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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  July 26, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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you've got susan li in for liz claman. susan? i know we'll give liz a bigger rally than this but things are near the highs of the session, so do what you can in the last hour. >> we'll take it and thank you so much, charles. charles: you got it. >> well the bulls are charging into the weekend and the major averages in the green as we enter this final hour of trade. alphabet helping the nasdac break out new highs, after its upbeat reports and investors so impressed that even a big tech tweet storm by the u.s. president hasn't been able to stop the google parents intra -day surge. google is not the only tech ti tan getting the trump treatment today oh, no the commander-in-chief also lashing out at apple, denying china trade waivers for the parts that are made in china, and telling the company that steve jobs built to bring its production back home but it was all verbal grenades being hurled at big tech. the president actually defending
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our homegrown online giants and again to france's new digital tack promising a substantial match in return for president emmanuel macron's foolishness and our all-star panel weighs in on the newest tech political wars and t mobile and sprint finally getting their day in the regulatory sun. charlie gasparino and spc commissioner brendan car are standing by on deck on the grand finale of this telecom tango. the economy creeping along in the second quarter, figures beating expectations but still seeing a bit of a slow down from the first three months of the year as two major market names send up their recession warning flares and stocks clearly not feeling the fear factor this hour, the s&p and the nasdac soaring to record highs, as the dow holds on to its small gains, plus, two major developments adding fuel to elon musk's empire beyond tesla, and the mattel's toy story success and gearing up for new china trade talks. we're less than an hour until the closing bell.
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i'm susan li in for liz claman today let's start for the countdown. breaking news, dow component 3 m selling off after the industrial conglomerate says it launched an internal probe into china-linked marketing and now the company investigating whether expenses by some of its business groups in the country violated u.s. or other anti- corruption laws and the stock perhaps holding back gains for the dow today as we find records elsewhere for instance the s&p 500 and the nasdac hitting new highs and on pace for record closes once again, powering the gains today are robust earnings from tech titan alphabet owner google and titanner but amazon is the one tech giant that is lagging today and we'll discuss more later on in the program with our all-star tech panel so let's check stocks for the week.
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the nasdac winning the race as you see it there, followed up by the s&p 500 and investors, well speaking of earnings, devouring mcdonald's today pushing the stock up to a new record high. the fast food giants reported a same-store sales number that beat for its recent quarter by checking more diners with upgraded stores and new promotions as well and also hitting a record high today, starbucks, yes, the stock getting a caffeine buzz as the third quarter results beat in the biggest same-store sales growth in three years. the food and beverage chain also raising its fiscal 2019 profit forecast, as an employee anded lineup of offerings boost the gains of foot traffic in the u.s. and also in china. but let's get to t-mobile and sprint both stocks hitting new highs on the news, finally, the doj, the department of justice, has approved their proposed merger. let's bring in a man whose been giving you play for the past 15 months or so, charlie.
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and we're finally here and one of the first regulators to sign on to the deal is brendan car. charlie: our long national nightmare is over brendan. you know, i had one question and i'll kick it over to you, susan, just from a sort of procedural thing, brendan. does the fcc have to reexamine this thing and sign off on it from this point on? >> right today the doj announced they're clearing the transaction from their perspective, that builds on our announcement that the sec, that we're also in favor of the transaction and now it will come back to the fcc for a final vote. the entire package of the transaction and really today is a goodwin for the u.s. , in terms of our leadership in 5g, you know 5g has been a top priority for me at the fcc but also the trump adminitration if it's a great job story and great for our economy so a good day for u.s. leadership today. charlie: and the reason why we're talking about 5g here is that the combined t ebb month ill sprint and i always thought this was the most compelling part of the argument, is, i mean
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, sprint was the fourth largest carrier t-mobile was the third, together, they're going to be pretty powerful combination and that's where the advancements in 5g and wireless and technology is going to come in, that sprint which had some financial issues, will be a stronger company, now with t-mobile and i thought you were on the company's were on the strongest ground on that argument but here is another argument. we have dish out there, charlie ergen, the head of dish. you know, you know who charlie is and so does ajit pai, the chairman of the fcc, he was somewhat at odds with you guys over the unused spectrum for all those years. you guys wanted him to build-out something more than he was planning to do. are you going to demand any sort of guarantees that he actually goes through with building now that this deal has been final that he's going to actually build-out this network? >> yeah, the dish part of this was run out of the department of
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justice so i defer to them on the process i respect the way they run their organization over there. when you step back to your first point by combining sprint and t-mobile we can get accelerated 5g build to 99% of americans and getting that degree of build-out across the country is a real challenge outside of this transaction because to your point a standalone sprint, a standalone t-mobile didn't have the spectrum holding combination of the investment capacity to do that and that's why this entire deal is a big win for rural america. charlie: you're right they did not have the scale to compete 5g but i want to make sure i understand this right. the dish part about their guarantee that has nothing to do with you, you aren't going to demand the guarantee or does that have anything to do with the fcc, or is it baked into this consent decree? >> the dish piece of it was run at the department of justice and i understand will be in their consent decree but the entire package including the dish piece will be back before the fcc for
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a vote on a timeline that will be determined by the fcc chairman. charlie: sounds great. susan back do you. do you have any questions? i'm sorry i know you're the anchor. >> no, no, this is your story but i want to ask you about the state attorney generals and they're saying look you wanted four players, you have four players already and right now the fcc is picking the winners and losers in an industry you shouldn't be picking winners and losers in. >> yeah, i've never had a set number of wireless providers in my mind that's needed to secure competition and innovation for consumers and right now it's my support for this transaction back in may it was based on the combination of sprint and t-mobile but as for that state a g lawsuit that you mentioned high i think it highlights the different lens. if you look at the complaint the state ag's filed it's focused on the delivery of service in the biggest cities in the country in new york and in san francisco and look regardless of whether
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this transaction goes through, those big cities are going to get 5g but the lens that we look at at the fcc is how do we make sure that every single community including rural america gets a fair shot and it's by improving this transaction that we get that commitment to build-out to 99% of america meaning outside of those big cities. charlie: that's a great point. the other point i want to make just to follow-up to susan's question is we should point out and i don't mean to politicize this, not saying there's anything wrong with the democrat s but all of the state a g's that sued were democrats. now we could say all of the state ag's that signed off on the consent decree are republicans but brendan, you'd agree you're a republican, there is a political sort of dynamic here, am i missing something, on this suit, that state ag's who are democrat or are looking to block something that the trump adminitration thinks is free market and good for 5g and other issues? >> well we certainly are seeing a little bit of partisan opposition to the transaction but a lot of bipartisan support,
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so democrat congresswoman from california is reactive on tech and telecom supported former democrat federal communications commission colleague of mine supports it, so i think when you take politics out of it, and really do what we're supposed to do which is look at the hard facts in the record, it's a real goodwin for the u.s.. >> but brendan, you can't help but imagine that politics plays into this and you know corey booker whose running for the democratic nomination for the presidential nomination. he actually has now joined the state attorneys in their voices talking about this merger leaving consumers with fewer choices, reduces the field of competitors, and our anti-trust laws were designed to prevent exactly this type of arrangement , and it's alarming that the doj approves this onto ing, he says, more than a host of grandious promises what do you say to that? >> well i think we step back from politics in trying to store political points and just look at the facts. what does it take to compete in today's 5g world?
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it's very different than 3g and 4g build in terms of the massive amount of investment you need to get 5g built out, in terms of the combination spectrum assets that you need to combine so when you have expertise in telecom and you look at what it takes to compete in 5g i think that leads you to the conclusion that consumers are going to benefit by having for the first time a third nationwide provider of the same scope of the same scale as at&t and verizon it'll be a type of competition we haven't seen before. charlie: i want to make two points and i actually like corey booker but he's polling 1% right now. there is a little dynamic here looking to get his name out and this is what i never got my hands around. are you an anti-trust guy, brendan is that your background? because i can never understand why simply going from 3 to 4 is like anti-trust horror show. why is four that much better than three wireless carriers, especially if the third one is
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stronger, and could compete harder. what was the rationale there particularly at the doj staff level and what is the rationale for that? >> for my part again i don't have a specific number in mind but the doj looks at a very particularly through an anti- trust lens which is different than ours at the fcc but think about the consumer perspective in terms of the numbers make less importance to them i think. take home broadband. a lot of consumers feel like they have one or nose choice for high speed home internet today by combining the assets through this transaction we can get more choice, more competition to consumers for in-home broadband. i think consumers look at that as a win regardless of what number we pick. >> can i just ask is this about china obviously? you don't want to seed the 5g race to china? >> it's a big piece of it. i think the trump adminitration has really elevated u.s. leadership in 5g, at the end of 2016, wie at the risk of feeding u.s. leadership in 5g to china through a number of steps and this is just the latest one. we now have the world's largest
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5g build here in the u.s. , so we leapfrogged a lot of our global competitors through a lot of regulatory forms we've done that are below the front page of the newspaper. this happens to be a piece of a broader picture to make sure that the u.s. does win this race to 5g and right now we're in really good shape. >> brendan thank you so much for your time and charlie fantastic work. great discussion, guys thank you so much. all right we're going to go to brexit. we have a new company, same old problems, the new dow rounding out the bottom of the blue chip for the second straight day as you see, shares down some, what, 2% or so after multiple downgrades and cuts in the wake of the quarterly reports which were its first results as a standalone, and intel, the dow early leader out of the gate this morning, currently as you see, a little bit lowered by 1% or so, and now the semiconductor s give up its smartphone modem unit to apple, as too low of a price, too much
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of a discount, and is apple now set to win the 5g war, before it even gets started? our all-star tech panel hashes out this latest mega deal but first gdp is sliding in the second quarter as new concerns over a recession in 2020 takes hold, could now be the time to jump ship from the markets? we've got your hitchhiker guys recession-proofing from the floor of the new york stock exchange and also cme in chicago that comes your way, next, countdown is coming right back. can't see what it is what is that?
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stocks getting a boost today after data showed a u.s. economy slowed less than expected in the second quarter so better-than-expected, the gdp gross domestic product grew at an annualized rate of 2.1% but was still down 1% from the previous quarter, and now is the economy on borrowed time? well, online real estate database company, zillow says the next recession will likely happen next year, in 2020 and jpmorgan also piling on predicting a contraction within a year, so let's ask our traders joining us from the new york stock exchange and also cme group so let's start with
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chris at the cme. i guess zillow might have a different perspective since housing is suffering but 2.1 and 3% in the first quarter is pretty strong. no? >> yeah, strong and also very strong consumer spending. that's what surprised a lot of people, so at the end of the day , we're at record highs, and for the past 10 years, a lot of people have repeatedly said the recession is coming, the recessions coming, and there's a long list of brilliant people that have come out with that. sooner or later we're going to have a recession. if you're concerned about that this is a great time to be protecting the rally that we've just had. i mean, from christmas to today, you know, in seven months from the bottom to the top, we're up close to 30% so if you're really concerned about the next year, and you want to take profit and you want to protect, this is the time to do it. you buy your umbrella when the sun is out. and if you feel that way, if you feel that way, now is your chance to get some downside
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protection. >> well that's if you believe that. todd what do you think are we going to see a recession next year? >> well it's unclear if we'll see a recession which is consecutive quarters of negative gdp but at this point i do see the writing on the walls and if you look from late november of last year versus where they are today in the stock market they've gone up directions so the market is seeing some kind of a hiccup here some kind of a signal that things aren't right and if you look at fed expectations there's still three rate cuts priced in for 2019. will we get three rate cuts i'm not sure we'll find out next wednesday we'll get one rate cut and the fed chair has the microphone to give us a clear picture as to where the fed wants this but i like to remind people that the fed doesn't cut rates when they want to. they cut rates when they have to and this may be one of those times that we don't all understand or don't see what's going on behind the curtain but the fed sees it. >> and now, is that a jacket you're wearing with purple pip ing? >> i only wear velvet on the weekends. >> okay, or maybe in
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recessionary talk. ted quickly, just ask you, because the stock market well we're sitting at record highs but the bond markets we're close to breaking below 2% but isn't that because there's nowhere else to go with your money around the world? >> well i think it comes back to the fed. at the end of the day, the fed is the 800-pound gorilla in the room, followed closely by corporate earnings, and the fed is in accommodate ever mode and perhaps the fed sees what zillow sees and this is why instead of raising rates you're holding steady. you know, the expectation is that they're going to lower rates whether they lower it 25 basis points or 50 that remains to be seen but the direction of interest rates is lower and generally speaking when you have an accommodate ever fed that is candy for the stock market, so perhaps there's a recession out there somewhere but for the moment with an accommodate ever fed the lines of least resistance for the stock market in my opinion are up not down. >> well that's right so all eyes are on the federal reserve
3:21 pm
next weekend. we asked larry kudlow this as well. >> the fed meets next week, big meeting, widely expected cut rates, really question maybe is whether it's a quarter point or half point cut. what would you like to see? >> well i will say the market is expecting three 25 basis point rate cuts between now and year-end. that's the market, okay? my own personal view and the fed is independent and i'm not going to preach, they're going to do what they do and so forth, i would just say the sooner the better. >> chris it's pretty much baked in we'll get one next week, but with 2% gdp in the second quarter are we still going to get three before the end of this year? >> well that's going to be the big question right? is the fed data-dependent, that keeps coming back, or are they seeing something again trying to get ahead of something that nobody else sees right now, because when you're at a 50 year
3:22 pm
low unemployment and record high stock market prices, earnings are good, earnings came out good , why do we really need this cut? so i think that's the problem but they cut too much it could spook the market actually. >> well ted i'll give you the last word since you're on the floor of the new york stock exchange. if they do cut, isn't that sending a bad message to the market when you're growing at what, 3% in the first quarter which is fastest in more than a decade? >> well i think it's actually a great question unfortunately, the answer is a little confusing , but you know, on the surface, it's an accommodate ever movement good for stocks, but i think as one of your other guests have kind of alluded to i think the risk is not in how much they cut. the risk is that the economy actually stays strong and heats up and the big unknown out there of course is trade talks. if they get some kind of resolution in the trade talks with china, sooner rather than later, you know, that's going to change the whole dynamic going forward for the economy, so therefore, the reallies being is
3:23 pm
not cutting rates, the reallies being is that the economy stays strong and in fact heats up and rates stay where they are and in fact go higher and i think that's the black swan in the equation. >> okay, well todd you got your voice in as well with that we should all wear velvet next friday. guys thank you so much. have a great weekend, great to see you all. okay so the dow trying to squeek out a win, as we head into the close. tesla not able to spin its wheel s out out of its post- earnings ditch but not all bad news in the world of musk. the big wins fueling the rest of the empire this hour and disney 's pixar's toy story 4 helping to boost barbie maker mattel to infinite and beyond. we're approaching the big number s heating up but toyland this summer friday your fox business brief the " countdown" is coming right back -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones.
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countdown team wanted to send a huge thank you to our viewers. thanks to all your support. liz and the building homes for heros team have hit and now the 100,000 mark yesterday, and as promised our dear friends at advance auto parts match your donations, so that brings the total to over $200,000 and you're doing such a great thing and congratulations to the entire team. now, let's talk about tesla, and tesla is falling, for a second straight day. this is after suffering its worst plunge in six years after reporting a bigger than expected loss in the second quarter and its number two executive announcing his departure but it may not be all bad news for ceo elon musk. first his company responsible for building out the hyperloop tunnel system just secured a $120 million in new funding, and now this is the first time that the company has raised money outside. behind this investment is future
3:29 pm
ventures which sees boring as a great example of disruption and disrupting the play book, the latest investment values the boring company just under 1 billion so we're looking at a $920 million valuation and the other moon shot company, literally, spacex, has completed a successful test light of its star hopper prototype vehicle last night, so the star hopper, which is more than 60 feet tall, around 30 feet wide, it took off , it hovered for roughly 20 seconds and traveled around 65 feet and now the star hopper is a prototype for a much larger vehicle designed to land on the moon and on mars in the future, and it is expected to have another test flight in a week or two. but let's get back to the markets and speaking of moon shot take a look at the stratosphere for some of these heights that we're looking a the so it looks like the s&p 500 and nasdac were at session highs apparently and we have hit all-time highs let's see if we
3:30 pm
can close at these levels but let's get straight to christina p on the floor of the new york stock exchange with today's stock business brief. >> happy friday. you got jewel coming under fire in the house this week as they classified a jewel representative came to their high school and told them that base products were "totally saf" according to a house u.s. subcommittee report the e-c ig company spent over $200,000 on youth advertising through school sponsorship and social media influencers and alt ria group invested $12.8 billion into jewel back in december 2018 not reaction to the news currently we're at almost flat today, so we've got tire giant goodyear falling flat after profits plummetted 66% in the second quarter from a year ago behind the profit slump a 5% drop in sales, in q2 driven mainly by currency swings and lower volume in tire sales. and shares dropping around almost 5% hitting a more than
3:31 pm
six-year low. the toy giant hasbro and mattel are surging after favorable results this quarter popular disney products like marvel's avengers and game model helped hasbro go ahead estimates and the company renewed its licensing agreement with disney in 2020 but the boost in demand thanks to the toy story 4 line and reduced losses significantly through stronger sales of bash but dolls and hot wheel cars, shares of hasbro hitting its fourth straight all-time high today while mattel is looking at a double-digit gain, and finally , the u.s. trade delegation is heading back to china to resume trade talks. blake burman will be joining us next forex peck stations for the high level negotiations, claman 's countdown is coming right back. at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster.
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breaking news president trump pushing the world trade organization, the wto to change china's developing nation status , which he says, gives the country, an unfair advantage. now, trump is taking aim at the asian nation, just as a trade delegation that the u.s. trade delegation heading to china monday, for high level talks, and this is white house economic advisor larry kudlow, with expectations saying this morning that he wouldn't count on any " grand deal" on china, so while china continues its push to conclude a grand deal of sorts of its own, this is a regional trade agreement that they want to involve 16 asian pacific countries, but not the u.s. , so this is called the regional comprehensive economic partnership, and it was china' response to the tpp, the trans pacific partnership and talks will continue next week, while u.s. and china negotiators meet monday, in shanghai.
3:37 pm
but let's talk all about trade. let's get to blake burman standing by at the white house with the late breaking details. blake? >> hi there, susan, larry kudlow told us on the north lawn earlier today at the white house that if there is one main expectation for these trade talks next week, it is that china were to live up to its promise, to have a large scale ag buy but for lack of a better term there's not much hype, i guess you could say, going into these trade talks as the expectations are somewhat low. the treasury secretary santa monica, the top trade representative robert lighthizer will be going over to shanghai next week the discussions tuesday and wednesday to talk with their counterparts. the treasury secretary did tell me earlier this week though that he believes they are still a few meetings away from any sort of potential deals, so it gives you an idea of what the timeline here might be at this point. kudlow said today that hopefully china will return to the point of where the deal was at least in football terms of getting
3:38 pm
back to inside the 10-yard line. listen. >> i know sometimes you don't get in, i get that, but perhaps they will go back, because they had made good strides, not deals , mind you, but the issues are still the central issues are still on the table. >> wants it to get back to the seven yard line and meantime, kudlow also revealed earlier this week there was a meeting a upon the president's economic team in which it was decided that the u.s. would not engage in currency intervention. sources tell us there was a presentation made by peter navarro and that the president was dismissive of that presentation; however, another source also says the point was not about making the case of a weak versus a strong dollar, rather the dollar being over value. by the way, susan we got the gdp reading for the second quarter of 2.1% a number that was far short of the 3.1 reading in the
3:39 pm
first quarter. the white house today is pointing the finger at the federal reserve. >> well, of course and don't forget the federal reserve can make up for it next week as well but blake i want to talk more about fx and currency intervention because that is making all sorts of headlines, in global markets, and what they're arguing is that the u.s. dollar is over valued by 10 % in real terms so in nominal terms that would mean a reduction of 30% in current term value, right? >> there are different camps, as we know, susan, within the president's trade team. what i can tell you was that this conversation was held earlier this week, tuesday, i believe as part of a greater trade meeting, you've got peter navarro who is more hawkish on the trade front is one way to put it and then others who are not. the president has long said that he likes different members, different voices to sort of hear
3:40 pm
both sides of the argument but the way it was described to us was this argument didn't last very long. >> can you imagine? >> inside of this meeting with the president. >> well think about it the u.s. dollar is the global reserved currency. if the u.s. government stepped into intervene to weaken it, do you know how much that will up end the global monetary system >> well and santa monica in an interview earlier this week was asked once again about the strong dollar, as you know, he made headlines last year, at davos when he was talking about the dollar but he sort of laughed it off but was serious saying it is indeed the position of the united states that a strong dollar is a good thing. >> uh-huh and by the way where is it going to go if you can't intervene to weaken it, you kick it over to the federal reserve who lowers interest rates and of course the dollar value goes down, when interest rates go lower. blake, a pleasure. we should talk more about currencies in the future. >> currency manipulation. who knew it could be so fascinating right? >> we can talk. blake have yourself a great
3:41 pm
weekend okay? all right so we have the dow near session highs, as the nasdac is charging higher, and tech components apple, google holding strong, in the green so far, despite a new verbal attack by our commander-in-chief, against, well, you guessed it, both companies relationships with china, in booking trade and national security threats in his latest tweet storm, plus, amazon 's first quarterly miss in two years, splitting the streets on whether the e-commerce giant can deliver in the future, but should you be ready to hit the return button on jeff bezos or any of his silicon valley competitors? mobile nation derrick kessler hash out the big tech scoreboard that comes your way, next. kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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we have the commander-in-chief blowing up big tech on his favorite social media app, earlier this morning, starting with google. president trump echoing billionaire tech advisor national security concerns tweet ing, "there may or may not be national security concerns with regard to google and the relationship with china." now if there is a problem we will find out about it, and i sincerely hope there is not, but it didn't stop there. the president went on to blast apple, tweet ling, "apple will not be given tariff waiver or relief for max pro parts that are made in china. make them in the usa, no tariff" so here for reaction we have mobile nation's managing editor derrick kessler, along with wall street journal reporter, dan. let's start with google because there's more news given that we had the trump tweet also pretty good earnings and a $25 billion buyback in shares as well, so
3:47 pm
google, i mean, it doesn't seem like the stock is trading any of these concerns about a possible breakup in anti-trust review. >> no, i mean, google is in a really good position and they've had a lot of work they've put into sort of insulate themselves as much as they can on the anti-trust side, although there are still concerns there, because they are very powerful when it comes to their presence on the web. they are synonymous with search now days and their business is entirely driven by advertising. there are those anti-trust concerns they should have but they aren't priced into the stock because what are you going to do if you try to break up any one part of the business that doesn't work any more. >> so you don't think a breakup is in the cards from google is what i'm hearing from you? >> no, it seems unlikely to me. let's talk about apple because the wall street journal is the one that first reported they will shift production of the mac book pro over to china and now apple i've been in contact
3:48 pm
with them. they haven't actually confirmed this news but this is not a big revenue driver for apple, so what if this specialized laptop goes to china. it doesn't mean that many jobs especially when they bring back billions of dollars here. >> that's exactly right, and this is also not a new criticism from the president towards apple about the production that they have offshore, most of their products are created offshore, and this is an enormous supply chain, we're talking about hundreds of factories for not only assembly of the products but making components. all that couldn't move to the u.s. in any kind of short-term or even medium term even if apple wanted to do that so i don't see that really happening and the mac book itself if it gets tariff, you if the price goes up with tariffs probably that's an audience that's little less price sensitive. what is a more interesting question to me is that what if the next, the upcoming iphone
3:49 pm
this year, if those prices go up due to tariffs it's already expected to be a weak year for iphone sales does apple pass that price through to customers or not. we don't know the answer to that yet but that'll be a more impactful question. >> how much more can they boost the prices, it's already at four digits my goodness so derek let's get back to you because i want to talk about amazon as well and administrations broke their streak of record profits and are we back to those years when amazon is reinvesting back into its business and does that make the stock a $2,000 valuation? >> that, you are right that they are going back into invest ing in their business. they just announced they're investing $800 million into improving their delivery infrastructure because it turns out that the two-day prime delivery they had isn't much of a differentiator any more. all of the larger competitors are offering that now so they need to amp it up and that means one-day delivery which means
3:50 pm
massive new infrastructure investment in the form of new warehouses and technology and the delivery infrastructure to handle all of that, and that's going to cost them a lot of money in the short-term and in the long term. the question is whether that translates into more sales and more prime customers, because that's a very large revenue driver for them. as for the stock price, i mean, it's all a question of what the shareholders think it's worth. >> right well the shaholders think it's worth a lot and so do the analysts. dan let's just quickly think about facebook because we just got this tweet from president trump about matching the france digital tax which notably by the way effects facebook, i think that it's rtiveetroac and is at 2% of their revenues that they have made in the country and despite the fact that facebook has paid a $5 billion ftc fine, look at the stock this week. i mean, earnings were stellar. the stock is going nowhere but up, it seems. >> yeah, i think facebook investors have been pretty
3:51 pm
resilient to all of the negative headlines that have gone on. this has been more than a year where you've had hardly a week goes by without some critical story, or promising a hearing or something, and so i think for facebook investors they tend to look at how does this business actually perform and its been very resilient. the advertised revenues keep going up users keep coming in. i don't think the business is fool proof in this respect. they have to spend a lot more in cost, i think, reflect the realities of running the business with a lot more scrutiny, but it's still very profitable business and i think investors tend to key towards that more than these hard-to- value types of risks of potential laws that may or may not come around. >> one more question derrick let's talk about twitter because i was so surprised by the number of users first of all that are sticking with twitter. in fact i think we saw a record number daily actives went up, and what did you say, derrick,
3:52 pm
that someone said the president, president trump himself has saved the social media site single handedly. >> i wouldn't be surprised if we could attribute a large portion of twitter's recent success to his presence on there and a lot of celebrities and politicians . its been essentially their own personal p r outlets. they can go on and tweet whatever they want and they don't have to go through any sort of official channels or get press releases, they can just put it out on twitter and get directly into people who are interested in following them, and then eventually it gets picked up on the news by all of us. >> it's what we call unfiltered right? >> how much that actually influenced their bottom line i'm not sure. >> well guys thank you so much and have a great weekend, and speaking of big caltech youtube millionaire, logan fall was right here at the desk earlier this week, on liz's latest podcast, and her latest guest there, that everyone talks to liz claman so the impulsive, that's very clever, the podcast,
3:53 pm
gives liz, i guess a behind the scenes look at the personal brand play book and the mavrick actions that logan has taken to keep himself at the top of the social media scoreboard and that's on everyone talks to liz claman, download it now on apple, google or fox news okay, let's get back to the markets with just a few minutes to go before the closing bell, boeing is having its worst week since the second deadly crash of the 737 max plane, but my next guest is actually calling it a buy. find out why, that comes your way, next. this was me before liberty mutucustomized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. and this is me now! any physical changes to this man's appearance are purely coincidental. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. ♪ >> just around four minutes, 3:30 minutes away from closing bell on friday. markets pushing higher this week on strong earnings. also strong gdp the s&p and
3:57 pm
nasdaq on pace to close near record highs. the biggest loser of the week for the dow 30. we're talking about one specific stock. today's county clown closer todd horowitz says -- countdown closer, don't fear the. todd, this stock put off this week, people don't think, in fact southwest doesn't think it will fly until january of next year if at all ever again. >> good afternoon, susan, great to be with you. we always look at the negatives, investors have tendency to buy too much when they go straight up, they happen to sell when they go down. the overall pattern is being driven by emotional investors. we just take a walk back memory lane to 1982. long before your time, but johnson & johnson, went through a similar thing with the tylenol
3:58 pm
poisoning. look at johnson & johnson today. boeing here, 345 is a great investment that will, pay as 2.7% dividend annually. the stock will show some growth. it is still largest manufacturer of airplanes in the world. i don't see that changing anytime soon. so i think overall everything is pointing to these guys. susan: what about airbus, todd, the number one spot. they have not sold any 737s in the last three months. >> again they will continue to innovate, correct the problem. i see no issue with boeing other than they have had issues with companies go through, some turbulents, some tough times, occasionally. if it's a good company, if you believe they will be in business 10 years from now, they're probably a great investment today. that is what i would be looking at for a long-term investment, for a solid payer. that is what you're looking at.
3:59 pm
to me, there is nothing like boeing. i'm 100% confident they will fix their issues, they will not lose their customers. susan: quickly ask you, 50 second response, i ask you one final question, we have to go. boeing is proxy to the u.s. economy. you're expecting, you said we're in the early stages of recession? >> yeah. i do think we're in early stage of recession. again, remember, the stock market and the economy are not related. okay. the stock market is about making money, about people pouring in, investing, money flows in whether we're in recession or not. 401(k)s eye as, so far. at the end. day money will flow into the market that is the only game in the entire world is united states stock market if you want yield. we're starting one, i still don't think that will have the effect on stock market yet. it will not have the effect until the average person starts to feel it. susan: todd, i asked you to 15
4:00 pm
second response. >> that was 20. susan: so we talk about netflix, tesla. that is okay. [closing bell rings] looks like we're closing record high for s&p. nasdaq. there you go, that's it for the "claman countdown." connell: combine healthy economy, strong corporate profits, helps fuel new records on wall street. s&p 500 and nasdaq both surging to new all-time highs here on a friday. so we have that. i'm connell mcshane. lauren: it is a happy friday. i'll lauren simonetti in for melissa francis this is "after the bell." we'll look at the close on wall street. the dow is up 50 point, right near theon highs. s&p 500, nasdaq both ending at new closing highs. this is the 13th record close for the s&p, if you are keeping track. the 10th record close for nasdaq. connell: we are keeping track as


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