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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 11, 2021 11:00pm-11:59pm EST

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of one of them. strong, to not allow their inauguration day cannot come soon enough for democrats who were standing right inside the rights to be taken from them. they'll be charged with a capitol building and did not participate in a lot of the to speak up and hold your today introduced an article of certaind by the fact they l still be charger metastatic breast cancer is relentless, lawmakers accountable. impeachment against president we have no other now. trump and a resolution asking certain activities. it will be horses for but i'm relentless every day. vice president mike pence to remove the president from office via the 25th courses. and having more days is possible with verzenio, lou: got to go, sara, thank you it won't be the same for a deter amendment we've heard so much very much. other people to do the same proven to help you live significantly longer we appreciate it. thank you all. about. it seems they may not have thanks for being with thing in the future. when taken with fulvestrant. enough republican support for but there is a difference and either one. so with just ten days to go in you can see the difference in verzenio + fulvestrant is for women with hr+, people's eyes. his presidency, why is this her2- metastatic breast cancer happening? that has progressed after hormone therapy. kennedy: @real donald trump could this backfire and turn the president into a martyr on you've obviously investigated and bought terrorists in his way out the door? different parts of the country diarrhea is common, may be severe, comment leases twitter account for decades. or cause dehydration or infection. is this the same thing? has been permanently hushed that sort elastic everyone at the first sign, call your doctor, and parlor has gone teeth up needs prejudgment fox news contemnor former utah is this the same mindset to start an anti-diarrheal, and drink fluids. printed out with options left some terrorist you have seen before taking verzenio, tell your doctor about any fever, congressman jason chaffetz is for conservatives to digitally internationally? >> well, look, i don't want to gripe? it's been quite a bit of backward welcome back sir. chills, or other signs of infection. speculation that parlor >> thanks kennedy. seaport looks like neither of verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts, causing horrific these things are going to gain ich y h causy s infeio a purchase. speculate. c-uppercase-letter agent last because the investigation is c leaan dan. week about their ceo disputes so what is the point? he has done a week from li -threahrnieaun ginamon ccccccc ongoing. that. he says it far worse rhetoric tuesday, i mean a week from swirls through the toilet bowl wednesday. as soon as it took place, the cc telloudoctboutnyut w neorsenene troheaist, stn. st >> the nancy below ci no, he ous rirri velepran h c hn.apn. of twitter and other platforms and stays up longer. only cares about herself and the democratic party. fbi, capitol police, d.c. parlor was meant to be an police, other organizations are all doing a hot wash on symp ms itoludetoatdeiguede d dingeebreesibrngoma sai s bloootd thotat cot leaotiguede eato dtoth d heae hocedcus anything goes free speech the spray there's a lot of symposium. but when user compared to an i don't see her put in the information that needs to be llr doouoryo iu iha phaaivel gathered. llll our oarargsr ,ar or shors tnshreshat b b country before any of that. there's a lot of questions airport strip club where you i think she's got very far bcht t a rapidapbr theag thor heathrt hat are instantly bombarded by hookers and drunks, fun. left wing of the party that's that we need to have f yoeu yo prnt nursr nug.rsnu answered. if they are ery y maery ermas.ttma parlor also found it fairly wanted to do this since before
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quickly that in order to stay donald trump was even elected mamad nti mi mofor te orm.e he within the lanes of decency asyour doctor toour tabt ydevae and perhaps an business ouch a it's not going to go investigation very transparent. our right question this is not anywhere. that people have spoken, the one of the cases we wonder private site requires self election is now been policing. five months fromtook place. when twitter banned summer 45 certified. and next week work on avenue forgot his followers flocked to parlor which was overwhelmed with new users present. iptryyotrn n mingn omi became instant competition for twitter and facebook predict t hereveher weher wehege. before you pointed out also tech giants may be signaling thepitol. their block in the new chat .. iptryyotrn n mingn omi i made a business out of my passion. venue in the name of safety. i mean, who doesn't love obsessing over network security? but it might be about limiting and they telegraphed aware they were going at what they were doing. we got 30 seconds go up and all our techs are pros. the exclusive and powerful kennedy: really distracts him tech waters from late entrance the incoming president and the they know exactly which parking lots have the strongest signal. who could gobble up market biting agenda. so i may disagree with most of wrapor good security as share as the next big thing. it. i think it is a pretty bad. plus i caught the current vice president, this he want invoke i just don't have the bandwidth for more business. if laura really about safety the 25th amendment? what private rumblings have and consistency, then why you heard about mike pence feelings and removing the a result of prior planning and seriously, i don't have the bandwidth. president? resource allocation would twitter still allow the ayatollah to call for a quote glitchy video calls with regional offices? >> no, i don't think so. reciprocal blow to the u.s. in the vice presidents been very yeah, that's my thing. loyal to donald trump. people did not like the optics with at&t business, you do the things you love. retaliation for solemnize at there are some tumultuous perhaps of seeing yes let's death? can that be a violation of the sites glorification of policy things that have been all sorts of questionsout our people and network will help do the things you don't. happening. sue becky's also been burned or anything who openly support by the president. let's take care of business. exactly. at&t. so back i don't think that is that have to be answered. speculation is not going to and relishes the hundreds of right. mike pence i stormed with him help this at all proven into thousands of civilian in the house of representatives. what the investigation take casualties and yemen civil he's a very decent, honorable his course, get the evidence war? dirk is president does not then make some informed just joust with media patriot person of nothing but dissidents and call them fake decisions. good things to say. one other thing, really news, he jails and murders burnside got to buy the biden
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them. he is as impure, he is a administration as a cia yet he and his 17.3 million director's very smart priest followers are still shooting wonderful person. very experienced. his heart is in the right he would not be my choice you've got the first female through the twitter universe. place. he is in a terrible position he sells his 3347.7000 that way. director, gina leading the organization. well-regarded excellent followers where he once tweeted this at-bat poop crazy experience. not right. in kennedy isn't strange we've she should've stayed in place she should've stayed in place. not heard joe biden take a tweet, i'm not anti- semite i position on this? >> come back, we will talk horserace thanks for being am anti- termite. but where's joe? here i was appreciated. staying on top of your game takes a plan. classy. you, jason think about this. hypocrisy is rampant and is he's about to be president you your journey requires liberty mutual. that's why at aetna, now coordinate extremely think he wants to endorse a we take a total, connected approach limiting should a violent they customize your car insurance to your health and wellness dingbats have a place to spew plan that makes it very easy to unseat the president? so you only pay for what you need. with medicare advantage plans designed to surround you their vitriol and insight each wow. that will save me lots of money. with the care you need every day. other? not at their host was to make because the 25th amendment this game's boring. aetna medicare advantage plans. billions on the social media amount to be chatting down ron would be more successfully and liberty. liberty. only pay for what you needty. paul on facebook or slamming appropriately used for settlement like joe biden if the door and half the country seems like a pretty bad way to he has a potential mental do business. and big tackle be wise to decline. he so yellowish belted yank ♪ ♪ used house while # mouth remember they are despised on any jerk that's in the oval the left by antitrust or super ♪ happy to use their new power trumpet monday ♪ office because he is the next (quiet piano music) to separate and pummeled them into submission. they'll be a familiar scene to jerk but let's talk about impeachment let's have the ♪ democrats have enough votes for this article of ♪ apple, amazon, twitter, facebook and twitter but it's impeachment is a get to the ♪ what they just did to parler. and that is the memo. senate by next wednesday? if not what happens? comfort in the extreme.
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while if you think about this, ♪ thanks much watch the best >> no, i think the house will only have to get to a simple the lincoln family of luxury suvs. majority. alberta feldman instagram and no hearings, no evidence, just a simple vote. twitter at kennedy nation, e-mail kennedy they want to put republicans epi@foxbusines social media, you think it's on the record pretty senate i've been involved in. communications in the media all fine and dandy, think again for each of these does not have time to take >> you want thrills, you'll get companies you see here have them all at the roller derby. announced that we no longer donate money to any this upperdeck don't think they have an inclination to for 45 years. >> talk about hell on wheels! republicans who voted to take this out. certify sorry i guess a or i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis >> she's the paragon, the symbol they are swearing in a new president and a matter of days for at least eight years. for roller derby. their pausing all giving. but we are less than ten days for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been >> i wear hot pants all the time. so where did conservative out to. >> she was a star. voices turn from here? kennedy: this president really that prevagen seems to help me recall things i mean, there's no doubt about goes nuts, imagine what he it. >> a star who leaves an attic and could the pendulum swing could do. the other way on big tech i am looking for the roswell full of roller derby history... question mike with me and also think more clearly. tonight's party panel prefer and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. the federative senior editor files. i bet he could pardon every >> let me see this. and author of the art of the they're very, very, very small. single person who was in federal custody right now. it has helped me an awful lot. donald it is carissa bedford. >> her lifelong fan. reason editor at large and coast of the fifth podcast map prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> this is ann's last jersey. he could pardon every person >> why did she leave you her who was at the riots. inheritance? while sprint and fox news >> the answer -- contribute she is back, he could pardon his family for it's a little tricky. their people worried he is jessica tarlov in the house. i welcome everyone. select tanks. going to nuke north korea for fun which i don't think he's >> whoopsy. [ laughs ] good to have you. going to do i don't think he [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] can do. unilaterally he can go beep quick. [ thunder rumbles ] beep beep but i think they can stop that right? >> this is all the political >> crisp bad for i'm going to relist that a family present, twitter, facebook, twitter, chatter.
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it's kind of fun to talk about tik tok, shop at five, reddit for some people. twitter, youtube, eight ws but there is no indication the president is going to do anything pretties going down so you're a small bor a big one. you were thriving, to visit the southern wall but then... oh. apple and skype or cpa if it that he helped erect. and he fought for and this is ah. is an ma fighter. okay. plan, pivot. where is he to go question. how do you bounce back? silly chatter. it is a made up stuff. you don't, you bounce forward, it is a fake news think donald with serious and reliable internet. trump's record. [laughter] myspace to be a great comeback powered by the largest gig speed network in america. right now. safaris been pretty stable but is it secure? i don't think it would work. sure it's secure. keep in mind this is not just right? [laughter] and even if the power goes down, >> i think that's of the end of the democrats want to do. your connection doesn't. coinciding the same day the capital was attacked by those so how do i do this? you don't do this. by selling joe biden had an we do this, together. rioters, also coincide with opportunity. bounce forward, with comcast business. same day the democrats and big if he wanted to truly unite the nation and calm the waters tech realized there's going to and let air out of this, but be no republican oversight of he hasn't. them at all over the next two years for their basically going to get off scott free to i'mdent. attack conservatives come attacked the right and go beyond just the president it's going to lead from behind target his followers. and let nancy pelosi's and the left ride the agenda. not fanning them for many becky will be led by committee. platforms they've also been trying to undermine his ability to make money online. the entire sense republican he is not the puppetmaster. god who is question is a scary empire for making money. thought. colchicine thank you so much.
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>> meanwhile the political file for the capital right has been swift and vicious but may have only just begun. [inaudible] republican senators ted cruz you should look at these and josh hawley have been companies and say you are compared to not teased by incoming president elect. obviously colluding together as competitors. many of their fellow centers have called for the removal colluding to keep down from the senate. competition from the outside. wd over the years of why don't lawyers are calling for them to be disbarred. you just start your own the message everyday americans platform is now buncombe. we can tell who's in charge of very clear, support the president or any future the entire atmosphere. populace and we will ruin you. how far will this go? before it's cuteat, it becomes r who else will face retribution over the next four years of one site on apple, i think the harris administration featuring joe biden prelutsky that is when these companies the panel, chris bedford, matt coordinate. and matt, what does the d welch and jess qatar law. platform and do ultimately? back when you make protocols >> i think it allows the for them to resign may have been a misstep and may have country and the culture of been bad timing the man overshot the mark. free speech in the country to this not mean they should pave be degraded, to be polarized, the senate careers? right? of course all the companies or i don't think it should. their legal rights to exercise i think it's all political their freedom of association. pretty could of been a misstep by the emperor but there it's not really a question at least not by me, not my people misstep and that case was not calling for riots or anything like that. take their libertarianism or
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small government is them it sent this election is worth seriously. investigating. which admittedly is a they knew they were not one to shrinking number of people around the country. the question is more like what change the results of the presidential electio stand kind of world you want to on the senate floor originally see? do you really want to see it to push for more discussion of kennedy: after it came out she more debate over what went was faking her spanish when a sitting president of wrong in pennsylvania, or the united states is beyond the pale, that he can't to be detroit, or atlanta preach accented heritage for year, some people say nothing went she's lost her job as a on talking. wrong but it's worth having ron paul really? that discussion absolutely. before i did not get that spokesperson for the cutie earlier today the chalmette of diaper company bird and you know you messed up big when one. they must have an aversion to the house homeland committee, you are too full of crab for a his love for gold. said they should be considered being added to the no-fly list >> yeah. that is reserved for diaper company. that stinks for her. everyone is going to find terrorists. this kind of overreach is their post talk and this, is a topical storm rationalization for this. absolutely insane. for topic number one, what those of us who enjoy a the target not just donald culture of free speech, i trump or the writers they're mcdonald's in new jersey became the center of the food think need to champion more fight when it was attacked by targeting anyone dissenting a group of angry chickens. from them. >> but matt you sate loudly now than ever is hey that is right, it was revenge of the bird. disbarment is not a remedy, look, your places are all why? going to be the near times >> because the remedy is to editorial page. they're called to the suny when get smaller and smaller defeat them in the election flock of chickens began in terms of audience. not to put them on a no-fly attacking a customer at a it's going to get more and list. mcdonald's drive-through. more shrill for it's going to what they did was not a when they arrived they found be more and more hypocritical. the chickens giving customers misstep, i would not within it want to run anything characterize it as such. absolute shameful demagoguery crispy knuckle sandwiches in but tom cotton, chinese coming the five chicken finger slaps party swell. on the outset and the runoff to a deadly right on the across their faces for this
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people's preoccupations are was their version of storming different there preside don't capital on election want that world. certification day. the capital. one of the birds that he was i don't want a worldly have to so angry he felt like walking up to the soda machine and go to some awful place like they participated and acted pouring all the soda out on parler, which does not exist disgracefully by the republican party had 127 the floor. but he didn't because he was anymore in order to see how the other half is living. members of congress who voted against certifying the i want to see where i can election on something that has chicken. police said animal control choose to follow, just do not officer was able to catch one chicken with a and tackle been investigated by 60 another. follow or mute. as a real feather in his cap. twitter has a view to courts. that is the preamble. the remaining roosters escaped but how do you remedy that? function. by the way it's worth pointing and then went down the street out to say that parler is the you both them out of office. to chick-fil-a. the republican party internally has a gut check and not to start another riot, just for lunch. biggest progenitor of these says how often have we been they know it's sick but those videos or these messages and sitting here drifting? had not because her so good organizing is just wrong. literally drifting. they just can't help themselves. of course it's facebook, making money if you are in the so succulent. courses youtube. media, politics or whatever. lisa later captured the whole crew brought them to an animal i am blind to build soaking up more people live streaming on? the idiot riotersthat is the pl. shelter with are currently up their fears. for adoption. in other words, they are isn't there is remedies for that many are internal. you don't need this external such a thing as a free lunch remedies here an artificial good job fellows. topic number two, it is a mug so with these companies are shot monday. doing is it okay for to make bisque disbarment are yank and tonight we've got a real those guys ogres. them somehow out of congress. sweet talker. >> that is a good point. meanwhile we're going to write 30-year-old jethro genius was josh hawley and ted cruz have the inevitable elizabeth already considered themselves arrested with two large bags warren regulation it comes out of white and brown powder. in such a way to make sure constitutionalists. what they were doing was he tried to get out of trouble that we don't get new extraconstitutional. competitors to compete with us, i think that is wrong. by telling police break creatively they were filled kennedy: all the name of what they are doing, jessica,
11:08 pm
the sugar and cornstarch because he was on his way to is trying to appeal before competition. which is not what they are bake a cake, love the fast doin doing. thinking. police say something was but jessica i do have a really disenfranchising trump voters hard time with hypocrisy. who feel a sense of injustice deathly going to get baked springfield test unraveled the i don't feel like these rules or a sense of voiceless and is are universally meted out. confection deception -- both coming on. and they want to rankle that bags actually contained i have a real issue with that. ecstasy. which i'm told is a secret movement. they want to heard that energy people talk about trauma as and passion. ingredient to most of steve though he is running maybe they could not have ducey's recipes. foreseen what happened at the talk about getting happy in a concentration camps. hurry. in addition to trafficking but the people daily in china, capital, there has to be a better way of appealing to they can tweet out that covid people have been left out of the political process. charges, jethro also known as chef boyardee you're done, was charged with introducing it came from prepackaged spector absently does very frozen foods, presumably from think mitt romney was right on contraband into a detention facility after allegedly the mark when he said what you dropped a bag of math while in the u.s. and that is fine. can do to help people the most is tell them the truth. the ayatollah can talk about that is exactly what josh custody at the county jail, so exterminating israel employing resourceful. when she told the guards was a the united states off the map. halley and ted cruz did not do while at the same time funding repeatedly. seesaw from lovely duck the civil war. if it were not for brad baer, and that is okay. laurent she was preparing to cook in the toilet. we have murderous regimes who absolutely scorch josh hawley over what he is trying to accomplish when he actually topic number three a catering where it is business as usual. assistant for queen elizabeth got him to finally say no, this will not change the is in jail for stealing items results, we never would have from buckingham palace and selling them on ebay right he's annoying, irresponsible, record of josh hawley the which is how i got incredible narcissistic and is almost out number one graduate of ill in deal on my new ninja blender of office. of winzip or 37 adam canto, oh
11:09 pm
yet somehow he is literally his year admit he knew it he hitler. was doing was to promote himself ensure he could be a no, he pleaded guilty to stealing dozens of royal items >> not literally hitler yet. but baby hitler a little but top contender for the 2024 nomination for president. including an official banquet this time around. and to have that photo album and it procedures can pan in metal from places i am perfectly happy to have a disenfranchised dissolution competition conversation part i know i am the least trump voters behind him. libertarian minded on this in terms of disbarment, i like prince andrew storeroom. don't sit out any of those likely prints and resources esteemed panel at which i am so thrilled to be part of this councils. rudy giuliani may be losing his license. evening. that is not your. real bad companions on epstein island for the prosecutor said i think that is not a moment the stolen goods were voted [laughter] >> i don't know chris, we too soon or too late, at out up to $135,000. whatever the right way is to say that. could compete. we seem to be glossing over the fact that the president which explain why the queen some of our rudy and i are spent all weekend screaming did incite this mob. very, very close. stop this deal. that he did it while it was it's the biggest step from >> i'll yes sorry. i take it back. [laughter] buckingham palace since he suits actors took president going on target mike prince, kennedy: okay. his vice president. so far i've not lost over that i've talked about that. >> i do think that these harry. people took advantage of folks she went on to steal the crown that is what i was saying is he is annoying, he is a lot of jewel. place a perpetrator sold the who did not understand the stolen items under value and those things. intricacies of what was going may just 10,000 dollars in the auctions. and you can draw a pretty on. they radicalize them over social media in a lot of ways. too bad they shut down his straight core relative climate ebay account. between what he said and where people marched. that was the only way left for kennedy: now no one gets to president trump to get a have social media. i you happy now, ted? message to the queen. having said that, there is a too soon. topic number four, there it big difference between and you dumb beard, you are not a that and telegraphing overtly we want to kill people. debbie or your lovely. is. [laughter] the show must go on in
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chris, jessica, max, you guys >> i understand that. are glorious and fantastic thank you for everything in my mexico. that means the close must come whole life. i am not saying it was not in some sense an overreaction or off. in overcorrection. but i don't know what the aren't coming up california another coronavirus epicenter of the united states. the beach annual nudist google teams were thinking that and they failed a festival announced it will go when they sought there was lockdown governor newsom and his handsome hair his fancy on despite covid-19. this mexican festival has a another for generally 17 being plan, we know attack job. i will explain why perhaps it should, that is lot with the typical draw of finally moved in. it's a great old house. 8000 in the flesh new to us. interactions on 50 state tap good bones, wraparound porch. capitals have been planned around the inauguration. the pipes are... making strange noises. and the president was the absent wrong, festival is among the world's largest hang core, he was the crux of all ♪ of this but he's been out for people who like to let spreading disinformation about it all hang out. the election results. group activities include nude kennedy: now i understand. yoga, beach volleyball, and ♪ the q flag >> okay q was body painting which sounds even the plumbers couldn't help us. relaxing until you see the size of some of those bodies. nope. we just lay on the beach and crazy. subject very good. matt, the issue with this is at least geico makes bundling our home get some sun or the sun don't and car insurance easy. which saves us a ton. it forces people to go shine. underground who were really for bundling made easy, go to evenings will include naked planning to cause crab. dinners, concerts and wild parties. in fact sometimes they get so wasted they put clothes on and >> asking investigator remember 2015 in san but there's only one way to become one... bernardino there's attack go storming for the mexican there, what of the two say? by going all in. they need to shutdown parts of nudists said the event will
11:11 pm
follow safety protocols such the internet? the new lexus is. as keeping nudists 6 feet who said no? investigators because they be revealing themselves. with a lower center of gravity, apart, which should be enough unless greg norman shows up. >> writes a ground panel we've a more responsive suspension, we'll be right got much more review coming and an aggressive wider stance. (judith) at fisher investments, we do things differently up, house speaker nancy pelosi this is what we call going all in on the sport sedan. and other money managers don't understand why. she is out for blood. but could they remove the (money manager) because our way works great for us! lease the 2021 is 300 for $359 a month for 39 months. (judith) but not for your clients. present backfire? that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. ♪ experience amazing at your lexus dealer. (money manager) so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? (judith) nope, we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. "you have cancer." (money manager) but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? how their world stopped and when they found a way smooth driving pays off (judith) we don't have those. you never been in better hands to face it. (money manager) so what's in it for you? for some, this is where their keytruda story begins. (judith) our fees are structured so we do better allstate click or call for a quote today when our clients do better. allstate i have the power to lower keytruda-a breakthrough immunotherapy at fisher investments we're clearly different. my blood sugar and a1c. that may treat certain cancers. because i can still make my own insulin. one of those cancers is advanced nonsquamous, and trulicity activates my body non-small cell lung cancer, to release it like it's supposed to. where keytruda is approved to be used trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. with certain chemotherapies as your first treatment, it's not insulin. if you do not have an abnormal "egfr" or "alk" gene. and i only need to take it once a week. keytruda helps your immune system fight cancer, plus, it lowers the risk of cardiovascular events. but can also cause your immune system to attack healthy trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. y be severe keytruda helps your immune sand lead to death., don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, see your doctor right away if you have new or worse
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11:15 pm
march or get a recall election secured for this year. it will be golden state deliver a kick in the potato kennedy: breaking news tonight, new england patriots sack to one of the most prominent democrats customer joined me nine, radio host the coat bill belichick said he declined to accept the one and only gary hoffman. presidential medal of freedom from president trump. hi gary. sue at kennedy's always great lisa sable give you little more about parties that i love to see you in these my country, limiting cannot do unprecedented times. kennedy: it is crazy. this concerning the events of last week. there you go. every person you talk to how you know it now. ttle nuts in california. what you think the chances are of another successful recall effort in the golden they are not great spirit however there's not been more momentum. remember great davis was recalled in 2003. all he had to deal with was skyrocketing electricity prices and things like that. gavin newsom has a deal for a pandemic. gavin newsom have to deal the
11:16 pm
fact that his tax the pants off some of the richest people in the state of california prompting them to move, i'm looking at you elon musk. in telling people that it is okay that the rich people are making more money because the stock market is booming. while everyone else is losing their absolute pants because he will not allow businesses to reopen. jaisol a republican strategist say the likelihood that rico actually makes it to the ballot is about 80 -- 85%. >> they arty have a million signatures. so that got about 300,000 in the last three weeks. they have almost two months more to get the required 1.5 million. it looks like this thing, this effort is growing. the way ice at the president paid the political price for the pandemic by losing the election. i think without the pandemic this president probably would have been reelected. it was very close in several states. i think it's fair that gavin newsom has completely fumbled the reaction and the
11:17 pm
lockdown. and now the vaccine or rollouts. so why shouldn't he pay in kind? >> why shouldn't he pay? i don't know if i can defend just about anything this guy has done. >> how would you describe them? >> from the rollout of the vaccines, to the amount of gel this guy uses in his hair, to the french laundry fiasco, to chronic homelessness up-and-down the state of california, to a set of rules for schools to reopen that make it virtually impossible for schools to reopen while hid kid gets go to private school. none of this makes sense. this guy for here's the other issue, this guy's been governor for some time. he's been a governor in a state dealing with a pandemic for ten months. and it still feels like he isn't reactive. all of his decisions have been reactions to these developments and this pandemic as opposed to being proactive. stopped on the state of california at what we can't
11:18 pm
do. tell so pecan do. there are millions of people ready to help. >> there are millions of people ready and willing to take responsibility for their actions. do what it takes to dine out responsibly. picture kids are going to school with masks, and every other regulation that could move them into positive territory. it is tough. california actually has a budget surplus right now. >> that was a big announcement from friday they were expecting its 50 billion plus dollars shortfall because of the pandemic. and his announcement that tax revenues were better than expected because the rich people are doing just fine. the incredible tone deafness of a statement like that, the people they can eat at the french laundry, yes they are doing fine. there are millions of small businesses that will never recover from this. >> it's going to be all of gardens in chapultepec i could only eat at the latter but i do love it.
11:19 pm
gary hoffman please come back and see me to it pray >> absently less unprinted and chant unprecedented time periods before maybe a poop show for a while bring an umbrella. [laughter] soon xo for only 20% of all first vaccine doses distributed in the u.s. have actually made it into people's arms print several states he vaccine rollout has been so slow doses have gone bad and need to be tossed straight some of the struggling states like california and new york are now trying to turn things around by turning stadiums into giant fox nation centers. so how do you get yourself a shot? and how similar basile to get one? jointly tie infectious disease specialist at johns hopkins for health security senior scholar it is dr. amesh adalja p is back welcome back surprised direct thinking for having me. >> what is the biggest hurdle to getting people vaccinated in places like california and new york they have not even gone through a third of the vaccine that they've got.
11:20 pm
>> it's a lot harder than getting a flu shot. much of this was predictable. you can't just go and get a covid nights teen chat like he got a tech shot or a flu shot. it's a process even at a hospital. i have had both of my shots is not something you can do lightly you have a time to set up at the sit there for 15 minutes there are consent forms to fill out. that all takes time. hospitals are not able to do that. the same kind of vaccinated people there also taken care of : patient this is all happening during holidays, the state health department have been under resourced and undervalued for a long time. that last vial of getting a vaccine and turning into fox nation that's not something operation works be put emphasis on early that's why were seeing it altered. >> they heard there is a general in charge, we heard that infrastructure was under control. but it is not only a matter of getting the vaccine outs and getting the word out to the right people, he also have
11:21 pm
issues with storage. which is also something that we could see coming. so why not have walgreens and cvs help out? >> night devon think that the of the drugstores involved but some states are using cvs to vaccinate nursing home patients have to get them involved in vaccinating in general population as we start moving to the community with elderly's with high risk factors print below people get the vaccine wherever they can. it will beget vaccine it can be stored in a much easier manner for example the johnson & johnson, the moderna certain situations bringing bring that closer to patients. you can have doctors offices you have drugstores doing it. you need to borrow a lot of lessons in israel when they develop the vaccine quickly by having massive fox nation techniques. mcmahon they do so much stuff right. heading on the list? >> at the get all depends on your state. some states are sticking to the cdc guidance were phase one a is healthcare nervous and nursing home residents. and 1b is essential workers
11:22 pm
and people are above the age of 75 for each state is kind of doing it differently. some have place you can sign up with their county state health apartment get a time to come in. other states are waiting and do it much more regionally. they will call you and tell you when it comes. it's not going to be one-size-fits-all part of think that's part of the issue. there's a federal best practices out there and how to do this. kennedy: it's confusing working 40% of healthcare workers are refusing the vaccine. so that is again why there's so much left over in some places. please keep us posted, dr. amesh adalja thank you so much for coming back respect thank you. >> coming at prosecutors considering domestic terrorism charges are some the capital rioters. is that appropriate? and what exactly makes it terrorism? will have the terms with the will have the terms with the one and
11:23 pm
will have the terms with the one and ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:24 pm
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♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. kennedy: domestic terrorist companies with president-elect joe biden calls those who preach the capital building last week, ted cruz use the
11:27 pm
same term. and d.c. mayor bowser called the assault textbook terrorism. and ted cruz said it was a despicable act of terrorism according to a new report law enforcement officials have open at least 25 domestic terrorism cases all blowing the riots. but does what happened in a b-uppercase-letter the bar to be considered of the same level as something like the oklahoma city bombings? joining me to it break it all down the president diligent llc, or all of your diligent needs can be met. mike baker is back. welcome back baker. >> welcome back kenny can i say happier? please have the shell happy new year as a phrase right now. kennedy: does not feel new, it does not feel particularly happy. it's also strange, chaotic and still going downhill. tell me about the distinction pretty how do you decide? you start with a certain category of people and charge them with the greatest crimes
11:28 pm
first? and what with that group be? >> look, just in the 30,000 foot view, this this meet the definition of domestic terroris terrorism? while the fbi defines it basically as a criminal violent acts. perpetrated by groups, stemming from a desire to make ideological change based on domestic influences, religious, political, social, racial whatever it may be. from a textbook definition, for some of these people that is what this meets. what they will likely do, because there is no real definition statute, for domestic terrorism they're basing a going to throw the entire criminal code at them i think. >> does not mean charge them with a bunch of other stuff? >> yes. look, honestly those people that were involved, they're going to the process right now
11:29 pm
there's a lot of evidence, and lot of information, a lot of visual evidence hereates the trh
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