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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 22, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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will see you with another edition of " after the bell" on tuesday afternoon. live from bayville, new york, it's been good to be with you. "lou dobbs tonight" starts right now. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. this just in: fbi director christopher wray today announced that the fbi conduct an internal revenue -- review, rather, of how the bureau conducted the michael flynn investigation. that review will begin with the interview of general flynn which was carried out on january 24th of 2017 in the white house by disgraced fbi agent peter strzok, agent joe pientka. an interview from which the fbi's original 302 report summarizing what was said in the interview has, well, it's gone missing in the fbi of all
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places. and don't expect anything new from this development. christopher wray's so-called review of it all. in a statement the fbi admitting, quote: although e the fbi does not have the prosecutorial authority to bring a criminal case, the inspection division can and will evaluate whether any current onboard employees, get that? onboard employees engaged in actions that might warrant disciplinary measures. in other words, well, going on to say as for former employees, the fbi doesn't have the ability to take disciplinary action. in other words, the fbi has successfully, corruptly run out the clock and will have only irrelevancies to offer in this internal review. we will have a lot more on this development tonight. we'll be talking with judicial watch president tom fitton who has just uncovered an important
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document concerning the origins of the flynn investigation. in other news here, the chinese communist party bending the arc of history as the liberals like to say, bending the arc of history toward totalitarianism. today can china scrapped hong kong's representative government and all but ended individual is freedoms. from bay ring, leaders -- beijing, leaders introducing legislation that eliminates hong kong's pretense even of autonomy. that led to some fights on the floor of hong kong's legislature. president trump and the administration sternly warning china that should that bill become law, as it is sure to become, a u.s. response will be swift, it will be strong. secretary of state mike pompeo said this, quote: the decision to bypass hong kong's well-established legislative
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processes and ignore the will of the people of hong kong would be a death knell for the high degree of autonomy beijing promised for hong kong. also today defense secretary mark esper weighing in. he condemned china for its heightened a aggression. >> you know, they sunk a vessel in the south chai -- china sea, they continue to intimidate their neighbors whether it's fishing rights or oil drilling rights in the south china sea. this is, again, you see increased aggressive behavior by china. lou: despite china's worsening aggression, the top unwavering position of president trump against china's threats, the white house security strategy released this week fails to refer to china as an enemy and, in fact, labeled china's aggression and military threats, in fact, as, quote-unquote,
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challenges. yes, it's from the trump white house, not the obama white house. china's search for power and rising ambitions also threatening american buzz and the security of -- business and the security of our intelligence partners around the world. a new report examines the strategic areas of each of the so-called five is intelligence partners that have become increasingly dependent on china. five is is a term for the five nations that share intel meant only for their intelligence agencies. the countries are the united states, australia, canada, new zealand and the u.k. countries now deeply concerned about their dependence on china for medicine, for pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, for medical equipment. here's our foreign affairs correspondent benjamin hall with a report. >> reporter: lou, this new report by a british think tank shows that the u.s. is strategically dependent on china
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for 414 categories of imported goods of which 114 serve its critical national infrastructure, and that could in some cases be a national security risk. china has steadily increased its share of many markets over the years under the increasingly authoritarian leadership of president xi jinping who has made very clear his ambitions for dominance. today the u.s. is strategically dependent on his regime for categories including antibiotics such as penicillin, essential batteries including lithium, rare earth metals and critical minerals like tupg ten, cell phones, life jackets and an or colors. the u.s. is reliant on china for them all. as china continues to bully economies around the world, experts say that to turn this around requires a decoupling and new partnerships in the
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indo-pacific region. >> rebooting international trade and free trade agreements and the relationships with partner countries who are reliable is how it's going to win this for us. president trump and his administration see both sides of the picture. >> reporter: the coronavirus pandemic has also made clear the dangers of this dependence. chinese control of supply lines that produce critical equipment like face masks and ventilators were initially turned inwards to help china alone, leaving other countries in short supply. the idea of decoupling from china's economy is already well established in the u.s., and it has bipartisan support. it is also something that from day one president trump has made a priority. lou? lou: thank you very much, benjamin hall reporting. thank you. we want the applaud white house trade czar peter navarro for dealing with this issue of american dependency on china and for dismantling radical dems'
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and if left-wing press narratives on china. watch this exchange between navarro and abc's george stephanopoulos this past sunday. >> you say the chinese took down the american economy, so you're saying they deliberately unleashed the covid virus on the united states? do you have evidence for that? >> i did not say they deliberately did it, but their china virus -- let's go over the facts here, correct me if i'm wrong. the virus was spawned in wuhan province. the chinese, behind the shield of the world health organization, for two months hid the virus from the world and then sent hundreds of thousands of chinese on aircraft to milan, new york and around the world to seed that. they could have kept it in wuhan. instead it became a pandemic. so that's why i say the chinese did that to americans, and they are responsible -- lou: and joining us now, the man who left george stephanopoulos
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gasping, as you saw there. i thought i saw even a few tears. peter navarro joins us, assistant to the president, his trade czar, member of the president's coronavirus task force. peter, good to have you with us. let's start with that, that, that remarkable exchange with stephanopoulos. you're saying straightforward what is clear to the american public. we have seen, it appears, the white house pull back a bit. there's no longer a reference to wuhan viruses or china viruses even though that's the place where it originated by this president who, by the way, talked about that for months as the china virus. is there a, is this a pivot here that i've missed? >> no, lou, there's no pivot at all. and my own view is that that best way the beat the chinese
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communist party is to beat them at their own game in the sense of let's make it here. i'll tell you the one thing we no longer have to fend on china for is ventilators. we are now exporting ventilators. the week before it was 20 million face maskings per month we've added in arizona and rhode island. the week before that we went to a gm factory, more ventilators. we, this week, this week for me, lou, was one of the best weeks this president has had in a strategic sense because this company is going to make advanced pharmaceutical ingredients right here on u.s. soil which is one of the big things that china's trying to hold over our head. so i take, i take actually fairly big issue with you with respect to that report that was put out. yeah, there was a few wiggle words in it, but that thing was hard as -- lou: which report is that? >> the one you talked about the other night with pillsbury.
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lou: oh, the -- >> yeah. lou: -- you mean the national security strategy in which i couldn't find, i couldn't find one reference to china that made them sound like anything more than a representative of big pharma. i mean, come on, give me a break. >> i read that report -- lou: well, we will. >> no, let's talk about this because pillsbury, two weekess ago he took a shot -- lou: you're managing to take a compliment badly. you're managing to take a compliment badly. so if you want to go there, let's start with your strategic response to our utter dependency on china for pharmaceuticals, for pharmaceutical intermediates, for medical equipment. do you want to keep going? >> yeah, let's keep going. we can talk about that. lou: did you see benjamin hall's report? >> we'll talk about -- lou: i don't want to hear what you're doing, i want to hear what you've done. the president -- >> i'm telling you what we've done. lou: -- on china -- >> now, happening on, lou. lou: go for it. >> you'ved asked me what we've done -- lou: go or for it.
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>> on rare earth with the department of defense as we speak, we're developing mines that haven't been used for years. we're doing that. we had the gulf power initiative -- lou: when will you, okay -- [inaudible conversations] lou: i'm not a guy, as you know, that puts up with b.s., when will we see the deficit with china eliminated? give me a date and a rate. >> it's going to be a while, but that's what -- lou: oh, it's going to be a while. >> lou, come on. come on, lou. lou: it's not what you've done. no, you come on. you come on this broadcast and -- [inaudible conversations] lou: i just complimented you or if doing the right thing. >> i appreciate that. lou: you're peddling pablum and b.s., and i don't think i like it. and i don't think the american people -- >> i'm coming back at you -- [inaudible conversations] >> it's your show, but -- lou: i'm sorry? >> let's talk, okay?
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lou: say something. >> that document that was issued yesterday by the president was tough as nails if you look through it. it called them out on their unfair trade, it called them out on concentration -- lou: called them out on their unfair trade? peter? peter -- [inaudible conversations] >> this president is the only -- >> of course. that's what we've done, lou. i don't know why you're mad. i mean, what are we having an argument about? lou: you know what? you said you're taking issue with me -- >> no, i said -- lou: for calling the national security strategy a bunch of crap. >> let's argue about that, i'm telling you, if you read that -- lou: i haven't heard you make a point yet. >> well, let me make a point -- lou: did you write it? did you write it? >> no, i did not. lou: who did write it? because aye like to -- i'd like to know -- >> what's your beef with that report, lou? you give me a specific. what's your problem with that
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report? lou: you're the one who took issue. i gave you my problems with it. >> well, lou, look -- lou: you were watching last night, you said. you shouldn't have to ask that question. >> i watched last night. i watched mike pillsbury e basically compare that to an obama-biden report, that was crazy -- lou: well, your problem's with pillsbury. your problem is with -- >> i didn't say it was with you. go back and play the tape, lou. i was just starting to -- lou: you said -- >> d with what pillsbury had to say, and you jumped all over me. go back and look at the tape. that's -- lou: well, i'm going to jump all over b.s -- >> that report all right -- lou: you're a recidivist. [laughter] >> lou, i'm just saying that report is tough as nails. we can disagree about that, but i can point to paragraphs in it that shows which -- lou: okay. let me give you a quote. here you go. here you go, let's --
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>> sure. [laughter] lou: let's go to the video. ready? the u.s. president's china experts michael pillsbury, peter navarro are working in parallel with pompeo to punish, humiliate and isolate. we do not seek to -- this is the white house report, that from the china daily in which you, by the way, were included with the person you're criticizing, michael pillsbury. this is the white house report national security strategy as it is without author, without a name on it, by the way. i mean, what is this, a, you know, it's a clandestine operation within the white house web site? [laughter] it says we do not seek to contain china's development, nor do we wish to disengage from the chinese people. the united states expects to engage in -- are you ready? -- fair competition with the prc whereby both of our nations'
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businesses and individuals can enjoy security and prosperity. let me tell you about the security and prosperity we're enjoying. 100,000 americans are dying as a result of xi jinping not warning the world, nor the united states or his good friend, president trump, that he had unleashed a deadly contagion on the world. i mean, are you -- [inaudible conversations] >> you and i agree on that. look -- [laughter] that report -- lou: are you telling me what i agree with? i'm telling you i think that's asinine. >> can i put some quotes up there? lou: do what you want. >> that says we were cracking town on concentration camps in china? we're cracking down on trade practices, that we don't appreciate them going out around the world and bullying everybody? i'm just saying. lou: don't appreciate it? you know what, i think, i mean, i am trembling, and i'm sure everyone in beijing is. you don't appreciate is? >> well -- lou: come on. this is not a response to -- >> the chinese --
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[inaudible conversations] you just read what the chinese -- lou: you tell me -- [inaudible conversations] they -- >> they said e it was pretty tough. they criticized me and pompeo and others. lou: well, actually -- >> [inaudible] lou: yeah, no. i'm too nice a fella. [laughter] >> i don't know why we're arguing. we're on the same page on all this stuff. i was just trying to point out -- lou: well, we're not. but we're not. >> all right, fair enough. fair enough. we'll agree to disagree. we've done that before. lou: well, it's, you know, we're not in the business of being such likable fellas that we ignore truth, and i know that you wouldn't want -- >> well, met the people decide -- let the peopled decide. but here's where we can agree on -- lou: well, this is -- >> we can agree on that. lou: i beg your pardon? >> doing things to combat china's role, we're trying to bring everything here.
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that's what i've been focused on. we had a great week this week. we're the king of ventilators. we don't have to worry about needing china's ventilators anymore. next stop, we're going to try to get the pharmaceutical chains here. after that, transformer es. you've been saying this for 15, 20 years, we need our manufacturing base home for economic security and national security, and that's all we're trying to do here, lou. lou: well, i'm suggesting to you it's time to do a hell of a lot more and to do it smarter. you know, this president ran on getting rid of dumb government and bringing in smart government. and if, if you think it's smart government not to respond to a country that is responsible for the deaths of 100,000 americans and the infection of more than 1 million, and, you know, we've got other things to talk about because these issues are transcending. as the obama administration -- >> you know that we are responding to them, and we will respond to them.
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i mean, how can you say we're not responding? i don't want get that at all -- lou: good to see you, as always. >> all right, man. lou: thank you very much, peter navarro. up next -- he really did, he had quite a sunday. i think something less than a perfect friday. sleepy joe biden in trouble once again for new comments about a key voting bloc. also more on the new internal e review of the fbi's case against general michael flynn. we're going to take two seconds of this broadcast tonight to talk about the deep state's efforts to overthrow president trump. joining us is the president of judicial watch, tom fitton. stay with us, we'll be right back. things will get really interesting now. ♪ ♪ sure. okay... okay! safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! check it out. safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!!
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lou: the presumptive democratic presidential nominee, joe biden, continuing his personal politics of self-destruction on the campaign trail. biden today having to apologize for these comments he made during a radio interview. >> you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or trump and you ain't black -- lou: biden this evening saying, quote, i've never, ever, ever
5:23 pm
taken the african-american community for granted. i shouldn't have been so cavalier, end quote. well, biden's latest gaffe comes after he was asked about reports he's considering minnesota senator amy klobuchar to be his vice president. klobuchar reportedly already asked by the biden campaign to undergo a formal vetting. well, turning now to a recent hi-declassified document known as the electronic communication used to launch crossfire hurricane. it's been released by judicial watch. the document written by foreman fbi agent -- former fbi agent peter strzok shown how the information was used --:
5:24 pm
lou: how is that for a sentence? joining us tonight is tom fitton, the president of judicial watch which is responsible for the revelation of, well, this material and much, much more. tom, good to have you with us. can you explain to me why a person who cannot write better than strzok ends up either writing or rewriting and editing other people's efforts? they couldn't have been as, well, calamitous as that sentence. >> well, this was a joint effort. page helped him write it as well. pretty much everything bad out of the fbi was a strzok-page creation. but, you know, that sentence is worth paying attention to because it showing nothing wrong was happening. why would it be surprising that the russian government seeing a candidate for president would want to figure out who they should be talking to in case the candidate won in terms of potential policies of a new administration? nothing wrong in that. and the other part of the
5:25 pm
document talks about the papadopoulos conversations. again, that's all thirdhand. and when you look at it, there is no basis for an unprecedented spy operation against a presidential candidate. at best it was a sort of, oh, this is interesting, let's put it in the file in case something pops up. otherwise the idea that this would be a basis for a a criminal -- for a counterintelligence investigation, they were sending fbi agents into the campaign, they were trying to entrap people around trump. it led to this criminal prosecution of flynn. not that what flynn did was criminal, the prosecution itself was criminal, mind you. we see, this is a core document behind the obamagate scandal. lou: it is, and it is also as ludicrous, if you will, as the pretext for the special counsel
5:26 pm
itself. >> right. lou: it is bizarre that when we begin with comey's admission to the president in that january 5th meeting that we seeing nothing untoward or irregular or -- forget criminal -- on the part of general flynn as they try to find some way to get to president-elect trump. this is a sorry statement on the part of some very sorry actors trying to take down a president. >> well, and it shows that barr and durham were right to say, contrary to the i.g.'s ridiculous conclusion, that this was a legitimate predicate. they have reason to question the predicate, they said. and you can see from the document why. lou: yeah. it -- [laughter] it's absurd is. >> it is absurd. it's really absurd. lou: as well as criminal. we're going to take -- go
5:27 pm
ahead -- >> go ahead, sorry. lou: i'm sorry, tom. we've got to take a quick break here. we'll come right back. we're talking with judicial watch's tom fitton, and we're going to find out why, why did the obama era intelligence officials want to take down general flynn? stay with us. ♪ ♪ in my line of work, i come face to face with a lot of behinds. so i know there's a big need for gas-x maximum strength. it works fast. relieving pressure, bloating, and discomfort before you know it. so no one needs to know you've got gas. gas-x
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♪ ♪ lou: we're back with judicial watch's president, tom fitton. tom, i want to go straight to christopher wray today making this bold announcement about an internal revenue, while at the same time a acknowledging not much could happen as a result of whatever they were to find assuming they had any interest in finding anything that would relate to accountability. your thoughts. >> yeah. i've been around this town longer than i care to admit to. i've never heard of the bureau of investigations within the fbi. this is obviously some type of
5:32 pm
i.g. review. finish it is, i don't know, maybe it's a gamble by wray to try to protect his job. but, look, comey lied, nothing was done. mccabe lied, leaked, nothing was done. fourteen fbi agents recently were found, including mccabe, to have shared classesfied or sensitive information. not one prosecution. so if anyone thinks this fbi is in a position to investigate itself again on this issue after covering it up at the highest levels, you know, i have a bridge in brooklyn i can sell them. the president should appoint a special counsel that relies on agents of law enforcement outside the fbi to investigate that mess of an organization. if you look at the fbi's statement, it spends all this time talking about they're going to investigate misconduct, and it ends with this, with this trite comment about the agency's commitment to the rule of law or
5:33 pm
language like that. there's nothing in the recent history of the fbi to suggest the agency committed to the rule of law. it was a vehicle for a political investigation contrary to the rule of law of enemies of the president, namely barack obama. and wray's done zero to, a, expose it and, b, prosecute those responsible. lou: yeah. and now, you know, this obviously is approved by the attorney general. this goes to -- [laughter] the tom fitton view of the prospect of justice in the justice department, and it is a dark, indeed, vision of what we can expect. anything here that changes your mind? >> well, i guess the only silver lining is any review's better than no review. who knows or, maybe they'll find something new.
5:34 pm
look, if i -- it occurred to me, rich grenell, of course, is releasing documents time and time again that have been withheld. the president should appoint him transparency czar and just have him -- don't let him leave. pleasure. lou: i like it. [laughter] but i would broaden. , if you will, his portfolio to it seems to be in favor these days a concept called a whole of government a approach -- >> right. lou: god knows that this government could use it. my lord. i want to ask you something as you were talking about flynn. we know that this began with a dispute about how much general flynn would reveal about the obama-iranian deal, their concerns about russia and its role. and meanwhile, they ignored china. you saw, i assume, the national security strategy on the white
5:35 pm site. do you think that china is an enemy of the united states, or do you think it's just some sort of low-level regional competitor as, apparently, the authors of this report seem to believe? >> oh, it's an existential threat to the future of the country. they certainly see us as a threat to them, and i, i trust the communists to be communists. when they say they seek to replace us, i believe 'em. and when it comes to flynn, flynn understood the national security establishment was rotten on virtually every national security issue; benghazi, libya, syria, china, iran, you name it. that's why they hate his guts, and that's why they tried to put him in jail based on fraudulent charges. lou: tom fitton, as always, great to have you with us. thanks so much. up next, acting dni ric grenell, well, he just slapped down two congressional radical dems. also why is the fbi slow-rolling
5:36 pm
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lou: breaking news now, the radical dems are failing miserably in challenging, trying
5:40 pm
to challenge acting dni richard grenell to be, of all things, more transparent. the most transparent director of national intelligence in this country's history, thank god. congressman adam schiff calling on grenell, if you can imagine this, to release the transcripts or summaries of general michael flynn's conversations with russian ambassador sergey kislyak. the director of national intelligence says that process, however, is underway, has been underway for some time. and when congressman eric swalwell, considered one of the intellectual luminaries of the left, called for the very same thing, grenell tweeted this, quote: i'm letting the public see more info. you are the one who worked to hide the information you didn't like. you listened to multiple people in classified hearings say they had no evidence, and yet go on tv and say the opposite.
5:41 pm
transparency is now a must, says dni ric grenell. also breaking tonight, the fbi has finally identified the terrorist responsible for yesterday's attack at the naval air base in corpus kristy, texas. corpus christi, texas, 20-year-old adam salim al-sali. despite its responsibility to inform the american public, the fbi did not confirm his identity until 2 p.m. eastern time the, more than 24 hours after he carried out his attack. the fbi has also not updated the public on whether there remains at large a second so-called person of interest. and joining us tonight is kt mcfarland, former deputy national security adviser to president trump, author of the new book "revolution: trump, washington and we the people."
5:42 pm
kt, great to have you with us. i've got to start with the national security strategy put up on the web site,, without an author, without a department named in any context, and i just had the president's trade czar attack me, michael pillsbury, because we think it is it is somewhat short of being a national security tragedy of any kind. what is your view? >> throw it in the trash. i mean, that's not -- that doesn't reflect president trump's thinking. and president trump himself is actively engaged in the china policy. he knows it's the most important national security issue we face right now, how to deal with china, how to deal with china's ambitions. china wants to come out of this pandemic having replaced the united states as the dominant power in the world. lou, i talk to the people in the white house, national security council on china, i talk to
5:43 pm
other people at the senior levels of government, and that's not how they're thinking. they're much more hawkish than this wimpey little document proposes. they're looking at i supply chains, bring the supply chains home. create the a coalition, like-minded democracies is and free market systems. and potentially even decouple from china if ca china doesn't want to play by the rules. lou: yeah, it's extraordinary. because that document, such as it is, as i said, doesn't have an author, isn't related to an agency or department. and thirdly, doesn't once quote the president of the united states who is leading policy in every aspect of foreign policy around the world. there is no exception, as you point out. and it's stunning because it looks like the deep state is at work with now having figured out some way to pin this nonsense to
5:44 pm
the white house web site and also get a trade czar to defend the nonsense. >> i have a feeling, lou, that president trump watch your show. as you know, he watches it regularly. my suspicions is that in a couple of days that kind of nothing-burger report is going to find its way off the white house web site. there's nothing there that reflect president trump's thinking. and it sounds to me like it was just written by a bunch of bureaucrats who are saying, well, there are be our china policy, so let's just put it up the flag pole. you know, look, i'm not taking it seriously in the least, because that's certainly not how president trump is approaching the entire issue. lou: right. well, let's turn to some serious issues like right now china. the president has done so much, has achieved so much, he achieved balanced trade, he brought with tariffs forward -- >> yeah. lou: this is a man who's assumed a modest foreign policy.
5:45 pm
i said modest, i didn't say passive. obama was passive in every possible respect. >> yeah. lou: patience, strategic patience -- >> yeah, that was his policy. lou: yeah. i mean, the fact of the matter is in his strategy was working beautifully, and, you know, suddenly we have this virus. and if there is this attempt, it seems, on the part of wall street, the chamber of commerce, for example, to basically declare, you know, we're tone here. we're done here. china made a little mistake and didn't warn us and had every opportunity to do so, and 100,000 americans are dying -- and likely more than that. i don't understand why we're not seeing greater outrage from the republican party. it's as if the brain trust, as such it is -- and, yes, i am
5:46 pm
being extraordinarily facetious -- on capitol hill, those republicans, to suggest that, you know, you can just simply accept 100,000 american deaths as collaterallal damage to -- collateral damage to a communist dictator who decided not to warn the world about the deadly contagion that he had unleashed on the world. >> look, they, they realized they had a problem, so they restricted travel within china. and yet they let china go internationally from wuhan to europe, to all over the place. in effect, they sent human bioweapons all around the world. and what are they doing now? well, they're buying up at fire sale prices technology companies, resource companies. they're taking a position in the world international organizations that they're the moral leader of the world. and look what they've just done in hong kong today. they're now crushing hong kong. they had a deal with hong kong, it wasn't that many years ago where they said you can have your own system, we'll have
5:47 pm
ours, they're renege on the deal. five years ago the south china sea, they've militarized it. lou: and the united states' response right now is, or has been neutralized. i think that's fair to say. and we await the next round. your thoughts? as we wrap up. >> oh, i think president trump -- he knows he's got a problem, and he knows this is the last chance to stand up to china. i have no doubt that he doesn't shy away from a fight, and he knows when he's convinced, and he's convinced it's the right thing to do, he'll carry it out. i have no doubt he's going to have the strongest china policy anybody can imagine in the second term. lou: kt mcfarland, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. good to see you. up next, president trump calls places of worship essential. he says this country needs more prayer, not less, and he calls on governors to let them reopen. or deal with the consequences.
5:48 pm
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♪ ♪ lou: joining us tonight, pastor robert jeffress, member of the
5:52 pm
white house faith initiative, pastor of the first baptist church of dallas, fox business contributor. pastor, great to have you with us. the president today, i thought, made a a very interesting comment saying this country needs more prayer, not less. and let's get those churches reopened. your reaction. >> well, i told him this afternoon he has a way of cutting new the you know what and getting to the heart of the issue in just one or two sentences. and he did it this afternoon when he said it is not right for these governors to allow liquor stores and abortion clinics to remain open and to have churches closed. i mean, that's not only anti-god, that is anti-american. and, lou, he's not calling for churches to open capriciously. he thinks it ought to be done carefully, but it needs to be done now. i just want you, lou, to think about this for a moment. for the last eight weeks, almost all the churches in america have
5:53 pm
been shut down. even on easter sunday. but it's this president who stands tough and says it's time to reopen america's churches. that's what you call history defining leadership, and i really believe -- i thought it was the abortion issue that's going to coresonate with -- to resonate with evangelicals in november. i think this is going to be the issue, religious liberty. there has never been a more pro-religious liberty president in the history of our president than donald j. trump. lou: well, and there's the fact that the justice department, this president and his staff talked about whole of government. the department of justice warning governor newsom not to be discriminating against religion and people of faith in this country. it's quite a, as you say, it's history-defining. but this president is defining this moment and our destiny.
5:54 pm
>> yeah. there is a rebellion that's building right now in california, and i think president trump today broke the back of above newsom in this -- governor newsom in this. there is no way governor newsom's going to be able to continue his plan to keep churches shut down for weeks more while allowing theaters to open up, allowing some schools to open up but say churches are in phase three. the people aren't going to stand for that, and i think we're going to look back and see that donald trump stood on the right side of history when he called for the churches to be reopened. lou: and there is rhetoric now as well as actions. arsonists taking out the church in holly springs, burning it to the ground after they were defind about stay-at-home orders. defiant. your reaction and what you headache of it. >> lou, there is no excuse for burning down a church.
5:55 pm
i think people who burn down churches oughting to burn in hell forever, and i think that's exactly what's going to happen to them. however, i think those of us who are spiritual leaders need to remember that we've got to be good citizens. it's not just about our own physical safety, it's about the safety of our communities, and that's why president trump is calling for a reasonable plan for reopening the churches that we all should follow. lou: pastor robert jeffress, great to have you with us. thanks so much. we'll be right back, stay with us. ♪ ♪ rests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. why accept it frompt an incompyour allergy pills?e else. flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief
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lou: this is a holiday weekend upon us. the president reminding us what memorial day is all about. a rolling to remember event for the veterans in pow mia motorcycle ride. >> they laid down their lives to ensure the survival of american freedom, their names are etched forever in the hearts of our people in the memory of the nation. for some eu it's been very very close, it's very, very close to your heart. we will cherish them for all time and take good care of them. they're very special to us. just as we will always remember the 82000 americans missing in action. lou: we honor them, we think them this weekend and hopefully
6:00 pm
throughout the year. among our guest tuesday investigative reporter john solomon, author lee smith in general michael flynn's case front and center. have a great weekend. good night from sussex. ♪. liz: another sign that the crooks are growing in the mueller probe. fbi director christopher wray ordering the fbi to do an internal investigation into possible fbi misconduct in the fbi probe of former national security advisor michael flynn. this is a messy case. it is essential to the mueller probe. the debate tonight, can the fbi be trusted? will take a good hard look at just what was faxed and what was not and what went wrong. president trump announcing he is ordering flags to fly at half


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