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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 14, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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♪. lou: be sure to join us tomorrow evening. attorney robert ray and "new york post" op-ed editor amari are among our guests. we thank you for being with us. we'll see you here tomorrow evening. thanks for joining kennedy: a nation on edge for the fbi warning of a rampant violence or at least the possibility thereof. our nations capitol occupied by thousands of troops. so what will the democrats prescribed to help soothe an ailing nation? wide unprecedented sent impeachment trial that threatens to further divide the entire republic. yay. one day after nancy pelosi crammed impeachment doubt our collective throat was still of no ideal she and chuck schumer have planned for next week. and keep in mind president elect joe biden will be sworn in on wednesday. the senate impeachment trial derails and overshadows sleepy
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joe's agenda right out of the gate spiritus chuck and nancy don't care about that. their vendetta against president trump boils so hot you could cook spaghetti. we also no clue how republicans plan to vote. this whole thing is fracturing the party like a brittle collarbone on the wrong end, i've been there sister. one thing for sure south carolina senator lindsey graham said this whole thing is a crock of crab. >> we will play this out. we impeach the president today, without any evidence. it's sheer hatred. if this becomes the norm, be careful what you wish for today. under this theory the radical left, if you can impeach a president after she's out of the office why don't we impeach george washington he owned slaves. but it's a stop? kennedy: where does it stop it old lindsey does have a bit of a point there. when is enough enough? president trump is moving out of the white house in five days. he can't telegraph anything to anyone, he has been digitally
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neutered. do we really need this right now? i get up with the tragedy of the capitol was a disgusting national embarrassment. five people died, something has to be done. but does the democrats desire for a well-qualified scalp threatened to rip this whole place apart? you're thing to discuss anchor fox news at night at 11:00 p.m. the one and only shannon bream. love having you on chanted. that great to see a kennedy. kennedy: so how is this going to play out? houses can happen break nancy pelosi, i can't get over this bridge has left urgency to impeach the president because she's great threat to the nation. because of something he might do between now and next wednesday. they got impeachment, she has the article. but she is just kind of sitting out like a chicken on an egg. how could this possibly play out? >> the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said they all agreed to, the senate did the schedule which means they cannot come back and serve
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this trial before inauguration. it's just not going to happen. and so on the whole conversation d.c. is do you have the senate trial, that portion of the impeachment to officially kick the president out of his arty been kicked out. but it's the next step after that pretty have to get the 67 to convict him in a trial. even after is a long time after his eye at mar-a-lago. he's going get bored and fines up to depart stop it after that. the senate if he's convicted at trial could pass a measure the simple majority that would block him from ever running again for federal office. now don't think there aren't. kennedy: can they do that without impeachment? >> no, my understanding is shipped get the two thirds vote to convict him in the senate. then you can pass a measure saying you cannot run again for federal office. it's not just the democrats that want that. there are warnings your third word is good writing 2024, a lot of them have their own ambitions or the word if you
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can't get back into the party is going to run was it independent that's going to clearly hurt their problems the democrats in 2024. their people across the political spectrum that went that last step the habits we cannot run again. but listen, there are numbers that show us within the republican party the people who are loyal to president trump are absolutely hoping he runs again. there is a split, there's a new poll that shows it very clearly. i mean 74b people voted for him. more than any votes for a republican president ever before. there plenty of people who still say this is our guy. we can separate what happened at the capitol but will be like about him. i want him to run again. kennedy: and there are people who voted for them because they like his policies. they like what it did for their family and their bank account. but they don't like the tweets and the impulse prints very interesting because it is created so many divides. it is understandable if there are people who liked his policies who don't want him to
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leave the party anymore. i was one of the people who said ip losses to seats in georgia, he can't run again in 2024. i just think, that was before the c-uppercase-letter age. like right before like the day before. >> the day before you're right there somebody different splits out there. the gop is going to figure out how to navigate the so they can keep the coalition he put together. he did better with african-american voters and hispanic voters and a lot of groups the republicans of done a long time but they need to going to move forward to find a way to keep those coalitions together that benefit them without scaring off the people who came to the party because as you said they liked him's policies. whether it's on judges, abortion, finances are the way we treat israel. there's a lot of things they liked about the policies. the tops affair how to capitalize on that. >> there's a big voices and big personalities in the gop right now. but you also, i don't
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understand who is leading the party at the president no longer is. see ted cruz jockeying for their crispier loud talk about nikki haley, tim scott, but jim jordan drew the line the same with liz cheney. the gop was under her dad. like a super preacher from were never going to go back to that. so who is in charge now? >> you point out the perfect example of this. it is the gym jordan versus the liz cheney. these numbers show us the people who are loyal to president trump are different than those who describe themselves as traditional republicans in that survey. there is a split there pretty big chunk of them are with jordan. i chunk her with liz cheney. the bigger jump trump that say we can separate the people are bad actors and criminal actors
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of the capitol barbie what no part of that. we like he was a fighter, he spoke up for us, that he did things that a lot of republicans had promised they would do for got cold feet once they got an office. he has a very loyal following, the gym jordan wing or the liz cheney wing winner did find a way to come together question that's a big challenge for republicans moving forward. sue for it's to be very interesting redrawing of iop, they've had to do that over the last five years. i don't think they have done it completely which means there is room with both parties split that means all bets are off shannon we know a lot's happened but now in your show and a little under three hours by watching every minute, thank you so much. thank you love it. art president trump might be off social media, but he is still president for another
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five full days. so will he stick it to the haters with a parting spree questioning could that include pardons for himself and his family question yesterday the president got some unlikely support from former fbi director james comey. he said joe biden should consider giving trump a pardon for the good of the nation, watch. >> i don't know, he should consider is part of healing the country and getting us to a place where we can focus on things that are not -- but they're going to matter, joe biden's got at least think about that. >> he's got so much to think about because of you. is that a road to unity? and is joe biden going to write it? the trump administration and with a whimper or bank? let's get into it tonight party penalty at this is that reason does make senior editor author fanta fantastic book just in time for mount as a panic attack at the sauve. and host on fox news rated the one and only jimmy failure,
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such a big star. and democrats status just andrew bell communications laura fink, welcome back hi gentlemen. >> hey girl. >> i'll start with you robby. comey is trying to make parallels with what happened with richard nixon and what's happening with president trump. and you say the parallels are really not that clear, explain. >> note nixon resigned, so there is at least somewhat an admission of guilt of something. i don't think trump is in that position at all. i don't think trump thanks he's did anything at all. and to be furious not been convicted, removed or any formal mechanism for having said he did something wrong. seems like a random suggestion from james comey when that's not going to happen. i don't know what incentive joe biden has to do that. with that hill the country? is there any action that biden or trump could take to heal the country? it seems a totally, totally unrealistic to my ears.
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so far okay so jim i have been saying for a while that i think president trump should pardon hunter biden. i think it's a great in then joe biden pardons president trump at sort of buttons everything upward you don't think he should sell part of why? >> you cannot sell pardons admission of guilt in some capacity. he's not been charged with a get the moment rates are still bugs buddy were bugs bunny's like he's not in here in front of the oven. and i will it's in the oven? you know in a minute a long-winded weird analogy but i'm distracted and disappointed in this moment because i do want to point out that james comey background, considering how many waterfalls and redwood sequoia pictures he posts on twitter was a little underwhelming, no? >> everything about him is underwhelming. >> he is the worst. >> is a gangly is a goof. >> he is buried to robby i will disagree with robby who is actually the younger prettier me. >> how i dare you.
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>> noy oh, you this, with your fancy hair. i think of you healing gesture breathing there's a parallel between ford, nixon, biden, trump just in that it would demonstrate some goodwill towards the other side. before nixon's vice president. >> that matters. before their massive differences here. everyone to compare everything in washington, every scandal to watergate. >> of course this is bigger then watergate for its all big and then watered a pizza milton burrell says. [laughter] before so laura fink, you are not pleased with james comey either. did he need to insert himself into this discussion? >> i mean does he ever need to insert himself into this discussion? if he hadn't in 2016 and might be in a different place. what you all are proving is the only unity that james comey knows about is the ability to unify very different people who dislike james comey.
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he said that again today. one of the problems here is with the blanket pardon and i appreciate the argument as to admission of guilt. it also is so you're not immune from prosecution simply because you are in politics. because you are the president per think that such a terrible precedent moving forward. and speaking of unity 38% approval rating. we are in the basement. who are reunified with? this is a solution looking for which problem it solves pretty we have not found one. >> the last i spent the summer in the basement end up getting electives was not that bad. [laughter] >> i have no respect for the basement. >> that is fantastic for elect to say to the present because this is his favorite cable news show, please pardon ross albrecht, julian a sasha and edward snowden. please take the time to do
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that. you have time between now and wednesday 11:59 a.m. to pardon those people. it's very necessary, that would make great strides towards healing the nation. am i right? >> i've also passionate about pardons for those people really encourage the president to execute on those actions, that be a fantastic way to end his presidency on a forgiving note these people well worth parting spree >> for to stick the landing, go to black to white upper he departed panel g player favorite new game, present your lap against next week's inauguration. you are immune from coronavirus for five months after inspection so how do we know the vaccine gives longer better protection. doctor marc siegel explains can we really trust china to tell the truth the w.h.o. finally goes there to investigate your later? see pills in ways and he is a china expert he is coming up
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and he will unveil an updated vaccine plan tomorrow watch this. spam act it is not hard to see where in the middle of the once in several generation economic crisis. with a once in several generation public health crisis. a crisis of a deep human suffering is in plain sight. there is no time to waste, we have to act and we have to act now. >> goodwin. the upcoming fight in the ministration faces an uphill battle as we continue to break infection and death records for god that is awful but below british scientists a humans are immune for about five months after infection. though, it would be sure the various vaccines will last longer than that? jointly tonight boxes medical correspondent and author of covid, the power of science care copy now. it is dr. marc siegel, welcome back doctor siegel. >> hi kenny how are you doing? >> i'm doing well-paid and always fascinated by this.
11:19 pm
seems like we still need more time that we have had to really understand how the virus works and how the vaccine is going to work protected immunologist from lavoie about six weeks ago who said they determine that if you have the vaccine, the antibodies last nine months or longer. the study out of england is saying it's about five months. so will be shot last longer than the natural immunity? what you think? >> here's the answer to that. the actual disease, covid-19 causes antibiotics and t cells that the latest that is out of nature and elsewhere it looked like it may last more than a year. you know what? we have been ignoring that. we have been ignoring that. the whole course of the pandemic but we are always on fear are we? fear, fear brit habit when he got over covid-19 you're probably not going to get it again. he should still be cautious. should still make a mask and
11:20 pm
still distance. of the vaccine is another set of good news. again we don't know if only been studying this vaccine, these two new vaccines for months, right? but there cure the robust and community that's even stronger than what you see from the virus pray to i am predicting that too was going to be more than a year or two. so i think these vaccines are not something you're going to have to keep getting every six months. i think every year or two or maybe two years of both our our immunity pretty think these vaccines are way more immune from them we ever thought. they're very exciting. >> that is exciting. i hope johnson & johnson is just as effective pathetically one-shot. so might worry is, and please speak to this, that people get the first vaccine, they feel like garbage so they're not going to go back for the second period it's like when you get sick opt tequila in your 20s, you tend to never drink it again. [laughter] >> i don't know about that. i can't agree with the tequila
11:21 pm
bit. but it depends if you have a lime or a lemon in it. as far as this is concerned, this is one of the reasons i believe in the two shot approach. i don't like this approach give everybody the first shot and then look around under rocks for the second shot. i want you to schedule your second shot at the time they get there first. then what it's on your calendar it says 12:00 p.m. on february 3 and back you go for it that is what happened to neighbor to have a second shot yesterday, kennedy and i got it because it is on my calendar. it started alarmingly. we have to do it that way paid by the way there's a study out of israel that just came out that shows a one shot though it is helpful is not enough for deleting two shots of this vaccine. see forgiving they'll need two shots of the johnson & johnson vaccine are you optimistic that will do everything one stop shopping? >> i'm very excited at the j&j vaccine for a thing is going to be one-shot, it's cheaper, it does not have been kept in deep freeze. you can keep it in a regular refrigerator for weeks and weeks and weeks. kennedy: refrigeration not
11:22 pm
deep freezing. you don't need a thermometer to figure out the vaccine is effective. >> you don't have to take it and they north pole pray. [laughter] >> evanescence prom night. [laughter] 's tobacco my god i don't hear that story pray the problem j&j is once again the song of supply. so i quit present like biden is saying today, when there's $60 billion for the feds to create vaccine centers. let's get these vaccines into everybody's arms but that's where we got to go with this. not wondered about income of 200 million vaccinated this thing is going to start to drop rates but we got to do something without a get people back to work, kids back to school, people going to concerts and broad weight of the great things we used to do. now sitting around sitting around hugging each other it makes us feel it. gotta get you back in the studio, doctors beagle. >> i'm going to the opera after this but you may want me in the studio but i can't wait until the opera reopens and
11:23 pm
broadway and restaurant even outdoor restaurants. savor all do anything i'll start cooking for people got a tiny hibachi britt you give me pl t gemple give you stake. >> i heard you are a great cook. see if i don't like to brag but i have a fantastic cook. back in time thank you so much for it got a lot more covid news in the coming weeks will see you soon. after year being blocked by the comic creeps in china, world health organization investigators have finally been allowed to begin probing the origins of covid-19 for the team of scientists have now landed in wuhan or chinese authorities scrub the market initially thought to be the potential source of the disease. you have any reason to believe china will at them learn the truth? here now popular positive offer host of the next revolution sunday night on fox news channel details in his back. good to see you again, second time today. hi katie. by the way did i get that rhonda doctor siegel doing shots of tequila on his counter? was at the first shot in the
11:24 pm
second shot? [laughter] before the tequila vaccine party. i think a lot of people at fox to be down for that. [laughter] may be protected and buzz at the same time. i think that's a great service to all of america. you have been so good about laying out the case against china. and all of the ways they have stolen from free market american companies other so opaque in terms of my origin and the virus. more deadly than anyone could have imagined. so why should we trust that china is going to open the doors with any truth and transparency? >> we can't trust them. it's not just because are genuinely reluctant to be open and transparent about anything. it's an authoritarian regime per they want to cover up everything as a one-party state. this particular case it's much, much worse. if you look at the evidence
11:25 pm
and look at genetic information that is been out there for a long time now and what scientists are saying that the origins of its virus, the most likely explanation is not certain, we don't know for sure because we do not have the information. most likely explanation is it came from a lab accident from the wuhan institute of virology where they have reported viruses that were there as a result of genetic experimentation. that are the closest to what we see in the coronavirus. it's much more likely that is what happened than the other explanation that it is a really convoluted set of coincidences that need to have happen for that virus to hit people first and wuhan. they don't want the world to think they are to blame. that is why they are being so deliberately about this, covering it up, not allowing the investigation to go on. we've got to push for an answer. if it is true that it came from this experimentation, that is a huge, huge consequence for things going
11:26 pm
on all around the world. >> it also means that same thing can happen again from wuhan or god knows where. my issue here is there is no recourse. china, they have had such a tight lid on any information, they have scrubbed social media and any hashtags between doctors, that might have allowed information to leak out earlier. the virus was around long before they admitted to their existence but human to human transmission. there is no recourse. >> exactly right speed on top of that they immediately replace the people writing that lab with people from their military from the chinese army there's absolutely nothing you can do. and we know from their behavior for example the wto and so on as if no respect for international institution, norms are all the things people love to accuse president trump of breaking.
11:27 pm
the chinese have never adhered to there's absolutely no chance were going to get them to do the decent thing here. >> know they're not going to do the decent thing and they're delighted the biden administration is coming in. this administration they're not going to be tough on china in any regard from trade to health, kind of sucks. but at least we have viewed their condo's got you on the wall. go ahead. >> the one important thing i will add kennedy, this is much more important than the issues we have been discussing for it by youngest son today sign e-mail from your team and the subject line at the kennedy tonight present absolutely convince the name of this show is kennedy tonight. darling you better change the name otherwise is going be very upset. >> we like to be straightforward it is jesse kennedy informally known as canada daily. always glad to have you here. see pendleton get to talk to you very much much love to both of your sons. alright it is a big week, next week obviously we have a great presidential quiz for you all. it is called perez your lap.
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either with an advisor or online, through chase. after all, it's yours. chase. make more of what's yours. >> there were go welcome back it's been a heavy couple of weeks my friends but next week might be even worse, that sucks. so with inauguration day almost upon us let's have a low fun it is time to play "prez your luck". they gain that test your command of americans commanders in chief. our party panel get points by answering historical trivia and each contestant will have one chance to pre's either luck and doubled her point total on the question of their choosing braidwood if they get it wrong they lose it all. let's get it to it, robby, jimmy, laura you guys rate a smith let's do it. back i'm going to give you guys one question at a time of one question each grade robby this is your question by question number one who is the
11:33 pm
nation's tallest president, abraham lincoln, george washington, order will centered john adams? smith abraham lincoln? >> nothing depressed yet, you java point. he couldn't next time. >> jimmy here is your first question. which of these presidents did not die in office, zachary taylor, chester arthur, warren g harding or william mckinley? >> might narrow down mckinley was not in office, but i believe it was worn g harding. support that is incorrect it's actually chester arthur, very unremarkable politician who by default became president, laura here's your first question. which president installed a putting green into a white house garden? donald trump, dwight eisenhower, barack obama, or josiah bartlett? [laughter] smacked thank god for the one give me on that one.
11:34 pm
i was a good old general eisenhower. kennedy: you be correct but i like ike because he has a golf spike. good job you and robby tied it one after the first round. let's continue to perez shall we? or it robby question were two for you, was the only president to be single in the white house? james buchanan, teddy roosevelt, james mattis, or dwight eisenhower? subject toby buchanan i belabored >> how do you know that? robby that is correct you got two points. feel free to prez away. all right jimmy got to catch up your buddy. which president was be the first to be protected by the secret service? grover cleveland, theater roosevelt, james monroe, or james k polk? >> a while. this is hard. i'm going to say grover cleveland but i am guessing. kennedy: you guessed it wrong you are now quite a whole, but
11:35 pm
you have zero. robby has two, laura has one, laura can catch up with her second question. laura here we go. which president famously showed up drunk to his inauguration as vice president? was it andrew jackson, andrew johnson? james a pulp or lyndon johnson? all the sound good. >> know i feel like andrew jackson was a both a raging of populism murder of indians and a party guy. so i'm going with andrew jackson. safari picked the wrong andrea was andrew johnson. yes he was a picked from the great state of tennessee by abraham lincoln to shore up the democrat he was an utter failure, barely escaped impeachment when he was not convicted by one vote. >> could hang. robby went to present your luck here? subject i have to hear the question first? >> know you have to decide whether you want to "prez your luck" right alright i will
11:36 pm
"prez your luck" bernard robby taking a big gamble this could take them up to for him is unbeatable. who was a first president to put a christmas tree in the white house? franklin pierce, benjamin franklin, george washington, or benjamin harrison? >> was the first one? franklin pierce i will say franklin pierce. twenty-four oh robby that is for. this guy is unbelievable you got that right robby soave. [laughter] i love the tyrant lap and libertarian. right jim. cohesion next and pay which of these presidents and never invoked the insurrection act of 1807 allowing them to deploy the u.s. military within the united states to suppress insurrection rebellion or civil disorder. was it george h.w. bush? lyndon b. johnson, john s kennedy or james mattis? >> i wish i can follow defend and ask presidential historian robby soave. [laughter] savard when asked robby go ahead and ask robby.
11:37 pm
>> i want to say jfk. kennedy: no. >> i am the worst at this game i'm so mad. before it's james mattis. >> was my first guess. >> his wife dolly madison had some delicious treats. lord you want to "prez your luck" healing at one point. be good too. >> i have got to catch up with robby the terminator. kennedy: if you get this right , you get another point. you have to either way. one plus one is the same thing but >> this is about pride this is about pride it's not about match. support you will lose it. if you get it right and you don't "prez your luck", but you get right you double it. >> that i will tyler seven. kennedy: it's really bad for you to "prez your luck" i'm just telling you. there's zero upside for you.
11:38 pm
[laughter] you do not get any more points made double from one to do but i'm not allowing you to "prez your luck". true or false, chester -- chester a arthur slapped his own secretary of state for stepping on his pet duck. true or false? >> i am so befuddled, i don't think i understand this question. i'm going with true. kennedy: it's for preview and jimmy are good at this game. [laughter] [laughter] robby am going to give you the last one. >> i would've got that one wrong. see for was the first president to be divorced? arthur b haid, donald trump, ronald reagan or warn harding? >> of dragon. support hay robby gets it right, robby's got five, jim gets zero, laura has one she almost had none. i saved her. [laughter] you guys are awesome. it's so good in fact i'm going to make it stick around so we
11:39 pm
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>> two weeks ago into 2021, america's new motto insurrection and infection. how fun. new survey from paxinos 83% of republicans and 77% all agree the country is falling apart that's just rich. ahead of the 20000 national guard slits in the capitol arm
11:44 pm
and allowed to use lethal force if need be to how the hell did we get here? more important had it what you do to write the ship and get the country back on course to freedom. all right, let's get intimate with party panel. robby is very excited about his victory, jimmy is licking his wounds and a laura is, she's scheming what she's going to do next time. that's all appropriate. beck shame on you i'm so delighted it is so fun. so robby, hasn't all fallen apart? is there any good news here? >> it's all pretty bad. i really do not want to undersell it. i live in the capitol, d.c., it feels like it is been conquered by an invading army like we are under military control part it is a crazy time. i went to cover the capitol riots, it was one of the most shameful, disgraceful moments for this country. i do not things are quite
11:45 pm
better quite divided we need to get over it. denies when bring them all home. no questions asked, no exceptions, i think that will be a great thing to do. but clearly you need to stop inflaming tensions here, that is on everyone in both parties dangerous as a real cost right now. kennedy: will well said robby. jim anything we can do to make it better? >> beyond listening to fox across america, to everybody listing let's be clear. we need to disconnect but everyone keeps yelling america can't coexist anymore. that is not the problem but we
11:46 pm
can coexist we can coexist too much. what i mean by that is for forms of political disagreement but we were able to escape the disagreement. now that lives in your phone 24 hours a day i think that's because of social media. kennedy: lives everywhere lives and your actors, your sports, there's no such thing as escapism. for 70 people were stuck at home, there is nowhere to escape to. >> the only happy people right now are the amish they are killing it right now for no facebook come there's no cancel culture. we should all move to ohio or indiana live good. so far no glitching iphones. pennsylvania's well that's three great states. great state. he also said people should smoke cigars, which i agree with. >> you should do an activity that forces you to sit still for an hour and either spend time with yourself, and they talk until the thought space that's not influenced by a
11:47 pm
screen or like count or dissenting thought, just learn to be. everybody really does need to calm down. that's the worst thing to say because the success rate is zero. no one told in to buy to calm down the getting hit of throat by a nine iron. kennedy: don't tell them that when they're mad. more what can we do here? autistic. >> think the real sign here before get in touch with reality. and did not lose the election that it was stolen from them. kennedy: not everybody don't paint a broad brush for your better than that. >> my only solution, do think, i do think we have got to
11:48 pm
agree on the big democratic troops forgot to hand over power peacefully empties that will be a good start. secondarily we send the republicans off to a little retreat in the mountains rate we send a counselor. subject republicans of the only ones have lost their minds. did you see that yesterday from democrats? it was absolutely bad poop crazy but i love having you robby, jimmy, laura thank you robby, jimmy, laura thank you topical storm is robby, jimmy, laura thank you topical storm is robby, jimmy, laura thank you topical storm is robby, jimmy, laura thank you topical storm is ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia.
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11:53 pm
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11:54 pm
driving but to make current cadillac customers feel comfortable will have a one turn signal on at all times. the aircraft will travel from rooftop to rooftop at 55 miles per hour which will give cadillac drivers plenty of time to complain about the kids never calling. this in itself driving with the biometric sensors the company said it's absolutely the van of the future. hope youse try voters to bring truth tribunals free look at that. topic number three. everyone knows to be a good fighter have to stay frosty. but sometimes is just not enough use a cage match between the siberian tiger and a snowman. i want to say on record that during the tense times the snowman is nancy pelosi come on, look like the tigers getting cold feet. then he got the eye of himself and turned his opponent into
11:55 pm
frosted flakes. tough break for jimmy elia, he bet a thousand dollars on the snowman. you don't really belong in the same division. that's one meant wearing a lot of waterway. it lasted longer than the mcgregor fights. adding insult to injury after divulging the 70 tiger signed an autograph on him and p. [laughter] says he will be back but he is definitely looking at a rebuilding year. all right, now that the trump trait is been kicked off the internet, there is only one place you can go to hear from bunch of know it all loud math control idiot dumb dems. it's my twitter reply. this is a viewer mail. defender of democracy kicks us off did they let you off of the asylum early? now because ronald reagan change the law thank god there's no more incarceration michele writes kennedy nation,
11:56 pm
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kennedy: think it's much like the best arbor day file twitter an instagram at kennedy nation. basement kennedy fb income e-mail candy appian foxbusiness. subscribe to my podcast candidate saves the world >> an underwater strange inheritance. >> we've had this in the family since 1899. >> their world's an oyster. >> do you want to try and shuck >> i would. it's all about the shuck. >> but their biz is belly-up. >> they pretty much said this oyster-planting business is over. >> they want to revive it. >> a couple drinks make anything sound good. >> so, will they sink... >> we looked at our debt for the first time, like, "whoa. it's, like, $350,000". >> ...or float? >> okay, here we go. come to mama. ♪♪ [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪♪


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