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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  July 24, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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[inaudible question] john, they are devastated. democrats lost so big, they're party is in shambles right now. they got the squad leading their party. they are a mess. or even you take a look at so many of the people that were the most outspoken and they say this is a devastating day for the democrats and you know john and everybody else knows it, this was a devastating day for the democrats. [inaudible question] and very dumb and unfair question. if you look at his corrections, he took that totally out of
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play, he made his decision based on the facts, not based on some rule. so you should not even ask that question because you know it's phony. [inaudible question] go ahead. [inaudible question] the democrats had nothing and now they have less than nothing. and i think they will lose the 2020 election very big including congressional seat because of the past that they chose. now who knows where it goes, from what i hear they are giving up. but i know them too well, they will never give up. they will go back into the room and try to figure something out. this whole thing has been, honestly it's been collusion with the media, it's been collusion with other countries, this has been a disaster for the democrats and i think we will wind bigger than ever.
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i'm going to west virginia, one of the great states, estate, if you look at percentage up as number one or number two in the country. nobody would've believed that, west virginia is doing great. we had a big case today, we won the asylum case in washington which frankly you should be asking about that. that is the real deal. i cannot believe how nice you are today. go ahead give me a question. [inaudible question] know because we did nothing wrong. the answer is very simple, nothing was done wrong. this is a big hoax. if you look at it today, nothing was done wrong. i believe what you will find, you'll find a lot of things that were done very wrong but that is going on now, that is something you been writing about and that has to do with the other side.
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that has to do with a single investigate the investigators. let's see what happens. that will be very interesting. [inaudible question] i think robert mueller, and did a horrible job both today and with respect to the investigation but in all fairness to robert mueller he had nothing to work with. you can be a builder but if they don't give you the right materials you won't build a very good building. robert mueller had no material, he had nothing to work with. so obviously he did very poorly today. i don't think there's anybody even among the figures, i don't think there's anybody that would say he did well, i looked at your people and they said it was devastating for the democrats and even i will tell you the two
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most nauseous and nauseated networks whose ratings have gone down, way down even they said this was a really bad day for the democrats so robert mueller did a poor job but in all fairness to him he had nothing to work with. david? [inaudible question] look i know what he did, he ruins people's lives. because they did not remember the date or something very minor. he ruined people's lives. the democrats took people and destroyed their lives. they went bankrupt because they cannot afford the legal fees and they were good people, many, many good people. but when you asked me that question all they have to do is see how nice the weather is, if i made a mistake is because i was talking to the media and the little bit overcast and they say well he lied, let me tell you i've seen what they've done to people, i have seen how they
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destroy people like general flynn and so many others. [inaudible question] mueller had no material to work with. and he did a whole are horrible job. obviously his presentation was way off. but that's okay, it did not matter. he had no material. there was nothing done wrong. in fact things were done right. there is nothing done wrong. and certainly, i read the papers and i read the press and the internet. and if you see what is going on in the internet and if you listen to the internet, this is one of the worst performances in the history of our country. so you know that and you know that very well. but i don't think anybody could have done a good performance come here no material. it was a fake set of facts that the democrats used and others,
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to try and do really and in illegal overthrow. [inaudible question] while the asylum is a big -- say it the asylum is a really big really, we appreciate it and we respect the courts very much. that helps us very much of the border, the numbers are way down at the border which is a good thing, apprehensions are way down because mexico has now 22000 soldiers and they mean business because they know what happens in the alternative is not good for them. it is also good for mexico because the cartels have been running all at the border for years and years and mexico is saying, the president is saying we have to clean it up.
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they had 21000 soldiers that probably put up more but this ruling on asylum is a tremendous ruling. [inaudible question] guatemala gave us their words and we will sign an agreement and then all of a sudden they backed up and they said it was their supreme court. i do not believe that but they used their supreme court as the reason they did not want to do it. so we will either do tariffs or something. we are looking at something to very severe in respect to guatemala. already cut off payments, i did that a year ago. i cut off all payments going to honduras, el salvador and guatemala. we used to send them $500 million for nothing. they did not do anything except set up caravans. so guatemala we would take care of it won't even be tough. one of the things very heavy as you know, mexico has put 6000 people on the border.
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[inaudible question] let me tell you something. you always have a question. what about his aides, what about mueller aids? [inaudible question] he did not say that about all. you are untruthful when usi question. you are untruthful. and you know who else is untruthful, you know who else is untruthful, his aide was untruthful. and wiseman got caught just like he did with author anderson when he lost in the supreme court 19 nothing. his aides were very untruthful and they put mueller -- not at all. they put mueller in a very bad position. they put him in a very bad
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position and if you were ever truthful you would be able -- [inaudible question] >> that is just part one of president trump's reaction of the hearing of robert mueller today. taking questions from the media, very contentious if you can see. we are excepting more comments from him on another take. that is coming to us in just a moment. hi everyone this is both embarrassed and glad you could join us. name david asman. let's bring in the panel. let's bring in house judiciary number arizona republican, congresswoman debbie lesko. you just heard the president, i hope you are listening in as we were prayed he says that democrats lost big time today. would you agree? >> i would agree. it was surprising to me, mr. mueller was not on his game and very disoriented. so that was very surprising to me.
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i think chairman nadler went into this thing hoping that he can persuade the public for impeachment and with that he totally failed not only because of the performance of mr. mueller today was not very good but also because they really did not have any moments, the democrats are readin repeatt the report ready says. >> when i was looking at this, i looked at mueller body language and it seemed like he was happy at five-minute intervals when they moved on to the next lawmaker. what was your take in terms of his body language, the way he handled certain questions, it looked like he was figuring out, should answer directly or just refer to the report. >> i did not know robert mueller before this and i never spoke to him. but i was very surprised, it was difficult for him to answer some very basic questions, he asked
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people to repeat themselves, he contradicted himself several times. he contradicted himself in testimony versus the report. in the question that i asked, he contradicted himself there today versus a joint statement that he made with the department of justice, the olc opinion. i was really quite surprised and again, i don't think the democrats did well with this at all. in fact, i think it backfired. >> there were parts where mueller stepped outside of the full quarters of his report. and everybody was surprised that he basically said president trump in his written answers were generally untruthful. you believe that? >> like i said, he was totally off his game. i don't know if he was confused or what was going on but what happened when i was talking with
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him, mr. lou had talked to him before and he basically said would you have charged the president if it wasn't for that olc opinion and he said that is correct. and then i was like what, that totally is different than the joint statement that he said on may 29 that it was not, he told attorney general barr multiple times that that was not the only reason they did not hurt him. so it was very contradictory. it was very confusing and it led to more questions if you ask me. >> it was applicable standard that we did see, it was a tough position for anybody to be standing there so let's not focus too much on his demeanor or lack of not saying anything because he did not say much throughout the entire speech. we knew that was going to happen. 448 pages he was not going to divert away from that. when i was looking at networks and how they were covering the story, when i noticed they were literally taking words, a
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swimming do believe, this is one comment i heard on another network, if the president were a civilian, he would actually have been indicted for obstruction of justice pretty believe that? >> no i do not agree with that at all. because in the report, it says there could be other motives for the president's actions, is that it right there in the report. so the democrats were trained to point out that yes indeed, he committed high crimes and misdemeanors that were impeachable but that is not the truth at all. and if it was the truth, why are they impeaching him? instead they had about recently that went down in flames. so if they really think that all the president did all this stuff, and they really thought there was enough proof, why are they acting? >> it is devin kelley, i like you today was saying what. especially after everything that
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was happening. i think the main winner from today's testimony was the russians whose main goal was to undermine our democracy and they continually get to do that even in 2019. the 2016 election is over. the majority of them a people that just want to move on, are we going to finally hear the end of the mueller report and the whole russian interference story now that this is over. >> yet asked the majority, the democrats, they're the majority in the house on the judiciary committee it is nonstop. chairman nadler is bringing subpoena upon subpoena, contempt of congress upon contempt of congress. it is surreal, i said back and say another contempt of congress, this is nothing new. it is becoming a normal habit and then you see the same thing going on, the type of ways and
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means committee, the oversight committee, intelligence committee, this is a court native effort by the democrats to influence the 2020 election and they are doing it using committees and doing it at taxpayer expense. i hope that the public is seen through this. why are we not actually asking the underlying questions, russians did interfere in our election. why are we not going after that, why aren't we having bill dickens that, instead we are focusing on undermining president trump because it's all about the election. it's craziness. >> frankly there is questions about undermining the rule of law. and what was the use of bedrock during the legal system. we want to get to that but i have to ask if you can stick around congresswoman because part two of the president's plane right now. >> what about his eighth, what about mueller age. your answer generally untruthful. >> he did not say that at all. you are untruthful you are
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untruthful. >> when you asked that question, you are untruthful. and you know who else is untruthful, his aides. wiseman got caught just like he did with anderson when he left the supreme court nine to nothing. he was very untruthful. not at all. they put mueller in a very bad position, his aides put him in a very bad position and if you are ever truthful -- [inaudible] noah have not but i'm very happy. i have not called boris but i'm very happy that he won. [inaudible question. so what happened, the two offers are a disgrace. they had a lot of text messages
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and mueller illegally deleted the text messages and they did not get too much into that because he forgot, he did not really know, he didn't know too much, he did not know anything. but they were texting, they were the ones that just in case you should lose we will have an insurance policy. this is the same struck in pay. that was a very, very bad situation. what they did and what mueller did, he deleted the text messages back and forth. probably thousands of them. that is a serious problem. [inaudible question. i think it is going to help us. everyone sees that this thing has been going on for so long in all fairness to mueller, this is gone on long before mueller. this is gone on for some time down the excluded.
5:18 pm
this really took place sometime after we came down the escalator. i will tell you something, i think it will have a huge negative impact on 2020 for the democrats. [inaudible question. >> there you have it, that is iraq. the president is on his way to west virginia. we apologize we had to play that into parts prayed that his weight came back in the feed. congresswoman debbie is still with us. so much to talk about. i want to talk about one thing, one thing that was asked to mow several times. why he only looked at russia interference with regard to the trump campaign and not regard to hillary clinton campaign. it was a famous meeting at the trump tower between the russian agent which is how she described herself and donald trump junior and a bunch of other trump aids. that was focused on by
5:19 pm
mr. mueller but what he did not investigate was hillary clinton's campaign meeting with the same russian agent were often then she met the one-time with the trump people. did that bother you that mr. mueller was never investigating the russian influence with the hillary campaign only on trump? >> yes of course it bother me. and it should bother the entire american public. i think the average person that looks at this, if they look at it truthfully and honestly, they will see the report really focus on anybody associated with trump, all of these people that were totally talking to the russians they don't even mention it in the report. the whole field the ca and they did not ask in the report, how did the russians influence, the
5:20 pm
garcia, you're exactly right. this is very one-sided and i'm glad the inspector general is going to look into this. >> the inspector general, the attorney general they're going to be coming out to move response without. we really thank you for sticking with us. this was a long report from the president. but we have to leave it at that. thank you congresswoman. shares are higher on earnings after the close despite a billion dollar fine by the fcc over privacy issues. we have more details on that coming up next. stay with us. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh...
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>> because the shares are down about 10% now. after our trading after they had a big mess in second-quarter earnings, far below wall street
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expectations, lost her share with $1.12. versus 40 cents as expected. revenue was 6.35 versus 6.41. meanwhile facebook shares higher after topping second-quarter. standing by a thin york stock exchange with the very latest. >> as you said it, being on the top end of the bottom line i go over the figures, facebook posting a 1.99, adjusted eps and wall street was looking for a dollar 88, if you look at revenue, 16.89 billion in revenue versus consensus of 15.51 billion as far as an increased quarter on quarter, that is better than 25% for revenue and better than 8.5% of four earnings. monthly active users coming and bang in line with consensus, 2.4 billion as far as daily active users, 1.5 billion, a bang, they list community was so optimistic, ahead of the report, i was one calling around saying
5:25 pm
what you make of the 5 billion-dollar slap on the wrist, what about the other privacy issues, what about being slow to be out of the gate. what about the controversy potential reputation that is coming in the government is going to be ticketed quarter with quarter with facebook. everything a person that i spoke with wendy me to two key reasons why they still help buys on the stock, one is fundamental in ad sales. this is the 800-pound gorilla in the room and they just have this presence. the people who own it and recommend the stock, they are basing it on that. i have to tell you the stock tells the story. if you look at all the stock, the facebook b the s in that equation, it is also forming its peers. it has like 65% year to date. if you compare that with alphabet, amazon, there in the 30s here today.
5:26 pm
google up 8%, netflix run 19% year-to-date. and with s&p 500 hitting a high of 20% year-to-date. nasdaq 20%. facebook pretty much doubling. >> we watched the stock "after words" go negative. it is an out down about 1%. is it absolutely true, some traders think perhaps now is the time to sell. in addition to earnings, as she just mentioned, they are finding facebook 5 billion bucks along federal investigation over the sharing of user data. as part of the settlement facebook marks a booger will certify that the company is in compliance with new privacy guidelines on a quarterly and annual spaces. zuckerberg would be subject personally again to criminal and civil liberty. why this is the largest fine ftc history, do we think it went far enough? >> i do not think it went far enough. at the bedrock of capitalism is
5:27 pm
punishing bad actors and there is no punishment today, there was no accountability today. we do not have transference he on facebook and how their actions are using our data and they now come up with the board that is going to be held accountable. guess what mark zuckerberg, he is 53% controlling, shareholder of facebook -- >> you sold your stock right? >> yes i sold facebook long ago and i think you're actually giving an opportunity to sell it again. one of the key things they came out is that the ftc is not done investigating the. that was a private guy, now there investigating them on anticompetitive major. i am with the center of the ftc, the commissioner, they are going to continue to go after facebook and i think the only thing facebook has going forward, peter is on their board and one of president trump's main --
5:28 pm
>> to your point i agree the d.o.j. is going to leave an overhang on the company and it could affect the upside on the stock. however, looking at the exact numbers, you saw monthly active news is 2.4 billion that came in line. if they cared about their privacy they would delete the platform, if you also look at average revenue per user, advertisers are happy and people are happy. i still see a lot of strength especially when you bring that into the equation. >> don't forget, they were trading at 231st facebook stock a year ago before all the regulation but there is still a ways to go. i would say the ftc $5 million slap on the wrist because they made about $60 million in the quarter and by the way mark zuckerberg wasn't even part of the liability, he was even interviewed by the ftc and he of
5:29 pm
course oversees more than 50% of the voting. >> used to hold the stock right? >> yes this is facebook's grown appear. when you get to the point that you could settle for billions and break the record concern of revenue and daily average users. this is good for facebook. i see things ahead, a bike road ahead even ahead of the campaign spending season. facebook will blow it off the charts, continue to grow. also when they lost to lieber l- >> the democrats will respond to today's hearings. democrats had their own response as you can see they are setting up for that. we will bring that to your life as soon as it happens. busy day here. t-mobile and sprint expected to get the go-ahead on omega merger this week. will it be good for consumers, more on that next. jardiance asks:
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>> you heard it here first on fox business. the justice department is poised to prove t-mobile sprint make a merger, $26 billion while the telecom company has promised not to raise prices for three years. how could this deal impact consumers? >> one from four to three, 5g, this is the next generation where you could get ultrafast internet and the internet. that cost a lot of money. you need expenditure and players in order to get that going. it's a great thing for the future. >> dish gets the spillover, they get to buyout of what t-mobile and sprint are telling. 9 million subscribers from
5:34 pm
sprint, and then dish will be able to use the wireless network in the next seven years if they transition. this is a huge caveat for the deal so that dish could go to the rural areas. they are working on it. what we all benefit from that? is anything going to get cheaper? >> at least for three years. when you look at sprint, they have a lot of debt, when you look at dish they have a lot of debt. it is a win-win across-the-board. at the same time, to the point, we still have three competitors, and we actually get to say dish in a sense that they can offer diversification. i don't think that is anything bad. the government is actually doing the right thing and it comes down to competition. >> the government was focusing on the quantity of providers, not the quality of providers when they were trying to approve this deal. it is been held for so long for
5:35 pm
no reason because these companies, dish in the t-mobile sprint merger are infinite, super small compared to the infinite behemoths of at&t and verizon. here is the most port thing that is going to happen. the fcc last fall came out with a shot clock on state administered polities for the buildout of 5g. this paves the way for t-mobile can actually implement the five-year plan where they want to cover 96% of america with 5g so now we can get started on that and would gotten the blessing of the fcc were will hold medicine polities to account. >> you have to go head-to-head with china. they have ten might hundred times as many facilities as we do. this is the free market approach going to win out over the state approach? >> the clock is ticking. china skipped tuesday so they
5:36 pm
went to 3g. the point, there is a competition and it's the u.s. needs to step up and get the court going and producing the next generation of infrastructure and technology. can you imagine how the dynamics will shift. >> there is a roadblock, that the state attorney general. they want a piece of the action. they will stay in -- >> they are the last to decide. can we see a potential robot customer. >> i think this might be revenge with respect to the neutrality that goes so well for the government. i think when you look at it, you need to compete on 5g, we need to make sure that we are actually leaving america first and leading the globe. >> what we heard from the president earlier, the democrats will have their say and we are expected to hear from the democratic leadership from their side to the mueller hearings at
5:37 pm
any moment we will bring them to your life. as you can see there setting up. 2020 candidate bill de blasio, the mayor of new york with his socialist push against businesses. he is doing it with a local will overwrite. is it a small business killer? will add former head of the small business ministration, he is her next. [shouting] don't miss your golden opportunity to experience our most advanced safety technology on a full line of vehicles. now, at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing.
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>> we know that working people in this country, we know that working people made it get strong and make it great. we know the working people played a lot of wealth and time that working people got the share of the wealth. that is what this is all about. >> 2020 democrat bill de blasio unveiling his latest socialist plan, workers bill of rights. the plan includes a $50 minimum wage, two weeks paid vacation, a mandate that workers and other schedule two weeks in advance. a whole lot of other things. small business administration, hector brando, he is a minister or was the minister of small business. it is a small businesses that concern us the most and the other ones with the really thin profit margin.
5:42 pm
how are they going to fair under his plan. >> terrible. they are working people too. as you know there is 30 million of them and they employed 60 million people, theoretically when you're running for president they sound good. these are people that do not understand what small businesses do every day. this is a killer. it will actually lose jobs, not create them. >> this overreach is an understatement. when you look at the numerous pressure, the small businesses are under whether you're talking about plastic straws or styrofoam or all the other regulations. when you look at the workers bill of rights, you see any opportunities for start up or an existing company to come up with a product or service to offer small business fueled by artificial intelligence or the
5:43 pm
use of kiosks or other things so that we think and reduce the cost, i think this is a death sentence for full-time on appointment. >> small businesses to find new ways to produce products and services without people. we see this in california, it's a very expensive state to do business. pushing small businesses out of there. new york is very expensive to do this as well. this is exactly the wrong message and has an unintended consequence. in the bottom line is one side does not fit all. these are people that do not understand business. >> hector, it's kelly in the great state of california, got to experience and new york over the interesting thing that came out most recently was the standard campaign, we will give everybody $15 an hour. what did they do, they cut the hours worked. you think that is how small businesses are going to respond where they are not quick to lay people off and what they will do
5:44 pm
is actually lower the amount of time they work. >> we saw that on healthcare legislation, where a lot of small businesses were cutting employees and making them are tim employees so they did not have to do the mandate. again these are folks that have never run a business. it is the hardest job he overrun. and by the way those big businesses, they love their workers. they cannot do without workers. it's not like businesses don't love workers, this is not the right way of doing it, but small businesses will tell you if they ever talk to small businesses this would be a killer for them. at the end of the day, this is a compete for workers for talent. they want to pay their workers more so they can keep the. if these are entry-level jobs or part-time jobs, it is a killer. they will look for other ways of
5:45 pm
getting it done. >> ever talk about big picture, if anything they focus on progressive issues and forgetting about the workers in general and tried to regain the population prayed i see this as a means to do it. one of the things we did not talk about, the fire workers unless they are properly not doing the job and you have to give them appropriate warning. that to me sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. >> it is awful and it sounds like a european system where worker can never be fired for any reason and they could take off as much vacation as they want and leave, there is a reason were the most productive economy in the world. there's also a reason small businesses are optimistic prayed they were not optimistic in the eight years before. you are sending them a wrong message in small businesses will make decisions like hiring less people, expanding and buying up inventory. if they think their bottom line is going to be effective. >> that's exactly what's happening. you mentioned the west coast,
5:46 pm
california is raising the minimum wage to $16.30 that the highest in the u.s. but is putting pressure on small businesses, some are already laying off in place. where does it in. >> eventually run out of other people's money. isn't that what margaret once said. the democrats have not learned their lesson. we are starting to come out of and terrible economy that we have and what we need to do is create a better environment somewhere small businesses start. in the last ministry should we were losing more businesses than we are starting. we were starting to arrest that trend, we want to keep it going, you will scare a lot of small businesses or future small businesses. one of the reasons they were starting small businesses is because they said it's too much taxes, too much cost, too much regulation,. >> where does it end.
5:47 pm
you have to pay someone a living wage and trying to find the right balance. because seattle, maryland, other cities have entertained $15 an hour and found the benefit is 3 - 1 and if you raise the minimum wage of $15 you also lose 1.3 million jobs. >> nobody fills the minimum wage is something that will support a family over the long-term. but most people that work for minimum wage our young people and sometimes their first job or oral people is working part-time and want to do something. so again we should not just throw an umbrella over all of this and say this will be what everybody will have to deal with, you need to be a little bit more thoughtful and is going to end because a lot of these folks will not win election and hopefully we can keep this great economy going for another five years. >> great to see you. we are awaiting a press conference with house speaker nancy pelosi, jerry nadler will
5:48 pm
be there as well. and on the mueller testimony follow. we will bring that to life as soon as i happens. meanwhile with $5000 of free stuff tempt you to buying a new home? amazon is hoping it does. find out what real estate giant they just partnered with to potentially revolutionize the home buying experience. will it work? details coming up next. this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go. >> it happened a little sooner than we thought. nancy pelosi and during other. >> it is a crushing of the
5:49 pm
threshold of public awareness. the what happened. and how it confirms to the wall or not. >> the president likes to have, this that and the other. but we have a test on him. a contradictory charge. mueller investigation by the numbers, $40 million recovered for the u.s. government. remember he said how much it would cost, less than that. 37 people and entities charged, 25 ongoing criminal cases were served. seven convicted include a five top trumped campaign officials. then we had no collusion or know this or that. ten instances of obstruction. no exoneration. that is some of what we hear
5:50 pm
today. this goes to another point. at the same time, of the mueller investigation to recognize that the mueller investigation was prohibited from the president demands and that is what our committees of jurisdiction have been doing. every legislate for the american people will also investigating so we had to litigate in court. in those cases one in lower court and they appealed and feel strongly that are to our position of article one, the legislative branch having the right to oversight over every other branch of government. that is important. it means we can get the information to show the market people what the obstruction of justice was all about. i'm very, very proud of our committee, the judiciary committee and the chairman jerry
5:51 pm
nadler, the intelligence committee, and adam schiff. we are also joined by elijah cummings, tear of the government who is formed an oversight committee. a committee in his court and case as well. with great respect to all three of her chairman and process. i yield to distinguish chairman of the judiciary committee mr. nadler. >> thank you speaker. today the america people heard directly about what the special counsel investigation uncovered. as to russia's interference in the 2016 election, and the president's cooperation with it in obstruction of justice. mueller made clear that the president is not exonerated. mueller found evidence of obstruction of justice and abuses of power by the president. he said the report says the
5:52 pm
president could be indicted from instruction of justice after he leaves office. mueller found that trump would in did benefit from russia's help and that the campaign welcome that help. mueller found multiple instances where all three elements were charging criminal exception justice were met. trying to fire the special counsel in order to stop the investigation. trying to have people light and cover up for him for the same purpose. trying to limit or constrict the special counsel investigation. trying to temper with witnesses collaborating with investigations. all of these were found with great evidence. president trump went to great links to obstruct the special counsel investigation. anyone else who acted in this way, if they were not the sitting president would face criminal prosecution, phase indictments, only the office of legal counsel's opinion of an
5:53 pm
indicted sitting president is saving the president from indictment. because all of the elements of these crimes were found with substantial evidence and the people have now heard that the president's chant of no obstruction is nonsense, his chant that he is been totally exonerated is a simple lie. >> first of all, i want to think director mueller for a lifetime of service for the country. from his days as a young marine and vietnam, through his decades of service as a prosecutor and as a director of the fbi. and through his services, special counsel of this nation owes him and norma's debt of gratitude. i want to thank you personally for all of your service. today the director outlined in a
5:54 pm
powerful words how russia intervened massively in our election, systematically in the sweeping fashion, how during the course of the intervention they made multiple approaches to that campaign and far from shunning the foreign involvement in our election, the trump campaign welcomed it, made full use of it, put it into communication and messaging strategy and then lied about it. lied about it to cover it up, lied about it to obstruct the investigation into that very attack on her democracy. what i found so powerful about his testimony today, was not when he was asked about the law that when he was asked about the morality, the lack of patriotism of misconduct. perhaps one of the most chilly moments, i think our committee was when he expressed the fear that this became the new normal. and of course, what is animating
5:55 pm
that fear of the director and what certainly animates it for me, is the fact even after the nightmare of the last two and half years the president of the united states will still not forswear receiving foreign help again. but to this point, the president still continues to call this russian attack on her democracy a hoax. something that director mueller directly refuted. but he still calls a witchhunt, something that director mueller today directly refuted. and so we go into this next election more runnable than we should be. we cannot control completely what richard does although we must do everything we can to harden the defenses to make sure there are people trails and to make sure that we deter and disrupt any kind of russian intervention. we cannot control that completely but we can control what we do. in director mueller made it clear on certain terms, that it
5:56 pm
is up to us whether we act ethically and patriotically, whether we refuse to be a party to afford attack on her democracy. and once again, i think him for his service. >> i first want to applaud him chairman nadler who heads the judiciary committee and certainly the intelligence committee for what they did today, what they did was paint a picture for america. one of the most chilly things that i've noticed and witnessed is when a member, former member of our committee, a republican went to a townhall meeting and
5:57 pm
got around of a process in a republican district after he said that he felt that the president would be impeached. that was not the thing that got me. what really got me was when a lady at the end of the townhall meeting said, i did not know that there was anything negative in the mueller report about president trump. that says a lot. and to her credit are speaker made it clear that we need to paint a picture. for america. so that they can fully understand what is going on. this is a critical moment in our country's history. don't people. it is a moment which people will
5:58 pm
be talking about and reading about 300, 400, 500 years from now. they will ask a question, what did you do when we had a president who knew the rules and new our founding fathers had done a great job crating a constitution and put in the guardrails but never anticipate that we would have a president that would throw away the guardrails. and that is why what happened today is so critical. it was a giant step in making sure that the american people got a picture of all of this and hopefully we will look towards the future and say we will not have this. both mr. nadler and mr. shift said something very critical. this is not normal.
5:59 pm
and we are getting so used to normal to this kind of conduct about the president, and by the way of our attorney general. in our republican colleagues. that we are just going to accept it, we refuse to accept it. in my committee, we constantly, i know shift and nadler heard this, he would say, you're just messing with the president because you don't like it. it is not about not liking the president, is about living democracy. it's about loving our country, it's about taking a different for generations yet unborn. that is what this is all about. i am begging, i am begging the american people to pay attention to what is going on. because if you want to have a democracy intact for your children and your children's children and generations yet
6:00 pm
unborn, we have got to guard this i am know proud of the judiciary domain and the intelligence committee. they went in and tried to pull out of that to paint the picture so america could see it. hopefully there won't be ladies like the lady at amash's town hall meeting who said they didn't know there was anything of this regard in the mueller report. the speaker is right. she told us earlier she wants to gather all the information and make sure we have everything we need to paint that picture. what the american people do with it is another thing. but we'll not stand by and fail


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