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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 23, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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i expect it to be somewhat boring. >> katy thank you. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network, have a good evening. lou: ours without a question a nation divided. but ours is also a prosperous nation, and all americans from all walks of life are benefits from this trump economy. that shared rising prosperity is raising president trump's popularity. number of people who approve of the president's handling of the economy is rising. so are those who oppose open border policies of the radical left. we'll take up that new prosperous america and its affect on our political economy and the presidential fortunes and fate of 24 democrats and
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this incumbent president. also, dems moving deeper in disarray on this the eve of robert mueller's return to capitol hill. jerry nadler, chairman of house judiciary committee now claims that mueller does not have to abide by the rules set by the department of justice. his committee does not have to abide by the rules and guide lines of the house. and mueller himself is the one who asked for those rules from the department of justice. the radical dimms, letting it be known mueller's top aide on russia witch-hunt will be allowed to sit beside the council as he testified tomorrow. >> and this. invesinvestigating you on how bh companies are doing business. specifically whether they are
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breaking antitrust law, whether they are restricted competition, and harming consumers and users. the department of justice announcement rocking tech sector in after-hours trading, amazon, alphabet, and facebook stocks selling off, most down a full percent in price. edward laure lawrence with the . reporter: justice department announcing it would be abroad review -- a broad review, like facebook, amazon, apple and google, they want to know if they engage in behavior that stifles competition, reduced competition, stifles innovation and harms consumers. looking to what president has been talking about, one voice gets amplified in social media in online searches and others silences and big tech firms
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decide which is which. >> a free society can not allow social media giants to silence the voices of the people, you have to have free speech. reporter: in announcement. the quote without the discipline of meaningful market based competition, digital platforms may act in ways that are not responsive to consumer demand, the goal is on assess whether competitive conditions in on-line marketplace exist, that i want to make sure that americans have access to free market. if there are violations in this the justice department says they will act appropriately, that could be, lou, they could bring up the di the big tech giants iy find any violations, that are big enough. lou: big enough is the question. isn't it. lou: silicon valley, whether facebook or is twitter or it is google, and the list foes on -- goes on in a variety of lanes in technology in this country. the question is, whether or not
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they will have any competition. because right now. at least the top companies whether they be amazon, facebook or it be google, flat out, they don't have competition. reporter: part of this will be the practice of those companies gobbling up their chom competit, the smaller firms, people who innovate, and create a good idea, instagram is a great example, facebook could not beaten sta gram so a -- beat the instragram so they bought instragram. lou: i don't recall there throwing an intensive review of that acquisition of instagram by facebook. that is one place where we probably will see a substantial difference in the way this deputdepartment of just justicey other areas we hope will be big
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change, edward lawrence thank you. >> thank you. lou: reports from washington. 5 months after president tmp declared a national merg merge - emergency at our souter border. dhs expanding a 1996 program allowing customs and toward protection to quickly deport illegal immigrants who do not have an asylum claim or immigration court date pending. saying: >> fined you this is 5 months since president declears a national mink emergency, makingt clear if you have no legal right to be here, we'll remove you, the question is 5 months after the president declared the
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national emergency, why is his acting dhs secretary only now prepared to fully enforce immigration laws? our first guest tonight said that expansion of expedited removal will cut further into the border crossers, brand -- brandon judd is joining us, your thoughts on this announcement that immigration laws are going to be enforced. >> this is another piece of the puzzle we were looking forward to get put into the broader picture. if we enforce the immigration laws, such as and expand that out, we're allowed to remove people immediately upon crossing the border illegally rather than the catch and release program and waiting two to five years, when we get rid of that incentive, it drops illegal
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immigration, i take you right back to 2017. the reason why we dropped to 45 year lows people thought they were going to be removed immediately unfortunately, dhs did not have the political will to implement the proper policies, that is why we saw an increase, now you see the administration taking this head on. lou: this seems to be a -- without question, an inflection point in the administration, mcaleenan seems to be tracking about driving the enforcement of immigration laws and means business whether it be interior enforcement, whether it be at the border. >> we go back to 2018, dhs did not even ask the 9th circuit court of appeals to revise its review of whether or not we can
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hold children for longer than 20 days it took well to 2018 to do it now you see administration stepping up, saying there is no more excluses. we're not going to accept excuses from our agencies,. you will step up, you will do the job. that is what is happening here. the agency heads, are now stepping up they -- because, president trump put the right people in, when he put mark morgan head of cvp, and cuccinelli head of cifigures, this forces mcaleenan to do the right things. lou: where is our friend tom homan. immigration czar to be? >> i think so, that is again, i certainly hope that is what will happen. lou: i hope so for the nation's sake. >> the talks are on going, i
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think that will happen, your lead into program was talking about free speech, you played a clip of president trump saying that free speech has to happen. if we had an honest discussion in this country, with the mainstream media and we talked about what is really happening with illegal immigration, this is absolutely winning issue. the vast majority of american public does not top have open borders. the problem is that vast majority of american public does not know what is truly happening because mainstream media is not tracking about it -- is not talking about it we talk about illegal immigration and is really happening on border, the american public wants to done. lou: let's talk about ha is really happen -- what is really happening, we've already had more border crossing apprehensions this year, as of right now than all of last year, the rhetoric continues, new programs, new operations. we heard a lot of discussion about interior enforcement. and i will take this administration at its word that
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this time it means to have interior e enforcement. but we have not seen it yet, it goes on and on, this is repeating a pattern of the past, now. a year, it is absolutely. it is absolutely unacceptable to the american people. to the president's base. i think there are wise and clever people serving this president who have better informed opinions, but they will be just as wrong as pollsters were in 2016 if they pursue this nonsense. >> no, and they will. that is why i'm so excited about the expand shu expansion of thed removal program. looking at the landscape, we have a bunch of puzzle pieces that are separated, we have to make those pieces and put them together when we remove people from the country numbers will
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drop, president trump understands that. he knows that. he has been pushing for it. unfortunately he has been getting push back from those agency heads that don't want to imminent -- implement his pole policies. lou: who the hell do they think they work for? those agent heads? >> that is the problem, that is the swamp, lou, that is the swamp, these are the people that think this is a machine, in dc is it a well-oiled machine to break that machine up is difficult, we're fighting against that monday in day out, you go if we continue to fight, we don't give up, we can get to where we want be. >want. >> i am still very confident we will do just that because of this president, and because of men like you. and women throughout the border patrol. through dhs, and the entire government. work to do. promises to keep.
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brandon judd thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: breaking news. fox business confirming that united states and china are about to resume face-to-face trade talks in china in coming monday, senior administration official, telling us that u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer and treasury secretary mnuchin will meet with chinese vice premier and newcomers minister in shanghai. there is no reason given from changing venue from beijing, switching to shanghai, but we'll share it with you, as soon as we learn the reason, the purpose for doing so. this is the 12th round of talks amid further signs of a weakening chinese economy. reports that more than 50 companies have now moved or are considering moves their supply chains out of china because of u.s. tariffs. up next.
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attorney general bill barr, cutting through th radical lefts lies about robert mueller's upcoming testimony, we take wi t up with congressman jim jordan. >> also, sleepy joe biden, the president calls him, contradicting one of his biggest selling points. that may amount to a lie. is that what it is? we'll find out. we take that up and much more right after the break, stay with us.
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lou: another blunder from joe biden, 2020 hopeful says he is beat president trump next year. he does not know if he would have farewelled in the past, when asked, he said, i don't know. since then president trump amassed a record of success, setting himself apart from biden, the rest of the radical dim hopefuls for 2020, and his achievements out numbering those of any modern president that preceded him. a majority of americans demonstrating support for president trump's america first
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economy. in opposition to the open border policies of the radical dimms, the npr, meris poll finds 53% of american adults approve of the president's handling of the economy. when it comes to question of decriminalizing illegal border crosser 66% of americans oppose that idea. 62% oppose national health insurance for illegal immigrants. joining us, former reagan white house political director, leading republican strategist, and fox business political analyst ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: poll after poll. a lot to talk about. i don't see good news, but we'll get your view here. i want to ask you, joe biden saying he did not -- he does not know whether he could have beaten trump in 2016. is that abid that abide inevita-
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biden blunder. blunder. >> i can answer, it is he could not, he could not beat hillary. my sense we're starting to see biden at his finest, she not a e is not a good nominee. >> to be seen. with that forecast, i would in the give biden much of the chance. turn to this latest npr meris poll, let's look at this the president's approval rating on the economy. this will is it looks to be very hard for this president to get beat' by one of these 20 some odd democrats. >> he has to stress you know the polls will be 45% at-this-point.
7:20 pm
that is where he has been through out his presidency, that means 90% of republicans support him. lou: put up that poll on the economy. excuse me, ed, on the economy and president's approval rating. >> you get the substance that is the economy, his strength, and his policies that pushed it forward, people say my life is better, i am doing well, that should be total strength of this campaign, bottom line. it comes down to inspect voters -- independent voters, once they focus. on how well their life is today as opposed 4 years ago. i think president will be just fine. lou: let's look at president's tweet. on his handling of that economy. saying the newest poll.
7:21 pm
think about that 11%. the best economy in history, best employment numbers in history, each a factual statement, highest stock market, most people working. and there you are. that is what each one of these dreamers has to contend with. >> and chairman nadler has wanted this sent the day he became chairman, put a staff together, she only one pushing -- he is the only one pushing this hard. about 70 or 80 democrats signed on, i don't think it is going anywhere. i think tomorrow could finish it all, mueller will do what he said in the report, if you read that report, there is nothing. lou: also the opposition to open border policy in the same poll.
7:22 pm
this is a fascinating number. if we could put it up on full screen, pretty please, we'll be patience. there it is! 66% of moderates say a bad idea, think about that. moderates say that is a bad idea. >> right. lou: providing health cares to illegals, 62% oppose it. buput that up as well. the dems have already. i mean, they are just putting themselves in a corner from which they have no escape right now. >> worse, they have 20 candidates who want to talk about issues, all their issues are out date the or cost an enormous sum of money as they get explored. my sense is they have nothing to run gai against trump on 4678. it would just be an anti-trump
7:23 pm
ticket, at the end was day they won't beat him on that either? lou: reminding our audience, folk business will be - will --, fox business will be carrying that hearing. but this thing about having his chief of staff sitting next to him. changing the rules here, the last day. which may be a violation as congressman doug collins said of the house's rules. this i have to say, mueller looks weak. and certainly uncertain. >> his heart is not in this, high dihedid not much want to th made it clear from the start. my sense that he does not know everything in the report, he has read it i'm sure, but. the details how it came back and what it is he was not involved
7:24 pm
in that. my sense is that he is not good-bygoingto be a new witness. lou: will he say anything new? >> absolutely not, he testify id times in the past, always by the book kind of guy, he will duck and dodge all day long when democrats try to push him, the key, i hope that republicans push hard, keep it on the straight and narrow. lou: they have questions for mr. mueller. >> they should have. lou: ed rollins thank you for answering my questions. >> thank you. lou: president trump reacting to news that boris johnson has been named the new prime minister of great britain. >> he is tough, he is smart. they say britain trump, people say, that is a good thing, they like me over there. that is what they wanted. that is what they need. he will get it done, bore sis bs
7:25 pm
good. lou: president, a enthusiastic boris johnson supporter, johnson replacing theresa may, taking office tomorrow, promising a do-or-die brexit deadline of october 31, meaning, he will get them out of the eu come hell or high water. >> up next, radical left allows robert mueller to make last minute changes to tomorrow's appearance before the house judiciary committee, congress map jim jordan -- congressman jim jordan will join us after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back. of savings and service. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real.
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authorities telling breitbart they have noticed a spoke, in juveniles some as young as 12, now carrying guns, drugs and a lot of money, many of them stay in a minimum security juvenile center when arrest then back on the streets and back working for the cartels. lou: a new poll fines that immigration is the most purpose issue in this country. record 27% of americans now telling gallup they see the challenge of illegal immigration as the country's toughest challenge. that is up from previous record of 23%. set just last month. >> joining us, congressman with new legislation, to deal with border crisis, republican lance gooden of texas joining us, let's start with the legislation you have introduced. how important do you think it will be in this fight again the cartels, open borders and illegal immigration.
7:31 pm
>> the reasons for the legislation, we have a problem with traffickers bringing children over because having a child you can claim you are a family unit, you get preferential treatment, can be detained forever up only 20 days, the child traffickers are snatching up children, using them, then sending them back across the border and recycling the children. this bill requires a dna test to be her formed, a mouth swab at border that determines if there is a familiar -- familial relationship, if you can't pass the dna test, then you are a child trafficker, we don't want you, we'll lock you up and we'll take care of those children, we're hoping to discourage trafficking across the southern bored sneer absolutely -- border. lou: absolutely, the number, somewhere a third of all children traveling with adults
7:32 pm
turn out not to be related to those other adult illegal immigrants. this goes back to the obama administration. dna testing, the foundation had been put in to acted. for whatever reason, the administration decides not to pursue it. your thoughts on their reasons and why it has taken so long to bring this to the forefront. >> you know, i'll go to that third number you cited, that is just when w we know about. we don't know what we're not catching at the border, this aims to accomplish discouraging child trafficking. i don't know why the obama administration got away from stopping this. i believe that democrats also stand with me against child traffics, sur surely this concet would be bipartisan. surely democrats would come to
7:33 pm
the table, saying this is know aim break ttostop child traffica humanitarian issue. lou: border security as you know, illegal immigration, they are humanitarian issues. they are humanitarian issues, 70,000 deaths in this country from overdoses. most of those as a result of opioids that have crossed that border from mexico. the primary source of methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, mexico. all that money by the tens of billions through drug cartels of mexico, some 20 of them, this is a war with those cartels and the money they are making off illegal immigration. and the radical dimms, the schumers and pelosis refused to step up, close loopholes and had
7:34 pm
help this president enforce the security of that border and end illegal immigration. >> it is a shame it has come to this point. if there is any good that comes out of this, it is that donald trump will be reelected. but why make these children continue to suffer and deal with this. why did democrats allow it to get this bad, i believe this bill will address, that i look forward to a debate in congress. i challenge my democracy colleagues to come together and solve it. lou: you are giving the radical dimms, lead in your body by nancy pelosi the speaker, an opportunity to act in the national interest instead of continue their ways as the party of hate. it is time for them to turn. >> i agree. lou: and change. thank you for giving them and the country the opportunity.
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>> thank you for your show, thank you. lou: thank you. appreciate it. up next. there could be a somewhere guest at robert mueller's tomorrow. -- testimony tomorrow, we'll tell you about that. much more straight ahead after this quick break, stay with us. we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪
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misinformed about the facts concerning the robert mueller testimony, blasting justice department instructing mueller to limit his testimony to bouncedries of the public -- boundaries of public appreciate council report, attorney general barr said it was muellerrer who asked for those guidelines. >> it is press conference bob said he intended to stick with the public report, not go beyond that. in conversations with the department. his staff was reiterating there was their position, they asked for for guidance in writing to explain or to tell them what our position was. so we responded in writing, the deputy sendepartment sending tht they requested. lou: robert mueller will have someone joining him at the witness table tomorrow. it will be aaron zebling, long
7:40 pm
time aide and council to mueller, president trump has just now reacted to all this on twitter, saying this: just got back only to hear of a last minute change allowing a never-trumper attorney to help robert mueller with his testimony, before congress tomorrow. what a disgrace to our system. never heard of this before. very unfair. should not be allowed. a rigged witch-hunt. president's words, tweeted just moments ago. our next guest here, says you should not get to change rules, right before the beginning of a hearing. especially after a 22 month, 30 million dollar investigation, joining us tonight, is congressman jim jordan of ohio. member of the hu house judiciary committee, house oversight committee and freedom caucus. jim welcome, do you agree with
7:41 pm
the president. >> he is 100% right, you don't change the rules 10 minutes before kickoff, even secretary clinton, she testified for hours and hours in front of the benghazi committee, cheryl mills was not sitting behid beside hes shows length that nadler will go to get after this president, all about stopping president trump, this is ridiculous. zebly a chief of staff, and represented person that hit up hillary clinton's server. lou: one thing very positive in this. >> this be no doubt that mueller circumstance what zebley is, and what president said, this is are
7:42 pm
you going to be able to ask zebley, and his client the proper questions. >> we are, my questions will be directed to robert mueller, not to aaron zebley . he was the sprv special counsel. this under scores insphie inspif fact you had 19 lawyers out to get president, they found no collusion, they found nothing, for 10 months prior they opened this investigation july 31 -- fbi. >> yes, they can 10 months, we deposed jim comey after he was fired, he said up until the point he was fired, they still didn't have anything.
7:43 pm
robert mueller 22 month investigation, they find nothing, tha 32 months they fine nothing, but this big hearing they will bring in zebleyto sit bebeside mueller hoping to find something. lou: they found someone that needs to be held accountable for breaking laws, for breaking the guidelines of the department of justice, and it is a member of the deputy of justice or the -- department of justice or fbi who right now should be prosecuted, they are not. i am sure mueller would like to speak to that. will he be given the opportunity to account for this nonsense, this is a ruse. >> you are right, i love what attorney general barr said,
7:44 pm
there was a crisis of leadership at upper echelon of the fbi, this is true, comey fired, mccabe fired, jim baker demoted, the left, lisa page ded and left, fbi head fee feet str, there was a problem there not with any type of collusion between the trump campaign and russia to impact the election. lou: and is the house -- are you house republicans going to be able to do anything about the addition of zebley to the table bev your committee. >> like the president we've been protesting this all day, the last minute thing they spring on you, never have i seen this in all my time in congress, even secretary chin chanc clinton whe testified her lawyers were not sitting with her, this is not
7:45 pm
how it is done. i have never seen anyone sit at witness table who has not been sworn? we'll see tomorrow 8:30. lou: 8:30, what do you think will transpire? do you expect revelations, do you believe that zebley is there to keep the specia special count of trouble for create more trouble. >> my concern, you get 5 minutes, maybe to eat up time, maybe if director mueller has a question, he wants to consult, i hope that does not count again your time. you have 5 minutes to question a important witness. >> nadler strikes me as a fair person. >> we'll see. so we'll see how it goes tomorrow, you can rest assured that republicans are coming there to ask the important
7:46 pm
questions, and hopefully get information for the tax payers of this great country. lou: congressman we look forward to it. congressman jim jordan thank you, appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: we would like to hear your thoughts on all this. like me on facebook, follow he on instagram. >> up next, president trump taking another shot at the radical consider at th quartet n democratic socialists, stay with us, we'll have that and much more. we're coming right back. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ don't miss your gto experience our most advanced safety technology on a full line of vehicles.
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lou: joining us, daily caller editorial director and fox business contributor great to see you. and we start with the president going after the house judiciary committee, allowing the robert mueller's former chief of staff to sit with him as the-ing goes on. >> whatever stuntses are pulled, we're not going to learn anything new. it has been obvious the entire time. democrats will try to pull out sound bites. a they deem smoking guns, it
7:51 pm
will not work. lou: vince? >> either mueller is a man of his word, and sticks to the report or he is a liar, those are his options. the point of this hearing, to sort of put mueller's report as a book on tape. democrats are dissatisfied with the way it impacted. the president's approval ratings have only gone up since the release of the report. lou: i wonder why the speaker is allowing this to go on? she has to understand. whatever el she is, she is a start politics. she knows that democrats are taking hit after hit, there is no report conclusion of collusion. there can be no substantive be o--obstruction. this a fool's game being played. >> because mueller sticks to the
7:52 pm
report. it means it declines and denies the democrats this opportunity have to have him say anything different, they are setting themselves up for failure at every level, there is no wiggle room at all for there to be that thing that not there. lou: not there is james comey, comey manages to give us a sound bite from time to time. leads us all scratching our heads, here is comey a couple of samples if we may. >> i don't think he will be attacked by the witness or witnesses, he may be attack by democrats, fairly in my view for misrepresenting what was in director mueller's report, how he handled it. >> in this were a case about
7:53 pm
someone other than president they would have already been indicted. indicted. >> your thoughts about comey, what a sick i puppy he appears o be. >> james comey seems very nervous about what is going on come next, we're are expecting a inspector general report still. his name may come up in that. he refused to do that. president firing him. and then he become the ep center of this -- epicenter of this, his scrutiny of bi bill barr is nuts, he said there was no collusion, and rerenterred judgment -- rendered judgment there was no obstruction. but comey is upset about it, i think he is getting ready to be
7:54 pm
put through ringer himself. >> clear that comey lacks the iq points to be contesting with william barr. he looks absurd in many ways off. let's turn to that william barr justice department. going after silicon valley, investigating their antitrust behavior. i think most people would stipulate that is the reality. your thoughts about the announcement today? >> that -- viewers need to understand this has been a long time coming, in 2013, ftc declined to break up google and change their efforts. they have been subjected big tech to more heightened scrutiny in europe than here. note too that doj has levied anything specifically against companies in the antitrust rel
7:55 pm
arealm. i think they are gearing up more, and a lot to come. lou: as we wrap up, president has rebranded the quartet or the squad whatever they call themselves, aoc, plus three. >> well, this is a squad that the president is happy to elevate, because nancy pelosi has a problem on her hands, so do the democratic presidential candidates, so long as thee the4 democrats represent the face of that party. they all exude contempt for the average american this is a losing gambit for the democratic party. >> thank you, so much. >> we'll be right back. all money managers might seem the same,
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lou: house judiciary commissioner jerry nadler allowing mueller's chief of staff to appear at the hearing with mueller. president trump blasted the witch hunt. president trump: $40 million, interview 500 people. they have got nothing. yet it goes on. they think it's helping them. i personally think it's hurting them. some people think it's very bad. lou: the prosecutors and the fbi
8:00 pm
have been found to have broken the law. good night from new york. [♪] trish: we are hours away from former special counsel robert mule public testimony on the trump investigation. >> no collusion, no obstruction. that's not good enough. $40 mill. interview 500 people. they got nothing. >> why would democrats think mueller's testimony will lead to impeachment? police officers attacked while on the


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