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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 25, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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neil: all right. there have been a lot of big flims reporting quarterly earnings. the big ones getting attention from the general public. amazon, alphabet set to report after the bell. the trend has been the friend of the earning are looking pretty good as charles payne. charles: intel that was one of the big names. nobody talked about it. they report after the bell. who cares. neil: i'm sure you do. charles: but i'm weird like that. good afternoon, everyone, i'm charles payne. this is "making money." the stocks are lower as investors wait two powerhouses, amazon and alphabet/google. buying stocks after everybody writes off the company. i can tell you how when we go in depth. most americans in decades review the economy postively. they are giving president trump
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credit for it. as he tries to rally troops with a debt ceiling deal he reached with democrats. a whole lot of republicans are not happy. will they embrace even more spending. i will ask senator marsha blackburn about that as "making money" begins right now. ♪ charles: a new fox poll says more than half the country approves of what the job he is doing on the economy. if the old adage rings true it is the economy, stupid, this bodes well for president trump to be reelected. tiana lowe and jehmu greene. say what you will. it is hard to argue this economy has not become a juggernaut. hard to argue, once you get in the voting booth that might be the most important issue? >> certainly. regardless how you feel about
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president trump's percent sown n we're in the longest bull market in history. we have a half century low unemployment, while maintaining super low inflation. it shows, people, even if they dislike trump, they like trump's america. three years ago, seven in 10 americans thought country was moving in the wrong direction. now it is only five in 10. at this point in the obama's second term, half the people thought obama was moving it in the wrong direction and only four in 10 had the numbers are reversed. charles: yes, ma'am my? >> why are the poll numbers so bad against basically all 100 democratic candidates. charles, here is the thing. yes, this great economy should be something that donald trump just rides this wave into victory in 2020, but as we know, as we have seen, as has been proven by his behavior he is
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probably going to be his own worst enemy. but the argument about this economy actually is being made very well by elizabeth warren who is putting out warnings in the same way that she did before the recession in 2008. so i think there is an argument to be made. i do hope that democrat who are running for president continue to make that argument and sound those warnings bells. charles: let me ask you, jehmu? that tax cut bill put news a precarious position as we head what will most likely be into recession. charles: i don't, listen i watch the economy every second of every day. i never try to play economist. i don't see where recession is coming on. but let me ask you, do you worry about that as a democrat, if all the democrats jump on that bandwagon sounds like they're cheering on, rooting, hoping for recession, rather than being prudent? it seems to me it could
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backfire. if we don't get a recession? >> it is interesting, democrats were saying the exact same thing to democrats, they were cheering on great job numbers, they were cheering on this turnaround. i hope we can get past that, get to a place what are the best policies to make sure that a booming economy is not just benefiting trump's billionaire friends, but also benefiting those nurses and teachers, and middle class workers across the country. we have not seen that because of the tax cut. and as we look at the impact of the tax cut not paying for itself, yeah, there are some really important warning bells are going off, charles. that i know as you pay attention. charles: yeah. i can tell you right now, blue-collar workers, not supervisory workers pay outstripped of supervisors over
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the last year dramatically. i want to say, tiana, when you look at the same poll, beyond the economy, president trump is below 50% in every category. the poll says best part to fix immigration, trade, north korea, iran, health care, race relations are all democrats. if these things rear up. if these other topics become critical, more important with respect to the election, how does the president handle that? >> the issue is in fact trump is his worst enemy. he lacks discipline in his messageing from time to time. the immigration debacle we're currently facing, rather than focus secure the border, figure out what to do with everyone here, he gets wrapped up in the rhetoric that allows democrats to use the visceral images of kids in cages which was going on during the obama administration. it is effective messaging.
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he needs to focus facts of basic, how do you help the bottom line american. the message should follow that. charles: the bottom line, so-called bottom line americans are doing extraordinarily well compared to where they have been not just for the last administration, but for a long time. please stand by for one moment, because the house will vote later this afternoon on a bipartisan debt ceiling, spending caps deal. this is what the administration did earlier this week with democrats. the question, becoming a serious question, how many republicans support the fiscal package? it is expected to have many gop gopers will bolt on this despite the fact that president trump votes on it. hillary vaughn is on capitol hill. reporter: the house will vote on the pelosi white house budget deal a few hours from now. there is concern some republicans will not support the deal because of a trillion dollar price tag. some people worry the president himself is wild card if he
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signses what congress puts on his desk. this morning president indicating he is behind the bill. house republicans should support the two-year budget agreement which greatly help our military and your vets. i am totally with you. house minority leader kevin mccarthy admits the bill is not ideabecause it doesn't address one big thing, the debt. he says, he went on to explain, this is kind of the best deal they're going to get because they're not not majority. they're in the minority. they have to take essentially what they can negotiate. this is the deal that is on the table but it is not just the house having doubts there is bipartisan concern among some republicans and democrats in the senate. >> i'm very concerned about the fiscal irresponsibility in this proposal. >> everybody likes to spend money. nobody around this place stands up, i have got a lousy idea, i need a billion dollars. i will vote against it. reporter: senate republicans are
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encouraging skeptics in their own caucus to support the deal. the bottom line they're in divided congress, no one gets their way. >> this is a necessary compromise. >> you will not get a better deal. all those people don't like the deal, they have zero ability to get a better deal. reporter: expecting the final vote to happen 5:00 p.m. this evening. charles: thank you very. i want to bring back tee yana and jehmu. we heard mark warner, other democrats talk about fiscal responsibility the fact of the matter, president trump seems to be bending toward their determination to spend more money. let's not forget how much our debts and deficits did swell under the previous president. >> well, under the previous president, they did not swell at the percentages we're seeing them swell under this republican president. i do find it odd that republicans have just gone radio silence on what used to be a key issue for them.
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but you know, it is a good thing for us not to get to a place of being on a financial cliff and, you know, going into debt default. it is a good thing we're getting ahead of this. i don't think it's a good thing they continue to kind of kick the can down to, you know, the next presidential election for some big decision or after the next presidential election for some big decisions to be made. that is the fault of both sides but i think we can all agree, charles, given his history, give the longest government shutdown in our history, that we don't want this president in charge of the decision making when we're right on the edge of that cliff. charles: we all can't agree on that. the stock market went through the roof during the last government shutdown. i think a lot of people looked around, maybe the government is spending too much money. keep it shut down! meantime -- >> i'm talking about the people who couldn't pay their bills during the government shut down.
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care about them. charles: everyone cares about them, that is the point though, tiana, you can argue pox on both houses. listen, president trump wants to rebuild the military. only way he can get it done but there are some fiscal hawks still left on the republican side. are there enough to stop this going through. >> here is the thing, i don't blame them. president trump promised to make america great again, but the only intention to make him two-term president. he had steve mnuchin how do i get a deal i don't need to deal with until after the election. that is fine the political reality, trump will use the second term in order to crack down on entitlement spending responsible for 90% of our deficit growth next 30 years. charles: that is his intention. you're politically savvy, tiana, go into a fight ahead of election, to jehmu's point, shut down the government, forgetting, for the most part it is sometimes illuminates the fact
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maybe we do have a bloated government, would you as someone running for president, take that kind of a gambit? would you say let me get reelected, then try to fix it? >> the difficulty the promise needs to be made to conservative patriots and voters who have seen our entitlement spending careen in a crisis. republicans who were elected a decade ago with tea party promise scaled that back have still done nothing to rein in medicare, medicaid and social security. if trump is acknowledging the political reality, and is willing to reverse course on loyalty to maintaining entitlement spending that is great for republican voters. but that must be made clear. otherwise what will motivate voters in michigan and wisconsin, go to the ballot box, and win that pivotal blue wall trump took back from democrats. charles: jehmu, i couldn't get a feeling from you last time we spoke who you were leaning toward. have you since that last debate,
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some of the things happened since then, sounds like you're feeling pretty good about warren? >> i'm actually feeling very good about her surge. i'm still listening, learning. i wish there were less people on that stage. i'm hoping for two women on the ticket. so those people who can fall off the stage, maybe their names begin with bs, biden, buttigieg, beto. there are a lot of bs. maybe we need one b and then all the ladies. charles: ladies have momentum. i appreciate your conversation here. tiana, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: boeing can get off the ground. faa says there is no real timeline for the 737 max to return to service. the ground stop taking a toll on southwest. the company announcing it won't fly the jet until next year.
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so you west will pull out of newark airport. move all the new york operations to laguardia. economy rocking, mueller probe appears to be in the rear view mirror. could this be smooth sailing ahead for trump? i will ask senator marsha blackburn. president trump will have an event aim at helping american workers in the next hour. we'll have a preview of it right after the break. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need.
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charles: u.s. manufacturers making a very big promise to the american people. they're pledging to train 1.2 million workers to try to fill millions of open positions, this over the next decade that
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announcement coming in just moments at the white house with president trump. joining me now to discuss, "wall street journal" opinion writer jillian melchior. we've been hearing this kind of thing from manufacturers. i think it's a brilliant thing. it is smart. always feels like a tug-of-war between the corporate world and government, where the corporate world would like to see government spend the money or make the investment and vice versa. >> i'm a huge fan of this approach to it. we have a tight labor market right now. it is a skills gap. great companies invest in workers like this. i'm especially excited about it. this will benefit low-skilled workers. people without traditionally poor education level, poor workers, more vulnerable, give them a leg up in the economy. we've seen the federal government do this with the job corporation. it has been a complete catastrophe. i think millions and millions have been spend on this,
2:18 pm
$1.7 billion a year. charles: you've been writing about this. why is the federal government falling down? other than the fact the programs get bloated and tends to be bureaucracy and these kind of things? >> the corporations have to have a bottom line to get value. what we're seeing from federal government gaming numbers, trying to make things look good when they're not. inspector general is finding out there is falsified records for how many people graduated. when people graduated they didn't end up in the jobs taxpayers spent thousands of dollars to get them trained for. a little bit ominously, safety and security is a enormous problem. there was a kid hacked to death by a ma cleat -- machete at a josh core campus with 911 calls. it is pretty disturbing. >> we know there are more jobs out than available. ceo of ibm, she coined the term,
2:19 pm
new collar work. you don't need college diploma but you need special training. >> these companies need skilled workers. they will pay for it. skilled workers contributing to the economy. it's a hewn benefit. it's a win, win. charles: as someone, you're a capitalist, you're pretty pragmatic, a great story of the last all-male board on s&p 500 no longer. copart, do auto truck dealership in texas. finally got a woman on the board of directors. how do you feel about that? >> i think women are becoming more educated. they're becoming better negotiators. that is positive development. i don't like the approach california is taking mandating that you have to have one woman on the board. women can stand up -- charles: kamala marries, suggested if she becomes president, this is objectives she would place on the corporate world herself. large percentages would have to be certain gender, things like that.
2:20 pm
>> yeah. charles: do you think there is some merit to that, speeding it up? to maybe the corporate world to your point has gotten the message, looking for the best qualified person? >> i certainly think it is the latter. women can fight in the corporate world. we don't need government help. anyone who is not scrappy enough to make it good to the corporate world that is not good for the economy. i'm confident they can pull it off on their own not with help from washington. charles: thank you very much. >> thank you. charles: two behemoths are set to report after the close. we'll look what to expect from amazon and google. how they reacted recently when they posted numbers. this of course especially in light of the newly-announced doj probe on big tech. next reaction from tennessee senator marsha blackburn, what congress is doing for the giants of industry.
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>> in all fairness to robert mueller, he had nothing to work with. you know, you can be a builder, but if they don't give you the right materials you will not build a very good building. robert mueller had no material, he had nothing to work with. charles: president trump taking a victory lap of sorts after robert mueller's testimony appears to fallen flat. as a "fox news poll" has him just one point off his highest approval rating on the economy. with the mueller with the whole mueller probe fading out of the picture, will the president unlock more economic success? joining me tennessee mayor, i'm sorry, senator, marsha blackburn. thanks for joining us. >> absolutely. charles: it feels like mueller is done. that is a rear view issue. the economy not done, firing on all cylinders. more americans give the president credit for that.
2:25 pm
does this continue, make it much easier the notion he will be reelected? >> what you're hearing from people today, is exactly that. they anticipate that he will be reelected. they like the fact that, if nancy pelosi has the nerve to put the usmca on the floor in the house, then get, it would pass easily. it will pass in the senate. people want to see this done. they know that there is obstinence from democratic leadership to not get it done. they also know the numbers are good, the tax cuts are working, they anticipate that that you have the budget deal that nancy pelosi and the president and steve mnuchin worked out, that they anticipate will be something that is agreed to. there is not something that i'm a big fan of. charles: sure, sure. >> and, so they feel like
2:26 pm
donald trump is winning every time he turns around. jobs the economy, economic growth, the gdp, trade, holding china accountable, dealing with huawei, funding our military, making certain that we're addressing the issues at the border and this is what people want to see done and i got to tell you, summertime, it might be hot but people are pretty happy campers. charles: real quick, you mentioned -- are you okay? >> yes. charles: you mentioned the usmca. >> yeah. charles: and, you know, if china starts to buy a large amount of soybeans, during the negotiating process, i think democrats are really going to blow it big time with farmers in this country, who still support president trump by and large. usmca is something that can help them even more than china trade.
2:27 pm
>> you got that right. when you were talking about pork, dairy, soybeans, these farmers and producers are hanging with the president. they're saying look, we want trade. we want these open markets. and they want to see that taken care of. and they're willing to stand with him while he stands for them, look, you have to give them a fair price. they want free and fair trade. so they are with him. when it comes to our auto manufacturers, of course we have a lot of auto manufacturing in tennessee. what they say, is look, we want to get this worked out. charles, i have to tell you, very seldom, the the uaw, chamber of commerce, all say pass this, we want to get this done. that is what you're seeing with usmca. charles: i want to shift to something very near and dear to your heart. the department of justice officially opening a antitrust
2:28 pm
review of big tech. this is something that you have the browser act. in fact you announced senator mcsally joining it is a big, broadening bipartisan effort on your part. what do you see come out of this doj probe? >> what i want to come out of this is the american public protected. they have the tool box to protect their, they own their data. these tech companies have gotten filthy rich by data mining, by scraping this data, by selling it. you look at facebook and google, these people are big advertising companies. you the user are the product. they are selling that data, higher quality the data, the more money they make, the more profit that is on their profit line. charles, the american people need the tool box to protect themselves. they need to be able to say, i
2:29 pm
give you my consent to share information or i do not give you consent. charles: right. >> that is what we're trying to get done. charles: i have the wrap signal, i have do i have to ask, do you support potentially breaking up any of these tech companies? >> we'll look at that in the task force i'm chairing. we'll look at antitrust competition, data security, as a matter of fact our next task force will be on competition. charles: senator blackburn, thank you. >> good to see you. charles: eu chief negotiator firing back at boris johnson after the uk prime minister unveiled the brexit plan to lawmakers. michael brenner calling his plan unacceptable. he told other eu leaders to remain calm and stick together. johnson told parliament he want to remove the irish backstop in
2:30 pm
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>> oh! charles: breaking now president trump throwing his support behind nypd officers you saw in the viral video. they were being harassed as they were attempting to make an arrest. the president tweeting, we love our law enforcement officers around this great country. what took place in nyc, with water being tossed on officers is a total disgrace. time for mayor bill de blasio to stand up for those who protect our lives and serve us all so well. what took place is completely unacceptable. it will not be tolerated. bill de blasio should act immediately. multiple suspects have been arrested since the video went viral. everyone on wall street waiting for amazon, alphabet to release earnings after the close. investors look for any clues how
2:35 pm
the companies plan to handle the antitrust investigation. alphabet is in the spotlight after the previous quarter's revenue missed. here to weigh in, deirdre bolton, point view management's david dietze, money map press chief investment strategist, keith fitz-gerald. deirdre, let me start with you. these companies generally beat. that doesn't really matter. what i notice in the last three quarters both of these stocks took a drubbing the week after they reported. then you add in this extra doj thing no one knows how to model for. >> that is one of three big themes investors are considering, when they ask themselves whether we want to own alphabet google stock or not. that is the weakest. s&p 500 up 20% year-to-date. charles: google. >> google. facebook, for example, is up 55%
2:36 pm
even with today's decline. for google, you nailed it, it is all about the anti-trust concerns from the department of justice. i will not say it is completely unprecedented the probe, but it is unusual. it represents a big risk to the stock. youtube ad sales, how much is that growing? morgan stanley is one of the analyst groups pretty bearish on that part. charles: are you serious? >> listen of the growth is going to slow. they're concerned about how google will be managing security concerns. then the third component how is google going to handle itself in china. if we look at reasons to be hesitant, those are ones i keep hearing about. charles: david, big cloud over these names. even though google is a little bit behind the others they ultimately find a way to rebound. what are you looking for? >> with google it is all about sales and revenues. unfortunately we have every quarters of decelerating revenue growth. analysts need to see the revenue
2:37 pm
pop back up. google the problem with transparency. they don't break down growth of various decisions. charles: how would they know? charles: some of this youtube stuff is hard to know. every kid under 10 seems to watch videos on it. maybe they should want to break out the data but we don't know. facebook posted numbers. the stock zoomed up 12 bucks. there was a line, official antitrust, fcc. stock gave it all back. this news out of d.c. impacting stocks like it wasn't before. >> it is, charles, regulators in any industry are historically a day late, a lot of dollars short they will have a hard time to prosecute anti-monopolistic laws. if they argue about privacy,
2:38 pm
consumer data, there the consumer really does have a legitimate beef. i think that is psychologically a hit right now. charles: i'm glad you mentioned that. the distraction part of this. ibm was under the gone for a long time. it was such a distraction. they were not paying attention. up piped companies, intel and microsoft. this could be such a distraction even if it doesn't amount to anything, these companies can lose their way. >> it is manpower hours, it is time from leadership even if it is not the actual ceo or cfo going to congress. sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. they have to pay attention. it takes the eye off the ball. charles: do you think, david, these companies have to pull back anything? i was reading, one of these guys, google, with the balloons in the air, we talked about it a lot. they're still up there. they are doing great things. are they pulling back on any projects? i hear they're pushing straight
2:39 pm
ahead with a lot of these things? >> absolutely. i think it will change their business model. when you were that size, not only do you have organic growth, tough make acquisitions. look what facebook did with instagram. future growth driver of future acquisitions off the table. charles: either one of these you like long? >> google i prefer because expectations are lower. trading 8 times earnings as opposed 100 time earnings for amazon that is the one i bet with as an investor. charles: keith, how would you plan? >> i hear what david is saying loud and clear. i would go with amazon conversely, i think they will invest in prime membership. they have delivery there. they are all about the consumer data, connecting logistics. to me that is profitable. whereas google is psychological. they're facing real, let me rephrase that, more real regulatory concerns and pressure. >> year-on-year revenue growth for amazon is slowing.
2:40 pm
it is still 17%. give me a lot of businesses would happily take 17% sales growth year on year. charles: why the stock is so resilient. deirdre, david, keith, thank you all very much. coming up i go in depth as earnings season, as great companies bounce back after disaster. making investors a whole lot of money. stocks under pressure here at home after the european central bank strongly hints it is prepared to cut interest rates now. initially the market popped on that news. the question how will this impact our federal reserve decision next week? we're all over it next. ♪ is where people first gathered to form the stock exchangeee, which brought people together to invest in all the things that move us forward. every day, invesco combines ideas with technology,
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charles: markets are slipping. s&p 500 down from all-time highs reached yesterday. stocks initially soared after the european central bank chief
2:44 pm
laid out groundwork for more -- well after 2020. those comments coming days before our own central bank is discussing cutting interest rates. we have lindsay piegza. it was real interesting as mario draghi spoke this morning. the stock market started to take off. they didn't cut rates. certainly laid groundwork for very aggressive accommodation going forward? >> absolutely. he identified many of the same concerns and headwind that the federal reserve pointed out as a risk here in the u.s. talking about prospects of slower global growth. concerns about the international front, international uncertainties, deteriorating trade relations. of course persistently low inflation which is something the fed is struggling with. while the ecb kept rates unchanged, the expectation they have opened door for rate reduction, taking key financing rate further into negative territory, come the september meeting there is also
2:45 pm
speculation that they're willing to ramp up asset purchases again delving back into the qe phase over in europe. charles: quantitative easing. you're sort of an economic purist. would you be okay with that if they started to buy bonds, other assets to try to get inflation up and put a spark in that economy? >> well it certainly is a non-traditional policy tool. something becoming a little less non-traditional more recent years. charles: is that a red flag? should we be okay with it? >> here is the problem. we're beginning cycle with rates at extremely low rate. the fed will struggle with it as well. we talk about a potential rate cut in july. you're talking about little wiggle room to lower rates to ther is r zero bound before the fed reverts to the balance sheet this is something central banks will struggle with.
2:46 pm
charles: unconventional tools become conventional. i also want to ask you, here is something he found interesting, lingering uncertainty is by itself a materialization of one of the risks. in other words the central banks are always putting on a psychiatrist hat. the idea people are uncertain making things worse. the psychology of that. how do you factor that in as a economist? >> well it is interesting because the fed has a very clear mandate of stable prices, full employment but now seems not just the fed but central banks around the world have adopted this third unofficial mandate of global and financial market stability. when we start to see volatility spurred by uncertainty the fed or the ecb feels they need to step in to stabilize that. essentially smoothing out the business cycle all together which certainly feels good when we're staving off troughs that could be so deep but eliminates the upside and expansion we see. case in point looking at this
2:47 pm
expansion, 2.3% on average. charles: all right. but it is the longest in history too. so it has that going on. >> longest but the weakest. charles: longest but weakest. i don't know we'll take that. i think it is better than some of the alternatives. lindsey, great to talk to you. >> thanks a lot. charles: everyone keeps asking me if tesla, netflix, stocks that are down, are they down for the count? i will go in depth why you should keep at least these two stocks on your potential buy list. nashville may become a sanctuary city if local democrats have their way. republican candidate, swain talks to us about the law and law enforcement at every level. plus, is she about to make history? ♪ to experience the luxury you desire on a full line of utility vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $389 a month, for 36 months,
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charles: it could be history in the making, folks. carol swain is trying to become the first black republican woman to be a mayor of a major u.s. city. swain running for nashville mayor for a second time now. she lost to the current mayor, david riley, just last year, but retired vanderbilt university law and political science professor is back in the race, making huge strides ahead of election day next thursday. swain joins me now. carol, thanks for joining. >> my pleasure, charles. charles: first, let me ask you, you're doing very well in some of the polls i read. you actually outperformed last time around, and you joined that race late. what do you think the difference will be this time? >> more experienced and the problems in nashville have only worsened. there is a stark contrast between me and the other candidates. it is like black and white on the issues. so i represent a real choice for the voters. the other thing is that people are concerned about crime, the
2:52 pm
rising housing prices, traffic and transit, numerous problems and i represent common sense change. i care about the voters. and i'm not doing it for myself. i'm doing it for the voters. they know that they can feel it. charles: one thing you're pushing back on too, the idea of perhaps having sanctuary cities in your state. there is a continuous movement, despite some setbacks for advocates of that. where is that going right now? >> well there is a state law against sanctuary cities. charles: right. >> i am an advocate for the rule of law. i believe that is what separates us from uncivillized nations. we need to respect our law enforcement officers and public safety is my number one issue. i want to work with the first-responders, police, fire, dispatchers to make sure they're adequately funded. right now they have been starved by the previous mayors.
2:53 pm
they're not treated with the respect they deserve. we need them. charles: carol, in 2015 you wrote a piece that many considered to be anti-muslim, anti-islam column. recently you visited a mosque. some say that was a failed attempt to tamp down on the controversy. what is your tons with respect to is haul, to muslims and right now. >> in 2015 i wrote an article that was meant to be a warning that we needed to monitor what was taking place better than we were during the obama administration. i went to that mosque because i wanted muslims to know that i don't hate muslims. i don't think they are all terrorists. that as mayor i'm going to represent everyone. the mayor of nashville has to represent every group. they have to go everywhere. i've been all over the city, reaching out to nashvilleians. it is really not about me. it is about the issues affecting
2:54 pm
the city. yes, i went to the mosque. i was warmly received. a lot of muslims who support me because i represent change that nashville needs, but also our nation. charles: so you clarified your position then, certain, certain people had to be monitored, not a religion? >> yes. i mean, it is ridiculous that they would say that i hated muslims, that i thought they were all terrorists. that is not what my article was about. charles: right. >> yes. so i think it was important thing to do but it wasn't political. i did it as a crest shun because i thought it was the right thing to do. my religion tells me to love everyone. so i'm conservative. i'm christian. i'm republican. i come from poverty. i was a high school dropout. i believe in the american dream. charles: you have an amazing story. >> i lived the american dream. charles: you have an amazing story. >> yes i do. charles: you might be able to add mayor not amazing story. carol, thanks for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: these two stocks have been written off by wall street.
2:55 pm
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that's the number on your screen. or go to the website on your screen. the buck's got your back. charles: sometimes the storm never arrives and sometimes it goes away. when coca-cola reported earnings on february 14th, that stock suffered its worst one-day drubbing in a decade. management warned of massive drags based on the global economy, the slowdown there and the tariff war. well, turns out they were just a tad pessimistic, too pessimistic, in fact. after posting a big beat on monday, coke's ceo was asked about the february warning and mentioned macro clouds on the horizon but he did add the clouds as we talked about are still there, but the storm never arrived. coke's management caused itself a lot of heartache, underestimating how quickly their own efforts were catching on, new initiatives like zero
2:59 pm
sugar soda are working big-time. speaking of reinvention, this earnings season has been a reminder that companies and stocks written off by everyone can rise like phoenixes. snap shares, you remember them, they were changing hands at $20 last february when the kardashians and a lot of others said the platform was wrong, they made some changes, the stock plunged. it was worth $5 a share in december. since then, the stock is up 240%. chipotle was a juggernaut, reaching a high of $749 a share back in 2015. of course, we know there was a series of embarrassing and really outbreaks of this e. coli thing. their stock went into free-fall. enter the guy that gave the world the dorito taco and the stock is up more than 200% since february of last year. businesses can and do evolve, stocks rebound. with that in mind, everyone wonders about two names right now. netflix in the past week, dozens of people, strangers on the street, even the host of america's newsroom asked over
3:00 pm
and over again if this stock is done. i don't think so. i think it can come back. same with tesla, although i will say there's a lot more risk in tesla than there is in netflix. all right, right now the dow jones industrial average off 166 points as i hand it over to liz claman. liz: i agree with you on tesla. i have seen that stock get hit and then claw back and hit and claw back. charles: over and over again. i think i'm going to buy some netflix before the next earnings report. not sure but i'm leaning toward it. liz: we will watch it. he knows this stuff. charles, thank you very much. as we look at the loss for the dow, down 174, is today's market action representative of what happens when a central bank disappoints investors? europe's version of the fed ducked a rate cut this morning, they didn't do it but the markets are not happy about that. could big tech come to the rescue or push stocks further into the sea of red? google and amazon both potential antitrust targets about to release their q


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