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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 8, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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they are smart let them do business be a big help to us right now. >> brian brenberg thank you for that thought, james freeman, terrific spending morning with you great thanks to joanie courtney jon hilsenrath steve moore lisa erickson thank you all so much that does it for us stuart: good morning. the president has conceded the election and he's condemned wednesday's violence initiative video at night that said for those who broke the law you will pay. he wants calm in a peaceful transition of power up your keys under enormous pressure. two more cabinet resignations, betsy devos and elaine chao and there are reports steven mnuchin and mike pompeo discussed removing the president from office using the 25th amendment. incoming senate leader schumer says the president should not stay in office one day longer. assistant house speaker reportedly wants to
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proceed with impeachment we should say that removal from office is highly unlikely given there are only 12 days left in his presidency, however, there's a blockbuster editorial in today's "wall street should resign.sting he the president has been denied free speech perhaps for ever from facebook and at this point it's through to say the administration and republican party are in disarray. again, same as yesterday, look at this with stocks moving higher. dow jones, a small gain, maybe i'm s&p may be at 10, with nasdaq up. a lot of green on the screen again to-- this morning. bitcoin extremely volatile, it's now over $42000 a coin. extraordinary. $42000 for bitcoin right now. one more news items that at any other time would be the lead story,
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unemployment rate 6.7%, unchanged, but the shocker is the economy dropped 140,000 jobs. it's all about lockdowns and in the report the hospitality business lost 498,000 jobs, mostly in food service and bars. participation rate is still down, so not everyone that lost their job has come back to the workforce. what a day. "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪ >> to the demonstrators that infiltrated the capital, have defiled the seat of american democracy. to those who engaged in the acts of violence and a distraction, you do not represent our country and to those that broke the law, you will pay. we have just been through an intense election and emotions
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are high, but now tempers must be cooled and calm restored. we must get on with the business of america. of my campaign vigorously pursued every legal avenue to contest the election results. my only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote and a new administration will be inaugurated january 20, my focus turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power. serving as your president has been the honor of my lifetime and to all of my wonderful supporters, i know you are disappointed, but i also want you to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning. stuart: there's the president, returns to twitter with a video announcing his acceptance of the bidens of victory. lisa boothe is with us this morning. >> hello.
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stuart: do you think this will stem the tide of resignations and defections or is it too late? >> it might not do that, but it's on acceptance of the reality of the situation and it's unfortunate. a lot of people wanted president trump to win, but it's not going to happen so now it's more incumbents for troubled supporters and republicans to look forward to the future and what it looks like for the republican party, what does the future look-alike for future elections particularly for concerns with mail in ballots which i believe are valid concerns. we look at a race like new york's 22nd congressional district and it's yet to be called because they were inundated with absentee ballots. they were not resourced for it and they have had numerous troubles trying to count, so these are real issues we have in the country particularly when looking at the integrity of data election to have a election with both sides of the aisle trusting
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particularly after democrats and many in the media for four years of saying russia stole the 2016 election, so we are at a unhealthy place of the country when you have both sides really not to trusting the outcomes of elections, not trusting the integrity of that election so that really needs to be a focus moving forward. stuart: i agree. hold on because i want to talk about the president who has been banned from facebook and instagram possibly indefinitely speak to the latest-- the twitter account has been on lock but facebook, instagram still blocked until at least his term ends and maybe longer, but you also have snap chat, twitch among companies that have locked or terminated president trump's account. look at the difference in daily active users, facebook by far the most influential. president trump has a bigger impact on twitter with 88 million followers accounting for nearly half of twitter's
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daily active users and some say president trump has a single handedly kept twitter relevant over the past four years and that's what stock dropped over one and a half percent when they blocked the president's account so what happens to the company and stop when the administration ends, that's a big question and also important to note the power of social media, who decides who gets the megaphone and some pointed out that trumped only conceded and talked about the transition after he was locked out. stuart: it may be thou social media ones to get in with the biden administration because they face regulation they don't want to face harsh regulation. susan: it's a tight balance thing for them because they get from the left and the right and there's no winning in this case. stuart: let me go back to lisa on this. i think it's a dangerous precedents and we are becoming a society where only one opinion is allowed and i don't like it and i'm sure you don't. >> and big tech is
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already within the biden administration with a lot of big executives donating to the biden campaign and we saw people of google, facebook joining the biden transition team so that is already happening and we are living in this dystopia right now where voices of opposition to the left are being shut down and it's-- if they can silence the president of the united states, the rest of us don't have a chance and that's a dangerous place to be in as a society and look what happened this week is unequivocally wrong. the people that committed the acts and violated the law should be held to account for their action, people died, but we should not allow the events and the acts of a few indicts 75 million fellow americans who love the country and want to make it better who don't want to make it worse than a challenge is what we have seen from so many in the media and the left is this
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dehumanization of trump supporters. they have called them racist, sexist, homophobic and the list goes on and when you do that for an extended. of time it makes it easier to silence them and we have seen calls from the left to put trump supporters on the list. it makes it tougher for people that have joined the trump administration to find jobs in the future. you can go throughout history where there have been this dangerous points in society so i think we need to rethink where we are and we will certainly never be at a place of unity with half of the country using-- viewing the other half past last man. stuart: thank you, lisa. back to the markets. i see plenty of green, up 70 for the dow jones, up 76 for the nasdaq, modest rally and the dow jones is up 31000. jonathan hoenig is with us now. you have seen the rally and it's quite a rally. do you think this would be the case if this were
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any other country? >> is a tragic really sad difficult week in america with the loss of life that the i-uppercase-letter mean you have to have-- it's just amazement and appreciation for this great country in the market hitting all-time highs. i mean, if this were argentina the market would be down 20% or many parts of europe and latin america, turkey, you would see stocks cratering, but that's the most less free parts of the world, political unrest leads to major economic unrest because the government controls so much of the economy, so thankfully america is not dominated by the government and its economy is not dominated by state run firm's. we have firms like evil big tech creating these wonderful applications that make our life better and is part of the win that in my opinion of the founding fathers, you know life,
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liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness , that imports of private property and there is risk, i mean, government is borrowing a lot of money pushing interest rates up in the dollar down, but this stock resilience is the heroes of the economy. it's not washington dc, they are working on the job in there every dare americans. stuart: democracy works. on, jonathan. i went to get back to you in a second because i want to talk bitcoin, the other big story of the week in the early part of 2021. look, almost $42000. susan: how do you feel about 40% up in one week? that's what bitcoin has done doubling in less than a month and now worth more than a 20-ounce of gold of bar. you kind of remind me of scrooge mcduck. we are talking about the
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correlation broken with golden bitcoin overtaking the metal as the alternative hedge of choice. stimulus, global money, possible inflation, that government policy and also a weak dollar so you have seen bitcoin go like this where gold has gone down. that means is very bullish for bitcoin going forward. stuart: i would rather have a 3-ounce gold bar. i can bury it in the backyard. let's go back to jonathan. your reaction on bitcoin on my view on gold and gold bars in the backyard. >> let me point out that scrooge was the hero, a job creator and a hero. look, susan is correct, the dollar is weak and that's one of the reasons people are piling into alternative assets and commodities have been a huge run, bitcoin as well. i called bitcoin a bubble on the show and i stick by that because the nature of the
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bubbles is based suck everyone in an money seems to be easily made. i have seen this story before it's the converse story back in 1999 work everyone is getting rich but me and this notion this time it's different so end of story. 's bitcoin $100,000 or 1000, before it's over it may be both work that was the case of a lot of internet companies in 1999. stuart: where do you get your energy from? you are amazing. thank you for being with us. president-elect biden claims to be the unifier, got it, but listen to these comments he and kamala harris just made about the capitol hill protesters. roll tape. >> it had been a group of lot black live matters protesters they would've been treated differently. >> we witness to systems of justice. stuart: i suggest that may be fanning the flames of division, but that's not all.
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the medias take on the riots shows they are truths colors in my opinion is that i think they are out for revenge. i will talk about that coming at. checking futures, grin across the board. back after this. ♪ shingles? dios mio. so much pain. maria had to do everything for me. she had these awful blisters on her back. i don't want shingles when i'm your age. actually, if you're 50 or older, you're at increased risk that's life, nothing you can do... uh, shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaaat? prevented. you can get vaccinated. where? at your pharmacy, your doctor's - hold on!
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using the 25th amendment to get rid of the present before he leaves office. would we have on this, ashley? ashley: there are reports that the secretary of state mike pompeo and steven mnuchin have those discussions about invoking the 25th amendment, removing donald trump from office, but according to these reports they ultimately decided against it here and it could incite more violence and also felt it would take too long for the president to be put into place and decided it was not the way forward for our country. the list of trump administration officials were quitting is growing and as you said that includes education secretary that seem devos and also transportation secretary elaine chao, wife of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. also on the list the first lady's chief of staff and mick mulvaney, the former budget director of the white house and current envoy to northern all-- ireland who quit and
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said i can't say. stuart: will instability within the administration. thank you. we have seen the shocking images of damage done to the capital building, but the obvious question, look at that, who pays for this. do you have an answer, lauren? lauren: us, reuters says taxpayers are on the hook because the capital building is not insured and in fact federal agencies rarely carry insurance, so we are on the hook for the repairs, just how much for the broken furniture and windows, the doors, the cleanup is unknown. the capital building's host or, two years old, stuart. stuart: i have been there and it's now ms. thank you. want to bring in tax guy, grover norquist. i want to get right at this. you may disagree. i don't think joe biden will vote for massive
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tax increases on day one i don't think the narrowly divided congress will let him go to the extremes the socialists want, but i do think he could repeal some to the joy of new york, new jersey, illinois and california. that's my opening statement. go at it. >> it's a question of whether you believe what he said during the campaign, repeatedly he said he would repeal the entire republican tax-cut meaning taking corporate rates from 21%, which is competitive in the world, of to 35%, which is not competitive and sometime his staff says 28%, still higher than china, higher than germany, britain, canada , higher than most other countries, so he has said he intends to raise the corporate income tax. his treasury secretary wants an energy tax to raise the cost of gasoline or home heating fuel by about 20%.
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there are a series of tax increases he has promised and also promised $11 trillion in additional spending over the next decade, so we have to take that money from someone one way or the other, $11 trillion over 10 years, massively higher spending increase than obama-- stuart: wait a second, i know he said all of this, grover. >> are you calling him a liar, he's the president. stuart: don't catch me with that one, i'm not saying that. and saying he has to adjust to the new clinical reality, 50/50 split in the senate and you think you will get massive tax increases through on day or month one? you think that joe mansion would allow that kind of tax increase? i mean, really? the only have to lose one vote in the senate and you don't have a tax increase. >> this is true. the challenge is whether it's-- when has mansion
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ever been the one vote to stop something. i am not aware of that and have asked people if they can find that and no one has been able to find if either of them could do that and when they were in a position, they gave into the left wing mob in the senate. mind you-- stuart: i want you to address stocks, i mean, if one thing is manna from heaven for the governors of new york, new jersey, illinois and california it is the abolition, the repeal of salt. that would be a huge gift to all those wealthy democratic donors. i am sure he's going to do that. >> he may do that. here's the challenge, before georgia and the republicans-- before trump lost majority election, and we lost control of the senate because we focus on everything except control of the senate and the georgia election , biden looked at it and said there
9:23 am
will be 52 republicans come i can't get tax increase. now the doors open and going with reconciliation, which only requires 50 votes, doesn't even require 51. he can do anything he wants. originally, there was possibly no tax increase at all if the republicans held the senate and now the doors wide open. he has talked about and his advisers said he wants capital gains tax into the same amount as ordinary income is taxed, basically 40% plus at the top end and wants to if you inherit a house or business, he wants to tax the capital gain of the last 10, 20, 50 years. and then when you sell the business or the firm, but now these are positions he's taken so whether he imposes them now or later, we could end up with a very bad
9:24 am
situation. i would love to have him decide that he was wrong in opposing the tax cuts, which gave-- stuart: look-- >> or say he's not going to go forward with the repeal. that would be helpful for the economy in the market seems to think you may be right. stuart: exactly. all right, grover. >> there is a first time for everything. [laughter] stuart: fifteen-- love, grover. you got me. we will talk again soon. banks. we are going up for the opening bell. just like yesterday and like i said political turmoil, all hell breaking loose and the market goes up. back after this. ♪
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stuart: stocks are at record highs, but we had three big banks issuing warnings. what are they saying? lauren: they came in the past few days with the latest bank of america. the chief investment
9:29 am
strategist continues to raise the red flag saying sell equities, so the vaccine. he's warning of a bubble in a stocks and other assets and gives these three examples and a few others as well, but i focus on these three, over the past two months looking at bitcoin up 180%. 180% in two months. regional banks up more than 40% and the words he used in his note were strong, frothy conditions, reproduced-- positioning and desperate policymakers describing eight toxic brew of conditions that could hit stocks this quarter, so there is that and then you have citigroup that cut the rating on us stocks to neutral, and they are to access offensive with better prices in the uk. finally, goldman sachs ceo told paxinos to be cautious.
9:30 am
stock prices are running away from reality, stuart. stuart: there is a warning for you. we have 15 seconds to go we are still looking for green despite warnings from some bankers we are looking for green at the opening bell. looking at the dow jones which i believe will be above 31000. we are off and running. 31100 is where we are in the dow jones, up another 90 points as we speak. s&p, just hit another all-time high. 3800 on the s&p. show me the nasdaq because that has also just opened at another all-time high, 13100. stock of the morning-- not bitcoin, no stock of the morning i think is tesla, surging again. why are to stock of the year, don't you think. susan: model by, cheaper version
9:31 am
, but with a huge rally of tesla it was bigger than face point at one point yesterday, world's fifth-largest company, incredible. propelled elon musk as the world's richest overtaking jeff bezos and we know tesla has dominated the chinese market this year. getting praise from the chinese foreign minister last night. in an interview this week elon musk hailing china is more responsible than the us and he said he had a positive experience talking to chinese government officials and a said they could be possibly more responsible to their people happiness than the us. stuart: that is a plus for the stock when the chinese government says you are just great, elon musk, i mean, that's good for tesla stock. i bet he's worth close to my 200 billion now. susan: yeah, still counting. stuart: tell me about neo, chinese electric car company up at another 6% c23 factors here
9:32 am
and the reason is a new battery that competes with tesla and a new sedan model. they only make suvs right now and when you break out of a certain range that means the stock usually carries momentum up lower-- upward. stuart: how about micron. they are up 6%. well they had an earlier report i think the yesterday, lauren. lauren: it was better than anyone that with revenue rising 12%, but they guided higher for the next quarter and that's what wall street folks want to hear. why is it doing so well? they are leading in chips designed for new tech-- 5g and the cloud, still more demand than supply, so stock is up again today, but yesterday it hit its best levels since the year 2000, so we are pushing towards all-time high. stuart: eighty-three this morning on micron.
9:33 am
think you. talk to me about the vaccine makers. they are moving up again is there some kind of news propelling this, ashley? ashley: on a couple of fronts, first moderna's axing got the green light for emergency use by uk regulators, the first shot to beat-- third shot to be used in the uk and the second uses an approach generating an immune response and meanwhile the vaccine from pfizer appears to be effective against the two very-- variants seen in the uk in south africa. researchers carried out lab tests on the variance and say the vaccine was affected in both cases. in fact, pfizer says it has tested 16 different mutations and they said none had any significant impact on how the vaccine worked. stuart: we could have good news on the pandemic because a lot of people have had it so they are immune and a lot of people are
9:34 am
getting vaccinated. spring is coming. may be we will get a grip on this thing by the spring. good news for the market and the vaccine people thank you. the violent riots over the summer lasted four months or do you remember the media's take on that? watch this. >> i went to be clear and how i characterize this, mostly a protest. it is not generally speaking unruly. >> you don't have to like it, but why not focus on remembering the reason for the pain that fuels their purpose. stuart: you got a guy standing in front of a burning building saying it's peaceful. amazing. i think there's a danger in america right now because it looks like we are becoming a one opinion society. more on that at the top of the 10:00 o'clock hour and up next sandra smith and fox news joins us. ♪
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stuart: where are we? dow jones average of 84. record high for the s&p, record for the nasdaq and the russell 2000, record highs across the board. show me big tent, they had a nice bounce back yesterday. facebook is down 1%. microsoft, apple alphabet, all on the upside especially apple with a nice gain 131 on that indicator. you have a lot of green on the stock market this morning despite what's happening within the administration and within congress. it's a friday morning rally. now,-- >> good morning. stuart: good morning, sandra or cow are you doing? >> very well. we were talking to our audience about record
9:40 am
gains in the stock market with new record) the dow jones, s&p and nasdaq yesterday, the first record closes other 2021 with the democrats taking control and people wonder if their taxes will go up. stuart: i'm not going to say if the taxes go up or not, but i will try to explain why we have a stock market rally in the face of the democrat takeover of congress and turmoil within the administration and writes on capitol hill. that answer is simple, the market is going up the toys that economy will be flooded with a gusher of money this year. you will get a massive stimulus program out of congress. they will spend trillions on all sides of things, but they will push out the money big-time and at the same time the federal reserve will continue to print trillions of dollars. you add it all up and it's amount of money is coming right down the pike and some of it, in fact quite a lot of it
9:41 am
will find its way to wall street and that is the big reason why stock prices are going up to record highs despite turmoil in the background and despite the political change in washington, sandra. >> remember doubt 20000 and one to be you feel that wasn't in 25 thousand and now it's firmly above 30000 and above 31000, really something to watch. we have new numbers on the economy out seeing the job loss in december , the first time since april, as we continue to see virus spike across the country, what do we see in terms of jobs recovery and how hard hit the economy really is still as result of the pandemic? stuart: recovering jobs as a stalled. we dropped 140,000 jobs and more to the point, if you look at the restaurant and bar industry, the food service industry, they
9:42 am
lost 498,000 jobs, that's the norm's loss of jobs and you can put it down to continuing lockdowns in the big population estates, california, new york, new jersey, illinois with a lot of lockdowns going on there especially in the restaurant and bar business. that's why you had this surge in job losses in that particular sector of the economy, but again this wall of money that's coming up wall street and up the economy will to some degree take care that and that explains the market rally. >> stuart, with the 40 seconds we have left, you have democrats can taking control of the senate, incoming democratic administration, we just went through this attack on the capital, all of this uncertainty, why does the market continue to go up like it does? it's a tough question to answer. stuart: i will try. i think the division in congress is so narrow with a 50/50 split the senate that extremes will not go through.
9:43 am
the socialists will really make a lot of noise. they want to tax the rich and tax it business green new deal, but you can't go to those extremes within narrowly divided congress appeared the moderates will win. the mansions of this world, they will be much more powerful in the future and i think they will stop any huge tax increases, which would damage the economy. >> it's a really important point. stuart, always good to have you on. thank you. stuart: thanks, sandra. we are back and look at that, that's shocking high up one and half percent. they are joining big tech in censoring the president. they shut down websites associated with the donald trump. i got that right, ashley ashley: you do. following the turmoil at the us capitol, shop if i closed to online stores tied to president
9:44 am
trump including those run by the trump organization in the trump campaign. the company says the sites violated policy prohibiting the support of organizations where people that quote threat nor condone violence to further a cause, users who go to sites like trump or shop donald j will find a message that says it's unavailable but the "new york times" pointed out other trump sites are still operating, but those are also expected to be shut down, stu. stuart: that is censorship and i don't like it. thanks. president trump has a lot to say after wednesday's episode. watch this. >> a new administration will be inaugurated january 20. my focus turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power. stuart: we hear the president, however look at this. a huge important editorial from the "wall
9:45 am
street journal" quote the best outcome would be for him, the president, to resign to spare the us and other impeachment fight. strong words and we will discuss them coming up. ♪ (phone rings)
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(woman) it's easy, and it will change your life. (announcer) go to that's stuart: i think we had time to pack in the news about some big-time movers. would you have? susan: roku hitting a record high because they are buying the catalog and some of the content in the short term video. it has been rumored emma but it's now official. uber, let's look at the right hailing, down some 4% with talk about big block trade to sell out of it so that's a bit bearish. apple up over 1%, we were up over 1%, but there's talk about the electric car and that will not come for another five years. stuart: apple is still at 130. now, the news this morning from the labor department was this, 140,000 jobs lost in the
9:50 am
month of december. peter morici joins us. he's an economist. peter, i say that job loss and the 498,000 jobs lost in the restaurant and bar business is entirely or almost entirely the result of the lockdowns. what to say you? >> i agree, without the lockdowns, it would be about 300,000 jobs and certainly a slowing in the job market indicating a tough winter because of covid, but nothing that is not insurmountable. profits up 45% in the second quarter year-over-year, that's what's driving the market with the market priced in a spring recovery and looking six months forward. it is a by. stuart: hold on a second, i told viewers on fox news that the primary reason for this big rally in a stock is that a mountain of money, a gusher will be hitting wall street and hitting the economy. is that out point worth
9:51 am
making? >> yes. one reason we will have this big recovery in the second and third quarters is that gusher that will support consumer spending, stock buying and so forth, but increase consumer spending, you know a positive situation for manufacturers for the service sector. we will have a very nice recovery quarters number two, three and four with the market pricing that in. these aren't inconsistent statements. stuart: by the spring, there could be more pretty good news and by that time between a quarter and a third of america's population will probably have had covid and therefore immune to it. may be 10, 15, maybe 20% vaccinated and you have the spring and the weather, which should stop any serious expansion of the virus. that could be good news come the spring for the
9:52 am
job at market and overall economy. >> i agree with you. i think we will have a nice recovery. of the important thing is that about 10% of the economy isn't coming back. those airline pilots that lost their jobs because business travel will be 35% down from before the pandemic. the small businesses that will permanently close because people will go to manhattan three times a week instead of five, those people need to be retrained and relocated. unfortunately, in the wake of what happened yesterday, all i can see is our new president trying to fan the flames. one reason yesterday happened is the mayor of the city of washington asked the federal authorities to keep police protection light and so they abided her and that's why the place was overrun. that's why the situation was the way it was. it was another example of democratic mayor not liking the police. stuart: do you think the
9:53 am
administration-- if i say falling to pieces, that's an exaggeration obviously, but that administration with 12 days to go is in deep deep trouble in the republican party is divided? do you see that as a problem for the economy and the markets? >> no, because it's only 13 days to pick the best thing to happen would be for donald trump to heed the "wall street journal" and resign and disappear. people have been asking me, will donald trump be any longer the leader of the republican party. he should not be after what he did to georgia, but how can you not acknowledge him that he could turn around and enter a primary and win in three years after yesterday that may not be possible. the republicans should think about if the house all of a sudden past articles of impeachment today or tomorrow, vote to impeach him may be a good thing, but it might finish them off for good. donald trump is a force in american life and he
9:54 am
can't really do as much good anymore and it's time for new leadership in the republican party. the market is doing so well because there are only 13 days to go. stuart: quick point, i think the market will do well in the first months of the biden administration because he will not push through gigantic tax increases. what say you? >> well, these last four years, the two edges of the two parties have been running things and not much has gone done. aoc has been getting outside attention for woman who's never published anything other than knock off a democratic incumbent in a primary. now that attention will be, as you pointed out on mansion and murkowski and collins and tester because that is where the future is in getting something done. i don't see biden is really being true blue left-wing, knowing him over the last 30 years. he has been saying this
9:55 am
a step because it will get him ahead and now he is there and he doesn't have to say it anymore. i don't know that he will be for massive tax increases. that's the key. if he goes after the capital gains tax you might as well take a canning and shooting through the high-tech sector because it's based on startups that sell themselves an ipo and then you repeat your benefits not having capital gains heavily taxed and that's how we subsidize r&d in america if he raises the capital gains tax, he's basically putting a hole in high-tech. stuart: yes, he is. peter, i'm out of time to thank you for being with us and glad you could spare some time with us as opposed to the bbc. i appreciate that. for one brief shining moment, stuart varney will go old school. would you buy a stock of a tire company? i asked because goodyear is up five and a half percent and ashley will
9:56 am
tell us why. ashley: keybank raising goodyear to a price target of $14, but the stock is down 26% over the last 52 weeks. you don't think a good year in 20 but the pandemic has more people home and they are doing less driving so there's been less need for new tires, but that could change soon. stuart: thank you. oldest school is fun. still ahead, tammy bruce, steve cortez, charles payne, steve helton all coming up for you. ♪
9:57 am
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♪ straight strutting, yeah, we do it like that. stuart: this is how we do. katy perry, all right. rather like it, it's kind of upbeat. 10:00 precisely here in new york city. we're just with getting started. let me tell you what we've got for you, steve cortes, vernon jones, ed renzi, next hour. charles partnership, sean duffy all coming up. meanwhile, the market, yes, this friday morning continues, it's a record run. the nasdaq, the s&p 500, the russell 2000, all of them hitting record highs. the dow is up 34, it's at the
10:01 am
31,000 level. now this. it's been obvious for years that much of the media hates, truly hates donald trump. now they're trying to cancel him, ban him, deny him free speech. facebook, or instagram and twitter have shut him down. facebook and instagram maybe indefinitely. okay, twitter's reopened, but who knows what they'll do in the future. this is incredible. social media has silenced the president of the united states because they say he provoked the d.c. riot. since when has it been okay for a couple of very wealthy young men to dictate what we may see and what we may hear from our own president? i think they're doing it because they want to get cozy with the incoming biden administration, pandering to the new power, hoping for soft touch regulation. as for the mainstream media, they've hated trump since the day he ran for office, and now
10:02 am
they're falling all over themselves to outdo each other. tom friedman at "the new york times" wants shareholders of i any company which ghei money to the president -- gave money to the president to sue. imagine that. retroactive political vengeance. senator josh hawley has had his book contract terminated by simon & schuster. hawley led the debate on whether or not to certify the election results. oh, you can't do that. no book for you. and talk about hypocrisy, cnn tweeted about the d.c. riot, a journal's job, he says, quoting now, is to bear witness and tell the truth. trump is attempting a coup and inciting violation. this is the man who stood in front of a burning building and said this summer's riots were peaceful. the danger here is that we're becoming a one opinion society. you're only allowed to say what the leftist media and the self-serving social media want you to say. and that is a real threat to
10:03 am
democracy. all right. that's my take. now listen to how the media covered the riots and protests back in may. watch this again. >> that ain't a riot, what we're seeing right now in minneapolis. what we're seeing right there is frustration -- >> do not get it twisted and think this is, okay, something that is not, never happened before and this is so terrible. >> city council, not a mob -- [inaudible] >> what they do. >> [inaudible] >> that's a myth. >> show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful. >> they're not going to let up and they should not. >> mostly protests. it is not, it is not, generally speaking, unruly. but fires have been started. [laughter] stuart: that is hilarious. it's not really unruly as the burning building is in the background there. that lady on the right-hand side of the screen tammy bruce. have at it, tammy.
10:04 am
i think we've become a society where only a single point of view is allowed. what say you? >> well, that's what they would like you to think, that's what they hope they can enforce. but we do know that donald trump had 75 million voters, of course, 12 million more, i believe, in 2020 than in 2016. this is also not -- regardless of who you voted for -- really not the american sensibility. so you're going after -- forget about political divisions here, but the sense of what we wake up to every day in our lives. pandemic, job losses, an economy thousand in the hands of -- now in the hands of someone who, when vice president, the administration explained about economy and loss of jobs by saying, well, you know, who's got a magic wand. you know, they don't have magic wands, and now they're not going to have donald trump. so the difference is that the american people are looking at this in a reasonable fashion. oh, there's certainly, stu, as you've seen people in the media
10:05 am
and otherwise who want to give you the impression that this is all over, and you're going to be punished. but this is an opportunity for us to learn about really when stripped away, the nature of these individuals, the willing areness to move through -- willingness to move through literally a totalitarian framework and that -- to threaten businesses, to threaten americans. none of us are in a position now where that's healthy. certainly it's not healthy for business, and i think cooler heads who are not in this madness are going to say we're not going to start engaging in that because why would we want to be at war with half of the country? it's nonsense. stuart: yeah, i understand that, but i think the level of hatred and derision is so strong they'll never get it out of their system. they will pursue -- >> they won't. i agree. but then that -- it's almost inevitable because of what he ran against and what the point was, proving that in 2016. the american people were right.
10:06 am
you can't have that kind of an attitude, be running your lives. we've seen what it's done to california and to new york. we've seen what it's doing to great cities like detroit and chicago. so we can't have that run things. yes, of course it's going to be a fight, but this is when our values and what matters to us matters the most of being able to stand up. donald trump will remain -- and this is why they're scrambling right now to really try to crush him. they know he will remain the most influential person who's not in office in this country, if not the world. what donald trump decides to do is going to i affect this. and he said in his speech last night, you know, we're still working on this, right? our journey is only beginning. and that probably frightens them because the american people like what he accomplished. business liked what he accomplished. and that's something that, of course, we're never going to forget, and he is going to -- he
10:07 am
loves the country. it's why he does what he does. and he's going to continue in some fashion. and that's what they're frightened of. stuart: got it. tammy, very interesting opinion, and we appreciate it. tammy bruce, everyone. good stuff. >> thank you, sir. stuart: the market continues to rally, look at this. okay, we're just up 22 points for the dow, but that's 31,000. you've got a new record high for the s&p and the nasdaq, nasdaq up 116. market guy david nicklaus joins us now. i know that you're looking at ways to make money with the blue wave in congress, and i know that you like clean energy, i think solar stocks, electric car makers. okay, i understand all of that. but isn't it too late? it had a fantastic run already. >> yeah, stuart, that's a great pointment but, you know, with a new administration, that almost all but guarantees there's going to be more stimulus. interest rates are going to be rising, i think that bodes well for financials. but you're right, the big names,
10:08 am
i like looking under the surface. financials should do well, regional banks like truist, broad exposure. but, no, i don't think some of these names are done. if you look at tesla, obviously it's had a big run, but we own an electric car maker called nio. i still think there's some upside there. they just came out with a sedan that makes great use of the battery storage. those are some names that really are have not rallied, acm, i think we could see an infrastructure bill with the new administration. but, stuart, you're right, you called it. you said last year the markets are rallying because of stimulus. i think that's exactly what we're seeing. i think the long-term issues with that, but short term i think the market is going to continue to do well with cheap and easy money and the printing press ready to go. stuart: i've got to ask you about bitcoin. i don't know whether you're in it, out of it, but it just
10:09 am
crossed 41,000 -- no, it crossed $42,000. it's up close to $3,000 today. that's 7%. what's your reaction to that this. >> i think there's two types of people with bitcoin, those that own it and those who really don't understand it but are thinking about buying it. there's only 21 million bitcoins, that's it. so i think with continued printing, we're seeing more demand for it. there's a supply shock. institutions are buying, more individuals are buying, i realize those that own bitcoin, they're just not selling. they don't want to get rid of their bitcoin, you have more buyers coming in, so jonathan said bitcoin could hit 100,000. that may sound crazy, but as more investors come in and those that own it aren't selling it, we could see prices surge this year. stuart: it has. i mean, we could see prices surge this year, good lord, man, it's up $42,000 now. are you in it? >> stuart, when i was on a
10:10 am
couple of weeks agoing, it was 40% less than here. we have our clients in it, but i personally am not in it myself. stuart: don't you get worried when something goes up 40% in a week? >> i agree, but look, we're printing money, $2 and 3 trillion in stimulus, there's a limited supply, it's a classic supply and demand. to me, that's why we're going to continue seeing the price supportedded. stuart: thinkish buy it? [laughter] >> small percentage, i think as long as your risk tolerance is there, you're okay with volatility, it might not be bad to consider. tour stuart at my age, berriesing averse up like you youngsters, david. [laughter] >> yeah. might want to be easy with it. stuart: okay. we're out of time, david, but thanks for being with us. david nicholas, see you again soon. now then, another of those forecasts from a big company with a big name that we're going up on the s&p. all right, lauren, who's saying
10:11 am
it, and how much are we going to go up? >> i think david read this report this morning. it's credit suisse, and the s&p 500 goes up 10% to 4200 at the end of the year. why? vaccines, that's the catalyst that reopens the economy, and the democratic regime means more stimulus that, quote, further fans the flames of pent-up demand. okay, so where does that pent-up demand come from? consumers who are saving money, right? and businesses that will be flush with cash so they can rehire staff. and, by the way, the ppp program reopens on monday. more cash coming in. so, yeah, i gave you three warnings last hour about overbought conditions and being cautious. others say come on in, still room to move even though valuations are high. room to go higher. stuart: it's rather confusing,
10:12 am
isn't it? [laughter] >> it is. stuart: hard to know where to stand, but you're looking at a market rally this morning except for the dow which is now down a fraction. >> i think it's a consensus up market. virtually every wall street analyst says we're going to make at least 4,000 on the s&p. some are more bullish, goldman sachs is predicting 4300. stuart: you're right, it's universal. big names on wall street think we're going up. >> one-way direction. stuart: tell me about microsoft and invidia. >> they're looking at the cloud, and oppenheimer says microsoft will do even better than amazon web services. you're going to like that. i know you look at microsoft each and every day. so invidia is also going to benefit from the cloud, because they're the chipmaker of choice. also they're benefiting from the bitcoin boom. they make those chips that you need in order to mine bitcoin. chipotle is a restaurant
10:13 am
outperformer, so here's another stock we can bring up, some chipotle for you. some of the expensive guac, and bank of america says jetblue is now a buy. stuart: we didn't get it on the screen, but chipotle is approaching $1600. >> i think you bought it at the e. coli bottom. stuart: i remember that. more than that, i think. it was way down. that was many years ago. >> yeah. three years ago? stuart: long time for me. [laughter] the effort to recall gavin newsom has hit a milestone. but if it hits the ballot, could we see a republican as the next governor of california? we shall discuss. joe biden accused of stoking division with his comments of a which group of protesters police officers treat worse. you're going to aeroexactly what he had to say. first though, big tech accused of bias for censoring the president indefinitely. stay there, the second hour of
10:14 am
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♪ stuart: the rally holds. dow's up 17, nasdaq's up 117. how about that? and the s&p up about a half percent. the that's a really. social media facing more accusations of bias. go through the story, susan. >> okay. so we have facebook down today, by the way, down 1.5%. mark zuckerberg said they are extending the block over president trump to his account indefinitely until at least after his term ends, who knows if we'll see him back up and running.
10:19 am
twitter has now unlocked president trump's account, but other companies like snapchat, shopify, twitch have all locked or terminated trump's accounts during the last 24 hours or so, so that's a big audience that he lost during that time. facebook has over a billion visiting each and every day, and he probably though has the most impact when it comes to twitter, accounting for half of its daily active users given his 38 million followers -- 88 million followers. there are complaints that you don't censor sor lock other belligerent leaders, so you're taking this extra step with president trump. is that fair? is that considered bias? there are those conversations. also market wise with i read a few reports today saying maybe it's time to short twitter because what happens when president trump leaves office? are you going to have that sort of following and influence every day? stuart: i don't know, but they are censoring him. they're censoring points of view, opinion. i don't think it's right. i wonder if steve cortes will agree with me.
10:20 am
he's a member of the trump team, and he joins us now. to me, this is flat out censorship, and i don't care that they are private companies and they can do what they like. i don't care. they run a monopoly, and they're censoring what i can see and read, and i don't like it, and i'm sure you don't either. >> i certainly do not and, look, here's the reality, they may be private companies, but they have effectively become the digital public square of the 2020s. so they are not purely private companies in that regard. and here's a situation, we have -- i think this is a fulcrum moment for our country, for our society because this danger is very present and very real. if the president of the united states can be silenced and suppressed in this manner, then the first amendment has, unfortunately, been eviscerated, and this is a dangerous time. the answer i would say to the opponents of president trump, to the oligarchs of big tech, to the democrats out there, if you don't like the ideas of america first, if you don't like the speech of president trump, the answer is then better ideas, the answer is better speech, more
10:21 am
speech, the antidote, the answer is not to silence and suppress the ideas and the speech. that is totally un-american. and i have to say too, because i think this is important, former first lady michelle obama came out with a statement yesterday, somebody who should know better, by the way. she is a graduate of harvard law school. she came out with a statement yesterday saying that social media companies need to permanently deplatform the president of the united states. president trump. that is a shameful and appalling call to arms. it is a call to cent. sorship from -- censorship from, again, somebody who should know better. she might have been first lady, but she sure doesn't believe in the first amendment. this is an attack on our basic foundational statements. stuart: i agree, steve. i agree. now this. i want to show you -- i'm sure you have seen this, op-fromed fm
10:22 am
the "wall street journal." do you want to take that on? this. >> sure. i think they've completely missed the mark here. there's a concerted earth in corporate media right now to try to sully president trump on the way out. to try to -- if i can make up a word, detoxify him on the way out. it's largely because this term has been so successful. whatever you think of the president and his tactics and at times his volatile personality the, he has been an enormously successful chief executive in the executive branch of the united states government, and his record will stand on its merits for all of history. but unfortunately, "the wall street journal" has joined with others in the legacy media platforms to try to sully his image on the way out and to try to tarnish him. it's more important than just trump really. i think what they're really going after, because the wall street journal, let's face it, does the bidding of the globalist elites, and they are trying to tarnish not just trump, but the entire economic nationalist movement, the entire america first agenda.
10:23 am
so it won't work, but it's reprehensible that they're even trying. stuart: i think there is, to some degree, success here. i think president trump has been tarnished, and i think that will continue for years to come. so my question is, if he cannot leave -- lead the republican party, and i'm not suggesting that he can't, but if he cannot, who's the next gop leader? >> well, you know, stuart, i would suggest that president trump has been tarnished in the eyes of ruling class elites. that is sure. you know, in corporate boardrooms, new york newsrooms, the faculty lounges of universities, yes. whatever support he had in those institutions has been tarnished. but has his image been tarnished among working class americans? i don't think so. as a matter of fact, i believe the speech he gave on the mall this week in washington, d.c. was an exhilarating exhortation to patriotic americans. he didn't call for violence. he's never advocated violence, and he certainly condemned the violence after the fact.
10:24 am
so i don't believe that he has lost his support. i don't believe the america first agenda has lost support among working class americans although i will concede it certainly has among ruling class elites. going forward, to answer your question, i think donald trump is certainly still the indispensable leader of the america first movement, but it preceded him, he'd be the first to admit that. it's larger than just donald trump. the one i would identify as, to me, the most promising young political executive is ron desantis. i think he's done a magnificent job of managing florida, both the economy, the virus. i think he's certainly a rising star within our movement. stuart: steve cortes, thanks for being with us this morning. the debate goes on. >> thank you. stuart: all right. shopify, it's up over 1%. they are closing web sites linked to trump. to me, that's another form of censorship. lauren, weigh in. >> if you go to trump
10:25 am
or shop donald j. trump, they don't come up. they won't populate. and those are the online stores of both the trump organization and the trump campaign. shopify shut them down. they say the president's comments wednesday before the capitol siege, they violated their company's policy that prohibits the retailers that sell on their platform from supporting violence. will those stores where you can buy a maga hat, for instance, come back upsome we do not know. but for now, they've been taken down. stuart: got it. lauren, thank you very much, indeed. now listen to what joe biden said about the police response to the capitol riots. watch this. >> no one can tell me that if it had been a group of black lives matter protesting yesterday there wouldn't have been -- they wouldn't have been treated very, very differently. stuart: we will ask vernon jones what he thinks about those comments. see on your screen, the r used
10:26 am
to be a d. yep, he switched parties. he went from democrat to republican. he's on the show next, and i'm going to ask him why he did that. sir, it seems like the democrat party has walked away from you. why don't you change parties? >> well, clearly, i didn't leave the party, the party left me. ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪ oh, here we go, feel it in my bones. ♪
10:27 am
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stuart: we are told that $600 stimulus debit cards are on the way. so the big question, ashley, is when will people receive them? do you know? >> well, very soon, how's that? suitably vague? about 8 million prepaid debit cards will be sent out by the treasury department, and that process is already underway. so some of them could be coming towards you right now. the debit cards, they're issued by metabank, will arrive in a white envelope that prominently displays the u.s. department of the treasury seal. apparently many people -- well, a number of people threw those
10:31 am
cards away during the first round of stimulus checks because they were not expecting them. straight in the bin. oops. millions of paper checks, by the way, also being delivered, and the irs still depositing payments via direct deposit. the agency has until january 15th to get all of these payments out, but don't throw them away. that's the message. stuart: i believe it's throwing them in the trash in america as opposed to throwing them in the bin, but hey, let's not quibble about these things, okay? >> come on. everyone knows what a bin is. stuart: they do. i'm sure they do. all right, ash, thank you. now, the last time that vernon jones was on this show, i asked him why he didn't just walk away from his party which then was the democrats. listen to this. sir, it seems like the democrat party has walked away from you. why don't you change parties? >> look, clearly, i didn't leave the party, the party left me.
10:32 am
i just don't want to change who i am based on my principles, my values. i call balls and strikes. i don't believe in this partisan bickering. i believe in working together. stuart: well, vernon jones joins us now, this time as a republican. you officially switched just before the losses in georgia and the chaos on capitol hill. do you regret the decision? >> no, i don't want. and i'll tell -- no, i don't, and i'll tell you why, the democratic party does not believe in the constitution. they pick and choose. the republican party supports the constitution in its entirety. and my values and my principles and the things that i believe in are no longer in the democratic party. the democratic party used to not be that way when i started, but now they are against freedom of speech. you're hearing about censorship. they support censorship. they support socialism. i cannot embrace and support that. i identify more with the principles and the values of the republican party.
10:33 am
not that the republican party's perfect, not that i wouldn't have some disagreement, but there are not a single-thought party. in the democrat party if you're african-american or anybody with conservative leanings or you have your own independent thoughts, they don't want you in the party. i don't see that reflected in the republican party. they welcome people with different mindsets, different thoughts and different beliefs, but at the core we all believe on the constitution. stuart: yes, sir, we do. you are now a republican, and i want you to listen again to joe biden's comments on the capitol riots. roll tape, please. >> no one can tell me that if it had been a group of black lives matter protesting yesterday there wouldn't have been, they wouldn't have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the capitol. we all know that's true. stuart: we all know that's true. black lives matter demonstrators
10:34 am
had been on capitol hill, they'd be treated differently. what is your reaction to that. >> >> well, first of all, no violence is tolerated. i am -- there's zero room for violence, let me be clear about that. it is interesting when people say what couldavaveapdd rsusversidusveid it i hn.n. ntnd stoto me mhoese those ttame ntat couldld have haveavavappe s .n thi t.hi it cell tl this, i w beavbe jthat jat bid wld w houe ju asorfuorfualliut tifandfalandfafa liv liv mte whheenener wer b bngurng budibungilbungilrash cg ger gnmn thdic stationtaon poanlid ceanarar a att akittng i policepo oic os.ic ev heardimrdrdrd c c c t s.ugs. evii heardeardimaliml call cl to in this mhine suldul he. st'ike ikey freere ecinoohatha tyy do becauec jo bid bidnd bid b t t t demrata m.y supyportsss tm. in, burni b dnnn binse inudla businesses, it's just -- and people were actually
10:35 am
killed, even children, with the violent protests from antifa and black lives matter. stuart: do you support president trump or donald trump after january the 20th as the leader of the republican party? >> well, you cannot ignore that president trump had 74 million people that voted for him. you cannot deny his record of accomplishments in terms of helping our veterans, supporting law enforcement, fighting socialism, helping historic black colleges, the first step act, what he's done with building the wall, standing up to foreign countries and making sure they pay their fair share. you cannot -- with the tax cut, how it created more jobs for african-americans going back to slavery. and how he helped small businesses across the board, the economy. prior to the pandemic, this economy was on steroids. you can't deny those things. you cannot deny that people do not support and believe in those
10:36 am
things. stuart: got it. vernon jones, see you again soon. >> thank you. stuart: the mayor of portland, ted wheeler, cornered by protesters whilst he was dining out. we've got the full video, you'll see it. in california one in five unemployment lames now comes from the formerly golden state, and that number may actually rise as the lockdowns continue. what a story. poor old california. we'll be back. ♪ ♪ robinhood believes now is the time to do money.
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without the commission fees so you can start investing today, wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. stuart: interest about apple and electr, reportedly they're in talks with a big automaker. >> skyrocketing 19% overnight
10:41 am
after first confirming it is in early talks with apple to build their electric self-driving car. stuart: now they're up 27%. >> even after they walked it back, i'm sure they got a call from somebody, okay, actually we're a group of carmakers that might be talking to somebody like apple. [laughter] you know apple's very secretive, and they don't like any admissions and, of course, anything in the press. reporting that the apple i car may not be available for at least another five years. it's a big undertaking, right? with the technical expertise like apple, webbush, you know, the apple analyst and others say there may be a 45-50% chance we'll get an apple car in the next two years, but that's bearish according to morgan stanley. stuart: apple's going to be very secretive about it.
10:42 am
>> as they should. stuart: that's right. elon missing getting a real -- musk getting a real cozy relationship with china where they might put out the new model y or a new version. that's a pretty good relationship to have. tesla, elon musk, china. >> all of it. also the model y, a cheaper, longer range model y, doesn't that sound great? that's enticing for a lot of consumers. the stock is up over 700%, we know that, and china is a big reason because tesla's now dominating the chinese market in less than a year's time and getting praise if, by the way, from the chinese foreign minister after elon musk first praised beijing himself. he hailed china as a more responsible economy country than the u.s. stuart: it's a mutual admiration society. look on the screen, it's up $54, $780 a share. musk now has to be worth $200 billion. >> he's close to it because he
10:43 am
overtook jeff bezos yesterday as the world's richest. at last check this morning he was worth $195 billion -- stuart: but that was before it went up $50. >> i was just saying you're right. stuart: i just like to do the math. i bet he's worth $200 billion as of now. on your screens now, nio, on another run. it's up another 6%. what's the big deal there? >> it surged over a thousand percent the past year. three bullish factors, first, a new battery technology to rival tesla. second, a new sedan from nio. right now they only make suvs, so is a smaller roadster would be interesting, and finally a breakout in the stock price the past few days. when you break out of a range, that's actually very bullish. stuart: yes, because it's got momentum. now this, the price of going -- okay. you think that small cars are cheap? well, they used to be, but
10:44 am
they're not so cheap anymore. mike caudill is in the madison, tennessee. tell me more about this, mike. >> well, i gotta tell you, we'll talk about tesla in a minute, stuart, but cheap cars are no longer cheap. and with hundreds of vehicles for consumers to choose from, there are three cars left in the united states that you can get -- check this out -- under $15,000. this is the chevy smart model, it starts just about $13,000, and it gets about 30 miles per gallon. this is a 2021 mitsubishi mirage, they get 44 miles per gallon. that's better than think other gas vehicle on the market non-hybrid, and it starts under $15,000. of course, you've got this vehicle right here, we talk about the economics. why are cheap cars no longer cheap? because consumers have spoken, they want crossover utility vehicles like the 2021 nissan kick, and then, of course, j.d.
10:45 am
powers with their tell you ride, they have said the average price a consumer will pay for a car is $38,000, it starts at 31, the ex model is at $37,000, and this is a range rover spider, stuart. so three great cars and this suv to close it out. stuart: what have you got on tesla? >> so tesla, right? tesla won't fall into any of these categories, but it's the hottest car on the market. everyone loves and hates tesla. everyone wants to drive one. they're starting to come down in price, and i think in the next year you're going to see elon doing some incredible things as he starts to build cars now down in austin. stuart: sounds like a commercial for tesla to me, but thank you very much. we hear you loud and clear. thank you. and then we've got pepsi. they just released a new ad stagger super bowl halftime performer the weekend. it's a person, a guy. watch this. ♪ ♪
10:46 am
♪ stuart: that's it. the guy in the car, that is the weekend. well, that's the new ad. get this, however, so far only seven brands are confirmed to be advertisers during the super bowl game. that's different, isn't it? we're on it. we have an update on the barstool fund for small businesses. dave portnoy on the show earlier this week when the fund had $18 million in it. stay there, please, we're going to tell you how much is in it now. we'll be back. >> there's people that have been coming here for years. that was taken away. it was, it would destroy us, and it would destroy the community. so to you and barstool sports,
10:47 am
we can't thank you enough. ♪ ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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10:51 am
stuart: we're just getting this, presidt trump just tweeted: to all of those who have asked, i will not be going to the inning august ration on january the 20th. nothing more said, he's not going to be there. all right. the barstool fund for small businesses, when dave portnoy was on the show a week ago, earlier this week, he had 18 million in the fund. ashley, how much has he got now? >> an incredible 20,237,000 and rising. there it is, it's remarkable. he's helped more than 90 businesses. one of those businesses has been given a lifeline, it's called the cabbage grill. it's san francisco's oldest restaurant, been virtually closed since september. the restaurant, by the way, will be getting $31,000 a month to help it stay afloat and pay its employees. but guess what? the san francisco chronicle had a headline that, you know, covered this story, and it read:
10:52 am
historic cabbage grill in sf gets lifeline of new funding from controversial barstool sports. apparently, controversial was a big part of the story. didn't want to focus on the fact that, you know, dave portnoy and his fundraising efforts are saving yet another restaurant. he's just labeled as controversial. stuart: i've got to say, ashley, that is flat out pathetic, isn't it? >> it is. stuart: give them a lifeline, 31,000 a month and, oh, it's controversial. >> yep, pathetic. stuart: i hate it. thank you, ashley. i want to bring in ed renzi -- [laughter] i'm smiling, and you'll be smiling soon too, ed. look, i know you've done kind of a non-scientific survey of small business owners. i know you've spoken to a couple of barbershops and nail salon, fine restaurants, what do you come away with after speaking to all those folks? what do they need most? >> well, obviously, they need
10:53 am
relief from thish is shoes of the pandemic. but it's kind of an interesting thing, as chaotic as washington, d.c. may be and as chaotic as our federal government may be, there's a lot of optimism on the street. people have reset their businesses. it's been amazing to me to listen to them talk about how they've become more efficient, how they've worked harder to make sure their employees are getting what they need, they're working hard to make sure their customers are getting good value. they're kind of optimistic in a very negative environment. and they're looking forward to the vaccine, and they think they're going to come out of this much, much stronger than when they went into it. they don't like the leadership they're getting out of washington, d.c., but here in florida they think desantis is doing a great job because it's a good balance between keeping the society open and being careful and allowing them to use common sense. i like what's going on. i'm more optimistic today than i was five months ago. when i talk to these small business people, they're talking
10:54 am
about growth. they're talking about when they come out of this, they think they'll be able to do better than they were when they went into it. so it's kind of an interesting dichotomy for me, and i'm excited about it because it gives me optimism for the future. stuart: that's good news. some optimism, we like to hear that, we really do. look, you're talking about florida, and michigan -- i think you've got experience in both, and i think you can compare and contrast. michigan's locked down, florida's not. compare and contrast, please. >> well, you look at illinois, you look at new york, you look at michigan, you look at california and you look at their numbers for the covid infections and death rate, they're not much different than anybody else is with the severe lockdown. but the issues surrounding mental health, drug addiction, people are putting off going to hospitals because they're having heart or diabetic problems. there's no good coming out of this. there's no optimism. just suppression of people's will. you look at the governor of california, he's so hypocritical. you look at the governor of
10:55 am
oregon, so hypocritical. do what i say not what i do. that doesn't bode well. when you look at the unemployment rate in michigan, you look at the unemployment rate in florida, there's a big difference, you know? there's five points -- .5 difference in the unemployment rate, but there's 10 million more people in florida than there is in michigan. so a half a point in michigan means something entirely different than what it does in florida. i think, i think the lockdown has hurt us more than it's helped us. stuart: okay. we hear you, and let's hope those lockdowns end. shall we say by the bring? i've got some -- by the springing? i've got some optimism for that. ed renzi -- >> have a great new year, stuart. thank you. stuart: i shall. thank you much. how about this one, wayfair raising its minimum wage. lauren, how much will their employees be making? >> $15 an hour at least, and this is for all 16,700 of them.
10:56 am
it has already started. wayfair is also supporting workers through the pan demmingic. some people get bonuses, perks like free dipper or free childcare -- free dinner. stuart: have you seen that chart? that's pretty much a steady, consistent gain. very nice must have. up 3.5% today. that's wayfair. lauren, thank you. charles payne if, steve hilton, sean duffy all on tap. plus, my take on joe biden's tax plan. hear he many out. i say if he does it right, he could engineer a very strong economy. you'd like that, wouldn't you? stay there, please, third hour of "varney & company" on tap next. ♪ ♪
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11:00 am
>> we should not allow the events in the acts of a few in date 75 million of our fellow americans. >> why would we want to be at war without country? it's nonsense. what donald trump decides to do is going to affect this. >> whatever you think of the president and his volatile personality he has been an enormously successful. >> the market will continue to do well with cheap and easy money. >> the market is priced in a spring recovery and looking six
11:01 am
months forward and it is those prizes that will survive. >> the stock resilience is real simple of the heroes of economy and they are not washington dc but working and on the job this morning and they are everyday in america. ♪ stuart: the beatles or the song is another good one and not particularly for me but we do like the beatles and we play them whenever we can. 11:00 o'clock on the east coast, 11:01 to be precise and it is friday, january 8. breaking news just coming out at us. president trump tweeting that he will not attend the inauguration on january 20. he will be the fourth president to not attend his successors inauguration. the others john adams, john quincy adams, andrew johnson and this has not happened since 1873 but the president will not be there on the 20. to the markets, they are
11:02 am
continuing their record run and it's a fractional gain for the dow but it's holding just above the 1,000 and the nasdaq still strong up 93,000, 13,000100. now this. >> at this moment president-elect biden is figuring out what he's going to do first. all presidents have to lay out their immediate priorities. they odds are strong that for joe biden it could be a tax and spend plan for it before you dismiss this as ruinous socialism because the economy consider this. if he doesn't write he could engineer a very strong economy. the socialists don't want to do it right and they want to punish business, punish wealth, punish fossil fuels and get their revenge on capitalism. but this is a very closely divided congress and extremes can't get the votes. it's the center, the moderates who will dictate policy.
11:03 am
here's what i think will be the main element of the biden plan. first, repeal salt. sounds obscure but nothing cheers up democratic governors quite like restoring the federal deduction for their own very high state taxes. new york, new jersey, new jersey, they went heavily for biden in november repealing salt would be their reward. what else? a wealth tax, no way. doubling the capital gains tax, massive increase in the social security tax for the wealthy, estate taxes, probably not, too extreme. moderate democrat senators like jon tester and joe manchin will not likely to go that far left. moderate republicans like susan collins and even met romney are not likely to cross the aisle for that either. far more likely is a bump up in the top tax rate and a corporate tax rate that goes back up to 28% and these two measures will not hurt the economy that much,
11:04 am
especially if the biden spending plan includes a couple trillion dollars worth of stimulus for the socialist will make a lot of noise but in a narrowly divided congress they don't have the votes the center does. if the center holds things will not fall apart. the economy will keep growing and you will keep your gains that you made in your 401k. i doubt the biden team will pay much attention to me but if they want a roaring economy they should pay attention to the moderates who are now the most powerful people in congress. the third hour of burning company is about to begin. ♪ stuart: he is there, there he is, look up charles you are on per charles payne "making money" with charles payne prayed he is the man. what do you think? a very modest tax increase, huge spending, forget the socialists
11:05 am
and i thank you got a rip roaring economy and a strong markets but what say you? >> i think the market agrees with you at least 42021 and i was saying the same thing for most of last year with respect to the outcome for this year but beyond that, stuart, i've got to say i'm singling on this kind of stuff. that tax at corporate height is not a little tax hike. i thank you made all the difference in the world. you talk about spreading wealth and when people talk about shared prosperity we've finally got it after more than a decade of not seeing it and in wages paid wages are climbing ahead of inflation from year-over-year for about 15, 16 months in a row in immediately, immediately after the trump tax cuts went into effect the correlation was clear and obvious. i thank you will start to hurt the income equality will get worse when you raise the corporate taxes hire an individual taxes higher as well
11:06 am
so i don't think it's a small tax hike. i think it will hurt but i do agree 1000% on 2021 with a 3 trillion-dollar coming in and the federal reserve but after that listen, a lot of promises are made on the campaign trail and you talk about solving one of them but the democrats are still going to have to do a whole lot to assuage, if you will, the far left of the party. stuart: yeah, but if they wrecked the economy they will look bad in 2022. that's my basic point here. >> they've wrecked the economy 60 years on and off. they won't look bad. i saw prominent, wealthy liberal limousine tv on another network today actually say he went down to florida from new york to get the vaccine shot and blamed president trump because new york is in shambles but will not give governor desantis credits because he can go put his name
11:07 am
on and a two days later get the vaccine because of his age. the blame game, the goal has never been to get the economy going for them for that is not the point. the goal is social justice. redistribute wealth. they talk about different things and they try to put it in economic terms but they are not worried about the blame game or worried about the wheels coming off in 2022. that is not their goal or what they truly care about. stuart: we will agree to differ. i don't think the left has the votes i think the moderates have the votes we will see how things work out. you're not supposed to say this, charles but time will tell. let's move on. time of talk, don't ever say that. you're interested in this esg, environmental social governance. what is that all about? why am i interested? >> stuart, i talked about it with you earlier in the week and
11:08 am
i started focusing in on my show about a year and a half ago. you just can't deny it. it's the juggernauts. when the business roundtable and the chamber of commerce start to say our new goal or our new existence is not just for profits but for stakeholders and for the environment and it is for everything else. stuart, this is the most powerful force in the stock market today and trillions i'm talking tens of trillions of dollars are going to be invested based first and foremost on your esg score. what comes under this, anything involving climate. tesla, plug power and all these solar stocks that have gone stratospheric to the roof, underneath it so i didn't like it and i still don't really like it to be honest with you and i think it's corporate virtue in signaling but i can't deny it and as an investor i stopped denying it and that's why i started to load up on the solar place and by the electric vehicle and here's the crazy thing. i made a fortune.
11:09 am
[laughter] and telling people stuart, i've always said to folks at some point you got to sort of separate your politics from investing. you can hate nike but it's a hell of an investment and you can hate a lot of companies out there but it's a hell of an investment. stuart: i find it very difficult to divorce my politics from my investment strategy and so do you but you are -- i'm an amateur. we will watch you on "making money" 2:00 o'clock this afternoon on foxbusiness and you got at town hall coming up about the future of capitalism. that is next wednesday january 13, 2:00 p.m. eastern and we will be there, charles but thanks a lot. now this. big stuff here wall street journal editorial board calling on president trump to resign written look at that. the best outcome will be for him to resign to's stopped the u.s. from another impeachment fight for it, and bill mcgurn, you are on the board and maybe make your
11:10 am
case. you want him to resign why. >> i think the argument is this is best for america. in a way it's best for donald trump because we believe the democrats are going to try to impeach him on the way out and we believe the two other things that people are proposing the indication of the 25th amendment for impeachment are just going to further royal this country even more. at this point i think donald trump is in a nixon like position and he too was threatened with impeachment and i think for his own purposes as well as for the country he would just be better to resign and go quietly and retain some as we said in the editorial some agency over his future that he did it on his terms rather than let nancy pelosi pass another impeachment. he's got to go. he should resign and to spare us the pain of impeachment of the
11:11 am
25th, not necessarily just because you think he ought to go and that he must be removed from the office but it's to spread the countries pain. >> well, that's primarily the reason. we did say look, what happened was terrible and there was a line and there are constitutional issues. maybe if this were earlier on in his administration we might be different but with just a few days left to go i think this is a sensible solution. i think we also mentioned that if joe biden were really serious about dealing in unity he would ask democrats to stop the impeachment. he's going to be president in a few days. do we really need to pursue donald trump to the end of the earth? stuart: if he did resign, it would be another nixon situation in which he has no future in the republican party. are you prepared for that? >> yeah, well i think he has less of a future if he is
11:12 am
impeached. or something on the way out. look, he doesn't want to be at the inaugural and i think it just spares a lot of people a lot of things and i think this country needs to come together and i do believe that there are very angry trump voters. i don't mean angry in the destructive way but just people very disappointed and feelings are raw and i think this would help. as opposed to seeing a last-minute impeachment and i believe one thing we have not seen is biden making a direct appeal to trump voters now. they are not going to like him and they will not support him but i think he is in a position also to reach out and you know say that's why i've asked bigger pelosi to stop the impeachment proceedings or something. stuart: let's see if that happens. i really doubt it but let's see. bill mcgurn, you made your case and we appreciate you being with
11:13 am
us. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: the markets please. the dow has turned south but not that much, nasdaq out, s&p up, news on allie baba. susan: allie bubba is up in a volume spike right now because there is news that the u.s. treasury will be excluding ali baba from the list of chinese companies considered for a u.s. investment band. remember that story circulated early this week and that hurt alibaba's share about 5% of reaction to that and this is in conjunction in november with blacklist on chinese firms that work with the chinese military but according to the blog the markets are reacting and ali baba has been excluded from the ban. stuart: that is straight up when the news released that ten cents and alibaba excluded from the chinese band. consent is up for an half%. super bowl commercials, most ads watched on tv but only a few
11:14 am
companies want to buy them paid we tell you why coming up. out of washington dc renewing calls for statehood for dc after the capitol hill riots. she claims it's a matter of security. sean duffy here on that. first, more than one lane people are joining the movement to recall california governor newsom. could we see a republican replace him? are california guy steve hilton weizen next. ♪ ♪ pay off my student loan debt. they were able to give me a personal loan so i could pay off all of my credit cards. i got my mortgage through sofi and the whole process was so easy. ♪ express yourself ♪
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11:19 am
gavin newsom. more than 1 million. steve hilton is here. they need 1.5 million signatures by mid-march and you think they will get them? >> yeah, stuart it's more than that because usually in these things quite a few are discounted so the conventional wisdom is needs to be about 2 million but yes, i do think that will be reached because there are such rage in the state at the total accrual and competence of administration because what they are not just at the state level but at the local level to cities like los angeles look at how they made a complete mess of their handling of the virus. these cruel lockdowns that are throwing people out of work shutting on businesses causing unbelievable pain and one in five people out of work in america is in california. we can talk about that in a second but look at what they are doing and on top of that total failure of the state education system where you've got black children now according to the data for years behind white children because of the failure
11:20 am
of the public schools dominated by the public sector unions who of course fund the democrat politicians that give them what they want. whatever issue you look at its nonstop story of incompetence and that is why i think this will succeed. stuart: you know what is coming stuart, if it does succeed the governors recall you know what's coming, could a republican take over as the governor of california? >> well, it has to be someone who is not a democrat because the basic problem here is that the democrat party is now completely captured by the government unions. it is complete corruption and that is the source of so many of the problems to just give you one piece of data which is staggering in the space bar problem. look at one of those unions and the prison officers union here in california they get from california taxpayers $10 million a year. if you add up the compensation, pensions and luxury healthcare. that is for around 50,000 people
11:21 am
guarding 25,000 people so it's totally insane but when you multiply that across-the-board that's why there's the fiscal crisis and that is why the tax go up and they ask for more money because they are paying off their donors and the government unions. democrats are captured by the government unions and you've got to get someone in there who is not beholden to them and start making these reforms. stuart: but tough because the government unions dominate the elections in california and have for a long, long time. let's get back to the other story and you know what's coming again, 20% of all or new jobless claims in america last week came from california so one in five newly unemployed people is a californian and i think it will get worse because your state is under major restrictions and that number i think will go up. are you with me? >> it will. i'm worse and behind the number you've got the fact that the
11:22 am
very people that are being hurt the most by these cool policies and those who can afford it the least as so many of those job losses are in restaurants and bars and hospitality and all states in the union apart from hawaii, california is one where you will most likely to be able to safely reopen outdoor dining and so on because of the climate. i had guests on my show just as you have in despair and these are restaurant owners and bar owners who have made taking all precautions with being responsible and put the safety of their customers and their employees first and then here comes eric garcetti mayor of la and gavin newsom say no, you got to shut down and it's not even doing anything to help with the virus because, as we know from the other data the cases keep going up and it's not just but totally counter productive and it's making it worse because it's any people back indoors where the virus spreads and just so infuriating and that is why we need a big change here and we need a revolution in california
11:23 am
as i've been saying for months. stuart: you have and i will make one last point. you are going to get a bailout. joe biden's new administration will bail out the states, yeah, they will read california, illinois, new york, they will get it. you won't have to make all these changes but the taxpayers of florida and texas will just bail you out. what a disgrace? i'm sorry amount of time but we will watch you your so the next revolution 9:00 p.m. eastern on fox news print thank you, steve, always good. the mayor of portland was confronted by protesters at a restaurant and we've got the video and you got the full sto story. ashley: i do indeed have the video. democrats portland mayor seated in an portland restaurant in an outdoor dining area where they started shouting obscenities and the mayor tried to ignore the hecklers at first but the group eventually pushed past those restaurant employees and
11:24 am
confronted the mayor himself. look at the video. >> you have done nothing and you will be made to feel like the scum you are. [bleep] you. [bleep] you. shame on you. ashley: it's charming, is it not? that video was posted by conservative journalists who described the hecklers as blm and anti- fought extremists. one of the hecklers swatted the mayor and punched him in the butt in the end no arrests were made and mayor wheeler did not press any charges but i always hate these videos because it makes me so mad. stuart: what a joke. he punches him on the shoulder but we will not press charges. it really is upsetting. it's pathetic. thank you, ashley, second time i use that word on the show. i'm feeling feisty. stuart: super bowl commercials usually hot ticket items but not
11:25 am
this year. grady trimble at soldier field in chicago will tell us why. what's going on, grady? [crowd boos] stuart those in the business say advertisers and companies are uncertain and will there be an outbreak that causes super bowl to be postponed entirely and if it does go off without a hitch we will watch it because they can't go to house parties and packed bars like they ordinarily would so because of that advertisers are hesitant for here are some advertisers who did take out ad slots last year facebook had its first ad in the super bowl ever last year and avocados from mexico is one of the longest-running advertisers and none of those brands that you see on the screen are going to have ads in the super bowl this year and part of the reason for that is these are extremely expensive. five and a half million dollars for 30 seconds but make no mistake those in the industry do say it still the most coveted add time and they do expect this to sell out to listen. >> this is really the only
11:26 am
experience where people are gathered en masse and wanting to watch commercials for the experience. that will not change his year and i don't think that will change anytime soon. reporter: big companies like anheuser-busch and eminem and mountain dew they are all still advertising this year but is not completely unusual for the network cbs to be selling ads this close to the super bowl. by the way, stuart, in terms of commercials and the terms expect them to be humorous. stuart: well said. grady tribble, thank you. see you later. fallout from the company hill riots is now being felt in disney world? the theme park. now under pressure to close a popular attraction of course we tell you which one. overnight president trump concedes and promises a peaceful transition of power but once he leaves office who will lead the rubbing party? will he still lead it, i will
11:27 am
ask sean duffy. ♪ ♪
11:28 am
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11:31 am
>> we have just been through an intense election and the motions are high but now tempers must be cooled and calm restored. a new administration will be inaugurated on january 20 and my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power. stuart: that was the president officially conceding the election and promising a peaceful transition of power. got it. sean duffy is with us. sean, let's get real here. i personally cannot see donald trump leading the republican party into the 2022 and 2024 elections because there is a revolt in his cabinet and he's lost leading supporters in the senate and the party is split. i can't see him leading it, can you? >> stuart, you are in the bubble and you are in the dc bubble and there's a new york bubble.
11:32 am
get outside of those places and you talk to americans who supported this president obviously all of us are disgusted with what happened at the capitol and i love the capital and served there for almost ten years but we were mortified by what those thugs did however, donald trump had the heart of american people and remember the vote parade inc. and people love this present because he's fought for them and the idea that he brought forward of american energy independence and better trade deals focuses on the people that a been forgotten and they love him for that and therefore they will not lead him. if you think that any republican weather john mccain or mitt romney can stick their head up and not have the media and hollywood and corporations attacked them and try to destroy them and i think that's impossible. donald trump right now is the only one who can and has withstood the assault from the leftists in power. i don't think he's going away and those leaders who aren't with him and when they go back
11:33 am
home they will find their constituents are like you know what, these are the policies of work and i'm still with the president. stuart: it freezes the field, doesn't it? if he stays in the leader of the republican party goes into 22 to four he's froze in the field is no up-and-coming republicans and they won't get a look at and that's not good for the party. trump will be come a president trump will be 78 years old four years from now. you need young people, don't you? >> younger than joe biden, right? stuart: you do take my point. >> i do take your point. i think i'm leadership is supported and that's why in the house of representatives republicans are young and democrats are all old. have a new blood, and is a good thing and some will rise and some will pick up the mantle and sell the conservative republican movement on a set of ideas but as we sit right now donald trump is still leading the conservative movement.
11:34 am
does president trump come back in four years? i don't know. will he try to anoint someone? i don't think we do well with anointing successors. i think we would have if president trump doesn't run again you will have a rough-and-tumble primary and will debate ideas and we will see who the voters will see who will be the next challenger to joe biden but that time he still the mantle of the movement because i came home stuart and i can't believe the amount of support this president has even though it there is the discuss with what happened at the capital. they are still with him. stuart: i hear you preach on, i wanted to talk about the mayor in washington dc. after the riots she wants dc to become a state. i think that's a losing issue but what you think? >> listen, democrats have wanted dc to be a state for years because they are guaranteed to have two senators and maybe one or two members of congress but this will fundamentally change the power structure in
11:35 am
washington forever. donald trump got 5% of the vote, joe biden got 93% of the vote in dc. of course they want dc to be a state but our founders purposely said we don't want the district of columbia to bsa because we wanted to be a neutral zone where all americans from all states can come in and petition their government. see the stuarts. dc people congregate around the city and march on the capital to petition and let their voices be heard. if this was a democrat state and they may not let republicans or conservatives come in and petition the government because they can't organize outside capital that will be sad for freedom and for petitioning the government. this can't happen and i don't think it will happen but make no mistake democrats are trying to consolidate their power right now one of the ways they do that is by not expanding the people who resonate with their message and its expanding voters. whether they do it with dc or the legal immigration they are about bringing new voters and instead of selling their message to the voters that already exist in america.
11:36 am
stuart: sean, i don't know where you are but i want to thank you for coming into the new york bubble and joining me on the program today. [laughter] you are all right. >> thanks. stuart: this i find extraordinary. there are growing calls for disney world, the theme park in florida, to close a popular attraction. ash will tell us which one and why. ashley: yeah, the hall of presidents. the anima tronic figures from presidential history, there it is. there is the picture. robert niles editor at the theme park insider says disney has no choice but to close the hall of presidents and the attraction that we say features the audio anima tronic presidents, including donald trump. in an editorial addressed to disney ceo and the president niles writes that the u.s. capital balls to insurgents incited by the defeat of president donald trump and goes on to say quote, make no mistake
11:37 am
this is an act of sedition, of treason against the united states government. it is a dark day for america and the walt disney company should not celebrate it by continuing to give donald trump a voice in one of its attractions. close the whole of presidents. it certainly not the first time such a call has been made and there have been numerous efforts to have this attraction but so far disney has not taken action or responded. stuart: but they will soon. or they may respond at least. a response is calling. ashley, thank you. long lines and fistfights right at the popeyes debuted their famous fried chicken sandwich bread can you imagine a fistfight? another company is jumping into the chicken wars and of course we will tell you which one. next, i say lockdowns are killing the job market and i can prove it. andy will agree with me and he is on the show next.
11:38 am
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stuart: new jersey supreme court's will soon decide if teachers should get paid not to teach. christina is with us. christina, i'm sure this is all about the teachers union. reporter: this is about whether taxpayers should be paying for government workers who and instead of not doing the job they were originally hired. goldwater institute is a watchdog suit and they filed a suit and highlighted to new jersey public school teachers that are being paid full-time to work at the union as opposed to teach. this is the case that is kind of common among firefighters and police officers so i came up with a lead counsel who questioned the use of taxpayer dollars.
11:43 am
>> this practice during this time in the federal government, state, and local government and federal government alone spent $150 million a year and it's hard to get a specific dollar figure for state and local governments because they don't track it well. reporter: the new jersey or jersey school will provide, because the litigation is ongoing so i caught up with the workplace attorney about the importance of union. >> what you are asking these people to do is to not turn around, take your experience, take the knowledge and help negotiate better wages and help negotiate better health benefits, health negotiate better retirement security. reporter: the new jersey supreme court is expected to come to a decision in the coming months, stuart. what we do know for the education system here in newark and jersey city that schools
11:44 am
will remain closed until april 21 and that means remote learning for teachers and students for the next three months. back to you. stuart: that's absolutely pathetic and that is the third time i've used that word on the show today. i'm in a mood christina, thank you. reporter: thank you. stuart: what a mess they made a public education in america. good god, newark schools close to april? good god. thank you, christina. take a look at this, op-ed in "the wall street journal" lockdowns starve mom and pop pain customers are the best stimulus for any small business. i could not agree more with that. the man who wrote it i'm agreeing with him, andy -- andy puzder who joins us now. i'm sure you saw this in the job support this morning but the restaurant and bar business lost 498,000 jobs in december and that obviously the result of lockdowns. am i right? >> you are absolutely right.
11:45 am
what these -- even with the payroll protection program which is about $1 trillion at this point, $953 billion to help these small businesses we seen tens of thousands close and hundreds of thousands of small businesses in trouble and this is a horrific situation. people are losing their jobs. we don't have job openings and look, these lockdowns have got to stop. stuart: yeah, but will they? here is my scenario? look, i think one of the first things that the biden administration will do they will bail out the california, new york, illinois and new jersey's this world and they will bail them out. they don't mind locking people down and ruining their own economy because they will get a bailout from the taxpayers of florida and texas. i think that will happen paid what say you. >> i think that could well happen. we are in a very, very dangerous situation. look, there is an another election in two years and i think the democrats know that
11:46 am
and they know they can't take this too far. you've got these mom and pop businesses closing across the country and people are going to notice that and will notice people who aren't working and they will notice wages aren't increasing and they will notice their neighbors don't have jobs and they will notice that these businesses that used to love to go to have disappeared and so if we don't turn this around soon we will have a very, very serious economic problem in this country. we are looking towards huge economic growth coming out of the pandemic but it will take more than a vaccine to get this economy going but take progrowth policies and the kind we had in 2019 to get us back on track. i don't see those coming anytime soon. stuart: it will be florida and texas that see the best growth. i predict that comfortably. here's one for you. president-elect joe biden just selected boston mayor marty walsh as his labor secretary i believe he's a union guy paid what kind of policies do you think walsh would introduce and let's say for small businesses? >> they will be the policies that encourage easier unionization and i know we
11:47 am
supported with over 15-dollar minimum wage that only helps people that have jobs and doesn't tell people that don't have jobs so we are losing more and more jobs and you are hurting people with these policies. look, i want to say one thing and i hope the republicans and the business community give mayor walsh a fair shot at being appointed than they gave to me and i think this is president biden's selection and he has the right to select this individual and i know he was an alcoholic and has been very public about that so i'm sure there is personal issues but i hope they help him and his family through when president trump nominated me. you will not come out with policies that are favorable to the business committee and the president biden won the election and this is the direction they choose to go. stuart: we not forgotten your experience, andy. thank you for joining us, appreciate it spent my pleasure, stuart. stuart: please show me the stock price of llama brand they own kfc and other operations.
11:48 am
lauren, tell me about their new chicken sandwich. lauren: out goes the crispy kernel and in comes the extra crispy chicken sandwich, four dollars and you can buy it in nine city for now. they've tested eight different types of pickles and six different types of funds to come up with this. tested it last year in florida and sales doubled their production so now it is on the menu. next month mcdonald's is competing and they have three new chicken sandwiches coming out and everyone is trying to, you know, beat popeyes and chick-fil-a who seem to be the most popular chicken places out. stuart: but you can't beat jalapeno, what is it, i can't remember -. lauren: wendy's. stuart: jalapeno cheeseburger. i can't member what is in that but i'll have to order one this afternoon. lauren: it is spicy. stuart: yeah, spicy, i can't remember. lauren: i don't know, sorry. stuart: by the end of the commercial break i will remember
11:49 am
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stuart: forgive my senior moment, it was the bacon jalapeno cheeseburger that i had forgotten. this is now the friday feedback so come on in, ashley, lauren altogether now. start with something a serious trade this is a message that came to us from leland kane who writes this -- remember you are a business channel, stick to business reporting in the politic reporting to other channels. okay, but we do money and politics on the program because they are uniquely intertwined. there is a very close relationship between political developments and stock market developments and that is why we cover both. we enjoy it and i think the audience does too. i will move on paid we've got e-mails about this moment on the show, what is this? >> does not do a damn thing for their income tax. excuse me, that is -- that was ronald mcdonald calling me.
11:54 am
susan: there was a landline, not a mobile phone. i've not heard a landline in years. stuart: we read just one message about it but there you go. susan: i found it eventually, right? go ahead. stuart: but you never heard that before. susan: it took me three screens to find it so it wasn't on my preset. stuart: wed ed renzi when we heard that you and never heard that before? susan: it's not my ring tone i will tell you that. it was a nostalgic thing but were talking about martini lunches. stuart: a testament to how young you are. next comes this from aarti who says, have not heard much about your tree farm lately. how is it going? has been impacted and i hate that word, has it affected please by trade wars and basic species or industrial wind funds? stuart: yes, the northern emerald borah is moving north towards my tree farm and we had to take down all our ash trees
11:55 am
because the emerald borah attacks ash trees and you got to take them down to stop the spread. yes, we have been impacted. okay. here is someone or a note from someone who calls himself senator bull worth. please ask the host to share their favorite photo from the holiday break. all right, ashley, you are a first. ashley: here we go. you will see the family resemblance here as we bring up the picture could this was christmas time in florida. there you go. i want to point out the soldier has the mask on so we were within our rules but as far as social distancing we completely blew it as you can see the m playable tree is right next to the soldier but in a nutshell that is christmas in florida by the pool. stuart: so cute. susan, you. susan: i did not get to celebrate christmas this year with my family as i usually would but it's about some of the christmas spirit and the christmas tree. stuart: that's a nice treat, but i'll give it to you. is this from you, lauren?
11:56 am
lauren: that is great that sums up 2020. that's my son on christmas eve and that is his face on christmas morning. stuart: there you go. we are out of time. lauren: that's how you wrap up 2020. stuart: i wish we could expand this but we will next time, more varney after this. ♪ ♪ they were able to give me a personal loan so i could pay off all of my credit cards. i got my mortgage through sofi and the whole process was so easy. ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪
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health and wellness items. everything from over the counter medications and vitamins, to first aid items and personal care products. best of all, if you have medicare and medicaid, you may qualify for multiple opportunities throughout the year to enroll. so if you want more from medicare, call the number on your screen now to speak with a licensed humana sales agent. learn about humana plans that could give you more healthcare benefits. including coverage for prescription drugs, dental care, eye exams and glasses, hearing aids and more. a licensed humana sales agent will walk you through your options, answer any questions you have and, if you're eligible, help you enroll over the phone. call today and we'll also send this free guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. stuart: just got time for this, jay commenting on my christmas
12:00 pm
performance. he says your singing was great, but my wife thought your christmas sweater was awesome. he included this picture, there you go. you see, or ladies and gentlemen, i really do have taste -- [laughter] even in crazy christmas sweaters and so, sir, does your wife. neil, it's yours. [laughter] neil: i can't beat that. i cannot beat that. stuart, thank you very, very much. a bit of a selloff here, but again, back to capitol hill, what's happening right now, flags at half staff, this as moves are afoot to get donald trump out of office and soon. the indications are that a number of republicans could be onboard with that but not nearly enough to get that the into fruition. time will telling as they say, another 12 days to go. we're going to get the read from doris kearns goodwin. you know, the last president who refused to go to his successor's inauguration was andrew


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