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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  July 30, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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they have even been tempted to take a bite of your food because it smells so good. thanks for joining us. "bulls and bears" starts right now. reporter: shares of apple climbing 4% after hours after positive details in afterearnings report. president trump: some people are living in hell in baltimore. finally someone is pointing out how bad it is. people from baltimore have been calling me thanking me. all the money they have been given over the years has been stolen and wasted, like elijah cummings. kristina: the president is speaking not once but twice on
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it today. the president alleging that tins of billions of doll d tens of -- alleging tens of billions of dollars may have been misspent. this is "bulls and bears" and i'm kristina partsinevelos. thanks for joining us. the president israeling out on elijah cummings' handling of baltimore and suggesting it may be time to investigate potential corruption there. president trump: the most of unsafety in our country is baltimore. it's received as much money -- it's received billions of dollars. somebody said $15 billion over a short period of time what elijah cummings is in charge of it. he ought to take his oversight
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committee and find out what happened to the $15 billion and a lot of the other money. kristina: peter you spent a lot of time in baltimore and worked as a university professor. how do you feel about the attacks. >> they are not attacks if they are the truth. the most of recent mayor resigned in may over a kickback scheme. the city is in terrible condition. when you start driving north to where i used to broadcast from, wbal in baltimore, you go through some devastated neighborhoods. my university business school, i would teach at the edge of devastated areas. baltimore is corrupt, it's filthy, it's in terrible condition, and it's a living
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example of what aoc and bernie sanders want to do to us. it's social democratic nonsense. it's being run into the ground just like chicago. >> you are right. i appreciate the perspective and i have been through those areas myself. it's not far from d.c. off i-95 and a good area of the country where you think it would thrive. but to christina's question, these do come down as a tax because of the delivery. that's the sad part for me. i have no doubt trump wants to help this area as well as other urban areas. but the way the delivery is made ends up hurting the problem and turning it back on the president and how he's talking about it versus the actual problems that need to be dealt with, giving
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democrats like mr. coupling to fight back and take the focus off himself. the mayor, those guys get some of scot-free because of the delivery. >> he's part of a group who has called the president illegitimate and a thief since his first days in the white house. the democrats began his presidency by raising the rhetoric and undermining his credibility. how much of that abuse could you have put up with. i continues put up with the abuse that man has tolerated. elijah kusming worrying about discrimination on wall street. he ought to look at what his social engineering has become in baltimore. it has become a sewer at his expense. kristina: governor, you heard the comments from our familiar, and peter is saying it's need
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and highlighting the situation in baltimore and how it's been daughter laso -- and how it's bn dire. >> when he's attacked he's in your face. it doesn't matter where you come from or whether you are republican or not as you have saw from the primaries. this is the president, this is his m.o., he's not going to change, this is his personality, this is his leadership style. but to the extent at least at some point we can begin a real debate about reforming baltimore city schools or the fact we have so many uncontrolled drug gangs in ball more city. we can start that conversation in a real sense at some points it's a positive. obviously right now, it's a democratic primary and impeachment.
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but at some point -- we've tried with the baltimore city schools. we tried to save some baltimore city schools because the kids were being deprived of their constitutional rights. they said stick it, get out of here, we'll take care of our own dysfunctional schools. to this day the schools are still dysfunctional and those kids are being deprive of their constitutional rights. >> the president races something that should be looked into and she calls him a race yifort. >> again this is a horrific term. it's as bad as life gets when usual called a racist. but they are normalizing it. we have to have a discussion on race without getting racial.
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we have to touch on touchy subjects, and failing public schools without everybody getting hyper sensitive and racial. we are talking about the next generation of kids. i don't want to see them fail the way we failed the previous generations. they called george bush a racist. george bush' 42. it's losing its impact as they normalize it. >> baltimore is corrupt, but it's not like it's the most of corrupt city. south dakota and wyoming are considers more corrupt. >> they may not be the most of corrupt. it reminded me of my boy hood in new york in newark, new jersey.
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baltimore is in terrible shape. >> i want to ask the governor. is the president playing politics? he could be lashing out against other corrupt cities. but elijah cummings is the chairman of the oversight committee. it's aggressive questioning. a non-politician president playing politics here? >> i don't think he's playing politics. this is his m.o. when republicans were his oh points, it was low energy jeb and little marco and it was in their face. it doesn't matter what your color is or where you come from. when you take on this president, his m.o. is to hit back hard. >> to make elijah cummings is head of the oversight committee and targeting him politically.
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isn't this retribution? >> whoa! it's a response from a president who doesn't indulge in usual hypocrisies. he doesn't indulge in call me a racist. he never will. like him or not, support him or not, he's not going to indulge being called a racist. kristina: governor, i have a question. i was looking at an earlier fox local report, it gets to the points to jonathon was bringing up, attacks, you don't want to call them attacks, to elijah cummings. this is a view of baltimore and you will see what's going to pop out on the screen. but the point i'm trying to make is what jonathan brought up. in 2017 you have 342 murs.
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you have these continuous situations, however, can we just blame one party? can we blame one man or does this extend way before? >> i need a who show to talk about about. but the fact of it is, it's been a monopoly can. more money, more money. it goes back to in my humble view, bad public schools and fatherlessness. kristina: thank you so much governor erlich. apple shares are rising after an earnings beef. should we be worried about the services sector? we'll break down the results right after this quick break. stay tuned. when i walked through a snowstorm for a cigarette,
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not getting in today. terminix. defenders of home. >> anding shares up over 3%. it could be suggesting demands that the shares are stabilizing. >> it was stronger than expected. and if you were to point to something that was slightly less than anticipated, it would be the services revenue numbers. they were anticipating $11.3 billion. they put in 11.4. they say it goes back to the strong u.s. dollar. but there is improvement in china for the first time in many, many years they got in the
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market for weaker iphone sales in china. but from june to september, they say they are looking at reflation and apple services will hold up. revenue did come down for iphones, but they are i producing new handsets in the second quarter. maybe they are anticipating more interest in iphones. we'll be looking for the 5g rollout in 2020 which may boost out more interest. but china is back better than what they see, given the china-u.s. trade war they are in. i asked about the sentiments, that's probably the biggest thing. it's about consumer sentiment.
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chinese stimulus has helped consumers and they spent a little bit more as well. i think china was a key for them. >> let's bring in dave blainey for more. what do you make of apple's results? >> a couple of things. on the surface it remains one of the world's most of amazing companies. tim cook is incredibly good at what he does. but the big picture, if you look at where the company wants to go. it wants to build areas of its business where it does not have the proprietary pricing power or the originality or inspirational
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please buy me product features it does in other areas. i think it will be challenging. >> we just heard from tim cook on the e call. the apple card will roll out next month. mac ipad sales are growing as well. so as you mention, they are trying to find growth in other areas. especially when iphones are not selling at the levels they used to. >> but those areas aren't in areas where they have a world beating product. that is not markedly different from spotify. so it's not the same as when you have devices in the jobs era or
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at the end of the jobs era that were unlike anything else you could get anywhere. kristina: the reports that would encompass 5g technology. speaking of 5g, the acquisition of the intel property. what do you make of that and what hurdles do you think apple could face in the near future. >> that rollout is amazingly complex. multi spectrum. many different players. charlie you are vine near denver d charlie urban wants to be a player in denver. i think it is going to be an important driver in device sales, but i'm not sure it changes or is any different for apple or anybody else to make
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devices. but i believe we are looking at 2 to 3 years out before any of us feels real differentiation in those services. >> apple was one of the first to sound the alarm and the warning bell in terms of markets in china. but it doesn't sounds like we are hearing. it's a problem. can we assume for the time being or until a deal is struck. sales not just for apple, but for the tech industry, are doing okay? >> at first blush, i can't reveal a gigantic slice of knowledge. i wouldn't even call it an uneasy truce. i call it an uneasy ceasefire. nobody is taking the draconian steps to say you are out of here
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or you are out of there. that's generally good news. but there is -- our systems are so dramatically different i don't think you can assume two leaders as both countries now have are going to easily settle those things. i think that remains up for grabs. >> one thing i loved about apple and these product updates is the fact they are going up so much in price. four figures. these phones out there that people are buying are $1,000. i got an iphone 7-year. they have do ios updates and it kills the battery on the thing i loved so much. now i'm forced to buy another phone. >> i have a 7-year and i made a
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few of adjustments in my settings and my battery seems to last forever now. >> you don't have the iphone 7, my friend. and scott, i don't know. >> it sounds like you are not buying the new iphone? >> no. or apple for that matter. >> that's the reason to buy it. people will be forced to buy new phones if they keep doing the ios updates because of the battery issued. >> china's trade is not hurting apple just yet. but president trump is sounding off on china today as trade negotiations resume in shanghai. but he's talking tough. could that tough talk be hurting
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kristina: trade negotiations resuming today in china as president trump sound off on the possibility of make a great deal. president trump: we'll make a great deal or no deal at all. they had a terrible deal because of tariffs. china is dying make a deal with me. it's up to me, it's not up to them. kristina: curtis, it's great to see you. the president said he thought china was going to wait it out for 2020 because they don't want to negotiate with him and see
5:26 pm
what's happening in the election. but today he says they are dying make a deal with me, it's up to me, not to them. >> he shouldn't care. the tariffs are having the desired effect. 50 major companies are moving out or have plans to move out of china. their economy is singing fast. 27-year low. exports are down 2% and -- down 12%. and china is bearing the brunt of the effect. we don't need china. china need us. meanwhile our economy is strong, record low unemployment, wages are rising. we are hitting on all cylinders while their stumbling. we don't need a deal with chieba. there is a report out that china is trying to interfere in our
5:27 pm
elects. they started with the tariffs on farmers, putting advertising inserts into "the des moines register." they are doing everything they can to influence the outcome of next year's election because they know people like sleepy joe biden has been bought and paid for by the chinese would probably roll over, remove the tariffs and go back to business before. >> do you have any proof of that? you said bought and paid for. that's a big statement without any proof. >> hunter biden went over to china with his father when he was the vice president on air force two, magic all when he returns he gets a billion and a half dollars from the bank of china to invest in a hedge fund when hunter biden had no
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experience in investments. and the technology is being used in china's concentration camps. biden said we have nothing to worry about. maybe the check wasn't written to biden, but this is how influence works. clinton was tough during the campaign but they used his wall street advisers to turn him around so he said let's build a bridge to the 21st century that will go through china. we'll open up trade with china and they will become democratic, we don't have to worry about tienanmen square. >> i think you made your point. but the tariff have hurt china. and companies are leaving. some of that was going to happen
5:29 pm
anyway because of their rising labor costs. trump hasn't gone far enough with this trade war. i am much more of a hawk than you are and you know that. but he's creating a situation where the presidency can wait him out. and this is going to be a liability in the election. the economy is slowing. we are not at 3% growth anymore. company are not investing. and a good deal of that investment contribute to that uncertainty over the trade situation. maybe we -- relistenned to you. >> we can give business certainty by making the 25:% tariffs. that will give business certainty and there is a study out that shows if these tariffs were permanent it could increase american jobs. >> i don't know if i believe
5:30 pm
that study, though i'm in favor of the tariffs. he need to go first and harder. this notion of gradualism doesn't work. and as a consequence, you know, this notion that he can make friends with this guy, this notion he can buddy up to him and come to some sort of agreement. have him to dinner. this is like trying to concert satan into christianity. >> this is a gore mediatorring tactic. my colleague on the other side. >> here is the thing i think everybody is missing. i get it that the tariffs are a great -- a great souvenir for china. china has had expanding kraid
5:31 pm
rips with southeast asian countries which makes them a bigger player. if with we lose that relationship, we may -- they may not be as hurt as we think. >> bob lighthizer is exactly right. tpp was 12 more back doors for china to sneak its way into the united states. we are starting to see more investment in southeast asia as the companies move out of china. a lot of these are korean and japanese companies. >> the president talked about you lose money with trade with china. he says we are making all this money with tariffs.
5:32 pm
would we be better off if there was no trade with china? >> i think our economic integration with china was a huge mistake. we built a frankenstein monster. >> we would be better off with the kind of posture towards china that we had towards the soviet union during the cold war. we had no business integrating our supply chain with human rights abuses. this is like trading with hitler. >> another college scam, how wealthy parents are gaming the system to get financial aid meant for poor students. most people think a button is just a button. ♪
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and these are the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. whew! call or go online and find out more. kristina: those who have been watching the previous panel. we got heated. peter made a comparison to you hitler. we don't like that language. an investigation how wealthy chicago students are qualifying for need-based financial aid meant for poorer students. >> it's actually what they are
5:37 pm
doing. they found a loophole where they can transfer guardianship of their mooner entering college. that person will be judged not on the family income but their own savings which is usually nothing. and they will be eligible for need-based aid. they having savings of $250,000 and a million dollar home but they didn't have enough money to send their daughter to college. and they got $65,000 in tuition for that year. it's not the parents coming up with the idea. you have the advisors, rick singer. giving people after knew ofs and there is speculation there are advisors who have come up with
5:38 pm
this idea and are coaching parents to do this. it's legal, but is it ethical? there are people that really need the help. this person coming from the kind of household and setting i describe could apply for student loans. there are other options. >> it's heartbreaking. you set up a system and give people a way to. they are getting terrible education. we need to burn the system to the ground and rebuild it without government subsidies. >> i want call it heartbreak. i would call it enlightening that there are loopholes and
5:39 pm
parents took advantage of. i have got to put these colleges on the hook with respect to getting these kids good educations and jobs and more opportunities. they come out with liberal arts degrees. yes, i took french in college along with economics. >> i think we have to ask another question. given this alongside the admissions scandal. what kinds of environment are the universities creating through their price discrimination that cause of decents middle class people, a $250 income doesn't make them -- a $250,000 income doesn't make them donald trump. >> we don't know how much it was. we just know it was over
5:40 pm
$250,000. >> what is it that's motivating desperate people to seek these routes. i think the universities bear some culpability. to see the waste and abuse and frankly, the kind of price gouging that goes on. there is no reason for education to cost as much as it does. >> you just said they live in this castle. when there is as system, and jonathan, i'm paraphrasing. you will take advantage of the system which we see with income loopholes. >> you would be a fool not to take advantage of it. >> this has nothing to do with how wealthy you are.
5:41 pm
if you make $100,000 a year and you have three kid, they will still expect you to pay a lot of money to send the kids to school. and it will be burdensome. pursuing this loophole is not expensive. and it's been going on for generations. when i was a kid in the 50s people would find ways to declare themselves independent so they could get financial aid. kristina: it's good that it's finally coming to light. we are hours away from the first democratic debate in detroit. it's make it or break it. one former democratic mayor. hmph... (food grunting menacingly) when the food you love doesn't love you back,
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>> apple trading up 4% after hours, suggesting demand for apple products is now stabilizing. we are just hours away from the first night of the democratic debates in detroit. former democratic chicago mayor rahm emanuel sending a warning to democratic candidates, don't make detroit's debates a repeat of miami. advising candidates tonight not to fall into the trap by following progressive trends way ahead of policy. there is one study showing the green new deal would cost households $70,000 in just the first year, transitioning to electric vehicles and high speed rail would call households
5:46 pm
$20,000. is rahm right to be concerned about how these policies are playing in ohio and michigan? >> i think he is. it's one of the things he has done right in my opinion. here is why, though. he's current in the sense it would be great to focus on real issues and things that are attainable and down the middle which will help democrats in the long run. the problem with the candidate out there and given the field is so large. the candidates need to come out with home run balls. with some of these grandy owes plans. that's where you get the headlines and the notations and comments. because of the fact a lot of these candidates because of the fact there is such a big group of them need to merge. so to me they are going to keep doing that and we'll see a lot
5:47 pm
of that tonight and tomorrow. they need to start standing out because they will fade away. >> they are defending progressive ways or progressive suggestions. didn't you just contradict yourself because you said they need to focus on a moderate position. how are you supposed to do both? >> i probably did, yes. longer term they need to do that if they want to beat trump next november. >> there is another chicagoan, daniel berman said make no small plans which have no magic to stir men's souls. they are putting out enormous huge spending plans. when it comes to the green new deal, the progressives the more it costs, the more they love it.
5:48 pm
they have an optimistic vision for america. if republicans want to counter. they need to counter that, too. >> the reality is mr. trump promised to do something about healthcare. while he has taken some initiative, they failed to accomplish that. three, six months from now he'll bear the burden of an economy that's growing 2 to 2.5% per year, not 3%. he doesn't have big idea to put out there on a lot of these issues, and he's going to be in trouble if they move to the middle. kristina: targeting the personal information of 100 million americans. if you are a customer, how concerned should you be?
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only for a limited time. >> capital one is the latest victim of a massive data breach. it was compromise by an alleged former amazon employee who was able to access the information stored by capital one. investors are concerned about this. but should consumers be concerned? >> often we see stocks and the reaction is an overreaction. you can look at equifax, i it regained a lot of the market cap it lost. target, the stock has gone up quite a bit.
5:53 pm
>> healthcare companies too. this is an inside job. is doesn't look like it was completely the fault of cap one. >> this is important to a lot of people who have their information out there. generally the question is do people care? i think they do care. but i think they have become desensitized. if she takes it and does something with it where you have a detrimental consequence. people care. it's just not that much they can do about it. >> you are vulnerable over and over again. when we have had a lot of these breaches most of he people have not been affected. >> i have to say, despite the fact the stock was down, it's only back to where it was in
5:54 pm
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>> a disturbing new study shows one in three food deliver industry drivers take a bite of your food before they deliver the to your door. the survey you delivers for grub hub, and door app, and there are 500 drivers. will this stop you knowing some man has dug into your food and served it to you? >> i ordinaryr order out -- i
5:58 pm
order out 80% to the oh% of -- to 90% of my food. if they want to fake a spoonful of my food, if it doesn't kill me. >> i don't like food delivery services. i think we could save money and burn men calories if we picked up our own food. i know it happens in restaurants, too, but i don't want to see it. >> if you don't want to do that. buy the frozen gourmets and you won't have to worry about the bacteria. go to the food stores. >> some like ordering sexy food
5:59 pm
they want to eat on the way to your house. >> that's sexy food? somewhat's not sexy? >> carrots. nobody will touch your carrots and lima beans. >> carrots in plastic bags. >> jonathon is not sold. >> he's delivering your burgers and fries for probably less than $15 an hour. if he wants to take a few fries it doesn't murder me that much. it doesn't mean that people are dropping dead from grub hub. >> you are not worried about germs? i am glad i know that now. >> everybody will be sharing our food. >> they need to create packaging
6:00 pm
with safeguards because this is something that should be stopped. >> that it for "bulls and bears." thank you. liz: the first of two democrat debates starting in a few hours. who staves, who goes and why. more top democrats growing increasingly anxious by the hour that the 2020 democrats represent a split party. the democrats ignoring the wake-up calls from america. america speaks. america reacting to the extreme ideas like decriminalizing border crossing. eliminating private health insurance and giving free health insurance to illegals.


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