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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 22, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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liz: you know how many recessions big moves we've had. those are interesting bets. put them up an facebook .com/liz claman. tom lyden. great to see you. we're squeezing out a win on volatile day. [closing bell rings] connell: pretty good for tech. to the extent we're higher as the dow had to fight for gains into the close. top administration officials expected to be meeting with tech executives at the white house. the dow is up 17 give or take as we settle n we do end up higher. s&p and the nasdaq ending in positive territory as well. good to be with you. i'm connell mcshane. ainsley: i'm melissa francis this is "after the bell." more on the big market move leers. here is what is new at this hour
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dramatic new video shows forces boarding a british oil tanker. latest on heightened tensions between iran and the west. one million in the streets demanding resignation of puerto rico's governor. that is about 1/3 of the island's population. we'll take you there live. first it was the dominican republic. there are new concerns over another popular vacation spot. at least 19 people are dead. we'll tell you where and what you need to know. connell: fox business team coverage today. all the top stories with blake burman at the white house. kristina partsinevelos on the floor of the new york stock exchange and phil flynn watching oil and iran out at the cme. blake as usual, a lot going on at the white house. we'll start with you. reporter: we'll start with a pretty remarkable headline came to us from "the washington post" which is that huawei helped north korea buildout its wireless network at one point in time. the post even cited internal documents in that report today which said back in 2018 a
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chinese state-owned company helped huawei buildout north korea's three g network at the time. meeting with the prime minister of pakistan earlier today president trump was asked about that report. in general he touted the 5g capabilities being developed back here in the u.s. and silicon valley and the current of a fairs between the u.s. and north korea. >> we'll have to find out. our relationship with north korea has been very good. we've really established a good relationship with kim jong-un. i have personally. we have a very, very good relationship the two of us. that is very important. there has been no nuclear testing. what they're doing with 5g will be, you know, we'll have to see. i'll find out. reporter: not sure or not if the president was caught off-guard by the president and report. you heard him say at the end i will have to find out. by the way, connell and melissa. president's top economic advisor, larry kudlow, treasury
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secretary steve mnuchin will meet with tech executives here at the white house this afternoon and a big port, part, rather of the conversations with those tech executives we expect to be huawei. back to you. connell: thanks, blake. melissa: let's bring in today's panel. john layfield, layfield reports ceo, a fox news contributor. russell hawley, mobile nation senior editor. thanks to both of you guys for joining us here. what about this report that huawei was secretly helping to build a commercial wireless network for north korea? john what did you make of that. i didn't think they had a wireless network. if you look at north korea, people always point to this picture where it is very dark over north korea at night and light over south korea. that they don't have the same level of electronics. we don't know what is going on there. i was surprised they had a wireless network. what do you make of the report? >> i'm surprised as well.
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i'm not surprised what china is doing. china since the korean war they tried to take over the northern peninsula. i got back from africa. 1/3 of projects in africa are staffed by chinese workers. 1/5 of projects are funded by the chinese this is part of the belt and road initiative they're trying to increase their economic expansion, increase the political clout because of that. melissa: russell. is it even more than that? if they're embedding technology everywhere, that a concern you know, to all of these different places for security reasons? i mean it is like having the chinese government in your infrastructure some would say? >> important to remember two things when talking about this. the first is that. huawei has been repeatedly accused by the u.s. government of having backdoor access to networks. so assuming that is true, having that kind of access into north korea is probably advantageous to china. melissa: yeah. >> it is also important to keep in mind huawei as a company has
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been trying to enter the united states as, kind of a equal, you know, company that can be matched to samsung an apple, some of these other companies while also repeatedly doing these things very much against u.s. law. connell: another story related to china would be the protest in hong kong. we have new developments as well. apple shutting its stores early today on fears of the escalating violence and lawlessness spiraling across the city of hong kong. what impact could all of this have on the economy there, john? what is also interesting, if you look at it, the chinese state media is now for the first time starting to talk about these protests. when i was in china last month, there was none of that. they were openly censoring the western media. bbc would come in. as soon as hong kong coverage would start, they would knock them off the air. state media is talking about radical protests, starting to
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talk about it themselves. what does that tell but the fear of the chinese government how they look what is happening to hong kong? >> you look at the province where they detained a million muslim wig garcia. they are doing that in hong kong, not doing them in the detention centers. sending military in. they are proud people from hong kong. they want got the country from england as colony. they don't want to be under autocratic rule from the chinese. as far as the economy of china, i don't think it will do much to the economy but it certainly hurts the political will going on with president xi. connell: it would be a bigger story, russell, something like in terms of unrest would spread to main mainland china. interesting that the state-run media is trying to get ahead of
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that, and trying to build up public support for their side of it? i wonder if that will work how it is sold to the people of china? >> certainly one possible way this is looked at. a lot of reports from violence are coupled with people from hong kong who stated on several occasion this is is just not a level of unrest or violence or activity that happens in this country this is not a place that sees this kind of activity. seeing stores shut down is a response to the shock of this. and you know, the potential for that to grow is certainly something that anybody would, try to slow down or stop. connell: guys, russell, john, thanks a lot. melissa. melissa: oil up a second day amid concerns tensions with iran would disrupt supplies. let's go to phil flynn. is that the reason you think it is soaring higher here? >> it is. we were up over a percent on brent crude and wti. we probably would have been even higher if it weren't for the fact that the international
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energy agency tried to calm the market marks a little bit today. they were basically said they were monitoring the situation in the strait of hormuz and they were ready to act quickly and decisively if need to be release oil supplies into the marketplace but i'll tell you right now the question about how the reaction is going to be to this recent provocation by iran in the gulf of mexico, i mean in the strait of hormuz has, you have to be played out. donald trump today, president trump said it could go either way. oil traders really have to be prepared for this to go either way. having said that a little bit, the other thing we have to focus on is increasing tensions with venezuela. another story over the weekend that a venezuelan buzzed a u.s. jet over the weekend is increasing tensions there. so you're seeing this geopolitical risk factor go from different parts of the globe. back to you. melissa: great analysis, phil. thank you. connell: let's get back to the
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stock market for a moment. kristina partsinevelos on floor of new york stock exchange. we didn't see a big movement in major indices today but this should be a big week. a lot of earnings to come. >> definitely a big week. you have 10 out of 30 dow companies reporting. 138 s&p 500 companies reporting. a lot of very familiar names, even to those people that don't follow market closely. the first one being facebook. earnings came out on wednesday. analysts were very bullish, especially talking about cryptocurrency, libra. some on the floor said they moved past the data breach, all the worries so far. you're seeing estimates of earnings per share at $1.87. that is 8% higher compared to last year. i read out a wedbush note with an analyst outperform rating of $220. another news came out of facebook. reports that the federal trade commission will come out with a sell meant over facebook how they handled user privacy.
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there is potentially 5 billion-dollar fine set aside for facebook. there could be an entire board set up by facebook to deal with privacy issues. moving on, tesla, putting up earnings on wednesday. we're expecting a loss of earnings per share down 42 cents. revenue up 60% for the latest quarter. even though shares are underperforming they did have a good delivery of the model 3 sedans. thursday, last but not least, two companies we focus on, amazon, expecting earnings per share $5.38. deutsche bank raises target for amazon. they believe it can bo higher. 2000 bucks. connell: enough to keep us business on "after the bell." thank you, kristina. melissa: venezuela latest
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provocation over a u.s. aircraft. why officials are calling the move a major security risk. connell: amazon under pressure. a growing number of employees are speaking about working conditions at the company facilities as worker protests are spreading to chicago. we'll talk to a former employee about her personal experience. coming up. melissa: i can't wait tore that. it is a bird, it is a plane, no, it is our own jeff flock. we're live from the world's largest airshow in wisconsin. wow, that looks cool. stick around. to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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a kohler walk-in bath provides independence with peace of min. connell: calling the report totally false. president trump speaking out on iran today, following the regime's claim that they captured 17 spies working for cia. edward lawrence is at white house with more. reporter: the country's intelligence minister saying they caught 17 people they're labeling as spies for the united states. the arrests were made over 12 month period ending march this year. iran says the 17 people were spying specifically for the cia collecting information on the nuclear program and military. they said this morning that a spies being captured are completely false.
4:16 pm
>> i read a report about the cia. that is totally false. they put out propaganda and lies. reporter: said said that they lied that the u.s. brought down one of their drones last week. france has been trying to be mediary between u.s. and iran. president trump says his patience is now running thin. >> it is harder for me to want to make a deal with iran. because they behave very badly. they are saying bad things. and i'll tell you it could go either way very easily. very easily. i'm okay either way it goes. reporter: just escalating tensions with iran on friday, iran sized two oil tankers in connection with the united kingdom. here is a video of iran state tv of one of those seizures. iran says last month it shot down a u.s. drone. the u.s. claims that is exactly what happened. the administration is saying that is an example, all these are an example why their policy is working with iran. back to you. connell: edward lawrence in the
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briefing room for us. melissa. melissa: joining us now, peter brookes from the heritage foundation. he is also deputy assistant secretary of defense. thank you so much for joining us. what do you make about, what do you make of, first start with the report of 17 individuals spying for the u.s. do you think it's a totally a law as the president said? >> secretary pompeo and president trump have access to better information than you and i so i take their word. there is motivations for iran to rally people around the flag to make the united states look like the enemy. to make the united states look like a problem. when it is iran's international behavior is the problem. iran is famous for its propaganda. there is no independent media. all the media outlets are state-run. all news coming out of iran you have to be skeptical. melissa: when you see video of iranian guard coming down the rope from a helicopter, taking
4:18 pm
over the tanker? >> yeah. melissa: general jack keane said this video is basically meant for the iran want people at home. >> sure. melissa: they're trying to look tough because their regime depends on open pressing their people, keeping them in fear. do you buy that? >> i think that is true. you see that in a lot of repressive regimes. north korea. there is a lot of propaganda around. they have two audiences, one a domestic audience. the other is a international audience. they want to see there is a threat. to the iranian people to iran. they want to show people they're taking care of that threat. they're not afraid to act. that they are assertive. there is possibility that the iranianss are allowing people of iran to see this for their own governmental purposes. melissa: what are the other reasons you think this is going on? how does it get resolved? >> it's a very difficult situation obviously. the iranians are doing things that run against international law. it will have effect across many different areas from economics to politics to security.
4:19 pm
hopefully the iranians will stop and reduce these provocations. iran is the problem. i don't think people realize this. iran whether you're talking about yemen, syria, their support of terrorism. their vie -- violation of iranian nuclear deal because of increase of stockpiles of uranium-enrichment. iran looks like they're trying to pick a fight with us. all we really want to do is sit down at the table with them and discuss issues that divide juice you have to wonder if they were so wedded to the old deal, must have been a great deal for them, the one under president obama. let me ask you while we're here, new video from the pentagon. venezuela fighter jet aggressive ly shadowing a u.s. passenger jet? >> that is very dangerous. that is the problem. i used to fly aboard the aircraft when i was in the navy.
4:20 pm
it can be dangerous. there is a lot of people inside the u.s. navy reconnaissance aircraft. if there is irresponsible airmanship, whether talking to the chinese, russians, venezuelans it, can be very dangerous and lead to an unnecessary crisis. melissa: they're trying to show their strength, show they're not backing down? >> i think that is the case. one thing you have to think about, melissa here is, whether this was a rogue local commander or this is venezuelan national policy it is very important to figure that out. it could be just this pilot hotdogging it. it could be a local commander telling a pilot to take these sort of actions. could be venezuelan national policy trying to make, look tough against the united states. melissa: thank you, peter. >> thanks for having me. connell: wheat house and congressional leaders said to be closing in on a budget deal that would increase the borrowing limit. can they actually get it done? we're live on capitol hill,
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bringing you the latest on the talks. alarm on new tropical vacation spot, alcohol tainted with methanol leaving 19 dead. warning signs for tourists, new warning signs coming up next. can't see what it is
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melissa: capstone week on capitol hill. the budget battle coming to a head as lawmakers try to hammer out a deal with three working days left before congress leaves for august recess. former special counsel robert mueller is set to testify about his report on russian interference in the 2016 election. hillary vaughn is live on capitol hill with the latest. reporter: melissa, one of those working days will be taken up by special counsel robert mueller's testimony before house lawmakers. he will be here on wednesday five hours testifying. he will spend three hours before the house judiciary committee. he will spend two hours before house intelligence committee. even though mueller agreed to
4:26 pm
answer questions, those answers are limited to what he put out in his report. house democrats are not necessarily expecting new information but they are hoping for new eyes and ears tuning into the testimony but the president will not be one of them. >> i'm not going to be watching, probably. maybe i will see a little bit of it. i will not watch mueller because you can't take all those bites out of the apple. we had no collusion, no obstruction. no nothing, a total know collusion finding. the democrats were devastated by it. they went crazy. reporter: house democrat are scrambling to work out budget caps and spending deal before they leave for summer recess. they tell sources that a deal is nearly done. some of the details include spending caps, debt ceiling agreements that would last two years. spending increases are both for defense and non-defense spending. the president today said that those budget talks are wrapping up and going well.
4:27 pm
>> we are, i think doing very well on debt if you look at the debt limit, however you want to define that i think we're doing well on a budget. very important we take care of our military. reporter: a source close to the negotiations says part of the deal, includes no restrictions on reprograming money. they could allocate funds to build the president's border wall without house democrats being able to put a roadblock in the way for that again. until it final a lot of numbers are fluctuating, details are up in the air. melissa. melissa: hillary, thank you. connell: debt debate and mueller testimony both potentially impacting the trump 2020 race. marc lotter, trump 2020 director of strategic communications. this is being billed, mark, somehow a big week. how the news goes, every week is a big week.
4:28 pm
from the campaign perspective do you expect to be in a different position a week from now after we work our way through both issues than you are now? >> not necessarily. look, bob mueller he could testify for 10 hours. it won't change his conclusions, which is no obstruction, no collusion. no matter how much he talks those conclusions will remain the same. as it relates to the budget and spending caps, those are good things for government to work itself out. it means we'll eliminate, the threat that seems to be coming toward the end of the year every six weeks after so-called shutdown. that rattles the markets. so that is a good thing. connell: you get it past the election at least on the debt ceiling debate. i want to talk about where the campaign stands right now. used partially as a backdrop, that nate cohn wrote, the president's advantage in the electoral college, potentially could be even larger than it was last time, even if he were to lose the popular vote more than
4:29 pm
he did last time a lot of what ifs. it was based on data. bring us to the big states we talk about, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. i think it is fair to ask the question, given the news of the past week, marc, whether the president and campaign at large is now using a strategy on purpose of racial polarization in those states because they think, or the president thinks it can be used as a political advantage? is that actually happening? >> no, absolutely not. up with thing i will tell you though is that when the american people outside of the acela corridor of new york and washington, d.c., they hear democrat leaders, the new faces of the democrat party talking badly about israel, paying anti-semitic things, saying things soft on terrorism, that they recoil. in middle of america, most americans recoil when they hear those things that is the leaders
4:30 pm
of the democrat party they have chosen. the president will call it out. when it comes to those specific states, i can tell you it's the economy, it's the economy, it's the economy. there was story today more manufacturing jobs being added in ohio and indiana. same thing holds true for michigan. the more jobs we keep adding the better the president does. connell: generally agree on that, you know, point, marc. we talk about it all the time, the economy, states democrat go after on the economy, that is different article. that is my best issue. why go back to targeting four members of congress, particularly issue of race. he called them racists on twitter as early as today? >> when you see some of the anti-semitic things they have said, see some of the things nothing less than compassionate or soft on terrorism, that is not about race. that is about anti-american. that is against what we believe
4:31 pm
in as a country. and, these are the leaders of the democrat party. now the democrat candidates for congress could call them out or for president. they're not doing that which means everything these four lawmakers are saying is waysally representing the thoughts of the democrat party. when americans out there hear those things, they realize that is not where we are as a people. connell: let me squeeze in one question specifically on the economy. i talked about states democrats are targeting. states we already talked about, they're going after the president in seven states on his economic record which is interesting, as i said a moment ago, that seems, polls back this up as his strongest issue. i guess the claim is, that you know, working-class people just aren't doing as well. the costs for health care, college tuition, things like that are going up faster than their wages. what would your response, the counter be to the argument that democrats make it? >> that is laughable. if democrats think they can win
4:32 pm
on the economy they're wrong. the president is absolutely right in terms of where the economic growth of our country is. people's paychecks are going up. one of the states on that map is nevada. nevada leads the nation in job growth. why? because of president trump's leadership. cut taxes, put more money in people's pockets. where are companies and people going to vacation, enjoy themselves? nevada. it's a great story. there is investment there. so we welcome having that discussion. it is not a discussion democrats will win. connell: marc, fair enough. good to see you as always. we appreciate it. marc lotter. all right. melissa: inside look, we'll speak with an ex-amazon employee who is sounding the alarm over the company's working conditions. that is next. connell: have you ever written a bad yelp review? melissa: no. connell: i not written a a reviw elsewhere. it could cost you a couple thousand dollars.
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but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? connell: amazon coming underfire. the company facing pressure as thousands of employees across the globe are speaking out against the e-commerce giant's working conditions. a sign that the company's increase to $15 minimum wage may
4:37 pm
not be enough to satisfy workers needs. our next guest took a job an amazon warehouse in indian that. i worked at a amazon fulfillment center. they treat workers like robots. emily wrote a book called, on the clock. for context for our viewers. you worked at the amazon facility in indiana, a call center in north carolina, mcdonald's in san francisco. the idea was to experience, quote, unquote, low-wage work, write about it. you did in this book, on the clock. focus today on amazon. tell us what your experience was like there, through the context, what do you mean, they treat you like a robot. >> so when it comes it a robot it is more like that you are sort of held to robotic standards of productivity, which in my kay when i was a picker at f-8, we carried around a scan
4:38 pm
gun. it would assign you tasks. when you got, every time you scanned something to complete that task, it would immediately give you a new one. there is a bar at the bottom, that would start ticking down the seconds you had left to do it. connell: they were tracking you, you were saying the whole time? >> yeah. the thing was gps enabled. connell: amazon has responded, i will tell you what they said in a second. >> i know what they're going to say. connell: here it is, let me get to it first. i will ask you another question. for someone who only worked at amazon for 11 days, emily's statements are not an accurate portrayal of working in our buildings. we're proud of the safe work places and allegations are demeaning to passionate employees, because pride and commitment make the amazon experience great. in the statement one of the things they point out, you only worked there 11 days. was that enough time to get a true sense what it is like to work at amazon? >> all right.
4:39 pm
so they said approximately 11 days which is a little silly. also you know, like the average amazon, like month of work is 16 days. yeah, i got the flu during my third week, i had to take a couple days off. left a couple days early. but, no, yeah, like also it is not really just about me. i talked to dozens and dozens of my coworkers here and people at other fulfillment centers. and shared my experience. if that is what they want to say. connell: talked about being tracked and felt like a, as you said, like a robot. i will ask you this, simple as i can, what's wrong with that? what is the, what was the problem with that? why did you feel it was unfair to be treated that way? >> i wouldn't say exactly unfair but it is kind of inhumane. like you get to go out for coffee, if you want. you get to use the bathroom if you want, right. technically people who work at
4:40 pm
amazon can use the bathroom. when they do, it is like they're constantly being timed. so there are rate drops. if your rate drops far enough, that's it you are told you will be fired. connell: everybody's habits during the day how much they take a break, there to take a cigarette outside, go to the bathroom, everybody is taking those breaks. at the end of the day, amazon's basic point we're tracking how productive you are, we need to know how much work you are getting done. we factor all that in. goes back to the earlier question, what is wrong with that? >> well it is, i think it is just a lot than you're imagining. i ended up, i snuck a step tracker in when i was working there. i was doing between 13 and 16 miles of walking per day. connell: 16 miles in one day at work? wow. >> yes. connell: how many hours did you work there?
4:41 pm
>> like a day. my shift was between 6:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. melissa: wow. connell: 12 plus hour day. you're putting 16 miles? >> no, it is 11 hours and a half hour lunch that is unpaid. clock out for it. connell: so we have to wrap this up. what do you suggest? what would you like to see them change real quick before we let you go? >> that is the thing. it isn't just amazon. this is the entire system. we've gotten so good monitoring, tracking workers it started to become like a belt that is being pulled really tight around the middles of all kinds of workers today. and it is, i don't know, read my book. i really get into it with a lot more depth. connell: i'm sure you do. connell: emily, thanks for coming on with us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. melissa: a lot of walking. connell: that is, 16 miles. that would be a lot in a month. >> yeah. travelers on edge.
4:42 pm
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connell: tensions escalating in san juan. hundreds of thousands taking to the streets in what is expected to be the largest protest in the history of puerto rico. fox news correspondent bryan llenas in the middle of it all. he is live from san juan with the latest from there. bryan. reporter: connell, how are you. this was by all estimates probably the largest demonstration puerto rico has ever seen. hundreds of thousands of people is what they're talking about. look at this video. they jam-packed the expressway, the highway, main artery going into san juan. they are calling on governor rossello to resign. they have been protesting for 10 straight days. they point to, they say members of his administration, even him, are corrupt. they have mismanaged millions of dollars here on the island that is mired in a really terrible crisis here in terms of the
4:47 pm
bankruptcy. still trying to recover from hurricane maria. rossello spoke for the first time after he went out on facebook live yesterday, said he wasn't going to resign but he was not going to seek re-election. he would resign as president of the party. he spoke to our shepherd smith exclusively. this is what he had to say. >> listen i'm not making light of the demonstrations. i'm establishing that we, we have established what we want to do. my contention is that i need to work, beyond politics so we can address some of the long-standing problems of corruption here in puerto rico and fix that problem. reporter: this all really hit a head 10 days ago when 900 pages of text messages from a group chat between rossello and 11 of his aides came out. there was a lot of misogynistic, homophobic language about puerto ricans. also mocking votes about victims
4:48 pm
of hurricane maria. ricky martin was out there. he is leading group chats. we spoke to a 19-year-old he said, he is quite frankly fed up. >> we've been trying so hard for him to resign. he just doesn't want to accept that he is abusing his power at this point. i fear it will get more violent. it definitely will get more violent. he is literal abusing power. reporter: that is the fear, connell, if he does not step down now, that is the protests are going to become more and more throughout the week, you know, 99% of them have been peaceful but, people are worried down here. connell: amazing the guy is still in office, especially after the shep smith interview. melissa: that was crazy. rising concerns over tourist safety in costa rica. at least 19 people have died since early june after drinking alcohol tainted with toxic levels of methanol. this is according to local authorities. here is ted williams, he is an attorney, a former homicide
4:49 pm
detective, former fox news contributor as well. they say that the alcohol is contaminated with methanol. it is coming from a bunch of different labels. how does something like this happen? >> well, melissa, it is sort of like those same knock-off purses you get from various foreign countries. what you have are distillers out here who put out this alcohol that they sell to these various resorts and they are able to produce with methanol the alcohol cheaper and they will put it on some bottle. it will look like a brand name but the problem you're having here is that as we've seen, people are dying. methanol is not something that is used in alcohol and liquor that we consume. methanol causes blindness t causes liver failure, blood
4:50 pm
pressure lowness. now we see where it causes death. melissa: wouldn't they know that though if they're selling a counterfeit product? wouldn't they know what they have put in it is going to kill people? >> yes, absolutely. i think they know, melissa. i got to tell you, this is a dirty little secret that has been for years underlooked, overlooked shall we say. that is they know it but they try to use limited amounts of this methanol in the liquor that they produce and, mass produce and sell to these various resorts. melissa: wow. how would you know if you're a tourist, how would you know? sounds like this could happen anywhere. do you think what is possibly going on in the dominican republic? no one made that connection but a lot of people thought it was related to the alcohol in the dominican republic. does that feel like a possibility to you? >> that's a strong possibility,
4:51 pm
melissa. this rot gut bootleg liquor has been sold internationally from everywhere from indonesia to the dominican republic and just recently about a year ago they found 10,000 gallons of rot gut methanol liquor in mexico. so they know there is a problem. melissa: as a tourist, what could you possibly do? we're living in a country later this week. how do you know, it sounds like it could happen anywhere. what can you do to protect yourself? >> it could happen anywhere. you need to look at the brand name on the various bottles of liquor that you're drinking. make sure you look at them very carefully because a lot of times these are knock-offs. if you start feeling sick, just stop drinking the liquor that you're drinking. there is little that you can do directly because you don't pour
4:52 pm
your liquor, as you know, when you go to these resorts. but it is very scary. it's a public relations nightmare for these various resorts. melissa: amazing. ted, thank you for the information. >> my pleasure. connell: multiple states have been left in the dark. thousands of people still with no power after dangerous heat wave from michigan to new york hit residents with record temperatures over the weekend. most of us felt that. new york city's mayor, bill de blasio, of course running for president as well, slamming con edison for its response to the blackout after the local utility cut power for 30,000 customers in brooklyn and queens. they were trying to prevent a bigger outage. they expect all the power restored sometime today. melissa: how do they decide whose power they will cut? connell: i do not know the answer to that. melissa: interesting. live on the ground, in the air, our very own jeff flock taking on some high stakes acrobat
4:53 pm
extoday at the world's largest airshow. whoa, the details on that next. ♪ truecar is great for finding new cars.
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maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. melissa: it is the world's biggest air show as flying enthusiasts gather in oshkosh, wisconsin, where jeff flock is riding with the trojan thunder team. jeff? reporter: oh, my god, look at this. live right here, acrobatic pilots, one of those guys is -- guy in the middle, josh boudreau, they call him cater, i flew with them this morning doing stuff like that. i think we've got some pictures which can perhaps depict a little bit about how sick you can get if you choose to fly with an acrobatic pilot. it was, you know, this guy normally flies f-16s. he's taken leave for a few days from his duties with the air force to come and fly what's
4:58 pm
called an rv-8. these are planes, actually come in kit, look at this guy here now. holy crow. spinning upside down. when you get to be my age, let me tell you, you don't want to do that too many times or you see breakfast for a second time. we also as you report flew with the t-28 what's that called, what is the name of that t-28? what is it called? i can't remember the name. anyway, it's named after jim mattis. mad dog. mad dog. of course. there you go. sorry. maybe i scrambled my head. melissa: i was going to say that but i didn't want to be the one to say it had scrambled your brain. did you throw up? reporter: well, just a little in my mouth. if you're going to throw up, what you do is pull your shirt and you go like that. you don't screw up the whole cockpit. if you spew through the cockpit,
4:59 pm
you're going upside down, they will be hosing that out for days. connell: that's the worst question you ever asked. melissa: sorry. reporter: i was ready but kept it here. melissa: come on. we were all wondering that. wasn't everyone wondering that? connell: i was pretty confident that he had indeed done that. melissa: we had a feeling it had something -- was it fun? connell: would you do it again? melissa: would you do it again? reporter: no, you know, at this age, i have done it about enough times. i like to watch it now, i see why people come to air shows to watch them as opposed to fly in them. connell: you would take a good hurricane over this, right? reporter: that doesn't make me sick. i don't mind dying. i just would hate to die miserable. melissa: are you feeling better now? are you still woozy? reporter: within the last hour, i started feeling better. but then i'm watching these guys again, i'm saying oh, man, look at these guys. connell: that's great. melissa: amazing. reporter: isn't it cool? connell: good stuff, jeff. melissa: we love you.
5:00 pm
thanks for doing this. suffering for the show. we love it. connell: one of a kind, jeff flock. melissa: sure is. that does it for us. "bulls & bears" starts right now. we have the strongest economy that the united states has ever had. we have the highest stock market. we have broken the record, i think 109 times for highest stock market. our country's doing phenomenally well. unemployment is the lowest in 51 years, soon to be the lowest in history. so a lot of great things are happening. david: president trump touting the strong economy again today, but 2020 democrat elizabeth warren is sounding the alarm with a stark prediction that another financial crash is imminent. wait until you hear what she says the president and congress have to do right now to stop it all from happening. hi, everybody. this is "bulls & bears." i'm david asman. joining me today, gary kaltbaum, kristina pa


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