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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 26, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the great state of texas. we hope you will join us. follow me on twitter @loudobbs and facebook and instagram lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories this hour. a tale of two tech giants heading in completely opposite directions, alphabet shares soaring. we ask is amazon's prime time over. new missile tests in direct defdefiance of the trump administration's warnings. lauren: joe biden says no more mr. nice guy ahead of next week's debate. will that strategy work? a mcdonald's mixup, a drive-through worker's rant
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caught on camera. is friday, july 26th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ ♪ there's no denying. ♪ i'm leaving it. ♪ lauren: happy friday. welcome to "fbn: a.m.." i'm lauren simonetti. i'm deirdre bolton in for cheryl casone. lauren: let's take a look at how your money is moving this morning. the dow jones industrial average is up 44 points, needs to close 13 points higher to be positive on the week. the nasdaq gaining 24 this morning. yield on the 10 treasury right now, 2.08%. most investors waiting for the fed decision next week. lauren: iran overnight firing a
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missile that's posing a threat to vessels in the persian gulf. the price of i'll i oil is a gaf 27-cents. stocks in asia are mixed. nikkei, hang seng and kospi lower. shanghai moving higher. lauren: in europe, is stimulus coming from the ecb in september? the dax in germl germany gained. all eyes on amazon this morning. the company's latest profit came in below analyst expectations, ending a run of record earnings. amazon reported a profit of a five 22 per share, eps fell on higher shipping costs and slowing growth in the cloud business. amazon had signaled to investors that spending would rise when it discussed its first quarter results. the company shelled out about $800 million for next day shipping, keeping us all addicted but that actually cost
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money and they're feeling it. lauren: they're feeling it this morning. i kind of like the one day shipping, i'm not going to lie. investors like what they see from alphabet. take a look at shares of google in the premarket, they are up 8%, $1,228 each. google's parent company t posting better than expected results, revenue jumping about 20% on the year, driven by core products like search, maps and google assistant. alphabet did not confirm it is the focus of an anti-trust investigation by federal regulators. separately, there's this. democratic presidental candidate telsey gabard is suing google for temporary suspended her fund raising account. the campaign accused google of deliberate censorship. folks were searching her on google and you couldn't get
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information about her site. co-founder of facebook and outspoken critic of the company is working with regulators to break up facebook. according to the new york times, chris hughes along with two other prominent anti-trust experts have been meeting with the ftc, department of justice and states attorney generals last week. he called for the company to be broken from instagram and what's app. the government opened an investigation into whether or not facebook violated anti-trust laws earlier this week. lauren: twitter and mcdonald's, two high profile companies reporting this morning. twitter is expected to post double digit increases for both earnings and revenue thanks to growth in its ad business and also looking for higher profit and same store sales from mcdonald's, more customers bought the company's value meals. speaking of mcdonald's, they're using technology to help customers personalize their
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orders when they go through the drive-through. they use weather, time of day and popular menu items. after firing two missiles, north korea issues a new warning, vowing to carry out new missile tests. aswe have the details. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, lauren and deirdre. the regime is calling out south korean war mongers this morning, demanding they stop importing weapons and carrying out military drills. according to state media, kim jong un claims north korea is developing super powerful weapon systems to remove the potential and direct threats. the regime test fired two short range ballistic missiles on thursday for the first time since kim and president trump agreed to revive denuclearization talks last
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month. now china, north korea's closest ally, is asking the u.s. to strike a deal soon. >> the gprk and the u.s. should restart talks as soon as possible. this is the shared aspiration of the international community. >> reporter: the president is also speaking out, telling sean hannity, we are on the right track. >> they really haven't tested missiles other than smaller ones. which is something that lots test. but i think with north korea, we've been doing very well. that doesn't mean it's going to continue. we have a relationship. president obama had no relationship. you would have been at war. had hillary clinton won this election, you would be at war with north korea. >> reporter: iran tested a medium range missile. recently, they captured a british oil tanker. secretary of state mike pompeo says iran's actions will determine how the u.s. responds.
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>> they continue to engage maligned activity, they continue to work on their nuclear systems and yet they want to tell the world that no, they're just defensive and they're being a normal nation and we all see differently. president trump has been very clear. we're watching their actions. it's not what they tell us, it's what they do that will drive our policy. >> reporter: pompeo is asking all nations around the world to help protect those waters. lauren, deirdre. lauren: thank you very much. north korea's economy shrank the most in more than two decades because of international sanctions and a drought. south korea's central bank says north korea's gdp fell 4.1%, that's the biggest drop going back to 1997. the house passed its two-year spending agreement, despite republican objections. many conservatives object to the bill because of concerns of the growing u.s. debt. the legislation boosts spending by $320 billion and raises the
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debt ceiling. it now heads to the senate where some lawmakers are already vowing to vote against it. >> everybody likes to spend money. nobody around this place ever stands up and says i've got a lousy idea and i need a billion dollars for it. and this bill as i said the other day, this bill may taste like pumpkin pie but i'm going to vote against it. one feature of the bill that gained support was the $738 billion allocated for defense spending. lauren: the federal government will resume executing death row inmates after a 16 year hiatus. >> tracee carrasco has the details. >> reporter: attorney general william barr says five inmates will be executed. the executions have been scheduled for december and january. the federal government hasn't ex kited an inmate since 2003.
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it has executed only three people since the restoration of the federal death penalty in 1988. intel shares surging after hours, the chip giant posting a big earnings beat and raising its outlook for the year. the chip maker reporting second quarter profit of more than $4 billion. the biggest surprise came from its traditional pc business which brought in nearly $9 billion. analysts were actually expecting a decline. along with its quarterly results, intel announcing it's selling the majority of its smartphone modem business to apple for $1 billion. the justice department has called a press conference for this morning to reportedly discuss the proposed t-mobile, sprint merger. the department has been negotiating with the phone companies to divest enough assets to create fourth wireless carrier in order to secure approval for the $26 billion merger. according to the wall street journal, the doj has also been working to convince a number of state attorneys general who have sued to block the deal to
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approve the transaction with the new conditions. and europeans are melting in a record heat wave. the thermometer reached 108 in parts of paris and 105 in germany, belgium, 100 in southern england. in paris, people were jumping fully clothed into fountains, that's partly because air conditioning is still scars in europe compared to the u.s. -- scarce in europe compared to the u.s. cooler temps are in the forecast for today. that's what's happening now. lauren: it will be hot this weekend, but not 108 degrees. let's take a look at futures. this morning we're seeing small gains, about a tenth of a percent for the dow. the nasdaq gaining a quarter of 1% this morning. the do wh doj investigates big h over anti-trust concerns. they may have cracked the code on how to break up the big ones.
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deirdre: e-cigarette maker juul is under fire for targeting teenagers. two teens testified before a
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congressional panel yesterday that a juul representative came to their ninth grade classroom last year and told the class that vaping is totally safe. the disturbing testimony was part of a hearing examining the role that juul plays in nicotine addiction among youth. numerous schools around the country were offered $10,000 from the e-cigarette company for the right to talk to students in classrooms or after school. lauren: e-cigarettes are turning never smokers into vapors. amazon shares are down, after news that the company snapped a record streak. we ask is this just a hiccup in a stellar growth story or a sign of trouble to come. dan ives joins us now. dan, good morning. >> great to be here. lauren: are you concerned about this miss on profit for amazon or is this part of, you know, as
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they try to keep growth growing and attracting more prime members and keeping members happy, this is what happens. >> they're just putting more fuel in the engine, in terms of driving the ecosystem in terms of prime and what you're seeing is growth there. it continues to be phenomenal. i think the investment profile over the next call it six, nine months, you're going to need to see more profitability in that ramp. i still view this as a step in the right direction, even though the profit issue will be a focus of the street. lauren: investors were concerned for amazon, alphabet and others, the narrative of slowing growth, slowing revenue. but both came in, google and amazon, with revenue gains of about 20% for the quarter. >> google in particular, real strong advertising. cloud's ramping significantly and they're going up against microsoft as well as amazon. fundamentally, i think what you're seeing in tech, it's another leg up fundamentally. i continue to see a 15% plus
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growth in terms of the stocks of these tech companies going to year-end. lauren: oh, wow. >> fundamentally what you saw here, this is what the bulls need to see from numbers. lauren: if you look at alphabet shares, they were only up about 8% this year, lagging the rest of their sector, but they're getting an 8% pop now. today you're saying on average these fang stocks are going to go 15% more? >> we think 15% more. i also think regulatory has been an overhang. fundamentally what you're seeing through the earnings season, what you'll see with apple next week, it shows numbers look strong, streets are raising numbers going to 2020 and advertising, e-commerce, other areas, that's the focus. lauren: chris hughes, he helped to grow and develop facebook. now he's working with regulators to essentially break it up. he says it's gotten too big. does that go anywhere? is there anything to that? what's going to happen with the size of these tech giants?
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>> what hughes is doing speaks to a broader -- i think it will be more noise and ultimately more -- i'll call it a fine or model tweaks rather than ultimate breakups. you're seeing the drum roll significantly in the beltway. there's a line from the ftc to the doj to every other -- lauren: states attorney generals. >> it's a line right now, like shy polchipolte. i think it's more noise. i think you see it in the stocks. this is going to be an issue over the coming years, i think a two to three years investigation. lauren: it's noise but doesn't stop the growth, got it. deirdre: spac spacex has an a to get kids interested in the final frontier and a secret ingredient for getting kids hooked on space. and the funny side of steve jobs. apparently he played more than a
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♪ i just called to say i love you. ♪ i just called to say how much i care. deirdre: steve jobs reportedly had a pointed sense of humor. a new book claims the apple founder would call spotify's ceo just to breathe deeply into the phone. one of the authors of the book, spotify untold, shared that story with variety and says the story comes from a trusted source, though we have to say it
5:22 am
has not been verified. lauren: well, space is evidently not slimy enough in the international space station, spacex and nickelodeon teaming up to send a batch of their famous slime up to the iss to see how it reacts to micro gravity. they're hoping the goo will keep kids interested in space and science. deirdre: that works. lauren: deep breathing phone calls and slime. deirdre: there we go. the government hands out the report card on the economy later this morning, it may show a slower pace of growth. economists forecasting down growth for the first three months of the year. with his due on the cause of the slowdown and how it will affect the fed's rate decision this week, we bring dominic tavela of diversified private wealth
5:23 am
advisor. will this make the fed's job harder on the 31st. >> the economy is really not in a position where you would normally call for an interest rate cut. but when you look at things like manufacturing in the country, you've got boeing that has a problem obviously with the 737 max, caterpillar selling abroad, the economy worldwide, china slowing down and we're going to see john deere selling to farmers in the u.s., manufacturing is in a tough spot right novel. it's not unusual for gdp to take a step back under these circumstances. deirdre: manufacturing is the key reason why the fed will make the cut, you feel it's due to the manufacturing weakness. >> it's a big component of it. the other side is the consumer in the u.s. is very strong. look at visa's numbers that just came out. fantastic. so more money in their pocket, lower energy prices. consumer's doing a lot of spending, they're two-thirds of
5:24 am
the economy. i think that overall the economy's in pretty sound footing but manufacturing is taking a little on the chin right now. deirdre: we know jay powell talked about global economic weakness, impact of trade wars and soft inflation reads as reasons why the fed could cut but then we also heard from two separate fed leaders saying, well, we might not really need it. so what do you think? is it dangerous to cut by 25 basis points if we don't really need it? >> yeah, if we lived in a vacuum, you really would make a really compelling hard argument why they should not cut. economy's in pretty sound footing. inflation is low. but we don't live in a vacuum. we live in a global environment and you see overall growth around the world slowing down, particularly china, europe right now, borderline recession, plus 1% or so on their gdp numbers. the fed has to react and live in the global environment in a lower interest rate environment,
5:25 am
i think is appropriate. i think they errorred in december when they raised interest rates. this might be what they're calling an insurance cut, put things back to more of an equilibrium. deirdre: even though the ecb did not ease. thank you so much. lauren: let's take a look at how your money is doing this morning. we have slight gains for all three major averagessings right hers right herein the us. nasdaq gaining 27. the dow trying to end in a positive on the week. still ahead, after going mono en mono on twitter, aoc and nancy pelosi are set to meet face-to-face today. joe biden vows to change things up for the next democratic debate. how will his new image play out on the detroit stage? keep it right here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ don't look down.
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deirdre: today, alexandria ocasio-cortez is set to follow up on these remarks about meeting with nancy pelosi. >> are you interested in having a conversation face-to-face with house speaker nancy pelosi. >> absolutely. deirdre: the house speaker and freshman democrat set to meet face-to-face, amid their tension on twitter over a border aid package bill. pelosi says she looking forward to the meeting. sources telling fox pelosi is warning democrats not to disparage their colleagues if they're not in agreement over impeaching president trump. democrats were renewing their calls for that earlier this week, ahead of former special counsel robert mueller's testimony. lauren: a former campaign worker for bernie sanders filled a labor complaint against his
5:30 am
campaign. he says some workers were retaliated against for their union activity. now, according to that complaint, the sanders campaign made employees work additional days without an equal number of days off, violating the collective bargaining agreement. the campaign declined to comment specifically on the complaint. deirdre: and of course several democratic presidential hopefuls are addressing the national urban league conference in indianapolis. the focus for some of them is shifting some of the criticism of president trump to more pointed attacks on each other. lauren: it could get ugly. peter doocy in indianapolis with the latest. >> reporter: joe biden just told donors that at the next democratic debate in detroit, it's no more mr. nice guy, explaining, quote, i'm not going to be as polite this time. >> what did you mean when you said you're not going to be as polite in the next debate? >> we'll see. >> reporter: biden is hinting he'll challenge kamala harris, just like she challenged him in
5:31 am
their first matchup, telling donors it's, quote, because this is the same person who asked me to come to california and nominate her in her convention. nobody disputes that biden went to the golden state. >> it's great to be back in california. >> reporter: just one thing, a harris campaign spokesman points out he did not nominate her, not how it works. he didn't even endorse her until months later. biden is also trying to keep a critical cory booker at bay, saying of booker and harris, i've got a pass i'm proud of. they've got a past that's not quite so good. biden has 33% support among democratic primary voters and the others in double digits all improved slightly too with sanders, warren and harris all rising. booker sits at 2% but argues the candidate shouldn't be considered strictly on their electability. >> what were you doing five, 10, 15 or 20 years ago to fight for racial justice. >> reporter: for eight years of
5:32 am
that time, biden was barack obama's vp. >> income inequality and wealth inequality grew during that time and continued to grow in the age of trump. >> reporter: biden basically blames obama. >> i was the guy at the family picnic who kept thinking we should be dealing with middle class tax cuts. >> reporter: democrats like the joe biden they know enough to make him number one. he's the affable lawmaker always laughing and helping people out that are having a tough time. now biden says he won't be as polite at the next debate and we don't know if democratic primary voters are going to like that joe biden. peter doocy, fox news. lauren: you have former vp joe biden promising to be not as poe ipolite in these upcoming debats and fellow contenders ganging up against him. what kind of fireworks and new
5:33 am
lines of attack can we expect in detroit. let's ask washington examiner commentary writer a tiana lowe. what do you expect? >> bu biden doesn't have to go n the offensive. he has to be unapologetic. this has everything to do with persona. president trump's policies are working. if we look at the economy, even if quarter two growth is slower, still longer bull market in history with century -- half century low unemployment and low inflation. biden's case is he is a return to normalcy. that doesn't work if h he is apologizing in the face of disingenuous attacks. lauren: does that mr. nice guy, is that what's responsible for -- take a look at this fox news poll. he has 33% support, versus 15%
5:34 am
for sanders, 10% for kamala harris. so if he has that big lead, you're saying the way he is now is what the party really wants? >> i mean, obviously if you look at the pulse of the far left wing activists, the most vocal on twitter, biden doesn't represent them. biden is in favor of the public option sensoption which was conr too extreme when the aca was passed. biden has moved further left but the party has sprinted further left. however, i think when you're trying to drive out the black vote, the independent vote, and especially obama to trump country in the rust belt, someone like biden who is not actively alienating the manufacturing class and everyday americans who want to be able to keep their health insurance and want to be able to keep their doctor, i don't think you do that with medicare for all. lauren: with had the we had tr
5:35 am
hearings this week. collusion, there was none. that's the big take-away. you have nancy pelosi telling a tucker carlson producer this. >> speaker pelosi, you wondered what putin had on trump. after yesterday, are you closer to figuring that out? >> we're in the courts right now. >> are you any closer to figure out what putin has on trump? >> that's why we need to have to answer our subpoena. >> you migh he might have blackn the president? >> i wonder what putin has politically, personally or financially. >> is it blackmail, do you think? lauren: blackmail. >> i think the democrats are so obsessed was figuring out and trying to exonerate the fact that hillary lost in 2016, they can't fes up to the fact it was voters in pens vein an -- pennsa
5:36 am
and michigan. i don't know what silver bullet they're waiting for. why can't they focus on the election that's happening in a year and-a-half, rather than trying to relitigate the one that happened two and-a-half years ago. lauren: the constant calls for impeachment and investigations. tiana lowe, thank you. have a good weekend. >> thank you. deirdre: coming up, i.c.e. is working to solve the crisis at the border as allegations about conditions run rampant. we're going to take you for an exclusive look inside a migrant detention facility. we're going to take you to california, next. also, one sheriff's office has an olive branch for its most wanted fugitive. some say it's an offer they can't refuse. we'll bring you the details coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ it's going to be forever. ♪ or it's going to go down in flames. ♪ you can tell me when it's over. ♪ if the high was worth the pain. ♪ got along like star crossed
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deirdre: democrats are slamming border detention centers as having conditions similar to concentration camps. we're going to take you for an exclusive inside look at one of the largest i.c.e. facilities in the nation. lauren: griff jenkins is going to do that for us. he joins us live from california with an exclusive tour you won't see anywhere else. show us, griff. >> reporter: that's right, good
5:40 am
morning, lauren and deirdre. i.c.e. has about 53,000 detainees across the country. there's 31 facilities. this is one of the largest and after the protests a few weeks ago across the country, protesting facilities just like this, we went inside with the acting director of the la field off, thomas giles, who showed us around. take a look. >> acting director, where are we? >> we're in the intake processing center at the i.c.e. processing center. this facility houses up to 1,940 detainees. after they get classified and bobbed in by the facility, we're giving them hygiene items. they have soap, shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush, tooth paste, as well as they get -- they have bed linens, socks, shoes, shower shoes and their uniform. medical care is a top notch priority. we have a full-time medical clinic here. we offer for consolate phone
5:41 am
calls, a free phone call for the detainee. >> what is this area here? >> we're in the special housing unit. this area, the individuals that are detained here are individuals that committed infractions. >> like fighting or -- >> the most common -- >> custody. >> the most common is refusing to follow orders and fighting. while in here, they have the ability to roam around. we have phone calls, books. individuals are able to play x-box and watch movies. >> they're playing soccer, i presume this is the regular raisrecreationyard. >> they get two to three hours a day, if not more, depending on availability. >> in terms of the characterization out there, there's a big national debate. what do you want people to know? >> i want people to know when individuals are detained here, we give them care in custody that they need. we will do everything they can
5:42 am
to keep the individuals safe while detained here. >> reporter: this facility has about 1700 detainees in there. the capacity is a little over 1900. but we talked to several of the detainees there. all of them told us, lauren and deirdre, that the conditions were goond no good and not certt we've seen or heard from some lawmakers that are criticizing the conditions here. everyone said they were treated humanely so far. most i.c.e. facilities are run by private companies. this one, by a company called geo. lauren, deirdre. lauren: thank you. excellent report. really interesting. let's take a look at how your money is moving. global market action overnight, this is the picture in the u.s., dow's up 76 points, s&p up 9, nasdaq up 35. as we wait on the first look for second quarter gross domestic product. in asia, the hang high composite -- shanghai composite gained a
5:43 am
quarter of 1%. european markets are trading higher. after the european central bank left interest rates unchanged. some investors were expecting mario draghi to go out with a bigger bang including our next guest, russ moll. he joins us now. you're disappointed the ecb didn't act now. here's my question. so what? they wait until september. does more stimulus make a difference? >> well, i think that's the big question. i think the market is still looking for more stimulus, whether it's lower interest rates or return to constant easing. the big question is, do policies that haven't done much to stimulate growth since 2012, does the continuation of that make sense? i suspect one reason why draghi held back yesterday was there seems to be opposition within the european central bank itself. lauren: i wanted to talk about this, the new british prime minister boris johnson kind of taking a page from president trump's playbook when it comes to cracking down on immigration.
5:44 am
watch. >> no one believes more strongly than me in the benefits of migration to our country but i am clear that our immigration system must change. i will ask the migration advisory committee to conduct a review of that system as the first step in a radical rewriting. lauren: your response, russ? >> it's a further step away from the theresa may administration's policy, they set a cap on immigration that was never met. the british press are moving this as a move to an australian style points system. i think it shows that the new prime minister, johnson, is moving more towards a pro-growth, low tax, less state intervention type economy, very similar to perhaps ronald reagan in the 1980s in america and prime minister margaret thatcher here. the financial market seems to be happy to see what he has to to .
5:45 am
lauren: russ, thank you. deirdre: coming up, u.s.-china trade talks are back on. chinese officials set to meet with u.s. representatives in shanghai next week. we're going to tell you which topics will be first on the table. and if you love pizza, but you don't want to be around other humans, pizza hut has a solution for you. we're going to tell you more when "fbn: a.m." returns. ♪ i like how it feels. ♪ oh, yeah i like how it feels. ♪ you know i like how it feels. ♪ oh, yeah, i like how it feels. we're the slowskys.
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lauren: japan's soft bank unveiled a second technology mega fund. deirdre: tracee carrasco has all the details. tracee.
5:49 am
tracee: this one is bigger than soft bank's $100 billion vision fund. the company calls the new fund vision fund 2 and it has commitments of $108 billion in capital from more than a dozen investors including apple and microsoft. soft bank itself adding $38 billion. pizza hut is testing out a new way for customers to get pizza without ever having to talk to another person. the company will be testing out a digital cubby system at one of its locations in hollywood, california. customers will be able to order a pizza ahead of time and pick it up in a cubby when they arrive at the restaurant. they say it's for time strapped customers. a sheriff's office hope the most wanted criminals are also the most vain. take a look at this flier. they are offering to retake mug shots for the top five most wanted criminals if they don't like the way they look. no word on if anyone accepted
5:50 am
the offer. and a woman gets a sweet delivery for her birthday. this amazon box is actually a cake. emily mcgwire's husband thought it would be perfect since she gets three amazon packages every week, even the shipping label was edible, featuring the address, one, two, three, four, birthday lane. that's what's happening now. deirdre: that is great, appropriate for a lot of people. lauren: only three packages a week? i've got her beat. bring on the cake. deirdre: the u.s. is set to resume trade talks with china next week. top u.s. and chinese officials meeting in shanghai for the first time since president trump and chinese president xi-jinping agreed to revive negotiations. riley walters with us now, a heritage policy analyst in asian economy and technology. riley, thanks in advance for the time. i noticed as part of the group that's going to be meeting that the chinese trade minister, who has really been absent this
5:51 am
entire time, is going to be at the table. he's known as a hard-liner. what do you think this changes, if anything, about the conversation? >> well, with the inclusion of the trade minister, a lot of people are skeptical because of his hard line tendencies. i'm a little optimistic about this, his inclusion. what it mine means is we actualy have the people in charge of the process, the ones who are actually in charge of applying the tariffs. on the u.s. side, we've always had the ustr, now we have the chinese side coming together so it's more reciprocal. deirdre: because in some respects even though their positions are not one for one, on the chinese side he is considered their lighthizer, right, the fact that he's going to be standing there for what china wants. is that your take? >> yeah, certainly. i mean, these last little -- the end of these talks right now are definitely going to be some of the most difficult, but the fact that they have the guy in charge
5:52 am
or at least more of the folks in charge, i think is a good sign for progress. deirdre: riley, what is honestly realistic to expect from these meetings? because there are a lot of people who say, you know what, china is just trying in the long game, hoping that president trump doesn't get reelected, hoping there's someone easier to negotiate and they're basically just playing for time. do you agree? >> you know, that theory i've heard it quite often. it's a risky bet because you have to bet that president trump doesn't re-win -- win re-election next year. so it could be -- it could not necessarlybe in the -- not necee in the chinese favor if that happens. president trump says he wants a deal. he thinks the chinese wants want a deal. the question is when. timing is a fact to. i wouldn't be surprised if we have a deal before the end of the year. deirdre: comprising what,
5:53 am
riley, if you don't mind me asking? including addressing ip theft? >> ip theft, technology transfer, joint venture requirements, i mean, these are all hurdles that exist. certainly the chinese want to bring huawei into this, but i think these things are easily resolved, to a certain point. obviously, china is not going to become our greatest trading partner at the end of the day. we could reach a point where we agree on a deal. deirdre: scale of one to ten, how likely something gets done? >> before the end of the year? seven. deirdre: we'll take it. lauren: better than i thought. deirdre: seven out of ten. lauren: coming up, steve bomber gets a ten for getting excited, really excited, super excited but somehow he just topped himself. wait until you see exactly what he did. and is there anything confusing about halloween? you wear a costume on the last day of october and you go around
5:54 am
getting candy. why some folks are saying, yeah, that's too easy and they're looking to change it up. ♪ this is halloween. ♪ everybody make a scene. ♪ trick or treat. ♪
5:55 am
5:56 am
♪ prince steveballer in not
5:57 am
shy about showing his craziness but might have stopped himself. >> now with more on that all right what did he doll now? >> los angeles chippers couple of weeks ago basketball team signed leonard and paul george so they introduced him yesterday at a press conference to thed media. steve ballmer 63 years old was just a tad bit excited check it out. >> come on. come on. come on get up. he makes media stand up, everybody. i like that he demanded standing vaition for his ire palace, i mean, okay he's a little over the top but if you're a mare. you're like okay . talk about friday motivation there you go. >> we have to ask use about
5:58 am
this. mcdonald's drive through got more than they bargained for. we have to listen to this. >> no. if i'm clean on my day off i'm going to clean at home. britney she's the joke. girl, if i had to ask her twice -- she gives me ten dollars right. you. [bleep] how can i help you? >> that goes on so this is great so somebody who wanted, you know, their fries and a burger gets to listen to all of the family fights. >> employee forgot and two minutes and 5 million viewing right now and video gone viral love when that happens. a nice transition become to business hi can i help you. if my food were taking too long i'm glad they're chitchatting about loans and i'm hungry. >> never know when that mic is on. break of this show. okay let's talk about halloween because i always thought it was october 31st.
5:59 am
>> listen, 70,000 people want to disagree with you because there's a new -- a petition right now wanting to move halloween from october 31t to last saturday in october. i want it to. i'm all about this. now wait a minute -- we have to take a poll. two on one here. [laughter] all i can say it i have enough moving parts in my it's the 31st let me have that. >> saturday is so much more fun, though. the company, though, says it might be safer because for children trick or treat during the day when it is sunny outside that's i think they want to just party. >> i want to party. >> there is -- you from having halloween party on the saturday before. >> you're not invited to our halloween party a saturday you're not invited it happen. >> especially when your boys were little didn't you feel it was difficult to get home from work to take them trick-or-treating. >> at least i know i can keep
6:00 am
track that have. >> thank you you guys. mornings with maria starts right now. >> good morning to you happy fridays everybody. tgif thanks for joining us i'm maria bartiromo it is friday july 26th your top stories right now, 6 a.m. on east coast, the pulse of the economy on tap today second quarter gdp out later this hrn a final big read before the next week fed meeting we'll have the number and what it could mean for changes and at the feds and chances of that big rate cut coming next week. focus on earnings once again google parent alphabet beating expectations posting strong grouse and rising this morning in premarket and amazon string of reported profits coming to an end stock is down this morning. one and a half percent, alphabet up % right now. still more tech on deck today with twitter out later this morning. also reporting fast food mcdonald's with all of the numbers on earning season that is better than lowered expectationings. then the 2020 race is


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