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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 23, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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22,000 people would have been in our holding facilities or released into the united states. that's one way this administration has addressed lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories this hour. bigger than a blockbuster, the beltway getting ready for robert mueller's testimony tomorrow with the doj givin giving muellr special instructions ahead of the big event. cheryl: more trouble for boeing, the company facing fresh lawsuits over two deadly crashes. how they are spelling trouble for the economy but the u.s. government now is also being target. lauren: elizabeth warren with a dire prediction, why the presidential candidate is talking about recession. cheryl: drones are great for racing or taking beautiful video. one company is looking to turn up the heat. why some say the skies are about
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to become unsafe. it is tuesday, july 23rd. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ good day, sunshine. ♪ good day, sunshine. ♪ good day, sunshine. ♪ i need to laugh and when the sun is out. ♪ i've got -- lauren: welcome to the "fbn: a.m.." good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: i'm chery cheryl cason. lauren: do yo dow futures area quarter percent, nasdaq gaining 21. cheryl: as we move closer to the fed's decision on the interest rates next week, we're keeping an eye on the 10 year treasury. there's a gain of a basis point. lauren: more than a quarter of the s&p a 500 report this week.
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we'll hear from united technologies, coca-cola, harley davidson and hasbro this morning. cheryl: as the u.s. and its allies try to figure out a plan to deal with an aggressive iran, we are seeing a gain for oil. a slight gain on wti, brent is slightly lower. lauren: asian stocks closing in the green across the board. cheryl: and moving over to europe, all eyes on 10 downing street, two hours from now we'll find out who is going to replace outgoing prime minister theresa may. all of the markets in europe are slightly higher this morning. lauren: our top story this morning is this. robert mueller. the department of justice has sent a letter to former special counsel robert mueller, detailing specific guidelines ahead of his testimony on capitol hill tomorrow on russian meddling in the 2016 elections. cheryl: griff jenkins is in washington with the latest. griff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. the associated deputy attorney
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general laying out specific guidance in a letter to special counsel mueller ahead of tomorrow's department testimony. he writes, quote, should you testify, the department understands that testimony regarding the work of the special counsel's office will be governed by the terms you outlined on may 29. specifically, that the information you discussed during your testimony appears in and does not go beyond the public version of your march 22nd, 2019 report to the attorney general or your may 29 public statement. finally, any testimony must remain within the boundaries of your public report. there's the guidelines. it wasn't clear if the president would be watching the historic hearings. >> probably. maybe i'll see a little bit of it. i'm not going to be watching mueller because you can't take all those bites out of the apple. we had no collusion, no
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obstruction. we had no nothing. >> reporter: meanwhile, the chairman of the committees before which mueller will appear are eager to hear from the reluctant witness, despite the boundaries outlined by the doj. >> we have to present or let mueller present those facts to the american people and then see where we go from there because the administration must be held accountable. >> since most of our -- in their busy lives haven't had the opportunity to read the report, we want bob mueller to bring it to life. >> reporter: democrats on the committees are reportedly holding mock hearings in advance of tomorrow's appearance. today fbi director chris wray testifies before the senate which could give us insight into the questions that may come mueller's way. lauren, cheryl. cheryl: griff, thank you. congress is planning to vote on a budget deal agreed to by president trump and democratic leaders last night, before the august recess begins. lauren: lawmakers have a long list of items to get done before they leave down.
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mike emmanuel reports. >> reporter: the clock is ticking for house members with a summer recess a week away, a lot left to do. president trump announced a deal on spending an debt facing a critical deadline. this was a compromise in order to give another big victory to our great military and vets. steven mnuchin warned the government could hit the debt limit while lawmakers are out of town. they start their six week recess on friday. the senate departs for the traditional august break. another issue congress must address at some point is the new trade package with canada and mexico which seems likely to sit on the back burner. >> passing the united states, mexico, canadian agreement means more market access for our farmers and businesses and more protection for our workers. the time for usmca is now. >> reporter: one item expected to get a house vote this week, legislation dealing with the care illegal immigrants are
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receiving in federal custody on the border. that is not what president trump has requested in terms of addressing loopholes in immigration law. that just adds to the agitation between congress and the white house. house democrats will go home saying they voted on an immigration measure but it's not one addressing the underlying problem. in washington, mike e emmanuel, fox news. cheryl: the trump administration is extending the authority to deport migrants without letting them appear before judges. the fast track deportations can apply to anyone in the country illegally for less than two years. it was previously for those arrested shortly after crossing the border. lauren: facebook is set to announce a settlement over privacy practices as soon as this week. the settlement will include a record $5 billion fine. it would also create a new board committee that will have oversight on how facebook treats user privacy. facebook came under fire
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following several privacy violations including the cambridge analytica data scandal. the ftc and facebook declining to comment. an announcement could come before tomorrow's closing bell when facebook reports its earnings. that want to talk about innovation. the stock is up a fifth of 1% today. cheryl: the grounding of boeing 737 max is starting to take a toll on the u.s. economy. the wall street journal is reporting that the crisis is hurting the country's trade balance and casting a cloud over airlines and suppliers. economists say boeing's decision to cut production of its best selling plane likely affected second quarter gdp and more lawsuits are being filed over the two crashes involving the 737 max. one attorney representing a family of a passenger killed in a crash said the faa failed to do its job because of a conflict of interest. >> the faa has to police
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aircraft and aviation safety and it is also charged with promoting aviation. cheryl: that attorney says that boeing should have grounded the 737 max after the same software problem caused the crash of an indonesian airlines jet four months earlier. lauren: what some are calling the island's largest protests to ever hit puerto rico, as residents step up calls for the governor to resign amid a scandal of leaked messages. cheryl: brian llenas has the latest. >> reporter: the streets of san juan swelling with protesters on monday, pledging to drive the governor out of office. >> we take to the streets to be respected. now all the response to the corruption is this. their response is to beat us and send the police. >> reporter: he faces intense criticism for leaked text messages with homophobic language and mocking hurricane victims. singer martin was mentioned in the chats. he was in the crowds today.
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>> the government and his cabinet made fun of the gay community, women, handicapped people. we are sick of the corruption. >> reporter: this follows a week of protests and outrage targeting the governor. he admits writing the messages but refused to resign. he announced in a facebook live video he would not seek re-election. he spoke with fox news in an exclusive interview, his first since protests began over the texting scandal. >> i used words that i have a apologized for but i've also taken significant actions in the direction of helping vulnerable sectors in our population and for us to have equal rights and equality. >> reporter: president trump weighing in today with nothing kind to say about puerto rico's leadership. >> he's a terrible governor. the governor's not good. >> reporter: monday was the tenth consecutive day of protests and demonstrators say they will be more later in the week. in san juan, puerto rico, brian
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yen lissbrianllenas, fox news. lauren: president trump is calling iran's leaders liars. iran announced the arrest of 17 iranian citizens, alleging they were working for the cia in exchange for u.s. visas or jobs in america. iranian officials say some of the 17 have been sentenced to death. president trump dismissing the claims as propaganda. >> i think very importantly, i read a report today about cia, that's totally a false story. that's another lie. they put out propaganda, had they put out lies. frankly, it's getting harder for me to want to make a deal with iran because they behave very badly. they're saying bad things. and i'll tell you, it could go either way. very easily. very easily. and i'm okay either way it goes. lauren: it could go either way. the u.s. has increased its military presence in the persian gulf amid the rising tensions with iran. cheryl: well, ford is accused of lying about the fuel
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efficiency of its best selling truck. lauren: tracee carrasco has the details for us. good morning, tracee. tracee: good morning. the lawsuit alleges that ford falsified fuel economy tests of the f-150 pickup. it is seeking $1.2 billion in damages saying drivers of the trucks are paying $2,000 extra in fuel than they expected. in february, ford said it had opened an investigation to check whether faulty computer modeling caused inaccurate fuel economy estimates for some vehicles. another retailer closing stores. health and nutrition chain, gnc, is planning to close as many as 900 stores by the end of 2020, most of them in malls. the company says it will focus on expanding its partnership with dick's sporting goods and hudson news. macy's is being accused of body shaming. the retailer forced to pull a a series of dishes that feature arbitrary portion control circles after an up roar on
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social media. the plates feature mom jeans, favorite jeans and skinny jeans. they quickly removed plates from the shelves and apologized. and coffee was a big part of the sit com friends, so to mark the 25th anniversary of the show, coffee bean and tea leaf is creating a special edition of central perk coffee and tea. others joining the bandwagon, ikea, and pottery barn announced special edition furniture. and that's what's happening now. cheryl: one of the two most popular shows on netflix. lauren: coffee bean coffee is my favorite, by the way. tracee: i'm with you. me too. lauren: the nation is preparing for the testimony of the century, robert mueller to appear on capitol hill. will the democrats finally be ready to move on?
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center for invests this morning with three dow components out with their results and of course we've got one after the closing bell, that's visa, with nearly 20% of the s&p 500 reporting, reports coming in so far ahead of expectations. jonathan honing is here this morning. united technologies, we're looking at maybe a 4% jump in earnings per share year over year, revenue as well at 17%. >> keep in mind, the market is 1% from the all-time high. stocks are historically expensive. the pe ratio, the measure of how open cheap ocheap or expensive s around 22. stocks need to show the earnings to prove they can sustain multiples. a lot of them have beaten expectations, about 80. cheryl: we're looking for language about the trade war with china or the expectation of tariffs. we haven't gotten a lot of commentary from cfos on that.
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why? >> that was commonplace last year. a lot of companies mentioned the trade war particularly. we haven't seen it as much this year. all eyes will be not on some of the names already that you mentioned like united technologies, a lot of companies have had lowered earnings expectations, then they've come out and beaten them. the stocks have done very well. technology's going to be the most important. those shares are up about 30% year-to-date and they've been the leadership. names like amazon, facebook, if the fangs can't perform, i think the market will struggle. cheryl: facebook was expected to get to the settlement announcement before the close of traying tomorrow, we'll -- trading tomorrow, we'll hear about the $5 billion with the ftc. >> it's a drop in the bucket for a company like facebook. we like to think the settlement means it's settled. when it comes to facebook, it's almost like the nuclear industry was in the '80s, pharmaceuticals were in the '90s, oil was in the 2000s, that's big tech right
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now. they're kind of public enemy number one. my fear is whether it's on privacy, whether it's all these other issues, that the government isn't over when it comes to regulating and micro managing facebook. cheryl: elizabeth warren coming out and saying she believes there's an economic crash coming and then she said here's what i'm going to do about it, i'm going to erase student debt. >> she's got a plan. cheryl: we're going to offer free tuition. with unemployment at record lows and she talked about manufacturing jobs, i'm not sure where she's getting her data from. >> her prediction of a recession or crash isn't so unusual. about half of all business economists see some sort of financial turmoil in 2020. we're just long in the tooth when it comes to economic expansions. warren's prescription is more government control, more government spending. when you look historically what's caused crashes it's never been corporate agreed or income inequality, it's always been
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government intervention, whether it's the ethanol boom and bust or the global financial crisis. cheryl: she took another swipe at her favorite r target, the banks. the banks haven't said that things are dire for them. it's been interesting. jonathan, great to have you on the set. lauren, over to you. lauren: thank you. apple reportedly close to buying intel's business for modem chips used in smartphone. the wall street journal reporting the two companies are in ain advanced talks. there's been rumors of a deal since apple dropped its legal fight with qualcomm. the journal said it would jump start apple's push to bring the development of critical home components in-house. apple shares a quarter of 1%. intel up 1 and a third percent this morning. cheryl: coming up, the clock is ticking. the president has a deal on the debt ceiling but the house still has a full plate before the summer recess. why one of the president's key issues could be in jeopardy. and one lawmaker is going after
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grubhub. why the company may be on the hook for years. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ it's all right, all right, ♪
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lauren: president trump and congressional leaders reaching a budget deal that fends off concerns over a possible government shutdown, but congress still has a pretty long to-do list before the summer recess starts. let's bring in ned ryan, a gop strategist and robin byro a former campaign regional field director. ned, i want to start with you. it looks like the president is supporting this budget deal but there is -- there are many republicans who are saying,
5:24 am
look, this is a poison pill, don't swallow it, you've got to get more spending cuts. >> no, i think at some point we're either going to feel pain now or we'll feel pain later. the fact is, we're going down this path, we are at $5.5 trillion in national debt 20 years ago, now we're over $22 trillion. we either feel pain now or later. at some point, we are actually going to have to address the social welfare programs that make up over two-thirds of our mandatory federal spending. if we will not address social security and medicare, i don't think there's any way to get our fiscal house in order. somebody is going to have to have the plight courage to do it. -- political courage. lauren: there is a letter circulating on capitol hill basically saying president trump, don't sign this debt ceiling increase because the country can't afford it. i want to move on. so much to discuss, robin. before congress leaves for their summer recess, what else can they get done? where do we stand on usmca in the house?
5:25 am
>> we've got to get that done. and that's a deal killer. we've got to get that done. i would like to see the 9/11 survivors' bill get the adjustments done that rand paul wanted and get that passed because honestly, that would leave my party wide open to attack them headed to the 2020 elections. so those two things have got to get done. i agree ned, there will be deficit hawks that will be chomping at the bit to see what we can do about that. lauren: in the midst of all of this, there is a new npr poll, take a look at the numbers, for july, after the so-called racist tweets telling the squad to go back home, the president's approval rating, 44%, is at a high. ned, is this because his strategy of painting the squad as anti-american is working? >> yeah, i do think so. first of all, i would say those tweets of course were not
5:26 am
racist. he was highlighting the fact that these are deeply anti-semetic socialists. he made them his foil until democrats decide who their 2020 nominee is. i would remind people, the day donald trump was elected, his approval rating in the gallup poll was at 36%. when he's 8 to 10 points higher now, i feel really good about where he's at. i think it will go even higher because of the economy and people looking at him and saying he's handling the economy very well and incumbent presidents don't lose, especially those with strong economic numbers. lauren: next week, we have debates. robin, everyone is talking about night two because then you have round two if you will of joe biden versus kamala harris. what fireworks do you expect? are you surprised or concerned that biden, while leading, is also losing some of his lead? >> lauren, i'm not at all surprised. i called this one early on. i said his campaign would
5:27 am
eventually die by attrition. it's just taken longer than i anticipated. so i am expecting for kamala harris to come after him again. i'm more intrigued to see what happens on night one between elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. they're good friends but i expect for one of the two of them to go after the other one, to try and gain some ground there because they're pulling from each other's voters. lauren: who is the bigger of the progressives, i guess. ned, finally, one of the squad, rashida tlaib, she's calling own a $20 an hour minimum wage. will this push let's say joe biden further left here? $20 minimum wage, is that even feasible? >> it's insanity. i remind people really quick, lauren, that the obama white house 2016 made the point that those jobs making $20 or less, 83% of them are going to be
5:28 am
replaced by automation in the very near future. in new york city, a lot of the restaurants are replacing the $15 minimum wage jobs with automation. so this is insanity, in defy yankdefianceof what is happenin. i expect the democratic party to go even further left with more insane ideas like this one. lauren: thank you for the discussion this morning. have a good day. cheryl: let's look at wall street this morning. it is tuesday. we've got green arrows to show you. the dow is up 66 in the premarket, s&p up 6 and-a-half and nasdaq up 21 and a quarter. three dow components report before the open. watch futures this morning carefully. set your clock, robert mueller is set to testify tomorrow. the question, will he ow obey guidelines set out for him? a legal opinion is coming up. drones are really hot right now. one company wants to make them
5:29 am
even hotter, which has safety experts up in arms. are the skies above us about to get more dang dangerous, details coming up, "fbn: a.m." ♪
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we're changing what's possible every single day., and if you run a business, that means a lot.
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we create financing options for your customers. to help them get the things they love instantly. our data provides insights into what your shoppers have already bought. so you can offer them what they might consider buying next. our financial and tech solutions are changing what's possible in all sorts of ways. so, how can we change what's possible for you? cheryl: let's get you caught up on global market action. in the u.s., we have green across th board, nasdaq is up 2. earnings season really in high gear today. we're going to get united technologies, coca-cola, harley davidson and hasbro, all those companies report this morning before the bell and then also want to show you asian markets. stocks in the green there despite south korea firing warning shots at russian war planes overnight. there is optimism about a u.s.-china trade deal happening there. the nikkei, shanghai, kospi all higher. lauren: green on the screen
5:33 am
worldwide. theresa may is preparing to chair her final cabinet meeting as prime minister as members are arriving at downing street. we want to show it to you, a live look from london. today the ruling conservative party expected to choose borris johnson to take over the role, the former mayor of london. he'll have just over three months to deliver a brexit deal. cheryl: benjamin hall is joining us live from london. johnson's got a long and complicated road ahead of him. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he certainly does, lauren and cheryl. he's going to hit the ground running, a lot of major issues in the u.k. to deal with automatically and straight away. if it is borris johnson, we'll find out in over an hour's time, he will become the 77th prime minister of the u.k. he is a bit of a celebrity over there. he's known as borris over here. this comes after months of battle between borris johnson and jeremy hunt and the vote was in the hands of the 160,000
5:34 am
conservative party members, not the country. that's because theresa may stepped down as leader of the conservative party. the winner will become her replacement. theresa may has been heavily criticized during her premiership. >> theresa may is the mitt romney of great britain. the press will love her and all the establishment country club types may love her but the people don't. >> reporter: alexander borris defel johnson was born in america. he renounced his u.s. citizenship in 2015. he was formerly the mayor of london. with those two major issues to deal with straight away, one of them is brexit, the other iran. after a british tanker was seized in the strait of hormuz. he will find anil li an allyh president trump. >> i like borris johnson, i
5:35 am
always have. he's a different kind of a guy. they say i'm a different kind of a guy well. we get along well. >> reporter: borris was elected to get brexit through. it's an issue which continues to divide the u.k. and borris pledged to leave the european union with or without a deal on october 31st. that's the date when the u.k. would crash out of the eu. there have been a number of resignations in the cabinet, people who say they won't serve under borris johnson. generally he's seen as more of a unifier. the people tend to love him even though the politicians necessarily don't. lauren: benjamin, thank you very much. let's bring in joshua mahoney, a market analyst. joshua, good morning. borris says we're leaving october 31st. what are the chances that that doesn't happen and that deadline gets postponed, something borris said no, no, no, that will never happen. what are the chances it does happen?
5:36 am
>> look, i mean, you would have to be a bit of a sinic but there are a lot of cynics around here. people have pointed to previous times johnson has gone back on his word. he has got into power on the ticket of leaving in october. that's what people are looking for if he does win, will we see him softening the once hard lines in terms of the deadline because quite frankly, the ability to get a deal done by october, just three months when theresa may couldn't do one since 2016, it looks he very doubtful, quite frankly. lauren: what else are you watching today? markets where you are and across europe mostly higher today. >> certainly today everyone is looking at the pound because we're going to try to see who is going to be leading the u.k. and it's all about whether we get a no deal brexit or not, down the line. also keeping the eye on the potential for a rate cut on the ecb on thursday.
5:37 am
donald trump talking about potential currency manipulation and the question mark is are the ecb and mario draghi going to front run the fed and decide to cut rates first. lauren: joshua mahoney, thank you very much. cheryl: back at home, robert mueller's long-awaited testimony on capitol hill takes place tomorrow. he's expected to be grilled about five hours on the findings of his two-year russia investigation. one person who may not be watching, the president. >> i'm not going to be watching mueller because you can't take all those bites out of the apple. we had no collusion, no obstruction, we had no nothing. cheryl: many others across the country are going to be watching for a preview, let's bring in attorneyly sharattorney richard. if he goes off script, the administration doesn't really have any resource, even though the doj has just issued these guidelines that he needs to stick to the facts of the report
5:38 am
where he didn't find collusion. what do you expect? >> that's correct. essentially the administration is not going to do much, nor are the democrats or the republicans. he will be on script. robert mueller if nothing else has been ethical and tried to do it in the most proper method possible. he will essentially go on script, repeat the mcgahn problems on obstruction, repeat the fact there's no collusion and he will essentially stay the course. he doesn't want to create more havoc than has already been stirred by his report. cheryl: really what is the point of this? i think that's been asked many times already. this is a man, and we do believe he is, that will do exactly what he said he would do from that press conference which is my report is my testimony, he's being subpoenaed, he doesn't want to be there. what are we actually going to get out of this thing tomorrow? >> the report is sound bites. both sides will get good sound bites. the democrats will say my goodness, he confirmed that
5:39 am
mcgahn asked that mueller be fired time and time again. the republicans are going to ask questions to confirm that they couldn't find collusion. what you're going to find here essentially is whoever is on the right is going to stay on the right and whoever is on the left going to stay to the left. essentially this is going to be if you will confirmation from both sides as to both parts of the report. that's all this really is. i don't see much happening. cheryl: we had a live report earlier in the show, they're holding basically mock hearings now. they're rehearsing actually to get ready for this. this could be maybe just grand-standing or do you think they're trying to come up with some kind of gotcha question for mueller. >> there will be gotcha questions but it won't result in a gotcha response. there may be questions from aoc which is a pretty good question but mueller will essentially say, as i said in my report, a, b, c and d.
5:40 am
he's not going to give any answers that will be that revolutionary. cheryl: that sounds like a drinking game, as i said in my report. richard roth, good to have you. lauren: refer to page 429. death rates are rising for young adults right here in the united states. cheryl: tracee carrasco has the details. tracee: a new government analysis adding new details to a grim picture of worsening health trends across the nation, according to the centers for disease control, death rates for adults 25-44 rose 25% for white and black adults and 13% for hispanic adults. most victims in the age group died from drug overdoses and suicides. new york senator chuck schumer getting into a food fight with grubhub. senator schumer tells the new york post he's been in talks with grubhub over bogus fees the food delivery service has been charging restaurants nationwide. he's demanding the company cough
5:41 am
up refunds going back for years. grubhub admitted it has collected fees for orders that haven't happened but the company is only offering 60 days worth of refunds. now you can attach flame throwers to your drones. the throw flame company is offering a drone flame thrower attachment designed for remote ignition of arie of aerial and d targets. it allows for a minute and-a-half of firing time and can reach up to 25 feet. what could go wrong here, guys? cheryl: why? tracee: that's what's happening now. cheryl: that's the most dangerous idea i've seen in recent years. lauren: wow. why? tracee, thank you. coming un, we're taking to the skies in another way with our very own jeff flock at the world's biggest air show in oshkosh, wisconsin. the yankees falling victims to one of the rarest plays in all
5:42 am
of baseball, pretty incredible footage you'll have to see to believe. we'll roll it when we return. ♪ i'm a space cowboy. ♪ i'm a space cowboy
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lauren: the world's biggest air show is underway in wisconsin. cheryl: our own jeff flock is there taking in all the
5:45 am
stomach-churning action. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for one week in july, this is the busiest airport in the world. it's the biggest air show in the world. i just got off a t-28 trainer after having been on another aircraft that took me just to the edge of throwing up. thank you, i think, josh boudroe. what were we flying. >> we were flying an r v8-a, named wild rodeo. >> reporter: you are in the air force. you still fly the f-16. >> yes. that's my day job. >> reporter: you made me feel like i was in an f16. >> it's about overcoming boundaries, having pursuit of passion and perseverance in that passion. >> reporter: i had perseverance to keep my stomach, my breakfast from being seen a second time. it never looks as good.
5:46 am
>> no. >> reporter: how many years in the air force? >> 23. >> reporter: you have a company that helps the air force train pilots by being the bad guys. >> a company called draken international. we train pilots all over the world. our biggest concentration is in the united states, training the united states air force, navy, marines and we're loving what we do. punishment, that's our job. >> reporter: that's what makes the u.s. air force the number one fighting force in the world. >> got to have a great fighting force. >> reporter: such respect, particularly after having flown in a t28 trainer, pictures of me going through that. you took me just as josh did to the edge. >> we do. we try to get you the whole experience without going too far. >> reporter: tremendous respect for the men and women that train the future of the u.s. air force. as we said, most powerful air fighting force in the world. at the eaa air venture, cheryl
5:47 am
and lauren, a great experience. lauren: absolutely. jeff flock, thank you. cheryl: still ahead, did you ever see the movie a league of their own? lauren: yes. one of my favs. cheryl: me too. we've got a real life female breaking barriers in baseball. and it is summertime and nothing could be more romantic than a little wine and cheese, maybe out on the grass. one company is looking to change how that's done. we'll explain, coming up on "fbn: a.m." lauren: so it wouldn't be wine and cheese? ♪ too hot, too hot lady. ♪ got to run for shelter, got to run for shade. ♪ it's too hot. ♪ too hot. ♪ too hot lady. ♪ gotta cool this anger. this is the couple who wanted to get away
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cheryl: after a powerful storm slammed the northeast, a tropical depression is approaching the southeast with heavy rain. lauren: we've got heavy rain here too in the north. senior meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox weather center with the forecast. good morning, janice. janice: hi, ladies. we don't expect this tropical depression to gain strength. we think the cold front will push it off to sea. we are into tropical season and things can develop quickly. storm reports over the last 24 hours, mid-atlantic and the northeast, you saw thunder and lightning. you saw the reports of hail and damaging winds. we still have this cold front that's going to move through that's bringing the refreshing temperatures. however, a lot of heavy rain in its wake and the potential for flooding. so still flood advisories for parts of the mid-atlantic, up towards the northeast including new york city where we saw quite a bit of rain, reports in brooklyn of flooding streets were incredible. the future radar shows us that
5:52 am
cold front moving offshore and hopefully pushing that depression offshore as well. we will monitor it but we could see the potential for more heavy rain, especially along the southeast coast where we have that developing area of low pressure. ladies, back to you. cheryl: our phones were going off a few moments ago with the flash flood alert. thank you, janice. lauren: some baseball fans in chicago watched the white sox game through a whole new perspective. cheryl: jared max, i guess we could score one finally for fan safety. jared: those alerts were going off and finally heard. for fans seated beyond dugouts in chicago it was time for a new era in the majors. watching baseball from behind protective netting. the white sox the first team to make this change in reaction to a fan recently struck by a foul ball, an incident that has played out several major league stadiums this season. the netting to both foul poles, most recently sunday in cleveland. one of the rarest plays in
5:53 am
sports, the triple play happened for the 719th time since 1876. the twins did it against the yankees in the first inning last night. the most common form, the five, four, three. the twins beat the yankees, 8-6. video gone viral on sunday. loogrounds keeper swooped up bye tarp and he gets taken for a ride on the wrigley slip and slide. watch him go. what do you do? i guess you just kind of enjoy the moment. some believe that when told you're not good enough or you don't belong, it's a bad thing. but 8-year-old ashlynn from toronto, no. she was awarded the mvp by an aposing team at a baseball game. after the game, another parent from the team told him that his daughter should not be playing baseball, instead go for soft ball. in just over a week, ashlynn will compete in the baseball national finals along with hundreds of other girls from north america.
5:54 am
she was cut from tryouts and she says i'll show you. and she definitely showed them. by the way, the dallas cowboys, fourth straight year the most valuable sports team in the world. $5 billion. the new york ca new york yankee% jump. cheryl: the cowboys, the stadium, because of the concerts and all the other events they have there, they book all that revenue. jared: imagine if they won a game or two. cheryl: football hasn't started yet, jared. jared's sports reports, fox news headlines, 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. lauren: some changes are coming to the iconic wine and cheese pairing. one company is threatening to break up the romance. we'll have details in just a bit. and what pinterest is doing for your mental health that other social media companies are not. we'll be right back on "fbn:
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the rain goes away here in new york city but we're with talking social media most of the sites are krit sizessed for creating stress one companies to takier stress away. pinterest has a collection of acted as improving mental health like stress or anxiety a box will pop up with some helpful resources if sessions include how to achieve relaxation and focus on et breath. >> and here's something for all of you cheese and wine lovers out there. cheese it is teaming up with house to unveil box set of cheese its along with red wine we think popular combination is available for purchase for 25 dollars on original house beginning july 25th limited edition going to be available while supplies last. >> sign me up that does it for fbn:am morningses with maria begins right now. hey. >> it is delicious . cheese its and wine. she likes it. cheddar cheese and red wine not
5:59 am
a big leap there. we will discuss. we will discuss as morning moves on. good morning ladies good morning everyone i'm dagen mcdowell in for mile-an-hour march your top stories at 6 a.m. eastern. another big day of earnings dow component coke cola travelers reporting this morning along with haverly davidson jetblue full analysis and what to expect as earning season rolls on. a higher open this morning 66 point gain on dow futures after a winning day on wall street yesterday. barely. making a deal the white house in congress reaching an agreement on spending and raising the debt ceiling. we have the details. and the if downside boeing economic impact the grounding of the 737 max taking a toll on overall economy on airlines, suppliers, gdp we break that down and count down to mueller.
6:00 am
the former special counsel set to testify tomorrow with the department of justice saying that bob mueller must stick to what was in the public two volume mueller report we preview big hear and who might be disappointed when all is said and done mornings with maria starts right now. ♪ joining the conversation this morning fox business jackie delaware angeles editorial page editor james freeman and random solution author of every day millionaires great to see one and all three. only thank you. nice to see james thanks for coming. pmpleght as always my mother told me she was l


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