private schools that can be applied more broadly. >> two things. number one they planned and they were ready and number two they have done what is necessary they follow the science and what the cdc has told us there's been
4:23 pm
very little covid spread at schools and is coming from large social gatherings and not coming from in-person school instructions. i would say to the policymakers follow the science. connell: and open up the schools. the in person instruction is not where were seen the spread of the data has back that up in new york where they were saying this is a month or two ago three quarters of the cases being spread were at gatherings in people's homes and that's where the virus is being spread. it does not necessarily have anything to do with the schools. you think will get back to normal by the end of the school year around the country. >> i sure hope so i'm with the ceo of chicago public schools and she says we cannot let this generation falter because of made-up reasons of why schools cannot reopen. we have to get these kids back in school and the long-term
4:24 pm
schools has led to a 30% increase in mental health visits in clark county nevada alone 18 kids committed suicide between march and december of last year that is absolutely tragic and should not happen. connell: john schilling the american federation for children, we thank you for coming on, your point of view continue to follow the story as we have been for some time. the other one of many that were following is vaccine and more being offered to an increasing number of americans doctors urging people to avoid taking any over-the-counter pain reliever, ibuprofen and others before they get the shot umass because it could decrease the effectiveness of the vaccine. something else to keep in mind. we have more later in the show. will be back. ♪ you run it by an expert, you talk about the risk and potential profit and loss. could've used that before i hired my interior decorator.
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connell: we have been waiting on this johnson & johnson said is
4:29 pm
vaccine, one dose is 72% effective in the united states, more details on what that means from gerri willis who joined us. >> that is right shares of johnson & johnson despite this news trading lower today the company experimental covid-19 vaccine with 72% effective in the u.s. is protecting people from moderate to serious disease in a large clinical trial and in other countries it was less protective. most notable about j&j vaccine requires one shot unlike those from a moderna and pfizer we talked about how they require two shots plus the new shot from j&j easier to store in the first vaccine. the j and j shot did not test the strongly as the other two covid-19 vaccines already in use possibly because it may have been impacted by new variance that the older shots did not protect against either. the move is welcome because as
4:30 pm
you know there's limited supplies of vaccines new york in particular has been in trouble with this shortage has developed across the country and j&j expected to ask u.s. regulators in early february to authorize use of the vaccine and is expected to have millions of doses available in short order for quick shipment. back to you. connell: good news and good explanation in turn of the variance they like the way it goes after serious disease. gerri willis with us on j&j the potential new tool in the fight against a pandemic will tell you why one nba team is applying specially trained dogs to welcome their fans back into the arena for the first time in months. plus the fbi search for the capital rioters is going high-tech will explain that. iceland is issuing digital
4:31 pm
vaccination certificates. qualifying incoming travelers can prove that they received both vaccine shots will no longer have to quarantine. or present a negative test result of the border. the citizens still not allowed to visit. ♪
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“could have been me” by the struts hey, mercedes? how can i help you? the 2021 e-class. motortrend's 2021 car of the year. connell: "after the bell" headlines the team of
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researchers from the world health organization visiting the hospital in wuhan the chinese officials claim the first coronavirus patients were treated at at a meeting with chinese scientist requesting detailed underlying data. also today some hope for new york city restaurant owners. >> new york city restaurant on our current trajectory can reopen indoor dining at 25% on valentine's day. connell: governor cuomo say the city's positivity rate will continue to drop, new york city hospitality sing good news the man is being lifted but the disappointed the capacity will only be 25% while other areas allow 50% capacity in the meantime they have higher infection in hospital nation rates. disney announcing it will require guesting cast members to wear masks while in the park even if somebody has got to
4:36 pm
covid-19 vaccine. state officials in florida say 1.5 million people have been vaccinated in that state. back to our big story as they are vowing to bring a revolution to wall street the reddit group has continued its fight against hedge fund short-sellers after several trading apps restricted their stock picks extreme volatility in the market this week and we will talk about and talk about what's next with steve forbes from forbes media the chairman joined us as he does many fridays. i'll get to what's next in a moment. any takeaways that you've learned from this crazy week on wall street? >> the particulars are different this madness, the speculative bubbly has happened in the past, i'm old enough to remember several of them in the past and they all have unhappy indians. the short-sellers are getting abashed and a lot of the individual investors are going to take it hit there is an old
4:37 pm
saying trees don't grow to the sky, you have to say trees don't go to the moon but these things come back to earth and a lot of people will get hurt. there's no way can regulate against that or anything else you have to let it happen in the best teacher said it's a painful experience. connell: we have seen that and it's easy to forget in the past and you can read about all kinds of things hundreds of years and i know some people are bringing up volkswagen experience years ago and other famous short squeezes where if you look at the company in question a couple years after that, gamestop we don't know how this will end but if gamestop peaks at 400 whatever dollars per share a couple years after the stocks in the position back down lower thing they started. that's what you mean by how it ends. >> that is right, you take a huge gain and then you take a huge loss. these things violently move upward and violently move downward. we saw that with the tech bubble
4:38 pm
mania in the late 1990s, early 2000, nasdaq was a big one then then it went down 80%. many of those companies got wiped out, several big ones did not, amazon went down to $8 a share but now it's over 3000 and other companies most of them went bust. those things, you could talk all you want about it and say take your profits, you never go broke taking a profit but a lot of people think this is a great thing in the get out before bust. they usually don't. connell: they think in this case there stick it into the big institutions and i would say pretty much nobody is necessarily rooting for the big hedge funds in all of this. you and i joke around that your yankee fan and i'm a mets fan and maybe i'm biased in favor of steve cohen he owns the mets and i don't want to see them lose as money. but nobody is necessarily rooting for all the big guys and
4:39 pm
there's been a lot of political unity against them, we had ted cruz and aoc lining up this week. what do you think is next what do you think were in store for you said we cannot regulate our way out of it but i have a feeling somebody might try. >> they will try but they can't regulate against human nature and when people think they're onto something that will make them rich quickly especially when they think their slaying goliath to boot but remember in 2081 of the heroes of that era who bet against the housing bubble they made a movie about it so sometime shortselling has a place to try to tamp down these meanies. the villains today no one sheds tears for them you shouldn't there big guys, their adults but a lot of people are going to get hurt on this, individuals and institutions. but you can't regulate against that, the markets will recover
4:40 pm
if the administration stops the growth policies like their doing away with the pipeline and proposing big tax increase in regulation and the like the economy will come roaring back with me get the vaccine in the market can get back on its feet. i'm afraid demonstration will not do that so this will be part of a rough period for stocks, not just the small ones not just for the hedge funds but for the broader market. connell: whatever the case whatever happens on regulation whether your small, medium, large investor you have to consider this environment and what happened as a risk going forward, they can go after another stock you're buying a security and you do have to consider that this mob mentality is real and people are angry about certain things they could get together on internet. would you consider that in terms of your future investment strategies? >> you have to if you're short seller and there's a lot of professional sellers now, you
4:41 pm
will be looking at the activity of the bulletin boards and the like to see if there's going to be a gang up and you have to take account of that. that is a new element in their and that is probably a good thing that you don't get a free ride on the way down but there is no easy way to make money and you can do it for a brief period of time that when you get these kind of manias they always end badly. i don't know what's going to precipitate, it could be some crisis at home that popped up but they always into badly. connell: yeah they do it seems that way. >> it out and be thankful. connell: thank you steve have a great weekend. steve forbes with his perspective on this crazy week. an intense date for the weather in southern california high winds, rain and hail causing dangerous mudslides impacted by the wildfires washer, warning residents even after the rain moves through watch out for more
4:42 pm
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4:46 pm
before games and michelle keating's life from the american airlines arena in miami without story. >> a lovely night, you can call them covid canines now that the nba teams have gone from the disney world bubble to last season and their playing games and the arenas and even back to letting spectators inside, dogs are coming to the covid rescue out of public safety and confidence. the miami heat is the first nba team to utilize the sniffers who can detect if a person is covid positive just by using their snouts. it turns out there is a molecular difference in smell from someone sweat if they're infected which the dogs can detect. >> when a dog signals on a person it's a process, they sit down next to them which gestures to the handler you should check this person out we remove the person from the line and their entire group and we send them on their way and give them a full
4:47 pm
refund. >> last night's game between the heat in l.a. clippers had 1500 fans inside and a 70000 seat capacity arena. plenty of social distancing going on that was the first time ticket holders were in the arena at a game in ten and a half months. the he is getting calls and interest from other nba teams airlines, casinos and cruise lines and major league soccer. schools getting back to full-time in person learning for the international university is using coronavirus trained canines for services. they sniff around classrooms, desks, auditoriums alerting when disinfected would be needed. >> another way our four-legged friends want to please us and they are so good at it because their ability to smell different odors and distinguish different odors and very minute levels
4:48 pm
that it's another tool in the toolbox to try to help stop the spread of this virus. >> the organization tells me last night as the fans were going inside not one key from a dog that wanted the 1500 people were covid positive. now they say the 100% foolproof but the trainers believe they are close to 100% and it's another layer you got the dogs, the masks in the social spacing. connell: helps us get back to business and everything else and another reason to love dogs. good to see you. that person waiting behind you. now let's take a listen to this. >> i'm getting the vaccine because i love frank. >> i love you too man. >> i'm getting the vaccine because i love margaret. >> i love you too. >> cut.
4:49 pm
>> the national association of manufacturers stressing the need for its industry to get workers vaccinated for them to take the covid-19 vaccine we want to welcome back jay the president and ceo of the national association of manufacture. i'm assuming if you had to run a nap like this there's some folks that are hesitant about taking the vaccine. tell us about that and how things are going. what is the response. >> first of all i don't know how in the world i'm supposed to follow the covid canines test but what a great story that is. there are folks all around the country and referred this for months that are concerned about taking the vaccine, the vaccines are safe, their effective and the only way that we're going to get this pandemic under control. and eradicated. we decided we would focus on our industry but is not about manufacture workers. it is also about their families
4:50 pm
and their communities and as others see manufacture workers stepping up, rolling up their sleeves and getting the shot as part of this is her shot campaign. we think it's going to take hold all crossed other communities across the country. it's a great problem to have right now that there is so much demand we want to make sure we have is much uptake of the vaccine throughout the country. connell: would have some time before the workers get into the next phase depending on how old an exact job they might hold and might be ready to get the vaccine. i want to talk to you on the early days of the biden administration we had a couple of days there have been 70 executive order signed in a few days focused on your industry by american dave for example what is your impression of the start for the administration and what it means for the workers in your business particular the blitz of executive orders.
4:51 pm
>> i don't think anything unexpected the president spoke about all of these issues during the campaign so i don't think anybody should be surprised. the focus for the administration early on was one that we were very excited about which was being very, very serious about getting the pandemic under control. we know regardless of what public policy is out there, and food don't have this pandemic under control the economy will never recover. we will never get the jobs back that we lost over the course of the last year. there is some specific orders that we are not thrilled with as you might guess, steve forbes before we mentioned the keystone xl decision that is something we would preferred not in we are looking forward to the opportunity showing how the project is complete we changed and actually is now aligned with what some of their objectives are. we think that perhaps some of
4:52 pm
these decisions were made quickly because they were campaign promises but if we can continue to have an open door with the administration since we've had since day one the manufacturers have we hope we can provide good feedback. things like immigration which is coming next week, those are things that manufacturers care deeply about and were looking forward to working with them on that, and for structure, trade a host of other issues where i think we can work together. connell: a quick answer has there been a shift on the focus of your group in terms of parties you were very critical president trump for he left office mostly on the covid response. has that shifted the way business interacts with the parties in the giving and the fundraising that goes to democrats versus republicans. >> i can tell you for manufacturers it's always about policies is not about politics or party is not about process or personality, it is about policy.
4:53 pm
as long as we have a competitive policy that allow our economy to grow, allow manufacturers to invest in higher and raise wages and benefits. that is why we are at the table and that's what we want to see from our government. connell: fair enough, always good to have you on. we'll keep following that and have you back. hopefully things work out with the vaccine. thank you again. national association of manufacturers. the use of one technology has been surging after the ride on capitol hill. that is a story grady trimble has coming up. >> this specific technology is once again facing scrutiny there is a hint will tell you what it is and will show you how it works coming up. ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
4:54 pm
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♪ ♪ connell: all right, another interesting use of technology. in an effort to identify many of the capitol rioters, the fbi now reportedly is using facial
4:58 pm
recognition technology. one company, though, says the tool is not limited just to law enforcement, and a grady trimble has more from chicago. >> reporter: yeah, connell, it's a growing industry, and the applications are growing as well. we talked to a company out of california called true face a.i. to demo how this worked. we sent them a few pictures of my face from a few different angles. they put it into their database, and sure enough, they were able to identify me in a recent report that i filed. and this is becoming a bit controversial as well because the applications are so broad. you see it in security and law enforcement, but you also see it at casinos. that's where true face uses it to make sure there are no underage gamblers. they also use it in retail settings to kind of track shoppers' habits. and true face itself says they actually support more federal regulation are, and in the meantime, they're sort of regulating themselves. >> we spend 3-6 months with all
4:59 pm
our clients knowing how they're going to use it, and we've said no to countsless clients, and -- countless clients, and we'll continue to say no. >> reporter: there are, of course, privacy concerns. the aclu says this type of technology is dangerous to our civil rights. they say even if it worked perfectly are, it could facilitate the mass tracking of each person's movements in public spaces, something intolerable in a free and open society. so there is huge potential for this type of technology, connell, but there are also some legal and ethical predicaments that have come up already and will continue to come up as it's used more widely. connell? connell: yeah. i was just imagining like our audience sitting at home and. [laughter] half of them saying, that's great, the other half saying i don't want anything to do with it -- [inaudible conversations]
5:00 pm
connell: yeah. we've got you doing those reports. got an eye on grady trimble. ing all right. boy, what a week. thanks, everybody, for watching us this week. we've got gamestop at $325, the dow down 621 points. see what monday bringsful we'll see you then, thanks for joining us. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the radical dems enjoyed, you may recall, surprising success in the november election. in fact, there required only 45,000 votes in three states to win the presidency. so why would they not want the same good fortune all across the country? it turns out they do. two oregon lawmakers -- senatorr ron wyden and congressman earl blumenauer of portland, oregon -- have introduced legislation so that the entire
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