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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 24, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the law. cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. in just hours, former special counsel robert mueller will testify on his two and-a-half year russia probe and his last minute guest is making waves on capitol hill. we've got president trump's overnight response and everything you can expect at the highly anticipated hearing. lauren: more trouble for big tech, stocks hit hard after the justice department announced it is opening a new anti-trust investigation into the likes of amazon, alphabet and facebook. but could it backfire on them? cheryl: speaking of facebook, we're going to get its latest earnings and a possible settlement announcement over privacy concerns this morning and we'll also hear from boeing before the bell. just how much will the grounded 737 max weigh on the company's
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bottom line and just how long will the troubled jet remain out of the skies. lauren: first it was macies, and now a popular clothing store with teenagers is being slammed. you won't believe what it sent customers along with its orders. it is wednesday, july 24th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ there's nothing i can do. ♪ i've been looking for a girl like you. ♪ you look at me, you got nothing left to say. ♪ lauren: good morning. welcome to "fbn: a.m.." i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: let's take a look at how your money is moving. yesterday, the dow within 10 points of a record at the close ahead of components, boeing and
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caterpillar reporting today. nasdaq is down 52. cheryl: we are one week away from the fed decision on interest rates. we're keeping a close eye on the 10 year and we're seeing a downside push, 2 basis points lower, 2-poin 2.06%. lauren: we continue to watch tensions with iran. the price of oil is up this morning. cheryl: news that trade representatives will be heading to china next week. the shanghai, nikkei, hang sang all higher. lauren: they're going to pick up where they left off on the trade front. european stocks no not too optimistic. the ftse in london is gone. the dax gaining 4 points. cheryl: now to our top story. robert mueller is set to testify in congressional hearings this morning. those hearings get underway 8:3d
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breaking overnight, president trump strongly criticized the 11th hour decision to let mueller's top aide pull up a chair at the witness table. lauren: for more on that we have griff jenkins with all the details and everything you need to know. good morning, griff. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. it's mueller time and it's going to be a long day for the former marine. already there's a lot of activity. the public's lining up and a ton of media here outside the judiciary committee room in the rayburn house office building. it's going to be two committees all day long. it's going to start in the judiciary committee at 8:30 a.m. that is where you will have first a five minute opening statement by chairman jerry nadler, followed by a five minute opening statement by the ranking member, doug collins. then mueller will be sworn in and give his opening statement. the questions will begin. there's 41 members on the committee. gowning mueller will -- joining mueller will be his long-time
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attorney and aide. chairman nadler approved this. the president tweeting he does not. here's what he tweeted. robert mueller has asked for his long-time lawyer to sit beside him and help with answers. what's this all about? this should not be allowed. rigged. witch hunt. after appearing here, mueller will go to the intelligence committee. that's expected to start at noon. the chairman, adam schiff, saying yesterday that he does not approve of that doj letter that gave mueller guidance to stick strictly to his report. here is what schiff wrote to mueller, that the letter attempts to unduely sidue circus
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development ribe your testimony. >> they asked us for guidance in writing to explain or to tell them what our position was. so we responded in writing. the department sent the guidance they had requested. >> mueller requested it? >> yes. >> reporter: it all starts here in the judiciary committee here in the room behind me and look for chairman nadler to set the tone right away as we look at what democrats may want to hear about. listen. >> the president and the attorney general have systematically lied to the american people about what was in the report. they said no obstruction, no collusion, was totally exonerated. all of those statements are not true. it's important that the american people understand what was in that report and then we'll go from there. >> reporter: just hours away, history will be made. two committees, we expect about five hours and maybe a little bit more. we'll see if it delivers all the hype or not. one thing is for sure. it's already busy hours before this gets started.
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lauren, cheryl. lauren: i think investors watching as well. griff jenkins, thank you so much. don't miss "mornings with maria" for special coverage of the mueller hearing 8:00 a.m. eastern time. cheryl: it is now official, the justice department is opening a broad anti-trust investigation into big u.s. technology companies. the doj did not identify any of the companies by name but said the review would look at concerns over internet search, social media, and retail services, an apparent reference to google's parent alphabet, as well as amazon and facebook. dan ives says the investigation is a major shot across the bow at the companies but will likely result in tweaks to business models and potential plans but not a forced breakup of the companies. lauren: facebook reports earnings after the bell today. these are the expectations. revenue is expected to rise about 25% from a year ago. earnings to climb about 8%
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despite the privacy investigations and the expected punishment. this morning, the federal trade commission is set to announce that $5 billion settlement with the company, facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg is reportedly expected to agree to personally certify that facebook is taking steps to protect your privacy. cheryl: the wall street journal is reporting that facebook is expected to pay a fine of about $100 million over claims that it didn't properly warn investors about third party access to user data. under a settlement with the securities and exchange securities and exchange commission. lauren: we'll also hear from boeing as the company reports its latest earnings. earnings are expected to plunge nearly 44% from last year after boeing grounded its 737 max jet following two deadly crashes. analysts looking for revenue to drop by nearly 24%. boeing recently said it would take a $4.9 billion charge for costs associated with the grounding of the plane, also
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concerns that that grounding is affecting the broader economy. so watch for any news of when the jet will get back in the air. on the call today. "mornings with maria" will have all of it when boeing reports. cheryl: shares of boeing under slight pressure in the premarket. some republican lawmakers expressed frustration over a budget deal reached between the white house and democratic congressional leaders. that is because the agreement would add hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt. in an interview on fox news at night, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell defended the budget deal. >> when you have divided government in a situation like this, this should be described as the least worst alternative we got the number we wanted on defense. there will be no democratic riders, what we call poison pills to pursue. their left wing agenda, all of those are walled off. it will be a chaos-free government for a year and-a-half. in other words, no short-term
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crs, no short-term debt ceilings. cheryl: well, with the budget deal the federal deficit will remain big. a nonpartisan congressional budget office estimated it will reach nearly $900 billion for this year. lauren: massive cheers in puerto rico after reports that governor ricardo rossello is stepping down. >> [ cheering and applause ] lauren: the newspaper is reporting the embattled governor will resign today after a week of protests in puerto rico. leaked messages from within rossello's inner circle revealed insensitive comments. on sunday, he announced he wouldn't seek re-election but he vowed to stay in office. that all might change today. cheryl: reports say that a u.s. war ship may have downed a second iranian drone. lauren: tracee carrasco has the details for us. good morning, tracee. tracee: we are learning the u.s. may have shot down not one,
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but two iranian drones in the strait of hormuz last week. u.s. officials saying military personnel believe a second drone was destroyed after watch iting disappear from radar screen. the pentagon confirms the first drone was shot down after it came within 1,000 yards of the war ship. nissan plans to more than double the number of job cuts it announced recently. reuters reports more than 10,000 jobs will be lost, a sharp increase from the 4800 the car maker announced in may. the cuts will mostly occur overseas at factories there. the move comes as nissan is struggling with low profit margins in the u.s. the office space company wework wants to go public sooner than expected. according to the wall street journal, the company is aiming for september. wework was recently valued at $47 billion in a private fund raising round, making it one of the most valuable private companies in the world. and last week it was reported
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that co-founder adam newman has taken in at least $700 million from selling some of his interest in the company and taking out loans against his remaining shares. and the college admissions scandal is getting the lifetime treatment. the network announcing it has been working on a new movie based on the high profile scandal. the movie will follow two wealthy mothers who share an obsession with getting their teenagers into the best possible college. and that's what's happening now. cheryl: i think lori loughlin could star in that one if she gets off. we have a lot more coming up. a last minute add to the guest lift, robert l mueller bringing his former chief of staff and never-trumper to his testimony this morning. does this mean more surprises are in store for what some are calling the testimony of the century today. a frightening moment caught on camera as a bu bison sets his
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lauren: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez one of just a handful of lawmakers to vote against a resolution that opposes a boycott of israel.
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the house overwhelmingly passings the bipartisan measure in a movement to impose sanctions against israel. ocasio-cortez was joined biffle low freshman rashida tlaib, oman omar and 14 others in voting against the resolution. cheryl: president trump filed suit to block a house committee from obtaining his new york state tax returns. it aims to block the law that would allow them to obtain the tax records. the lawyer is accusing democrats of presidential harassment. lauren: bomb shell or bust. >>,that's the question before robert mueller's appearance before hous committees today. democrats are hoping to get more out of him. we bring in attorney brian ratella to discuss. how do they do that? what is the next line of questioning for democrats today? >> good morning, lauren.
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well, i heard in your lead-in that some folks are calling this the testimony of the century. remember seinfeld and jerry and george and the show about nothing? from a legal perspective, this is what the democrats are dealing with. i see this today as the testimony will be about nothing. why? well, the democrats have to deal with the report that's out there, that's been out there by the special counsel, that he has asked, i don't want to go any further than this report. the department of justice is saying you can't go further than this report. it's basically going to be the equivalent of somebody at home who is going to meetings today having a coworker read their powerpoint slide. that's the equivalent. lauren: is that why his long-time aide, the man who represented the person that set up hillary clinton's e-mail server, is that why mr. zelby will be alongside bob mueller, so he stays within the four corners of that report? >> absolutely, lauren. it's like anyone who has kids out there. it's the kind of redirect if
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you're at disney world in the lines. that's what aaron zebly will be doing today. the special counsel is a experienced attorney. he's a rep reputable prosecuto. he doesn't want to sway beyond his report. the report was titled the r report on russia's interference in the 2016 election. on that point, from a lee l gal -- legal perspective, he cleared the president, that there was no interference by the president or his campaign. lauren: republicans will want to know from mr. mueller the origins of the report, what did you know when, why didn't you make any of this information public when you knew the president was cleared of collusion, why didn't you tell us. >> yeah, absolutely, lauren. there's something else that no one else is talking about which if i were asking questions, there's two volumes of this, 199 pages on the first issue and 182 on obstruction. you know how many citation there's are to at real donald trump, the twitter feed, there's
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32 that i counted. if i'm asking questions on the republican side, are we really building a case and spending taxpayer dollars on obstructing through a twitter feed an the president's tweets which are often multiple times a day to try to influence witnesss in i think as a country that's a serious issue. lauren: and i think republicans are also going to get out some of the alleged bias, if not outright bias from some law enforcement officials by hiring a lot of democrats for that investigation. we have to leave it there. brian, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. cheryl: well, let's take a look at how your money is moving this morning. as you can see, we've got red arrows across the board after that rally we had yesterday based on news that china and the u.s. are actually going to pick up talks face-to-face now. still ahead, as you can see, dow down 57, s&p is negative as well. still a ahead, the grounding of boeing's 737 planes sending shock waves throughout the economy as the company gets ready to report earnings this morning before the bell.
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i'd rather not. lauren: call this one a sticky situation on capitol hill. environmental protesters yesterday you gluing themselves to two doorways connecting the cannon building to the u.s. capitol. they were trying to stop members of congress from voting against a resolution declaring a climate emergency. 17 of the protesters were arrested. cheryl: big news before the bell, boeing will be reporting
5:23 am
their latest earnings report. investors will be listening for further guidance on when the 737 max jet may be cleared to fly again. let's bring in seth kaplan, an aviation journalist and dug flindougflynn, certified financl planner. seth, are you hearing new news about when we could see the aircraft back in the skies? we've heard from boeing that they're optimistic, maybe early fourth quarter. what do you know? >> that's pushing it at this point. if actions speak louder than yearsthanwords, airlines have te planes out of their schedules until november. that's probably conservative. the airlines don't want to the take it out and have to put it back in. so, yeah, perhaps in the sky earlier in the first quarter, but in terms of being in revenue, carrying a lot of passengers, looking at probably close to the end of the year. cheryl: we need to get guidance from boeing. do you expect that today?
5:24 am
so far, we don't have forward-looking guidance for 2019. all we know is the $4.9 billion charge on the max. >> exactly. that's what the market is going to be looking for, if they're in any way nebulous, not specific, the march he get won't treat the stock as well as it would if you had certainty. we need specifics, when will they be putting it back into service, when will they have the fix, is it really fourth quarter? is it first quarter? it doesn't matter. we just need to know the information. there's a lot of risk in the stock without the detail. cheryl: surprisingly, the stock year-to-date is up 15.6%. as we've seen, in several trading sessions, it can certainly drag on the dow. it's been a very volatile stock this year, unfortunately. seth, to you on the competition here, as we saw at the paris air show, airbus is really cleaning the clock of boeing at this point, taking advantage of boeing's problems. are more global airlines do you think going to lean on the airbus now and kind of put boeing back in the corner, if
5:25 am
you will? >> look, most of the max customers are really rooting for this to work out with boeing. these are airlines. take southwest as an extreme example with 700 737s and nothing else in its fleet, it would be very costly for southwest to all of a sudden introduce airbus into its fleet, in terms of the kinds of pilots and mechanics and everybody else used to working on boeing, all kinds of scale with boeing. that's the case to varying degrees with a lot of customers here. that doesn't mean the airlines aren't going to at least use that as leverage with boeing. even southwest made some comments within the past few months that basically there's no law that says they have to stick with boeing and that for me, cheryl, is my long-term concern here. look, obviously with a company whose market cap is still down, what, 30 something billion dollars, a lot is priced in here, in terms of compensation that boeing will have to pay to families of victims, to airlines being impacted by this. long-term, what's the pricing of this plane going to look like
5:26 am
and that's what i'm interested in. cheryl: that volatility, we showed that year-to-date chart, that volatility is all over the screen. i want to switch gears with you, doug, before i let you go and move on from boeing. stocks rallied yesterday on news that the chinese and the u.s. trade officials are going to get together face-to-face in china next monday. we do have futures down today. is there new pessimism overnight had that these talks aren't going to be fruitful? >> you know, i keep looking at this as like this is a waltz between us, not really a dance-off competition that everyone wants it to be and who is going to win. we chose this partner. we built them up. now we've got to work this through. the way it typically comes out, president trump will say it's working out great and then it will settle down a little bit. it's all in the process of moving it forward. i don't think we're going to get anything significant until next year, once we know who the opponent is and what the chinese are going to have to deal with if president trump doesn't get reelected. cheryl: you think the chinese are watching the election.
5:27 am
>> 100%. cheryl: than committing to talks right now. >> 100%. if the democrats win, it will go back to the way it was before. if they have to deal with him for four more years, they have to make a deal. cheryl: you have to come back. we'll talk more about that with you another day. lauren: still ahead, joe biden is out with a fresh attack on president trump. is the former vp clutching at straws to stay relevant ahead of next week's big debates? and speaking of straws, how president trump turned hatred of paper straws into a fund raising bonanza. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ why don't you fill me up. ♪ all these reasons too hard to explain. ♪ i'll drink you up, my dear. ♪ we've got it all right here.
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cheryl: get you caught up on global market action. u.s. stock market futures pulling back a little this morning. the dow is down 63, s&p down 10, nasdaq is down 50 and-a-half. that buying did spill over into asia from our markets as you can see overnight. the nikkei, shanghai, hang seng all higher. kospi slight losses. european stocks, they are actually mixed right now. let's bring in craig erlin, live in london. a lot happening there today, sir. sewer just what you're watching as we wait to he see borris johnson and theresa may, of course mr. johnson about to be the next prime minister. >> reporter: i think we're naturally going to get a rousing speech from borris johnson. that's one of the things he's quite good at, generating a lot of enthusiasm, excitement around what he has to say. ultimately it's going to be about who is going to be on his cabinet, who is going to be delivering on his key strategies. brexit is one, trade with the u.s. as part of that is going to
5:32 am
very much be another one. there's plenty more which he will have to deal with, iran of course right now over the coming months and years. there's plenty on his plate. people want to know how he will approach that and who will be working for him. cheryl: you must be watching oil this morning as well. you brought up the issue of iran. it looks like mr. johnson is going to have to reach out to president trump so that we have some kind of allied front, if you will, and maybe a strategy going forward to deal with iran. that british oil tanker just seized last friday. >> reporter: one thing we know about borris johnson is the fact that he l values the relationship with the u.s.. one of the key things that he delivered when he was promoting brexit was that we don't need europe because we have such a strong ally in the us and any trade we do lose as a result of brexit can be made up by strong trade relationship with the u.s. that relationship in his view is clearly strong and can be improved even more. cheryl: that relationship depends on what he decides to do at huawei and if he lets huawei
5:33 am
build out the 5g he network or not. of course, the president of the united states doesn't want to see that. there's a lot going on. we're waiting for all of it right now. craig, thank you so much for being live out of london. of course, we are awaiting comments from both borris johnson and theresa may this morning. we'll bring anything that we see out of london live to you as they happen. lauren: the justice department opening a sweeping anti-trust investigation into whether big tech companies hurt competition. the doj issuing this statement. the goal of the department's review is to assess the competitive conditions and the online marketplace in an objective and fair-minded manner and tone sure americans have access to free markets in which companies compete on the merits to provide services that users want. joining us now lieu beesi -- lou basineste. now we have an investigation of big tech. what is the impact? >> i think there's not going to
5:34 am
be any impact. there might be like dan ives said, a little bit of a tweak in the business model. when it comes to anti-competitive concerns, i don't see how you break up big tech or why you break up big tech. there's nothing monopolistic about amazon controlling 5% of retail sales. lauren: same thing with apple, they don't dominate when it comes to the iphone or music. can you see all of this potentially backfiring against the government as the big tech companies let's say hire more lobbyists? >> yeah, i think that's a absolutely what's going to happen. it's going to backfire. it's going to be a stalemate. we've been talking about privacy regulations for two years. we'll be talking about the anti-trust concerns probably for just as long and not have much action taken by the government. lauren: the broader market is under pressure today. the premarket boards of the
5:35 am
major tech companies are under pressure today. facebook reports earnings after the bell today. it's expected to do relatively well. does that surprise you? >> no. look, fundamentally facebook has been a strong business. it just can't keep out of the headlines with the privacy concerns. today if they put up better than expected growth, i think it's going to cure all that ails facebook. it's going to be like windex in my big fat greek wedding, you spray on growth and you're good to go. snapchat lost $255 million. but they reported better than expected user growth and the stock's rallying 10%. that's all that matters. lauren: there's a wall street journal report that mark zuckerberg, the ceo, he might have to certify privacy protections. does that do enough to kind of handcuff the ceo in addition to the $5 billion fine expected to be a announced today that many people call a joke? >> look, i think that's a start. i do think the fine's a joke. it's like we need sarbanes-oxley
5:36 am
for social media, for privacy. this is a step in that direction. the $5 billion fine sounds like a big amount but it's only 10% of their cash. it would take facebook 113 days to earn that back. so slap on the wrist. sad to say, but it's true. lauren: tesla also reporting after the bell today. lou, thank you so much. >> thank you, lauren. cheryl: well, president trump has come up with a new nickname for the freshman democratic congresswomen known as the squad. at a rally of young conservatives turning point yesterday, mr. trump referred to them as am oc plus three. the president called them a nightmare for america. the group is made up of alexandria ocasio-cortez, rashida tlaib, i'l ilhan omar. lauren: joe biden getting ready to visit detroit today ahead of next week's debate. he's taking time to take shots at president trump. he told the new york times magazine that even when he was
5:37 am
running back in 2016, i don't think anybody thought he would be as bad as he is. end quote. okay. this despite president trump's record of 2.9% economic growth last year, historically low unemployment, solid if not record stock market and trade deals among some of his major accomplishments. cheryl: ups is looking to deliver joy all week long. lauren: it's not even christmas yet. tracee carrasco, good morning. tracee: ups will begin sunday pickup and delivery, keeping up with rival fed ex. they will start working seven days a week in january. the two largest carriers are under pressure to speed up delivery as long-time customer amazon builds its own transportation system. looking to the future, ups announcing it's starting a drone delivery business. the trump campaign capitalizing on liberal attacks on plastic straws. the campaign saying it has sold more than 140,000 trump labeled
5:38 am
recyclable plastic straws, raising more than $200,000. >> you know, it's interesting about plastic straws. so you have a little straw but what about the plates, the wrappers and everything else that are much bigger a and they're made of the same material? so the straws are interesting. tracee: the trump store offers the straws for $15 a pack. and scary video going viral. a 9-year-old girl launched into the air by a charging bison at yellowstone. the shocking moment caught on camera as a group of about 50 visitors looked on. the girl was checked out by park staff. she will be okay. very scary situation and that is what's happening now. cheryl: that took my breath away, i have to say, watching that video. that poor little girl. and her parents, did they just run away. tracee: i hope not. lauren: i have more questions. cheryl: the video looks like
5:39 am
they kind of -- all right. tracee, thank you. well, still ahead, grab your popcorn. get ready for the biggest show on capitol hill. robert mueller will testify this morning on russian interference in the 2016 elections. but will the democrats just turn this all into political theater? we're going to talk about that. and we all know someone who spends a little too much time on their phone but you won't believe the lengths that some parents are going to get their kids to kick the habit. details coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ i don't want to think anymore. ♪ i left my head and my heart on theca dance floor. ♪ ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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cheryl: we are just a few short hours away from the testimony of the century, former special counsel robert mueller will appear on capitol hill today in front of the house judiciary committee to testify about his report on russian interference in the 2016 election. there's actually two committees today. the question remains are these hearings going to be about the law or the report or is this a chance for democrats to smear the president. let's bring in attorney jenna ellis reed, along with democratic strategist, steven cub. guys, good morning. jenna, first to you. i want to point out something that president trump asserted overnight. he basically -- actually it was yesterday. it was a turning point usa
5:43 am
rally. he's basically saying that, look, his past actions didn't amount to obstruction, given the executive power he's afforded under article 2 of the constitution. he made those comments yesterday. you're a con constitutional law. is that right? >> absolutely. the report showed no evidence of collusion or obstruction. the legal questions have been asked and answered. everything that's going to happen today is nothing more than political theater and there's definitely in the democrats' mind a difference between the legal outcome versus the political outcome. they're going to try to renew their calls for impeachment after today because this is going to be kabuki theater where they'll ask robert mueller to go through his entire report for political story time and they're going to try to do this as an attack on president trump when we already know the conclusions from a 448 page report, a two and-a-half year investigation. there is nothing new that's going to come out of this, especially with the doj telling mueller you have to stay within the parameters of the report.
5:44 am
cheryl: but steven, the question still does remain, what about the folks that have not been indicted. is there going to be jeopardy today in these hearings from robert mueller for maybe some of the children of donald trump, for those that have been part of the campaign that have not been named, is there concern that will come out? >> there's two important points from that analysis that i think are at best inaccurate. one of them is that the finding under the conspiracy, wasn't that there was improper collusion with the russians but there wasn't the necessary intent for it to raise to a level of criminality. when it comes to obstruction, mueller was very clear that it was because it was the justice department's policy position not to indict a sitting president that he wasn't going to refer that for prosecution. not that there wasn't sufficient evidence for a criminal charge. and so -- >> that's not what the attorney general said, though. let's be clear on that. >> that is what the attorney
5:45 am
general said. that is what mueller said. he said he declined to make a prosecutorial reference because it would not be fair to the focus point of that because they wouldn't have the opportunity to clear their name. cheryl: i think jenna, to the point you were trying to make there, look, when he gave that press conference on may 29th, mueller did, he said if we found obstruction of justice, we would have found so. >> exactly. absolutely. also, the attorney general and doj which let's not forget that mueller reports to the attorney general, they said it was not contemplated whether or not the p open and constitutional question of indicting a president, that wasn't factored into the legal analysis. >> what they said was, had they cleared the president, they would have said he was cleared. they were not clearing anybody. it's not the contra positive. >> they said about exoneration. cheryl: real quick. i don't have a lot of time left. steven i want to ask you, what do you make of the fact that
5:46 am
he's bringing his chief of staff and that he's been sworn in, the chief of staff. >> he's bringing his lawyer. most people who testify in front of congressional committees choose to bring their lawyer. i think it was an odd request for the republican committee to ask that he be sworn. to my understanding, there's no indication he is planning to give testimony. he's there as the counsel to mueller which is completely normal. cheryl: he was involved in the investigation. maybe he's a backstop at the end of the day. the conspiracy theorists are saying something else. thanks for coming in. lauren: we have a down market this morning, coming within 10 points of a record at the close yesterday. dow now giving back about 80, s&p down 11, nasdaq down 56 ahead of trade talks restarting next week in china. still ahead, details on how tech giants want to turn your face into big business. and one baseball player decided to take baby shark to a whole new level at nationals park.
5:47 am
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♪ try to make me go to rehab. ♪ i say no, no, no. lauren: rehab is exactly what some lawmakers in italy want for teenagers who are in love with their phones. the new measure would send the teens for treatment for their addiction. eight out of 10 italian teens suffer from the fear of losing your phone and internet connection. the bill calls for courses in schools on the dangers of phone addiction and a campaign to educate parents.
5:51 am
cheryl: google wants to buy your data for $5. google representatives are approaching people and asking them to contribute data to develop being, quote, the next generation of facial recognition phone unlocking. google is offering a $5 gift card to amazon or starbucks for people that are willing to take selfies of your face. so $5 and turn over your face data. apple is also pursuing facial technology. apple filed a patent for a mixed reality head set that tracks your whole face. the patent indicates that apple is researching how mixed reality might transfer. lauren: the northeast cleaning up today after severe storms triggered tornadoes. take a look at this, cape cod hit with two rare twisters. watch as a tornado completely rips off a hotel roof, terrifying guests on vacation. nobody was hurt. cheryl: take a look at this, a man stuck on a sail boat during a storm with 80-mile-an-hour
5:52 am
winds. >> this is insane! holy [bleep] lauren: that is insane. senior meteorologist janice dean joins us live with what we can expect today. good morning, janice. janice: good morning, ladies. a better day in store for the northeast. storm reports, quite a few of them, including cape cod and we had straight line wind damage in parts of the north deeast, towas the mid-atlantic. we have a cold front that's continuing to move offshore and the tail end of it across the gulf coast, we'll have to watch that for a possible tropical development later on the next couple days. current temperatures, look at this, oh, my gosh, a lot of 60s here on the map including memphis, 68 in new york city, 62 in raleigh. so that was quite a cold front. the good news is, most of it has cleared offshore. a better looking day in the forecast for not only the
5:53 am
northeast, but much of the country, a big sigh of relief. back to you. lauren: absolutely. janice, thank you. cheryl: well, check this out. a baseball player gets a whole stadium dancing to baby shark. ♪ baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo. ♪ baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo. ♪ baby shark. ♪ mommy shark doo doo doo doo doo doo. cheryl: that's pretty good. the washington nationals outfielder walking up to the plate as the crowd and the team danced to the kids song. he drove in two runs with a single helping the nationals win over the rockies. lauren: just when you thought macy's got into enough trouble with their fat shaming dinner plates, another retailer says hold my beer. you won't want to miss forever 21's promotional blunder. and forget the candy, we'll at the time you about a special piñata made for adult kids.
5:54 am
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>> forever 21 making macy's fat shaming mom jean plate scandal
5:57 am
seem kind of tame. >> here with more on that. what is forever 21 doing, mike? >> so you know last couple of days you know macy's, the fat shamming place, they recall them because of the controversy. but terrible timing here by forever 21 as anybody who ordered plus size clothing received an atkins diet bar in the package as well. >> that's mean. very mean. terrible times but to be fair company says frim they include third party, you know, samples whatnot and didn't just go to those ordering plus size clothing that it went to everybody. but still kind of really bad optics horrible timeses with forever 21 they since apologized stop sending them out but you talk about just after this whole entire macy's thing not good for forever 21 right now. even effect stock pricing right now. >> struggling and they've had had store closures a lot of production problems, and finance standpoint. >> this is not going to help them. >> so let's talk about so is
5:58 am
today national tequila day. >> it is national tequila day. so congratulations everybody we did it. [laughter] great news for all of fuss. so what's this piñata? >> being a parent can be tough. you know so this is shoutout to parents out there because this is for you it is called a nipyata instead of filled with sour patch kids and candy but mini bottles of alcohol and we love this. it is for adults, obviously, cost about $89 a way for adults to have some fun. >> i don't to rain on your parade but you can't hit it with a stick or bat but pull a string. >> there's bottles of alcohol in there i will hit that with a bat and open that up special on national tequila day right? inch cheers. mike tell thank you so much. mornings with maria starts right now. >> good morning to you happy wednesday everybody. good morning i'm maria bartiromo
5:59 am
and it is wednesday july 24th. your top stories right now just before 6 a.m. on east coast, mueller is on the hot seat today as highly anticipated testimony on capitol hill now just hours away. we're taking a look at what to expect who could be disappointedded when all is said and done and trouble for big tech again the justice department opening antitrust review what that could mean for companies including facebook, amazon apple and rest. another big day for earnings this morning dow componenting boeing and caterpillar set to remove market mover and boeing a look at effect of the 737 max and bring you numbers and analysis ahead of the mueller testimony earnings, futures this morning are lower. take a look at markets looking that we're going to open underpressure this morning plus there's this. movement on the u.s. china trade talks. face-to-face talks resuming next week in shanghai. mornings with maria starts right now.
6:00 am
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