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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 4, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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the georgia senate runoff elections. it begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern here. congressman devin nunez, victor david hanson among our guests. kelly loeffler we found kennedy: well the double down to georgia and said screw the violin, i will extend 2020 in the senate. and that is tomorrow you have an un- present deadly important runoff election that will determine not only the balance of power in congress. but it could also provide the last meaningful check on power to incoming administration who blindly seeks to massively increase the size, scope, cost and reach of the federal government. trumps 2017 tax cuts are more than a talking point for its economic match that lit a massive bonfire of growing wages, soaring wages and plummeting unemployment rate is not just having bubbles
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lifting the rich to greater heights for the foundations of that growth have bolstered a head scratching co- bid bounce it should not include good data on consumer confidence or the dow but somehow does. if david perdue and kelly loeffler lose tomorrow senate races, nor in ten days from now because georgia, the tax cuts will be reversed into a stifling hike that will include not only $4 trillion in new demands but trillions more for a lowered medicare eligibility age, obamacare exchanges and god knows what for some barf for the version of a green new deal. georgians hold your economic and political fate in their hand. because if they fail to give the gift of divided government, we are going to paying the price for this populace confetti canon of overspending for decades. that means it will soon be time to have the talk with your kids. not about condoms and -- but
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about legal tax avoidance freight was the point of starting a new business of the corporate tax rate is going to go up to at least 28% with wealth creation entirely this incentivized? if democrats want to spend everyone's money, then why don't they want everyone to be rich so there's more revenue to draw from? if you are just going to have your great ideas confiscated, what is the point of launching something new? a democrat patrick would not lie seek power but it would uncle sam to poke his distracting finger into your business. digitally penetrating your every sacred aspect. i don't know about you, but i did not sign for that kind of pain and prodding. come on georgia, keep those perverted hands out of my full son do not said to devils to washington. and that is the memo. how will tomorrow's run-up shakeout? the polling in georgia has been, shall we say lousy and tight. like my progress. but according to the real clear politics average from
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the end of december, democrat jon ossoff is a leading income but david perdue. and in the other race democrat raphael warnock is up on the other income but kelly 49.8% to the eight flats. so which side has the momentum? and the republicans pull this off question adjoining georgia republican house speaker energy and commerce committee member buddy carter. welcome back buddy. to back thank you for having me. support what do these numbers tell us? they have been all over the place. we have seen movement obviously margins are tight. but a week and a half ago we saw both republican senators up for it and now we see the democrat challenges upward was going out the polling? >> certainly as we have experienced during the selectio selection, polling i don't think means a whole lot at this point. the main focus here is tomorrow and they turn out. we're going to have good weather in the state of georgia. republicans do normally turn out well on election day
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pretty think you were going to find that again. listen, this is one of the most consequential races ever in the state of georgia. and arguably once of the most consequential and ever in the united states. and certainly georgians understand that. they are going to turn out in droves tomorrow. they understand what is at stake here. they understand the national implications here. what is at stake is the balance of power as you pointed out. we know the democrats are in control the house where they're going to have 222 seats. we'll probably have hundred 13 on the republican side. we know that notwithstanding what might happen wednesday with electoral certification that the democrats could possibly be in the white house as well. that leaves the last line of defense to be the senate. that means the last line of defense is georgia. got to get these to senator elect to bring these two republican senators. less than democrats today are not our father's democrats for their socialist democrats when you look at raphael warnock and jon ossoff, you see two of
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the most liberal democrats out there. if they take control the senate, they have control of potentially every branch. and that can only lead to absolute power. in absolute power corrupts. select a cycle little bit about the mail in voting. there has been a record turnout for that early mail in voting. and democrats note they had the edge there. particularly in urban areas. so how do republicans really truly convince voters to go to the polls in person tomorrow? considering all that has happened and all of the external trauma outside of the race that found its way into the race, how can you still get election where it republicans physically to the polls? >> today's been a good day. been in northwest georgia republican stronghold britain just a little while. he's turned out to vote the
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president still very popular in georgia. and he will turn out to vote. the vice president was in middle georgia earlier today. the nrc has had a strong presence in the state of georgia all during this part we spent tons of money, both sides of spent tons of money per the effort has been there. you are going to see a strong turnout tomorrow among republicans and very confident of that. >> are you nervous of the numbers the early mail and returns? >> it is going to be tight there's no question about that. you know the early mail in returns, the results of that aren't totally unexpected. we knew it was going to be in favor of the democrats to a certain extent for the whole key is to turn out tomorrow and the turnout among republicans. we are very confident we're going have a strong turnout. listen georges get it. they understand how important this is. they understand this is the last line of defense. that this has national implications. kennedy: is a still republican state? >> i believe it is pretty believe it is a republican
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state. like most republican states in georgia has been has done well and has done jobs and controlled our finances. and because of that we've got people from the democratic states moving into our state. that is where the jobs are. we have got a high quality of life. we've got a good quality of life. they are leading the blue state coming to our state like texas and georgia and the other red states had been managed well by republican government. in bringing their politics with them which is baffling. kennedy: that's what's happening place like tennessee, arizona, and texas. you have people fleeing new york and california. new jersey as well. and going to those attacks friendly states. but there is a disconnect between why there is freedom in some of these red states. and how spending too much money and electing people who want to much power and control ultimately affects the outcome
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and quality of life. do you really think that you are going to see some of your counterparts in the house stop president-elect biden have his electors certified? so excellently there is a movement within the house. and i will tell you this is nothing new. keep in mind this is been going on for quite a while. you only have to go back to 1996 when it started. in fact it started back in the 1700s. but happen just as recently as 1996. happened in 2000 well with the correctional black caucus bread happened in 2005 with representative stephanie tubbs jones from ohio and senator bob boxer from california. happened as recently as four years ago. you had a number, infected seven democratic members of the house that objected to the electoral process here and certification. this is nothing new that is happening here. but i do think you will get to see a strong turnout because there are some equity think vice president pence is going to do?
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>> the first certainly the vice president indicated that he is going to look at it and an objective fashion. certainly my hope is he's going to brace back is not going up to much time to be objective though. peace going to make a big move, tomorrow is the day we will be watching it cumbersome thank you so much your time. >> thank you. >> minal president trump scheduled to hold a runoff rally in georgia just about an hour pretty trying to help push the republican candidates over the finish line. but there been some big concern that all this talk about rigged elections could discourage gop voters from heading to the polls. so what does he need to say tonight to get the crowd fired up to cast ballots in person? let's meet tonight's party pampered i wish they were in person. we have lg bc found it right turn strategist president chris barron is here. and look who it is, the host of "sincerely kat" on fox nation. cat timpf. and fox news contributor, executive director of the serve america pack and she will hopefully be helping the
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buckeyes hold that national trophy overhead, glory harvest back welcome everyone. >> chris i will start with you. because i think the president has a heavier lift than he did last time he was in georgia. so what does he have to say? because tonight i don't think it is about him. i don't think it's about him, i don't think it is about the election in november, i really think it is about resonating with georgia republican voters and getting them out tomorrow. so what is he have to say? >> by going the president say what needs to be said. he's going there to rally republicans to turn out to vote for the two republican incumbents tomorrow. that is exactly with the president needs to do and that is what he is doing. look at the republicans lose trumpets one get one 100% of the blame for it if republicans win, they'll pretend trump absolutely nothing to do with this. it was completely and totally
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devoid of any involvement for trump. it's a no-win situation in terms of the media treatments. but i think the president is doing exactly what he needs to be doing for even the election in georgia counties in georgia rallying his base. >> i will be watching part i'm excited to see what he has to say. i do think it is a big knights. but can he help himself? cats, can he help himself from some of the naps pivot that he wants to make about what he sees as an unjust process? >> he might have a hard time doing that. look, i don't know how i would handle a crowd like that. i might do the same thing. but this is not about him i disagree thick chris i don't think just showing up is enough. because a lot of people have made the point that people, you can distract about what is really about which is georgia. but as you mentioned he could also discourage people from actually going for itself they say hey, it's raked anyway i am just going to stay home. then republicans lose and for
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him his whole legacy is done our taxes will be very, very, very, very high. kennedy: very, very, high for a long, long time. so marie, it is a tough sell though. it is a tough sell. the president himself has said and people loosely associated with his legal team have also said. [laughter] that there have been so many shenanigans in places like georgia the can on trust the process. and if it only takes two to 3% of registered republican voters to stay home when they should cast ballots, i don't know, is it possible to bridge that gap tonight for the president? >> i don't think he can help himself pretty so focused on his own failed election as we heard over the past few days and on his twitter feed that tonight he's going to walk a fine line. we have heard senior republicans in georgia begging him to stop doing.
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saying he is depressing the vote. saying he has convincing people the system is rigged and they should not participate in it. i mean there is no better example of his narcissism and how we cannot focus on the senate race because he so focused on himself britt kennedy, alpha think we should keep in mind lucia will not know the outcome tomorrow night part it will mirror election day november that on election day itself a lot of republicans will vote for george it does not even start counting absentee ballots until the polls close. so over the coming days it will mirror what it look like where trump was and then biden pulled ahead. so we're in for a bumpy few days put in the president's behavior is only contributing to that chaos. we'll see what he actually does tonight. >> well, hopefully the poll watchers will be there for the entire time they will not be invited to leave so when there is a pause in the counting, that is what happened on election night. and hopefully the secretary of state come he's been under great deal of fire, he will lock things up in terms of how
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smoothly this election needs to run priests to ground party panel because coming up with got a number of house speaker republicans now defending the president's controversial phone call with that secretary state of georgia. the democrats screaming the president should be thrown in jail. what really happened on the phone on saturday? plus a huge day he might not end up running and u.s. prison or even in a u.s. courtroom, or even in a u.s. courtroom, that is you work hard for your money. or even in a u.s. courtroom, that is stretched days for it. juggled life for it. took charge for it. so care for it. look after it. invest with the expertise of j.p. morgan, either with an advisor or online, through chase. after all, it's yours. chase. make more of what's yours.
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before welcome back to mars election is not the only political hand grenade blowing up. in the peach state the other record and linked call between president trump a georgia secretary of state. [inaudible] on saturday the president spoke with him. [laughter] i can't say. there should be at s but there's not. about uncovering fraud in the presidential race and finding enough votes to give him a win, listen. >> i just want to find 11000, 780 votes, which is a wonder more than we have. because we won the state. so tell me, brad, what are we
11:19 pm
going to do? we won the election is not fair to take it away from us like this. before that president said he was rude during two finding fraudulent votes went to biden. his critics say he met inventing new votes for himself. reference berger has admitted to recording and making the call. what a jerk move brad present abc asked if the president's demands from the level, watch. suspected you consider a lawful request of the present acid find the votes? >> i am not a lawyer. all he knows we are going to follow the law, filed the processed truth matters we been fighting these rumors for the last two months. survey. kennedy: i'm going to use that line, every question anyone asks them to say i'm not a lawyer. so it was this another perfect phone call for the president? or was this a nether perfect phone call for the president? let's get back into it with tonight's party panel, chris barron, captive, and marie hearth. maria going to start with
11:20 pm
you. how bad is this in your estimation? >> i think it is the clearest abuse of power that donald trump has had as president. if you were not about to leave office it is clearly, clearly an impeachable offense. asking a republican election official to overturn an electio election, to find votes that do not exist somehow. and when brad, i will not attempt his lesson, keeps fact checking trump in real time it so disturbing, not just what he was asking but it seemed like donald trump believed all these conspiracy theories that are just not based in reality. and when brad keeps fact checking him and say no that's not true, that is just not right, you do not have been numbers, you do not have defects. is like the president of the united states is operating in a completely fictitious universe. and that is a very scary thing to me, candidate. it really is. see for how you like to
11:21 pm
respond chris barron? >> that oh my god, another phone call. it's probably worse than watergate. flipped over to cnn today, they dug up karl bernstein to bring him out, do his weekend at bernie's reteam to say his call was worse than watergate. the ukraine call was worse than watergate to bring he got stiffed on the number of french fries he got it mcdonagh's is worse than watergate. the russian, everything's worse than watergate. look, the bottom line is the president thanks he won georgia pretty set in the call present asking the secretary of state to invent votes, he is saying he one part he believes that he rightfully one of what's a know it happens. worse than watergate. smith but he didn't. but brad he didn't plan sorry i just called you brad, i'm sorry. he didn't. kennedy: that is chris. >> i'm sorry chris, i'm sorry chris, he did not win though. >> the fact that i'm smart in the secretary of state at this
11:22 pm
point. segar it's crazy cat the georgia secretary of state is a republican part and he knows by lobbing this bomb into the media today, he isn't blowing up the race. it seems like if you are doing that, and you are trying to derail the senate race. why is he doing this kat, why i think it's another of forced air. why is raffensperger doing this? >> i only think he is concerned about president trump not liking him very much. and maybe saying certain things about him's was going to say here's what happens. not a great time for part and course i agree with you, not a perfect phone call. it seems like trump is having some issues with accepting that this is over.
11:23 pm
i kind of almost don't want to judge. ask any guy that is broken up with me, i will text you into the ground "after words". he wants to hear from you, and they do not. this is obviously something bigger than my breakups. and it really could do some damage here. i don't think that people really care pretty look what happened on this show, people care more than a by the person's name not what politician they are, republican or democrat. the ultimate get hurt again as if the focus is on that tonight is on all of this tonight and not telling georgians to go out and vote republican. >> it is confusing for republicans when you have republican on republican violence in the state. i understand that raffensperger was being defensive. i get approved by the president's legal team member said wellin my day we take them out back and shoot them. you can't say that either. you can't say these things.
11:24 pm
everyone has lost their mind spread but we have not lost the panel for the petals would stick around because we have much, much more tempered and as i said democrats on the president's request to find votes a crime part but we only know about it because the georgia secretary of state leaked the recorded phone call to the press. here's what georgia senator david perdue said about that today. >> i don't think it's really going to affect our election. i'm still shocked are member of the republican party would tape a sitting president and leak that, that is disgusting in my view very >> that was not today it felt like today because there is no sleep. but steve hilton is on sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel per great show. and he did talk to david perdue. so, did raffensperger break the law but recorded president? did the present break the law on the call? and who could be in the deepest with this and by how much, now joining me to it discuss former fox contributor
11:25 pm
andy mccarthy is here. welcome back to the show 80. sncc copy new york entity. >> happy new year to you as well think it's a much. i still think that raffensperger has some political motivation here. i don't quite understand what it is paid today we came out the press conference i assumed he was going to announce that he was leaving the republican party. what do you see here? and what if any of this is illegal? >> i don't think any of it is illegal. all of it isn't decorous. no one distinguish themselves here. but what you have, the background here is president trump has been attacking raffensperger. sometimes viciously so trump would lie about the call when he spoke publicly about it in
11:26 pm
the meantime, the context of the call is not just a call between the president and the secretary of state in georgia. it is a call between the lawyers involved in the case, the trump campaign has two lawsuits down in georgia. so the reason for this is to have settlement discussions and discovery discussions in connection with that lawsuit. i think this is inside lawyer stuff it's also a cheap taped to the president for this is not the president's role in national security. this is a president as a special pleader. but for lawyers to be taping other lawyers in settlement discussions is really a big kind of professional no-no. before i don't know, it's a
11:27 pm
single party state or just one party price back yes he is allowed to do it in georgia. but it's sticky. it's achy. before the something about it that is weird but i do understand because raffensperger has been so defensive about some of the decisions he has made. but i still don't quite get if you are a member of the republican party. arguably what your party to do well played the best chance for your party to do well nationally is to send these to republican senators back to washington, then why derail it? to have you have an answer for that i still get that part. subject's main job is not to be a member of the republican party it is to be the secretary of state and administer elections correctly. and what he is being accused of is basically residing over a massive fraud. however that impacts the party for him personally, he wants it known that he presided over this in a competent professional way. before i get it. but that just means his ego is more important than the
11:28 pm
outcome of the runoff. and i don't think that is acceptable. >> to him it is. look, if it were your reputation or my reputation will probably care about her reputation more than partisan. sue portnoy care about my taxes more than my reputation. [laughter] i don't know where this ends. i don't know where these people go. i think maybe secretary of state brad gets a book deal or something. who knows i think georgians are pretty bombarded. there probably pretty political savvy at this point. i'm sure they what this whole thing to ends. maybe that is enough to get republicans out to the polls to save our children's future. otherwise, they are all hosed. last word, andy. >> you may be rights. he would not be the first one on his way out the door to think the way to fame and
11:29 pm
fortune is to take a shot at trump. that obviously is something pretty logical. sue for thank you any mccarthy going to see it. >> thanks kennedy. kennedy: will surprise, surprise, the feds are screwing up the covered vaccine rollout. millions of doses now sitting in warehouses rotting. how does this happen? and how could the private sector doing a better job of getting you vaccinated? ♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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11:34 pm
the most of these precious vaccines customer currently to discuss his md medical director fox news contributor dr. janette nesheiwat per welcome back to the show dear. sue backache kennedy. kennedy: you know i'm a fan of city md. it is not art of the role, cvs and walgreens could be the one to save the day pay because supposedly we had this big plan on going get millions of doses into the arms of seniors. and in places like hamilton, tennessee they were waiting in line for hours and then told to go home. and then healthcare workers were calling their young family members and friends and jabbing them with the vaccine point that is just one of many stories throughout the land we've either got it going to the wrong people or it's just sitting there. what happened? >> this is what happens when there is a lack of planning. there's a lack of communication, there's a lack of funding. we not only need the vaccine we need resources, we need staff currently personnel to administer the vaccine. we need good planning in advance.
11:35 pm
even if we don't have the backseat and handout we need to plan as if we do. so we don't have any of these hiccups and snafus so we are not wasting the vaccine. operation warp speed gave us the vaccine part is now the state's responsibility to distribute them and inoculate patients asap so they don't go to waste. you know, i have to say that we started off initially out the gate with 1 million vaccines given a week or not doing too bad now, we administered in the past 72 hours a million vaccines. that is a pickup in the amount of vaccines that have been given. imagine we can get to a million a day. that's going to be incredible it's going to save a lot of lives. >> former head of the fda said the second dose should be delayed for those who've already received the first in order to get more people that first inoculation. you agree with that? >> i like to look at the data come the signs and the facts but i'm concerned were not going to reach that 95% efficacy if you delay it by two months, by three months. i'm okay with the leg by maybe
11:36 pm
a week or two weeks but if we listen to doctor factory he was the operation work speed chief with better idea based on data and facts but if you're between the age of 1855 you can receive half doses have the full dose. look at the same immunological responses in your body will still produce enough antibodies to protect you written so that is actually a better idea that has been shown to be effective and protect more people will be able to vaccinate more people prepare right now, we have 14 million doses distributed to americans, we've only used about 4 million part we need to use that other 10 million doses. kennedy: that does not make sense the big worry was theirs going to be a shortage free but now they're going all my gosh, there are more doses per bottle who knew. oh my gosh you can take a smaller dose, where the just fighting that out now? why could they have figured it, these are smart people print i am assuming they're pretty good at math and volume.
11:37 pm
>> you always want to take into consideration for example you draw up the dose that the vaccine into its syringe but sometimes you have to escort a tiny bit out to get the air bubbles out parts of the always at a little bit extra just in case. that was actually great fighting to see there's potentially one or two extra doses. always want to be on the safe side. you always want to have a little extra versus been shorthanded so that is great. i think we should do knowing we had this extra doses we can use potentially morbid turn out doses, let's use yankee stadium is a fox nation center and get a mass fox nation clinic going. let's get a drive-through growing part let's get a fox nation bandit going to people can't travel, to seniors who can't come out to the clinic. our maybe are able to drive but we really need to look at every avenue that is out there so we can bakhtin is many people as possible for them ready to vaccinate mike only colleagues but my fellow new yorkers. this is what is what help us reach herd immunity we don't want to miss another day another minute. >> if their judgment suit jami
11:38 pm
i'm good with that i'm taking a brave stand tonight. i also take the vaccine. >> i don't think you are alone. [laughter] that's all right with me. the machine however, and boys. right dr. janette nesheiwat, you are a dream come true. i always appreciate your guidance. i think you have a fresh and rational perspective so thank you for that. >> thank you, have a government happier kennedy plates mick thank you. or a judge in the uk making a major decision on jillian assange. in one countries offered him unconditional we love the new apartment. the natural light is amazing. hardwood floors. there is a bit of a clogging problem. (clog dancing) at least geico makes it easy to bundle our renters and car insurance. yeah, helping us save us even more...
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11:43 pm
face trial anytime soon. we q. week founder julian assange had trove of military documents but the wars in iran and afghanistan. today a judge in the uk ruled against extraditing him to the u.s. due to a high risk of suicide. he faces up to 175 years in prison if he is in fact convicted here. but in unlikely ally could provide hope to assange today. the president of mexico offered assange asylum saying his country will give him protection. spicy indeed. so is this the only way assange can avoid a u.s. prison cell? or a turkish reason cell? back with the party panel, chris, katz, marie. so chris assange is on the list of those he was to party especially wants to extend goodwill to libertarians out there. put on those with edwards noted in roth oberg could buy think of julian assange should absolutely be pardoned as
11:44 pm
well, your thoughts. >> i agree, actually agree. probably agree for different reasons than you. i agree because it piss is off all the right people. i can hear liz cheney screeching from here just thinking about i it. [laughter] i want the president to do it on his way out. absolutely. kennedy: and also, assange is claiming is acting as a journalist, kat. so who gets to decide who is a journalist, who was a whistleblower and who is a traitor? because it seems like they all essentially do the same thing. but the designation is subjective. see becky act, gotta pardon him i completely agree. you said it. pamela anderson said it, i agree with her, not shocking with such similar bodies. [laughter] [laughter] think about it. i don't know how i stand out. julian assange made this country a better place because he increased transparency.
11:45 pm
and he made it a lot more difficult for the government to be able to hide things. okay? pardon him, pardon him, pardon him. before she said it three times just like the candyman. he's going to show up. marie, you are not worthy pardon, you do not like julian assange, why? because he broke united states law. and when i was working at the cia, working with people see compromised by not only leaking classified information, but then he went on to hack into e-mails. he went on to hack into people systems and release that information during the 2016 election. this is bigger than iraq and afghanistan. journal published information, he stole it pretty broke u.s. law to steal it and then publish it. support media outlets do the same thing. journalists do the exact same thing. >> media outlets do not hack
11:46 pm
into. >> no, edie allison not hack into people's e-mail for they public information that is been given to them. then on. support chris you go first chris. okay hold on chris you go first respect let me finish kennedy. kennedy: let me finish. >> let me finish. there are laws and he broke them he can be a hero to whoever he wants, he is still subject to them like everyone else. >> the "new york times" illegally obtained trumps taxes where i don't hear in you and clamoring to put the "new york times" report is in jail for disseminating information they should not have legally. they legally can't have tribes taxes. why shouldn't we be clamoring to throw the "new york times" report is in jail? kennedy: kat last word. >> that is called consistency. support no, there can be a consistence application to all of this. and i think the disdain for assange is not legal, it is
11:47 pm
political. and whistleblowers, even if you dislike the whistling, they have to be protected. party panel thanks much, chris barron, kent tim, marie harf. good to see you all happy new year. >> happy new year. kennedy: topical storm is next, it is a good one. stay with did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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kennedy: after winning only two games a season head coach of the new york jets has been dismissed and is now unemployed, or as the nfl calls and a huge promotion. that is a jet making a crack landing a moose. it's topic number one. here's a guy who's not afraid to be as authentic self. and he is doing it by being someone else. in the united kingdom a new day has come for a 30-year-old man formerly known as thomas dodd. after he got blackout drunk, he legally changed his name to celine dion. and that is how a moment last forever. celine dion, the drunk says he was drinking champagne will watching celine dion the singer in concert on christmas eve and was inspired to file the name change online. [laughter] the very same thing happened
11:52 pm
to meet my watch mariah carey sing on new year's and change my name to howling wolf. that's how i got into elizabeth warren's book club for indigenous people. and how i got out the balls into married me for seven years. don't say anything, he still thanks i was his first mohican. yeah. so the british man said this is not the first time he's done something crazy while hammered. and his friends aren't surprised about the name change at all. after seeing the golden bowtie well neither are we. keep drinking celine, we will see them back on the topical storm real soon when you change her name to rodrigo. topic number two. are you afraid of ghosts but not of heart disease? that we've got a whopper for you. burger king japan has designed a new burger that will help you ward off evil spirits. but if you really want to flush the evil out of your system, try to pull tape. the new spicy whopper contains a special spicy sauce and garlic flake so neither evil
11:53 pm
spirits nor your loved ones will want to come anywhere near you. the commercial shows burger king employees bring the new whoppers to a temple in tokyo to be blessed by monks. although if you are eating burger king, aren't you already blessed enough? it's in your tradition japan to visit a temple and pick up an amulet to ward off eagle. the new ads they they cannot attend traditional services this year so eating this whopper can serve as a substitute. and as far as blasphemy go, that is certainly a whopper. oh yeah, your blaster good, you don't need to go to temple ever great. topic number three, it is a mug shot monday. and tonight we need a literal social justice warrior. a man threatened to kill his former coworker and then broke into his house because he would not accept his facebook friend request for this guy really does not how to be liked. there's 29-year-old caleb whose name is more commonly
11:54 pm
pronounced caleb, get the hell out of my house pretty got laid off from his job and sent threatening coworker robert. this is why i only fire my people over tik tok. police say caleb wrote to robert quote except my friend request or a mime going to murder you. that is fun pretty went from sliding to bussing down his front door, reportedly kicking his way into the house and coming face-to-face with robert's dad whom he did not recognize because that jerk robert never tagged or shared anything with him. caleb was arrested is now out of county jail after posting a 50000-dollar bond which he crowd funded on go free me. topic number four. oh no, invasive species has taken over south florida and is now spreading into texas, georgia and the carolinas. i am not talking about new yorkers oh my god i can't
11:55 pm
believe it's so warm here. dogs sized lizards per look at that. well have not seen a ton like that since backstage that guns and roses concert. reportedly spreading across the southern u.s. southerners keep forgetting if they went outside to walk their dog or bring their lizard. the black in white originate in south america but have been proliferated in the florida everglades. they are not the worst thing to come out of florida since floridians pray they can reach up to 4 feet in length any just about anything they can fit in their mouth. [laughter] in other words, they are just like you and me after a few tequila shots. now they are dominating the southern ecosystem killing off native wildlife and even eating peoples pets, who among us? and i can say from personal experience, people hate it when you do that. lizards are so delicious i love the little corgis. mouth trumpet monday, we are
11:56 pm
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show during feldman twitter an instagram at kennedy nation. facebook kennedy appian, e-mail tomorrow night and capturing on fox business, very special coverage of the [ country-rock music plays ] >> deep in the swamps of central florida... [ alligator growls ] >> we have a couple thousand alligators... [ alligator growls, hisses ] ...a couple hundred crocodiles. >> ...lurks one strange inheritance. >> my idea all along was that i could build something that i could pass down to my family. >> that was always in the back of your mind? >> always in the back of my mind. >> can we name this one jamie? >> absolutely. >> but passing down an enterprise like this can be treacherous. >> upon my father's passing, we might have to hit the road. >> it might be sold out from underneath us. >> it's risky business... in more ways than one. >> what happened to your finger? >> crocodile bit it off. [ woman vocalizing, theme music plays ] [ wind howls ]


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